Trouble pooing again

Hi everyone, Abbie here again. I've had loads on recently and just haven't managed to stick to my routine of going for a poo every day as soon as I get back from school, so I ended up paying the price today. Over the last couple of days I've had a slight need and an uncomfortable feeling in my bowels telling me it might be a good idea to try to have a poo, but stupidly I ignored it and put off going until I got more desperate which finally happened today at school. I got up this morning feeling full and bloated, by the time I got to morning break this had developed into a full blown need for a poo. I could feel a log moving closer and closer to my bumhole and wasn't too sure how long I'd be able to last out for, I knew I wouldn't have time to go at break so decided to wait until lunchtime and try to get to the decent loos before the queue got too long. I found it quite hard to concentrate in my next lesson, we were doing some important revision but my mind was on my aching bowels, by now I wanted a poo worse than ever and I was having to clench my bum to stop my turd from poking out. Luckily we were let out on time, so I rushed straight to the toilets. Even then when I got there all the cubicles were taken and there were two girls already waiting. I tried not to look too desperate but was finding it hard to stand still, I could feel a hard knobbly log starting to poke out into my knickers despite clenching and squeezing my bum as hard as I could manage. I could feel my knickers were giving me a bit of a wedgie so I knew I'd end up with skidmarks. I had to wait ages for a cubicle as practically all the girls who'd got there first were also pooing, there was a growing smell in the air and I heard quite a few farts and plops. Two cubicles finally became free next to each other, so I and the girl behind me went in. After locking the door I quickly lifted my skirt and tugged down my purple and yellow spotty knickers, as I thought I saw quite a big skidmark in them from where my poo had been poking out. Next door I heard the girl starting on her wee, it went on for a while before all was quiet. She stayed sitting so I guessed she wanted a poo as well. After relaxing my clenched bum, the big hard log started to move out but as usual stopped after I'd passed the first couple of inches so I had to start pushing. I looked down under the cubicle partition as I tried not to grunt too loudly, the girl next to me had pulled her trousers and pink pants all the way down to her shoes. She farted a few times and shortly after I heard some plops. After straining for what seemed like ages I'd managed to push a bit more of the turd out, but then it got totally stuck and I couldn't get it to move at all no matter what I did. In the end I had to reach round behind myself with some loo roll and break off the log, I thought I'd try to push the rest out at home. I put some toilet paper in my knickers and pulled them back up carefully and then flushed. I spent the rest of the afternoon feeling really uncomfortable with my bumhole like jammed open with this massive turd stuck there, I was trying not to walk funny and was hoping I didn't smell. I made it home, luckily no-one else was in so I went straight to my room and undressed to my underwear. I went into the bathroom, pulled down my knickers and sat, I massaged my belly and pushed really hard, bending forward and holding my bum cheeks apart. I could feel the turd creeping out, I was pushing so hard my eyes were watering and I was bright red, after what seemed like an age I finally felt the log speed up and I realised the widest part was through. It dropped with a huge plop and a splash that drenched my bum, I peered between my legs into the bowl and saw this massive knobbly log which was about six inches long (bearing in mind I'd already broken four inches of it off) and really thick. I sat there panting and groaning for a few minutes to recover, I could feel more up inside me and ended up pushing out two more smaller turds. I wiped my bum and took off my knickers, putting them in the washing basket. I walked back to my room naked except for my bra (luckily no-one came in as I walked across the landing!) and looked for some clean clothes. I put on some white knickers, blue jeans and a pink tee-shirt and then went to lie on my bed, my bumhole was feeling really sore and there was blood on the paper when I wiped. Next time I know I ought to go for a poo as soon as I feel even a slight need so this doesn't keep happening, but its just far too easy to put it off if I've got loads to do. Will try to post again soon, bye for now!

Leslie Leanne

Re: Message for Eileen H (The Biggest of My Life)

Hello again, everyone.

To Eileen H: Hey, sweetie, I just read your most recent post about that monstrous BM you delivered about a year ago. I've got just one question for you about that, as well as some comments.

I would have loved seeing that monster sliding out of your bottom. I have this weakness towards seeing both men and women having a big BM. Do you recall, by chance, just how big around - meaning how wide - that BM really was, or not? I mean, if you can recall how long it was, then there's also the chance you might remember the thickness as well. You did the right thing to take laxatives, especially after going 10 days without any kind of relief.

And I can just imagine that you went from feeling like you weighed more than 300lb to feeling as if you weighed less than 130lb. Am I right about this? That's usually how I feel after relieving myself of a major bowel movement, and my current weight is 190lb. However, I have never ever had one THAT big before, and probably never will. My rectum just doesn't want to stretch the way it should. As a result, my bowel movements these days are no wider than 1-1/4 inches - but they've been known to extend beyond a foot in length.

The largest BM I've ever had was back in the mid 1980s, when I was 14 years old, and it measured the same as my age back then and was roughly 2.25 inches wide. It took some effort to push out, although I was not constipated. I just ate more back then, and was more regular - since I was still growing. I'm 40 now, and over the past quarter century my bowel movement production has drastically changed.

One thing is for sure, though, my 'performances' nowadays would not turn any of the guys I know on. And this also includes the fact that I don't have a very feminine shape to my figure. Like I've mentioned in the recent past, I'm built like a carrot. I wish I could afford to reshape my body, especially my midsection regions. The only physical aspect I like about my shape is my chest-heavy breasts. They're huge, measuring size 40E. Because of this, my butt looks way out of both proportion and size. What a bummer, huh? If I had my way, my bottom would measure 60 inches in circumference. At least that way I would be more shapely and attract more guys.

Okay, Eileen - as well as everyone else, that's all for the time being. I look forward to reading your response in a few days. Take care, and keep up the good posts.

Warm Regards,

Leslie Leanne


Didn't want to risk it

I had a last moment poo before leaving for work this morning. I was going to wait untill I to work but the urge got so bad I didn't think I'd make it so I ran to the bathroom & made it just in time. I ripped my trousers & panties down & threw myself onto the toilet where I exploded a huge muddy load into it. It was a huge relief but I ended up being late for work. I had to make up the time to get all my pay, so it wasn't too bad & it was better than shitting myself!

Upstate Dave

"J" Comes With Me While I Work Part 2

My first stop once we were in Plattsburg I had to unload the truck and put the parts in a storage room and leave the invoice there. This stop took me about a half hour to do. That was fine for my second stop the place was now open and this would make this stop faster for us. "J" had fallen back asleep on the way up to Plattsburg and she hadn't woken while I had made my first stop.

The drive over to the second stop took about ten minutes. I was lucky foir no thers that did drop parts off here on Saturdays was there. So I backed down to the open garage door stopped, got out opened my trucks back door, the forklift driver came up and took off all the pallets of oil that I had for here. Neat,quick,and fast! Now I got right back in the truck and pulled away. Now for breakfast which the real good place that I had found was on the western outskirts of town.

Fifteen minutes later wew were at the diner and "J" an I were seated at a nice comfortible small booth. "J": had ordered up french toast,oj,and decaf coffee. I had a specail which was a short stack of pancakes,side of hash,and scrambled eggs. I ordered regular coffee. I was ahead of scedual still. I would stay that way even though we did spend a little extra time having breakfast.

Now I had one stop in Lake Placid this Saturday. It wasn't the big older auto parts place today. It was a small Ace hardware place which I only had drop off a half dozen batteries. No sweat! Traffic was light onthe highway between Plattburg and Lake Placid so I made good time. In fact I picked up time today.

"J" was awake when I pulled into the Ace store. I had help for one of the clerks helped take the batteries inside while I went to the managers office to drop off his copy of the paperwork. I came back out thanked the clerk shut the trucks back door and climbed into the cab. I said to "J"; Next stop Malone! But I'll need to stop befor we do get up there I said to "J" with a little laugh and then a big smile. You need one too? I asked. "J"smiled back and told me yes she did!

So we went through Lake Placid which was the western side of town on a side highway over to Rte 30. I turned right on Rte30 to go north and just a littel ways up Rte 30 we passed Pual Smiths Colledge which I showed "J" as we passed it. "J" commented that it didn't ;ppk like a colledge amd she was right. The few buildings that could be seen were low long log cabin styled buildings made to fit right in with the woods the buildings were in.

We only had to go about eight miles to where my pull off spot was here on Rte 30. This spot is the old remains of a rest area which was most likely made when the road was first paved back in the 1930s. Well the road had been widened out and redone since them and the old rest area was not redone but left abandoned. There are remains of some of the stone fireplaces and a concrete pad.

We arrived and I pulled off the highway and parked on the extra wide shoulder. It wasn't a hard walk to go up the embankment for the remains of teh entrance road to the rest area was stll there even though it was now a trail road. You could see the outline wioth the flatness of the road and its slight embankments on either side of it as the road went back in through the woods.

The walk back was about a hundred feet to where the remains of fireplaces are. The old pine trees that had been planted back when this rest area was built had kept encraochment down from other trees and brush over running the area. There was a thick carpet of different shades of brown pine needles all over the ground along with diffent sized pine cones too.

"J" slid her pocketbook off from her shoulder and placed it on the ground. Ok she then said to me kind enlongating the so. I have to shit and piss! Well just squat "J"! I said to her. I would rather sit for this one! "J" said right back to me with a giggle. Now I let out a laugh and I sat right down on the ground in the thick carpet of pine needles. (Nice and soft too!)

Now "J" stepped over in front of me with her backside to me. It topok only short moment or two for "J" to take care of her shorts having them pulled down at her knees and had sat down on my knees. We've done this man times and we kidded around alot too teasing each other. She teasing me about my boney knees and I her about her boney ass! Well this time ther was no kidding around.

"J" only took a few short seconds to get started. She shot a torrent of a piss stream from her vagina! It was a split stream too. Both streams of piss were close in size too! One angled outward as it went down. That was the front stream. The back stream was a straight down stream. Both had heads followed by a short twist. There was no hissing with her piss this time.

With the thick carpetof pine needles herpiss made no plash. Her piss only just wetted the pine needles. "J's" double stream lasted a good ten seconds or more and then it became a single stream for the back stream was the pone that was now gone. Now there was a soft his as she went on pissing which she did for about another ten seconds and then she came to a dribbleing dripping stop.

Now when "J" has to shit she can shit pretty fast orcan take up to twenty minutes to take a shit! I hoped right then it wouldn't be a tenty miinute jobber! Well it just may not be! For already "J's" asshole had opened and I could see a brown shit sticking out about two inches long. It looked like it was pebbled too. Small chunks on its surface.

It had stopped after gettingthe two inch length. So what I did right then was scoop away at the pine needles under"J's" ass so her shit would have a hole to fall in. Then it could be covered over when she was all done. Now "J" as I scooped away a big bunch of the pine needles had pushed which made her spurtsome piss from her vagina. It just missed my hands for I was moving them backwards. With her push her shit moved too gaining another two inches.

Well as it happened "J" would keep pushing which made her spurt piss from her vagina and move her shit too. With herr shit it would move a inch, two inchees and even a couple of times three inches. So "J's" end result with her pushing she had a long one foot in length shit hanging under her.

Now siting watching from behind and close too as "J" was resting right now I saw a small crack about a inch away from her asshole start widening in her shit. Hey it's going to break for you "J"! I said to her. You'll only have about a inch stub after it does break. I also told her. I can take care of that! "J" then handed me back the toilet paper roll. This was one other thing we did too. We at tiomes when we shit would wipe each other too.

Well it took several seconds for the crack in her shit to spread wider and go deeper in her shit. Her shit moved in different directions slightly as the crack deeepened and widened. It had swung right and thats when it did break. Her shit fell in the scooped out hole I dug in the pine needles laying on the front side going down to its middle and towards the back end of the scooped out hole.

I now asked if "J" was done. Wait just a moment she said rght back to me. As she said it I saw her try to squeeze off that shit stub that was poked out from her asshole. It didn't work. Then she gave a push which she did grunt and I saw the stub of her shit move slightly gaining less then a inch. Also she sent a short dribble of piss from her vagina which wetted her shit down in the hole.

Then "J" after doing this told me to go ahead and wipe her. I with my first wad of toilet paper had enough so that I covered my fingers and I placed them on her shit stub and I broike it right off. "J's" asshole no longer having shit outside its opening her ashole closed sucking back in what was still remaining as far as her shit.

I dropped the stub shit wrapped in toilet paper down into the hole. I rolled off some mpore toilet paper poff the roll and gave "J's" asshole a gentle short wipe,flipped the paper and gave both sides of her inner cheeks a short soft wipe. That is all "J" needed. I dropped the second batch of used paper into the hole.

I slapped "J" on her right bare asscheek and as I did I sad; You're all set!."J" with me slaping her ass let out a shortt laugh and she did stand up. She reached for her shorts as she started to turn around to take a look at her shit. I was getting up myslef at the same time off from the ground too. "J" took a fast look at her shit and went and took care of her shorts. Now it would be my turn to go. But that will start off the next part. To be continuied.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

mystery girl

maybe i did maybe i didn't...

I shit my pants today. I'm 28 years old, and today i shit in my pants. That i can tell you. What i can't tell is whether or not it was an accident, because I'm not quite sure myself. All i know is that i left work with one of the most incredible needs to take a dump I've ever experienced. I didn't go at work because i only live 5 minutes away and I'm just the kind of person who prefers to poop at home, ya know? Besides its not a very private bathroom at work. Anyway, even though i was really feeling the pressure and struggling to keep my cheeks clenched before leaving work, i had absolutely no doubt in my mind that i was going to make it home in time without messing myself. But about halfway across the parking lot i felt my impending load make one last great push toward the exit, and suddenly the prospect of actually going in my pants crossed my mind. And in an instant, this entire thought process went through my head: imagining pooping myself, having to drive home in it, having to go through my parents house to get to my apartment (aka my parents' basement shutup) and have them wonder why their oldest daughter had shit in her pants AND THEN realizing they weren't home, imagining the immense relief I'd get from just letting go, and thinking it wouldn't be a big deal and might even feel interesting to do it in my pants because no one would ever know- all that crossed my mind in a second. That's when i reached my car and gripped the handle of my driver's side door, just as a massive load of soft mushy logs pushed past my cheeks in rapid succession, causing my panties and my gray work slacks to bulge out like an inflating balloon. It made a squishy, wet...popping sound (i guess?) As it came out. Reminded me kind of like the sound of thick stew or chilli boiling on the stove. I felt a plethora of different sensations throughout my body such as tingling along my spine, weakness and shakiness in my legs, and conflicting feelings of sheer terror and immense relief. My heart was pounding out of my chest. I was stunned to say the least, not in a million years did i ever think i was going to even come close to shitting my pants at my age under those circumstances, let alone actually do it. I honestly have no idea how long i stood outside my car like that..i finally got in and sat down VERY slowly and felt the load flatten and spread throughout my panties, which also triggered a plethora of lovely sensations. I sat in a daze before driving i said, my parents weren't home so there where no eyewitnesses to me having a huge load in my pants. I made my way to my bathroom where i surgically removed my pants and underwear and put them straight into a plastic bag and tied it shut. The pants weren't too bad, just two lines of actual fecal matter that had escaped the elastic on each side of my panties. But the panties were just caked with the stuff throughout... i went through a roll and a half of TP and flushed the toilet like 12 times wiping all the stuff off me...or scraping is probably a more accurate, if not more disgusting term to use. Once that was done i finally had my shower. Afterwards i took my plastic bag of wonder up to my parents' laundry room and got my gray work pants right for the was a very tough decision because i liked that pair and they were relatively new, but the damage was too extensive and i had to throw them away :(. Now, ive just been reliving the ordeal over and over and over.

I have no idea if it was an accident, or if i subconsciously decided to just poop in my pants since i wanted relief so bad and knew i wouldn't get caught...probably an accident though. Its just weird to me. I've never felt like i was legitimately going to lose control of my bowels before...until today.
-mystery girl

Natural Nick

At the Springs

Greetings to all, I find your stories very interesting!

Feral Girl, if you're still around, I read your stories in the archives and enjoy your sense of humor and adventure! Hope to see more from you!

On to the story...

One bright June day, I was leading a group of elementary-school age kids on an outing to a nice swimming hole fed by a natural spring. After boiling up from the spring, the crystal-clear water flowed down a lovely creek and eventually to the Gulf of Mexico. We arrived on a school bus, but there was a learning activity that preceded the planned swim in the spring. Since I wasn't directly involved in that activity, I strolled down the path to check out the spring. This was late morning, and while I am normally as regular as the sunrise, I hadn't had my usual early-morning dump. Along the path, I began to have sharp cramping in my gut that told me I needed to find a place to go --- soon! There was no restroom or even a Portalet within half a mile, and there was no way I'd make it that far. I figured I'd better go off the trail and do my business before somebody came along. I hadn't gone 10 feet off the path when a big rattler buzzed right in front of me! I jumped back, and the old expression about being "scared shitless" almost came true. Somehow I was able to hold my load, and I got back on the path in a hurry. Then, I heard voices behind me on the path. Some people were coming down the trail from the parking lot! I was getting more and more desperate. The woods weren't really dense enough to provide cover for a quick dump with people on the trail, and besides I was afraid of another snake encounter. I saw the spring ahead, and I was surprised to see it was deserted. I made up my mind immediately and moved quickly to the bank and plunged into the icy water. Although I'm a strong swimmer, I could barely move my legs because of the load I was holding in. I dog-paddled across to the end of the spring where it flows out into the creek, jerked down my bathing suit, and surrendered to my body's urge. The feeling of relief was amazing, and I watched as at least two feet of logs bobbed merrily to the surface and floated away down the creek. I was able to pull my suit up and swim away from the area just as the other group came down the trail. I felt kinda bad about fouling that pristine water, but I figured that's what fish, turtles, 'gators, etc. do every day. Before I got out of the water, I peed in my suit, which I always enjoy because the warm pee feels so good on my skin.

Best wishes to everyone!

Natalie x

Survey answers...

First of all im 17 year old girl with long brown hair and about 5"8 in height. My body is slightly below average mass.


1) How often in a day do you pee?
About 7/8 times

2) What color / shade is it?
Clear usually


3) How often do you fart?
About 3-5 an hour at least.

4) What type of farts do you do? Do you have a preference?
Usually wet and loud, if i try pass high pressure wet ones quietlty then i sometimes end up shitting myself, it has happening on more than one occasion.

5) Are you shy about farting?
When im round friends no. But yes round everyone else i can be quite a shy farter.

6) Do you fart on the toilet?
Hell yes. ALWAYS. No question, even when i have to pee, my ass senses that im on the toilet and lets them rip. These are uncontrollable wet ones. When i take a shit however... **** me they're bad! My butt is like a dirty vibrator that stinks!


7) How often do you poop?

8) How long does it usually take you?
Not long, tho it depends on the load.

9) What types of poop do you do? (chunks, logs, pebbles...)
Mushy watery loads. They are often quick wet movements. I take loads of mushy poos.

10) Does a lot come out?
YES. A lot a lot. The amount of toilets i've blocked is embarrassing to even think about. Not to mention the amount of times i've shat myself and it overflowing my panties :S

11) What texture are your loads? (soft, liquid, mushy, fir, rock solid..)
Very loose, not usually pure liquid but extreme watery mush.

12) When you poop do you require effort?
Almost never, my shits usually shoot out. Its more like they take mounts of effort to keep in!

Thanks Natalie x :)

the deerslayer

to car mom

forgot to finish my comment on your page 2033 story. i really enjoyed reading it as well as your other stories.

Eileen H

The Biggest of My Life

I decided to stop beating around the bush here and tell you about the biggest shit of my life to date. The biggest single log that came out of me in one piece. This happened only a year ago. Without further delay let's go:

At this time I had been 10 days without a trip to the bathroom for a #2, not for a lack of trying, the thing just didn't want to come out. I had been eating the types of foods that usually do the trick in the bathroom. Spinach, broccoli, man n cheese, breakfast sausages, and meatloaf are the usual suspects. Nothing could dislodge this mega-deuce from my colon. I needed something a bit more drastic. After a trip to the pharmacy I got home and took some laxatives, advertised as "extra strength." I got home around bedtime after a busy day and decided not to take them just yet. The time on the box said "6 to 10 hours" so I decided to take them in the morning, hoping I'd be able to drop the big one after work when the house is nice and empty. Things didn't go quite to plan.

That day was the hectic day in my schedule where I'm trapped in my room for two hours. I felt some rumbles in my stomach in the morning. Apparently the laxatives were working ahead of schedule. I went to the bathroom but was unable to push anything out. Janet was next to me passing a huge dump. I heard the thing crackle out of her. It started to get awkward so I decided to ask her to cover for me during my hell hours. Her turd dropped as she ket out a sigh of relief. "Sure Eileen" as she was catching her breath "I'm open the first half of 6th period." I told her that'd be great because I was expecting that my shit would be ready to exit. I told her I hadn't gone in 10 days. She said she'd been there numerous times. Maybe I should tell her about this site?

By 6a I could certainly feel some movements down there. Janet came in to take over. She said I could take my time, which is precisely what I needed for a job like this. As I strolled to the bathroom, I was suddenly ambushed by the urgent, dire need to evacuate my bowels. I picked up the pace greatly as the thing came out. I didn't want to clench because I wanted to pass it. I just hoped it wouldn't land in my panties. I passed the Vice Principal Mrs. TP (just an abbreviation for her actual name). I smiled trying my best to mask my pure and utter desperation for the toilet. I lightly clenched just so the thing wouldn't slip out. It was still touching my panties but I could not care less. I really only cared about taking this shit in a toilet, not my pants.

I pushed open the door and saw the bathroom only had one occupant, the infamous YG. I should say she is a very nice, smart lady. She's just consistently the stinkiest, smelliest person in the bathroom. But this time, I had no right to judge because I was about to make her smell my foul stink. I took the first stall. YG was in the second. This particular bathroom only has three stalls so either way I'd be next to YG. I quickly undid my button and zipper and lowered my slacks and panties. I sat on the cold seat and relaxed as the shit was able to come out full force. I quickly took note of the stench YG was stirring up. "Oh hey Eileen" she said. I was not interested in talking right now. I came back with the obligatory "Hello" and shifted focus on my jobbie.

I could use a million words to describe this particular log. Fat, warm, juicy, thick, mammoth, long, I could keep going. The thing kept creeping out of me for a good 25-30 seconds. I was in utter shock as the thing kept going. Meanwhile, YG was telling me about her own desperate poop story. Maybe I should tell her too? I wasn't really paying attention much. I heard a flush, wipe, and clothes adjustment as YG washed her hands and left. Finally, I could continue my jobbie in peace.

When the thing dropped I could feel the steam rising from it. My ripe, creamy log had created quite the stink. In addition to YG's remnants things were pretty pungent in there. Another English teacher Annamaria came in and was immediately repulsed by the odor. "Jeez Eileen what on Earth did you eat? How about a courtesy flush?" My face turned bright red. I didn't dare flush before I got a look at this thing in all its smelly glory. I got up with my pants around my ankles to see this beast.

3 feet of long, foul smelling, smooth, brown rope sitting there coiled up. The thing was so big it could have had a pulse or something. I wiped the sweat off my head and felt definitively empty. After 10 days of bloated pain, words cannot express how good it felt to dump it all off. I reveled in the stench of it, as an odd sign of victory or triumph. I wiped and flushed. The toilet clogged as per my exception. I stepped out of the stall and noticed a new smell in the air. It seemed Annamaria was dropping one off as well. It seemed only 5 minutes had passed. I thought about just sitting on the toilet to see if anything else would come out, but the smell was so repugnant I wanted nothing more than to just leave. I relieved Janet of her duty watching the class. Later she said she went to pee and thought my log was the biggest she's seen. I felt an odd sense of pride.

PS: "Jobbie" is Scottish slang for poop. I'm not Scottish but I like that word so I decided to use it.

Upstate Dave

A Three Time Pee Day With One Poop Too Part 1

I was living in a three story apartment building with a empty apartment above me. I lived on the second floor. The apartment on the first floor was occupied but I never saw who lived in it. Now there was a second ajoined apartment building which was also a matching building. There was a old couple living on the first floor. The second floor was not occupied while the tird floor one was.

Its occupents was a single mom and her daughter. The momI rarelyseen butthe duaghter was always around which I saw her inside both buildings or outside. Most of the time she was alone or when she wasn't she had a friend that was a blonde that she would be with. Well this one day I was home takeintg a day off from work which was on a Friday. I was going to do some cleaning which I was going to mop my kitchen and bathroom floors.

Now I had two ways out of my apartment to the stairs. I had a door that went out to the landing towards the back of my apartment to the narrow back set of stairs or the main door that was in my livingroom that went to the main staircase. I kept my mop and large plastic bucket on the back stairs landing. So I was now going to get it.

As I approachedmy backdoor to openit I heard two voices outside my oor. Both voices were girls voices. The one I knew fior uit was the daughter that lived next door. I thgoiught then theother girl must be her blonde haired friend. She would be the only other girlfriend that the daughter did play with. My backdoor was unlocked and it always opened up silently whenever I went in or out of it.

Well I opned it partway and there I saw the blonde squated over my plastic bucket with her bllue shorts and white panties pulled down pissing into my plastic bucket! Her bare ass was in full view and so was her piss stream of what I could see of it! The blonde must have just started too for her piss hiting thebottom of the plastic bucket was makeing a loud drumming sound with her piss hiting the bottom hard and her piss was splashing hard which that was makeing the loud drumming sound!

Now I also saw the next door caughter too. She was siting othe lower steps of thge stairs that went up to the third floor apartment. She had noticedme standing in the opening of my backdoor. She was watching her girlfriend pissing in my mop bucket! As I watched her blonde friend piss the next door daughter told her blonde friend to hurry up for she had to piss too!

The next door daughter was wearing a dress which she was playing with it swishing it around. She also as she sat there on the stairs was opening and closing her legs when having them closed they were closed verytighttogether and she bounced around on the step she was siting on. Her blonde frien went on pissing which now the loud drumming of herpiss in the plastic bucket had stopped but now having covered the bottom of the plastic bucket with piss there was a loud regular splash.

Several more seconds passed. Now the next door daughter was getting real impaitent with her blonde friend. WILL YOU HURRY UP! Or I'm goin toget up and I'll squat and piss on you! Well her friend musthave thought right then that her friend would do just that. I saw her stream thin right down dribble a little and then dripped a few drops.

Her friend as the last few drops did drip off from her had already stood up and started pullingup herr panties real fast. Then she pulled up her shorts and stepped aside from the bucket. As she did all of this the next door daughter had stood up and had raised her dress up! She did not have panties on! She took the few needed short steps over to the bucket turned around and got down into a high squat over it.

Then I saw herpiss gush out and down into the bucket! The next door daughetr pissed so hard that she made a real big splash inside the bucket that some of the dops made by her splashing piss topped the bucket and started doting little wet spots on the wooden floor! Her piss stream was a dark golden yellow. It looked to me it washer first pissof the day due to her piss being that dark golden yellow.

Now her blonde friend was standing so that she was not faced towards me and the partaily open door. Her back was faced towards me. I watched the next door girl piss which she kept up that hard stream of piss for a good ten seconds or so. Then she had her stream slow down. Now it didn't make the loud splash it had been doing and droplets of piss that had managed to pop over the top edge of the bucket and had made the little wet spots on the floor had stopped too. There was the lighter splashing of her piss and a soft hiss as she went on pissing.

After several seconds more I saw her stream going into its ending phase. It had stopped its hissing and was very thin. So I took a step back and closed the door leaving just enough space that I could still see. I saw her stream stop. But it was only a very short pause. Then she did two good spurts which hissed and slashed fairly loudly. Then she did a little driping and now I closed the door.

I stayed right behi9nd the closed door and listened. I heard the next door daughter say her to her blonde friend. Boy I feel so much better! Her blonde friend let out a short laugh. Then she said to her friend; That sure was a good piss you took. Boy it stinks too! I'm leaving. I don't want to be around when the owner of thaty bucket goes to use it! I heard fairly loud foot steps on the stairs and the first floor open and slam shut.

Then the next door daughter laughed all the while as her blonde friend took off makeing so much noise as she had left. Then I heard the sound of the plastic bucket scraping on te wooden floor. Then it stopped and I heard the next door daughetr go down the back stairs and she I heard opened thebackdoor and then I heard it slam sut.

Now I opened my back door and stepped out on the landing. I looked down at my plastic mop bucket. Since it was white in color inside of it the two girls piss showed off ina golden yellow. There was a lot of piss inside of it too! A good four inches deep! The blonde haired girl was right. I coud smell the piss and it was strong!

I picked up the bucket opened my back door and went back inside. I went t\straight to my bathroom and dumped the bucket out right into my toilet. Then I placed it in the tub filled it half full with cold water and dumped it out in the toilet. Then The piss smell was gone but I went and refilled it with warm water and cleaner and washed it out to be just on the safe side. Then I dumped the buicket one more time refilled it again with warm soapy water walked to the kitchen got my mop amd mopped the kitchen and bathroom floors. Then after that I was still in a cleaning mood and decided I would wash my car too. To be continuied.

Punk Rock Girl


It had to happen sooner or later. It just f***ing HAD to. I have struggled with constipation for years and never had it happen, but over the weekend, BAM! Hemorrhoids!

I had a very difficult BM on Saturday. Very hard and very big. I finally managed to push it out and my asshole was really sore for the rest of the day. By the next morning, it still hurt and was itching, and while taking a shower I rubbed it gently with my fingers and was dismayed to feel a bulbous polyp which was extremely tender to the touch. For a second I didn't know what it was and then I realized it was an inflamed hemorrhoid. With all the giant dumps I've taken in my life and all the straining I've done I guess I've been lucky up until now. Getting older probably doesn't help either.

So, it's been a few days and the swelling has gone down a bit. Thank God for Preparation H. Kind of feels gross having non-absorbent greasy goo smeared in and around my anus, but the stuff works. Still hurts to sit, but surprisingly farting and shitting haven't been too bad. I was dreading my first post-hem dump, but it went pretty smoothly. A little uncomfortable, but not as bad as I was fearing.

Anyway, my bottom will hopefully be back to it's normal non-inflamed self in a few days. Gotta start eating more bran and fruit. My bowels have been kind of stubborn lately.

Oh well, please send my ass happy thoughts. Peace!


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