Alan in Amsterdam

Sister uses the sink

Wendy, although your mum sounds a bit sadistic I wonder if she knew you were secretly enjoying yourself?!
Abbie, your story about almost pooing your pants is very enjoyable
Blueboy, did you and your aunt sit on the toilet together or did you take it in turns?
Lorna, I hope you don't still feel guilty about clogging the entire ship's toilets! I know nothing about ships plumbing but I know that in Greece if you put toilet paper in the toilet it can crash the hotel's sewage system.
Emma, the Apprentice is compelling stuff isn't it! Forunately we have 3 toilets between 2 people.

Now, a story from some time ago which is often replaying in my mind.
During the time of my life when I was divorced and single, that's about 15 years ago, my sister came to stay the weekend, bringing my young niece and nephew with her. We had - she had, rather - a terrible time putting them to bed, they kept shouting, screaming, being generally obnoxious, probably because it was a strange house and strange bed. Anyway she eventually got them off to sleep and came downstairs to watch TV and have a few beers with me.
After an hour or so she started looking uncomfortable. Then she said she wanted a wee. So what's the problem? She didn't want to go upstairs because she'd wake the kids up and they'd start crying again. Well I didn't have a downstairs toilet, so I said that all I could think of was to go in the garden. She stood up and I went out with her into the kitchen to go through into the garden, but it was pouring with rain. "Oh no" she said. "I'm going to wet myself in a minute".
So, inspired, I said "You can go in the sink". She gave me a funny look then said "Okay". She pulled off her jeans and knickers and I helped her get up so she was sitting over the sink. I couldn't believe my luck! Unconvincingly she asked me not to watch but, I wasn't convinced. She started to spray her wee out into the sink and it made a right noise splashing against the stainless steel so I put my hand into the stream to quieten it down.
Then I decided to join her and got percy out and my piss stream mingled with hers. She needed to go more than me, she was still peeing when I finished. Eventually her pee jet became less powerful, then a dribble. But then she said "I need a poo as well".
"It's okay" I said, "just do it". "Are you sure?" she asked. "No problem", I told her, "I'll just throw it out into the garden when you've done". To encourage her I said, "Come on, it won't be the first time I've seen you have a poo". But it was the first time since we'd been adults!
So she started to push one out. The knobbly head came out and about two inches of smooth poo, but then it stopped.
"It's stuck" said Dianne. I diagnosed the problem. "You're at the wrong angle. You need to be squatting, then it'll come out easy".
"I've been a bit constipated lately" she said.
I got some kitchen towel and broke off the bit of poo that had emerged so far and laid it on the draining board. Then I helped her down from the sink.
"Go here on the floor" I said. "But squat right down". The floor was linoleum so easy to clean and in fact I sometimes did my business there as well, just for fun.
Dianne squatted on the floor and grunted a bit as the poo continued its journey. I pulled off another sheet of kitchen towel and knelt down behind her so the poo went into the tissue. I couldn't hold it all though, it was too long, it just kept coming! Eventually there was about ten or twelve inches lying on the floor, very firm, very brown and not very smelly at all. Before she could say anything I began to give her bum a good wipe, but then she splashed out a bit more wee so I wiped her there as well.
While Dianne got her trousers back on I picked up all the poo and instead of throwing it in the garden I put it in the waste bin, which I would empty tomorrow.
We watched a bit more TV and then talked about bed. The plan was for her to sleep in the big bed with the kids but she didn't want to wake them up. So we went to bed together for the first time in nearly thirty years. Though it was a single bed, and though we both slept in the nude, we didn't have sex, because not only is she my sister she was also happily married. But I did find out that after all those years she still wets the bed! This time though she did it while we were both awake.

Thanks for all your stories

Question for Upstate Dave

Do you have any diarrhea stories?

I'm new to this site so I thought I would share some experiences with you.
I love to hold on untill I'm desperate to go so I tend to have really big dumps and to avoid blocking the toilet up I go outside. It feels great particularly when it's been a few days and I really have to go bad. I've just had a big messy dump in the garden. I held it for a few days untill I this morning when I woke with a terrible cramp in my belly and knew it was time to evacuate my bowels. I got dressed, putting on a skirt without any knickers on so I could go outside and quickly squat in case I got disturbed. I went out into the garden with my bum clenched tightly as I was close to doing it on the floor. I ran behind the shed and squatted. I pissed a full bladder into the ground followed by a huge log about a a foot long. I pushed hard and another log about ten inches long & then a load of softer mushy stuff came out covering about half of it. It was a wonderfull relief and I'd made a huge steaming pile. It's on surprise I did so much really considering I hadn't been for five days.


Nice when going in, awful when coming out

Hello everyone.

This morning something really unexpected happened to me. Last evening my mom had bought fresh fish from the shop, and went to bed early. I got pretty hungry, so I took the fish, cut a half of it off, and then put it in the oven. I didn't add any oil, I didn't want to cook it, rather than just heat it up and eat it half baked. My cousin does something similar to that, and her meal is always very tasty. I took it out of the oven, and let it cool for a minute. It was still pretty hot, when i started to eat. i almost burned my mouth, but it was so tasty, I couldn't resist. In the end I was so full, that I went quickly to bed, cuz I was too tired to do anything else. For some reason I couldn't sleep pretty well at night, and felt like it was a bad dream. At about 7 in the morning I woke up, I barely opened my eyes, when I realized that familiar feeling in my guts. Without a minute to spear I got out of bet, and sprinted to the toilet. I didn't even lock the door, cuz I was in such a hurry. I got my black panties down, sat on the cold seat and released my aching muscles. A few seconds later a soft log came out, followed by a second one. But it didn't even came out properly, when already muddy poop started gushing out of my hole. It stopped for a moment and then I felt it coming. My insides started to churn and a wave of nausea came over my. A huge pain started in my stomach as I started to let out a huge wave of diarrhea. I didn't want to rush it, so I just relaxed and let it all pour out of me, and it sure did. It was probably the biggest wave of diarrhea I had this year. Chunky watery poop with farts in the middle came out in like seven seconds non-stop, that sounded like spluuurrrtslopslopslopslopslopslopslopslopprrrrrrtplurtplurtplurtplurt. I wiped off my sweat off my forehead and relaxed and enjoyed my huge relief. I felt so washed out, and weak that i walked back to bed and massaged my poor stomach. Nothing happened after that, I'll ask my cousin, why would this happen to me.

To Brandon T. - Well, yes, I didn't even realized that in my cousin, but I'm sure happy about that. Oh and about my last post, I have to honest to you and say that I sometimes enjoy diarrhea too. maybe not that time, but other times I'm really enjoying it, I don't know if that's my turn on or something like that ^^

Well sayonara everyone.

Tyler W.

I've been reading posts here for some time and I decided that it's time for me to share stories of my own too :).

I am a 17 now but I have always been very shy which has caused me to have had quite a number of accidents and near misses when I was younger.

The earliest I can remember was in kindergarten (I must have been 5, I think). We had a break and were playing in the playground. I had to poo quite badly. There were some teachers on the playground but I didn't have the guts to ask permission to use the bathroom. After some time, one of the teachers called us to gather to go back to class and it was around that time (I can't remember clearly) that I just couldn't hold it anymore and shit my pants. Noone noticed, however, so I just kept quiet and went to class with the rest. We sat down and I tried to act normal. Our teacher noticed the smell however so she asked whether someone had shit their pants. I didn't say anything, nor did anyone else, so after asking once more, she ordered everyone to stand up (We stood in a half circle). She went to everyone individually to check and I saw her approaching. I knew she would notice, however I guess that I was hoping she wouldn't. When she came to me, she did indeed notice and was quite angry ^^.

The next occasion I can remember was when I was about 8. I didn't go home alone yet, so I had to stay in after school care until my parents or one of my older brothers came to get me. That day, it was one of my older brothers. Again, I needed to poo quite badly. I knew it would be only 15 minutes or so until my brother came to get me. I also knew, however, that I wouldn't make it home. After a few minutes, I finally asked whether I could go to the bathroom, and got permission. It was about a 1-minute run away. I came in and took the first stall I saw (all were empty). However, I had my jacket and my schoolbag on and at the time, I had the habbit of not sitting on the toilet with one of both on. So I locked the door and quickly put my schoolback on the ground. At the moment I was literally doing the poo-poo dance to keep it in. I reached for the zipper of my jacket and began to unzip it when I lost it. I continued to unzip my jacket and hang it on the hook while I felt pee running down my leg and the load in my underpants getting bigger. I stood there and waited until I was done (I had started crying at that moment). When I was done, I pulled down my underpants, sat on the toilet and tried to clean out my underpants with toilet paper. After some time, one of the teachers came in with my brother. I was so emberassed!

Another time, also when I was 8. It was the last class before lunch and I had to poo. I thought I would be able to hold it in long enough, if I went to the bathroom immediately after class. Class ended and I hurried to the bathroom (I should say that it were mixed-gender bathrooms at the time). I got into an open stall but forgot to lock the door in my haste to get on the toilet. I pulled my underpants down, just a little to late. There wasn't much poo in my pants, so I thought I would be able to clean it up. I was just doing so, when I saw the door opening. I then realized that I hadn't locked the door. When I looked up I saw two girls of my class standing there. They were very sympathetic, however and got one of the teachers.

That was the last time, to this date, that I shit my pants. I had a near miss, however, last year. I was in french class. It was almost end of class and I had to use the toilet (#2) urgently. I had cramps and had to move in my sit to hold it in. Luckily, I was in the back of class, so noone noticed. I was constantly doubting whether I should ask the teacher or just hold it in. After some time the bell rang, and we had a 10 minute break before the last period of the day. I went to one of the restrooms. There were 3 urinals and 3 stalls. The stalldoors could be locked, but they were damaged on the outside and someone with a creditcard or something like that could easily open them. Appareantly someone had locked all the doors from outside, but I was clueless and thought they really were in use. There was some other guy standing at the other side of the restroom, just passing time in there, as some people do. Probably to use the phone without a teacher noticing. After some time (about 1 minute I think, but it felt longer) he asked me whether I had to use the toilet. I thought it was a rather strange question and hesistantly answered "Yes". He told that they were locked from outside and unlocked one of the stalls with his credit card. I felt quite emberassed, thanked him and got inside. I locked the door and put my schoolback against it, to prevent someone from opening it. The moment I sat down on the toilet I had explosive dhiaria. I heard the people that were previously in there go out (and was glad about that). At the time it had started to smell pretty bad. After some time a group of guys came in and they noticed the smell, making a comment about it. When I was done, I got out and had to pass both of the groups to get to class, damn that was emberassing.

So, that is all for now.

the deerslayer

cousins bad incedent and comments

one time my cousin was bow hunting deer at our farm. about half way into his hunt he felt the urge to piss. he took out a plastic bottle from his hunting pack to use for a urinal like he always does. he says he does that so he won't have to climb down from the stand. he filled the bottle full and put it back in his pack. when he got back to his truck after dark he began unpacking his stuff from the pack and got a nasty surprise. the lid had come off the bottle and piss got everywhere inside. my cousin began cussing and the rest of us just laughed. he ended up throwing the pack away and gave the other equipment inside a good cleaning. after that incident he just pissed out of his treestand instead of using a bottle.


Isabella- hello and welcome to the site. i really enjoy reading your stories.

leanne- i loved your story about pooping with sophie.

car mom- read your story on page 2033 about peeing in the chair with laura.

to my fellow hunters- i would enjoy hearing some restroom related stories if you have any.

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Isabella as always another great story and that guy was an jerk for what he did if I were in your shoes I wouldve kicked right between the legs and that would have taught him a lesson for sure and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Vincene as always another great and I look forward to your next one thanks.

To: Leanne great story about you and your friend Meg pooping tgether and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Amanda M great story and I hope your able to get the results you want my only sugextion is to keep trying evently your find a food that will give you diarrhea and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Kelly great story at least you made it to a bathroom and didnt have an accident and even if you did it sounds like your boyfriend would help you get cleaned up and I hope felt soon after that ad as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Marika as always another great story and it sounds like your cousin understands and is willing to help you if you need it and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Abbie as always another great story and it sounds like your like you and your friend Lucy had some bad luck but it couldve been worse and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Emma as always another great story and it sounds like your friend Chandi had a good size dump and I bet she felt alot better after that and as always I look orward to your next post thanks.

To: Jas great story about hearing that woman in the bathroom and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Blueboy as always another great story about your aunt farting and pooping in front of you and a question does she know about this site if not maybe you can tell her about it and maybe she might want to post some stories and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Lorna great story it sounds like you something called a mega colon or something like if you read some posts by Kim and others on this site from a few years ago youll find some stories like yours and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Stephaie great story at least your mom was understanding and it wasnt your fault and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: ShadowLurker first welcome to the site and im glad you decided to join us and please post more stories thanks.

To: Ian great story about you camping and noticing that woman who pooped to bad you didnt get to see it and I look forward to your next post thanks.

Well thats all for now

Sincerly Brandon T

PS. I love this site


Graduation ceremony with a 5-year-old--Part 2

About a half hour after Heidi Lin and I got up to the second level of seating (the main floor was reserved on the graduates),it might have been the large number of step stairs (I carried Heidi Lin up some on my shoulders), but I started to feel my bowels starting to activate. I had gone in Arts & Sciences Hall the previous day, but knew I needed get onto a toilet before the program began. So I had to carry Heidi Lin back down the stairs and out into the hallway in search for a bathroom at that level. I knew it would be a monster-sized facility and I was glad that it would be myself rather than Heidi Lin using it. I held her hand as we walked through the packed hallway and into the bathroom. Immediately to my right I saw a stall open and it appeared that none of the crowd waiting for one to open was heading for it so I took Heidi Lin into it. Then I noticed why it was available: there was no door and the last sheet of toilet paper was off the roll. However, the pressure I was feeling, told me I had better seat myself and and take my crap. As I was pulling my jeans and black thong down and was seating myself on a much smaller toilet than what we had used earlier, I told Heidi Lin that Aunt Vincene needed her to do two thing. First, she was to stand in the doorway and shield me so that I could have some privacy and, second, she was to watch the stalls near us and when they opened she was to go in and pull off some toilet paper for me.

After about two minutes of me seating myself (rather uncomfortably because the seat was small like I use in gas stations) there was kind of a hiss and with a series of tiny pushes I was able to release my demon. At that point, I looked up and noticed that Heidi Lin had left to get me the toilet paper and I was thinking about what good timing we had when I girl about 8 walked up to my stall entrance, pointed at me and then held her nose. How rude! She stayed like five seconds or so before another lady brushed by her to take my stall, but only to find it was occupied. Then Heidi Lin came running in from the other direction calling "Aunt Vincene" and she had a stack of toilet paper in her little hand. Although I tried to fake being a little mad, I probably didn't play the role well: she had taken the sheets off the roll one by one so I had like 10 sheets that we no longer attached. I stood to begin my careful (due the toilet paper size) wipe and with the slip of a couple of my fingers, I did OK. Heidi Lin did a nice job of guarding the entrance.

Then I took Heidi Lin over to the sinks to wash my hands. She lingered behind me a bit and I was surprised that she wanted to see the automatic flusher go off. It happened about five seconds after we left the stall and she came running up to me to report, "All gone." We made the walk up to our seats again and the music part of the program had already begun. The graduates had marched in and been seated. We had sat through about two of the administrative speeches and one of the two guest speakers from the community and both Heidi Lin and I were getting restless. Then I heard a fart from her seat and I asked her if that was her and she gave me the sheepish look that only meant guilty. Then she said what I didn't want to hear: "Aunt Vincene, I need to poo." I knew it might be uncomfortable for her but I told her she'd have to wait until her mother's name was called and she walked across the stage because I didn't want her to miss that. She got more restless, but I did some little things from my earlier babysitting days to keep her entertained. Within a few seconds of her seeing her mom walk off the stage, I carried her again down the stairs and back into the bathroom.

Heidi Lin led the way into the bathroom which wasn't as crowded now and ran for an open stall. I walked up faster because I wanted to make sure I saw the seat first and that there wasn't urine or shit on it. (Sometimes she's faster than she should be!). The seat was up and she dropped it hard. I told her to step aside and reached into my purse where I had a small pad of post-it note slips. I pulled on off, reached over and placed it over the sensor, and then told her she could seat herself. She had her underwear down and was on the stool in record time. Her crap was punctuated with another large fart. It was quite soft and she jumped down off the toilet and asked me to wipe her. There's a time when she should start doing it on her own, but I wasn't about to push it. For such a soft crap, she wasn't that dirty. Then I took the cover off the sensor and in about five seconds the stool flushed. We washed our hands and I did encourage her to use a little more time in washing them because she had put them all over the seat.

We walked downstairs and waited for the graduates to march out. When the graduates could break from the line and cheering had begun, Neena spotted us and scooped Heidi Lin up for a big kiss. Then Neena told her daughter that she had been holding her pee for almost two hours and that she was heading to the bathroom. She asked us if we wanted to go in with her and we just laughed and said we'd wait outside.


Re: Traffic Jam

Hi Stephanie. That had to have been quite an ordeal what you went through having to hold to pee for that long in traffic. It was also good that your younger sis was nice to you about your accident. How long was it when the car started to smell like pee and did the pee stain go away on the seat?

homeless pooper

The other day I was in the city walking around and there was a homeless guy in his spot on the sidewalk. It was hard to tell at first, but as I got closer, I could see it very clearly. This guy was pooping into a McDonalds drink cup! In plain sight! He hung his butthole about an inch over it, and clearly he had done this before. He really couldn't have gone into a store for their bathroom, or at least into an alley? As mothers walked by they literally shielded their kids eyes! It looked like the cup was filling up, too.


Big relief at the county park

While Kirsty was at work today I went for a nice long walk in our local country park. I needed a poo quite badly & took along a toilet roll & made my way to the old hollow tree to relieve my need. When I got there I really had to go but there were some kids playing in it so I had to find somewhere else to go. I looked around for about an hour but couldn't find a really good spot to do my business. I was getting really desperate decided to give up & just use the toilets by the car park but I when I passed the old tree the kids had gone so I went inside the trunk to find several piles of poo. The ground was wet with pee & it stank in there. Those kids must have really needed to go! I didn't fancy using it now so I went in the public toilets instead. They were closed due to vandalsm & I was nearly pooing myself. I went back into the woods to find a spot to relieve my urgent need & soon found a dense patch of bushes behind the toilet block. There was a very desperate looking young girl of about 14, rushing into the bushes, holding her bum with both hands. When she saw me she stopped in her tracks with a horrified look on her face. I knew she was about to go in her pants & so was I, so to help us both out I just pulled my jeans & pants down & started to go. It was a huge relief & the girl squatted next to me & had a very big mushy poo & pee right next to me. She looked super relieved & we shared my toilet roll to clean up. The girl thanked me for saving her from having a big accident & we left the scene.

I'd love to see a famous person pee & or poo themselves. No one has ever posted anything like it on this site & I'd like to know if anyone has any stories on the subject. I've seen many news reports such as in the 2005 London Marathon when Paula Radcliffe pood at the side of the road in front of all the cameras. Then there were reports about Tyra Banks getting diarrhoea & messing her pants off stage. The latest rumour from one of Demi Lovato's friends about her pooing in the woods behind a cabin. How about it guys. Someone must have a story worth telling.


Kept talking

While I was getting ready to take Wendy to work this morning I felt a huge urge to poo & pee so I went to the toilet & sat down. I peed a lot which felt so good but I couldn't get any poo to come out so I gave up & let Wendy use the bathroom. She had a huge dump & peed a lot which frustrated me. She gave a sigh of relief which didn't help & when she came out I felt another even bigger urge to go. There wasn't time to try again so I took Wendy to work. From the moment we got in the car to dropping Wendy off I had a terrible stomach ache. On the drive back home the urge to poo became much stronger & I knew it was ready to come out. The all the roads were busy & it took ages to get home. The traffic may have been moving slowly but not my bowels! By the time I got home I had to go so bad I could barely move in case I lost it. I baby walked into the house with one hand on my bum & then my neighbour called my name. She's 85 & loves to chat away but I really didn't have time to talk to her in my situation. She's really nice & the kind of person you can tell anything to & not feel embarrassed. Just like this site really. I love her but she can be a pain when you need to get things done. Anyway I told her I was about to poo myself & couldn't talk right now but she said, "Oh I know what that's like. I just made it this morning after getting my pension." I told her I was sorry but I really had to go right now or I wouldn't make it. She said, "Of course dear, I understand. You get to the bathroom before you have an accident." I got my key out to open the door when the old lady added, "I hope you're ok dear. I haven't kept you talking too long have I?" I said, "Bye to her & opened the front door & slowly made my way upstairs to the bathroom. Climbing the stairs wasn't easy (why do they put bathrooms upstairs anyway?) & on the way up I nearly lost control. I got to the bathroom without a second to spare & ripped my skirt off & knicker ready to explode into the toilet. It was a huge relief & the pain in my stomach went immediately. The toilet was destroyed & it took a lot of cleaning but it was worth it for the relief.

My wife said she had to poo this morning - so I decided to listen

I just heard one plop - very disappointing - not worth going for

Carin: That was in 1978. I was 18. That boy and his family vanished from sight. I visited him for many days. I was happy to do so. I was a young adult fresh out of HS. I was in summer school at college, working dead-end jobs abd getting fired from them. It was fun when I look back on it. So, I was glad to be company to him. He was week for many days. Everyday after sumer school, I went to see him. The next day I went to see him and he was whimpering like a puppy and holding his stomach in bed. He said, "Althea, would you please walk me to to the toilet?" And I said sure. I gently pulled him from his bed and walked him to the toilet in his room. He was still weak. His father gave him a change of underwear and pj's. He pulled down his light blue pants and light blue FOL briefs to his knees and lifted his shirt and sat on the bowl. I could imagine what he was going through. He gripped his stomach and a wave of brown water released. He sat on the bowl until another wave of water released. It was a good 60 seconds. He was sobbing. I felt sad for him. I asked him if he was still hurting and he said yes and that he missed being with his father and kid brother. His mom walked out on them. This kid was spending his summer in a hospital. He was in there just after school ended for the summer vacation. He said that he was drinking liquids only because he was dehydrated from the vomiting and diarreah. He breathed and then released two more explosive waves and a wet splattery fart. He sat with his penis limp and his little hands cupped between his skinny pale legs when his arms were not wrapped around his stomach or doubling over with gas cramps. He said that he did not have to pee. He told my that he had cramps. I told him that it was gas. More water and then gassy watery farts came out of this little boy. I never heard anything like it. Actually, I was like him when I had diarreah or an enema when I was a little girl. He said that a young male doctor and the other kids on the ward were taking him to the bathroom as well as his father. He was very likeable. He was on that toilet for 30 minutes. He took toilet paper and cleaned himself three times, pulled up his clothes. He flushed the bowl, washed his hands and I took him back to his bed. I put him face down, the covers on the little guy, rubbed, petted and hugged him and talked to him until he fell asleep. I did my summer school homework in his room. I used to spend all afternoon and evening with him. That boy is now a 42 year-old man. I really liked him and his father. I was this adorable girl in blue jean cut-off shorts, sneakers, white Carter's panties and a t-shirt.
rdam: I used to hate visiting hospitals to find someone on a bedpan. The smells were horrible, even behind a curtain.

Amy: That girl in the gray school uniform skirt and the colored underwear should have not wasted that in the ground. She would have been adorable sitting on a toilet. Thank God, there was a park enroute to/from school, if I needed it. I always carried toilet paper in my book bag just in case. The park in my community has plenty of toilet paper in the female toilet.

Dan: As for Kate Middleton-they go to the toilet just like you and I. I'll bet you that her Sunday morning bowel movements are noisy and stink. Pants down, dresses up.
Alexander: You are not aroused by this. It is your natural choice to enter or leave. As long as you are not harming others or yourself, it is fine by all concerned or not. I knew when I was a little girl, the human body interested me. It also interested other boys and girls like me.


- Have you noticed if certain things you eat / drink 'change' your farts? dark fruits, lots of them and lots of fresh juices.

- Do you eat certain things knowing you'll fart up a storm later? dark fruits, they clean me out. I discovered this in HS and college.

- Do you enjoy farting? (either the relief it brings or other means) yes. That gas can stay in you and kill you, if it goes up to your brain.


- Are you noisy when you poop? (grunt, sigh, fart, your poop lands loudly, your poop 'crackles',....) I fart and it crackles and lands loudly. I used to hate it until 10th grade.

- Do you enjoy pooping? (same as farting question) yes, I like to get all that junk out of me. Plus, it is nice to feel it coming out.


Are you shy about farting and / or pooping, or do you embrace it?? Fairly open ended, feel free to tell why or why not, in which company, and if the opposite sex is a contributing factor. It does not bother me. I have done both in front of boyfriends and male cousins when I was growing up school-age. See my earliest posts. My father saw me when I was a little girl and a teenager. I once came home from a movie with a boy after eating junk food at a movie and I used the toilet at his house. The sound, the smells and the amount of garbage that I expelled was tremendous. Plus, I had some wild cramps. I was in my early 20's.

Laurel: You are like me-can live with the mice, but not them bugs. I had my house exterminated recently. I was running along side the river and I stopped at a public toilet. I saw one of those nasty things and I got out of their. It is a filthy neighborhood.

Has anyone held their poo just because they enjoy the desperate urge to go? What's the longest you've held it? I tried it for 48 hours when I was 20.
Have you ever done it in your pants? When I was 3. Plus, I've had some near misses.
How was the relief when you finaly went? When I was twenty, it was not what I expected. It was just a long pipe. The relief was not that great.
Have you ever watched someone do it in their pants? Yes, I saw a man on a city bus when I was 10.
Have you ever done it in public or at least outside? in the woods of a park. It was an emergency.

Nathalie: That little girl deserved a good hot slap.

Amylee: Nothing like a good hot morning #2 after heavy eating last night. I always liked that.

Herb T.: I used a similar toilet in Girl Scout camp, an outhouse. Take the Dulcolax and you would have been finished. I used to have watery diarreah when I was younger. That is what my little friend had to endure in the hospital. He and I had nothing but dark brown water. I was sick at work in the old days and I used to get diarreah in the afternoon. One day, I felt horrible with fever. I went to the women's room, let down my blue jeans and my light blue FOL band-leg panties to my ankles over my black flat-soled shoes. My bowels evacuated into the toilet like water into a deep bucket. It was like Old Faithful the geyser. It ran for almost 10 minutes. See my old posts. I stayed out of work for the rest of the week.

Angela and Wendy: There was this Spanish film where a bride had to take a nasty crap in a catering hall toilet before she met a ghastly fate. She was pulling and tugging at that gown to get down her white panty. Then, you heard her pee and her stomach evacuate. That was before... I will not speculate on the plot.

Thank you, Eileen. I was always good in English. I failed math in HS and ended up teaching it. Some story you had in that school. I repeated math in summer HS. I used to make #2 every morning in that school. See my earliest posts. Then, I worked in Wall Street where I had nice clean toilets. I worked in old and new buildings. I was in the WTC. That place was great for its toilets. Then, my firm moved to a another skyscraper.

Caryl Marie: You are experiencing the joys and pains of growing up. I hated those 4x4 squares I could not wipe myself good and they were rough. I never felt clean after using them. My rectum and vagina itched after. I was in my pre-teen/teen years. We had them in moive theaters, bus, subway and railroad stations, and my public elementary and high school. The public schools were worst. The toilet paper was like sandpaper. One time in 4th grade, I had to urinate. So, I was excused from class with a hall pass. I went to the girls room, lifted my gray dress and white cotton slip, let down my white panties to my ankles and urinated for about 30 seconds. I took some of the squares, balled them together and wiped my young pussy from between my open thin thighs. It felt like flint paper. I just could not get clean. It was like using notebook paper. When I had enough of it, I pulled up my white Nazareth bandleg panties, let down the rest of my clothes and left the stall. In those days, I was afraid sometimes to flush or I just would not flush. I returned to class. When I got home, I scratched myself like an old German Shepherd dog. I saw girls go through those little containers of paper in a futile attempt to get clean. One girl talked about it on the way home. I hated that paper when I had bowel movements because it did not clean me good. and my rectum used to itch and my mother used to complain about my dirty underwear. It was a dreadful and annoying experience for me. I learned the importance of good female hygiene.

Roxanne: The teacher cannot deny you the use of the toilet. I ran detention centers and I never denied anyone.

Jaded Jarrod: That girl should mind her own business. She's a yenta and a busy-body.

Marika: Marshmallows are nothing but trans-fat and sugar. I used to get the same results as you. They made me sick.
see: ????

That young man with his aunt in the horse stable: I had aunts and older female cousins who used to have these huge loud and often smelly bowel movements. See my earliest posts. God help you early in the morning and middays.

Eileen H

Thanksgiving Dump-athon

A few years back, I'd say about 2005 or maybe 04, I went to my sister Jeanette's for the usual Thanksgiving dinner with my extended family and siblings. i've posted a story previously about my post-Thanksgiving dump. This was a mid-Thanksgiving dump, but it was just a big and smelly.

I normally try to eat healthy and keep my portions moderate. Thanksgiving is the exception to the rule. It's the one time of year I feel okay to completely gorge myself because hey, it's a holiday (a pretty silly one at that). My sisters, aunts, and grandmother had all outdone themselves with this meal. I'm not much of a cook, so I was just there for the ride. Mac n cheese, mashed potatoes, quiche, stuffing, string beans, corn, and of course, the turkey. Once I was done I felt ready to explode. Minutes later, I felt the need to explode on the toilet.

The house had only one bathroom. Pretty unfortunate given the circumstances of the holiday. The guys were all watching football so the line was just ladies. One of my sisters Marissa was in front of me. She said she was about to shit herself. She hadn't taken a shit in 3 days. The meal certainly hadn't helped. She said she was "turtleheading" and that the turd kept touching her panties. I certainly needed to poop, but not as bad as she did from the looks of it. All the others in the line seemed to need to release their own monster turds pretty bad too.

I felt bad for Jeanette because we would all destroy that toilet of hers. Another sister of mine came out and the next in line rushed in. The smell from her trip to the bathroom slowly slipped back to me. It was very pungent, but I'm sure it was worse in there. It would only get worse for sure. She passed us in line and whispered to me "1 foot. Can you believe it? The thing stunk like hell." Next in line was my niece Cate. She is very shy, and I'm sure very self conscious about her bowel movements. She was clearly having one. She was in for about 3 minutes and when she opened the door she was completely red-faced. The smell that drifted back was markedly worse than my sister's.

My sister-in-law Jennifer was next up. I was close enough that I could barely hear the log crackle out. Marissa was clearly panicking. "I swear I'm gonna shit myself this thing just keeps coming out!" By now, I was pretty desperate too. The log was coming out as I was barely containing it with my cheeks. We were both sweating. "Uh, hearing Jen go just makes it worse! I don't even want to think about how bad it stinks in there. I could already smell it out here" My sister kept ranting. Jen came out and Marissa pushed her out of the way. "What's her problem?" Jen asked. "She has to um... "evacuate" herself badly" I said with a wink. She said "It seems like all us girls are doing that today. That bathroom has a stench you would not believe."

By now, things were pretty desperate with my poop situation. If I didn't get to drop these kids off at the pool soon, it'd be too late. Thankfully, as the turd was once again staining my undies, Marissa came out with a big smile on her face. "All yours" she said as she stepped aside and I rushed in past her. The stink of the bathroom was simply unreal. I plugged my nose and went straight for the toilet. The seat was warm and the bowl was filled with residue from my female relatives droppings. I wasted no time in letting my butt and bowels do their thing. I grabbed a magazine and got comfortable.

A ripe, thick, juicy log slowly poured out of me. With it, came some foul farts. The thing landed with a thud, not a plop. Now that the initial turd was out, I relaxed and waited for Part 2. The second log wasted no time coming down to my hole. It felt fresh, creamy, and wide as it slowly slid out of me and into the bowl below. I had adjusted to the stink everyone left me, but these two additions were too much. The odors entering my nose were pure and utter shit. Could not be mistaken for anything else: this was poop I was smelling. I decided I had enough of this stink box of a bathroom and finished up. I could still feel some crap waiting to come out, but nothing desperate. All us ladies gave each other sly looks the rest of the evening. We all knew what was done in the bathroom was never to be spoken of again.

I finished the job at home with two more sizable turds. The next day Jeanette called me saying she had to call a plumber. She blamed it solely on Marissa. I suppose that is only slightly stretching the truth.


Slow-Shittin' Sammi's sitting on a public toilet survey

1. When I'm in a public restroom when all the stalls are full and there's no flushing, I look for leg movement under the cubicle door. It's the best indicator that they are finishing up. Yesterday at the mall, two of the five toilets had been vandalized so the group of us waiting was pretty crowded. There was obviously a very young child on one toilet; her tennis shoes--both untied--were swinging a couple inches off the floor. Then I heard a series of splashes, then a squeek as she slid her butt off the seat and then her feet dropped to the floor. Then, I guess, she had forgotten to wipe and her feet went back up, the toilet paper roll moved and after a quick wipe, she came running out looking for her mother. I had to flush it before I sat down for my pee.

2. Does it make any difference if the person is peeing or shitting?
If I'm following a person into the bathroom and they are hurrying, that's a good sign. Whether it's a pee or crap they are not going to be on the toilet long. At my college, sometimes this older lady who is an administrative assistant in the dean's office will let us students go first because we think she wants to get away from the phones and computer for as long as possible. She walks so slow, talks so slow and never really gets worked up over everything. And when I'm in to see the dean, she lets me take a piece or two of candy from her jar on the desk.

3. What have you done to get their attention and off the toilet?
Since I'm a scholarship athlete and on two teams which travel a lot over our region, some of the worst cases are people using the bathrooms at interstate rest stop. (I've written about this previously). They've been cramped up in their cars or in a truck and just want a change of scene. So they just sit and sit and even though our van arrives and we are waiting for quick relief, they seem oblivious to us. I'm polite and will knock on their door and sometimes that will hurry them up. Only if they don't say anything, I will then peek in on them. The worst offenders are those who are driving, want a break, and seat themselves for for a leisurly read.

4. How long should a person sit before getting up and relinquishing their seat?

You need to be aware of anyone waiting. It's just like in a restaurant. If you're done eating, and it's been a reasonable amount of time and there's a line in the doorway, it's time to leave. I like what Sammi said in her answer. She was only partially able to crap, but left and when climbing the stairs, the remainder of her bowel movement was ready. Then she want to another bathroom and finished it off. For several years, since I'm 6'3" tall, I partially tower above stall partitions. So I wait until I'm very confident that I can produce immediately after I seat myself. I'm on the toilet for the very least amount of time necessary and sometimes get remarks when I open the door to exit like "That sure was fast!". I politely thank them and smile.

Story Teller
I mentioned some time back about a babysitter I had growing up. I really did like her. Aside from being nice, she was very open. She didn't mind me being in the bathroom or stall if she was using it. While I didn't see her much(a total of maybe 11 times), they were happy memories( I'll post them later). One of her friends actually asked her how she was comfortable going with me being maybe a foot away watching. She said that there was no harm in it and that I was just curious.(which was the truth really)

Though remembering that has made me think, what does cause our interest in this rather...unique subject? Is it born out of natural human curiosity at what goes on behind closed doors? Or is it something else?

Dr. Willow

To Car Mom

It's nice that you and your daughters' friends are so open minded, but I have a question about the safety of your activities. Girls are especially prone to bladder infections and the like, and sitting bare on cushion-y material, soaked in old pee sounds like opening yourself to an environment rife with bacteria. While pee is sterile in the bladder, it "spoils" fairly quickly once out. How do you keep things sanitary?

It seems to me that diapers might be a better solution to on the go restrooming. Because it is still peeing where you shouldn't, but you can throw away the budding colonies of bacteria and don't have to spend all day cleaning up.

Keep us posted on your adventures!

Brandon T

comments & stuff

First I just want to say I was in a hurry yesterday and thats why there some missing words in my last post apparently my brain and hands werent working together that well like forgeting a word I think my brain had it the way it was suposed to be nut my hands didnt get the message and I shouldve proof read it before posting but oh well, well enough about theat.

To: Whistler great stories about noticing that woman who was probaly pooping and about your wife hearing that waitress having a nasty dump at least was able to do that before she went to work and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Leanne great story about you and your friend Meg pooping first you hearing her pooping and later on her hearing you pooping and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Anny holy crap is right I bet you felt lighter and alot better after that and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Alan In Amesterdam as always another great story about hearing and seeing your friend Alison pooping outside and you being prepared with toilet paper and thats one thing everyone should carry with them in there car and/or on them because you never know when your gonna need it and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Wendy & Kirtsty Wendy your mom should not have made you do that and her pooping in the bathroom just to rub it in parents who punish there kids and not let them use a toilet when they need it should learn that it not a good idea it could scar them for life and/or make them ashamed to ask someone to go to the bathroom and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

Here are some stories the first time I saw a girl peeing in a toilet that wasnt a family was about 16 years ago I think I was 9 or 10 years old I cant remember exactly I was playing with a girl that lived on my block she was about the same age maybe a year younger I dont remember so we were playing and she them went into my bathroom and I followed her aprently she didnt mind and when got in there I she asked me if I have ever seen a girl naked before I said no so she took everything off and sat on the toilet and peed so that was the first time ive seen a girl naked and a girl peeing that wasnt a family member sadly that was the only time I saw her do that she moved away a little while after that and thats a memory I wont forget I only wish she had to poop instead of pee well thats the only story I can think of right now I will post more when I remember them or when I see something thats worth posting about.

Well thats all for now and I want to again thank the creators of this site for creating such a wonderful site so thanks and keep up the great work.

Sincerly Brandon T

PS. I love this site


Pooping celebrities

I just read on Celeb Jihad that Demi Lovato is rumoured to like having a poo in the woods. I'd love to know about more celebrities doing this but we never seem to hear about it.

Female 18 black

1) How often in a day do you pee?
2) What color / shade is it?


3) How often do you fart?

4) What type of farts do you do? Do you have a preference?
I make 'em all. No preference except I like those vibrating ones. They soothe an itching rectum.

5) Are you shy about farting?
sometimes, I try not to in public company, but if I have to... When I sit on the toilet, it is free game. A church deaconess said about me one day, "That little girl can break wind."

6) Do you fart on the toilet?
Yes, when I pee and have gas and when I make heavy #2


7) How often do you poop?
2-3X from early am, then about 10AM and then mid-afternoon.

8) How long does it usually take you?
5-7 minutes, more if I am constipated or I have diarreah with cramps

9) What types of poop do you do? (chunks, logs, pebbles...)
chunks and logs, with some pebbles at the end. Which are usually soft or loose. Sometimes, I make #2 like muddy water.

10) Does a lot come out?
Yes, I eat lots of fruits and drink lots of liquids. I eat big at home. I like lots of meat and salads.

11) What texture are your loads? (soft, liquid, mushy, fir, rock solid..)
mostly soft, loose and mushy.

12) When you poop do you require effort?
If there is any left over in me or if I am constipated.

I was in the public library today. I went to pee in the ladies room. A tall skinny black girl like me entered with me and took the next stall. Turns out she and I had to make #2. Both of us had our jeans down to our ankles. We both wore gray panties at our ankles with our pants over our Nike running shoes. Her bowels released and sputtered with a plop and sputters and farts and she peed. My bowels only sputtered these small little pieces. It was not much, but it felt like a lot. I sat for 3 minutes, wiped myself, flushed and left. I saw the girl later on the main floor.

Jake and Coke
When you deuce do like the lights on or off? lights on unless it is bright and sunny then I use natural light.
When you're home alone do you leave the door open? What about when not? When everyone is asleep? Alone, I leave the door open. When everyone is asleep, I close the door-sometimes. My dad has found me on the throne when I take my morning #2.
Do you sit down, squat or something else? I sit down. Sometimes, I squat or hover, especially when I am using a public toilet.
I am a Christian. I do not talk about my things to certain church people. But, it is alright to enjoy our bodies and each other's. I enjoy mine and from my first posts, there are those who enjoy mine. I talk with other girls and women in the toilet at church or at school, sometimes in the park or movies. It is stays with us. I know that the sisters in my church enjoy a good release. I like to hear their sounds. Some of those church sisters can shit loud. They come into the ladies room, breathing heavy saying, "I gotta drop this deuce" or "I have to rest my bowels." Me and the girls my age or younger talk while we are sitting on the toilet at church or school.

Just a guy

Emma, Leanne & Abbie, great stories! Emma, I especially liked the story where you needed the bathroom and 2 of your friends beat you to it and before you knew it, 2 other friends snuck in on you. I'm glad you got in there on time - mushy poo is always the hardest to hold back.


Latest story

Hi, Abbie here with my latest post, I'll get to it in a minute.
Leanne- Thanks for your comments, I enjoyed your latest stories about you pooing with Meg.
Emma- Great story about your school trip, I look forward to your next post.
After having a poo round Lucy's house on Tuesday I didn't feel the need on Wednesday or Thursday so I got to yesterday at school and by morning break I realised I wanted a poo pretty badly. As usual I went for a wee at breaktime, I was really jealous of the girl in the cubicle next to me as she weed for a bit and then straight away I heard some mushy poo splatting into the bowl, she came out of her cubicle as I was washing my hands so she hadn't taken much longer to have a poo than I normally take for just a wee. During my next lesson I could feel a turd trying to poke out of my bum so I did my best to suck it back up, clenching and squeezing all the muscles in my bottom. As soon as we were let out I rushed straight to the loo, I was in the science block so the nearest toilets were the ones with just two cubicles which I've used before. A girl who I recognised from the year below me followed me in to the toilets, we each took a cubicle and I quickly locked the door and pulled my skirt and pale green pants down to my ankles, by now my turd was forcing its way out of my bum and I wasn't able to hold it in any longer. Too late I remembered that in these loos the cubicles were really high off the ground so that my pants would be visible to the other girl, luckily as I looked over towards her cubicle I saw her skirt and yellow pants at her ankles too so at least she was in the same position. I hoped she needed a poo as well, and a few seconds later this was confirmed by some loud farts coming from her cubicle. I relaxed and started to push, my turd came out really slowly, I could feel it was stretching my bum. Next door I could hear the girl grunting and farting, she was obviously having a hard time and needed to strain. We carried on like this for a few minutes, suddenly my first log dropped with a loud plop and straight after I farted loudly before the next one started to slide out. My neighbour's grunts were getting louder, she must have been pushing really hard. I dropped three more logs and then took some loo paper and started to wipe my bum, it didn't take much as my poo had been pretty hard and dry as usual. I flushed, pulled up my pants and came out of my cubicle to wash my hands. As the noise of the flush died away I heard a huge plop and a sigh of releaf coming from the other girls cubicle, I was happy that she'd managed to get her poo to drop, it sounded like she was constipated. I went off to my afternoon classes feeling a lot better after emptying my bowels!
I'll try to post again soon, bye for now.


Update on Leigh and the Cell Phone in the Restroom

I'll share an interesting follow up about my boss Leigh. In my last post, I told of her sitting in the stall next to me, both of us pooing, and her answering her cell phone. It was her boss, Gerald, on the phone. I was amazed she took a call while using the restroom. Well, today (Friday) Leigh called me into her office. I wasn't sure what to expect. I didn't think I was in trouble for anything. Leigh closed the door and had a sheepish smile on her face. She said, "I thought I'd tell you confidentially that I got my butt chewed out pretty good by Gerald." I then started thinking maybe I'd made some kind of error in my job that got Leigh in trouble with her boss. I said, "Was it something I did?" She said, "Oh, no, it was about me answering the cell phone and talking to him while you and I were sitting in the restroom the other day." I didn't know what to say. Finally I asked, "What did he say to you." She said, "He said he was shocked that I'd taken a call while in the restroom. He said he wasn't trying to embarrass me, but he could hear "restroom noises" a couple of times and finally figured out what was going on." I said, "Oh, man, Leigh, how humiliating!" She said, "Yeah, it was embarrassing having that discussion." I asked what more he'd said. Leigh said, "He said that he expected more professionalism from me as a manager and that using the restroom while talking on the phone was not professional. He said he hoped I'd never do that with a client. I told him absolutely not. He told me to not do it with him or anyone else at work. Then he said he assumed I was alone in the restroom. " I froze. Surely Leigh hadn't told him I was in there with her. Leigh read my expression and said, "Don't worry, I didn't tell him you were there. I told a little white lie and said I was alone." I was relieved because I'd accidently farted quite loudly while she was talking to him that day. She also farted while on the phone, so I'm guessing he heard us both. At least maybe he thinks Leigh farted twice! I said, "Quite honestly, Leigh, not to pile onto you, but I have to agree with Gerald on this. I was terrified he'd heard me using the restroom. I'm bathroom shy to begin with. I've heard women using the phone on the toilet before, but I wouldn't think they were talking to their male boss." Leigh said, "I know. I really was stupid for doing that. I guess I thought I could take the call and he wouldn't know." I said, "That's a big risk. You had no control of when I or anyone else who might have been there would have flushed the toilet. He surely would have heard that even if he didn't hear us using the restroom." Leigh said, "You're right. I just wanted to let you know. You seemed shocked I'd answered the phone the day it happened, so I thought I'd let you know I got my butt chewed." Leigh is quite the character. We all love her to death, she's so nice, and really is a good boss and most of us see her as a friend. She just has strange restroom habits, grunting and loudly passing gas when others are in the room. I will bet that she doesn't bring her phone to the stalls anymore, though.

Hi everyone,

Whistler: Two great, very erotic stories. Can I ask if you or your
wife have returned to the burger bar since the waitress
went to the toilet then brought you your bill?

Slow-Shittin' Sammi: Here are my answers to your survey:

When in a crowded restroom with all stalls occupied
and not hearing any flushes, do you:

1 a. Yes I do check for legs under the door only because in the UK
attendants often lock cubicles that are out of order.
b. Yes, I always listen for the sounds of peeing or shitting, it
helps me to know how long I am going to have to wait.
c. Yes again. I always check for evidence of somebody wiping by
peeking between the door or partition. Some women are so shy
they will try to wipe their bum silently so it helps to know
they are wiping for the same reason I give in b.
d. Yes. I often ask if the woman has finished, especially if I
am desperate.
e. I have never seen any door less stalls in the UK. (Wish I had,
there is nothing more erotic to me than a woman with her
panties down going to the toilet.
f. I have no other comments.
2. It makes a lot of difference to me if a person is peeing or
having a shit. Again I refer to my answer in b as the main
reason. But a secondary reason is that I do like to listen
and, if possible chat, to the person going to the toilet.
3. To get their attention I will ask a person how long she is
to be, more so if I need to go urgently. But I will never
do anything to get them off the toilet. We all have to sit
for ages at times, if I am constipated or conversely having
an attack of diarrhea, I will often be on the toilet for
twenty to thirty minutes. Same if I am feeling sick or
being sick. For me, in the ladies room, their should always
be care and compassion for the person. I never harass a
person at any time. But if it is somebody I know, a mate at
work for example then I will ask if they can let me go in
with them. For example Ruth and I, if we are desperate, or
one of us is, then the other will ease up on the toilet so
the other can sit on our lap, then we can both go together.
4. The answer is in 3. But to underline it, there should never
be a time limit on going to the toilet. The most intimate
and personal of things we do.

The last time Ruth and I had a buddy shit, same cubicle, same time,
was last Easter. We had gone to see a film after having a meal and
we both needed to go at the same time. In the cinema there was only
three cubicles and two were occupied. Both women were having a shit
and one had not bothered, or hadn't had time, to close the cubicle
door. She had her panties across her knees with her hands over her ???? as Ruth passed her. The woman in the other cubicle was
ripping toilet tissue and wiping her bum.

Ruth hurried into the vacant cubicle lifting her dress high up and
bunched it around her waist, then she dropped her panties right
down and off one foot. I was able to take my panties right off
and straddle her on the toilet, holding her around her shoulders.
We both started to shit together, we both had belly aches and
Ruth gasped she would never have a curry again. I couldn't answer,
my ???? was churning so badly. Both women in the other cubicles
were wiping and flushing as we shit and pissed together. We were
on the toilet for almost ten minutes before we could wipe our bums.

Coming out of the toilets we were going back into the cinema but
decided to get a bar of chocolate to eat before we did. At the
kiosk we saw the woman who hadn't closed the cubicle door. She
smiled and asked if we were okay. Ruth answered and said yes, now,
but we really had the runs. She laughed and then introduced her
mate, she was the other woman having a shit. They had had a
touch of diarrhea or, as the woman we had seen on the toilet, they
had caught a cold in their stomachs. In the cinema after about
thirty minutes we noticed they both went out again, we surmised
whether they had to go again or had decided to go home.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

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