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Drunken Accidents

Hey there! I'm a 19 y/o female from Boston. I'm a long time lurker, but I haven't ever posted before. I guess it's because, while I'm interested in this site, I never have too many experiences of my own. I mean, the last time I wet my pants was when I was three, so I'm not the best person to tell a story about accidents. But I can tell stories about accidents I've witnessed I guess.

Being a college student, a lot of the accidents I've witnessed lately are alcohol related. I live in an apartment with my two friends, Chloe and Ann Marie. I've had a lot of exams lately, so I haven't been able to join in the party scene. My best friend Chloe has been out and about a good bit. She is always good fun, but sometimes she gets to be a bit of an emotional drunk. Usually I'm at hand to sort her out, but last night I stayed home to study while she went out with some people from our class. At around midnight, I was just about to finish up for the night, when I heard the front door open and somebody clattered in. I went out into the corridor and found Chloe there, stumbling around. She was a mess. She had been crying judging by the mascara streaked down her cheeks. The minute she saw me, she fell into my arms and started crying again. She wasn't making any sense. But then she started to wretch, so I got her into the toilet as fast as I possibly could and propped her against the toilet to get sick. Once she was down and propped her against the tub and told her I was gonna get her a towel to wipe her face. I was gone two minutes. When I came back, I found Chloe sitting on the floor with her head lolling to one side, her legs stretched out in front of her and her hand between her legs. I could see what was about to happen, but before I could even get to her side, a puddle had started to form beneath her. I shook her and told her that she was peeing herself, but she wasn't aware of the situation. Within half a minute, she was done. A large enough puddle was spreading across the floor. She was wearing a black dress and black tights, so it didn't show much, but I knew I had to clean her up. Eventually Chloe realised she had peed her pants and started to cry again. She allowed me to clean her up, which wasn't an easy task as she was dead weight. Eventually I got her into clean pyjamas and put her into my bed so I could keep an eye on her. I threw her clothes into the washing machine. She had been wearing red panties and they were completely soaked. I threw her tights out. Before she fell asleep, I insisted that she drink a pint of water and then we both went to sleep. I realised when I woke up this morning that it may not have been a good idea to make her drink that water. I wanted to get all the alcohol out of her system and rehydrate her, but I woke up to a soaked bed this morning. She hasn't woken up yet, and I don't want to move her until she's ready to wake up. Her white pjyamas are stained yellow and there's a huge stain around her. The poor thing is going to have to lay of the vodka next time I think.

The LIstening Ear

Part 4

For reasons too boring and complicated to go into, I gave up on engineering and didn't go back to university. I got a job working in a long rectangular office block in which each floor was arranged around a single corridor with toilets at each end. On our floor the Ladies was at our end and the Gents at the other end; on the floor above it was the other way round. This was great because when I was sitting on the toilet, with my new discovery I could press my ear to the partition and hear the activity above. (Sounds which get into the floor travel down the walls but usually not up.) However, although I must have enjoyed this for the next 3 years, I can't remember much about it, probably because once again I didn't know who I was listening to. Or did I?

The strange thing is that I don't remember anything directly, I do remember remembering something later. It was a girl called Diane. She was rather attractive in a neat but dreary sort of way until she smiled, and then her smile surprised everyone by lighting the room up. She walked slowly, almost shuffling along with her flat heels dragging on the floor, and when I heard her peeing, her pee sounded just a lazy as her walk - as if it was propelled by nothing more than gravity and then wandered around aimlessly in the bowl. And the reason I remembered her later is that twice more in my life I have come across that same combination of lazy walk and lazy pee, as if the two go together. But how did I know it was her? Maybe I once timed my exit carefully and raced up the back stairs to see who was walking along the corridor (a bit risky as I had no excuse to be there). Or maybe there were some more toilets I've forgotten upstairs by the staff restaurant where I usually saw her, and I listened to her in there. I really can't remember.

Something I do remember directly took place at our end of the building. An exquisitely-proportioned young woman with short mid-brown hair came to work in an office across the corridor. There was a frosted-glass window into the corridor opposite my desk. Usually I had my back to it, but on this occasion I was looking in that direction and saw her distinctive frame glide past on its way to the Ladies. After a minute or so I found an excuse to visit a colleague who worked at the end of the corridor, which took me past the Ladies. I couldn't hang around, because there were doors in all directions, and someone could appear without warning and see me standing there. All I could do was to walk as slowly as I dared, as far to the left as I dared, and concentrate really hard as I passed that door. To my utter amazement I was rewarded with the most enormous KER-SPLODOOSH!! I have ever heard in my life! She must have caught some serious splashback from that one, and the thought of a babe like that producing a plop on that scale still sends shivers down my spine to this day.

Back at church, when I popped out the top of the sunday school I had joined a youth fellowship group that met after the Sunday evening service in a room between the church and the sunday school. There were somne gorgeous girls in that group, and hormones were racing. The only toilets were the ones in the sunday school. This was a large building dominated downstairs by a wide corridor with a staircase at each end leading to an upstairs schoolroom which doubled as the church hall. Half way up each staircase there was a landing with a few small rooms off, and a long, dark, smelly passage leading to the toilets - males of one landing and females off the other.

As a boy I had always found those toilets slightly disturbing, with being so remote, and having dark painted walls, tiny windows at ceiling level and very dim lighting. Once or twice I thought I heard ghostly footsteps and doors banging, as if there was an unseen presence in there with me. But I just put it down to the general spookiness of the place, and got out of there as fast as I could. Now, as we congregated and chatted in the corridor downstairs before and after our meeting, I often saw the young lovelies in their ones and twos ascending the far staircase, and looked longingly after them, imagining them walking along their long, dark, smelly passage to the toilets.

It was only many years later, looking back on those days, that I attempted to piece the geography of that old building together properly. And then it hit me (idiot!). Those long, dark, smelly passages from the two landings must have reached right into the centre of the building, where the two sets of toilets, despite being accessed from opposite ends of the building, nestled together (idiot!) like peas in a pod. No wonder I had heard ghostly footsteps when I was a boy! Those weren't ghosts, they were girls! Idiot! So when I saw those lovely legs disappearing up the far staircase, all I had to do was to nip up the nearer one and along the passage, and stick my ear to a wall, and I could probably have heard some action. IDIOT!! Or as Homer would say, D'oh!!!!!

And that, chronologically speaking, is the first of the Three Great Frustrations of the Listening Ear.


Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Raven another great story and I bet you wont to that again unless you really want to give yourself a good cleanout and as the saying goes to much of a good thing be bad and thats happened to me when I was eatting some fruit and grain bars but lucky for me it only gave me a mild case of the runs but I learned that day that to much of a good thing can be bad and now you know your friend Michelle is a true friend and will always be there for you and you for her and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Bri it sounds like your girlfriend might enjoy wetting her pants but pretends she dosent and please share any other stories about her you may have thanks.

To: ZJ great story about seeing your friends mom go into the bathroom to bad you didnt hear anything.

To: Dave W great story about seeing that woman who pooped her pants she must have thought she just had to fart but followed through or she couldnt hold or she may just like doing that who knows and from the description of the area it sounded like you were talking about the town I live in but then reading on I realized it was somewhere else I think.

To: Wendy & Kirsty, Kirsty it sounds like you and Angelica where both having a nasty time and at least you made it and I bet if you were closer friends you couldve done a buddy dump and as always I look forward to your guys next posts thanks.

To: Upstate Dave as always another great story about seeing a girl and/or going to the bathroom it sounds like Stephanie was having fun and as always I look forward to your next post and again you are the KING of this site thanks.

Well thats all for now

Sincerly Brandon T

PS I love this site


Peeing in the rain

Has anyone ever peed themselves in the rain? I did it this morning & it was great.
I went for a walk in the woods this morning with a desperate urge to pee so I thought it would be great to do it in the woods. It began to rain so headed over to the denser part of the woods to get some shelter. Unfortunately the rain came down so fast I got soaked in seconds & it didn't look like it was going to stop any time soon. I was dripping wet & bursting for a pee & thought I was already wet anyway so I might as well pee myself while standing in the rain. There was a man walking his dog nearby & we got talking. He had no idea how badly I needed to pee & the rain was running off us so much I just went in my pants while we chatted. It felt so hot to be peeing myself with this guy standing right in front of me. He didn't have a clue what I was doing & I loved it. I emptied a full bladder all down my legs & let the rain wash it all off me. After that I walked home looking like a drowned rat & as soon as I got back indoors I had a nice hot bath & put some dry clothes on.

the squatter

not so bad after all

i had been warned that visiting chinese public toilets was an experience to be avoided at all costs.And I had followed this advice to the letter for the first few weeks of my stay in Beijing,using either the loos in my hotel or the western style conveniences in the main shopping malls and stores.
However,as time went on I developed an interest in how bad the public conveniences really were.Since i spent quite a bit of time walking round the city,i decided that the next time i needed a pee,i would use the public loo rather than waiting to get back to my hotel.When i went in the door,i was amazed.On my right there was a urinal just like i was used to.But on my left,shielded from public view by just a four feet high wall,were four squat toilets with no door,no partition and only a couple of feet apart ftom each other.The good thing was that there was no smell and they were very clean.I had a pee and left.

Over the next couple of days,my curiosity grew as to what it would be like actually to have a poo in one of these places.So the next time i felt the need,i went looking for a public loo where i could find out.The first one i went into had doors on the cubicles,so i decided that was not sufficiently local for my experiment.The next one was better,as,although it had 2 feet high partitions between the squat pans,there were no doors.i positioned myself over the squatter nearest to the door.There was one other cubicle being used-i could see the guy's knees sticking out of the front of his space and also heard an occasional strain/fart.This was the now or never moment.I took down my jeans and pants to half way to my knees,made sure they wouldn't get in the way and squatted right down with my bum directly over the hole.In front of the hole,there was another part of the squat pan to take my pee.
My first feeling was how exposed i was ,plainly visible to anyone who walked in either to go to the urinal or to walk past me and take a dump.After a bit of time i became more comfortable and started to pee.All the time i could hear the guy straining to my side and people regularly used the urinal.When i realised that nobody seemed at all interested in me,i relaxed and that made it easier to concentrate on relieving myself.I started to push just like i would on a western loo-the only difference being i was looking at a tiled wall and not a stall door.And after a few crackles and grunts my poo came rushing out of me in one long coil.I felt exhilarated at my achievement.i had conquered a long standing fear of pooing in public.
I then wiped whilst still squatting-there were hardly any marks-stood up and replaced my clothing.I then looked down into the squatter but my poo and tissue paper had gone straight down the hole.So i flushed and left-job done!
The next morning i decided to repeat the process as it had actually been pretty enjoyable,if only because of its strangeness.But this time i deliberately went back to the public loo with no partitions or doors.I thought this would be the ultimate test of whether i had lost all embarrassment associated with something we all do ,but not often in the sight of complete strangers.
This time,three of the four squat pans were already taken.I had no choice but to walk past a couple of Chinese guys happily straining away(one of them reading a newspaper!) and take one of the central squat pans.I had a moment of doubt at this point-could i really be about to shit two feet apart from and in plain view of three other people?Since the guys there already were plainly not having a problem doing precisely this and since,again,nobody took any notice of me,I decided to keep going. I put my feet either side of the squatter,positioned my bum directly over the hole,kept looking directly in front of me and lowered my jeans and underwear .i then went into a low squat,although i dont think westerners have quite the same flexibility to do this as Chinese people.
It took quite a time for anything to happen.I was slightly put off by the guy turning the pages of his newspaper and the various splashes and noises coming from left and right.To my left in particular,the guy was plainly straining hard without too much success.After a bit,with my bum also failing to open up,i glanced to my left to get a great side view of the guy in a very low squat with a long,dark brown poo emerging from his bum.
This made me less concerned about really straining away.And i was also aware that a queue was starting to form-and these people were looking straight at us.So i looked straight in front,pushed really hard and let out a couple of knobbly medium brown stools which i could see sitting directly underneath me.Feeling that there was no more to come,i let out a quick stream of pee which made a very satisfying noise as i directed the flow away from my clothes and directly onto my turds.With mission accomplished,i wiped a couple of times but fortunately there was little need as the poo had come out pretty clean.
The next bit was the time i felt most exposed during the whole process.Firstly,when i stood back up ,i revealed my bum and penis very obviously to those waiting to use the loo.I also gave them a good view of my offerings which were sitting in the squat pan only partly covered by the tissue paper i had used.So i flushed pretty quickly.I also was left with a from above view of my fellow defecators.One still had a rather large turd hanging from him,whilst another was squatting over a large pile of mushy light brown shit which had lots of green bits in it-evidence of a cabbage based diet?
I walked out hurriedly past the two guys waiting to take my place and went back into the street.What a great experience ,although one i might never repeat!


Late for work

I got up late again this morning & didn't have time to have a poo before I went to work. I was dying to go but thought I could make it to work & go when I got there. I got in my car & started up when I felt a huge & painfull cramp in my bowels. I had to clench hard to avoid pooing myself but it hurt even more then. I drove off & made my way to work as the pain eased off but about half way there it came back with a vengance. I was in agony & the only way to ease the pain was to relax my clenching but I daren't do that in case I pood myself. By the time I got to work, the pain was unbearable. I hurriedly parked the car at an angle & across two spaces & ran into the building holding my bum. I don't think I've ever been so desperate for a poo & by a shear miracle I made it to the toilet with less than a second to spare. I ripped my jeans & knickers down together & thumped down onto the toilet. The moment my bum touched the seat I blasted out a long succession of small semi solid turds. It went on for 30 seconds non stop & it took a while for the pain to ease so I stayed seated expecting there to be some more poo but instead I let out a huge bellowing fart. Two seconds later I felt so relieved. All the pain was gone & I felt empty at last. I started work 10 minutes late but no one noticed really but even if they had it was better than loading my knickers with all that mushy poo.

I had another mushy poo this morning. I was in town & felt a cramp in my stomach so I thought it wise to find a toilet somewhere. The nearest one was about 500 yards away & I was getting really desperate. By the time I got there I was about to do it in my knickers & all four cubicles were taken. I had to wait in agony for one to become vacant but it as overflowing so I waited for another one to open but all of them were flooding the toilets out. The cleaner came pushing in with some of those plastic barriers to close the toilets. My need to empty my my bowels was destroying me & now I had to wait even longer. I found another set of toilets about half a mile away & with my bum clenched tightly I made it somehow. There were 14 toilets in a line & 4 were vacant so I took the nearest one & ripped my jeans & knickers down ready to explode into the toilet. The relief was incredible & after a long pee I was done. I couldn't. Believe how much poo I'd done & after flushing I washed my hands & left feeling so much better. In fact I now feel cleansed throughout my whole body & I have so much more energy now.

Hi everyone its John, the uk one, loi! First of all in response to Eileen H's survey a warm seat doesn't faze me if I know who the previous sitter was. If it was my wife a major feel good, if a female a feel good but if its a fella I feel a bit yuck, so there you go! Anyway trawling through some Old Posts the other day I came across one in the 700 series which hit me like a bolt out of the blue as it referred to a night bus journey. The story is this guy and his g/f are on a night bus journey from Trafalgar Square in London to Kent and both take a major piss on the bus. Well the funny thing is its not beyond the realms of fantasy that I may have had a peripheral ròle in that story. Why? Well until 2years ago I was a night bus driver from Trafalgar Square to Kent on two routes viz N21 and N89! So I could have well been driving that bus, strange eh? I used to really enjoy the Friday & Saturday night shifts because the large consumption of alcohol and food by passengers often meant the upper deck became a mobile latrine with a combo of urine, faeces and vomit which necessitated the bus being withdrawn from service and a sub bus being used and we drivers being run out of service to where we should be at a scheduled time and this could happen 2 or 3 times! So far from discouraging drunks I positively encouraged them. Hey I was driving an empty double deck bus around London and the 'burbs and getting paid for it, lol, happy days (nights)! A big X and huggle to all the girls and hi to all the guys! Bye for now.

my name is sabrina,30,5.9ft,140lbs,long curly dark-brown hair.

two years ago,i had a highly embarrassing experience.

on this ominous saturday,i was at a football-cup match with the 14 year old son of my boss(she was at a business conference over that weekend and i was sitting her villa and her son(preventing both from from wild parties,you know..)

at the middle of the first half of the game,i felt the well-known pressure in my guts,but i didn´t want to go at the stadium-toilets...only the thought of how much people used this,i would wait until we were back in the villa after the match.

this should had been no problem,my stool is normally solid and i can hold it in pretty much long,but unlucky to me,the match ended only after 30 minutes extra-time and penalty shoot-out.

finally,the match was over at last and already halfway to my car,my situation was getting worse.without the seat under my butt,the turd sank down in my guts.i had sauerkraut at the lunch and the meal rumbled ominous in my intestines...
at the point as we were around 300 ft away from my car,my sphincter was already opening and closing .i clenched my cheeks desperately and tried to walk faster.

"Sabsi,why are you in such a hurry?" asked Sören."come on...make haste,i need the toilet!" i he next moment i farted loudly and Sören grinned:"you need to shit,how badly you have to go?"
while i farted,the tip of my turd poked out,i groaned and had to struggle hard to suck it again.
"...emergency...i´m turtleheading...i really need to get to the car immediately and get the seat under my butt " i answered.

I made it to my car,but to my dismay,the seat under my ass didn´t get relieve anymore...
anxiously i became clear that i was already on the edge to shit myself.
"come on, will make are 28 years old!!!" i told myself.
but while driving,my sphincter opened again and this time my bowels pushed so strong that the log poked out until the seat stopped it.
I gasped loud while i managed somehow it to regain the control over my butt.

Sören looked at me and said:"You should have gone to the toilet,before we left the stadium,i think you not make it until home..."
I was afraid the same,but i answered:"nonsense!i will make it!...but my strained and anxious voice sounded propably not much wonder due the fact that the log was already poking out surely almost 3 inches...

I hadn´t gone since 3 days and my poop was very thick and solid and for the moment it didn´t came out more.
So i take courage again...maybe i could really make it right in time to the toilet...oh yes,i would make it,i had no poop accident since i was 10 years old(first cigarette...more of this in another story)

but if felt the rumbling in my intestines...the sauerkraut was about to soften my poop,at the moment,the lower half of the turd was still solid and had the effect like a cork and saved me from the impending doom.

but my situation was really precarious...metaphorically speaking,i sat on a powder-keg with the brown fuse between my cheeks,sweating and praying desperately that the fuse was still long enough that the load didn´t exlode into my pants...

Somehow i was able to make it back to the villa, i barely made it out of the car,but then my luck left me...

poor sören...this must be a pitiable sight....a grown woman standing at the gravel walk,bending over with squeezed knees and pooped her pants.
To take matters worse,i wore loose shorts,stayups and a thong...not good to hold back a huge turd
so i manured the gravel walk pretty much....

I was so mortified...shitting myself in front of a 14 year old boy...this was really highly embarrassing!


Noisy times

Hi I am 43 yrs old, I read this site regularly, and thought I would tell you about my bowel movements.
When ever I need my poo, its normally when I'm driving on the motorway in the U.K. I have just stopped at one now and used the ladies toilets. As usual they were busy, I waited in line for a toilet to become free, then went into the cubicle and sat down ready to go.
Everytime without fail as I push out my first log it literaly fires out like a cannon ball with a loud deep explosive fart, and big plop. Today's I have to say was the loudest ever, I heard someone say that it sounded like an explosion. I then released the rest of my poo, which had some pretty loud amazing farts. I always finish up with a long loud ripper fart at the end which always leaves a burning sensation.
I then flush wash hands and go on my way.
Today I got some strange looks but it doesnt bother me, as its better out than in. I have always been able to fart when ever I want since I was a small girl, and have amazing control over my muscles down there.
I think it's from too much horse riding!


Graduation Day

Yesterday, my classmates and I graduated from high school. The guys had to wear a white shirt and black pants, and the girls had to wear white dresses. Also, the honor graduates (including myself, Heather, Bill, and Gustav) had to wear a white cap and gown. Before we went to the graduation ceremony, my friends and I chowed down on some spicy Mexican food. BAD idea on our part.

Our graduating class met at our school before we caught the buses to the convocation center where the ceremony was being held. All the honor grads rode in a separate bus. As I was chatting with my friends about meaningless stuff, I suddenly felt intense cramps in my lower intestine and increasing pressure in my anus. I decided to ignore these signs, though.

Once all the graduates arrived at the convocation center, it was time for us to take our seats. All of the honor grads sat at the front row. There were a few guest speakers, and a tribute to one of the seniors who died last year. Then, it was time for us to walk across the stage. The honors grads went first. As I stood up, I felt the pressure in my anus increase and hoped and prayed that I didn't have a huge accident in front of everyone. Thankfully, I managed to keep the raging diarrhea inside me as I walked across the stage to receive my diploma.

As they called the other graduates, I prayed that this wouldn't take long (there were about 300 graduates.) After what seemed like hours, the ceremony was finally over and the graduates got to leave first.

I immediately ran to the restroom, but before I could make it into a stall, I felt the diarrhea explode out of my body and into my gown. It was dark brown and smelled like a sewage plant. As I was about to call my mom to bring me extra clothes, I heard the door open and saw Heather waddle into the restroom. I noticed that there was a massive light brown stain on the back of the gown and I knew that she was in the same predicament that I was. Heather noticed the large stain on my gown and said, "You too, huh?"

I replied sheepishly, "Yep."

"The same thing happened to the guys. As soon as Gustav stood up, diarrhea just exploded out of him! Bill, Tom, and Georg suffered the same fate, unfortunately," Heather informed me.

I watched as Heather proceeded to call her mom and waited for my mom to bring the extra clothing. About 30 minutes later, both of our moms came into the restroom with bags full of extra clothes. Heather and I grabbed the bags, then went into separate stalls to change into clean clothes and let out more diarrhea into the toilet. About 5 minutes later, we came out looking and feeling a lot better. We gave our moms our soiled clothing and we all went outside to meet the rest of our friends. When we went outside, we noticed that Bill, Tom, Gustav, and Georg were all wearing new clothes. Georg said sheepishly, "We had a small problem with our stomachs."

"So we had to call our parents to get us some extra clothes," Tom added.

"Well, I know one thing. We will NEVER eat Mexican food ever again!" Bill exclaimed. There was a short silence, then we all started laughing loudly. This was definitely a memorable end to our graduation day.

The End

Saturday, June 18, 2011


Souvenirs de mon enfance

Stitica Laura's writings about her bowel difficulties have brought back some less-than-happy memories about my own excretory issues over the years. For a long time, taking a crap was a source of constant chagrin and embarrassment.

First, a few words about myself. I'm a college student, studying history and French literature at a medium-sized university in the upper Midwest of the United States. I finish my undergraduate program this fall and will start graduate work in the spring. My ambition is to obtain a doctorate and become a professor of modern European history.

Back on the subject at hand, crapping caused me real consternation in my younger days. I wasn't suffering from constipation per se, but all the same, everything I shat out was generally huge and it was common for me to go around 3-4 days between sessions on the toilet. Fifteen minutes was about the average amount of time it took to get everything out and my anus occasionally burned afterward. My logs got to around nine inches (23 centimeters or so) in length.

The problem was that toilets were not always eager to accept such voluminous offerings. I have clogged more toilets in my life than I will ever be able to admit to. My heart would pound every time I reached to flush and the image of water slowly and steadily rising towards the brim of the bowl is burned onto my retinas. It was worse before I learned how to use a plunger; I'd have to get one of my parents to help... simply mortifying... Standing and watching while my father put the seat up and then jammed the plunger into the bowl while brewing up a litany of curses about me, the toilet, the plunger, etc. made me feel terribly ashamed. I must not have been healthy or normal if my poop plugged up all of our toilets so frequently...

Fortunately, my intestines eventually decided to cut me some slack and calm down somewhat. Now, ironically, I have the opposite problem. My crap is often loose and runny nowadays... At least it's easier to flush. Every so often, however, I'll have one that reminds me of yesteryear, of the times when going poop would leave me with a sore butt, a lump in my throat, and tears in my eyes.

Upstate Dave

Susan's Little Odd Way As Far As The Toilet

I have told other times about Susan. She lived across the highway from my fiend Mike who lived for a time in the house at the end of my road. In my last posting I had watched her piss behind the garage next door to Mikes house. Well I was to find out how Susan did have a different way when she was on the toilet when she had to shit!

It happened one day when I was down at her house and we were inside down in the basement which was refinished into a family room along with a small wrkshop and last there was a small bathroom. Both Susan and I were in the family room playing a game. Outside it had been nice and we were talking about going outside after we finished our game. But while we played it did cloud over quickly and it now was raining.

So that cancled our plans for the time to go outside. So we stayed inside to wait out the rain hopeing it wouldn't last long. We finished the game after playing about 45 minutes after the rain had started. It was still raining now. Susan and I picked up the game and put it away. Then Susan told me that she had to do something now. What's that Susan? I asked. Susan first with a slight giggle said to me; Just come with me and you'll see!

I followed Susan out of the family room.I though that we might be going upstairs but to get upstairs you had to go outsiide for the stiars were outside to get into the house. Since itwas raining Susan didn't head for the door to go outside. Then right then I had cme right into my mind Susan had to go to the bathroom!

So I said to Susan; Do you have to piss Susan? Susan stopped walking and she turned around and she giggled a hard giggle. Then after she had stopped her giggle Susan said to me; Dave how did you know I was takeing you to the bathroom?!! I smiled and said back to Susan; That's the only place that is this way! Susan let out another short giggle. I might only pee just a little. But I sure feel like I'm going have to take a BIG SHIT!

We both let out a short light laugh. Then Susan and I resumed walking across the basement made the right turn and headed back to the small bathroom that was up ahead of us. Now since this bathroo was small which to me was a after thought. For it had a toilet,a very small sink which was a wall hanger stytle, a shower which was small only good really for one person to stand in, and last there was no door to close only a open doorway!

Susan didn't care about not having a door. She always went ahead and would use the bathroom even with others around which included me! The one difference was she would tell me but not the others if they were here. She would juist leave and go use the bathroom. The come back if we were in the family room.

Susan entered the bathroom first we me right behind her. Susan didn't flip the lightswitch soi I did turning on the one light in the bathroom. Susan walked rightto the toilet. The lid and seat were down so Susan raised the lid up. Susan giggled a short giggle and after she ha stopped her giggle Susan said; Opps I forgot to flush it this morning when I took a good pee! Susan reached for the handle and she flushed the toilet.

Then Susan turned around and she had a big smile on her face. Then she said to me; Dave your'e going to like this! Now Susan was wearng a pir of dark red pants. Susan always wore the pants with elastic waistbands most of the time when she wore pants. This pair did have the elastic waistband on them. Susan now placed her hands on the top edge of jher pants at her hips and pulled them right down!

Susan pulledher pantsright down to her feet too all in one quick motion! Susan doing it this waystarted by standing. As her pants got lower she bent ove to get them down to her feet. What was really nice whenshe had her pants only part way down Susan wasn't wearing panties underneath her pants! So I goit a nice eye full ofher cute ass! Susan knew this too. For after her pants were pulled down she shook her ass a few tiomes and giggled as she shook it!

Next Susan slipped her pants off over her sneakers one foot at a time. Then once she had done tis she kicked her pants off to the side getting them out of her way. Then she stepped forward which she widened her feet apart to straddlke the toilet! When Susan had taken three steps and was straddleingthe toilet she sat down on the toilet seat.

Susan let out a shoirt giggle. Then she said to me; How's this Dave! Can yousee everything? I said right back to Susan; Kind off Susan. Oh you can't see my poop chute? Susan said back to me with a hard giggle. Not really Susan; I said back to her. Susan then raised her ass up off from the seat amd leaned over some. How bout now? Susan said to me with a giggle. I laughed a little and replied; ( with Susan doing this I could see both her asshole and vagina now! :-)) Yup I can see everything Susan!!!

Susan let out a short giggle and said to me; Here I go!!!! I saw Susans asshole pucker a little outward as it started to open up. I saw a littlepiss dribble out fromher vagina too. But her piss stopped after a short few seconds. Susans asshole stretched more and I saw a brown shit poke out from it! It was pretty fat,looked smooth, and the end that was showing was rounded.

Then suddenly I saw her shit get sucked right back inside withher asshole closing up tightly! Susan said to me; Dave wait a second I've got to push this one out of my pooper! I laughed a little now for Susan had so may different names for her asshole! I've mentioned a couple different ones already> Poop chute and pooper. But Susan also did call it her rearend hole, hole, and asshole.

Susan now placed her hands down on the toilet seat just about even where her asscheeks curved out the furthest. She doing this also raised her ass up a little more and then she bent over again. Again I could see everything again! I saw her asshole pucker outward and it opened wider much faster too! Plus her shit came right out which more of it came out also! So Susan' shit was on its way!

Susans shit slidout going fairly steadily along. In five six seconds it was a good four inches in length. At least as far as from its rounded blunt fat front tip. What was showing now of her shit it was all smooth. There had been no dribbleing piss out from Susans vagina till now. Now I saw piss dribble from her vagina which it went down her crotch and ran down her shit wetting it and dripped right off its rounded fatr blunt tip! Her driping piss made splashed down inside the toilet with each drop makeing a individual light splash. Thiis was only for several seconds and then Susan stopped dribbling piss.

Now Susans shit had gotten a few inches longer so it was about a half foot long.It looked like to me it was commingout a little faster now too. In a short time more Susans shit was over eight inches long. It still was sliding out of her strretched open asshole. Susan said to me suddenly Dave still comming out? Ive stopped pushing! Yes it is Susan! Susan let out a short hard giggle.

In several more seconds Susans shit was over ten inches long and it was now slideing out faster from her asshole! I saw that it was narrowing down in size. So that could have been whyit was going faster and also it might be reaching its end too. Susans shit got one inch longer and then it fell. It hit the side of the toilet bowl above the water makeing a dull flump. It slid down the side of the bowl leaving a good fairly long skid mark on the white bowl and then it slid into the water going underneath it and then came back up slowly to the surface barely floating in the water!

Then two things happened fater her big shit had dropped in the toilet. First a piss stream a thin one shot down into the toilet from Susans vagina. The second thing that happened Susans asshole reopened not all that widely and soft shit pieces spit out very quickly from Susans asshole! They hit the side of the bwl leaving more skidmarks for the ones that did slide but some of them didn't! Those stuck right to the side of the bowl!

Susan had five peices of this softer shit spit out from her asshole. Then she stopped but did finish by letting out a short wet sounding fart! Susan then still had her thin stream of piss comming from her vagina and that made a muted splash in the toilet for it was partly hiting her shit and the water in the toilet.

Susan didn't piss all that long too. Her stream stopped going from being thin down to a trickle whichit rewetted her lower crotch and dripped form it again. That lasted for several seconds. Then there was some dripping and then the driping did stop. Now Susan knowing that she was done stood up getting off from the toilet seat. She reached over rolled a wad of toilet paper from the roll tore it offf and then she sat down on the toilet seat.

As I watched I saw Susan reach down in front of her moving the wad of toilet paper she was holding in her hand moving it back under her. ThenI sa the wad go out of my sight just for a quick second or two and then it popped into sight at her rearend! Dave am I there? Susan said to me. Susan wasn't quite to her asshole. She was still below it so I said to Susan; A little higher Susan!

I saw her hand move along with the wad of toilet pap[er an when she did cover her asshole with the paper I said almost shouting; STOP!!! Susan let out a giggle and she gaveher self a wipe. Then she quickly pulled her hand back through under her. I saw her glimpse at the aper. She flipped it over and reached back under and I saw her give her ass a second wipe.

Then she just let the paper go droping it into the toilet. Then Susan did get up off from the toilet seat. She stepped backwards the few needed steps and now she stood in front of the toilet. Susan let out a hard but short giggle.Susan was looking down inside at the bowl. BOY DID I MAKE A MESS!!! Susan had with all the skidmarks on the bowl and with the stuck pieces of her shit that were on the side of the bowlk too.

Then Susan said to me; I did do onebig one! I laughed and told Susan she had. Now Susan reached over and pushed down on the lever and the toilet started to flush. First the paper and her big shit got sucked right down and went out of sight. Then the few soft pieces of shit got sucked down and were gone. Then the water that ran down the side of the bowl did hit her other soft pieces of shit and made them skid all the way down the bowl and they got sucked out of sight. But the water did not remove all of her shits skidmarks!

Susan and I both stood there and we did laugh some. Try a second time Susan! I said to her. That might get the rest of your skidmarks. Susanwaited for the tank to refill. When the water stopped running into the tank she flushed the toilet again. We watched the water rush into the bowl. Slowly the skidmarks that were there did get washed away but not comp;etely. A couple of very short ones remained.

Susan put the seat down and said good enough! She picked up her red pants off te floor sat down on the toilet seat and she slipped them back on over her sneakers. Once getting her pants started Susan stood up and pulled themup the rest of the way. Once her pants were over her hips she let the waistband go and with a soft snap from the elastic waistband her pants were back n place.

Susan started to walk out of the bathroom. I was behind her. I turmed off the light fliping the wall switch off. We both saw from the garage doors windows that the sun was out outside shineing brightly! We both laughed hard. After we stopped laughing Susan said to me; I should have waited a little longer Dave! I could have shit outside! I said right back to Susan; Yeah but I wouldn't have seen the way you took your shit Susan! That was so neat! Susan laughed hard all the way back when we walked back to the family room. We sat for a short time and then we did go outside after our short wait for everything to be dry outside. The End Upstate Dave

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