Graduation ceremony with a 5-year-old--Part 1

Last week I finished my freshman year of college. I worked hard, got good grades, and had lots of new experiences. I also spent a lot of money and knew throughout the year that I was probably going to exceed my parent's budget, but luckily last October I got a permanent babysitting gig right on campus. That has helped out a lot.

Neena, who is 25 and has a 5-year-old daughter, Heidi Lin, and I met in a Math class. She was a senior who had put Math off to her last semester because she hated it, and she knew she would struggle with it. We sat next to one another in large-group lecture and then became study partners. While I'm not great in Math and I have to work at it, I was able to help Neena. I also felt sorry for Neena because she and Heidi Lin are all alone in the world. She's not married and her parents refused to recognize her pregnancy and basically cut her off. We spent up to 10 or 15 hours some weeks at her apartment doing our homework and we became good friends. She was dating steadily last semester and hired me to sit for Heidi Lin overnight, and in a couple of cases, over an extended weekend so she and her boyfriend could get away. But unfortunately that relationship ended badly for her.

I just think Heidi Lin is an adorable child. Like her mother, she's smart, cute with a big smile and pigtails, and for the last several months has referred to me as Aunt Vincene. She sometimes stumbles on my first name, but I understand that because it's rather unique.

This past weekend, however, I had my most challenging babysitting experience with Heidi Lin. Neena's graduation was held off campus because only the city auditorium is big enough to hold more than 1,000 graduates and their families. I drove because Neena seemed rather nervous about the ceremony. She was scared about her name being called and walking across the stage in front of such a big audience. However, I kind of talked her into signing up for attending the ceremony at the last minute saying it was important for Heidi Lin to see. That's what did it.

Once we parked my car in the parking garage, Heidi Lin started to complain she had to pee. When she does she starts getting restless, sometimes looking under her dress and then pointing with her index finger. Neena seemed somewhat upset at Heidi Lin and told her not to worry that I would take Heidi Lin in. We had to walk about two blocks to the entrance to the auditorium and I ended up picking her up and carrying her on my shoulders--something she likes and something her mother is not strong enough to be able to do. When we got to the entrance, I got a nice picture of mother and daughter and they kissed goodbye and Neena had to hurry to the assembly room downstairs. I immediately picked Heidi Lin up again and took her into the first bathroom I could find. There were a lot of graduates in there changing into their robes, one was on her knees and barfing into the toilet while her mom scolded her about drinking all night, and another who had not dressed yet had her jeans and underwear to the floor while she sat with a cigarette between her legs. I'm pretty certain that's illegal, but until she gets caught by security.....

The adjacent stall was open. I took Heidi Lin in. I wasn't happy with the smoke, but I knew I had to get her seated fast or risk an accident. I pulled down her undees, pulled up her loose dress and had her put her arms around it, and she readily seated herself. She seemed so uncomfortable because the stool was higher than what was necessary to keep her feet on the floor and when she turned around to try and get away from some of the smoke, her pee stream started and her little butt seemed to slip right off the front of the stool. At that point, the situation was complicated by the auto-flush which suddenly went off, and Heidi Lin was peeing on the front of the seat and down her legs. There was also a spot about the size of a can lid on the floor in front of the stool. And of course, Heidi Lin started crying.

There was a trickle going down her inner leg, so I immediately improvised. I put myself--jeans and all onto the stool. I quickly slid myself back so that my back was bumped up against the flusher and I thereby blocked the sensor. Heidi Lin then reseated herself and finished her pee. I grabbed around her and started to pull off the toilet paper I knew I would need to both clean her and the front of the toilet seat as well as the floor. Once her stream ended, I started to wipe her off. It was good that she was calming down and I gave her toilet paper to use as a tissue. I knew when I got off the sensor would likely go off again, so I opened the door for her and I wanted her to wait outside so that the flush that was coming wouldn't spook her again. I walked out of the sall in half a squat because I didn't want to get the pee on the front of the seat on my jeans. We went to the other side of the room to the sinks and washed our hands.

As we were washing our hands, I noticed that Heidi Lin had left her little pink handbag in the stall. We immediately went back, spoted the bag, but the door was closed and there were legs unmoving under the door. Heidi Lin wanted to just lean down and grab her bag, but I told her that could be scary to the person on the toilet. She asked who it was and I said quietly that I didn't know. We waited a couple more minutes then heard some big splashes to which Heidi Lin held up two fingers. At that point I decided to knock on the door. I asked if it was OK for me to reach over and pull out the purse. The voice which seemed like a woman my age said sure but she just had to take an emergency crap because going through the large commencement ceremony "scared the shit" out of her.

Heidi Lin laughed at that and I wished the woman good luck. Then Heidi Lin and I went in and found seats.

I'll continue the story next time.

You posted Monday night not Sunday. Even said it yourself... We however, posted Monday afternoon, not Tuesday.

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Subject: The toilet
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Herb T.

What's up?

Hello everyone - I hope everyone is having a good Monday. I took the day off sick today - I was congested all weekend and felt crappy today. Now that I'm on salary - I don't really have sick days anymore anyway, so it's nice to just kick back and recharge the batteries every once in a while.

Few quick shout outs - please note, these are strictly my personal opinion, you can certainly choose to ignore it:

Amylee - as always, I enjoyed your recent post about Leigh on her cell phone. Sounds to me like Leigh needs a lesson, in manners, although you said before that she has good manners outside the ladies room. Hmmm. As far as I'm concerned, there's kind of an unwritten protocol that if there are multiple open stalls, you don't take a stall right next to someone. Don't you leave a buffer when you take a stall? I know I always do. As far as her farting and shitting loudly, that in itself is not rude, since that's what the bathroom is for. The chatting on the cell phone is a little bit odd though. At most, she could have answered and told him she'd call him right back. But to sit there and fart loudly, while talking to your boss... not good manners at all. Especially when you were also in the bathroom. I've had a few run-ins with cell phone users in restrooms myself, and most either let their phone ring, or answer and quickly say they'll call the person back. One interesting thing - I had a summer temp. job back in the late 90's when I was still in college. I did a lot of jobs for temp. agencies, since it paid better, and in my opinion, was more stimulating than working in fast food or retail. On one job, which was one my my favorites, I worked for an engineering company, and my job was basically scanning faxes into PDF's, then saving them in the appropriate employee's folder on the company network. Not particularly challenging, but it paid $12/hr, which, at the time and given my experience, I considered to be pretty good money. Anyhow, every day, like clockwork, I had to take a dump around 10-11am. I don't like shitting in front of people I know, but since this position was temporary, I didn't really care. Almost every day, there was another couple of guys who had to shit at the same time. It was almost a daily occurrence that the three of us would be using the stalls at the same time. This company had their own building, so only employees of this company used the restrooms. Most employees were Asian engineers (most spoke fine English), and I think the company was a privately owned Chinese company that made some sort of microchips. One of the employees who came in to shit was almost always on the phone - the WHOLE time. And keep in mind, these were the days of the old-school analog phones (Motorola Star Tac anyone) - there were no smart phones in these days, no 4G or anything like that. Sometimes I would be sitting on the toilet when he came in - already on the phone, and he would enter the stall, do his business, wipe, go out and wash his hands, etc., without a break in his conversation. A few times, I could hear him talking about sports and spreads and betting - I assume he was talking to a booky of some sort. I was surprised that he would discuss this in public, let along while taking a shit, since he didn't really know who I was. Oh well - anyhow, to make a long story short, I don't think people should use cell phones in public restrooms.

J.E. Interesting post. If you want to date a 19 year old, that's fine with me. But, I find the pissing on the couch thing a little odd - just my opinion. So this gal would rather soil and ruin her couch than get up and use the bathroom? Do you not find that odd at all? I've personally never known anyone who intentionally urinates on their couch. Whatever floats your boat man, but you asked for other's thoughts, and I think it is definitely odd to urinate on your own couch. I have two dogs and both have peed on the couch before and it pisses me off (no pun intended). Anyhow, best of luck on your continuing relationship.

Well, since I was home today and the wifey works out of the house, we went to get some groceries and go out to lunch. I wanted to eat at a local "hole in the wall" Mexican restaurant that serves breakfast all day and good food in general, but when we got there, the line was out the door. Damn lunch time office workers. Anyhow, we went to an upscale grocery store nearby instead, that makes good sandwiches. We each got a sandwich and chips. There is a dining area inside the grocery store and they have a Starbucks inside as well. I felt the urge to take a dump as we were eating and decided to use the restroom there. The restroom was clean and had high quality toilet paper. I took a semi-diarrhea shit and had to wipe my ass plenty of times. When I got back to our table, the wife asked - "what took so long?" I said "dude - I had to take a shit." Another tip from Herb T. - I've already recommended using hotel lobby and multi-suite office restrooms for your dumping needs, but upscale grocery stores as well - they are usually very clean and not used too often.

Anyhow, we went to the other grocery store, and stocked up. When we got home, I took a nice afternoon nap, and am now typing this post. One dog is hungry, so I'm going to feed her. We're going to a restaurant that makes good fish and chips for dinner. I don't know where everyone else lives, but where I live, it's a culinary Mecca. Take it easy!


Last week

Last week I had a dinner with a friend of mine. Afterwards I just enjoyed being out there on the streets and suddenly I started to feel sick. Dizzy, my stomach hurt, cold sweat and very strong urge to use the toilet. I dashed to the nearest store that had restrooms, but I leaked a bit. I do wear diapers due to bladder issues, but I was really happ I had them on for different reason this time. Alter spending half an hour shitting I drove home. I did not change myself as I did not have a spare diaper, and I both peed and messed myself on my way home. Once at home I spent anyther twenty minutes shitting, almost pure water now. I felt weak and sleepy, so I went to bed. My wife told me later that my stomach made a lot of noise during the night

Hi everyone!

Abbie- sorry to hear of your problems using the bad toilets at school, but at least you got to go to the nice ones for your poo. I enjoyed your recent posts and hope you can avoid using the dodgy loos if possible!

Well, a couple of weeks ago I said I would try and post more about me and my bestest friend Megan (aww!). I thought I'd tell another story today. This one is about an enjoyable buddy dump we had at school.
We were in our last year of 6th form. I had been dying for a number two all morning. As lunchtime approached I was in urgent need of a toilet break. When the lesson finished I hurried out. I had said I would meet Meg and then we would go and get some lunch in town. I could see her further down the corridor thanks to her fiery red hair. I was desperate for my poo now and as I reached her and said hi we started walking. We've always been really open with each other and that includes our bathroom habits, so she immediately said, 'I'm busting for a poo, do you need the loo as well?' I said yes, I really had to go too. As we walked to the loos she said, 'I've been holding it all morning and now I'm desperate!' I told her I was the same. We made our way quickly to the sixth form toilets and went in. They were empty so we found cubicles two next to each other and went in. As I sat down I heard Meg do the same.
She started weeing and then immediately I heard a plop, a fart and a spattering of wet poo come out of her. She moaned and I said, 'Sounds like you really had to go!' She agreed and said she was really desperate. I told her I was too and to emphasise the point I fired off two logs and then some mushy poo that I eased out of me. Some other girls had come in now so we had stopped talking, but not stopped pooing! Meg dropped a few logs and so did I. She farted and then I farted too. Then she let out some more turds and a couple more farts. I had two more small logs to come and then I was done. I sat and listened to Meg finish her poo and then we ended up at the sinks together after an enjoyable and much-needed buddy dump!

I'm going to visit Meg at her uni tomorrow until Thursday before our exams start, so I should have some more interesting stories to tell from a couple of days with her when I get back! Bye for now everyone!

Amanda M
Last night I was a bit constipated. I was sitting on the computer when I got the urge to go. I went up to the bathroom and sat on the toilet. I gave a slight push and I felt it slowly and painfully coming out then it stopped. I pushed again and got nothing. I pushed and pushed but I couldnt get it out. I started pressing on my stomach like I always do when I'm having a hard time and that got it to move a bit. I pressed harder and pushed and finally got out a small ball. I wasn't near done though. I felt another piece slowly and painfully starting to come out. I pushed and pushed and got out another small ball out. Still wasn't done. I was getting frustrated. I gave another push and it started to move. I started to run my index fingers down my lower back which is another thing I do when I have a hard time going and that got it moving. I pushed and pushed,my butt was in so much pain. Finally I got the main piece out. I breather a sign of relef. I still didn't feel empty but I was tired of pushing so I gave up. I wiped a bunch of times then was done.

Today I decided I wanted to try and give myself diarrhea to clear everything out. I went to the store and brought some sugar free candy. Normally I would eat prunes but they don't give me diarrhea. They make me fart and make my stomach rumble a lot. When I got back from my friends house I ate the candy. 6 pieces came in a bag I ate 4 of them. An hour and a half went my and nothing happened. Not even a cramp or fart. I went in the fridge to get a drink and I saw a bag of prunes in there. I ate 5 of them. About a half hour or so later the stomach rumbles and gas started. I was farting like crazy. Finally I got the urge to poop. I sat on the toilet expecting to explode diarrhea and all that came out was a wet fart. I started pushing and a squirt of mushy poop came out. Everytime I would push a small amount of mush would come out. Finally I got tired of pushing and gave up. I wiped and came back to the computer. A short while later I got another urge to go. I went back to the bathroom and the same thing happened. I managed to push out a small amount of mush and a medium size turd. Nothing else after that. My stomach is still rumbling like crazy.

Natalie x

Story comments x

To: ANALysis

Seems like we both have times like that!
When i run to the toilet it almost always has an outcome of what you had, occasionally yes i do shit myself. Whether its from releasing a fart that went too far or just plain not making it. A gurgle of wetness spews out into my panties leaving a terrible mess. The other day i dropped a rather wet and uncomfortable load into my skin tight black jeans. Wasn't pretty, i remember farting then really needing a poo and then pluuudge! Mushy poo filled my frenchies. Sharting isn't nice if your in public, its just sometimes i really need to take a dump and my farts are untrust worthy. I'll tell that story another time. I gotta make my way to the toilet soon anyway. Cyas :)

Natalie x



My Revenge

This is the story when I was 16.... not to long ago. so i went to dinner with my boyfriend who is 18 and can drive. so he chose to go to Mexican Restaurant and my stomach is already disagreeing. So when we arrive there i eat as little as possible. i had a few chips with salsa and chicken with some salad. My boyfriend has chips and salsa and tacos and salad. At that time i didnt know the chicken was under cooked really badly until i got sick. so i eat my chicken and my boyfriend eats his taco. so we are done eating and paying and on our way home in the car. suddenly a wave of craps hit me really hard. i double over and my boyfriend asked me if i was ok and i said my stomach hurt. i could fell the diarrhea on its way already. i tell him i need to use the bathroom really bad and quick. so he is know driving 3 times as faster. i held it till we got home and i ran to the bathroom full speed and had wave of cramps and explosions. i wouldnt sleep all night and the next day i still felt crappy.


homeless man in grocery store

When I was at the store today, I saw a man who was wearing rags, and looked as if he hadn't washed his hair in years, (and I'm not exaggerating). He had what must have been pee stains in his pants. When he saw me looking at him, he nodded at me.


Big Dump In Public

Yesterday I was off from work just laying around the house relaxing I was bored so I decided. Too go out for a while while I was out I started too get a little hungry I went to a restraunt and got me some boneless chicken wings I got the hot kind I was so hungry I ate all of them I had a lot of soda too wash them down I paid my tab and left I decided too go to the mall and shop for awhile while I was on my way to the mall my stomach started hurting it got to burning really bad I felt the urge too fart I leaned up and let a silent fart it stunk up my truck real bad it smelt like eggs my stomach now was cramping bubbling I knew I had too find a bathroom fast I finally got too the mall parked my truck started walking in the mall farting every step I got insi

de found the sign for the bathroom and I had too run to it I got to the bathroom ran in it had four stalls too in use I took the third one slammed the door and locked it put toilet paper on the seat pulled my jeans and boxers down too my ankles and sat down as soon as my ass hit the seat I let out a loud wet fart Burrrfurrrt Furrnt then a load of hot poop shot out my ass I sat for a little bit then I had two more loads of wet poop shoot out of me I looked in the toilet it was completely full of poop it took about six wipes too get my ass cleaned and three flushes fier it to go down dam it stinks in here I will share more stories later on happy pooping y'all


An understanding cousin.

Konichiwa everyone ^^

Today, as I was walking home from school I was feeling very hungry, and had about 30 cents in my pocket. I usually wait, till I get home, but this time I just couldn't, so I went in to a corner store, which I always pass by coming from school. I went in, and the only reasonable thing i could buy, was ice cream, that was on discount. Iate it, while going home, and hope, that one little ice cream won't mess my insides up. When I got home and some had made a lot of vanilla pudding - my favorite. When I make pudding, I always use milk powder, and not natural milk. I ate two bowls, and got a little unsure, if that pudding was actually, made from milk powder. I wasn't feeling quite well, the next hour, so as soon as my cousin Sabine came home(she's 17, just like my sis')I asked her, did she made that pudding ? She said yes, and I complimented her, that it was very tasty, and then she gave a not so good answer: "I'm glad, oh by the way, I ran out of that milk powder, so I used some of that packed milk" I didn't say a word, cuz that wouldn't change anything now. I called Liene, and said, that I won't be going to hang out with her today, cuz I have some problems (she knows, what kind of problems are those)I went into the living room, and watched some anime on my laptop, until some time later I started cramping up. As soon, as I felt something moving in my bowels, I wasted no time and headed to the toilet. But when I got to the toilet, I noticed, that there is someone inside. I asked how long will she be in there, and she said, that she's washing her hair, and will be there a while. I said to hurry up, and she asked, if i needed the toilet, to which i replied no, I just need to freshen up. Of course I lied, but for some reason, I'm pretty shy, when it comes to my cousin. Just then my cousin appeared at the door, with her hair still wet, and said: "It's all yours Marika"
I got in, pulled down my leggings and panties and peed for a long time. Almost immediately when I finished peeing, I blasted out a fart, and another one, this time much more wet and nastier. I felt something coming so I pushed out an another fart, and as soon as it ended, a mushy load came out of my rear. My stomach was cramping up, which meant that the worst is just ahead. I clutched my stomach and made long pushes. After about a minute I felt another wave coming, and I grabbed my knees. A very fast stream of liquid poop came right out, and splattered the whole bowl, up to the rim. I relaxed my muscles, but not for longer, than a second, cause another round of poop came straight out. This time it was pure diarrhea, no solid chinks, just foul liquid much, that blasted out for five seconds straight. i was feeling so weak after that, I couldn't even reach for the toilet paper without moaning. I wiped my burning backside and slowly went to the living room where my cousin was. I sat down, and to her, that she can go back, and dry her hair. but then she answered: "I already dried my hair, in my room." Then she said "You know Marika, if you need the bathroom, you can always tell me, and you don't have to hide it. I knew you had stomach problems, that's why I didn't wait for you to finish. You can tell me that next time, so you don't have to wait outside the bathroom." i was glad, that she was understanding, and I didn't had to address my problem to her, cuz that would be much more embarrassing. I didn't had to crap for the rest of the day, I guess I'm pretty cleaned out ^^.

Leanne - Can't wait to hear some of your school trip stories.

Alright, then sayonara everyone, till the next time.



Hi everyone, Abbie here again. After having a poo at school on Friday which I mentioned in my last post I didn't get chance to sit on the toilet on Saturday and try to open my bowels as I was really busy. But by the time I got to Saturday night I wasn't feeling too well, I was feverish and had a bit of a sore throat. Sunday I stayed in bed for most of the day, by late afternoon I was feeling a bit better so I sat up in bed and did some revision. We're going to have study leave after the half term holiday as the main exams are starting this week so at least I don't have to put up with the school loos for too much longer. After working for I bit I decided to use the toilet, I needed a wee and thought I might as well try to have a poo while I was in there. My sister had some friends round, typically I was walking over to the bathroom in just my nightie as she and her friends came out of her room to go downstairs, my nightie was quite short and well worn meaning it was practically see through but luckily I'd kept my pants on underneath so it could have been worse! I went into the toilet and locked the door before lifting my nightie and dropping my pants and then sitting on the loo. I started to wee and it kept going for ages, I pushed hard and tried to poo but nothing would come so I gave up after about 5 minutes, wiped and flushed. I went back to my room and carried on working. Yesterday I had an exam and then I went straight round Olivia's house to revise, while I was there I had a wee but didn't feel the need for a poo. Today I started to want a poo during the afternoon but after my last experiance using the main girls toilets I decided to hold it until I got home. By the time I was on my way home I was absolutely bursting, I hadn't been for a poo since Friday so I knew it would be a big one. I got to my front door and searched through ny bag for my key, to my horror it was nowhere to be found. My sister was round a friends and my parents wouldn't be back for ages, so I quickly rang Lucy on my mobile and asked her if I could go round hers. She said fine and that we would have the house to ourselves, but I was dreading the walk there, I could feel a hard turd starting to poke out of my bum and I also really needed a wee. I set off to Lucy's house trying to walk as normally as I could, all the time clenching my bum to try to stop the turd from coming out too far and staining my pants. Luckily I was wearing my new comfy pants which don't give me a wedgie so there was more chance of them staying clean, my mum had just done a load of washing which is a rare event. Every time I'm going to chuck away my old underwear I remember that quite often mum gets behind with the washing and so then thats all I have left to wear. As I got closer to Lucy's house I was in danger of totally loosing it, I felt my turd push out and touch my pants and I let a spurt of wee go. I waddled up the path to Lucy's front door and knocked loudly, as I did so a longer squirt of wee escaped and I felt it start to trickle down my inner thighs as my pants got more than just a bit damp. As Lucy opened the door I said "I've got to get on the loo, I'm just about to have a major accident" and ran up to her bathroom. She followed me up, I left the bathroom door open and called to her that she was welcome to come in and keep me company, I knew I was going to have quite a hard poo as it felt really dry and knobbly. By the time Lucy came in I had pulled my skirt and red pants down to my ankles and was on the loo letting spurts of wee out as I pushed to try to get my turd to carry on moving. As I expected I had to strain really hard and could feel myself going red, I tried to focus on what Lucy was saying so it didn't seem like such hard work. For ages the log seemed to stay about half out, so I eventually reached round, pulled my cheeks apart and pushed really hard, that did the trick as suddenly the turd moved faster and faster and then plopped down into the bowl, together with a loud sigh of releaf from me. I pushed out a few more pieces and finished with another few seconds of wee. By now Lucy was shifting around and rubbing her belly, she said "Hurry up, I was literally just about to go for a poo when you got here and I could see how desperate you were so I let you go first, but now I'm bursting too." I wiped my bum as fast as I could and then flushed, as I did so Lucy lifted her skirt, I saw she was wearing a really tight pair of pink flowery pants and she blushed as she eased them down. "All my decent pants are in the wash" she said "So I've got to wear these ones that haven't fit me for about two years."
"Don't panic, we're always really behind with the washing in my house too" I said to make her feel better. "I guess theres not much point asking you if I can borrow some of your pants to change into, these ones are wet, I didn't quite make it in time."
"You're welcome to have a look" said Lucy "But I doubt there'll be much there."
I went off into Lucy's room and opened her underwear drawer. There were a few pairs of pants in there, I quickly pulled out an orange pair and put them on, they were really tight but anything was better than wet ones! I went back into the bathroom to keep Lucy company as she finished her poo, she had to strain quite hard too but eventually it came out with a splash, she finished with a couple of smaller logs and then wiped her bum and flushed. We spent the rest of the afternoon doing some revision and then I went back home.
I will try to post again soon, its helping with the stress of exams. Thanks for reading, bye for now.

Hi everyone! I read Leanne's stories about her adventure week holiday with school, and meant to post my own, so now I shall!

Leanne, like your second trip mine was in the last year of primary school so I was 11. In fact it might have been the same place as you went on your other trip- it was in Wales and the buildings sound familiar! Our room had a toilet off from it but no doors or shower and there was a main toilet and shower block a couple of minutes' walk away. In my room there were 6 girls, including me and my friends Lizzi (the same Lizzi who I live with at uni) and Chandi. We were only there Monday to Saturday. On the Monday we had a very long drive to the place. On the way we stopped twice and both times I had to wee very badly by the time we stopped. The second time we stopped Chandi took a cubicle next to me and let out a few turds. When we arrived we had a meeting in the main building, then dinner and then in the evening there was a quiz. Before we went to bed we all went to the toilet block since nobody wanted to use the one in the room. I had another much-needed wee and went to bed.
The next morning I had a full and bloated feeling in my stomach but when I went for a wee nothing happened. After breakfast and then some sandwiches for lunch I started to need to go for a number two. We then drove out to the nearby lake and did some kayaking during which my need became a lot stronger. Then we went back to the centre and had dinner- a very nice but very filling and heavy stew I remember. After eating that and then some pudding I felt soo full and my guts were trying to push some of my load out in a big way. I was desperate for a poo now, and a wee because we'd been out all day. When we went back to our rooms we had a couple of hours before lights out. I told Chandi that I was going to the toilet and she said she needed to go and relieve herself too. We walked across to the toilets and took two of the ten or so cubicles. She was to my right and I remember very clearly seeing her purple and white star-spotted knickers and shorts under the wall as she turned around and sat. I did the same and we both immediately started gushing wees. Then I rapidly pushed out an embarrassingly large log which made an embarrassingly loud plop. Chandi then dropped a couple of logs herself and farted twice. I pushed out two more logs and then I farted and out came another log. Chandi dropped a few pieces and then farted some more. After five minutes or so we were done.
I didn't need a poo on Wednesday or Thursday but on Friday morning after breakfast I got a sudden and strong urge for a huge poo. It was hard to hold it until lunch when after we'd eaten Lizzi said she needed the loo and I said I'd go with her. As we walked to the loos she told me she hadn't had a poo since we arrived which I was amazed by! I said I hadn't gone since Tuesday night which amazed me as well. We both went in and quickly sat. After we weed we went quiet as we were both pushing. My poo was quite hard and difficult to pass- I can only imagine what Lizzi's was like! After a couple of minutes I'd produced two small logs and Lizzi only one. She kept panting and moaning as she tried to push her poo out. I got rid of a few more logs and Lizzi dropped an absolute whopper which made a huge splash and prompted a sigh of relief from her. After a few more pieces from each of us we were done and I didn't need to go again until I got home!

Well, that's me for now. Will post again soon. Bye!


At the Doctor's office.

One time I was at a Doctors office,Me My Mom and my Brother was out in the waiting room.There Was a bathroom out there and an heavy set woman early 60's went in there.And I picked up a magazine not even thinking about it.I started to hear Beeeeeeeeew,Beeeeeeeeew Brrrrrrrrrrrph.I looked at a page with a giggle pointing at a page and showing it to my Mom.Just to make people think I was laughing at the page,Not on how that woman was letting it Rip in there.


Back With Another Aunt Story

I know it's been a minute due my crazy work schedule, but I'm loving the stories on here. Mad Props to Nephew and New Fella on their "Aunt" posts! We three have something in common if you look at my older posts in the 1900's and 2000 pages about my 39 year old aunt and I in regards to our bathroom open-ness and my love for her dumps and farts. I really want to read more of your stories, keep them coming! We clown and trip out all the time.

My Aunt came over this past Sunday to do some work using my computer. As usual, she would always let me know if she had to fart so I can catch it. As she sat in the chair, she told me she had to let some gas out. So I sat on the floor next to her and she ripped a few small ones with little smell. We went to the bathroom together and sat down and started to shit. Not much but a bunch of broken up stuff with some smell.

We've had better sessions than this together, but since our schedules are back to normal work-wise, she plans to kick with me this weekend and we'll probably have better chance at more gas and larger dumps. So we'll see what happens.

Who finds it hot or funny when a woman rips a loud fart? I'm not talking about the ones on the toilet, but the regular ones in general?


Cruise Disaster

I was on a cruise ship last summer around the Med for ten days. On the first day we went to sea I had just finished off my dinner when I needed to poop after not having gone for quite a number of days. I went back to my cabin to my bathroom sat on the toilet and had one of my "rare" poops. It was moderate in diameter but well formed. It came out in one long snake like piece, and there was no poop on the paper when I wiped. It took five flushes but it did eventually go away.
On the forth day the same thing happened, I woke up, went to my bathroom and did a replica type of poo. this one felt longer, and it took eight flushes for it to go. On the nineth day of the trip the whole ships plumbing was not working. For safety I used the restaurant toilet for my next poo.It was a very wide poo and painful to pass, I knew when this one coming out wouldn't flush away. I was right as it was too fat to fit down the toilet so I forced it using the toilet brush. It eventually went but the toilet was not quite right. On the last day of the cruise we had to dock early as the toilets were all completely out of order. I wonder if it was my poops that caused the problem? I have toilet clogging problems since I was twelve years old.

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Isabella first welcome to the site and I bet you felt better after that and I hope you get over your constipation soon I hate being constipated its like I have to go and all that comes out a few small pieces but usually later that day or the next day ill take a good size dump and feel alot better and please post any other stories you may have thanks.

To: Rag Muffin Reanna as always another great story it sounds like you and your mom felt better after that and I wonder why tell you that it was her next to you and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: New Fella first welcome to the site and great story about hearing and seeing your aunt pooping she sounds like an interesting person and please share anymore stories about her or any other woman and/or girl youve heard and/or seen going to the bathroom thanks.

To: ANALysis firtst welcome to the site and great story about thats one of the reason I avoid stuff like that and I have been lucky not to get diarrhea from the ones I have tried and I bet your not going to eat hem again anytime soon unless you want to give yourself a good clean out and please post more stories thanks.

To: Nellie firtst welcome to the site and great story about that girl Mira it sounds like she learned her lesson because you were nice to her even though she was mean to you when you could have been mean to her but you did the right thing and it sounds it earned you a new friend and I bet she will be alot nicer to you from now on and please share any other stories you may have thanks.

To: La rs first welcome to the site and great story about drinking prune juice to give yourself diarrhea it seems like you now know the affects of it maybe next time you could try less and see how it affects and please post more stories thanks.

To: Dan another great story about your girlfriend and as always I look forward to your next post about her thanks.

To: Ian great story about seeing your ex girlfriend peeing please share any other stories about you may have thanks.

To: Nathalie its to bad you guys got caught by Whinies dad and I hope everything works out for you and her and I hope she get to start post again.

To: Marika I bet your glad you didnt have diarrhea but just a bunch of farts and I hate when that happens to me like I get that feeling and im great im gonna be on the toilet for awhile but when I get there it turns out to just alot of gas and im usually like like thank you now I wont be stuck on the toilet for hours and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Amanda V it sounds like you where very lucky nobody saw what you did and if they had I bet your friend Riley would have helped you out and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Busy Mom im glad your daugther isnt holding it againts you and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Kelly at least your boyfriend offerd to help you out instead of being upset with you it sounds like he someone your lucky to have and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: J.E. I think she is just doing out of covience and it dosent seem to bother her so my advice if it not causing a serious problem dont make a big deal out of it.

To: Amylee as always another great story about your boss Leigh I bet that her boss was surprised to hear her going while he was talking to her on the phone but it sounds like she didnt really care and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Emma as always another great story and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Gwent Girlie great sory about you pooping and hearing other girls pooping as well and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Anny as always another great story I bet you felt empty after that and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Ciarra great story and I look forward to your next one thanks.

To: Story Teller great story about your aunt and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Desperate To Poop as always another great story it sounds like you just made it on the toilet wihout having an accident and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Wendy & Kirsty Wendy it sounds like you just made it and didnt have an accident and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Nephew great story about seeing and hearing your your aunt poop and please share anyother stories about her or anyother girl and/or woman youve heard and seen pooping thanks.

To: Leanne great story about you and your friend Sophie pooping together and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: John that story is back a few pages

To: Remi first welcome back and I hope you will post lots of great stories thanks.

To: Abbie as always another great story about you and your friends pooping and as always I look foward to your next post thanks.

To: Upstate Dave its official your the king of this site youve been here the longest and still posting after all these years and your stories are so descriptive I can almost picture it like I was there and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To any old poster out there who hasnt posted in awhile if your still around and reading this site please post again because there were lots of great posters back then like Carmalita and her friends I know she quit posting because she didnt have the time and there was also Sarah and Megahn and lawn dog kids and kendall and the rest of the regulars who usee post if your still around please start posting again your guys stories where really good not to say the current one arent but they are.

Well thats all for now

Sincerly Brandon T

PS. I love this site

Constipated nerd

To Isabella

Great story about your constipation! are your poops usually like that? Hope to hear more stories for you. I am constipated too and will post about my poops some time.


Camping poo

On my last holiday I went camping, we ate loads of tinned food, and junk food like crisps and chocolate. We were away for two weeks and despite the fact I was eating loads I had not pooed for seven days. We went a pub and I drank loads of real ale and stout. My friends commented on my stomach stating that I looked pregnant. When we got back to the tent I went to the toilet blocks whilst everyone was asleep. I sat on a toilet and pushed out a monster! As it entered the toilet I could feel it touch the bottom of the bowl, I gave one all mighty push which made a load more of it come out. I looked at my creation, it was like a python snake. Using the toilet brush I pushed it into the waste pipe. The toilet had quite a good flush as it onlt took four flushes for it to go. On the last day of our camping holiday the campsite had to get a drain clear company in (ladies toilet out of order) I think my turd may have had something to do with it. We had to use another toilet block that day, my poo then was still quite a good one, as it came out at speed. It took three flushes to go down, and my farts really stunk the place out.I like farting on the toilet as it grosses other girls out.

Slow-Shittin' Sammi

Time On a Public Toilet Survey

Rag Muffin Reanna's experience with that chick sitting jeans-down for like 10 minutes while she's texting and then when Reanna asks her if she's about done and then Reanna gets called a "whore" is so unfair. Then Reanna's late to class and she's given detention time.

So here's a survey:

When in a crowded public restroom with all stalls full and and not hearing any flushes, do you:
a) look for leg movement under the cubicle door?
b) listen for noise of something hitting the water?
c) evidence of wiping by peeking between the door or partition?
d) ask if they are about done?
e) wait for a doorless stall?
f) other comments?

2. Does it make any difference if the person is peeing or shitting?

3. What have you done to get their attention and get them off the toilet?

4. How long should a person sit before getting up and relinquishing their seat?

So I'll start the answers.

1) I look for leg movement and noise pretty much equally. I don't like to peek much because I don't like seeing eyeballs looking in on me.

2) I prefer to hear the sound of pee. However at my school, the bathrooms have so many stalls and with all the talk and flushing, sometimes you can only guess.

3) I've waited for as long as 5 minutes while some classmates sit and try to get their pee stream going. I know it's probably more frustrating for them, but it is frustrating for those of us who have to decide to hold it or risk a detention (like Renna).

4) I try to be sensitive, especially during passing periods when everyone is rushed. Once last month I sat for like 5 minutes, produced only one small piece and still knew I had more in me, but seeing shoes in front of the door, I got up, wiped and went to my 3rd hour class. Just walking up two flights of stairs caused the crap to come and with a pass from my teacher, I immediately ran into a much smaller bathroom, seated myself and more than half filled the bowl with a snaking-like crap that filled the bowl and made me feel so good I almost cried.

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