First Accident

As a child, I never recall having any accidents. The first accident I truly remember is when I was 12. My sister and I had been jumping on the trampoline, when I got a cramp. I had eaten chunky applesauce before, and that always seemed to go right through me. I told my sister that I wasn't feeling very well and we went inside. My parents had relatives over, and I am extremely bathroom shy. I wouldn't go to the bathroom if anyone was at our house. I knew that I really needed to go and that I wouldn't be able to last much longer. I tried to wait a little longer, but it was getting difficult. I decided to go outside and wait it out. It was dark out and I was getting stinky. I got outside and a cramp hit me. I knew I was not going to be able to hold it in much longer. I was wearing whitey tighties and I had never pooped myself before. I went a little ways from my house and found some trees. It was dark out, and I live in a quiet neighborhood. So I knew I wasn't gonna get caught. I pulled my jeans off and bent over. I didn't even have to push. It came right out. It was a strange feeling, since this was my first time. But I liked it. And I have liked it ever since. I took off my underwear and through them in the garbage. It was a good night. And I have done it many times since then, that I will tell everyone about later!!! :D

Hi again to everyone.

Well today I went to the gym and I thought that would get my bowels moving, but it didn't. I had some lunch but still nothing came. Then after dinner (some chili) I had to go. I sat down and after two tiny pieces a huge log came easily out. It was easily the largest turd I've passed in a fair few weeks!
It reminded me of when I was younger, about 10 or 11. I went with my friend Sarah for a sleepover at my friend Emily's house. The day before I had not pooed, nor had I been before I went round in the afternoon. Emily' mum cooked us all fajhitas for dinner and then we had ice cream. Afterwards we went out to play in the garden for a bit. I could tell Sarah wanted the toilet and after a bit so did I- I could feel the tip of my turd moving slowly. We went back in and Sarah went straight to Emily's en-suite loo. As Emily and I sat on her bed we could hear Sarah dropping some wet pieces. Half an hour later Emily went for a poo. She too dropped a lot of pieces. I had to go now but I didn't want to go right in after her so I waited 15 minutes. I sat down and out came a couple of smaller pieces and then a huge log started moving. It made a really loud splash and I heard the other giggle! It felt good though!

Will post again soon. Bye!


Super Squatters in public bathrooms

I'm in my second summer at the huge amusement park. I work as a "floater" meaning there's several different jobs I do depending on what the needs are. However, since I'm an athlete and like being around people, they work me in concessions a lot. My boyfriend jokes that I should slow down and that they would probably move me to a job that's less stressful, but I like staying busy because the day goes faster that way. My end of the park is a park-within-a-park type of attraction with dozens of rides for little children, a wading pool and similar attractions. There's a special set of bathrooms right there behind the concessions building too that are very family (child-friendly) with half-high doors that don't have latches, the toilets are only half-high and the sinks are much lower to the floor. Because I['m 19 and 6',3" tall, when I'm seated on the toilet, I tower well above the partition and the partial privacy door. A good number of moms take their children to a stall, open the door for the child and then go to another one of the open stalls and do their thing. For the really young toddlers, however, many of the mom's take the child into the stall and help them by controlling their every move. I wrote about this last summer and it can be found on Page 1883.

As I've written about in my previous postings I'm not the least bit bashful about going in, sitting down on the seat and doing what is intended and that's eliminating waste as fast and efficiently as possible. I don't do any of the seat covering that some of the participants on this board write about nor am I about to do the squatting that Firecracker Guy and Standee Mandy write about. I sit right down on the public toilet just like I do my home or dorm toilets, but always thought the squatters were limited to just standing over the toilet, and dropping their excretion or pee into the bowl. Like Standee Mandy writes about, I've seen it done that way. Firecracker Guy's story about Jonathon was interesting to me because I would think a guy would have more time pushing one out, especially if he were constipated and the crap as hard. I've always enjoyed being seated, placing my elbows into my thighs, and giving it that extra push, but that's just me, I guess.

However, last week at the amusement park I observed something new and in my 19 years never thought I would see. I had waited more than five minutes for one of the dozen or more stalls to open and I finally raced in. I dropped my shorts, pulled down my black thong, and seated myself on the warm seat. The previous user, a girl about a third my age, hadn't flushed, but I was too late as my pee stream started immediately. The stool to my left flushed, and a woman with what sounded like two or three young children whom she ordered to stand right outside her door and not to move in any "way, shape, or form" quickly entered the stall. As she was approaching the toilet, my height combined with the low partition between us enabled me to see the woman, who looked to be in her 30s, from the shoulder level up. She looked over at me, we made eye contact, and she said how she just dreaded going into a public bathroom with her young children. I complimented them because they weren't making any noise and weren't running around.

Then the lady, dropped her shorts and underwear, and backed up to the toilet as if she was going to do the normal thing: sit down on it. However, that changed real fast when I saw her hands go up on the top of the partition and she used the leverage to place her whole body up on the top of the seat. Now I could see everything from her breasts and upward. The toilet seat creaked from her weight as did one or two of her knees. She had amazing balance as she squatted from seat level with the weight on her knees and the bottom of her legs folded under her thighs. I was simply amazed because I had never seen this done before, although I've been confronted with wet seats that I assumed were soiled by the squatters. Her piss started immediately and it came out in torrants like rain during a heavy thunderstorm. I realized that the noise was caused by the additional splashes since she was towering so high above the toilet. She respected my privacy and kept her focus forward as she scolded her one daughter to keep her sister's fingers out of her mouth and to keep her from eating all her candy at one time. After just under two minutes the stream stopped, I heard the woman step off the toilet, which, with her foot, she flushed. Over the noise, I heard one of the girls say "Mommy, I have to wee real bad" and I heard the mother turn around, pull toilet paper off the roll, and then placse it over the seat.

She had the girl hand her candy off to a sister, and she pulled the girl's shorts and panties down to floor level, turned the girl around, and it seemed like the little girl was placed on the seat from an upright position so that her butt would not cause the paper liner to slide off. The girl was moving her legs too much and the mom told her to keep them still. Within a couple of minutes I could hear a stream going. I quickly wiped myself, pulled up my thong and shorts and went to the sink as the girl was finishing up. Then I wiped my hands on my shorts as I ran back to the concession stand because I knew Annie was probably getting swamped without me. Annie's got a bit of an attitude for a 15-year-old and she got sarcastic with me and asked me if I "Went to Russia" to use the bathroom. I told her I probably took too long and was sorry she was left alone. (I would never have thought of talking to someone older than me like Annie did when I was her age!), but I tried what Coach tells us to do and that's show both respect and tact in such situations. I also tried to humor her a bit a few minutes later when business slowed down.

Italian guy
Hi Stitica Laura,I am Italian like you.I really enjoyed your stories and I look forward to hear more from you :)

mystery girl

sorry for the delay.

Hi all. I posted about a month ago about how right after i left work, i was so desperate to go to the bathroom that i pooped in my pants right before getting in the car. I read some of the responses over the last few weeks but i kept getting caught up in other things before i could respond. I remember a lot of what was said but not necessarily who said what, so forgive me.

First, as humiliating as it is for someone my age i think i have to admit that i just straight up had an accident. I mean, part of me wants to think that my conscious played in active role in making the decision to poop in my pants, as if that somehow makes it ok- but after i thought over it for a few days i realized i definitely never had a moment where i explicitly thought "I'll just go in my pants" and i never tried to push it out...i just lost it and it all came out in my pant on its own. So I'm afraid i have to rule it an accident.

I was interested in a couple responses that alluded to me "doing it again". (I believe the responses were by stephanie, old fart, brandon t) Don't get me wrong, it's not something i plan to make a hobby out of. Just an interesting and unusual incident i experienced and thought this was the place to share. But I'll definitely take your advice into consideration if i ever have the misfortune of accidentally pooping myself again. I liked the shower idea. Wish I'd thought of just rinsing myself in the shower with my soiled panties still on. Cleaning off with dry toilet paper was SUCH a hassle. As for "trying it with a more solid load", again, not planning on making a hobby. But I'll let you all know about how I'd compare the sensations if i ever poop myself again and its more solid.
Finally there was a recent response about the bathrooms at work that i said aren't very private. Well they're right inside the entrance where there is a lot of foot traffic close to the door to the bathrooms, and the door opens a lot as women are frequently in and out. So i don't find it to be a desirable place to have a BM. So i gambled on trying to make it home and i totally lost, of course.

Oh, there were also questions about other accidents. No, that's the only time i pooped my pants aside from my diaper-wearing years. I can however tell you that I've wet myself a couple of times. When i was in 2nd grade, i had to pee in class, and i was too shy to ask during the activity so i tried waiting, but before i knew if i was tinkling in my undies and pee was dripping from my chair. I cried, as you can imagine. The other time i was...ugh, 20. Don't know why i feel so embarrassed saying that you already know i shit my pants a month ago. But i went with my parents and younger sister to my cousins wedding a few hours away. Even though i was technically underage, my dad let me have champagne and even some beer at the reception. I didn't get wasted or anything, but buzzed. The main effect was the heightened bladder activity...I'd pee, then 10 minutes later have to pee urgently again. I went to the bathroom and peed IMMEDIATELY before we got on the road to drive home, but still, just 10 minutes or so into the ride, i had a pretty urgent need to pee again. I waited as long as i could before asking my dad to stop, but it was still only like less thadn a half hour into rhe ride and he did NOT want to stop so soon. We were on the new jersey turnpike which is a paid access highway so its not great to exit before your destination, so there are rest stops attached to the turnpike every 20 miles or so. Well my dad just cruised right on by the first rest stop after i asked, and he said "next rest stop. Lets get some miles behind us please." I was so annoyed! Right when we passed the "next rest area- 15 miles" sign, my bladder failed me. It started as a few quick squirts dampening my panties and quickly developed into a steady, strong stream of pee soaking my panties, my dress and the car seat. I felt this incredible tingling sensation throughout my whole lower body, and the warmth spreading over my crotch and underneath my thighs and butt was certainly interesting. The relief was amazing but i was LIVID with my dad. I just sat quietly and never mentioned it, until we stopped at the next rest stop and he asked why i wouldn't get out of the car. I very matter-of-factly said "i needed to stop earlier and you didn't. Now it's too late." My sister chimed in and said "oh my god did you pee?" And i just ignored everyone and stared out my window. My dad mumbled and cursed to himself, slammed his door and we drove home in almost complete silence, and after about an hour and a half i was finally able to change out of my wet underwear.

I hope that cleared up your questions, thank you for showing so much interest in my story :) I will certainly let you guys know next time i pee or poop myself, but i kinda hope i don't.

I was in New York City with my girlfriend over the weekend. We were on the subway on our way to Union Square when my bowels started to act up. I desperately hoped there was a restroom in the subway station. We got to the station, there were restrooms but they were locked. So we went upstairs, figuring I could find a restaurant and use the bathroom there. But as we walked down the sidewalk we saw a public mens room. I ran inside.

I walked in and noticed that the toilet stall had no door. Not even really a stall, just a little partition between the toilet and the urinals. There was a guy washing his hands at the sink, but I decided to just suck it up and go. It's a toilet, right?

The toilet was metal and had no seat. I wiped it off with some toilet paper and put some paper on it. I pulled my jeans and underwear down just past my ass and sat. Right away I had some pretty loud diarrhea. The guy at the sink, said, "Whew, that sounded bad." I didn't respond.

While in there, at least six or seven guys came in to use the urinals. I don't know what I was expecting, but I was surprised at how nonchalant they were at the fact that a guy was sitting on the toilet in full view of the room. They didn't even seem to notice. Maybe there's some unwritten rule I never knew about in regard to doorless stalls. "Avert your eyes."

Anyway, I finished, wiped my ass and washed my hands. The sink had a sign on it that said the water was "most likely" safe to drink.

Brandon T

Comments & stuff

To: Raven another great story it sounds like you really got a good cleanout and I bet you felt alot better after that and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Stephanie great about your sisters poop and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Ashleigh it sounds like you just made it just in time and didnt have an accident and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Upstate Dave as always another great post from the KING of this site it sounds like your friend Marcie is a pretty interesting person and she seems to enjoy showing you everything she doesa and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: WhinnieThePoo as always another great story
some places you can go in are a bucket, a plastic or paper bag, a bowl, a box and thats all I can think of right now and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Amanda M I hope you get over your shyness and as always I look forward to your next post.

well im out of time right now I will contiue the rest using my psp so to be contiued

To: Jas I bet you wont do that again and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Jess E welcome to the site and great story and please post more of them thanks.

To: The Listening Ear another great post and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Wendy & Kirsty Wendy great pee story & Kirsty great poop story and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Ciara it sounds like you & your friends had a pretty bad day and as always I look forward to your next post.

Upstate Dave

Seeing One Girl On The Toilet And One Girl Pees Outside

This happened all on the same day. Now my friend Mike had moved away but had moced back with him and his family bought the first house on the road I lived on. The house was old at one time being a toll house for our road at one time had been a toll road. It was a two story house with a single bathroom upstairs way in the back of the house.

Now there was a long side yard with a steep uphill secttion to the yard. With having this steep uphill section the ack door of the house was even to the hillside so you could drectly go right into the second story without stairs. The bathroom was the first room off the hall on the left side as soon as you went in the backdoor.

Now a bunch of us were playing in the side yard. We had been out there for quite some tiime. We then broke up ourgrou with Mike and his two brothers were in the lower part of the side yard while I had been up on the hill section of the yard. Mike and his two brothers went in the side door while I headed for the backdoor since it was the one closest to me.

I walked in the backdoor and I had to piss so I thought I would step into the bathroom and go. Seeing that the door was wide open I stepped through the open door of the bathroom. The bathroom wasn't empty! There was Mikes sister Marcy sitting on the toilet! She was siting witout wearing her shorts or panties too! They were on the floor out in front of her. Marcy was takeing her top off too when I walked in on her. So she didn't see me right then when I did walk in on her!

Now the way Marcy was siting down on the toilet seat was that she had both of her feet pulled back at the sides of the toilet. Her head was not in sight for she had her top down inside of it right then. Plus Marcywas pissingt right the too! I coud see her piss stream,vagina,thehiss her stream was makeing and the sound of her piss splashing in te water down inside the bowl.

I quickly said Opps sorry Marcy! I was going to step back out but Marcy had now yanked her top off enough her head was out of t. Marcy looked right at me and she giggled hard first. Then she said quickly back to me; Oh hi Dave! Your'e ok! Stay and watch since I've already started! I laughed a little and said vack to Marcy; Ok I will. But let e shut the door. So I reached back and shoved the door cloised.

Marcy went on pissing which I watched her go. Marcy smiled and asked me if we were done outside. I told her yes. Marcy now slipped her arms out of the short sleeves of her top and tossed it on the floor with her shorts and panties. The hissing of her piss was fadeing now along with its splashing geting softer too. Marcy now told me besides takeing a piss she was going to take a bath too. The water is ready as soon as I'm done pissing! Marcy now smiled as she had talked to me and still was smiling after she had finished talking.

I heard the hissing ofher piss stop along with the splashing of the water in the toilet. But Marcy stayed siting on the toilet seat. She gave out a slight grunt which I heard a loud hiss, saw a stream of piss again , and there was a loud splash again also as her piss hit the water in the toilet again. It was only a short spurt of piss. In a few seconds it had stopped. Now Marcy stood up and stepped right into the bathtub.

Then she sat down in the tb and started to wash herself. I told her I was going and I gave her a wink and as I winked I said Thanks Mary. Marcy laughed and said; Later Dave and she went on washing while I turned around and stepp-ed out of the bathroom closed the door and instaed of walking down the hall to the stairs I went out the backdoor instead.

I still had to piss and seeing Marcy piss made the urge that I had to piss much stronger! Now just off to the right there behind the house was a garage that belonged to thehouse next door. Thehouse then was up for sale so I knew there was no one there to see me slip through the bushes and go behind the garage at least from the house. Nut when I ha stepped outside I did have comapny there now in the yard! It was Susan from across the highway!

Susan was a friend of Marcy. Susan knew me and she said hi to me as soon as I had come outside. I said hi back to her. Susan asked me; What was Marcy up to? Oh she is takeing a bath right now. Oh Susan said right ack to me. Oh well I guess I won't go in then Susan next said to me. I was not only going to go in to see waht she was doing but also I have to pee too! I guess I won't be doing that then! Susan added.

Why not Susan! You both are girls! I laughed lightly as I said this to Susan. Oh I don't know Dave Susan said to me next. It's opne thing to be half naked or less and have someone else that is totaly naked! Then Susan said to me. I'll jst step over there behind the garage and pee! I laghed and asked Susa was it alright for me to come with her. Susan laughed a short laugh and said to me; Why not! You can help me so I don't wet my dress!

So the both of us pushed our way through the bushes that were there on the side of the yard so we could get behind the garage. Then once behind the garage the ground there was steep like Mikes section of his yard. So it was hard for Susan to squat hold her dress as she would sqaut and piss. I stepped behind Susan grabbed the bottom of her sress and pulled it way up high geting it outof the way.

Susan did have on a pair of panties which were white ones. She grabbed them and she slipped them down over her hips which her panties were tight. She had to wiggle her hips as she pulled the down. once they were down at her kneesSusan squated down to pee. Thing was Susan diodn't start right away. No matter to me! Now having Susans bare cute ass to look at I was enjoying that right then!

Then I did see some piss dribble down to the ground barely makeing a wet spot in te dirt and stones that were there. Then there was a pause. A short one. Then Susan had shoot out from her vagina a short hard spurt of piss! It made a loud hiss, made a pretty goiod splash off the ground and wetted a fairly good sized arae of the dirt and stones that were there.

Then there was a second pause after that short hard spurt of piss. Then I heard Susan give offa soft ungth. She must have pushed in giving off that grunt. Well she had pushed for a stronger stream of piss I saw shoot outward but went upward at the same time! With this result her piss stream went right into her panties giving them a pretty good weting with piss!

Thishard spurt lasted only a couple or three seconds and her stream fell going staright down to the ground under her. But at least this time after the spurt Susan did keep on pissing. But Susan had seen that arced piss stream wet her panties which she laughed and said to me as she laughed; I just pissed my panties Dave! DID YOU SEE THAT!!! I laughed and told Susan I had.

Now as Susan went on pissing with that straight down stream to the ground it hissed very softly, hardly made a splash and her piss ran down through the drt and stones since it was steep where we were. Susan now I could see watched her piss slowly creepingover the dirt and where there were larger stones her piss ran crookedly over the ground. Susan also giggled off and on watching her piss at this time too.

It seemed to me as far as Susans piss TOOK FOREVER!!!! It could have just been that she wasn't pissing hard at all plus she had a real full bladder at this time too! As a result for pissing so long Susans piss had ran down thrughthe dirt and stones reaching hwere there was a small shallow sitch at the base of the garage back wall amd made a small puddle in that ditch!

After Susan did stop pissing she stood up but told me to keepher dresss up. I did. Susan the slipped her wet white pantie all te way down and took them right off! Then to top it all off Susan tossed her wet panties in the ditch right into the piss puddle part of the ditch! Then she laughed and said; Ok Dave put my dress down! I let go of it and it fell back down into place. Wethen walked out trough the bushes. Susan laughed said to me; Later Dave! She tool off runningeading to go home. Istood there for a very quick moment and then I too left Mikes yard and I went home also. I did wind up takeing a very long piss inthe upstairs bathroom at home when I got home. The End

Eileen H

Adventures Across the Pond: Story #1

I took a trip to England to see my husband's parents. On the trip I had three separate bowel escapades.


I hadn't even made it across the pond and things went awry. The flight was delayed because of rain. We were just stuck on the tarmac. I got nervous and when I get nervous air escapes from my butt with pungent odors. The thing about farting in a plane is that the smell can only dissipate, it'll never completely disappear until you land. NJ to UK is roughly a 7 hour flight. It was either 7 hours of stink or 7 hours of uncomfortableness. I chose stink. I let them rip in my seat. Suddenly, I felt an enormous amount of pressure hit my lower regions. I knew my body well enough to know this wasn't another fart. This was the urgent need to vacate my bowels speaking to me. Just then, the plane began to depart.

This was likely the closest I have ever come to an accident of the poop variety. The pressure in my stomach, caused by the shit trying its hardest to come out of me, combined with the pressure caused by takeoff, was simply unbearable. When the plane steadied in the air and the "Fasten Seatbelt" sign went away, I wasted no time in bolting up from seat, shuffling to the aisle, and racing to the bathroom. Luckily, it seemed I was the only one who needed the bathroom. I felt bad for the people at the end of the plane near the bathroom. They were about to experience the wrath of Eileen H just after she's dropped a load off. More specifically, the smell of Eileen H after she's dropped a load off.

I got situated on the toilet and let things commence. I big log started to bolt out like lightning. It slowed down to a creep when it's head was out. I let out some farts that helped push it along. It already started to stink in this little box they call a bathroom. These things are so small it doesn't take much to make one smell like serious shit. This greasy, ripe, fat, smelly log slithered out of me until it finally dropped. I felt a little more left in me, so I pushed, but it was only a few farts. I got up and felt the full effect of my turd. It seriously stank in that place and I'd only been there barely a minute. I looked down to see the crap I just released in full effect. The thing about airport toilets that I like/hate is that whatever turd you drop can be seen in full effect, whether it's your own or someone else's. I sat back down to wipe, washed my hands, and left that horrid stink box. I hesitated to open the door because I knew this stench would spread throughout the plane. I opened the door and rushed back to my seat before the repugnant odor wafted out of there.


Gigantic crap

Whew! Relief! I finally pooped after a week of my bowels not moving (other than a tiny bout of diarrhea yesterday). I've been drinking lots of peppermint tea and water every day and taking my laxative like the doctor asked me to. By the time I went today I was squirming because I had to go so bad.

My stomach felt full and uncomfortable and I was starting to turtle-head so I went to the bathroom to unload 7 days worth of shit out of me. I had a hard time even staying still to lift up the toilet seat and get the toilet paper because I needed to go so bad. When I sat down and gave a push I groaned at the same time from relief. The bathroom smelled awful and I knew it was going to be huge. When I was finished I stood up and wiped. It was about a foot and a half long, about the size of someone's arm. No wonder my stomach hasn't been feeling too great.

I <3 POO

Colonic clear-outs

Hi everyone : ) I have 2 stories of having really good colonic clear-outs!! Here goes:

My first one happened last Sunday evening, it was about 7pm and I was in my bedroom putting the finishing touches to my packing as I was going away for a week with my mates I used to go to school with. It was a warm, sticky evening and I was in my denim crop pants and black open-toe sandals rushing around getting all hot and bothered trying to get things done quickly. I was feeling quite bloated a bit gassy (I had my dinner half an hour before) and every couple of minutes I was letting rip with some really minging, smelly gas which was smelt meaty....Phew!!! Then one of my mates phoned me to have a chat about things and the holiday we was going on and who was taking what. I had been on the phone a good 5-7 mins when literally am I'm not kidding I could feel the most sharp, crampy pains in my belly and quickly placed my right hand on my belly and couldn't really concentrate on what my mate was saying on the phone because I knew I needed a poo and NOW! The urge was impending and I really tried to tell my mate that I needed to get off the phone, but couldn't as he was talking...FINALLY I got a word in and said "Mate, please excuse me, I really need to use the bathroom and will talk to you in a bit" I rounded off the conversation and ended the call, put the phone to one side and with one hand on my belly I made my way rather quickly to the upstairs loo, turned on the light, locked the door and started, loosened the belt on my denim crop pants and my pants and pulled them down to my thighs and plonked my bum on the loo, then folded my arms and pressed them to my belly and let out some soft grunts and pushed...Sure enough I could feel a big load waiting to drop out of my bum as I let out a couple of really smelly, meaty farts and a load of smelly chunks dropped out...and plopped loudly into the bowl....Plop, plop, splop, ploooop, blop, blop-plop-plip-plip-plop-plop-plop! Ahh! The relief! By now it was getting smelly to say the least. But I wasn't done just yet, nope! I could still feel more, much more up my bum that was still waiting to drop out and then I was hit by a cramp and more sloppy, soft poo just exploded out of my bum and made more loud plops...PLOP!, PLOP, PLOP!, SPLOOOOPSLOPSPLOPS, SPLIPSLOPSPLOOOPSPLOPS, PLOP!, BLONK! BLOP! I was literally dropping poo every couple of seconds but still was feeling full inside and realised that this was gonna be a really big poo as more smelly, sludge hit the water with loud plops! Another smallish cramp hit and more chunks just kept dropping out of my bum and OMG! Were they smelly?! The smell was minging and I still had more to do...I let out more soft grunts and another lot of chunks just kept coming and coming and making more loud plops! By now it was gone half 7 and I had been on the loo for 15 minutes and still was no where near done as I could feel my belly gurgling and thought it was going to result in another sharp cramp followed by another wave of mushy poo but all it was that I let rip with a wet fart which really stunk! Pooey! After a couple of seconds I could feel more poo making its way to my bum in a hurry and then I let out a couple of softish grunts and pushed a bit and surely I could feel the tip end of a thick, chunky log wanting to make its way out but it wasn't moving so had to really press my arms to my belly and give a bit of a grunt to get things moving again and sure enough this log then started to turtle head and then hung out for a second before dropping with a loud PLOP! Soon as that one dropped another smaller one plopped in after and then another, Ahhh! I could begin to feel the relief and then I let rip with another minging, meaty fart followed by …. Plop! Plopslopslopbloploplopplipplipplopplopplipplop! It was awfully smelly in the loo now and so far I was on the loo for a good half an hour as it was 7:45 and suddenly was hit with another cramp followed by smelly, mushy, sludgy poo which just slipped out of my bum with such ease. I was done and it felt like someone had put something inside of me because I can't remember the last time I had a really good clear out, I really did have a good poo but I had stunk the bathroom out completely! I quickly had a look behind me into the bowl to see the damage and needless to say it was a mess! I had managed to turn the water brown and pebble dashed the inside of the bowl too! I couldn't help it. I then ripped off some loo roll and wiped my bum it took at least 5 wipes to get it clean, then I stood up pulled up my pants and denim shorts and flushed the loo and sprayed quite a bit of air freshener to banish the smell of my smelly poo.
The second one happened a few nights ago on Wednesday evening while I was away with my mates on holiday. We had all had a fantastic day in the sun at the pleasure beach enjoying the rides and came back for a lovely meal at the local pub on the caravan site. After our meal, myself and my mates went back to our caravan for a rest and to put our feet up for a while as we had all been on our feet all day and it was hot so we all felt knackered. I went straight to my room because I wanted to spend sometime to myself and have a lay down on my bed and also because I was feeling like I need a poo as my belly became to feel full and I was letting rip with smelly farts which were really smelly! So I kicked off my trainers and socks and gave my feet a well deserved break and had a bit of a sleep. I could hear my mates in the other room and they were talking about how they felt really bloated and needed a dump. So one of them went in to the loo (and bearing in mind the walls are pretty thin and you could hear everything plus the fact that the door was next to my room). I heard everything the loud farts and loud plops for a good 5 minutes and then they were done and then same again as my other friend needed to go for a dump too. I was still asleep but could hear them taking their dumps and my urge was getting stronger as I let rip with a fart which really stunk but still didn't get the urge yet. It was already half 7, so I got up in my t-shirt and shorts and walked into the kitchen barefoot where my mates were making a cup of tea and chilling out, one of them was already asleep and I was standing by the work-top just about to sip into my tea when I was hit with the URGE to go for a poo real BAD! I quickly put my tea to one side and rushed to the loo, locked the door and undid the belt on my shorts and pulled both them and my pants down to my thighs and sat on the loo. Within 30 seconds a load of soft, warm, mushy sludge made its way out of my bum and I was cramped up then I let out a fart….Brrrappptttt and followed through with more foul waste … Plop, plop, plop-plip-plip-plop-plip-plop-plop-sploop-blop-plop-blonk, but yet I was not even done as I could feel my belly beginning to cramp up again and that another wave of sludge would hit imminently and I was right as I could feel myself getting all tensed up and sure it hit…..Brrappppptttttttt, brrapptt, brpptttt! Plop, plop, plop, plipssplopsplopsloopplooop! The smell was definitely building up in the loo but I still had a bit more to do yet before I was cleared out but now things got a bit slow and I could feel my bowels gurgling again and knew that this was gonna require some straining and grunting! So I sat there with my arms pressed to my belly and grunted softly and pushed and sure enough this got things inside me moving again and I could feel a big piece of poo waiting to emerge from my bum and it made it's way out with a PLOP! Then I could feel a couple of thickish logs begin to protrude and they both plopped loudly into the bowl…by now it was nearly 8:15pm and again I've been on the loo for a good half an hour but again I couldn't help it as I really needed to go and I like to take as much time as I need on the loo to have a good, satisfying poo. I looked behind and there were these 3 big logs which I dropped at the end on top of all the pieces that I dropped earlier and yes it was a big beast of a poo and it smelled!!! It took about 5 wipes to get my bum clean but all in all my insides feel better for it.
Happy pooing everyone, till next time bye! : )

The Listening Ear

Part 5

A chance to further my career (so I thought) took me to another part of the country, where I rather lost my way. Three jobs in quick succession brought no satisfaction either work-wise or listening-wise. In the first one the Ladies and Gents were at opposite ends of the building. In the second one the Ladies was directly above the Gents, but there was too much noise in the Gents to hear much from above, and no means of knowing who was in there. The third one I don't even remember. After that I gave up and moved to London to find work.

In the lodgings, things were slightly better. If my fellow-lodger wasn't around I could stand on the landing listening to the sounds from the toilet. I frequently heard my landlady peeing, more thunderously than I had ever head a woman pee before. Better still, she had a young niece - petite with short blonde hair - who visited for a couple of weekends. Her pee was almost as thunderous as her aunt's, but not always continuous. On one occasion there were four bursts (I'd never heard stopping and starting like that before), and on another there were two, with a nice PLOP in between. The rest of her dump followed, but was unfortunately inaudible.

Shortly before leaving that part of the country I started going out with a local girl, and continued seeing her after I moved to London. That involved spending a lot of weekends at her house, where she lived with a very protective mother and grandmother. She was another thunder-maker (is it something in the water? or part of the local accent?), but I loved listening to her peeing, just because it was her and she was so lovely. On one occasion when we were staying at my mother's house and I had hardly taken my eyes off her for a whole day, I suddenly realised that she hadn't been to the toilet at all. I couldn't believe it; I thought I must have made a mistake, until the next morning, when I came out of the toilet and found her outside hopping from foot to foot. When she got in there it was like the Dam Busters. An explosion of thunder-pee and a massive descending-bass fart at the same time. This, from someone who was physically the girl of my dreams (medium height, medium build, big grey eyes and long dark hair), was sheer delight.

She didn't seem have a regular bowel habit; she just went at any time of day as she needed to, which - so far as I could judge from only being with her for two days at a time - was probably about five times a week. The first time I heard her was just after we had both gone to bed at her house (separate rooms obviously), and immediately I heard her get up again to go to the bathroom. I rolled over and pressed my ear to the wall, and heard, in the far, far distance, four plops and a flush. This surprised me, as the bathroom was downstairs. On another occasion, after the four of us had come in from a meal out, she went into the bathroom and I was able to listen outside. After her pee I heard SPLISH! . . . . . . . . . . PLAP! PLOP! . . . . . . . splip!

The other two times I heard her were when we were occupying the front room and her mother and grandmother were in the back. I could hover in a position where I could hear the bathroom or see them approching if they moved. I had just shared an old schoolboy joke: "Polish it behind the door" (get it?). She laughed and then said "I will in a minute, I'd better go". This one was very different. Each plop seemed to trigger a mini-fountain of water which then flopped back on to the surface. Ploppit, ploppit, pluppit . . . . . . . ploppit, pleppit . . ploimp . . . . . . . ploppit, ploppit, pleppit, plappit, pluppit . . . . . . ????-plippit. This was followed by three bursts of the usual thunderous waterfall, accompanied by a hummed chorus of Pretty Flamingo (Manfred Mann 1966). That was nice! The other one wasn't. She had gone into the bathroom with a stomach-ache, not knowing quite what to expect. All I heard were two metallic pfft noises. Possibly you can't imagine a metallic pfft noise, but you can easily recreate it. Just scratch your finger nail on the underside of a metal saucepan for about a third of a second. That's it, and that's all I heard.

Being apart in distance and increasingly in culture led to us growing a apart in other ways. Just before I broke the news that it was over, we were having a family picnic in the garden. She went indoors to go to the bathroom, which I hated, because I couldn't hear from out there. I went in after her, and sure enough there was a strong smell of poo. You win some, you lose some.


Gay Jake

Got Barged In On

There are several Jakes on here, so I'm going to go by Gay Jake instead of just Jake. I'm a 29 year old, hairy, thin guy. I had a pretty embarrassing shit a few weeks ago.

I had been having a pretty rough week that week. I was in the hospital, and then my boyfriend dumped me. This was just the topper to an amazingly shitty week.

I was at work and I had to take a major dump. I go into the mens room, in the last stall, lock the door (or so I thought), undo my jeans, pull down my briefs, and take a seat on the throne. I'm in the middle of dropping the brown, and the janitor barges in on my stall. I'm in the middle of a shit, and this asshole barges right in on me. Can't you see my feet? Can't you see that someone is in here? I said a real nasty "Excuse me!" It freakin pissed me off! Of all the nerve! Anyone else been barged in on by janitors?

Greg I love your stories. You gotta post more buddy!

Monday, June 20, 2011


All Cleaned Out

I. Am. Cleaned. Out!!!! Thank the person who invented Epsom Salts because that did the trick; for the first time in days my bowels are empty! The process was tedious and a bit disgusting but so worth it.

As I mentioned in my last post I was literally almost two seconds away from shitting myself so I quickly put down iPad (I always do my post on here and it has auto spell check so pardon my grammar and spelling mishaps) and bolted to my bathroom which thankfully adjacent to my bedroom. I ripped down my pants and panties and torrents of pure diarrhea exploded out of my ass. I moaned with both a mixture of pain (still had cramps from the candy) and relief.

Even when the wave of diarrhea stopped I didn't dare move because I knew that there was going to be more; despite the fact that my stomach felt empty and hollow as a drum. My stomach kept gurgling which signaled another wave of diarrhea and even more cramps. I clutched my stomach and continued to moan in pain as more liquidy poo poured out of my butt.

I was seriously grateful my parents were here to here or smell any of this because then I would have to explain the laxatives which then I'd be in real big trouble.

I think I was confined on that toilet for at least 3 hours with nothing but liquid shits thankfully I had a water bottle near me so I could stay hydrated. But afterwards my stomach was still gurgling but it just turned out to be a lot and I mean A LOT of gas.

So it's Wednesday now and I'm still gassy but other then that I'm good and all cleaned out. But I'm still trying to figure out what made me constipated in the first place.

I got more stories but I'm a bit tired so I'll post one tomorrow. I promise :3

Happy Pooping Hopefully :D


Talking with my Sister

Hi, everyone. Been a while since my last post, been busy, back home from college for the summer and not as much alone time on the computer lately.

AmandaV - haven't seen anything from you in a while. Hope you write again soon!

Anyway, I think I left off where I had had the big wetting accident in the car on our way home from the mall just before I turned 18. At the end of that one I mentioned that my sister came in and how we talked but I didn't have time to tell about our conversation, so I'll touch on that now.

I think I mentioned that Angie was 15 at that time (I'm not quite 3 years older than her). I also mentioned in that story about how she had had accidents in the past as well. That's what we wound up talking about - our accident history. It was kind of a bonding experience sharing with each other times we'd had accidents and nice to know we weren't the only ones. We also mentioned accidents we'd seen others have - friends or just people in school, etc. I guess we felt better knowing it was more common than we had thought. (Angie also suffers from holding it too long and then eventually losing control just like I do.)

One story that sticks out for me from Angie that I'll share is from the year before that accident of mine, when she was 14 years old. It stands out because it was her only poop accident she could remember since she was older. I'll paraphrase since it has been a while and I can't remember her exact words, but she said, roughly:

It was on a Saturday night at a church youth group outing to a place nearby with go carts and putt-putt and games and things. (I didn't go to this one, it was for the younger ages in the youth group and I was in the older class by then.) She had been holding it for a while and just kept putting off going to the bathroom. She thought about going at the place but the bathrooms were really nasty from all the kids and stuff so she just kept holding it instead. They played games, raced the go-carts, and were finally playing putt-putt towards the end of the night. She really had to go bad - pee and poop. She was playing with a group of three other friends, two other girls and a guy. (Angie said she was wearing a loose mid-thigh length skirt, by the way.)

They had made it about halfway around the course when she really had to go badly and knew she was about to lose it. She said she stood with her legs crossed and butt squeezed tight whenever she could and only bent down as far as she absolutely had to to get her ball unless she could get someone else to pick it up for her. Finally a few holes later the poop started to come out again and she crossed her legs but not before it was out far enough that a piece pinched off and had touched her panties and she had peed a little. She was starting to panic and decided to go use the nasty bathrooms inside anyway, but didn't want to leave before the game was over because her friends might make fun of her. So she kept going, now with a damp crotch and small piece of poop in her panties. A couple of holes later she had to bend down for her ball and lost more pee and this time felt some run down her thigh. She stood back up fast and held off the poop, but she knew she was about to have a major accident. They finished the last hole and she hurried off to go to the bathroom.

She made it inside and started towards the bathroom on the other side when she knew she wouldn't make it. She ducked to the side into a shadowy area just in time to start peeing down her legs, making a puddle on the floor at her feet, and also filled her panties with solid poop. She then walked as normal as she could, her flip flops squishing with each step from the pee. She got to the bathroom, dumped the giant poop ball out of her panties, wiped off as best she could, tried to dry the wet crotch, then spent the rest of the night trying to stay a few feet away from everyone in case she smelled. There was one close call on the bus ride back to the church to get picked up but people decided someone had farted instead. She sat in the back of the car on the ride back home just in case. She said she threw away the panties after she got home.

So that was my sister's big story. Next time I'll tell another one of my stories.



Desperate to go

Today I went to the movies with my friend Rachel. By the end of the movie, we both had to pee but there was a line like always. The line moved fairly fast as most women also just needed to pee and when we were next in line, we took the same stall. I peed first for over a minute and then she peed for about fortyfive seconds. After that we left the theater and began walking to her house, which was twenty minutes away.

When we were roughly half way there, I felt some gas brewing. Brrrrrtttt Pfff Pppprraarrrpp. We kept walking and a few minutes later, Pfffffft Braarrrp Prrtttttt Pff Pff, I was farting a lot and I knew I'd need a dump very soon. I didn't think we'd pass anywhere with a bathroom before we got to Rachel's house. So I told Rachel I had to poop and we walked faster, but that made me fart more. Pffff Pfffrrrt Brrrrrt Brrarrrrp Pffft Pff Pffff. I could see her house by then and with each step I wasn't sure I'd make it one more. Finally, we made it to her house and I went straight to her bathroom.

Ppprrrtt Bbbrraarrrt I pulled down my jeans and panties Pfffff Pffff Bbrrrraaaaarrppp I sat down on the toilet Ppppprrrrrrrrtttttttt Pfff Sploonk Sploosh Splash Ploosh Splonk Pfffffrrrrtt Brraarrt Pfff Pppprrrpppp Splish Sploosh Ploosh Splonk Bbbbbbrrraaarrrtttt Pppppprraartttttt Pppprrrrrrrpppp Pfffff Pfffffffff Pff Pff Sploonk Splonk Sploosh Splish Pfffrrrt Splosh Splash Splop Plooop Pffffrrrt Pfffrrrt Bbbrrrrrrtt, I started to wonder about then how I could possibly have any gas left in me. Prrrrarrrppp Prrrrt Pppppprrt Pffffff Pffffff Pfff Plop Plop Sploosh Prrraarrrpppprrrrrttttt Pfffrrt Pfff. Finally I was done and I started to wipe. I wiped six times and then flushed.

Upstate Dave

Mikes Sister Marcy Outdoors Pee

I had told you about myfriend Mikes sister Marcy seeing her piss and shit in the bathroom while I was geting a drink in the bathroom. I had also mentioned that Marcy I had seen piss outside befor the bathroom incident. Well I got to see Marcy piss gain outside several days later after seeing her in the bathroom!

I amd Mike were practiceing pitch and catch in his back yard. Mike was in little leauge so he needed practice so that is what he and I were doing at this time. Mike and I were tossing the ball back and forth with Mike faced towards me with his back to his house. I was faced towards the house. Marcy was outside in the yard playing also but was a ways behind Mike. So at this time I was the only one that could seee her.

As Mike and I were throwing the ball back and forth Marcy went on p;aying. Then she suddenly stopped. She took a quick look back at the house andten she turned around. I had just cuaght the ball and I tossed it back to MIke. Now befor Mike threw me the ball again I saw Marcy which she had on a black paior of pants she yanked them down wich now I saw her white panties!

I quickly tossed the ball back towards Mike. My throw was wide to his right becuase I hurried my throw becuse of coarse I was watching Marcy! The ball went over into some bushes and where there also was a line of pine trees. Mike started walking over that way to retrieve the ball. I quickly said sorry to MIke which he said bhack to me; That's ok Dave. Mike kept walking to get the ball.

Now Marcy yanked down her white panties a fast as she had yanked down her pair of black pants! Now Marcy was faced in my direction and she squated down real fast too. Whilke Marcy had done all this I quickly ran up to where Mike had stoood while we were playing catch. That got me closer to Marcy which put me about 15 feet from her now.

Marcy was looking down soshe didn't notice that I had moved closer in her direction. I couls dee now a hard streamof piss shooting downward tothe ground weting the grass on the ground. Marcy was really pissing hard! I hoped then too that Mike would still take his time as far as geting the ball. As lucj would have it he would.

With Marcy pissing hard the time it took her to piss was short. Maybe ten seconds or so. As soon as she had finished she had grabbed her white panties and yanked them up as she stood up. Then she reached down again and yanked up her pair of black pants.As she pulled up her pants I stepped over towards the bushes and trees and had my glove up in the air to catch the ball from Mike.

Mike had found it andhe was just comming out from te trees and bushes and was stepping out in the yard again. He saw me and threw the ball to me. I caught it and I threw it right back to Mike. Now as I moved back to get where I had stood befor Mike was walking back to where he had been standing. Also now something else was about to happen as far as Marcy.

Now what had happened was someone had seen Marcy take her piss when she went. For I saw her father come outside and he was walking very fast towards Marcy. As he did he told Marcy to stay right where she was! Marcy now stood there frozen stiff. Mike was back to his psot and he turned around and he was watching what was happening now with me.

Now Mikes and Marcys dad was standing right in front of her. He said to Marcy; Whats the big idea of takeing a piss out here! Marcy tried lieng about by telling her dad she hadn't! Mike gave me a quick look and a quick laugh and went back watching Marcy and his dad. His dad said to Mrcy DON'T LIE TO ME! He was now more angrier with Marcy for lieing to him and pissing outside.

Then iin full view as far as Mike and I Marcys and Mike dad yanked Marcys black pants and white panties down and spanked her bare ass hard three times! Mike seeing this gave me a quick look with a short hard laugh. Then we looked back towards his sister and his dad. Marcys dad saiod to Marcy now; GET INSIDE! Your'e grounded for two weeks.

Marcys dad then grabbed Marcys hand and not giving Marcy a chance t pull her panties and pants up dragged her all the way up to the house and they went inside. Marcy was crying all the way to the house too when her father took her. Mike laughed and he asked me if I had seen all that. I told him saying to him; Who couldn't! Mike asked me if I had seen Marcy piss. I lied to him that I hadn't. Thatmade Mike laugh harder. Well we went back to our practiceing again catching and throwingthe ball. Marcy did get grounded for the entire next two weeks. Fow I had been down to Mikes several more times and each time Marcy was not outside and I didn't even see her when Mike and I were inside. The End

First off, thank you everyone for your suggestions. And keep them coming! I will welcome any ideas you guys have. A special thanks to Brandon T. Brandon, as always thank you for the kind words. I love how you encourage everyone on this site.
Anyway, now for my story. Yesterday, my new friend Steph(from my last post) called and asked if I wanted to go with her and her sister Sadie to the mall. It was Sadie's 6th birthday last week and she wanted to spend her gift cards. I agreed and met them there. We looked around for an hour or so, ate some lunch, and then went into a store that sells CDs and electronics. Sadie had a gift card there too, plus Steph wanted to look. The store is huge so it took us awhile to find the CD section. Sadie was deciding between two CDS to buy and I noticed her start fidgeting. Occasionally she would pull on her crotch. I figured she had to pee. I was starting to have to go from all we drank at lunch, but Steph wasn't saying anything to her so I didn't want to. She wasn't my sister and I had only just met her. She finally picked which one she wanted and we went to the rock section where Steph wanted to look. The fidgeting was getting worse and I noticed she kept crossing her legs. She was doing a full on pee dance and Steph did not seem to notice. I elbowed Steph and pointed to Sadie. I whispered that I think she needed to pee. Steph looked over and asked her if she had to go. She answered that she did. I wondered why she didn't say anything before Steph had asked her. There were no restrooms in the store. Steph asked her if she could hold it while we bought our stuff. She said she could, but I was not convinced. Again, she was not my sister so I did not say anything. We bought our stuff and headed to the restrooms. Halfway there, in the middle of the mall walkway, Sadie stopped. I noticed her face get red and a puddle began to form at her feet. She had on light jeans and the crotch was getting soaked. Steph noticed and began to yell at her. Apparently this was the fourth accident she has had that month and their mom was going to be really mad. Sadie began to cry. I felt really bad for her. I know what it is like for your parents to yell at you for peeing yourself. I bent down so I was level with her. I told her that it was okay, it happens to everyone. She said that it does not happen to big girls. I asked her if I was a big girl and she said I was. I sighed and knew what I had to do. If you guys remember my earlier posts, I used to pee my pants all the time. I hated holding it and putting my bladder at risk. However, my parents got so mad at me I quit. But I wanted to make Sadie feel better so I sighed and let my bladder go. Warm pee soaked my crotch and joined Sadie's puddle on the ground, making an even bigger one. I told Sadie to look, that I was a big girl and I was peeing my pants. People walking by were staring at me, but I did not care. It felt amazing to pee myself again. Sadie smiled and stopped crying. Steph looked so embarrassed. I took Sadie's hand and we went to buy new jeans and undies for the two of us. When their mom asked about them, we told her she got them with her bday money and she never knew the difference. I felt good I made Sadie happy, but Steph is made at me know. She says it is one thing to pee in my tub or try different places when no one is home, but it is wrong to pee in the middle of a crowded public place. I tried to explain that I was only trying to make her little sister feel better (I didn't tell her that I used to pee my pants all the time) but she keeps saying that sadie needs to learn to use the toilet and should not be made to feel better. we are still friends, but it awkward between us now.
Anyway, sorry for the long story. I will post more later.

amanda m
I think I may be becoming a bit pee shy. Today at work I was talking with a few of my co workers when I really had to go pee. I had a lot to drink all day and haven't had the chance to step away. I said i would be right back and walked to the bathroom. There were a few girls in there. I took one of the stalls and sat down but my pee wouldn't come out. It was pretty quiet in there but occasionally id hear the sink running and other girls peeing and i hoped it would help mine come out.I was actually debating Weather or not I wanted to get up but I could feel the pee right there wanting to come out finally after two minutes it started to slowly coming out. I pushed to try to get it really going but it just came slowly. I had A lot in me cause like I said I had a lot of liquids in me. It had to last for a full minute or 2. Finally it stopped and i wiped and flushed.
It was weird i never had a problem getting my pee started. Also when it started coming out i started feeling embarrassed. I've never had a problem with peeing out only with pooping.

Upstate Dave

Marcy Invades The Bathroom

I made new friends which was a family that moved into a house that was converted into apartments across the highway at the one end of the road I was livig on. This family had moved up here from Florida. There was 3 girls and three boys which I made friends with Mike the oldest of the three boys.

I was down at his place one Saturday and we had been outside playing and we were hot and thirsty so we went inside to get a drink. The kitchen sink was being used by Mikes mom so Mike and I grabbed glasses and headed for the single bathroom to use the sink in there to get oour drinks.

Once in the bathroom Mike turned on the cold water and he told me that to get really cold water we had to let it run. So that's what we did. After maybe a couple of minutes Mike filled his glass and he took a drink from it. Mike said to me; That's cold! Go ahead Dave fill yours up! So I did and I took a good long drink. Mike was right the water was good and cold!

Mike and I drank our first glasses of water and then we refilled them. We had a second glass and we sat there on the tub and started to drink them down too. Then Mikes other brother Lue stopped by the bathroom door and told Mike that his dad wante him. So Mike got up off the tub said to me; Finish up your drink Dave and I hope I won't be long. Mike then walked out of the bathroom with his brother Lue they headed to see what their dad wanted them for.

So I still had almost a full glass of water left so I sat there on the tub sipping on it while I waited for Mike to come back. As I waited and sipped on my water I looked around the bathroom. I noticed that there was only a lid on the toilet. there was no seat! That made me wonder how everyone if they had to shit how they went with no seat on the toilet! Also as far as Mikes 3 sisters what did they do when they had to piss or shit!

I would ask Mike what he would do when he had to shit when he came back. I knew Mike would tell me! He was just that way! I took another sip of my glass of water. I was about to take another when Mikes yougest sister Marcy came running into the bathroom! Marcy was about 3 years younger then I. Marcy was a cute looking girl which she had long blonde hair, she was slim, she was very outgoing, and always had a smile at least for me when she saw me.

Marcywas in such a rush when she came into the bathroom that she acted like I wasn't there! She went straight for the toilet raised the lid up as fast as she could which when she had it up she slammed it into the tank with a loud bang. Now Marcy was wearing shorts and a top. With her still faced towards the toilet Marcy reached for the waistband of her shorts to pull them down!

In a real fast couple of seconds Marcy yanked her shorts right down! Just to let you know I've seen Marcy's reaend one time befor this. We all had been outside playing and Marcy was out with us which she was watching us and also playing by herself at times too. Marcy was one too that would wait till the last possible second to go to the bathroom. So Marcy had to go so right where she had been playing she pulled down her pants outside and took a long iss right where she was! She had her back faced to me so that is when I saw her rearend!

Now I was seeing it again! Her rearend was cute too! At leastis what I thought. It was well curved even though it was small.Her crack wa wll curved too! Well anyway Marcy after yanking down her shorts she then did turn around faceing now forawards! Marcy then got down into a squat placing her rearend over the bolw and her two hands she had placed on the bowls rim griping it tightly!

In one real quick second out from her small looking vagina came a gushing piss stream! I mean GUSHING! It was wide as a ruler! It diedn't twist either. Itmade a real loud splash in the water inte toilet as her piss hit the water. Marcy was looking downward as she pissed so hard into the toilet. I also noiticed her eyes were tightly closed too.

Then after pissing a good eight nine seconds Marcy blasted out a very loud long braping fart! Right after Marcy blasted that fart her piss stream slow right down nolonger being so wide and it also formed a twist and let off a softhiss too. Then as I looked at Marcy I saw now that she was besides still pissing she was starting to shit too!

Under her I could see a fat smooth dark tan shit! It was moving fairly fast too. I would have to say a inch every couple of seconds. So it didn't take all that long her shit had reached a half foot long and it was getting even longer. Her shit musthave been heavy and somewhat soft for I saw a crack start in it right at her asscrack.

The crack opened up wider real fast in a short couple of seconds her shit broke went straight down and hit the water hard in the toilet.Her shit made a loud phlump in the watr and sent up a goos splash which I saw the water splash it had come up that far! Marcy's remaing shit got longer till it had reached almost six inches long and then it dropped into the toilet makeing a less loud of a phlump along wioth a less of a splash too.

Then Marcy was done with takeing her shit but still went on with her piss. Her piss lasted another several seconds more then eased right off with its hiss stoping and with her having shit her piss I could tell was hiting her shit in the toilket and that sound got less and less. Then Marcy stopped pissing. She was now done.

Marcy then stood right up! She reached over and spun off a wad of toilet paper off the roll. Then shereached down between her legs and she gave her ass a wipe! Marcy after wipeing just dropped the paper into the toilet without even takeing a look at it. She just spun off some more paper from the roll tore it off reached own again and wiped her ass the same way she had the first time! Again she dropped the paper into the toilet without a look at it again.

Marcy then rolled off just a fe sheets from the roll tore the few sheets off and dabbed her vagina withit and tossd the paer back into the toilet. Then she turned right around and took a look in the toilet. Marcy letout a little giggle! Then she turned back around. Now she said to me which took me by surpris when she did say this to me; I took a big one and boy did I have to do both! Marcy was smileing with a big smile too!

Marcy now bent over and gatheredup her short with her nands and she pulled them back up. Then she gioggled a little giggle again and said to me; Dave take a look if you want too! I better get out of here! See you later! Marcy then took off running hard out of thebathroom leaving me in there alone again.

Since Marcy hadn't flushed the toilet andtold me I should take a look I gotupfrom the tub took the one or two stepos to be in front of the toilet. I looked init and Marcy had taken a GOOD SHIT! I could see both pieces laying in the bowl floating in the light yellow colored water which her piss had made that way.

I smiled with a big smile. Then I reached over and I flushed the toilet. The water swirled around takeing Marcys shit and the toilet paper makeing it swirl with the water. The water went down which the toilet apper and Marcys shit went with it. I saw a couple of skidmarks made by her shit and then the bowl was empty and started refilling. I then now put the lid back down.

Well as far as Marcy I knew how she used the toilet without a seat! I picked up my glass drank the rest of the water and I then left the bathroom. I walked out to the kitchen. Mikes mom wasn't there now so I set my empty glass in the sink. From the kitchen I could hear Mike and his dad talking. Mik also had seen me in the kitchen so he told me to wait outside for him. So I went outside to wait. Mike soon came out and we went back to playing. I nver didask him about how he used the toilet when he had to shit. Marcy had made me forget! The End

Brandon T
In the current issue of mad magazine there a comic of paris having diarrhea in a bathroom and then being surounded by paparazi.


Too much ice cream

It was one night around 96,My parents was at work and me and my Brother was at home.It the night,(Some of you might remember it)When it had the Munsters and addam's family marathon on nick at nite.There was Ice cream in the fridge and nobody has ate much of it,so it has been in there for a month.So I tried to eat all of it.3o min later I gone in the bathroom to see if I can relive my self.It gave me soft poops and wet and bubbling farts.My brother was outside the door and laughed,TOO MUCH ICECREAM!

Message for Raven;
Never suffer from constipation the way you describe it. Have someone give you an enema series and forget either food or laxitives!!!


Unexpected Men's Room Thoughtfulness

First, I'd like to say I was a little surprised that no one commented on the story I posted about the Scottish wedding and the groom who got a "skid mark" on his bride's wedding dress (page 2050). While a little gross, I thought it was interesting.

I have a little bathroom story of my own to share. If you search this site and read my other postings (MikeyP and MikeyPee) that extend over 10 years, you'll learn (among other things) that I'm disabled by cerebral palsy and have had a life long fascination with bathroom stuff. To borrow from Brandon T: I love this site !

Today at work I needed to have a bowel movement. Truth to tell, I had put it off for a while, and was reaching a point of desperation. Shame on me ! Upon entering the men's room, the disabled stall was in use, although I have no real need for the disabled stall, but the other two stalls were available.

I walk with metal crutches and they're a little noisy (I can't sneak-up on anyone) and whoever was in the handicapped stall heard me enter the men's room. Unexpectedly, a voice emanated from the stall asking me if I wanted to use that "facility." I didn't recognize the voice and I replied that I didn't need that particular stall and said, "Thanks" to the person.

I thought this was so thoughtful. I occasionally use a wheelchair and when I do, I sometimes need a disabled stall (although at an airport last week, I just parked my wheelchair outside the stall). But generally I consider myself fortunate that I typically don't need a disabled toilet. Moreover, as a disabled person, I don't get bent out of shape when I see able-bodied people use the disabled toilet; after all, everyone needs to go to the bathroom. Nevertheless, I thought this person today was extremely considerate. I don't think this has ever happened to me anywhere.

Upstate Dave

Brenda Does Get My Briefs Open While Both Of NeedTo Piss

Ok I had ran all the way home from Brendas. I stpped at the sink grabbed the tallest big glass that was there on the counter. Turned on the cold water and filled the glass till it was full. Then I stood there and chugged the full glass right down! I filled the glass again filling like the first glass I had drank. I chugged this glass down too. I headed for the stairs and I started up them.

As went up the stairs I let out one long loud burp! I then made the turn at the top of the stairs made the turn at my bedroom door opend it and I ran right over to my closet and stepped inside of it. I opned up the top drawer which I kept my tshirts,socks,and underware in. I had a pile of briefs so I took the top pair of them.

No good for the top pair were old and the elastic and was stretched out on them! They would have been so loose on me they would fall right down on me if I had put them on! I tossed them on the closet floor. I pulled the next pair of briefs out. They were better. The elastic on them was good and tight. So Istepped out of the closet and out into my bedroom.

I stood in the center of my bedroom after I had tossed the pair of white briefs on my bed. I took off my sneakers. Then I pulled down the zipper on my shorts and unbuttoned them too. I pushed them down and then let go of them which they slid right down around my feet. I stepped out of one of the leg openings only. Then I just kicked them off.

I did the same with the pair of boxers I had on. Then I stepped over to my bed picked up my white briefs and put them on. Then since I changed my underware I went back in the cloiset andchanged into another tshirt. Then I went back out to my bedroom picked up my shorts off the floor and put them back on. I slipped my sneakers back on too.

I raced back downstairs stopped at the sink again. I picked up the same glass I had used when I had come inside. I filled it like befor and chugged this glass down like the other two I had drank. I stood there for a few moments thinking should I drink one more glass? I did but I didn't fill the glass all the way up. I also drank it much slower. I set the glass down and I thought to myslef; That should be plenty! I'll be able to piss in no time!

I raced back outside but when I got to the road I slowed down into a normal walking pace. I thought to myslef; Dave you shouldn't be in such a big hurry! Then I laughed about what I had just thought. So now as I walked I whistled a little tune. I turned the corner now and I could see Brendas house! I thought; I'll be there very soon! I also felt myself smileing too.

From where I was to the highway at the end of my road was better then five minutes. It did take me that long to go that far. Now it had been I woould have guessed twenty minutes (?) sice I had drank the first two glasses of water when I came home. I could feel that I could piss but ot all that bad. I stood waiting to cross the highway. There was heavy traffic passing by in both lanes. So I wound up waiting to cross I guessed a good five minutes. Then it did clear and I crossed the highway and walked down Brendas driveway.

Now ith that five minutes of waiting to cross the highway in that time the feeling that I could piss had gone up more! All that water went through me real fast! Is what I thought as I had reached the bottom of the driveway. I didn't go up the stairs to knock on the door. I remembered Brenda said she would meet me in the shed. So I started heading to the shed by walking through the backyard.

When I went aroud the back corner of the shed I then said loudly; Brenda are you inside the shed? I got a answer for Brenda was inside the shed.Brenda yelled out from inside the shed to me; DAVE I am in here! YOU BETTER GET IN HERE TOO!!! With hearig Brtens\da say it so loudly and with a urgent sounding tone I quickly went to tye shed and stepped inside the open doorway.

I saw3 Brenda over by the two stacked boxes again. First thing I saw that Brenda like I had done was change! She had changed out f her peach shorts and top that she had on befor. She now hadput on a light green dress! Brenda looked over at me saw that I had changes seeing a differnt tshirt I had on. Did you change? she asked. I did. I said right back to her. I AM WEARING BRIEFS NOW TOO! Brenda just let a hint of a giggle out.

Then Brendatol me that she had drank a lot of water. I laughed a little and told her I had done the same thing! Brenda then said; Toomuch too! I'm on the verge of pissing RIGHT NOW!!! I said right back to brenda; THAT MAKES TWO OF US!!! So Istepped quickly over to Brenda siting on tho two stacked boxes.

Now when stepped over to Brenda I had noticed the way her dress was. I only noticed that she had one on. Now being close and front of her Breda had her green dress pulled back and it had a cloth belt whichh Brenda had toed off which held her dress up abve her hips! Brenda was siting there with her thighs tightly clenched together! She wasn't wearing panties either so she was naked from herwaist down as she sat there on the boxes!

Now Brenda said to me; Befor I start pissing I'm going to get into your briefs! I tolkd Brenda she better hurry. I'm like you are right now!I'm on the verge of pissing too! Brenda did reach right over and she ripped my zipper right down. Then she paused. Then she quickly said to me. I better do it this way befor I start pissing!

Barbie unbuttoned the button on my shorts. With one hand she yanked them down and with the other she reached for my briefs. My shorts fell down to my knees amd stayd there. Then with her otherhand Brenda gripped my briefs on one side of where the slit would open and her other jhand was on the other side where the slit could be opened.

Then with one real hard yank with her handsBrenda pulled the slit wide open! Then Brenda as she reached to slip my penis out opned her thighs wide open! As she did this Brenda said loudly; I'm pissing!!! Sure enough Brenda was! She had a thin stream of piss comming frm her vagina which went straight down to the floor.

This was only for a real quick couple of seconds. Then her thin stream came out in torrents real hard; real wide; makeing one big splash on the floor. Now this was just to much for me to see! Seeing all that piss comming from her vagina I started to piss! I heard Brenda let out a short but loud scream! That made me look upward. With me suddenly starting to piss Brenda still held my penis and my stream hwas going dow betwen her thighs and had jsut missed her hard stream!

Brenda didn't let go of my penis! But I said loudly to her; Push it down Brenda! Brenda did and now I was pissing on the floor and I was just pissing near her knees now. Our streams didn' collide either. Now both of us just looked down watching our piss streams. But I had to speak up now and say something to Brenda.

Till now I wa feelig the great of relief that I was pissing. But now I could feel that Brenda was holding me way to hard! There was pain creeping in. With me looking down I could see Brendas fingers were squeezing me hard! So I saied to Brenda LET UP BRENDA! DON"T LET GO! JUST DON'T SQEEZE SO HARD!!! Brenda did hear me for she stopped her hard squeeze on my penis. I let out a sigh and said to Brenda That's better!

Brenda never looked up stayed looking down at our streams of piss. She made no reply to me also. Not at least for a little later. When she did speak up bot of us were well past the point of haveing half empty bladders. We both were not pissing that hard now. Brenda ha stopped watching opur streams and her gaze was on what she had a hold of.

Now Brenda said to me; Dave you almost did piss on me! That's why I screamed. Plus then Brenda giggled; You scared me with your sudden start! I chuckled a little chuckle. Then I said to Brenda; Well I didn't hit you with my piss! You didn't panicalso! You hung on! That made Brenda giggle hard. That I am! Now I laughed ashort hard laugh. Wenow both were endingour pisses at this time too.

Brenda ended hers with doing a long tricle of piss from her vagina. She stopped with a little driping on the floor. I ened my piss by just havingit ease off which it moved back towards me and I stopped. Now Brenda did one more thisng which when she had done it it would crack us both right up with hard laughter!

Now Brenda had always seen when I pissed after stoping I woul shake my penis. Now Brenda did this! But sh shook it way to hard! My piss droplets shot all over going in every direction they could! That broke us into our hard laughing. Plus Brenda laughing so hard let go which my penis slapped me! Brenda howled with laughter seeing that happen! We both wound up with slightly sore stomachs this time not just Brenda!

After our hard laughing I took care of my penis and shorts. Brenda stood up untied her dresses belt and her dress fell into place. Then welooked at the floor onelast time. It looked like there had been a flood! The size of the wet area of the floor was even bigger then our earlier pissing.

When we were outside w went over to the swings and sat down. Brenda leaned over her swing to get closer to me. She whispered that it had been more fun then earlier. I said the same back to her. Then Brenda got up out of the swing she ws in and she sat down with me siting on my lap. We sat ther swinging gently for some time together. The End

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