usually I am a morning person, but today, after having a big meal for dinner yesterday, I've decided to play a little game: when the urge to go came after my morning coffee, I held it in.I was hoping the pressure would build up and the satisfaction from deficating would increase. I spent the morning with a friend at the mall, and after the big lunch we had, the urge to go has returned, this time much stronger than usual. I thought I could'nt hold it in any longer and I should give up the idea of enjoying a sensuous bowel movement later, so I told my friend I needed to use the bathroom, hoping she would'nt come along and I would be able to relieve myself. I knew that if she enters the bathroom with me I would just be too embarrassed to shit, as I am very inhibited and shy and just couldn't do it if she hears the noises I make. Unfortunatelly, she entered the stall next to mine so I just peed. We continued our shopping, and the pressure was building up and became almost unbearable... I had to squeez my cheaks real hard, and kept feeling the crap pressing against my anus, trying to get out. After a while I said I think I'd go home, but she insisted we went into a few more stores first. I was too embarrassad to admit I really needed to have this huge bowel movement, and kept holding it in, desperately... The whole time I kept dreaming about the moment I'll finally have privacy and have a bowl all to my self, where I'll be able to experience that sensuous feeling of emptying my bowels after a long wait... Finally, we were done with the shopping and I drove home alone, counting the seconds till I get to the toilet. When I got out of my car, near my house, I saw my neighbor outside. She is very friendly and tends to speak a lot. I tried to ignore her but she saw me and started chatting with me. This kept on for about 10 minutes, and I just kept feeling my rectum streching and had to squeez it real hard. When I finally went into my house, I went to the bathroom and decided to strech the game just a little more: I took off my pants and underwear, put some toilet paper on the floor and squatted above it. I then took a little mirror and watched my anus gets streched and then starting to open. My solid light brown turd started immediately to slide out, but then I squeezed my rectum muscle very strong and forced it back in. I continued doing it a number of time, each time letting out about one inch to slide out and then sliding it back in. It was a bit painful, and I was dying to shit, but I was thrilled with the sensation of my anus being pressed against and held wide open... Finally I decided the time has come to relieve myself. I just squatted there and watched my rectum opens wide and with no effort letting go of warm, light brown, soft turds, that kept sliding out and building up to a warm smelly little hill below me. It felt as if it would never end... My rectum was so streched and shit was coming out for about 30 sec with no stop... When I was finally done, I felt soooo good... so empty and light. I picked my production up and smelled it. It smelled really good, very healthy smell. It had no lumps, was very smooth and soft just like I like it. My rectum hurts a little bit, but I guess I deserve it... Me and my little games...

Hi guys. I've been so busy lately, I haven't had time to check in. Just a quick note to say "hi" and to inform you my "habits" have been normal, one or two shits and three to five pees a day. Please keep those stories coming, this site's the greatest! Luv, Alex :)

I have a confession to make to all of you here...Back many years ago when I was in my teens, there were several times that when I was constipated, having not gone for 3 or 4 days at a time, at the church I used to go to at that time, I would sneak out back of the church, especially in the winter time, when it was dark and wouldn't be seen as easily, I would drop my pants, squat and take a quick dump...The only reason for it at the time was that since most of the logs that I passed at that time were of a very large size, and I was afraid that I would clog the toilet in the men's room, since they would average at least 12 inches or longer and at least 2 inches in diameter...Being in the southern area of the United States, the lawn in the back of the church kept growing year round, and I have often wondered what the person thought that mowed the lawn, when they came across the turds lying on the ground...I know they were large because there were times when I would go back during daylight hours and inspect the job that I had done...

Lots of good posts recently. It's really time to change the opening picture. Maybe your waiting for a male to submit one? Diskputers guys always piss all over the toilet seat simply, because they are to lazy to lift it. If you can't aim you ought not to be shooting! Why can't these guys figure out that they could be siting in that piss? I sometimes don't look and sit in it and they probably have also. Maybe they like it? Also I thought I was the only person who would drop turds on a tissue on the floor to see what I had produced. Sometimes when it is hard and long it is so heavy it goes right down the hole in the toilet and when you lift and turn around to look what gave you such releif it is no where to be found. Dennis what a great use for Those MRE bags. The original contents taste and smell like shit anyways.

Hi "The Toilet" Readers Those of you who have read posts from me before may remember that I was frequently extremly constipated as a child. I don't know if my present day interest in bowel activities stems from the pre-occupation that I had with my childhood bowel movements; but I suspect that it probably does. A case in point: A true story from my childhood; a story that is as vivid to me as a grown man today as it was the day it happened. The story is about a boy named Kevin. While we were not exactly friends, I saw Kevin most every day, since we were in the same class in seventh grade. Let me tell you a little about him. He was a bit chubby, and always dressed in clothes that looked like they had shrunk a bit after he put them on. Kevin's clothes fit TIGHT! His pants stretched around his chubby butt; looking like they were about to split at the seams. They never did. His ample belly was always bulging out; looking like he'd just finished an enormous meal. To most people I suppose Kevin looked like a boy whose mother bought him his clothes wihthout him there to try them on; but to me, Kevin looked CONSTIPATED. Whenever I saw him with that bulging ????, all I could think of was how badly constipated he must be. Well; one day my imagination was fueled as it had never been before. I was in the boys restroom, and I realized that Kevin was in one of the stalls (behind a closed door). I listened as intently as I could and I could hear him straining to go. He wasn't making much noise; just barely audible grunts. I waited and listened as long as I dared; keeping busy by combing my already well-combed hair. Then, the silence was broken as one of Kevin's friends hollared into the bathroom..."COME ON! WE'RE LEAVING" To this Kevin called back "WAIT UP GUYS...I'M COMING". With that I could hear him zipping up and he left the stall...toilet unflushed. Of course I went in and looked into the bowel. The water was clear with the exception of one very small, VERY HARD marble of poop lying at the bottom. I could only imagine the enormity of what still remained captive inside of him! My suspicions were correct! Kevin was one VERY constipated 12 year old! Thoughts went racing through my head...I wanted to chase after him..and talk to him the way my mother would have talked to me...Tell him that he needed to realize just how constipated he was...and that he needed to go back into that bathroom; sit himself back on that toilet...and continue pushing until he had emptied himself. This was no time to go galavanting off with his friends...probably heading over to the candy store to gorge themselves with after-school junk food. Maybe Kevin's friends could afford to do that, but, constipated as he was...Kevin surely should not be putting that sort of garbage into his already bloated intestines! Of course, I said nothing...just went on my way wondering about him. The next day Kevin was called up to the blackboard to demonstrate some math. He stood there sideways in front of me, and my imagination or not...his belly seemed to be bulging further than ever! How many days had it been since he'd had a decent movement? Six? Eight? Ten? My mind raced wildly. My 12 year old eyes X-rayed his abdomen to see his intestines stuffed to the bursting point,causing his ???? to bulge the was it was. Surely his Mom realized what was wrong and would see to it that he would sit on the toilet when he got home from school. As it turned out, the next day Kevin was absent. Maybe it was just a coincidence...maybe it had nothing to do with his constipation. But for me; I was sure that he was absent because he was receiving an enema...or maybe his Mom preferred suppositories... but somehow she was seeing to it that her little boy moved his bowels. There you have it :) I've got a lot of these true stories. Let me know if you want to hear more. Gary Oh; and to DISKPUTERS: Yes I pooped onto a mirror now and then; primarily as a curiosity thing...I wanted to see what my anus looked like when it opened.

Wednesday, July 08, 1998

Jay and Paige
Couldn't resist responding to one of my favorite "rays of sunshine" on here, Steph, regarding her experience dropping a load on a trans-Atlantic flight. First, Steph, hope the family emergency got resolved satisfactorily. Second, I can only speculate that the reason you did not feel the actual deployment of your jobbies may have been related to vibration from the aircraft itself. Perhaps at a particular frequency in cycles per second, your body vibrates along with the plane and somehow cancels out the feeling of shitting--which is too bad because extruding torpedoes of the type you described would have provided a highly satisfactory sensation if it were a land-based shit!
One other everyone can do this because as you all know, not every fart is noticeable in the olfactory sense...however...don't you agree that the absolute best place to fart with virtual impunity is on an airplane? I think it novel to just sit there next to a pretty woman, for example, ripping what would be audible farts in most other settings...sometimes even as I'm giving the flight attendant my drink order...and the noise and vibration of the plane (even the brand new 767 we flew roundtrip to Europe last March) make it impossible to hear what is sometimes a powerful venting.
Now, smell is another issue...there is that certain smell you get in, for example, the coach section of a train after a very long journey..makes you want to punch out the windows sometimes. For some reason, probably related to my lowfat and nearly meatless diet, smell is not a big problem.
Though, I must say last week when we were up north, my first motion upon returning home must have had the exact chemical composition of a skunk's me remembrances of northern, cooler latitudes!
I have to dash...but miss all the regulars who may be off on some summer trip or otherwise engaged. Luckily, I managed not to miss the annual ritual of pooping girl having her inaugural shit on her camping toilet...always a special event around here!

Sometimes when I think I have a hard one comeing, Instead of sitting on the toilet i will put a piece of toilet tssue on the floor and a mirror next to it then I do it on the tissue. If I was successfull at catching a hard one it's a bit of as turn-on. What would be really a turn though would be for me to see a girl doing the same thing that I like to do.

Everett (Calif)
Just stumbled onto this site and think its great. Your stories brought back memories of past experiences that I probably would never had thought of again. In regard to turd size, I would think that the size of ones rectum would have a lot to do with it. I for one typically do not produce really thick turds. When I do, its as if my ass could not stretch any more, thereby limiting the size thickness of the turd. My first story was when I was about 10 and my sister was 12. We were riding our bikes some distance from home when she stated she had to go. I thought she was talking about peeing. She insisted she could make it home. I couple of minutes later I heard a really loud fart. I started to laugh knowing it was her until I looked at her face. She looked discomforted and if she was about to cry. All of the sudden she farted again and I noticed a light brown liquid running down her leg (she was wearing baggy exercise shorts). Then it started coming out in waves. It was sightly. She began to cry. At 10 I was a bit insensitive and started to laugh. It was 20 minutes before we arrived at home. She made me swear never to tell anyone, even my mom. I guess I am breaking that promise now, but that was 20 years ago. I too have been fascinated with people shitting, especially women. It is hard to imagine a beautiful women like Elizabeth Hurley sitting on a toilet taking a dump. I remember one time a co-worker of mine was telling me a story about an outdoor encounter she had. She is a tri-athelete and often is out running or biking along the coast. One morning she came into work and told she had the most mortifying experience of her life. She was out running approximately 5 miles from any public bathroom when an overwheling urge to poop came on. She knew it could not wait and started looking for a suitable spot. She finally decided on a spot in some persons yard. It was the only spot not visible from the road. As she began to shit, a little girl came up behind her and aksed what she was doing. She immediately turned red and tried to explain to the kid what she was doing in her yard, still going of course! After the liitle girl left, she wiped her butt with some grass and kept on running. I was totally turned on by the whole story and immediately knew I had a poo fetish going. Keep up the stories. I have a couple of more, but got to go.

Hello, Im new to this site and have really been thrilled reading back all the old posts. For a long time I have thought I was one of a very few people turned on by having a big solid bowel motion or jobbie, although I am English I learned this word from a Scots friend on holiday and have used it since I was about 10. Even British sex magazines such as Forum, which deal with every other sexual fetish and behaviour do not deal with such matters. I am in my forties and am a bus and coach driver. This leads to some interesting effects. Driving a bus for a number of hours at a time means that I cannot just up and go to the toilet when I want to but have to hold it in till I either get to a Ladies Public Toilet at the end of my journey or use the Ladies at the depot. Luckily I have a very strong constitution as we say in Britain and have not YET had any accidents in my knickers. Bus companies are quite understanding about drivers having diarrhea and will usually accept it as a valid reason for sick leave as it as would be a great safety hazzard to passengers and driver alike if they were struggling to hold it in and lost control of the bus. I have not had this bad luck indeed what usually happens with me is that when I do have a motion I pass a really big solid firm nobbily log of 10 to 12 inches in length and about 2 inches fat as I have had to hold it in for up to an hour as I drive one of the longer routes in my town. Often I have sat driving the bus feeling the great fat turd slide down into my back passage and pressing against my sphincter but have not yet lost it, though I have "touched cloth" and left a mark in the seat of my knickers on a couple of occasions. Indeed holding it in is not an unpleasant feeling ( I had to do this often enough at school and found it a turn on then), though sometimes the big lump presses against my bladder and I dribble wee wee slightly into the gusset of my panties, but again I haven't wet myself yet. I know that some of the other women drivers experience the same effects if the size of the turds I see stuck in the toilet pans of the Ladies Toilets at work are anything to go by, and seeing these turn me on as does hearing one of the other "girls" doing a big jobbie. I often wonder if women (and for that matter men) in certain occupations tend to be a bit constipated owing to being unable to do a motion when they first feel the need. I would suggest this is the case with teachers, goods vehicle drivers, possibly nurses, Police Officers, and I have often wondered what sportswomen do, such as tennis players etc as I couldn't imagine Martina Hingis or Jana Novotna leaving the court at Wimbledon for ten minutes to do a jobbie yet I haven't heard of any of them wetting their knickers far less having a big accident in them. Does anyone know, do they take some drug such as Immodium to stop them from having a bowel movement, as the alternative approach of clearing themselves out with a powerful purgative before the match would leave them too weak to perform in such a physically exacting sport. Finally, one correspondent asked what "Sloggi Briefs" are. Perhaps they don't sell these in the USA but Sloggi is the brand name of these panties and they come in various diffent styles from Maxi Briefs the type I wear myself which are full size deep sided briefs, Midis which are like bikini briefs, Tanga, Ti, and control briefs which have elastic panels in the front to hold in the ????. Sloggis are made in a mixture of Lycra (Spandex) and Cotton and are therefore very comfortable but do not wash out and go baggy as ordinary cotton panties tend to do after a few washes. Many women in Britain wear them and I have read that lots of men do too, prefering them to ordinary male underpants. All the very best to all .

Trevor C.
I really very enjoy this site,so I want to share my experience to everybody who also likes this site,and I am a chinese,so forgive my poor English! I'm a 18-year-old male,and sometimes I would take laxative just for fun.The first time I took laxative,I'm about 14 or 15,before I went to the special school(because of the "United Examination"-a kind of entrance examination,many students in Taiwan must go to a special school for supplementary education in their holidays), I took 8 tablets of laxative-4 times of the normal quatity people would take,at 4:30p.m.The laxative worked at 8:20p.m ,and I felt there's something would go out from my asshole ,and it's the rest time,so I went to the bathroom immediately,the half of stool is solid,the other half is just like a mess of mud.When I left school,I knew I must go to bathroom,and my belly is so painful!But I thought I could hold it until I got home ,but 5 minutes later,I know that I'm wrong!So,I go to the bathroom in a old building,there is a bathroom in the 1st floor,and there is another in 4th floor,I decide to go to the one in 4th floor,because I think that is more "exciting",but when I go upstairs,there is a little liquid poop leak from my asshole,and I discover the door of the bathroom which is in the 4th floor is locked,so I run downstairs to the bathroom is in the 1st floor to avoid more liquid poop wet my pants.When I sit on the toilet,I heard a sound like this:pooh-looooooooooooh-pooh,a lot of farts and liquid poop run out fron my asshole,and I saw a dirty underwear is thrown in trash can ,I know that there's another guy had a serious diarrhea like me.When I got home ,I had to go to the bathroom again,and it's still lots of liquid poop and farts.After I finished my job,I felt very weak,and I could not sleep all night because of the pain of my belly! I very like the stories of male,especially when they have a diarrhea or accident,so I hope you can share your experiences to me!

I had another pooping experience with one of brothers yesterday. After lunch, my 9-year old brother and I were walking on a trail to the beach when he announced that he had to go to the bathroom. I said, "Wait to you get in the water and pee in there." (I figure fish do it all the time in the water, so a little pee won't make much difference.) He said, "I don't have to go number 1, I have to go number 2." We were meeting some of our freinds there, but were early, so I said, ok, let's go back home (it was a five minute walk to the beach and five minutes back home). He said he can't wait that long. So I took him into the woods, found a old log that he can hang his butt over, and had him make his poop. Then I gave him some leaves (checked them for insects first) and finally the only tissue I had when his pile of turds was complete. Two of our freinds came along (who we were supposed to meet), and heard the noise. They came back to see what was going on. We just said that Brian had to go the bathroom and that he would have just peed into the lake, but he had to poop. Later, when we were just about to leave the beach, I had to poop, too. When we were walking back, I said to my friends, I have to go the bathroom. About two minutes later, Billy said that he had to go too, and couldn't wait until he went home. I said, "I have to make a poopoo." Billy said, "So do I." All of us are used to pooping & peeing in front of the others, so it is no big deal. So all of us went and found the log Brian used before. We dropped our swimming trunks and pooped. Just after we finished and got our shorts up, two of our other friends came back because of the noise. Then Jenny and Anne saw the three piles of poop and the leaves, they said, "Boys, you must have had a lot of watermelon yesterday." After that, we went back and swam for about half an hour and went home.

Sometimes when I think I have a hard one comeing, Instead of sitting on the toilet i will put a piece of toilet tssue on the floor and a mirror next to it then I do it on the tissue. If I was successfull at catching a hard one it's a bit of as turn-on. What would be really a turn though would be for me to see a girl doing the same thing that I like to do.

To Graham, Your description of toilet facilities in French school is indeed quite accurate, since I've been a young student in one of these schools in the late 60's. There was a wall urinal, and a couple of doors in the open with squatting toilets on the floor ("WC a la turque" in French, or "Turkish toilets"). I never had to do a bowel movement while in this school, but of course used the urinal frequently. Our school was not unisex (too bad..I am not pee-shy in front of girls). I would however venture to say that all these school with rudimentary toilet facilities are probably pre-WW II vintage. Question: did girls watch you pee while you were there ? Philippe.

Hi Steph, and yes, flying can affect your turds. I am usually constipated for a few days after flying. Flying dehydrates a person. Diskputers, I clean boys and girls restrooms and there are times when the girls pee on the seats more than the boys. Many of the boys pee through the seat if they don't want to use the urinals, but with the girls, a squirt or two comes out as they are getting up off the toilet and that usually lands on the seat. Some of this piss winds up running under the seat. Also I find big wads of toilet paper that the girls pee on and then toss onto the back of the potty. If the boys want to be naughty, they piss on the walls. I once had to send e mail to the 5th grade teachers telling them that there were a LOT of boys pissing on the walls, and they informed their classes of this fact and told the boys to knock it off. The girls giggled.

Here's an idea for a meal for those of you who like to fart. I tried this in my senior year of high school and it was a blast. Make some chili with undercooked beans. Don't soak them the night before, just simmer them long enough to soften them and make them edible. Use green peppers and onions in the chili along with an extra helping of chili powder. Eat the chili along with undercooked scrambled eggs and cabbage. Wash it all down with plenty of beer. I ate this meal at 10PM one night and by 8 AM I was farting every 2 minutes. It got worse later on, and the best part was the farts were silent but very deadly. It will drive people out of the room.

Cindy: thanks for the vote of confidence. I'm willing to do any kind of illustration that anybody wants. By the way, your boyfriend is a lucky guy! I had a friend one time who I used to go out and party with all the time. He was always hanging around gay bars, and did'nt seem to be in too much of a hurry to meet women, but never outright told me of his personal preferences. He later entered into a serious female relationship, so I guess he figured it out. One Saturday night, as we were getting ready to go out, I had just gotten out of the shower and had to go take a dump. I no sooner than sat when he came to the door, and started talking to me about where we were going to go and stuff. I said "I can't hear you out there, open the door, or c'mon in." He was hesitant at first, but eventually opened the door. He continued talking to me as I crapped (my smell was'nt bad at all either). Every now and then, he'd shoot me a glance, especially whenever I shifted a little. I was on the toilet for a good 10 minutes getting rid of a major load. (for the record, hot water always loosens me up, but I always quickly re-shower after a dump). I was perfectly at ease, but he was getting kind of uptight. He left for a few minutes, but he did come back and start talking again. Every now and then there'd be a huge "Pllllopp!" and he'd look over at me. I was kidding around with him before it was time to drop another one, and I said in a grunted voice, "Here comes one with your name on it!" Plopp! and another log went on the pile. He stayed in there with me for the rest of the time, even as I wiped. I never thought it was strange or unusual, and I really liked it too. It was a real guy kind of thing I guess. Awhile back when this site was moving, my wife bookmarked it for me on our list of favorites. She knows I visit here regularly, and sometimes she'll read over my shoulder. She's asked me if I've ever written here before, and I said "All the time." I asked her for her permission to write about her sometimes. She said it was OK. My wife is an absolute knockout, and probably one of the champion poopers of all time. She has these great long legs, (I'm 6'3', and when she's in heels, she's as tall as me!), and I like to sneak peeks at her in the potty room whenever possible. I've watched her many times, and she's very beautiful. Bye!

Thanks to everyone who was lucky enough to watch the Drop Dead Show and who described what happened. It sounds like it was a very interesting program even if the volunteers weren't actually shown sitting on the toilet in the process of passing their turds. I am amused at the thought of a shitting "race" to see who will be the first to pass his/her turds. They could make that into a new game show or sporting event. Jeff A, I would love to see some of your work as an illustrator. I hope you will get a chance to display your art work on this site. I am similar to you in the sense that both males and females on the toilet interests me. I am looking forward to reading about the male stories that you have yet to submit. Kevin L, I would have loved to be in that office with you and listen to your pushing sounds.

Monday, July 06, 1998

Hi guys! I had to go to Switzerland for a family emergency (I live in the United States); that's why I haven't posted. I don't have any bathroom stories to tell from the trip, but I did dump for the first time on an airplane. About 3 hours into the return flight from Zurich to New York (Kennedy), I had a sudden urge to go. I hadn't gone in almost three days, so there was a lot of pressure. It was, luckily, the dark period, when the movie is showing and half the passengers aren't lined up to use the toilets. I have a question that might sound corny, but here goes. Does altitude/lack of oxygen effect one's bowels? When I sat down to go, I heard myself peeing, but when I pushed to dump, I heard (and soon smelled) what came out of my butt, but didn't feel a thing. There were three, medium-hard turds, and as I said, I didn't feel anything. I can always feel what comes out of my butt, whether it's diahrrea or very hard constipation, but there wasn't any feeling this time. I attribute this to the air pressure; am I just imagining things? I've asked Alex and Jodi, the only two people with whom I'm *open* about these things, but they've never had to take a dump while flying, so they couldn't answer. I also had "reverse travelers diahrrea" for a couple of days after returning, nothing serious, but I did go five times in two days (without the benefit of spicy foods). Peace and love to all. Steph

A lot of funny things happen in the military and they usually have something to do with shit. I remember during basic training it was about 4 days into it befoe any of us were able to take a shit (probably due to stress). But when we did, OH! BOY! Worst smelling thing I ever smelled in my life. But o-what-a-relief it was. Another time during a field exercise in Korea I was on a mountain in the back of a mobile communications van when suddenly I had to take an urgent shit. There was nobody else around to monitor the radio for me so going into the woods was out of the question-- I had to think of something QUICK. I looked about to see what resources I could muster to help me through this predicament and then it hit me; the MRE bags! (MRE bags are made of heavy-duty stiff plastic, sorta like a big envelope) There were several empty MRE bags in the trash can so I took one out and put 2 chairs together and sat with one under each cheek in such a way as to allow the shit to drop neatly between them and into the bag I was holding. When the first tird hit, the sheer weight of it tore the bag out of my grip because I was using the thumb-forefinger grip. I never knew shit weighs that much until that happened. When I got done I had another problem-- how do I get rid of the shit? So I took ! another empty MRE bag and slid it down over the top of the one I had shitten into, then another over that and once more again. Problem solved! Well, after about 3 days the van began to stink! It didn't have the familiar 'shit' smell, but smelled not unlike the rotting corpse of a small animal instead!(a 'dead' smell, if you will)

When I was a kid I used to love to take pictures of my tirds when they were really big. I had to use a polaroid because for some reason the shit portions of films taken with a regular camera always used to come back as 'unable to process' (hmmm- I wonder why!). One shit picture I was especially fond of which I like to call my 'masterpiece' was of one of my famous 15" length, 3" diameter shits. I brought this said photo to school one day and showed it to some of the guys after gym. It somehow wound up in the coaches' office! I went to claim my property and as I opened the door, the coaches were rolling with hearty laughter! They gave me back the photo under the condition that I not let any of the teachers see it, because it might get me into trouble. Later that year there was a reference to this subject in the X-mas edition of the school newspaper. It was incorporated into the poem 'twas the night before X-mas'. It stated that I was "taking some of my favorite picture! s so that Santa could see one of my favorite fixtures".

One time during my senior year I began to have extremely bad abdominal cramps in class. At first I thought I merely had to fart. I eased out a few silent farts and felt a little better then one of the students complained about the room "smelling like eggs". About 10 minutes later the cramps returned with renewed vigor, much worse than before. I broke out into a cold sweat and immediately I knew this was the real thing this time so I obtained permission to go to the can. I barely made it to the can, dropped my levi's and my fruit-of-the-looms and sat down. The first movement consisted of a green monster (yes, GREEN), a big lump the size of a softball with the consistency of peanut butter; it was a huge green glob, marbled with two different shades of brown as well. It had a 'decayed' smell to it, and sure was a relief to get rid of. Then once again my bowels cramped and I farted three big farts which echoed in the bowl; it sounded as if I was farting through a resonator. That was followed by a flood (no, more like a VOLCANO) of orange-light-brownish diarrhea shit that gushed into the toilet with such a velocity that it coated the entire bowl, under the rim, ect. and the next thing I know the seat of my ass was coated with this warm substance as well! The next three jets of this same liqui-shit came out like water out of a faucet. I swear I thought I could see steam emanating from the pot! I sat on the can for about 20 minutes waiting for the terrible cramps to subside. I used a whole roll of toilet paper after that job. When I returned to my seat in class the girl sitting beside me gave me a dirty look (probably an effort to keep from laughing) because I had obviously been shitting, due to the length of time I had been gone.

The subject of squatting toilets has come up here recently. I first saw these when I went on a school exchange visit to France when I was 14. I was rather shocked by the toilets at the French school. Firstly, they were unisex. Secondly they were in the open in the playground - the stall (with squatting toilets) doors opened directly off the playground, and the "pee against the wall" urinal was on open view from the playground. At the time, I wondered if the girls ever had problems keeping clothing (especially when wearing trousers) out of the way when peeing. I guess that they must have managed as I never saw a girl with wet feet or clothing.

I think that Jeff A. should be allowed to show off some of his graphic talents to this site, as there don't seem to be many volunteers to feature in the photo slot at the top of the page. Maybe he could respond to requests from readers. I was out for a walk with my boyfriend a few nights ago along the beach. We had walked quite a long way when he announced that he needed a bathroom, and I then suggested that he just went behind a bush as it was totally deserted in that area. He then made it clear it was not just a pee that he needed, and that we would probably come to some public toilets further along. After we had walked for about another ten minutes sure enough we see some toilets, and he started to walk off towards them and said he won't be long. I told him to be quick as it was quite dark and I didn't like waiting about in a deserted area alone. He told me to go in with him if I was nervous, I didn't wish to seem keen, although I was, and hesitated for a moment before joining him. We went into the building and there was a line of urinals and three toilet stalls, he went into the one the furthest from the entrance (so we would have more warning if anybody came in) and I followed behind him. I closed the door behind me and locked it, and asked him if he wanted me to turn around and face the door, he paused for a second and told me it was all right, as there wasn't much light anyway. He pulled down his trousers and underpants and then lowered the toilet seat, after looking at it he decided to just clean it first with some toilet paper. He sat down and rolled his shirt up clear of the seat, fiddled at the front and started to pea, I had never seen a man do this before and was quite curious and excited. He sat there quite a while before anything happened, he was probably put off by my presence and embarrassed about straining in front of me. I asked him if he was all right and he told me he wouldn't be a minute, then without him saying anything I turned around and faced the door so he could get it over and done with. I soon heard a loud plop into the water then followed by a couple quiet ones, I then asked him if he was finished and he told me he was. I turned around and tore off pieces of toilet paper and handed them to him, as he wiped I tore off another piece. He then flushed, and as he was pulling up his underpants and trousers I pulled down my trousers and told him that I might as well have a quick wee while I am here. I knew I couldn't poop as I did one before I had come out that night, but I thought a wee would at least share some of the embarrassment with him.

I am a 11 year old boy, and I had an experience that I thought you might want to hear about. Yesterday, I was at a forth of July picnic, and after lunch, me and my 3 year old brother both had to poop. It was the first time I had to go in about three days. Unfortunately, the only rest rooms around around were portapotties. It was the first time I ever used one. After we went in and shut the door, I looked in the hole. It was wierd looking at those turds and used toilet paper. I also wished that the little boys learned to aim a little better, too. Can't blame them for not picking up the seat, though. I cleaned the seat off with toilet paper so my little brother could sit. When he was done, we switched positions, except I squatted because of the pee that was on the seat. When we were done, it was wierd leaving our turds and toilet paper without flushing and not being able to wash our hands.

Anyone, who gets pee on the toilet seat more often, guys or girls?

redneck--i too would like to chime in on the pleasure of shitting on university libraries. I have often spent a weekend sitting on the toilet at one. They are ususally very clean, quiet, and get just about the right amount of use. you are right, in the summer they are too slow. I use the ones at Texas ATM in College Station. i notice that most of the college guys that use them aren't concerned about making too much noise or smell. A lot of them study on the toilet too. I'll be glad when the fall session starts! Happy Shitting to all! (and hello to Keith if you are still around)

Sunday, July 05, 1998

A couple of days ago on flight AA88 (Chicago-Brusssels) I witnessed the following: I was sitting opposite from the middle restroom block on the 767. There are few restrooms in the coach category on these airplanes. A blond teenage girl -I would say 13 to 14 years old (half child, half woman)- was waiting in front of the, occupied, restroom. She was wearing wide skirt-like dark shorts, you know the ones that look at first sight like a skirt. There were several people waiting in front of the restrooms in the rear of the plane. I saw she was getting desparate -the person who occupied the restroom kept it occupied for a very long time-: - She was shifting and crossing her legs continuously; - Sometimes she would starting walking back and forth, desperately watching the queue at the rear restrooms; - A couple of times she touched her crotch; - She knew I was watching for what was going to happen. Suddenly she crossed her legs again and she almost folded double. She was staring in my direction and her face turned red like a tomato (a pale blond girl turning red is very noticeable). I looked down at her legs and saw some pee running down her left leg. She had not totally lost control yet, the pee was just dribbling down her leg very slowly. That is when the toilet door opened and somebody came out. She rushed into the toilet where she stayed for several minutes. When she came back out, I saw she had something white cotton-like in her closed fist, probably her wet panties. Since pee was dribbling down her leg -and I would assume she will have lost some more before she was actually on the toilet- they must have been pretty wet.

Anastasia, I'm looking forward to hearing a story from you. I'd like to see how they compare to my own from when I was your age. I'm very interested in why those of us who are turned on by this from such a young age got turned on to begin with. Were we born this way, or are we products of our environment?

Kevin L
This is my first post in about a month! I have been busy at work and my schedule has changed, so my wife is home most of the times I use the computer. She would think I am a weirdo if she knew I posted here. Our office has three employees 2 guys and a girl. But on fridays we have a partime girl do the books, her name is Beth. She is a 26 years old and rather plain looking and married. Every Friday after lunch she takes about a 10 minute crap then trys to cover the smell with air freshener. But last friday we had a bad electrical storm and our power was off for two hours. That meant no lights no air conditioning and no radio or bathroom fan. About an hour after lunch Beth said she needed to use the bathroom, she went in and left the door open about one foot to let in a little light. Beth and I were the only ones in the office at the time and my desk is right across from the bathroom. The office was totally quiet and I could her Beth lift her skirt and pull down her panties. She peed right away then there was silence. The telephone rang and it was for Beth she said to me and said she would call them back. That started a conversation with her, she said this was the first time a have ever gone #2 in the dark, she asked me to open the door a little more to let in more light, (but don't look). She seemed very relaxed and casual talking with me while on the toilet, then I heard the first small ploop followed by a little gas, she stopped talking, I think she was pushing out a large turd.After about one minute I heard it slide into the bowl (we have those new low flush toilets with low water levels). She wiped her rear about 3 times and had to flush twice. When she came out she didn't seem embarrassed at all. Back to work and casual conversation. About half and hour later it was my turn. I really didn't have to go but I was so turned on by Beths exhibition I gave it a try. I told her I needed to use the bathroom and asked her to answer my phone. I left the door half opened and pulled my pants down and started pushing really hard. Rember there was no noise in the office because the power was off, I made fairly loud pushing sounds so she could hear (in case it turned her on, like it does me) then I released a loud forced fart then a couple small turds that hit the water with quite a splash. She heard everything, but did not say a thing to me. I finished up washed my hands and went back to my desk. I was extremly turned on by that incedence and think of Beth in a totally different light. Welcome new posters. Kevin L

WELCOME to the site Anastasia. You will probably enjoy it a lot. Have you ever measured your pee? Tell us about your school restrooms and your bathroom at home. Do you spend a lot of time sitting on the toilet, reading, or doing other stuff? What's your favorite kind of toilet seat?

Saturday, July 04, 1998

WEll, I've been here reading the posts and I think its time I contribute. I'm a 14 year old female living in middle Pennsylvania U.S.A. I'm brown haired, 5 feet 7 inches tall, 135 pounds. I really can't give anyone a schedule of my bathroom habits, because it always varies. My pee comes out in a long strong stream for close to 1-2 minutes. My poop always comes out LONG and HARD, and can take anywhere from 3-10 minutes. I've been turned on to this for forever (at about 6). Well, I'll post a story later, probably tomarrow.

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