Me and Amit in the Graveyard

A couple of weeks ago I went out of town with my parents to the funeral of my great aunt. She had been sick for a long time, was in her 90s so they had just a graveside service for her. They set up a tent right where she was going to be buried, 20 or so chairs, and the very short service is held right there in the cemetery.

Before we left our hotel, Mom warned me and Dad to go to the bathroom and she said it was important because the cemetery was located in a rural town and that there probably wouldn't be any bathrooms to use. Dad and I waited in the rented car while Mom followed her advice in the room and stayed back to go to the bathroom. The drive to the cemetery was only about a half hour, although Dad had to swerve a couple of times to prevent hitting road kill which included two deer, a dog, what looked like a skunk, and several rabbits. I was looking forward to my cousin Amit being there. He's a couple of years older than me, lives two states away, but we've become better acquainted because his family has visited us more. After the service, it was cool enough under the tent that both he and I knew the adults would probably hang around and want to talk, so he told them that we were going to walk around and get some exercise since we were later going to have a lot of waiting around to do at the airport and the boring flight back home.

There's a pretty good size hill that when you get to the top, is at the middle of the cemetery. That side of the cemetery isn't visited that much because it's almost totally full and when you look at the head stones, you find people who died in the 1800s and some in the early 1900s. Amit noticed one stone that said the person was born in like 1820 and died in 1919. Amit it was unusual for a person to live that long back then and I agreed, although I said it was sad they didn't make it all the way to age 100. He agreed.

We must have walked more than 30 minutes to the other end of the cemetery and Amit used his cell to call his parents who said there was still a lot of visiting going on and not to worry about the time. We decided to start walking back, but we walked a little more to the west so that we could see what was with one huge headstone that obviously belonged to the lot that was used by some very rich people. It was obviously a monument and the nicest one we had seen. In the ground, on the corner of the lot, there was what looked like a faucet at knee-level that was very loose and attached to a pipe. Amit tried it and said it was probably used to draw water for flowers that are left on Memorial Day. That made sense to me. Then Amit said he felt he was going to have to piss before his family got to the airport. I told him why hold it, because I knew we could have some fun together with it.

Well Amit and I joked about some of the options. I saw just a few feet up on the cobblestone road what looked like a metal pail that had blown against a headstone. I ran--it's more accurate that I walked because I had a dress and hard shoes on--and grabbed it. I remembered when he and I were talking once during a visit last year that Amit bragged that he could piss anywhere. He and I were at a carnival and he was giving me a hard time about holding my crap in rather than sitting down and letting it out in the only bathroom available that I didn't want to use because it didn't have toilet paper. I remembered Amit bragging that he made the school's rifle team as a sophomore and how he had won some inter-city shooting accuracy competition and had gotten a top novice medal. I challenged him at the time to explain to me or demonstate how good he was and I didn't remember him doing that.

Amit thought for a minute and then came up with the plan that he was certain would impress me. I would carefully seat myself on the very back-most part of the pail, pull my skirt in and with a space about the size of the top of a can between my legs, he would pee without getting anything on me. At first I was a bit shocked and I didn't see how he could accomplish it. He said since there was so wind, this was a perfect day for such "target practice." I seated myself. It took me three tries. The first three times I lost my balance and fell off backwards. With each time, the rim of the rusty metal pail was tearing at my skin, but I finally figured out I had to put more weight toward my knees, that I then spread widely as I lifted my skirt and actually rolled it up and then held it down. I could see from the expression on Amit's face that we was impressed with my red panties as he got closer to me and then took out his organ and studied his aim. I asked me, partially out of my continued lack of confidence, how accurate he is at using the school urinals. He bragged he was awesome. He joked about me closing my eyes and then giving me a count down.

The it came. It seemed like a couple of splashes hit immediately in front of the pail, but his arc was perfect and about every 10 or 15 seconds he walked in closer to me. The noise into the pail was louder at first and there were a lot of bubbles between my legs. Finally, there were the last few drips between my legs and Amit shook off his organ in front of me. He grabbed for my hands to pull me up so we could inspect the pail, and for a moment my skin stuck to the pail on one side, and as it rocked a bit, Amit reached down and steadied it. It was about a quarter full. His piss was pretty yellow and there were a lot less bubbles now. Both he and I used our phones to take a picture of the bucket. Before we could discuss about dumping the pail out, Amit's phone rang and his parents were ready to get down to the airport so we hurried back down the hill. Our haste caused us to just leave the pail with the piss in it.

When we got back to the gravesite, Amit's Dad asked him if he had seen any portable toilets around. We just looked at each other and smiled. Then Amit said no. His family was the first to leave and that made sense since they had an early flight. My family stopped for lunch and then went to the airport. But before we left our table at the diner, Mom reminded me to go to the bathroom there because it would be a lot cleaner than at the airport. I went in, lined the seat, and took a pretty decent piss. There's nothing like Amit's, of course.


Double Double Toilet Trouble 2

Hear was another time when I was with my Friend Dan.I was spending the night with him at his house and I gone in his bathroom and flushed an empty toilet paper roll down the toilet.An half hour later his Dad came into Dan's room and told us not to use that toilet.And Dan's Brother asked why,His dad said one of youns droped something down in it.He Said it will over flow and go out in the floor if it gets flushed.He said we can pee in it.I looked in the toilet and I didn't think I would eat again,Unless it was vomit.But I assumed it was poop.Another hour later Dan's brother went in there and let a turd in the toilet,it was pretty Fat.then his dad got the plunger and fixed it I was watching him with out him knowing it,and he flushed it and the toilet water was so brown,and It was all the way up to the edge of the bowl.And then it went all the way down and then the water filled back up in the toilet and it was clear as crystal.

Amanda V
Stephanie- That's so cool that you started to enjoy accidents. I wish I would've become interested in this subject years ago. When I think about it, I can see how it would physically feel good to have an accident. I remember feeling that huge relief after holding it for so long, then finally letting everything out and just relaxing my poor stomach/bladder. But I would only be able to enjoy it for a couple seconds before that little nagging thought would go through my head like, "You just pooped your pants like a baby. Shame on you!" Then I would start to feel embarrassed, even if nobody witnessed the accident. I wish I would've known how to not care and not be so hard on myself a lot earlier. If I had an accident now it wouldn't be nearly as devastating because I know how to just kind of brush it off, and not be ashamed just because other people don't approve.

Anyway my mom's reaction is usually to not make a big deal about my accidents. She only ever got a little mad a couple times, and I didn't blame her because it was only when I had plenty of chances to go but refused to, like when I got caught after that big accident at the mall. She definitely would've been more concerned if she knew how often I had accidents, she only knew about a small fraction of them because I did everything I could not to get caught. After that last one she would bring up a story about a kid that had an accident at the school she worked at or something. But she would say it in front of everybody which was more embarrassing even though I was the only one who knew why she brought it up. One time she started telling a story about how my aunt was babysitting when she was like 15 and fell asleep on the couch and peed herself while sleeping. That one actually did make me feel a little better, but other than that it was annoying because it kept reminding me that she knew, and I was just trying to pretend she didn't.

When I had accidents they were often big ones because it would usually stem from me holding my poop for days. Normally I would hold it for a few minutes then the urge would go away, but there was a definite limit to how much I could hold in me because I would get to a point were the urge wouldn't go away, and if I was in a bad place when I reached that limit, I was in trouble. Unfortunately when I finally did go there would be so much from holding it for days, it would be a total disaster. I remember a few times being more shocked at how much I pooped than the fact it was in my pants. In that last experience I remember my cousin at one point saying something like "Whoa, that's a lot of poo," or something like that. It also made it a lot harder to hold my pee when I kept having to endure waves of cramps in my stomach. So when I did poop I'd usually end up peeing too. I would say most of my pee accidents were caused or at least helped by the urge to poo.

I noticed in the story about your accident at camp, you had been holding it for a couple days, is that usually what causes you to have a poop accident? I don't think I've had one without holding for at least 2 or 3 days first.

Didn't get a lot of time write much this week but I'm working on it. Next time!

We went for a pic nic in the woods yesterday. My father had to poop and there was no toilet so he had to hide in the bushes. Luckily my mother had some toilet paper in her back pack.

Outdoor Lady

P mates for sale in the window of a store

I went shopping in an area of town that has a luggage store - I won't state the store's name for privacy. I was looking through the window at the luggage and tote bags they have. I noticed a package of P-mates sticking out of the pocket of a tote bag. These products are written in several languages - English, French, German and Spanish I believe. The German language was visible - I guess this is to ward off prudish people. This area of town has many bike shops, outdoor and camping shops, etc. I would like to purchase some. I have the plastic FUDs. One of my friends drives to Florida and stops at the side of the road and uses P mates when she has to pee. In China, female urinals and P mate type devices are being used to save water. I wish they had them here. Our apt had a fire alarm and I was wearing a long night dress and we were outside in the dark and I stood over the grass, spread my legs to shoulder width, and peed on the grass. It can be done. I also always pee in the shower.

Story Teller
Havn't posted in a while, but a got a question for everyone: Have you ever dropped something in the toilet? I thought of this cause I remembered this one instance in a public restroom. Aside from us there were these two teenage girls. One was in a stall pooping and the other was at the sink. They kept talking back and forth. Then the girl in the stall screamed. Her friend asked what was wrong. The girl replied that she'd dropped her phone in the toilet! Her friend went ewwww.
It was funny, though I'd hate it if it happened to me.

Also, I was watching a movie, Detroit Rock City, it had a interesting bathroom scene.

Car Mom- Glad you are back. Love your stories. I understanding peeing in your car for convenience; I do it all the time. But isn't harder to leave the mall, or wherever you happen to be, go all the way to the car, and then go back in? I feel like it would be much easier to just pee in the bathroom, unless there wasn't one. Also, I find it weird that all these strangers agree to pee in your car. Again, if there was no bathroom such as at the thrift store you described, I understand. But I do not know how I would feel if you and your daughter approached me randomly. I think it is interesting that every time it is a mom with two daughters. Have any other family dynamics peed in your car?



Hey all,

Dan again. I've got another story about Melanie, my ex who lived out of town while we were dating (and still does.)

On her second visit to my apartment to stay for a few days, we were...out of the apartment more often, shall we say. Because of this we did some of the usual NYC tourist-y things, plus went to a few spots that I myself like, and some locations were some tv & movies were filmed. One of the attractions was the Empire State Building.

It was late May - early June when she visited, and it was nice and warm. She was wearing a green top and black shorts, and had her hair up. As we were making our way up, she had to use the bathroom and excused herself to the next ladies we could find. I waited outside, and about 3-5 min alter she came out. After that, we continued the tour, did pictures, etc.

However, on the back to my place, she informed me that she "has to go number two." My heart skipping a couple of beats, I asked her if she has go to now, so we could make another detour for a bathroom, if she could wait till we got in. After a second or two, she said she could wait.

As we were going up the stairs, I slowed a bit to let her go in front of me. About 3-4 steps away form me was her tush, which looked fantastic in her black shorts. When we arrived, I opened up the door, and we went inside. She made a beeline for the bathroom immediately, and closed the door. Instantly I dropped (well placed) what I was carrying on the floor, and snuck up to the bathroom door. Just in time, as the toilet sent went 'clack' as the lid was lifted. My heart was beating a bit faster than usual, and my...interest was growing as i knew FOR SURE she was going to be taking a dump.
Next, I heard the rustling sound of her shorts and panties being lowered. What happened next, since I was (sadly) on the other side of the door (in retrospect, maybe I should have asked her if she wanted company...) and not the one using the bathroom, I wasn't sure. Aside from her being prepared to USE the toilet, I hadn't heard any sounds. But when her fantastic ass hit the seat, I heard an 'mhhm! /mmm! /rrrn!' grunt-groan type sound. I wasn't sure if it was because had to push the poop out, it was a large one, or because it was reliving. Sadly, that was the only sound in regards to pooping I heard. She wiped a few times, but when I heard the rustle of clothes again, I knew that was my que, and crept away from the door, and brought out my cel, checking any messages (I think it was on silent anyway, so good thing i did!). afterwards I heard the flush, and she came out with an 'ah!' . We took care of our bags, watched a bit of tv, then enjoyed ourselves for the remainder of the night.

Got a few more, but i believe that was the best one.

Car Mom
Hello again!

Happy Mother's Day!!!

Ok so about a week or so ago Laura was over for the first time in a while, I suppose it was the first time since she and I peed against the front seats of my car. Well that day she called me on the phone. It was while the girls were in school. She said "I have to pee" and so I asked her "do you want to come over and pee in my car?" She then said "no I was thinking we could pee inside." I said "oh you mean in the couch?" She said "no I actually have another idea." And so I asked her "what's your idea?" She said "well I was sort of thinking, you know that chair you have, I was thinking maybe we could pee in that." Laura wanted to pee in my chair. I was a little surprised, but only at first. I know she likes to be creative with her pees. And now she wanted to come over and pee in my chair. Its actually one of those wide chairs, I guess its called a cuddle chair, its not as wide as a loveseat but its wider than a regular chair. Its mostly green in color with a plaid pattern in the fabric. The fabric itself is that heavy woven couch material. And now Laura decided that she wanted to relieve herself in it. We already ruined another piece of my furniture which of course I don't mind. But now she wanted to do it again. I told her while we were still on the phone "maybe we should just do it in the couch again." I remember she said "yeah that would be fun. But I think it would also be fun if we peed in the chair this time." I did like the idea of doing it. It sounded like it would be fun to sit there in the chair side by side and do our business into the cushion. And not only that, but it had been a while since I had last shared a pee with Laura and so I really wanted to do it with her. So finally I said "ok let's do it then. Come on over." Of course she giggled when I said that. We hung up and I waited for her to come over. I looked over at the chair. Soon it would be getting soaked in pee. About 15 mins or so later Laura arrived. After saying hi and all that stuff she smiled and then she said "if its ok I do have to go really bad. Can we go now?" Then she giggled. I said "sure of course." Then we both went over to the chair and we pulled down our pants and took them all the way off. Then we sat down. She was on my right and I was on her left. We were all ready to have our pees. Laura smiled. "I have to go SO bad." Then she giggled. "I drank a TON of coffee today. Sorry if my breath smells." I just laughed and said "that's ok." I was so glad she was there. She then said "I'm gonna start going now." I said "ok me too." After that she looked down at herself and I could tell that she was relaxing herself. Then I heard a little hiss. Laura was peeing. She was having a pee right into the cushion of my chair. I could also feel my pee getting ready to come. And then it did. A warm little burst came out and began to flow into the cushion. We were both peeing. I looked and saw that the fabric of the chair was getting darker where it was getting wet. We continued to pee into the chair. I could tell by the way Laura's pee smelled that she was right about having a lot of coffee. But of course I didn't mind. A few seconds later Laura let a bubbly little fart while she was peeing. I was so glad she was right there next to me. After a while I could feel her pee in the cushion as well as mine. Finally a few seconds later we were finished. She let a couple more farts and I think I let one and then we were completely finished. The whole cushion smelled like pee and farts, and it was filled with warmth. Laura and I looked at each other and smiled. I'm so glad we did what we did!

Bye for now!
Car Mom :)


Unexpected Accident at the Party......

I was in the 6th grade when this happened. We were having this after school dance party from 4:00 to 7:00. So the popular kids stayed with the popular side, and the average with the average, and of course the nerds with the nerds. I was on the popular side. I was on cheer team and i loved everyone on cheer team except Riley. Riley was cheer captain and a bossy *****. Well during the party she led, of course, and we were all having fun. So around 6:00 we all went to the food court to go get something to eat. We all ordered and sat down at the table and started eating. Half way through our meals Riley clutched her stomach and said she had to use and bathroom and ran towards the bathrooms. Curious I followed her and told the rest of the groups i was going to check on her. So a few steps back i followed her in and she immediately ran into a stall, pulled her dress up and started have a major explosion. Having no interest i left and waited for her outside the entrance of the bathroom. Looking at my phone about 30 minutes passed and she still didn't come out. So i went back in and asked if she was OK and she said no and started having a explosion again. She moaned and groaned for about another 30 minutes. I told our group she was feeling really bad and i would look after her and that they could go( I'm pretty nice). So they left and I was with my with her till 7:00 when it was time to leave and she still didn't come out of the bathroom. I told her it was time to leave and she said she was scared to leave the toilet. After i finally convinced her to leave we were walking out the doors when Riley Doubled over and said she needed to use the bathroom really bad. Right then Matthew(Quarterback(football) and Riley's crush) was walking out. She suddenly straighten herself out again (I could still tell she had to go real bad)and acted as if everything was fine. Then she dropped her jaw and I could tell she needed to go REALLY badly! She exploded right in front of him. It was pretty dark then so you couldn't see the the diarrhea flowing down but it stunk and we could tell. Matthew having not concern or interest just ran for his car and Riley was in tears. When we got to her car she asked me to come over and i did. on the way home she had another explosion. when we finally got home she threw here dress away and stayed in the bathroom for a good 2 hours then she came out. We talked and all of a sudden she ran to the bathroom and i sat waiting another hour while she had her explosions. Afterwards she felt so much better and we became better friends.

Carin: That was in 1978. I was 18. That boy and his family vanished from sight. I visited him for many days. I was happy to do so. I was a young adult fresh out of HS. I was in summer school at college, working dead-end jobs abd getting fired from them. It was fun when I look back on it. So, I was glad to be company to him. He was week for many days. Everyday after sumer school, I went to see him. The next day I went to see him and he was whimpering like a puppy and holding his stomach in bed. He said, "Althea, would you please walk me to to the toilet?" And I said sure. I gently pulled him from his bed and walked him to the toilet in his room. He was still weak. His father gave him a change of underwear and pj's. He pulled down his light blue pants and light blue FOL briefs to his knees and lifted his shirt and sat on the bowl. I could imagine what he was going through. He gripped his stomach and a wave of brown water released. He sat on the bowl until another wave released. It was a good 60 seconds. He was sobbing. I felt sad for him. I asked him if he was still hurting and he said yes and that he missed being with his father and kid brother. This kid was spending his summer in a hospital. He was in there just after school ended for the summer vacation. He said that he was drinking liquids only because he was dehydrated from the vomiting and diarreah. He breathed and then released two more explosive waves and a splattery fart. He sat with his penis limp and his little hands cupped between his skinny pale legs. He said that he did not have to pee. He said that a young male doctor and the other kids on the ward were taking him to the bathroom as well as his father. He was very likeable. He was on that toilet for 30 minutes. He took toilet paper and cleaned himself, pulled up his clothes. He flushed the bowl, washed his hands and I took him back to his bed. I put him face down, the covers on the little guy, rubbed, pet and hugged him and talked to him until he fell asleep. I did my summer school homework in his room. I used to spend all afternoon and evening with him. That boy is a 42 year-old man. I really liked him and his father. I was this adorable girl in blue jean cut-off shorts, sneakers,and a t-shirt.

Amy: That girl in the gray school uniform skirt and the colored underwear should have not wasted that in the ground. She would have been adorable sitting on a toilet. Thank God, there was a park enroute to/from school, if I needed it. I always carried toilet paper in my book bag just in case.
rdam: I used to hate visiting hospitals to find someone on a bedpan. The smells were horrible, even behind a curtain.
Dan: As for Kate Middleton-they go to the toilet just like you and I. I'll bet you that her Sunday morning bowel movements are noisy and stink.
Alexander: You are not aroused by this. It is your natural choice to enter or leave. As long as you are not harming others or yourself, it is fine by all concerned or not. I knew when I was a little girl, the human body interested me. It also interested other boys and girls like me.


- Have you noticed if certain things you eat / drink 'change' your farts? dark fruits, lots of them.

- Do you eat certain things knowing you'll fart up a storm later? dark fruits, they clean me out. I discovered this in HS and college.

- Do you enjoy farting? (either the relief it brings or other means) yes. That gas can stay in you and kill you, if it goes up to your brain.


- Are you noisy when you poop? (grunt, sigh, fart, your poop lands loudly, your poop 'crackles',....) I fart and it crackles and lands loudly. I used to hate it until 5th grade.

- Do you enjoy pooping? (same as farting question) yes, I like to get all that junk out of me. Plus, it is nice to feel it coming out.


Are you shy about farting and / or pooping, or do you embrace it?? Fairly open ended, feel free to tell why or why not, in which company, and if the opposite sex is a contributing factor. It does not bother me. I have done both in front of boyfriends and male cousins when I was growing up school-age. See my earliest posts. My father saw me when I was a little girl and a teenager. I once came home from a movie with a boy after eating junk food at a movie and I used the toilet at his house, The sound, the smells and the amount of garbage that I expelled was tremendous. Plus, I had some wild cramps. I was in my early 20's.

Dan and Leanne: When I was in HS and college, I used to have 3 bowel movements daily. After college, I was not physically active and I used to be horribly constipated. Then, when I joined a gym and cleaned up my diet, my bowels were regular again. Eating and drinking good helps.

Car mom, your car is a health hazard.

Eileen: I've been in situations like yours at detention. I used to hold it in me at school until I got home. I just did not want to make #2 at school. Sometimes, I've been caught suddenly on the street or subway and I have to find a clean public place. Thank God, there are plenty of them here where I live. See my posts earlier. Good thing the logs slipped out easy. I can imagine now how others experience that urge.

End Stall Em: I used to baby sit in HS and college. It was fun. I changed them, toilet trained them and watched them when they used a public toilet. In 1973, I had my cousin at the house. She was 9. I was 13. My mother was at the house. So, Melissa was left with us for the evening. My father was out drinking, playing cards and hanging with his buddies. Melissa and I were close and intimate. So, we saw and did everything. In the evening after dinner, we were watching TV in the basement when Melissa belched and broke wind a few times. She said, "I have to make #1 and #2. Go with me." So, we went downstairs in the basement deeper to the bathroom. Melissa lifted her dress, pulled down her powder blue panty to below her knees and her bowels opened up with a series of chunks. Then, she broke wind and some more chunks. She sat with her fingers on her panty. I was fixing my hair and we were talking about me going into HS. We talked about our changing bodies. She asked me if I had my moustache. I told her that she would have one in due time. The girl reached for the toilet paper and cleaned herself good. I told the importance of good hygiene at her age. When she stood up to fix her clothes, she left a nice array brown chunks floating in the water.

A few years later, I was babysitting my first-cousin's daughter. I was 15 and she was 8. I took her everywhere with me. We were in the park playground on the swings and the slide. She came down the slide, held her stomach and was pulling at the back of her shorts. I knew what that meant. She told me that she "had to make" and she was going to the bathroom. I went with her into this bathroom filled with about 10 stalls of toilets. She was independent. She wanted a clean stall with toilet paper and found one. I went in with her. She was fine with her clothes. She let down her pull-on shorts and her white with red print panty to her ankles and sat on the bowl. She said that the bowl was cold. "I am making a big doo-doo" and sure enough she did. The toes of her little feet were barely touching the floor and her little hands were covering her vertex. She squeezed out this huge 13 inch log. I thought that was it. Then, out came another one the same size. Like any little girl, she was on that toilet for 15 minutes. When she said that she was finished, I gave toilet paper and she wiped herself good. She looked at it and flushed the toilet by kicking the handle.

Another night, we were at a Girl's Club meeting at a hotel when Alicen had to go. I took her to the women's room. We found a stall. Before she could enter, she undid her jeans and belt. I put paper on the seat as her pants and underwear were off her waist. She sat on the bowl and kept her legs together and let out a series of soft, loose brown pieces. She also unrinated briefly. She sat for 10 minutes. I gave her paper and showed her how to wipe clean. She bent over and cleaned from behind, then opened her legs and wiped her vagina, pulled up her clothes and flushed.

When Melissa was about 3-4, she was going to the toilet with help. So, I was asked to take her to the toilet and for her to watch me. I was 7 and she was 3. We were wearing corduroy dresses. I had to pee. So, I showed her how I lift my dress and pull down my panties and sit on the toilet. I let her see my pee come out of my vagina. She learned very quickly. Later, she would tell me that she had to go and she would lead me to the toilet and showed my what to do. Her bowel control scared her because her stools are hard or they were loose like diarreah. I told her not to be afraid of it. I showed her the same way by hitching up her dress and pulling down her training briefs. I showed her how I made #2 and how it came out. I used to drop these huge logs with lots of farts. Sometimes they would be soft. I showed her how to use the toilet with dresses and pants. I would wipe her until she got older and she was doing it by herself. She learned. She was toilet-trained for kindergarten.

I was in 7th grade and Melissa was in 3rd. I took her to a movie and she had to use the toilet. We were wearing jeans. She took off her coat hung it on a hook. She pulled down her gray corduroy slacks and pink panty to below her knees, lifted the seat and squatted over the large bowl and was pushing out three brown large logs. They hit the water hard and splashed. There was silence. Then, she peed for about 30 seconds. I asked her why she was squatting. She said that at school she did not like to sit on the toilets. So she did the same in the theater. After awhile, I asked her if she was alright. She said, "I have another piece of doo-doo left in me." Squatting downward, she pressed out one more log and a fart. When she was finished 20 minutes later, she wiped herself good. She left the stall and did not flush.

LuckyBoy Boys were shocked to see me doing #2 when I was a little girl and a teenager. See my earliest posts. We should not be ashamed of our bodies.

Nicole: The girl, you could have let her in the stall with you. The boy, I would have let him turn around. I used to let boys spy on me. They did not know that I was letting them.

Eileen H: I never went camping with my school kids. The liability was too great and I did not want to be responsible for sick children. I was a Girl Scout. Kids today are not rugged.

When I was a teacher, I had to use the same female toilet as the kids. The school was that small. It was me and girls from grades 1-12. Then, it was me and the asst. headmistress. She could fart big. When we were in the toilet, we all talked but not about our bathroom habits. It was all business as they would say. I used to break wind also

Slow-Shittin' Sammi and Caryl Marie's questions
When I was 7, my mother saw me with my blue jeans and pink panty at my knees while I was facing the toilet. I was aiming to pee like a boy. That was because I was a tom-boy. This happened a few times. I was not sucessful, but I was getting good. I was peeing on the floor and the toilet seat. She told me. "Althea, you are a girl. Sit on the toilet like a girl." She was aghast when I told her that I wanted to be a boy because I all my playmates were boys. So, I would sit, squat or hover. I used to go to the park and in the woods, I would experiment.


Trying to get regular again

Hi, just another quick post from me. Since the Easter hols I've been struggling to establish a decent routine for opening my bowels. Just before the holidays I'd been trying to go for a poo every day as soon as I got home from school even if I didn't feel I needed one, and this did actually help me to be a bit less constipated. Now I've been back at school for a full week I thought it was time I tried to get back into this system, so today when I got home I made sure to go on the toilet even though I didn't feel like I wanted a poo. Lcukily when I got home I had the house to myself, my sister was over at a friends and my parents wouldn't be back till later. I went up to my room and took off my white blouse and black skirt, as I've said before I prefer to use the loo wearing just my underwear as its more comfortable especially now its warmer and I know I might be there a while! When I got in the bathroom I quickly dropped my white pants and sat on the loo, i was pretty desperate for a wee and it didn't take long before a heavy stream started up and tinkled down into the bowl. As my wee stream died away I took some deep breaths and tried to relax, I knew I wouldn't be able to have a poo if I was wound up and tense. I sat for a couple of minutes breathing deeply and started to feel a slight urge building in my belly. I started to push gently, massaging my belly as I did so. Quite soon I could feel a log moving down inside me and starting to poke out of my bum, I was pleased as I hadn't expected such a quick result. As I continued to push I noticed I had quite bad skidmarks in my pants, as well as being plain white they were also rather on the small side and so were giving me a massive wedgie. Luckily I didn't have PE today or someone might have noticed! I carried on pushing and grunting, I didn't have to worry as there was no-one else home. I love it when I can use the loo in peace and don't even have to care about the noises I'm making. After a few good pushes and grunts my first log made a loud plop as it fell into the bowl. I then pushed out a few more pieces before I was finally empty, I took some loo roll and wiped my bum before pulling up my pants, flushing and washing my hands. I went back to my room and remembering the skidmarks thought I should change my underwear, so I took my pants off before opening my underwear drawer. I started to search through the contents and soon realised that the only clean pants I had were pink and flowery and even smaller than the ones I'd just taken off, but at least they were clean so I pulled them on and then put my jeans and a tee-shirt on just in time for my sister to get back home.
Thanks for reading this, will post again soon, bye for now!!


I'm pooping and I can't stop!!!

It is Saturday and I have not pooped since early Wednesday morning. When I got out of bed, I knew I was full and would go sometime today but didn't know when. As a safety precaution, I put on protective underwear before going shopping. Walking through a store I felt the pressure build. I knew it would be soon but the restrooms in that store are filthy. I clinched my muscles and drove to another store. In that store, the restrooms were in the back. I was turtle heading and almost didn't make it. In the restroom, I dropped a long soft but solid poo. I sat there several minutes and thought I was finished.

I looked around that store and shopped at three others before going home. I was home and relaxing on the sofa when pressure came on suddenly like gas. I pushed it out but it was not gas...I needed a restroom NOW. I had to walk past my dad to get out of the living room and past my mum in the kitchen to get to the restroom. I could not hold any longer. I started pooping as I walked past my dad. Now wearing pooped panties, I needed to detour to the bedroom for clean clothes. I had to walk past my mum to go upstairs, grab clean panties, and walk past mum again (I put the panties in my pocket) to get to the restroom.

I managed to clean myself up and if anybody knew what I did, they didn't say anything.

Hi everyone! Good news- we've got a new router for our internet in our house at uni, and now it lets Emma and I post! I'll post about what has been happening this week, but today I wanted to start at the beginning. The day after I came back to uni was Hannah's birthday, and we all went out for a meal at a posh Indian place. They did a curry buffet thing, where you helped yourself to different curries and rice from individual ovens and they gave out naan bread and poppadums. We all ate loads and stuffed ourselves to get the best value out of our meal.
The next morning I woke up with a full feeling in my gut. It was early so I rolled over and tried to go back to sleep. A while later I felt the urge to poo and it was quite strong. I wanted to get up and go but I was so comfortable. After a few minutes I heard Lauren come out of her room and come downstairs to the toilet. She locked the door and I listened in. She sat down and weed for a bit, and then let out a huge fart and a groan. Then I heard two plops and then a couple of spurts of wet poo came sputtering out. She groaned again and let out some more runny poo. By now I could tell my poo would be of similar consistency and I was hoping she'd hurry up. She dropped two more logs and then some more runny poo. Another fart came next and over the next couple of minutes there were a few more plops and spurts of poo. Then she went silent for a couple of minutes and then I heard her wipe. She came out after ten minutes and I waited a little while before I went in.
It still smelled quite strongly but I needed to go so I dropped my pyjama trousers and sat. I did a short wee first but before I could finish the first of my poo came squirting out. It was hot and runny and felt very good! I had to give out a quiet moan too. More poo came spurting out and then a couple of solid logs. I farted twice and then let out more mushy poo and another log. It all felt great to let out such a load of crap that had been brewing all night, and I spent about 10 minutes using the toilet too.

Yesterday I went out to a lecture that was in the engineering building and by the end I really needed to go for a number 2. I made my way to the nearest toilets. There were two cubicles and they were both taken. There was a smell of poo in the air but as I walked in one of the cubicles opened and a girl came out. I replaced her and noticed there were poo stains in the toilet. The seat was nice and warm as I sat down. The girl in the cubicle to my right shuffled around a bit and I heard a splash as she pooed. I had a quick wee and then got settled for my poo. As my first turd worked its way out I looked under the partition and I could see the other girls' jeans bunched up around her feet. It was a long log and it crackled as it came out and plopped into the bowl. Another started following very soon after. There was another plop from my neighbour and then someone else came into the toilets but walked out again when they realised it was full. My second log fell into the bowl with another splash. Next came 6 or 7 small pieces that were quite hard to pass and took a while for me to push out. During this time my neighbour was mostly silent with only a couple of plops from her. A few more girls came into the toilets and then left again when they realised it was busy. Someone came in and stood by the sinks waiting. After I pushed out the last of my pieces I wiped myself and flushed. The girl who was waiting took my place and as I left my neighbour was still in her cubicle. I had been in there for 15 minutes and I had no idea how long she'd been in there before I arrived, so I can only assume she was having a difficult poo!

Emma and I will post more when we can! Bye for now everyone!


When a bride needs to go

Has anyone ever wondered how a bride manages to go to the toilet wearing her wedding dress as it must take ages to take it off. The worse nightmare would be to have the runs. I can just imagine a beautifull bride at the altar with her panties full of diarrhoea & no one knowing. Has any one ever had this experience?


My Apologies

Hey Derek sorry I havnt posted in a while my computer was not working. And therefore I couldnt post anything so if u ha any questions that I did no answer than just post them again and I will answer them and that goes the same for everyone else if u have any questions plz feel free to ask and I have some stories about me and othe people peeing and pooping accidents so if anyone wants to heard them just let me know


Latest update

Hi everyone, Abbie here with my latest story.
Yesterday I had some free time so I decided to go for a jog. I've been getting quite stressed lately as I have exams coming up soon, and I thought that a bit of exercise would help me to relax. The trouble was, on the way back I started to feel an urgent need for a poo. I should have guessed that was going to happen, I haven't managed to empty my bowels over the last couple of days so I knew that there would be a load up there waiting to come out. As I was running through a field I was getting bad stomach cramps, I realised I would have to have my poo in a small wooded area just before I got back into the houses or else it would be too late. I certaintly didn't think I'd manage to make it back home without pooing my pants. I jogged into the trees and stopped when I got to a small clearing. I could feel the poo starting to poke out of my bum as I pulled my blue shorts and green pants down and squatted. I started to wee into the grass and felt my poo starting to move slowly out. Just at that moment I heard a noise in the trees to the side of me and suddenly a girl appeared. She looked to be a couple of years younger than me and was wearing black leggings and a white tee-shirt. I was really embarased to be there having a poo in front of her but with a turd sticking out of my bum there wasn't exactly much I could do. She blushed when she saw me and then said "Sorry to disturb you but I'm bursting for the loo as well" and with that she pulled down her leggings and her orange pants and squatted just across from me. I heard her wee spattering down into the grass and then I realised she wanted a poo as well as I could hear her pushing, panting and farting. For a few minutes all was quiet apart from a few farts from her, it seemed we were both having to push quite hard to open our bowels. Soon I could feel that the widest part of my turd was through, it dropped with a thud shortly after and then I pushed out a few more pieces to finish. The girl was still pooing as I pulled up my pants and shorts and made my way out of the clearing, I nodded over to her as I left but was too embarased to talk to her. When I got back home a few minutes later I went to the loo and wiped my bum as I hadn't been able to do so while I was outside. I then had a shower and put on clean clothes.
Will try to post again soon, thanks for reading, bye!!


Response to Eileen H

I really liked your story. It must have been a huge relief to get rid of that turd. Been in that situation before, so I know where you're coming from.

A couple of weeks ago, I was in the bathroom, taking my morning dump, when the phone rang. I dropped the paper I was reading, wiped, pulled up my pants, and headed out to answer the phone. Usually, the only time the phone rings at that time of the morning, it's a co-worker who lives near me needing a ride to work. By the time I got to the phone, my son had answered the phone, and it wasn't for me anyway.

So, my question is, what do you all do when you're in the middle of a crap and the phone rings? Do you get up to answer it, or do you let the machine get it?



Yesterday I posted a story about pooping my pants. This morning a little after 5:00 AM the dog woke me up. I assumed she needed to go out. I pulled back the covers and stood. Within seconds my bum felt cold. I reached behind me and felt wetness. I turned and looked at the bed and saw the bed was wet where I was sleeping. I peed my bed.

I pooped my pants shortly after 4:00 PM and 13 hours later discovered I peed the bed.

Not the best weekend.

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