Busy Mom
I have been a long time reader, but never had anything to post. I lead a normal bathroom life. I have two kids who have had their shares of accidents but nothing out of the ordinary. however,yesterday it was me who had the accident.
I woke up late and immediately panicked because I didn't want my kids to miss their school bus. I leaped out of bed needing a pee quite badly. I always do I'm the mornings, but there was no time. I had to wake up my kids and make breakfast. My son, whose 10, immediately went in the bathroom for his morning crap. Since my husband left, I had to downsize to a condo with only one bathroom. I knew I missed my chance and that my son would be some time. So I'm in the kitchen making breakfast doing the pee pee dance. I have to stop and cross my legs occasionally. My daughter who is 8,was yelling at her brother to hurry up so she could pee. Hearing het made my need worsen. She came into. He kitchen and asked if she could pee in the sink, which is something I let her do from time to time in emergencies. I told her okay and she climbed up, pulled up her nightgown and began peeing. Hearing her pee hit the metal sink made me almost lose it. But I'm an adult. I couldn't very well pee into my kitchen sink.
My son finally came out, but then I had to help them get dressed and find homework and still didn't have a chance to go. I figured I would be okay. Adults don't ped their pants. Wrong. Right as I was packing their lunches, my bladder spasmed and I knew it was all over. Warm yellow piss began spurting out flooding my pants and the floor below. I just stood there in shock and let it happen. My kids walked in and didn't know what to say. My son finally spoke asking if I was okay. My daughter was weird with it though. She kept saying she can't believe I peed myself. Their bus came and I cleaned up. After school my son was totally normal, but my daughter went to her room and refused to talk to me. I know she'll get over it, I just wish she was more understanding, espescily since I always was of her accidents.

Hi everyone!

Caryl Marie- Yes, my university has those stupid pre-cut toilet paper squares in most of its buildings. I hate them too! I don't cover the seat myself but I can imagine the trouble you might have with them, and it's more awkward to wipe yourself as well. I can sympathize with your troubles!

Last night we all went out to a club for a friend's birthday. I got far too drunk and regretted it this morning when I thew up. Then I fell asleep again and woke up later on and remembered that I had booked a computer in the library and was going to be late for it (if you're too late you lose your slot). I got up and got dressed and rushed out. I still felt a bit sick and my stomach felt odd. I hadn't had a wee since I got back from the club at about half past 3, and I was really desperate for one. Then as I walked to the library I got a sudden strong urge for a poo. I realised I might not make it to the library so I ducked into the engineering building again to relieve myself. The loos were empty so I quickly took one of the cubicles and sat. I started weeing right away and it felt really good. Two logs came out fairly quickly, and then another piece as I finished my wee. Another two small bits and I was done, although I still felt a bit funny and that I had more to come, but nothing more was coming out so I wiped and flushed.
I grabbed some lunch and then went to the library where I started my work. After I ate my lunch and about 90 minutes after my first poo I got a sudden, strong and urgent need for another number two. I really had to go straight away so I saved my work and hurried to the loo. They were also empty so I hurried into a cubicle and dropped my jeans and knickers and sat. I farted and a load of mushy crap spattered into the bowl and I groaned in a mixture of pain and pleasure. A couple of squirts of really runny stuff followed and then two medium-sized turds plopped into the water. More diarrhea followed and I moaned again. After one more piece came out I farted a few more times and then I was done. After that big load I've felt fine all evening, thank goodness!

Yesterday afternoon I heard Lizzi, who lives on the top floor, pooing, which is a rarity because I'm two floors below her! Emma and I had been to the gym and when we got back she went for a shower in our shower, so I went to the one on the top floor which also contains a toilet. I was almost finished and I thought I heard a banging, and when I turned the shower off I heard someone knocking on the bathroom door. I said, 'Yes?' and Lizzi said, 'Are you almost done? I really need the toilet!' I asked if she couldn't use one of the others, but she said, 'There's no paper downstairs and Kat's in the other one!' I said I'd be as quick as I could. I got out of the shower and started to dry off. As I was putting my clothes on Lizzi knocked again and said, 'Please hurry! I really have to gooo!' I quickly opened the door and she hurried in and thanked me. She didn't even shut the door and I could see her hurry to the loo, lift up her skirt and lower her panties and sit. Immediately there were three rapid plops and she exclaimed, 'Ohh! That was close!' I asked her if she was ok and she said she was fine now she was on a toilet! She said she had been holding it in during a lecture and didn't want to go in the toilets there so she hurried home to find all the toilets occupied! She let out another plop and then one more and I said I'd leave her to it. As I went downstairs I could hear her flush. A very interesting experience!

As an added bonus- I've heard Emma poo twice today! Firstly this morning, far earlier than anyone has a right to be up after a night like last night, Emma woke me up as she went to the loo. Even though I was still half asleep and, to be honest, still drunk, I heard her wee and then there were two plops.
Then just now she went into the toilet. I heard her wee and then she flushed and I assumed she was done, but she must have been embarrassed because everyone was in bed and the house was silent, so to disguise her poo she flushed. Then I heard five plops in quick succession even over the noise of the flush. They must have been big turds! After that she was in there for another five minutes so she was definitely pooing!

Roxanne- your post reminded me of an incident of my own involving a detention. I was in my first year at senior school and I got a detention for not doing my homework or something like that. This detention was held at lunchtime and by that point in the school day it just so happened that I was in dire need of a number two. But the lesson before lunch overran and if I didn't go to the detention on time they'd give me another one, so I hurried to the room and sat down. I was already bursting and by the end of the hour I was touching cloth and so desperate I was thinking of nothing else but getting my bum on a toilet seat as soon as I could. But then we had to go to our form rooms to get registered and of course the detention had overran so I had to go right there with no time for an urgently needed bathroom break. After that I had to go to my next lesson because I knew I wouldn't be able to go to the toilet and get there in time and would no doubt get another detention for being late. So I had to suffer through all this, clenching my bum as hard as I could and squeezing like my life depended on it. I waited a bit in the lesson and then asked the teacher if I could go. He said ok and I hurried out and downstairs. The girls loos in this building at the time were the ones with no doors (making this one of the relatively few times I used them), but I really had no choice because there was no way I would make it to any others because the first of my turds was trying hard to force its way out of me and I had to walk with my cheeks clenched or I wouldn't have made it. I went in and to my dismay found that there were girls in two of the cubicles already. I took the fourth one along, with one of the girls to my left and the other on her left. They must have both been pooing because I could smell it in the air. I went in and dropped my trousers and knickers and sat. I tried as hard as I could to hold in my poo until the other girls left but it was a futile effort as they weren't going anywhere fast and I just couldn't wait any longer. A big log slid out of me and made a plop as it fell into the toilet. I felt pretty embarrassed but I felt better when one of the other girls farted and dropped a log of her own. To be honest I think I had forgotten once I got in there that there was no door because I had dropped my trousers right down to my feet. I was looking straight ahead as I strained to push out my next log and then another girl walked past and looked in to see if the toilet was in use. I was sooo embarrassed because I was pushing quite hard to get my poo out, there was a definite smell of poo coming from my toilet, and my trousers were down at my feet. The girl gave a slight smirk and went into the cubicle to my right. I heard her have a wee and I held my poo until luckily one of the other girls flushed. Then I dropped my second log and a smaller piece that followed. The girl to my right came back out and gave me another glance as she walked by. I got rid of a third and final log and then sat back and relaxed for a few seconds. I came very close to pooing myself during the afternoon but I made it somehow! Then I went to wipe and realised there was no paper! Luckily the girl to my left was still there and I heard her tearing off some paper so I quietly asked her for some paper. She said sure and passed some under the cubicle. I thanked her and wiped my bum. We went to the sinks together and she said, 'I hate these toilets! Why don't they have doors?' I agreed completely with her and she said she only used them because it would take too long to go to the other building and those toilets and then back to class. Luckily two years later they put new toilets in that building, although they kept the doorless ones too for some reason!

Well, that's enough from me for now. Will post again soon- bye everyone!

Car Mom
Yesterday Lori and her two daughters were over. If anyone remembers I posted about them on pages 1988, 1971, and 1967. The daughters are Katelyn (12) and Emma (now 9). Well they had not been over since Laura and I had peed on my living room furniture, and so Katelyn noticed that the couch still had pee spots in it that didn't wash out completely. Of course she asked me if it was pee and so I told her that it was. Right away Lori her mom said "wow Megan you sure do pee in some interesting places." I said "yeah I guess I do." Then Katelyn said "can I pee there too?" Her mom said "Kate that was rude" and then she said "sorry about that, she doesn't have to if you don't want her to." Then I said "no its ok, she can if she wants." Of course Katelyn smiled when I said that. Then she said "thank you Megan" and Lori said "yes thank you Megan." Then she laughed a little. "I know we've messed your car up so many times." I said "its ok, you know I don't mind." Then Katelyn said "I'm gonna go now ok?" I said "ok" and then I said "would you like us to leave so you can have some privacy?" She just said "no stay in here." That's when Emma said quietly to her mom "I have to go too" and her mom said to her "you need to ask Miss Megan if you can go on the couch." And so Emma said to me "is it ok if I um go on the couch too?" She was so cute. I said "of course it is." Then my daughter Kaylee said "yeah I have to go too actually." So of course I said "sure go ahead and go." Lori then said "Megan are you sure its ok? That's a lot of pee." I said "yeah its ok. Its already a pee couch now. So it doesn't matter anymore. They can all do it now." Lori just said "ok" and then she said "ok Kate, Emma, go ahead." Katelyn was actually already taking off her pants and underwear, and then so were the other two girls. Katelyn sat down on the couch first. She sat in the middle, which was where she was sitting before. She sat cross-legged ("Indian-style") and Emma was on her left and Kaylee was on her right. Katelyn looked over at her little sister and smiled. Then she looked at Kaylee. Then she looked down at herself. She was all ready to have her pee. Then a few seconds later Kaylee finally began to have her pee. She also let a little fart, and then a second later a little hiss began to go against the fabric of the cushion. All three girls were peeing. After a few seconds or so Katelyn looked up and then over at her sister again. That's when she saw the armrest. She saw the armrest where Laura had peed, and she noticed that it still had a yellow stain in it from Laura's pee. Then she asked me, in a very relaxed voice, "did you go there too?" I said "you mean on the armrest?" She said "mm-hmm" and then I said "yeah, actually a friend of mine did." And so Katelyn then said "can I go on it too?" And then I said "sure, you can." And so Katelyn stopped herself from peeing, just like Laura had done, and then she went over and got a closer look at the armrest. After that she looked over at the one on the other side of the couch. Then she said "can I go on that one?" I laughed and said "sure. You can. Go ahead." And so she went over to the other one. Before she got on it, she stood and looked at it for a few seconds and she felt the material. Then she got up on it. Kaylee, who had been peeing into the cushion that was right by that armrest, moved over a little bit to give Katelyn more room. Katelyn got herself into postion. Instead of getting on it like a horse like Laura did, she sat on it like a stool, with both of her legs on the cushion that Kaylee was sitting on. She began to pee. Her pee went right into the armrest, and then it began to trickle down to the cushion below where her feet were. I was actually sitting on the chair on the other side of the room and I could still notice the smell of their pee and their farts. I knew that they were showing that couch no mercy.

Bye for now!
Car Mom :)

odd pooper
I just pooped totally undigested matter. I don't know what caused it. My stomach ached all morning and when I finally wanted to poop I pooped out totally undigested food particles. It came out as diarrhea and smelled so bad. The pain had subsided since then but I don't really know what happened. can someone tell me what it would have been? has it happened to anyone of you?

Just a guy

Leanne, that's great news that you and your friend, Emma will be able to post more regularly. You both have had a lot of good stories on this site. I enjoyed both of your recent ones. It must have been tough listening to Lauren have a good cleanout when you also needed the bathroom quite badly.

Amylee - that was a great story with the little girl in the women's restaurant. A little child can often make an ordinary visit interesting. There was a woman who was a poster on this site sometime ago, named Jane who had several interesting experiences in the bathroom with little kids.

Eileen H - 2 more great stories!

Gwent Girlie

Hi everybody,

Love reading the stories and experiences here. I work for a law firm in the Uk and I have written many times to the site in past years about the wonderful work mates and friends I have met, and the toilet experiences I have had. There is one letter from Kristy (2031) that I must answer.

Kristy asks:
1. Has anyone help their poop just because they enjoy the desperate
urge to go?

Yes. I developed that urge at school at first. Often wanting to
go during class I would hold myself until break time. It was, for
me, an exciting habit I have loved ever since. At work my closest
friend Ruth and I often hold ourselves until we are desperate to
get our panties down. We often sit in adjoining cubicles and tell
each other how we feel, especially after the initial burst of
poop we have been holding so long.

2. What was the longest you've held it?

I haven't timed myself like that Kirsty. But recently I was in
court for a juvenile case. I wanted to go just after the case
started and had to hold myself until the case was adjourned just
before one o'clock. I had been wanting to go since just after
nine. I could feel my ???? churning and had to press my legs
and thighs tight together. I stained my panties a bit that
morning. But it was wonderful to dash to the ladies, and simply
pooping with a loud splattering into the pan, then to feel the
relief as I sat and pooped four more times.

3. Have you ever done it in your pants?

Yes Kristy. I have never pooped my panties intentionally. But
I have often messed them, mostly when I fart and its a wet one.
I have messed a bit queuing for the ladies in the office. Ruth
really pooped her panties a few years ago. That was how we be-
came close friends, I was on the lavatory myself and I went in
and helped her clean up after she had gone.

4. How was the relief when you first went?

One of the main reasons I hold my poop is to get the wonderful
feeling of release as my poop plops and splatters out of me. I
am not kidding but sometimes its better than an orgasm.

5. Have you ever watched someone do it in their pants?

Yes. The Ladies toilet is one place where any girl in trouble
wants help. I wrote a college thesis once entitled, "Girls
Lose Their Inhibitions When Their Panties are Down. I have
been so grateful for the women that have helped me when I have
messed my panties, and likewise when I have helped my work
mates like, Ruth, Miranda, Stephanie, and many who were strangers.

6. Have you ever done it in public, or at least outside?

Yes. Mainly when I have been to outdoor pop concerts like the
Glastonbury festival. I remember being in Bournemouth on holiday,
walking along the prom in the night I had a sudden attack of
diarrhea. I just coo-pied down in the darkest spot and pooped,
rather than mess my best undies.

Kirsty I have read all of your stories and experiences. I hope my
answers have helped you. They certainly made me remember some very
happy moments in my life. Please, please keep your stories coming.


Brandon T

bathroom scene

On the show the big bang theory one the guys was talking to his mom through the bathroom door and you hear her strain as she answered him apparently she was constipated.

Alan in Amsterdam

Dropped something in the toilet

Storyteller asked, did you ever drop something in the toilet. Well a year or two ago I did. I had already dropped quite a lot of poo, then I stood up and wiped. Then I coughed. At the time I was in the middle of some dental work and was wearing a temporary crown, well as I coughed the crown came off the tooth and fell into the pile of plop. Needless to say I didn't retrieve it, just had to walk around with a big gap in my teeth for the next few days. When I saw the dentist I just said it fell into the toilet and didn't go into detail.


To Car Mom

REALLY glad you are back and posting stories again. Especially ones involving adults sounds like yall are having a lot of fun. Just curious do you find the "fun" you and the other mom have arousing or just clean fun?? Sorry if too personal. Congrads on turning 27 I am only a year a head of ya lol. Wish I could meet someone like you although sounds like yall have an exclusive girls club so recon it wouldn't work anyhow. Please post more stories soon.

Upstate Dave

Lorrie Alone With Me

Lisa had left to go home to finish takeing care of her dirty ass after runing out of toilet paper after takeing a shit outside down at my grandmothers new property. I started to go to work cuting up some brush after Lisa had left to go home. I wouldn't be alone for very long for Lorrie would show up by herself about 15 minutes later after Lisa had left.

It got warm real fast so I had taken off my tshirt and was just wearing a different pair of cutoff shorts today. I had also drank some ice cold water which I had in my small cooler. I was takeing mytime since it was so warm so I hadn't realy done all that much when Lorrie came walking in and said Good morning Dave to me.

I smiled and said good morning back to Lorrie as she came walking over to me. I brought something you might need! Lorrie said to me. Lorrie was carrying a small paper bag and she pulled out a brand new roll of toilet paper from the bag. Seeing the roll of toilet paper I laughed. Then I said to Lorrie; How did you know that a roll of toilet paper was needed? Lorrie laughed and told me when she was about to leave to come down Lisa came into the bathroom told e that she hadshit down here and used up what was left of the roll here.

Lorrie you can put it then where it belongs I said to her. Lorrie giggled a little and then she said back to me; I will but would you mind if I didn't right away. I have to use it! Now I smiled a big smile which Lorrie saw and she smiled back at me. I then asked Lorrie if she was just going to piss or she was going to do both. Lorrie again giggled slightly and then said to me; You'll just have to look and see!

Now Lorrie was wearing a half styled blue top. You know the type that covered the breast area of the chest leavingthe middle exposed. The top was tied off in the back into a knot with bows. Lorrie had on a pair of low rideing denim shorts which were just over her hips. They just barely covered the tops of her thighs. They were real tigh so which made Lorrie look real sexy in this outfit!

We weren't standing near any piles of brush so we started to walk where there was a pile and I told Lorrie it was a good tiome for me to take a piss too since you are going to go. Lorrie again smiled and said to me; Looks like I came doiwn at the right time then! I laughed and we now had walked behind a lrge brush pile and we stoped behind it.

Lorrie had a button fly on her shorts which she had five buttons to unbutton. As she started on the buttons I had a snap on my shorts so I pop[ed the snap on my shorts and pulled down the zipper on them. Lorrie zipped rioght through the five buttons on her shorts and we both together pulled our shorts down together.

We both laughed after pulling our shorts down for Lorrie wasn't wearing panties and I had no underware on too. Lorrie also had another reason to laugh to now. Since I was aroused she saw that I was. Then Lorrie said to me; Davecan you hold it for a few minutes? I told her I could. Good! Then Lorrie squted down in a high squat faced right at me.

It only took Lorrie a few short seconds to get started. Lorrie let out from her vagina a hard yellow colored piss stream that angled outward as it went downward. Her stream was somewhat wide headed went right into a short twist, softly hissed, and where her piss stream hit the ground it splattered over a small area of the ground.

Lorrie I would have guessed after pissing ten seconds or so her piss streal slowed up andbecame a straight down stream. Lorrie said to me then; I'm starting to shit Dave. Here it comes! As I looked to see it come into my sight I heard soft crackleing and then I saw Lorries shit come into view under her. Her shit was adark tan color.Its front tip for the first ouple of inches was pointed and widened out two being about three inches around. Her shit was moving right along too. It looked to me that it was just like soft ice cream.

When her shit had reached maybe a half foot long or a little more then that it fell to the ground. It didn't make much of a sound when her shit did hit the ground. It was soft so that was the reason why. The poineted front tip of her shit broke too when it hit the ground. Then I heard more much louder crackleing so Lorrie was having a second shit noiw comming out from her asshole.

Her second shit slid into view moving I would have to say a little faster then her first shit. Itwas the same soft ice cream looking shit like her first one but didn't have the pointed front tip like her first one had. Itwas three inches around right from its start. The other thing was that this shit would get long enough to reach the ground bend and break way up cl;ose to her ass and have it lay opver on the ground.

Then the broken off remaining part of her shit goit longer ad it then fell after being about four inches long. Then Lorrie had a whole series of three four incj pieces of shit spit outfrom her asshole in a row which they came out real fast and piled up on the ground under her. After the series of small shits had come out Lorrie let out a long low squeeky sounding fart.

Lorrie did stop pissing after her first shit and now she started to piss again just enough so that she wasn't dribbling and she pissed all over the pile of short pieces of shit that were there on the ground.She pissed on her shit for several seconds and then she came to a driping end once her stream had stopped.

Lorrie then reached over for the toilet paper roll and rolled off from it a pretty good wad of paper. Lorrie giggkled as she reached back bhind her to wipe her ass. I feel pretty messy back there! Good thingI have a full roll to use! I laughed and said right back to Lorrie; Oh come on! You won't use up the whole roll Lorrie! Lorrie giggled again as now she was giveing her ass its first wipe.

Lorrie pulled the paper back out and she looked at it and then she showed me the toilet paper. It was heavily smeared with tan colored shit. The Lorrie carefully refolded the paper reached back around again and slowly gave her ass a second wipe. Pulled thepaper out gave it a look and showed me the result ofher second wipe. The paper aginwas smeared with shit but not quite so much.

Lorrie dropped the wa of paper on her pile of short shits and rolled off a second wad of paper off the roll. She wiped her ass again took a look at the paper but this time she didn't show me it. Instead Lorrie stood up and as she did she refolded the paper and then shewiped her ass. Then she dropped the wad of paper down with the other wad of paper on her shit.

Lorrie gave me a smile and then since her shorts had slid downaround her ankles and sneakers she bent downgrabbed themm and pulled them all the way back up. She then rebuttoned them up and she was now done. She stepped off to the side for now I was going to take my piss. I stepped over to where I was going to piss. Lorrie giggled hard now for she saw where I had my penis aimedwhich I was going to piss on the toilet paper and her shit!

I started my piss. I sent out a hard stream of very light yellow piss from my penis. It hit the one wad of toilet paper which it was soaked completey with my piss i a couple of short seconds. I moved my penis slightly and now I pissed on the other wad of toilet paper which it too in a few short seconds was completely soaked by my piss. Then I moved my penis and started pissing on Lorries soft shit which it did make my piss splash some when I hit it.

I took a long enough piss to wet all of Lorries shit. I even managed to piss on it when I did my finishing up spurts which I did three pretty good ones. I then pulloed up my shorts zipped them up and did the snap on them. Then Lorrie and I walked away and we had a drink of cold water and then after that we went to work with me cutting brush and her pileing it up. That is how we would spend the dat together. Lisa didn't come back so that left me alone with Lorrie for the entire day. To be continuied.


Georg's Restroom Habits

Hello, everyone! I promised that I would share some of my friends' restroom habits with you all and I'm adhering to that promise. Here are some of Georg's restroom habits:
Georg, like Heather, also makes it blatantly obvious that he has to make a deposit. The only difference is that Georg likes to voice his restroom needs. For example, when we were eating at Chili's the other day when Georg said loudly, "I have to take a shit really badly!"
Everyone in the restaurant gave him looks of disgust, but Georg didn't seem to care as he rushed off to the restroom to do his business.
Georg also likes to give us vivid detail about his time on the porcelain throne. When he came out of the restroom that day about 20 minutes later, he said, "Oh, man! I needed that! Those turds were REALLY hard to get out. I had to strain really hard to get them out! They were hard as bricks!"
Luckily, no one vomited from the vivid description that he gave us.
I also noticed that Georg lets out a sigh every time he drops a turd or lets out a fart. I'm currently at his house hanging out with our friends, and we can hear Georg in the restroom sighing in relief after every plop.

Up next, I will try to share some of Gustav's restroom habits, even though that might be a little difficult since he's so secretive about his restroom trips. Or I may share some of my own restroom habits or the twins'.

Herb T.

Lunchtime Dump

Hello - Herb T. here. I took a dump on my lunch break today that I thought I'd share. Most of my dumps are pretty ordinary and not worth posting. Anyhow - I left the office around 11:30 or so and got some food at the drive-thru of a local "hole in the wall" burger joint. The food there is great - a little more expensive than your McDonalds or Carl's Jr., but tastes much better. I ordered a patty melt, fries, and a large diet coke. I won't go into further detail about the food, other than that it's good and it cost me about $8. I took it to a more secluded spot - it's up on a hill and there are about 5 multi-tenant office buildings all right next to each other, all in the same parking lot. Going up the hill are several other office buildings as well. The top of the hill has a nice view of the city and a creek that runs down at the bottom of the hill. Anyhow, as I was eating in my car and listening to the radio - Siruis Classic Vinyl anyone?, I got the urge to take a dump. I figured I would probably just use the restrooms in one of the office buildings and finished my lunch. I went to the side of one of the buildings to smoke a cigarette (there is a cool patio area between two of the buildings that has a nice view). As I was finishing my cigarette, the urge to poo got stronger and I knew I'd better take a dump there, or I would be very uncomfortable for the rest of the work day.

I walked back around to the front of the building and went in, then turned down the hall and entered the men's room. There is one small room with two sinks, then another door that leads into the actual restroom. Two urinals and two stalls (one regular, one handicapped). There were two guys at the urinals having a full on conversation as they pissed, so I went into the first stall to piss - the seat was already up. When the guys left, I finished my piss and went into the handicapped stall and latched the door. I wiped off the seat and pulled my pants and boxers down and sat down on the toilet. I relaxed for a minute and another person came in to piss. When he left, I gave a slight push and the logs dropped out of my butt very quickly - average size and a little reddish in color. The toilet was auto flush and I forgot to wrap toilet paper around the sensor, so when I stood up to wipe, the toilet flushed. Lucky for me, becuase that was the last time the toilet would flush properly. The toilet paper was very messy after the first wipe, which I knew it would then take a lot of wipes to get clean. What a pain in the ass (no pun intended). Well I had to wipe my ass about 12 times, and I don't think it was fully clean even at that point. Also - I cannot wipe my ass sitting down, although it is my understanding that most people do this. My wife wipes sitting down. Anyhow, I probably should have flushed in between wiping, but I didn't, and guess what - I clogged the toilet. I cannot remember the last time I clogged a public toilet. Maybe these toilets are just crappy (again, no pun intended - LOL). Well I pushed the manual flush button a few times to be sure, and yep - it was definitly clogged. Oh well, a clogged toilet is not hard to fix. Only issue I had was that I prevented anyone else from using that toilet for probably the rest of the day. Oh well, shit happens (OK pun intended).

As I was washing my hands, someone came in and went through the second door to the toilet/urinal area. I hoped he wouldn't go into the handicapped stall and see the toilet paper stuck in the toilet. I kind of high-tailed it out of there afterwards. Then, I went back to the office to work on tax workpapers for our consolidated parent company and our Q-subs - mostly M-1 adjustments. Accounting is such a blast - NOT!

Eileen - I like your postings - they are pretty damn funny. Please keep them up.


Long time no chat

Hello everybody.
I have to really apologize for not writing here for such a long time, I'll explain why, in my next post.
Anyway, I'll be posting here again in the next few days, If someone doesn't remember me, or doesn't know me, I'm a 14 year old girl from Latvia, and I last posted on page 1952.

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