How I got started peeing and pooping my pants

I was very late (almost 5) in being trained to poop on the toilet. I was trained to pee in the toilet early, but I was afraid to sit on the toilet. To a 2-4 year old, the big hole in the seat can look very intimidating. Training pants didn't exist in the early 70's. After I had outgrown diapers, pooping in my pants was my standard method of pooping for over two years. My parents weren't really happy wiht it, but they tolerated it. Of course when one poops, pee comes out as well. Every day, sometimes twice a day, I would wet and mess my pants. I enjoyed it. I enjoyed feeling the warm pee spreading around my penis and balls, watching the wet stain spread over my frontal area, feeling the pee soak my crotch, and then feeling and watching the pee make a swath down both pant legs. I loved feeling and watching the cloth go from dry to wet. I compared the feeling and look of different types of pants: jeans, polyester, and corduroy. Sometimes I would stand on a towel to absorb the pee that my pant legs couldn't hold, sometimes I would stop peeing when the pee reached the bottom of my pant legs and then finish peeing in the toilet, and sometimes I just let a puddle form on the floor. After peeing, I would poop in my pants. I still remember it after all these years. I can picture several specific wettings/messings. I will now share details of one particularly memorable one. I was four years old and wearing dark blue polyester pants. I sat down on the edge of the bath tub (why this wasn't scary but the toilet seat was, I will never know). I unzipped my pants and positioned my penis pointing straight up, covered by my underwear. I let out a small dribble, and watched the small wet spot appear on my underwear. I then moved my penis to a dry spot, and let out a little pee again. I continued this until the entire front of my underwear was wet. Then I pulled my penis out of my underwear, positioned it covered by my pants, peed a little and watched the small wet spot appear on my pants, moved it to a dry spot, and repeated until the entire front of my pants was wet. Then I put my penis back inside my underwear, zipped up my pants, stood up, wet my pants down to the floor, and finally pooped my pants. I was finally potty trained just before turning five. I missed peeing and pooping in my pants. During summers, I would play outside in the waterhose and sprinkler fully clothed (wetlook with water has also always been an interest of mine). Sometimes I would pee my pants before soaking them with water. When I was fifteen (able to operate the washer and dryer by then), I started peeing and pooping my pants sometimes when my parents would be gone several hours. This is how I got started. I still enjoy wetting and messing my pants.

Mac: That is illegal here in the United States. All public accomodations must have toilets in proportion to the number of occupants. It is a rule in my state.

Raven: Make any tea and sprinkle a VERY tiny amount of cayenne pepper.

Herb T.

Wife's Morning Dump

Sunday already - boy this was a fast weekend. My wife took a dump this morning, which I thought I'd share. I enjoy seeing my wife sitting on the toilet taking a dump, although I have to be careful to not seem too interested, if you know what I mean. Most of the time I just let her be, but not this morning. Sometimes she'll let me look at her poo-poo, when it's a big long one, although that happens very rarely. She's not embarrassed to go in front of me, and we always leave the door open. Brief description of my wife - she is Filipino, 32 years old, about 5 foot 5, and slightly chunky - not fat, but not a twig either.

So... around 9am or so, we were both starting to get up. I took the dogs out and fed them, then went back upstairs to our master bedroom. I laid back down in bed, and the wife announced that she had to "drop off logs" - a term we use for going #2. She went into the alcove where the toilet is and I can't see the toilet from my side of the bed, but I rolled over and looked in the mirrored closet doors. She was sitting there on the toilet with one of the many magazines we keep in the bathroom. Her dumps are usually in numerous pieces and I can hear the splashes into the toilet. Today, though, no noises or toots or anything. After a minute or two of sitting down, she said something like "whoa - that is enormous - come take a look." She didn't have to tell me twice, so I got out of bed and walked over to the toilet. The first thing I noticed was the smell - whew, it stunk. Man that woman can stink up a bathroom, I thought to myself. She scooted her bottom forward, and I looked behind her buttocks and into the toilet. That was a monster log, I must say - about a foot long and thick. This was a very healthy bowel movement indeed. She asked if I'd flush the toilet, and I obliged, which whirled and sucked her poo-poo down. She looked sexy there - her bare buttocks on the toilet seat and her panties down below her knees. But boy did it stink. She continued reading her magazine, so I thought I'd have a little fun and bother her. I pulled her panties down to her feet and took them off, so she was now naked from the waist down. I also pulled her night shirt off, so she was completely naked sitting on the toilet. She told me to stop bothering her, but in a playful way. I went over to my nightstand where I have a wooden spanking paddle, that I bought about 10 years ago for novelty purposes. We aren't into that S&M crap. So I took it over to the toilet and gave her a few light whacks on her bare bottom while she was sitting on the toilet. She told me to stop and that I was being annoying. I said "OK" and threw the paddle on the bed. I told her "you'll probably cause the paddle to stink," and she giggled a little. I went over to brush my teeth - the sinks are adjacent to the toilet. I was wearing just my boxers, which made it difficult to conceal my excitement, if you know what I mean. She started to wipe, which she always does while seated. I told her "you'll have to teach me how to wipe sitting down sometime." No response from her, so I rinsed my mouth out and laid back on the bed. She finally emerged from the bathroom that she'd stunk up with her big brown poo-poo, completely naked from my little prank, and washed her hands and brushed her teeth. I again looked in the mirror and looked at her slightly large bare buttocks while she brushed her teeth. I was absolutely stiff as a board at this point. Well she came over to the bed, and we did something that is no longer relevant to the topics associated with this forum. I hope everyone had a great weekend - I had a great Sunday morning, at least.

1.When you have to poop, do you let out pre poop farts? Yes, sometimes.

2. How loud are the farts? low to medium.

3. Do you prefer long poops or the short plop poops? either way. They are mostly soft.

4. When you fart, what position do you take? (Leaning to the side, leg up, bum up) when sitting: leaning to the side.

5. Who are you comfortable farting around? my parents, friends or in a public toilet with others. When I was in elementary and high school, I would pee in school and sometimes fart while sitting on the bowl while other girls were around. Now that I am in college, I am comfortable in public. I cannot help it when I fart in the women's toilet. The other girls do. You should hear them in the morning after breakfast or lunch in the afternoon. Then, there is the after-dinner girls at night school.

6. Who are you comfortable pooping around? classmates, friends or in a public toilet with others. I was not really in elementary school. I had to a few times in an emergency. I brought home a friend or went to their house where I used the toilet. Movie theaters and department stores are great places. Now that I am in college, I can make #2 and not be self-conscious. I have a favorite toilet in the lower-level at school. One has a single stall. The other is a double. I can be alone or with someone. I like sitting on the toilet at school with my skirt up or below my knees or my pants and briefs around my ankles. It is very relaxing to me. When I make #2, I close the stall door and I sit for 10-30 minutes depending how much time I have. Sometimes, I will pee and take the same amount of time.

7 How loud and stinky do your farts get? If I eat certain foods, they can be brutal. They are loud and they smell like some of the foods, that I eat. Greens, they make me stink up the place, especially like Eileen: goes in solid, comes out loose or soft.

If you are sharing a room with a roommate, is it appropriate to fart around them? I did so with my roomate on a swimming meet. She did so, also. One Saturday night after a large dinner, we were lying in bed(we decided to share a single bed, rather than sleep in the two separate beds in the room) watching TV and she started. She was so embarassed, that she said excuse me. Then, I belched and broke wind. She said, "We really overdid it with eating." Actually, she started first. Sunday morning, we were in another town at a motor lodge. I had to make one of those smelly Sunday morning bowel movements. I was wearing an oversized long-sleeved shirt and a light blue Hanes cotton panty. My bowels were rumbling. I farted three times. The next one: I would not be so lucky. I rolled out of bed, walked the few inches to the toilet. I closed the door, pulled down my panty to my ankles and sat on the bowl. That next fart had lumps and they were soft and loose. Plus, I was making these deep wet farts because I was evacuating my bowels of these soft stools. My teammate asked if I was alright. I told her that I was alright and that it's like this on Sunday morning because I eat big on Saturday night. We had a huge banquet and I ate meatballs, sausage and greens. I was on that bowl for 15 minutes, just letting it all run out. I stinked up the whole room good. As I sat, I arched up my heels off the rug, gripped my arms around my ???? and a wave of loose stools let out loose with a splat and a fart on the end. When I was finished, I reached for toilet paper, leaned off and wiped from behind. When I looked in the bowl, there was lots dark brown water and loose stools. Then, I pulled up my undies, flushed, washed my hands and came back to sleep in the same bed with my roommate.

Do you prefer cold or warm seats? Warm seats mean someone was just there, not some seat heating device. Do warm seats bother you? Why or why not? I do not mind a warm seat, if it is clean. My folks told me of a man named Earl Butz who was an agricultural secretary under President Ford and said that "all black men wanted, was a warm place to shit..."

Hello again, everyone. I apologize for not having posted in such a long time. In case anyone doesn't remember, I told a few stories about my friend Cathryn who is quite "talented" when it comes to stinking up the bathroom. I had a recent experience with Cat that reminded me about this forum. But before I get to that, I wanted to answer Macho Man's question. He asked about whether Cat ever acknowledged the fact that she stunk up the bathroom, and I have a fairly memorable story about the first time that happened.

This goes back to our freshman year. I don't remember the exact time, but this was probably several weeks after Cat stunk me out of the shower (the first story I told about her, back on page 2026), so it was roughly a month after classes started. Much like that in story, I had woken up early. I was particularly tired and groggy as I stumbled toward the bathroom for my morning ritual. But as soon as I opened the bathroom door, I got a wake-up call in the form of a thick, pungent poop stench that felt as if it slapped me right in face. Without even thinking about it, I blurted out some expression of disgust (I can't recall my exact words). I turned the corner only to find Cathryn standing at the sinks, washing her hands. For a second I was worried - I hoped my comment hadn't offended or embarrassed her - but then she turned and smiled at me. "Hey Meghan," she said. "Sorry about that. It's my fault that it's a little bit stinky in here." I'd say that "a little bit stinky" was probably the understatement of the year, but for the moment, I was just happy that Cat wasn't upset at me. I decided to play dumb and not give her any hint that I had experienced her bathroom smells before. "Jeez Cat, that was you?" I replied. "Yup," she said, a bit sheepishly, but with no real hint of shame. "I guess I overdid it on the lasagna last night." (Our dorm's dining hall had Italian-themed entrees the previous night.) We both laughed a little at that comment, then made some small talk about meeting up for lunch after classes or something, and Cat left.

To be honest, the bathroom reeked so bad that I wanted to leave myself, but for some reason I didn't want Cat to realize that she had stunk me out. (Perhaps sometimes I'm too polite for my own good.) I plugged my noise and headed into one of the stalls to pee. Judging from the state of the toilet, it was the same stall that Cat had recently used. There were several light brown streaks running up and down the bowl. After practically forcing my pee out of me, I wiped, flushed, and washed my hands in what was probably near record time. I headed to the other female bathroom on our floor to take care of my shower.

Anyways, since this ran a bit long, I won't share my more recent story right now, but I promise I will post again soon! As always, If you have any questions, feel free to ask.


Brandon T
I just saw a woman walk by and while she was walking she scratched her butt and then smelled her hand I wonder if she didnt wipe good enough and she was checking or it just itched who knows but it was an interesting site.

If anybody's interested what page has the longest story it on page 665

Okay hey it's me again Raven and let me tell you I just finished off a 22 piece spicy buffalo chicken wing and cheesy breadsticks with ranch and marinara sauce so my stomach is full to the max so I'm just waiting for this food to pass. But while I wait I'm going to tell you a story.

One time me and my friend Aubrey (she's a short girl like 5'2, with curly short brown, green eyes, and somewhat chubby but most of her weight is in her ass) were watching TV at Aubrey's house and munching on candy when suddenly Aubrey's stomach let out a large and loud growl.

"Okay, I'm hungry and this candy isn't filling me up." Aubrey stated. "Anybody want anything in particular? My treat?"

"I want pizza," I stated.

"I want Mexican," Aubrey stated.

Since Aubrey wasn't picky and stated she was starving like crazy we decided to get both. So we got in my car and first we went to this Mexican restaurant called Qadoba and while I just munched on a few tortilla chips and blanco queso dip, (for those who have never eaten there Qadoba is the type of place that gives you like 2-3 pound burritos) and Aubrey got somewhat the same thing cept she had a huge bean, rice, onion, lettuce, tomato and beef burrito. She inhaled that huge thing in like 5 minutes which was disgusting to watch but she's my friend and I'm used to it.

Aubrey said she was still hungry and since I didn't eat we went to Pizza hut. There I had a small diner size chicken Alfredo pasta a breadstick while Aubrey ate an entire large meat lover's pizza.

After they finished eating and we paid for our meals me and Aubrey waited for Michelle to get back from the bathroom and I noticed Aubrey was rubbing her stomach and looked a bit uncomfortable. "I think I ate too much..."

"No really? I didn't notice!" I said sarcastically. "Look just go the bathroom and you'll be fine."

Aubrey shook her head, "No I'll be fine besides I hate using public restrooms they're always gross."

I said okay and when we got back to the car, I was driving, Aubrey was in the passenger's seat and Aubrey's stomach kept growling every few seconds and she kept moving in her seat and kept adjusting the seatbelt since it was digging into her bloated abdomen.

"Oh damn...that pizza and burrito are really fighting it out in there." she stated as she clutched her stomach.

I shrugged my shoulders and didn't say anything, we were forty five minutes away from her house and since she stated she couldn't go to a public bathroom, there was literally nothing I can do except tell her to wait.

But it seemed as though with each passing minute Aubrey got more and more uncomfortable and she started farting like crazy. I had to roll down all four windows because it smelled horrible. When we like twenty away from her house Aubrey stomach let out this sickening gurgle and she screamed, "Oh God pull over! Now I gotta shit my stomach's bursting!"

Before I could evn object Aubrey already took her seat belt off and started undoing her belt buckle and pants. I quickly pulled to the side of the road and Aubrey jumped out, ripped down her pants and panties and instantly about two foot long logs slid out of her butt onto the ground before liquid diarrhea started squirting out.

"Shit my ass is on fire!" she screamed as more diarrhea poured out.

I couldn't help but laugh, "Yeah the spicy Mexican sauce can do that if your system's not used to it."

Aubrey moaned and whimpered in pain and said, "Why didn't you tell me this before?"

I shrugged my shoulders and tossed her a packet of napkins had in the car even though she didn't use them till ten minutes later when she thought she was done. Aubrey used about the half the pack before getting back in my car and sitting down gently.

"Feeling better?" I asked, but she didn't say anything and she didn't have to because two minutes later she groaned, hunched forward, and let out a juicy wet fart before more diarrhea squished into her pants.

"Oooooh shit!" she stated before lifting her butt off the seat and gave away three more diarrhea attacks before sitting back down in her own filth. "Now I feel better. That's the last time I have Mexican food."

I was mad because the cleanup was horrible. Luckily I got a new car and hopefully no one noticed the stain we couldn't get out of the passenger's seat xD.

Happy Pooping Hopefully! :D

Car Mom
Hello again!

Well two things happened since my last post! Both only involved Kaylee.

The first thing happened a couple days after the fun fair (see my previous post) and Kaylee brought up the fact that I peed in the driver seat when we were at the fair. I knew she would bring it up eventually. I said "yeah I peed there cause the backseat was full and I couldn't wait anymore." She then asked me "well I was wondering, since you peed in the driver seat can I pee in the passenger seat?" Then she quickly said "even if its only one time?" I smiled and then I said "yeah you can, but I don't want us to do it really often, ok? I'd rather have most of our pee go into the back instead." She said "ok" and then she said "can I do it now?" I said "yeah you can." And so she then got up (we were at the table) and she started to go out to the garage. Then she turned around and said "will you come out with me?" and I said "yeah I will." And so we went out to the car so Kaylee could have her pee. When we got there she pulled down her jeans and her underwear and we got in the car. I sat in the driver seat, which was definitely dry by that time and Kaylee sat in the passenger seat. Then she said "I'm gonna go now" and I said "ok." Then she said "wait mom can you turn on the light so I can see it?" I said "ok" and she said "I've never peed in this seat before and I want to see it get pee in it." Then she giggled, and I did too. Then I turned the light on and I said "ready?" She said "mm-hmm" and then she said "I'm gonna start going now." I said "ok" and she let herself relax. As soon as she did she began to pee. I heard it start to hiss against the material of the seat. Soon I could see a little dark spot appear in the material between her legs. Kaylee continued to sit there in the seat and relieve herself into it. Soon she made a huge wet shiny spot in the material. She also let a couple little bubbly farts against the wet fabric. Then after a few more seconds of peeing she finished up. When she was done I asked her how she liked it and she of course said that it was fun. Ok that's the first thing.

The second thing happened this morning (Saturday) When Kaylee got up she came into my room and she woke me up and said "mom I have a new idea." I said "oh what?" and she said "its a new idea that involves peeing." I said "oh what is it?" and she said "well it involves the car." I said "ok what about the car?" And so she explained it to me. She told me that she decided she wanted to pee in the console (the little storage thingy between the driver seat and the passenger seat) She said she got the idea last night while she was going to sleep. I thought about it for a while but then I finally said "well I suppose it would be ok." Kaylee smiled and then she said "can I do it now?" I said "yeah you can." Then she said "will you come out with me?" I said "yeah I'll come out with you". And so we started to go out to the garage where the car was. I could tell she really had to go. After all it WAS the first thing in the morning. When we got to the car Kaylee got in and then she opened up the console. It opens up with a hinge. Its not a very large console in a Neon, so there wasn't really a whole lot of stuff in it, just some old receipts and post-it notes and a little package of tissues and a little container of hand sanitizer (isn't THAT ironic!) and also a pack of crackers. Kaylee asked me "should we take the stuff out first?" I just said "no its ok, it isn't anything important. Just go ahead and go." Kaylee said "so I can just go on the stuff?" I said "yeah its ok." She said "ok" and then she got herself ready. She pulled up her nightgown and she sat herself on top of the console like it was a little toilet. Then she said "I'm gonna go now." I said "ok" and then she relaxed herself. Immediately Kaylee began to pee. It came out of her and went right into the console. Right away I could hear a little pattering sound against the inside of the console. Kaylee was peeing. She continued to relieve herself into the console, spraying the inside plastic and also the things that were inside. As Kaylee peed she moved herself around a little so she could spray the different things better. She also let a couple of farts into the console as she continued to pee. Kaylee continued to sit there and have her pee until she was completely finished. Of course when she was done everything inside that console was soaking wet! It still is! Its actually still in there! But of course I don't mind. I wonder if I should tell Laura about this. I probably will!

Well, that's all for me for now! Bye!
Car Mom :)

Hey everyone!

Abbie- Glad your exams are finally over! At least you will be able to go for a poo whenever you need to now! Sorry to hear about Lucy's accident though.

At the weekend was our local town fair. I went with Lizzi (who is back from uni now). We had to keep dodging the rain but it was pretty busy and it was fun. We both had burgers and chips for lunch and then we shared some fresh donuts (haven't had them for ages!) and afterwards I started to need to poo. We were looking round some of the stalls and then we had a go on the shooting gallery so I didn't want to go yet. But soon I couldn't wait much longer so I told Lizzi I needed the loo. She said she had to wee so we made our way to the portaloos. There were five marked ladies and the queue wasn't too long. Within a couple of minutes Lizzi went into one. I went in soon after. I could hear Lizzi's wee splashing into the plastic bowl next door. I locked the door and lowered my shorts and panties to just below my knees and sat on the seat which was clean, surprisingly. I weed for 30 seconds or so first. Then my first turd crackled out and flopped into the bowl. Then another longer one came out as Lizzi flushed and left. Another one followed soon after and then a fart. Another two pieces completed my load a couple of minutes later. I wiped, flushed and washed my hands (no soap though naturally!) and left. Lizzi was waiting for me and she asked how my poo was! I said it wasn't too bad!

Will post more soon. Bye!


Big relief

I went to the toilet this morning but only peed as I couldn't get my poo to come out. I thought if I went out shopping I might be able to go when I got back but that turned out to be a mistake half way round the supermarket I felt a cramp in my stomach telling me I had to go right now. I had to stop walking and stood rigid to keep control and it worked for a while so I carried on with my shopping. As soon as I had everything in my basket I went to one of those self serve checkouts and scanned all my items and paid for it when I felt another cramp hit me hard. I had to stand still while clenching as hard as I could to keep myself from shitting in my underwear. It was so bad I even thought about using the customer toilets but that would be so embarrassing. I managed to get to the bus stop without losing it but the bus was just about to leave and I was in no condition to run for it so I had to wait in agony for the next one. Fifteen minutes later another cup came along but another big cramp hit me and I almost shit my knickers. I don't know how I managed it but I got on the bus and took a seat by the front of the bus so I could get off quickly. The ride took fourty minutes as I live on the edge of town and another cramp hit me just as the bus got to my stop. Getting off the bus was fun but I didn't have an accident. My flat is about a hundred yards from the bus stop and the walk was the longest one ever. I felt another cramp and then another straight after. I just got to my flat in time but then another really big cramp hit me like a ton of bricks. I tried to hold it back but just as I closed my front door another cramp hit me and I just couldn't hold it any longer. I tried to clench but it was no good. My poop needed to come out and it WAS coming out! My knickers filled up like a balloon and I wet myself all down my legs. I gave up trying to stop it happening and leant against the door while my bowels pushed thier entire contents into my underwear. It was messy but what a huge relief!

Magnesia Maggie

My answers to Caryl Marie's questions

For me, because I have some issues regarding crapping that I've written about, it depends whether I have to crap or pee.

If I have to pee, my answer is D. The first one that my eyes see. Sometimes, while I am pulling my shorts or jeans and underwear down, I will notice some things like the lack of toilet paper, but I follow through and seat myself. Sometimes, and this is especially true at school, there might be one or two balls of crap floating in the bowl but I don't worry about that. I seat myself to pee. It goes pretty fast.

However, because of my crapping problem (constipation) I try to be more selective when I crap. I have to select the toilet and seat myself fast because we all know about laxatives. Then the answer is F & E and in that order. Since I'll be seated longer, H becomes more important to me.

Once last year I had just seated myself in the largest of the restrooms at the mall. There were rumbles and I knew it wouldn't be long. An old lady looked in on me and asked if it was going to be long. I told her the laxative load I had taken and she laughed and said "It won't be." About two seconds later the blast came and I filled the bowl. I reached back immediately and flushed because I didn't want to leave any more smell than necessary. It took me probably three times longer to clean myself than waiting for it to come. While I was washing my hands, I heard the lady pretty much follow my pattern.

I just loved her sigh as the biggest of her load dropped.

Church accident

I'm 43 which is 4 years younger than my husband,last night my husband and i partied with friends and i have to confess i drank a bit too much wine. Today in church i felt my stomach rumbling and i let out a couple of silent farts and luckily for me and my husband they didn't smell but the third one i tried to pass came out somewhat messy and runny and it left my panties messed, not a lot but enough that my bottom felt sticky.
Before we got home 20 minutes later two more messy wet farts landed in my panties which when we got home were a solid dark brown. We stayed in the rest of the day and although i didn't mess in anymore panties i did have the runs the rest of the day.


Dirty public bathrooms and my gigantic weekend craps

Please tell me I'm not the only one who hates using dirty public bathrooms? I've always been like that, even as a little girl. I'm 25 now and still get grossed out if a public bathroom smells bad (not like shit, but some other weird smell) or if it's dirty (piss/shit all over the seat, toilet paper/paper towel on the floor, just generally not clean). I used to avoid using my school bathrooms for those same reasons when I was in first to third grade unless I was at the point of pissing my pants or having diarrhea in my pants. Otherwise I would hold it all day until my mom lectured me about how bad that is for your body and then she would ask the teachers to remind me to go to the washroom. They would even let me use the staff washroom just so I would go. Thank goodness I've grown out of the bathroom shyness & phobia, but I do get grossed out if a bathroom is dirty.

I went with my husband to York University this past Thursday because he needed my signature on some OSAP forms. So we went and printed out the forms and both signed them before his first class of the day. We stopped off at Tim Hortons where he grabbed a coffee and I had a tea. He went to class and I sat at one of the big tables to wait for him. He said if I finished my tea I could get another one and he left me his laptop so I wouldn't be bored for the two hours I would have to sit there. After my tea I went back and bought another one and went back to the table and read my book. After his class we went to a Korean restaurant inside the school to have lunch. So I had a bottle of Pepsi with my lunch. After lunch I really needed the washroom so my husband showed me where it was.

I chose a stall. You'd think women would be a little tidier right? Nope, not at this school. There was piss all over the seat. Not just at the front, but at the back of it too, like they hovered and peed all over the place. There was toilet paper all over the floor too. So I had to clean up their mess first before I could even use it. Yuck. Let's just say I did my business and got out of there as soon as possible, washing my hands really well after! Gross. Ladies, clean up after yourselves for heavens sake! No one else wants to touch or clean up after your body fluids!

On a different note, how come my body only wants to poop on the weekend? I do everything right, including drinking lots of water and eating lots of fiber but my body won't poop until Saturdays & Sundays. I'm uncomfortable all week and then once Saturday and Sunday comes I poop like crazy.

Between yesterday and today I must have pooped about 3 feet worth of crap (1.5 feet each day)! I feel a lot better, but is there a way to train my body to go a more often? Thanks.

Hey, I'm a 32 year old guy who lives in Mexico City. I'm almost 6 feet tall, olive skin, strong features, and athletic. I kind of look like Novak Djokovic though not as handsome as him.

Great stores lately.

Herb T: Loved the description of your recent dump in that men's room.

Gay Jake: Keep posting more great stories man. I also have been invaded and I can relate to your experience.



Sleepover and constipation

Hi everyone, a story from Friday night to share with you. Everyone's exams are finished so we decided to have a celebration sleepover round Lucy's house as her parents and sister had gone away for the weekend. There was me, Lucy, Olivia, Katie and Sarah, and Lucy and I had also invited Lauren and Amy over who we met at the revision course in the Easter holiday. I was feeling a bit uncomfortable as I hadn't managed to have a poo since Monday, I'd tried to go at home earlier that afternoon but couldn't get more than the tip out. By the law of averages there was going to be a toilet problem as there were 7 of us sharing one loo, whats more we were pigging out on pizza, fizzy drinks, crisps and chocolate. After we'd eaten we decided to get ready for bed. I was feeling full and bloated and was getting in a stress about undressing in front of everyone as I was wearing really gross green and yellow flowery pants. Luckily Lauren took her jeans off first and her pants were just as bad which made me feel a bit better. I didn't really want to try to have a poo again with everyone there but if opening my bowels might make me feel a bit better it would be worth it. As I was debating what to do suddenly Katie said "Sorry everyone, I'm bursting for the loo, does anyone else need to go first as I might be a while." Lauren said "I just need a wee, I'll be really fast" and ran upstairs. Not long after she came down and Katie went up to the bathroom. I rubbed my bloated belly through my nightie and hoped she wouldn't be too long. I started to chat to Olivia and noticed she was squirming a bit too, after a while she said "I really want a poo, I'm a bit constipated, I haven't managed to go since Sunday."
"Well, that makes two of us," I replied. "My last poo was on Monday, I tried earlier on today but it wouldn't come out."
We waited another ten minutes for Katie but she didn't come back down, that obviously made three of us who were constipated. Eventually about about ten minutes after that Katie came back downstairs looking a bit red in the face but a lot happier. A few minutes later I said "Right, I need the loo now, see you in a while. If anyone wants to go for a wee I'd get in first if I were you!" At that point Amy and Sarah shot up the stairs, calling back "Won't be a minute!"
"Do you mind if I come too?" said Olivia, "I don't think I can hold it in for much longer!"
"No problem" I said, getting off the sofa and walking upstairs. We met Amy and Sarah giggling on the way down. "The bathroom's all yours!" said Sarah. Olivia and I went in and shut the door. "Who's going first?" I asked. "You can go first if you want" said Olivia, sitting down on the floor and crossing her legs. I went over to the toilet, lifted my nightie and pulled down my pants. I took a deep breath and relaxed and started to have a wee. After my stream had died away I started to push and quite soon after I could feel the tip of my turd starting to poke out of my bum. I tried to keep chatting to Olivia but I was having to strain really hard so in the end I gave up and just concentrated on pushing. I could feel the turd inching out but it was really dry and absolutely huge, I pushed and pushed and made some really embarasing grunts. I reached round and pulled my bum cheeks apart to try to keep it moving, which just about worked. After a few more hard pushes the turd began to speed up a bit as by now it was getting narrower, and a few seconds later it fell into the toilet with a massive splash. I started to push again as I felt another turd starting to come out, this one was not much smaller than the first one and took a lot of straining and grunting to get out. Olivia was shuffling about more and more and suddenly she stood up, reached under her nightie and pulled down her pale green pants, taking them off completely. She went over to the bath, climbed in and squatted down. She started to wee down into the plughole and then I saw the head of a huge poo starting to move out really slowly. By then I had just got rid of my third and last turd, so I wiped my sore bum with some toilet paper, flushed and then pulled up my pants. Holding her bum cheeks apart Olivia managed to get out of the bath and sit on the toilet, she started to push and strain and gave out some grunts as she did so. "Sorry about this Abbie.. its just... really ... hard... work" she panted in between pushes. Eventually I heard a loud plop and a sigh of releaf, and then she started to push out her second turd. Luckily this one seemed a bit easier, but she was still having to push quite hard. By now there was quite a strong smell in the bathroom and it was feeling a bit warm and humid. After the next piece Olivia was done, she wiped her bum, put her pants back on and we went downstairs to rejoin the others. Hope you enjoyed this story, will post again soon. Bye for now!!

Pooping in a awkard place

I was in college today and had dinner with my friends. We had curry for lunch and the usual effects were soon to kick in. I was sat in lesson today and asked to go to the bathroom but was rejected. I started needing to go and let out some silent farts. As soon as lesson finished I quickly walked into the girls bathroom and got into the end cubicle. I got a seat and ripped down my blue with white dots knickers down and braced myself. I was slightly embarassed but no one knew it was me until someone got into the stall next to me. She ripped down her red thong and peed for a bit but then started realsing some farts. Then she started pooping. We both must of had dioaherria because it was coming out pretty fast.

Amanda- That was the first hold it contest Nathalie and I ever had. It would have been fun if we hadn't been caught peeing in her car.
Car Mom- Glad you are back and posting! Another great story! Yes Nathalie and I do know how Haley felt. Question, have you ever asked any strangers if they wanted to pee in your car and they turned you down? Knowing you (at least I feel like I know you from this site) I would love to pee with you and Kaylee in your car. However, I don't know how I would feel if a stranger approached me and asked. It might be weird.
That is all for now. I don't have any new stories to post. I talked with Nathalie the other day and she sends her love. She has been pretty busy lately what with her move and all. We are planning on getting together next weekend. We will try to have some stories for you guys.


Just a little clear up

Awe thanks to everyone for the lovely comments and whatnot and just for the record I can't take Enemas because they're uncomfortable and I had a rather bad experience with them in the past so I'll try anything other then that.

Also I noticed that another girl named Raven decided to post here. Just wanted to know that the one who talked about peeing isn't me! So just to clear up I'll change my name to Raven ???? just to clear everything up. And just remember this is the Raven with the awesome friend Michelle okay and I'll post up another story in awhile I'm sure I got more in me somewhere lol.

Happy Pooping Hopefully :D

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Ben In Iowa great story about your coworkers desperate pee in the mens room and I bet whoever left those panties must have been very desperate and didnt make it and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Walk By great story about seeing that girl who pooped her pants I bet she must have been desperate or thought she just had to fart but alot more came out and please share anyother stories like that thanks.

To: Punk Rock Girl nice to hear from you again and I hope you will post a story next time thanks.

To: Leanne it sounds like you were having a rough day I hope you feel better and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Angelica great story it sounds like you had a pretty rough day and a question have you tried different things to help you be able to use a public bathroom like ignore everyone else or try to be a quick as posible because using a public bathroom is better then risk having an accident just a sugestion and I use to be like that I would only pee in a public but never poop unless I was beyond desperate but I eventualy I got over it and as always I look forward to any other stories you may have thanks.

To: Abbie as always another great post about you and your friends pooping together and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Car Mom its nice to hear from you again and please contiue to post stories even if there basicly the same thing over and over again there still good and I look forward to your next one thanks.

To: Upstate Dave as always another great post from KING of this site and I really think you must have some lucky charm or something because of all the different girl and/or women you see going to the bathroom and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

Well thats all for now

Sincerly Brandon T

PS. I love this site

Constipated Corky

Introduction & Explanation About Myself

Ok, this is my first post, although I've been reading the board for about six months. I'm 13 and will be starting 8th grade this fall. My first name is Cornelius (it's 4th generation in my family)so while I understand what's behind it, I go by Corky. Because I'm too young to get a job, I'm playing on a city baseball league this summer. We travel by 15-passenger van to games at fields thoughout our city. Most of the games are in the evening and some are double-headers. However, because of a lot of rain and severe weather, some of the missed games are being made up during the day because there's a shortage of fields that can be used.

This is where the problem comes in. I try, as much as possible, to crap in the morning. During the school year, I try to sit down and go right after breakfast. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. The same is true on days when we have games. Sometimes the team van comes to my house as early as 9 a.m. to pick me up and I haven't had my crap yet. I'm sometimes on the toilet hoping to push some crap out when Mom yells for me and I hear the van's horn. In situations like that, I quickly pull up my briefs and jeans and make a run for the van. The problem is when we get to the field and start doing our warm ups, my crap comes on pretty fast and and I have to go running off to the restroom. Because I don't want to hurt our team or hold up the game, I run off and our Coach is now calling me Trotter.

When I get to the restroom building or park pavilon I come into a situation just like several of the other posters have written about. Like Celestia wrote about, I try putting some paper over the seat but it doesn't often stay on. So like Celestia wrote about, I yank down my jeans and briefs and hope for the best. It doesn't help when there's guys from the park day came in there because they are rude, point me out because sometimes there are no stall doors, and they don't respect my privacy. So like with Freshman Freddy, I dread the experience of using those bathrooms. Often I don't get the time to completely clean myself because I know the game is about to begin. Once last week I had to hold the second part of my crap because the game was a double-header and I didn't get back on the toilet for like three hours. I thought my butt as about to burst, but I cleaned myself out within about 3 or 4 seconds of sitting down. Coach and the team were waiting in the van for me when I came running out.

This is for Caryl Marie's survey:

F is the most important thing to me. Not only having toilet paper to wipe with, but like Celestia wrote about, toilet paper to place over the seat before I sit on it. However, I agree with her that it's not as easy as it looks. And in my case, I'm sweating head-to-toe when I enter the bathroom and getting even hotter when I'm sitting and crapping because there's usually no breeze or air conditioning. My butt sweat goes right through the toilet paper. So when I stand up to wipe, the seat paper sticks to my butt and sometimes when I pull it off, it tears. I remember telling my dad about that once last month when my sister who is in college walked into the room and burned me with her line, "pinching isn't always pleasant is it?". Sometimes she can be a real @@@@@!

the roommate

prank backfired...kind of.

Hey, I'm a 25 year old guy living outside Philly. I live with a girl, she's 29. We've lived together for 2 years- she's not so much my's complicated, we're just roommates but we're really close and open with eachother and we have a lot of fun. She's got a very nice figure, long dark hair and tan skin, very beautiful. Anyway, over the past few weeks we've found ourselves in a bit of a prank war. Most recently she went in my bedroom and superglued a lot of my stuff to various surfaces. So i had to think of a great prank to get her back. After a while i came up with an idea. Every morning when she wakes up she goes straight to the bathroom and pees, as pretty much everyone does. She seems particularly urgent about it though, like she's always moving quickly and i always hear her peeing, and it's usually a pretty long lasting flow. If I'm in there when she gets up, she is visibly annoyed about it since she really needs the toilet. So i came up with a plan to make taking her morning pee a lot harder. At first i was just gonna lock the door from the inside and close it, but i wasn't sure how to get it open again if i did that and i didn't wanna break the door because we'd lose the security deposit. So instead the plan got pretty elaborate. I brought home a roll of this heavy duty plastic wrap that we use at work to wrap around pallets of merchandise for shipping. During the night, i pretty much just went in there and wrapped up the toilet to the point where it was completely inaccessible. I even wrapped the tank shut, just in case. And i secured it with duct tape. Then, i started thinking about her improvising. So i covered the bathtub and the sink too. Then i boxed up every knife, blade and pair of scissors i could find that she might use to quickly cut through the plastic so i could hide them, and from there i even thought of hiding any large bowl, container, waste basket, etc., that she could use as a makeshift toilet. I hid it all in the trunk of my car. So, i was all ready (i kept a 2-liter soda bottle in my room for me to pee in but i wasn't gonna let her know about it, besides I'm not sure a girl would even be able to pee in. that). I wanted to see her get up for her morning pee, and run into the bathroom and find there was no where to go, and then watch her struggle not to wet herself as she attempted to rip through the thick plastic barehanded.

Instead, this happened.

I was sitting in the living room when she got up and popped out of her room, and i said "mornin" and tried not to smile. She just softly said "hey" and made her dash straight to the bathroom. I started grinning like a fool as she went in, waiting to hear distress. She went in and didn't shut the door and i just heard her go quiet for a minute. I turned and looked and she was just standing in the doorway in disbelief, then turned to me with a shocked/amused look and mumbled "are you kidding me?" She walked over to the toilet and examined the plastic, and i told her she better get crackin on ripping the plastic off because i wasn't gonna clean the floor if she peed! She shot me a look and didn't even attempt to remove the plastic. She smirked at me, and she stepped out of the bathroom, and walked toward MY bedroom. I jumped up and followed her to see what she was doing, and i went in there and she was just standing with her back to my bed smiling at me. I said "what the hell are you doing?" And she hiked her t shirt up exposing her white panties, and she plopped her butt down on my bed. I said "HEY!" and she just shut her eyes and made this look of relief, and she started wetting her panties on my bed. I was blown away, and i couldn't really go stop her because if i moved her pee would get everywhere. She sat there and peed for like a minute. Then she opened her eyes and had this evil look of relief/victory and she said "that feels better." She got up and there was an absolutely gigantic wet stain all over my bed, and her white panties were completely soaked all the way up to the waistband in the back, and they were see through from how wet they were. She quickly pulled her t shirt back down to cover herself. I said "wow. Just wow. I can't believe you just pissed your pants on my bed." She just said "thats what you get. I didn't wanna go in my underwear but i didn't wanna take them off and get in your bed" and i just laughed and shook my head. Then i said to her "you realize of course the shower is wrapped up too so you still have to get that taken care of before you wash yourself" and she looked a bit distraught, then just started laughing. We both started laughing together about it as i told her the whole story about everything i did. She helped me strip the wet sheets off my bed, while still in her soaking wet panties. As time went on she started seeming more and more embarrassed about what she did, but still laughed. I went down to my car to get the box with all the cutting objects, and when i came back in i noticed how much the apartment smelled like her pee from her walking around in wet panties. She was waiting in the bathroom holding dry panties and some other clothes and her towel, and said "please get the shower unwrapped so i can get out of my pee pants!" I handed her scissors and i got a razor blade, and we just went to town tearing all the plastic off the bathroom. It took a few minutes, and when we were done she closed the door so she could shower.

All in all, the prank didn't go the way i planned, but it was definitely pretty shocking and hilarious how it went down. I still can't believed her solution was to get in my bed and wet herself. I guess her idea was that since she was gonna pee herself anyway she may as well take me down with her. Haha.

Don't know what to do about my mattress though...

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Upstate Dave

My Uncles Old Car Used As AToilet Part 2

Now the enxt time I was up to mow the grass at our old place I wouldn't be alone when I did finish my mowing and would play in my uncles old Ford. Plus there would be more times I would be around to work and play for it was agreed I could stay at my grandmothers till the end of the month! This would be over three weeks time too. But I would go home to pack but be back up in a couple of days.

But this is what happened this single day not when I would be up for the rest of the month. I had finished my mowing and as I was puting the mower away in our small barn that's when Janet and Jill showed up. As far as Janet and Jill we had started hangiing around togeher since spring time and now it was mid summer. So it was now close to a full four months.

I said Hi to them both when I was walking out of the barn and they were walking down the diveway. Jill asked me if I was done which I told her I was. Janet asked me what was I going to do next. I told her take a short walk to the store and get myslef something COLD TO DRINK!!! Janet and Jill came with me with all three of us going in the store and geting all of us ice cold sodas from the old soda cooler in the store.

On the way back Janet had asked me where were we going to go nad have our sodas. I told her and Jill I'll be your chuaffer! In the old car! You two sit in back and I'll be up front. Both girls thought this would be coll to do so that is where all three of us went right to my uncles old Ford.

I opned the door and moved the passenger seat forward for Janet and Jill to get in the back seat. Thhen I putthe seatback back and I climbed inside and shut the door. I slid over to the drivers seat side of the front seat geting behind that big old steering wheel. So now I said acting like a chuaffer: Ladies where may I take you! I got giggles form both Janet and Jill but then Janet said back to me; To the club and step on it!

I said back to the girls; Yes madame! So I did shift through the gears and then I realize all of us hadn't used the opener on the cooler to open our sodas! So I had on my belt wich I now took off and opened my bottle of soda. Hearing the loud shwept of my bottle being opend both Janet and Jill one at a time handed me their bottles which I opned them up and passed them back.

Now as we played inside the car the sun had dissapeared for it had clouded over quite quickly. Then I started to see on the windshield little raindrops starting to hit on the windshield. So I said to Janet an Jill; Ladies it's starting t rain. I can turn around and take you two home. Or if you want to get out and go home I'll stop and you two can get out here. Or if you want to stay you can do that too!

Well from the backseat both girls giggled. Then Janet did aske Jill if she wanted to go home and vice versa Jill asked Janet if she wanted to eave and go home. Well the rain answered for both of them right then! The rain turned form beiong only lightly falling and turned right into a downpour! From both girls they both said; WE'LL STAY!!! I laughed and said back to them; Wise choice ladies! That made them both let out another giggle.

We stayed inside the old car while it rained staying nice and dry. We pretended that I took the girls all over the place to different places tha we all knew. Different resuraunts,clubs,the race track, and night spots. Durring this time we all had finished our sodas long ago. I now needed to piss and I wasn't going to be able to hold it much longer! I didn't know of Janet and Jill were the same way there in the backseat!

Now to let all of you know last year Janet wouldn't give me orany boy the time of day! Jill would but she thought Janet was funnjy in the way she acted for she would giggle or laugh at her sister when she had her bad attitude. But this year back in the spring Janets attitude sure had changed! She had become very friendly to me. Would always talk to me when she saw me and liked to be around with me as much as possible.

Also too there was one time that Janet, her brother Mike, Mikes friend Matt, and I were over in the schools playground together. Us three boys had been playing pitch and catch along with hiting flys and grounders. I had just finished playing doing the hiting and went and sat down on the swings which Janet was siting on them and had been watching us boys playing.

Matt and Mike went on playing at least playing pitch and catch. I and Janet sat there on the swings and we talked white watching Mike and Matt toss the ball back and forth. Now while playing ball with Mike and Matt I had drank a couple of sodas and now having drank them which was awhile ago I needed to piss. So I said to Janet that I would be back; I've got to make a quick trip! I need to pee!

Now Mike didn't hear me say this to Janet but he did hear Janets reply back to me. Janet did say that Why not just gop ver and piss behind that tree right there! There by the one side of the swingset was a row of pine trees which were old ones being as far as the trunks and trees themselves were quite big around. Plus it was only several feet away from the swings she and I were siting in.

Now Janet said to me which was the part that Mike heard; I'll show you Dave! (meaning which tree was the best on to take my piss behind. Now Mike turned around after catching Matts toss to him; Janet your'e going to show Dave What?!!! Did I hear you say P***Y!! Now Janet turned and faced her brother; Boy she was real angry!!

NO MIKE I DIDN"T SAY THAT AT ALL!!! Besides If I wanted to show Dave MY CHERRY THAT WIULD BE UP TO ME!!! Matt laughed hard. Mike did shut up for he knew that when Jant was angry there was no way he could win a argument with her. I myself had seen this to many times myslef in the past. Well they did argue some more but Matt stopped this argument for he told Mike it was time to go. Mike and Matt did have a game to go to and they did leave.

That left me with Janet now and she smiled and asked me if I still had to piss. I told her that I did. Tell you what Dave I need to piss also. Lets do it behind that tree that I had pointed to! I said with a excited and loud OK! SoJanet and I did piss togther behind that one old big pine tree and since then we had become pee buddies peeing a lot together.

Now I had to piss like I said with myslef, Janet and Jill ion the car. I had no problem of Janet being there but as far as Jill I wasn't sure how she would take it. So I thought to myslef; I can SNEAK THIS PISS! With the noise of the hard rain would cover up the sound ofmy piss stream and havingalready having my belt unbuckled all I had to do was get my zipper pulled down, my penis out and lean forward on to the big old steeing wheel and piss!

So I slowly did get my zipper down I leaned up on the big old steering wheel and slipped my penis out! I said to the girls; Its egtting hard to see with this hard rain! NOW I CAN SEE BETTER! I used this as my excuse to lean up against the steering wheel.I tool a quick look down for I was holdig my penis now. I just wanted to make sure I had it aimed right. It looked like it was.

So I started to piss. But I kind of held back so that my stream wasn't all that strong. But strong enough so that it did miss the pedals and went down to the ground hit it without any splashing. The noise of the hard rain did cover over any noise that my stream would have made so I even eased off holding my stream and it did get much harder. THAT FELT SO MUCH BETTER TO DO TOO!!

I even let out a fairly long loud sigh now that I was pissing and no longer holding it back. Janetand Jill both heard my sigh. Janet asked if I was bored or something. Jill asked me if I was ok. I told them both I was fine. I told them It's just this hard rain makes it so hard to see to drive! (Good sounding excuse!)

Well with me leaning up on the steering wheel and my breathing on it started to make the widshield fog over. This was going to be my downfall in a few very short seconds! Since I had my attention glancing dwn watching meself iss and also pretending to drive I wasn't paying any attention to the girls in the backseat.

Now Janet and Jill bot had their little pocketbooks with them. Janet seeing that the windshield was geting fogged up in front of me had taken a tissue out from her pocketbook. Now there was a goog floor inthe backseat so she stood up reached forward which to reach the windshield she had to stretch to reach it. Now stretched oiut Janet saw that I was pissing there in the drivers seat!

Janet let it slip out by saying almost shouting it out: DAVE YOU"R PISSING!!! That gave it away. Jill she bolted standing right up and she leaned the frontseat passenger side foward and she now was looking over and down! Jill said loudly and excitedly;Janet I finaily get to see DAVE PEE! Jill stared and gigglked hard. Hearing what Jill had said I didn't even try covering myslef up or try to stop my piss.

For whgat Jill had said that ment sister talk! Janet must have told Jill about seeing me piss in front of her. So right then I asked Janet f she had said about me pissing in front of her to Jill. Jill giggleing said yes! Janet said that she had also. I KNEW IT!!! Sisters always talked and told each other about things.

Well I went and I did take all of my piss. I eeven did a few spurts to end it which I got giggles from Jill.Then I slipped my peis back into my shrts zipped them up and I buckled my belt too. Well ladies you got to see a little of the chuaffer more then you thought you would! Both girls laughed. Then they both started whispereing back and forth in the backseat.

This went on only for a short while. Then Janet spoke up saying that they both had to piss! So I laughed sai that I would have to make one stop or two! Both girls laughed and said two stops! Now I told them both that they both would have to come up front and piss. No pissing there in the backseat! Janet said ok while Jill giggled and said ok also.

Janet got up first which Jill let her slip by her. Janet pushe the passenger side of the front seat forward and she sat down right next to me. Then Jill got up and she moved into the front seat siting next to Janet. Both girls were wearing pairs of shorts. Now Janet would have a easire time geting her shorts dwon then Jill would with hers. Janet had the tunnel to place her feet on to get her shoirst down while Jill had just the open hole in the floor where she was.

But that would beno problem for Jill. Janet wiggled her shorts down as she sat. She evn managed to pul them out from under herself. Janet also had pulled down a white pair of panties a she had pulled her shorts down! Then shg turned foward getting straight ob\n the front seat. Slid herslkef out till hervagina was cleared the front edge of the seat. Janet waited for Jill to get herslef ready.

Now Jill easily got around of having no place to put her feet down on. Jill just goit into a low squat right on the front seat! SAhe too like Janet had done yanked her shorts and panties right down together and she plopped her bare ass down on the front seat cushion and iggled forward till her vagina had cleared the seat cushion!

Now Jill was ready and even with Janets wait for her Jill satrted to piss befor Janet did! Jill sent out from her thin slit a pretty slim soft hissing piss stream. It was cloudy with no yellowing as far as her stream. Jill gave me a quick glance looing over at me to see if I was looking at her. Seeing where I was looking Jill giggled hard and went back looking down watching herslef pee.

Janet sat whic she was waiting for Jill. She was wiggling a little on the seat cushon as she sat there. So I asked Janet; Really have to go Janet? Janet smiled and shook her head yes. So I smiled and told her; Janet just go! I can see both of you! Janet then saw she relaxed. As soon as she had from out of her vagina came out a real strong stream of piss which was slightly yellow!

Her stream was wider then Jill and gave off a much louder hiss which covered Jills hiss right over! Jills stream was a straight down stream. Janets well hers angled pretty well foward raeching mid thigh! That's how far it had angled out. Both girls piss wetted the grass on the ground under the car.

Jill had started first and ended first. Jill had her stream ease off which its hissing had to have stopped but with Janets stream hissing so loudly I never did hear Jills hiss after Janets had started its hissing. Then Jill dribled for a short little bit and then dripped to a stop. Jill stayed seated on the seat. At least she knew enough that she had tried geting up to pull up her panties and shorts she might have shook Janet which could have made Janet piss on the front seat.

JUanet didn't piss to much longer after Jill had stopped pissing. Janert had been pissing very hard soher bladder did emptyout pretty fast. Like Jill Janets strea eased right off. Doing this way her loud hiss trailed right off and stopped. Janet did stop a little differently then Jill had. Janet didn't dribble she went right into doing some driping which she did stop after having doine several drips only.

Now Jill got up into a low squat and yabked up her pnaties and shorts together. Then she got back into the back seat. This gave Janet te needed room so she could get up her shorts and panties. Which she managed to do. But Janet stayed siting up with me in the front seat. This was ok with Jill! She felt more privaliedged siting in the backseat now by herself. Now with Janet up front siting with me there was more soon to happen! To be continuied.

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