Ben In Iowa

Co-Workers Pee Desperation

Two weeks ago I was working at my job at a grocery store. It was pretty late at night and not very busy. There was the co-worker (lets call her Ashley) me and another guy covering for her. Well Ashley comes up to me and tells me in a panicking voice that someone has made a mess in the women's rest room. The toilet seat was caked in poop like someone had shit their panties then sat on the toilet. There was a huge mound of mud like poop in the toilet and it smelled pretty bad. Needless to say it needed to be cleaned. I asked her why didn't she just use the mens rest room instead. She seemed reluctant and seemed to embarrased to even think about it. So being the nice guy I am I offered to clean the toilet for her so she could take her much needed pee. I put on some rubber gloves and grabbed some cleaner, propped the door open and started cleaning. Three minutes later she appears in the doorway, begging me to hurry. She had her legs tighly crossed and her right hand pressed firmly into her crotch. I told her it would be a few more minutes. The whole time I was loving her do the pee pee dance right in front me. Finally I finished and she rushed in and I left her to take her much needed pee. Its a miracle she didn't notice my erection but I really enjoyed the whole ordeal. In fact I can't stop thinking about it!

Herb T.

Business Semimar Dump

Hello everyone - I hope everyone is doing well. I see there are some new posters as of late.

Eileen: Funny story about your airplane dump. I have personally never taken a dump on a plane. Lucky you were able to use the restroom first thing on the flight, because those restrooms get pretty gross towards the end of flights - especially on long international flights. I typically try to avoid airport restrooms as well, as they are usually very high traffic and dirty. I did go poo-poo one time in Chicago at the O'Hare airport. The toilets there have a sheet of plastic that covers the toilet seat, which the user can push a button to have a new sheet put on. Not that taking a dump in an airport restroom is ever an enjoyable experience, but you could do a lot worse than O'Hare.

OK - so, on Monday I had to go to an all day CPE seminar at a local hotel. These educational seminars and training are required to maintain my CPA license, and I have to do a few of them each year. They are usually painfully boring and Monday's was no exception - it was all about construction costs and capitalization rules, recent legislation on bonus depreciation, section 179 deductions, etc. What a snooze fest! So the seminar started at 9, and about an hour into it, I got the urge to take a serious dump. By 9:30, my stomach was rumbling and I needed to fart. They had rows of tables set up and people were sitting on both sides of me, so farting was not an option. By 10:30, there was a morning break, so I went straight to the restroom. The hotel had a fairly large lobby and multiple meeting rooms. As I was walking to the restroom, I noticed a table that had complimentary newspapers, so I thought - what the heck, and grabbed the sports section out of one of the papers and took it into the men's room.

When I got in, there were several people in there - two guys at the sinks, a guy at the urinals, and what sounded like one or two people in the stalls. This was a large restroom, with 5 or 6 toilet stalls. I kind of hate having to enter a stall in a crowded restroom, because it's like announcing that I'm going to take a dump - plus, the newspaper I was carrying reinforced that fact even more. Well I walked past the urinals and sinks to where the stalls were, and the first stall caught my eye. The toilet seat was up, and the end of the toilet paper rolls were folded in a triangular shape. This tells me that the toilet was recently cleaned and had not been used since. I decided to take the first stall, so I went in and latched the door. After that, I tore off some toilet paper to touch the seat with and put the toilet seat down. Then I undid my belt and lowered my pants and boxers down to my ankles and sat down on the toilet. I've read before that scientific studies show that the first stall in a multi-stall restroom usually has the least amount of germs. The only drawback to using the first stall is that anyone who goes into the restroom can see your feet and your pants down around your ankles - know what I mean?

So... I just sat and relaxed my buttocks and let the poo-poo drop out, while reading an article on the US Open golf tournament and Rory McIlroy's record victory. Kind of an interesting article, and I was in no hurry to get back to the seminar. Well I was done pooping after only a couple of minutes, but continued to sit there while I finished reading my article. I'm sure the smell permeated out of my stall, and was probably somewhat unpleasant for anyone in a 10 foot radius. The smell was not unbearably bad, but was definitely a healthy shit smell. I also let out a couple of toots through the course of things, which was mildly embarrassing. Although, when you think about it, there really is not a more appropriate place or time to pass gas when while seated on the toilet. I just hoped no one sitting in the seminar near me saw me going into the stall.

Well I finished, and took my time wiping to make sure my butt was completely clean. It probably took about six wipes, which the toilet took like a champ, along with the brown bombs I deposited. Ahhhh - much better. I flushed and went out to wash my hands and there were a couple of guys at the sinks who saw me going out of my stall carrying a newspaper. Slightly embarrassing, but it wasn't like I'd ever see them again. Besides, I keep telling myself that I should not be ashamed to use a toilet for it's intended use. I was probably in the restroom for about 10 or 11 minutes total. Well I threw the newspaper in the trash can in the restroom and reluctantly re-joined the seminar for a brutal 6 more hours. These CPE seminars make church look like fun!

concerned girl
hi I am an 18yr old girl who is about to join the marines i had a few questions for anyone who can answer them I have a friend who is a little older then me and she is in iraq she says she has to hold her pee for very long periods of time as when they are out in the field cannot stop just anywhere she says its easy on the guys who can expose themselves a little easier and often bring bottles to go in this is the only things that makes me nervous as well as being seen by others. i can hold alot from years of pratice ( when i was a girl my sister and i went to an private school thats was very far and the first thing we did when we got off the bus was head for the bushes) but when i have to go bad cant hold it for very long any suggestions on what i can do ? i was thinking maybe wear one of those leg devices if it came down to it any other girls on here that can give me the heads up on the lady bathroom situation thanks

So I've always pushed the whole time when going number 2, but it seemed like ablot of people on here didn't so I tried just waiting. It's a much better feeling, and I just have to say, I'm never going to push again.

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Abby first welcome to the site and great story thats the thing with dreams sometimes they become real and please post anyother stories you may have thanks.

To: Cindy great story about you and friend Ana both taking nasty dumps at the same time and even sharing a toilet as the saying goes you can make friends in the most interesting places and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Marika I hope you feel better diarrhea can be very anoying and inconvient you basicly have to always be near a toilet which means staying home or being in a place that has a bathroom avaliable and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Hope first welcome back and great peeing story and I look forward to anyother stories you may have thanks.

To: Upstate Dave as always another great story from the KING of this site I hope me calling you the king it because youve been here the longest and still posting and it sounds like your friend Brenda is one interesting person and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Raven I thought it was your third post because didnt you write getting diarrhea from eatting strawberries and taking epsom salts maybe this post got lost and finaly apeared after your other 2 so it would be your first post but also third I know its happened to me like a post I thought didnt get posted will show a couple day later oh well great story by the way and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Eillen H as always another great story thats the problem with small bathrooms the smell has nowhere to go so it gets concintrated in a small space and when the door gets open the smell escapes and usulay packs a punch from being so concentrated and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Little Shy Girl first welcome to the site and great story at least no one made fun of you or made a big deal out of it and please post more stories thanks.

To: Blonde first welcome to the site and great story about you and your friend buddy dumping together and to answer your question you should check out some of Wendy & Kirsty's post I cant remember what pages but if you go back a few you will find and please post anymore stories you may have thanks.

To: Celestia first welcome to the site and great story it sounds like you had a rough day but at least you made it to a bathroom in time and please post any other stories you may have thanks.

To: Dan great stories about all those different women and girls farting and pooping and I look forward to any other stories like that you may have thanks.

To: Wendy & Kirsty Wendy great story about you pooping after holding it for 6 days I bet you felt alot better after that and as always I look forward to your guys next posts thanks.

Heres a quick story I know ive posted about peeing my pants everyday in kindergarden because I was shy about asking the teacher to go to the bathroom and when it was recess time I figured I could pee outside inside one of the giant tires we had on the playground but when I was just about to go someone would end up coming in there so I had to hold it and you know how a childs bladder can only hold so much well I would hold it as long as I could but you know what happens when you really have to go you usualy have an accident and lucky for me my teachers didnt say anything probaly since we were so young and those tires were eventauly removed probaly for safety reasons but I think it was because so many kids had used as bathroom.

Well thats all for now

sincerly Brandon T

PS. I love this site

Half Dump Denise

Selection of cubicle survey

These are my answers to Caryl Marie's questions.

If several or all the cubicles are available, I might check several out. My main criteria in selecting a cubicle is (j)--other, which for me, means privacy from cracks between the door and cubicle sides. Not only at my school and at the mall, I've seen cracks as large as 2" and I absolutely hate eyes peeking in on me while I'm on the toilet. It's the biggest reason why I often am unable to completely crap when I'm in a public toilet. Seeing eyeballs on me while I'm seated crapping just creeps me out. It might be my situation at home, too, because I come from a large family with 14 people from four generations sharing 1 and 1/2 bathrooms. So I've written about how I will often go across the street to the public park to crap (every morning last week, if I remember correctly), but two of the cubicles over there don't have a door so I try to avoid them. But the door's loose on one stall and the crack might be as large as an inch.

Walk by

Hotpants chicks accident

I saw a teen girl in pooped pants (probably by accident) a few days ago, I would like to share the story with you. I was at the mall with my girlfriend doin some bf-gf stuff (eatin, lookin for new clothes etc.). When my girlfriend needed to go to the bathroom I stayed outside and waited for her. There was a cute girl too who waited for somebody. A few minutes later the girlfriend of the girl came out from the bathroom. She was about 13-15 years old, 5 6', slim (not too thin, she had a great figure with small boobs but a very round butt) and had long curly light brown hair. She had a green and white striped hotpants with a matching green top and slips. Like I wouldn't been there, the girl which came out from the bathroom showed her ass to her girlfriend and said that "That's not so visible, I thought it will be much worse than this." The other girl admitted it and they started to walking back to shops. When they turned around I saw a big (like a CD or DVD disc) but very light brown stain on the middle of the girl's hotpants, but that was pretty noticeable because of the style and color of her pants. Her odor was like a strange mixture of a strong girlie deo spray with a little sick diarrhea fading and she waddled a little a bit. After my gf came out from the toilet we headed back to the shops and I saw this hotpants chick a few times during the afternoon. I felt pretty bad for her, not just due to her accident, but because she made a wrong decision and stayed at the mall and embarrass herself by walking around and flirting with guys in her dirty clothes after that.

Anybody has an experience like this? I have some other stories from the past few years, if you're intrested I will share them too!


Outside poop

I am a first time poster, though lurking for a long time (I have read down to page 1600 so far, but only selective posts!)

I love peeing and pooping outside. I own a house surrounded by woods, though on one side not wide enough for complete privacy, still plenty of places are entirely private.

Today I came down from my shower, and was starting to work (I work from home) when I realized I needed to poop, urgently, with diarrhea (I had a bad batch of diarrhea yesterday so no surprise). As there was a break in the rain we have been having, I went outside but had to find a place close, because I had to go bad.

I found a place in the edge of the woods, on the side near the neighbors, pulled my shorts and underwear down, and immediately felt better as I released my load. Then, before I pulled my pants up, I heard a sound in the neighbor's yard and realized somebody was out there. I quickly pulled my clothes up without wiping, and went inside the house to take care of that. I think nobody saw anything, but I do not like to show anything to the neighbors, they have children and I do not want them seeing my habit, today is the last day of school however so I knew they were not home at that time! Luckily, no smear on my underwear.

Since then I have had another bout of diarrhea, though nothing notable as I was in the bathroom on the toilet (raining hard again). I am cooking one of my favorite foods, but it seems to trigger diarrhea a lot, so maybe this is not my last post on this topic.

Happy pooping.


Total clean out

Did something this morning that I almost never do--take two craps before work.

I'm strictly a once a day guy, but this morning I got up at 5:30 so I could take my wife to her moms so she could babysit our nephews while her mom went to a doctors appointment. I dropped her off, then went home. When I got home, it was a little after 6 AM, which is still a half hour before I normally get up. I got a cup of coffee, and settled down to read the paper. Normally, I need to crap within about 30-45 minutes of getting up, and today was no exception. Drank about half the coffee, and I had to go!

I entered the bathroom, dropped my pants, and sat down. Before long, I pushed out a thick, long, curly log. I wiped, inspected my work, pulled up my pants, and flushed. I washed my hands, and since it was still only about 6:30, I went back to finish my coffee and do a little web surfing.

I finished my coffee, poured a second cup, and sat at the computer for awhile. After about 15 minutes, my stomach started rumbling. Feeling like I was gonna have a little diarrhea, I went back to the bathroom. I pulled down my pants, sat down, and relaxed. A wave of what I thought was liquid came pouring out, followed by a loud fart that echoed in the bowl. I wiped, and stood up to check out my production. Instead of diarrhea, it was just a bunch of small pebbles.

Anyway, after the second time, I felt completely empty. It was still only 6:45, so I had time to jump in the shower before work. Was able to get all clean, including a good clean butthole, before going to work.

Nothing like being totally clean, inside and outside, before starting your day.

Punk Rock Girl

@ JD:

NYC public toilets are notorious for their lack of privacy. This is supposedly to stop drug addicts from shooting up and homeless people from sleeping in stalls. Subway restrooms (the few that are actually open) are the worst.

It's not just men's rooms that have no stalls (not that I've been in one, I've just heard). Some of the women's rooms have no stalls either! Two or three toilets sitting in a row for all the room to see. I don't mind taking a piss or a dump in a doorless stall and I think could even shit on an open air toilet with people standing around me watching. But there's something about sitting on the toilet while another woman is sitting on a toilet right next to me that just gives me the willies. I don't need a stranger's bare ass that close to mine.



Hi again to everyone!

How to select a cubicle survey- I will usually pick D, F & H- like you Caryl, I would say F is most important- can't use the toilet without toilet paper!

Today I was alone in the house for most of the day. My dad was at work and my mum was out all day at the dentist, hairdressers, shopping etc. I said I would do a bit of work in the garden so after I had lunch I went out there for a while. But then it started raining and the Indian takeaway from the night before started to take effect. I came back inside and after a while I had to go for a huge poo. I sat down and after a quick wee I pushed out a big log and two smaller pieces. Then another log came along and a couple of farts. After a while another big turd came out with a splash. I could feel another slimy piece ready to come out, but no matter how hard I pushed nothing happened! I could feel the head protruding a bit from my bum every time I pushed but it wouldn't come out any further and kept going back in when I stopped pushing. I kept farting every time I strained, too. Since it was still raining and I didn't have anything better to do I sat there for ages trying to get this last piece of poo out. But it refused to come so after 40 minutes I gave up. My legs and bum were aching by now from sitting on the loo for so long and when I stood up I got pins & needles in my right foot!

Bye for now everyone!


My worse nightmare

I love a good crap but I can't do it in public toilets even if I'm desperate. I can hold it for hours if I have to & when I get home I find the relief is so good. One of my worse nightmares is getting the runs when I'm away from home. The thought of having an emergency poo in a public toilet is unthinkable but then again it's better than doing it in my underwear! An even worse nightmare would be to have to go really badly when there aren't any toilets around.
I once got a bad case of diarrhoea in the local shopping centre. I held it for about two hours, hoping I'd make it home in time but it became clear I'd have to use the toilets on the upper floor or risk having an accident of the worse kind. I had to wait for the lift which didn't help but when I got in the doors closed very slowly. The lift wouldn't move & by now I was about to lose control. I pressed the door open button but it didn't work so I pressed the alarm button but there was no reply. I couldn't believe my luck. I had chronic diarrhoea which I'd been holding in for more than two hours & it wanted out big time. I pressed the alarm again but still no answer. I REALLY had to get to a toilet like right now! But there was nothing I could do about it. I felt so helpless & knowing I was about to have a really bad accident in my knickers terrified me. I kept pressing the alarm & eventually someone answered. I was told it would take at least an hour to get the doors open & I didn't have a minute to spare let alone another hour! I had to swallow my pride & tell the engineer I was going to shit myself if he didn't hurry up but he said he was sorry but he had to wait for some special equipment to arrive before he could force the doors open. I was beginning to lose it & felt a warm wetness oozing into my underwear. It stank & I just gave up & let my bowels push the brown smelly stuff into my jeans & down my legs. The smell was awfull but the relief was so so good. When the engineer got the doors open I cried with embarrassment & ran off leaving a trail of brown spots on the floor. I had to walk home with my legs covered in diarrhoea & about half way I had to go again. As soon as I got indoors I got in the shower fully clothed & rinsed off as much poo as I could before taking my clothes off to clean up properly.

Firecracker Girl

Comments & Caryl Marie's survey on cublicles

I have comments for several of the recent contributors.

To Matt:

You ask what's the most toilet seat covers we have ever used at one time. For me, it was back when I was in college, traveling by car with one of my friends, and in a severe rainstorm we had to stop at a gas station and pee. I'm not exaggerating but the seat was dripping with pee. There was no toilet paper left on the roll. Instead of putting one seat cover on like I normally do, I pulled down about six (but it might have been seven) since I didn't want the urine to go through them when I sat my butt down on them. The "padding" worked well in sopping up the pee and when it was Tricia's turn to take the stool, I just kept the pad down for her. She appreciated that.

To Standee Mandy:

I would answer your question with "Yes". Squatting in using public toilets is on the increase, but in defense of Skye's apparant reluctance, I think there is an age issue involved. By this I mean as we get older (I'm in my late 20s) we tend to think more about hygiene issues. That's probably why there are more of the seat covers in places like hotels and stores compared to schools. My grandma used to talk about the value of life "experiences." I didn't understand then, but I'm starting to now.


That mother you wrote about probably had the best of intentions because I know I would not want to have sat on one of those amusement park toilets, but standing over the toilet, not on the toilet is a way to achieve what she wanted to do. Firecracker Guy runs warehouses and he's always worried about employee injuries and lawsuits. Standing on the seat is very dangerous and would cause any reasonable person to cringe. Staying on the floor and squatting over the front of the toilet is the way to do it. However, I know there are daredevils out there. I saw one college-age student do it about ten years ago at a classic rock concert. She was very agile, but with one slip she could have been badly injured.

Caryl Marie's cubicle survey:

Since I don't directly sit on public stools, I vote for J (other). For me, that's good lighting. Too often lights above the toilet are burned out, much too dim, or have been vandalized and I like to have adequate light to maneuver in. Occasionally, I've had a little blood in my bowel movements and my physician has asked to me watch for it each time. Also, I don't like having my shoes slip in urine or other substances which I can't see on the tile floor in front of the toilets.

Amanda V
Stephanie- I'm still around. I've had I think one day off in the last month so work really sucks right now. Some day I'll be able to post a story.

WhinnieThePoo- That's too bad about your friend Nathalie. Did you often have hold it contests? Sounds like it would've been fun.



Hi everyone, Abbie here. Sorry I haven't posted for a while, I've been really busy with exams which fortunately now are over, hurray! I haven't got many stories as I haven't had much chance to see my friends but this is one from the start of the week after my German exam. Before we went into the hall I was chatting to Lucy, just before we had to go in she whispered to me that she was getting desperate for a poo but she thought she could hold it as then exam wasn't going to last that long. As we were doing the test I glanced over at her a few times, she looked pretty uncomfortable and was squirming in her seat a bit. As we got near the end of the test I started to get a heavy feeling in my belly and realised I was starting to want a poo as well, so as soon as we were let out I met up with Lucy and sugested we went to the girls loos in the humanities block. We walked over there, Lucy was starting to find it hard to walk normally she was so desperate. Horror of horrors, when we got to the loos there was an 'out of order' sign up and the door was locked.
"Do you want to try the main toilets?" I asked Lucy. "No, if we go straight home we might just about make it," she said. "I'm not using those loos again, not after what happened last time." I posted a while ago about what happened one day when Lucy and I used those toilets for a poo, some really nasty girls looked over the cubicle while we were sitting on the toilet and made fun of our underwear. We started to walk out of school and back to Lucy's house as fast as she could manage, I know from experiance its not that easy trying to move fast when you have to squeeze your bum to stop a turd from coming out. When we got to Lucy's street it was clear she was really struggling to hold it in, she was walking slower and slower and screwing up her face with concentration and effort. "I'm starting to lose it Abbie," she said quietly, "Its starting to come out in my pants, I can't hold it back any more."
"Come on, we're almost there," I urged, but it was no good. As we got to Lucy's gate she stopped and moaned, just then I saw her belly tense and the back of her skirt start to bulge out as she pushed a massive load of poo into her pants. She walked forward silently to unlock the front door, as she bent down to get her key out of her bag I could see up under her skirt, her pale blue pants were sagging down with the weight of the poo in them but luckily it had all stayed contained. I put my arm on her shoulder as we went inside and heard her starting to cry. "Hey Lucy, don't worry honey, it happens to us all" I said. "Lets go and get you upstairs and on the loo." I led Lucy upstairs, fortunatly no-one else was home to witness her accident. I now had quite a strong need for a poo myself and knew I'd need to use the toilet fairly soon. When we got to the bathroom she took off her skirt and pants and sat on the loo, there was so much poo in her underwear I wan't expecting her to do any more but she started to make loud plops almost straight away and then it sounded like it was getting quite loose and mushy. In between sobs she told me how she'd been really constipated so had eaten loads of fresh and dried fruit and then had this huge and desperate urge to have a poo not long after. When Lucy was done she wiped her bum and then turned on the shower, I waited in her room and shortly afterwards she came back wrapped in a towel looking a bit happier. I shifted around on her bed, I could feel the tip of a turd getting close to my bumhole and knew I'd have to sit on the loo in the next few minutes. Lucy started to get dressed, as she was putting on some clean pants she said "Its lucky I was wearing pants which fit me today, if I'd had these ones on it would have ended up all over the front path. I looked over and just before she pulled up her jeans I saw she was wearing a really tight pair of yellow knickers. Lucy said, "Maybe we should go shopping at the weekend and I can see if I can buy some new underwear." I said "Yeah, sounds like a good idea. Anyway, I want the loo now" so I got off her bed and went to the bathroom with Lucy following me. I walked over to the toilet, lifted my skirt and pulled down my yellow and blue stripy pants before sitting on the seat. I started to have a wee and then pushed hard to get my turd to start poking out. I've been pretty good about trying to go for a poo every day recently, but realised I'd forgotten to go on the loo the day before. I started to feel the tip poking out of my bum, it was getting pretty wide so I was having to make a big effort to keep it moving. Luckily I managed it and once the widest part was through it sped up until it dropped with a splash. I sat and pushed out two more turds which were still a bit hard but not that bad. When I was done I took some toilet paper and wiped my bum before pulling up my pants and lowering my skirt. I hope you enjoyed this story, will try to post soon. Bye!

The Listening Ear

Part 6

I went for an interview at the London office of a large American computer manufacturer. I didn't get the job, but as I was about to leave I saw a sign pointing to toilets downstairs, and an attractive dark-haired young woman heading in that direction. I followed.

The Gents was directly opposite the bottom of the stairs, with the Ladies off to the left and round a corner somewhere. I entered. The stalls were on the back wall, with the cisterns inside the stalls, so that there was only a wall separating me from whatever lay beyond. Pressing my ear to that wall I discovered that it was very thin, and that what lay beyond were approaching footsteps. The footsteps got louder and louder, and then the very loud bang of a stall door closing indicated that not only was the wall very thin, but the young woman had chosen the stall back-to-back with mine. It was extremely quiet in there, and in fact throughout the experience I got the impression that the two of us had the entire basement floor to ourselves, as there wasn't another sound to be heard. She only peed, and it was quite an ordinary waterfall pee, but because of the intimacy (she was peeing literally inches from the wall that was conducting the sound to my ear), it was very special.

Eventually I found myself working in a building with superficially similar arrangements. But it was the door of the Ladies that was opposite the bottom of the stairs, and the Gents was a route march down to the other end of the building. And the stalls weren't back to back but side to side, so that apart from the far end stall of the Gents being next to the far end stall of the Ladies, there was no contact. There was an Asian lady who peed for over 30 seconds in that end stall at 9:30 every morning, but apart from her, no-one else seemed to venture that far in. Sometimes as I was returning to the office above, I would see someone interesting going into the Ladies and I would double back and hare it round to the Gents to listen, but there was never anything to be heard. Pity, as there were a couple of cute young girls - one of them Greek - who I really wanted to hear.

That job included a certain amount of shift work, which meant I was sometimes there in the evenings when there was hardly anyone else about. On one such occasion I entered the Gents when they were obviously having problems with the drains. There was a trap raised in the floor and a horrible stench coming up. Thinking I was completely alone, I exclaimed in a loud Peter Sellers Indian voice: "Goodness gracious me, what a terrible smell!". (Well this was 1970!) Immediately there was a flushing sound, a stall door opened and a workman of Indian appearance emerged, looking very sheepish. Oops!


To Dan: Great stuff. You and I are obviously kindred spirits!

To Blonde: Welcome to the forum. Back in the early days there were a lot of kids peeing and pooing through each others' legs. You should read Kate's post on page 572. And Kendal's 11th birthday post on page 572 is probably the funniest thing ever written on this site!


Car Mom
Hello all!

Ok so I finally have something different for you but its probably not THAT different. It involves strangers again, and this time it involves two girls and a boy. Kaylee and I were at a garage sale/fun fair thingy that was in our town. It was an outdoor event and so they had portapotties for people to use. Of course Kaylee and I didn't want to use the portapotties, so we decided right away that when the time came that we needed to have a pee, we would just go back to my car and have our pee there instead. The backseat of my car would be our own portapotty, and we knew that it would be much better, and funner, to relieve ourselves there instead of in the portapotty. And so later, after we were outside for a long time and we drank a lot of soda, we both had to pee. And so we started to head toward the place where my car was parked. On the way there we passed by one of the portapotties and there was a huge line waiting to use it. At the end of the line was a girl in her teens and she had two kids with her, a girl and a boy. The girl was probably a year or two younger than Kaylee and the boy was a little younger than the girl. Of course they were doing the peepee dance and so we went over and talked with them and eventually we offered them the use of my car. Of course they agreed to do it (if they hadn't, I wouldn't be writing this!) and so we all went over to where my car was parked and we all got ready to have our pees. The teen (her name was Haley) asked me when we got there "so do we just go right into the seat?" I said "yeah" and she said "so there's no like, towel or anything?" I said "no, you just go right into the seat." Then she said "wow!" Then after that she said "I've never done that before!" I said "well you don't have to if you don't want to." She said "no I want to. I just never have before." And so we got to my car and we all got in. Haley let her sister get in first. (The three of them were siblings by the way) And so the younger girl (Abby) sat next to Kaylee, who was behind the driver seat and Haley sat behind the passenger seat, next to Abby. Now the boy (Connor) at first didn't get in the car. Haley said "you can just go on the ground, ok Connor?" But Connor said "I want to go on the seat too!" But Haley said "there's no room. Just go on the ground, ok?" He looked disappointed. So I said "its ok, he can go. He can just go on the back of the front seat if he wants." And so that's what he did. And so they all began to have their pees. Kaylee was first, the one with the experience. She relaxed herself and began to do her business right into the material of the seat. Then when the others saw her doing it, they began to let themselves relax too. Haley said "here goes!" and then she looked down at herself. Then a second or two later she began to pee. I suppose you, Whinnie and Nathalie, can relate since you are around the same age as she is, so you know exactly how she felt as she relieved herself into that seat. Abby also continued peeing. She was also letting farts as she peed, and after a while the smell filled the car. The others started letting them too. I was actually starting to feel like I was in a portapotty after all! But of course I didn't mind. What I did mind was the fact that I myself had to pee too! And watching those people pee wasn't helping! By that time I was ready to burst! And so I decided to do something I had never done before and probably won't do very often. I decided to pee in my front seat. And so I did. I said "I'm gonna go too" and then I pulled down my pants and I got ready to have my pee in the front driver seat. And then I did. I could tell Kaylee was surprised at what I was doing, but she didn't say anything. And so I had my pee too. And yes it felt good! Then after a while we were all finished. The three kids said "thank you" and left. Then Kaylee and I went back to the fun fair. And that was that! Hope you all enjoyed!

Car Mom :)

Upstate Dave

A Solid Accident

On this day I was with Susan. Instead of being at her house or mine we were down at the old school which was 5th and 6th grades at the time. We had rode down on our bikes. So we played around for awhile doing various things together. Then we took a break getting a drink from the outdoor drinking fountain and then sat down on one of the swingsets.

Now Susan had on a summer dress this day. As we sat there on the swings Susan tolkd me she was constipatedfor she had not shit for three days and today was the start of the fouth day. I told Susan that wasn't like her at all. You go like me everyday! Yeah I know. Susan said right back to me. I wish that I would go Susan said back to me.I can feel that its there too. But it won't come out!

That talk ended for now and we went on talking about other things for a little while. Then we rode over to the other school which was next to the one we were at. Here at this school there was other playground equipment then at the other school so we played forawhile on some of the playground equipment here.

Then we were thirsty again. So we headed for one of the drinking fountains outside the school building that were here too. There was four outside ones at this school instead of one at the old school. The one that Susan and I went to didn't work. So we headed for the second one. When we got to that one it worked but just barely. It was to hard to try geting a drink from it so we went to the third one which was down by the kindergarden section.

Just as we were aproaching the drinking fountain Susan stopped very suddenly! I said to Susan; Whats wrong Susan? Susan said to me; I got my wish Dave! Got your wish Susan? I said back to her. Susan shook her head yes and she pulled up her summer dress to her waist! I saw Susans panties were partaily down showing about half of her ass! Not only that they were bieng pushed downb still for they were moving! There also were stretched ut where there was a big point shape in them too!

Susan was shiting in her panties! Susan why didn't you stop and just yank them down! Susan said right back to me; I COULDN"T!!! IT HAPPENED SO FAST!!! Now her panties had been pushed outward and down more by her shit! Her panties were a old pair as far as the way they looked.As I watched and Susan just stood there but now she did bend down slightly her panties were down to where they were low enough I sa this very fat, hard looking, slow moving, brown shit poked out between her asscheeks!

I was suprised that Susan wasn't upset that she was shiting herself. But like she had told me it happend to fast for her to be upset by it. Now her shit had herpanties down even more where they had even had slipped down in the front and her vagina could bee seen! Susan I saw too had her eyes shut as she stood there shiting in her panties.

Now I saw her shit speeding up and it was geting thinner. Her shit had pushed her panties doiwn to Susans mid thighs! That how far they got pushed by her shit and how long it was! Then that was it. Susan had stopped shiting. The back end of her shit rested on her ass while the front end of her shit was right in the crotch of her panties. I couldn't believe what Susan did now. Susan said to me; DAVE I FEEL SO MUCH BETTER NOW!

Then Susan did get down in a lower squat. This made her shit move off of her ass and it fell and with its falling it fell right out from her panties landing on the ground! Then Susan stood right back up with her panties a little below her knees turnedsideways and looked down at her shit! No wonder why I had shit myslef! Susan first said. That sure is three days worth there on the ground! Then what Susan said last made me start to laugh for she said to me; That's a adult sized shit! I laughed and Susan giggled hard as we both still were looking at her shit laying there on the ground.

There is more to tell. For Susan did take off her old panties and she tossed thjem on her shit which only covered part of it. Then she stepped over stepped where she now stood over her pantied and her shit.Susan what are you doing?! I said to her. Susan squated down now after hikeing her dress back up again. Susan said I'm going to piss!

Suree enough a second ortwo later Susan started pissing! From her vagina out came a pretty strong stream of piss. It was a straight down stream at first which did have a short twist. It didn't hiss at its start either. But her stream hit riight on her ld paiir of panties and wetted them very quickly. Her panties were a dingy white and with her piss weting them now I saw them turn a very slight yellow color.

As Susan pissed her stream did get harder makeing her stream move forward which moved over her panties and it wetted her shit! Now her stream gave off a hiss now too as she pissed! Her piss splashed on her shit and also ran over its sides so the dirt beside it got wet with piss turning it dark brown.

Susan pissed like this for a pretty short time and then her stream came back to her panties weting them more and her stream wiuldmove a ittle foward again wet her shit some and then slip back toher panties. Her stream did this severaltimes and the it came back into beinbg a straight down stream with its soft hissing stoping and her stream stayed there which her piss was hiting her panties.

Then her stream went down to a trickle fir a few seconds then it paused. Then as I watched Susan did two very hard spurts in a row out of her vagina! The two spurts were so hard that they shot well past where her shit and panties were on the ground. Susan seeing how far the two spurts had gone giggled hard. The two hard spurts did end her piss.Susan stood up which she did keep her dress up after she stood up and she stepped sideways to get out of the way of her shit,wet panties and the wet dirt from her pissing.

Then she let her dress drop. She took a quick look again at the ground giggled some and thenstepped over beside me. Dave I KNOW you have to piss too! You drank quite a bit of water. PISS ON MY SHIT!!! I laughed looked at Susan. Then I said to her; That icludes yourpanties too Susan! Susan now let out a short hard laugh and as she laughed she shook her head yes!

I had on a pair of shorts which the leg parts of them were longer then the cutoff styled shorts I wore most of the time. Ihad just started to pull down the zipper on them. Susan said with a giggle; Dave will you pull them down part way at least instead? I let out a shrt chuckle. Ok Susan I will. Susan smiled and did another little harder giggle. (Susan liked to see me piss this way like a little boy would!)

So I finished pulling down my zipper. This pair of shorts had a metal clip which I pinched and it slipped open. Then with bothhands I pulled my shorts down to mid thigh highth on my two legs. I now got a short loud laugh formSusan for I wasn't wearing briefs or boxers! I reached down with my left hand pushed my poenis down aiming at Susans panties and her shit with my penis. Susan had stopped her laughing but she was giggleing yet.

I started my piss. From my penis out shot a thin stream of piss with along thin twist in its stream. My stream hit right on Susans piss soaked panties makeing a kind of small splash since they were already wet with her piss. Susan had stopped her giggleing now. Susan said to me; Good Shot!!! I felt myself smile. The after only a few seconds of me pissing on her panties Susan said to me; Dave Hold Yourself With Two Hands! I laughed a slight laugh and I took myright hand and placed two fingers from it placed them on my penis and now I heltwith both hands! (This was another favorite thing that Susan liked me to do too!)

Now after I had pissed ofr several more seconds just on herpanties Susan said loudly to me; Dave make like you're holding a hose! HOSE EVERYTHIG DOWN!!! Again I let out a short laugh. So I went and I moved my penis down some which i now was pissing in the dirt befor Susans panties. Then I slowly lifted my peis and as I did this I swivled slowly back and forth!

My stream moved foward and back and forth at the same time. My stream moved back on Susans panties and back and forth on them. Susan was watching and now she howeled with hard laughter as I pissed this way for her! My streqam was now off her panties and weting the start of her shit that was not covered over by her panties. Back and forth my stream moved and crept forward at the same time.

Since I was swinging back and forth with mypiss stream weting her shit with my piss I also wetted the dirt along side her shit too but weting more of the dirt then when Susan had pissed on her shit. I stood there moving and pissing till I had reached the end of Susan shit held my penis still for a very short momnet and then I again moved my penis down and swiveled slowly and started to come back down her shit with my piss and would also if I pissed long enough piss on her panties again too.

Susan was still laughing but no longer as hard. I had reached where I was just about to start pissing on her panties and my stream stopped. Susan said tome; Aww you're done Dave! The way Susan sounded saying this she wanted me to piss more! So I said to Susan; Oh I'm not done yet Susan. You forgot that I can do spurts to finish off with! Susan let out a short giggle. Then Go Ahead! Susan said to me.

So I gave a push and as I did I moved my penis slightly downward. I did send out and down a good spurt of piss form my penis hitting her panties. Susan let out a short hard giggle! Then toreally finish of this piss Ilet go of my penbis with both of my hands! As it raised up I sent out the seocnd hard spurtof piss which really flew out into the air in a arc!

AS my spurt of piss arced my piss wetted her shit,teh dirt at the end of her shit and made a long single piss trail in the dirt going way out away from her shit! It lasted as lkongas it took to realkly empty my blader which was a short several seconds. That was it! I was done. That lastreal hard spurt had Susan doubled over with hard laughter. I then pulled up my shorts and did the clasp slipped my poenis back inside of them and zipped them up. Susan had all this time was bent over laughing.

She did stand back up after a couple of momnets. She had stopped her hard laughing now. We both did take a look at the ground together and we both giggled looking at her panties her shit and the long single piss trail that I had left in te dirt from my last piss spurt. Then we both walked away slowly over tothe drinking fountain leavin her shit,panties,laying there. We did get drinks of water out of the fountain. Then we walked back to we had left our bikes and we rodeback to Susans house and from there I rode home. The End

Friday, June 24, 2011


The Flu

I am 20 years old. And I go to college. So I woke up today with my stomach hurting. Then I immediately had to go to the bathroom. As I was on the toilet, I thought something was out of place. Then I noticed it was a dream and I crapped my pajamas. It was semi firm. This has never ever happened to me. When I got to the real bathroom I wiped a lot. And went in the shower to take a shower. At some point I got out and put on some new cloths and a change of thong(even though I had a but rash). I threw my soiled panties away and covered them up with trash. Embarrassing yes and no. Nobody close found out. Bye.


Cindy and Ana Public Buddy Diarrhea

One time i was out with my friend Ana. We both had Mexican food. That was a really bad idea on both our parts. We both ordered the same exact thing. Enchiladas with extra cheese sided with some alcoholic beverage. Ana ate hers fast but i ate mine a little bit slower. We left the restaurant but when we were halfway home our stomachs both gurgled. Then Ana let out a fart. My stomach gurgled louder and louder. Ana kept having short little farts one after one. She said, "I think Ive got the poots!" "We have more than just that Ana" Ana's farts were distracting her driving. She was running red lights and swerving. Finally we parked at another Mexican restaurant. I rushed towards the bathroom there. When I came in though all the stalls were taken. As I waited I noticed that Ana wasn't with me, the bathroom stall doors were short, and all these other girls were having diarrhea as i heard plops and farts. Finally I made it into a stall. It was dirty so I Used the toilet paper for protection. I sat down and commenced my poop. Diarrhea shot out of me like a cannon it was followed by a stomach gurgle then a fart. Halfway through one of my long farts i looked through the stall door to see Ana dancing around making the poo poo dance and she was holding her butt as farts and stomach gurgles. Soon all hell broke loose i had an endless chain of farts and diarrhea, and I couldn't stop. Plop after Plop after Plop Fart after Fart. Soon everyone evacuated because of the smell except Ana. I knew she was about to burst. She finally broke into my stall and sat in between my legs and every shit coming out of her ass i felt, every fart blew my blond hair back. Every time her stomach rumbled i held it for her as she was holding onto the seat trying to steady the volcano erupting in her bowels. I was basically done but Ana was still taking an extremely long explosive diarrhea. I then wiped myself once Ana was almost done. Soon she wiped and we both exited the stall.

I looked under the stall door to see her legs..slim and sexy. When i got back up though my stall door opened. I was about to shut it but it was already to late. The girl looked at me sitting on the toilet, my legs spread out and my swollen belly showing out from my white miniskirt. This girl exactly looked like me but slightly younger, I would say about 21. She then looked at me in the eyes. She asked, "are you pregnant?" I replied "No, I just have a really bad case of diarrhea..." "Oh me to..I once overflowed my boyfriends toilet because it was so bad" Right when she said that a small turd shot out my ass followed by a short squirt fart. She then said, "Is it really that bad...oh and by the way my name is Ana" I replied, "Yeah, oh and my names Cindy" Right at that moment we became what i call poo buddies. But then, i heard HER stomach rumble....twice. She said "Oh yeah this what i came for" She ran into the stall next to me and she pulled down her jeans. I heard her ass hit the seat followed by a few farts and at least 20 droppings. She let out a minute long fart after that!!!!!!!( yes i counted). Then a long stream of liquid shit came ending with a fart. I looked down between my legs to see liquid shit rising up and touching my anal cavity. I Have almost overflown this toilet, and my stomach is still gurgling. As all of this is going on Ana is releasing a full force from her anus. At one point i even saw a turd fly out of her toilet onto the floor. Even worse news there wasn't any toilet had been use up by the last girl. But lucky for me I let out a huge log followed by a fart. Ana asked me if i was OK and i said yes but my anus probably has a bruise. She was stilling have an endless chain of gas but the it all ended with her letting a wet fart out followed by a huge PLOP! I then asked her for toilet paper she gave me some which had her phone number written on it. Somehow my shit had made a friendship. Nevertheless i wiped and left the toilet unflushed. Ana did the same. We looked at each other shits and said wow. I gave her my phone number and then left. We would have many other shitty adventures to come

Old Fart
Mystery Girl,

I'm not into shitting myself. When it happens it is because it either already has happened or is about to whether I wish it or not. Neither was I suggesting you intentionally do it again. But then, as you said, your recent experience wasn't intentional though it did happen. All I suggested was that there are ways you might make the clean-up easier should your backside ever decide you need an extra dose of humility.

As said in previous posts I was on a long cross-country move which I recently completed. Long hours behind the wheel and food and water I'm not used to often turn my insides unpredictable. While passing through Billings, MT just before dark I stopped for gas and got a Whopper combo meal. My 1st in a couple years, should have known better. I arrived in Sheridan, WY in the very early hours and parked across the road from the Rest Area/Information Center and sacked out with windows down where my cat could come and go as it wished. Come morning I awoke with an urgent need to pee. I drove across to the rest area, parked, and headed in concentrating on not pissing myself. Through the restroom door to the vacant urinal and blessed relief, sort of. While mid-piss and enjoying the relief a large wet load that had once been a Whopper combo meal dropped into my undershorts with no notice that there was any need to crap. Such an ambush crap is a very rare event for me but fits with how screwed up the trip was. There was a second accident 2 days later but I had plenty of notice and it was because of my own carelessness that it happened. Mainly it was total exhaustion and not thinking clearly from too many hours on the road.


Information for Braidy

Thanks Braidy for sharing your story.

The thought that the mother did a stand/squat on the toilet seat in front of her children is not only dangerous, because she could have fallen and broken her back, but it sets a bad example for her daughters. Towering above the toilet, balancing herself with her hands on the top of the stall partitions is like wacko. I would also think she would have left footprints on the seat and possibly loosened it by standing on it. You talked about her pee stream being so strong when it hit the water. If she were crapping, I would think that a large, hard log would have made a mega splash, but I know that most of us couldn't crap without being seated. Like if I tried to squat, I'd probably fall over backwards and definitely not be able to contribute anything to the toilet bowl.

Finally, the mom putting toilet paper down for her young daughter to sit on doesn't concern me that much. My mom often did it for me when I was like 4 or 5, but I've never done it for myself. Both me and mom sit right down on the seat and don't think anything of it.

At least, Braidy, the mom let you have your privacy and didn't look over into your stall. Someone towering over my stall and watching or talking to me while I'm seated would creep me out like totally.

Again, thanks for sharing.

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