No lights in the Bathroom.

One time Me and my Friend Dan was in the third Grade,It was almost the end of the school year in 1990.In the third grade hallway there was two bathrooms each with two stalls.The had no urinals.They both was the size of closets.The restrooms was right outside the classrooms and the it had no light switches.The light switches was in the classrooms on the other side of our class.And we had the sinks to wash up in our class room and the other class had a sink too.
Well anyway Me and Dan walked in the bathroom and it was on a Friday,and it was Dark in there I couldn't see,but anyway I gone in a stall and started to Pee.And I heard a man scream.It appears that I peed on someone while they were on the commode.
We ran out of there and went in the classroom like nothing happend.A few minutes later I saw a man heavy set around 21-26 years of age walked out of there.He act like nothin happened either.

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Natalie X as always another great story it sounds like you had a pretty nasty dump but at leat you made to a toilet and didnt have an accident which would have been a real mess to clean up from the way you describe it and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Ciara great story about your friend Heather's bathroom habits and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Eileen H as always another great story and I look forward to your next one thanks.

To: Emma great story about you pooping in the bathroom and hearing that other girl pooping as well and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Wendy & Kirsty Wendy great stories it sounds like that girl was very desperate and great story about you pooping at school at least your teacher was nice and let you go and great story about your friend Rachel pooping her pants in your car and as always I look forward to your guys next posts thanks.

To: Caryl Marie great story I dont why they do that maybe they think its better and people wont waste so much paper or because its there way of saving money either way it dosent seem like a very good idea because what would happen if someone had diarrhea or a really messy dump it wouldnt do them very good and please post more anymore stories you may have thanks.

To: Yasmine great story it sounds you and your friend were having pretty nasty dumps and please anymore stories you may have thanks.

To: Roxane great story at least you didnt have a full blown accident and please share anymore stories you may have thanks.

To: Car Mom I have other ideas for bumper stickers that people on this site might want to create
1. Im only speeding because I really have to poop
2. My car has gas and so do I
3. My cars gas tank isnt the only thing I fill at the gas station im filling my tank as well

I have other ideas but I cant remember them at the moment
and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Upstate Dave as always another great story about seeing a girl or woman going to the bathroom I bet it would have been funny if when your friend Lisa said your scared the shit out of her, her poop wouldve dropped on the ground and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Linda From Australia havent heard from you in awhile I hope your okay please start posting again thanks.

Well thats all for now

Sincerly Brandon T

PS I love this site


Responses for Caryl Marie & Jaded Jarrod's situations

Although I've been out of school for ten years now, I work for a financial firm and now spend up to 20 hours a week teaching a financial literacy curriculum to middle and high school students. I use the bathrooms regularly and the conditions of the bathrooms haven't gotten any better since my days as a student. And with the texting and other electronic media, it appears to becoming more brazen.

Caryl Marie should not be feeling dirty about herself after sitting to take her crap. She should be congratulated--she sat down and made the best of the situation. The fact that her crap was the size of a banana is great. She has no reason to feel embarrassed. I agree that the pre-cut squares can be troubling. I've used stalls where they have been the only option, but the idea behind them is to save on toilet paper used. When I was in school as well as now, I rarely will put paper on the seat before I sit to crap or pee. I just don't see what it accomplishes other than just messing the bathroom up more and keeping future crappers from having the toilet tissue they need to wipe with. I hope Caryl Marie will consider this much more practical approach.

Jaded Jarrod's situation is probably largely due to texting and his freely giving personal information and opinions to the girls. It's difficult to know where to place your trust in such situations. Jarrod should go shopping with his dad and pick out underwear that will not direct as much attention to him when he's seated on the toilet. His father has given him great advice otherwise, but I know that sometimes it's easy to forget and panic in such public situations. As with my advice to Caryl Marie, Jarrod will draw less attention to himself if he sit on the toilet paper. It will also save him valuable time and time in the stall is the enemy when you're in such a vulnerable position.

I would also think Sheena and her boyfriend could be reported to the principal because they have clearly crossed the line with their words and invasion of privacy. Also, if I remember correctly from last year, Jarrod posted about the serious incident involving his classmate Ethan. I would think that administration took a lot of grief over that case and would work even harder to try and deter the continuation of these situations caused by a few students who are definitely out of line.

Freshman Freddy

Comment on Caryl Marie's post

I agree with Caryl Marie about what's wrong with those pre-cut 4 inch toilet paper squares.

I have seen them a few times when my family has been traveling. They were in places like rest stops and outside bathrooms which probably take a lot of abuse.

However, last summer me and Josie (my friend from band who I've written about in previous postings) were at the water park. After taking a break from swimming and soaking up some sun, she reluctantly admitted she had to crap. She said she'd better get it over with. I asked her to explain herself. I asked her if it was hard to go with her bikini on and she said the hardest thing was sitting on the toilet. I asked her why. She said all the toilets in the ladies room have seats dripping with water from off the swimmers who are either coming in from the pool or leaving the showers. She said she's not comfortable sitting on a wet seat because she's seen a few of the older girls stand over the seat and splash it with piss. And she reminded me how difficult it is to wipe the seat down first with such a small square of toilet paper.

She went in to crap but immediately came back out and said she was going to get her hand stamped and walk home. She said it was only two blocks away. Josie came back a half hour later and we continued to swim.

Upstate Dave

Lorrie Amd I alone Part 2

Lorrie and I worked takeing our time. We yook breaks which we drank the ice cold water I had in the cooler. There wasn;t much more for to be cleared now too. There were boundery markers and as far as clearing the last side ones were close. Maybe a couple of more days and the clearing would be done.

It was time now to stop and have lunch. So Lorrie and I stopped working. Lorrie started to walk over to where the cooler was and the bag tat had sandwiches in it. I stood where I was for I had to piss. Seeing that I wasn't comming withher Lorrie stopped and turned around. Arn't you comming Dave? she askd me. I will be right after I piss. Lorrie giggled a little giggle first. Somebody getting pee shy now? Lorrie asked. I laughed and she said; You always tell me when you do have to piss! I laughed a little harder and the Lorrie came over to watch me piss now.

I had my penis out of my shorts already when Lorrie had walked up beside me. I let loose with a powerfull stream of piss into the air. My stream arced right over a high pile of stacked up brush and came down into some bushes behind the pile of brush. Lorrie letout another giggle and then after her giggle she said to me; Boy you did have to go! If yourstream was sraight up it would look like Old Faithfull!

I now laughed. I knew what Lorrie ment by old faithfull the famious geyser. So what I did right then was move my penis almost straight up which made my piss stream shoot upward almost straight up into the air! Lorrie burst out into hard laughter. I chuckled pretty hard as I stoiod there pissing with my piss stream shooting high in the air and splashinghard on te ground a couple offeet in front of me.

I didn't take a long piss since I was pissing hard. But it was a fun piss to take with my fooling around. My stream dropped suddenly as my piss ended cleanly. I didn't feel that I needed to make any ending spurts so I gave mypenis a single shake and then I put it back in my shorts and zipped them up. Now Lorrie and I walked over to have our lunch.

Lorrie ate her lunch very quickly. I wondered why she was. So I asked her. Her answere was she wanted to go back up to the house and change. She told me to take mytime as she ate the lastpart of her sandwich and stood up. I'll be back shortly. Lorrie walked out to the road and headed up the hill and in moments was out of sight. I sat there and went on eating my lunch.

I took my time having a second sandwich and more water to drink. In about twenty minutes Lorrie was back. She ad changedout of her top and shorts and now had on a old looking light green summer dress which was sort of short in length. It came down to a few inches above her knees. I said to Lorrie; Is that dress cooler then what youhad worn earlier? Oh yes it is! Lorrie said back to me.

Lorrie asked if there was another sandwich left and I told her there was so shegrabbed it out of the bag along with some ice water and she sat down with me ate her second sandwich and drank down the ice water with it. I was done eating while she ate her second sandwich. I waited and when she was finished I asked her if she was ready to go back to work. I sure am! she said to me. So we got up and walked back over to where we had been working and went right to work.

We worked over a hours time. We were working along the boundery line now. I was cuting while Lorrie took the cutbrush and tossed it on the pile behind us. My back was to her for she was behind me while we worked. Now it turned out that Lorrie was going to do something like I had done before we ate lunch. Lorrie would piss without telling me that she was going to! But I would definetlly know that she would be going!

I had just finished cutting a branch of a bush. Then I heard the hissing sound behind me which made me turn right around real fast! There stood Lorrie with a piss stream shooting straight down to the ground with her dress still in place! I stared hard at Lorrie watching her piss stream shooting down to the gound commong out under the hem of her summer dress. Lorrie seeing my hard stare laughed a hard short laugh.

Then she said to me; This was anopther reason why I changed Dave! I can go anytime wearing a dress and stand doing it too! Isn't this so neat?! I was silent just watching her piss stream and then I said to Lorrie; That is kind of neat! Lorrie smiled back at me and I went on watching her piss which she did take a pretty long piss. She even did a few short spurts and some dripping with this piss and then she went right back to work and I did too,

We worked right up till about 15 minutes befor quiting time. Then befor we picked up our tools we both took a good piss. Lorrie again just stood and took a standing piss while I stood and I pissed beside her watching her stream shooting down and splattering on the ground. Lorrioe watched me piss which I had my penis aimed downward and I was pissing on the ground too a short distance out in front of me.

After we finished pissing we picked up the tools and work gloves waljed back over and put them away. Lorrie said to me now; Dave I guess its time to leave. Want me to wear a dress tomorrow? Lorrie let out a giggle. I told her that would be ok. What ever you are comfortible in Lorrie. Lorrie said ok. She walked out to the road and up the hill she went.

My grandmother showed up ten minutes later and this time she got out of the car. She looked around and then she started to walk over towrads Lorrie and I had worked today. I was puting the coolermthe tools and the trashbag in the car as she was doing this. Then my grandmother came back a few mionutes later and we both got in her car.

My grandmother first told me that she saw that we wre close to getting done. It looks like you have two days work left to do. I agreed with her. Then what she said next took me by surprise. Dave there is one thing you should do while you are here. I asked her; What is that? My grandmother smiled first befor she told me.

When you have to shit and I know there is no bathroom up here. Would you please walk where your'e not clearing and shit in the woods! I felt my face heat up some. My grandmother must have seen Lorries shit thinking it was mine! I was silent for a long moment and then I told her I would. That settled that part of the conversation. We then went on talking about other things till we got back home. To be continuied.

Friday, May 13, 2011

Hey, everyone! I was just wondering, does anyone have a story about being constipated as a kid and needing help from a parent?


Pooping While Walking / Running

Hello all, I'm a 20 year-old male; regular reader, and first-time poster. Anyway, I was just wondering if anyone has ever experienced a poop accident other than while standing still, squatting or sitting such as while out walking or running. I know alot of people have told stories about being desperate to poop while out walking, but inevitebly it seems most accidents come while squatting or standing still. For me, I have had a few accidents in my life, but only once actually completely pooped myself while I was walking.

In this case, I was ten years old and walking home from school. I had needed to poop the whole afternoon but decided to brave it and walk home anyway. About halfway home, my bowels started surging and my control began slipping away until it became impossible to hold it. As a stubborn grade four kid, I remember stopping to try to hold it in but realizing my muscles would no longer respond, I just kept walking. I remember vividly the feeling of the poo forcing its way through my cheeks even as I walked and it being very uncomfortable. After uncomfortably depositing one log of poop into my tighty whities, I do recall eventually just stopping, hunching over a bit, and finishing the job from the stationary position. I remember that while squatting a bit felt natural, pooping while walking was really wierd and unpleasant, but when you think you can make it home - why would you stop?

After that time however, I have had a number of close calls, but never actually full-on pooped my pants while in motion. The closest I ever came since was when I was on the grade nine cross-country running team and going into a race with several days of prior constipation, I remember needing to poop the entire race and in the last quarter, having the feeling of a load of poo literally poking out of my anus the entire time, but even without holding back - my body would not poop while I was running. In this case, I did finish the race with a decent time, and did make it to the bathroom.

I started thinking about this again because just two weeks ago I was out for a long walk when the urgent need to poop hit. Feeling a bit daring, I decided to just let it go as I walked as an experiment, although I was unsuccessful - despite my urgent need, and even relaxed with a bit of pushing, my body would not release its stools so long as I was in motion. When I stopped, I could feel the load begin to move, but as long as I started walking, my bowels would not excrete the movement. I did end up getting home successfully, but not without one portion of vigorous straining and pushing as I walked - but to no avail.

Anyway, just wondering if others can share any experiences of both accidental or deliberate efforts in which either you did experience a poop accident while walking/running or one in which stopping/squatting was the only avenue for relief; I know with diarrhea this might be more common, but it really intrigues me whether pooping while walking is even possible; as if not it would sure be a surefire way to avoid accidents: just keep moving!

Until next time, ciao.

Natalie x

Another close call

I've been having the worst suprises lately (from my butt). Like today i was browsing round the mall after a chicken pizza when all of a sudden my insides started going beserk. I stopped in my tracks bent over and clenched my stomach, after a couple of seconds my stomach waasnt the only thing i had to clench! What ever was back there was knocking pretty hard on my back exit and entrance in some cases. I tried ignoring it but it was soo forceful, this point i was having trouble not to fart. I was serching through some lingerie for my boyfriend when this huge gross wet fart slipped out, causing me to moan aloud. It was so wet and gooey that i thought i had just taken a dump in my thong. Now i hate using public toilets, but this was an emergency that could be critical damage to thong and leggings. I walked slowly to the ladies room sqeezing my knees and my butt. Gurgling in my stomach was now constant and farts at the back door pushing through. Thongs don't feel their best when your farting and when you have to take a big dump. While entering the toilets i was gritting my teeth in fear, after farting on more than 1 occasion in the last 3 seconds i bit my lip. I started moaning while struggerling to reach for my leggings, the moment they were down i stripped off my thong and sat. Not even a second after i was seated, a massive splat of poo exploded very audibly out! 2 more of these big blasts of crap followed, me moaning erghh to them. After, a loud fart splattered out with some diarrhea. I was squeezing my knees together the whole time. The unwanted task was only half done, just as the diarhhea type poo stopped, a few farts came out then more crap. I was leaning over with my jaw down when sloppy shit poured out hitting the muddy water rapidly, just then i moaned well squealed aloud as my huge poo was slowing down. From what was a moan became a sigh of relief. I was breathing deeply trying to relax as the more calmer farts and bits of shit sharted out, mmmmm i said. I am NOT having that pizza again! :P

Thanks everyone :) x

Herb T.

Back With a Vengence

Hello fellow posters - I'm back from the Philippines. I took a trip there with my wife and was gone for about 14 days. On top of that, I had a virus on my computer upon return and it took a couple of days to restore everything. Luckily, I created a backup on my external drive a couple of weeks ago so I didn't really lose any data. I started typing a story of something that happened during our trip, actually right after it happened, but I had to cut it short because my wife was ready to leave the hotel. I'll continue it below, but first, a few observations about bathroom stuff in the Philippines:

1) I confess to taking a lot for granted, living in the US - infrastructure mostly, but also clean public restrooms. Even the filthiest public restrooms in the US are not all that bad. Worst case, wipe the seat with toilet paper and put a seat cover down. Your butt doesn't even have to touch the seat. In the Philippines, (luckily I didn't have to take a dump in a public restroom for the duration of our visit)all of the toilet seats I saw in public restrooms were the full rounded seats and no toilet seat covers. No open front seats. I prefer open front, because they allow me to sit down without letting my balls touch the seat. I think they're pretty much mandated in US public restrooms. Also, it is not uncommon to not have toilet paper in the restrooms there. WTF? We were at a mall one day - one of the largest in Manila, and I went into the restroom to take a piss. Keep in mind that this is supposed to be an "upscale" mall. In the restroom, I observed about 4-5 stalls, and by the sinks was a toilet paper dispenser. It was one of those crappy ones with the giant roll of cheap toilet paper. I saw a boy - probably about 10 years old, pull some toilet paper out and enter a stall. I didn't actually check the stalls, but I assumed that if someone had to take a dump, they would have to pull the toilet paper from the dispenser and take it into a stall. What's up with that? That would be a real pain if you had to wipe a whole bunch of times. So next time any of you use a nasty restroom, just think... it's probably better than one in the Philippines. Don't get me wrong, I'm not knocking the Philippines - in fact, my wife is Filipino... I'm just saying be careful if you ever go there.

2) I got horrible diarrhea for about 3 days in the middle of our trip. Not semi-liquid diarrhea - I'm talking full on straight up liquid shit. And I had to take about 5-6 shits a day of complete liquid. It was what I like to call butt coffee. It was so bad that it put me in a bad mood. I still don't know what caused it, because I was not drinking tap water. The food there is kind of nasty too. And get this - I sent the wife down to the sundry store/gift shop at one of the hotels we were staying at to get some anti-diarrhea medication and she came back with Dulcolax. She said the clerk recommended it. I was like "Hello!!" why would you get me a laxative when I'm already shitting my guts out? She is a college graduate for crying out loud and even majored in Bio for a couple of years. I was pissed. Well I eventually got my hands on some Immodium and that seemed to do the trick.

3) We were staying at 5-star hotels during out visit - well 5 stars for the Philippine standard, and a couple of the hotels (we went to several different islands) proclaimed to have bidets in the bathroom. Being someone who has never used a bidet, I was somewhat interested. The bidets turned out to be no more than a hose coming out of the wall next to the toilet, with a hand-held sprayer. Pretty much identical to the ones used on kitchen sinks. Well I tried it one time, kind of squatted above the toilet and sprayed my ass-hole, and it made a big ass mess. Water splattered everywhere - all over the floor. I will not be using one of those devices again.

OK so - my story - I started this several pages ago. Quick recap - I think it was the second day of the trip, and I was taking a dump in the bathroom of our hotel. My wife and I normally keep the door open, and this was no exception. I was reading the newspaper, and the wife came in the bathroom to get something and complained that it stunk. I ignored her and kept reading, but she complained several times. I finally told her to stop complaining - either do what she needed to do at the sink, or leave the bathroom. She was getting on my nerves. Well I finished and took a shower, then checked my e-mail on my phone (sucks to have to check work e-mail while on vacation). Wifey then announced that she had to go poo and went into the bathroom. I decided that I would get even with her. I gave her a minute or two, then snuck over to near the doorway. I heard a definitive splashing sound, then entered the bathroom. I told her that her dump stunk worse than mine. She said "shut up, no it doesn't." I told her that it stunk so bad, that people could probably smell it from the hallway. I asked her if I could see her poo, and she said "OK." I put my hand on her buttocks to scoot them forward, and she had about three or four logs of average size - not huge or anything. It really did stink so - like bad. Whew. I took the newspaper that was on top of the toilet tank and rolled it up and gave her a few whacks on the butt. That made her kind of mad, and she told me to stop. I left the bathroom, but played a little trick on her. We'd called housekeeping because the shower doors leaked, and they said they would send someone up to check it out. She couldn't see the door from the toilet, so I pretended that someone was knocking on the door. I opened the door and said "Oh yes, come in." Keep in mind that the bathroom door was open. My wife screamed my name out because she thought I was letting someone come into the bathroom. I got her good! Maybe she'll think twice about bothering next time while I'm taking a dump.

Also - quick shout outs:
desmondwh - thanks for your input on my previous posts. I agree - kids piss me off too sometimes. I think you're right about people checking restrooms too - I think I was just being paranoid. Hotel staff checks restrooms occasionally to make sure everything is stocked - paper towels, toilet paper, etc. Anyway, thanks again.

Amylee - I enjoyed your posts about using the restroom at the Holiday Inn and the 24 hour restaurant. Kids are cute, but can be annoying sometimes. I don't have any yet, but the wifey and I are working on it. I've posted before about using hotel restrooms, mainly because they're usually clean and don't get a lot of use. I hope you keep up the posts because yours are my favorite on here.

OK - adios for now - I hope to keep posting on here as time permits.

Just a guy

Leanne, that's great news that you and your friend, Emma will be able to post more regularly. You both have had a lot of good stories on this site. I enjoyed both of your recent ones. It must have been tough listening to Lauren have a good cleanout when you also needed the bathroom quite badly.

Amylee - that was a great story with the little girl in the women's restaurant. A little child can often make an ordinary visit interesting. There was a woman who was a poster on this site sometime ago, named Jane who had several interesting experiences in the bathroom with little kids.

Eileen H - 2 more great stories!

Upstate Dave

Last Day Of Clearing Work With Lisa & Lorrie

The last day of my work did come the next day. I was dropped of early by my grandmother too. Early enough so that Lorrie and Lisa were not there yet. Since there wasn't much left to do I did go right to work but didn't work all that quickly. That would be for Lisa and Lorrie for they I know would show up to help finish up the last of the clearing.

The girls came walking down at 9am. I checked my watch for the time when they both came walking on to my grandmothers property together seein me and they both said loudly to me; Good morning Dave! I said Hi right back to both of them. Are you two ready to end it today? I asked them both. We sure are! they both said back to me.

Now today Lisa had on a summer dress and Lorrie had on the same one she had on yesterday. Now I said to both of them befor we did go to work I told them about my grandmother seeing Lorries shit on the ground. Did Lisa ever laugh hard at first. Lorrie couldn't help but giggle too. Then after Lorrie stopped her giggleing she asked all about what my grandmother had said about her shit!

So I told both girls. Then I told them as far if anyone of us had to shit this morning it ment not on the cleared property. We'll just have to take a short walk into the brush or woods and go. You can still piss anywhere though. Both Lisa and Lorrie agreed and they laughed after they both said that we could still piss where we pleased.

So now all three of us did go right to work. Since there wasn't much left6 to do we didn't go slowly at first. We hurried right along. But that was only in the first hours time. Then we took our first break. Working so fast we needed this break too. We all dranlk lots of ice water that was in the cooler.

Then after we finished our break we started walking back over to where we had been working together. Lisa said she needed to piss and also shit now. Who's comming with me since I can't go right her where I've been going? YouLorrie? How bout you Dave? Lisa asked. Lorrie told Lisa that she only needed to piss right now and I also told that I only needed to piss too.

That's o fair! Lisa siad loudly. You two can piss right where you are and I have to go off into the woods to go! I said right back to Lisa; Lisa you only have top be not on the property as frar as takeing a shit! Just walk past the boundery stakes and shit! Oh hey that's right! Lisa said now sounding happy. So Lisa looked for the stakes saw them and just stepped past them and then she turned and faced Lorrie and I.

Lisa took both hands and raised the hem of her summer dress right up over her hips both front and back. Then she squated down in a meduim high squat. Lorrie stood beside my left side and I stood there pulling my zipper down on my pair of shorts to get my penis out to piss. Lisa now had a torrent of a piss stream shooting from her vagina which it was a spraying splattering stream of piss!

I in a very few shoirt seconds had my penis out holding it aimed at the ground and I started pissing hard hiting the ground with a strong stream of piss which made a good splash hiting the ground. Lorrie was the last of us three to go which she did like yesterday just stood there pissing with her summer dr5ess in place!

Lisa seeing Lorrie just standing there and pissing let out a loud shout. Will you look at that! Lorrie is just standinmg there without pulling her dress up! Lorrie let out a little giggle and I smiled. I could hear the hiss of her piss stream and now I had glanced over and down and see her piss stream comming out form under the dress and wetting the dirt between her sneakers.

Lisa now said; Gee if I didn't have to shit I would try doing that too! I said back to Lisa; Well therre is always later Lisa! Lisa let out a short hard giggle and shook her head yes as she giggled. Right then too Lisa's hard splattering spraying piss stream settled way down looking like it was nearing its end. Lorrie still was pissing too with her hissing straight down stream of piss. I was also pissing on the ground yet too.

Now as I looked towards Lisas wayshe was shiting! I saw under her a brown very fat very chunky looking shit apear under her. It was moving right along too gaining length. It must have been already over a half foot long of what I could see of it. Lisa still was just slightly pissing as she was shiting. Lorrie too was still pissing but her streams hiss was less now. I was still pissing and my stream felt that it was flowing less also.

Alittle more time passed by. Lisa had stopped pissing but was slowly driping piss down tothe ground off from her vagina. Her shits fat front tip had reached the ground and started pushing against it. Lorrie had stopped pissing but had done two short hard spurts of piss in a row which made a ice hiss. I was now just about to stop pissing now.

I stopped pissing did three quick short spurts of piss in a row and I was done. Lisa 's shit still comming out and now having its fat cunky front tip being pressed into the ground for this short time a crack had started and it was getting wider. The crack was about half way up of what I could see of her shit. Then it broke with the one part just falling straight over forward and left the other part hanging in the air which doing this her shit did a very quick pause.

Then it again started moving getting longerbut it was moving faster. Her shit was narrowing down too so thatment that Lisa was nearingthe end of her shit now. A few shorts seconds later her shit fell hard down to the ground and lay on the ground behind here other shit that had fallen after breaking which had laid foward on the ground.

Lisa feeling that she had finished stayed squated down and asked us for the toilet paper. So I went over to where the roll was and came back and gave it to her. Lisa only rolled off a small amount tore it off and she stood up rewached behind her and gtave her ass a real quick single wipe. She took a glancing look at the paper tossed it away in a bush. Clean as a whistle! she said to both I and Lorrie.

Then we wnet right back to work and by lunch time we had done enough there looked like we only had one more hour to go and we would be done. Now there was plenty to eat today and drink too. The gfirls had brought down sandwiches and drinks too in a cooler. Plus what my grandmother had made up for my lunch was the reason why. So we shared.

We managed to eat all the sandwiches amd most what there to drink. We had ate and drank so much we just stayed put siting in the shade under a group of trees that would stay. All three of us relaxed for we all knew that with a hours work only left we could take a extra long lunch break. We rested talked,told some jokes to take up the extra time.

Now as far as Lorrie and I having eaten so much for lunch as we both got up off the ground I needed now the growing feeling in my gut I could take a good shit aloing with all the drinking a good piss to go with my shit! Lisa now said that she could take a goiod piss and she was going to do hers standing like Lorrie had done.

I laughed a little and told Lisathat would be fine but I had to shit but like you had done Lisa I'll too do it just outside the stakes! Then Lorrie3 spoke out saying she too was going to do the same thing that I was going to do. I have to take a wicked shit! So the three of us marched right over to the same area where Lorrie and I had pissed and Lisa had stepped past the stakes and pissed and shit. Lorrie and I stepped over very close to where Lisa had shited by the bush while Lisa stood in about the same spot where Lorrie and I had pissed.

Lios stood and waited for Lorrie and I to get ready to shit. Lorrie said suddenly to me; Hey why don't we take astanding shit sinceLisa is going to do a standing piss! I smiled a real big smile and instantly thought about Lorries idea. Why not! Lorrie and Lisa let out a short hard laugh. I started unbuttoning the single button on my shorts and both girls just seperated their sneakers wide apart on the ground.

I then pulled my zipper all the way down andI dropped my shortsdown and slipped them off. I toothen seprerated my sneakers wide apart like the girls had done. I also didnt bother to hold my penis this time either! that broought laughter from both girls. Then there was a short rfew moment pause befor anyone of us did start to piss and Lorrie and I to shit too.

Then one right after the other with Lorrie starting first we started pissing. Lisa followed Lorrie and I was last. Lisa did send out a piss stream which was hard not spraying but a clesn stream. The twist in it was long enough that it showed past the bottom of her dress. It hissed nice and loud too! Lisa said very loudly; I'm doing it! I'm not wetting my dress! She wasn't even though her stream was slightly angled outward as it went to the ground.

Now Lorrie stream was straight right down to the ground. It was thin too. It splashed some on the ground for she looked like she wasn't pissing all that hard. Only pissing for only several long seconds Lorrie was shiting too! For I saw dop past the bottom of her dress a tan short fat sit that was soft for it inly slightly thumped hiting the ground and it flattened the end of the front tip too.

For me I sent a high long arced stream of piss through the air when I started my piss. It went well past Lisa which seeing how high my piss stream was in the air Lisa giggled hard and said loudly WEEEEE!!! That's a good one Dave! Now I heard crackling comming from Lorries direction. It was fairly loud too. Then I saw a series of rapid falling pieces of shit drop to the ground. Each piece a good four five inches long. soft but they made a good pile on the ground with more droping on the pile as time went by.

Lisa soon stopped pissing and she stayed standing where she was watching Lorrie and I with me just piss in while Lorrie went on doing both. Then I felt my asshole being pushed open fast and hard. So I said; Here I go! Im starting to shit! Lisa laughed. Lorrie I saw smile and she waitedto see my shit come into sight. Niether girl had a long wait for my shit felt it was moving fast!

It was for pnly in a few seconds Lisa said; There it is! Lisa gave a quick description of what my shit looked like. It was very fat which to me it suire felt that it was. Smooth and brown. Afew more seconds passed and I heard a good thud. My shit had feel and I looked down. I could see it for it had laid forward.

There3 was a foot long shit there and it had broken too. I could feel the part that was still slideing out of myasshole which that too got almost as long and then my asshole closed shut my shit dropped top the ground and lay across the first broken off one. I had pissed all the time while I had shit and I now was nearing the end of my piss.

Now having taken a short time to shit Lorrie had kept droping pieces of shit which now she had a good six seven piled up on the ground. In a short time three more dropped too. Then there was a weak fart and Lorrie was done shiting but she did have piss dribbling down yet which she did for several more seconds. Then she too like me she was done.

All that was left to do was for Lorrie and I to wipe our asses. Lisa got the roll of toilket paper and Lorrie tore off paper first and handed it to me. I tore off paper from the roll while Lorrie had reached and pyulled up the backside of her dress and bgan wipeing her ass. I reached back now and I wiped my ass. I only had a small slight smear of shit on my paper while Lorrie had quite a bit more on hers.

So I only needed a single wipe so I reached down and I pulled up my shorts as Lorrie gave her ass a second wipe followed by a third wipe. Then she was done. She dropped her dress down and we were all done now. So then we did go towrk which we did real fast which we took less then a hour and it was all done! We walked over to where the coolers were took out the l;ast drinks in them made a toast and drank all of what we had right down.

We then waited till we all agin had to piss which wasn;t all that long. This time both girls did a regular piss squating giving me a nice view while they both pissed. Me I stood without pulling my shorts down and I did a nice pretty long piss fro them. After we had finished pissing I said to both girls. Like a brand new ship we had christened our job too! We all laughed hard. We walked back over picked up and I walked up to Lorries andLisas house and stayed theretill shortly to be picked up by my grandmother. The next day the construction crew would start building her new house. This would not be the end with me Lorrie and Lisa too.

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