The Listening Ear

Part 2

After the incident with 'Linda' in the entry, I don't remember thinking about girls and poo very much for quite a long time. It was about then that my education bacame single-sex - a Very Bad Thing, which probably blighted my life. I quickly abandoned (or was abandoned by) my friends in the street in favour of new chums from school, and so I only came into contact with girls in sunday school. (More about the sunday school and its toilets later.)

After school came university, and there a very strange thing happened. Throughout my childhood I had suffered from chronic constipation. Regular enemas and hospital consultations produced no change. But on my first morning of lectures, I was spontaneously and completely cured. I felt the need to go during the first lecture, and when I had the opportunity to do so, it was nice and soft and easy. And it has been ever since, usually several times a day. Now I am quite prepared to accept that the cause of my problem may have been psychological, but that doesn't really explain anything. The change in my lifestyle wasn't what you might expect. I hadn't gone away to uni, but as a day student to the one in my home city, where I still lived with my mother. And I was still mostly in a single-sex environment, as it was an engineering discipline, and in those days there were no female engineers.

Lunchtimes I spent a lot of time in the union building. The toilets there were vast and busy, and it was there that I discovered the joys of listening to the huge variety of sounds made by the other guys plopping all around me. Directly above the male toilets were the female ones, in a corridor leading to the upstairs coffee bar which I and my new friends used regularly. And as I saw the female students going in and out (including one who later became a famous broadcaster), I suddenly longed to be in there listening to them instead of the guys downstairs.

To be continued.

To Mandy: Here's what I think. If it hurts, then you have a problem. Or if, like Abbie, you have difficulty finding time to poo because it takes so long, then you have a problem. Otherwise, if you don't think you have a problem then you don't. There is no such thing as 'normal'.

To Stitica Laura: Laxatives and enemas are unnatural and unpleasant. Have you thought about fibre supplements? Read Jessica's post on page 2047 and see what you think. The theory is that some people get constipated because the human body is processing food that it wasn't designed to process. Fibre supplements help to correct that, so nothing could be more natural. And from what I can gather, it feels good too.


Brandon T
To: Renee & Patsy if your still reading the posts on this site maybe you guys can start posting again im sure there are quite a few people here who would to hear from you guys and this also goes out to any old posters still around please start posting again thanks.

Outdoor Girl

Church yard pee

It was the beginning of a charity race and I had to pee so just before it began, I went to the back of the churchyard (not graveyard, but property) that had a fence behind it. I high squatted a quick pee but out of respect I went on grassy material not on pavement (odour). I don't feel bad because God made urine and my weak bladder. A century ago this probably happened often since they only had outhouses. I feel that whatever was done has been absorbed and broken down by nature.


Is there someone who is faliliar with this?

Hello, I'm Mandy.
I'm 15 years of age, and a petite blonde girl.

Here's the thing: Every time when I go to the toilet to poop (about 2 times a day), my family is complaining about the time it takes me to finish. :-(

Usually when I have to poop, it takes me about 10 minutes to get things moving, and 20 to 25 minutes alltogether.

However, I don't feel like having a problem, but my parents and sisters tell me it's not normal to sit on the toilet for so long.

I'm not sure.
Do I have a problem that needs to be fixed, if I take 20 minutes to poop? :-S


Courtney, Janice, and Me in The Ladies' Room

I have posted about Janice, one of our corporate executives in the past. She is around 50 years old and a very attractive woman. She was celebrating 25 years with the company recently and was in town for meetings, so Leigh, my boss, thought it would be good to have a small celebration for her at our office. We started around 1:30 with cookies and a special drink that one of the other ladies brought for the occasion. It was a coffee type drink that was excellent. I also posted about a new employee, Courtney, who is about 25 years old and very nice looking (according to ALL the men). Courtney and I have become pretty close friends and eat lunch together. Anyway, we were at the celebration for Janice and Courtney was drinking a cup of the coffee drink. She said to me, "This stuff is great. I'm going to ask for the recipe." She proceeded to drink a second cup, then got a third and was about halfway through it when the lady who brought the drink walked by, and Courtney asked what the ingredients were. The lady told her it was coffee, some other things I don't recall, and cream. Courtney kind of looked shocked and said, "OK, thanks. " The lady walked away and Courtney took her half cup of the drink and set it down on a table, then came back over to me. I said, "What's wrong. You look like you saw a ghost." She said, "She said it had cream in it. I'm lactose intolerant. I drank two and an half cups. This is going to be bad." I said, "What will it do to you?" She said it would give her bad gas and diarrhea. She said she only hoped she'd make it home before it hit her. About 3 o'clock, I got the urge to poo quite badly. It was my time of the month and I usually get a queasy stomach, gas, and some looseness in my BM's during my period. It was past 2 o'clock, our ladies' room rush hour, so I hoped to have some privacy. I started my way to the restroom and I heard footsteps behind me. I turned and saw it was Courtney. She was walking quickly, catching up with me, and whispered, "It's hit. I'm in a bad way." I said I had to go too. We were just about to the restroom door and I heard someone else behind us and saw it was Janice. She was apparently coming to the ladies' room as well. Courtney and I went in first and the room was empty. She started toward the first stall and said, "Take the stall next to me. I don't want anyone else by me." I was a bit perplexed by this but saw that she was serious and I said, "OK" and started to stall 2. Just then Janice came in as I was closing my door. Janice took stall 3. Stalls 4-6 were open, but Janice for some reason selected stall 3 next to me. I thought she might skip one since the other 3 were open. We all three sat down on the toilets. My stomach was making noises with some light cramps. Courtney then absolutely blew up on her toilet. It was a gush of liquid diarrhea, full of gas, very loud and went on for about 5 or 6 seconds. She whispered, "Oh" when it subsided. I was a bit taken back. I'd never heard such an eruption of poo from anyone before. Even when I've been sick, I'd never had anything like that. Just then a very strong poo odor came drifting in the air. As I've posted before, when Janice poos, she says, "MMMMMM" each time her poo drops out of her or if she passes gas. I pushed slightly and a wet poo started crackling out very noisily with toots escaping with it. I heard a crackling from Janice and a plop and "MMMMMM". It was quiet now. I heard Courtney breathing heavily, then stop like she was pushing, and another loud liquid explosion come from her. I swear it went on for a good 7 or 8 seconds, just a constant gush of poo and gas. It had to be embarrassing. I was making some noise myself but not like Courtney. I felt so badly for her. Janice then farted quite loudly and said, "MMMMM" and then dropped another poo into the water. I had a second wave that was loose and gassy, but nothing compared to Courtney. I felt empty and began to pee, as did Janice. We both wiped and flushed and came out of our stalls about the same time. Just then Courtney, who was again breathing heavily, stopped breathing while she pushed and a third eruption of gas and liquid diarrhea blasted from her. When it subsided she whispered pretty loudly, "OH!" Janice looked at me then toward Courtney's stall and said, "Are you OK in there? Do you need anything?" Courtney said, "No, I'll be alright." Janice said, "I don't mean to intrude but I was afraid you were sick." Courtney said, "I'm OK. I'm lactose intolerant and drank something with milk products in it by accident." As she said this, her voice strained and she farted loudly and spewed another smaller amount of diarrhea. She said, "Sorry." Janice said, "It's OK. I hope you'll be alright." Janice washed her hands and left. I washed my hands and asked Courtney, "Are you about done? We're alone now." She said, "Yes." I said, "Courtney that drink really did make you sick." She said, "I knew it would when I found out it had cream in it. I hated it that Janice came in with us. She saw it was me." I said, "Don't worry about it. She's leaving town tonight. Plus she was pooing herself." Courtney wiped about 6 or 7 times, commented she almost needed a shower, then flushed and came out. The restroom reeked with poo odor. As Courtney was washing her hands another lady came in the restroom. I saw her expression when the smell hit her. She wrinkled her nose walked to the mirror, smoothed her hair, and then went back out. I think she may have needed to use the restroom but the smell was too strong for her. Courtney and I left and went back to the office. She said she hoped she could make it home before the next "round." I said surely you emptied out. She said, "You'd be surprised how bad lactose intolerance can get with me." The next day she was fine and said she'd had a bout of diarrhea at home the night before but now was OK.

Hi everyone! Today I didn't have my normal early afternon poo. Instead at about 8 o'clock I started to get really bad stomach cramps. My housemate Natalie had some friends over and I really didn't want to have to go for a poo with them around, especially if it was diarrhea which I was predicting because that's what usually comes on for me after I get bad cramps. Five minutes later I felt a really strong urge so I had to go up to the toilet. We had been sitting in the living room so Nat's friends were downstairs out of earshot. I hurried into the toilet and sat down. It wasn't diarrhea, much to my relief; instead there was a fart and then some mushy poo started to come out. Piece after piece just kept on coming for about five minutes, plop, plop, plop. It felt amazing to release it all although I have no idea why it happened- I hadn't eaten anything spicy or anything the day before. Then after I'd finished I went back downstairs but then 15 minutes later I got more bad cramps and had to poo again. I'd already told everyone that I was going to the bathroom before when someone asked where I was going so I really couldn't tell them I was going again. I got up and when someone asked I said I was going to put my phone on charge. I went up to the loo and sat down again. Out came more mushy stuff, loads of pieces making a series of plops. It smelled really bad. Five minutes passed and then I was done. I stood up and looked at my production. The water was murky brown and there were a couple of pieces floating and I could see plenty more lurking below the surface. There was a stain on the side of the bowl too, but when I flushed it washed off. I had to wipe 8 times to get my bum clean! SO far I haven't needed to go again so hopefully it was just my body having a bit of a clearout because after my diarrhea last week, I hardly pooed at all over the weekend.

Will post again soon. Bye for now!

Herb T., The "Tawlet' Stool" is used extensively in the South.

Hey everyone! I had my last exam today and during it I had to poo so I'm going to tell you the story now!
Well over the weekend I hadn't pooed at all which is very unusual for me. I guess it was the nerves or something because I was very nervous about my final exam. Anyway, with half an hour left in my exam I was feeling the urge to go. And it was a big urge. I could tell it would be a big urgent poo because I hadn't been since Friday evening so I had 3 days worth of poo that wanted to come out. By the end of the exam I was really desperate and I was pretty much touching cloth. I dashed for the toilets when the exam ended, but there were only 5 cubicles and they were all occupied. I wondered if it would be quicker to go somewhere else for my toilet break or if I should stay. I decided to stay and wait. There was one girl ahead of me in the queue who looked like she really had to wee. A few more girls piled into the crowded bathroom behind me. One toilet flushed and the desperate girl went in. I stood waiting, squeezing my bum as hard as I could. I was so desperate to go. Finally someone came out and I quickly went in and took her place. I lowered my jeans and panties and sat. A massive log started to stretch my hole immediately. It eased its way out and landed with a huge embarrassing plop. Another big log followed it out. I was pretty embarrassed because I thought I was the only girl pooing but then I heard a couple of plops from someone else and felt a bit less awkward. Besides, I had to go and wouldn't have made it anywhere else, so better to be embarrassed briefly while my poo found a new watery home than to mess myself! Another two big logs came out and then a fifth started moving into position, but this one was a lot harder. I pushed and pushed as hard as I could but it just wouldn't move any more. Girls came and went around me, some weeing, some pooing too. Finally I got it moving again and it made another loud plop as it dropped into the bowl. I felt a lot better for having completed my poo, but I was embarrassed again when I came out because I had been on the loo for almost 20 minutes!

I'll try and post again as soon as I can. Bye everyone!

Rag Muffin Reanna

Comments & Slow-Shittin' Sammi's Questions


I enjoyed your story. When me and my debate partner Tank read it, we discussed whether we would have continued on to use that bathroom with a teacher/administrator crapping next to us. Tank said it is not unusual at our school for faculty to use the student bathrooms, even though they have their own. He wonders what would have happened if the AD or a teacher came in during a much busier time. Would they have wanted to wait? Would they have been afraid to crap in a stall without doors with the audience? As a last resort, would they have use the toilet with the urine all over the seat (like John & Justin did)?

Slow-Shittin' Sammi's questions:

1. When in a crowded public restroom with all the stalls full and no flushes, what do I do? The flushes aren't that important at my school because so many of the students don't know how to use the flusher. I look for doors being yanked open. Some girls--especially at mid-day--are changing sanitary products and there's no flushing or noise involved.

2. Does it make any difference if the person is peeing or shitting? It could, but that's not always true. I've dumped, wiped and vacated stalls faster than it takes me to pee.

3. What have you done to get their attention and off the toilet? Some of the freshmen or students smaller in size have been bullied off the toilets? I don't think that is fair. However, at one debate tournament when I came out of my final round, I came upon a girl who had fallen asleep on the toilet. I partially pissed my suit which luckily is black. She felt bad about it and apologized to me after the awards ceremony got done.

4. How long should a person sit before getting up and relinquishing their seat? About 5 minutes, especially if the bathroom is crowded.

I was at school needing a poop really bad. I sad there and tried to hold it in. I couldn't and went to the bathroom after lesson. There were 7 stalls and I ran across and sat down on the stool. I pulled down my pants and knickers and got ready for a huge turd. I sat there and wondered. A couple of wet farts and my poop came out. Diarrhoea it was. I did have a curry and well that can explain. I sat there pooping it out rapidly and slightly embarrased. My friends came in and shouted my name wondering where I was. I shouted back saying I was nearly done. I rushed massively and tried to hurry up. I grabbed the toilet paper and quickly wiped my ass. I got up and pulled up my knickers. I rushed out and smiled cautiouslly at my friends. I sat in the last lesson with my stomach making unusual noises. On the bus home I told my friends how badly the toilet. I got in home with no one in a ran rapidly up stairs. I pulled my pants down and knickers to my knees and parked my behind on again and rushed the poop out. I was satisfied massively and pulled my knickers and pants up. It wasn't over though

The Listening Ear

Memoirs of a Listening Ear - Part 1

I'm male, married and retired. I think that's all you need to know for now. I've been lurking here for ages (and loving it) but, apart from a bit of advice to Abbie, this is my first post.

It all started with dogs. I know that isn't a topic for this forum, so I won't go into detail, but when I was a little boy I found I was turned on (even though I didn't know what turned-on was!) by the sight of dogs urinating and especially defecating. In those days - at least in the north of England where I lived - quite a few pet dogs were allowed to roam free during the daytime, and I would sometimes follow one around in the hope that it would do a nice poo for me.

One day I was playing out in the street when I girl I shall call Linda (her real name was much more distinctive) announced that she was going home to go to the toilet. We said we'd meet her outside her house in a few minutes, and she disappeared down a passage behind the houses (we called that an entry - where I live now it would be called a jitty). She really did disappear because there was a right-angled turn a few yards along.

After a few minutes we followed. About half way down the entry - near a point where I had once been peed on by a cat standing on the flat roof of a workshop - we came upon a fresh pile of poo with flies buzzing round it. Someone remarked "That must have been a big dog!" My little eyes widened. Someone else said "That's not a dog; that's Linda!" My little eyes widened still further! The sausages had a reddish tinge, not unlike the colour of Linda's long, flowing hair (I suppose she was rather lovely really, but I wasn't thinking of girls in that way yet), and in that moment I thought how sweet it would have been to watch her doing that. I suppose I would have been six or seven years old; she was a year older.

To be continued.

To Herb T: I've never seen or heard the term 'toilet stool' outside this site. Since I'm British, I assumed it was American, but if you don't know it either then I'm mystified. I was confused at first because 'stool' is the medical term for a turd - at least here it is. 'Diarrhoea' is a British spelling, but it may be optional nowadays. I notice that Leanne doesn't use it, and I wouldn't use it here as I know it looks odd. But it's Greek really - exactly the same kind of 'oe' as in Phoebe. You may also find British people writing defaecate instead of defecate.

To Abbie; Great story about you and Olivia testing and pooing, and especially laughing because your voices both went funny. Very sweet. I don't know why I find that so appealing, but I love it.


Amanda M
This weekend I took a trip with my friend.
Last night we were sitting down in the room just relaxing when I started to get some stomach pains. I tried to ignore it but I knew I was gonna have to poop soon. Being extremely shy about going to the bathroom when people can hear I definitely didnt wanna go in the hotel bathroom. Finally I had an idea. I decided I would take a shower so I can turn on the water to hide the noise. I grabbed my pajamas and went into the bathroom. I turned on the water and sat on the toilet. I gave a push and a small fart came out. I pushed again and a bunch of soft poop came out of me followed by a loud fart which I hope the water covered up. I didnt feel done but I couldnt get anymore out so I wiped and flushed sprayed some of my body spray and took my shower. While I was in the shower I kept feeling like I had to fart. I kept trying to but it wouldn't come out. I figured while I still had the water on i'd sit on the toilet again. I dried off and sat down. I gave a few pushes and a small amount of mushy poop came out. I still felt like I had more but nothing came out so I wiped and flushed and sprayed a whole lot of the spray just to make sure no smell was left behind. I then got dressed and hoped I wouldnt have to go again and was glad I didn't.

Car Mom
Sorry I haven't posted in a while! Nothing really new has happened. Just things that are exactly the same as stuff that I've already written about. I guess if enough people want to hear about them I'll post about them, but really they're the same as my previous posts, only different girls! But I'm good, just so you all know!

Car Mom :)


Rock Concert

Last night, the guys, Heather, and I went to a rock concert to see some heavy metal bands perform. Bill was looking really sexy with his black tank top that showed off his now muscular arms, leopard print leggings, tall black laced boots, a brand new lip ring, and a new haircut. We were all headbanging and dancing like fools when Bill suddenly stopped and put a hand to his stomach. I asked him if he was feeling alright, and he leaned over and whispered in my ear, "Can you come with me to the restroom, please?"
I barely contained my excitement as I agreed to go with him to the restroom. We went into a unisex restroom and we could faintly hear the music playing. As Bill was pulling down his leggings, he smirked and said, "Feels like this bun is ready to come out of the oven."
I could feel myself getting 'excited' at the thought of this gorgeous man getting ready to do big business. He sat down and let out several farts. He said with a strain in his voice, "You might want to have a seat. This is going to take a while."
I complied and sat on the floor in front of him. Bill then started to make quiet straining noises, and let out a loud, buzzing fart in the process.
"This is what happens when you eat too much cheese pizza," he grunted, then I suddenly heard a massive plop followed by several little ones. Bill let out a sigh. He then started to strain again, so I knew that he wasn't done yet. After about 5 more minutes, I heard two more massive plops as he pooped out tennis ball-sized turds. Bill let out a loud moan of relief and exclaimed, "Oh my gosh, I needed that!"
He let out one more fart and then stood up so that I could wipe him. We flushed the mess, and Bill washed his hands so that we could hurry back to the concert. When we took our seats, a band was starting to play another song. Tom shouted, "Where were you guys? You missed three songs!"
Bill and I only exchanged secret smiles as we started dancing again. We made have missed a few songs, but to me, it was worth it to see this beautiful man on the toilet once again.

The End


Best Buddy Dumping Experiences

Hi everyone. My name is Zach and I'm 17 and a junior in high school. I'm 5'9, 160 pounds and consider myself reasonably athletic. Ever since I can remember as a real little kid, I've been really fascinated with pooping. I don't consider myself "gay" and really like girls a lot. But as long as I can recall, I've been especially fascinated with guys crapping. The kind of crapping (loose emergencies or constipation) doesn't really matter just so long as I can see that the guy is under some sort of stress and strain. It pretty much started really early for me with my older brothers Jacob and Josh who were (and are, obviously) 12 and 10 years older than me respectively. Jacob and Josh were my heroes and I really idolized them. (I Still do somewhat.) To me they were the world's greatest studs and could do no wrong in my eyes. They wrestled in high school as do I (I play baseball as well) and my very earliest memory is of an all-day wrestling meet with Jacob in the bathroom on the toilet. I was either 4 or 5 years old and Jacob really needed to take a big shit. I'm not sure why I was in the bathroom with him. Jacob must have been watching me between matches and he must have taken me to the bathroom so he could crap. I probably saw his whole dump because he probably told me to stay just outside the stall where he could watch me while he pooped. I guess he didn't realize that I was really watching him! I don't remember anything else about the wrestling matches but I have really vivid memories plain as day of Jacob sitting on the toilet with his pants around his ankles. His head was bowed so I could see the hairs on the back of his neck stand up and he sat there pushing and grunting. Jacob was really grunting and digging deep to push the shit out of his body. As he pushed and grunted he would make really tight fists, his face would turn pink, and you could see the blood vessels in his neck and arms bulge out under the strain. As Jacob sat there straining and grunting, I could hear his shit crackling out one long turd after another after another and dropping into the toilet. Somehow I knew even back then that Jacob was having a really great shit. I can't remember a thing about how he did at the wrestling meet, only that he had a really great shit! And Jacob wasn't the only one doing this as there were about 7 other teenage guys all sitting on the toilet in stall without doors doing the same thing! I remember being so fascinated seeing this and seeing one of my heroes taking such a big dump. The message I got from this experience was that big boys shit too and there was no need to be embarrassed about it. In fact, wanting to BE like my brothers, I remember that for a real long time, whenever, I had to take a shit, I would actually practice deep-voiced grunts like Jacob and Josh and make fists and facial contortions like them even when my dump wasn't particularly strenuous!! What can I say? Jacob and Josh were my male role models growing up and I figured in my own childlike way that's what men did!!

Recently, my fascination in big boys pooping has moved to my buddy Todd who I've known since the 3rd grade. Todd is my age and is 6'4, 240 pounds, so we're talking a BIG boy here. Anyway, Todd really needs a lot of food to keep his furnace stoked and he's constantly eating and never seems to be full. As you can well imagine with all the eating he does that Todd's body produces a lot of waste product, and trust me when I say I really mean A LOT!! Todd generally requires the full services of a toilet about twice a day, sometimes more. Naturally with all the time we have spent together, I've witnessed several of his bowel movements, but some episodes definitely stand out.

Like at camp about a year ago. Todd and I were staying in the same cabin and I woke up about 7 AM. After about two minutes of getting my stuff ready to shower, my butt starts telling me in no uncertain terms that a toilet would be extremely useful at the moment. In other words, I'm getting a really strong and immediate urge to shit. So I quickly head to the bathroom in just my underwear and finding both toilets available, I quickly pull my briefs down around my calves and deposit my bare glutes down on the first one closest to the door. It would not be the only deposit I would be making. The other toilet was by the exterior wall and there was just a very short wood partition between the two hoppers. No sooner do I sit down and rip a big fart than I feel this ridiculously massive turd push open my exit hole and come plowing out of me. Anyway, this turd is just HUGE and it keeps coming and coming seemingly without end. At this point I'm totally enjoying this and figure I'm alone (sort of), so I let myself give out a small moan of pleasure and allow myself to do a facial contortion as I'm pushing the rest of this beast out of my butt.

Anyway, as I'm doing this, the door flings open and Todd rushes in wearing nothing but a pair of white briefs like me. Seeing me on the one toilet, he quickly makes his way to the other one. He had seen me moaning and making a face and starts busting my chops even as he's quickly pulling his briefs down around his calves and sitting down. "Are you thoroughly enjoying yourself?" He asks sarcastically. As I started to answer, he rips his own huge fart before letting loose with a gigantic turd of his own roughly the size of the Cracken from "Clash of the Titans!!" I could hear Todd's turd crackling out and this thing was a real monster that seemed to crackle out forever. So there we were, each of us just sitting in on the toilet with nothing on but a pair of white briefs stretched around our calves.

Todd's face started to turn slightly pink as he struggled to push the rest of his gigantic turd out. He then let out a huge grunt of relief as the end of the Cracken finally left Todd's butt and landed in the toilet with a massive thud. Since the partitions were so short, there was nothing to stop us from seeing each other’s faces as we grunted our shit out. This would have been a real neat experience of male dump bonding if it weren't for the fact that Todd and I were already friends. I then pushed out a couple medium sized turds before finishing up with a bunch of loose shit before I was done. Todd did roughly the same except proportionately much larger. It really stunk in that bathroom for the next guys after we were done blowing the place up!

Then a few weeks ago, our baseball team had a road double-header at this municipal park. After the long bus trip, I really needed to have a good strong healthy shit before we played and my shit was telling me quite assertively that it really wanted to be had! So when I finally get off the bus, my ass is just busting for a big shit so I make a bee line for the bathroom. However, when I got in there, there were just two stalls for toilets and they were really small. I'm talking tiny and the toilets were the same way. It was like this bathroom was designed for little kids. What were the people who designed this place thinking anyway? I felt like Gulliver in Lilliput. Anyway, by now my butt is telling my brain it really need to have that shit really bad and these tiny toilets are my only option so I better figure something out fast. So I compress myself down as much as I can and make my way into the narrow stall. I don't have enough room to extend my elbows out in there, but somehow, some way I manage to get my pants pulled down past my knees. The stall has a door on it but there's no way I can get it closed because my knees will be protruding out past the opening when I sit down on the toilet. That presents its own challenges and I have to go WAY down before my butt touches the seat, almost in the squat position at this point. Then, with the bowl being so small, I can BARELY fit on the toilet, but somehow by pushing my cock WAY back, I somehow manage to get everything in position, barely. I then finally open up my exit hole to start dumping and my shit comes charging out me not caring in the least about the size of the toilet I'm on. The whole time I'm thinking there's no way this little toilet I'm on is going to be able to handle all the shit my screaming butt is about to pump into it. But my butt just doesn't care at this point. That's the brain's problem. My butt's only concern was getting all that shit out of it. So my brain and I start planning on making multiple flushes.

Just about the time I'm thing I have it real bad, Todd comes in to the restroom in dire need of a really massive shit himself. Taking a look at the stalls and seeing me sitting there barely able to fit, Todd moans "You have GOT to be kidding me!"

Unfortunately, Todd really needed to take a really huge shit very badly and had no choice but to figure out how to get himself on the tiny toilet next to me.

"Oh my God! This is freakin' insane!" Todd complained as he squeezed his way into the very small stall next to me. I figured if I could barely fit in here, there was no way in hell Todd could fit in that tiny stall, but somehow he managed to find a way. Good thing too because he needed to shit real bad. Somehow getting his pants down, Todd lowered his butt into position. I have no idea how in hell Todd got his junk and everything else to fit on that tiny toilet, but somehow he did. Once Todd was seated, his body went on autopilot on its own and quickly pushed out a gigantic pile of shit, with no conscious pushing assistance from Todd. Almost as soon as he started shitting, Todd was reaching for the flush lever. He had the same idea I had and didn't want to take any chances on overwhelming that toilet with way too much shit. For the next several minutes we sat there pushing out our massive loads and kept flushing our toilets repeatedly to avoid an overflow. As we were sitting in there, our coach came into the bathroom and when he saw us struggling to take a shit in those tiny stalls, he got this quizzical look and asked us how the stalls were.

"SMALL!" I replied. "Very SMALL!!" Coach laughed at our predicament but I didn't find anything funny about it at the time.

Once we were finally done crapping, wiping our asses was a real nightmare. Neither one of particularly like standing to wipe and much prefer sitting. The final insult in this debacle was that the toilet paper rolls were padlocked and stretched out on the holders so that we couldn't just unroll the amount of toilet paper we needed. And trust me, Todd and I needed A LOT of toilet paper after the shits we had just taken. Instead, we had to slowly unwrap the paper by pulling it over the roll, one round at a time, and we had to do this with our left hands, not with our dominant right hands. They couldn't even do us the courtesy of installing the toilet paper so that it wrapped OVER the roll.. Oh no, they had to make it so we had to unwrap it going UNDER each time! Whoever conceived of this setup thought of every possible way that someone in that bathroom would use as little toilet paper as possible when they had to wipe. Meanwhile, Todd and I pretty much needed to use half the roll!! We eventually got out of there, but the memory will stay with us for a very long time!

However, the best incident of all occurred about two months back. It was just after lunch and I was in one of the boys rooms just by the cafeteria with my pants down around my ankles enjoying a much-needed and quite sizable shit aboard a toilet much more capable than those park toilets of handling what I could dish out. This particular restroom has 6 stall without doors housing 7 toilets. Yeah, I know... It's got 5 single stalls but the 6th one on the end for some odd reason has two toilets in it. (Don't ask.) As you might expect, that 7th toilet rarely gets used unless it's a really dire emergency. Only someone who needed to take a shit really bad and found the other 6 toilets already taken would go in there and take a shit right next to the other guy in the stall. It's actually pretty unusual to find even the first five stalls taken by guys sitting on the toilets. However, when I went in to the bathroom on this particular day, I was surprised to find the first 5 stalls all occupied by five fine examples of male adolescenthood all wearing their trousers below knee level, their bare-naked teenaged butts all mounted to the toilet seats. So I went down to stall # 6, dropped my pants to roughly the same level as my companions and took a seat. I figured one of the guys in the other stalls would probably finish up before another guy would come in also needing a shit. And even if a stall didn't come open before then, I figured the prospective toilet user just coming in would either just wait for a stall to become available or head to another bathroom. I didn't think there would be any way in hell that someone would come in and start taking a shit right next to me.

As I settled in, I could hear crackling, a little bit of grunting, and some light farting emanating from the other stalls and thought to myself how cool it all sounded.

Just then, I hear the bathroom door whip open and I hear this pair of footsteps come rushing toward me past all the other occupied stalls.

"Oh Shit!!!" I heard a really familiar voice mutter as he realized that all the stalls had been taken. A moment later, Todd rushes in to the stall where I am, positions himself in front of the other toilet and starts taking down his pants before realizing he was getting a quizzical look from me.

“Dude! I got to take a shit so bad you have no idea!!”

Next thing I know, Todd’s got his pants down to his ankles and his bare butt hugging the toilet seat as he just rips an ear-shattering fart. I pretty much then expected his butt to start spewing a whole bunch of shit, but instead, Todd starts concentrating real hard and bearing down like he can’t get his shit out. At this point I’m sneaking some peaks and noticing that Todd’s got his head bowed and his short hair is standing up on the back of his neck as he begins to bear down. Todd then makes his first push with a small grunt, but nothing comes out. Todd then digs a little deeper and now I see his face is starting to turn pink from the effort. He bears down and gives a slightly stronger push with a little bigger grunt, and still, nothing comes out of him. How can you say you have to shit really bad and then not have anything come out of you??? One more time, Todd dug in and started to give it everything he had. This time, the blood vessels in his arms and neck started bulging and his face turned a deeper shade of pink. This time though, I heard a turd start to crackle out of Todd’s butt which crackled for several long seconds before hitting the water with a resounding plop. Todd grunted out a quick grunt of relief and was right back to work bearing down on another sizable but resistant turd that didn't like being pushed. With another strong concerted push however, the stubborn turd eventually began crackling its way out of Todd’s ass and after several long moments of non-stop crackling, it too finally landed in the water with a resounding plop as well. Todd allowed himself to relax for a moment but he was a very long way from being done.

“Dude!” Todd began. “I can feel another one (another turd) up there, and I think it’s going to be really HUGE!” I had to laugh hearing this. For a minute there, I thought Todd was joking.

“I have a really bad feeling that THIS one is going to HURT!” Todd said as if dreading what was coming next. After stopping to rest for a minute, I could see that Todd was readying himself for one more mighty push.”

“Oh well! I may as well get this over with!” Todd said taking a really deep breath. Todd then started making fists as he began another mighty push. Pretty soon, his grimacing face was an even deeper shade of pink and his blood vessels were really bulging in his neck and arms. This was so much like I remembered Jacob back at the wrestling meet and for a few brief minutes I was a five-year-old again watching my adored big brother struggle mightily on the toilet. Finally, Todd’s eyes opened up wide as saucers and the crackling told me he was beginning to shit. After several moments of this, I realized the massive turd wasn’t coming to an end anytime soon and that Todd was giving birth to another Cracken!! For several long moments of very strenuous pushing and grunting, Todd worked the massive beast out of him. Finally, just when it seemed like Todd was spent and all grunted out and just couldn't push anymore, the massive turd finally dropped and hit the water with a powerful thud. Todd then slumped forward and groaned out a big sigh of relief. Todd then took a moment to recover and catch his breath. However, as with any big shit, the taker of the shit eventually will need to take a look to see what he has created, and Todd was no different. So a moment later Todd was standing up briefly to peek down in the toilet to see just how big his turd was. He then sat back down without saying anything except to look at me with really big eyes and breathe a big sigh of relief.

“Well!!” I finally demanded. “How big WAS it??” Todd then indicated to me with his hands that he thought the turd was about an inch and a half in diameter and roughly 21 inches long! Just massive!!

“That was HARD trying to get that one out of me! That took some work!!” Todd looked and sounded like he wasn’t joking at all as he said this.

Todd however still was not done and a moment later he grunted out several smaller softer pieces of soft loose shit. A couple moments later, he unleashed a pretty good-sized pile of much softer looser shit that didn’t require nearly as much effort as the well-formed turds had. I was done by now and had pulled my pants up and started to walk out as Todd began to wipe with the toilet paper I had passed him. (There was just one tp holder in that stall for both toilets, and the holder was closer to the toilet I had been using.) Todd usually flushes the toilet after he has taken a shit, but this time, he left the load there figuring he had worked way too hard to create it only to have it flushed down before someone else could come by to see and admire it.

Anyway, those are my stories for now and I hope you enjoyed them. This is really a great site for stories like this. I hope I have a few more experiences like this in the near future to tell you about!

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