Train ride with a surprise ending

I've posted a couple of times previously, but have had very few interesting experiences and all of those when I was young. Back in 1963 when I was 15 I had a week during the school holidays using a Runabout Ticket to travel around the north-west of England by train on my own.
One day I went to Southport and after spending time on the beach and the amusements went to catch the late afternoon train home. I was on the last minute and climbed in to a compartment at the end of the train. The coaches of that train had no corridors or toilets. There was no-one else in the compartment and I was looking forward to a quiet journey, when just before the train started moving the door was flung open and a girl of about 13 or 14 jumped in. "I was sure I had missed it!" she said. We sat on opposite sides of the compartment and as we were travelling along I noticed that she kept fidgeting in her seat.
Soon she was dancing up and down and said "I knew I shouldn't have had that last glass of lemonade and I didn't have time to go to the toilet or I would have missed the train." We still had over half an hour to go until the train reached Preston and I asked her if she would be able to wait that long. She was sure she couldn't and I said the only alternative was to go in the train. Reluctantly she agreed with me and I suggested we put our feet on the seats across from us to avoid getting wet.
I said I would look out of the window to avoid seeing her peeing, but she said it didn't matter as I would hear her going anyway. She was wearing a white striped summer dress which she raised to her waist and removed her blue knickers. We faced one another with our legs on the opposite seat, she parted her legs wide and just let fly! A jet of piss shot out of her for at least twenty seconds before it died to a trickle. Although the carriage floor was very wet, the movement of the train caused most of it to run either under the seats or the bottom of the doors. Naturally I was quite excited by what I had seen and I will not go into detail about what happened when she had finished her piss.
All too soon we reached the end of the line. We left the train quickly before anyone noticed the wet mess on the floor and went our separate ways. She had another train to catch to take her home and I never saw her again, although we had swapped names and addresses.


Got walked in on

The other day I was at a restaurant with friends. I went into the bathroom, and I entered a stall. I thought I'd locked the door properly. But when I was in the middle of taking a dump, someone started to open my stall door! When they heard my scream, they closed it again. But I couldn't close it properly after that, so I had to hold the door closed while I was taking the rest of my crap. Not much fun.

Alice T.

To Alan

To Alan in Amsterdam
Thanks for the story about your sister. At the end you mentioned she still wets the bed, and you said she did it while you were both awake. I would be very interested to hear how that came about and how you handled it and reacted and such. Please do tell!



For Mystery Girl

Mystery Girl,

Thanks for sharing your amazing story! It was a wonderful description. I know exactly how you felt/feel.

All I can say is you should try it with a firmer load, less mushy - it is much easier to clean up and feels even better (to me, anyway).

Hope you'll stick around and talk to us about this and maybe try it again.

Have you ever had any other accidents before this one?



Re: Answer and Another Accident

To Stephanie,

First of all, thanks for replying to my other question :)

Second, thanks for writing another story once again too. I enjoyed reading it very much. Is that the first accident you had at work?


Training Session Restroom VIsit

My company had a training session a couple of weeks ago. It was a team building exercise for a half day. We went into the city of our corporate office, and several people from other cities/company locations attended. We had about 50 people there. We met at a hotel, stayed the night, and boarded busses the next morning at 6:30 to go to an outdoor training facility. It was one of those things where we climbed ropes, ladders, fell off backwards and were caught by our coworkers, etc. One of those building trust in your fellow worker type sessions. Anyway, we arrived a few minutes before 7 a.m. and they'd catered an outdoor breakfast. It was a wooded area with a clearing where they had a permanent awning and they cooked a hot breakfast for everyone. I'm an after breakfast pooper, so I wondered what kind of restroom facilities they had. At about 7:20, I saw people walking down a path toward a wooded area. Word spread that was where the restrooms were. I got the urge for my #2 around 7:40. I hadn't noticed anyone going or coming from the restroom area for a few minutes, so I guessed there would not be a crowd. I got up and started toward the path into the wooded area. I saw a restroom sign pointing down the path. As I entered the path I heard someone behind me. I looked and saw it was a woman from another city who I've known for a few years from talking to her on the phone and at meetings when we're all at the corporate headquarters. She's about my age, very attractive, with dark shoulder length hair, and built like you wouldn't believe, especially from behind. She had on tight jeans this day, and I'd already taken note of her fantastic butt. She smiled and said, "Are you going where I'm going?" I said, "That depends on where you're going." She caught up with me and she said, "I think the restrooms are in this direction." We walked down the path, and then there was a sign pointing left saying "restrooms". We turned and I could see them just in front of us. I kind of froze. The "restrooms" were two porta-potties, butted side by side, each marked unisex. I thought, oh, boy, we had a few beers and pizza the night before and I was really feeling the need for a good dump, and likely to be gassy. She sarcastically said, "Oh, wow, porta-cans. I love these." I said, "Yeah, me too." We arrived at them and both were vacant. I said, "Lady's choice." She went into one of them and I went into the other. There was no sound privacy at all. I glanced toward her potty from inside mine and saw through the vent screens around the top of the unit. I could see the top of her head as she turned around to sit down. I started to drop my pants, and could hear her doing the same. I sat down and so did she. I really had to go but didn't want to risk blowing up loudly with her sitting right next to me. On the other hand, I was pretty excited that she was sitting on the toilet just through the thin plastic wall. It was deathly quiet. The wind was calm so the trees weren't rustling or anything. The chemical water in the porta-potties is about 2 feet below your butt, so it's noisy when you pee or poop. I knew she'd hear me so I sat there holding it, thinking maybe she'd pee and leave. Maybe a minute went by and I heard a loud KER-PLUNK of a turd falling next door. Then a second KER-PLUNK followed by a third and a sigh. She was obviously taking a dump. It was really a turn on to hear her going. I wondered if she knew I could hear. Now I was feeling too much pressure to hold on and let go. About 3 or 4 big pieces came out plunking into the water below, then I passed gas not too loudly, but I was sure she could hear. I was pretty embarrassed by this, but then thought, "She's sitting over there doing the same thing." Just then I heard a small squeaky fart and 3 more heavy KER-PLUNKS from her. I passed another log that splashed and then I needed to pee, signaling to me I was through with my #2. As I began my pee, I heard her start peeing a torrent into the water. I heard her unroll toilet paper and I could actually hear her wiping. She wiped 5 times (I counted). I was trying to unroll paper quietly and got cleaned up. I pulled up my pants and heard her rustling around. I opened the door and a second later so did she. She stepped out and walked right up beside me as I was going back up the path to the meeting place. She started talking about the day's plans and wondered if it would be fun or boring. She acted like she didn't think a thing about pooping right next to me and me being able to hear her. We had the training session and boarded the busses. A few days later when we were all back to our respective offices, she called about a work related thing. After the conversation, she said, "Now that a few days have passed, what did you think of the training session?" I said it was OK. She said she thought it was OK, too. Then she said, "I do think we got to know each other a little better, don't you?" I said yes and wondered if she was referring to the training session or the porta-potty time together.

Herb T.

Tidbits, Shout-Outs, and a few Observations

Hello everyone - Herb T. here. I'll try to keep this brief:

Eileen - I enjoyed your recent posts about Thanksgiving and the other one about your monster dump. Wow - four women in a row, each taking a dump after one another. Bummer you were the last one and had to smell everyone else's poo. I find your posts hilarious. I assume you're trying to throw in a touch of humor - if not, my apologies.

Amylee - I enjoyed your most recent posts - about Leigh and her getting admonished for using the cell phone in the restroom, and also about your new co-worker. What dedication - reading the employee handbook in the restroom. Sounds like that gal is trying to win employee of the month. I know you've posted about being poo-shy, but at least you're not as bad as me. At least you can go at your office when you need to. I've never taken a dump at the office I work in right now - mainly because there are some hot chicks who sit right next to the restrooms and I don't want them to know I'm taking a dump.

I'll confess to being somewhat of a fan of female pooping scenes in movies and TV. It's mainly the taboo thing, as well as the fact that these types of scenes pretty rare. A guy called Movie Fan used to post about these types of scenes years ago - I don't think he's posted in recent times. So... two of the best scenes, in my opinion, are 1) a movie called 'Green River Killer,' which is a low budget independent film - possibly not even released in the theaters, which is about the serial killer. It's rated R, so not super explicit or anything. There is a scene at the beginning where he takes a hot prostitute to his house and she announces that she has to take a shit, then he watches her go. At the end of the scene, she tears off some toilet paper and asks the killer if he'd like to wipe her ass. Highly recommended for fans of female movie poop scenes. 2) The best toilet related scenes ever, in my opinion, are from a NatGeo channel special on the history of restrooms and toilets. I think it was NatGeo, but it may have been another similar channel. This special aired a few years ago and was all about toilets and crapping, and so forth. There were several scenes showing a hot female sitting on the toilet, reading a book, with her pants down to her knees. In one scene, she stood up and pulled up her pants and flushed - the camera showed the water in the bowl, but no poo-poo or anything like that. In one scene, she was sitting on the toilet again reading a book, and the narrator said something like "Each year, humans excrete, on average, 300 pounds of feces," so it was clearly implying that she was taking a dump. There are also several scenes of a man sitting on the toilet reading the newspaper with his pants around his ankles, but I'm not a big fan of seeing men on the toilet. What was amazing about this show was that it was on regular TV - anyone could watch it flipping through the channels and it showed the woman's bare legs and the side of her buttocks (no true nudity of course). There was also some interesting facts about toilets and restrooms and so forth. Highly recommended to all posters on this forum if this program ever re-airs. Funny thing - I recorded it and had it saved on our DVR, and the wife was scrolling through the recording list a few days after I recorded it and asked me why I had a program recorded on the history of toilets. I did the classic playing dumb routine - I went over to the TV and grabbed the remote and looked at the TV and said "What the heck - I didn't record this - what is this?" Then I deleted it, which was kind of a bummer to delete it, but I didn't want my wife thinking I'm a weirdo.

On my most recent post, towards the end, I mentioned a hot chick at my office - she's of Indonesian descent, but speaks perfect English - I'll call her Jane. She's one of the staff level accountants at my office. Anyhow, I posted how whenever we all go out to lunch together, this gal eats an enormous amount. She also goes to the gym a lot, because she's mentioned it to me in conversation and she looks to be in good shape. Well... today, I was in the kitchen/lunch room getting my morning coffee and she was talking to her sister (her sister works at my office as well in the IT department - pretty hot, but not as hot as Jane). Well Jane brought a few snacks to work and was putting them in the refrigerator and had a small bottle of a clear liquid. Her sister asked her was it was and she said "fiber." It looked like Benefiber or something like that. I was clearly interested at that point, but didn't want to make it obvious, so I just took a long time to add cream and sugar to my coffee and pretend like I wasn't paying attention to their conversation. Jane said to her sister "Mom told me I'm not eating enough vegetables." I think it's part of their culture that parents are a little over-protective, since this girl is about 29 years old. It made me wonder why this girl needs fiber supplements. Also, she spoke about it right in front of me, which shows she isn't embarrassed about it. Pretty cool. Combined with all the food she eats, fiber supplements, and her workouts, I bet this gal takes some enormous dumps. Man oh man, I would love to see this girl sitting on the toilet taking a poo-poo. Unfortunately, the odds of that are about the same as winning the lottery. Bummer!!

Tom Tit

How on earth?

Reading a recent post reminded me of a sighting I had on a day trip to France (Cherbourg I think) a few years ago.
I was walking along the promenade when I saw an old man walking slowly towards me accompanied by what was presumably his family. They were walking beside him and slightly behind him.
He had on brilliant white trousers but the front was stained absolutely bright yellow almost down to his knees. This could not have been from one accident, he must have pissed his pants several times. How on earth could his family have let him out like this?

Question for Car Mom

Why won't you let men pee in your car? Is there something different about male urine that you don't like, or is it that you don't want a man exposing his private parts? If a man agreed to pee in his pants, would you let him pee in your car then?


Creatures of Habit....

Today while I was at the car dealership having service done on my car, I happend to catch The Today Show. On the first segment of the show, Kathy Lee Gifford and the other co host were talking about Meredith Vieira, former host of ABC's "The View" and current host of the Today Show. Well... Kathy and the other host were talking about Meredith's guest appearance on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno. They started talking about Meredith's segment with Jay where they talked about Today Show Co-host Matt Lauer's studio pranks. Unfortunately The Today Show didnt select the clip for show on this morning.

SO when I finished I got home and went to NBC's website to watch her segment with Jay. The clip in question was a message from Matt Lauer to Jay about Meredith...

Matt started out by talking about where he meets Meredith to go over every show. Matt said and showed that he goes next door from his dressing room to Meredith's dessing room where he doesnt always immediately find her. Matt says he usually finds the bathroom door closed and Meredith on the other side saying that she is changing clothes. Matt put emphasis on Meredith grunting while saying that she is changing. Matt then said (and had the sound engineer demonstrate) that a toilet flush is immediately followed after Merediths response.

Matt then says out walks Meredith in her robe and clogs... Matt holds up a can of Air freshener gives a few sprays and says "Meredith, changing your clothes... Really?"

Meredith's response seemed genuinely embarrased in a humerous sort of way.

It may have been a joke but I'm guessing there is some truthfulness to Matt's prank.

So know we possibly know Meredith Vieira, outgoing host of the Today Show, has her morning poop just before she heads to the set and the camera's start rolling...

Just a guy

Eileen H, I cannot imagine not taking a dump for 10 days. I'm very regular and tend to have a dump usually twice a day and sometimes even 3 times. In fact I don't know if I skipped more than a day without having a dump in the last year. Also, the last time, I went a day without a dump, was only because when I got the urge to go, it wasn't convenient, so I held back. The urge to have a dump didn't return until the next day and I had to push a little to get it going, but was then back to my usual schedule. What is your normal schedule (i.e. daily, once every 2-3 days, etc)? Also, when I'm regular I tend not to have much gas between bms, and when I do there is little or no odor; however, if I haven't gone in a while, I have gas more frequently and it tends to be smellier. Did you have any such issues?

Amylee, another excellent story. I have to agree that Courtney does not seem shy about pooping. I don't think you should worry too much about it. Based on your stories, you seem to go when you need to. I recently learned from a friend that there some ladies from another floor that always use the restroom on our floor at work so as to not to use the bathroom with their co-workers. I would say these ladies are much worse off than you.


my relieving boo boo

Hi everyone,

Today, I worked the exact same shift as my buddy at work, and after work, we went to his house, and we both had to shit, I mean BAD!!!!!!!!!! The ride home was 20 minutes long, and for the first time in my life I farted in front of him, and he just kinda giggled and went on, no big deal. It was a series of two strong, loud pops that felt good and had no smell. Well, then I felt another one churning, and I just had to let rip, so I did. It was a slow rolling one, consisting of about 3 rips, and two big loud blasts! He absolutely busted out laughing on that one. I told him, ok it's your turn now. He is the type of guy that always farts in complete privacy, but this time, he leaned forward and let a high-pitched little bitty one out, and was excited to finally get to experience one of his farts. Well, he did it one more time, 5 minutes later, this time it was a long, smooth, loud-one that sounded kind of like metal scraping, and he said "OUCH" as he let go. Well, we finally made it back home, and he was courteous enough to let me go first. I sat down, and instantly let go a long stringy log, about 2 feet long. I then got to the more difficult part of the poo, where I had to squeeze hard to get out some hot sizzly small pieces. I then let out a nice loud fart. He yelled to me, "Good one!" I said thanks, wiped my bum, peed, and then let him know it was his turn, after spraying the air freshener of course. As his skinny ass hit the seat, he told me thanks for warming the seat for him. I said you're welcome, and then listen as he let out a nice quick relieving poo. he then started peeing and i heard a nice slow rolling fart come out of his ass, as he finished his piss. What a relief for both of us!!!

Alan in Amsterdam
mystery girl: Thanks for the lovely story of your accident. Maybe you did, maybe you didn't, I suspect a bit of both especially since it was the first time. But maybe now there's another accident waiting to happen, so you can once again enjoy the plethora of lovely sensations...

Eileen H: a good skill you are developing, identifying people by the smell of their poo. Soon we will have half of your school staffroom on here!

Upstate Dave: I bet you left that bucket out there again! Your neighbours obviously have no respect for other people's property, so maybe you can get them to piss on your car next time you want it cleaned. Reminds me of the joke "What do you do if a bird shits on your windscreen?" "Don't ask her out again". I'd like to hear more about the girl who pooped in your sink.

Punk Rock Girl: Sympathies. I hope that hemorrhoid stays away and you can enjoy your poos rather than them being an agonising ordeal.

Belinda: A bit embarrassing that! You should've gone in the garden, never mind the neighbours.

Stephanie: A lovely image in my mind of you sitting on the toilet and peeing through your black panties. Thanks.

Amylee: Lots of people are poo shy. It's funny but even when all around are complete strangers and you're in a WC - where what else are you there for? - it still feels awkward.

Unnamed girl at the end: What a very nice story, I'm glad you had the chance to meet a new friend and watch her on the toilet. Lovely! And you got away with 'cunny' but not '????'!

Thanks to everybody - including you, Herb T! - for your stories.


Half Dump Denise

Slow-Shittin' Sammi's questions

What I do in a crowded public restroom with all the stools full and no flushes:
1) Look for leg movement under the cubicle door. It happened just yesterday at the airport while we were waiting for my cousin to fly in. I had probably waited about 10 minutes in a crowded bathroom and had progressed to where I would probably be next. I didn't get to see who went in but could see four legs and hear two voices. One seemed pretty scared so I put my eyes on another stall. Noise of something hitting the water: I heard a nice pee stream from the stall on my left and peeked in between the door and partition to see this girl about my age seated on the toilet, but there was no movement. To my right I could see the top of a lady's head over the stall and moved over since there was no one else waiting for that stall. The lady, who seemed to be like middle age, was pissing in a squat. She saw me look in on her and said "I've almost got it, hun" before the noise stopped and she pulled up her undees. She came out within 15 seconds and I was surprised that she had lifted the seat. I dropped it, sat down and took my crap.

2) I prefer to follow a pee-er because the smell is a lot better. However, at my school, the hover pissers spray the seats pretty bad sometimes and there's not always TP available to wipe them off and still get to class on time. My friend Lalena calls it PIP (peeing in pee).

3. What have you done to get their attention and off the toilet?
The worst situation is when they are reading or text from the toilet. One girl at school during homeroom really pissed me off. I knocked, smiled and asked her how long it would be and she said "Get f****d!". The girl who was pissing in the stall to my right heard that and mumbled something about almost being done. She wiped and was out in less than a minute. She was older, saw that I was crying and helped to comfort me.

4. How long should a person sit before getting up and relinquishing their seat?
I'm kind of hyper and tend to be respectful of others. I think 5 minutes should be enough in most cases, unless you have some stuck crap or something like that. However, those who just sit to kill time out of class or study hall are the worse.


Awesome evening

Hey all,

Me again.

Had a great weekend, hung out with a good female friend of mine (who is also very attractive) that I've known for about 5 years.

She's about 5'5" - 5'6", 'average' body (not skinny, not fat or chubby) with an ass i love looking at, medium sized breasts (my guess is Bs), some freckles, and shoulder length hair. She was wearing a light color tank top (with nice cleavage), pink bra, jeans and when she bent over, I could see the top of her underwear - black & lacy. Couldn't look for too long but looked like French cut.

I had her over at my place, and cooked pasta with meatballs and we had wine. Afterwards we watched a movie & had some popcorn and candies, and after the film we had more wine and played some video games. As we had the wine, the convo got slightly flirtier (we were competing against each other in the game).

Anyway, after the film she headed to the bathroom. On her way there, I could have sworn I heard a fart. If it was, it wasn't one that sounded like a fart, more like socks on a hard floor: ffffffttttt, or an airy one that ended with 'vvttt..' And of course I didn't smell anything, making it harder to tell, aside from the fact it was quick and faint. Once the door closed, I laid on the floor from a distance, and looked under it. Her feet were pressed together, and I couldn't see any underwear or pants at them, so they must have been at her knees or thighs. She peed for a good 10-15 seconds and that was all. After I heard her start wiping, I went back to the living room. Shortly after I got there, I heard the flush.

Later on that night, we were talking again (after had parted ways) and she said that she had too many candies and they had given her a stomach ache. Wonder if that was taken care of by a good fart or two, or maybe a dump. What do you think is the more likely effect from a stomach ache? Feedback welcome!

now for some feedback / greets:

Nathalie x: thanks for taking the survey! Sounds like you're loud when you poop!

Emma: wow, that sounded like quite the loud! Looking forward to your posts, in addition to ones about / from Leanne.

AmyLee: looking forward to more posts, especially with the new co-worker Courtney.

That's all for now, but I leave with a slightly off topic question to fellow readers: what is your opinion of friends dating?

Bye for now,


Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Mystery Girl first welcome to the site and great story and its hard to say maybe it was a geniune accident or sub conciously you wanted to poop you pants youll just have to wait until next time you really have to go and please post any other stories you may have thanks.

To: Eileen H as always another great story about you and another teacher pooping together and I bet you felt alot better after getting rid of that monster and I bet that other teacher tried to hurry up and finish fast and get away fro the smell and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Upstate Dave as always another great story and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Punk Rock Girl first it nice to hear from you again and I hope you feel better soon I think ive only had hemoroids once many years ago and I look forward to your next and please dont stay gone for so long even post just to say hi thanks.

To: Belinda first welcome to the site and great story and it sounds like you learned your lesson next go to the bathroom before going outside or bring a key that way you dont get locked out and please post more stories thanks.

To: Nathalie I hope you and your mom can work it out maybe some time apart will and it was nice of your brother to let you stay with so hopefuly everything will work out in the end and as always I look forward to your next post thanks

To: Stephanie great story about you peeing your pants at least you didnt have to poop which wouldve been harder to hide and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Emma as always aonther great story and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: ANALysis another great story at least you made it to the bathroom and didnt have an accident which wouldve been a real mess to clean up the way you described it and I think you get over your shyness eventauly and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Leanne another great story at least you made it and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Amylee as alway another great story from the ladies room and it sounds like youve one more person to post about and as always I look forward to your post about you, Leigh and the rest of the women of your work thanks.

To: who ever wrote about buddy dumping and hear another lady pooping while you were pooping great story and pleas share anymore you may have thanks.

To: feral Girl havent heard from you in awhile please post more stories thanks.

Well thats all for now

Sincery Brandon T

PS. I love this site

Iwas on the phone talking to my boyfriend Kyle he lives in Denver so its along distance relationship. He and i were talking about his visit this summer as we were talking about it he said i love u and isaid i love you too. Iwas waiting for him to respond to me icould hear a strain in his voice and then he passed iwas just about to ask him if we could have a sleepover when he visited as he was anwsering the question iheard a big splash as a huge turd plop in the toilet he was taking his dump while talking to me he said love u then a series of plops this turned me on after he finished he flushed and went back to his room and we had amazing phone sex that night.

Hi again everyone! I had my first exam yesterday and it went fine and, as I expected, I had to poo, so here's the story!

The exam was in a building that the uni rent out, an old church that looks like a bus garage that I had one exam in last year.
Before I left for the exam I tried to poo because my stomach was churning like it usually does before an exam but nothing came out. There were toilets but they were in the same room as the exam hall so were reserved for use by people who were still taking the exam. By about half an hour in I really needed a wee and then a bit later came my need to poo. Towards the end of my two-hour exam I was desperate for both. I finished my exam and there was 15 minutes until the end. When there are only 10 minutes left you're not allowed to leave and I wasn't sure that I would be able to hold on until then so I decided to get up and leave. Only then did I realise that if I went into the loo everyone would know how long I spent in there (quite a while I predicted!) so I decided against it. I got my bag and left but then I was struck with a dilemma- where to go to relieve my aching bowels and bladder? To walk back home would take half an hour and to walk back to the union or some other building would take 20 minutes or more. I doubted I could wait that long but I had no idea where else I could go. I started to think I'd made a mistake not going in the exam. Then I thought of the supermarket down the road- bingo! I hurried to it and went in and found to my horror that the ladies had a sign saying 'do not use!' I was in trouble now- my explosive poo was knocking hard and I was dying to wee. I couldn't think of any other choice but to try and make it to one of the university buildings. The nearest was the biology building so I started walking. I was absolutely bursting for a toilet but it took me 20 minutes to walk as fast as I could. By the time I arrived I was in an absolute emergency state- I was literally on the verge of pissing and shitting myself. I rushed into the toilets, locked the door and wrenched down my jeans and knickers. Before I even sat down my wee started coming out and as I sat my poo exploded out of me. I was lucky nobody else was in the loo at the time because I gave a loud involuntary moan of relief as I started relieving myself. Loads of wet chunks blew out of me and then some diarrhea followed. After that emergency load was out I weed for about a minute and a half. Then there were two big logs that slid out and a few farts, followed by some more runny poo and a big load of mush. It really stank and when another girl came in for a wee I could tell she wanted to get out of there as fast as possible! I pooed and weed for about 10 minutes before it was all out of me and I felt normal again. I was so relieved and could hardly believe I had made it! Much longer and I would have had a big messy accident for sure! Maybe I should have just gone in the exam but I just don't like the idea of 200 people seeing me go into the loo and spend 10 minutes or more in there!

I'll post again soon- my next exam is Friday!

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