To Rob

Hey Rob, I'm assuming that you are under a doctor's care for the bedwetting. While it's not unheard of to be wetting at your age, it's even a little more unusual to start again after 16 years of being dry. I wouldn't have thought much of it if you had been wetting the bed all along. Here's another thought for you, how about using condom catheters to a regular bag, or to a leg bag? From what I understand, the leg bags can come in pretty large volumes. It can be fairly discreet, and would probably be easier to manage, especially on trips. The only drawback...... the condom caths can break pretty easily. BTW, tell your parents. They ARE your parents! Nothing to be ashamed of as what ever is causing this, is something that you can't help.

Eileen H

Newest Shit Story Worth Giving A Shit About

Mr Clogs: 10 days certainly is a long time. I've often wondered what the longest amount of time a person can go without a #2 and still be able to pass it.


Another recent story. About a month or so ago was when this happened.

The night before I'd been up late grading quizzes. I said in a previous post that I usually have a #2 after my shower, but this time I was tired and I just wanted to get this work done, so I skipped it. I wasn't so desperate anyway. I still got to bed late and ended up oversleeping. I had no time to take care of my now desperate need to pinch off a loaf. I dropped my son off at school, but I had no time to use the bathroom there. Driving was hectic as it always is when a turd is poking out of my butt. I made it to school and briskly walked to the nearest faculty restroom. Out of the four stalls, only one was empty. I opened it and was hit with a monumental stench. There was no way I could use that, even though I was turtleheading at his point. There was also no toilet paper. I left the bathroom, which had a very distinct smell happening, in hopes of going to another one. My hopes were dashed when Mrs. TP told me I had to take care of the late students.

Students who come in late have to sign in at a desk right near the entrance. It's my job to distribute late slips to students who are late, and to check if they have notes or not. It's boring, tedious work that you can't get out of. I had a free first period so I was stuck with it. She sat me down at the desk as the late bell rang. The prayers and pledge came up as students rushed in. I had to stop them, but I was more focused with stopping the gigantic turd in my bowels. Standing only made it worse. I had to casually clench, which is not an easy task. When the prayers ended I had to begin distributing the passes, while keeping an eye on the door to make sure students don't try to sneak past me and go right to class. I have to ask for the students' name, homeroom, and class they are going to. Doesn't sound too hard, except when you have to deal with 30 students who are all too tired to enunciate properly. The dean of students came by to give some silly speech on why it's wrong to be late. I had half a mind to slip out and let this thing in my stomach out.

Nature was calling heavy at this point. I still had about 15 students in the line left to go. Sweat started to drip all over me as the mega-log kept trying to come out. I checked my watch. 15 minutes had passed. Thankfully, I was at my last student. The dean stopped by to remind me I had to stay for the remainder of first period. 30 more minutes. No way I could make it. But, I had to. People don't realize teachers can get in just as much trouble as students can. A wave of panic washed over me as I realized I had another class after this. Another hour of desperation before homeroom where I could let this thing out. The turd was knocking at my back door. I was desperate to let it out.

It was over an hour of sweaty, uncomfortable, desperate, need to take a big dump. Gurgles and rumblings came from my stomach non stop. The bell for homeroom rang like a sign from God. I wasted no time and briskly walked to the nearest faculty restroom. Thankfully, it hadn't filled up yet. The nearest open stall had stinky remains of someone's shit but I didn't care. I hastily pulled down my pants and panties and relaxed down on the cold seat.

A moist, ripe, fat log slid out of me. It crackled out slowly with some juicy farts to help push it along. It landed with a loud thump, and left a serious stink behind with it. Another smooth, monster turd came out slowly, but surely. It too left a major stench. It smelled kind of like rancid egg salad. I wanted to look down and see these things, but the odor was so offensive I just did a courtesy flush. The restroom was just about full after all. All stalls were occupied and many people were waiting outside. I checked my watch and saw that I had only five minutes left. I pushed just to make sure nothing was left over.

A small little turd started to come it. It got stuck though. It sat there hanging. It seriously stunk up my stall. I wiggled my butt to try to get this hanger off. I squeezed my cheeks. It landed with a small plop. I wiped the sweat off my head and flushed. I wiped my butt and washed my hands. I left my stall and noticed the smell the other teachers had created. Very pungent, but I wasn't subjected to it long. Janet was outside holding her nose as she rushed into my stall.


I'm looking for some more ways to say things like "Take a dump" or "Have to shit." I'm also looking for some more words to describe my poop. I've noticed I'm reusing a lot of words. Any help from my fellow writers would be great appreciated.


Bathrooms at school suck

I see people here who write how the bathrooms at schools really suck and I can tell you it's pretty bad. The bathrooms at my school could be worse for sure but there is a lot of room to improve as well. Many of the toilet seats are starting to fall off, a few actually have and nobody cared enough to replace those seats. Some of the stall doors don't lock anymore or worse can't even stayed closed. Plus the toilet paper they have is the crappiest money can buy, it's one ply so thin my fingers break through anytime I try to wipe with it.

It's bad enough when you have to pee, but it's so bad that my friends have taken to just holding it in all day and going after school at home or somewhere else. But I usually get the need to poop during the middle of the day, and if I'm lucky it'll be during the 45 minutes I can leave campus for lunch. If not, I think it's better to suffer than try to use those bathrooms. Only upside I can think of is that this school year is almost over and then I'll have only my last year before I get out of this school.

Well enough about that on to the story. I didn't go to school today because it was a holiday so Lilly and I went to the mall. We were going to buy new swimsuits for the upcoming summer. I tried on a few and so did Lilly, then she found one she really liked. She tried it on and it looked good and her, but then she said I gotta take a crap. She changed back into her clothes and paid for the suit and we went to find a bathroom. When we got to the bathroom we went into the same stall and Lilly pulled down her jeans and thong and sat down.

She started pushing out a long turd and it snapped off and then a chunk of mushy crap exited with a wet sounding fart. There was another skinny turd after that and then she peed for about a minute before she wiped. Once for the front, five times in the back and she was done. She stood up and flushed and we left the stall. We went back to looking for a swimsuit for me, and I found one after a while. As we were leaving the mall, I felt an urge to poop, and I could probably have held it until I got home, but I decided to go at the mall.

We went to the closest bathroom, a different one from last time. All the stalls were taken when we got there so we waited for a bit. It wasn't too long before there was a flush and then we went into the stall. I pulled down my pants and panties and sat for a bit, but nothing came out. I waited and then I felt a turd shoot out. I had several more similar turds follow quickly and I was making a lot of small Plops. I peed for a bit and the turds kept coming. I counted at least twenty I think. When I was finally done pooping I needed nine wipes to clean.


Holding cell toilet

I am just wondering if anyone has ever been arrested and had to take a dump in one of those holding cell toilets. I've taken a dump in toilets with zero privacy at campsites or in public restrooms, but never surrounded by a group of pissed off criminals. Has anyone had this experience and care to share?

Ustate Dave

Black Girl Desperate Piss And Shit On The Bus!!!

On my way up on the bus to the bank this morning to my bank I ad this very well dreesed very pretty black girl were the only two passengers on the bus. I sat down behind and over from this black girl. The black girl was in a very nice pretty long multi colored long skirt with a very pretty fancy matching multicolred top. She was a very full figured girl too on top. Her fancy top had a long V.

I would guess the black girls age to be mid late twenties. Very tall too along with her hair being straight,long in length, and being black in color also. She had on sandles which were fancy ones and her sandles were black also. When I had sat down in my seat this black girl was siting on both of her hands which they were deep in her crotch.

She was siting very stiffly and she was quiet siting with her head down too. Then after beng on the bus for abot two blocks the black girl got up from her seat she had been siting in she moved hurridly to a different seat which she moved one back whch now put her directly across from where I was siting.

In her new seat the black girl had again sat down on both of her hands. She sat stiffly for only several seconds in her seat. Then without a blink of a eye or lookinmg my way the black girls I saw move her hands which she had grabbed her dess amd started pulling it back rather quickly!

In a few mear seconds the black girl had pulled her long dress out from under her ass! She had on a black pair of thong styled panties! I could see the very thin waist band of them! Thats how I knew they were thong styled.

Then the black girl pulled the thong strap out off her ass. She di this both front and back. Now the black girl slid forward on her seat but at a ngle so that now her ass was angled on the seat amd I could now seeall of her ass.

As I stared over at her the black girl started to piss. I saw a vey yellow stream of piss shot downward towards the floor of the bus. The black girl had one arm up on the back ofthe seat that was in front of her and she was looking down too as she sat there pissing on te busses floor. What I could see of her yelloow piss stream its upper part was blocked by her thigh. I couldse only where her stream was twisted and down to the floor which it did make a splash hiting it.

There was enough road noise and engine noise inside the bus that her piss'es s[lashing was not all that loud. I could hear it but tyhe lady black woman driver in the front of the bus didn't. She was to busy paying attention driving any way. After pissing I would have guessed for close to ten seconds I heard above the noise her streams hiss!For it had started to do that too now!

The black girl went on pissing for a good several seconds more and then I saw her stream slack right off going into just a dribble. Then she let ut a short wet sounding fart. OMG!!!! the black girl said in a very low but high pitched voice. I'm going to shit too! I can't stop it!!! The black girl turned further at a angle moving her ass over more on the seat.

Then I saw her asshole dome right open with a fat smooth tan shit starting to slide out of her asshole. Her shit was really comming out fast too! As I saw her shiting like she was I thought to myslef; No wonder why she couldn't stop it! In oly several seconds have gone by her shit was over a half foot long and silol really comming out ofer asshole!

Then where we were now the bus was goi8ng slower for the street here narrowed down and with traffic in bth lanes the driver had slowed down. That was a good thing for me! I would get to see all of what the black girl would wind up doing!!! :-) It was a good thing for her too for she would be able toshit and finish pissing while the bus did go slower. Plus going slow now there was less of a chance that the bus would stop to pick up any passengers.

Well her shit reached to be about a foot and then it fell to the floor makeng a soft flump when it di hit the floor. The black girls shit may have broken off or it did reach its end. It was hard to tell either way.But the black girl in having severla more seconds pass had two fat nugget shits drop to the floor. Then she pissed hard again for several more seconds and then she was done.

Now she quickly slipped her black thong back into place in her crotch. She then pulled her dress back in place,pulled the cord to ring the buzzer for she wanted to get off the bus. She got right up and wentto the back door of the bus. Whenthe bus stopped with the back door opening the black girl rushed right off thebus and ran up the side street.

I turned foward now and I was getting off in two blocks. I pulled the cord after going one block and walkedup to the front of the bus to go out the front door. The bus stopped and the door iopned. I thanked the black lady bus driver and I got off and the bus then pulled away. I thought to myself that if that black lady found where the black girl had pissed and shit on her bus that black girlk would sure be in big trouble! The End * Note I do have to go out again tomorrow morning. I'll try to get the same bus. I'll ask the black lady driver if she had someone have a accidenton her bus yesterday. I'll let you know if she did discover the accident. Upstate Dave


Re: Answer for A.W.

You're welcome Stephanie :) Your stories are very interesting to read. Can't wait for the next one to come :)

Hi everyone. I've had some bad diarrhea today for some reason- maybe some dodgy or undercooked food. I got up this morning and had my normal poo in the house. Three medium sized logs and a fart and that was it. Then after doing some revision in the library for a few hours I got up to leave. As soon as I left the building my stomach started churning and then suddenly I had to poo badly. It was the sort of urge that just can't wait- I had to head straight for a toilet or it would be too late. I was passing the chemistry building on my way home. I'd never been in there before but there was no time to be choosy. I hurried in and found the loos. Just in time I went in and sat down. A big load of mushy, explosive crap exploded out of me immediately. Then there were many, many pieces of wet, hot poo- I lost count after about 25- that came out one after the other like a torrent. I felt really bad. The smell was very intense. A few squirts of runny poo and then some very loud farts followed. Luckily nobody else came in while I was taking my urgent poo, even though it took 20 minutes to clear myself out. I felt a LOT better afterwards, for about an hour and then I started feeling odd in my bowels again. A few hours later I had to go for more diarrhea. After that I took a couple of Immodium and I feel better now but still a bit odd. I hope it's gone by tomorrow, and certainly by Thursday when my next exam is!

Will post more soon. Bye everyone!

Brandon T

comments & stuff

First I hope everyone had a safe and happy Memorial Day

To: Aura first welcome to the site and great story about you and your friend Lilly both pooping in the same bathroom maybe if she wants to try it you can both try sitting on the toilet together and please share anymore stories you may have thanks.

To: Jesica it sounds like you might have some great stories to tell us and I look forward to them thanks.

To: Ciara great story I bet Heather was thankful you were there to help her and it sounds like just avoided having an accident and I bet if it was you instead of her I bet she wouldve helped you as well and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Amylee great story at least everyone was nice about it even making jokes which is one of the best things to do it might help you get over your pooping shyness so maybe try that next time and see if helps if it does it does and if it dosent it dosent it just something to try and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Eileen as always another great story about you and thosse other teachers pooping and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Emma great story about you and your friend Kathryn pooping together and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Daniel great story about hearing your friend Alice pooping and farting and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Shelly great story about you pooping outside and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Leanne it sounds like you and your friends and those other girls had a pretty nasty time is it posible that all had food poisoning because so many people with diarrhea it might be a good idea to check the food or it mightve just been bad luck so many people having diarrhea in the same day and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Bianca I bet you felt better after getting that beast out and I look forward to anyother stories you may have thanks.

To: Abbie as always another great story and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Wendy and Kirsty, Kirsty great sotries it sounds like you made with seconds to spare and as always I look forward to your guys next posts thanks.

To: John great story about hearing that woman pooping and I dont remember what page it was on I think it was between 2020 and 2039 and I look forward to anymore stories like that thanks.

To: Upstate Dave great about seeing your wife go to the bathroom and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

All my years in school I think ive only heard a few girls poop and/or fart but I have heard hundreds pee

Well thats all for now

Sincerly Brandon T

Peeping Boy
When a was a young boy about nine or ten, our next door neighbor was a wonderful and pretty woman. I didn't know for sure how old she was, but she was definitely younger than my mother. I observed that her house had a bathroom with a window and some bushes outside that window. Most of the time she would keep the window closed, except for during the summer months. One day I was feeling especially naughty and I decided I'd spy on the lady next door, maybe she'd be changing clothes or getting naked to take a shower. I woke up early on that day and I hid in the bushes right outside her bathroom window. It was quite hot that day even in the early morning, so I hoped she'd come and open the window.

Sure enough she did come in the bathroom and she opened the window then I heard her fart, a pretty loud one at that. I heard what I thought was her putting the toilet seat up, but then I thought maybe she was just opening the lid. I took a peek and she was sitting on the toilet, wearing nothing at all. My heart started to race as I watched. She was facing forward and that gave me a side view of her on the toilet, and I hoped she couldn't see me. I watched her as she sat for several minutes and I would hear her poop hitting the water and she farted a lot while she was going. I loved every second of it and the smell was good and plentiful wafting out through the window. When she started to stand up I ducked back down and I heard her rolling off paper. I waited until I heard the flush and then a short bit later she turned on the shower. I decided to try to look again and I put my head up just only as little as I could to still see. She was inside the glass shower stall and I don't think she was really looking at the window. I got into a better position to spy on her and I watched the whole time she was in the shower. When she was done, she turned the shower off and I went back to hiding, but then I heard her moan and say "Oooh again?" and after not too long I heard a poop drop into the water again. I looked and she was sitting, still naked and dripping wet this time. Her second poop lasted less time but the new smell was very strong compared to before. When she started to get up that time I hid again until I didn't hear anything for a bit and then I left.

The next day I came back and when I got there the window was already open and so I waited until I heard something to give me a clue as to what she was doing in there. I heard two big juicy farts back to back and I peeked in. She was sitting on the toilet naked again. I listened and heard a few poops drop, but I think I got there at the end of her poop. She showered again, and then didn't have a second poop afterwards. I continued to spy on her every morning and it was only very rarely that she didn't show up. After the summer was over, she kept the window closed and I couldn't see in through it very well, so I didn't get to spy on her. And by the time summer came around again, my family had moved away from that house.

End Stall Em

Sammi's questions

When I'm in a crowded public restroom, all the stalls are full, there are no flushes. What do I do?

First, unless its's a really big emergency, I don't use any stalls other than those on the end. i just like the privacy, quiet and many of you know I've written about this for a couple of years. While I'm only in high school, I doubt I'm going to change. When I'm babysitting, I will take the kid(s)in and direct them to one of the end stalls.

Now my answers to Sammi's questions:

1) Just this past few days I've had the opportunity to listen at the doorway to the person and in the two end stalls. Like many of you others, I hope to hear piss hitting the water because that means it isn't going to be that long. Once was in my favorite bathroom at school over lunch hour. One girl was sitting in total silence so I moved to the other end of the room where I saw a pant suit and high heels and heard a long, hard stream. I quietly waited. Then I heard a small thud, legs move and I figured out was she stood up, her butt somewhat stuck to the seat, causing the noise. When the door opened, I saw it was one of our student teachers who is helping procter my study hall. She seemed relieved as she opened the door and was still buttoning the front of her black pant suit. Then she quickly turned around, leaned down and flushed. She smiled at me, asked how my day was going, and said she had been holding her "urine" for since she had her coffee before class. I guess she ran out of time to get into the bathroom.

2. Does it make any difference if the person is peeing or shitting? I won't wait for the crappers.

3. What have you done to get their attention and off the toilet? This just happened yesterday on Memorial Day. My friend Melinda and I walked about a mile away from our homes to a large street carnival. Of course, we drank and ate a lot of the concessions. They had about 50 portablle toilets clustered back to back and four each in each cluster. Each one was an ender so Melinda said it was my day. I just knew that it was. The music and rides were so loud we couln't hear what was happening in each booth. All we could see was the "In use" bar with read letters telling us it was occupied, as were the others. Finally, a lady about 50 came out and Melinda asked to go in first. I joked to her not to take too long because I had relatively new underwear on and didn't want to have an accident. It was about 5 minutes and I was getting even hotter from the sun and a couple of others in the line were getting restless. I knocked on the door and asked Melinda if she was OK. She said yes, but she wasn't able to get her pee to start. Then about 30 seconds later she opened the door, and came out. She whispered to me that she wasn't able to go and that it was my turn. I felt sorry for her because I knew she was in pain. I quickly went in, pulled down my shorts and undees and seated myself on the smelly toilet. Luckily, my pee started immediately. It lasted about 45 seconds and I immediately pulled my clothing up and vacated the booth. As I walked to the side, Melinda called me over and under a tree we used to get out of the sun, Melinda said she was going to get back in line because she had to pee bad. I wished her luck. She had to wait about 10 minutes, but this time she was able to finally go, although I don't think she totally emptied her bladder. I could hear some grumbling from those in line. The worst was this one college-age girl who was shouting out that she had drank six beers and that her bladder was going to explode. Then her boyfriend reached over and tried to squeeze her. (I would have killed him, if I were her). Then she shouted some things at Melinda when Melinda came out.

4. How long should a person sit before getting up and relinquishing their seat?

I think Melinda is right. About 5 minutes. The drunk girl would have been obnoxious if she only had to wait 15 seconds.


Hubby's Stomach upset

It was 3 a.m and me and my hubby woke-up and chatted for awhile in bed.All of a sudden in the middle of our chat he pushed his stomach and let out a smelly fart. Thats already usual for me as most of the time during early morning his stomach seems to be upset. He asked me if I can massage his ???? as it's having so much wind and is making him uncomfortable so I pressed it and applied pressure, a little while I heard a loud rumble then he said " ohhh I need to go toilet it's an emergency! He rushed inside the toilet and heard loud mushy poop from him..then after some time..heard him cleaning up and flushing but after awhile I heard him sat back and pffffffttttt...brrrrrrrp..brrrrppp,,braarrrrppp!!! my poor hubby was striken with another wave of wet fart..." I'm having a very bad stomachache and diarrhea right now...I guess from the glass of milk I had before going to bed..ohhhh...!" he announced inside the toilet. As he comes out from the toilet he is still having stomachache and asked me for medicine.

Kyle from WA

The Blackout

This is another story from my college days. I had become good friends with a woman named Amy. I had mentioned just in passing that I was struggling with a math class, and she offered to help me study and pass the class. Well, she was over at my place and I was feverishly trying to understand the material, but not really having any luck, when all of a sudden the power just shut off.

We waited a few minutes to see if it would come back on and when it didn't I said I had some flashlights and a few candles. I did find some candles and they provided some light but not enough to study by. And so that left nothing to do but wait until the power was restored.

I'm not sure how much after that, but eventually Amy said she needed to use the loo, but she reasoned that she couldn't shut the door for privacy because it would be too dark in the bathroom for her to see. She continued to hold it for a bit, but I guess she couldn't wait any longer, because she got up and took a flashlight with her.

She went over to the bathroom and placed the flashlight on the ground so it illuminated the toilet. She again reminded me that she wouldn't be able to shut the door, so I shouldn't look (not that I could have seen much anyway, but just on principle I suppose). I did the proper thing and faced away from the bathroom, although my apartment in college wasn't very big, so I got to hear every noise she made.

I heard the rustling of clothes as she pulled down her pants and panties and sat down, then a tinkle sound which seemed to continue for ages. She did eventually stop peeing and then I heard her roll off paper, so she must have been wiping. I didn't hear a flush or more rolling of paper and I waited. Then I heard a short fart from her and another slightly longer one after that. Silence for a bit, the sound of her poop breaking off, a big splash, and then another zipper-like fart. One more splash sound and then she began to roll off paper again. She repeated three additional times, flushed, closed the toilet and washed her hands.

She came back out to the table with me and said something like "Well, that was very embarrassing having you hear all of my noises, but thank you for not looking." and soon after that the power finally came back and she finished helping me study. We never spoke of this incident ever again, although I still cherish the memory like so many others.

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Upstate Dave

"J" Comes With Me While I Work Part 4

I sped quickly north bound. I still had plenty of time left yet to get to my stop in Malone. Route 30 here is basicly straight and level so you could really move along so I did. Plus there was a store ahead which was another of my stops and I knew "J" would like the place too.

When I had tthe place in sight I slowed and pulled off into the stores parkinglot. "J" and I got out of the cab and went right inthe store. I went and got what I was here for. This store carries diet sasperilla soda! So I got three small bottles for the cooler and a large bottle for home. "J" got her rootbeer and she got f4omthe old fashione candy rootbeer barrels and maple candy.

Then back out to the ruck we went. Got in and I pulled back out on route 30. I did make with time to spare the auto parts place in Malone. Ten minutes there unloading and we left Malone heading to Chattague my last auto parts stop. I knew we would not make it befor the owner left for lunch. We had left Malone ate 11:55 and we had least better then 15 minute ride to Chattague and my last auto parts stop.

Well we did miss him for I pulled in at 12:15. Well that would give "J" and I a 45 minute lunch and that time a rest for me too. "J" and I ate sandwiches and I had my sasperilla while she had her rootbeer. I and she were done eating in 15 minutes. I got out of the truck and I stretched my legs just walking around by the truck and had a smoke.

"J" joined me after she had cleaned up the cab from our trash from lunch. When she got out of the cab she had the bag of trash and asked me where she could dump it. I told her I thought the trash was on the far side somewhere in back I think. Take me over then? "J" asked me. I laughed and I said to her; Sure come on I'll take you. So we walked across the front of the place made a left turn and walked down along the right side of the place.

As we walked back I was surprised to see that there was a addition to the place and all the old Studebaker cars lined up in neat rows! I saw way in the back a dumpster and told "J" there was the trash so we walked back to the dumpster and I tossed the trash into it. We now turned around and started our walk back.

Just after we had started walking back "J" asked me how long we still had to wait. I looked atmy watch and told her a little more then twenty minutes. I asked her why. Oh I have to piss "J" said to me. I don't think I can wait that long too. I told her that I had never had to go while I was here so I don't know what the bathroom is like here. But I said next to "J" was that there is places to go outside here though! I ointed to the rows of old Studebakers. "J" took a quick look smiled grabbed my hand and she started going up between two rows of them!

"J" pulled me back till we were between the next to last rows. Then she stepped betwen the front and back of two cars. Quickly took care of her shorts and yanked them right down! She sat down on the rear bumper of the car that was behind her and she started to piss as soon as she sat down on the cars bumper!

"J" pissed hard with her stream letting off a loud hiss. Her stream was cloudy with a smallish head,a short tight twist, and when it hit the pavement it did splash hard with a forward splash mostly. I stood off to "J" left watching her take this piss. "J" softly sighed as she watched her own stream too.

"J's" piss this time was about a twenty second piss. She had left a small black area on the pavement where her piss had wet it and made its slight splashingon it. But since the pavement sloped her piss ran off in the diurection that the pavement sloped. So "J's" piss trail came back and went under the car she had sat on.

Now befor "J" did stop pissing I had told her that I too better go. I told her that I needed my 3rd leg stretched out. "J" laughed and said to me; Oh you do do you! I laughed and told her I did. "J" told me she would and I waited for her to finish pissing. Now she had and I moved over beside her and she took care of my pants and in a few short seconds I was standing there with her holding me and I was now pissing!

"J" was still sitting on the cars bumper with her shorts still down as she held me and I pissed. "J" had managed to get my penis angled down enough that I was not pissing on the car in front of me but I was pissing underneath it. My poss ran back outfrom under the car and ran underneath the one behind me which also"J" was still siting on its bumper.

I pissed a little longer then "J" had. Maybe for 10 seconds or so longer. I did finish by sendinbg out several finishing odd spurts in a row and I was done. "J" let go so she could stand up and take care of her shorts while I shook myslef and took care of my penis and my pants. Then we wal;ked back out from the row of cars and backj out front to the truck. We waited 10 moreminutes and the woner showed yp. "J" and I unloaded his parts spending 20 minutes doing this and then we went on our way. To be continuied.

Hi everyone! This is a Post which may be of interest to those of you who may associate place names with certain lavatorial aspects and may I dedicate this to Eileen H as a teacher of English. Back in the late 690s Posts a girl by the name of Kendal posted about 2 place names in Devon which when pronounced sounded like the noise of a motion hitting the water ; Cullompton & Plympton. Well if not already done here's my list of English places with lavatorial/bodily connotations: in Dorset you have the RIVER PIDDLE and the place PIDDLETRENTHIDE; in Surrey there's STAINES and 3 in Kent, LOCKS BOTTOM, PRATTS BOTTOM and for you dear Eileen H, DUMPTON PARK. I can just imagine you Eileen saying to one of your colleagues "say Janet could you cover my 6th period cos i'm gonna have to take a visit to Dumpton Park real soon!". Hope you didnt mind that its just my silly sense of humour. To Leanne et al, hope all's going well on the exam front and not to serious gypie ???? & may all your misses be near rather than actual! A big X and huggle to all the girls and hi to all the guys! Bye for now.


Pooping in the woods

To Shelley:
I love pooing in the woods too & loved reading your story. I like to hold my poo as long as I can & when I'm really desperate I make my way to the woods near our house to do my business. I usually wear a skirt for convenience & take a toilet roll & a spare pair of panties in case I don't quite make it. I love it when I can't wait to go & I'm about to mess my pants. The intense relief I get is out of this world. Almost like a really good orgasm! Have you ever not made it in time? Sometimes I don't & even though it's messy I love the warm sticky feeling around my bum.


In Responce to John 29 5 2011

I read with interest re older postee's I'm a year older than you. Since I retired 7 months ago I've often used a public Ladies for #2's, I also listen with intent in there. My time for a #2 is around 1000 am or after lunch. I rarely go last thing at night if I do I'm like your wife a bit consipated.

Desperate to poop

half shat my pants

Oh I had a slight accident over the weekend. Well a bit more than slight.

I was out walking and needed a pooh badly. I got to a toilet but it was a single occupancy one and there was a lady already in there shitting up a storm. She sounded pretty bad and I was pretty bad outside. After 5 mins I politely asked would she be long to which she replied she didn't know but her ???? was very bad still.

I waited in agony for a good 10 mins, and was getting more and more desperate. Just then I farted and a chunk of runny pooh filled my pants. I managed to hold on for dear life for another 5 mins when she finally came out. She said she daren't try flushing. I ran in and was just relieved to dump the rest out (oh the pleasure). I threw my knickers away and went commando for the rest of the walk.

Happy Pooping


Buddy dump at a restaurant

My friend Lilly and I went to a restaurant to eat lunch today. After we were finished eating, I told Lilly I had to poop and she said Me too. We went to the bathrooms but it wasn't a bathroom with stalls. Just the one toilet in a room with a lock. But we both had to poop, and I said I didn't think I could hold it anymore, so Lilly let me go first.

I pulled down my skirt and panties and sat on the toilet. I peed a little and began pushing out a big turd. Lilly was watching me go and we talked as the turd slid out. It fell into the water with a sploonk sound and I farted a few times. Another turd was already easing its way out and it was taking its time. I peed a little bit more as the turd kept on coming and then it too broke off and made a flump. I peed a really hard stream for a while after that, and I still felt maybe a little more in me.

Lilly said Will you hurry up, I really really gotta go. I told her I wasn't done yet. And as I said that my pee stream ended and I farted again. I felt a big one begin to emerge and I spread my legs to let her see that I was still pooping. This turd wasn't too long and then I was finally done.

I stood up and Lilly immediately pulled her pants down and sat and true to her word, she quickly had a log coming out and it added to my pile with a Ploop. Very short after, three more logs flew out of her with little delay between. It was like Sploosh Splash Sploop. She wiped four times and I sat back down to wipe myself as well, but I only needed three wipes to finish. I flushed the toilet wondering if it would flush okay, but it did.


About fiber supplements

Herb T mentioned a short anecdote about a women at his workplace who takes fiber supplements and wondered why a woman in seeming good shape would need to take extra fiber. Well, a lot of people suffer from chronic constipation or IBS, myself included. On the outside we look the same as anyone else, but it can be a war just to have a simple bowel movement.

When I was a young girl I used to have normal bowel movements, but as I got older, my movements became less frequent and more difficult. By the time I was in the later years of high school, I actually hated going to the bathroom. I would have a BM only once, sometimes twice in a week, and I'd spend a lot of time straining to push out a huge compacted brick of shit and I never really felt empty afterward.

The worst part was, I was too embarrassed about my problem to talk to my mom or a doctor about it, so I suffered in silence. I graduated from high school and went onto college, and finally I told myself I needed to go the doctor, because this couldn't be healthy. I got the official diagnosis of IBS-C, and although there's really no "cure", there are some dietary changes that can help.

I eat a lot more fruits and vegetables now and I need to be sure to drink at least eight glasses of water a day, plus I do take fiber supplements daily to help things along. My condition will never go away, but I can keep it under control at least.

The biggest and best change in my life is that I enjoy having a bowel movement again. I typically have a bowel movement three times every day now and I pass a firm smooth log between six and eight inches long each time.


Public Restrooms and me

One main thing I hate about useing public restrroms is that if I go in a buissnes place and use a public restroom and then don't buy anyting in that store.And the clerks look at you with a sadness.

I rather crap in a restoom with more than one stall,so you don't think that you got to hurry.

And at a movie theater I go too has four stalls.And I go in one stall,and a movie lets out and a crowd of people go in there talking and such.


Wetting The Bed on Vacation

Hey, everyone. I'm pretty new with posting stories on here although, I've read posts on the site for years. Just so you know, I'm 26 years old and I still wet my bed nightly. Well recently, I went on a trip to Europe with my parents and they don't know that I still wet my bed. The last time they were aware of this problem was when I stopped around the time that I was six. I started wetting again about four years ago.

Normally, I wear very bulky diapers when I go to bed, as I tend to wet quite heavily at night. I was really nervous about what I would do for protection on this trip. I knew that I couldn't wear my usual diapers because they would stick out way too much and I'd probably get caught. So, before my trip, I went to a local CVS and purchased some Goodnites. I knew that they probably wouldn't hold much but at least they could provide some level of protection while being discreet.

So there I was, in the airport, with my family, wearing pull-up diapers at the age of twenty six. As embarrassing as this was, I'm so glad that I had them on. The flight was just over six hours both ways. I tried to keep down on liquids as much as possible and only had a little orange juice and a very small amount of water. This seemed to really help plus the fact that I tried to go to the bathroom whenever I felt the slightest urge to urinate. However, I drifted in and out of sleep several times while on the plane, usually for only several minutes. Every time I would wake back up, my heart would be racing and I prayed that I didn't have an accident. Well, naturally, there were a few times that I slept a little deeper and didn't wake up right away. When this happened, I did wake up wet.

Luckily, because of the lack of fluids I took in and my frequent trips to the bathroom, I wasn't too wet. However, a little more than halfway through the flight, my Goodnite was pretty full and it had leaked a little. I was horrified to find that it left some small wet patches at my legs. Luckily, It was pretty dark on the plane at this point and I made sure to carry a couple extra pull-ups in the pockets of my cargo shorts. I made my way to the bathroom as inconspicuously as possible and changed in there. I had no choice but to leave the soiled Goodnite in the trash. It felt so good to be in a dry diaper. I only wet one more time before we arrived in Rome. The Goodnite was able to hold it as it was only a small wetting accident. The best part was that my shorts had dried by then and weren't showing any signs of obvious staining from my accident beforehand.

Now that the challenge of the plane ride was over, I had to figure out what to do when it came to the sleeping situation in the hotel room. I was sharing a room with my parents and had my own separate bed (Thank God!). Each evening, I simply hid a pull-up in the pockets of my shorts before bedtime and changed in the bathroom before I went to bed. I always sleep in only boxers so that I don't soil my pajamas. Of course, I slept pretty deep every night and upon waking each morning, I woke up to not only a wet Goodnite, but absolutely soaked bed sheets. I tend to wet more than once at night and as the bed was quite comfortable, I never woke up until morning. Every morning my heart raced when I saw what I had done in my sleep. Being so close to my parents in such a wet bed was mortifying. I had to be very nonchalant and act the way they'd expect me to act. When I got out of bed, I made sure to pull the covers back all the way over the sheets. My boxers were soaked evenly enough so it was pretty hard to tell that I had an accident. I simply gathered my change of clothes for the day and made my way to the bathroom for a shower and a change into something new and clean. I disposed of the wet pull-up in the bathroom trash can and covered it with several tissues. This worked out very well because the trash was emptied every day by the maid and she never said anything about the bed sheets. They were always nice and clean when I went to bed even if they didn't stay that way very long.

I'm so glad that my bed wetting was kept a secret between the maid and myself. It really would have been an awful way for my parents to discover that their grown son still pees in his sleep. I had a great trip despite my nightly accidents. It was just an amazing time. Thankfully, the flight home was rather uneventful and the Goodnites held up pretty well. But I was so glad to get back home and have the privacy of my own bedroom along with the security of my normal full-sized diapers.


Prom Night

Hello everyone! I know that I haven't written anything in a few days, but I've been busy working on several projects and getting ready for the senior prom. Anyway, here's the story:
Last night, my friends and I went to our senior prom. I was wearing a long, royal blue dress with silver heels, Heather was wearing a flowing pink dress, Tom, Gustav, and Georg were wearing suits, and Bill wore a black shirt with a black and silver striped jacket, black jeans, and boots. When we arrived at the ballroom where the prom was being held, we were served some salad, baked chicken, rice pilaf, roasted ????, and cheesecake for dessert. Then, it was time for us to do some dancing.
As I was dancing with Heather and Bill, I suddenly felt intense cramps in my intestines and knew that I had to do some big business. I looked over and noticed that Heather looked a little uncomfortable.
"What's wrong?" I asked Heather with concern.
"I haven't gone to the restroom all day, and I REALLY have to go!" Heather responded desperately. She suddenly let out an, "Oh, no!" and the foul stench of poop hit the air. Everyone started gagging and holding their noses, and I noticed that there was dark brown, mushy diarrhea running down Heather's dress and all over the dance floor. Heather was sobbing in embarrassment and the teachers had to clear the dance floor so that the janitor can clean up the mess. I took Heather to the restroom and called her mom to bring an extra dress and underwear.
I carefully helped Heather out of her soiled dress and watched as Heather sat on the toilet to let out more diarrhea, then went into a stall beside her so that I can take care of my business. I lifted up my dress, pulled down my underwear, and sat on the toilet. Soft poo immediately came out of me. Luckily, there was no one else in the restroom to smell or hear us blowing up the restroom. As I let out a fifth turd, I heard a loud fart and several loud splashes from Heather's stall.
As I came out of my stall, Heather's mom came in with a large plastic bag and a silver dress and asked, "Where's Heather?"
I pointed to the stall that Heather was in and washed my hands as Heather's mom went into the stall to give Heather the extra dress and underwear. A few minutes later, Heather and her mom came out of the stall with Heather's mom carrying the bag that now contained the soiled dress. Heather's face turned red, and she said quietly, "Thanks for helping me out, guys. That was so embarrassing exploding in front of all those people!"
We told her not to worry about it, and Heather and I went back to the now clean dance floor while her mom drove home. The guys asked Heather if she was feeling alright. Heather grinned widely and replied, "I've never felt better."

This was a night that I will never forget.

The End

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