Yesterdays clearout

Hello everybody.

I have had a pretty decent month, and nothing special has happened, until yesterday. My aunt Lelde came to my house for the summer celebration, that we here in Latvia celebrate every year at June 24. She's an amazing person, a good friend that you can trust, and always willing to help, but only one problem - she's not such a good cook. This morning she made breakfast and it was alright, and I didn't expect, that she would foul up something simple as that, but she did >_<
So I ate my breakfast, and after a while I went to the fridge to give my dog something to eat. We keep weiners for us to eat, and some weiners who are past their expansion date, or just don't look safe enough to eat, we give to our dog. We keep then on the bottom shelf, so no one can notice them, but somehow she did, and made breakfast for us from them. I decided to stay home today, in case my stomach decides to get rid of them the fast way, I spent most of my day at the computer, watching anime, but when an interesting part started my insides cramped up and i really started to feel the need for the bathroom. I tried to ignore that, and continued watching, even tough i felt the tip of my log almost touching my panties. When the next cramp hit me, suddenly mushy poop out of nowhere squeezed in my panties. While it wasn't much, I felt that my panties are already ruined, so I went to the bathroom to clean them up and to release my bowels. As I sat on the toilet, two logs came out, and some really soft poop came out. I held my nose, cuz it smelled just horrible. After another burst of soft poop I was finished and peeked in the bowl what I had left. I couldn't see the logs, cuz there was a quite a big mass of soft poop covering the water (my poop wasn't runny, just really soft) I rinsed out my panties, and threw them in the dirty clothes basket, hoping, that nobody would notice, that they are dirty with stains.

As for my last story, where i had diarrhea from that fish I ate, well I was wrong, that I was cleared out, because as soon I finished my lunch, my insides started hurting, and I started feeling sick. I went to lay down on the bed, but a minute later I felt like I'm gonna throw up, so I put my hand to my mouth, just like in the cartoons and ran to the toilet. I knelt down and retched, and just then a stream of vomit came out. I barely catched my breath and puked again. I stayed there for about 10 minutes hoping that it was over, however I felt, that I'm gonna have diarrhea again, so I pulled my panties down and sat on the toilet. As predicted, few moments later completely watery diarrhea rushed out of me in two waves with two seconds between them. My stomach was killing me, so I started crying and hoped, that I was over this horror (while i enjoy diarrhea, this was like some nightmare, so I just wanted it to stop) After a few minutes my insides calmed down and finally I could leave the toilet. So that was the end for that.

Althea - You were right, I shouldn't had ate half baked fish, I believe I got though it pretty easy. I'll be more careful next time.

Raven - I just adore your diarrhea stories, can't wait to hear more of them =)

Well sayonara everybody, till the next time ^^

So for all of all of you that asked, I finally have a story to tell. For those of you who don't remember me, my name is Hope. I started posting here around page 1700. I am 23 years old. I think I am best known for being Francesca's friend and also for living with my older brother. Well, I finally moved out on my own and I really don't see my brother as much as I used to. Because of this, he asked me if I wanted to take a day trip with him to New Jersey (we live in New York) to meet with a client. He is a lawyer. I would not get to spend time with him once we were there, but it would be nice to catch up on the drive to and from. The drive there was really uneventful. Once we arrived, he gave me some money for lunch or shopping or however I chose to spend my time. He had to take his client out to lunch and said he would text me when he was done. I walked around for a bit and was pretty bored. I passed a movie theater and decided to go see a movie. I had a few hours to waste. Once the movie was over, I looked at my phone and realized my brother had texted me about fifteen minutes ago. I had my phone off during the movie and did not realize it. He had finished must faster then I thought he would and now he was worried since I wasn't answering. I kinda had to pee leaving the movie (I had a large soda during it) but didn't want to waste the time using the bathroom. I figured I would just meet him and then we would be able to stop on the way. Big mistake.
I met him and got into his car. I apologized for being late. I told him I kinda had to pee and he asked if I wanted to stop now or wait a bit. I said I could wait a bit, let's get some miles behind us first. Second big mistake. We are driving up this four lane turnpike I guess it is called and all of a sudden we come to a dead stop. There are cars as far as the eye can see in front of us and behind us. We were in the middle lane so there was no pulling off, even if there was a turn off close by, which there was not. I started to panic. At this point I had to pee really pad and reminded my brother of this. He said he was sorry, but there was nothing he could do. He seemed more upset about getting back to his office late then my problem and I don't think he realized the severity of it. I started to get the shakes and my vag felt hot. My bladder started contracting involuntarily and I had to squeeze my legs and put my hand in my crotch to hold it. It was definitely the worse I have ever had to pee. When I told my brother this, he did not believe me. He started reminding me of times I had also said that, which only made me have to go worse. I started to cry. I could not believe I was 23 years old and in this situation like I was when I was little. He noticed I was crying and pulled me in for a hug. He told me not to cry and that he was sorry he wasn't taking the situation seriously. He said if it made me feel better, by making fun of me he only made himself had to go. I told him I did not think I could hold it much longer. At this point traffic had only moved a tiny bit and it had been hours. Max (that is my brother) suggested I just pee my pants. He told me we were going to be stuck there a long time and I probably was going to have an accident anyway, so I might as well go now and avoid the discomfort I was in. I protested.
"Come on Hope, it doesn't look like you can hold it the next 5 minutes let alone 5 hours. Just go. It is okay I promise" I looked at him and he nodded so I slowly uncrossed my legs and pulled my hand out of my crotch. I relaxed and instantly warm pee shot out and made a hissing sound as it hit the car seat. My entire butt was soaked and because the seats are leather, the pee didn't absorb but just stayed in a puddle I had to sit it. I was peeing so much it ran off onto the floor and soaked into the mat and my shoes. I just kept going, I could not stop. Halfway through I wished I had thought to put a towel or something down, but knew Max probably didn't have anything like that in his car since he keeps it really neat. I peed and peed for a really long time. When I was done I felt really cold and gross. My entire jeans were soaked. I did not want to sit in it for the rest of the trip, but it was much better then having to go the whole trip. We eventually made it home and found out a huge car accident was causing the backup. I took a shower and cleaned up, then washed my clothes. It was really embarrassing.

Upstate Dave

Brenda Does Let Me Watch Her!

It had been several gays since the last time I got a glimpse of Brenda pissing in the old shed behind the boxes. I hadn't stopped at her house for I had been real busy with my summer job mowing peoples yards.Well today I was free so I did walk down to her house and she was home. Susan was not.

Brenda came outside when she came and answered my knock on the backdoor. It was a nice sunny day and not hot or humid. So Brenda was wearing a blouse and a pair of peach colored shorts. We went down the stairs and Brena\da said to me; Lets go outback. I said ok and so we walked into the backyard and we went around the shed to the swings.
We sat down on the swings and we first started talking.

Brenda asked me where I had been. I had been looking for you! she first said to me. That kind o took me mildly by surprise. So I said back to Brenda; OH YOU HAVE HAVE YOU!!! Brenda laughed a little and said back to me; YES I HAVE! Any reason why Brenda? I asked her. Her reply was; Kind of sort of. Then she paused for a moment.

Then Brenda asked me if I had been working I told her I had. But the way Brenda was talking and her tone of her voice it seamed to me Brenda was stalling an beating aroiund the bush. She wanted to ask me about something else entirely! So I now said to Brenda; Brenda what do you REALL WANT TO ASK ME! Brenda giggled; wiggled her one sneaker around in the dirt, and I saw her cheeks on her face turn a little more pink.

Brenda was silent again for only several seconds and then she said; Ok Dave you got me. I was just wondering if you needed to piss! I laughed and said right back to her; What if I do Brenda? Brenda let out anoter giggle followed by a paise. Then Brenda said; Well I have to and I am going to let you watch! ButI want to see you piss too if you have to go! Thats all!

I now let out a short laugh first. Then I got up out of the swing and pointed at the old sheds doorway and said to Brenda; In the shed? Brenda let oout a short laugh got up out of her swing and said as she did all this; YES! So I followed her over to the shed and we went inside the shed together. Brenda went straight over to the two stacked up boxes where she had pissed behind them the last time we were in the shed several days ago. I walked over with her.

Brenda stood in front of te stacked boxes and she reached right down and the peach colored shortsshe was wearing were like many of Susans pairs of shorts. No zipper and had a elastic waistband. SoBrenda only had to pull them down! Not anything else! So Brenda slipped her fingers on the inside and outside of her peach colored shorts and slipped them down overher hips and down to her knees.

Brenda had on a matching peach colored pair of panties on and she yanked those down real hard! Mush faster then she had her shorts! Brenda surprised me! Instead of squating down on the boxes like I thought she would Brenda stood there with her hands on her bare hips with a smile on her face! She was leting me have a good look befor she would piss!

Now seeing Brendas vagina for the first time I looked right at it. It was short in length and I thought it would have been longer. Then Brenda did sit down placing her ass on the top boxes top so that her vagina was clear from the box. Then Brenda moved her feet apart on the floor which she got them far apart as her shorts would let her.This made her thighs wider apart too!

Then as I looked down I saw Brenda dribble out some piss from her vagina. Herpiss wetted her vagina and the bare skin under it. Then her piss dripped off of her falling down to the wooden floor and made several wet spots on the wooden floor. Then while her dribbled piss made its wet spots onthe floor Brenda then really started to piss!

For she went from dribbleing right into having a wide headed stream,going into a short twist and afetr the twist awide spraying stream down to the floor! This happened real fast! With her stream spraying like it was it sure weted down a large area of te wooden floor inseconds!Boy did I ever smile! Brenda saw my smile and she laughed.

Brenda pissed this way for a good long ten seconds or more! Then her stream slowed just enough that it changed where its head thined, the twist got longer and thinner, and its spraying stream past the twist no longer sprayed. Plus her stream now gave off a soft hiss as it flowed from her vagina! I even said to Brenda; That's better! Brenda let out a short laugh.

Brenda pissed this way almost to the end of her piss which was so nice to look at. When she did near the end of her piss it just eased right off thinning way down, the twist was gone, and its soft hissing stopped. Then Brenda came to a long driping stop whgich she driped piss for a good long time. Then after she did stop driping Brenda stood up geting off the boxes. She reached down and pulled up her peach colored panties first and then did her peach colored shorts.

Brenda then smiled which I said to her in a loud whisper; Thanks Brenda! I've always wanted to see you piss! Brenda laughed a little and she in return said to me; Dave it wasn;t really all that bad letting you watch me. Tell you the truth I liked doing it! It was fun! We both then laughed together doing a short laugh.

Then Brenda took one sideways step. She then reached down with her hand and pulled my zipper down on my shorts. As she pulled my zipper down Brenda said to me; Dave I want to try again to get your underware open! Let me try! I laughed but I let Brenda keep going. She did slip her fingers into my pulled down zipper on my shorts.

Brenda felt not the tight material of briefs but felt that what she was touching right then the material was loose instead to her touch! Hey you don't have briefs on! Brenda said very loudly. Your underware feels loose! I laughed a little harder and longer. Then I said after I stopped my laughing; NO Brenda I'm wearing boxers! Sorry no briefs!

Brenda let out a giggle and then she said to me; Gee I was already to get your briefs open! Then we both laughed pretty hard. Then Brenda pulled her fingers out from opened zipper. I WANT BRIEFS! which I again laughed hard and Brenda also laughed but not as hard as I was. Then Brenda said next to me; Wear briefs next time Dave. I said I would. Brenda then said ok and she added saying; Take your piss! At least I'll get to see something! I laughed and I reached into my open zipper and slipped my penis right out from my shorts with Brenda standing right there beside me.

I was standing in front of the two stacked boxes but back about three feet away. That was alright for I was erect and I would shoot well over the two boxes. From where those two boxes were it was clear all the way over to the wall behind the boxes. I started my piss in a few short seconds later. I did exactly what I thought I would do too. My stream came out thin, arced,and went right over the two boxes, hit the wall and splashed off of it!

I pissed like this for a good ten seconds. Now where I was pissing on the wall there was a small window above where my piss was hiting the wall. Brenda suddenly said real loud too; Dave piss on the window! So I raised my penis up only slightly. My stream moved up as I had moved my penis up and my piss hit right on one of the glass panes of the window! Brenda burst out laughing. I chuckled a little too.

Now the window had four small panes of glass in it. So instead of pissing on the one pane of glass I went on moved my penis and I pissed on all four of the panes of the window! That made Brenda laugh hard all the time I did piss on all of the window panes! By the time I had given every pane of glass in that window a soaking I had neared the end of my piss. For my stream had eased off and I was only pissing on the floor between the wall and the two stacked up boxes. A few short seconds later I had stopped.

Brenda had also stopped her hard laughter when I had stopped pissing. But Brenda said to me; Oh I'm glad you are done Dave! My stomach hurts! I laughed so hard! But it is a fun pain. I laughed a little,shook my penis, which Brenda let out a giggle followed by a slight groan. Then I slipped my penis back inside my boxers and then zipped up my shorts.

Brenda and Ineaded foir the sheds open doorway. As we did Brenda agin mentioned to me about wearing briefs. I laughed an said to her; I will Brenda I will! Do you want me to go right home and put a pair on! Brenda laughed a short but had laugh and then said to me; Would you Dave! I laughed now and I thought to myslef; Brenda realy wants me too!

So I told her I would. Brenda then said to me right after I said that to her; Dave also get yourself something to drink! While you do that I'll drink somerthing too! That way we can both piss again here in the shed! I now laughed real hard. After I stopped I told Brenda I would do that too. So once outside we hurried back up to the house. I left Brenda at the bottom of the stairs. I said to her I'll be right back. Brenda said right back to me as she started going up the stairs; YOU BETTER BE! I then took off at a dead run and headed straight home! The End


Re: Talking With My Sister

To Stephanie: Nice to see you came back with another story. The last time you left was with your graduation story which you recalled having a pee accident. I liked the story about your sister and it was how nice you were to her :) Hope to see more stories of your own later.



Embarrassing Accident

Hi, I'm pretty new to the site and its my first time posting a story here.

Well, anyway I don't have many poop accidents to tell you about, but I have one particular pee accident I would like to share. It was three years back when I was still in 6Th grade. We were in the class I hated most, drama. We had to create our own monologue I think. My mind gets fuzzy sometimes when I try to remember things too long ago so can't remember what exactly it was.

Anyway I was watching the other students present their monologues when I suddenly had the urge to pee. Now I don't find it embarrassing to pee in school, but I just can't find the time between classes to go. So I'd been holding it since... who knows how long. The urge was incredibly strong, but I squirmed my way through a whole class period. I was lucky the teacher didn't pick me to present.

I thought I was doing well in holding my pee, but only a few minutes before class was over I lost it. I started to pee in my seat and I looked down noticing that the seat was filling up with pee also. I started to panic, but it didn't overflow. When class was over I stayed behind until everyone had left, but my friend asked me what was wrong. Eventually she asked me if I was having my period.

My answer was no. I only wished it was my period. I told her to go ahead without me and she left. Kids were starting to come in for the next class and the teacher asked me if I needed to go to the nurse and I nodded. She escorted me to the door and she walked behind me so no one would see and for some reason I couldn't remember she told me to act like I was limping. Lol xD

Anyway I went to the nurse alone after leaving her classroom. My mom had to come with a change of clothes. I felt so embarrassed.

Eileen H

Adventures Across The Pond: Story #2

Slowly but surely the effects (in regards to smell) of my trip to the bathroom became present throughout the plane. I noticed several reactions to the stench. I sank in my seat and covered my face with a magazine. After the inflight meal about halfway through the flight I felt the need to go again. I decided it best to hold it until we landed. The urge was on and off and pretty minor overall so I didn't regret my decision until once again I was faced with a ridiculous amount of pressure on my stomach. Then, it felt like a stupid decision. But it was too late then. I'd have to go at the airport bathrooms.

I managed to slip away from the endless hassle of airports to slip away to the nearest bathroom. I noticed many of the same women I saw on the flight. The line was outside of the door and then some. When my husband saw this he asked me if I could just hold it until we made it back to the apartment his parents owned and we would be staying at. I decided to do so because I just wanted to get out of the airport. His father was waiting with the car. It was a tiny little sports car that was somehow supposed to hold 3 people (my son Gavin was also along for the trip) and tons of luggage. We all piled into the little car and I asked my father-in-law how long it would take to get there. He said "Depends on the traffic, but probably 2 hours." At this point, I was not extremely desperate, but certainly uncomfortable. I didn't know how I would feel in 2 hours though.

The ride ended up being about 3 hours. 3 hours stuck in a cramped, sweaty, and smelly (after I cut a few SBD's to relieve the pressure). I was not at the point where the tip of the log was touching my panties every 30 seconds. My stomach was in knots. I stopped farting after the smell got too bad. When we finally got to the apartment I was overcome with joy. I told my husband I really needed the toilet and he gave me the apartment keys. I left him to handle the bags because I had bigger issues to deal with. My need to poo was overpowering me. I couldn't even stand up straight. I was sweating all over, mostly because of the car ride. I got to the apartment and scrambled to find the bathroom. Time was of the essence. I found the bathroom, but when I opened the toilet I found there was no water in it. There was a note saying it hadn't been hooked back up since no one was using this apartment. Words cannot express my anger. Words that I probably shouldn't repeat here.

My stomach gave me another sharp cramp as the turd came out with awful force. I squeezed my cheeks together with the help of my hands as I buckled over because of the desperation. My husband and his father came through the door. I tried to keep my cool and asked if I could use their toilet. He of course let me and promised the toilet would be up and running in a few hours. All I cared about now was getting my butt on a toilet, didn't care whose. I was greeted by my mother-in-law. I didn't want to get enraptured with small talk and asked where the bathroom was. She pointed me in the direction and I bolted there like I was on fire.

The sight of their bathroom was one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen. The white porcelain throne sat there as I rushed up to defile it with my brown mess. I sat down and couldn't help but moan with pleasure as the gigantic log slipped out of me. Smooth, fat, creamy, and most importantly, smelly. I didn't care that the place stunk like a toxic waste dump after I had been in there for barely a minute because it felt so good to release all of this. Their bathroom was very small though. Too small when a stink like this is happening. I sprayed the air freshener on the back of the toilet generously as another thick, juicy stinker left my behind. I peered between my legs to catch a glimpse of these two monsters before I flushed them down. Last thing I needed now was a clog.

Two 8 inch logs stack on top of each other. I may have smelled before, but being so close gave a new definition to the word stink. I wrinkled my nose and flushed these two beasts down as I felt another behemoth on the way. Thankfully, the flush eliminated the smell some. Unfortunately, not all of it so this place would still stink to high heaven. More toxic sludge in the form of a big brown log slithered out of me and into the bowl below. This hefty log had already smelled this place up again. More spray, another flush. I knew my job here was done for now, so I wiped, washed, removed the sweat off my head, and left, finally getting to smell something that didn't make me gag, my mother-in-law's homemade figs.

Little Shy Girl

Last Weekend I've Pooped Myself

Last weekend I spent with my father camping. By the way to our camp site, it happened to me to poop myself in the car.
It was like that. On thursday, I went with my father to the restaurant, and ate a lot of meat and pastas, and then finished all of that with double portion of ice cream. Don't think... I'm pretty thin, I'm a 17 yo girl with 90 lbs, not very much for SUCH an eater...
On friday evening we started our trip to the forest. My father was driving, and I tried to sleep a bit. After 2 hours of driving, I felt an urge to poop. That wasn't a hard poop at all... As we were on the highway, my father couldn't stop in every place. I'm pretty shy girl, so I didn't tell him anything about the urge. I thought we were about half an hour left to the camp site. But after 15 minutes the urge was that strong, that I was nearly letting it go (fortunately I was seating inside the car). I told my father to stop anywhere, because I need to use the toilet. After another 5 minutes he found a place to stop, but there was no toilet. I got out from the car and told him, that I'm not going to poop on the highway with all those people watching. I went back to the car almost crying, because of pain and humiliation. I sat on the seat and asked father to stop on some gas station or anything. The urge was really strong, few times I let it go and sat harder, not to let anything out of my bowels. But it hurt so much... After few minutes more I told my father "Hello? I'm loosing it!". My father drove with 110 mp/h to find some station really fast, but it was too late. The pain was too strong, and I've raised few centimetres above the seat, and didn't even have to push. I just stopped stopping my bowels. It all came out with a loud "splash pshhhhhhh". I only let out the amount, that was enough for me to stop another wave. I tried to stay in that position, but when my father started to break a bit, I felt back to the seat and smeared all over my butt. After 10 minutes we've found a gas station. When I only got out from the car, another cramp and a wave of diarrhea attacked me, and I had to push it all out not to hurt me. I was really humiliated and embarassed.

I am new on here this is my first time. I am 15 blonde female and this is my story last week my mum picked me and my mate up from school and my mum said she has an emergency at work because she is a nurse. so me and my mate where left on our own when about 10 mins after my mum had left me and my mate both really needed to poo.
So I decided she could go first she said are u sure I just said I can hold but as she opened the door to the bathroom I nearly shit myself. I had to go so I told and she said let's just buddy dump what's the harm were both peeing and pooping so she sat right backing the toilet and I tried sitting between her but it didn't work. she sat on the toilet with her legs open and I sat on her placing my arse between her legs then it was like world war three splash everywhere and and after we had done the bathroom stunk but that isn't it as I got up to get toilet paper a big burst of shot came out of my arse and went all over my mate by accident. she sed she wasn't bothered but I think she was so I let her take a shower agreed we both eventually finished two week later I slept at her house and we did the same apart from she sat on me and poop on me on purpose bout I wasn't bothered I did it to her hahah is there any more storyies like this or buddy dumping if so what pages I would like to read them


Re: Talking With My Sister

Stephanie: Welcome Back! Just to remind you, you left off with the pee accident story from your high school graduation. It was nice that you brought up your own sister's accident story as well. Looking forward to reading more from you :)



Almost Accident

Last Tuesday I had an almost accident.

I woke up tuesday morning, was farting and immediately had to poop. I figured it was the beers I had the night before as they always seem to have an affect on my bowels the next day. I went straight to the bathroom and pooped a fairly small poop but still felt like i needed to go after I pooped as had been the case the previous 4 days where I'd poop smaller than normal poops and i usually poop pretty big twice a day.

After i pooped I went and had a breakfast of fruit and had to poop immediately after. I went to poop and pooped a pretty good load into the toilet that required like a dozen wipes.

I had to be out of my house in 20minutes to catch the bus to go meet with a career counselor at college. As I was getting ready I felt a need to poop and sat down on the toilet but only farted which required wiping. I now had 10 minutes to catch the bus and felt like pooping again so i figured better now than in public. I sat down and pooped a little while farting but still felt like i needed to poop really bad like diarrhea. I had like 6 minutes to catch the bus and contemplated grabbing a goodnite diaper(which i wear for bed wetting because when i drink i wet the bed) for the hour plus long public transit ride encase i had an accident but i decided against it.

I got on the bus feeling like i had to poop the entire time. Finally the bus ride was over and i was contemplating if i had time to go buy some diapers encase I needed them but i figured I'd be ok for the train ride.

The urge to poop subsided quite quickly on the train ride and i was fine for most of it until the last ten minutes where I got a crazy urge to poop. It felt like diarrhea and I was kicking myself for not having a diaper on just encase.

I finally got to my stop at the college and the urge was incredible, I thought i was going to poop myself but I felt better knowing it wouldn't be on the train. I rushed towards the college praying i wouldn't poop my pants and that the bathroom would be empty.

I walked quickly and finally made it to the bathroom and it was empty. I don't like using public bathrooms to poop but it seems like I use them quite often for pooping despite my disliking of them so much.

I went into the stall and desperately trying to not poop myself I was trying to cover the toilet seat in toilet paper to sit on but i kept screwing up and it kept falling into the toilet. Then someone walked in and I said to myself that I need to go now. I just whipped down my jeans and it exploded out of me. I farted loudly and it exploded out of me in 10 seconds. It felt so relieving and smelt terrible. When i stood up to wipe I was surprised at how much I pooped because it was a mound that was half out of the water and the water was so brown. It was like 1 step away from being diarrhea. I sat there embarrassed realizing someone else was in the bathroom so I waited 10minutes for them to finish up doing there business before flushing and leaving.

I've had accidents before but I'm so glad that wasn't one of them, it was so much poop. I don't think I've ever been that desperate before in my life.

It might be just me, but I don't see how it's possible to be desperate to poo. If I hav to go and I just ignore it, the feeling goes away cometely, but then I just get badly constipated

Hey all,

Dan from NYC again.

Got a few quick 'memories' of girls either farting, pooping or both! I've yet to be in the bathroom with a lady AS she's pooping, but I've come close, or experienced other senses a few times...

~ once, working my first ever job (fast food, 16..) I had a quite cute co-worker. She was a bit 'punky', easy going & outgoing and had short blonde hair. Once when it was just her and I working, she said 'I hafta fart.' It's not everyday or often a girl says that (typically) in front of a guy, so after I split second I said 'Go for it.' casually, but I think my surprise showed a bit via facial reaction. She did a quiet ripply fart that lasted about 3 seconds.

~ At another job (I worked as ticket-seller at an arts theatre), I had a cute co-worker. She's brunette, shoulder length wavy hair, a nice, round ass (no big, but well shaped) and her boobs were, I'd guess C cups. We had our meal breaks in the back room (forget if it was lunch or supper.) together. Afterwards, she headed into the girls changing room, and I headed to the guys. Now, how it goes is that there's a door to get into the changing room with a few lockers, and there's a single-toilet bathroom with a door across from the entrance. I had to pee, so I went into the bathroom and closed the door. As I was getting myself ready, I heard her come into the bathroom and close the door. Shortly after was the rustle of clothes, and a pee. I didn't pee yet because that could mean that, if she heard me, she knew I could hear her. So I waited it out. I was expecting her to start wiping. She didn't. A pause of silence went for about 5-10 seconds then a plop splashed. within 5 seconds, another. Then another. Then a bigger / louder one. After that she began wiping.

~ at the same job, there was a blonde. Same as above slightly, only I was finishing up after peeing and I heard her come in, and poop a bit with loud plops.

~last theatre story! There's a unisex handicapped bathroom in the main lobby area, and a cute girl (we had a large turnover rate that location haha.) I've had my eye on went in. She was gone a good 5-10 minutes. Next chance i took, I went in there after she was finished. You don't want to take too long in case someone else goes in, ad you don't want to go in right after to arouse suspicion. I could tell she pooped not because of the time she was in there, or there was any in the toilet, but because there was some toilet paper stained medium brown in places, and quite a few marks on the inside of the toilet.

~ When i worked in a retail store, we had a back area, and a bathroom in that back area. My boss was a few years older than me, quite attractive (brunette w/ dyed hair...I think red highlights). Once I had to pee as I'd had a bottle of pop. Not a large one but you know, the average size. I went to go back there, but saw that the door was shut & light was on. so I went to back to work and held off for a bit. I would have stuck around, but that back area was camera monitored.
After she came out to the front I said 'I'll be right back.' and she said "umm...if you're going to the bathroom you might want to a bit because it smells in there." She's not the type to announce, hint at or discuss such matters. I replied with "haha I'll keep that in mind" and went back there. Nothing was left in the toilet, and I didn't really smell anything. Perhaps she warned me BECAUSE she pooped and it MIGHT have smelled.

~ last story for this post. It involves my first g/f, Natasha. She was about 5'3", a bit chubby, a big butt & large round boobs. I still lived with my parents then, and they were gone away on vacation to South Dakota, so of course I had her over. We were eating supper that I made for her at our kitchen table, and she farted. On a wooden chair. It was a good fart too - kinda like frrnnntttt! She gave a single laugh after. It had a bit of smell to it, too. That's not all - I got to be inches from her as she took a dump.
Shortly after our dinner, we were watching tv, and she said "I'll be right back...gotta do more than a fart!" and went up stairs. I crept behind, about 5 or 6 steps behind her. she went round the corner and closed the bathroom door. I heard a quick swish-rustle as she lowered everything. Being interested & very curious, I went up to the bathroom door, and laid on my stomach so I could peer under. I was about 5 or 6 inches away from her & the toilet. Her legs were spread far, and everything was at her ankles. Peering upwards slightly, I couldn't see up past her ankles, and the floor did not reflect. Her feet & toes moved and curled / flexed. I was turned on, and it was pressing against the floor. she farted again, this was a very airy soft ffffsssssstt... a few seconds after that, she peed for about 3-5 seconds, and sighed quietly. Then she started pooping. I heard a crackle-rustle type sound that lasted 20 seconds, followed be 'mhm..'. Then PLOP...*gentle splash*..PLONK-SH. Once I heard her start wiping, I made my escape. As i was headed downstairs, i heard the toilet flush. I was still pretty aroused, so when she came downstairs we got a bit intimate and I paid some attention to a certain body part (though not straight away, of course.)

Finally, some shout-outs, that I can remember off hand at this point:

- Nat X : very good story, especially the 'farting into my Frenchies' part.

- Upstate Dave. As always, great to read.

- Eileen H. Each story gets better. My favorite was your Thanksgiving post so far. What is your age & appearance if you don't mind me asking? Apologies if you've already posted your info.

- Listening Ear: great posts!

That's it for now, and I've already written quite a bit!

Enjoy the rest of your weeks,



Holding it for 6 days

When I was 16 I held my poo in for 6 days untill I got so desperate I just had to go. I knew it would block the toilet if I went at home so I took some toilet roll & went out to the woods. By the time I got there I was close to pooing my pants & there were quite a few people there. I didn't feel comfortable going with so many people around so I kept walking in the hope of finding somewhere more private. I had to clench hard to prevent this monster poo from pushing out into my pants but it hurt to keep holding it for so long. I thought about just letting go but the risk of being seen with a load in my underwear was too big so I had to keep clenching in spite of the pain. Everywhere I looked there were people & I was in agony after not going for 6 days. All I could do was pray I could hold it untill I found a private spot to relieve my ever more urgent poo. After half an hour of searching with the most urgent, desperate need to poo I've ever had I was losing the battle with my bowels. I felt my anus being forced open from the enormous pressure behind it & I tried to clench harder but the pain was so bad & my bowels were so full I couldn't do anything to stop it happening. It was so embarrassing but the intense relief felt so good I just relaxed untill my pants were full. I had to stop about half way to avoid making too big a mess but I felt so much better for it. I don't think anyone noticed my accident & eventually I found a spot that was far enough away from anyone to not be seen & took off my jeans panties. My panties must have weighed about 3 pounds & I still had a lot more poo inside me. I squatted over them & pushed out another huge load adding to the already large pile. The relief of emptying 6 days worth of poo was one of the most pleasurable moments of my life but what a clean up.

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Cindy it sounds like you and that other girl were both having a nasty time and I cnt wait for the conclusion of the story and I look forward to any other stories you ma have thanks.

To: Leanne great story about you and your friends pooping together it sounds like you guys had fun and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Braidy great story about seeing those girls and women going to the bathroom and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Mystery Girl I hope you will some stories next time even if there a simple pee and/or poop story it dosent matter and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Upstate Dave as always another great story from the KING of this site and a question for you do any of your friends know if no maybe you could to tell them and maybe they can start posting here as well and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Eileen H great story about you pooping on a plane I bet the next person in there wasnt very happy with such a small space but what can you do when you gotta go you gotta go and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Anny as always another great story and msn I bet you felt alot better and a little bit lighter after getting rid of that monster but I bet your toilet wasnt happy and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: The Listening Ear as alway another great story about hearing a girl and/or woman going to the bathroom and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

These next posts are ones I didnt get to last time because I ran out of time.

To: Sabse first welcome to the site and great story about your desperate poop and please post more of them thanks.

To: Janet first welcome to the site and it sounds like you can when a farting contest pretty easily and it sounds like you might have some good stories for this site and it sounds like you will fit in just right with the rest of us so I hope you come back and I look forward it thanks.

A correction to my post about the mad magazine comic it was Paris Hilton im pretty sure everyone got that I just wanted to clarify and another corredtion it wasnt the paparazi it was a buch of her fans who wanted her autograph and picture even though she just got done taking a nasty dump.

Well thats all for now

Sincerly Brandon T

PS. I love this site


Fart Alecks part 3

One time at the first day of my spring break in the year 1990.Me and my family went to a Space Center in Huntsville Alabama.Me and my Dad gone in a restroom to pee.After we got done,A man was at a urinal,he was partly bald with a mustache.And he let out a loud fart.My dad goes,WELL!I GUESS SOMEBODY HAD BEANS TODAY!Then that man goes ahhhhh yeah!

Caryl Marie

How to select a cubicle survey

Yesterday, me and my friend went to the mall in the afternoon to see a movie. Marne's dad called at 4 p.m. and said we would have to wait because he was stuck in a sales meeting. So we had to wait. Marne said she had to crap and we went out into the mall to use the bathroom. It was a strange situation where there was no one in there and all 10 stalls were available. While Marne sat and crapped, I took the stall next to hers and after putting some liner on the seat, pissed a little. Just being bored and waiting for her dad to come took us over a half hour. So we just sat and talked. While we did, the idea came to me for this survey. Hope you enjoy it.

Question: If you enter a public bathroom and all 10 toilets are available, how do you choose the one you're going to use?
a) random
b) end stall
c) closest
d) first one my eyes see
e) if the seat is clean
f) if there's toilet paper available
g) if there's no crap or pee in the bowl
h) there's a door and lock that works
i) there's a container for feminine products
j) other

My answers are d, e & f. Of those, I would say f is the most important to me. As I've written about before, I don't like sitting on a bare public seat.

Marne's answer: a. There have been times at school and elsewhere where she will crap and then discover there's no toilet paper on the roll. Also i applies to her because her periods are worse than mine.

Hope you guys enjoy the survey. Also, Marne's dad is very open about his body's needs. He honked when he saw us standing out in the mall entrance, and after we got into the car, he grabbed the keys from the ignition and ran into the mall. When he came back out like 10 minutes later he said "some shits just won't wait for 29th Street!" (the street on which they live). Although it was gross, we both thought it was pretty funny.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Sam I'd love to hear more of your accident stories.


Biggest liquid shit ever!!!! part 1

One day when i was a about 22 years old i had an extremely bad urge to use the bathroom. I was on a highway and i heard my stomach gurgle so i decided to use the restroom. I went to one of those roadside bathrooms i went in and saw a 19 year old blond sitting on the toilet having a bowel movement. My stomach grumbled again. I looked down at her and saw her tremendous breast size, almost as big as mine! I said to her, "are you almost done!!! I need to go!!!" " So do i but I'm not even close to being done!" Then i heard a loud fart come from her then a few plops in the toilet. Then I stayed in the bathroom because for some reason i like hearing and watching girls like me poop. Soon she grunted again and a few more plops. But now my urge for diarrhea was really bad. As heard this other girl taking a shit my urge kept getting worse. Soon i started holding my stomach and my butt. The girl let out at least 7 more loud farts and quite a few more drops into the toilet then she flushed. I opened the door and pushed her out. But what i saw was horrible. Then whole toilet was covered with shit and the walls had shitty hand prints on them. I thought to myself, i can't sit on this toilet! But i heard my stomach growl again and I instantly sat down on the toilet. A huge fart followed by a long stream of shit came out my ass and i couldn't stop my farts and squirts then my stomach growled again! i then had about a minute long wet fart then a turd shot out my ass. I was about to let out another long and wet fart but then i saw another girl come be continued

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