Heather's Restroom Habits

I know that I don't really talk about Heather a lot (Heather is the girl that I introduced in my 'Spring Break' stories), but I would like to share some of her restroom habits with you all.
First of all, she makes it blatantly obvious that she has to make a deposit. For instance, in our AP English class, Heather asked our teacher for a pass to the restroom. The teacher gave her one and she headed to the restroom-but not before she grabbed the latest edition of Seventeen magazine out of her bag. A couple of our classmates snickered, but Heather didn't seem to care.
Secondly, when Heather does go to the toilet, she tends to leave the door wide open up to the point where anyone could walk in on her (except in a public restroom, where she always closes the door). Today, for example, I went over to her house so that we could hang out. I didn't see Heather, so I searched around the house for her. I suddenly had an urge to pee, and I saw that the restroom was supposedly available, so I was about to go in, but I was surprised to discover Heather on the toilet, leaning forward while holding her stomach. I said nervously, "I'm sorry. I'll just wait out here."
"Oh, that's OK, I don't mind," Heather responded with a small smile on her face as a turd splashed into the toilet. We chatted while Heather took her much needed dump. She wiped herself after she was done, then stood up so that I could pee.

Up next, I'll share some more bathroom habits about Gustav and Georg, two other people that I rarely talk about, and maybe I'll even talk about some more of my own. Well, that's all for now.

Eileen H
Just want to say thanks to Althea for all of the kind words. I read some of your previous stories and thought they were really well done. As an English teacher, I find it almost impossible to read some of the stories on here.

I've got two stories today. The first one took place a few months ago. I had one of my hour long periods with my sophomore CP class. A good bunch of kids, and after that day I learned, quite a stinky bunch as well. Right after lunch, the greasy food these kids eat quickly escaped them and filled my room with an intolerable odor. I couldn't open the windows because it was so cold outside, and I had just run out of frebreeze. Coincidentally, one of the vocabulary words we were going over at the time was "fetid" which is a synonym of stinky, repugnant, and smelly. I have to say: all of the above can best describe the smell in my room.

My friend Janet gave me a break during the period to use the bathroom. I have to say, the stink of the bathroom was a welcome smell compared to the noxious farts in mine. I took a sizable dump. It stunk for sure, but after the time in my room, it might as well have been a bed of roses. When I came back to my room Janet was covering her nose. She quickly ran out of the door when I came back. The smell certainly didn't get any better in the time I was gone. The main perpetrators were all quite pleased with the stench. No amount of nose holding or hand waving could remove the odor from entering my nostrils. When I left for the day I left all the windows and the door open. Thankfully by the next day it was fine.


Like I said in a previous post, I used to teach 7th and 8th grade English. I enjoyed teacher there, except the bathroom situation was an absolute disgrace. The faculty bathrooms were the single occupant type, separated by gender of course. Some of the other teachers and I would use student bathrooms to pee. One teacher ruined it for everyone else when she took a gigantic shit and clogged the toilet. Another student got blamed and was ridiculed by the other girls. Her mother complained, and the message was put out to all staff members: Do not use student restrooms.

Use for the faculty bathrooms saw a marked increase, especially around lunchtime. The bathrooms were littered all around school, with two in the teacher lounge for guys and girls. Those were the most used because of their secrecy from the students. They were also the smallest. A month or so after the faculty ban on student restrooms, I felt the need to shit very early in the day. My bowel cycle at the time had basically eliminated the need to poop at school. Sometimes I would feel the slight urge towards the end of the day, but I could always hold it until I got home. Being constipated for a few days threw me off my cycle. I was left with a tough choice: hold it through the rest of the day, or take the shit during my free period in the afternoon.

It soon became clear holding it through the whole day was simply not an option. I could feel this was a big turd that was very adamant on coming out of my butt as soon as possible. I sat on my chair as I sweated and clenched through the time until my break. I debated to myself on which bathroom to use. The one in the teacher's lounge was usually busy, but it was secluded. The ones in the hallway have almost no privacy, which is just what I needed for a crap like this. In the midst of these thoughts, the bell rang. I was free.

The trip through the halls was rough. Touching cloth, turtleheading, prairie dogging, whatever you want to call it, this monster turd made it very clear to my butt that it would like to come out. The teacher's lounge was closer than any faculty restroom, so I decided to use that. As I was just a few feet away from my explosive release, a student came up to me asking about her grade. I told her to talk to me afterschool as I rushed into the lounge, trying to mask my desperation. Luck conspired against me when I found the bathroom was occupied. I was not ready to make another trip through the halls, so I decided to stay. With no one else in the room I felt comfortable holding my hands against my butt, trying to keep this shit in. The flush was like a sign from God. A substitute teacher came out, clearly flustered. She didn't say anything, but I couldn't care less about that, or the stinky remains of the sub's shit.

I lowered my pants and panties all the way down to my ankles, before I even sat down. The thing was already starting to show again. I plomped down on the seat and just gave a small push as the turd dropped out of my butt. It was a long drop. Before I saw it I estimated at least 10 inches. My shits are rarely small plops. They are almost always long ropes, which I prefer. When the thing dropped I could finally relax, until I realized just how bad it smelled in there. The log I just let go certainly didn't help. Plus, the bathroom is small and windowless. It's just a little stink box I was trapped in. More #2 was on its way out so I buckled in and got comfortable.

A thick, ripe, juicy log starting to slide out as I gave it another small push. It quickly started to slip out.I could already tell this one was going to be a lot bigger. The thickness started to burn my "you-know-what" on the way out. I could feel it coil below me. When it dropped, more stink was added to the mix. I spread my legs to see what was down below. One big log was coiled up, with a slightly smaller one underneath. Both big, even by my standards. Sticking my nose near the bowl was not smart. One whiff of the fresh stench was more than enough for me. My stomach was telling me more was on the way.

This last turd was the biggest of them all. A creamy, fat log that coiled too. I knew I was done so I got up without pulling up my pants to see what I had done to this poor toilet. The fresh log covered the other two and made them almost invisible. The flushing mechanism was not nearly strong enough to handle this massive load. The logs barely budged. I looked and the toilet paper was empty. I wanted to get out of this stink box so badly I left without wiping. I did wash my hands. I could feel some slimy leftovers in my buttcrack, but that's didn't ruin the feeling of dropping off that huge load.

Hi everybody! I can post again now thanks to the changes to our internet, so here goes!

Today I needed a poo while I was doing some work in the library. I didn't want to go in the library toilets because I don't really like them, and I wanted to get more work done, so I held it until I really had to go badly. Then I saved my work and left. I headed for the nice loos in the arts building that Leanne told me about, but found that they were blocked off because of some building work. I needed to go very soon so I quickly made my way to the nearby biology building. I went in but I'd never been in before so I didn't know where the loos were. I looked at the signs and found them after a couple of minutes and I went in. There were three cubicles, and I took the middle one. Almost as soon as I had sat down another girl came in and took the cubicle on my right. I heard her get settled and saw her shorts and knickers appear under the cubicle wall. I was already weeing and my first log was beginning to ease its way out of me. It was soft and long and once I'd finished peeing and heard that my neighbour was doing the same, I focused on my poo. I didn't need to push at all and over the next minute or two it slowly worked its way out and it felt good. The other girl had gone quiet so I assumed she was pooing as well, and then I heard a soft fart that confirmed it. My log came out and hit the water with a loud splash. Once I'd started pooing my neighbour did the same, with a splash coming shortly after mine. I pushed out another log and heard some crackling from my neighbour's bum as she pushed our her second. Then there was some sputtering poo and a quick series of plops and a sigh from her. I let another log come out slowly and then two more small pieces. I heard more crackling from my neighbour and then a big splash as a large turd hit home. I had one more piece to get rid of and then I was done. I waited and listened to the other girl drop two more logs. I wiped myself and heard my neighbour doing the same. We flushed and came out together, and I realised it was an attractive blonde girl who I recognised from last year when she lived in my building, but I don't think we'd ever really met except at a couple of parties. I didn't know her name and she didn't recognise me so we just went on our way!

Will post more soon. Bye!


To: Kirsty

Damn girl that had to be some relief after the cable guy left. To bad on how you had to just go in you pants because you've had to hold it for so long, and i sure hope you wasn't wearing a thong because that would be along worst.

Happy Pooping


Good call

I was just finishing breakfast this morning when I felt a strong urge to poo. It was managable at first so I was going to leave it untill I got to work but it quickly got worse so I decided to go at home rather than take the risk. I went up the the bathroom, sat down & relaxed. My poo came out without pushing & it felt so good. I'm glad I didn't risk it because an accident on my way to or even at work would be super embarrassing.

I walked home from work this afternoon as the weather was nice & I needed to pee very badly. I was near some bushes, so I went behind them to find a girl of about 13 or 14 in her school uniform squatting there. I noticed she had no panties on & she had a big pile of poo surrounded by a pool of pee under her. She was still pooing & guess must have been really desperate. I apologised for walking in on her & she said she was sorry but she just had to go so bad. I left her to finish her business & returned a few minutes later to have my much needed pee. The girl had left a huge pile & when I looked closer I found her panties at the bottom. She must have been really really desperate & messed her panties before she could get to the bushes. I peed on top of the pile & felt the urge to poo so I pushed a nice firm log out adding to her pile. Feeling relieved I pulled my clothes back up & walked the rest of the way home.

I remember once at the age of 14, I held my poo for a week before I got so desperate I just had to go. I was in class at the time & the teacher was very nice but I was poo shy to ask to leave the room. I just sat there with the most desperate urgent need to empty my bowels ever & it was not easy. The teacher could see I needed the toilet very badly & called me to her desk. I was about to fill my knickers by now & was scared to move in case I lost control. She must have realised how urgent my situation was & walked up to my desk & quietly asked me if I needed to go to the toilet. I felt slightly embarrassed even though she was very discreet & like an idiot I said, "No" She knew the truth though & handed me a hall pass. I was so glad to allow me to get to the toilets without anyone knowing. I got up slowly, terrified I'd fill my pants & made it to the corridor before it happened. There was no one around luckily & I felt a thick & very solid poo pushing into the back of my pants. I got to the toilets with about six inches of poo laying in my pants & when I pulled them down I tipped it into the toilet. My panties weren't marked as the poo was so firm & dry, so I sat down to finish my poo. I pushed out several big poos & after not going for seven long days the relief was amazing.

I had to pick my friend Rachel up from her work last night & as soon as she got in the car she announced, "I'm desperate for the loo." She kept shifting her bum around in her seat & I asked her, "Why didn't you go at work?" Rachel replied, "I can't do that." I asked, "Why not?" Rachel replied, "Because it's a number two." I said, "So what. If you've got to go, you've got to go." Rachel said, "I don't care. I'm not stinking up the works toilet." I asked her, "How long have you been holding it for?" Rachel replied, "All day!" I said, "All day. No wonder you're desperate." Rachel said, "I know & it's getting worse." I asked her, "You can hold it can't you?" She said, "Well not really. Can we stop somewhere?" We were on the motorway so that wasn't an option & Rachel said, "Ooh. Ooh & the car filled up with the smell of poo. Rachel lifted her bum off the seat as she filled her knickers with a huge load. Her little bum started to swell outwards as she kept going & by the time she finished she had a very relieved smile of her face. She said, "I'm really sorry about this but I was so desperate I couldn't hold it. I told her not to worry about it & opened the windows. When I dropped Rachel off at her place, she waffle off to her front door with a huge looking bum.

Caryl Marie

What's with the 4 x 4" toilet paper squares?

What's with the 4x4" toilet paper squares?

Me and my friend (Frantic) Francine who posts on this board last week were at an all-city junior high music festival at our city's municipal auditorium. I just transferred into her junior high this semester because I got kicked out my parish school because my parents are having trouble with the economy and got behind on their tuition. So I wasn't playing in the festival, but Francine was. She plays violin. And she's learning it real good.

So I rode down with her and her parents. We went up and got our seats at like the second level. So I excused myself before the lights were dimmed and went to the bathroom. It was right down the hall. There were like two entrances to get in and out and there must have been like 50 cubicles. I've never pissed or crapped in a bathroom this big, not even at airports. Well, I went into the first cubicle that was open, and I could feel my crap pushing on the door. I latched the lock, pulled my underwear down to my knees, and was hiking up my skirt in a partial squat over the seat. I reached for the toiiet paper roll to pull off the toilet paper to place over the seat.

I like couldn't believe what I saw. No toilet paper roll! Instead there was a metal container from which I pulled down one tiny 4x4" square of toilet paper. They were pre-cut and stacked on top of one another. I pulled down like six or seven and tried placing them on one side of the seat. A couple would stay, a couple others would blow off because there was a vent in the ceiling on top of me and the seat was like slopping where my butt would sit toward the middle. It looked like it would be more comfortable, but like with Francine, I was taught not to sit butt-down on public toilet stools. I worked on doing my best to cover both sides of the seat. A few minutes later I thought I had them on but then when I went to pull up my dress and it brushed over on side of the seat, the paper came off.

I picked the papers up off the floor and I seated my butt right on the seat. I kept those papers in my hand to wipe with because I didn't want to waste them. My crap came in less than five minutes. It was almost exactly the size of a banana. And it was just about as firm as a banana. I stood to check it out and then reseated myself. Then I started paper by paper in wiping myself. I was kind of messed up so I used each of the pieces in my hand to wipe with. Then I pulled off like three or four more to finish the job with. I was seated and then rose and flushed. I washed my hands but didn't feel clean about myself because I sat direct down on the seat.

When I got back to our seats, Francine's mom seemed a little upset with me because the concert had started and I had missed Francine being introduced as first chair of the violins. I was too embarrassed to tell her what had happened to me.

We got treated to ice cream right after the concert. I had to piss there but it was easy because they had the normal toilet paper roll.

Have any of the rest of you guys had to crap using just the pre-cut squares of toilet paper? What have your experiences been like? Thank you for helping me.

stealth pisser

Restaurant peeing & thanks Car Mom

Alan: I sat at a table wearing short but loose shorts (no undies) which allows me to pee out a pants leg and onto the carpeted floor. It soaks into the carpet and since it is dilute pee it doesn't create much of a smell. Though I'm a guy I like to wear ladies' shorts... I don't like the baggy and extra long guys' shorts! No one could see anything...

Car Mom, thanks for the story! You should keep a tally sheet in your car so you can keep track of how many people have peed there. It's cool to meet strangers (new friends!) and share something so intimate!

Once I needed a poop so badly! I had severe dioherra and was teaching until. The urge came I and I went to toilet calling a cover for a second. I seen the staff toilets and I rushed in quickly. I ripped down my thong and sat farting and rushing out the poop inside of me. I was so rushed. I was sat there thinking to myself how long it was going on for when. I realised someone walked in. She was rushing to and took the stall next to me. She ripped down her panties and the sound of poop rushing out mimicked mine! We sat together when she whispered out..."Do you have any paper left" I replied yes and ripped off a load. BUT! There was no partition below the cubicles and I wondered how to get it to her. I hadn't wiped myself so I was on a one women mission. I got up off the seat and waddled towards her stall with my thong around my ankles! She opened her stall showing herself red. I waddled towards my stall and sat back down. I wasn't done though and shitted even more! I wiped my back-side and walked out the stall. It wasn't over!


Had to go during detention

I read a story from Eileen H about how she really had to poop while she was supervising detention. I liked it, but it really reminded me of an experience of my own. I also had to go bad, but I was the student in detention rather than the teacher.

One the day of this story, I hadn't pooped in 3 days, and I normally poop every day. Well, anyway, I was late to my last period class and I had been late a few times before so the teacher gave me detention. But about half way through the period I developed a need to poop and I didn't think my teacher would take kindly to me asking for a restroom pass after being late.

I held it, figuring I could just go quickly and then serve my detention with relieved bowels. No luck there, as I went up to the teacher at the end of class and asked to use the toilet before I served my detention. The teacher flat out refused saying I was old enough to hold it for 30 more minutes. I was so mad because I actually had to go quite badly right then, but getting mad would serve no purpose, so I sat back down.

My urge grew as time ticked by, each minute worse than the last. After I thought for sure I had been 30 minutes, I looked up from my homework to see the clock and it had been just 8 minutes. Oh great, I thought, I'm going to poop my pants. Forcing myself to focus on my work helped some, but there was only so much clenching and holding could do. 3 days of poop was built up ready for release right now. My only hope was that I was so clearly in distress the teacher would notice and let me go. But he was barely even paying attention, too busy grading papers.

That last five minutes was the worst of all, each minute felt like a whole hour. I was clenching my butt shut and forcing the turds to stay inside me. Several times I almost lost it, but thankfully, didn't actually. At long last, detention was over and I could go. I quickly scrambled to put my things in my backpack and rushed out of the classroom to the nearest bathroom. Or well, rushed as much as I could while still holding it.

A toilet had never looked better than in that second as I went into the first stall, and began to load my panties. I closed the door and pulled down my jeans and panties and at least did most of my pooping in the toilet, but there was a good sized log in my panties. I passed many more big turds that nearly filled the toilet. I flushed before I wiped to prevent a clog, then scooped the turd from my panties into the toilet. I decided they weren't worth saving so I tossed them in the toilet too. I wiped myself thoroughly and flushed the toilet paper and my panties down the drain.

I guess the only upside of the situation is that no one was in the bathroom with me, so nobody ever knew I had an accident (well, until today...)

Car Mom
To Brandon T: hahaha!! I do like that! Maybe I WILL get a bumper sticker made that says that! That would be too perfect!! I like the name change by the way! You're definitely not new anymore! Maybe I'll start going by Megan G! Car Mom has grown on me though. And it just came to me in like a second when I made my second post! Some people probably see Car Mom and they think "oh great, HER again!" heehee!

To the Interesting Anonymous Person: its funny how I started out doing it as a convenience but then it became such a fun thing! Its mostly Laura's fault! Anyway yeah it does seem that only girls have peed in there so far. But we've only had like 4 or 5 occasions when total strangers have peed in my car and the rest have all been Kaylee's friends and/or their moms. And there was that one older sister. So yeah, I guess my seat is filled with lots of estrogen as opposed to testosterone! You also mentioned that you were surprised that the people have always agreed to pee in my car. Actually not all of them have. Its just no fun to post about those occasions, only the ones that have. There have been several times when Kaylee and I have asked and they have simply walked away.

By the way, I'm 27 now! I won't say the exact date, but I did have a birthday not too long ago. Not only that but I think Laura's is coming up soon. She'll be 39! She's so old! Hahaha! Kaylee will turn 9 soon and so will Madison (Laura's daughter)

Well I guess that's it for me for now!
Car Mom :)

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Nathalie as always another great story and it sounds like that girl needs to learn soe manners because acting like that around people probaly wont earn her any friends and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Gopi great peeing story and as always I look forward to you and Jerika's stories thanks.

To: Story Teller I think I have dropped something in a toilet but I dont remember what and I look forward to more stories about hearing and/or seeing girls and/or women going to the bathroom thanks.

To: Dan great story about your ex and as always I loook forward to your next post thanks.

To: Car Mom as always another great peeing story and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Miranda great story it sounds like your friend Riley wasnt having a good day but at least you became better friends and I bet she will be there for you if you need her and its what they say you can make a friend in an interesting place and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Althea great set of stories and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Abbie great story about the big dump you took and great story about you pooping outside and having that other girl pee and poop outside to and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Stevie it sounds like your body was having a good clean out and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Leanne grat story it sounds you and your friend Hannah had a pretty nasty time but at least you made it to a toilet and didnt have an accident and great story about you pooping in the bathroom had hearing those women pooping as well and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Wendy & Kirsty Wendy if you check some of the older posts youll finds some stories like that and from I read the bride usualy has her bridesmaids help her by holding her dress up while she goes and then one of them wiping her when she is done and Kirsty great accident stories it sounds the first one could have been avoided if that cable man was quicker but it sounds like you made the right decesion because it was diarrhea and its very hard to hold diarrhea and it would have a very big mess to clean up and as always I look forward to your guys next posts thanks.

To: Angelica great story yeah thats the thing with diarrhea when it wants out nothing gonna stop it and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

Well thats all for now

Sincerly Brandon T

PS I love this site

Jaded Jarrod

My worst week of school!

Last year when I was a 6th grader just starting at my middle school I made a couple bad decisions. I wrote about these on Page 1822, but what I did was tell my lab partner that I had to excuse myself for the bathroom and then I told her why I hate using school bathrooms and also most public bathrooms. She seemed interested, said she agreed with me on a lot of it, but then when I left the room to go and crap, she told her friend and now more than a year later, these two girls continue to hassle me. What makes it worse, is that one of these girl has a 9th grade sister in our school and the sister has now started to smirk when she walks by me and yesterday in last hour study hall she walks by my table, leans over and whispers to me, "Toilet seats warm enough for you today, Jarrod?" She was saying that because it's been really warm lately.

Rachel's sister, Sheena is the worst. Her boyfriend has seen me on the toilet several times because almost none of the bathroom stalls have doors. Well he tells her what color of boxers I'm wearing and that some of them have dots and lines on them because my mom buys them for me. Then there's the fact that because of the accident Ethan (one of my friends had last year), that I lay toilet paper on the seat before sitting down. Most of the other guys don't. Once last month, each of the five stalls had a guy on the toilet crapping. Sheena's boyfriend was just finishing up and wiping and when he saw me standing by the sinks and waiting, he stopped walking out and went back into the stall, unzipped and started peeing all over the seat. It took me like two mitts of toilet paper to wipe it off before I put the final line of toilet paper on the seat and seated myself. Of course, he told Sheena what he did and she was talking about it when I got back to study hall.

It's also bad when I go in the morning. I've gone while we've had study time in math class. Rachel will whisper something like "don't get your dick wet" when I walk past her desk. Once she asked me if I wanted to use the girls toilet. Two or three others laughed to that one and when I finally got myself seated, I started to cry. I stayed on the toilet longer than normal because I didn't want them to see me cry. One day when we had a substitute last week (I had to crap in math four days in a row) Rachel said "wipes while sitting" and pointed to me when I was walking back to my seat. That got some snickers but the substitute seemed to ignore it.

My dad tries to make me feel better by saying I only have 19 days left this year. He has also given me some pointers like keeping my jeans and underwear up as high as I can like at thigh level while I sit on the toilet. And he has told me to use the farthest end stall. But unfortunately it is sometimes the filthiest and the bowl is overflowing. Also sometimes it has more piss on the seat. I agree with him, I think, that when my crap comes in the afternoon, it's not good for me to hold it for like two or three hours until I get home.

That's sure a temptation, though.


Page 1979

Hi Wendy,

I just saw your post regarding a bride having diarrhea on her wedding day. This exact thing happened to me at my wedding. Take a look at my post on page 1979 titled "A Bride's Worst Nightmare".

I still have other stories to share, but I will have to post again at another time.

Thank you,


Answers fro Amanda V

"Stephanie- That's so cool that you started to enjoy accidents. I wish I would've become interested in this subject years ago. When I think about it, I can see how it would physically feel good to have an accident. I remember feeling that huge relief after holding it for so long, then finally letting everything out and just relaxing my poor stomach/bladder. But I would only be able to enjoy it for a couple seconds before that little nagging thought would go through my head like, "You just pooped your pants like a baby. Shame on you!" Then I would start to feel embarrassed, even if nobody witnessed the accident. I wish I would've known how to not care and not be so hard on myself a lot earlier. If I had an accident now it wouldn't be nearly as devastating because I know how to just kind of brush it off, and not be ashamed just because other people don't approve."

That "little nagging thought" in the back of your head is still there for me a little bit, but it is small and no big deal. It isn't worth worrying about and I'm able to ignore it and focus more on what feels good instead of the shame. The relief from holding forever feels great, but I also enjoy the actual sensations now, the warmth and wetness spreading in my pants, or the feeling of poo slowly spreading and the warm feeling as it does. And just doing something "naughty" when I'm such a "good girl" all the rest of the time, lol.

"I noticed in the story about your accident at camp, you had been holding it for a couple days, is that usually what causes you to have a poop accident? I don't think I've had one without holding for at least 2 or 3 days first."

Yes, holding it for too long is almost always the cause unless it is an upset stomach or something, but thankfully I've only had one accident from that.

Looking forward to your next story! :)


Upstate Dave

Catching Lisa While She Is Going

Well the next morning I forgot that my grandmother would not be droping me off early to work on her property. So there wuld be a good chance that Lorrie and Lisa would show up and I not being there would not be there when I would get there now. I was disapointed now that I would not have my new friends and helpers there.

It did finaily was the time to leave. I had all my needed stuff packed up and we left. Ten minutes later we were there at the new property site and my grandmother dropped me off and left. I set down my pack,grabbed my work gloves and the hand saw and started walking over where I would start clearing more brush and small trees.

I walked over to the one pile of brush and as I stepped past it there was Lisa down in a high squat pissing hard and a three inch long very fat sized shit poked out between her asscheeks! So I stood still noiseless and watched! Lisa piss strea was very hard,straight down,light yellow,and was hissing loudly. Her shit was brown smooth looking but as of right then wasn't moving.It was like I said just three inches long.

Lisa must have been pushing as I walked up on her. For she now after I had been there for several seconds she let out a gasp of air. Her hard piss stream eased right up but didn't stop. It just flowed weaker with a lot less hiss sound. Then I heard Lisa take a deep breath and she pushed hard again. Her piss stream shot out very hard again with its hissing going back to be very loud, splashed noisily on the ground, and her shit started moving very slowly.

Lisa even let out a grunt with her push. I smiled. Her shit looked like it after many long seconds gained twomore inches and Lisa let out a sigh stopping this push. Her piss stream died off again going down to just barely a trickle this time. Then she started to just drip piss as Lisa rested with a about a five inch long very fat shit hanging from her ass.

I kept still standing there and waited for Lisa to give another push so she would keep shiting. I didn't have a long wait. Lisa this time really sucked in a real hard breath of air this time. She gave a real hard push. A real hard spurt of piss shot out way far in front of her from her vagina. Lisa let out a loud long grunt as she pushed. Her shit did a quick move with it gaining three fast inches more.

Then Lisa let out a loud sigh which no longer pushingher hard spurt of piss stopped completely. Her shit slowed right down but it didn't stop. It did keep moving but slowly. I all this time where I was standing my one sneaker was on a dead small barnch of a tree. I moved puting more weight on the dead branch now and it broke with a loud SNAP!

Lisa heard the loud snap of that small branch behind her. I breaking thebranch mumbled out loud enough Oh shit! Lisa hered that too and it scared her! Lisa was wearing a summer dress stood right up still with her shit hanging down she let out a short scream,her dress dropped down covering her back up, and she also had a shortspurt of piss shoot down to the ground as she stood up.

Lisa turned aroiund and saw it was me. When did you get here Dave!!! I laughed and told Lisa just a few moments ago Lisa. Just when you were pissing and had a three incher poked out of your ass! I've been watching you ever since. Lisa glared at me for a quick moment. Then she said to me; You could have least when you first saw me you could have said something to me instead of scareing the shit out of me!

Now I laughed harder for a quicj moment. Then I said to Lisa; Sorry Lisa I did scare you. But I didn't scare the shit out of you. Its still hanging there! Lisa in her fright must have forgot and didn't feel her shit. Now saying this to Lisa she stoodthere very still. Then she did feel that her shit was still there. She slowly smiled ,her smile turned into a giggle, then she laughed lightly then stoopped.

You're right Dave! It is still there. So Lisa thengathered her dress back up and got back down in a squat faced my way this time. Lisa said to me now; I just hope Ican get this shit moving this time again. Dave it will be your fault if I don't! I couldn't help letting out a little laugh and Lisa smiled.

Lisa sucked in a deep breath and held it. She pushed. Some piss first dribbled from her vagina which it ran down into her crotch and riught diown her hanging shit! Her piss then dripped from her shits fat blunt tip and down to the ground. Her shit did start to move but again going slowly. It gained a couple more inches and the Lisa had to stop holding her breath and her push. Her shit did keep slolwy moving after her pushing had stopped.

Feeling that her shit did keep moving after she had stopped pushing Lisa said to me; You're luck Dave! It;s still moving. I laughed and said right back to Lisa; What would you do Lisa if it had stopped? Run around and chase me! Lisa gave me a dirty look but ten she did giggle hard once she thought about what I had said. Well that just mitgyh make my shit break! Lisa siad to me and we both laughed.

Then after we had stopped laughing Lisa said she was going to give one more push to get her shit to comecompletly out even though it was slowly movin still. Lisa sucked in a deep breath. Pushed hard with her face cheeks turning a dark pink,also doing a pretty loud ungth to boot, and she had a short weak spurt of piss again come from her vagina.

Her shit sped forward now gaining a good three four inches and then it fell to the ground witha good loud thump when her shit hit the ground. Lisa then stood right up and took a few steps back. Lisa looked ast her shit laying there. No wonder I had such a hard time with that one! Lisa said loudly.

Then suddenly she said; Aught oh! Lisa squated right down where she now stood. I heard loud crackleing and I saw another shit come into sight under her. This shit was fat same color brown, but it was moving very fast. It also looked much softer. This shit reached a good five six inches long and then it shot hard to the ground. It hitthe ground and it was softer for it made the fronto partof it bend right over at at a 90 degree angle off to the right.

Then there was a loud short phffft and another shit came into sight that was fat ,smoothy and soft like the one that had just dropped to the ground. It moved fast too. It fell after only being about four inches long and after that Lisa had several two to three inch long soft fat shits fall in a row. Then she was done shiting.

Now Lisa had stepped away from where she had taken her first big shit had left the toilet paper roll there. It was to far away for her to reach it. Lisa stood up to go over ad get it but she squated right doiwn real fast instead. Oh Shit! I shoudn'thave done that! Now my ass is a real mess! Lisa said to me. There was still some shit there and I just mushedit all up on myslef!

Befor Lisa said another word I only had to bend down to get the roll of toilet paper for Lisa and I did. I handed it to her. Losa took the roll. Asshe started rolling off someof the paper from the roll Lisa said to me; I hope there is enough here. The roll was way down almost used up. Lisa did take allof the remaining paper that was on the roll.

Then she carefully wiped her ass the first time with the paper she had. When she pulled it out after her first wipe there wasshit and smeared shit all over the paper. Lisa looked at it for a very quick moment. She let out a loud short Ewwww! Then she made a single fold covering over the shity side of the paper and gave her ass a second wipe.

Lisa checked the paper again. There was less shit on it as far as having a chunk of shit on the paper. There was a lot of smeared shit on the paper again. Now Lisa seeing that she could fold the paper no more just dropped it on the ground and stood up. Lisa said to me now; Dave I have to go back home since there is no moretoilet paper here ti use. My ass is still a mess! I'll bring sme back when I come back. Lisa started walking away headingto go home by walking up through the woods and brush instead of walking over to the road and then walk home.

I said to9 Lisa as she walked away; See you later Lisa. Then I first time noiticed the strong smell of shit which was fromher second spot where Lisa had shit. I had to do something about it. So I grabbed a branch that had leaves on it and used it like a rake and scraped dirt and twigs covgering her smelly shit. That was better. I then went to work starting cutting down brush first. To be continuied.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Today I was at the store, and I need to poop very badly. I don't normally poop in public, but I could already feel it pushing out, so I knew I had to. I clenched my cheeks and ran to the bathroom. Inside there were three stalls. I took the one on the very end and began to have a very messy and smelly shit. I heard the door open and a mom and her daughter came in. I heard the mom tell the daughter to pick a potty. Her daughter replied that it was very smelly in there and she did not want to use it. Her mom told her not to be silly, that it smelled because it was a bathroom and to hurry up and go. The daughter still refused. She sounded pretty young. I finished my poop and exited the stall. I saw that the daughter was about 6or 7 years old. She looked at me and said, You are the reason the potty smells. Eww. Her mom looked really embarrassed and so was I. She told her daughter to be nice and apologize. The little girl would not. I went to the sink and wash my hands. The little girl was still complaining about the smell. Just as I was about to leave, I saw her squat down on the floor, pants still on. SHe told her mom, fine I will pee right here if you want me to go so bad. She began to pee her pants right on the floor! I was shocoked and just stood there. Her mom told her to get up right away, but she kept peeing. She peed for a long time, so she must of really had to go. There was a huge puddle on the floor. I finally left and went about my shopping, so I don't know what happened to her.

the deerslayer

stories & comments

Hey everyone. haven't had a chance to post recently between work and farming. this time i'll write some non hunting related stories.

over easter weeekend we went to my grandparents house. later on that evening my sister took a huge shit and blocked their toilet. it took grandpa the rest of the evening to get it in working order again. we could all hear him cussing the toilet and my sister the whole time he worked.

there was another time my sister stopped the toilet at my other granpma's house. this time the toilet overflowed. " oh shit, " she said. the bathroom has a heat/air register next to the toilet and when it overflowed, part of it ran down the register. grandma had to find some rags to mop up the water and clean out the register. i found both of these very funny.

Stephanie- i loved your story about refusing to use the toilet while writting your report.

Nichole- enjoyed your story about having to pee around jordan.

Wendy & Kirsty- really loved your buddy dump story. your stories are always my top favorites.

Amylee- thought your story about pooping in the restaurant was really good & funny.

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