Polosh feces

Ladies and gentlemen, my drought is over! Since I lost my job at the bookstore, sightings or "smellings" have been few and far between. That changed over the Memorial Day holiday. I was at a friend's house for a barbeque. There was this very pretty girl there from Poland. She was in her late 20's, in great shape with long legs, honey colored hair and a pretty face. She spoke English well but had a heavy accent that I thought was cute. She was dressed in a white dress with tan heels. Very classy. Anyway, I drank quite a bit of beer and had to pee. I went to the only bathrrom and found it locked. I waited around outside the door hoping that it wasn't a guy in there. Eventually, I heard the toilet flush, the sink run and the sound of heels on the tile floor. The door opened and out came the lovely Polish girl. With her came an overwhelming shit odor. The strangest thing was that she stopped to chat. Usually, in my experience, when a girl stinks up a bathroom, she can't get away from it fast enough. Not this girl. She stood there asking me about the significance of Memorial Day while her shit odor wafted out of the bathroom. Eventually, we got done talking and I went in. It was a very powerful but nice and healthy shit stink. She had closed the toilet lid and when I opened it, I found a nice surprise. There was a medium brown turd floating in the water. It was really rumpled and creased as though she were a bit constipated. I enjoyed the sight and smell for a whilen flushed and went back to the party where I found her sitting, drinking and laughing. She made my day!


Having friends round to stay

Hi everyone, Abbie here again with my latest story.
Leanne- I enjoyed your last story after your exam when you and the other two girls went for a poo, at least if all three of you were pooing together that makes it a bit less embarasing! You're right, I can't wait for the summer hols to start so I don't have to worry about going for a poo at school for a while. Having said that, as long as I make sure I use the decent loos I've mentioned it isn't actually that bad, those loos are now really popular with girls who have to open their bowels during the school day so its not like I'm the only one in there having a poo. I guess its because they are quite clean, modern and reasonably private, I know quite a few of my friends are like me and often need a poo while they are at school and they really appreciate those toilets as well, holding it until getting back home can be really difficult and makes it hard to focus on lessons and equally using the main toilets which are filthy and have bullies hanging round is not really an option either.
Anyway, back to my latest story. On Monday Amy and Lauren my friends from the revision course arrived to stay, my cousin Amy had already turned up the day before. We were planning to do some revision together and my cousin was going to help us. I had been feeling a slight need for a poo since mid morning on Monday when Amy and Lauren arrived, by about three in the afternoon after we'd done a bit of work I was getting quite desperate so thought I'd better try to go to the loo. I was about to tell the others I had to stop for a loo break when my cousin Amy stood up and said "I want the toilet a minute" and went off into the bathroom. I hoped it was just a wee but after a couple of minutes when she was still in there I realised she must want a poo as well, I know from past experiance Amy can get quite constipated so I figured she might be on the toilet for a while. I squirmed around a bit and noticed Lauren doing the same, a few minutes later she said "I hope Amy isn't much longer, I'm bursting for the loo."
"Me too," I said, taking deep breaths. I'd suddenly got really desperate in a short space of time, my turd was starting to poke out of my bum and I was trying to suck it back up.
"What sort do you need?" asked Lauren.
"Number two, I'm afraid," I replied, clenching my bum and trying desperately to stop the turd from coming out into my knickers.
"Oh great, me too" sighed Lauren, "I don't think I can hold it much longer, I haven't been for a poo for a couple of days, its starting to come out on its own."
"I know what you mean," I replied. "The thing is, Amy does get quite constipated, so she might be in there a while. I'll just go and ask her how long she'll be." Lauren bit her bottom lip and nodded. She was wearing a skirt and sitting with her knees drawn up to her chin so her knickers were visible, they were plain white so I hoped she'd be able to hold it in long enough. I went to the bathroom and knocked on the door. "Amy, its Abbie here" I called.
"Come in, I haven't locked the door" a voice from inside replied. I went in to see Amy on the toilet, her black leggings and pink and blue spotty knickers round her thighs. She was looking a bit red and had obviously been straining.
"Sorry its just Lauren and me are really bursting for a poo, we were hoping you wouldn't be too much longer," I said hopefully, still keeping my bum tightly clenched.
"I'll try to be as fast as I can, I'm just really constipated at the moment" panted Amy as she kept on pushing. I went back to my room to find Lauren nearly in tears.
"I really can't hold on any more" she said with desperation in her voice, "but I can't poo my pants at 16 years old, what am I going to do?" Suddenly I remembered in the downstairs cupboard we've got an old portable toilet we've used for camping holidays in the past, its basically a bucket with a seat, not exactly ideal but better than having a major accident, so I said to Lauren, "Quick, come with me, theres something downstairs we can use" and she followed me down the stairs holding her bum. I got the thing out of the cupboard and put it in the hallway, Lauren didn't even give me time to give her some privacy before she lifted her skirt, tugged down her pants and slammed her bum onto the seat. Almost at once she groaned as she relaxed and a few seconds later I heard a thud as a massive log dropped into the bucket. She then let three or four more logs out close together and finally a I heard a hissing stream as she started to wee. By this time I was on my way to fetch her some toilet paper, hoping she wouldn't be much longer as by now I was losing the battle with my turd and it was starting to force my bumhole open. Not really wanting to watch her wipe I said "Call me when you're done" and went off to the kitchen. Shortly after Lauren came in to the kitchen holding the bucket looking really embarased. "Thanks, I'm sooo sorry, I just couldn't hold it any more" she said blushing. "No problem, sorry but I'm going to have to go straight away myself" I said, lifting my skirt and pulling down my lilac knickers before sitting on the warm seat. "I'll wait for you upstairs" said Lauren quickly, handing me the loo roll and hurrying out of the kitchen. The bucket was already smelling quite bad and as I relaxed and my turd started to slide out slowly things didn't exactly improve! Hopefully the smell wouldn't stay as soon as I got rid of what we had produced. I pushed to keep my turd moving but luckily it didn't feel like it was going to be really hard to pass, after a few minutes it dropped into the bucket with a squelch and I started to wee heavily. In between jets of wee I pushed a few more pieces out, then I felt I was done so I wiped my bum, pulled up my pants and let down my skirt. I decided to bury the contents of the bucket in the garden and wash it out with the garden hose, after doing this I went back to my room to see how the others were getting on. The other Amy (not my cousin) found it quite funny as she had been the only one who hadn't needed to go, but Lauren was still feeling really awkward. By the time I'd told her a few of my other stories she was looking a lot happier, though I could tell there was something still on her mind. Later that evening when just the two of us were in my room (the two Amys were downstairs somewhere) I found out what it was, she said "Earlier on I didn't quite make it in time and I ended up staining my pants a bit, is there any chance I could borrow some clean ones?"
This time it was my turn to feel a bit embarased, I knew all my decent underwear was in the wash again and I was down to my emergency pants which I really didn't want anyone to see.
"Yeah, no problem" I said, feeling myself starting to blush as I showed Lauren my underwear drawer. She pulled it open and rummaged through the few pairs of knickers that were in there before pulling out some pink flowery ones and quickly swopping them for the ones she had on, luckily she didn't give me any funny looks or anything so it could have been worse.
Hope you enjoyed this story, will post again soon. Bye for now!

Destiny M.

Lazy Dump

Greetings everyone i'm a first time poster and let me introduce myself i'm Destiny i'm 19, 5'5, latina and I am full figured. I have two stories about I was too lazy to go to the bathroom to take a dump.

First Story:

When I was 17 my parents and my brother were all at his baseball game out of state and I had the house to myself for 3 days until they came back. I was wearing really tight booty shorts with no underwear and a spaghetti strapped shirt, one of the days and I was on the couch watching a new episode of american idol, and I really REALLY had to take a crap, and I was not even half way through the new episode and I really didn't want to miss it, and the urge kept getting worse and worse and my stomach was aching, so I thought to myself "what if I just pooped my shorts?" nobody will know. So I just lifted my butt off the chair a little bit, and I didn;t even have to push I felt the poop start crackling out my butt and I was farting uncontrollably, but it got worse the soft poop started coming out the sides of my shorts so I grabbed a plastic bag off the floor and squated over it as more poop oozed out of my shorts into the bag. I felt so relieved, and the poop sctually felt good in my pants it was so warm but it made a mess, I sat on the bag on the floor until the episode was over, and I put my shorts in the bag and took a long hot shower to get clean, later that night I walked to the woods and buried the bag in a spot no one would ever find.

Story #2

This occured three days ago. Everyone of my brothers friends were over for his 16th birthday party, and my parents were downstairs with hima nd like 20 of his friends. So I was upstairs locked in my room.I was wearing a tank top with my thong and really skin tight capri pajama pants. I was video chatting with a few of my friends and I really felt like I needed to poop. Earlier that day my mom made her great spanish food and you know that makes you go to the bathroom. About 30 minutes after my first urge I ripped a huge fart but luckily none of my frineds noticed because they were too busy talking with eachother. I felt the poop start to push my hole open and I jammed my foot into my butt. and I told my friends i'll be right back my parents want me to come for the cutting of the cake, so I turned off my webcama and as soon as I stood up I ripped another huge fart and the poop rushed out of my butt I tried shoving my hand to my butt to stop it but it just smooshed the poop and made a bigger mess, so I just squatted downa nd finished going in my pants. This time I didn't poop myself on purpose like the first time, but It was another case where I could of made it to the bathroom.I forgot I was wearing the thong so the seat of my tight pants was holding the mushy load. I put a towel in my computer chair and talked with my friends untill 3 hours later when my brothers friends were all gone and everyone was in there rooms. I ran to the bathroom and all the poop was caked on my butt and almost hardened my pants and thong were completely ruined, and the cleanup process was horrible it was such a messy dirty load of crap. But both times I pooped myself I actually enjoyed the feeling of the warm load against my butt and front.

thanks for reading!

Samuel J.

Best Bathroom Experience Ever!

Hi I am so happy I found this site I was doing some internet browsing and discovered this site so now I can share my bathroom/love story.Okay first off I am 23 years old, shoulder length brown hair, 5"10 and 155 pounds. My co-workers Name is Marissa she's 25, long brown hair with blond streaks in it, shes about 5'4, 5'5 shes so beautiful and I love her butt! lol Also I have the HUGEST crush on her. Okay thats the basics hope I didn't bore anyone to much!

Okay we work at a business office, only us and 6 other people some days its just me and her. Anways every day she always wears the sexiest skirts that just show her figure off so good! I always talk to her but never told her I had feelings for her because well I didn't have the guts lol! Well about three weeks ago it was about 7:30 pm and me and her were alone in the office. I walked to her cubicle too see if she was alright because she was silent for a while and she usually is really talkative. I stopped just before her cubicle in a position where she couldn't see me and what I saw shocked me and really turned me on! She was sitting in her office chair with her tight skirt unzipped and her hands pressed against her stomach and I heard her saying no not now please and stuff like that, I wanted to say Mimi whats wrong and make sure she wasnt sick. (I call her Mimi for short) But I just quietly crept back to my cubicle. I then realized she needed too either poop or throw up! lol and I knew she was to embarrased to go in front of me because how it is so silent in the office you can hear what everyone does in the bathroom. About 6 minutes later MiMi comes rushing past my cubicle and I see tears in her face and her cheeks were red, then I looked at her butt, and I saw a MASSIVE bulge growing it made a huge pffffttttttflooooosssshhhpfffttt sound, one second it was the size of a golf ball the next it was like a small football. she then released so much pee and made a huge puddle under herself, and her pantyhose sagged under her short tight skirt, and she started crying really hard and ran into the bathroom and locked the door. I quickly ran after her and said MiMi please open up I want to help you please, she just told me no I don't want you too see me like this go away. And I said MiMi you're one of my best friends I just want to help you. Then she said FINE do you have any clothes i can put on for now? Luckily I always have my gym clothes in my bag because I usually go to the gym after work, So I ran outside and got her my basketball shorts and a t-shirt. she cracked the door open and said get some wet towels and help me wipe off, so I got my gym towel and wet it in the sink I didn't think she was going to actually let me see her naked but she wanted me to wipe her, so I wiped the mushy crap offher legs, butt and the top of her back, and she put her soiled clothes into my gym bag, and changed into the clothes I gave her. When she finished she stopped crying but her light brown eyes were all read around them from so much crying. She just gave me a huge hug, and said thank you this was so embarrasing and I promise it wont happen again i know you probably think i'm some loser whos not potty trained or something I just really had to go and couldn't hold myself anymore. I just said MiMi its okay I had no problem with this, then i said I have something to tell you. From the day I first laid my eyes on you I thought wow who is that girl I have got to get to know her, and now we've known each other for 4 years and I know it was probably obvious but I really like you and I want to know if you want to be my girlfriend, and she just said and I quote "Oh Sammy I feel the same way for you" then she leaned in and kissed me and we made out for at least 5-10 minutes then.... (i'm not gonna say what else we did lol) After the day was done, we agreed to never speak of her accident to anyone or even each other lol, but now we have been dating for almost a month! Who knew that the bathroom at my work would be the most romantic place iv'e ever been in my life lol hope you guys liked my story and that I didn't bore you to much!


Couldn't hold it anymore

I had to poop at school today. I just absolutely could not wait to go somewhere else. I was walking back to school after I had finished eating when I had to go. There wasn't enough time to stop anywhere, so I just hoped I could hold it through my last two classes. My body had other plans though, as my need grew with each passing minute. Getting to school was bad, and passing the bathroom only made it worse. Then I had to sit through a boring class, where the teacher doesn't let anyone go, because he reasons they should have gone during lunch break. When the bell rang, I almost didn't want to stand up for fear I'd lose it, but I couldn't stay sitting forever.

Standing up didn't cause me to poop myself, by some miracle. Five minutes between classes was not near long enough to poop and so I had to go to my next class. Just my luck, we had a pop quiz. I don't think I'd have done well anyway, but well, really having to poop certainly didn't help. Just as soon as I had finished, I turned in my test and asked to use the bathroom. The teacher gave me a hall pass and I walked just as fast as I could go to the nearest bathroom. The first stall I saw, the seat had been totally removed, but I just didn't care. I yanked down my pants and panties and did an awkward hover squat over the toilet and unleashed my load. The whole thing was over in like twenty seconds. One big log shot out of me at supersonic speeds and made a splash that got water on my butt and that was it. I looked and saw it was a long turd, dissapearing around the bend. I tried to wipe three times, but each time the paper broke and I got poop on my fingers. I didn't bother trying anymore, just pulled up and would wipe at home later and I washed my hands vigorously. At home I wiped properly and saw a big streak of poop down the middle of my panties, not surprising.

another anon

to anon

I think Rob's parents likely already know.

Alan in Amsterdam

Sister uses the sink - conclusion

Hello everybody

Alice T asked about my sister wetting the bed. I said we were both awake, well I can't swear that she was because she was (I think) pretending to be asleep.
Anyway, this is what happened. After her pooing on the floor we stayed up and had some more beers. During that time, what with the beer, we both had to use the sink a couple more times. Each time Dianne went I went with her to help her up onto the sink. But she didn't follow me every time I went out to the kitchen. Then as I said we decided to sleep together in the spare room because she didn't want to wake the kids up. Obviously a silly decision, I'm sure they'd have gone back to sleep soon enough.
Anyway, we went upstairs to the spare bedroom. There was a naughtiness between us, I know that I felt very excited about this. Dianne got undressed down to her bra and knickers, but I stripped completely, and my excitement was obvious. She then took off her underwear and got into bed. I got in beside her and we had a little cuddle but our wiser heads prevailed. If we did anything like that it would probably ruin our relationship, maybe her marriage, and be a big upset for the whole family. The old "I'd love to but I know I'll regret it in the morning" scenario. I told her that I'd really enjoyed watching her pee and poo and she said that she'd liked doing it in front of me, it was like when we were kids. Then we turned over back to back. Then, of course, after about ten minutes she needed another wee. She still didn't want to keep going to the toilet because that meant going past the kids room. I got up and went to the laundry room, which is where the washing machine and tumble drier were, also there was a washing up bowl for soaking clothes in that needed a soak. I brought it into the bedroom and put it on the floor. Dianne quickly got out of bed and squatted over it, letting out a stream of clear pee that was probably nearly pure water.
Then she got back into bed. I switched the light out and we settled down to sleep. Soon Dianne was making those deep breathing sounds of someone asleep. I was lying on my back recalling the events of the evening and fighting the urge to do you know what. Suddenly Dianne rolled over to face me and flung her leg across mine. Oh dear, the situation was deteriorating/improving depending on your perspective..I would have to go and sleep on the sofa! But she seemed still to be asleep, and then there was a hissing sound and she was weeing all down my leg. It lasted about half a minute. Then she was awake immediately saying "Oh, sorry, I've wet the bed" but saying it in a way that made me think she'd done it deliberately. When I said "You've wet me as well" instead of being embarrassed and saying sorry she just said "I bet you enjoyed that". So that makes me suspect she was awake when she did it.
As we were changing the sheets I said to her that she used to wet the bed when we were little. She said that she still did from time to time, usually when she'd had too much to drink. I wondered how her husband felt about it and she said that he'd got used to it, but usually it was when he was away working that she had too much to drink and wet the bed.
I think that she probably enjoys it, I'm sure she did it deliberately that time. Not that I'm complaining.

Thanks for all your stories

To Leanne et al. It wasn't til I submitted y'days Post that I realised i'd had a "doh" moment! What I meant to say was i'm glad you made it in time and didn't actualy have a public pantie accident, I wouldnt wish that on anyone least of all the good people here. Anyway Leanne a big X and huggle from me and apologies for any misunderstanding. I would really be mortified if anyone here was offended by my submissions! Bye for now.

Just Jerika

Comments & Slow-Shittin' Sammi's Survey

Before I complete Slow-Shittin' Sammi's survey, I have some comments on some of the stuff that's been written:

Half Dump Denise:

That's interesting about your friend Lalena. I, too, would rather take over a stall from a pee-er rather than a shitter. When me and Gopi were talking about this one we concluded that shitting after a number of shitters used a stall would really stink up an already stinking restroom. If a toilet had let's say 10 shitters use it in an hour, the stench would be horrible for the final users. Gopi thinks flushing right after your shit hits the water will help. I agree, if I wasn't gagging too bad by then.

End-Stall Em:

Being drunk, having your boyfriend squeeze or tickle you when you're waiting to pee in a portable potty would so suck. I understand the embarrassment Melinda had when she froze-up while in the porta-potty. I've been in the same situation, too, and it hurts me when the piss is burning my bladder and I can't release it. I'm glad that Melinda eventually was able to at least partially pee.

Magnesia Maggie:

Me and Gopi have also talked about differences in how dark a person's pee is. The story about JJ is very much like with Gopi because she will almost never sit butt-down on a public toilet. I would think that putting the paper sheets down, being careful not to move off them, and such could hurt your ability to fully empty your bladder. Has JJ ever told you why she's afraid of sitting on the toilet seat?

Freshman Freddy:

I agree with your dad. Doorless stalls will make the user more productive and faster on the toilet.


I agree with your comment about the worst waste of time on toilets happening at highway rest stops. When I've traveled a couple of times with Gopi and her parents on their business trips, both she and her mother get on her dad for the large amount of time he takes to pee at the rest stops. He's just so slow. And each time he tries to explain it away by saying he's just trying to get his legs to work. Once I asked Gopi if maybe he was shitting because he was gone so long, and she said there's no way because neither he nor her mother will shit at a place like a highway rest stop.

Now my answers for Slow-Shittin' Sammi's questions:

When in a crowded restroom with all the stalls full and no flushes, what do I do? If the restroom is kind of quiet, I will listen for something hitting the water. My second thing is to look for leg movement. My third thing is that when there's a doorless stall, the user will probably not want to spend any additional seconds on the toilet than necessary.

I prefer taking over from a pee-er rather than a shitter if I have to shit. I'm spending longer on the toilet.

What have I done to get their attention and get them off the toilet sooner? I've written about how I've been looked in on more because of my small size and that my feet dangle like those of a child from the toilet. But I've also written about my best solution often being just to hold it in until later when I can get to a less-crowded and more friendly toilet.

How long should a person sit before giving up and getting off the stool? That's the hard one. Often the decision is made for me by a bell ringing at school or like I wrote about with my Easter Sunday trip with my parents, my dad yelling for me and threatening to leave me at a rest stop.

Just Jerika


Most embarrassing accident

Oh my gosh. The most embarrassing thing happened to me today in class. Normally, I take a really huge poo in the morning, but this morning i was in a rush, so i had to quickly dress and leave. The second the bell rang for first period, I was dying to go. In school, we weren't allowed to use the washrooms in first period. I tried to explain to my teacher but she just wouldn't let me. And well, as you can probably guess, half way through the period, i started to poo myself. At first barely anything came out and stayed like that for a while, i thought that I'd be able to wait like for till second period and go then. Sadly, ten minutes later, soft mushy poo started to race out of my butt and into my panties. It was so embarrassing ! As the pooey smell lingered in the air, my friends and teachers realized what had happened and told me to go to the washroom. Right when i stood up though, i heard a pop and thought my panties snapped cause they couldn't contain all of it. It was even more embarrassing to walk out of class cause i was wearing skin tight pants and the bulge was really obvious. To make matters worse, when my friends helped me clean up, it clogged the toilet, so we moved to the next stall, and then that one got clogged as well. Eventually, only one stall was working. I threw my panties out and attempted to walk back to class, but because my pants were skin tight, it showed EVERYTHING, so my friends took me to the office to call home and i left school for the day.

Herb T.

Memorable Dumping Experience with the Wife

Hello everyone - I've tried to post a couple of times and my internet connection keeps crapping out (no pun intended) on me. My ISP says it's my equipment, but I think that's bull. Anyhow... not to get off on a tangent.

Jessica - thanks for your recent post about fiber supplements and IBS. You're right - maybe the lady at my office suffers from constipation or something. I'm glad to hear your symptoms are pretty much gone.

Amylee - sorry about your embarrassing experience at your friend's house. I could see how that would be rather humiliating. It was kind of crass of the one guy to make a comment about Christmas trees and turds. Anyhow, at least you can take comfort in the fact that it's better to go in a toilet than in your pants (although some people on here may disagree with me - hehe).

Eileen - another good and funny couple of stories. Sounds like the teachers at your school don't hold back when they need to go - and they shouldn't - it's a bathroom after all. As far as terms for taking a dump go - there are several, but I think one of the funniest is 'taking the browns to the super bowl.' Another one I like is 'I seriously need to poison the sewer system.' Please note - these are terms I've others use - I did not create them.

Anon - thanks for the note about movie scenes. You're right though - I've done a fair amount of searching on the site you mentioned.

Sports Fan - great story about your company retreat/training session. I've actually never taken a dump in a porta-potty. I assume it would be a pretty unpleasant experience, but yours turned out not to be so bad, since a hot chick was dumping next to you. That's pretty lucky actually.

Alan in Amsterdam - thanks for the hello.

OK - so I've posted before that my wife and I always leave the bathroom door open - for #1 and #2. It hasn't always been like that though. When we first started dating, back in the late 90's, I used to crash at her house on the weekends since her roommates all went home. We were adults enough to the extent to realize that everyone has to go poo, and neither of us were too humiliated about it. We would always shut the door though. When she would go, I would sometimes listen by the door and I never heard anything. It was probably the exhaust fan running drowned out all noises. It was always the same - she would sit down, then a flush after a minute or two, followed by liberal spraying of air freshener. Then she would wipe and flush one or two more times. Pretty cool, but I always wanted to see her pooping - without any doors. Unfortunately, there is no easy way to approach this subject without looking like a weirdo. I'll get to that in another post. So, to the best of my recollection, the first time my wife took a dump in front of me:

Anyhow - after the end of the school year, she moved out of the house and got a summer job on campus. She had a friend who also worked on campus and they had a whole wing of a dorm to themselves - rent free. I would stay there often on the weekends, as I had just graduated college and was living with my parents to save some money. Any chance to stay with the girlfriend rather than my parents' house was a blessing. So... one Saturday morning, after a night of partying the night before, we both went into the dorm bathroom to take a shower. It was kind of a small dorm bathroom - two shower stalls and two toilet stalls. It was just her and I in the dorm that day, so we had complete privacy. Well I was feeling a little brave, so I told her I needed to go poo and went into a stall. I asked her if she minded if I pooed while she was in there, and she said "no - go ahead." So I sat down on the toilet and took a nice dump. She commented that it stunk, in a joking manner, and I told her "sorry." I then began to wipe, and she was standing outside my stall. She was actually peeking through at me, because she commented as to why I stand up to wipe. Well, I finally flushed and came out of the stall. I told her I felt much better and was going to take a shower. We would have taken one together, but the shower stalls were so small, we took separate ones.

I finished my shower a minute or two before she did and started brushing my teeth at the sinks. She came out of her shower stall and said - I remember this to the day - "I have to go poo-poo too." I said OK - in a nonchalant manner, although I was very excited. She went into the other stall - the one I didn't use - and I could hear her taking out a toilet seat cover. Before long, she was sitting on the toilet. I finished brushing my teeth and tried to think of something to do so I didn't have to leave the bathroom. She asked me "so what do you want to do today?" That gave me reason to stay - so I could talk to her, so I went over near her stall and started some. I said "I don't know, maybe we can go get some breakfast burritos and hang out by the beach." I waited to hear any types of noises - toots, splashes, etc., but nothing - total silence. It did begin to stink though - like kind of bad. Must have been a long solid log. She even said "whew - it's starting to stink." I told her "you've got that right," and she told me to shut up. She courtesy flushed, but it still stunk. She then began tearing off toilet paper to wipe. I told her "don't you hate the toilet paper at universities - it's always so cheap." She said "I know - seriously." At that point, she flushed and came out of her stall. She had a towel wrapped around herself and put her hand on her stomach, indicating she felt relieved. I couldn't believe that she just took a dump in front of me - I was in awe at what I'd just experienced. She went to wash her hands and I gave her a few playful slaps on the butt and left the bathroom. Wow - her poo stinks as bad as mine, I thought to myself.

OK - I've used up enough space today. Sometime soon, I'll post about how we actually started going in front of each other in normal bathrooms - without the privacy of a stall. I hope everyone is doing well!

Sarah from Calgary

Recent Accident

Hi everyone. It's been a while since my last post. I haven't had much to report for the past several months, fortunately. In other words, I haven't had any accidents in quite some time.

This all came to an end last week however. I had a terrible bout of diarrhea at work and I actually had to leave work early. I had an "emergency kit" in my car, but there was only about an hour left in my work day, so I decided to leave work early.

I had gone out to lunch with one of our clients and it definitely did not agree with me. The cramps started shortly after I got back to the office. I went to the ladies room a few times to use the toilet and made out okay at the beginning. At around 2:30, I was on the phone and the cramps got really bad. As I was talking on the phone and sitting in my chair, I was doing my best to keep my butt cheeks clenched. The cramps intensified and a rush of diarrhea splashed into my white bikini panties. I finally got off the phone, got up and practically ran to the ladies room. As I was running out of the office, I started pooping my pants uncontrollably. I stood in the hallway with the ladies room in sight, helplessly filling my panties really badly. The mess spread all over my bum, went up my back and started leaking out of my panties and down my legs. I carefully turned around and headed back to the office to pick up my things and head home early.

I got back to my desk and I said to my co-worker Victoria that I wasn't feeling well and that I was leaving early. She asked me what was wrong and I simply told her that my stomach was feeling off from lunch. As I was walking past her she said to me, "Oh honey, you might want to tie your jacket around your waist." I sighed and quietly said "Thanks" as I tied my jacket around my waist.

I got down to my car and grabbed a fabric shopping bag from the trunk of my car. I placed it on my seat and carefully sat down. The mess in my panties spread everywhere when I sat down. It was awful, I started to cry. I got myself composed and drove home.

On my way home, the cramping started again and I knew that my bowels needed to be emptied again. I was just hoping to be able to make it home in time as to not make the mess in my pants any worse. I managed to get home, but as I got out of my car, my bowels relented and diarrhea poured into my panties and pants for a second time.

I got inside, slipped off my shoes and carefully walked up stairs to our on-suite bathroom. I started up the shower and took off my shirt and bra. I stepped into the shower with my pants and panties on and pulled them off. They were a complete mess. I cleaned myself up and cleaned out my clothes the best I could.

Thank you,
Sarah from Calgary.


My morning crap with the AD

Yesterday morning, coming off the Memorial Day weekend, Stac and I had a 7 a.m. student council meeting. I felt my morning crap coming on when I got into my car and I figured I could hold it for my 10 minute drive to school. I parked in the Stadium parking lot because that is where the door closest to the Stu-Co room is located and I had a heavy bookbag to carry and my bowels were starting to roar. Stac and I both had crapped at the city auditorium Saturday evening when we went to a concert and as usual when she's stressed, she had the runs. I took a partial crap, but I have been kind of constipated recently. I think it comes from eating several meals at her house and the fact that her mom serves lots of mashed potatoes, meatloaf and really filling foods. And there's always pie, and served in hefty pieces with ice cream.

As I walked up the steps of the school, I picked up my pace because it was past 6:45 a.m. and I needed to get my crap in before the meeting. I went right to the bathroom, put my weight into the door and was surprised to see our athletic director sitting on the first of the three doorless toilets. He said Hi and then took a sip from his coffee mug which he had placed on the floor in front of the stool between his legs, underwear and sweats. It was a three-stall bathroom and I walked to the end stall, tossed my bag into the wall and prepared to pull off the toilet paper for the seat liner when I noticed the seat was just drippng with pee. Probably the same yellow pee that was still in the bowl. I temporarily thought of wiping the seat off and then lining it, but I decided to look in the middle stall. The seat was up. That's a good sign for me because it means the stool probably hasn't been used since it was cleaned. I tore off some toilet paper, and by placing it in my hand, I lowered the seat. Then I used the paper to put over the right side of the seat. Then I tore off another piece of paper to place across the back of the toilet. Then another for the left side of the seat. Then I used a smaller strip to cover the front. I've noticed some guys will forget to cover across the front so they seat themselves and their cock sits on the front of the bowl. I find that repulsive for numerous reasons.

At that point I dropped my jeans and boxers to knee level and carefully seated myself. At that point the AD started the conversation about whether Stac and I were sad we were getting down to our last few days of high school and about our college plans. Then I made a really strained push, and while I could feel my log sliding in my gut, I knew I would have to give it extra pushes. At that point I heard the first plop next door. It was followed by two more rather soon afterwards and the AD, who is about 60, said "shitting gets harder with age." I didn't know what to say, but like Stac does in such situations, she will just force herself to laugh. As we sat I told him it was kind of different to see him in a student bathroom, because most of my teachers use the faculty restroom. He said he almost never uses them because they are way on the other side of the building and he doesn't like going down to the otherside of the building because too many faculty come up to him and trouble him with complaints and things they want him to do.

I asked him what happened to the doors in this bathroom. I told him until last month the doors had been on. He said I was very alert but because of lots of vandalism, the principal had order them being taken off until the start of the basketball season in November. Then they will be put on for four months because a lot of adults use the bathroom during the winter sports season. At that point a very young freshman boy, John (who is also on Stu-Co) came running into the room, tossed his bag up against mine and ran for the open toilet. Within a couple of seconds I could hear him throw his butt onto the pee-covered seat. He started to blast away immediately and the AD remarked how "focused" John's shit was. I had to laugh because it was so funny coming from an adult and administrator. Then I heard a grunt from my left and the AD sighed, spread his legs a bit wider, and it sounded like a bowling ball had just droppped into the toilet. "Awh......that feels good," he said. He started to explain something about a good morning crap leading to an overall good day. Then I heard a fast wipe, flush and he was out of there. He spent more time at the wash basins than I expected and he washed his hands very thoroughly. Then he said, "See you later, Connor", and he left. Before the flush cycle ended, Justin (also from our Stu-Co) came running in and placed himself quickly on the seat. His piss started immediately as he sat and it was followed by a few plops of crap.

I remember releasing about five more pieces of crap. The last one was the largest and it hurt my rectum as it fought dropping into the water. John left his toilet unflushed, didn't wash his hands, and then made a quick exit to the Stu-Co room. Stac was the final student to arrive at the meeting. She took the seat I had reserved for her next to me and was quietly cursing how long it took her family to get done in the bathroom so she could take her crap. I started to whisper to her about my experience when the gavel pounded and the meeting began.

I had to walk Stac to the bathroom before first hour because she hadn't pissed at home. I told her about Justin being able to do both at once. Then she looked right at me and mouthed "F*** Yourself" just before she opened the bathroom door and went in. A few seconds later I heard a stall door creak and a toilet seat drop. She came out about three or four minutes later and I could smell a little smoke on her breath. That's not a surprise to me because I know she smokes lightly and likes to sneak one in especially when she's stressed.

Later when we had open campus and went out to lunch Stac was really attentive and asked a lot of questions about my conversation with our AD and what his bathroom habits were like.

I was only a little surprised at her level of interest. Then she excused herself saying she had to pee again.


Big mac' s

I am 54 years old and enjoy to poop in public. I was having a big mac with my grandson when I needed the toilet. I went to the ladies, sat on the toilet and began to poo.first was a big spadunk followed by continuous logging for about five minutes. I had filled the bowl and when I flushed it it filled with water and clogged. It felt great though to off load such a big pile.

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Eileen H as always another great story it sounds like you shoudnt skip your morning dump you should always try and give yourself enough time to do it that way you wont have to wait until you have a free peroid and I know that can be hard to do but its better then risking an accident and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Aura another great story about you and your friend Lilly pooping and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Upstate Dave great story about seeing that girl poop and pee on the floor of that bus it sounds like was very desperate and great story about seeing your wife pee outside and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Leanne great story and I hope you feel better soon before your next exam because it would hard to concientrate on the test when your worried about having an accident and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Peeping Boy great story about seeing your neibor pooping and please share anyother stories abbout her and/or any other girl and/or woman youve seen go to the bathroom thanks.

To: End Stall Em great story about hearing that woman goin to the bathroom and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Kyle From WA as always another great story about hearing a woman going to the bathroom and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Desperate To Poop as always another great story at least you made it to without it being any worse and I bet who ever had to clean that bathroom wasnt very happy and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

A question for all the girls and women on this site if you were sick would you rather have darrhea or vomiting? For me it depends on the situation if im alone vomiting because usualy when im sick I only vomit a couple time but with diarrhea its differetnt and the only time I wouldnt mind diarrhea if I was with a group of people who had it as well especialy women.

Well thats all for now

Sincerly Brandon T

PS. I love this site


A Graduation Story

My little sister is getting ready to graduate from high school next week and it brought back this memory I decided to post since it is graduation season.

Not all of my accidents are full on wettings or poopings. Many are smaller wettings - most of which I get away with completely. The crotch of my panties gets wet and sometimes it might show a little on my pants depending on what I am wearing, but sometimes it doesn't even wet through to the pants, I just feel it in my panties. Other times those small wettings are a little bigger and a wet spot becomes easily visible between my legs if I'm not careful to hide it and sometimes even a little too big to hide and I get caught.

This is a story about one of the first types. And it happened at my high school graduation. Yep. It was in the late afternoon and with all of the excitement I had neglected going to the bathroom when I should have in all the rush and hurry. By the time I realized I needed to pee the ceremony had already started. I couldn't exactly get up, walk off the floor of the auditorium, go to the bathroom, and return, so I held it - like always.

Under my dark blue graduation robes I was wearing a nice dark blue knee-length dress (yes, dark blue was our main school color). I kept my thighs squeezed together and held on through all the speeches and songs and walking across the stage to get my empty diploma holder and back and waited for everyone else, getting pretty desperate by then, more talking, blah blah blah. I had to pee pretty badly, but not close to my bursting point at all, so I felt pretty confident I could make it to a bathroom after everything was over.

Finally everything was over. We stood. We moved our tassles. We threw our hats into the air. It was great. Then everyone started to dispers into a giant happy mob. I found my hat and then found my best friend and we squealed and held hands and jumped up and down like morons.

So there I was, bouncing up and down, laughing with my best friend, and I suddenly felt a spurt of pee escape, then another, then another, as I bounced. The crotch of my panties was hot and wet and some drips were slowly making their way down my inner thighs. I stopped jumping and cut off the next large spurt mid stream by crossing my legs. A strong dribble of pee snaked its way down my left thigh this time. I must have made a face or something because my friend asked if I was ok. I leaned forward and said into her ear, "I really have to pee!" She laughed and said, "Me, too! Let's go!" So we took off towards the bathrooms in the lobby.

I could feel the drips on my thighs creeping down, lower and lower, to my knee, to my calf. My panties felt quite wet in the crotch. I know my face felt hot and red even though nobody could see anything under my robe and dress. I still had to pee badly and having leaking so much in a way only made the need worse.

We got to the first bathrooms to find a line out the door. We both kept going, around the side of the auditorium to the next set of bathrooms. There were a few thousand people total in attendance so many of them had the same idea we did.

We made it to the next set of bathrooms and inside the door and still found a line, but not as long. We talked and I tried to act as normal as possible, my legs tightly crossed under my robe. I would have grabbed my crotch with my hand to help if I could have gotten away with it. I almost pulled an arm into the inside of the robe to do just that!

Finally an empty stall opened and I practically jumped inside. I shut the door, latched it, unzipped my robe, dancing frantically to try and hold on just a few seconds longer. I got my robe off, prancing in place, hung it on the door hook. I was just about to pull up my dress to grab my panties when I lost another strong squirt into my panties and a new line of pee ran quickly down my left thigh. I thrust my right hand up my dress, pressed my wet crotch, regained control, hoisted the dress up, shoved the panties down and sat all in one rapid motion and as soon as my butt hit the seat I let go and peed for a long time.

I looked down and checked the damage. The crotch of my blue panties (I was quite color coordinated) was dark and wet from front to back, slightly up the butt and the other side. I tore off a wad of toilet paper while still peeing and began dabbing and wiping at the panties and my legs, wiping off what I could and trying to dry the panties as much as I could, but to little use.

I finally finished peeing, wiped, and decided to fold up some TP into a square and stick it in my panties almost like a pad to try and help with the wetness. It felt a little weird, but it was the best I could come up with on short notice.

I put my robe back on and left the stall, my damp panties already feeling clammy wherever they touched skin, the toiletpaper already becoming damp as well. But I had no way to remove it now. After washing our hands my friend and I hurried to find our families.

I had to spend the next few hours with slowly drying panties, hoping nobody could smell anything, trying to act as normal as possible.

A few days later my friend spent the night and during a talk I admitted to her that I didn't quite make it to the bathroom after graduation and had peed my panties a little. She laughed and said she almost did. I didn't tell her how much I had peed them or when it started, though.

Happy graduation time to all you graduates. Pee before it starts. :)


Brandon T

cartoon scenes

Heres a list of cartoon scenes with girls or women farting and in bathroms

The Simpsons
1. Marge farts in the episode where they are looking at cars to buy

2. Marge pees in the school bathroom after drinking alot of vitamin water you can see her feet under the stall and her hair above it no sounds are heard

3. Lisa is on the toilet in the episode where homer gets a transporter you can tell shes on the toilet because you see homer placing on of the machines in front of the toilet while the other one is in the kitchen and as hes about to pee in it marge stop him and they argue and he a punchs his fist into the machine and you hear Lisa say sombody hit me in the face indecating she was on the toilet

Family Guy
1. Lois farts while at her parents house

2. Marley Matlin is shown walking around a house farting in a scene about stewie telling a story

3. Jody Foster I think farts in bed

4. Martha Stewart farts and you can see her feather duster moving as she does

5. Lois is seen sitting on the toilet before peter and stewie come in with a water hose and spray her

6. Lois is about to sit on a toilet when she notices someone spying on her

7. Meg is shown sitting on the toilet

8. Meg farts in the bathtub

9. Lois talks about a picture of Lois's poop you dont see it

American Dad
1. Francine fart in the bathroom and a secret door opens and later she meets a knight who asks for the password so she farts again thinking thats he password

2. Francine is shown on the toilet in a few episode one aparently she was pooping because you see Stan open a window and light a candle

3. Jeff Haley's boyfriend has a picture of her on the toilet

4. Haley pees in a coffee can as described by francine

Heres a scene from the video game Metal Gear Solid 2

at one part you find a woman hinding in a locker and when you find her she pees her pants and you can see the pool around her

Well thats all the ones I can think of right now.

I decided to hold my pee for the first time. I've never done this partly because I'm scared it may have I'll effects on my bladder and continence, but I figure once won't be too bad. Currently at about 0 hours I have the slightest urge. (I last peed about 40 minutes ago). I'll keep you posted.

Hi everyone! I just lovd all the stories esp those from the Lady Postees, your descriptions and attention to detail are legion. Now here's something i'd like to ask you girls. Some of you say "dropped my undies to my knees/ankles". Is this an age or cultural thing where females place their u'wear whilst toileting? Since I first encountered my wife using the loo over 30yrs ago she's always been a panties @ knees girl for both #1 & 2's. She is originaly from Ireland and other women i've seen at various times havd been too! So my question is girls is the "knees at" postition a UK/Ireland preference and the "at ankles" position a US/Canada phenomenem? Or indeed is it age related? Would love to hear your comments, ta! Got some more Posts next week one of which concerns a rather "refined" former gf. Big X and huggle to all you girls and hi to the guys! Bye for now.

Thursday, June 02, 2011

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