Upstate Dave

Barbie Does Her Specail At The Old Abandoned House Part 2

Barbie finished the remaining half of her soda while we sat in the kitchen. I had opened one up also now and I took a good long drink from it. Barbie now took out from her bag nthat she had brought along the roll of toilet paper that I had used when I had shit outside in the driveway puddle. She also took out another new roll too! I laughed and Barbiee laughed and said to me; I made sure I have enough!

Barbie walked into the bathroom with both rolls. She paced the full unused roll on the toilet tank. She rolled out some with the other roll. She lifted the seat up and then started wrapping the toiet paper around the seat! I watched her from my seat out in the kitchen at the table. Barbie took her tme and with this roll she managed to get about half of the entire seat and its hole covered over with toilet paper.

Then she picked up the full roll and used it to do the what rmained to be covered over with the toilet paper. When she had finished the entire seat was wrapped up with toilet paper. Barbie had layered it thickly over most of the seat but she did have paper left over on the second roll for her own use. Barbie came out of the bathroom. She said to me the toilet is all set. Barbie giggled a little and went on and said to me; I'll be ready soon too!

Barbie sat down at the table and we waited buttt we did talk. Then after 15 minutes Barbie got right up quickly from the table. It's time! she saiod to me. So Barbie hurried into the bathroom and I got up out of my seat in the kitchen walked in the bathroom too. Barbie was already up on the toilet seat with the back of her summer dress raised high up with all of her bare ass showing!

I sat down on the old bathtubs back corner so I was well behind Barbie to wait and watch Barbie do her specail! It was about to start. Barbie was squated down in what I would say a meduim high squat to start with. I heard her suck in her breath and she started pushing to start her shit. She also et out a short soft ungthhhh too as she pushed.

I saw her asshole open and a big fat shit tip spreaded it open. Barbie kept her hard push up. The brown fat tip moved gettingabout to two inches long. Her shit looked hard and it also looked like the one I took for her shit was very chunky looking too. Barbie kept her pushing up till her shit had reached maybe four inches long. Then she let out a loud sigh which her shit did stop.

I said to her; Barbie your shit looks like mine did. Looks like one that has been inside for some time. When did you go last? Barbie took a short moment befor she answered. She had to catch her breath. Then she told me about three days ago. There maybe only this one hard ne or might be more Dave. I don't know. Barbie again took a deep breath held it and pushed hard.

Barbie let out a ungthhhh again with this push too. I saw her shit start to move which it moved faster gaining another in in a short couple of seconds. Also some gas passed byhe sht this time leting off a soft but long fffffitttttt when it did this. Barbie managed to push longer with hersecond push and I watched her shit get longer which it did.

Barbie then let out a longer gasp of air which was pretty loud. This time her shit didn't stop.This made Barbie very happy. Good I can feel it still comming! No more pushing! I laughed a little but I was watching her shit which since it was chunky I was watching her asshole really which opened wider when a larger chunk slid through and would close up when her shit had a smaller chunk slide through. Her shit now had reached about eight inches in length and its front tip was closeng in on the toilet paper wrapped around the toilet seat.

I quickly told Barbie saying to her; Raise your ass up higher Barbie! Your shit is almopst touching the paper now! Barbie got up in a higher squat. That gave her shit almost another clear six inches to the paper. Well several more seconds later her shit gained two more inches and then it fell heavilly on to te toilet paper which it sagged down but didn't break.

Then I saw a tip of a second shit start out from Barbie s asshole! So she was going to do more then one! The second shit too was fat and chunky same color brown too. But less as fat as her first one. This second shit slid fast too. It als let off a crackle where the first one had not. Since this second shit moved much faster it took five six seconds to reach being a half foot long and it too suddenly dropped down on the toilet paper. It sagged more but held too with two heavy good sized shits laying on it.

Then there was even more. For out came more shit from Barbies asshole. This time it was much smaller softer shit which came out in pieces between three to five inches long. It piled up on her two hard shits. The paper held but sagged a lot more. Then Barbie had two short two inchers drop away and then she let out one long trumpetiing fart! That was it she was done shiting. But she wasn't done yet with her specail!

Barbie carefully and slowly turned around right on the toiletseat. She got herse;f in position so that she would piss right where she had shit. She was squated andagain it was a short wait till she started to piss. Then she did start by barely doingt a dribble. She stopped and justr dripped piss on her shit and the paper. Not enough to wet it enough.

Then she evn stopped dripping and there was another pause. Then Barbie did piss and hard! Out ofrom her vagina came a hard straight down stream of piss hiting on her shit hard! Her piss made a good splash too off from her shit which wetted the toilet paper in a pretty big area! I could see thewetness of the paper spreading outward. The paper sagged slowly where her shit laid on it.

Don't forget Barbie had wrapped up several layers of paper around the seat. So her piss had to wet several layers of toilet paper. It did and the paper being wet enough where her shit laid on it suddenly the paper broke! Her shit fell into the waiting toilet! The wet paper dropped into and on the sides of the toilet bowl and the water I saw crept right up the broken paper bands. Barbies piss streamn now shit into the toilet and with all the toilet paper in the bowl it made a muffled soft splash in the toilet.

Barbie looked over at me smileling a big smile. I laughed and told her she did a great job with this specail! Barbie went on and pissed for a good 15 20 seconds more and then she stopped. She stood up and she stepped down off the toilet seat. She turned and looked down into the bowl. I had gotten up too and we both stood looking into the toilet. Brbie giggled and with all the paper she did see all of her shit with the paper. Then she laughed and said; Oh I have to wipe so there is still more paper for the toilet!

Barbietook the remaining roll off from the top of the tank. She wipped off a wad tore it and she did a standing wipe where she stood. She tossed the ised paper in the tilet and rolled off more and used it. Barbie wound up wipeing four times and used all the remaining paper. After she did tis she laughed and told me she did it on purpose!~ I wanted to use all the paper!

Now there was one last part to do. That was to unwrap all the broken toilet paper from the toilet seat. Soo Barbie and I just tore it at te seat and it too joined what was in the toilet. After we were done Barbie stepped over to the flush lever. Flush or flood? I said Flush! Barbie giggled and she said Flood!

Barbie oushed the lever down. The water rushed into the bowl and it swirled around with some of the paper and her shit did sink down. The toilket water slowly crept up into the bowl so it looked like Barbie was going to be right in that the toilet was going to over flow! But then the toilet let off a loud series of gurfles with more toiletpaper going down out of sight. The water level also went down too.

The tank refilled also so it was going to take another flush so Barbie flushed again. Water ruished into the bowl. More paper was sent down into the trap and it went through. With this second flush alot of the paper did make it down and out of the toilet. There still was some left so a third time flush was done by Barbie and that took care of the last of the paper.

We then left the bathroom went to the klitchen and we picked up. Since Barbie had done her specail and had to be home early there was no point staying around any longer. So we left and I took her home. This would be the last time at the old house. In fact it would be the last time for all of us. For it would be hit by lightning in a thunderstorm and burn to the ground. Upstate Dave

Just a guy
Emma, That didn't sound like fun--having to go so bad and having to wait so long. I'm not sure if I would have been able to hold out, but I too would have tried to avoid going as much as possible even though I'm usually not shy about using public toilets (in fact, I usually go once a day sometimes twice at my workplace). However, I also have taken public transportation on a regular basis over several years and have on occasion had an urge to take a dump but only once in all that time did I use the toilet. The one time was when I was getting over a stomach virus and had a bad urge that I knew couldn't wait.

Eileen H, Two great stories. Fast food used to did a number on my stomach as a kid. I remember when I was small I was shy about using public toilets and after having fast food, I would usually be doing some shopping and it would be really tortuous. After trying to let go a few SBDs discretely and not feeling any relief, I usually gave in to the urge and went to toilets to have a diarrhea type dump. Now it doesn't bother me as much in that I usually don't have to go right away, but it still causes my next dump to often be mushy and more voluminous in nature (& hence smellier too).

Lois, Welcome, to the site. I enjoyed your story about you and your roommate and look forward to more.

Jasmin K
To Mandy

It is not a problem spending as much time as you need on the toilet. I am 14 and have always spent ages on the toilet often due to constipation.
Tell your mom its up to you how long you take, Believe me Ive often been there for more than 1 hour..

Jas X

I am 14 yrs old, Female.
1) How often in a day do you pee? Depends how many drinks I have - I pee about 5 or 6 times.
2) What color / shade is it? yellow usually occasionally dark yellow
3) How often do you fart? When I am constipated which is quite often I fart a lot when I am on the toilet straining to poo, other times just a few if Ive had food that makes wind.
4) What type of farts do you do? Do you have a preference? When I fart on the toilet they are like pop pop pop as I push, other are usually quiet.
5) Are you shy about farting? Not when I am on the toilet, I try to controll them at other times but sometimes they slip out - LoL.
6) Do you fart on the toilet?Yes, especially If I am straining hard.

7) How often do you poop? I try to poo every day, Usually in the morning and if I dont do it then I go again in the evening, If I am constipated it can be several days between poos.
8) How long does it usually take you? On a morning I sit there for up to 1/2 an hour straining hard if it dont come out I leave it till evening when I have more time, When I am constipated I spend up to an hour and 1/2 on the toilet in each sitting.
9) What types of poop do you do? (chunks, logs, pebbles...) Logs and pebbles mostly.
10) Does a lot come out? Depends how long I sit there for and /or if Ive been constipated for a few days - when that comes out there is loads.
11) What texture are your loads? (soft, liquid, mushy, fir, rock solid..) Nearly always firm to rock solid pebbles.
12) When you poop do you require effort? Yes most times a lot of effort is needed. When I go on a morning I strain as hard as I can from the second I sit down.I do it so hard it makes my bum bleed. On an evening I sort of build up to it sort of straining a bit, then harder then real hard. If I am short of time like going out I just do it as hard as I can till it comes out.

Jas X


The Return

Hey all!

Sorry about my absence, things have been hectic lately. Been reading the posts tho, and am enjoying them! Got to be slightly biased in seeing that I enjoy the female posts, as there is nothing better than a beauty scrunching her face up & blasting a massive fart, or grunting & straining a big, noisy load, and sighing from the relief.

Got a quick story bout myself. The other night, I made a fantastic stir fry consisting of chicken, terriyaki, broccoli, assorted peppers, and some other things over pasta. Shortly after, I needed to pee, so off to the bathroom I went. I whipped it out and peed a good strem for about 10 seconds.
Not long after, my stomach started to rumble and make noises. I didn't feel ill or anything, for those wondering. I started to have some good farts. They were loud, but not supersonic or 'harsh'. They were kinda soft and had a bit of smell. not 'stinky' but kinda healthy and rich. They were relieving too.

Anther 10 minutes passed (as well as some farts, getting a bit louder), and I felt the pressure in / near my anus.
I went in to the bathroom, pulled everything down to my knees, and started with a quick, deep, bassy fart that echoed. As it ended, my ass opened up and a long, thick log slowly slid out, and broke off with a floomp. The rest that didn't break was still hanging out, and grew another 2-3 inches in length, and landed with a resounding plop-ploonk. Feel great and empty, I wiped (this was a messy one - needed 6 passes) and flushed everything done. Later that night I had another good pee in the shower. I always pee in the shower, and aim for the drain.

I'll answer a survey before I 'log' :

1. When you have to poop, do you let out pre poop farts? Sometimes, yes.

2. How loud are the farts? My farts always make noise. Even the soft quiet ones go ffffffvvvttt... Usually slightly loud, and quick.

3. Do you prefer long poops or the short plop poops? I enjoy the relief of a huge log, but prefer the 'sounds' of the shorter plops.

4. When you fart, what position do you take? (Leaning to the side, leg up, bum up) none actually.

5. Who are you comfortable farting around? anyone who is comfortable farting around me and isn't disgusted by it. I understand we all fart ^ poop, but if someone is grossed out, I won't do it round them if I can help it.

6. Who are you comfortable pooping around? Haven't done that yet...with an audience I mean.

7 How loud and stinky do your farts get? some get pretty loud and squeaky. Every do a long fart as you down the stairs quickly? Try it. Mine never REEK. Sure they SMELL, but they're not putrid.

That's all for now...

Dan (from NYC)

I remember one time I was in the bookies choosing a horse when suddenly I felt a strong pressure in my stomach. I'd had a hot curry the night before and knew I was about to get the repercussions. I went to place my bet while clenching my buttcheeks as tightly as I could. I was sweating and my guts were churning... I felt like I was about to release a huge load of diarrhoea any minute. I got out of there as fast as I could and went to a fast food shop up the road to use the loo, I was feeling desperate. But when I got there I saw the toilets were roped off with a 'closed for cleaning' sign. I went home as fast as I could. It seemed as if every road I had to cross was busy with cars and it took me ages, but I made it just in time. As soon as I got through the door I ripped off my jeans and ran to the toilet, and as soon as I sat down I let out the biggest fart I think I've ever heard... and suddenly I felt better. There was no diarrhoea after all. Just wind. I felt like such an idiot for panicking.


Latest story

Hi everyone, Abbie here again with my latest update.
Stitica Laura- thanks for sharing your experiances of constipation, sounds like you have a really hard time.
Mandy- Don't worry, quite often I can take 20 minutes for a poo as well although I go less often than you, as the Listening Ear says theres no such thing as normal and I guess if it doesn't hurt you and you don't have to strain too much then its fine.
Emma- Thanks for sharing the story about how you needed a poo on the coach and also after your exam. I know how it feels to have a hard one like that, it happens to me quite a lot. I find if I only go for a poo every three or four days then I can really struggle to get it to come out and have to spend a long time on the loo pushing and straining which isn't good, especially if I have to do it while I'm at school or when people are round at home. Anyway, that reminds me of my latest story which is from a couple of days ago, I was in school doing an exam when my belly told me a toilet visit was needed, luckily it was near the end so I knew I wouldn't have long to wait. I actually wasn't too desperate for a poo but I was totally bursting for a wee as I hadn't been since leaving home that morning and by then it was the afternoon. As the papers were being collected I tried to think of when I had last been for a poo and realised with a sinking feeling it must have been at least three days before, if not longer, so I knew I would probably be in for a hard one. What with the stress of exams I'd just forgotten to go, it is quite hard to remember to try to open your bowels every day if you don't feel the need. I decided I'd go to the humanities block loos, have a wee and then try to get my poo out. Quite often when I'm having a hard one I can push it out so far but then when I relax it goes back up my bum so I decided if that happened I'd just have a wee and then try again later when I got home. As you might have guessed as soon as we got let out loads of us made a beeline for the loo, when I got there found the queue was out of the door. As I've said before a lot of girls who choose these toilets want a poo and I suppose because of the exam there were even more who were opening their bowels than normal, the smell was getting pretty bad and there were lots of farts and splashes in between the had dryers going off. I eventually got a cubicle just as I was starting to feel that I couldn't last much longer without wetting my pants, as I was waiting I'd let a couple of spurts of wee go and my pants were quite damp. As soon as I got the cubicle I locked the door and then lifted my skirt and dropped my yellow pants at top speed, as I sat on the loo my wee hissed down into the bowl and I groaned with releaf. Both girls either side of me were pooing, I could hear them farting and the sound of logs splashing down into the bowl. I started to push to see how easy my poo was going to be, I did manage to get the tip to poke out of my bum but as I predicted it got sucked back up as it felt really massive, hard and dry. I decided to try to go at home later on, so took some loo roll and wiped. I pulled up my pants, let down my skirt and went to the gates to walk home. When I got there I met Olivia who was looking a bit uncomfortable. "I really want the loo but I've just realised I've left my key at home so I can't get in my house. Do you mind if I come to yours?" she asked me. "No problem" I said, so we walked back to my house together. When we got there we went upstairs to my room. Too late I realised I'd been so busy I hadn't got chance to tidy my room and I'd left a few pairs of dirty pants on my bedroom floor, there were some white ones by my bed and I saw to my embarasement there was a big skidmark in them, I kicked them under the bed as Olivia came in so hopefully she didn't see. "You might as well come in with me, I need both and I might be a while, I haven't had a poo for four days so I'm a bit constipated," Olivia admitted. "I know what you mean," I said, "I've just tried to go for a poo at school but I couldn't get it out so when you're done I'll have another go."
Olivia went into the bathroom and I followed her in, closing the door. She went over to the toilet and unzipped and lowered her school trousers to her knees, her pink and blue stripy pants came down at the same time. Straight after sitting on the loo she started to have a wee, I could hear it hissing out of her and fizzing down into the bowl. After a while I heard the stream tailing off and then she took a deep breath and started to push. I kept talking to take her mind off it, she was pushing quite hard and so was going a bit red, and although she was doing her best not to grunt she couldn't help it now and then. Olivia must have carried on like this for about ten minutes before she suddenly reached round and pulled her bum cheeks apart. "Its coming out at last," she panted, and shortly after there was a huge plop followed by a sigh of releaf. She then farted a few times before I heard a volley of smaller plops, followed by a minute or so of silence and then another quite big plop. "I'm done," she said as she took some loo paper and started to wipe her bottom. When she finished wiping she pulled up her pants and trousers and flushed so that we could swop over. I unzipped and dropped my skirt to the floor and then lowered my pants to my thighs before sitting down on a warm seat. I started to push straight away and after a couple of minutes felt a rock hard turd start to poke out of my bum. I was really trying not to grunt but couldn't help it, I was having to push quite hard to keep the turd moving. After about ten minutes of concentrated effort I had worked what felt like half of the turd out but it had got really wide and was stuck, just like Olivia had done I pulled my bum cheeks apart and squeezed my thighs together and pushed as hard as I could, that seemed to do the trick as suddenly I could feel the turd getting bit smoother and moving more quickly and then soon after it splashed down into the bowl. My bum was really sore and when I wiped it about five minutes later after pushing out a few smaller logs there was blood on the paper. I flushed, pulled up my pants and skirt and then we both went back to my room to get changed.
I'll try to post again soon, bye for now!


Big accident after work

When I was 19, I worked in a clothing shop for a few weeks. I'd held my poo all day & by the time my shift ended I was dying to go. I had no money on me so I had to walk home but my Kirstys house was about half way to my place so I decided to call in on her to use her toilet. The walk to Kirstys seemed to take forever & the pressure in my aching bowels kept growing. By the time I reached the corner of her road I was really desperate. I felt the poo pressing on my anus & I had to clench hard to keep it in. I got to Kirstys front door with a sense of immense happiness at the thought of being able to relieve myself but when I knocked at the door there was no answer. I knocked again & waited but still no reply. Realising she wasn't in I felt defeated & now I had to find a way of getting home without pooing my pants. I thought about finding a bush but there weren't any around. The urge to go was getting unbearable & it hurt to keep clenching. I began to walk away from Kirstys house but only got a few yards when I felt a huge urge to go that couldn't be ignored. I tried to clench but the pain was so bad I had to relax. My anus opened without my control & I felt the tip of a turd emerging into my pants. I didn't want to poo myself in public but there was nothing I could do about it & the relief was so good I just pushed the rest out, totaly filling my panties. When I got home I went straight up to the bathroom & cleaned myself up with loads of toilet paper. My panties were ruined so I dropped then down the toilet & flushed them down before taking a shower for the final cleanup.

ankles, with her legs open. There was a series of splats, plops and what sounded like a water faucet then a deep watery fart. She sat there and I heard more plops and splats every 10 seconds for about 3 minutes..She said, "I feel like I am getting rid of an enema." Then, there is a black girl whose farts are killers in the bathroom. They are squeaking and high pitched. Her bowels are not too loose. She drops some heavy pieces in one thick wave. I forgot to send the rest of this... sorry.

Ava a black girl in Trinidad

1) How often in a day do you pee? many times 5-7 from early in the morning until I go to sleep. Sometimes, I wake up in the middle of the night.
2) What color / shade is it? medium yellow
3) How often do you fart? not much, only when I have gas or prior to evacuating my bowels or when evacuating. I'll fart to relieve the pressure but when I know that I will mess in my pants, I will not fart. Rather, I will go to the toilet.
4) What type of farts do you do? Do you have a preference? None, I just want relief.
5) Are you shy about farting? not at home. If I have to outdoors I will but not for others to hear or smell.
6) Do you fart on the toilet? Yes, both silently or audibly.

7) How often do you poop? 1-3 times a day avg. 2 daily definitely in the afternoon, but I start the day at home or at school by 9AM, 11 at the latest, mid-afternoon 2-3PM or 4 when I get home, then about 8 or 9PM after dinner(optional).
8) How long does it usually take you? 10 minutes
9) What types of poop do you do? (chunks, logs, pebbles...) chunks and logs. They are long about 6 or longer inches. I drop 2-5 of them.
10) Does a lot come out? yes
11) What texture are your loads? (soft, liquid, mushy, fir, rock solid..) firm-rock solid
12) When you poop do you require effort? not much. They come out easy.
Today, I had to pee real bad at school. I was in math class and did not want to leave before I understood the concepts. I am taking advanced calculus. When it was over, I stopped on the way to the library at the girls toilet, where I put down my books, lifted my green skirt, tugged my white FOL bikini panty to my knees, squatted over the bowl and let it all out for almost 90 secs. It was like a water faucet that would not turn off. In the next stall was a girl changing her Kotex tampon with her foot cocked up on the toilet bowl. She said, "My girl is in there peeing like a dog." When I was finally relieved, I took paper and wiped my pussy from the front, dropped it in the bowl and flushed after I pulled up my panty and let down my skirt. I went to then study.

Eileen H

The Not Quite Buddy Dump/Book Duty

Sorry I've been on a bit of a hiatus lately. Been busy with preparing finals and such. End of the year is such a hectic time but I'm happy to say the school year is over. Now, story time. To compensate for the delay I have two stories.


The last day of school before finals was a half day so school ended at 12. I didn't feel the need for a morning bathroom trip other than the usual pee. In other words, I didn't need to drop a load. I though I could get away with skipping it because I got out so early. I felt some light pressure down below. All signs pointed to the toilet. I knew I could probably make it the whole day but I just didn't feel up to it. It was hot in all of the classrooms and I didn't want to stain yet another pair of panties. I took the usual trip to the bathroom around 10. I was hit with an oppressive odor. Clearly, someone was laying the cable because it stunk like hell in there. It was Mrs. S, whom I have mentioned previously. Very nice woman. She was the only one in there so it was clearly her. Even though the smell was bad, I took the stall next to her. I felt like talking for some reason.

I was wearing a one-piece dress with no sleeves. The hem line reaches about my knees. A nice summer outfit. Anyway, I rolled up my dress and sat down. The seat was warm. I'll get into warm toilet seats later, but I'll just say I hate them. Mrs. S recognized me and we got to talking. Once I adjusted to the stink it was actually a pleasant experience. As my fat log rolled out of me, and Mrs. S had a ripe one crackling out too, we began chatting about all sorts of stuff. Pooping is usually a very relaxing experience for me, and having someone to talk to was a great bonus.

My session itself was very normal for me. 1 pungent, ripe, smelly log with some juicy farts. Mrs. S told me she hadn't gone in awhile and it was "All pouring out of her at once." It sure seemed like by the stench she was creating. I peered between my legs and saw a 7 inch turd festering below. I wiped and flushed, bidding Mrs. S a goodbye as I stepped out and breathed some "fresh" air. Basically, air that didn't smell like fresh poop.


With finals, everyone in the school is busy with something. All teachers are organizing their tests and administration has to find places for all of the 600+ test takers to go. Once the finals have begun, we all have to proctor several exams. It's the worst. You sit in a room for 1hour 45mins and basically do nothing but twiddle your thumbs and periodically update the times. This year, I was lucky enough to not be subjected to that torture. I was on book duty for the sophomores. I collect the text books and check for damages. Then I make the rounds to the classrooms and give slips to kids who didn't hand their textbooks in. Easy job. Unfortunately, one day I hit an unexpected speed bump.

The night previous I was busy grading the finals my students took that day. My husband came home with some KFC for dinner. Unhealthy food for sure, but I only have once a year in cases when we can't prepare a proper dinner. The next day, the chicken came back with a vengeance. Kids start handing in their books around 7:30 up until 9. At 8 I was hit with a serious need to vacate my bowels. I knew it was the chicken from last night, but so many kids had to give in their books I couldn't get a break. I sat as my stomach made all sorts of gurgling, grumbling, bubbling sounds as I sweated and clenched for roughly an hour. When we finished I literally spurt up from my seat and sprinted to the bathroom while clutching my stomach. I was desperate beyond belief. I got to the nearest bathroom and Janet was there peeing. I got into the first stall and quickly lifted up my skirt and dropped my panties.

Hot, stinky, vile diarrhea poured out of me and dropped into the throne below with the force of a truck. Janet pitched it "Jeez Eileen. What the hell's going on over there?" As I caught my breath and wiped the sweat of my forehead I answered "Dinner last night. Didn't agree with me." Janet came back with "Ah, fast food. Goes in solid, come out liquid." I giggled as she finished up. I noticed the terrible smell I created. Like raw sewage. I reached back and flushed. I didn't want to look at this mess under me anyway. A long log slipped put with some burning liquid to accompany it on the journey out. I don't even want to go into any more detail on this ordeal. It was seriously disgusting.

I came back to the room with everyone else who was helping with the book. I was completely red. I was handed some slips to give out to the students. One of the students was in a room where YG was proctoring. I felt another push of pressure downstairs. YG came up to me with a dire face and asked if I could cover for her. I let her go. She was gone for 10 minutes. Possibly the most painful 10 minutes of my life. My stomach was in serious pain as my cheeks were clenched as tightly as I could. YG came back as I stepped out of the classroom, then ran to the nearest bathroom. My cheeks loosened up some with the run and some wet farts slipped out. I got back on the porcelain princess as she was about to be seriously defiled. A serious torrent of farts, liquid, and small turds shot out of me. I bent over and clutched my aching stomach. It absolutely stunk but I was in some much pain the smell was the least of my worries. I could hear the turds land below with thuds into the pile of shit I had created. I assumed some of the smell was YG's fault, but I certainly was the main perpetuator of the stench. Thin, but long logs snaked out of me and left a stinging sensation in by rear end.

Once I felt it was over I wiped which was its whole ordeal in and of itself. It was a mess back there. Smelly, wet, greasy, with some chunks that hadn't dropped yet. I flushed the whole mess and left the stink dungeon that was the bathroom. The second one I defiled in a single day. I went home and took some Pepto Bismol. The next day I told Mrs. TP that I had a bathroom issue when she asked me why I left. She said she understood. I could just picture her going into the stall I destroyed and being hit with the wall of stink. Made me laugh.


Just got a quick survey for you guys and girls:

Do you prefer cold or warm seats? Warm seats mean someone was just there, not some seat heating device. Do warm seats bother you? Why or why not?

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To: Unamed poster who saw that girl pooping outside great story and she must have been desperate to do that and please share any other stories like that thanks.

To: Blueboy as always another great story about your aunt farting and pooping in front of you it sounds like you 2 have a special realationship and you cherish it forever and as always I look forward to your next post about your gassy aunt and any other women and/or girls youve seen and/or heard and to answer your question recently I havent seen and/or heard very many girls and/or women farting and/or pooping and when I do I try to post about it right away and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Inquisetive Guy great sighting it would have been even better if that girl to poop as well and please share anymore stories like that thanks.

To: Wendy & Kirsty Wendy great pooping story as ive said before its better to be late somewhere then to have an accident and as always I look forward to your guys next posts thanks.

To: Timee as always another great story and that girl sounds really interesting please any other stories about her if you have any thanks and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Linda first welcome to the site and your friends shouldnt have teased you they shouldve offered to help you and they should know it could happen to them someday and please share any other stories you may have thanks.

To: RoseMary great story and that guy from remembering you doing that all those years ago and please share any other stories you may have thanks.

To: John great story about seeing that woman on the toilet and I look froward to your next post thanks.

To: The listening Ear another great story and I look forward to your next one thanks.

To Everyone I think we should make Upstate Dave the king of this site because he been here the longest and m sure im not the only one who thinks this so ALL HAIL UPSTATE DAVE THE KING OF TOILETSTOOL.COM.

Well thats all for now and I so glad this site is free and anyone can post here because if it cost money or you needed to sign up this site would lose lots of posters so to everyone be thankful theres such a great free site as this.

Sincerly Brandon T

PS. I love this site



Strange restroom question.

Ok,here are my questions.When I go in public restrooms if the bathroom has more than 3 stalls,the toilets flush by the pressure handle like what urinals have.But some restrooms has 3 stalls or less still has the pressure flushers.But some restrooms flush with the tanks on them like the ones in homes.usally they are in restrooms with 3 stalls or less.My main question is is anyone(IN Mens' restroom I mean)has four stalls or more that flushes by the tanks on them?Where at?

Just a guy
For some reason, some of my comments last time got cut off & my post was without a name, so I'll try again. My comments to Leanne & Emma made it, so I won't repeat. Both of you ladies have great stories!

My other comments are below -
Amylee, another great story, but I felt bad for your friend Courtney. It was nice that you were able to save her some embarassment by taking the next stall next to her instead of Janice. Also, I'm glad she didn't have another attack until she got home.

Natalie, you posted about being desperate the other day at work. I look forward to the continuation of your post.

Also, I noticed that someone else is posting with the name "Just a guy", I guess its too common - I might try something else, I'll see.


Expectations of Frantic Francine & Caryl Marie

As far as I'm concerned, the expectations of Caryl Marie and Frantic Francine are such that they are being much too hard on themselves. I understand they are in middle school and I had some of the same feelings when I was their age. (I'm a college sophomore now). Don't expect public bathrooms whether they are at school or in a stadium to be as modern and clean and private as you have at home. Don't be holding your urine or crap until you get back home. Sure the cut squares of toilet paper can be a problem, but since when was toilet paper intended to be a liner for a public toilet seat? I don't even know if anything is accomplished by wiping a seat before seating yourself. I've written about how I used seat protector tissues at my old school up until I had to change schools when my family moved. My new school didn't have them and I kind of panicked. Then I just gave in and started sitting right down without worrying about covering the seat. Now it's just old habit with me to sit right down on the toilet stool and even when the seat papers are offered, I don't use them. I do, however, wipe a seat off if there's urine or something that looks suspicious on it. Using a public bathroom is a necessity and I've found it can be much more enjoyable without unrealistic expectations.


Roommate on the toilet

I came home from work today with a bad need to take a dump, but my roommate was in our bathroom. I knocked and asked if she was almost done and she said, "Sorry, I'm nnhh doing a number two ahh, I'll be a while". I waited for a bit and I really really had to go, so I asked again and my roommate told me, "I'm almost done"

At last, she finally came out of the bathroom and I was hit by a wave of stink, but I didn't care. I was about to add to it after all. I turned on the fan, pulled down my pants and sat on the toilet. I unloaded several logs into the toilet and even with the fan on, our combined stink was overwhelming and I couldn't wait to get out of there. A couple more turds and I was done. I wiped myself quickly and left the stench box very relieved.

Stitica Laura

Yesterday's poo

Place: Mall
Day: Thursday 9th June
Started first round: 18.08
Finished first round: 18.34
Started second round:19.17
Finished second round: 20.14
Degree: 8,5

A rather difficult poo yesterday. I went to the mall, took a stall, took off all my clothes except from my shoe, squatted over the floor grabbing the toilet seat, started pushing, a couple of farts, felt a huge pressure against my anus, but it was not moving. I started pushing more strongly, all my forces were set in my anus, but it did not move. I put my fingers on the sides of my anus to spread it, pushed with all my might, but nothing happened. After a long while like that, feeling totally frustrated, I left.

I still felt the big pressure in my rectum, so I decided to take a walk throught the shops, hoping that it might loosen my bowels at least a little bit. I entered a pharmacy and bought some jelly. At some time I decided to take a second chance. I went back to the toilet, some of the stalls were occupied but did not care. Took a free stall, took off all my clothes, squatted and put some jelly in my anus. I could feel a really hard turd inside. I started straining like crazy, determined not to leave until I could poo. I grunted like an animal, after a while, I could feel the tip of the turd was moving. I was totally oblivious of the other women there, totally concentrated in my anus. I could feel blood rushing in my head, my eyes were closed, with tears, my face a grimace, my anus was stretched to the limit and hurting a lot. At some point I had to seat with the tip of the turd hanging from my anus to regain my breath. I rested for some minutes and then squatted again. I gave long strains, pushing with all my might, I could feel the huge turd slowly moving. Minutes and minutes passed until everything was out of me. I felt an incredibly relief, sat on the toilet exhausted, sweating and at the same time feeling proud of myself for getting rid of the monster. My anus was on fire, there was no way I could wipe, I stayed seated for some minutes recovering, then put on my clothes and left. Later at home I noticed some blood in my underwear, my anus was already hurting, I wiped but there was just some more blood on the toilet paper.

Regards to all the constipated people out there and those who enjoy these stories. Take care and never be ashamed to tell you are constipated

Clock Tower

Poop/Fart Poll and Question

Just curious to see what people do when they have to poop or fart.

1.When you have to poop, do you let out pre poop farts?

2. How loud are the farts?

3. Do you prefer long poops or the short plop poops?

4. When you fart, what position do you take? (Leaning to the side, leg up, bum up)

5. Who are you comfortable farting around?

6. Who are you comfortable pooping around?

7 How loud and stinky do your farts get?

Question- If you are sharing a room with a roommate, is it appropriate to fart around them?


Toilet Seat Covers

My friend and I were eating at the local burger joint when he said he needed to go the bathroom really bad. He said "This burger really made me need to go the bathroom." I told him, "You don't like to shit in public places do you?" and he replied, "Not that much, no, but I really gotta go."
I needed to go piss so I decided I would go to the bathroom as well. He closed the stall and I could hear him take out a toilet seat cover. I heard him rustling around the paper, setting it on the seat, and turning around to pull down his pants. As I finished up I heard him sit down on the seat and release some logs. He grunted and sighed. He sat on the pot for about five minutes before taking some toilet paper and finished up.
I waited for him outside the bathroom and when he came out he said, "I don't know what I would do without toilet seat covers."
My question for all of you is: Do you use toilet seat covers in public restrooms? If so, how many? What's the most toilet seat covers you've ever used?

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