Pooping in a bucket

To Abbie:
Hi Abbie. I loved your story about Any & Lauren having to poo in that bucket. I've pood in my waste bin before when my mum wouldn't kept me go to the toilet which I posted about on page 2040. It felt great even though I got caught, but even better when she made me finish off in my panties.


Camp poop

Hello everyone, thought I'd share a story i'll never forget. I was 13 years old at the time, and so was my friend.

Our families were very good friends and I almost considered my friend James my cousin. The parents decided to plan a camping trip for us all over the summer. It was going to be four days long out at a nearby state park. It would be the first camping trip that I could remember. Finally the week came around and we got there. We had one big tent for the parents, and one smaller tent for the kids. James' older brother was originally supposed to go and be in our tent, but he was too cool for us and tayed home, so we had the whole tent. It was fun, we ran around hiking, fishing, and swimming for the first two days. On the second night, the Dads went to the store and came back with beef to make Philly cheese steaks. They were the greasiest things I have ever seen. However when your a kid, greasy means awesome. We downed them and went to sleep, after a long day. I woke up late at night to James shaking me and whispering in my ear. I was cranky and asked what he wanted. He told me that he really had to poop and didn't know where the bathrooms were. I told him to shut up and go in the morning, and to go back to sleep. He was upset, but I wasn't going to go. I fell back asleep and woke up on my own just a short while later. I saw it was 2:30 a.m. and this time it was me who really had to poop. It must have been those cheesesteaks. I turned to James to see he was still up in the same stomach pain as me. I told him now I would go with him, because of how bad I needed to. He was relieved and we quietly got out of the tent. I had been to the bathroom before and knew the way, it was about six campsites down. I saw the building and we went in. It was set up like this: two sinks on a wall next to a urinal, one toilet cubicle on the wall across from that, and around a corner was the communal shower. That was like a room with a bunch of showerheads on the wall. We had a problem- there was only one toilet. James ran over and opened the door and yelled "You mother ******!" I wondered what happened and went over. The toilet had caution tape around it with a black garbage bag covering it. Now what? I thought about using the urinal, and James thought about just going outside, but both wouldn't work. We couldn't flush a poop in the urinal, and park rangers were driving around outside. James was quick to think of another idea. Without even telling me, he ran to the shower and whipped down his pants. I was worried about someone coming in at first, but then I remembered how badly I had to go. I ran over and squatted beside him. We exploded poop together, side by side, both groaning simultaneously. Both of our turds were long, soft ropes that coiled up on the floor. Mine must have been a total of two feet, James' was slightly smaller. Bt his was thicker. Both were light brown. When we were done, we laughed and laughed and laughed about that crazy experience. We never told our parents, and just left our massive turds there. Before this trip ended, we went back to that bathroom, and our poops were gone. James laughed and said we should do it again real quick, but our parents were calling. I won't ever forget it.

Similar experiences?

Did anyone see the season finale of My Life as Liz? The Liz character is in the bathroom when someone knocks on the door. She tells her roommate she's really busy. In the next scene she is heard flushing, then seen spraying air freshener all over, throwing the can into the bathroom and closing the door.

Herb T.

A Few Quick Questions

Hello everyone - Herb here. I have a few quick questions from posts I've read on this site and would appreciate it if someone who knows the answers, could answer them:

1) The term "stool" for toilet. Such as, "I went into the bathroom and sat down on the stool." Is that a British or other European term - like slang for toilet? I've never heard that used in the USA. I realize all locales have their own slang. I'm just curious.

2) I frequently see the word 'diarrhea' spelled like 'diarrhoea.' I've never seen diarrhea with the letter 'o' before. Again, is that British or European or something?

3) This is just for the men (or women, if you live with a man and wash their underwear): do you guys ever get serious drippage after taking a piss. All of my underwear have pee stains on the front. And I take my time shaking off the ole' weenie after urinating. If I'm at home, I even use a little bit of toilet paper to wipe off my weenie. But nonetheless, I still get pee stains on my undies. I think it's a problem with me, but I'm just curious if this happens to anyone else. Brandon T. - you post here frequently... does this happen to you? My wife commented one time as I was putting my undies in the laundry basket as to why I have pee stains on them, and I just said - "hell if I know."

OK I think that's it for questions for now. Thanks ladies and gentlemen.

Eileen - I remember another term for taking a dump - one that I came up with - when you have to take a dump - say "I need to complete the final stage of the digestive process." I haven't heard that one used before. Also, if you haven't done so already - I'm sure if you use a major search engine, you will find a plethora of synonyms/euphamisms, etc.

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Wendy & Kirsty Wendy great story about seeing that girl having a nasty poop it must have come on sudenly thats how diarrhea is when it wants out there mothing you can do stop it and also great story about you pooping your pants and as always I look forward to your guys next posts thanks.

To: Tom great story about seeing and smelling that girls poop I bet shes not ashamed by it and probaly wanted everyone to know it was that made it and please contiue to share more stories like that thanks.

To: Abbie great story about you and your friend Lauren pooping in that bucket while your cousin Amy was on the toilet trying to poop and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Destiny M first welcome to the site and great stories about you pooping your pants it sounds like your not really botherd by it and seem to enjoy it which probaly means you will do it again and if you do please share the stories and anyothers you may have thanks.

To: Samuel J first welcome to the site and great story about your friend Marrisa pooping her pants and you helping her out and I bet she was really greatful and from the sound of it shes got herself someone who really cares about her and if you have anyother stories please sahre them thanks.

To: Aura great story about you pooping at school and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Alan In Amsterdam great conclusion to the story about your sister and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Helen great story about you pooping at school and cloging the toilet and your friends helping you out and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Herb T great story about seeing wife pooping back when you were first dating and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Sarah From Calgary its nice to hear from you again and great story at least no one noticed or if they did they didnt say anything about it and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Marian first welcome to site and I hope you have lots of great stories to tell us and from what you said I bet you do so I look forward to them thanks.

To: Stephanie great peeing story and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

Well thats all for now

Sincerly Brandon T

PS. I love this site

Stitica Laura
Hello! I posted a couple of times for what seems like ages ago, since then I have lurked to the posts every now and then but did not feel the need to write again until now. I am a Italian girl, my name is, yes you guessed it, Laura. Stitica means constipated in Italian. I suffer from chronic constipation. My poos are difficult and take me a very long time. It is usual for me spending up to 45 minutes or an hour in the toilet trying to get rid of a couple of hard rock logs. I always keep some rituals: always take away all my clothes when trying to poo, instead of sitting on the toilet I squat on the floor and in the end I sit for some minutes on the floor if it is cold and clean so that my poor sore anus recovers.

I don't feel very comfortable pooing at home because I spend so long in the toilet, I only do it if I am alone. My favourite toilet used to be the ones in the university where I studied. Now I got my degree, am unemployed at the moment, and as I have got plenty of free time if I feel like I might move my bowels I go to a nearby mall. The strange thing about me is that I strain and grunt very audibly I don't mind other women hearing me, I dare to say I like it. And I like it too to hear other women doing their business, especially if they are constipated. I feel some kind of unity with all the constipated women in the world. Sometimes if the woman in the adjacent stall is constipated I try to talk to her. Sometimes they feel uncomfortable and behave in a rude way, but I have also had some nice talks, maybe I will write about it.

Since many years ago I keep a kind of diary of my poos. For every time I have a BM I write where I did it, what time it started and ended, give it a degree from 0 to 10 (0 being diarrhea which is very unusual for me, and 10 meaning monstruous efforts and great pain and blood).

Here's the last one:
Place: Mall, 2nd floor
Day: Wednesday 1st June
Started: 16.36
Finished: 17.28
Degree: 8 (great effort to get thing moving, first log took 20 minutes to poke out). More blood than previous time,my hemorrhoids are getting worse I fear
I heard a couple of girls giggling and overheard what seemed to be a remark about my grunts, don't care at all!

Regards to all writing here, especially to the constipated women who are not ashamed of sharing their difficult poos. Thank you Abbie, Lisa from Germany ( I don't spend so many days without a BM as you do, but I understand how painful it is for you every time you go), Linda from Australia and others...I miss Hermione and Evonne, will you reappear some time? Take care you all


Re: A Graduation Story

Stephanie: What a great story. It must have seem quite an ordeal to have to wait to go pee during graduation. Wow! you were really color coordinated too from what I read lol. In this story and your last story, I liked the part when you said when you became both hot and wet. That was quite hilarious how you put it. Look forward to more stories from you :)


Hi everyone! I'm still here (groan) lol. I see my story about the English place names got posted w'out my name, so this is just to avoid any confusion as to who posted it. Carol hi and thanks for your comments, maybe we could have a buddy dump by Post if as you say you're often a 10.00am girl, mmm i'll hold that thought! As always a big X and huggle to all the girls and hi to all the guys! Bye for now.

Hi again everyone! I'm happy to report that my diarrhea seems to have ended now- thank goodness for that!

Abbie- I loved your latest story and I'm glad nobody had an accident. Sounds like it was a close-run thing though!

Well on Tuesday and Wednesday I had a couple of spurts of bad diarrhea in the morning and then again later on but I was ok in the evenings. On Thursday morning I felt better and when I got up I went to try for a poo but nothing happened. In the afternoon I went to my exam. Towards the end I started getting a strong feeling of needing a bad poo. I expected it to be diarrhea but by the end I was desperate and I could tell it felt like a normal, solid poo. At the end of the exam I collected my things and made my way quickly to the toilets. There were four cubicles along each side of the room and then four more on each side of a central partition- most of them were taken. My friend Clare came out with me. She said she really needed to wee and we went in adjacent cubicles along the right side of the central block. I heard Clare lift up her skirt and slide her knickers down. I quickly lowered my shorts, tights and knickers and sat. Clare started up a strong gushing wee. I did a wee too and then my first turd was in position and dropped with a plop. I felt so relieved that it wasn't diarrhea that I gave a little sigh of relief. Another log followed soon afterwards. It turned out Clare had to poo a bit as well because after she finished weeing I heard two small soft plops. The girl to my left was farting a lot but not producing anything more solid. I joined in with a fart after my second log and then immediately fired out another piece. Clare wiped and flushed and left to wait for me. I pushed out another two small bits and then that was it- no diarrhea! I wiped and flushed and joined Clare by the sinks after a satisfying poo.

I've finished all my exams now! I'll be going home next weekend along with most of my housemates so I'll be sure to keep you informed of any toilet experiences I have in the next week and after I go home! Bye for now!

Natalie x

Bad urge at work, part 1

I work as a waitress at a half posh restaurant. Anyway I started work today at 11, I didn't have my morning shit cause i was out drinking last night (when i drink i get really bad diarrhea) and i did. I had it last night, almost took a sloppy shit in my thong! Luckily i got to a toilet in time before my shat myself. So from that memory i thought i was cleared and washed out. I was so wrong. It was going well at work until about an hour in when i started to feel slight pressure making its way to my back exit and in some cases entrance. I needed to relieve some pressure so i made my way to the staff room squeezing my ???? quite worriedly. Thankfully there was no one there. I carefully stood and lifted my left leg a little and pinched my butt up when a little wet fart came out, didn't make too much noise, just a squelch. It stunk though. I prayed that no one would come in, cause literally it stunk out the whole staff room. To my bad luck my friend Tom who waiters came in. I dipped my head in shame and tried not to make eye contact because it was obvious it was me. He came in said hi and picked up his phone and started texting. I pretended to text too, then i felt even more pressure in my ass but this time it was much greater. I gritted my teeth in horror. He started making his way out, i was on my tip toes clenching my bum with my jaw tightly shut. Whether it was a fart or a poo it wanted out. He shut the door after himself. Immediately i relaxed and squelch!!!!! An extreme wet fart came out really loud and long with a lot of force, i sighed as it felt amazing letting a pooey fart escape into my pink frenchies and tight black jeans. I'm so glad a poo didn't come out. Although one biggie was waiting right at my unsecure back door that sometimes just wont shut!

More later :)

Natalie x


Poo at Lucys

Hi, its me Abbie again with my latest story about the poo I had round Lucys house earlier on today. Olivia was there too, we had all met up to do some revision together as over the next few weeks we've got loads of exams :(. At least now we don't have to be in school unless we're taking a test so I suppose that's something. Anyway, back to the story- I didn't have a poo on Thursday or Friday, my sister and parents had come back and so the house seemed really full, both days my sister had loads of friends over so I never really got the bathroom to myself for long enough. Today I got up late and was bursting for a wee, so I went to the bathroom in my nightie and locked the door. I went over to the toilet, lifted my nightie, pulled down my white knickers and sat on the seat. My knickers had been giving me a wedgie so there was quite a big skidmark in them. I started to wee almost straight away and I did a few farts, I got a small twinge in my belly and realised I might want a poo so I pushed but I gave up a few minutes later as nothing was ready to come out. I went downstairs, had some breakfast and then went back into the bathroom for a shower. I went back to my room to get dressed, I'd done some washing a couple of days ago so much to my releaf I had some decent underwear, judging by the growing heavyness in my belly I was probably going to have to go for a poo round Lucys house and if we went in together I didn't want her to see me in really embarasing knickers. Sure enough, after a couple of hours of us revising together I could feel a turd getting closer and closer to my bumhole and I started squirming around a bit as it was hard to keep still. I was debating what to do as Lucy and I often use the loo together, but Olivia was with us too and I wasn't sure how she'd react if I invited her in as well. I finally decided I'd make the offer and then if she was uncomfortable or embarased she could wait in the bedroom. Taking a deep breath I stood up and said, "Hey, I'm going to have to take a loo break, I'm really desperate. The thing is its a poo so I might be a while, you can come in with me and we can keep working, if you want." Lucy just got up to follow me to the bathroom but Olivia said, "Well... if you're cool with that we can get more done, I think I'm going to want a poo myself in a bit so that would be two delays." When we got to the bathroom Lucy and Olivia sat on the floor while I lifted my skirt, pulled down my pink and blue striped knickers and sat on the toilet. We carried on testing each other as I started to push, Lucy and Olivia were giggling because my voice kept going funny, I was trying to keep talking as I strained. After a couple of minutes I had worked about half the turd out, it was getting quite wide and I was having to push harder than I would have liked. Another few minutes later I felt it was ready to drop, and suddenly it did with a massive plop, I blushed as Lucy and Olivia giggled. I looked down at my knickers and my blush deepened as I saw quite a big skidmark in them, I hoped the others hadn't noticed. I noticed Olivia shifting round on the floor, she said "Are you going to be much longer only I'm really bursting now" so i said "I'll be as quick as I can, theres a bit more to come yet." I then farted loudly and a minute or so later a few more logs splashed down into the bowl. "Right, thats me done" I said, "I can wipe standing up if you need to get on the loo straight away." Olivia nodded and quickly tugged down her denim shorts and pink pants, she groaned as she sat on the toilet and started to wee. Meanwhile I finished wiping my bum and pulled up my pants before sitting next to Lucy on the floor. It was now Olivias turn to start pushing and get a funny voice. "Sorry I giggled at you Abbie, I'm doing the same now" she panted as she strained. I noticed a skidmark on her knickers and felt a bit less embarased. I heard some crackling and then a few seconds later after a really hard push a loud plop rang out from the toilet bowl. Olivia then let go with a volley of plops and some farts mixed in before finishing with a dribble more wee. She took some toilet paper and wiped her bum before pulling up her pants and shorts, then we all made our way back to Lucys room. Lucy told us she had been for a poo shortly before we got to her house so at least she didn't need the toilet as well. Hope you enjoyed this, will try to post again soon. Bye for now!!

Magnesia Maggie

Additional information for Just Jerika's questions

JJ's very open about her bodily functions. That's why she will frequently use a doorless stall. Unless you call her by Juanita Josephine (the real first and last names that she hates), JJ's really nice to most people.

She jokes around a lot, but I really wasn't surprised that she got off the toilet for me and stepped aside to watch me pee. It did make me nervous, however, to have her standing there as I peed. I knew she liked my green underwear and asked what store she could find them at.

You asked questions about JJ putting the paper liner over the toilet seat. She said her mother made her do it when she was really young and it has become a habit with her. She says her mother does it to when she's using a public toilet. One thing that surprised me, however, is that JJ only covers the seats when she's crapping. She sits down normal to pee. She explains it that it doesn't take much time on the toilet to pee but since she might sit for 10 minutes or so to crap, she likes the paper to be under her. I guess that doesn't make a lot of sense to me, but then I've never worried about sitting on a public toilet away from home. Many of the school toilets are gross though.

That day after class JJ described her crap to me: she had been holding it for like 3 days. It was her third time trying to drop it that day. It was as big as a banana but 3 times longer. She showed it to me on her phone and the picture looked gross. She took it on her knees, with her arms on the seat and looking into the bowl. There was also a second turd that was floating on the side that had broken off from the main one. She said she got a little light-headed in trying to push the main one out and that there was a little blood on its head. She said her butt was sore until about 6 that night. She made the mistake of trying to ride her bicycle and just resting on the cycle seat caused her more pain.

I hope Jerika that this answers your questions. I remain quite envious of JJ. Her craps may be large, but she doesn't have to struggle with constipation and laxatives to the degree that I do.


Kept waiting

I came home from a trip to the shops with a desperate urge to defacte. I knew it was diarrhea & by the the time I got to the loo I was ready to explode. The doorbell rang & at first I was going to ignor it but they kept ringing it so I had to answer the door. With my sphincter clamped tightly shut I opened the door to find a man with a copy of the Watchtower asking if I could spare him 15 minutes to talk about the second coming of the son of god. I didn't have 15 seconds to spare let alone 15 minutes. And as for the second coming of the son of god, all I was worried about was the coming of my poo! I told him I wasn't interested but he was very persuasive. I felt a big surge in my bowels & knew I was about to shit myself any moment. I tried again to tell him I didn't want to know but he wouldn't leave. I felt a squirt of hot wet poo in my panties & realised this was it. I basicaly told the man to **** off! while I leaked slowly into my pants. I think I scared him because he turned on his heals & speed walked down the road. I slammed the door shut & tried to make my way to the bathroom but I was so desperate I couldn't climb the stairs to get to the bathroom. I ended up exploding in my pants in the hallway & with a huge smelly load in my panties I waddled up to the bathroom to cleanup. It was messy & by the time I got all the poo off my bum & legs I needed to go again. I threw myself on the toilet & relaxed, plastering the pan with another big load. I felt so much better after that & after wiping & flushing the toilet twice I washed my hands & went downstairs. An hour later the doorbell rang again & thinking it was that **** Jehovas witness guy again I called out, "**** off, I'm out interested!" But it wasn't him. It was Kirsty & she wasn't happy about me being so rude to her. I opened the door like a shot apologizing to her. Kirsty said, "Don't worry. I'm in a hurry." She bolted upstairs holding her bum. 3 seconds later she was blasting the toilet with some not so pretty diarrhoea of her own. She came down 20 minutes later looking relieved & when I explained to her about the Jehovas witness earlier she laughed about it.


Just Random 3

To Marian.Any thing from McDonalds makes me poop.

One time when my Uncle,Aunt,2 cousins was visiting from 40 miles away,it was in the summer of 89,when it rained all the time.They stayed for 3 hours,when my oldest cousin said he needed to poop and he was going to the bathroom,when my uncle said they where leaving and my cousin didn't get to go at all.2 hours later thay came back and said the road they live out on was flooded.I asked my cousin if he went to the restroom on the way.He said that they stopped at a gas station and when he was in there the wind blew down the batroom door.But I really didn't beleive that last part.

One time my friend said his dad pooped in his pants because he was going in a subway resturaunt and they said he can't use the bathroom unless he buys 5 sandwiches.I didn't beleive that either.


My responses to Slow-Shittin' Sammi's survey

1. When I'm in a public restroom with all the stalls full and no flushes, what do I do?
My answer: F. In many cases, I will leave and try to find an alternative bathroom. For example, yesterday at the mall by the food court all 12 stalls were taken and there was a line. I went down the hall to a boutique. Although it was a much smaller bathroom, I had it all to myself.

2. Does it make any difference if the person is peeing or shitting?
My answer: No. Once last week there was a van full of perhaps college girls using the bathroom at the gas station. No problem. I walked across the parking lot to a coin-operated laundry and had a relaxing crap.

3. What have you done to get their attention and off the toilet?
My answer: Very little. I may have to walk a little farther, but at a place like a theatre, there are multiple bathrooms to use.

4. How long should a person sit beforee getting up and relinquishing their seat?
My answer: It shouldn't take more than five minutes to get your pee over with or ten minutes for your crap. You have to think of the others, too.

Hi everyone, its John. Amazing event at my neighbours barbie y'day evening. I had been wanting a pee for ages after several beers and it was about 9.15 and hadnt been since 4.00. Several times i'd tried to go but there was a queue for the loo. I was chatting with my wife and a friend and it seemed every one was in the garden so I thought this was my opportunity to go. I went into the house and all seemed quiet so straight up to the, as I thought, empty bathroom, the door being slightly ajar I pushed it open only to be confronted by my other neighbour Kirstie, a very attractive blonde of about 30, she's a tad ???? but gorgeous. Well she was sitting there in all her glory with her denim shorts and yellow panties around her knees and leaning back against the cistern, eyes closed, face red with her right bum cheek off the seat and straining. I glimpsed an expanse of blonde pubes too! In unison we both said sorry and i exited. She said "John are you still there?" and said yes and that i'd been busting for a wee. Kirsty said she'd been in dire need of a no.2 but each time there had been a queue. She farted and a loud kerplop hit the water and we both laughed. For the next 5 minutes or so we carried on a conversation interspersed with her kersplunks and plops. By now i was somewhat aroused and when she finished and came out she planted a large kiss on my lips and said thanks. I went in and my the urgency of my bladder was somewhat stunted, can't think why! A big X and huggle to all the girls and hi to all the guys! Bye for now.


Morning poop

The other day, I had one of my more satisfying poops recently. I almost always take my daily crap between 7 and 7:30, just before I get ready for work, and this one was one of those refreshing, easy, feel 5 pounds lighter dumps that I am lucky enough to experience every now and then.

Anyway, I had my cup of coffee, spending time at the computer (reading the posts on this site, actually) when I felt that familiar heavy feeling in my lower gut. I headed for the bathroom, pulled town my pants, sat down, and made myself comfortable. I settled in with the sports section of the morning paper, peed, and began turning the pages, hopefully finding something interesting to read. I let out a couple of those squeaky, high pitched pre-poop farts while I was looking through the paper.

Finding nothing interesting in the sports, I came to the comics page. I leaned forward, and gave a slight push. A long, thick turd began to emerge, coming out easily. I could tell it had some decent length to it, and it finally tapered off and fell into the bowl with a plop.

I finished the section I was reading, the dropped the paper, reached for the toilet paper, and wiped. 3 wipes and I was clean. I stood up, pulled up my pants, and looked at what I had done. It looked like a long, brown snake, crawling down into its hole, with the tail coming up, curving over to the right, almost making its way out of the water.

Feeling totally satisfied, I flushed, washed my hands, brushed my teeth, and got dressed for work.

Hope you all have a great day. Happy crapping, folks.

Sunday, June 05, 2011


Desperate girl

I was out shopping today when I saw a teenage girl squatting in a doorway with her pants around her ankles with her dress raised. At first I thought she was having a pee but she had a big pool of diarrhoea swimming around her feet. She had poo in her pants & all over her bum as well. She must have had an upset stomach & by the amount she'd done I think she'd been holding it for a long time before she just couldn't wait any longer. She was bright red & tried to hide her face from passers by. When she stood up, she stepped out of her soiled panties & left them in the gutter & ran off.

I hadn't pood for 3 days untill I woke up this morning with a cramp in my stomach. I sat on the toilet & pushed hard but could only pass a small piece. I gave up & got ready for work but realising I had to get this monster out of my system, I took a mild laxative to loosen things up & left for work. At work, nothing much happened untill lunch time when I felt a slight urge to poo but a big urge pee, so I went to the toilet & peed a long & relieving stream. I pushed hard but only produced a hard & knobly 2" poo so I wiped & exited. I had my break & went back to work still busting for a poo. By mid afternoon I felt something moving in my bowels & knew it was time for the monster to come out. I had 2 hours to go before my shift ended & as I waited the pressure behind my anus kept growing untill I really felt I couldn't hold it any longer. We were really busy & I couldn't just get up & go to the toilet. With 1 hour to go I resolved to make it somehow & clenched hard to keep this enormous beast of a poo from coming out. It was hard work & I started to sweat from all the effort. I had a reall battle to keep it in & soon my anus was forced open by the pressure within me. I just wanted to get up & run to the toilet before it was too late but we were so busy I had to keep working. All I could think about was not pooing myself & by the time my shift finaly ended I was ready to burst. I ran to the toilet holding my bum but when I got there it was closed due to a flood. I was so desperate I could barely move but somehow I made it to my car & got in, almost losing control as I did so. I started up & drove off at speed determined to make it home in time. I kept telling myself, "I can make it. I know I can make it." deep down though I knew I might not but I tried anyway. By some miracle I made it home without any misshaps, but getting out of the car was difficult. Just opening the door was a delicate operation as I had to concentrate on clenching & getting out of the car was even harder. As soon as I got out & closed the door a powerful wave went through my bowels intent on forcing this enormous monster into my underwear. I clenched hard but it was allready on its way out & there was no stopping it. I grabbed my bum with both hands but that just spread it out all over my bum. I gave up & relaxed, conceding to my victorious bowels. I pood my brains out filling my knickers to capacity & boy did it feel good. It was the most intensely relieving poo I'd had in a long time & I have to admit I actually enjoyed it, but what a mess! I waddled into the house cradling my knickers to stop any poo falling onto the floor & as soon as I got inside I went up to the bathroom & took off my clothes. The cleanup took ages & by the time I got all the poo off my bum & legs I needed to go again so I sat on the toilet to release the rest my load. It felt so good but not as good as my accident outside.

Bob from Chicago


During the Nam era (1960s), Army barracks had no privacy whatsoever. There were a group of wall hung toilets in an open room and a long pee trough, with showers in an open room. I still remember the day I left the Army. Driving home, I stopped at a gas station to get gas and take a dump. It was a new experience to actually do it in private without a bunch of other guys in the same room. There was no one to converse with LOL. That was the same era when boys and men swam nude at most indoor public pools and the YMCA. (separate days for men and women, women joined the YWCA) due to health codes. Modesty was not an issue in those days.


Turd Titles

To Eileen H. - another great story. Too bad you didn't get to see those turds. Probably would have been awesome looking. As far as other terms to describe taking a dump, my own personal favorites are "dropping a load", "growing a tail", and "laying some cable". I'm sure there are plenty others.

Upstate Dave

Second Time At The Abandoned House Part 2

Barbie H and I headed back to the old house after or time at the creek. We met Barbie S comming back from the old house in the woods.She had gone up to the house when we all were atthe creek for she ha become thirsty leaving Barbie H and I alone. Barbie S spoke first; Oh you two heading back now? I hope that you would stay longer. We both told Barbie that we had spent enough time at the creek. Plus Barbie H told Barbie S about her takeing a big shit in the creek. Barbie S said to me now; Well Dave you lucky guy! I laughed.

We then heasded to the house which was a good thing we did. For we heard thunder off n the distance so there was after all a storm approaching so we better get to the house befor it would hit. We all hurried our pace as we went through the woods. There was more thunder claps which some were less loudthen some of the others. Plus it had become windy again.

It was funny as I remember this part. We three were naked and almost running through the woods if anyone of the girls had pushed a low branch and let it go I could have been struck where it would have realy hurt! But for me that didn't happen. We soon had the old house in sight. We had about a hundred feet to go yet. It had started to rain which we could hear the rain drops hiting over head on the leaves and we all felt some of the rain drops hit us that made it through the leaves of the trees.

Barbie S said loudly now OH SHIT! It's raining and she took off at a dead run to cover the remaining distance to the house. I grabbed Barbie H's outstretched hand and we ran together towards the house. We didn't run as fast as Barbie S had done but I thouight helping Barbie H was the right thing to do. We did make it fairly quickly to the house but we did get some what wet for the rain got much harder durring the time itt took us to get to the house.

Barbie S wass in the living room when Barbie H and I ran through the front door. Barbie S seing water running down us from the rain giggled a littel and she said to both Barbie H and I; I seee you two got wet again. I laughed a short laugh. I said back to Barbie S; Yeah besides a swim we both took a very quick shower! We all then laughed.

Barbie H and I went straight to the kitchen. Barbie S also did the same. Weall got drinks. For the short run made all three of us thirsty. We all then went out to the living room. Both Barbies plopped their asses down on the couch while I satin one of the two old stuffed style chairs. It was pouring outside and we now heard the crackle of lightning and loud claps of thunder too. The storm was upon us now.

I said to both Barbies; Well we'll find out if the roof is any good with this storm! Barbie H said ; I hope so! Barbie S said; Well even if it isn't it will be bnetter then being out in the storm! I thought then that was true. We sat there for a short time just listening to the storm outside. Then we decided we cou.d be doing something else instead.

So out came the deck of cards and we went intothe kitchen and sat at the old kitchen table. I turned on my portible radio and I found a good fm station so we had music whjile we started to play cards. The windoutside picked up even more outside. Rain beat loudly on the window panes of the kitchen windows. Thern it began to hale outside with dime size hailstones.Boy did they make a racket hiting the windows and the old metal roof on the house!

Then ther was a brillant flash of lightning which we all saw outside for our attention was looking outside through the kitchen windows. Then there was a loud crashing sound that was real close by after the flash of lightning. This cuaght both Barbies by surprise scareing them! They both let out loud screams with Barbie H screaming louder then Barbie H.

Then right after they both had stopped their screams Barbie S laughed. Barbie H said to both I and Barbie H; That crash scared me so bad I pissed! Look! Barbie H now said to Barbie S and I; I DID THE SAME THING!!! I looked over at the floor by Barbie H first. Sure enough the floor was wet with her piss! Plus it was stilldriping off from her chair too! Then I swung aroiund and looked over at Barbie S's direction. I sa too she had pissed hard enough the floor by her chairhad been wetted with piss but there was no piss driping from her chair.

I let out a laugh. Both Barbies giggled hard also when I laughed. Then I made them both laugh hard when I said to them; You both are lucky that you didn't get the shit scared outof you! That would have been a real mess! That made there giggles turn into hard laughter. While Barbe S lau8ghed she let out one loud fart! Barbie H managed to get out whie she laughed; Maybe Barbie will shit! We all laughed hard much longer.

After we had managed again to settle down we went back playing cards. The hail had stopped outside and it was only raining very hard. There stilll was thunder and lightning but no more real close ones ike the one that ha made the loud crash and had scared the piss out of the two Barbiies. We went on playing card for some time.

Barbie H was the first one out of the game. Barbie H said she was going toget up and get a drink and asked both of us if we wanted one. Both of us told her we did. So she got us our drinks. Thn she told both f us she was going to go stretch out on the sofa. So she went outin the living room leaving Barbie S and I at the table in the kitchen.

So Barbie S and I went on playing cards for a short time. I now mentioned to Barbie S that I could use to take a piss. Barbie S said to me; Will you go right here siting at the table? I and Barbie already have done just that! I laughed and told Barbie that I could. So Barie slid her chair around the table and she sat beside me now. I saw her reach down and under the table and she held my penis aiming it at the floor. She giggled and I smiled.

In a short ouple opf seconds I was pissing on the kitchen floor. My stream had reached over under the table and my piss hit the floor where Barbie H had pissed on it! So it would like that she had only pissed there not e even though my pissing where she had pissed on the floor there would be a lot more piss there!

As I went on pissing on thekitchen floorafter I had pissed about halfway through my piss Barbie S asked me; Dave can you stop? I asked her back; Why Barbie? Barbie H said to me in a loud whisper; I have to piss and shit! And my shit is right there now! I bore down hard on my sphinter and got my piss stream stopped in a few short seconds.

Barbie took her hand away from my penis slid her chair back and stood up I did the same. Barbie S said to me; I'm not gtoing in the bathroom for it stinks like hell in there with Barbie H shiting and pissing in the toilet! I wish we had water to flush it and then I would use that old toilet!

I said to Barbie S; Well we ca get some water to flush that toilet if it still will flush! I walked over where our drinks were being kept and I pulled out the lemonade pitcher. It was nearly empty. I raised it up to my mouth and I drank the small amount that was remaining in it. Come on Barbie out to the front porch! The rain should fill the pitcher pu real quick!

Barbie S said ok to me but I may not be able to keep from going! If I don't I can shit outside off the porch! So we walked out of the kitchen. Barbie H was laid out on the ouch and she had covered herslef over with her dress and she was asleep! So Barbie S and I very quietly and quickly slipped past Barbie H and went out side on the frontporch. The rain was still pourinbg hard and massive amounts of rain water poured off the sides o the porch roof!

I walked over to the front edge and placed the pitcher into the pouring rain water from the porches roof. It quickly started to fill with rain water. With all the noise from the rain along with the rain itself seeing it rain not finishing my piss I felt the strong urge build up that I needed to finish my piss! But I also didn't want stop filling the pitcher with water.

So I asked Barbie H to lend a hand again. She knew what I ment and she did. I sighed a soft sigh of relief for right after Barbie H was holding me I started to piss sending a good hard stream off from the porch into the hard wayer comming off the prches roof. That stopped my stream dead in its tracks! That made Barbie S let out a short hard giggle.

I went and took a fairly lonbg piss and I did stop my stream befor I was finished. The pitcher had gotten my attention for t was getting to be nearly fool with rain water. In a further short time the pitcher was full and both of us quietly but hurridly went through the living room into te kitchen and sraight into the bathroom.

It did stink in that bathroom too. I went over to the old toilet holdng my breath and I quickly poured the water into the old toilet's bowl. It did fill up quite a ways but not to the point where the toilet would have flushed on its own. I turned around and faced Barbie H. I said to her; I owul like some more water Barbie. Can you wait a little longer?

Barbie was standing quite tensly in the bathroom doorway. NO I CAN"T DAVE!!!! My shit is pokeing out a little further betwen my cheeks! JUST FLUSH THE DAMNED TOILET!!!! I spun around and pushed down on the flush lever. Mush to my surprise the trap oipened and with a loud gurfle the toilet started flushing and Barbies H's shit and piss slipped down into the trap and all of it went down with the water that I poured into the toilet!

I turned around and stepped out away from the toilet. As I did this I said to Barbie S; Hey it owrked Barbie! Barbie's piss and shit are gone! It doesn't stink hardly at all now! That was true there was a lingering piss and shit smell in the air stillo but at least to me at wasn't bad at all now!

Barbie S believed me. She hurried over to the toilet and she raised the seat up. She backed up getting her bare ass and vagina over the bowl of the old toilet. When she did trn to doi this I did see her large turtle head shit poked out between her asscheeks. Now squated over the bowl Barbie let go with a strong stream of piss down into the old toilet and I heqard loud crackleing as she also had started to shit at the same time!

I had sat down on the outer edge of the old clawfoot bathtub. I could see well enough the front side of Barbie S which I could see her piss stream but not her shit. So I slid down right to the side front edge of the old bathtub. Now I could see both her piss stream shooting downward and her shit slideing out between her ass cheeks too!

Barbie S's shit was a very fat smooth tan colored shit that was comming out at a steady pace! I would have said a good inch every several seconds! By several seconds pace a inch length every five six seconds. Her shit kept up its loud crackleing too as she shit. Also now Barbie S stil pissed hard into the toilet it began to klet off a nice loud hiss too and her piss had began to fill down inisde the toilet so now it made a splash sound.

A few more seconds passed and Barbie S's shit broke close to her asscheeks. Her shit fell hiting har in the toilet partaily on the bowl and her piss level wasa. So there was a short hard flump hiting the bowl itslef and a very short loud splash too. Barbie S I saw the broken remaining partofher shit still was moving with it getting longer in its length.

Her piss stream started to ease up. For its hissing softened but didn't stop. Alswo the splashing of her piss had softhed for along with her piss stream easing hershit was in the way of herstream so it was hiting her shit and the splashingoff from her shit what had softened the splashing too.

Then her shit fell into the toilet and then Barbie H sent down into the tioet two more fat turtle heads in a row. Then that was it far as her shiting. But her piss stream became hard again with a louder hiss and the splashing of her piss got only just a little harder for there was a good amount of shit in the toilet now. One good thing though Barbie S's shit didn't have a strong oder to it! Only just a light shit oder I could smell.

Barbie S pissed steadily fir severakl seconds more and her piss stream traike right off with its hissing stoping and the splashing stopping too. Barbie S then stepped forward from the toilet. I need to clean my ass! she said to me first. Lets go out to the backdoor and I can do it there! You can refill the pitcher while I take care of my ass!

So we walked out of the bathroom and out to the back door of the house in the back of the kitchen. There was a small over hang over the oputsiode of the old house which thge hard rain was pouring off from. Barbie turned around and semi sqauted getting her bare ass into the rain watre that was pouring down. It did hot on her just above her ass and poured all over her asscheeks and ran into her asscrack too.

Barbie let out a short buthard yelp. Oh that water is pretty cool! But Barbie stood up to the waterfor she didn't move to take her ass out from the pouring water. I had the pitcher out in the pouring watre and it was filling up juyst as fat as it had done out on the front porch. Barbie stayed letting the water run down over her longer then I did letting the pitcher fill. So I made a trip into the bathroom with the filled pitcher.

This time I set the pitcher down and took the tankcover off. Every thing was in the tank too so I picked the pitcher up and emptied it into the toilet tank. Then iI went right back to the back porch and started to fill it again with rain water. After it was about a third full that's when Barbie S was doe letting the pouring rain ater wash her ass. She stood up and went inside the house to dry. I stayed out on the porch and filled the pitcher up.

Then when it was filled I came inside walked into the bathroom and dumped that pitcher into the tilet tank. Barbie S watched from the bathroom doorway. The seocnd pitcher had filled the tank half fool. I said to her; One more! It's not leaking! She giggled and moved out of the doorway and let me by. Then she stepped into the bathroom. I knew she was going over to the toilet to chjeck her shit! I went out on te back porch and satrted filling the pitcher again.

Again it took several minutes to get the pitcher refilled. When I came back into the bathroom Barbie S was siting on the edgeof the old bathtub. She watched me pour out the pitcher into the tank. Now this pitcher filled the tank almost full. I set it down on the floor. Barbie S stood up and I reached over to the flush lever and pushed it down.

The tank emptied out fast into the bowl! It worked! Barbiies piss and shit was swept down into the trap and flushed completely away in a nmatter of several seconds. and there was enough water still left un the bowl afterthe trap had closed. We both laughed a little and Then we both took turns refilling tge pitcher and the toilet tank again with rain water. Now we could use the toilet and flush it when we did have to shit. We wouldn't flush it if we only issed in the toilet until we would take a last joint piss or were going to leave. That would save the water.

Barbie S and I were hungry ad a ittle thirsty so we got a sandwich and a ice tea to drink which there was plenty of ice tea to drink yet. As we ate and drank our ice tea we went back to playing cards. As we finished eating Barbie H had awoken and she came walkin into the kitchen.

Barbie H had put her dress back on but seeing Barbi H and I wer4e not dressed she giggled a hard giggle and she got herself a sandwich and a ice tea to drin and watched us playing cards. Barbie told Barbie H that the toilet was working fine and explained how we had done it and how the toilet would be used too. Barbie H was fine with it all. The only ting she was worried about was the hard rain outside and would we have to walk home in it. Barbie H had a very good unknown point about this too. All of us whished very strongly that it woul later when we had to leave it wouldn't be raining like it was or better yet it would have stopped. To be continuioed.

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