Busy Mom
hi all, busy mom here again. Since I posted last time about my accident, things have been normal again between me and my daughter. Anyway, yesterday I was picking her up from soccer practice. On the way home, we hit quite a bit of traffic. We were stuck in it for some time when my daughter announced she needed to pee. I told her to try and hold it. We had nothing for her to go in and there was no way I would let her pee out of the car in the middle of traffic. She asked if she could pee into the seat. I told her no. She replied that Car Mom let's her daughter do it. I asked her what she was talking about. She told me that she saw this site in my web history and read car mom's stories. She wanted to pee in the car like kaylee and her friends. I wasn't sure what to say. This isn't something I wanted my daughter to know I read. I explained to her that I think it is gross to pee in the car, but if she really had to, she could squat on the floor and pee into the mat. I heard her pee stream start. She peed for some time. Afterwards, the smell was awful. Car mom, how do you stand it? I know my daughter isn't going to drop it anytime soon. Hopefully she forgets.
Busy Mom


Drop stuff and flush stuff

One time I droped a penny in the toilet when I was six,and I got it out.I told my dad and he gave me a disscusted look.

And another time when I was six,I got an empty toilet paper roll and flushed it down the toilet and my younger brother watched it and he got all tore up over it and tried to tell my mom something and it seemed like he was babbling.And my Mom scold me and said that Daddy would hafta buy a new toilet,And I told my Mom what I flushed.And she told my Brother,HE DIDN'T FLUSH YOUR SHORTS DOWN THE TOILET.

And when I was Seventeen I would over flow public toilets.One time at A McDonalds I gone in the stall and got the trashcan and dumped everyting out in the toilet and started flushing it,and talk about a mess.
One time when I was Eleven I was at my cousins'house in the country I got a D battery and put it in the toilet,but didn't flush it.Me and my cousin was going across the feild and my aunt came out of the house and told my uncle,YOU ARE NOT GOING TO LIKE THIS!My uncle(which was a hardcore forest ranger) was coming across the feild toward us and asked,WHO BEEN PUTTING BATTERIES DOWN THE TOILET?I'M GOING TO WRING UP SOMEBODY BY THE NECK!
And also see my recent post about flushing another emty toiletpaper roll.

Hi everyone. This post is really to Busy Mom. I read and re-read your story and I could sense your angst. Hey dont worry. I work with kids and your kids reactions were quite normal. Your son, subconsciously, now feels, in the absence of his father, man of the house or in the modern parlance ''alpha male''. So his concern for you is not unusual. Likewise your daughters reaction is understandable too inasmuch you were the centre of attention at the mishap rather than her! All credit to you and dare I say it your former husband on your son's behaviour. Now from a logistical point of view there may be a way of avoiding a recurrance of this happening again. In my household there is, apart from me, my beautiful wife of almost 30 years and a female lodger. My wife and me have no qualms about peeing & pooing in front of each other likewise my wife and lodger but I wont in front of my lodger so to overcome my need to pee if my lodger's in the b'room I pee into a 2 litre plastic milk bottle which I keep in a drawer in my bedside cabinet (my no.2s i'm good at holding on to). It may be worthwhile to invest in a plastic bucket (pail) so if your son's doing a bm you or your daughter could use that thereby eliminating future problems. Hope this may be of help to you. Take care hun! Bye for now


I can't hold it!

So i was in high school 17 years old. My boyfriend is 18 and he is driving me home from this dinner at a Mexican restaurant. I have a really weak stomach he doesn't. so on our way i fell a wave of cramps and he asked me if i was ok and i said my stomach hurts a little and thats about it. I don't like to tell anyone my stomach hurts and i gotta go to the bathroom in like the next 2 minutes or so..... so we are almost home about 10 minutes left when another wave of craps hit(this time such twice as hard) and i am doubled over with both my hand pushing my stomach. i tell my boyfriend my stomach hurts really bad and i need to get home. so he is now driving twice as faster. 5 minutes left till i reach home am clutching my butt cheek with my hands trying hard not to let out a massive flow of diarrhea. plus im wearing a really short dress. so im sitting here about to die when we go over a bump in the road and i loose it. diarrhea is flowing every were and i fell so sorry for him. when we finally got home he is scrubbing his car and i run to the bathroom full speed. when i reach it i pull my skirt up and have loads of diarrhea. when my boyfriend is done cleaning his car as best as he can he knocks on the door when im doubled over and moaning. i answer weakly and he comes in. he asked if i wanted him to rub my stomach for me and i said i would be fine. i was not fine but i didnt want him to rub my stomach. that night i went to the bathroom 11 more times and got 1 hour od sleep. i still feel crappy.

J. E.

Just a Question

I have a question for all of you because it looks like a few of you are experts on this subject. And please DO NOT take this negatively. I'm not trying to be mean in any way. Ok so I recently began a very casual relationship with this girl. She is younger than me, she's 19 and I'm 36. Please don't judge me, as I said its a very CASUAL relationship. We really don't have a lot in common but that's not the issue. The issue is this: whenever I go to her apartment its hard for me to sit in her living room for very long because it smells like pee. And the reason it smells like pee is because she pees in her couch. She said she does it while she watches tv and doesn't feel like getting up and going to the bathroom. I asked her why she does it and she said it wasn't anything she does for fun or anything like that. She just said she does it when she doesn't feel like getting up. And so I decided to get some opinions on this. Is she telling the truth? Is she just doing it for convenience? I don't want to go too deep with her on the subject because she might get defensive and I think we have a good thing going and I don't want it to end right now. So does anyone on here think she is doing it for convenience or could there be another reason? Please let me know. Thanks.

Amanda N

to car mom

To car mom (and all her friends) I really like your posts. My sister in law told me about this website and so I started reading it and she told me about you especially because she also let's her daughter pee in certain places within reason. She has done that as long as I can remember and her daughter is now 11 and she still let's her pee in different places sometimes. Also when my kids are at her house they sometimes do it too which is fine at her house but not at mine. I have a daughter and son who are 7 and 5. So car mom when I read your posts I think of my sister in law and her letting the kids pee in different places. They use the couch and the bed and the floor in certain places and the sink and probably some other places. Anyway I like your posts and so does she and maybe she'll post sometime.



Leigh- Unbelieveable in the Ladies' Room

I had a unique experience with Leigh in the ladies' room this past week. I'd like to know what other readers of this site think about it. It was about 2:30 p.m. and I felt a strong urge to poo come on. I was hoping to wait until I got home but about 3 o'clock, I couldn't hold it any longer. Since 2 p.m. is a "rush hour" in our ladies' room, I guessed there would not be a crowd as I hate to poo with others around unless there is no other option. I made my way to the restroom and found it empty. I took the first stall, which has the wall on one side and stall #2 on the other. I was just getting my panties down when someone came in the restroom and walked right into stall 2. I saw the heels. It was Leigh, my noisy pooing boss. I had noticed her earlier wearing black heels, a black blouse, and tan colored slacks in which her rear end looked nice in. That morning I was at a file cabinet and overheard two men talking (they didn't know I was nearby and could hear them). One of them said, "Have you seen Leigh today? Man, does her ass look super today!" Anyway, she took the stall next to me and hurriedly pulled down her slacks and sat down. I was pretty desperate and relaxed and tried to poo quietly. It came out without gas but was very crackly and went on for several seconds, plopping noisily into the toilet. Leigh peed and paused, so I thought she was through, but she sat there and then did her usual, but a bit quieter, "Uhhh" and farted softly and began to pass a wet sounding poo. Now the interesting part which I couldn't believe. I heard a cell phone ring, and Leigh says, "Hello." I was dumbfounded. Here I was pooing, and her too, and she answers her cell phone! She said, "Hi, Gerald. Yeah I was expecting your call." Gerald is Leigh's boss! I could hear his voice on the phone. She must have had the volume up loud. Gerald was talking about an upcoming meeting and Leigh was saying, "Uh, huh" repeatedly. She then said, "Yes, I shared that with my group this morning by e mail, (uhhh, plop), and asked for input, (um-ahh, plop, BAARPT)." She actually grunted softly in the middle of her sentence to him, kind of a sigh, was pooing, and plopping, and literally softly farted! I felt the need to go some more but was thinking if it was noisy, could Gerald hear? I pushed slightly and a wet crackly poo came out and at the end of it, I slipped up and passed gas pretty loudly. I was humiliated. Leigh was listening to Gerald again saying, "Uh, huh", then she started pooing more, pretty noisily, and did a soft, "Uhh", and farted again, this time a bit louder. I heard Gerald stop talking and then say something. I swear I heard him say, "Where are you, in the restroom?" Leigh said, "Yes, I'm in the ladies' room." I distinctly heard him say, "Well, I can hear you. Let's talk later." I heard Leigh say, "OK" and hit the off button. I finished my poo with one more push as did Leigh. I wiped and I heard Leigh doing the same. I pulled up my slacks and flushed and went to the sink to wash my hands. Leigh flushed and came to the sinks and said, "Hi, Amylee." I said, "Hi. Were you on the phone with your boss?" She said, "Yeah." I said, "While you were sitting on the toilet? Wow." Leigh said, "I've been trying to get him all day and I was afraid he'd call while I was in here, so I brought my phone." I said, "But he could hear us!" She said, "Sorry about that. I was hoping I could talk to him without him knowing." I just dried my hands and we walked back to the office. Can you believe it? I've heard other women on cell phones in restrooms before, but this took the cake. I'm glad Gerald didn't know it was me in the next stall. He probably heard me fart. I guess he thought it was Leigh, and she did a pretty loud one herself while he was on the phone. My husband couldn't believe this happened. Have any of you seen/heard others on cell phones in the restroom? If so, what do you think about it?

Firecracker Girl

Responses & advice to younger public toilet users

I have found some of the recent posts from younger contributors to be very interesting. I remember such concerns being traumatic to me when I was their age.

Caryl Marie & Francine:

I know exactly how you feel when the small squares of toilet paper are the only protection available between your butt and the public toilet seat. Urrrggghhh! When there's inadequate paper available, I go to Plan B that my mother taught me at a young age. I lift the seat and hover or squat just above the bowl. It can be uncomfortable at first, but once you get command of it, you're going to feel much better about it. I remember when Firecracker Guy and I were dating and he found out I did it this way, he had a hard time believing it works also for crapping. Do, however, lower the seat after you flush before leaving the stall because extremely young kids who are not being properly supervised by an adult may not look at the seat before placing themselves down.

Freshman Freddy:

Girls the age of Josie are very self conscious about their bodies. Not knowing whether they are sitting in splashed water from the showers or someone else's pee doesn't add to their confidence level. While Josie took the option of going home and using the bathroom there, you'll eventually find girls who will just hold it until they get home. Crapping in a public bathroom, especially with the seats dripping with water, is not one of the most pleasant things we look forward to.

Jaded Jarrod:

Firecracker Guy tells me deliberately peeing over the seats is pretty common in a lot of the school bathrooms. I see it as rude and gross. However, he told me he had classmates who wouldn't be caught dead crapping at school. Sheena's boyfriend seems like he has a real attitude problem. Could you be a little more creative and perhaps use a restroom on another floor or wing of your school? I know I wouldn't have had the confidence to use a doorless stall everyday at school.

Hi everyone!

Leanne- you're right, I was embarassed by my nighttime poo! I hate having to poo at night for that very reason!

Yesterday I was in the library doing some work again when I needed to poo. It was almost time for me to go back home so I held it until I was done and then went to the toilets that were by the lift. There were two unisex cubicles on the landing that were enclosed rooms. They were both occupied so I had to wait. Five minutes passed, then ten. I could hear the occasional plop from the toilets. I was considering going to the other toilets because by now I was pretty desperate and was letting out a fart every few seconds and my poo was edging ever closer to my hole. But then I heard a flush and then an attractive girl in jeans and a t-shirt came out of one of the toilets. I went in after her and could smell her poo. There were a couple of brown stains in the bowl too. I locked the door and quickly sat down. After a quick wee my turd was already half out of my bum so I pushed a bit more and out it came. Another two logs followed along with quite a few loud farts. The smell was quite strong!

Then today I made myself a curry for dinner and pretty much as soon as I finished it I got a fairly strong need for a poo. I washed up my plate and then went upstairs but as I went up I heard Lauren come out of her room and she snuck into the loo ahead of me! So I went up to the top floor but that one was in use as well, so I went back to my room to wait. Both girls must have been pooing because it was almost 10 minutes before I heard a flush from the top floor (we have very loud plumbing so I can hear the toilet flushing from downstairs). I hurried up there because I was urgent now. As I passed the other toilet I could see Lauren's feet still under the door and there was a strong poo smell. In the upstairs bathroom there was an equally strong smell of poo so I assume it was either Sophie, Lizzi or Michaela who had just dropped their load. I locked the door and quickly dropped my tights and knickers and sat. Immediately I farted loudly and a few splatters of poo came out of me. There followed a big log and then two smaller pieces. After a couple more farts and some minutes had passed out popped another turd and then another. After some more farts I felt like I was done. The smell from two girls' worth of poo was immense! When I flushed and came out I felt a lot better! Since there are 10 girls and only 2 toilets in our house that actually have paper and locks on the doors, they can often get crowded, especially after mealtimes when several of us will often need to move our bowels at the same time!

Will post again soon. Bye everyone!


Squat Shit & Splashy Drop

Last Saturday Stac and I didn't have any school activities so we drove about an hour to a radio station's alternative rock concert. It was about a day-long series of bands playing in a state park-type setting on a huge hill. The guy from the station made an announcement when it started at 10 a.m. that they had just been told by the police that they had to stop at sundown because some government office had screwed up in issuing them a permit to go until midnight like they had expected to. All bands had to cut their sets. One band got pissed and refused to set up, but overall the music was OK and Stac got to see one of her cousins perform.

We had two alternatives for bathrooms. First, they had portable toilets set up in rows in four areas of the field. There must have been 25 or so booths in each cluster, but there was a long line waiting. Stac went over about 11 a.m. and it took her about 45 minutes to into one. She took her crap in about five minutes once she got into a toilet, but while she was on the toilet she heard some cursing a few buildings away and then there was a crash. It scared her as she sat wiping and when she came out there were police all around because a group of guys I guess got pissed at a guy who was spending too much time behind the door and they tried to frighten him by rocking the unit. However, they got carried away and the toilet crashed to the ground with him in it. The police were interviewing the victim who had his belt and jeans largely open at thigh level while he sat in the grass and was shaking.

Just before her cousin's band started I needed to crap. It had been a couple of days since I remembered crapping (it was on stage at school in the special toilet we've written about) and I knew it was likely going to be a big one. I knew by walking downhill back to the parking area there was a restroom building we had passed and I told Stac that's what I was going to do. Stac sometimes jokes that I'm kind of a sanitary freak, but I like to use toilet paper to separate my butt from public toilet seats and if I was to survive the lines for the portables, Stac even agreed with me that there would be a good chance there wouldn't be any toilet paper available. The walk down the hill didn't take as long as I had anticipated, but I was happy to reach the restroom building because the exercise had made my needs more urgent. There was a picnic area there, plus a nearby ballfield so there were a lot of people around. The door to the mens side was open and even if it hadn't been, the amount of flies nearby would have given it away.

I walked into the dimly lit room which was constructed of four very spartan looking concrete block walls. They hadn't been painted and in one corner there was moss collecting from moisture that had seeped in from a long period of time. One side of the room had a long urinal like you would use for watering horses and there were about 10 guys standing there with their dicks out peeing into the trough. There was one boy, who looked to be about 6 or 7, that really stood out. I didn't see his father next to him but this boy had dropped his shorts and underwear all the way to his ankles and he was peeing straight ahead with both hands on his dick. There were about 12 stalls. None had doors. Guys were sitting, looking forward at the activity, and at various staages in the shitting process. To my left, I saw a guy in shorts get off the seat, pull his briefs up and say "I give up" and a few other words I couldn't catch. He quickly exited and I took over for him.

I took a look at the toilet and was glad I didn't have the job of cleaning the badly stained bowl. The height and seat were a little larger than we have at school, but I carefully pulled off three strips of toilet paper and put them down. Looking to see that none of the black seat was showing through, I pulled down my jeans and underwear and carefully seated myself. At the point, I heard a guy about my age swear from the stall to my left and since I hadn't heard any noise, I assumed he had just shat and then noticed no toilet paper was able to clean himself with. I was right. I didn't have a bumper supply on my roll so I told him what I was handing him under the partition would have to do. He was appreciative and with the last piece I especially heard him wipe himself long and vigorously as if he was using a piece of sandpaper. I saw his feet turn, one left the floor and I knew he was using it to flush with. Sure enough I was right.

My first log was in mid drop when a guy about college age came running in. He looked in each stall and the one to my left which, of course, was unoccupied, and he went in. I was curious if he was just going to piss or if he was going to sit and then receive his surprise. He did a quick about-face and I knew he was sitting for a shit. I was wrong. I saw his right foot slide even close to my stall and then a series of about 8 straight plops started and while I was figured out that he was squat shitting, I heard him sigh, re-position his feet and about 5 or 6 more quickly came. There was no flush and I dropped my third and final log, he pulled up his underwear and went running out past me without either wiping or flushing. I stood, wiped, slid my seat paper into the stool, and reached down and flushed. I was curious as to what kind of mess the squat shitter had left next door but before I could pulled up my underwear a boy about 9 or 10 came running in a plopped himself onto the stood next to me and from the seated position, started dropping additional crap onto what was already in the bowl. When I walked by and glanced over at him he looked up at me with his boney knees spread as if to say he was lucky and had made it. He hadn't taken a look at the toilet paper roll yet.

While I was at the other end of the room washing my hands, I went to pull off a paper towel and found they were all gone. I dried my hands on my jeans as I walked back up the hill. I was pretty much out of breath when I got back to Stac and she asked me what had taken me so long. She started to give me a hard time and I reminded her with her light smoking habit (no more than two or three cigarettes a day) she would have trouble on that hill, too. I challenged her to go down to those restrooms later each time she had to pee. But each time she wimped out and used the portables that were much closer.

Gwent Girlie

Hi Everyone,

Just reading the stories and spotted the one from Miranda (2033) How she stayed with the cheer-leader, a girl not popular, when she had diarrhea. Miranda I am glad you are friends with Riley now.

That's exactly what happened between me and Ruth. Ruth was senior to me in the practice and always very bossy and arrogant. I began to think she just didn't like me, she seemed to go out of her way to be horrid to me every day. I had been with the firm over six months when I needed to have a poop mid-morning. I made made way down the corridor to the ladies, the four cubicles were all vacant. I went to the farthest one away from the outer door, its just a habit I have wherever I go in public to the ladies.

I was sitting having one of the poops I love so much. Not rushed, not hard, just that I could feel the turds coming out of my bum, I love that and try to go as slowly as I can, love to relax between going. I was relaxing when the out door slammed open and I heard somebody, heels click clacking on the tiles, the stall at the end nearest the door slam hard, then footsteps seemed to be dancing as if trying not to pee or poop in her panties. I had no idea then who it was, and being two cubicles away from me could only enjoy the sounds. There was a loud, deep, then groaning gasp and I heard a splatter that sounded like an explosion as her poop dropped into the bowl. Then she was peeing and pooping together, her poop sounded so loose, it must have been running away from her.

I had finished then and, reluctantly, wiped my bum and pulled up my panties. Flushing, I went over to the wash basins to wash my hands. In the mirror I could see the cubicle half way open and then I saw it was my office supervisor Ruth, she was sitting, well perched with her bum not on the toilet. I turned and went over, it was obvious that she had pooped over the back of the seat, the floor, and that she couldn't sit with the mess she had made. It was one of those things where liking a person or disliking her made no difference. This lady was in trouble. I stepped into her stall and without speaking just took a handful of tissue and bending wiped the seat quickly so that she could sit on the toilet. She had pooped her panties badly so I knelt and eased them off her feet and dropped them in the tampon bin. Ruth then stopped me and held my hand, her eyes were almost crying as she said, her voice low and croaky, "Thank you Gillian, thank you so much."

My heart went out to her. In knew how I felt when I had pooped my panties and somebody helped me. I just stayed with Ruth until she had finished and I wiped her bum tenderly, she was so sore. I gave her the spare pair of panties I always carry and helped her to put them on, when she had smoothed down her skirt, she just leant close and kissed me on the cheek, thanking me for being and so kind. Whilst she was washing her hands I used more tissue and cleaned the tiled floor before flushing the toilet, and joining her at the wash basin.

That was over six years ago and since that time Ruth has become my best friend, confidant, and yes, we love each other, but a relationship is not possible, she is married with three kids, I am divorced but have to look after my son in a small cottage. But our friendship has mean my life has been brightened by a long lasting, loving friendship.


I guess I really had to go!

Yesterday my stomach felt pretty full and I wasn't feeling so great. Until the need for a poo hit me...and when it did I could barely stand still!

I took my book to the bathroom and sat down and had to push a bit as it was pretty thick. It hurt a little because I hadn't been in about 4-5 days and it felt really big. Well it sure was! It was over a foot long! And it was so big that the whole thing didn't flush down. When I flushed it I could still see the "tail" peeking out from the hole.

Not long after that though I needed to poop for a second time. You'd think that after the size of the crap I just took I'd be empty right? Nope! That was only about half of what needed to come out! This time it didn't hurt to poop though. They were softer and more jagged and didn't require much pushing or grunting. When I was finished there were 2-3 logs in there, the same size as the first one I took before that. All I can say is holy crap! Flushing was a bit of a problem though. I had to use the plunger to get the first huge log down. Lucky for me it didn't overflow.

So in total I crapped out about 3 1/2 feet worth of crap! My husband was shocked that that amount of shit could come out of my little body. I'm 5'10" but only 135 lbs and pretty skinny. He told me that he probably couldn't shit that much in a week let alone in a day. What can I say? I've always done huge shits, even as a tiny little girl.


My Restroom Habits

Hello, everyone! Today, I've decided to share some of my own restroom habits. Here they are:
Whenever I use the restroom to shit, I always have to take something with me to the restroom to read. I don't do that at school like Heather, though. If you were in my restroom, you'd probably find a copy of Seventeen magazine and a Virginia Wesleyan College class catalog on the floor.
I also noticed that even though I am slowly getting over my poo shyness, I'm still a little secretive about my restroom needs, especially around my family. For example, when either one of my brothers or myself are about to go to the restroom, my mom always asks us, "What do you have to do?"
I always think to myself, "Does she really need to know what we're going to do in the restroom? We don't ask her what she's going to the restroom for!"
And when I do go to poo at home, I always go to the restroom upstairs since my family is downstairs most of the time so that no one has to know what I'm doing.
Also, I still get a little embarrassed about using a public restroom, even though I've done it several times in the past week or so, but I'm working on it.

Up next, I will finally share some of Gustav's restroom habits, although he can be a little secretive too, followed by the twins'.

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Busy Mom first welcome to the site and great story and your daugther will get over and it might also be a good idea to talk to her and tell her anybody can have accident even grown ups and please post more stories thanks.

To: Leanne as always another great set of stories I bet you felt alot better after that at least you made it to the toilet and didnt have an accident and great story about hearing and seeing your friend Lizzie pooping and hearing your friend Emma aswell and great story about you pooping in the doorless stall I would use them if I just had to pee or I was deseperate to poop or some other circumstance and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Car Mom as always another great peeing story and I bet you bet you dont have to stop at rest stops while driving because your car is the rest stop which is a good thing that way if your in a hurry somewhere you dont have to stop somewhere for a bathroom becasue as I said above your car is a bathroom and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Gwent Girlie it nice to hear from you again I hope you some more stories to tell thanks.

To: Upstate Dave as always another great story about seeing a female going to the bathroom it sounds like you and your friend Lorrie was having alot of fun and as always I look forward tpo your next post thanks.

To: Marika first welcome back to the site I missed reading your stories and I am looking forward to your new stories thanks.

Here are some other bumper sticker ideas

1. I have gas to bad my car dosent use that type

well thats the only one I can think of right now and if anybody else has some good ideas please post them it would be fun to see everyones suggestions

Heres a short story back when I was in high school I was in a study hall class and this classroom had its own bathroom so one day I was working when I saw a teacher go into the bathroom at first I thought nothing of it I was to busy working but later on another teacher went in there and came back said to us someone forgot to flush the toilet and there was someones poop in and when I ralized that other teacher had pooped in there and didnt flush or didnt double check to make sure everything went down I didnt get to see it but I wish I did.

I know almost everyone can agree with me on this sometimes a computers keyboard can sometimes be anoying espeiacaily (how ever thats spelled)
for people who type fast or forget to read over there post and check for typos and spelling I know I do that like I will hit one letter like lets say "Y" when I want to hit "T" or something like that I know this was off topic but I had to say it beacuse it was on my mind.

Well thats all for now

Sincerly Brandon T

PS. I love this site

Story Teller
As I have mentioned, my family goes on this camping trip every now and then. Here's one story from one trip. I'd drunk alot of soda before I went to sleep so some time later I woke up and my bladder felt like a heavy stone. I had to pee BAD. So I went out of the tent and all the adults were still awake. I said I had to pee and my aunt( the shy one) said she was heading to the bathrooms anyway so just to come along. The five minute walk was unbarable.When we finally did get to the restrooms I ran into a stall and went for a good fifteen seconds. As anyone would know the feeling was wonderful. My aunt was just sitting down in the next stall as I flushed. I called to her that I was done and she told me to stand outside the stall and wait for her. After about twelve seconds a heard a slash. My aunt gave a soft sigh. After two more slashes I heard her tear off some TP. Then some more. She must've had a messy dump because she tore off another after that. She flushed and came out and we went back to the campsite.

desperate to poop

desperate at homebase

Oh I had a really desperate moment today.

I was at homebase today (DIY Store) and felt a real need to go for a shit. (had big curry the night before).

The toilets were at the front of the store and there is just a single toilet, you go in through one door to a cubicle and a sink outside.

I hurried in, only to find it was engaged and a lady was waiting in her 40's. There was a distinct smell of poop so, and audible parp gave away that the lady in the toilet was pooping. I was pretty desperate and tried hard to stand still but I couldn't help hold my stomach a bit. The lady in front spotted this and commented "You look a little desperate, I'd let you go in front, but I need a piss quite badly"

I said "thats ok a least you don't need to poop"

No she said "but I've been waiting five mins for the lady in there, she's been pooping for england" she whispered. I replied quitely "I hope she's not too much longer I'll shit my pants otherwise".

The lady continued to shit quite steadily and we both grew more desperate. The lady apologies and put her hand in her crotch. I said don't worry and had to hold my bum anyway.

After a few more minutes the lady asked politely will you be free soon I need to go quite badly. The lady replied I think I'll be done in a few minutes. Luckily she was right and 3 minutes later I could hear her wiping and then she flushed and came out.

She apologised for the wait as the lady dashed in. "She sighed in relief as she started a long gusher". I was getting ready to go myself as I was now hanging onto a big sludge of poop.

Just when I thought I would get in as her pee stopped she teased me further as she had to change her pad. That added a few more minutes but then she flushed and she came out saying all yours, glad you didn't have an accident.

I dashed in and oh the relief as I let loose last nights curry. I had a really good clean out for about 7 minutes. The relief was immense and the clean up afterwards took quite a few sheets.

Happy pooping all


Waiting for the toilet

I was at work today when I felt a big urge to poo. I had to wait for my break before I could go & by then I was dying to go. When I got to the toilet, it was occupied so I had to wait but whoever was in there took the whole of my break to come out so I had to hold it untill lunch time. By then my need was getting more urgent & luckily the toilet was vacant this time. I rushed in & ripped my clothes down & sat down. I peed for ages while I pood a lot of mushy stuff into the toilet. It was so relieving & when I finished I felt so much better. I wiped lots & flushed before leaving & washing my hands.

your name (optionalnephew

Post Title (optional)my aunt

JUst a quick story to tell about my aunt, this involved myself when I was a teenager.My family were fairly open about toilet habits,especially my aunt .She was regarded as the family hippie I guess. Jane is my mother's sister and she visited our house often.I can remember as kid when she wanted to use the toilet she let everyone know. Made comments like "time for a shit " and off she would go leaving the door partly open .The bathroom was off the kitchen so, yes I did get a good view often. Jane never seemed to mind. Jane is character and ppl said they broke the mould when she was born .
I can recall the time when my mother went away for business for a week Jane came and stayed in our house to look after me . I was still at school then . The first day was a Saturday . I recall walking around in the kitchen when Jane cam through in her nightie announcing she needed to have a shit. As I said Jane was the family hippie , she certainly did not shave her legs or pits ,sort of surprised me ,but that was Jane .However she said good morning to me and headed for the toilet .
Jane then said hey honey there is no paper could I get her some , I'll hold till u come back . I went to the pantry and got a pack of tp . Returning I handed it to her , and was about to leave . Jane told me to wait so she could talk about what to do on the weekend . She has no worries about using the toilet in front of family at all.I must admit I was intrigued and a little aroused cos I always thought of Jane as a very attractive woman,even though she is my aunt .Jane is about 5'7" jet black hair , a somewhat voluptous body with a pretty face.

Ok so I handed her the paper and and leant against the washbasin . Jane lifted her nightdress and proceeded to sit on the toilet , I'm sure Jane has never ever shaved or trimmed her pubic hair . She is very hairy to say the least . Then she said I hope ur not embarresed I said no but did have other feelings . She then began to talk about the weekend and suggested we go to a flea market and have a look around , I agreed . I recall her leaning forward an holding her cheeks open with her hands,saying this was a big one. Then she made a comment to effect u obviously like watching women on the toilet , well I guess the bulge in my pants was a give away.Then she grunted and a loud splash followed
Then she tore off a small piece of paper and wipe standing up . Jane said something like there is nothing more releiving than a good shit. She then stripped off and had a shower . Later that day we went to a flea market, I recall Jane telling me she needed a piss pretty badly during the afternoon. She and I were looking at the stalls and now and then she would grip her crotch .I located a row of porta potties ,she walked very briskly over there holding her crotch. Coming out she said that was very close ,nearly pissed myself . I guess u could describe Jane as shameless but in a nice kind of way.

Has anybody here had situations with their family like that ???

Hi again! Since I posted yesterday about doorless cubicles in my school, I thought I'd post again today about toilets that, while not technically doorless, may as well have been!
I went camping for a couple of days many years ago when I was 8 or 9 with my friend Sophie, her sister Christine and her Mum & Dad. The camp site was picturesque but the toilets were poor- basically there was a wooden shed-type structure with two cubicles for the ladies and another shed for the men. The doors only went up to about chest height and there was a big gap under the door too, and were basically useless for maintaining privacy. Sophie and I shared a tent but her parents slept in their caravan. When we arrived we had a barbecque for dinner and then Sophie and I went to wee which was when we found how bad the toilets were. I really wasn't looking forward to having a poo, but the next morning after breakfast that was what I had to do. Sophie's parents had gone off to the shop and had locked the caravan. I really needed to go and I really had to wee as well, so I told Sophie. She said she needed the loo as well so we went to the toilets leaving Christine, who had already been for a wee when she got up, to pack things away. Sophie and I took the two cubicles and I could see most of her legs under the cubicle wall which was as high off the ground as the door. I saw her drop her shorts and knickers and I did likewise and we both sat. The wall was high enough that I couldn't see her over the top but anyone who walked into the toilets would see us both clearly. I started my wee and so did Sophie. 'I hope nobody comes in while I'm pooing!' she said. I agreed and I heard her fart. I started pushing my turd out and heard a plop from Sophie. My log made a plop too and then came another one. Sophie farted again and we both kept pooing for 5 minutes or so. Luckily nobody came in, and when we went for a wee that night there was another girl in one of the cubicles and a strong smell of poo. The next day after we got back from a walk in the hills I really needed a poo so after dinner I told Sophie and we went to the loos. Both cubicles were taken with a mother and daughter and there were three other people in the queue. I told Sophie I was desperate for a poo. She said she only had to wee. The queue moved slowly but eventually we were at the front. I took my seat once the girl in front of me had had a wee and farted a few times which we could clearly hear even though we were outside. I was so embarassed when I sat down and immediately let out a fart. A big log came out and made a really loud splash. Sophie took the other cubicle when it became free and had a wee and then went to wait outside while someone else took her place. I pushed out a few more logs over the next few minutes and then I joined Sophie outside. I didn't have to poo again until I got home but it was pretty embarassing having to poo where people around could hear and see you if they walked in!

Will post again soon, I have lots more holiday and school trip stories to tell! Bye everyone!

To Eileen H, Emma and Wendy. Love your stories; they're so descriptive to the point that i'm there in person! Now wouldn't that be fun although other parties might have something to say, lol! To Brandon T thanks as always for your positive feedback its much appreciated. By the way did anyone manage to locate the whereabouts of the Post referring to the guy who sneaks a peek at his mate's wife whilst he hangs around on some pretext or other? I've tried to locate to no avail and i'm beginning to wonder if its a figment of my imagination! Will post again early next week with another memory from yesteryear, lol, then its off to thd Emerald Isle for a family wedding! Thanks to all contributors for making this site what it is, something for everyone with our mutual shared interest. Long may it continue! Love and respect to you all. Bye for now.

To Wendy: You wondered about brides in wedding dresses. Long ago in Japan, princesses wore 12 layers of kimono material one over the other for special occasions. Makes going to the loo in the normal manner a practical impossibility. Even now, a kimono takes even longer to partially remove, for this purpose, than a wedding dress. I can only pray that no kimono-clad woman will ever have such an emergency....

By the way in case anyone remembers, I'm the same Remi who was absorbed by a butterfly for nearly 10 minutes, almost forgetting why I was squatting in a copse with butt exposed, before I finally came back to earth and relased the huge cow-pats that were inside me, see page 1670 or thereabouts.


Latest story

Hi all, a new story from me from before the weekend. Emma and Leanne, its great you can now post from uni, loved your latest stories. Leanne, I can't believe your school had a set of toilets with doorless cubicles, even if the locks aren't very good in the main girls loos in my school at least the cubicles all have doors! It must have been really bad to be so desperate for a poo that you had no choice but to use them, and then when that girl looked in on you when you were on the loo it sounded really awkward. At least there were a couple of other girls pooing next to you.
on Friday I had a similar sort of experiance, I got to morning break and was absolutely busting for both a wee and a poo. Despite saying in my last post I was going to open my bowels every day I hadn't managed to try and have a poo since Tuesday for one reason or another, so I knew I wouldn't be able to put it off for long. We were let out late for break and so I thought I'd risk going in the main girls toilets as they were really close to the classroom I was in and also the one I needed to get to for my next lesson. My urge for a poo wasn't quite so strong as I walked over there so I decided if I could find a decent cubicle I'd try to poo, otherwise I'd just have a wee and go for a poo at lunch in the decent humanities block toilets. When I got there I saw that the loos were in an even worse state than last time I'd used them, plus there were some girls hanging round smoking who didn't look that pleasant. I eventually found a cubicle that locked properly and where the loo wasn't blocked, so after locking the door I lifted my skirt, pulled down my purple and yellow spotty pants and sat down. All at once a strong jet of wee fizzed down into the bowl and I sighed with releaf. At that moment I heard sniggering and looked up to see two girls looking over the cubicle partition, I quickly pulled my pants from my knees up under my skirt but not before they shouted 'granny pants' at me and started making weeing noises. I finished as fast as I could and rushed out of the loos without wiping, flushing or washing my hands, I was shaking and just wanted to get away from there as fast as I could. As I ran out I could feel that my pants were damp where I'd dribbled a bit, but I didn't care, I just wanted to get to my next lesson as the bell had already gone. As I sat in my lesson trying to concentrate I tried to think why theres never any problems in my favourite toilets, I guessed it was because there was a small teachers staffroom just around the corner and so any troublemakers would stay away from there. After that lesson I was starting to get quite desperate for a poo again, I met up with Lucy and quietly told her I wanted a poo, she said she did as well so we both went off the the humanities block toilets together. It was right over the other side of the school so as we walked there I told her what had happened earlyer on when I went for a wee at break.
"Exactly the same thing happened to me a few days ago, some girls looked in on me and made fun of my underwear, I was trying to have a poo at the time so it was even worse," said Lucy. "I think I was a bit red, I'd been pushing quite a bit, and of course they found that really funny as well."
We got to the loos and took cubicles next to each other, fortunately we'd missed the rush which always happens at the start of lunch so we didn't have to queue. It was like these loos were the ones used by people serious about going to the toilet, as I've said before well over half the girls using them want a poo. I locked my cubicle door and hiked up my skirt then dropped my pants to my knees, next door I could hear Lucy doing the same. I started to push and felt a log moving down inside me, all was quiet next door until I heard a few farts. I started to think about how the girls had made fun of my pants, I suppose its only Lucy, Olivia, Katie and me in our PE group who still wear normal cotton girls pants, practically everyone else wears lacy knickers or thongs. I could feel my first log starting to come out of my bum, I pushed really hard and panted and it slid out slowly. Next door I could hear Lucy catching her breath as she strained, we carried on like this for a few minutes until suddenly I felt my log moving faster, the widest part was through and so it was sliding out more easily. Shortly after it made a loud plop as it dropped into the loo, I then felt the second turd starting to come out. Another couple of minutes later this one splashed down into the bowl, just after Lucy's first turd dropped with a massive plop. After a few more logs each we were done, I took some toilet paper and wiped my bum and heard Lucy doing the same. We came out of our cubicle more or less at the same time and washed our hands before going back out for the rest of lunchtime. Hope you enjoyed this story, will post again soon, bye for now.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

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