Standee Mandy

Squatting on the Increase?

Sorry that I haven't written for a few months. I finally got my grades up and I know that I will have to continue to work hard next year in 8th grade to maintain them.

For those of you who are newer to this site, I posted several times a few months ago (see pages #1916 & #1985) about how Mom learned me to squat to use public bathrooms and how successful I've been with it. It can hurt some at first, but once you get the hang of it it makes a lot of sense. I would think it would help Caryl Marie and Frantic Francine out since they write about not liking to sit on the public seats. Firecracker Guy's story about Jonathon squatting really interested me, but when I see so many seats with pee on them, I have to assume it's from more people squatting. Kalee's story about Ricardo and holding his crap in all day was interesting. I realize she said he had been drinking a lot, but if he hadn't, the park toilet during that midnight panic he had would have been a good place for a squat crap. However, if he needed to drip any pee, he would have needed to point his penis into the bowl. As for my best friend Skye, whom I've written about in the past, she still hasn't decided to learn to squat. But I do sometimes remind her of the wipe job she gave me after the game when she lost the bet.


My dream

I was really tired last night, so I went to bed early. The only thing is I needed a poo but I was so tired I couldn't be bothered to go to the toilet & went to sleep. I had a dream that I was back at school & was looking for a toilet with a big urge to poo. The strangest thing was the toilets here had no walls or doors for privacy. You just went while people walked past. I was dying to go but there was no way I was having a poo in full view of anyone who walked past. I kept walking around in search of a toilet that was far enough away from people so I could relieve my urgent need. I did manage to find a toilet in the school gym so I quickly pulled up my skirt & then my panties ready to sit down when I heard some one coming. I had to pull my panties back up in a hurry & ran off before any one saw me but I still desperately needed that poo. I went down the corridor & out of the fire exit to find a yard, surrounded by four walls & a solid wooden hate opposite the fire exit. I was nearly pooing myself by now but there wasn't a toilet anywhere. I tried to hold it but I felt it force my open & I began to go in my panties. It was such a relief I didn't even try to stop it & filled my panties completely. At that point I heard Kirsty's voice telling me to wake up & to my horror I realised I'd pood myself for real! I ran to the bathroom & cleaned myself up while Kirsty brought me some clean clothes to wear.


Ladies Golf Tournament Porta Potty Experience

I went to a ladies professional golf tournament very recently. They have porta potties around the course for the spectators and players only single units for the golf pros and their caddies. I was walking toward a row of 6 or 7 spectator porta potties to pee. These units were located between the green of one hole and the tee of the next. The course wasn't very crowded and I saw no one around the toilets. All of the units were vacant. I heard someone running and turned to see one of the lady professional golfers jogging off the green toward the porta potties. I will leave her name anonymous, but she is hot, and was wearing one of those short golf skirts. She looked great. There was a player's only unit on the next tee which I assume she didn't know about. I went into the second porta potty and a few seconds later the lady pro reached the first one and quickly went in. I was excited that she chose the one right next to me, since she could have gone to one several down the row. The sound travels extremely well in these things. I could hear her rustling her clothes and sit and immediately a gush of pee started from her. It sounded like she was peeing a gallon. In the middle of her pee I heard her fart, not really loudly, but a BAARPPT then I could hear ker-plunk, ker-plunk, ker-plunk, 3 distinct sounds of turds dropping into the water. Her pee wound down and I heard her quickly wipe twice, then pull up her clothes and leave. She did all this in a matter of about one minute. I was pretty amazed she could pee and poop that quickly, but I guess they have to be able to go fast to keep from holding up the golf. I went out and saw her going back toward the other players who were now walking to the next tee. Pretty interesting experience.


More Fun & Games At Work

I hope you are all OK, really enjoying your posts. I thought I'd de-lurk, as I remembered what was to have been my first post to this forum, but in page 1938 I decided to comment on another young woman I used to work with.I was wondering about situations, when someone you know was around and took the biggest dump of their life.

Several years ago, I had an office temp in to assist with some filing I was doing for a week, whilst most of my colleagues were on holiday.

Jo was a Graduate in her early twenties and a pretty brunette with her hair in a bun. She wore a light coloured top, black high heels and a short green skirt, which showed off a rather attractive, curvy bottom.Jo was a really nice person and we got on well.I learned that Jo had a degree in Waste Disposal Management, and I hoped that she would move on to a better job than just paper-shuffling, as she was a very talented and gifted individual.

How does Jo fit in with this forum? Well, at 930 am her professional interest became a personal one! On each of the five days she was with me, she would disappear into the toilet. At 940am she would emerge.I noticed after she returned she would always whiff a little, and if she had to come across to my side of the desk, and stand next to me whilst I was seated, the smell of poo coming from the rear half of her tight green skirt was quite strong on two of the days she worked with me..

You could literally set your watch by Jo's ten minute absences.On my desk on a quiet day you could just about make out plops coming from the toilet.In Jo's case, the first plop I heard was exactly at 930 and the thirty seconds it took her to leave her desk, shut the toilet door, adjust her clothes and park herself "on the throne".

On the first four days of Jo's time with us, I had to stop and cover the phones so I did not get to hear her poo, although I did make out a lot of plops and the occasonal bassy fart reverberating through the thin wall.However on the Friday, I had an additional colleague in the
office and at 930am I was absolutely busting for a pee....

We both asked Ms X to cover the phones and each of us went into the two cubicles, which were seperated by a very thin wall.Whatever went on could quiet clearly be heard.

I heard Jo shut the door and the rustle as she hitched up her green skirt, the snicker as she lowered her pants and muffled clang as she lowered her pert bottom on the toilet.

There was a brief whistling tinkle as she peed followed by a PLOP! as she started her 930am dump.There was a then a PLOP-PLOP_PLOP as three poos came out in quick succession. This was followed by a BOOOOWEE_PLOOOP-PLOP as Jo farted and did a heavier sounding poo almost immediately followed by a small poo. Jo must have been desperate as I did not hear her straining until I then heard a "UUHHH_UUGH_PLOOP" as Jo strained and did another poo.

There was a period of around ten seconds quiet, until I heard Jo starting to poo again. There was a heavy sounding PLONKPLONK noise as it sounded like Jo pooed two heavy and hard pellet-like poos or possibly golf-ball-sized poos. There was then a loud fart under pressure, which made a bassy SPLUT! followed instantly by a urgent sounding and rapid SPLUTPLONKPLONKPLONKPLONKPLONK as five golf balls rapidly fell out of Jo's anus into the toilet.

I thought Jo had finished then, but after a minute I heard Jo do a strange-sounding fart on the toilet which made a BOOORK noise. This was quickly followed by a PLOP-PLOP!There was then a BOOOORKPLOPPLOPPLIP! as Jo farted did two poos and a little poo.This was followed ten seconds later by another BOOOORKPLOPPLOPPLIP!Another BOOORKPLOPPLOPPLIP followed and then unexpectedly there was an UGH_UGGGH-PLOOOP! as Jo strained and did a heavy sounding poo. This was shortly followed by a loud BOOOORK-BOOOORK as Jo farted twice.

"Surely Jo must have finished by now". I thought as it had gone quiet, but the silence was soon broken by a PLOP-PLOP_BOOORK as Jo did two plops and farted again. There was a PLOP_PLOP_PLOP followed another PLOP-PLOP-PLOP and then a PLOP-PLOP, then short period of quiet.

The quiet was broken by a rapid PLONKPLONKPLONKSPLUTSPLLLANKSPLEEEE_EEEE as three golf balls,a
bassy fart and two wet-sounding farts rapidly exited Jo's bottom. I then heard a small rattle of the toilet roll holder as Jo wiped once and then pulled up her pants and adjusted her skirt.

This was Jo's last day, and after our day's work was done, I never saw her again. Since then, I have known several power-dumping men and women, but I never came across anyone who pooed as
prodigiously (I nearly lost count of the total plops I heard)as Jo.

Bye for now.

Hi again everybody! I'm back home now having made the journey back today by coach, and that means I happen to have an toilet story for you!

To John- Yes, we're back at uni next year and we're all in the same house so as you say hopefully there will be lots of interesting stories to tell!

Since I had too much stuff to fit in my car my Dad came up on Wednesday and took most of my stuff back so that I'd only have to take my suitcase and my bag back. Friday was the big end of year party at the union and we all went down there and spent all day there. We came back home at about 4am and I was far too drunk so I ended up getting a huge burger with fries on the way back, completely forgetting that I'd already had a burger for lunch earlier and then a pizza that I shared with Leanne and Hannah! So this morning I woke up when my alarm went off at 10. I had to get a 1 o'clock coach back home so I had some cereal and then packed my stuff. I had a long relieving wee when I woke up and noticed there was very little paper in the toilet. While I was packing several people must have used it. At about 12 I started to need my morning poo and this was going to be a big one because of all the alcohol and greasy food I'd had the day before. I finished packing and then went to take care of my urge. I went in to the toilet but the paper had been used up. I went up to the top floor bathroom where I assumed there would be some but there was none there either! There was none anywhere in the house! Leanne, Amy, Lizzi and Kat had already gone home (how they got up early enough is anyone's guess!) so I knocked on Lauren's door.
'Do you have any toilet roll?' I asked her. She said no; so did Natalie and Michaela. I was getting worried now because I really had to go and I would have to leave soon to catch the coach. I met Sophie on the stairs and she asked me if I had any paper. I told her no but I wished I did! She said she had to wee badly and that she would just go and then have a shower. I knocked on Hannah's door and asked her. She said no as well and said she had to go for a poo but couldn't- I told her I knew the feeling! By now I had to leave and I had to poo- a dilemma! Since there was nothing to wipe my bum with I decided if I hurried I could go at the bus station. I got my stuff and said goodbye to everyone. To make matters worse by now I really had to wee but I couldn't relieve my bladder because whenever I wee if I need a poo my poo will come out as well and when I really need to wee it usually seems more urgent than when I have to poo a lot (not always though)! Hannah walked down part of the way with me because she was going to the shop for some toilet roll- too late for me! I told her about my problem and she said she sympathised because she was really desperate for her poo now. By the time I got to the bus station so was I but I had to get straight on the coach because it was about to leave so I had no time for a toilet stop.
I really don't like going to the toilet on public transport. Planes are fine but trains are a no no unless I have no choice and coaches- don't get me started! But within half an hour of setting off it didn't seem like I'd have much choice. I was dying for a wee and I had to urgently poo as well. There was no way I was going to use the coach toilet- cramped, smelly and highly embarrassing especially since I had to poo and it was going to be a big and smelly load! About an hour in a man went in and when he came out the smell of his poo wafted through the whole coach! I was not going to have a coachload of strangers smell my poo and know it could only have come from me! I held on with all my might but it was a 3 hour journey and I was fighting a losing battle. All I could do was hope we would stop at the services. Luckily for me almost 2 hours in we did. I felt like I was about to burst from both front and back. We stopped and the driver said we had 20 minutes break. I got off as fast as I could and hurried into the building and to the loos. I was in a state of toilet emergency- I had to get on one as fast as possible! There were 20 or so cubicles with about half in use. I picked the nearest free one and hurried in, locked the door and put my bag on the hook, and ripped down my jeans and panties. As soon as my bum hit the seat I started a gushing wee and my first turd blasted out of me. It felt so good since I'd been holding it for so long! Two more turds came out while I weed and after that there were five more and a couple of farts. When I was done I got a sandwich and a drink and got back on the coach feeling a lot better!

Will post again soon. Bye!

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Herb T.

Another Day at the Office

Hello everyone - happy Friday. Finally a couple of days off - things were busy at my office this week and it'll be nice to have a couple of days off to recharge the batteries.

Amylee - another entertaining post about Courtney in the restroom. You'd think if she was that severly lactose intollerant, she would have inquired as to what exactly was in the coffee drink. Oh well, sometimes you have to learn the hard way - or "loose" way in her case.

I saw the scene from the show 'Yes Dear' where the wife lady has to take a dump at the end of an episode. I'd never heard of this show before reading about this scene - I think on this site. Very cool scene indeed - especially the part where she runs into the bathroom while saying "Mommy has to take a really big poo-poo!," then the friend/plumber happens to be in the bathroom and heard everything. The women looks quite embarrassed. Anyhow - thanks for the recommendation to whoever posted about that scene.

So... I've posted a few times about an attractive/hot Indonesian gal at my office. She eats a lot, takes fiber supplements, and goes to the gym frequently. Very healthy gal indeed. Anyhow, a couple of days ago, I had to work with her on a project for a couple of hours. Our company is having our annual 401K audit and an outside CPA firm is coming to our office next week to do the audit. We had to gather some documents they requested (e.g. signed withdrawal forms, loan authorization forms, pay plans, etc, etc.). I won't go into the further boring detail. So she was sitting in my office by my chair and I had the e-mail from the CPA's on my screen. We were discussing who would gather what documents, and she had to get up a few times to grab things and went back to her cubicle a couple of times. Her grey pants were a little bit tight and I could see a perfect outline of her buttocks each time she walked off. Both cheeks and an outline of her butt crack. Very sexy. I imagined her pulling her pants down, exposing her bare buttocks and sitting down on the toilet, dropping off some nice long logs. My imagination roamed around and it made a boring task a little more tolerable. Later that afternoon, I was coming out of the men's restroom after taking a piss (we have single person men's room and a single person women's room) and she was going into the women's room with a phone in her hand. I thought to myself that someone wouldn't take a phone into the bathroom if they weren't going to be a while. Could she be going in for an afternoon poo-poo? I couldn't stand near the restroom becuase people work by the restrooms and would wonder why I was standing around there. I went back to my office and checked my watch, because when she came back upstairs to her cublicle, she would have to pass by my office. I wondered if she was taking a dump, but alas, she returned to her desk after only about two minutes. Must have just had to pee. Most people would probably think I'm a weirdo for thinking these thoughts, which is why I keep them to myself. It's nice to have a place like Toiletstool where I can express them anonymously.

Bob from Chicago

Privacy No Option

Mac, now that I think of it, in the 50s, the boy scout camp I went to also had a large outhouse with a bunch of "holes" to sit on in an open room. Slamming the lid on them blew cold air on the kids butts sitting on them. Other remote scout camps just had a "straddle trench". The only time they were used by the bashful kids was when pooping in their pants was the only other alternative LOL.

In Town

I was walking through town the other day and went down a back alley. I turned a corner and I could see a blonde girl, probably about 10 years old, lifting up her skirt and pulling her blue knickers down and squatting against a tree. Immediately she let loose a string of runny poop, waited for a moment, then pulled her knickers up and ran off.


Aunt Pulls a Gas Trifecta...then takes one

What's happening guys. Another story with my "hot" and very cool 39 year old Aunt that happened on yesterday. She stopped over my house after work and spent the night. We were watching TV and she told me she had pizza at work and yogurt and a banana before that for breakfast. She always shares her farts and dumps with me when possible for a laugh. It was taking all night for her to release gas that was trapped in her stomach. Finally at around 10p.m. she was sitting on the floor fixing her hair for work the next day. She was wearing some red shorts and a black tank top. As she fixed her hair she told me to come over, which means she had to fart. I had to lie my head near her butt because she couldn't stop working on her hair. With that being said, she rose her leg up and leaned to the side with her ???? butt in my face and ripped a loud fart that was about 3 secs long that sounded like a duck quack. We laughed as the smell of her fart mixed with the smell of hair spray in the room. She got in my bed to go to sleep as I was on the air mattress.

About 20 minutes of lying on her stomach in the dark room, she told me "Here comes another one" I quickly got up and laid my head on her butt and she ripped another loud, but short fart. It had a good stench to it as we laughed. She told me to stay up here in the bed because another one was coming. Two minutes later she goes ""Round 3". I pull the cover of my head as she blasted a loud, long, bubbly fart that was about 7 secs long across my face. I trapped myself under the covers for about 3 minutes and damn did it stank! She laughed and asked was I dead yet? I was like, "Almost! You blowing it up!" From there she had to take a shit.

As I sat next to her in the bathroom, she sat down and immediately started releasing a turd. It finally dropped and she moved up a bit so I could see her creation. It was about 10 inches long and had a few small pebbles around it. As bad as the gas she let out in the room, the shit smell wasn't that bad. She wiped and flush and we both went to sleep.

Thanks for the compliment Brandon T. She doesn't know about this site yet and I doubt if she would participate. Any stories of women taking a poop around you lately? Anyone ladies on here that love farting loud in front of others on purpose? :-)

Inquisitive guy


Had a pee sighting today. The street which I live has concrete pavement. There is a festival going on here and this little girl (about 8) and the mother are buying from a street vendor. This girl has a talk with her mother and says that she wants to pee. Then she goes to the side of the pavement facing the wall and lowers her pants and underwear and then squats and starts to pee. The girl peed really a long time for about 30 seconds and got up. The pavement was sloped such a way that the pee of the girl flowed toward the road and then formed a elongated puddle. The puddle's length which i saw was bigger than the girl! :o She must have been really desperate.

next to Janice. Also glad that her next attack didn't happen until she was home.

Leanne, I hope you're feeling better. Mushy poos are better than diarrhea, but I always hate having to make a return trip to the bathroom.

Emma, that sounded like a relieving post-exam dump.


Long time pooper

To Mandy:
When I was 15, I had the same problem you have. It was my own fault as I'd hold my poo for several days & by the time I got round to emptying my bowels I'd be constipated. I'd often spend anywhere from half an hour to an hour & a half on the toilet & I would poo so much it blocked the toilet. My mum used to get so mad at me for that she banned me from going in our toilet a few times. I once had to wait untill the next day & go when I got to school but I couldn't hold it & pood myself on the way.

My alarm clock didn't go off this morning & got up an hour late. I had to quickly get dressed & rush out the door to get to work on time. The main problem was I was desperate for a poo. I thought I'd be ok untill I got to work but as soon as I drove off the driveway I felt a huge cramp in my bowels & knew I would have trouble holding it in. The journey to work seamed to take forever & by the by the time I got there I was close to filling my knickers. I had 3 minutes to clock in on time so I did that & ran to the toilet holding my bum. I just about made it by a miracle & quickly pulled my jeans & knickers down & sat on the toilet. Without pushing a huge semi solid load splatted into the toilet for about 30 seconds. It was a fantastic relief & after wiping a lot I went to start work a couple minutes late. The supervisor wasn't in today so I got away with being late which was another result.


Car Mom

I can only speak for myself but I really enjoy your stories even though they do get repetitive. Personally my favorites are the ones with the Mom's peeing in cars, I also find it funny when people poop in your car although I think most of that was the shock I picture on your face when you realize they are doing it. Also just curious what is your real name(first only) just curious because you list the names of everyone else but have never used your own. Hope to hear from you soon.

ANALysis: I am a shameless shitter at school and especially at church.
Amylee: Courtney was having it loose.
Gopi: See my first post when I buried my uncle and I had to pee when I got back to the church. I was busting.
Emma: My college bathrooms are decent. We have a filthy public library toilet that I will not use. In fact, they are all filthy on all floors. I do not know how the girls use them. I hear that the men's is worse. I go to an old college but the toilets are great. I like to use this old one in an old building that is obsolete. It has two stalls crammed into a closet. I take the corner one. Another girl and I use it only. I go in there and shit my brains out. No one bothers me. I can be myself. The new building has new everything. The toilet bowls are huge. I like it there. It is not bad. Better than HS, where it was like a city jail and you could not be free to use the toilet.
Holly: I enjoy a clean school toilet. Who does not?
Amylee: Those church women can shit stink on Sunday morning.
Eileen, you should hear the girls at college. They are young women. Their farts are horrible. There is this one Asian girl 23 y/o in grad school. Her bowels gurgle. She has these terrific explosions. First thing in the morning, she takes a stall, undoes her pants and black panty to her ankles or lets up her dress or skirt, brings down her panty to her ankles. When she is on the bowl, there are these exotic noises, plops, splatters and watery diarreah. I know that it's her diet from all those vegetables. She is very polite saying. "Excuse my stomach, please. I have diarreah this morning." Or she will say, "my stomach is loose" or "everything is coming out of me loose." One morning, I had finished peeing. I was at the sink fixing my plaid blue skirt black panty and navy panty hose when an Asian sophmore girl came in loosening her pants. She said, "I have to move my bowels. Things are loose. Sorry." She closed the stall door, let down her blue jeans and orange cotton panty to her


Bikini Disaster

Hi, my name is Linda, and I'm 22 years old, and I came on this site because of something that happened to me last summer.

I was at the beach with a bunch of my friends, guys and girls, I had the sudden urge to go to the bathroom. So I told one of my friends and she said she would come with me to the bathroom. We had to walk along the beach for quite a distance to get to the bathrooms.

Half way there I started feeling like I wasn't going to make it. I told my friend I had to run, and so she ran with me. But as I ran I started pooping. It was terrible. And than for some reason I just stopped and stood really still, and filled my bikini bottom. I was mortified. I started running again, and it was all coming out the sides of my bathing suit and going down my legs.

My friend started running back to my friends to tell them what was happening. I went in the bathroom and washed my bathing suit and myself. I actually got cleaned up pretty good. My friends still tease me about it. They don't realize it, but it really hurts me, and I find I don't have the same confidence that I use to have.

I really hope that this does not happen to me again!

Thanks for reading.


Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Outdoor Girl great peeing story and I look forward to your next one thanks.

To: Mandy first welcome to the site and there is nothing wrong with you your just taking your time and not rushing things which is a good thing because rushing things can sometimes make things worse like if your constipated and pushing out a big one you want to take it slow that way you dont tear something and to anybody who says you take to long its none of there business how long you take and please post more stories thanks.

To: Amylee as always another great story from the ladies room and it sounds like your friend Courtney had a very bad time thats problem with being lactose intolerant and im glad im not because I could never give up milk and other dairy products I just love them so much and I bet she will be more careful next time and as always I look forwrd to your next post thanks.

To: Leanne as always another great story and thats probaly the thing its just your bodies way of "spring cleaning" or what ever season it happens to be the only problem would be timing because it could happen at a very bad time and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Emma great story about you and all those other girls pooping in the bathroom together and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: unamed poster great depserate poop story and please share any others you may have thanks.

To: The Listening Ear great story about seeing thats girls poop and please share any other stories you may ahve thanks.

To: Amanda M as aways another great story and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Car Mom I always enjoy reading your stories and look forward to more of them thanks.

To: Stitica Laura another great story and I look forward to your next one thanks.

Well thats all for now

Sincerly Brandon T

PS. I love this site


Litterally lost it in second grade

There I was, a normal second grade girl, normal but for one thing, I could not make myself poop at school. I'd made it through the entire first grade, and up until now the second grade without going poop in the bathroom or my panties. Now I had to go so bad that I could barely hold it in. Then, i had to sharpen my pencil before I could do my spelling test. As I stood at the pencil sharpener, I lost it and poop exploded into my panties. I just stood there. The teacher said, Rosemary, go back to your seat. As I started walling back, some of the poop fell out of my panties and landed on the floor. I'd just sat down when I heard someone say, "EEk, there is poop on the floor!" The teacher asked, "okay, who had an accident in their pants. I didn't answer. So she called the janitor to clean up the poop, then she had him take the boys to the bathroom to check their pants, while she checked we girls. When she got to me, I started to cry as she lifted my dress and saw my ruined panties. I was sent to the office where they called my mom to come and get me.I'm nearly 50 now, and just the other day, I ran into a boy from my class. I asked if he remembered me and he said, yes, you're RoseMary, the girl that pooped herself in second grade.

Hi everyone its John. Mandy you're not the one with the problem, the rest of your folks are the problem. If its any consolation my wife often spends 20 minutes or so on the throne doing her "pushies" so chill! Promise? Is there an adult or school councellor you could confide in? Consider it ok . Hope to get future Posts from you with a happier more positive feedback. Abbie and co I think you could help out here. Bye for now.

Firecracker Guy

Family anniversary celebration

Firecracker Girl's side of the family has had a tradition for a number of years. They have an early summer reunion each year at a state park. They reserve the cabins, the picnic space, pay the entry gate fees for each of the guests, and serve their guests a really big catered feast for the weekend. Firecracker Girl especially enjoys it since it's the only time each year when more than 100 members of the family, representing four generations, can get together. It was especially festive this year since my in-laws celebrated their 40th anniversary.

The weather cooperated well, although it was very hot and humid for this time of the season. I moderated my drinking because of that, but even then every two or three hours I had to go to what my father-in-law calls the Shit Shack (Firecracker Girl shakes her head and calls him so uncultured when she hears him talk like that) to piss. The park bathrooms are smaller, made out of logs and the guys' one is a medium trough that could accommodate about five guys and one stall, set up by a wall on one side with a partial petition, but no door. Because lots of kids use it unsupervised, the toilet seat is not raised before they piss so you can draw your own conclusion. For some reason, even when there's space at the trough, some guys just prefer to go behind the partition and into the toilet. What's so hard about lifting the seat, I don't know.

My nephew Jonathan is 16, athletic and very popular with the girls. About three minutes before I got up from the picnic table to go to the Shit Shack, Jonathan abruptly cut off his conversation with me and walked pretty fast toward the bathroom. I needed to pee off the last few of my beers and I was curious as to whether Jonathan was sick. It was about a five minute walk across a ballfield to the Shit Shack and Macy, my neice was just coming out of the ladies' doorway when I walked by. I walked around to the other side of the building, stumbled briefly on some broken concrete and entered the bathroom. I could see that Jonathon was on the shitter because I recognized the brand new athletic shoes.

Before I positioned myself at the urinal, I shouted over and said "Going OK over there Jon?" and he immediately replied "Yes and No." I asked him what the hell that meant and immediately I heard a huge splash into the bowl. Like a foundation block from a house being dropped into a stream. Then there were two others. He said he had forgotten to check for toilet paper first and would I pull off some of the brown paper towels from atop the sink and bring them to him. I told him as I was pulling the towels off that it sounded like he was shitting bricks and whether there was anything left of his anus. He playfully cursed me like he normally does and he's pretty good with the sarcasm, especially compared to me at 16. As soon as I walked to the front of the stall I was surprised. His briefs and dark blue shorts were just above his ankles and her was Jonathan squat-shitting into the toilet. I was right in thinking that the splashes seemed much noisier than usual. As he reached for the paper, a chunk about 2 inches long dropped followed by a big splash. He was perfectly positioned with his butt about two inches above the seat.

"It beats sitting on the filthy seat," he volunteered. He told me his sister who just graduated from high school taught him to do it and that he's gotten better at it when he has to shit at school. He said some of the guys initially gave him a hard time, but now that many of them find that it makes sense. Some even have girl friends who have helped them learn to do it. Without hardly any movement of his body or legs, Jonathan maintained his squat and although I didn't see them fall, I heard two more splashes into the toilet. Then Jonathan tore one of the towels into thirds by tearing at the folds, and he wiped himself. I waited by the sinks for him to come out. I saw his foot come off the floor, heard the flush and he was pulling up his underwear and shorts as he walked out and toward me at the sink.

I told Jonathon I didn't think I would have the agility to shit standing up, but I remembered how Firecracker Girl was critical of me last year for sitting on public seats. She did, however, convince me to start placing paper liner on the toilet before I seat myself. Some of you may remember I wrote about that at the time.

Half Dump Denise

About Kalee's story on Ricardo

I wonder if Ricardo has had a bad experience in his life that has caused him to avoid using public bathrooms. I agree with Kalee. A person who is an adult should not be holding their crap in. When I was in 5th grade I spent a lot of time riding my bike with Austin, who was in 4th grade. When he was at my house, he would want to go home and crap. When we were at the park and places like that riding our bikes, he wanted to go home and crap. We were only a couple blocks from our homes at the park, but I could smell his crap and he would be farting like mad, but he wouldn't go in an crap. Finally, one day in late summer at the park, I took the lead one Sunday morning when like no one was around and I made an deal with him that he could come in and watch me and I could come in and watch him. After saying no the first couple times, he finally took me up on it. From our conversation, he opened up with me. You see at his school he was called Girly Girl by a few of the boys because they said he used the bathroom like a girl. He sat down to piss and they were bullies to him. Both Austin and I are in high school now, but the bullies still pick on him. I wonder if something like this happened to Ricardo when he was younger.

Hi everyone its John. I must say that Tom's encounter with the attractive Polish lady evoked memories of being in Kracow. Back in February '08 I was on a "lads weekend" in Kracow and we were merrily drinking away. Anyhow the combination of beer and very generous servings of pork, dumplings, red cabbage, potatoes and beetroot meant that a bowel movement (hey i'm starting to use Americanisms here, lol) was imminent! I located the whereabouts of the lavatories and excused myself. Now what a convoluted journey awaited, it was up 2 flights of stairs which brought one to ground level outside to an alleyway/tunnel. Across the way was a large iron hinged wooden door, not unlike a church door and i could see a shaft of iight at the door's side and adorning the door was a modern unisex toilet symbol and beyond its portal would, I assume, be a series of cubicles, now dear readers never make assumtions because I couldn't have been more wrong! Sure it was a toilet but in that great cavernous place one, yes ONE toilet! Well I push open the very heavy door, it scraped on the floor, only to encounter a very attractive woman, head in hands, red panties mid calf with a countenance of contentment. She said in very good English that she was almost done. I waited outside and half a minute or so later heard copious amounts of tp being pulled and I kid you not she cleaned for almost 5 mins. She flushed washed hands and said all yours now. She was class! A feminine poo odour permeated the air and I then noticed being one of those stepped pans that although the tp had flushed 3 dark brown 6-8" turds remained which I must admit quickened an already fast pulse! My bum sat on the warm seat and so I buddy dumped in Kracow! Big X and huggle to all the girls and hi to all the guys. Bye for now.

Hi everyone its John and hope everyone here is in fine fettle! To dear Leanne and friends hope you've all recovered from the trials and tribulations of your recent exams and that all your results are everything that you want them to be! So hope that all your "evacuations" are less traumatic too, lol. Was that your finals or are you back in the new academic year? If you are I hope you all houseshare again as I am sure your Posts will make for some interesting autumnal (fall) reading! To dear Abbie and friends with the school hols you can look forward to some stress free "happy crapping" oh and Abbie I hope you didn't mind but I did a ballpark calculation of the time you spend per annum doing your no 2s, some 2.5 days, wow! Lol. Seriously though Poppet I got into a sequence like that in my teens and ended up having prolapsed piles which resulted in me having to undergo painful and invasive surgery in my early 30s and would not wish you to suffer a similar fate! My consultant told me to take 10ml of liquid paraffin (mineral oil) which lubes the anal passage thereby easing the egress of hard dry motions in a gentle not purgative manner! To Eileen H hope you are well too and look forward to another Post sometime. So to Leanne and friends, Abbie and friends and dear Eileen H a big X and huggle from me and a hi to all the guys! Happy summer time all. Bye for now.

Hi everyone its John (again!). To continue that Kracow encounter I had one of the most satisfying poos ever in a public restroom, two 9 inchers with thd minimum of effort, the ambience certainly helped. Now onto a moan on behalf of most of us who have to use public restrooms at sometime or another: hover pisser females and guys who piss in cubicals, please, please lift the seat, it aint rocket science! Your cooperation would be much appreciated! Oh and for any pedants out there I know there's a "p" in assumption, which was a typo.

Thursday, June 09, 2011

Upstate Dave

Barbie Does Her Specail In The Abandoned House Part 1

It was three days after Barbie Jeannie and I had been up at the abandoned house that Barbie showedd up at my house real early in the morning. She was alone too without Jeannie or her sistor Barbie S.I had just fiished eating breakfast when Barbie came to my house. She was wearing a summer dress as she passed by the windows of the kitchen as I seen her pass by.

I went to the door befor Barbie could knock. I opened it and she giggled a little for her hand was up to knock on the door. I siad to her; Gotch Ya! She came inside with me to the kitchen and sat down at the table. I said to Barbie; Gee Barbie your here awfull early! She looked over at the clock and then said to me; Iam but I kknew you would be up! I now laughed and told her she was right.

Then Barbie turned the subject about going to the old house. I said that was ok with me. Barbie did tell me though that she had to be home at noon. I can't be late! I was a ittle disapointed that we couldn't make a whole day of it. But close to a half day was good enough. Then Barbie said last to me befor we left; Dave I know I can do my specail today! I KNEW THT NOW IT WAS GOING TO BE A GOOD TIME!!!!

So Barbie helped me make up the small rucksack. This is all that we would need for this trip. I put in some ice and six cans of soda. Barbie told me she had what she needed to bring for herself. I laughed and she did too. Out the door we went and it was only eight in the morning when we left. Barbie and I really went at a very fast pace too over my road and partway up the first of the three dirt roads too.

Then on the second dirt road we had slowed down after hafway on the first dirt road we had rested but now we again walked faster which on this road it was easy to do since it was flat. I had a couplke of reasons to pick up my pace. One was I needed to piss which I hadn't done yet since last night befor bed. The other was since I had eaten breakfast I could feel a very strong urge to shit now too!

We reached the end of the second dirt road as far as the part of it we needed to walk. We made the turn on te last dirt road which the old house was on. I stopped walking which made Barbie stop. I had to stop so I could squeeze the turtle heaed shit that I felt pokeing out of my asshole back inside! I managed to do it and it made sure it was a extra hard squeeze. It worke4d for now my shit was back up inside away from my asshole. I could feel that it was.

I said to Barbie; Barbie I'm not going to make it all the way to the house. I have to piss and I just squeezed back hard a shit! I'm going to try to make it but I'll try to go as far as I can. OK? Barbie giggled and told me any place was fine with her. Dave you know it doesn't matter where you are whe you go! We both laughed and then we started walking again.

Now it had rained one of the days beween last time and now. So there were plenty of puddles in the dirt road as we walked over it. Barbie said to me as we passed where there were several puddles in the road; Dave if you don't make it there sure is a lot of toilets here in the road! I laughed just a little and I said to Barbie; True Barbie but PLEASE DON'T MAKE ME LAUGH!!!! I"M TRYING TO MAKE IT TO THE HOUSE! Barbie let out a loud short giggle. Then she said Sorry. We continuied on.

Well we made it to the old house driveway. We started walking up it. It too had some puddles in it from the rain. I was now havingto stop to again squeeze back my shit. It had again started poking out of my asshole and each time that it had it was harder for me to squeze back inside. Plus I was also on the verge of pissing too.

So it was slow going now to get up the drive way to where it would turn and go over to the old house. Well I got as far as makeing the turn only. I said to Barbie after makeing the turn; I'M NOT GOING TO MAKE IT!!! Where I stopped there was a long shalloow puddle right i the middle of the old driveway. This is where I was going to take my piss and shit.

I yanked at my buckle real hard which popped the belts pin out of the hole in the belt. Yanked on my pants real hard which popped the snap open. Grabbed my pants now with both of my hands at the sides of them and just plain yanked them hard as I could straight down. I hadn't pulled down my zipper befor I started yanking them down so my closed zipper let out the loudest zzzzt I've ever heard! Barbie was watching me an hearing my zippers loud zzzzt she giggled a short hard giggle.

The one good thing was I had not put on my boxers so I didn't have to take them down. Now I moved my feet wide apart which now I had straddled the puddle and I already had releaxed. This had let my shit already move and I had a instant turtle head shit already poked out between my cheeks even befor I did squat down!

Barbie who was standing beside me saw my turtle head shit poked out giggled hard. Also since I had relaxed I started pissing too at the same time which my stream shot out into the puddle out in front of me! Barbie 's giggle turned right into a loud hard laugh seeingme pissing now too as my turtle head was bigger and longer so you could say it was a shit now instead!

I squated down in a high squat over the puddle getting my ass a good foot and a half up over the puddle. If I took a long shit there was plenty of room for a long one. I could feel my shit was hard and it had slowed way down now. It felt like it was a real fat one now too. My asshole felt stretched way open by it.

I hadn't reached down to take care of my penis for everything had started off so fast. I did check my stream and it was ok. It was makeing a nice long low arc through the air and like I had said it had landed out in the middle of the puddleout in front of me. I watched my stream splashing in the puddle for several seconds and then I just went back to feeling my shit slowly comming out of me.

Babie was silent watching me except letting out a short giggle now and then. I felt my shit speed up a little and then there was a splash under me in the puddle. Either my shit broke offr orit had ended being fat till its end. But that's was niether of these. My asshole stayed wide open for I felt a second just as fat shit slideing out froom it!

This second shit of mine moved faster and after about seven eight seconds time it too fell into the puddle and this time my asshole closed right up after it had fell. This one felt to me to be maybe six inches long or just a little longer then that.I now reached down and I did hold my penis. I still was pissing yet but I could feel that I was nearing the end of my piss now too.

Befor I did near my pisses end I made it end by givong one hard strong push. My stream shot way forward with my push. I kept the push going which did make my stream end in flight! That was kind of funny toop seeing my stream shooting out from the end of my oenis to te puddle and then have it stoping and watching the air space betwen my piss in the air and my penis widen! Barbie saw this too and again she let out a short hard laugh.

I was done so I stood up and took a step or twoo back. I looked down in the puddle now. There were my two shits there in the water of the puddle.The puddle was shallow so my shit weren't floaters. My first shit was well over a foot long, both were brown,both were very fat, and they both were chunky with big knobbhy chunks. The second shit looked a good eight inches long. I now stepped overr so Ino longer straddlked the puddle.

Know ing that Barbie had toilet paper with her for her specail I asked her for some. Barbie reached right into the small bag she had pulled out a new full roll and gave it to me. I unrolled some sheets off from it. Not a lot for I knew I didn't need a lot. I reached behind me stuffed it into my asscheeks and gave myslef a good hard wipe. I pulled the paper out and it was clean. I ropped the paper into the puddle and handed the roll back to Barbie. I pulled up my jeans, zipped them up, did the snap, and buckled my belt.

Then Barbie and I headed to te house. I asked Barbie now if she felt she could do her specail. I can a little but I do need a drink first and then we have a wait after that. I laughed and I opened my rucksack pulled out a soda for Barbie. I said to her; Now here's that needed drijnk Barbie! She laughed as she opened the soda and then she gulped down a good half the can right then. We were now at the house and we wenjt inside. To be continuied

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