humungus constapation

Hello, my name is Isabella and I'm 14 about 100 pounds and single. Today, I wasn't felling very good during lunch and in 9th hour I farted about 15 times and had a feeling of poop. I had to ride my bike home and it felt horrible. It felt like the poop was getting shoved up my anus. When I got home, I dropped my backpack and went into the bathroom. I opened the toilet and pulled down my pants and underwear then sat down. I was expecting it to slide out but nothing came. The only thing I got was a little sizzle and pop. I gently pushed and a loud and stinky fart echoed around the bowel. Umph,umph,umph, I pushed harder and my anus opened a little and the point poked out. AAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHH!I yelled and a little more came out. I relaxed and it went back in. I pulled up my pants and got up. I went into my kitchen and got 3 prunes. Then I went and to lay down and a fart came out. I sighed and went back to the bathroom and did the procedure. This time I pushed really hard, AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! A quarter of it came out it hurt my anus really bad. A sizzle rippled out of my anus. Then I pushed some more and it got halfway out. EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! It fell into the toilet with a splash and a horrible stink came over me, but I wasn't done! 2 more little turds dropped out of my hurting anus. I got up turned around and looked into the toilet. Sitting in there was about a 6 inch 2 inch wide log. I rolled up some paper and wiped. Nothing came out so I flushed and went to study.

Rag Muffin Reanna

Debate Team Banquet

Friday evening our debate team had its annual banquet. It's held in a hotel meeting room and is financed by this rich guy who debated for our school in 1956 and won the national championship. Parents are invited and sometimes grandparents and siblings also come. Free food and entertainment sell in a bad economy and there must have been like 200 people there. Since me and my dad DJ on the side, dad volunteered to bring his small sound system and some specialized music for the dinner hour and then some sound effects that I overheard him tell a friend would "add some balls to an otherwise boring awards show." Dad had to drive separately and directly from one of his three part-time jobs, mom was planning to come directly from her work and my debate partner Tank (whom I've written about before)and me drove over from school. Since we're preparing for a national tournament this summer, Tank and I worked at school for about three hours before leaving for the hotel.

Because this is my first year at this school (my previous years were in a school my parents could no longer afford) and Tank and I had volunteered to do a debate demonstration for the audience, and because I've got a lot of stress during the last couple of weeks of school, I pissed about 7 or 8 times yesterday at school. My crap came right after Tank and I got done with lunch and I was 10 minutes late to my next class because the bathroom line packed the room and even outside the door. Then this freshman girl had the audacity to call me a whore because she was just sitting with her jeans down for like 10 minutes and when I glanced in on her, all she was doing was texting. I asked her if she was going to be much longer and she said she didn't know and then lashed out at me. I ended up having to wait even longer for another stall and got 30 minutes of detention time. Tank waited for me just outside the restroom entrance as long as he could, then he went to class. It's ironic in that while I had such a hassle getting the stall, once my butt cheeks hit the toilet, I was done and had half-filled the bowl in less than 30 seconds.

After school at about 5:30 p.m. I walked with Tank to the entrance of the boys room. He said it might take a while since he wanted to crap at school because he doesn't like hotel bathrooms. A heard a stall door squeak, latch, a seat being dropped with a thud and about five seconds later a blast that was easily audible. Tank, as I've told you before is a big guy and I guess its only logical that he would make big sounds. About three minutes later I heard a flush, the stall door move and a sink being used. When Tank came out and greeted me in the hall he said, putting his right hand into the front of his shirt and trousers, "Now I've got room for tonight's steak dinner!" He just knows how to break me up.

Tank drove us to the hotel which was only about 10 minutes away. This is a huge facility that had several events taking place, including one large wedding. After we parked, I told Tank I'd meet him in the dinner room because I had to pee bad. He knows my bladder well and remarked something like this was at least my 8th pee today. I was going to tease him a little, but decided to hurry in because I was starting to hurt. I had worn a nice loose-fitting dress and I felt I looked very appropriate for the banquet, but as I was walking (pretty close to running) in, one of the bellmen stopped me and questioned me. I told him I needed the bathroom and when I told him I was with the school, he asked for my student ID card. I pulled it quickly from my purse, so quick that I dropped some things onto the floor and while I was picking them up, he gave me directions to our dinner room. I had to ask him a second time for the bathroom directions, and after he was diverted to talking to some adults, I just took off knowing that I should be able to find it on my own.

I scaled a couple ramps and one staircase and finally saw the sign I was looking for. I was afraid I was starting to trickle into my underwear when I opened the door and burst into the room. It was a small room. Only two stalls. Both were open. I took the one on the right. Slammed the door back, yanked my panties down with my left hand while I hiked my shirt up with my right. A couple drops of urine got onto the bowl between the toilet seat's front opening and as I peed I heard a lady in heels rush into the stall next to me. I heard her hang her purse on the inside of the door, I saw her slacks drop to the floor and heard her pull one of the seat tissues off the wall holder and spread it out over the seat. She sat and almost immediately I could hear crap hitting the water. I quickly wiped, as did she, and I figured we'd probably be reaching the sinks at about the same time. I flushed and within a few seconds I was at the sink. Before I could turn the water on I looked back in the mirror and the door to the other stall quickly opened. I quickly looked and was surprised that it was my mom. I recognized her red top. She said she had called to me as I ran up the ramp, but, of course, I wasn't about to slow down and listen.

She and dad enjoyed the banquet which went well and I got the Outstanding Debater award. However, at home, mom came up to my room and told me she's worried about me catching a urinary track infection since I'm in pain so much and peeing so frequently. She wants me to monitor my toilet habits over the next several days. She doesn't seem to buy my explanation about the crowded conditions at school.

new fella

Post Title (optional)my auntie too

In reply to Nephew's post I had similar experiences with an aunt of mine who was very open about her toilet habits . When I was teenager she used to visit our house often but now and then I would go visit her on her small farm. I always enjoyed these visits cos she was so much fun to be around more like a sister than an aunt . Her house was small and only had one bathroom , therefore if anyone had to use the toilet and it was occupied u had to wait or hold on .

I remember one time we were out in one of the paddocks and I was helping her repair some fencing. She was attaching the wire strainer when let out a loud fart ,was not at all shy about that lol. Carmen said without hesitation or hint of embaresment that she needed a shit pretty bad. She told me I was using the toilet this morning when she needed to go,there fore had held it for 2 hours . She said ok lets have a break, we downed tools and she headed for out toilet tree as she called it . As we walked to the tree she let out another loud fart which had very poopy odour. She started to kick off her boots , as did that she farted again, she asked me to get a shovel and bring it over. I got the shovel , as I was returning Carmen was undoing the straps on her overalls. She made a comment about the down side of bib overalls , everytime u need a shit u have to get undressed.
She slipped here overalls off and placed them in a pile with her boots. Then I thought she would pull her panties down ,but instead she reached around with her right hand and pulled the left side across her small butt . That way she fully exposed her butt and pubic area[which I also noticed was not shaven]. She squatted and began to push , this huge log emerged from her ass with little more effort. Her next comment was I was about 1 minute away from shitting myself. She pushed once more and a smaller log about 4 " long hit the ground. I could see the relief on her face, she was almost panting I think . She then let go a piss which was partially absorbed by the dry dirt then pooled and ran down the hill.
Well I am finished she said ,feels lighter then she stood up and put her panties back as they were without wiping . Carmen got dressed and shovelled dirt over her turds . Then she said to me u like that eh ?? Well the whole thing had got me turned on . My interest and the crotch of my jeans must have indicated I was aroused . I was just a kid [18 I think] and had never seen anything like that . But I did notice for the rest of the time we were doing the job she pulling a wedgie out of her bum. But I did see Carmen using the toilet inside and out many more times during that trip . She is one helluva woman ,she made some good memories ............

I am sure I am not the only fella to witness something like that.

I really enjoy this site NF


Sugar Free Shitting

Hello all. I am new to this forum. I am a 20 year old female with dark hair, blue eyes, and an average build (aside from the big boobs and big butt). The story I am about to share happened to me last week. I hope I never have to go through it again. My story begins with a bag of sugar free gummy bears and a cocky colon. One day, I was walking through my nearby CVS and saw a line of sugar free candy. This excited me because I wanted to start a diet without totally giving up my sweets. I had a choice of peppermint patties, peanut butter cups, gummy bears, and pecan turtles. I opted for the gummy bears, since I thought they would taste the best. I started reading the back of the bag for nutrition info and saw that the manufacturers use sugar alcohols instead of sugar (basically anything ending in "ol"). Under the nutrition facts, a warning in small print read "Excessive consumption may have a laxative effect in individuals sensitive to sugar substitutes." I have never heard of sugar alcohols or the effect they could have, but I knew my stomach, and that it was very strong and I rarely had upsets. So I paid for my candy and went on my way home.
I got home and watched TV while enjoying my almost sinless treat. The bag was NOT big by any means and was "air bagged" to death. So I ate the contents of the bag. It must have been only a cup and a half or so.
About an hour later, I started feeling rather bloated. I chalked it up to being PMS because of my strong stomach. I knew it couldn't have been the candy. Then I began unleashing the largest farts you have ever heard. I'm talking echoing, violent, startling farts. I startled myself with the force. I then began to come to the conclusion that my stomach was not as strong as I had originally claimed, and that I am indeed sensitive to sugar substitutes. The farting occurred at a rate of 1 or 2 every minute or so. This continued for about 15 minutes.
While I was watching Oprah, my stomach let out a huge gurgling sound. I assumed it was gas, so I pushed to let another monstrous fart out and felt liquid diarrhea shoot into my underwear. I instantly grabbed my ass in surprise. I was in absolute shock. I'm 20 years old and just shit my pants. It felt like pure warm water had just been ejected from my ass like a water gun. Luckily my sphincter stopped the majority of it. I jumped up from the couch, ran to the bathroom with my hand grabbing my butt so nothing else would leak out. I lifted the toilet seat, pulled my tight black leggings down, and threw myself onto the toilet. Diarrhea poured out of me like a faucet, complete with the most explosive farts you've ever heard. My stomach continued to gurgle sounds I never knew my stomach could make. By this time my legs were straight out in front of me. Much like the diarrhea scene in the movie "Dumb and Dumber". When it ended, I sat there in shock, wiped, and returned to my TV show. I felt very cleaned out and didn't think it was possible for ANYTHING to be left inside me.
Thinking I was in the clear, I decided to make a quick trip to the grocery store. It was just down the road from me and I knew I wouldn't have time to go the next day. I got in my car, pulled into a spot and felt that familiar gurgling again. It was not as strong as before, so I just passed it off as an after effect. I began shopping. Just as I was reaching for the salad dressing, I felt a slight urge to fart. Again, the urge wasn't as strong, so i just thought it would be safe to let one go. BIG mistake. As soon as I relaxed my muscles, I heard a rush of liquid and felt a sudden cramp. I felt diarrhea slam against my hole. I luckily knew where the toilets were in the store. I left my cart and walked swiftly to the ladies room. The moment I stepped in, I heard a loud gurgling sound, felt my anus gurgle, and grabbed my butt with both hands. I practically kicked the stall door down, STARTED to pull down my pants, when BOOM. I exploded. I just stood there while explosive diarrhea, propelled by enormous wet farts shot into my panties. All I could do is stand in the stall, holding my butt, and watch as diarrhea filled my leggings and cowboy boots. I was so helpless, I just sat down on the toilet with my pants on, head in my hands and waited for the storm to pass. I could hear drops of liquid diarrhea gently drip into the toilet, for it was all in my pants.
I began to clean myself up with paper towels and toilet paper. I removed my leggings and boots and began sopping up the mess, when I clutched my stomach and threw myself onto the toilet again. I moaned and gurgled and unleashed some more diarrhea. Brrrrrrrrppguhlglugh--brrrrrraaaalllggghhh. BraaaaAAAAppppp. I could feel the vibrations from my cheeks against the toilet seat. It was that forceful. I felt empty again so I finished cleaning up, flushed the mess, and continued shopping.
I was at the checkout line when I felt that familiar urge to fart. But now I knew better. I managed to hold it in and tried to ignore the gurgling within. I got in my car, sped home, ran to the toilet and had diarrhea again. Unfortunately, I did not aim as well this time and sat very far back on the toilet seat. Diarrhea made its way from under me, up onto the back of the toilet seat. I was amazed. I unleashed some more explosive gas and I was done. I cleaned up the mess I made and unloaded the car.
The rest of the night, the diarrhea kept sending me bolting to the bathroom. I must have made about 9 more trips that evening, almost shitting my bed. This is a warning to ALL of you. These sugar free candies are basically laxatives in disguise. You don't have to have a weak stomach to experience these effects. Either don't buy them, or only eat one. Your butt (and your neighbors who hear the noises) will thank you.

Alan in Amsterdam
J.E you will have seen there are a couple of people here who pee in their furniture, car-pissing seems to be taking off thanks to Car Mom. Personally it would have to be very cheap furniture for me to do the same. Why don't you suggest to your friend that she use a bowl or a bucket, she could still watch TV and not spoil the upholstery. Then you could arrange it so you have a few beers together watching a dvd and she has to use the bowl while you're there, and maybe you could use it together. Could be the start of something great!

I was working at the bar last night and had to use the horrible Dutch toilet. I couldn't wait till closing time, so I couldn't do the usual thing of taking my clothes off and sitting on the toilet back-to-front, or doing it on the floor. I sat right on the edge of the seat, with my balls on the seat, and tried to let the poo come out without any pressure. If I tried to push, I would end up peeing over my trousers. (Even if I don't want to pee, even if I think my bladder is empty, as soon as I push out poo, out comes pee too). The poo started to come but stopped halfway, so I did have to push. I held my trousers away from me as best I could and pushed out the poo. I peed at the same time, an ample sample, which fortunately missed my trousers and made a little puddle on the floor, which I wiped up with some TP.
I stood up and looked back into the toilet. I had done a pretty good job of getting all my poo into the small water chute but some was stuck to the back so I had to wipe it off with some paper. But you always have to wipe these Dutch toilets clean even if you use them properly because they're just a stupid design.

Thanks to everyone for your entertaining stories.

Hi. I'm Nellie and I'm 21. I'm writing for the first time here but I've been reading for a while. This incident happened a week ago in my work place and I thought its worth sharing. I work at a Primary school as a Music teacher. I've been working there for sometime and usually I've been friendly with most of my staff mates. But there is one particular lady teacher who dislikes me for no particular reason. She had been making various complaints about me but I actually didn't think much about it.
It had been a very busy week with some school activities and I was working with some other teachers after lunch in the Music room adjoining the Staff rest area. This Particular lady teacher, lets call her Mira, was also there. We all had lunch together and we've been working for about 1 hour and Mira who usually is a very talkative person was very quiet that day. I saw that she was holding her stomach from time to time and she seemed to be in pain. She was biting her lip as well.
After a few minutes there was a stench of someone's fart and although everyone noticed it no one commented as it would have been very rude. Everyone seemed to have felt the stench bad as they all had squeezed noses. Mira's face was red although no one really knew it was she. The second time when she farted was when everyone knew that there was something wrong as she farted so loudly for about 1 whole minute. Mira was in tears and I saw that she was greatly embarrassed. Since Mira had been rude to everyone, no one really asked her whether she needed any help. She suddenly got up and ran to the staff rest area holding her stomach and I honestly felt so sad for her. We had almost finished our work at that time and only three of us were left in the music room so I decided to check whether Mira is alright.
I went into the toilet and she seemed to be in the middle stall out of the 5 stalls as it was the only occupied stall. A strong stench of poop was what I noticed when I went in. She had been in for about 15 minutes by that time and I could hear her well in toilet. She was having a violent blow of diarrhea every 10 seconds. It seemed to be so loose ass if she peed from her butt. I felt so sorry for her although I really thought she was a mean person. I decided to knock at the door and I asked her whether she was alright. When she knew it was me, she started crying. I told her that it was alright and that I only wanted to genuinely help her and that if she didn't want my help that I would even go. Then she first thanked me and told me to come in if I didn't mind it. I said I will be alright without actually knowing what she meant. I went into the stall which was totally covered with liquid poop. The walls, the door, the floor and almost every inch of the stall was covered in liquid poop. She hugged me as she saw me and then I noticed that she too was covered in poop below her waist and her jeans & panty which she had lowered just barely up to her knees was completely destroyed.. "I just exploded Nellie. I coludn't even reach the toilet or properly get my clothes removed. It all started so suddenly. I keep going so much. I don't know what went wrong but the lunch didn't agree with me." I could here her still exploding while talking with me. The toilet bowl was covered with poop. I didn't know what I must do and I could even move in without getting poop in my shoes or clothes. I told her to remove her jeans and panty and i told her that we have to throw them away. I got some garbage bags & dumped them in while Mira was still heavily pooping. I got her a new panty from the supplies department where we get things for the kids when they run out of extra clothes but I wasn't sure whether they had any adult supplies there. Luckily they had and when they asked or whom I took them I told it was because someone got the period. I got a maxi pad so that in case if she gets diarrhea on her way back home she will be alright until she goes home. But the problem was she didn't have any jeans to wear. I had to go back to the drama room where I found some extra cloth which we bought for the decorations. I signed my name and got them and although it didn't match well as a dress it actually served the purpose.
Mira was still on the toilet with diarrhea although she had been there for more than 1 hour. I went in and Mira got tears into her eyes again when she saw how much trouble I've taken on her behalf. I told it was alright and that it can happen to anyone. She told she feels dizzy after pooping so much. After about another 15 minutes she seemed to have finished pooping and all the while I held her hand while she cried. Once she was done she seemed to be scared to stand up. I said that for anything I'll be with her and not to worry. We cleaned the walls as much as we could but it was quite impossible to clean the entire stall. So I had to call one janitor to help us with it and I paid extra to her.
Mira got dressed up and I took her to the nurse and got her some medicine.She said that her stomach hurt and I took her to her vehicle. She looked at me and thanked me and told me to do one last help & drop her home. I drove her home. On the way back home she was farting a lot again and we rolled down the shutters. Suddenly she tightened her stomach again and lifted herself from the seat and blew another violent fart and started pooping again. But this time it wasn't that bad I thought cos she had her maxi pad fixed in. She kept going again and she started crying. I asked whether she wanted me to stop at some place but she said that it would only mess it more as she can't stop herself pooping even to get down. We went to her apartment and that is when I saw how heavily she had been pooping. The maxi pad had leaked and it was overflowing out of her panty. She got down and ran upstairs leaving poop trails all the way. Her car seats were destroyed too. I ran right behind her & helped her to get undressed and made her sit on the bowl. She even splattered poop all around her toilet and once she was done I even helped her to get into the shower and got her some clean clothes and helped her to clean her toilet and car seats which needed serious washing. I asked whether she needs me to be there but she was already guilty as I helped her too much and told that her husband will be home in a while. I called her that evening and she thanked me once again & said that she got medicine & that she feels lot better. She wasn't in school for 2 more days but when she came again she brought me a lovely dress as a gift and a card to thank. She also said sorry for being so mean to me. I said its alright and she told that she learnt her lesson. I hope she will not be mean to me anymore.

La rs

Testing prune juice

I haven't posted before here but like to read some of the stories, but never had any good ones myself. For a short introduction, I'm a student, 21 years old from Europe, 1.83m and ~65kg, pretty slim I guess...
This site gave me the idea of trying prune juice, it's said to have a funny effect, you know what I mean.
As I share a house with four more students I hardly ever get the chance to have this sort of fun, but in April, just before the semester started, I had a few days on my own (you can imagine that I can't do stuff like this at home).
So I went to the bottle shop around the corner - you probably know that we don't separate the alcohol from the other drinks over here - and bought myself a bottle of prune juice. Along with a case of beer^^. I was quite excited and curious about what would happen to me, according to what I've read here, the effects vary. My stomach used to be pretty strong, I didn't have full-scale diarrhea in ages, so I looked forward to the experience.
So when evening came - don't know why I didn't start earlier, maybe I liked the idea of going to bed with diarrhea^^ - I seated myself in front of the computer with this bottle (it was 1 liter), played a video game and started drinking the juice. I don't believe I've drunk it before and actually liked it (I feared that I would have to go through a disgusting bottle of juice just for my little test), so after an hour or so, nothing was left of it and I waited for something to happen.
In fact, for some 45 minutes, nothing happened, just a nearly constant gurgling in my stomach. But that could have been just hunger as since breakfast I hadn't eaten anything. Even though that was somewhere around noon, I was getting hungry.
I figured things would start with gas as people here reported. But like an hour after the bottle was finished, I noticed a sharp feeling down there and was sure that this would not going to be a fart. So I went to the toilet first time and sure enough had a strange case of diarrhea. I was amazed. It was reaaally runny and liquid, almost sounded like pee. No gas in the first place, just liquid shit. It didn't last very long though, I pushed a bit more afterwards, but that was it, so I wiped and went back to my PC.
There wasn't much time for me. 15-20 minutes later, the urge returned and I didn't struggle for too long (was impossible anyways, it felt like it would just come out if I wanted or not), just dashed to the toilet. I can't remember too well, but I believe this time it was even more, I didn't even have to push, just release my anus and watch the liquid shit come out. It felt like peeing out of the wrong end. I found it hilarious, I finally had diarrhea, even if it wasn't "the real thing". But at least it was a little bit loss of control since I had no idea how long it would last and it was already 10pm or so. I decided to make myself dinner and to add a bit of fun to it, I reheated myself a dish with loads of yeast. Not to mention I was interrupted every 10-15 minutes by my stomach. I made the observation that the shit varied. Later on, it wasn't really shit anymore. It was basicly water with a bit of colour, looked a bit like pee and felt exactly like it when it came out. I guess it's even more fun when I have more food in my system. Thinking about it, I guess the potassium (quite funny that you use this German-derived word while the Germans say "Kalium") in the prune juice made water diffuse into my colon, that's what causes the effect and explains why pretty soon not much more than water came out.
So I went on with dinner, finally got it ready and ate it, while doing that taking two trips to the bathroom.
The diarrhea went on for a few more hours but got lesser until it subsided around 2am or so. No more diarrhea for me that night and I went to sleep without further running. And, no accidents that night, so I thought I was done with my experiment.

And I wasn't too wrong, even though my stool was still runny the next day, but I was on a normal frequency again.
But a few days later, I had what I could probably call my first "real" accident. Can't be sure if it was still some effect from the prune juice, probably not, but I'll tell the story anyway ;-).
It was a lovely day and I went to university for a meeting. It's a 5min walk to the bus station and from there a short trip. I wasn't early, that's for sure, so I quickly walked to the station, when I felt a fart coming. It felt pretty normal. So I gave it a good push and...oops. A squirt of liquid shit took my by surprise and shot into my panties (or boxers, to be precise), thank god a reflex stopped it immediately. But there was damage done. I guess I went bright red. But no choice, if I had gone back I would have missed the bus, the meeting and people would have been really pissed off. So I went on, still shocked because nothing indicated that, and felt how the poo spread in my panties.
On the bus, my stomach started churning, rumbling and hurting and when I reached university the main wave knocked on my back door, so I went to the nearest toilet and had one or two waves of diarrhea. I still didn't have much time, so I surveyed the damage in my underwear (which neglected my tiny hope that it wasn't as much as it felt like) and wiped it out as good as I could. It wasn't much use, it was already in the fabric. I quickly went on to this meeting and thankfully didn't have to go again while I was there, and, to my surprise, not again later. I'm fine since.

I think I might try the prune juice again on (rare) occasion. No pain or something, I found it quite gentle and funny.
I hope you get along with my English, it used to be alright but I don't write stuff very often.


Gustav's Restroom Habits

Hi everyone! I'm now about to share some of Gustav's restroom habits. Here they are:
As I've said before, Gustav is very secretive about his restroom needs. For example, when we were in my keyboarding class today, the fire alarm went off and everyone had to go outside because some idiots set three trashcans on fire. As my friends and I were chatting, Gustav suddenly ran across the street and into his house (he and I live right across the street from our school). He was in his house for about 25 minutes. As everyone was escorted back inside, we saw Gustav walking toward the school. I pulled him aside and asked him, "What were you doing in there so long?"
"Um--I was--um---taking a restroom break," Gustav said the last part in a whisper while blushing, and I knew that he probably had to take a huge shit and didn't want to go in school.
I also noticed that when we're at his house sometimes, when Gustav does need to go to the restroom, he always goes to the upstairs restroom instead of the one downstairs, so I assume that he doesn't want us to hear or smell him pooping.

Well, that's all for now. Up next, I will share some of the twins' restroom habits. Hopefully, I will also have some good stories to share with you all, but this is all I can give you right now.


The rest...

Hey all, Dan here.

My previous few posts have been about my ex g/f, Melanie.

This one will be whatever left over that I can remember, in regards to her trips to the bathroom. I can't remember the rest as well as what I posted previously, so I'll merely list everything off in this post, in short form.

- She visited me most of the time, but this one takes place at her place. Once, when we were in bed sleeping, she suddenly got up out of bed and practically ran to the bathroom. I was woken slightly, and got a bit closer to the bathroom. I heard a decent fart blast out of her butt before she even sat on the toilet, followed by a sigh. Once she sat, I heard another fart, this one was an echo, because she was on toilet. I heard nothing more for the next few minutes. Shortly after, I heard a faint splash / trickle of water. It was so light, it could have been a long poop making contact with the water, or a few drips of pee. Difficult to tell. When she started wiping, i made my escape back to bed.

- Once we were on her bed, and she farted a few times. They were deep, loud, muffled sounding ones that went brrrrr. kinda like a ripper type sound but not slow.

and that's all I've got in regards to Melanie. Loving all the posts on here by all, keep 'em coming!

I'll answers Kristy's questions, then end my post.

1. Has anyone help their poop just because they enjoy the desperate
urge to go?

Sometimes I put of going. When it happens, it's because I'm too busy or into what I'm doing. Never to the point of actual desperation / on the verge of an accident though.

2. What was the longest you've held it?

approx 30-45 min after the initial urge. I'm guessing around an hour and 15 is when the urge would go away for awhile, or become 'urgent'.

3. Have you ever done it in your pants?

Not since I was very young, and that type of thing was prone to happen.

4. How was the relief when you first went?

Really good! Sometimes I find my loads may be bigger because of that for some reason...

5. Have you ever watched someone do it in their pants?


6. Have you ever done it in public, or at least outside?

Only pee actually outside, and peed and pooped in outhouses / porta potties before.


Traffic Jam

Amanda V. -

Your latest story was very good. Why do you think 12 was your worst year for accidents?

"Stephanie- I think that 'thought in the back of my head' wouldn't be nearly as bad now but I don't think I'm quite at the point where I would purposely go in my pants. I'm a little envious that you and a lot of other people can do that and enjoy it because for some reason I've become really interested in this subject lately but I still have that subconscious thought that tells me it's wrong. Although I honestly think it's just a matter of time until I have another accident because I still have the same bad habits I had back then."

No problem. It isn't for everybody. But maybe at some point you'll try it, in the comfort of somewhere safe where you can just focus on the feeling and experience and not have to worry about being caught, etc. It is quite different that way.

Even after what happened in my last story where I first started to like the feeling I didn't do it on purpose for a long time. I still fought it. But I still had a few accidents, too.

Monday, May 16, 2011



I've just come back from a camping trip with my old (girl)friend Wendy from years ago. We are both single now and decided a hoiday tgether would be fun for old times' sake.

We camped in Scotland just off Glen Coe. Our first afternoon we set up a barbecueand drank a few beers. As time progressed a few more campers arrived and set up tents alongside the small river at a reasonable distance apart.

When Wendy needed a wee she just sat on the grass and pulled her bathing suit to the side and peed into the grass. I have always liked to see her doing this so she knows it's a treat for me. She's very hairy there (which I like) and it catches a few drips and gets nicely wet and twisted after a big wee.

I weed standing up facing away from the other campers, but where W could see my stream start - she always likes to see the start and me shaking the drips off when finished.

to be continued............

Mr. Clogs

New container for me to go to the bathroom in

Hello everybody, I have a little post to share. I was in the dollar store yesterday picking up some stuff from there. I went to were they keep the glass stuff, I was looking at glass containers for me to go to the bathroom in. I noticed some glass jars that may do the trick, I seen a smaller container with a wide mouth, and a taller container with a wide mouth opening. Some of you may agree or disagree, I think glass containers are much more sanitary than plastic ones. The lid is a metal screw on type, it has fruit symbols on it could be used for canning, but I'll be using it as a portable toilet in the middle of the night. Later on that night, I had to pee really bad and just too lazy to walk to the bathroom to pee. So I grabbed the glass jar I've bought at the Dollar store. I removed the lid and peed a strong stream into the jar. I loved the nice hissing and tinkling sound I was making. I filled the container about a quarter way, the container must be about 2 liters or more, nice size to hold loads of pee. I dumped the piss filled container in the toilet and rinsed out the container, then went back to bed. It was nice peeing in the container. Hope you liked the story let me know what you think.


Mr Clogs


hold it contest

Last week, I went over to WhinnieThePoo's house. Her parents were both gone for the day, so we had the place to our selves. Whinnie suggested we have a pee holding contest. I'd never had one before, but I've read about them on here and I always wanted to try. So we both peed together so it would be fair, and then downed a water bottle each. Then every hour we were to down another until someone wet themselves. Three hours later, we were both dying. I wanted to grab my crotch, but the rules were that we had to stand normally and not move or cross our legs or anything that would help us hold it. I was about to give up when whinnie gasped and I saw a wet patch form on her pants. She was able to stop it, but I had won. Whinnie suggested we have our very desperate pees in my car. We only had that one other time, so I agreed. We waddled out to my car, which was parked in her driveway. I almost lost it as I struggled to unlock the doors. Whinnie was bent over with her legs tightly crossed. Hurry she yelled at me. I finally unlocked it and we both climbed in the back. I was behind the driver's seat, whinnie to my right.she didn't even pull her pants down. In fact, she began peeing before her butt hit the seat. I could see her stream spray out and hit the back of the seat. I pulled my pants down and sat there for a second, enjoying the feel of my need to pee pulsating against my pussy. I finally let go. My pee gushed into the seats.
All of a sudden, Whinnies dad pulled up. We tried to stop, but couldn't. He walked up and looked into the window. When he saw what I was doing,he started yelling. He opened the door and pulled whinnie out, who was still peeing. He told me to leave, which I did as soom as I finished.
He called my mom who was very angry at me. She grounded me and took my car away. What's worse,she told me if I don't like to pee in the bathroom then I'm not allowed to. I pee at school before I leave, then I have to hold it all night until school the next morning. I'm scared for the weekend. I will have to find somewhere in my room to pee and poop. Whinnie was grounded as well. Her dad took away her computer so she won't be posting for awhile. I'll try to keep you guys posted.


Last birthday

Hello everyone.
Last year I posted about my 13th birthday, so this time i will post a story about my 14th birthday.
I didn't have a lot of time to invite a lot of friends, because I have lately been playing minecraft all my spare time, so two days before my birthday I finally started inviting people, but could gather up only a few friends. My birthday wasn't anything special, however my friend Liene brought me a pack of marshmallows, and I'm a huge fan of them. When my birthday was over, I ate almost half pack of them, and went to bed. It was about 5:30 in the morning when I was waken up, by my churning stomach. I didn't feel sick or anything like that, but I didn't want to wake up in the morning and having to run to the toilet, so I just got up and went to the bathroom hoping that I could take a crap right now. I sat on the can and waited about ten minutes, when finally I pooped out 2 small logs and a few soft chunks. I was so sleepy, that I decided to go back to bed, and hope for the best the next morning. I woke up about 10 in the morning, my mom was at work already, good thing I didn't had school. I got up and turned on the TV, and about that moment I came down with a well known feeling in my stomach. I started to feel bloated, and it started cramping up. I went to the toilet, and moments later a bunch of soft logs came out, I took a piss and waited mor more to come but nothing would come out. Suddenly my ass made a long fart, that was followed by five more, only more louder and smellier. I taught I was gonna come down with the runs, but in the end I got trough a marathon of farting. I was actually pleased, cuz I could go outside and go to my friends, and not to worry about my stomach problems ^^

To Eileen H - Loved your camping trip story on 2028
To Leanne - I'm a big fan of your stories, loved your adventure week story and pages 2026/2027

Amanda V
Car Mom- Good to see you posting regularly again. I wish I grew up in an atmosphere like that so I wouldn't have taken my accidents so hard. Not that my parents were hard on me I was just really hard on myself for some reason

Stephanie- I think that 'thought in the back of my head' wouldn't be nearly as bad now but I don't think I'm quite at the point where I would purposely go in my pants. I'm a little envious that you and a lot of other people can do that and enjoy it because for some reason I've become really interested in this subject lately but I still have that subconscious thought that tells me it's wrong. Although I honestly think it's just a matter of time until I have another accident because I still have the same bad habits I had back then.

Like I said after your story about having an accident in your own house, I'd never refused to use the bathroom in my own house until it was too late, but this happened when I was at my friend Riley's house. I was 12, probably my worst year for accidents, and I was going to sleep over there. Her parents weren't home, but she had an older brother and sister watching us. I didn't find out until later but they were also having friends over. I guess she thought it would be a good idea to try and act cool and hang around with the older kids. I got there in the morning but in classic Amanda style I didn't poop before going because I didn't have to go at that moment. It wasn't long after getting there that I felt that heavy weight in my stomach from a few days worth of poop in me and I knew it would be a struggle to hold it until I got home the next day. I could've easily gone like a big girl but I decided to just hold it unless everyone went upstairs or something and left me an opening to use the bathroom with a little privacy, and if it did get to the point where I really couldn't hold it I could just swallow my pride and make it a few feet to the bathroom. We were planning on going to this mall later in the afternoon with her sister and her friend so I was kind of hoping for a chance to go but only if the coast was totally clear. I guess I would've rather gone through the whole day in discomfort than risk anyone knowing what I was doing. There was an upstairs bathroom but her brother was upstairs playing video games so I really didn't want to go up there while he was nearby. So I just waited hoping one of the bathrooms would be left alone. We started out by sitting at her computer randomly browsing the internet. I was lightly squirming the whole time. I didn't have to go really bad but I could feel that huge weight that could start pushing at any time. I waited and waited but I never got the chance and couldn't find the courage to use the bathroom.

When it was finally time to go to the mall I was a little uncomfortable, but confident that I was in total control. I used the bathroom to pee and off we went. As we were walking through the mall I would have to stop every once in a while and pretend to look at something while I concentrated on keeping control of everything. I wasn't in trouble but it was slowly getting worse as the day went on. After a couple hours we ate at the food court and stopped at a couple last places before leaving.

Unfortunately, on the way home my sister went and picked up another one of their friends. Now I was getting a little nervous because it was getting pretty hard to hold it and I was less likely to find the courage to go with more people at the house. When we got back there was another unpleasant surprise waiting for me. Riley's brother also had a friend over and they were upstairs while the girls all went downstairs. I had pretty much decided that holding it was the only option. I knew it would be a long bathroom session with the potential of clogging the toilet (not kidding, it's happened quite a few times and it's always scared me to death when I have to use somebody else's bathroom.) and I was way too shy to do it in front of all these older people that I wanted to try and impress. The first couple of hours were kind of fun just hanging out with the older girls but then I started to have to really concentrate on holding it the whole time. The waves of cramps that kept hitting me were getting closer together, then I started to have to pee. I wasn't afraid to just pee with everyone there but I thought that sitting on the toilet would subconsciously make me want to go poop even more, so I didn't go. I don't know what my plan was when I did that. I was pretty bad at thinking ahead. Luckily Riley and I were just basically just sitting there watching and listening to them so nobody really noticed when my focus moved more and more over to my urge to pee and poo. I had been sitting there for hours now but it felt like days. After a while they put on a movie that I don't remember because I wasn't paying attention at all, but I was glad that at least their attention was toward the TV now. I struggled my way through that but I was getting really worried now. Toward the end of the movie it was around midnight and I could see Riley was drifting off and I had a sudden hope that everybody would go to bed after the movie was over and I could use the bathroom. So I just powered my way to the end and sure enough Riley said she was going to bed. I didn't really know what to do but the girls weren't leaving and I could still hear the boys upstairs so I said I'd be right with her. I waited until the urge let off just a little bit and carefully got up and walked stiffly to her room.

I changed into my pajama bottoms and lay in the bed with Riley. I was really worried because it was so hard not to squirm and with her laying right there, all I could do was lay there with my whole body tensed up practically holding my breath the whole time. Luckily she was tired and it only took about 10 minutes for her to fall asleep. I could tell by her breathing that she was asleep so I only waited a few seconds to be sure before very carefully slipping out of bed and standing in the corner of her room squirming like crazy. By then I also had to pee so bad and I was getting really scared. I stood there in agony waiting and waiting for them to go to bed because I couldn't make myself leave the room. There was no way I was going to march out in front of those girls and go into the bathroom for a long session and do the walk of shame back to Riley's room in front of them with all of them knowing exactly what I was doing in there. That was my logic back then. I kept standing there waiting for at least another hour before I started to lose the battle. I just couldn't hold it on both ends and I felt by butt starting to slowly lose it. I still couldn't leave the room and I knew I couldn't hold my poop anymore so I collapsed into a W-sitting position on the floor with my butt pushing against the ground to keep the poo from coming out. I used that trick a lot back then but once it got to that point the odds were pretty low of making it to the toilet. I was just praying for the girls to leave and let me race to the bathroom. My stomach started cramping up painfully and it wasn't much longer until I started losing control of my pee. I started letting out squirts of pee and I was so scared I started to cry and finally I just couldn't wait anymore. The girls weren't leaving and I knew I couldn't make it so I finally gave up. I let go and started peeing my pants. I couldn't even wait until I was finished peeing before I leaned forward and pushed as hard as I could. A giant solid poo pushed into a huge ball in my panties and once I started I couldn't stop. I was trying as hard as I could not to grunt in case it woke up Riley or the girls outside heard, but it was almost impossible since I had no control over my stomach. I was actually worried about how much noise my accident was making. In the quiet room my pee was really making a loud hissing sound and my poop was crackling pretty loudly as it steadily pushed it's way out. When my stomach finally let up I collapsed back down onto my mess exhausted and just sat there in shock. I didn't know what to do but just sit there hoping Riley wouldn't wake up. Even though my underwear were totally full my stomach was actually still cramping up. I sat there for about another 20 minutes before I decided there was no point in waiting and started pooping my pants again. I felt so terrible, sitting there with my panties completely loaded, and feeling guilty for peeing on the carpet in my friend's room. I was also afraid that the girls outside would wake Riley up because they were talking pretty loudly and kept bursting out laughing at something. I sat there in my mess for almost another hour before finally I heard the girls outside getting up and going the Riley's sister's room. I had been sitting there just feeling awful about myself so I didn't really think of what I was going to do. I sat there for a few minutes trying to think of what to do. There's no way I could flush this monster, and I didn't want to dump it in the garbage or something in case somebody smelled it. It actually crossed my mind to do nothing and try and improvise but I quickly threw that idea out. Finally after a few more minutes, at around 3 AM, I slowly and carefully stood up and waddled toward the bathroom carrying the bag I brought with me in one hand and holding the giant bulge on my butt with the other. I very carefully took off my underwear and tried to clean myself as best I could. Again it wasn't too messy but I still wished I could take a really long shower. Obviously that might seem weird at 3 in the morning so I had to settle for using a lot of toilet paper. All I had to do was get rid of the evidence so afraid to flush or throw it out I took a roll of toilet paper and wrapped up the poo filled panties in almost the whole roll of toilet paper, then wrapped that in my soaked pajama bottoms and stuffed them in the bottom of my bag. I know it sounds gross but it was the best way I could think of to not get caught. It would've really sucked to go through all that and get away with it to have it plug the toilet or somebody find it in the garbage. I went back to Riley's room in my clean underwear and shirt and carefully got back into bed. I lay awake for a while still feeling bad but relieved I managed to miraculously avoid being caught again and finally fell asleep out of exhaustion.

As soon as I woke up I thought about the big wet spot on the carpet in the corner. I looked and luckily it was dark enough in the basement that you couldn't see it. I quickly went over and felt it was still a little damp but it didn't really smell so I was sure I was out of the woods. I managed to get home and take care of the mess I tucked away in my bag without any problems and never heard anything about it.

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