Terrible Experience with Friends

I had a very embarrassing experience over the weekend. It's a long story. Sorry for that. I'd been constipated earlier in the week. My mom suggested I take a well-known product for constipation that I won't mention by brand. I told her I was afraid of laxatives but she said this worked well, but it might have to build up in my system for a day or so before it works. She said when she takes it, it usually will give her results on the second day. With the Memorial Day holiday weekend coming up, I didn't want to take it over the weekend and have it hit me at work on Tuesday. So I took a dose of it on Thursday night hoping it wouldn't hit me at work on Friday. It didn't do anything by Friday, so I took another dose on Friday afternoon after I got home from work. Then my husband came home from work and informed me he'd accepted an invitation for us to go to some friends' house for a cookout on Saturday evening. Another couple we're friends with, Alana (who I posted about on page 1974) and her husband were also invited so there would be 6 of us total. I was fine with this, forgetting about the laxative. Saturday evening came, and no result from the laxative (frankly, I'd forgotten about it), and we went to the friends' house. They purchased an older home about six months ago and they're renovating it. We got there around 5 p.m. and the ladies gathered in the kitchen while the men were in the back yard by the grill. They grilled burgers and we made beans and coleslaw and potato salad. After we ate we were going to sit in the back yard and visit, but it began to rain so we moved to the living room. The host, a lady named Katy, told us the home had 3 bedrooms and two baths. She said they were in the process of renovating the master bathroom, so it was out of commission. They had the second bathroom, however. It was the first doorway in the hall, right next to the living room where we were all sitting. It was a small room, maybe 6 x 10 feet, with just a toilet, sink, and shower. While we were visiting, Bill, our host and Katy's husband, went in and when he closed the door, I noticed there was a pretty large crack at the bottom of the door, like the door had been cut off an extra inch for some reason (maybe carpeting?). Anyway, we all could distinctly hear him peeing and flush, then wash his hands. I'm very bathroom shy and was concerned if I had to go during the evening, everyone would hear me, still thinking about peeing. Pooing hadn't come into my thoughts as I usually don't have to go at night. About 30 minutes went by and I felt a very large pressure build in my stomach. It felt like it was swelling. It occurred to me then -the laxative was reacting with my system. Another 5 minutes or so went by and I felt the pressure increase. I knew then I was going to have to poo. I looked at the clock and it was only 7:30 p.m. and the others had been talking about playing some board games later, so there was no way I was going to hold it until I got home. I waited another 10 minutes. Meantime, my husband went to the restroom, and like the first guy who went, we all could hear him peeing, flushing and washing his hands. I was getting to a near panic as to what to do. Alana privately asked me if I was OK. I said yes. She leaned over and whispered, "Are you sure? You've gotten quiet." I whispered back, "I'm OK but I need to use the bathroom." Alana, knowing I'm poo shy and so is she, gave me a look like she was asking, "Number 2?" I sorted of nodded. I was OK, but just concerned about having to poo here. About 10 more minutes went by and I had to go badly. I went to the bathroom and no one really paid any attention. I sat down on the toilet and the pressure was huge, but my poo wouldn't come. Being constipated the past few days made for a dry movement. I pushed and it slowly started creeping out. It then increased in speed and suddenly got softer and I started pooing a mushy, loose pile. It just came on and on. It wasn't making any noise that anyone could hear. Once that wave of poo was over I rose up and looked into the toilet. It was practically full, and oh, boy, did I stink! There was no exhaust fan. I only prayed that my friend had some air freshener in the cabinet. I was stuck thinking what to do. I was afraid of clogging the toilet if I didn't flush now, but it would be embarrassing to have to flush twice. The smell was getting too strong so I decided to go ahead and flush. As the tank filled up with water, I got a bad cramp and felt more poo coming. The tank stopped running and it was quiet again. I could hear the others talking in the living room. Then I got a second cramp that made me have to strain hard. This was bad. I blew diarrhea out very noisily, just an explosion from my butt. There was no way they didn't hear that. In fact, they stopped talking just after I blasted the toilet. And this time the smell was even fouler. I got another cramp and couldn't help but fart very loudly with the splattering poo. I was absolutely humiliated. I heard them stop talking again and Katy say, "Is she OK?" Then my husband came to the door and said, "Amylee, you OK in there?" I said, "Yes. I'll be out in a minute." I'd already been in there 10 minutes. I couldn't think of how I was going to face them after this. I was so embarrassed. My stomach cramped and another liquid mush came out of me spewing with loud gas. I now felt like I was done and started to pee. I finished peeing and wiped. It took me about 5 wipes to get cleaned up and when I pulled up my jeans and looked in the toilet, it was a mess. I flushed and most of it went down, but not all. I raised the seat and there were brown speckles on the underside of it. I looked in the cabinet under the sink and got a paper towel and some spray cleaner. I cleaned the toilet, and flushed again to rid the bowl of the remnants. That made 3 flushes. How embarrassing! Then I washed my hands and remembered the stink. I thought when I open the door, this stink is going to go right into the living room. I found some pine scented air freshener. I sprayed and thought it worked pretty well. I then opened the door and went out. They all looked at me and my husband said, "Alright?" I said, "Yes, sorry folks." Katy said, "We're all among friends. It's OK. Did something you ate upset your stomach?" I really didn't want to talk about my bowel movement with everyone, but had to answer and said, "No, I don't think so. Just had to go." Alana's husband laughed and said, "Don't worry about it, Amylee, we all have to shit, you know." They all laughed and so did I. About that time the smell of pine air freshener and poo came drifting into the room. Bill said, "Whoa. That smells like a Christmas tree decorated with turds." Everyone roared with laughter. I could only laugh myself. On the way home my husband was terrific. He asked if I was sick. I said, no, the laxative hit me. He said, "Oh, yeah, I forgot you took that stuff." He said, "Honey, I know how bad poo shy you are. I felt so bad for you." I asked, "Was I that loud?" He said, "Yeah, you were pretty loud." He must have thought I was going to cry so he took my hand and said, "Amylee, everyone poops. It's OK." I said, "I know, but it was humiliating with the guys there hearing me go. It's bad enough when other women hear me, but men other than you……………." He said not to worry about it. I said I'd be more careful how much of the laxative I took next time. I called my mom and let her know how her recommendation worked out for me. She said she was sorry to hear that, and that she'd never gotten diarrhea from this product. Well, that was a tough night for a poo shy girl like me!

Eileen H
Herb T: I definitely try to inject some humor in my posts with some fun euphemisms. I think the nature of some of these stories are just inherently funny. At the time they certainly weren't funny but looking back and reading over some of these posts they give me a good laugh.

Alan In Amsterdam: I'm still debating on whether or not I should tell a select few about this site.

Brandon T: Thanks of the continued support.

Just a guy: I normally do two BM's a day. Sometimes three. I rarely miss a day. I normally do one in the morning at school, and one at night right after my shower. Sometimes I'll get the feeling as I'm driving home from work and take care of it at when I get home.

Leanne Leslie: That log in particular was pretty thin I remember. Sorry, I don't have any specific measurements. It's harder to gauge that stuff. I was more taken by its length and didn't care much about the width. My butt sticks out as well. It's wide and deep, but not completely overgrown. I'm actually quite pleased with the way it looks. A perfect butt for turd dropping.


There was a good stretch there at my current high school that I teach at where I would not poop there all day. I'd say a good four months worth of days of holding it in. Things finally broke in January when I simply could not make it through the day without dumping off a turd.

I teach at a Catholic school so we get a lot of time off for Christmas break. I took the time to relax, and unfortunately, eat a lot of terrible food. I was dropping three or four ripe turds a day. They weren't that big but they were greasy and smelly for sure. Than, all of a sudden, my bowels shut down. After my big New Years bash I got completely clogged down there. I returned to school on Monday with the feeling of an entire meal sitting in my lower regions waiting to get out. It wasn't even second period (around 8:30) before I felt the need to move my bowels and release this foul beast. Given that I was still new at this school and very apprehensive about taking what was sure to be a huge shit here.

It didn't take long for the urge to completely overpower me. I was sweating and clenching as this mega-turd poked in and out. I was sitting down and the only thing stopping the poop from completely coming out was the chair. I could feel the shit stain my panties and leave some residue behind. With four more hours of school in front of me holding this thing in was practically impossible. Later at the lunch table Janet asked me to cover a class for her for a bathroom trip. I had a free period, but I desperately wanted to remove this shit from inside me. I reluctantly agreed.

I sat in on Janet's class for about 5 minutes. That 5 minutes felt like 50 with how bad I needed to take a dump. The prairie dogging had increased to a dire frequency. Seeing Janet come through the door was like a message from God. She whispered as I passed her "Watch out, I left a big stinker", I laughed, soon stopped. I realized my stomach was so sensitive at this point the slightest tap would release this #2 from within. As I walked to the bathroom I felt an odd sense of anxiety. Wishing no one was in there.

Turns out, I wouldn't be so lucky. I noticed one teacher at the sink, and two in the stalls (2 out of 4). I considered just going to another one, but I felt a huge surge of pressure that would not stop. This thing was coming out now. I went to the closest stall, which happened to be next to someone. Turned out it was Annamaria. The other person in the stall turned out out to be a former english teacher/current substitute teacher Mrs. S. I latched the stall door closed and was too busy pulling down my panties and slacks to notice the foul stench and floating little turd already in the bowl. I got the pants off and sat down. My heart was beating like crazy. I couldn't tell if it was because I was so desperate or because I was nervous about taking my first shit at this school.

A greasy, fat, smelly log quickly started to emerge from below. No pushing was required to let this thing out. All I needed to do relax. The thing crackled out with some putrid farts. To my left I could hear Susan talking. "Ugh, last time I have coffee in the morning. I've been holding this thing for 2 hours." Annamaria pitched in: "I haven't gone in 4 days. Took some softeners today. Almost didn't make it I had to go so bad." The stench of these two was pretty bad, but I didn't say anything. I knew mine would smell pretty bad too.

Meanwhile, my log was creeping out of me slowly but surely. I finally dropped with a fat thump as I let out a wet fart. My face was bright red. I heard a flush. Annamaria left her stall. I felt a little more comfortable without someone right next to me. She left quite the stink though, even after the flush. Once she left, I felt more on the way. I bent over and but my face near the bowl. Doing this helps me push things along. My face was right near the bowl, so I got an unfortunately large whiff of my turd's stink. I wrinkled my nose as the second turd started to peek out. Mrs. S let out a big fart and left me to smell it as she left. She too left a terribly pungent odor, but at least I had the place to myself. Now that I could relax the log slipped out much quicker. It was thick, creamy, and juicy. It dropped with another thump. I could feel it coil and steam below me. The repugnant stink in my stall was starting to really get to me. I spread my legs to see what I created before I flushed them down. Two 10 inch logs sitting, slightly curled. Sticking my nose that close to the shits gave me another nasty sniff of them. I reached back to flush and hopefully eliminate this stink because I felt more on the way.

Another slimy, warm turd made its way out. I needed to give a little push to get it out. Just as it landed, the Art teacher Kimanne came in. I peered under my stall and saw her go for the last stall (the one Mrs. S was in). She stepped back and said "Ugh, that stinks." She went to the one next to it. I felt even more crap on the way and was ready to let it go even though someone was right next to me. I guess I was already adjusting.

These next two turds were not the long logs I released previously. They were thick little shits that fired out in rapid succession. I again took a look into the bowl and saw one fat foot-long and two 5 inch plops. Kimanne was only here to pee apparently because she'd already left. I flushed again because of the stink and I reached for the paper to clean myself. I lifted my left leg and wiped back to front like I always do. It usually dones't take too many wipes to get clean back there. 3 wipes and I was out of the stink box stall. I washed my hands and got back to my class. Feeling much lighter and breathing some non-poo air both made the rest of the day much better.

Mr. Clogs

Comments and stuff

Pooperlady: Yeah that sucks! People have no consideration these days, I bet they didn't even apologize for what they did.

HSH: Yes we are creatures of habit. I often wonder how TV news anchors handle their call of nature. I guess we get a glimpse into TV personalities.

Eileen H: WOW, amazing to hold in 10 days worth of crap! The human body is amazing.

Car mom: Great posts! I'm sure you have posted this before but just curious, but have you peed into the backseat of your car or the couch?

Well as for me, nothing really interesting, I'm taking fiber powder that you put in your drink to help those who are constipated a lot or like to poop out fat turds. This stuff works if your consistent on it. What also helps is changing your diet, cut back on the meats, breads, cheeses, and junk food, add a little vegetables and fruit you should be all set. I have using my new glass jar for my night time trips to the bathroom. instead of staggering to the bathroom half asleep to pee, I just grab the container and go. That's pretty much it for me, have a great Memorial Day weekend.

Mr. Clogs

Hi everyone! I had my first exam on Friday, and towards the end I started to need to poo quite badly. I could feel it moving down towards my hole quite rapidly. I finished writing but had to wait the extra 10 minutes until the end before we were allowed to leave. By the end I had a fairly urgent need so I headed straight for the toilets with my friend Kathryn.
We discussed the exam and then as we reached the toilets Kathryn said, 'I'm going to the loo, I'm about to explode if I don't.'
I told her I needed to go as well and we headed in to the little girls room. There were four cubicles with one taken at the end. We took the two at the other end and we both lowered our jeans and panties and sat. Right away Kathryn started up a loud gushing wee. I had to wee as well so I joined in. After a minute she finished weeing. I could feel my poo pressing hard but I wanted to wait and see if she had to go first. She certainly did- there was a loud fart from her cubicle and then three loud rapid plops and another fart. I heard her sigh. Once I knew she was going for a number two as well I pushed out two logs and then a spattering of runny poo. Kathryn let loose with another two quick logs, two farts and some diarrhea of her own. I was done after three small pieces of poo so I flushed and washed my hands. Kathryn still had some poo to get out so I waited by the sinks and listened to her plopping away. She came out a couple of minutes later. I think we were both much in need of our bathroom break and felt much better for it!

Will post again soon. Bye!


Fart Alecks

Here are some random stories about Farts.

One time back in 86 my dad walked in a 76 service station and farted outside.Two girls around 12-13 walked in afterword and one said,Did somebody shit?

One time on a sunday night around 87 my grandmother had 3 cups of coffie and she gone in the bathroom.I stood outside the door if I can hear anything and I heard a long beeeeeeeeeeewwwwwwww.I ran from the door laughing.But she only peed.

Old Fart


Mystery Girl,
Sometimes it happens that way. I remember I was at school before class at a downtown college and seriously needed to crap. I've no clue why but suddenly my body just pushed and there was a moment of blessed followed by panic and "What the F did I just do?!?!?". It was a 30 minute, 7 mile, bus ride home. I walked instead. Because of the rubbing I had severe diaper rash by the time I got home. If there is a next time for you and, you have a shower with a removable drain cover that removes to leave an open hole, try clean up in the shower. Remove all but the soiled clothes and after all is washed down the drain you are clean and you have rinsed out clothes ready for the wash.

I've posted long ago under a different name. My earliest posts where I told about myself I can't find. So, the old name doesn't much matter and I'll post again soon with the story as to why I'm here. In the meantime I've another 2500 miles to drive to get to my new home.

Upstate, you are the only one currently here that may have been here longer than I. I'd been lurking for a fair bit of time before we all enjoyed Heather's posts for such a terribly short time back at page 500.


My gassy friend Alice

Today I had my friend Alice over to watch a movie. We're good friends and she's open about having to fart or go to the bathroom. So sometime during the movie, Alice let out a nasty smelling fart kinda like braaap. I fanned my nose and she said "Sorry, but I gotta fart again" and with that she farted again, louder and not as smelly, pppprrrttttttt followed by a pfft then she told me, "Oooh, looks like I need more than a fart."

She got up and walked quickly over to the bathroom, farting pretty loudly all the way, Prrrrrt Brraaaarrp Prrrfftrrt Braaaarrpp. She swung the bathroom door closed, but it sometimes doesn't latch all the way unless you shut it with force, so the door remained just a crack open. I noticed and got up to shut the door for her, but as I got closer I could hear her still farting up a storm. Prrrt Braarrt Ppppttt Ppprrrt Pprrt and I wanted to stay and listen.

I didn't hear any more for a little bit but then a really big one Ppprrraaaaarrrttttt Splunk Sploosh Prrrt Braaarrt Praaarrt Brrrtttt Sploonk Sploosh Splash. I thought she might be done after that and I thought about walking back so I didn't get caught. Then she started again Braart Prrrt Sploop Prrrrrtttt Prrrrt Prrrrrrt Brrrraaaarrrpptt Splunk Prrrt Sploosh. Finally, I heard her roll off some toilet paper and I hastily retreated back to the couch.

When she came out a few minutes later, she looked very relieved and I sort of teased her, saying "Feeling better? I heard some of those farts even out here?" and she responded by contorting her face, ripping a small Prrt fart and laughed, telling me, "Yeah, I'm fine. I just had a lot of gas built up"

I don't know what exactly she eats, but she sure can fart a lot. She must have a really good control over her colon, because I can't remember her ever farting when we go out to restaurants or anywhere else in public. But she sure lets go when it's just me or her other friends around.

Hi everyone, this is my first Post using my new handle. Now i want to address all the female Postees, irrespective of age. orientation, status or location. As mentioned previously just back from Ireland and my bm's were somewhat out of kilter as were my wife's. Now we've been wed over 29 yrs and bm wise she's a half hour after getting up girl & if not as soon as she gets to work. Very occaisionaly it might be just before bedtime and that requires a tad more effort on her part say a harder push or raising her left bum cheek off the seat. Now here's the point i'm getting to. We have a "very healthy" relationship, if you get my drift and still do, btw i'm 59 and she's 56. Anyway ladies i dont know if its my imagination or exclusive to her but after her late evening bm she always seems more "attentive". Any comments or feedback from you ladies would be appreciated to satisfy my curious enquiring mind so thanks in anticipation! By the way Nobody and Shirleygwentgirl are you still about? Pop by sometime, miss your Posts! As i said earlier i'm 59 one of the older ones here i guess and Marika at 14 one of our youngest friends so it would be interesting to know who is our oldest & youngest male/female contributors. Love to all the ladies X and hi to all the guys! Bye for now.


Answer for A.W.


Re: Answer and Another Accident
To Stephanie,

First of all, thanks for replying to my other question :) Second, thanks for writing another story once again too. I enjoyed reading it very much. Is that the first accident you had at work?"

Thanks, A.W.

Yes, that is the only accident I've had at work (at any job, not just this one).

More stories to come. :)



Letting Loose in the Woods

It's been quite some time since my last post, but with it approaching the summer, I just had to share how nice it is to have the opportunity to take advantage of the great outdoors as your bathroom. It feels far more natural than just sitting on a customized seat, plus the euphoric relief of it all gives it far more enjoyability. Well, I did manage to have myself a nice poop in the woods not too long ago with the sun shining at its fullest.

I had the day off and was out and about running errands and doing a bit of shopping as well. Well, I was driving from one place to another by going through the scenic route (despite the gas prices), when all of the sudden I got that familiar feeling in my gut that was telling me that I should stop and use the bathroom. Of course, since I always carry tissue in my purse, I figured why not poop outside in the woods? I found a parking lot that led to a short hiking path that people usually frequent, so I pulled over, found a spot, and parked my car. I grabbed my purse and got out for the trail. There were porta potties there, but I'd rather not use those filthy things in the sunny weather. Anyways, after a bit of walking, I felt that I was in enough to find a secluded spot, so I hiked through some shrubbery until I was well away from the trail. At this time, my anus was starting to crown and have its first turd poke out, so after being confident of my spot, I pulled down my shorts and thong and squatted low. I let out a mild gush of pee, only to focus on the crown that was bothering me for quite some time afterwards. This thing was freakin thick, and after some deep breaths, I managed to inch it out for quite some time. This was so relieving as I was squatted down, letting my anus work naturally to assist in this process rather than to apply force as usual in this go-go world. After approximately a foot in length, it broke off and three smaller turds followed afterwards. What a relief. Cleanup wasn't too messy, just two tissues did the trick and I redressed myself after feeling far more relieved. If only I could have shared that moment with someone, it could have been far more special. Oh well. I hiked back up to my car and continued on with my day afterwards.

While I don't care for porta potties myself, if I was to drive by that area again but it was raining, I'd definitely use them instead of the outdoors. Don't want a relieving experience to be ruined by getting soaked (or by having the toilet paper too wet to use haha!).

Hi again everyone!

Abbie- Hope you poos get a bit easier soon. Bet you can't wait for summer so you can go and poo whenever you need to!

I had my next exam today and to be honest it didn't go very well. It was in the university sports centre and about half an hour from the end I had to poo but not too badly. I had pretty much run out of stuff to write about so with twenty minutes left I decided to give up, leave, and relieve myself. I got up and got my bag from the front and as I left I was just behind another girl from my course, Danielle, who I don't know very well. Behind me was another girl, Charlotte, who I again don't know very well. We all asked each other how we found it and we all found it hard, so at least it wasn't just me! I was all set to say I was waiting for someone and then go to the loo, but then Danielle said, 'I'm just going to the loo.' Then Charlotte said she had to go, and they looked at me. I said yes, I had to go as well, and we all made our way down the stairs to the toilets. There were six cubicles, all empty, so we took the middle three and went in. I wasn't a big fan of having them know I was pooing, but as it turned out I needn't have worried. Danielle was to my left and Charlotte sat down beyond her. I lowered my jeans and panties and sat as I heard Danielle do the same. She carried on talking about the exam as we all weed and then she let out a huge fart and a blast of runny poo. She said, 'Oh! Excuse me!' Charlotte and I laughed and Charlotte said not to worry and replied with a squirt of diarrhea of her own!
Once I knew they were both pooing I felt a lot more confortable in letting my own poo out. I pushed out a log with a plop and then Danielle let go with two of her own. Charlotte farted while this was going on and pushed out some more runny poo. They both must have been desperately holding it through the exam because they really had to go! I was happy with being the only one who just had to take a normal poo- for now. I pushed out three more logs and Danielle and Charlotte kept alternating squirts of runny poo with farts and a few logs. I pushed out seven or eight small pieces of poo that took a while. While we were all seated pooing a few other girls came in for wees. One came into the cubicle to my right and immediately dropped two loud logs. After ten minutes or so I was done and as I came out so did Charlotte. Danielle sat quietly for another minute or so and then joined us at the sinks. We had all needed our poos, that's for sure! I thought I was done but after we went our separate ways no sooner had I left the building and started walking down into town for some lunch than I needed another dump. This one felt like it would be more like the runny sort I expect around exams.
I went into the students union and got some lunch and headed for the loos. Usually they are empty but an exam had just turned out in the building next door to the union and so when I went in with an urgent need for a poo all eight cubicles were taken and there was a line of three more girls waiting. There were a lot of plops and farts from the toilets so I guessed there were quite a few girls who had been holding it in like Danielle and Charlotte had. I got in the queue and hoped it would move quickly. One girl came out and was replaced. The girl ahead of me looked pretty urgently in need of a wee. The one at the front of the queue looked like she was holding her stomach. I urgently needed a poo now as well even though I had just been! Another cubicle opened and the next girl went in. I heard her quickly sit and blast out some diarrhea. Two cubicles opened together and the girl ahead of me went in one and I went in the other. The girls either side of me were letting go with number twos. I joined in soon after I sat down. A couple of squirts of diarrhea came out of me. I wondered why this hadn't happened earlier. A few small hot pieces of poo came out next and then some more runny mush. I still felt a bit weird so I stayed seated for five more minutes until the feeling subsided a bit. Once I got up and got home I felt fine again.
Then this evening I had to poo again. I went to the loo and pushed out one piece. Then what felt like a pretty big log came out, but when I looked in the toilet it was just a tiny nugget! Does anyone else have this feeling- that the poo they are passing feels big but it actually quite small?

That's all for now. I'll post again soon. Bye!

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Pooeygirly first welcome to the site and great story about you and your friends pooping outside that must have been some site and I bet it will make great fertilizer for the garden and please share anyother stories you may have thanks.

To: Feral Girl first welcome back its nice to hear from you again and great story about you peeing and pooping in the tub and I have always enjoyed reading about all the interesting places you have pooped as have others and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Dumper great story about seeing that woman pee on the floor of the train and if you have anyother stories like that involving women please share them thanks.

To: Pooperlady some bathrooms ive noticed have stalls that dont lock properly unless the door is completely closed while others will lock even if the door not fully closed I think its the type of lock and door and please share anymore stories you may ahve thanks.

To: Sportsfan as always another great story about hearing a woman going to the bathroom and I bet she knew you could hear her because portapoties arent very soundproof and thats what I hate and love about them and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Dan as always another great story about hearing a woman fart and pee and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Leanne as always another great story it sounds like you made a good choice to go at that time and at least you made it and didnt have an accident which would have been a real mess to clean up from the way you described your poop and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Abbie as always another great story and I bet you felt you better after that and also hearing that other girl go to the bathroom as well and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Leslie leanne great story I bet you better after that and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Wendy & Kirsty Wendy it sounds like you made the right choice because as you said its better to be late then to have an accident and from the sound of it you would have probaly been late anyways and as always I look forward to your guys posts thanks.

To: Upstate Dave great story about seeing your wife pooping and a question im not sure if youve been asked this before but does your wife know about this site if not maybe you can tell and she might want to start posting here as well and I konw everyone would welcome her with open arms and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Wendy 2 if your still reading this site post again your stories were really good thanks.

To: everyone out there I hope you have a safe and happy Mermorial Day and be careful out there because there are those IDIOT'S out there who decide to drink and drive and we dont want to loose another person like with what happened to Rjogger&Wife who use to post here years ago but were killed by some IDIOT who decided to drink and drive so to some it dont do something stupid if your gonna drink alchol make sure you have some way of getting home like a friend, taxi or bus that way you wont get behind the wheel and put other peoples and your own life in danger so happy Memorial Day everyone.

Well thats all for now

Sincerly Brandon T

PS. I love this site


Fart Alecks part 2

Here are some more that I forgot to post.Back in 1990 of March after I had the chicken pox I was about ten at this time.I was at an BigLots store or Oddlots in some area's.Well it was around 5pm on a Friday We was heading to another town 50 miles away.I was in the store at my home town before we left.I was in one toy eisle and got the toy I wanted.And I was there all by myself when I started to let a Fart it was loud,and in the middle of it a woman walked by,around 43-47.she didn't say nothing she just just looked for a split second while walking and went on.She act like she didn't hear it.But I know she did.Boy!I was Red!

Brandon T

woman in bathroom

About an hour I saw a woman go into the bathroom at the library and I think had to poop because I think I heard her farting and it kinda sounded wet so it might have been diarrhea I wouldve posted it at that time but it was about closing time.



I'm a little surprised about the no pooping for 10 days. If I am sick, or just want to clean myself out, 2 glasses of milk will do it in an hour.

Since this is a holiday weekend, I will tell a story of an unfortunate incident during a holiday some years ago. At the time I was a long term temp, and the temp agency sent the checks over to the company we worked at. This was a friday, and although we were off, the checks were to be picked up before 2.30. I got there at 2.25. Since they were closing, I didn't go to the bathroom. Took the bus to the check cashing place/store and started to feel ill. Got off about 6 blocks early because the construction site had an outhouse. Sadly, it was locked, so I walked 6 blocks trying not to crap my pants. When I got in the store, I couldn't find the bathroom, which was on the 2nd floor, all the way in the back. Finally got relief, but I am a heavy sweater to begin with, and was pratically soaked from the strain. Had to do the walk of shame out of the store.

Herb T. Look for the Harold and Kumar and the Not Another Teen Movie bathroom clips on youtube, although you propably already seen them.


Hanging Poop

Hi all,
Onetime while using the bathroom as a child I took a massive poop (I took many(. This one, however, was verry difficult! I was probably on the toilet for 20 minutes! This was one of those poops where it gets stuck halfway out your bum, and you can't budge it! So, after a while of sitting there, Mom called the doctor. While Mom was on the phone, the poop finally came out! I'm glad I didn't give up, or I would have had to go to the doctor with a load up my butt. Also, since I had BM problems as a child, my bowels leaked for a month, and when I went in the toilet big ones came out.

I had to go to the mall today to do some errands. After eating lunch at the cafeteria I headed downstairs to the washrooms to take a much needed dump since the bathrooms by the cafeteria would be much busier. I enter in and notice that three of the four stalls are taken except the handicapped stall at the end right across from the urinals and paper towel dispenser. I go in and set my bags down before lowering my shorts and getting myself seated and ready to unload. I let out a small fart to ease some pressure and get ready to push.

Just then I realize that there is a large concrete pillar between the end of the stall door and the solid wall to the right with about a foot and a half gap between the pillar and the wall not to mention the very large gap between the stall door and the pillar. I realize that I could be seen quite clearly and the stall offered very little privacy. Just then someone came in and headed to the urinals directly across from my stall. I couldn't hold on any longer and let out a loud and booming fart that echoed into the bowl below which was quickly followed by the turd dropping into the bowl below with a loud thud. I felt much better but then the guy turned around and looked directly at me through the large space as he walked towards the sinks. I felt so embarrassed that I quickly finished as fast as I could and left before someone else came in.


House to myself

Hi everyone, Abbie here again.
Leanne- sounded like a close call after your exam. Glad you made it in time!
As I said in my last post my constipation has been quite bad lately so I've been doing my best to go for a poo every day. Thursday I went to the toilet as soon as I got home from school, I strained and strained for ages but didn't manage to produce anything. Friday was a bit better, I decided I'd try to use the loo at school as I knew my parents would be home when I got back that afternoon, they've gone away this weekend for a few days and so has my sister so I've got the house to myself which is great! My cousin Amy will be arriving soon and tomorrow the other Amy and Lauren (the girls I met on my Easter revision course) are coming over, we're planning to do a lot of revision together. Anyway, back to Friday and my successful toilet visit at school. During the morning I started to feel like I might want a poo, it was only a very slight need and normally I would have ignored it, but I thought I'd better use the toilet at lunchtime to see if I could go. By the time I was waiting in the queue the urge had gone, I'd been for a wee at breaktime so I didn't even need that, I almost walked out but thought I'd better try to have a poo. Eventually I got a cubicle and locked the door, the two girls either side of me were both pooing as I could hear them farting and their logs plopping into the bowl. As I lifted my skirt and dropped my yellow knickers I hoped I'd soon be joining them. I sat on the seat and looked under the partition, to the left I could just see the girls shoes and bare legs but on the right I saw that my other neighbour had pulled her trousers and blue flowery knickers all the way to the floor. I breathed deeply and tried to relax, then started to push gently. I let a few loud farts go and a dribble of wee, just then the girl on my left farted too and I heard some mushy poo splatting into the bowl. I was suprised as I could feel something moving down inside me and quite soon I realised the tip of a turd was coming out of my bum. I started to push a bit harder and I could feel the log moving slowly out, after a couple of minutes it dropped, making a loud plop as it fell into the water. The girl on my right was still sitting and was making the occasional grunt, she was obviously having a hard time pushing out a log. I kept pushing and dropped a few more pieces, then I knew I was done so I took some toilet roll and started to wipe my bum. Just then I heard a massive plop next door and a sigh of releaf from my neighbour. I finished wiping, pulled up my knickers and let down my skirt. As I was washing my hands the girl who had been on my right came out of her cubicle, I realised it was one of my sisters friends. She smiled at me as she went over to wash her hands and I smiled back, she obviously wasn't too embarased that she'd been straining and grunting next to me!


Bad food

When I was about 12 I ate some off tasting food at school & during afternoon lessons I felt a bit unwell. I knew I would need the toilet soon & by break time I was desperate so I rushed to the toilet & quickly sat down. I let out a huge fart & peed a lot but there was no poo. I pushed hard but still nothing. I gave up & finished my break & returned to class. By home time I felt another big urge to go but thought it was just wind so I waited untill I got outside & let rip. There was just one problem. It wasn't wind! I couldn't stop it & filled my knickers with a big mushy load. I ran all the way home & as soon as I got in I sneaked past my mum & went straight to the bathroom to clean up. My knickers were caked up in poo & so was my bum so I dropped my knickers in the toilet & wiped/scraped the poo off my bum before showering. I got away with it & even got to finish my poo on the toilet which felt so relieving. I still didn't feel too good so I went to my room to rest. I woke up four hours later with a terrible cramp in my stomach so I went to the toilet again to have some explosive diarrhoea. Wave after wave pumped out of me filling the toilet & when it was over I felt weak & went back to bed to rest again. I woke up the next morning feeling really ill & had to run to the toilet to be sick. While I threw up my bowels let go & I loaded my knickers so badly it ran down my legs. It was awfull. I had to shower again & change my clothes. I went back to bed feeling completely drained & about three hours later I had to go again. My mum had left a bucket by the toilet so I could sit down for my poo with the bucket on my lap to throw up in. I never had school dinners after that experience!


Urgent poo

I was getting ready to take Wendy to work this morning when I felt a big urge to poo. It was time to leave so I decided to wait untill I got back home. I dropped Wendy off at work but as I was driving away I felt a sudden & very urgent need to poo. I had to clench really hard & was praying I'd make it home in time. My luck conspired against me as it started to rain & the traffic slowed to a crawl. I was close to shitting my knickers & all that clenching was hurting my bum. I daren't relax even for a second as I knew it would explode out into my knickers if I risked it. The rain got heavier & about half way home to traffic began to move faster but so were my bowels! I was in agony & I was leaking into my knickers. The smell was bad I needed to open the windows but I couldn't as it was raining so hard. I barely made it home but the rain was so heavy I didn't want to get out of the car so I sat there holding my poo for dear life. I had to so badly I kept leaking into my knickers & my bum felt all wet & sticky. I was sure it would soak into my jeans & then the rain stopped. I gingerly got out of the car with my bum clenched hard & closed the door. The clouds were breaking up now & the sun came out. I half walked/ran into the house holding my bum with both hands & made it to the bathroom. I took my jeans & knickers right off & left them on the floor while it sat on the toilet with a thump. I had an explosive & extremely relieving runny poo into my poor toilet. I destroyed it, covering the bowl with a muddy brown coat of mushy but not quite diarrhoea. I felt so much better after it was over & when I looked at my knickers to check out the damage, they were ruined. Luckily my jeans were only lightly stained so they went in the wash. I took a shower to clean up & got dressed & made breakfast feeling empty.

Hi everyone, yes its me again - making up for lost time I guess, i mean 2 Posts in a few hours. First off all a bit of housekeeping! Having scanned through Posts i've noticed that the tag or handle John has been quite common so in future i will call myself "John The Kentishman" i think i can say w'out fear of contradiction that's pretty unique to this site: it denotes my name and whereabouts. Shirleygwentgirl are you still around? I've a story here which may appeal to you, and others of course! This one goes back to '78/'79. I was working as a Senior Case Clerk for the legal department of a UK govt department and it was my job to prepare cases for solicitors for prosecutions at Newport Magistrates Court (hence the reference to Shirley). Anyway to the story. We were London based and we had a new team member and i was tasked with mentoring her, that was cool as she was a cute, petite, Eurasion girl of about 5'2" and weighed in at around 108lbs. She had shoulder length dark, almost black hair and the most appealing brown eyes. Anyway once a month one of the Case Clerks would accompany the solictor to court, carrying the case notes etc and this meant an overnight stay. I had a guest house i used regularly and booked 2 single rooms. The place was a large late Victorian/early Edwardian place on the edge of Newport. The large rooms upstairs had been converted into en suites and by sheer luck we got adjoining rooms, the en suite part being adjoined by a thin plasterboard wall. Anyway we arrived and went to our respective rooms to freshen up agreeing to rendezvous an hour or so later and that we'd go for a meal. We had a lovely 3 course meal with wine coffee etc. We then went to a pub for a couple of drinks before returning. I said i would see her down at breakfast. As i went to the bathroom i could hear I go into hers and any thought of me taking a leak immediately went on the back burner, i put my ear to the wall and heard the rustle of her dress being lifted and tights and panties lowered and her placing her pert bum

on the toilet this was followed almost at once by a huge gushing, hissing pee and a tremulous fart, as the pee stream tapered off to a trickle and a few drips in all about 20 secs i heard a slight movement and i thats it, but no another resonating fart followed about 5secs later by PLOP and i mean PLOP! There then followed a sequence of plop, plop, plop, PLOP, PLOP! My mouth was dry and my loins were aching, this was spectacular. There was a brief respite followed a further sequence of plops interspersed with the occaisional PLOP and tinkle of pee over the next few minutes. Then i did hear movement tp being pulled with a flourish and then i heard her feet move i surmised she must have been "standie uppie" wiper, but i being ever the gentleman, be quiet at the back, would never have asked her! I heard the flush and the rustling of her clothes again presumably umdressing for bed. Needless to say i was one happy guy going to bed! That's not the end however, oh no! The next morning as i was completing my abloutions i heard I go into her bathroom again, squeaky fart this time a hissing pee followed by four petit plops all done then hear her turn on the shower. She joined me at the breakfast table general chit chat then apropos nothing said" John I feel so good the best bowel evacuation i've had for absolutely ages". I merely

Upstate Dave

"J" Comes With Me While I Work Part 3

Now I stepped over the scooped out hole I had made in te pine needles. I hurridly umbuckled my belt,got the snap opened,and got my zipper pulled down. As I did all this I could feel my shit pressed hard on my asshole and it had slipped open just a little. Up front my penis was erect and my bladder very full and I right after I had gotten my pants pulled down but not yet had squated I was holding my penis very hard to keep from pissing till I did get my penis shoved down where I wouldn't piss on mysl;ef or my clothes!

Right after I had squated and shoved my penis downward I only had to slightly relax my grip on mypenis and I shot a hard stream of piss out from my penis. I ,issed "J's" shit and my piss slammed into the front wall of the hole! My stream was to hard for the front collasped with the holod now partaily filled back up with pine needles! That was ok my piss streams force was cushioned so there was no more collapseing of the walls in the hole.

Now also ith the quick start as far as pissing as soon as I had squated my asshole opned right up real wide which I felt it do. I felt a very fat shit slideing out through my asshole. Seven eight seconds later I heard a dull thud under me. My shit had broken off for I could feel that my asshole was still widely spread open amd I was still shiting.

I had pissed hard enough up to this time Imust have made a piss puddle in the one end of the hole. For now I could hear my piss splashing under me too. I wasn't looking down I was looking at "J" who was standing in front of me watching me as I pissed and shit. Now I felt myasshole close and a second dull thud and a splash under me. I was done shiting but I still was pissing so I had to wait for my piss to end.

I went back to pissing harder too after I had stopped shiting. My piss made a pretty good splash sound at times other times not for I would piss on my shit. I had looked down and I saw down in the hole so I was moving my penis to do everything I was doing. Then my stream eased off and stopped. I letgo of my penis and took the roll of toilet paper from "J"

I rolled off only a few sheets and gave my ass one good wipe. That was all that I needed to do. I dropped the paper in the hole. Then I bent over and scopped pine needles back into the hole covering over our shit, my piss puddle, and the toilet paper. That only took me a short time to do. After I had done this "J" said to me; Hey you didn't finish pissing! No spurts to do? I reached down shoved my penis down and gave a hard push which I did one short hard spurt of piss. Then I reached down pulled up my pants and took care of them. "J" and I were soon right back in the truck and back on the road going north. To be continuied.

Sunday, May 29, 2011



Hi guys I'm 16 years old and I poo like a beast!!

I had the most interesting sleepover with 4 of my friends. There was me, Beth, Sophie, Emily and Jess. We all are very comfortable with each other. The sleepover was at Beth's and we were all drinking abit of alcohol and smoking and shit. Sophie then came out with, 'I need to fart' we all said just do it and she did. It was foul, wet and loud. And we all pissed ourselves laughing (not litrally) Then all of a sudden i needed to poo really really badly but at the same time i needed to fart i tried not to make it obvious because i could feel it was going to be big and smelly and make a mess so i held it. Sophie and Jess went out for a heart to heart. Beth decided to cook some pizzas. Emily was a bit drunk and then she said to me 'I need the loo babe can you take me' I said 'Me too Em' So i took her to the loo and stayed with her holding my bum. Em was pissing and watching me hold my bum she asked me 'Do you need a shit babe?' I said 'yeahh babe :(' She said 'well i really need one as well but my bums too big so you can't get on with me can you hold it?' I said 'No im gonna poo myself :(' Then Beth knocked on the door 'Girls hurry up i need a shit!' I said 'Beth, Em's having a poo and i need to go really badly!' Beth opened the door and smelt em's stench and heaved. She dragged me out and hugged me. She said 'Go back in and grab some loo roll we are going in the garden. I went back in (Em still shitting her brains out) Grabbed some loo roll and me and Beth waddled downstairs into the garden to find Jess and Sophie back in the garden having a fag and they saw us and Jess said 'Are you guys ok?' Beth replied 'We are about to shit ourselves' We ran onto the grass and pulled down our underwear and started pooing. Luckly for me and Beth our poos were all solid. Mine consisted of 7 Logs about 6 inches long each!!! Beth was a bit constipated but managed 4 logs of 4 inches each. We farted ALOT! but we wiped and scooped up the poo with a shovel and put everything in the garden bin. Emily had finished but hadn't wiped as we could see skidmarks on her underwear so i wiped her. And the rest of the night was just about us all getting really drunk and Jess pissed herself lol

Hope to post more soon

Feral Girl

Guess i'll post

Natural Nick: lol, thanks. you did give me an idea i'm gonna try.

so this happened last saturday, but i wasn't going to post it until i mentioned it to J and she demanded i do it. she threatened to tell everyone about my bush. she can be such a bitch. >:E

but i guess i might as well post it, i just wasn't going to because i thought people would get bored of me just posting the weird places i poo in.

anyway a friend was throwing an end of school party so about 4:15pm i was dying my hair, cuz at the end of the school year they stop being so anal (lol) about rules for hair and i can get away with dying it bright red as long as most of the dye washes out by monday. so i was in my bathroom doing that and going to shower before the party.

i had applied the dye and had to wait 30 minutes for it to set before i could rinse. i was timing it with my phone and had been walking back to my room and just kinda pacing around. i was already totally naked since i was going to shower anyway. after about fifteen minutes i was starting to need to really go to the bathroom. i was trying to decide what to do, i could either use my bucket then or wait. but i was feeling lazy, soooooo i went back into the bathroom again.

i got into the bathrub and stood with my hand on the wall and waited a bit before my pee started. it ran down my legs and i moved them apart so it started running down just my right leg then started falling straight down and splattering onto my feet. so i stopped and started again and it still ran down my right leg, lol. i did that a few more times and it always went down my right leg for some reason. it felt nice to pee, but it smelled horrible, i haven't drunk enough water. :( i didn't pee too much and after i was done i shook my feet off and ran a little water to wash them off and wash the pee down the drain.

i got back out of the bathtub and went back to the counter by the sink to get my phone to play with it. another fifteen minutes before my dye was done. usually 4:30 is right when i need to poo, maybe a few minutes after if i hold it in. so by the time my dye was done it was 4:45 and i *really* needed to poo and was afraid something would slip out of i tried to relieve some pressure by pooting, lol.

so when the dye was done i went over to the bathtub and turned the shower on and got it warm then slid the bath mat out of the way and got the handheld shower thing. i was shivering as i got down on my knees next to the bathtub and as i did i let out a long poot and almost something else.

i leaned over and rested my chest on the edge of the bathtub as i ran water over my head to rinse the dye good and as i did i just let go. i felt my poo already right at my butthole start to slide out, and it felt nice and solid, lol. felt like it was a foot long as it slowly came out and i slid my knees apart further so it wouldn't hit one of my legs. it stayed all in one piece until it hit the floor as i pooted right after it. it felt really awesome, better than most times i poo and i shivered as i felt more poo get ready to come out. this time it felt solid, but it kept breaking off as it came out and falling. i couldn't hear it hit the floor cuz of the water, but just as the last piece stopped in my hole i finished rinsing and let the water drip off my hair before wiping my face. i sat up straight and the piece was still stuck like it was right at my butthole. so i pushed really hard to try to get it the rest of the way out, but all i did was pee a little and it ran down my legs. i got up and checked what i'd done, one big turd like a foot long then five smaller pieces a couple of inches long. it didn't smell too much at least. i grabbed some TP and wiped my booty good, it smeared a lot cuz of what was stuck and then picked up what i dropped on the floor and tossed it in the toilet then flushed. then i took a shower and went to the party. :)

Hi everyone, its and just back from Ireland, attended my wife's niece's wedding and a wonderful occasion it was too! Must say though Arthur G's famous dark brew had an interesting effect on my bm's at first, somewhat bunged up due to the high iron content but ok after a couple of days but my wife carried on as normal with her daily two 9inchers plus a plop for luck! Spent this am catching up on all the Posts and very good they are too! To Emma, Leanne, Kat, Lizzie & Chandi what wonderful young ladies you are, the stories are just marvellous; the entire brown contents from your gorgeous derriere's could be converted into sustainable green energy. Give me your details girls and i'll sign you up to the National Grid, lol. Now across the pond to Eileen H. Well i reckon you and your female relatives could power the whole Eastern Seaboard! Eileen thanks that was another great Post. Now Brandon T as always I enjoy your analysis and comments on our respective Postings and thank you for remembering tht specifif Post to which I referred, my sanity's not in doubt then! But Brandon i'll stand you a beer old chap if you can recall the page number, cheers mate! A big X and huggle to all the aforementioned ladies and take care all of you out there! Bye for now.

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