I crapped my pants

My name is Belinda and I'm a senior in high school. This morning I shit my pants! It was such a disaster.

I am usually the first one up in my family. My routine is I get up and make coffee, then run out to get the paper from the curb, and then come back in the house in a hurry, because I have to take my morning dump and by that time it's usually getting pretty urgent. I have a half hour or so to myself before my mom and dad get up.

Well, this morning it didn't quite work out that way. I did the coffee, and I ran out the door. One of our cats was waiting at the door and I didn't want it to get out so I tried to close the door on my way, but because it was raining and windy, the wind blew the door back open and the cat got out anyway. I grabbed the cat, tossed it inside and slammed the door shut. Then I went to get the paper, dodging raindrops. But when I got back under the awning and went to open the door it was locked. Now, I should have just bit the bullet and rang the doorbell, but for some reason I was reluctant to wake anyone up, and I thought maybe the side door would be open. My need was getting really urgent at this point. I should mention I was barefoot, wearing a pair of panties under a pair of sweatpants, and a t-shirt and no bra. I ran over to the side door but it was locked too; I was starting to get wet and at this point I realized it would be OK if my mom saw me, but not my dad, because my t-shirt was getting a little bit transparent, if you catch my meaning!

So I ran over to the door again and stood under the awning and tried to figure out what to do. I was getting more and more desperate and walking barefoot on the paved sidewalk and driveway was kinda stimulating my bowels.

I had the idea to try to lift the garage door open, because sometimes you can do that if someone's left it unlocked. I knew I had only a minute or two before I'd have to crap. I even thought about going to crap in the garden, but our garden is really exposed to the neighbors so I couldn't do that. So I thought, OK, I'll try to break in the garage and if that doesn't work I'll have to ring the doorbell. Well, I ran out and bent over to lift the garage door, and although it didn't move, I thought it might if I lifted harder, so I gave it all I got and suddenly I just crapped a massive load in my pants! I peed too, not so much, but enough that there was a sizeable wet spot between my legs.

Now what was I going to do? I waddled back to the back door. I stood there for a few minutes but the longer I stood there the more I realized I needed to pee, and my crap felt not exactly solid either, so i bit my lip and rang the doorbell. I waited about a minute and a half and when no one came I rang it again. I was just praying it would be my mom (because of my wet t-shirt), and also praying that maybe, by some miracle, I'd be able to sneak past her to the bathroom to clean myself up. I could feel some moisture on the back of my thigh and I was afraid my crappy pants were leaking their load down my leg a little bit. I reached back to touch my thigh and although I couldn't really see anything I sniffed my finger and it stank!

Finally a face appeared at the window -- it was my mom! She opened the door sleepily and asked me what I was doing. I told her I locked myself out and really needed to get to the bathroom. I pushed past her and darted into the bathroom. I stepped into the shower and peeled my shitty sweatpants down. there was a massive amount of crap down my leg. I turned on the shower, and by aiming the showerhead I was able to mostly rinse out my sweatpants. My panties were completely full -- there must have been a couple cups of shit in them. Fortunately there were a couple of plastic bags in the cabinet under the sink, and I tied my panties up in one to throw them away, and my sweatpants in the other, and hid both under the sink. (this was after I'd completely washed myself off). Then I wrapped a towel around myself and, after looking to make sure the coast was clear I ran to my bedroom and slammed the door.

I thought I'd gotten away with it completely. I came out to get some coffee and breakfast. My mom and dad were at the table, and though dad didn't look up from the paper, Mom gave me a funny look. We sat and ate breakfast mostly in silence. My mom left the table and went to the bathroom. When she came back, my dad excused himself to go do his own morning dump. As soon as he left, Mom asked me if I was OK. Sure, why? I responded. Because, she told me, she'd found some mud or something on the kitchen floor -- the dog had been eating it! Oh, I must have stepped in some dog crap, I said, and told her I was sorry. That's OK, sweetie, she said. It's just that you were in such a hurry to use the bathroom I thought maybe you'd had an accident or something. Mom! I said, with embarassment and annoyance, although I could feel my face getting red. You know you can tell me, it's OK, everyone has accidents sometimes, she said. I continued to deny it and then she told me she'd seen some more crap on the bathroom floor, and she'd looked under the sink and found my panties!

So I had to explain what had happened, and she hugged me and said she wouldn't tell dad or my brother, and maybe next time to crap BEFORE I went out to get the paper.

Car Mom: Thanks for the nice words. I know you would never do that to Kaylee. She is lucky to have a mom like you. I told Whinnie you miss her and she cannot wait until she gets her computer back so she can post.
I was planning on finding a container in my room to pee in, but it turns out I didn't need to. This weekend I found out my brother was visiting. I have wrote about him before. He came over saturday morning and was there when I woke up. He took me to breakfast before my parents woke up and I was sure to pee before we left the restaurant. We got home and were watching movies when my stomach began to hurt. I guess whatever I ate for breakfast disagreed with me. I let out a few farts and I guess my brother noticed. He asked me if I was okay. I lied and told him yes, but soon I began to sweat and fart some more. I knew I had to poop really badly. He told me to go to the bathroom and he would pause the movie. I told him no thanks I was fine, but he kept insisting it was not a big deal. I guess he figured I did not want to go because I din't want to miss the movie. I finally had to explain to him I was not allowed to use the bathroom and why I wasn't. He was outraged and ran to yell at our mother. I heard them fighting and heard him telling her it didn't matter what I did, that is abuse. She yelled something back I could not hear. After what seemed like forever, my mother came into the room and told me it was okay for me to use the bathroom. I ran to it just in time and poo erupted into the toilet. It smelled awful, but the relief was amazing. My brother came to talk to me that evening and asked why I peed in my car. I told him I did not know, it just felt good. I thought it was going to be very uncomfortable, but it wasn't. My brother told me he did not understand, but was not going to look down on me for doing what I enjoy. He then told me he talked to our mom and dad. He asked me if I wanted to come stay with him and his fiancee for a little bit. That means a new school and a new town, but I am excited to go. My parents just don't seem to know how to handle me anymore. I will keep you guys posted on what happens.
Hope- I know you live with your brother. I would love to swap stories if you have time.


Answer and another accident!

Question from A.W."

"Re: Traffic Jam
Hi Stephanie. That had to have been quite an ordeal what you went through having to hold to pee for that long in traffic. It was also good that your younger sis was nice to you about your accident. How long was it when the car started to smell like pee and did the pee stain go away on the seat?"

Mom cleaned the car seat really well as soon as we got home while I was showering and she managed to get the smell out and keep the seat from looking stained (it is a dark fabric anyway). However, sometimes when it is really, really hot you can just barely, faintly smell almost a slight hint of urine... though it may just be my imagination! lol

And I almost can't believe this happened but I had an honest, true accident yesterday! (Surprising because real accidents for me don't happen very often any more - mainly because I now do it on purpose, haha). But I was at work last night and had to pee pretty bad but was holding it until my break. If I can't enjoy wetting myself on purpose - hard to do right now that I'm back home for the summer and working and my family is around most of the time - I at least like to hold it and enjoy the feeling of being full and the tingling and desperation. I try to never take it too far in public, though, and certainly not at work. I was wearing a black sundress and black panties underneath. I work as a cashier for a retail clothing store, by the way.

I was just standing behind the counter - alone - with not many customers around, getting near closing time. I had been holding it for a few hours and really needed to pee, but wanted to hold it until closing time at least and maybe until I got home just in case... But suddenly I felt like I had to sneeze and - ACHOO! - let out a huge sneeze, but when I did it caused my bladder to spasm or something and mid sneeze I realized I was peeing! I clamped my thighs together and bent forward slightly to cut it off but my panties were getting wet and pee was running down my thighs, past my knees, I could see it glistening down my calves towards my shoes and it took me a few seconds to stop the flow. I panicked and looked all around to make sure nobody could see, forgetting that the counter was blocking me from the waist down. My panties felt soaked in the crotch and I had pee streaks down both legs and some pee in my shoes. I quickly grabbed some paper towels from under the counter, rubbed my legs dry as fast as I could, tried to wipe out my shoes/feet. With another glance around I took another paper towel, shoved it up my skirt and pressed against my wet panties to try and soak up some of the wetness. The whole event only lasted maybe a minute from sneeze to finish wiping, but I knew my face was bright red, my crotch was hot and wet (and that only made ME hot and wet, lol). I calmed down pretty quickly realizing that nobody saw and nobody could tell since I was wearing black.

I still had to pee very badly and now that the seal was broken... I called over one of my coworkers and asked her to watch the register for me. She said sure and I calmly went into the back to our employee bathroom, locked the door, pulled up my skirt, sat on the toilet with my panties still up, and released the rest of my pee into the toilet, feeling it run through the already wet crotch of my panties. It was great. I had never done it at work before on purpose, but since I had already had the little accident I figured, why not? I finished relieving myself as quickly as I could, flushed, washed my hands, took a moment to recompose myself in the bathroom mirror, still looking a bit flushed and bothered, but hopefully not noticeable to others, and went back out to finish my shift, pulse and mind still racing and reliving the events of the night.

Amanda V
Car Mom- Thanks for the offer, I hope someday I can have fun with it like you and Kaylee and friends!

Stephanie- A while ago you asked why I think 12 was my peak for accidents. As a very young girl I never really considered holding it. My potty training taught me that when I had to go I just grudgingly found a bathroom and went, even if I hated using a strange bathroom. Then one day I figured out that if I could hold it a little longer I could make it home instead of going in some random bathroom. Well that got worse and worse until I started putting off using my own bathroom. That must've been when I discovered that I kind of like the feeling of holding my poop which added to the problem even more. I guess it kind of came to a peak at 12 before my judgement slowly started getting better. At that age I'm sure my body also started "producing" more which probably didn't help.

Your description of your last accident really brought me back. I know exactly how that is. When you realize it's going to happen, you're muscles just stop working no matter what you do, the hissing sound seems so loud it may as well be a waterfall, then wondering if it'll ever end because you held it until your bladder was totally full. I remember having nightmares about that feeling. Have you ever "damaged" any property besides a carseat with an accident? I always felt especially bad when my accident ruined a car seat or a couch or when I peed on my friend's floor in my last story. Usually that guilt lasted longer than the devastation of having an accident. One accident that comes to mind was one of my earlier accidents. I can't remember it in too much detail, I just remember I was 8 or 9ish and we were driving through the mountains on vacation in a rental van. Since I was pretty shy about going to the bathroom I didn't say anything until I really had to go. When I finally did I don't think my parents took me too seriously and there weren't too many places to stop in the area. We were basically on the side of a cliff winding around the mountainside. As soon as I spoke up about my concern my older brother started saying "drip, drip, drip". After telling him to shut up for a few minutes our parents told us both to be quiet. Of course after that I didn't want to speak up about how bad I had to go. I didn't make it too long after that. I just sat there afraid to say anything as I lost control and started peeing and peeing and peeing into the seat until it was pooled in my seat around me. Nobody knew yet but there was no way out of this one. I thought it couldn't get any worse, but then over the next minute or so the pool of pee slowly soaked through the seat and on to the floor and went everywhere. It didn't take long for everyone to find out after that. I remember being confused at my parent's reaction. They weren't mad at all and they were glad it was a rental, then I overheard them joking about it later. I actually felt worse that it was a rental. I was so worried that I ruined somebody elses van and I was worried that I would be in trouble from the rental company. I guess I must've really been young, hehe.

J. E.


To Herb T.: yeah, I agree with you. I'm not at all into peeing in anything like a couch, but unfortunately this girl IS. Like I said its a very casual relationship. We're just getting what we want from each other. I don't think I could get into too serious of a relationship with a girl like her. As I said she is only 19, and so she's not mature in some ways, like peeing in her couch. But for now we're getting what we want out of this relationship. Thanks for replying!

Car Mom: yeah, I suppose its just a part of who she is. I'll just have to ignore it. I'm sorry, I just can't relate to people who like to pee in different places. I mean if that's what YOU like, go for it. But I'm just not into that sort of thing. Thanks for replying though!

Brandon T: what you suggested is probably what I'll do. Thanks!

Hi everybody!

Here are my answers to Sammi's survey:

When in a crowded public restroom with all stalls full and and not hearing any flushes, do you:
a) look for leg movement under the cubicle door? Only if there's nobody else waiting for the toilet or at the sinks, or if I can see under the doors without having to bend down because it looks a bit odd I think!

b) listen for noise of something hitting the water? Yes, this is how I usually try to discover if people are actually using the loos, by listening for pee or farts/plops.

c) evidence of wiping by peeking between the door or partition? No, I don't peek because I can't imagine anyone would like strangers looking in on them doing their private business.

d) ask if they are about done? Only if I know them or I'm really desperate to go.

e) wait for a doorless stall? Not unless I'm about to have an accident.

2. Does it make any difference if the person is peeing or shitting? It doesn't make any difference to how I try and find out what they are doing, but of course if you're having a shit then it's usually going to take a lot longer than for a wee.

3. What have you done to get their attention and get them off the toilet? To be honest, nothing! Unless I'm desperate when I might ask if they can hurry up.

4. How long should a person sit before getting up and relinquishing their seat? If they're peeing they should get up straight away, but if they're having a poo then I'd say 5 minutes would be about right if the bathroom was really busy.

Well, yesterday I went on a night out to the student union with some of my friends from my course. After a few hours I started to need a number two. I didn't want to go there because the lines are always huge and the doors often don't lock, so I held it as long as I could. After a while I really had to go so I said I was tired and headed home. As I walked towards the taxis I realised I didn't have enough money left for one! I had to walk. It usually takes 20 minutes but I was really bursting for a poo. I had to keep my bum squeezed tight as I walked. I got so desperate I thought about nipping into the park that I pass walking home and doing it behind a bush but I really didn't fancy stopping alone in the darkness so I kept going. I made it home, dashed into the loo and when I sat two logs shot out of me immediately. Another log came soon after and then I was finished.
Then this morning I woke up but I felt really tired still so I stayed in bed. I got up late and went downstairs to get some lunch. As I ate I started to need a poo again. When I went upstairs to go to the loo I found that Leanne was in there having a nice relieving poo of her own. I heard her let go with a couple of plops so I went into my room to wait. A couple of minutes later I heard her flush and come out. I waited another minute and then went into the loo. I could smell a faint smell of her poo. I sat down on the toilet and had a wee. My bowels started moving and a minute later my first log came out with a splash. Then there were two more pieces and then I farted. Two more logs came out over the next five minutes, and with another fart I was done. I had to poo again this evening but it was only one small piece.

Will post again soon. Bye everyone!

Greetings all. Thought I'd share another story with y'all. I should remind you, I have a fairly strong stomach, so when I do experience issues, I will post them.
This story however, took place about 2 years ago. I often suffer from very bad pain during my um, time of the month. So I went to the doctor and she prescribed me a drug called Ponstel. She didn't mention any side effects associated with it, so I figured everything would be fine. I read the list when I got home,and all I read about was possible stomach bleeding (they always put that warning on NSAIDs).
It finally came time for me to take it, so I did. I was at a friend's high school graduation party when I did. So I took it, ate some food and had a great time. I also happened to be sleeping over that night. When it came time to go to sleep, I started having some pain in my bowels. I knew I would have to shit, but I didn't know when. Well soon when. The time to shit was THEN. However, I decided to hold it because her bathroom was right by her bedroom and I didn't want her to hear my explosions. I knew it was going to be diarrhea, and that there was to be loads of it.
I had had enough and decided to go and release a little bit of it. I ran the water, sat down, and slowly let out the chunkiness. I needed to muffle the explosive farts, so i grabbed a huge wad of toilet paper and pressed it against my swampy crack. I could feel the vibration on my hand and honestly I was aroused by the whole ordeal. I was able to stop the rest of the torrent of diarrhea from being unleashed (although is was difficult). I wiped, flushed, and went back to bed.
I tossed all night from the stomach cramps. I knew it had to be from the medicine because I didn't eat anything unusual. I literally watched the sun come up while desperately gritting my teeth and grabbing my ass to assure myself that I would not have diarrhea in my pants. It eventually got to a point where I was starting to feel better, so I got ready for church (mom was picking me up), skipped breakfast (obviously), said my goodbyes to my friend, and went to church.
It came time for the sermon. I was sitting down listening when all of a sudden, the cramps hit. My stomach started churning and I knew I had about 2 minutes before I messed myself. I told my mom that I had to pee (I am less embarrassed about peeing) and that I would be right back. Upon exiting the sanctuary, I realized that the bathroom was all the way down the hall. Diarrhea was knocking at my anus harder than before. I had never been so desperate to go in my life. I knew I wouldn't make it all the way to the end of the hall. Then I remembered that the room that the alter boys dress in has a one person bathroom. And I was less that 10 feet away from it. I ducked in there and i swear I saw Saint Peter greeting me. It seemed like heaven.
I looked down the halls one more time to make sure no one was coming. I sure as hell didn't want anyone to hear the noises I would be making. I was in the clear!!! With a loud gurgle from my bowels, I felt a warmth just behind my anus. I put my hand over my butt and ran to the bathroom. I slammed the door and turned the faucet on to try and cover up the explosions. In one swift motion, I undid my belt thrust down my jeans and thong and practically jumped onto the toilet. And boy was it just in time! Four seconds later and I would have exploded in my tight skinny jeans. As soon as my ass hit the seat, I let loose the most explosive torrent of diarrhea known to man--or in my case--woman. Wet mushy diarrhea shot out of me like a cannon. BUUUURRRRRTTT--FLUGHLGHURRRP--FOOOOOOBRAAAATTTTT. At this point I was clutching my stomach and gasping and swearing under my breath. My legs were shaking from the intensity. With every wet fart came another wave of diarrhea. It sounded like someone had poured a bucket full of water and small rocks into the toilet while simultaneously sitting on about 10 whoopee cushions all at once.
The diarrhea came to a halt. I caught my breath and began wiping when another churn of my stomach sent more diarrhea flying out of my ass. I let out a HUGE wet, forceful fart that seemed to reverberate throughout the room, and prayed to God that no one had walked in, or heard it from the sanctuary. The smell was absolutely horrid. It smelled like a dead animal mixed with week old garbage. I stood up and surveyed the damage. The toilet was over halfway filled with what looked like a mixture of muddy water, soggy cocoa puffs, and chocolate pudding. Nom nom nom ;)
I was finally finished. I wiped, washed my hands, and headed back to the sanctuary. While walking back, I ran into my friend from youth group. I asked her where she was going. She replied "To the restroom I really have to pee." I began to panic. I didn't want her to know that I was the one who had stunk up the bathroom with my bowel explosions. So I replied casually, "OK well if I were you, I'd use the bathroom down the hall. I was going to use the one in the vesting room to pee, but it smells awful! Someone must have had a serious case of the runs." She bought my story, and said "Oh my God you're right! I can smell it from here!" I was thrilled that I had gotten away with it. On the plus side, she would be added to the list of suspects since she left after me to go to the bathroom. I went back and sat next to my mom. She had asked me what took so long. I told her I had to wait for someone to finish. She never knew about my diarrhea incident. Nor did I want her to know. I felt so proud!.
There was no way in hell i was touching that medicine again. I hope that one day I can become a shameless shitter. That I can be open about my bowel issues. But until then, I am enjoying the challenge :)

Hi everyone! I thought I'd answer Sammi's survey.

1 a. No, I don't usually look under the doors but I will if I'm the only person waiting sometimes.
b. I always listen for sounds from the cubicles so I know if people are peeing or pooing.
c. No, I wouldn't invade someone's privacy like that.
d. Sometimes I have if I've been really desperate.
e. Nope.

2. If someone is pooing then it is naturally going to take them longer to do their business (unless they were really really desperate for a wee!) so yes, it does make a difference.
3. I don't usually attract people's attention unless I'm desperate to go, in which case I will sometimes ask if they are done.
4. Of course there is a point at which staying on the toilet becomes a bit of a joke, but for some people it can take a really long time to poo and especially to actually finish their poo(as Sammi, Abbie and others can attest to). I often take more than 10 minutes to poo myself, so the time that is acceptible varies from person to person.

Speaking of taking your time on the toilet, I remember clearly an incident from a few years ago. It was the middle of summer and a lovely day for the local fair/carnival. I went with my parents and I had a burger and then we shared some donuts for lunch. A while later I got a strong and quite sudden urge for my normal afternoon poo, but it was made worse because I had already eaten lunch. My parents got talking to someone they knew who was there with his young kids, so I made my excuses and left to find the toilets that I urgently needed. I wandered around for a few minutes until I found some portaloos. There were five of them marked as ladies, so I got in the queue for them and waited. There were about ten women and girls waiting, so I knew I was in for a bit of a wait, which was bad because by now I was pretty desperate. The line moved very slowly. Clearly most of the girls going in were either pooing or just sitting on the loo after they were done! After fifteen minutes or so I was at the front of the line and really bursting for my poo. I waited and waited but it seemed that all five people ahead of me were doing number twos. I looked enviously at the men's toilets where the turnover was much much faster! After five more minutee I was desperate to relieve myself and there was still no sign of anyone coming out. A couple more minutes passed and then finally two girls came out together. I took the place of one, a girl who looked to be about 16 and had been in her toilet for ten minutes. I was amazed when I went in to find she hadn't even been pooing! The loo was unflushed and her piss and some paper were still in the bowl but there was no poo at all. She must have just been sitting there, maybe talking on her phone, for ages, all the while I was dying for a poo! I flushed and quickly sat down. Immediately my much-needed crap burst forth with a couple of quick logs and some mushy stuff that came straight out. Another logs came out after a minute and then a final piece. I wiped and flushed, unlike the previous girl, and was out within five minutes even though I had to take a big poo!

My first exam is tomorrow, and as you may remember from my earlier posts I almost always need a poo by the time I finish every exam I take- it's usually diarrhea or very runny, too, I suppose because of nerves. I'll let you know how I get on!

Bye for now everyone!

Just a guy

Eileen, Excellent story about the Thanksgiving day dumps at your sister's. I'm surprised your sister whispered to you about her dump being a foot long - she didn't seem to care if the others heard, or maybe she was proud of the size. Also, Marissa was blamed for blocking your other sister's toilet, but it sounded like all of you had a share--pretty funny.

Meghan - do you have any stories to share about your friend Kat? I thought your first story was great but haven't seen anything since.

the deerslayer

to car mom

forgot to finish my comment on your page 2033 story. i really enjoyed reading it as well as your other stories.

Herb T.

Weekly Dumping Recap

Hello everyone - I hope everyone is having a good Sunday. Below is a brief recap of a few dumps I took last week.

Tuesday - I stayed home sick on Monday and returned to the office on Tuesday. Around 9am, the urge to shit came on, and it was relentless. My stomach was rumbling and I was farting all morning. Thank God I have my own office, so I could fart as much as I needed and no one could hear me. I almost broke down and used the restroom at my office, but I remained vigilant and was able to hold things in until lunch time. I used the restroom at a large office building a few miles from my office, and as I was driving there, the urge was borderlining unbearable. I usually like to have a smoke at lunch time, but I had that "Do Not Pass Go, Do Not Collect $200" feeling that I'd better use the restroom immediately. I entered the building and went straight into the men's room, and luckily, no one was in there. There are four stalls and I took the second - and as soon as I got my pants down, before my buttocks were even properly positioned on the seat, the poo-poo just flew out. I know a lot of people use the 'Dumb and Dumber' scene analogy, but this was truly like it. Just a cacophony of toots, turds, wet farts, splashes, etc. The relief (and the smell) were just ungodly. I uttered an "Aaaaahhhhhhhh" and sat there and just let my ass go to work. The smell was so bad that I felt the obligation to do a courtesy flush, and luckily, my ass didn't get sprayed with water. A guy came in to piss, and I swear, he made some sort of noise - like "Phew." Well I waited for him to leave, then wiped, flushed, washed my hands, then left. Boy oh boy - talk about some serious relief.

Wednesday - nothing interesting - ran some errands during lunch and didn't have to go poo.

Thursday - I call this the $4 dump. Would any of you ever pay $4 to take a dump? No... right, crapping should be free, LOL. Well that's basically what I did on Thursday. My boss told me to take some executed contracts to the executives at our new bank (my company is switching banks). I wondered why they would have me do this rather than someone on the clerical level and almost asked my boss why I had to go, then I thought it would be nice to get out of the office for a while. Plus, it's never good to question your boss. Anyhow I drove over to the busy commercial part of the city, a few exits up the freeway, where a lot of large buildings are. I won't name our bank, but they are located in a large high rise building. On the way over, I knew I needed to take a shit, and figured I'd use the restrooms in their building while I was there. Well I had to park in a parking structure, and the building was super high security. I didn't know why it was so secured, but I had to "sign in" at the front desk, then a security guard escorted me to the elevator and swiped a card, then pushed the button for our bank's floor. Well I quickly dropped off the documents and asked our banking rep. if they had a restroom on their floor. He said "Yes, in fact, I'm going there myself, just follow me." Dammit - we both went into the restroom and he had to piss, so I wasn't going to just take a dump right in front of our account rep., so I just pretended to piss, then left. Using another floor wasn't an option, since their high security only allowed me to take the elevator to the ground floor. I did notice a Hyatt hotel close by, so I drove over there. Well the Hyatt too had a gated parking lot - WTF man, so I took a ticket, parked, and went into the hotel. It was a large lobby with multiple meeting rooms, so it took me a few minutes to find the restroom. When I went in, there were several people in there, but nonetheless, I wasted no time and took a stall. The stall was clean, had plenty of toilet paper, and my favorite type of toilet seat. I just relaxed and played a game on my phone, and finally the logs emerged from my seated buttocks and dropped into the toilet. I wiped, flushed, etc., and went back to my car. When I reached the parking attendant and gave her my ticket, she told me it would be $4. I asked her if there was a grace period, and she said I exceeded it by 3 minutes. WTF - 3 minutes??? She said the grace period was 15 minutes and I was parked 18 minutes. I asked for her supervisor, then noticed several cars waiting behind me. I finally just paid the damn $4 and left. I'll never go back to that hotel again. That cut into my lunch budget, so I was forced to eat of the dollar menu at a crappy (no pun intended) fast food chain restaurant.

Friday (I'll keep this short) - another day of needing a bad shit early into the work day. I knew I'd have to poo at lunch. Well right before I was about to leave to relieve myself, a few co-workers asked if I'd like to join them for lunch. I almost never join my co-workers for lunch, usually because I either have to take a shit, or run errands. Well I don't want to be known as a "stick in the mud," or the "anti-social guy in the office," so I joined them. Lunch was good - we went to a Mexican fast casual place that specializes in fish tacos. There is an attractive gal, probably about 29-30 who joined us, and she always eats an enormous amount. She is Indonesian, with a nice slim waist, but has curves in all the right places. Nice round booty and decent sized chest (I know I probably sound cliche, but it's the truth). Today was no exception and she stuffed herself. Damn that girl can eat, I thought to myself... what I would not give to see that girl unloading into the toilet (too bad that will never happen). Well back at the office, I was a little uncomfortable for the rest of the day, since I didn't expel the contents of my intestines at lunch. I got home around 5, and just let loose into the toilet. The relief factor was excellent. Nice beginning to a relaxing weekend.

OK - long enough post - again, I hope everyone is doing well. I don't see many responses to my posts - if you think they're boring, or if you don't enjoy reading them, go ahead and say so. My feelings aren't hurt easily. Adios amigos!

Magnesia Maggie

Slow-Shittin' Sammi's questions

Here are my answers to Slow-Shittin' Sammi's questions about what we do in public bathrooms and the stalls are full and there's no flushing:

1: Yes, I look for leg movement under the cubicle door. If the person is loud in peeing and then the noise stops, that's a positive sign, but a couple of weeks ago at a concert just as I got my hopes up, the girl then started to shit. So many large public bathrooms are so noisy that you can't hear well anyway what's going on in the stall. Jeans and panties rising from their feet is a great sign, though.

2: Does it make any difference if the person is peeing or shitting:
Those peeing make me more hopeful and I know some are seated for less than 30 seconds. But if I'm three or four back in the line, that's still a lot of time for me to hold the hurt between my legs. Shitters are sometimes a total turnoff because they may sit for 15 or 20 minutes. Them seeing you look in on them doesn't even give them the hint that perhaps they should get up and go later.

3: What have you done to get their attention and off the toilet:
I know I probably shouldn't but I've done some moaning and groaning and especially a couple of weeks ago at school I had an emergency. I had to pee but needed to finish a test first (teacher's rule) and it involved two essays and almost a puddle on my wooden desk seat. So I turned my paper in, quickly walked across the hall to the bathroom to find all 5 doored stalls in use, plus the doorless one. I recognized JJ from my class and knew she had just left the room and seated herself before me. She was on the doorless stool. She had a grubby blue t-shirt on and her white underwear and jeans were at floor level. I noticed that she had sheets of toilet paper placed on the seat under her butt. JJ said she hoped she could shit, that it was her third try that day, and it could be a while. I asked her please if I could get seated for a minute or two to pee. JJ winked and made a joke about it sucking if she had to walk through my pee on the floor in the doorway so she quickly got up and stood aside against the partition, so I could seat myself. One of the toilet paper sheets stuck to her butt and another fell onto the floor. I didn't care because I never use them. I seated myself and she complimented me on my green underwear (her favorite color) which I kept at knee level. My stream started immediately and lasted about a minute and a half. JJ thought it was especially strong and I got a little nervous with her watching me. When it was ending, I reached down and pulled off some of the liner that had fallen to the floor and I quickly wiped. She was nice enough to reach down and flush for me and JJ remarked that my pee was darker than hers. I put the one piece of liner back on the seat for her and pulled off two more as I tried in my mind to recreate how she had them on the toilet. She thanked me, reseated herself on the paper, and after I washed my hands, I returned to class. She came back into class about 10 minutes later. As she passed my desk she leaned down and told me she had shit her brains out. At her locker after school, she gave me more details. When she described the size, I was surprised her ass wasn't any more sore.

4: How long should a person sit before getting up and relinquishing their seat:
I say about 5 minutes to piss; 10 to shit.

Bye for now.

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Alan In Amsterdam great story about seeing your sister pooping on the floor and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: woman Who wrote about peeing and pooping in the garden great story and please share anyothers you may have thanks.

To: Marika great story I bet you learned your lesson always cook food throuly (how evr thats spelled) and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Vincene as always another great story and I look forward to your next one thanks.

To: Wendy & Kirsty wendy great story about you and that other girl having a desperate dump outside it does sound like you saved that girl the embarrassment of having an accident because she saw that you were there for the same reason and Kirsty at least you made it probaly next time someone is talking to much you should probaly tell something like I dont want to be rude but I really need to use the bathroom and I will talk to you later or if your in a store they could always follow to the bathroom and as always I look to your guys next posts thanks.

To: Stan maybe next time

To: Eileen H great story about you and all your female realetive all pooping in the same toilet one after another I bet that bathroom stunk for awhile after and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Abbie great story about you and that other girl pooping in the bathroom together and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Who ever wrote about there friend Ruth having a buddy dump and hearing that other woman going to the bathroom great story and please any others thanks.

Well thats for now and I just want to say to everyone on here I consider you all my friends even we have never met or at least known it and I wish people especialy women were more open about farting because we all do it, it should be nothing to be ashamed about but our culture belives that its not ladylike for a woman to fart or burp but as I said above everyone does it.

Sincerly Brandon T

Upstate Dave

Replies Mixed Posts

Alan In Amsterdam I enjoyed your post wi9th your sister peeing in the sink and then pooping n your kitchen floor. As far as takeing a pee in a sink I too had seen my sister Judy take a good pee in my grandmothers house in the old upstairs kitchenette that was there leftover when my grandmother ran a nurseing home. This is when she was six or sevenand I was either five or six years old. I also knew that Judy had peed in the sink befor and my other older sister Nancy too had peed in the same sink. This was told to me by my sister Judy. Our useing the sink ended when my grandmother moved out after building a new house. I have had girls pee in my own sink when I was single and living on my own in mysecond apartment. There have been other girls too that I knew durring my single days I've seen peein sinks but only one girl I've know had also pooped in a sink too.

Yes I've posted diarrhea stories which involved myslef. The worst case was after school and holding it the entire time on the two bus rdes home. I was o the verge many times while n both of the buses of having a accident but managed to keep from having one. It was pure torture! I had heavy sweats, aching cheek muscles,when I got off the second bus I could barely walk without going,so this made the short walk to the house seem like hours instead of ten minutes!

I could have gone outside which on my road where I lived I could have if it was a diffent time of the year. My neighbors were summer people and they were there so stoping on their property to go was out this time! I did manage to almost make it too! I only had to get through my own yard and go through the side door of the house. The bathoom off the kitchen was only ten feet away from that side door!

I onlygot as far as about ten feet from the side door of the house and that was it. I couldn't hold it in anymore. Ihad diarrhea gush out from my asshole which it filled my white briefs right up in seconds! Then my briefs couldn't hold it in and it oozed out from the leg openings, ran down both of my legs staining the legs of my tan pants a dark brown.

I was mad! The briefs and my pants were brand new! Now they were ruined. I was a real mess. So I couldn't go inside like I was now so I half stripped there in the yard. I ran to the back end of the yard and heaved my briefs and tan pants down over the hill side. Then I went around to theother side of the house turned on the hose and washed myslef off getting my diarrhea off of me. Then I went inisde got clean clothes and took a good hot shower and dressed. I still wonder if my briefs and tan pants are still laying where I had tossed them!

Vincene Your second part of the graduation I enjoyed too. Your post was descriptive andgraduation ceramonies are importent and very long. You handled everything so well as far as you and Heidi Lin. Thanks for telling it.

Freshman Freddy

Sammi's Survey

What I do when I'm in a crowded public restroom with all the stalls full and no flushing.

1) Since many of the guys bathrooms at school and elsewhere have no doors on the stalls, I look for: 1) a sitter with toilet paper in his hand because that shows he is about to get done and 2) they will often look up and tell me about how far along they are. I had a guy at our state fair last summer warn me that the seat was so loose I might fall in. He wasn't joking. It was very loose and I luckily had a soft crap that day.

2) If I'm standing behind a guy who is standing and pissing into a toilet, I want to see the seat up. Too many times there will be lots of pee on the seat if it hasn't been raised.

3) One thing I observed this year at school was when this guy in my class was sitting and shitting and this upperclassman came in and needed the stall. There was a lot noise in the room and the guy looked directly at the guy on the toilet and said "Wasn't that the one-minute warning bell a few seconds ago?" and the kid got up, pull up his pants and ran off. He left nothing in the bowl.

4) My Dad said this question really takes care of itself when there is a doorless stall. Especially when the bathroom's busy, you don't sit down until you're ready to drop and you start wiping immediately afterwards. But that allows more guys to use the toilets in the passing periods between classes.


New Lady in our Office Restroom

We had a lady retire in our department at the end of April and the company replaced her. With the economy, replacing people who retire or quit is about the only way we see new people. The replacement was a young woman named Courtney. I met her and she's 25, a few years out of college and had experience so the company replaced the retiree with her. Courtney is a nice looking girl, with light brown hair; I'd say about 5' 5" tall and weighs maybe 115 pounds. She dresses nicely, in a way that I'd classify as businesslike with an edge. Her skirts are nice but short. She gets a lot of stares from the men in the office. When she's sitting they're looking at her legs, and when she's walking by, her skirts hug her butt which draws the guys' attention. She started working there in early May. I had not seen her go to the restroom at all the first two weeks she was there. She seemed to be able to work all day without a break. She is a hard worker and a friendly person. Late last week, I got the urge to poo just before 10 a.m. As I've mentioned before, 10 and 2 are the times our ladies' room is full of pooing women from our floor. While I hated to go at this time since I'm poo shy, I had a meeting coming up at 10:30 so I thought I'd better make my way to the restroom. As I went down the hall toward the room, there were 4 women going in just ahead of me. I followed them in and saw that the last four of our six stalls were open, and these four ladies took them. The first two were already occupied. So I had to wait. I heard the restroom door open and in came Courtney. She said hi, and I said hello. I noticed she had a company training book in her hand. She held it up and said, "May as use the time to read this." So I took it she was going to poo and read the training manual. Just then all the 4 women who'd come in before me were starting their poos. I heard a huge fart from one stall, some plopping from another, and a spewing, blowing, diarrhea sound coming from another. Courtney giggled quietly and whispered to me, "Sounds like everyone really needs to go." I nodded. I heard wiping going on in the first or second stall or both. About that time stall two flushed and a lady opened the door. I took this stall. Just as I closed the door, stall one flushed and the door opened. Courtney took that stall. I didn't like it too much that we were next to one another and she knew it was me, but there wasn't a choice. As I pulled down my slacks I saw that Courtney put her book on the floor while she pulled down her panties and hose. She was in a short skirt and heels this day. I heard flushes going off as it sounded like the other 4 ladies finished up. As Courtney and I were getting settled on the toilets, the other ladies had proceeded to the sinks, and quickly washed and left. Now it was extremely quiet and just me and Courtney left in the restroom. She picked up her book. Then I heard a BAAAARPPPP fart, not extremely loud, but loud enough to hear. As her fart wound down, I heard poo start to come out with it, kind of interrupting the fart. She was going for a full 5 or 6 seconds with numerous plops, and then sighed heavily. I started my poo quietly and plopped a pretty good sized piece into the water, which was embarrassing. I heard another long wet sounding poo coming from Courtney. She sighed again when it dropped into the toilet. I pushed out another poo and was finished. I began to pee. When I finished peeing I heard Courtney pooing more and a loud fart came out with it at the end. Then she started peeing. I wiped about 3 times and stood up to pull up my slacks. Courtney started peeing and as I flushed, she was wiping. I heard her pull toilet paper 4 or 5 times. I went to the sink to wash up, and she flushed and came out as I was drying my hands. She smiled and started to wash her hands. As I was about to leave she said, "Boy, this was a busy place when we came in here." I said yes, it's that way every day around 10 o'clock. She said, "Really? I haven't been in here at this time yet. But I did come in the other day in the afternoon and it was like today, full of women going #2." I figured she must have come in at 2 o'clock, the other busy poo time in our office. We walked back to the office. She seemed pretty open about her poo right next to me. I guess I should get over my poo shyness. Others don't seem to care, and I just don't know why I'm like this.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Hi everyone.

I love to read the 'buddy' dump stories. In the UK there is,
alas, more of a tendency to be private. I guess its the way
are brought up, so reserved. I am so grateful that in my
work I have been able to meet friends that share my feelings
regarding the toilet. Occasionally I get the added bonus of
meeting somebody right out of the blue that shares the way I
feel. At lunch last Friday I had to go to the post office
my driving licence renewal. I hate the queues that there
always are in our post offices. Its not surprising because
all the local small post offices are closed down. Last
Friday the queue was horrendous. I should have gone to the
toilet at work, but I had no inclination, ???? ache etc.,
that I wanted to go. In the queue though my ???? started,
I squeezed my thighs tightly together but the pain increased.
I think I must have groaned a little, I know I was massaging
my ???? to ease the pain. The woman in front of me turned
her head and smiled at me, then she put her head close to
mine and whispered, "I need to go too." We started to chat
as the queue moved forward slowly, for me it helped me to
take my mind off the rumbling ????. Then she gave a deep
groan and muttered to me, "I can't hold on any longer, I'm
doing it in my panties." I told her I was already messing
a bit then, impulsively I reached for her hand told her
there was a ladies just across the street. Forgetting
about renewing my licence we held hands and walked, both of
us uncomfortably, across the street. Thankfully the place
wasn't very busy and we were able to go into adjoining
cubicles. I could hear her as she lifted her skirt and
then the rustling of silk on skin as she slid her panties
down. I was matching her as I squatted over the toilet.

"Ohhhhhhhhh," I gasped as my ???? opened with a loud
fart and I shit at once. After the initial burst I sat
down and pee'd and shit at the same time. "Damn!" I
muttered as I looked at the crotch of my panties. I
ripped toilet tissue to try and clean them but made it

In the next cubicle my friend was also shitting freely,
not peeing a lot but I could see her shoes under the
partition as she squirmed and gasped softly. Brrrrrr,
brrrrrpppppp, brrrrpppppppppp, I heard her farting and
shitting. "Oh, oh oh, god oh oh.!

"Are you alright?" I asked her.

"I . .uhh . .I took a laxative yesterday . .haven't been
for three days. Ohh I got the shits bad."

"Ditto," I answered.

We chatted as we shit, I also had to take my dirty panties off
and dump them in the sanitary towel bin. When I started to
wipe she asked me to come in with her. I flushed and went
into her cubicle. I couldn't help but look at her shaven
cunny, reddish labia, glistening where she had been peeing.
She looked up and smiled, "You clearly like watching some-
body on the toilet."

I couldn't lie, but her direct statement had shocked me a
bit. Anyway we got on well together and decided to go for
lunch after. I had made another good friend.

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