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To: Feral Girl as always another great post at least most of the poop ended up in the toilet and you only had to clean up a little and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Ashley first welcome back and I hope some great stories from you soon thanks.

To: Emma as always another great post and I look forward to your next one thanks

To: Leanne another great story about you and your friend meg pooping together and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Blueboy as always another great post about your aunt and to answer your question ive done a few interesting farts but the one I remember most was when I farted and something else came out as well it happened when I was watching TV and I had to fart so I farted but as soon as I did a squirt of diarrhea came out so I haad to hurry to the bathroom I think I posted that story before and as always I look foward to your next post thanks.

To: Nikki great story I look forward to anyothers you have thanks.

To: Jasmin K I hope you feel better and are able to have a good poop and yeah constipation can be very anoying and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Hermes as always another great story it sounds like your friend Anne Marie really had to go and I bet she felt better after words and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: The Listening Ear another great story about hearing a woman going to the bathroom and as alwsys I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Angelica im glad my advice helped and great story it sounds like you and that other woman really had to go and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

Heres an idea for everyone to try take a poem and remake it with bathroom humor like Roses are red and violets are blue exscuse me a second I really have to poo or think of a scene from a play, movie, TV show Etc. and think of a funny or intresting remake of it but bathroom humor instead like in Romeo & Juliet the part where Juliet is saying Romeo oh Romeo how have it happening while shes trying to poop so it would go like Romeo ehh uhh Romeo uhhh (fart) or the play Cerano Debergeac (have ever thats spelled) the part where there talking to Roxane through the window how about having on the toilet and her telling him to go away shes triyng to poop this was just something I think would be fun to do and I hope you guys respond I would to here some of your ideas thanks.

Well thats all for now I just want to say how much I love this site and I only wish I found it only wish I had found it earlier and I visit this site everyday usualy more then more then once per day and again I want to thank the creators of this site for creating such a wonderful site where people who have intrest in this type of stuff can come and post things for free and I know there are some people who think were weird but were not hurting anybody so they should mind there own business and one more thing there should be town just for us that way we could talk to each other in person and have conversations other might find gross or weird but that wont ever happen but if it did it would be great and im sure many of you could agree with me.

Sincerly Brandon T

PS I love this site

hammer diva
Jasmin K - when you were constipated you shouldn't have sat straining like that. You've learned the hard way now - I'm not sure whether it was hemorroids you gave yourself, or a fissure.
That's just one of the reasons you shouldn't let it go on for as long as five days. I know I harp on about autointoxication (on other sites) - but it exists, and is a real worry!
I don't know what your diet and exercise regimen are like but you need to eat more fruit and veg, less dairy, less meat (or none!) - and make sure you're physically active (suggestion: regular 45+ minute walks)
But if it does get to the point where you haven't done a smelly for five days - take an enema!

College Guy
Hi everyone, I have been a "lurker" on here for years yet I had not had anything bathroom related except for opinions and stuff, but I never really had anything worthwhile to post. Anyways, now I do!
So I'm doing this research paper on chain gangs in the olden days, and I read that prisoners were always put in a sweat box or hot box of some sort if they were in trouble or failed to work up to standard. I also read that the guards would sometimes force them to drink a whole cup full of castor oil, a powerful stimulant laxative that causes intense cramping and diarrhea in even small doses.
I figured that was bathroom related, lol. It's just crazy how people could be so mean, and I can't even imagine it. They would lock them in those things for days sometimes, some died.
Newayz, just thought I would share. Opinions and comments are welcome, lol. I'll be lurking, lol

College Guy
Hi everyone, I have been a "lurker" on here for years yet I had not had anything bathroom related except for opinions and stuff, but I never really had anything worthwhile to post. Anyways, now I do!
So I'm doing this research paper on chain gangs in the olden days, and I read that prisoners were always put in a sweat box or hot box of some sort if they were in trouble or failed to work up to standard. I also read that the guards would sometimes force them to drink a whole cup full of castor oil, a powerful stimulant laxative that causes intense cramping and diarrhea in even small doses.
I figured that was bathroom related, lol. It's just crazy how people could be so mean, and I can't even imagine it. They would lock them in those things for days sometimes, some died.
Newayz, just thought I would share. Opinions and comments are welcome, lol. I'll be lurking, lol

Upstate Dave

Jill And I Start My Work Vacation Part 1

Well I was up for my better then three week work vacation two days later. That was aerror on y part for I had told Janet and Jill that I would have started it being back up after being gone for one day. Oh well that was out of my control any way.

What I found out and from Jill for she did come4 over to my grandmothers looking for me the first day I was to be up here and she had come over checking the morning I had arrived. It was mid morning when I was there and Jll I saw walk up to the back door about 15 minutes after I had arrived.

I really even had a chance to get myslef situaited as far as unpacked,which room I was staying in,and far as geting a chance to use the bathroom. I had eaten breakfast at home and that was almost a hour ago. I neded to piss and shit. But I was holding back for now. I now had picked up my one suitcase,backpack,and small rucksack and I walked towards the one bedroom right off from the livingroom.

This bedroom was convienent being next to the livingroom and the bathroom too. Jill was with me as I justplaced my sui9tcase bythe dresser,my bacpack at the end of the bed, and I placed the rucksack there also. I did ask Jill about the yard over at the house would it need mowing. Jill thought it didn't but it would be better if I checked it for myslef.

That would mean a walk over to the house to see if the grass needed mowing or not. Well I had brought my bike so I could at least ride over which would be a lot quicker then walking. The other thing was our old mower was in the barn which I was glad for that too for I didn't have to use my grandmothers real old one which was a pain in the ass to use.

My grandmother also had a few jobs for me to do today also. So that ment at least spending part of my day here doing them. I didn't mind doing what she had for me to do for she always paid me well. If the grass didn't need to be mowed over at our old house then that would only be the work I had to do at my grandmothers.

So I asked Jill if she wanted to go for a quick ride over to my old house. Sure Dave! I'll take a ride with you. So we went outside we both got on my bike and I and Jill took a ride over to my old house. When we got over there the grass was ok. It didn't have to be mowed but it would needed to be mowed in a couple of days. I was sure glad that it didn't need to be mowed.

So I and Jill hopped back on my bike. I had asked Jill if she wanted to come back over to my grandmothers which she did tell me she did. On the way back over Jill told me with asmile and a giggle that she needed to pee. I said back to her; Me too Jill but even something more thenn just needing to piss! Jill said right back to me; You have to shit too!!! I laughed and shook my head yes. Then Jill asked me the all importent question at least to her right then; Dave can I watch you?!

I laughed again and I said to Jill; Yes you can but I thought as far as watching someone shit Jill you wouldn't find that somethintg that you wouldn't like to see. Jill laughed and then she said back to me; OhDave you may be surprised by what I like to see and do! I said back to her; Well Jill I'm already surprised!

Befor we did get back to my grandmothers house I told Jill about the old cain bottom toilet chair in the pine trees in my gerandmothers side yard. I told her thiis was a tradional spot that I had used along with my sisters! (they were the ones that had started this too!) Jill asked me how private a spot was it. It was private despite only being ten or so feet away from the road that went up the mountain. Which I did tell Jill this. She giggled hard and saied to me; That makes it even sound more fun to do! My second surprise from Jill!

I now pedaled up my grandmothers driveway. I stopped and Jill and I got off my bike. I saw the middle barn front doors were open so that ment my grandmother had left for work. I told Jill my grandmother was gone so come on I'll show you where the toilet chair is so we can use it!

Frpm whhere we were it wasn't that far to get to. It was less then twenty feet away. So I and Jill walked across thye side yard together. I knew right where to turn. There is a singlke large lilac bush in front oof the row of pine trees and thats where you turned to duck into the pine trees and the toilet chair was right there! I reached the lilac bush made the turn we ducked under some of te pine trees branches and we were there.

Jill looked at the oldgreen painted wooden chair with its broken almost all of the cain gone in the chairs bottom. Jill giggled hard as shelooked the chair over. Then after she had stopped her giggleing she said to me; Let me go first! I laughed and I did tell Jill she better hurry. I've been holdng on for quite awhile Jill. She laughd and she said right back to me; I'll hurry!!!

Now Jill was wearing a summer dress which she hiked its front and back right up well above her waist! I got another surprise! Jill was pantyless! Seein hw I was looking at her Jll giggled and said to me; I did this for you Dave! Then she looked back and down at the chair takeing a look how she was going to sit on it.

Well Jill did have her reasons for looking at the the old chair. It was old,pait peeling off from it,the cain broken in its seat, and it did look unsafe. I did tell her it was for I had used it already befor when I was up here at a different time back in the spring. Well I'm only going toseat my ass on the very front edge on the wood part of the seat bottom! Jill said to me.

That is exactly what she did too! In fact when Jill did sat heself down the front cross piece was right across the middle of both of her bare asscheeks! Now just wearing a dress Jill had her feet well seperated apart makeing her thighs wide open for me! Jill bewgan her piss a few seconds after she had sat down.

Jill sent out a weak stream of piss for the first few seconds of her piss.It wa barely above a dribble. In fact as I looked I saw her piss beside makeing a very thin non twiseted straight down stream I saw the front rung of the chair Jills ass was on get wet with her piss for those first few seconds.

Then Jills piss stream got much harder and very quickly! It went from its weak stream gaining strength which a better stream formed which becae wide headed, twisted and even changed from a straight down weak stream rightinto a short upward arced stream which went out past her sneakers and almost to where I was standing! That was only too for a brief several seconds. Then her piss went back to a slight forwad angled stream and gave off a nice hiss as Jill pissed.

Now the ground here in under the pine trees was covered with pine needles and dry leaves. Mostly pine needles so there was no spashing of Jills piss. She only wetted them. Jill said to me now; This is neat Dave but it doesn't sound like goiing in the toilet though! No splashing sound! I laughed. Jill giggled and she went on with her hard piss.

Well after a short more time had gone by Jills piss stream eased right off with its hissing stoping and again befor she totaly stopped she pissed weakly to rewet the chairs rung she was siting on. In facy she pissed on iot much more then befor for her piss dripped off from the top rung and even off the second and third front rungs of the old chair!

Jill then got right up off the chair. Without any hesitaion at all Jill shoved the very bottom of her buched up summer dress into her crotch at her vagina an wiped herself! Then she took and crumpled a littleof te backside of her dress and wiped herself in the back too! Then she stepped away from the chair now to gve me room to take my piss and shit!

I stepped over in front of the old chair. I was wearing shorts without wearing underware. I had rushed this morning which all my underware had been washed so I was already dressed so I just packed it all up and it was still in my suitcase inside the house. Now Jill asked me; Dave will yu ull your shorst way down?!

I laughed for I knew why Jill had asked me this! She knew that I would be up in front right now and that was one thing I had found out withbeing in my uncles car she had told me she did like seeing! I then told Jill I was going to go in a high sqaut over the chair. That will give you a good look ifyo sit down Jill. Jill giggled a little and she sat right down on the ground in a wink of a eye!

I didn't have a belt on so this time no belt to take care of. Just a snap and zipper this time. Which I had taken careof in a few short seconds! I yanked my shorts right down all the way top my feet which I did bend right over to do this. Jill only got the slightest of a glimpse of my penis befor I had bent over. But she certainly got a eyefull when I stood back up and got into my very high squat over the old toilet chair!

I had my penis aimed right at the ground which wehn I started to piss my stream went in about the same area that Jill had pissed in the pine needles when her stream was real strong. Now Jill siting on the ground it wa about a foot from her where she was siting. My piss was very yellow. My stream was thin headed, a long thn twist, and like Jills piss stream made no slashing in the pine needles.

After only pissing less then ten seocnds I couldfeel my asshole being pushed open very wide and fast! I wasnow starting to shit while I pissed. Many times I would do this when I did have to shit. In a few short seconds Jill saw that I was shiting! I saw Jills eyes realy open wide! Jills hands went right up to her mouth mouth smothering out a start of a loud Ohhhhh and a gasp

Then Jill was silent all the while that I shit along with my piss too. I could hear a slightcrackle as I shit. I could feel the warmth of my shit on my cheeks slighty, and the motion of my asshole moving slightly which told me that my shit wasn't all that smooth. Kind of on the chunky side.

Then I heard a mufflled thudand my asshole had closed. I was done shiting which I would have guessed in less the ten seconds time. I still pissed after shiting a good ten seconds time too. That alos included doing a couple of finishing off spurts too. I stepped a step forward away from the toilket chair after I had finished my piss spurts and I bent down and pulled my shorts right back up.

Now Jill come out of her silence.She I saw was looking over at the ground in the direction of the toilet chair. So I then tured around to look at my shit. There laying on top of the pine needles was my better then one foot long soda can sized all the way down its one foot length chunky dark brown shit! I heard Jill let out a slight gasp. Then I head her say; Dave didn't tat hurt? You had shit so fast too! Do you always go like that? I wish I could go that fast when I go!

I waited fot Jill to stop talking asking questions. I thought she would just go on and on! But she did stop after her saying that she could go as fast as I had. So I turned back around and I told her no it hadn't hurt. Yes I guess I do shiot pretty fast. Yes most of the time my shits are that long or longer and yes they can be that fat too. Jill still was iting down and as I said all this to her she smiled with her smile geting bigger on her face.

Then she did stand back up. I only had as far as my shorts zipped them up part way so that they would stay up on me but so that they were loose. I did need to wipe my ass. So that's whyI had my shorts like the way I just described to you. I told I had to go wipe myass. So Jill followed me inisde right into the bathroom amd I let my shorts slid down which Jill again had a good show of my front and I spun off from the toilet paper roll a wad of paper and ave my ass two wipes and I was good.

Then that was it. I pulled up my shorts took and did the snap and pulled up my zipper. Now it was time to take care of the jobs that my grandmother wanted me to do. So I gt started and even Jill gave me a hand witha few of them too. We were done in a couple of hours and also which was time for lunch to. So we made u our own lunch and we ate outside. Now we had the rest of the afternoon till supper time to fool around or go do other things. To be continuied


first post and story

Hi everyone, I've read a while and recently decided to start posting. I'm a sixteen year old boy, skinny and average height. I just got back from a vacation and I found a weird bathroom I thought I'd tell about. It was at a waterpark, and it was an extreme invasion of privacy to have to use it. It was a little rectangular room, maybe 8' by 6'. There were 2 sinks on the long wall to the left of the door. On the opposite wall of that one (to the right of the door), there were 2 urinals, one was a small one, with no little separation partitions. Directly to the right of the door, there were two sit down toilets. BUT, there were no separation partitions OR doors, so these toilets were just there by themselves. Between them on the wall there was a toilet paper roll. So, whoever was using the urinals was completely exposed to a person pooping. And, two people could poop side by side without any privacy at all. Also, if a person walked in the door and looked right, they got a nice view of a perrson on the toilet. It really was a terrible setup.

SO, I'm sure you're wondering if I had to use these weird toilets. I actually did, and it was the most embarrassing moment of my trip. I met this kid my age at the waterpark and we hung out there most of the day. My lunch of beef tacos was not my best idea, and soon later I could feel that they were ready to exit. After a waterslide I told my new friend that I had to run to the bathroom. He said that he also did too, to "take a mean dump". Clearly he was more open about this than me, and I knew what the bathroom was like and was nervous about going now. Anyway I walked over there with him and saw that there was one person using a urinal in the bathroom. Jason (my friend) was already sitting down, so I did the same. Jason had some really, really bad farts, and seemed to enjoy it. I thought for a moment, realized I really didn't have anything to lose, and let it rip. I had farts even bigger than Jay's and massive poop snakes shot out of me. He found this hilarious. I eventually saw the humor in it. I decided to be a turd burgular and left without flushing! I'm glad I ended up going, it sort of helped me get over my semi-fear of using public bathrooms. Happy posting!

The LIstening Ear

Part 8

In my new abode the toilet was just across the landing from my bedroom, and therefore I'm surprised at how little I remember hearing. But thinking about it, the place was a lot quieter than the last one. I do remember a commotion in the middle of one night: anxious voices upstairs followed by the thumping footsteps of the landlady's 13-year-old daughter on the landing, and then PLOP . . . . PLOP . . . . PLOP . . . . PLOP amid a lot of heavy breathing and panting. But that's all it was. From the fuss the family made about it the next morning you'd think the girl had been up all night with diarrhea or something. Still it was nice to hear.

My landlady had a friend who lived nearby, a blonde German lady whose name began with E. She visited frequently, sometimes bringing her two equally blonde daughters, aged about 9 and 11. I heard all three of them pee at one time or another; they all peed on the porcelain with the same rich, sonorous hiss.

I met a girl called Fran on an activity holiday. She lived alone in a small flat in a town which was on my route home. (She didn't believe me when I told her that, but it was true.) So I gave her a lift (ride) home, went in for a cup of tea and of course, listened when she went to the toilet. She only peed (unlike me - I'd been bottling up an explosive mixture of gas and mush for most of the journey!), but it was a very distinctive pee. Contralto semiquavers danced in the water, accompanied by a variegated shushing sound like the rustling of leaves.

It was a sound I could easily have grown to love, but sadly I was only to hear it once more. I went round to her flat for a meal with a couple of her friends, and then we all went out to a concert. Between the meal and the concert Fran went to the toilet, leaving the tree of us around the dining table next door, and during the gaps in the conversation I heard it again, exactly the same as before. Someone on this forum once asked if it's possible to know who is using a toilet from the sounds they make. The answer seems to be sometimes yes, sometimes no. At one extreme there's E and her two daughters sounding absolutely identical, and at the other, Fran, who was probably unique.

But I hated her friends, the evening was a disaster and I never saw her again.


To Hermes: Great to see you back. I had been wondering about you, Isn't it time you visited your favourite restaurant again? I would have thought you'd have all the waitresses' bowel habits sussed by now!


Gay Jake-I'm sure the janitor just didn't see that anyone was in the stall. No need to get freaked out by it. Everyone shits and he probably just made a mistake. I've been walked in on by guys several times. They tend to get freaked out more than me! If they apologize, I just say, "no worries" and let it go at that.

JD-I've used a toilet like the one you described. Just a partition between the urinal and the toilet. Most of the time, people just ignore you. A few times, I've used toilets with no partition and have had guys ask for directions while I'm taking a dump! I didn't mind at all.

I am a student working in a medical office for a school practicum. The building I work in is quite large and has 20 floors. Our office is located on the 18th floor and has about half a dozen other offices on the same floor. Today I had been needing to relieve myself all day but just hadn't had the time. To make matters worse I had to stay a bit late to prepare some paperwork for the following day. I was the only person left except when the janitor came in at around 5:30 pm to start to clean the office. I was at my desk and the turd I had been holding in all day was starting to become unbearable to hold in. There was a washroom nearby my workstation but the janitor was making his rounds so I didn't want to use it.

There was a common bathroom that I could use outside the office and down the hallway but the toilets were routinely having troubles and I had personally clogged the toilet on numerous occasions but I didn't have a choice. Once I was finished my work I left the office and headed immediately to the men's washroom down the hallway. Inside there are two decently sized stalls. The handicapped washroom is located outside between the men's and womens bathrooms. The washroom itself is quite nice and always clean. The toilets are of the wall mounted variety and quite finicky at flushing. Sometimes it takes two flushes to get everything down. I took the first stall on the left and while turning around to lock the door someone else came in and took the stall next to me. As I approached the toilet I notice a large skidmark in the bowl and some toilet paper in the bowl that didn't go down. I wiped the seat down and flushed before I prepared to sit down but the water level rose and a large turd appeared underneath the toilet paper that was covering the drain. Just my luck I had to take a much needed dump and the toilet was already clogged. I heard the guy next to me unleash a barrage of farts before the sounds of a few turds dropped pronouncedly into the bowl. I decided to leave and try the handicapped bathroom next door. I quickly exited and tried the door but it was locked. Without any other choice I went back to the bathroom and took the same stall since the guy next door wasn't finished yet. I locked the door and quickly seated myself. I let out a long and deep fart as I strained to push the log out. About 10 seconds of pushing and it slipped quietly into the bowl. I reached for the toilet paper and immediately started to wipe. It took quite a bit of toilet paper to clean up. The turd was about 10 inches long and fairly thick. I didn't dare try to flush in fear of overflowing the toilet. The guy next to me wiped quickly before flushing and leaving. I waited a half a minute while I pissed before getting up and leaving. I looked into the stall that the other guy had used and saw his load of two small thick turds didn't go down either. I washed up before leaving to go home.


Comments on park bathrooms

I always read with special interest about the experiences of the likes of Braidy and most recently, Constipated Corky. That's because my boyfriend plays competitive softball at least three nights a week and those awful bathrooms are a daily issue. They're not cleaned daily like our toilets at the bank, they are vandalized and otherwise abused, and there's almost no semblence of privacy. Believe me, I hear the complaints from my TJ when once or twice a month he has to shit at the park. By the way, he's started to take his cleated shoes off and go into the bathroom in his socks, but the overflow of the urinals and pee on and in front of the toilets cause his complaints. Also, most of the stall partitions have been taken down because of vandalism and criminl activity. Someone sitting on each of the two or three toilets attached to the wall is not my idea of privacy.

Braidy's story about the lady standing on the toilet and squatting is extreme, very extreme actually, and while hovering over the toilet as you stand on the floor is an option, getting up on the toilet is outright dangerous. It's too bad the lady's children witnessed it because if they learn to do what their mom does, another generation is coming up with such wacko ways.

Last night, I was at TJ's third game in five days. Because I had a few drinks as part of my business lunch appointment, I had to pee excessively the rest of the day. I had to wait in line in the toilet building at the park for about 20 minutes and the line for the two stalls never seemed to get any shorter. Finally, a girl about 7 got off the stool after about five minutes of silence. I quickly went in, lowered my blue thong, pulled up my dress and seated myself. I doubt I was on the stool for a minute but I thoroughly emptied myself. As I sat, I became somewhat conscious of the doorless stalls but I was thankful that I didn't have to deal with the cleats and the longer lines that TJ complains about.


A Survey for Punk Rock Girl (and other ladies & gents)

a repost


1) How often in a day do you pee?
2) What color / shade is it?

3) How often do you fart?
4) What type of farts do you do? Do you have a preference?
5) Are you shy about farting?
6) Do you fart on the toilet?

7) How often do you poop?
8) How long does it usually take you?
9) What types of poop do you do? (chunks, logs, pebbles...)
10) Does a lot come out?
11) What texture are your loads? (soft, liquid, mushy, fir, rock solid..)
12) When you poop do you require effort?

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Feral Girl

Pooped in my kitchen

so i told J i'd post everything weird i did in the bathroom even if i didn't think it was worth posting. is started writing stuff in a notepad and need to actually post it now so here's some...

first, uh, i pooped on my kitchen floor. not on purpose!

this today :( it started out like i normally do. around 4 or so i start needing to poop. it's like clockwork, i guess. so today i didn't have anything to do so i was just in my room on my computer and it was nice, but really hot outside, so i was gonna go on the compost heap like i do a lot. i already needed to pee really bad, so i rolled across my room in my desk chair and grabbed the vase off my shelf i pee in. i slid down in my chair and stuck the vase under me and let go and peed good into it. wasn't a whole lot and it kinda burned a little coming out (need to drink more water >.<) so i put the vase back and picked up my panties off the floor (i was already naked, i do that a lot on hot days) and wiped my cat with them then went back to my computer.

i kept messing around playing a game until it was like, 4:45. i was sitting on my foot and really needed to go. i've gotten in this bad habit of waiting around too long, and i've pooped in my yard a few times cuz i couldn't make it all the way to the compost heap. so about then i got up. and this is why it's a problem, i'll feel like i'm about to go, but then when i get up and relieve the pressure it's so much worse. i thought about using my bucket,but i thought it'd be quicker to get outside than to put a bag in it. it was a really stupid choice >:(

so i ran downstairs. or waddled, kinda. by the time i got to the top of the stairs i was turtling so i went down them slow. i could feel a huge turd poking out at least an inch or two. luckily my turds are always huge and solid, so i knew i could make it. i walked carefully into the kitchen and the back door and went to unlock it. the door has a door knob lock, a dead bolt, and another dead bolt you need a key for. i always unlock the top one when i first go outside in the day and just lock back the other two.

i didn't go outside today and i didn't realize it. so i unlocked both locks i could and the door wouldn't open. i thought the bottom two were unlocked already cuz my parents left them that way or something and tried re-locking them to get the door open. and then i realized i'd never unlocked the top and my key was upstairs. i *panicked* and i always need to poo bad when i'm scared. so it was really bad. >.<

so i could've either gone in the downstairs bathroom and used the toilet, or gotten the extra key from the kitchen pantry. i decided to get the key. also *stupid* >.< so i ran for the pantry, got the door open, and just as i did my stomach cramped and i felt like i was about to have a huge fart, but instead the turd shot out. it was *huge* really thick at least six inches long and i freaked and knew i was about to poop a bucketload so i ran into the bathroom that was *right there* just outside the kitchen and threw the toilet lid and seat up and sat down and nearly fell in just as my stomach cramped and another turd started to come out. i made sure i wsa over the toilet and got my feet up on the edges to squat over it as the second turd slid out. it was huge too, almost a foot long and just as thick. i peed a little bit and it just dribbled onto my butt then pooped out a few smaller pieces then finally wiped and went to clean up the kitchen. had to get the poo up then mop really good. and it only happened cuz i'm a dumbass >.<

gonna post more soon

-feral girl



sorry i havent posted in a while. i couldnt afford the internet. plus i live all the way on the otherside of town. i have been a long time lurker for fours years. i first discoverd this site by just simply typing in the the word at random. i will try my hardest to respond to all the posts at least once a week. to Gop: i really enjoyed your post. i dont really like to have an accident in my pants at all. i dont enjoy the feeling that you get afterwords. take care of your self and God bless. i lookforward to your future post. to Althea: i have really enjoyed your stories that you have contributed. i also apprecaite your nice comments that you make. take care and God bless. i lookforward to your future post. to HerbT: i really enjoyed your post. thats really cool that you enjoy watching your wife relieve herself. i look forward to your next post. take care and God bless. to Timmee: i really enjoyed your post. i lookforward to any future post that you might have for this board. sounds like you have a very messy bathroom visit while in town. iam glad that you didnt have any major accidents. take care and God bless. to Meghan: i have really enjoyed your post. i too enjoy blowing up the bathroom when out in public. i wish that i could have been there with you both. take care and God bless.

thats all for now.



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