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Boysitting can be tough

Several of my friends have started while babysitting the past two years while we've been in middle school. I've kind of waited because I didn't have the confidence, although friends of my parents have paid me to take their children to places like the circus and street carnivals, but I really havent' sought out work. Now that I'm ready to start high school, I've decided that I can use the money and there's not any other work for someone my age.

Well last week I got a call from Audbrey, a single-mom on the next street. Her job is paying for her to retrain for a promotion and they flew her to Chicago to take a week-long course at the corporate office. She needed me to stay in their house, care for her two sons (Caleb 3 and Austin 5) and she made out a list of a lot of activities so they wouldn't be too bored. These activities included a day at the theme-park (they have a season pass), coupons for bumper-bowling, a trip to the zoo, and a number of smaller activities. Audbrey went down to the bank and got $200 in cash for us and she gave me her computer code with a list of activities for each day. When my dad stopped by the first night to see how we were doing, he asked if she had been in the military because she was so well prepared. My family's good, but not always that well organized.

Audbrey flew out Sunday morning and this is one of the first times since her divorce that she's been away from her boys. They were very clingy and didn't want her to board her plane. It didn't help that she boarded an hour before the plane took off, and at about 9 a.m. Austin said he had to poo, but Caleb wanted to wait and see the plane take off. I think he was just trying to go against Caleb's needs, but I went along with it. Finally, about a half hour later the service work was done on the plane and it took off. It was cute the way Caleb waved to the plane; if only his mother could have seen it. Caleb wanted to stand on the seat at the window and watch the plane go farter into the sky, but I had to pry him away and I could smell Austin's need. The international aiport was busy so I kept Austin on my left and Caleb on my right as we set out for the bathroom. I hadn't stopped to think about it, but I leaned over to Austin and asked him how his mom handled such needs. I was expecting to hear that he would go into the guys bathroom and that she and Caleb would wait right outside the entrance for him. Unfortunately, he said she took him in with her. I quickly started to think about how I was going to handle this.

Once we rounded the wall into the bathroom we came upon one of the largest bathrooms I had seen. There must have been 40 or 50 women in there and like 20 or 25 stalls. Austin pointed to our right, and sure enough, there was one silver door open and I counted ourselves lucky. I literally pushed Caleb in, then gave Austin a shove, and then with a couple of bumps, once of which I thought bruised my shoulder, closed and latched the door. I reached down and dropped the seat for Austin and I told him to do his thing. I could certainly smell what it was he needed to do! He just stood there and looked surprised. I didn't know what more he wanted, all I knew that we were so closely bunched together that getting him seated would be the most important thing. I got a little more demanding and told him to seat himself. I remember making a joke to Caleb that his brother shouldn't take long, based on the smell we were getting and again Austin just stood there. Finally, I told Austin he needed to get on the stool and he continued to looked surprised.

Finally Austin pointed to the plastic container behind the toilet that had those seat papers in (I've written about how I don't use them but that my best friend Gopi does)and then I caught on. So I reached way over the stool, pulled one down, and placed it over the seat. There was a big flap that covered up part of the middle of it and I wasn't sure what to do with that flap. Austin made some remark about me being dump, grabbed the paper, swung it around on the seat and placed the flap down into the front of the bowl. Then he dropped his jeans and underwear and as soon as he seated himself, there was splashing into the bowl. When I saw his penis over the front of the paper, that flap started to make sense. He also had a few trickles of pee on it, but he sure hadn't pushed hard to get his bowls to empty. Within 30 seconds, he was standing and the stupid seat paper was stuck to his butt. Caleb made fun of that and faked like it wouldn't come off. I grabbed it off, but before I threw it in the toilet, I looked in the bowl, and I saw a log of about 3 inches floating. From his partial squat, Austin released a couple of quick farts that were strong together. Of course, Caleb faked like he was going to get sick, and I turned Caleb round toward the door as Austin grabbed for some toilet paper. He made two quick wipes and I decided to help him flush by leaning down and pushing on the lever.

I knew I was wrong in taking up Audbrey's offer an a couple of hours earlier when she offered to buy me a cup of coffee. I don't drink it that much and it goes right through me. I told the boys I had to pee and that they should turn toward the door and stand still while I took care of my need. Almost immediately, I yanked my jeans and underwear down and seated myself. At that point, Caleb turned around and asked why I wasn't sitting on a seat paper--something Audbrey apparently really emphasizes. Then Austin called him a "dummy" and said something about how girls do things differetly. Then Caleb asked why their mother is afraid of sitting on toilets away from home. I told them I couldn't fully answer that but that some bathrooms are really dirty. Luckily, my flow started and it was so strong I saw both of the boys look at one another and try to hide their laughs. I've written over the past two years about having trouble producing in public bathrooms, but luckily this time my bladder drained pretty fast.

I wiped with one sheet of toilet paper, pulled up my clothing, and we went to the sinks where we washed our hands. Then we walked about three blocks to the bus stop where we had to wait for our bus back home. At that point, Caleb said he felt like he had to use the bathroom and he held up one finger when I asked him which type of need he had. Luckily the bus came quickly, didn't have many stops to make, and Caleb was aable to hold it until we got home.

Babysitting, especially when it involves young boys,seems to be more taxing than I expected.

Oh well. It pays the same!

Just Jerika



Hey all, how have your trips to the toilet been?

Got a neat story that happened today. My co-worker and I have been assigned a task, which required access to a secure section of our building. My co-worker has a key to that department, as, even though we work together, he's there more often than he's with me. My supervisor (female, 26, blonde, short & curvy). Well, at a particular point in the afternoon, things were quiet, so it was just myself, my co-worker & my supervisor.
My supervisor approached me, asking me if I'd seen Geoff, my co-worker. I looked in a few locations for him, but couldn't find him. she asked me to check the restroom. I did, looked at the bottom of the stalls, and saw his shoes. From the open doorway (I was standing in there to look and report to my boss at the same time) I mouthed 'He's in there.' She asked me back, quietly, if he could pass me the keys. Giving him a bit of privacy, i fully entered the restroom, closed the door and asked for the key. He slid it across the floor (which was clean), I thanked him, apologized, and left. Oh, there was no smell at all or anything of the sort.
Out in the hall, I gave my supervisor the key, and she said 'Why do guys usually take so long in there?' I said I had no idea, as I take up to 5 minutes at the most.
I was surprised that I spoke to her easily of my own bowel habits (I didn't say too much, really) and the casual-ness of her talking for it a bit.
If only I had to retrieve the keys from her....

Abbie - wow, sounds like you & Olivia had quite the dump! What were the poos themselves like?

Eileen - been awhile since your last post, but wanted to say i look froward to the next.

Punk Rock girl - welcome to the board! Always great to have another female dumper. i posted some surveys in my earlier posts (forget the page number, sadly...)

Listening Ear - it seems so! Please do keep posting

Hi again everybody! Yesterday (Monday) I took my cousin Tom out again for the first time this summer, this time to a theme park. It was a fairly long drive and when we got there we both had to wee. While I went I felt like I could poo but nothing was doing so I rejoined Tom outside. By lunchtime I was really hungry so I asked Tom if he wanted pizza. He said yes so we went to the pizza/pasta buffet place and stuffed ourselves. Afterwards we went in the aquarium and on a few more rides. Then Tom said he had to poo. I needed a wee again so we found the nearest toilets and I went in for a wee while Tom had a poo. I tried to poo again but again nothing happened, despite my full stomach. When I came out I had to wait a couple of minutes for Tom because, like me, he takes a while when pooing.
We went on loads more rides etc, and then Tom said he was hungry again. It was coming up to dinner time so I took him to get some fish and chips. After I ate mine my bowels were full and I definately had to poo now! My need was urgent and strong, and since the park was closing soon I told Tom it was time to leave and that I needed the toilet first. He said he did too so off we went. I told him to wait right outside when he was done. As I walked into the ladies I farted silently and could feel my poo moving closer to its exit. I went in and picked a cubicle, lowered my jeans and panties and sat down. A big turd came swiftly out with a loud splash. I let out an involuntary sigh as it came out. Following close behind it was another turd and then a small piece. A minute later I pushed out another turd.
Over the next three or four minutes three more turds came out and a fart as well. I wasn't done yet though. My turds had been mostly solid but now some mushy poo came out when I pushed. Once that first bit was out a tiny little bit of poo came out every time I pushed. This went on for another five minutes with maybe 15 tiny bits of poo coming out. Then I was finally done. I quickly wiped, flushed my big load away, and washed my hands before rejoining Tom outside. When I walked over to him he said, 'Why did you take so long? Were you doing a poo?' I was embarassed because I was sure a couple of people nearby heard him! I told him yes, I had done a poo, and that seemed to satisfy him!

Post again soon. Bye everyone!

Hey everyone!

Emma- funny you should post about your local fair last week, because my local fair was yesterday! I went along with my friend Megan. It was sooo hot. We both drank loads of water and coke and so we had to wee twice before we had lunch. There was a cluster of portaloos that we found and that was where we weed. After we had lunch (turkey&stuffing baguette and we shared some chips, and then had a cake each from a stall) we went on the dodgems (great fun!) and then after that I started to need a number two. Within the hour my poo had moved down and was not so patiently awaiting release. I was going to tell Meg I had to go but she got there first.
'I need the loo again,' she said. I said, 'Me too, let's go.' We headed for the portaloos we had already used but I wasn't so keen on pooing in one. Luckily as we crossed the field I spotted another toilet area. 'Let's use those,' I said, pointing at the toilets. As we walked over I saw two of those mobile toilet blocks with a few cubicles in each. One was mens, the other was the ladies.
'I'm going in there, I don't fancy doing a poo in a portaloo today,' I said to Meg. 'No, me neither!' she replied. There was no queue so we went straight in. There were four cubicles and one was in use. We took the two farthest from the door. Meg was to my left. I dropped my shorts and white knickers and I heard Meg doing the same in her cubicle. I sat down in the rather confined space and had a wee. Meg had a wee too. I could see her shorts and panties around her ankles under the cubicle. I pushed and my first log came quickly out with a plop. A smaller piece followed and then Meg let go with her first turd. Then she let off three quick plops. I pushed out another two logs and then a couple of small pieces. Meg finished with another plop and I finished soon after with another small bit. All in all it was much better than pooing in a portaloo as we both agreed afterwards!


Sunday Madness With My Aunt

Another fun morning with my Aunt. We had went out to Chili's this past Saturday night and had their fajitas. The next morning we were chilling out watching TV when I turned my butt towards back and ripped a loud fart on her. We laughed and she was like "Alright, I owe your ass one!" About 20 minutes later, I turned my butt towards her upper back and shoulders and let out a loud and long fart that went about 5 seconds. She jumped up was like, "Good Lord, you need to empty your insides!" The whole room stunk and I told her I had to take a dump.

I sat on the toilet as she fixed her hair in the mirror. I hadn't gone in two days. I sat with a brief strain and dropped a huge shit. This log was huge like a long tube and curved around the bowl. I swear it was like 16-inches long! The smell could have peeled the paint off the walls! I moved up and let my Aunt looked and she was like, "Damn boy, that's a long ass shit!" We laughed as she turn her butt in my face and let out 2 short farts that had a little smell to it.

She went later on that evening, but there wasn't any gas from her and it was all broken up in about 4 small pieces. Very little smell. My lethal ass stole the show yesterday.

Here's an open question to everyone on the forum, male and female. What is the best fart you ever done or done on or next to someone? Or simply, "What's your most memorable fart?" Can't wait for the responses to this one. :-)


What makes a good public toilet cubicle?

My answer to this question has changed over the past two months. On pages 2023 & 2025 I wrote about a really ugly incident that happened one night when I was returning home from a study session with my friend Connor.

I would pretty much take the first stall my eyes see. However, as a result of the incident I wrote about, I now insist on H--a door latch the works. It was totally my fault that the door latch get latched that night, but it was like 10 p.m. when I sat down to take my crap and I just didn't expect a 4-year-old boy to come running into my stall. I also think his mother was hard on both him and me. I wouldn't want to live in their home if she's going to cuss him out and demean him every time he makes a mistake. As a result, I'm a lot more cautious now and when Connor and I were at a church picnic at a large amusement park yesterday, he remarked that I took much more time than I have in the past to go to the bathroom. In fact, he was certain I took a crap because of how long it took. All I did was pee, but I waited for the end stall, completely latched the door and tried it because it had come unlatched the first time, before I seated myself and took the stool.

As I was washing my hands, I watched a girl about 4 come running in and go straight into the middle stall. I could see in the mirror that the seat was up and she already had her dress up and was pulling her undees down as she brushed up against the bowl. I dropped the seat for her and gave her a lift up on the seat. Her mom came through the main door next and was thankful that I had helped her.

Big difference from a couple of months ago. Right?


Daily Ritual

I was not prepared for college life and, in particular, having to share a tiny bathroom with my four roommates. I'd had my own private bathroom at home since I can remember and the thought of pulling my pants down in front of other girls to even pee, let alone try to take a dump, was just so embarrassing! Fortunately, my new friends were sympathetic and introduced me gently to the idea of communal toilets. When I left college, I'll even confess to missing the sisterhood of casually swapping stories about class or boys and doing our hair or make up while one of us was taking a shit or piss just feet away.
My shyness returned when I started dating and staying over with boyfriends. The thought of them seeing me on the toilet was just too embarrassing I'd race out of their apartments early in the morning so I could relax and take my dump or even fart in the privacy of my own apartment.
All this changed when I met my husband. I knew he was the man for me when the first morning after our first night together, he had a very serious conversation with me while emptying what sounded like a massive load of shit with the bathroom door wide open. From pretty much that point onwards he has given me the confidence to enjoy and share my morning BM ritual with him. These days, I usually make a cup of coffee the moment I wake to get things going down there. While I shower, do my hair and make up and dress for work I can usually feel things starting to percolate and just before I head out the door I'm usually more than ready to go to the bathroom. He says I look cute and sexy with my skirt up around my waist and my lacy panties around my knees, and I also like to open my thighs really wide so I can bear down on my knees if I need to exert a little extra pressure. He normally sits on the tub and we talk as he watches me go. I have usually only to exert a slight pressure and my shit slides out smoothly with just a quiet crackle or maybe just a whisper of a fart of escaping air - usually five or six smooth small dark/golden brown turds. After the initial load, I'll wait a little longer and squeeze out any remaining shits. There's usually a half load more to the accompaniment of some more farting and perhaps a bit a more liquidy shit right at the end. When I feel I'm quite emptied, I clean myself and my husband takes his place on the toilet seat I've warmed so nicely for him. His morning movement is a lot different and is always a surprise. Often, he'll have to go really bad and there'll be a massive explosion as his shit explodes out of him. Sometimes though, he'll have to strain more and there are usually several loud farts before he can get his BM out. I'll encourage him and tell him 'comon baby push that shit out, I really want to see what you're pushing out! 'I love watching him as he grunts and forces out two or three large fat turds to join my mess at the bottom of the toilet bowl. Mike will be on the toilet for several minutes, sometimes taking a while to push out a stubborn turd, but he'll normally only do two or three shits per session. By now the smell in our bathroom of our combined dumps is overwhelming, but we both really love that funky odor as he finally flushes and we leave for work. We both really enjoy the intimacy of sharing our time in the bathroom and we're totally into each other's movements and how much, or what shape it is. Usually this is the only time we'll go all day, but exceptions are if we've been out for dinner (especially if we've been drinking). On these occasions - late at night - things get a lot more urgent. The first sign I need to go is usually that I'll poop out a whole string of farts in my panties. I don't normally like to use a restaurant or club powderoom, so I'll normally squeeze everything in and try and wait to we get home. If we're all dressed up, I will probably be wearing really flimsy panties so no help there if I have an accident. The moment I'm home, I'll whip off my underwear and squat on the toilet. There's no waiting and the turds normally shoot out the moment I'm seated. I normally shit out much smaller turds in the evening, or they come out as a brown clump of soft mess. I normally fart a lot smellier when I go twice a day also. He has the exact same predicament. He'll race to the toilet to and I'll follow him in as I love to watch him as he get out of his pants -- and almost before he's seated, starting shooting out quite violent pebble dash eruptions to the accompaniment of some really toxic farts. These sessions are always really exciting to us, and we try and gauge how much time we have before we really have to go. If you're interested I have some more stories I'd love to share with you all about our experiences in and out of the bathroom.


To Car Mom

Saw your post on the console kinda interesting I recon would have been more so if you or one of your mom friends had tried it. Did you say you just left the pee in the console, did you not empty it out? Seems like that would smell a lot if you left it in there. Just curious does your console pull out? I have had cars before that you could pull out so it would be an easy cleanup and if so might be a better new alternative to messing up your seats. Glad to see you are back btw and hope to hear more soon.

Old Fart
While I made to the Gulf Coast I'm still waiting on the trust company to settle the family estate so I can buy my property, should happen by the end of the week. So in the meantime I'm camping and making like the proverbial bear in the woods. My bowels have been very loose since arriving and this morning, 1st thing, started the day with a squat. As it turned out I squatted over a ground hornet nest and that which hung down lowest received a couple stings. Now when it is necessary to go deal with periodic cases of squirts it takes 3 times as long due to trying to support an extremely swollen and painful sack. Hasn't caused any accidents yet but the delay isn't only from the physical damage. I'm now inspecting the ground till the very last second trying to insure it is safe.

Jasmin K

Constipated Again

Hi All

Just thought I would post something whilst I am constipated as I have stayed at home today because my ???? ache is quite bad and I really need to get this rock hard turd that is blocking my arse out. This is the 5th day I havnt done any poo, well thats not strictly true, the rock hard turd that is stuck in my arse has been there for 5 days. When I strain hard some like mushy/liquidy poo comes out round the hard piece but then this seems to stick to the hard piece and it feels like its getting bigger. When I strain very hard my arse hole sort of bulges down to below my cheeks then the poo starts to emerge from my arse but then it gets to a point and stops no matter how hard I strain, That said my arse bulges down when I am not constipated, just sitting on the toilet straining to make my daily poo. Ive tried putting my fingers either side of my arse hole and pushing it up trying to make the poo stick out further.I felt it this morning and there is about 2 inches of poo sticking out when I strain hard, as soon as I stop it goes back up inside along with my arse hole.
I have dirtied my knickers in the last couple of days because the soft poo keeps leaking out when I am not on the toilet.
As people who have read my previous posts will know I hate having to use school toilets to poo or try to poo but yesterday when I went for a pee at lunchtime my knickers were dirty so as I sat there peeing I took them off and got the spare pair I have in my bag, put the soiled ones in the ziploc bag and pulled up the clean ones to my thighs. I decided to tried to poo. Luckily most girls were outside enjoying the sun and there were only a couple of other cubilcals occupied, I strained and strained for about 20 minutes and apart from some soft mush 1 small pebble broke off the hard piece. My arse was bleeding quite a lot so I out a pad to put in my knickers and went back to class. When i got home I went to the toilet my pad was soiled so I sat and tried again leaning forward then sitting upright squeezing my self to try to push it out. After an hour i got off, diposed of the pad and pulled my knickers up. I noticed in the mirror that my ???? was swollen due to the amount of poo inside.
This morning I tried before school for 1/2 of an hour and did 1 pebble and some mush. My younger sister was in the bathroom getting showered, doing teeth which I dont mind - I go in when she is on the toilet and shower etc.She was watching me straining and asking questions like 'was I constipated' had I done it and saying try harder like I have to( which Is what I say to her when I have to stay in the bathroom with her) and commenting on the faces I was pulling whilst straining and the odd farts, she even leans round behind to see if she can see it coming out. I said to her it will come out and then go back inside and I strained really hard whilst holding my Arse up with my fingers and she said its sticking out but it wouldnot come right out. My Mum came in carrying a couple of pairs of my soiled Knickers,very embarrasing in front of my 7 yr old sister and showed the pair I had changed at school with the crotch literally caked in poo and the pair I had worn overnight and Said 'I take it youve been witholding and have gotten constipated again'' I said no just very constipated and asked as my ???? ache was really bad could I stay home which she said ok and told me to get off the toilet as my sister had to sit on it adding to me ''make sure she does it i dont want to have to wash any more dirty knickers''
I decided that when they had gone I would have a long sit and thought that raising my feet up may help me to push it out. i put my thigh length stripy socks on a mini skirt, T shirt top and then wore my boots with the 6 inch heels as they raise my feet/legs up. I didnt wear any knickers as I wasnt planning to be anywhere other than the bathroom. I sat down and strained really hard and after about 10 minutes a little piece of the hard log broke off and splashed into the water. I strained and strained for about another 1/2 hour and all I did was get liquid and mushy poo leaking out. I spent another 1/2 hour on the toilet then I decided to kneel on the floor and try to see what was happening when I strained as it was coming out a little but going back up when i relaxed. Had my arse towards the mirror on all fours having put an old towel on the floor in case I made a mess. I looked over my shoulder as I strained and could see this fat hard poo poking out of my bulging and swollen arse. I went into a squatting position and strained, luckilly the towel was there as I peed when I strained that time, I could feel my arse bulging down and the tip of the poo sticking out from there. I strained and strained and the tip pushed further out untill it was about 4 inches out and my arse felt like it was going to split more that it already had. There was some soft poo and blood on the piss soaked towel and although the pain in my arse was making my eyes water I kept straining and got it out far enough and took hold an tried to pull it out.A piece about 2 inches long and as fat broke off. I pushed again and could feel more pushing down inside but would not come through my arse, it just made it bulge down alot and really bleed. I got up and sat on the toilet to decide what to try next. I strained and strained again but only some soft poo and like jelly stuff which I often get when I strain hard.
I remembered one of my friends saying that when she has a bad arse and it really hurts she takes a couple of painkillers, paracetamol and gives it 1/2 an hour for them to work and then goes back on the toilet. I decided to go to mums room get 2 paracetamol but my arse was really bad and I had no knickers so folded a toilet paper pad to hold in place then I saw the pack of pullups that are kept for my younger sister. I unfolded one and although it was tight managed to pull it up and pull my skirt down over it. I took the paracetamol and decided to Kneel on my bed and strain as hard as I could into the pullup, I only managed to get some soft messy poo out. I returned to the bathroom and cleared up the mess from earlier and then myself and put lots of Vaseline in and on my arse. My best Friend texted to see why I wasnt at school and she said she would come round at lunch time. I sat on the toilet and strained and strained and dropped a few pebbles but the main piece would not budge. I tried for about an hour and then my friend texted to say she was outside. I wiped quickly and and went down to let her in. I told i wasnt at school due to constipation and ???? ache. She offered to help, which she has done many times before she also understands how bad it gets as she has similar problems. I showed her my swollen ???? and she said she would massage it. I laid on my bed and she rubbed my ???? which made me fart and feel a bit sickky and she asked If I wanted her to squeeze me / bear hug me whilst I strained, I said ok and she said to go and sit on the toilet, She knelt down and rubbed my ???? as I strained, I noticed my arse didnt hurt as much probably due to the paracetamols,She then said take a deep breath and strain as hard as you can, as I did she pressed my ???? in, when I stopped straining she pushed and rubbed again pushing downwards I then strained and strained again and I could feel the hard piece pushing down into my arse I strained again and I could feel it start to emerge only to go back inside. My friend said to get up and turn around and sit the wrong way, which I did and she put her arms around me and squeezed on my stomach very hard whilst telling me to strain very hard. She said she could see it sticking out and then said to me to keep straining. She used one hand to hold my ???? and pushed up on either side of my arse with her fingers and kept telling me to strain. I could feel the hard poo emerging but even with the paracetamol it made hurt so much. With each strain it emerged a bit more, streching my arse so much I felt it split again, I knew I had to keep straining as I had to get it out. My eyes were watering as i strained and my friend was letting my Arse bulge down the telling me to strain harder and pushing it up so the poo was pushed further out. I was actually crying as it hurt so much and my friend saying strain hard its coming. It must have got to a point where the fattest part was through my arse cos it started to come out easier and moved each time I strained. It splashed into the water and my friend said it was about 10 inches long and 3 inches fat at the thickest part going to 2 inches at the rest.then put some of the cream I have for when I get piles up inside my arse. I pulled the already stained pullup down and put the numbing and soothing cream on my arse and when I relaxed i got quite a bit inside as well


More Fun & Games At Work

Hello Again!

I have been enjoying all your posts, since I last contributed to the forum.The posts by The Listening Ear in particular brought back many memories.

A few years back (details changed for obvious reasons), I had an interesting experience at work. A girl I used to work with, and who had left, came back to work for us on a six month contract.When she worked before she almost never went to the toilet and I rarely heard her poo, but she certainly changed whilst away!

Anne-Marie(name changed) was a twenty-something red-head with a heavily-freckled face and an hour glass figure. I don't quite know why, but red-headed women do appear quite frequently, when it comes to my pooping experinces involving women, but I digress..

Anne-Marie wore either black trousers or a black skirt, which showed off her rather nice curvy bottom, and various tops.

I had been in the gents toilet before and been aware of loud plops and Anna-Marie's distinctive breathy cough coming from the other side of the wall.However there had always been other guys around and I had not hung around to find out more. That changed one day.

I was peeing at the urinal in the gents at 1100am and heard Anna-Marie's cough as she went into the ladies toilet. I heard the door clang shut and the lock snatch shut.There was then a rustle as she pulled up her skirt and a snicker as she pulled her pants down.

There was a brief tinkle followed by a breathy UGH-UGH, then a very loud and heavy sounding PLOP-PLOP as she started pooing. There was then a breathy UGH followed by a bassy SPLUTT! as she farted on the toilet.This was followed by another heavy PLOP-PLOP as two more large poos came out, then a rapid PLOPPLOPPLOPPLOP as four big poos exited rapidly in quick succession.There was another breathy UGH followed by another loud PLOP-PLOP.

This was then followed by a squelchy wet fart, which made a SPLLANK! noise. THere was another wet sounding SPLANK! as she did another wet fart, then several hard pebble like poos showered out of her bottom, making a strange sounding gutteral R-R-R-R-R-RONK-SPLANK! as they hit the water in the toilet - she did another wet fart after they shot out.She then wiped, pulled up her pants and hitched her skirt back down, before flushing and leaving the cubicle.

At 1345 I heard her on the toilet.There was a wee for around five seconds followed by a loud PLOP-PLOP!This was then followed by an UGH-SPLUTT!PLOPPLOPPLOPPLOP, and then she wiped and finished.

At 455pm I heard her on the toilet again as she did a lengthy wee, followed by a UGH-SPLUT-PLOPPLOPPLOPPLOP, then a brief period of quiet. This was followed by a SPLANK-R-R-R-RONKSPLANK! as shower of pebbles shot out with two wet farts under pressure. She then finished and left for home.

I noticed that Anne-Marie always pooped at exactly 11am, 145pm and 455pm every day, and the sound effects were always identical at each visit - a girl of very regular habits! Nothing ever got said between us, but let's just say that I got the overwhelming impression that Anne-Marie was always "happy to oblige", if you get my drift..

Anne-Marie's plops were so loud that you could hear them inside a locked cubicle in the gent's opposite, and even in the kitchen, where the cupboard was against the toilet wall, and the sound of plopping could clearly be made out with the door open.Whenever I heard a breathy cough and that distinctive PLOPPLOPPLOPPLOP, I knew what Anne-Marie was up to..

Anne-Marie left after her six months to study at University and I never heard anything further from her since.

Bye for now!

Take Care.

Hermes x


Buddy dumps

Has anyone got any buddy dump stories to share with us? Kirsty & me would love to read about your experiences as we love to buddy dump together.

Jasmin K

Constipation 2

Not sure what happend but my post sent itself before I had finished.


I put some cream on my arse that I have for when I get piles. I still had a ???? ache so I decided to try again. My friend sat on the edge of the bath and I sat the right way round on the toilet and managed in the next 1/2 hour to do 3 more logs of about 3-4 inches and 2 inch fat and some mush poo as well.

I will post about my friend getting constipated and perhaps a post about when I did it in my knickers.


Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Althea it seem like both you and Upstate Dave have been here the longest and still contiue to post and know you both can remember some of the great posters who used to post here like Carmalita and her friends and Kendal and Lawn Dog Kid and many others who should start posting again if there still around and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Herb T great story about your wifes morning dump it sounds like she felt better after that and as always I look forward to anymore posts like that thanks.

To: Timee great story about the dump you took with your roomate sleeping in other room and farting and burping with her earlier and as always I look forward to your next post thanks

To: Meghan first welcome back and great story about you smelling your friends dump and I look forward to your latest story and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Raven first since there are 2 ravens here it might be a good idea to add the first letter of your last name that way people wiil respond to the right one like I did when I responded to you or that other Raven im not sure which one it was well enough about that great story about your friend I bet she wont eat those things again anytime soon and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Car Mom as always another great story and I look froward to the next one thanks.

To: Emma great story about you pooping in that porta potty and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Angelica at least it didnt happen it front of a bunch of people which would have been very embarrassing and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Church Accident at least you made it to a bathroom without it getting worse and from the sounds of it you were lucky and please sahre anyother stories you may have thanks.

To: Anny I agree with you I hate using dirty restrooms but if your desperate its better then having an accident unless that its really dirty then haing an accident is the better choice and great story I bet you felt alot better after getting all that poop out and I bet it was your bodies way of cleaning it self out at least it wasnt diarrhea and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Abbie great story about you pooping on the toilet while your friend pooped in the tub and it sounds like you both felt better after that and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: girl or woman who wrote about having diarrhea with their friend in the bathroom great story and please share any others you may have thanks.

To: The Roomate great story.

Well thats all for now

Sincerly Brandon T

PS. I love this site

Upstate Dave

My Uncles Old Car Useing It For A Toilet Part 1

There was atime that my one uncles kept a old 1940 Ford coupe at our old house up where my family had lived. It was kept just off of the driveway in the field. (The exact area me and the little girl Luise and I used to play and pee together in the same spot!) When I would be up there now I would be te one to mow the grass and after I was done I would get in the old car and play in it. Sometimes only by myself sometimes not.

Now the old Ford wasn't running. The body outside wasn't rusted through but te paint sure was thin and faded. The interior the seats were in real good shape both the front and back seats. They were a grey tweed color with a matching overhead grey tweed over the inside top ofthe interior.

Now the two best parts as far as the inside was the big steering wheel and the floor stick shift! This made the car a lot of fun when I would prtend drive the car! But the one bad part at first was the cars floor up in front had rusted right out on both the drivers side and passengers side. You could see right down to the ground. But the center hump where te shifter was that peice was still there and it was solid!

Well I was playing in the car after mowing. I had been drinking water while I had mowed since it was a warm day. Now in the car I had to piss. I had befor when I was in the car would get out of it walk over to the left side of our small barn that was there and duck into the wild bamboo that grew there and piss.

But now I saw the ground with the old Ford had the missing floor pan pieces Just piss right here in the car! You cando it very easily and any way you want to too! So I was siting behind that big old steerinwheel in the drivers seat. I was wearing shorts so I pulled them right down.

I wasn't wearing undreware so I just held my penis pointing it down aiming it so that I would piss right down to the ground missing te gas,brake, and clutch pedals. I started to piss and my aim was right for my stream shit right down at a foward angle going in front of the gas and brake pedals missing them and right into the grass on the ground.

Now as I pissed I also pretended that I was driving for I swung that big old steering wheel back and forth. Now I was sitting up towards the front edge of the seat and I was leaned over some with the steering wheel rubbing on my chest as I turned it. This was the only way that I could sit and piss while not hiting the pedals of my sneakers since I had one on te clutch pedal and the other on the gas pedal.

So soon I was done with my piss so I slid back on the seat and I pulled my shorts back up and took care of them. I also thought being that I did succeed I can go right on and when I had to piss and was in the car I would piss! The oppertuinity would come up many times after this! To be continuied.

The Listening Ear

Part 7

My first few attempts at finding somewhere satisfactory to live in London were pretty disastrous, but eventually I settled in with a widow, her son and another lodger. The landlady also had a married daughter (medium height, short red hair) who lived nearby and visited frequently, sometimes bringing a single friend with her (slightly taller, long dark hair), although oddly I never saw the daughter's husband. And the son had a girlfriend (smallish, slim, long red hair) who also visited frequently, sometimes bringing a friend (taller, long blonde hair) and the friend's husband.

Once again, when there was no-one around I could stand on the landing and listen to the sounds from the toilet. Now here's the interesting thing. The daughter's pee was a loud, uninhibited waterfall, straight into the water - and her friend's was exactly the same. The girlfriend's pee was a soft, sweet tinkle, obviously bouncing off the porcelain - and her friend's was exactly the same too! Well they say birds of a feather flock together, but I wouldn't have thought it applied to the birds' peeing technique! All these girls were in their mid-twenties, by the way.

One day the daughter came round by herself when heavily pregnant and (as I found out) constipated. From the short length of time she was there, and the snatches of conversation with her mother that I overheard, the visit seemed pretty aimless, and I wondered afterwards if she had perhaps just come round for a crap. Maybe she thought the walk would get things moving. But five minutes of grunting only delivered a single SPLOT!, hard but not heavy. Not very satisfying for her or for me.

One Saturday when the girlfriend was around, we were all having lunch together when she excused herself, left the table and went upstairs. I had already finished my meal, so after a decent interval of listening to my landlady moaning about the girl dangling her hair in her food, I also excused myself and went upstairs to listen. The angelic tinkling was already under way, punctuated by a series of gentle plops at about 5-second intervals. Unfortunately I got caught out by my fellow lodger and had to beat a hasty retreat into my room, so I wasn't able to hear any more of that. Sweet though. Very sweet.

Then the landlady died, her son didn't want to continue the business, and I had to move on.


To Blonde and anyone else who was confused by my last post. I meant to write "And Kendal's 11th birthday post on page 504 is probably the funniest thing ever written on this site!" but my fingers typed the wrong page number. Sorry about that.



First time in public

To Brandon T:
Thanks for your advice about pooping in public toilets. It really helped as I managed to go at the local supermarket this evening. I hadn't been all day and was getting quite desperate so I decided to look in the customer toilets to see if there was anyone there. Being quite late in the evening they were empty. There were two cubicles here so I picked the one by the end wall as it somehow felt more private and sat down. Just as I was about to push I heard someone running into the toilets. She kept saying, "Oh no! Oh no!", as she took the cubicle next door to me. She sat down with a thud and loft out a torrent of muddy plops for about thirty seconds non stop. She have a sigh and I felt more confident about going after hearing all that. I gave a push and the first of my logs plopped into the water followed by another then another. It was such a relief and it felt so exiting to be able to poop in public for the first time. It was so exiting. Almost as if I was doing something I shouldn't. I did feel a little embarrassed but I know deep down there was no reason to be. The girl next to me flushed and exited at the same time as me. She was a young employee in her uniform and while we washed our hands she said, "Sounds like we both needed that." I felt my face flush red as I said, "You're not kidding!"

Hi everyone its John, the UK one! Brandon T you referred to Page 665 having the longest Post. That of course must be Gretel's epic after all that rich food and good living. At the time she alluded to the fact that she aspired to be a nightclub singer and held a day job as an executive in some sort of financial institutiong. She'd be 41 now and it would be interesting to hear from her again for no other reason than to hear if realised her singing ambitions and of course to find out if she still produces bm's of such magnitude, lol! Abbie, Leanne and all your friends glad you're still keeping in touch and of course Eileen H hope you had a good UK trip and left our plumbing systems more or less intact, hee hee! A big X and huggle to all the girls and hi to all the guys! Bye for now.


A Survey for Punk Rock Girl (and other ladies & gents)

a repost


1) How often in a day do you pee?

2) What color / shade is it?


3) How often do you fart?

4) What type of farts do you do? Do you have a preference?

5) Are you shy about farting?

6) Do you fart on the toilet?


7) How often do you poop?

8) How long does it usually take you?

9) What types of poop do you do? (chunks, logs, pebbles...)

10) Does a lot come out?

11) What texture are your loads? (soft, liquid, mushy, fir, rock solid..)

12) When you poop do you require effort?

Herb T.

Worlds Fastest Dump

I hope everyone is doing well. A quick post about an interesting experience I had in a restroom yesterday, then a couple of quick questions for everybody...

So yesterday around 11am I had to take some documents to our attorney's office - our company is the plaintiff in some minor litigation. I had to take a dump and figured that I'd use the restroom at the attorney's office. I've been there several times before and their office is in a modern multi-tenant building and the restrooms are very clean and anonymous. Well I dropped the documents off and the attorney guy wouldn't shut up - talking about everything but the case. I was getting annoyed and finally told him I had to go (go poo that is, LOL, although I didn't tell him that). I think he just wanted to keep talking to rack up his hourly billing, but enough of that. The attorney's office is on the third floor, so I took the elevator down to the second floor becuase I didn't want anyone from the attorney's office to catch me taking a dump in the restroom on their floor. No one was in the restroom when I went in - ahh perfect - this is the standard men's room layout with the sinks first, then two urinals, then two stalls - one regular and one handicapped. I took the handicapped stall and sat down on the toilet. I just sat there and relaxed and daydreamed for a couple of minutes, then someone came into the restroom. I hoped they would just have to piss and leave, but nope - he entered the first stall... must have seen my feet in the handicapped stall. What happened next blows my mind. I could hear him putting the toilet seat down and undoing his pants. Then, a flush. The flush cycle on these toilets is unusually long - like 15 or 20 seconds of water running out of the jet. When the flush ended, I heard about three quick pulls of the toilet paper, then another flush. When the flush ended, the guy adjusted his clothes for another 10 seconds or so, then exited the stall. I don't think he even washed his hands. That has to be the fastest dump I've ever witnessed (although I didn't actually witness it, but heard it). I figured he did an immediate courtesy flush and by the time the flush ended, he was wiping. He had to have been in the stall for less than a minute and a half. Maybe he had to go bad, so that as soon as he sat down, his bowel movement started. I've taken some dumps like that, where the poo-poo starts dropping as soon as your butt hits the seat. I usually average about 7-10 minutes in a stall, but if I'm in a hurry, I can finish things in about 3-4 minutes. But a minute 30, that has to be some sort of record. Anyway, no one else came into the restroom, so I was able to finish my dump in peace.

A couple of questions for everyone - I'd appreciate if at least a few people could respond.

Question #1 (this is more for men): I've noticed this recently in several restrooms. Some restrooms have a wide gap between the back of the partition of the first stall and the wall. Coincidentally, these restrooms usually have shiny reflective tile on the wall. The other day I was taking a piss in a urinal right next to the first stall. I couldn't help while staring at the wall that I could see a reflection of the toilet seat in the stall. What I'm getting at is if the toilet was in use, I would be able to see a reflection of the user's buttocks as they sat on the toilet. If they were sitting forward on the seat, one might even be able to see the logs dropping out of their butt. Don't get me wrong - I'm not some sort of perv who would look at a guys ass while he's taking a dump, nor would I want someone looking at mine. What genius designed these layouts I wonder? Has anyone else ever noticed or experienced this while using a urinal? Weird.

Question 2 (for men and women): This is more for office type restrooms. After taking a dump, when there are other people in the restroom - say peeing or washing their hands, do you come right out of the stall when you're finished, or do you wait for everyone to leave the restroom? I normally wait for everyone to leave. I don't like being identified as "the guy who took a dump." My wife doesn't go #2 in public restrooms too often, but she's the type who waits for people to leave. I'd say for guys, it's 50/50. There are plenty of guys who don't mind coming right out of the stall when they're finished. I'm curious if there are any "waiters" like me and my wife.

D. Anderson

To: Herb. T

Hey Herb. T I just have one question for you, I was just wondering, between you and your wife who poop the most you or her. Have you guys ever had a fart contest if so who would win.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

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