Traffic Jam

I hit a wrong button before I finished my last post and deleted my next story completely and didn't have time to type it up again before submitting that post, so here's the actual story:

I was nearing my 18th birthday at the time. My mother, younger sister (Angie, who was 15 at the time), and I got up really early on a Saturday to drive to a big outlet mall almost two hours away. We spent the day shopping together, buying clothes and stuff, had lunch, shopped some more, and that afternoon started driving back home.

I didn't go to the bathroom at the mall because they are usually nasty and I hate them, so really I hadn't gone since we left our house that morning. Add a big drink at lunch and by the time we were on our way home and my bladder was starting to reach critical mass! I was sitting in the front passengers seat, my sister in the back, mom driving. I just held it, squeezed my thighs together, and shifted positions in my seat every once in a while to help relieve the pressure, but as the trip wore on it kept getting worse and worse. Eventually I was getting pretty desperate but I knew I could hold it until we got home. As luck would have it we were on a long stretch of highway without many exits and so there was no place to stop with a bathroom, not that I'd really want to stop at a nasty gas station bathroom anyway - better than having an accident in the car in front of my mom and sister, though.

We continued along and were only about 30 minutes from our house when suddenly all the traffic came to almost a complete stop on our side of the highway. My heart started beating faster. A traffic jam was not good. I was already pushing my known limits with only 30 minutes left to get home - any delay much past that would have dire consequences to the dryness of my panties.

Traffic inched along very slowly and we were nowhere near any exits to try a different road. We were stuck and so was I. My body was rapidly nearing the bursting point and it was getting impossible to hold it with just my crotch muscles. I had no choice but to finally stick my right hand onto my crotch and push with my fingers to help. My mother noticed, of course, and asked if I was ok. I had to admit to her that, no, I really had to pee badly. She said to hold on and she'd stop somewhere as soon as she could. She then added, jokingly, that we didn't want a repeat of a few months ago (referring to my last story where she thought I had a stuck zipper after getting home from school when she found my panties and jeans in the washer when she came home).

My sister then piped up from the back seat, having been silent until then, "What don't we want repeated from a few months ago, huh?"

"Nothing," I said, looking out the window to try and drop the subject and focus on holding my pee.

But she didn't let it drop, of course, being an annoying sister sometimes, and said, "What? Did you pee your pants, sis?"

"I said nothing," I snapped back.

"Girls," mom chided.

"I bet you peed your pants, didn't you?" Angie pushed, "Didn't you?"

I heaved a sigh and said, "Yes, fine! I peed my pants a few months ago. Happy!?"

She made a mocking laugh sound until Mom cut her off with a "That's enough!" Mom then added, "Besides, it's not like you've never had any accidents, young lady."

I turned and made a face at her a blew her a raspberry, which she responded with in kind, though she dropped the subject after mom brought up her own accident history.

So it was back to silence, crotch holding, leg crossing, foot bouncing, and praying for traffic to get moving faster. After about 30 minutes of inching forward and stopping, inching forward and stopping, I was seriously close to an accident.

"Mom, please, I can't hold it much longer," I admitted.

"I can't go anywhere, sweetheart. You'll just have to hold it until I can get to an exit unless you want to run out into the woods," mom replied.

"Is there a bottle or anything back there, Angie?" I asked my sister. She looked around under the back seat but found nothing. So I had no alternative but to keep holding it.

After another ten minutes of agony, desperation, heart racing, almost crying from needing to go so bad, I suddenly felt my crotch muscles give way and a long, two or three second stream of pee escaped into my panties and jeans. I gasped and swore under my breath and squeezed and grabbed everything tighter and cut it off, but my crotch was hot and wet and I could feel wetness on my fingertips so I knew it would show on the crotch of my jeans.

Mom had heard me gasp and looked over, "Steph? You ok?" I looked at her and shook my head, "No, not really'.

She asked, "You aren't peeing are you?" I shook my head again and said, "A little, but I stopped it."

She urged me to hold on, and even Angie tried to encourage me, leaning forward from the back seat to pat me on the shoulder and tell me it wouldn't be much longer.

I made it another five or ten minutes without another leak, but then I could tell from the way my body felt that the end had come, I couldn't hold it back any more. I tried to fight it but my muscles wavered and then collapsed. No matter what I tried I couldn't hold back any longer and my bladder gave way. Then the flood gates opened and the full, steady stream of pee began hissing loudly into my jeans. The hot wetness spread very rapidly under my butt and thighs. I mumbled, "Oh, God, I'm sorry, I can't..." while watching my crotch turn dark and feeling the wetness spreading, spreading, hearing the hissing so loud in my ears I'm sure mom and Angie could hear it, too. The smell of pee started to fill the car as well.

Mom and Angie just watched, speechless - there was nothing they could say or do.

I must have peed for close to a minute. The wetness spread all the way up the back of my jeans to my waistband and across both sides until it was coming up the sides of my hips some and a puddle was growing between my thighs, though none of the wetness spread even to my knees on my jeans, I guess because of the angle of the seat. I just sat there, listening to the hissing slowly die away with the flow. I almost wanted to cry, which I found quite odd since just a few months prior I had stood in my bathroom in the midst of an accident and decided I enjoyed the feeling. But I managed to keep from crying.

Angie offered me an, "I'm sorry, sis." Mom told me it was ok, it wasn't my fault there was a traffic jam, and not to worry about it.

I just sat and stared out my window, soaking wet from waist to lower thigh, lost in my thoughts and reliving the moment over and over.

Finally we reached the source of the traffic troubles - an accident (ironic to me) - got around it, and was back up to speed and pulling into our driveway in about 15 minutes. By that point my pants were no longer warm, they were clammy and cold and very uncomfortable. I carefully got out of the car to see the seat below me was soaked. I muttered another apology to mom about the seat that she brushed off and told me not to worry about it and just go inside and get showered and changed.

Angie walked with me into my room and turned the hot water on in the shower for me while I grabbed clean panties. She left me alone in the bathroom to strip down of my wet clothes - even the very bottom of the back of my shirt had gotten wet from the pee that was up the back of my jeans to the waist band! I showered, changed into fresh clothes, and stayed in my room for a while.

Angie came a little later, knocked on the door, and came and sat down at my desk to talk to me while I lay on the bed where I was flipping through a magazine. We started talking for a while, but I'll have to leave that story for another time. I think this one has gone on long enough!



The Twins' Restroom Habits

Hello! Today, I'm going to share some of the twins' restroom habits. Here they are:
First of all, both of the twins make it obvious that they need to shit, even though they may not realize it. For instance, I was talking to Tom yesterday while we were watching TV when Tom unconsciously placed a hand on his stomach while screwing his face up in pain. He suddenly said in a strained voice, "I'll be right back," and rushed off to the restroom. I couldn't hear any plopping sounds, but I could tell from the stench and the straining sounds from Tom that he was taking a HUGE shit.
Bill also makes his restroom needs obvious. Today, I was chatting with Bill while he was on his laptop when Bill suddenly put a hand to his stomach and asked me, "Can you come with me to the restroom please?"
I agreed, and as I followed him to the restroom, I noticed that he took his laptop with him, so I knew that he was going to have to do some big business. Sure enough, Bill said, "Can you hold my laptop for a moment?"
I took his laptop while he got himself situated on the porcelain throne, then gave it back to him. I decided to watch some videos on Youtube with him while Bill strained his turds out.
I also noticed that the twins strain and grunt a lot when they're dropping bombs into the toilet. Yesterday, I was at the twins' house and I was about to go into the restroom to pee when I suddenly heard soft grunting from the restroom. I called, "Who's that?"
"Its--UHHH!--me!" Tom responded. I peered in and noticed that Tom was leaning forward while holding his stomach and screwing his face up in concentration. There was suddenly a loud splash and Tom let out a sigh of relief. He then proceeded to wipe himself and flush the toilet.

Well, that's everyone's restroom habits. I'm currently at Heather's house hanging out with my friends and hopefully I'll have some good stories soon.


Hi again everyone. I thought I'd answer Kirsty's questions today.

1. Has anyone help their poop just because they enjoy the desperate
urge to go? I like to hold my poo in for a while but after a certain point it just becomes annoying and worrying if I can't get to a toilet. If I'm at home sometimes I like to hold it for a while, though!

2. What was the longest you've held it?

5 hours and 40 minutes, which I did at Easter when I held my poo in all afternoon and evening.

3. Have you ever done it in your pants?

Yes, but not on purpose! Since I was young I've had a few poo accidents but not many.

4. How was the relief when you first went?

It felt great because I'd been holding it for so long. When I'm desperate it's such a relief to finally go!

5. Have you ever watched someone do it in their pants?

A couple of times.

6. Have you ever done it in public, or at least outside?

Yes, I've pooed in the woods a few times and once or twice in an alley or on a school trip, too.

Today I had to take a poo at lunchtime. I went to the loo and four logs came out really quickly and felt great. Then this evening my big poo came. After dinner Kat, Lauren, Lizzi, Sophie, Amy and I were watching The Apprentice on tv. I felt the urge. My poo was knocking hard on my back door and it felt like it would be quite soft and explosive. By the end of the programme I was desperate for my poo so I got up when it finished, as did Sophie, Kat and Lauren. I washed up my cup first while the others went upstairs. I told Lizzi and Amy I was going to the loo and would be back soon. I went up but as it turned out I was far from the only girl in the house who needed to poo during the programme- the toilet was already occupied and I recognised Kat's socks under the door (you can see under the door when you're going upstairs). I went up to the top floor but that one was in use too. I knocked and heard Sophie's strained voice reply. I asked if she would be long and she said probably a while! I went back down and knocked on the other loo. Kat said she was having a poo and would be a while as well! I was annoyed because by now I had an emergency need for a number two. I went back downstairs and sat down to wait. I was really desperate and ten minutes later Kat came downstairs. I went upstairs to the toilet to replace her, but Lauren had beaten me to it! I heard her drop a few pieces of poo even as I walked up past the toilet so she must have been desperate too. On the top floor I knocked and found that Michaela had snuck in and replaced Sophie! She said she was pooing as well so I went back to my room to wait. I put my hands under my bum to help me hold it because it was starting to come out of its own accord now!
Five minutes later Lauren flushed and came out of the loo so I hurried up there before someone else snuck in and took my much-needed spot! I went in and, ignoring the strong smell of poo that I was about to add to, sat down. Immediately a load of mushy crap forced its way out of me. It felt wonderful! More poo squeezed its way out and then two logs and a couple of loud farts. Another fart blasted out with some mushy poo and then another log. After some final mushy stuff I was done and felt a lot better!


Hello Everyone

Greetings from a long-term lurker.

Finally had an incident worth posting about - something of a question actually. The other day I had been doing some work on the computer while absent-mindedly sipping water and worked up quite a lot of urine I guess. I went to relieve myself, sitting on the toilet as one does. (I'm transgender, but female 'down below') After a few seconds' relief I noticed my socks getting rather damp and was horrified to see my urine stream escaping through the gap between the toilet seat and the rim of the bowl, spraying all down the outside of the bowl and making a puddle at my feet.

Have any ladies had this same experience, and what can be done to prevent it? I've noticed my stream often points quite forward, possibly a result of a large amount of pubic hair...?

Onto another topic now. Yesterday I went to the counselling centre I attend. The building has recently been refurbished and new toilets are a part of that. Standing in front of three single-cubicle toilets I saw a male sign, female sign and a sign with both male and female on it. 'Great!' I thought, 'Unisex toilets - a sign that acceptance of transpeople is increasing.' I duly entered and went to seat myself, only to find the toilet a long way down: I was using a children's toilet. Needless to say two things resulted - I was most displeased, and the problem I mentioned earlier started to play up - in a public toilet! It would seem only children, not adult transpeople, are entitled to unisex loos. The battle for acceptance continues.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011


camping 2

Hi again.

After our bbq on our first afternoon we had a few more fun wees in and around our camping area.

As we had a few more beers we got a bit more daring W actually deliberately going in her bathing costume whilst standing up (she was wearing a tee shirt as well so not too obvious). I love to watch her stream, darkening her bikini pants, then running through - some straight to the ground and some down her legs.

After dark we went to sleep in our small tent. Both of us had to get up a couple of times beacause of the beer, but as it was so dark away from all artificial light we would just go outside the tent without finding clothes and get a wee nearby.

Next morning we got up and had coffee and cereal for breakfast, both still a bit hazy. A while after breakfast W said she needed to go and have a grunt. There was not much shelter, but on the other side of the road from the stream there was a small outcrop of rock about 4 feet high and maybe 20 feet long. So she grabbed a toilet roll and headed over. I stayed to finish my coffee.

About 20 mins later W returned smiling and a bit pink in the face. She said she had found a spot between some biggish rocks, slipped her pants down and got ready to go. After a bit of farting and pushing she began to unload when a young woman (20ish) came around the rocks also holding a toilet roll - preumably from one of the other tents by the stream. She was looking for a good spot and only spotted Wendy when she as about two paces away!

By this time W was in a high stoop with a large turd hanging down from her bum, which the woman couldn't help but notice. After some mutual apologising the woman (a Dutch lady) said she was nearly filling her pants and asked if would be ok if she went nearby as there was so little cover from the road. W was past caring and said go ahead so she pulled down her cycling shorts, turned a little away and went into a full squat before dropping a large, soft load.

Because of their positions W got a clear view of the turds as they eased out of the woman's bum. They got up and wiped at more or less the same time, chatting away as they did so.

to be continued...................

Upstate Dave

One Wild Sleepout Part 6

I had woken up early in the morning right after sunrise. There was three reasons why I had. The first one was that it did cool off more durring the night. Barbie had pulled the sleepingbag off from me with being nude and not being covered by the sleepingbag I was chilled. My second reason and third reason was my penis was throbing being erect with a moorning woodie and I HAD TOO REALLY PISS!

I got up and first thing was I went over to the bush where my one pair of shorts were and sliped them backon. Next I walked over where my tshirt was and put that on. Now I was warmed up after geting clothes back on. Now I only had left to do was piss. I didn't want to make noise by pissing on the rock or one of the bushes. So I went back to the very soft moss area which wasn't far from where Barbie was asleep in the sleepingbag. Iknew the deep moss would be quiet if I pissed on it.

I didn't zip up my shorts when I had put them on or snaped them. So I just slipped them down and I pushed my penis down aiming it at the moss the best I could since I was erect. I started my piss. I had a very thin stream of piss come out from my penis. It was twisted with along narrow twist.y pis was dark yellow in color which was a morning beer piss and its oder was real strong.

I sighed a heavy sigh for being erect, not pissing hard, and my bladder was so full it ached. I knew that this piss would at least seem to me right then it would be a long time I would feel real relief. It would too!. I just stood there with mypiss splashing on the moss just barely makeing a sound. Since it was a beer piss I had lots of yellow piss foam form in the moss.

I didn't feel relief till my bladder reached half empty. Now the acheing feeling was gone so I did feel better. My penis still was throbing but that I could live with. As I stood there pissing the one thing I did think about was I wished my piss didn't have such a strongoder! It really stunk! It was like being in a bar bathroom with a well used toilet full of piss that wasn't flushed.

Well I cut my stream off for I just didn't want to smell its stink anymore. I zipped up and I now went and gathered up some kindleing and small branchesto start a new fire. As I setup the woodfor the new fire I smiled for I thought about Barbie and I pissing in the fire befor we diod go to sleep. In a short time the fire was going which the wood snaped,popped, and crackled as it burned.

I had my camp mess kit with me and in it there was a coffe potwhich I filled with water and heated it up. I wanted coffee this morning! Soon the water was hot and I had instant coffe and I made my cup and sat by the fire sipped it and along with my coffee I lit up a smoke. I also looked out at the view as I smoked and drank my coffee.

I finished my smoke and cup of coffee. The sun had just topped over the trees behind the open top of the mountain. The chilly air was not as bad now and I knew it would get warmer soon. I then did turn oin the radio to catch the teperature which it did say very soon. It was sixty degrees. I thought then that's why I was woken by the chill!

I heard Barbie stir behind me so I stood up and tured around. Barbie had awoken now. I said good morning to her. She was rubing her eyes trying to get in a more awake state and didn't say anything back to me. So I waited. Then she did say to me; Hey you are awake! Oh I'm cold! Get me my dress please! I laughed and told her it was comming right up. I walked over to the bush where it was draped on pulled it off and I gave it a toss over to her. Barbie said thanks and she hurriedly put it on.

Barbie then got out of the sleeping bag. She stood therestretching still trying to get more awake. hen after doing several stretches Barbie stopped. Hey it sure does smell like piss around here! I laughed and I told Barbie that I was the guilty one. I couldn't help it. After all it was a beer piss Barbie! She laughed.

Where did you go? she asked me after she had laughed. Back in the moss and I pointed to where I had pissed. I never heard you Dave she said to me next. Yeah I was quiet about it I said back to her. What did wake you Barbie? Oh the fire and smelling the coffee! There is hot water do youwant a cup? Barbie said she did so I made her a cup and gave it to her. She took a good sip and she told me that it tasted so great!

I made a second cup and we drank coffee together for awhile. The coffee woke Barbie up and having a second cup I was now really awake and ready to go. I told Barbie I was ready for breakfast. She told me she would be ready in a few minutes. Since you already took a piss I suppose you don't have to piss now Dave? I laughed and I told Barbie that with my piss smelliong so strong I had cut my piss off. Plus haveing two cups of coffee with the first one was awhile ago I'm filkled up again. Barbie giggled and said to me; That's what I like to hear!

We both were in our bare feet so we did step back over to the mossy area to piss. Barbie said to me now that we werestanding in the mossy area; Let mesee if I can wash that smelly pissy area you had made! Are you going to do it? I asked Barbie. No you're going to do it! I laughed a little as Barbie yanked down my shorts zipper. The she giggled a little as she went and popped the snap on my shorts. Then she said to me; Are you ready too inside? I smiloed aand told her she would find out.

She got out my penis which never lost its erect state fully. She aimed it down at the moss which I told her where I had pissed. I started right off too. I sent a much harder, wider stream of piss into the deep moss. My piss was now a light yellow with hardly a smell to it. The coffee had watered my piss down so its oder was a lot less.

Since my bladder was refilled but not over filloed I did take a good long piss. Barbie nade sure I really soaked the moss with my piss and she also made sure that I covered a larger area then where I had shown her where I had taken my first piss. After I had stopped pissing Barbie said to me after putting my penis back in my shorts and had taken care of them; There now it doesn't smell so bad now.

Then she stepped away hiked her dress right up and got into a semi squat. Barbie sent out fromher vagina a strong spraying streamm of dark yellow piss down into the moss. Now I could smell a strong oder from her piss! Hey your piss smells as bad as mine had Barbie! Phewww it stinks! Barbie shrugged her shoulders and let out a short laugh. But I was exaggerating a little. Her pissdidn't smell quite as bad as my piss had.

I would say for the first good part of her spraying piss stream lasted over a half minute. After that her sparying stream settled down and it was a clean stream with a nice soft hiss. I smiled now hearing the delightfull hissing sound of her stream. The hissing sound of her stream wouldstay right up to the end of her piss too for Barbie would have her stream just stop.

Then we did go over and get breakfast started. We made up the bacon then the eggs, We even managed to get the bread toasted without charing it. We also heated up the last of the water and made more coffee to have with breakfast. Durring all the time makeingbreakfast we both let out many farts! Some were real stinkers others were not. This was a sure sighn that both of us would be doing something else after breakfast! To be continuied.

Upstate Dave

One Wild Sleepout Part 7

Afterbreakfast I started packing up which there wasn't realy much to pack up. My messkit,rolled up the sleepingbag,picked up the little bit of trash, and picked up all our empty bottles of beer puting them in the small rucksack. Now having done this with Barbies help we both had been farting since right after eating and Inow could feel that I was ready to take a good shit!

I hadn;t packed up the toilet paper yet so I walked over and picked it up off the ground. Barbie saw me pick it up. Oh someone has to take a shit! she sid to me laughing lightl;y as she said it. YES I DO! I said back to her. Barbie scampered over to me and as she did she asked me where I was going to do it. I told her that I was going to go over in the bushes just outside the back side of the open area of the mountain top.

Where I was going to shit there was in the bushes another clearing very small with a good size flat topped rock whichwas the mountains highest spot. As I started for this area Barbie cae with me. She laughed when I stepped up on the rok. Oh your'e going to make the mounatin a little higher! I laughed a little myslef now at her remark. Then she told me she would do the same for she had to shit too! But she would let me go first for there really was only room for one person oin the rock where it was flat.

As I unsnaped my shorts Barbie asked me if I would take themoff. I told her if that is what she wanted I would do that for her. So I did take y shorts off and I tossed them to her which she cuaght them and held on to them. Barbie wasn't right in front of me but just slightly off to my right side in front of me standing at the edge of the rock. I squated down.

I had to piss too which again was from the coffee. So Iwas holding my penis and I started to piss first. Now I was about four feet higher then where Barbie stood becuase of the rock being that much higher. I sent a nice arcing stream of piss out through the air and it managed to land in one of the bushes and splashed all over the leaves of the bush that my piss had hit. Barbie had turned for a quick look to see where my stream had gone since ithad gone well past her. Barbie giggled slightly turned back around and again faced me.

I pissed on that bush close to ten seconds or so then my stream eased off but didn't stop. I now felt my asshole being pushed open quickly. I said quickly to Barbie; I'm starting to shit! I saw Barbies gaze move down just a little right after I had said this to her. I could feel my shit sliding on the stretched skin of my asshole which was really opened wide.

I could now smell my shit too! It wasn't a heavy stinky smell but enough that I could smell its oder. I could also hear its softcrackle as it was makeing as it came out of me. Itwas fat enough around I could feel it rubijng the skin of my inner cheeks too. So right then I knew I had a wipeing job when I was done. The other thing I could feel it was smooth and even sl9ightly warm on my skin too.

Seconds went by. I was in a high squat when I had squated down. Barbie was intently watching me and was silent as I shit and I was still pissing. I had pushed my penis down soi I was pissing down the front side of the rock leaving a trail of piss on its front side. I was looking doiwn watching my piss runniing down the front of the rock.

Now Barbie spoke up. Dave that sure is a big shit you're takeing! How Big? I asked back. OH a good three inches around and its a good ten inches long too! It's still getting longer! It's almost reached the top of the rock too! I felt myslef smile right then. I then had the thought come into mymind that my shit might stand up if it was soft but solid enough too!

So I did two things then. I raised my ass up alittle highere and gavemy muscles to lightly squeeze my ashole. I did feel my shit give way so I stopped my squeezing. Since I was higher up in the air I had to see my shit to try to see if it would stand up. So I shoved my penis down and placed a hand on the rock and bent way over to look back under myslef. Barbie saw me doing this and asked loudly; Dave WHAT ARE YOU DOING? I;m trying to get my shit to stand up! Boy did she burst into hard laughter for a quick moment.

Now as I was looking back my shit had reached the rock. As I felt it still omming out I raised my ass higher. My shit didn't lean over or bend so it seemed to be working! It was staying upright! I wished then too that my shit would reach its end and wouldn't get any longer! Well it did get a little longer by gainig a couple more inches longer. The I felt myasshole close right up amd my piss stream got harder again.

I only looked back under myslef for a few short seconds. My shit was standing up on the rock but I thought I saw it starting to lean over. I had been blocking Barbies sight so that is why I got back up and she saw my shit standing on the top of the rock now. Barbie had stopped laughing by this time but now seeing my shit standinmg up bvut it was leaning a little she laughed hard again.

I pissed for just a short time mo9re and then I stopped. When I did stop pissing I jumkped right off the rock. I turned aroiund to look atmy shit which it was still upright but was more over at a ngle now. As we both watched my shit angled over more and then it did fall over on its side and laid on the rock. It was funny to both of us to see my shit slowly fall over so we both laughed. I laughed hard enough that as I laughed I had a few short spurts of piss shoot from my penis which we both saw and that made us laughe harder for a short time.

Then after that Barbie handed me the rolll of toilet paper5 and my shorts. I set them both on the ground and Barbie had now tried to go up the froint ofthe roick and I helped her by letting her grab my hand and also helped push her up as I pulled with my hand too. She managed now to get up on top of the rock.

Barbie the told me she could wait while I wiped. But I was ok so I told her to go. She smiled and told me that would be better for her. I almost pissed when I laughed that last time! I almost shit too! she added. Barbie hiked up her dress both in its front and back up to her stomach and held it crumpled up with her hands.

Barbie made sure she was alright as far as not having her bare feet in my piss or shit. So she was closer to the rocks front edgeing slope as far as her feet. Here is where she squated to go. First for a couple of seconds Barbie weakly pissed. Her piss did wet the rock justbefor its edge makeing a very small wet area on the rock.

Then her weak stream burst hard into life! It came out very strongly at a foward angle as it came out and went downward. Her stream was wide headed,went right into a thick twist,hissed real loud, and where it struck the face of the rock it made a big splash off from the face of the rock. I said to Barbie; Now you're pissing! She giggled. With her gioggle Barbie let go with a shoirt loud brrrrap of a fart too!

Barbie pissed hard for I would have guessed about 15 seconds. Then her stream eased right off going right down to a dribble which she did for severalseonds and then jusdt dripped piss. As she dripped piss Barbhie said to me; I'm starting! I can feel it! Can you see it Dave? I shool my head no for I couldn't. Barbies reply back to me was; Will be in a moment!

Barbie was right! For in a short moment her shit came into sight under her! It was moving a little on the slow side but it was steady. Her shit looked kindof the grainy side, almost as big around as mine was, but hers wasn't crackleing like mine had. I could smell the oder of shit but it could have been my shit or hers. I couldn't tell whos it was.

I then wantedto see from the back so I hurried aroud the rock and got right behind Barbie. Now I could see her ass and her shit slowly slideing from her asshole. It had been stretched widely open and tehedges of her asssholes skin made a thick ring! As I watched for several more seconds her shitgained a couple of more iches in length beinmg close to eight inches long.

Then it stopped moving and just hung there staying still. I said to Barbie4; Yopu've stopped. Were you pushing? Barbie told me no. But looks like I'll have to now. I heard Barbie noisily suck in her breath. Then she was silent and then she let out a grunt not loud but down in her throat. Her shit moved along with I saw a spurt of piss had come out which splashed off the rock.

Barbie shit moved a quick couple of inches longer. Then it broke with a fat stub at her asshole. Her shit barely made a thump on the rock. Barbie grunted again and the stub moved fast and it came out hard of her asshole followed by some gas and some very soft pieces of shit in a row. Then there was more gas. Then her asshold had closed.

Barbie let out a long sigh and she stood up. She stepped off the backside of the rock. She turned around gave a quick loo0k at he shit and then she told me she needed to wipe. So we both stepped back around the rock where I had left the toilet paper. She picked it up and ripped off a wad froom it. Handed it to me and she sqauted down. I did the same. We both gave our asses a firtrs wipe. Checked thepaper crumpled them up and tossed the crumpled toilet paper up[ on the top ofthe rock. We then did a second and thrd wipe together doing thye same with the toilet paper.

After ourthird wipe we both were clean. So I put my shorts back on. Barbie put her sneakers back on. She picked up the rupsack. I picked up the cool;er and put on my backpack with her help. We then tool a last look aroud the camp and even walked back to the rock and took a last look at or shit. Then we walked off through the bushs and trees and headed down the mountain. Our one nioght wild sl;eepout was over. The End

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