Cable guy kept of holding on

I had to call the cable guy out to fix my set top box. He was due to turn up this afternoon & I was dying for a poo. I held it while he checked all the error codes & couldn't wait for him to finish up so I could go to the toilet. After about an hour he'd found the problem & by then I was really desperate. He said he'd have to replace the box & went out to his van to get the replacement. I wanted to run up to the bathroom while he was gone but thought he'd be back before I was done, so I had to keep holding it. Well he actually took about half an hour to come back so I could have gone after all. When he came back he said he didn't have the right smart card for the new box but he hoped he could re program the old card to make it work. He had to make a phone call to get the autherization code to enter the new code into the old card. It took a while to get the code he needed & by now I was close to pooing myself. He then re booted the set top box but it still wouldn't give me any channels so there was another delay while he tried some other codes he'd been given. After two hours the TV was working again & I couldn't wait for the engineer to leave so I could finaly relieve my aching bowels. He packed up his tools & left. I had to go so bad I couldn't hold it any longer & as soon as I closed the front door I leant against it & loaded my knickers. It was such a relief. I waddled up to the bathroom to clean up.

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Amylee as always another great story from the ladies room it sounds that mother was pretty desperate but offered her daughther the toilet first and yeah its true that all little kids are currious which can sometimes be anoying but what can you do its how you learn new things by asking questions and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Eileen H as always another great story and I bet you did feel better after that and I bet you husband enjoyed sseeing your big poop and great story about pooping in the bathroom with YG both of you pooping and also seeing your freind Janets big poop I bet she secretly wanted you to see it and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Laurel great story and I agree with you bugs can be very creepy I dont mind them from far away but when theres one crawling on me (shudders) no thank you and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Car Mom as always another great car peeing story and having you thought about as a joke putting a sighn in your car that says "carpool/toilet" it just something I thought of and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Holly great pooping story and in freshly cleaned bathroom thats the best because it like you being the first person to chrisen the bathroom with your smell just had to say that and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Whistler as always another great story about hearing a woman in the bathroom and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Wendy & Kirsty, Kirsty great stories even though I think you already posted them but who cares it just everyone another chance to read them and as always I look forward to your guys next posts thanks.

To: Alan In Amsterdam no problem I actualy wanted to thank you because you reminded me how long ive been here and I was planing on starting to use my name I just havent decided when and I hope that made since I couldnt think of the right words and I look forward to anymore stories you have about your sister and any other woman and/or girl youve seen and/or heard going to bathroom thanks.

Well that all for now sorry for any mistakes I didnt have enough time to go over all the post since it just got updated today saturday may 7
and from now on Ill be using my first name and the first letter of my last name because ive been here for so long and I feel it time everybody knew my name and one my im glad this site exist it place where anybody no matter what agecan post stories here anonamysly for free thanks again to the creators of this site for creating such a great site.

Sincerly Brandon T

PS I love this site


Big accident

I had a very embarrassing accident today. I was on my way to buy a newspaper & suddenly felt a cramp in my stomach. By the time I got to the shop I was bursting & I bought my paper & left in a hurry. As I walked home the cramps got worse & suddenly I felt a rush of diarrhea shoot into my panties. I couldn't stop it & completely filled my panties untill it ran down my legs. I was so embarrassed wanted to die. By the time I got home my jeans were covered in the smelly brown liquid & I had to shower fully clothed before stripping off to clean up.


Runners diarrhoea

I went out for a run this morning with only a slight urge to go but as I got closer to home I felt the need to go getting really bad. I wanted to run a little further so I carried on past my house for another loop around the block. I was losing speed as I was hindered by runner's diarrhea & in need for a toilet break I had to stop & find somewhere to go. There was nowhere & I was finding it hard to hold it. I was about to load my knickers so I had to squat at the side of the road in full view of everyone to release a huge load of watery diarrhoea. I didn't want to resort to that in public but it was better than filling my knickers. I had to pull my shorts & knickers up without wiping & when I got home my knickers were stuck to my bum. I went up to the bathroom & stripped off for a shower. I had to peel my knickers away from my bum as they were so messy & had to flush them down the loo. The urge to go was returning so I sat on the toilet to release some more diarrhoea & once I was done I got in the shower to clean up.

Monday, May 09, 2011


Pooing at the Restaurant

My husband and I went to breakfast today. We'd both taken the day off to do some spring cleaning around the house so we decided to treat ourselves before going to work. We went to a 24 hour restaurant around 9 a.m. and it was moderately busy. We ordered and ate and I felt the need for a poo coming on. Since we were going to stop by a store on the way home for some cleaning supplies, I decided I'd go at the restaurant. I went toward the ladies' room. An attractive young woman with a little girl about 4 years old was walking toward the restrooms in front of me. The woman looked to be about 25 to 28 years old. She was wearing skin tight white spandex pants, which showed every curve of her. I saw a few men turning to look at her as she passed by. "Men", I thought. They entered just before me. The restroom had 3 stalls, two regular and one handicapped. The first stall was marked "out of order" and the door closed. That left the middle one and the handicapped. The young woman and the little girl went into the handicapped stall together. I took the middle stall since it was the only other working one. The woman was talking to the little girl to "go ahead and pull down your pants and I'll help you get on the pot." I pulled down my jeans and sat down. I waited to start my poo as I wanted to see if they'd leave pretty quickly. The little girl began peeing hard for about 15 seconds then stopped. The woman said, "Do you need to poo-poo?" The little girl said, "No." The woman said, "You said your ???? was hurting. Are you sure? If you need to go, it's OK." The little girl said, "I don't need to poo-poo. If I did I want to go at home." The woman said, "It's OK for you to go here, Michelle." The little girl said, "I don't want to poo-poo here. I don't need to." The woman said "OK" and I heard toilet paper being torn off. Then a few seconds the little girl got off the toilet and they flushed it. I was thinking they'd now leave, but the woman said, "OK, stand over here and wait for me." The little girl stood by the partition, pretty near me just on the other side. I heard the woman pull down her pants and sit down. She immediately started pooing what sounded like a very wet, loose BM. It went on for about 5 or 6 seconds then she moaned "Ummm". The little girl said, "Mommy, you had to poo-poo!" The woman said, "Yeah I did." At this point I begin to push out my poo. It was crackly and plopped into the toilet. I farted softly as the poo came out. The little girl said, "Mommy, someone else is poo-pooing, too." The woman said, "Shhhh." Then the woman farted very loudly and started another loose sounding poo. The little girl started to laugh and said, "Mommy, you tooted. Why did you do that?" The woman said, "I'm using the bathroom." A few seconds passed and the little girl said, "Mommy, your poo-poo stinks." The woman said, "Shhh" again. I needed to go more and pushed out another long crackling poo and passed more gas with it. The little girl whispered loudly, "That lady is poo-pooing a lot." The woman said, "Michelle, that's not nice." Then she said, "Sorry" I assume to me. I didn't respond, as I was a bit embarrassed. I was feeling finished and started to pee. The woman started peeing as well, farted and splattered more poo at the same time. The little girl said, "You are poo-pooing a lot, mommy." The woman said, "Yes. Be quiet, Michelle." I began to wipe as did the woman. I pulled up my jeans and flushed and went to the sink to wash my hands. A moment later the other toilet flushed and they came out of the stall to the sinks. The woman smiled and said, "Sorry. She's inquisitive about everything." I said it was OK. I dried my hands left. I went back to our table and a minute later the woman and the little girl came walking by. The woman smiled at me and I smiled back. My husband asked if I knew them. I said no, we'd just used the bathroom at the same time. He knew I had gone to poo and he knows I am poo shy in public places. He said, "I guess you were embarrassed to poo with them in the room." I said yes, but the woman was pooing too. He smiled and said, "Really?" I said yes. He said, "Interesting." I didn't take the conversation with him any further. We paid our bill and left to get to our spring cleaning.

Eileen H

Both Sides of the Spectrum

Thanks to new guy for the kind words. This one goes out to you...

I've got two stories. I wanted to combine these just to show the different sides of public bathroom use. Sorry if they run a little long.

First story takes place in my first year of teacher. It was November, right after the big Thanksgiving break. As per usual, I stuffed myself as far as I could go, then kept going until I was about to burst. Turkey, stuffing, mac n cheese, quiche, mashed potatoes, and too many others. For the next two days, I felt the food sitting in my stomach waiting to get out. I got no urges though. Sunday, the day before we got back to school, I sat on the pot for a good hour and was not able to push anything out other than some farts, which were admittedly pretty smelly.

As I was preparing to leave the next morning, I considered taking some laxatives, but I feared they'd kick in at school. At this point I was very self conscious about pooping at school. As it turns out, I didn't need laxatives at all. Early in the morning I had some coffee, which may not have been the smartest choice considering I had enough food to feed a small family sitting in my colon waiting to come out the back end. Sure enough, the unfortunate side effects of coffee began to show. I felt the urge to shit, quickly and violently. It felt like the entire meal I ate was about to burst out of my butt. i was not about to take the biggest shit of my life in a public bathroom at a school I'd like to keep teaching at. With only 1 hour left in school I decided to hold the monster back.

That last hour was rough. Farts bubbled up inside me as I quietly let them out, hoping the turd wouldn't slip out in the process. My stomach made all sorts of gurgling noises as I felt enormous pressure in my butt and bowels. I just sat and sweated it out, dreaming of the moment I could drop my butt on the porcelain princess in my bathroom. The shit kept coming out, but I could easily stop it. Then, it made a forceful push. I thought at that moment it was all over. I had to place my hands at my sides, crushing my cheeks together as I clenched with all my energy. It went back up, but not without touching my panties and staining them. At least one stain on my panties wasn't as bad as if my panties were full of three day old shit. As I sat thinking about this, the bell rang.

Usually teachers stay for an hour after school, but I had no time to wait. As I got up a huge surge of pressure hit my bowels. The hallways were usually pretty busy after school, and this was no exception. With a great deal of effort I made my way through the halls and rushed down the outside stairs. My car sat just a few feet away. With that, came the promise of sweet relief. The drive home was frantic, as I seemingly ran into every red light, bus, bad driver, stop sign, and detour imaginable. At this point the turd was coming in and out every few seconds. I had little time to get to my toilet before everything went bad.

The sight of my house was a relief, but nothing could compare to the sheer orgasmic bliss of seeing my toilet, and finally sitting on it as the shit was coming out. It was a beautiful experience. My slacks and panties were down all the way to my ankles, as I sat back and was finally ready to take a major deuce.

Like I said, the shit was already on its way to coming out. All I needed to do was let it do its magic. The warm, fat, juicy log quickly came out, but it was so big it seemingly kept going and going for hours. It probably only lasted for a few minutes, but my relief lasted quite longer than that. Even before this thing dropped I could smell the stink of it. I couldn't open the nearby window because it was so cold outside. When the log finally dropped, the stench grew greatly. I could feel the steam coming up below. I got up after it landed to see it. I could not believe my eyes. A two foot long monster log sat there. Pretty thick too. I felt empty, so I sat back down to wipe. I grabbed a nearby can of frebreeze and sprayed everywhere. The stench was worse than words can describe, but so was my relief. I flushed, and it unsurprisingly clogged. When my husband came home he was stunned at the size of it. Made up for the fact that he had to unclog my foul smelling monster turd.


My second story took place today. It's nothing amazing, bit I think it fits well in the context of this post:

After four days of bloated constipation, my time finally came to drop a turd off. I was at school, but I've been there long enough to not be worried about pooping at work. In fact I prefer it to my own home. I waited most of the day feeling this thing grow until my friend Janet bailed me out of my current class. She quietly told me: "Don't go in the second stall." I giggled as I went down to the bathroom. I wasn't extremely desperate, but I was uncomfortable to it was nice to finally get there. Out of curiosityI opened the second stall Janet was talking about. A fat floater sat there, infesting that stall with a grotesque odor. I quickly closed the door and went to last stall, my favorite of the bunch. At that time the bathroom was empty. Before going into my stall I ripped a wet fart that lasted about 5 seconds. I entered and let that stink stay there.

In my stall I sat and pushed softly. Not much effort was needed to get this thing going. It was a beefy chunky log that touched the water before it finally dropped with a loud plop. As if landed, I heard someone burst into the bathroom. I looked under my door and noticed the skirt and shoes. It was YG. I hoped it was just for a pee because I'd be here awhile, and that log already created quite the stink. I did not need her odors getting in my stall. She took the stall next to me, which I hate when there are ample open stalls. I heard he breathing quickly and adjust her clothing as she finally landed with a loud thump. She moaned as I heard a wet, creamy log slip out of her. I preemptively held my nose, knowing this would stink. I felt some more shit coming down the way, so I got comfortable as it started the exit my butt. This one was very thick and juicy at the start, but thinned down and got dry by the end.

When it landed I heard YG gasp. She said, "Is someone there?" I identified myself. She said she didn't know anyone else was in here. "Sorry about the smell Eileen. I had some pasta for lunch." I told her not to worry. "You gotta go you gotta go." I told her. I felt finished, and with the stench of my of our stalls, I was more than willing to get out of here. As I washing my hands I heard another fresh log leaving YG. I quickly left before it dropped.


Buggy rest stop memories

Just Jerika's recent posting reminds me of a case back in the summer before I started 4th grade. My parents had just gotten a brand new car and wanted to "break it in" by us taking a cross-country trip on I-80.

Mom and Dad alternated the driving while the other slept so the car was on the road longer each day and we made better time. That gave us additional time to stop off at some attractions Mom and Dad had agreed upon from what they had read/seen in a motor club book.

Well one morning at about 3 a.m. I had been sleeping in the back seat and some bumps in a construction area woke me up. I was startled after a deep sleep and knew I had to pee. I told Dad softly because I didn't want to wake Mom because she would be driving again when the sun rose. It was a long five miles or so but Dad pulled into a rest stop and since I didn't want to have him turn the light on and wake up Mom, I went into the bathroom building in my bare feet. Some small rocks on the sidewalk cut my feet as I walked alone in the dark toward the well lit building. Then I got smart the last several yards and took the grass, which proved to be a good decision.

I got into the toilet room and there were like three cubicles--all without doors. I took the first one because it had a light on top of it the worked and wasn't burned out. I quickly pulled down my shorts and undees and placed my butt on the seat. It wasn't that uncomfortable and I moved my legs around a little like I have to do sometimes to help get my urine stream going. I didn't have to sit long. Once it started I was listening to how intense it was in hitting the water and bored a little, I picked up my left foot and looked at the damage from the cement and rocks and put it down and then I did the same with my right foot. I set off a mild scream when I saw two large water bugs on the top of my foot. I jumped off the seat and in doing so, before my stream stopped, I had not only splashed onto the seat, but also into my underwear and shorts. I reached down and shooed the two bugs that seemed to be clinging to me off, and standing on just my left foot, slipped a bit in my own pee on the cement floor and stretched my knee when I grabbed the front of the toilet bowl to keep from falling.

Since it was so quiet out, Dad had heard my scream and came running in. I thought he was going to have a heart attack because I now know that he had thought the worst thing was happening to me with a molestor or something. He was cussing, something he doesn't normally do, and then he took me into the stall at the other end of the room, had me seat myself and it took me at least five minutes to calm down. I was only able to produce a few more trickles.

By the time we got out to the car, Mom asked me about the size of my BM (her word for bowel movement) because we were gone so long and I sometimes had been getting constipated when we traveled.

To this day, water bugs still spook me and I've had a few in our kitchen and basement. I'd much rather have mice and rats if I were given a choice.


Really like the story of you squatting and peeing outside in your long skirt. I am looking forward to hearing how it went the next day wearing your long skirt without any panites and peeing stnading up. Did you have wait until you were really desperate and bursting to do it

Kind regards


Car Mom
To Everyone who replied to me and who missed me: Thank you SO MUCH for ALL the AWESOME replies!!!!

To the Moderator: Thank you so much for posting my stuff! Sorry for the misunderstanding! I really DO LOVE this site!! Its the only one of its kind and its SO COOL!!! Thank you SO much!!

I will DEFINITELY be posting again!!! So ENJOY!!!!

I have had a few things happen since I last posted, so I'll have plenty of stories, although I suppose some might be similar to my previous ones. Someone asked me if I had any strangers pee in my car lately, and I have actually, and I'll tell you about it now. Again, it will be similar to stuff I had posted earlier, but I'm sure you'll enjoy it anyway! A few weeks ago Kaylee and I were at the mall again and Kaylee's friend Hannah (the humming girl) was with us. Kaylee asked me how much longer it would be till we were done. I asked her "do you have to pee?" and she said "Hannah does." Then she said "and I do too a little." So then I asked Hannah "how bad do you have to go honey?" Hannah answered "real bad." So then I said "do you want to go in the bathroom, or do you want to go out and pee in the car?" Hannah smiled. Then she said "In the car." I smiled back and then I said "ok you can pee in the car then. We can just go out there now and then we can come back in when you're done, ok?" She said "ok." And so we started to walk toward the exit so we could go to my car and Hannah could have her pee. That's when I noticed a woman in the store and she had two girls with her. It was at just that moment that I heard one of the girls say "mom I have to go potty." Then the other one said "me too." I looked at Kaylee and then I asked her "should we see if they want to pee in the car too?" Kaylee said "yeah." Then I asked Hannah "can you wait that long? Cause if not, we can go to the car first." She said "no I can wait." And so we went over to where they were and we started talking to them and eventually Kaylee told them about our peeing car and she asked them if they wanted to come out and pee in it too. The mom smiled awkwardly at first but then after a while she said "ok." And so we continued to walk out of the mall and over to where my car was parked. We all introduced ourselves to each other, and I found out that the mom's name was Mel (probably short for Melissa or Melody) and the older daughter's name was Makenzie (age 9) and the younger daughter's name was Madison (age 6 if I remember right). Anyway we were walking to where my car was. Mel asked me as we were walking "so do you use some kind of protection or something on the seat or do you just go right on it?" I said "no we just go right on it." She said "wow" or something like that and then Makenzie said "so I'm just gonna pee right on the seat?" I smiled at her and said "yeah" and then she said "will the pee go into the seat?" I said "yeah it will. But its ok." Then she said "ok." I noticed that her little sister wasn't saying anything. By that time we were by my car. Hannah got in first and she quickly pulled her pants down as soon as she got in. Then she sat herself down sort of in the middle of the seat but more behind the driver's seat. Kaylee got in next to her, to her left. Then Makenzie and Madison got in. Actually Madison got in first, and she was in the middle next to Hannah, and Makenzie was by the door. So all four of those girls were in the backseat together. I guess that's a new record for those who like to count! Anyway they were all in, and Hannah started to pee first. I immediately heard her pee begin to hiss into the seat as soon as she sat down. Then, as she sat there and peed, she started to hum. She hummed right along with the sound of her pee hissing into the seat. Then I noticed that Kaylee was also starting to pee too. Her pee was also making a little hiss into the fabric of the seat. Then Makenzie spoke up. She said "mom should I just start going?" Mel smiled and said "yeah sweetie just go ahead and go, like the other girls." Then Madison spoke up and said "I don't want to pee here." Then her mom said "what's wrong baby?" Madison said "I don't want to pee here. I don't want to pee in this car. Its too weird. I want to go and pee in the bathroom." Mel smiled. "Its ok sweetie. We're out here now. We're not going to go back to the bathroom now. Just go ahead and go, ok?" But Madison said "I don't wanna go out here. I wanna go in the bathroom." Mel said "honey, we're already out here in this car. Please pee, ok? " Makenzie looked at her sister and said to her "its ok, Maddie. Watch me, I'm gonna do it too. Watch." Madison just said "I don't wanna pee in this car." Makenzie was starting to have her pee. She smiled and said "I'm going." Her mom smiled at her and said "good!" Then Makenzie said to her little sister "see Maddie, I'm going. Look. Just go ahead and go like me, ok Maddie?" Madison looked at her sister. Then Makenzie said "see, Maddie, I'm going right in the seat. See, look at the seat." Sure enough, her pee was coming out of her and was soaking into the seat. The fabric of the seat was getting dark as it got wet. Then Mel said "see honey, its ok. See how Kenzie's doing it? Relax and let your pee come out, ok Maddie? You'll feel better." That's when Madison closed her eyes. At first I thought she was getting ready to cry. But then I saw that instead she was starting to let herself relax. Madison finally decided to go ahead and have her pee. Then after a few more seconds Madison was peeing. And to think she was trying to hold it all that time. Kids are so funny! The girls continued to have their pees. The seat was getting a really good soak. Then a few seconds later Kaylee let a little fart and then so did Hannah. That's when Makenzie and Madison knew they could do it too. And so they did. The girls were all done with their pees. Of course they were all smiles and giggles now! They pulled their pants back up and then they said "thank you" and got out of the car. Then as they started to walk away I asked Mel "hey Mel, what about you? Do you have to go?" She turned toward me and then she smiled and said "well yeah, I do have to go." I said "you can go in here too." She said "oh I thought it was just for kids. Are you sure?" I said "yeah of course. A lot of adults have peed in here." Then she said "are you sure? I can just go and use the bathroom." I said "yes I'm sure." So then she said "well ok, as long as you don't mind." I said "of course I don't." And so Mel got back in my car so she too could have a pee. She pulled down her pants and then she sat in the spot where her two girls had peed, and they sat in the front and turned around so they could watch their mom do her business. Mel immediately let out a deep sigh and after that was starting to pee. I could see the stress completely leaving her face. She continued to sit there and have her pee then she let a couple of little farts and she was done. She smiled. A little later as Mel pulled up her pants and got out of the car she said to me "would you like something for your trouble?" I just said "no thank you, I'm just glad I could help you all." She said "are you sure? We did make a really big mess." I said "I'm sure." So then she said "thank you" and after that they all left. Then Kaylee and Hannah and I went back into the store.

Well that's it for now! Hope you enjoyed that!
Car Mom :)

Hi guys, it's been a while since I posted in here.

End Stall Em - That story was brilliant, I loved how mature she was :) I babysit often so I can relate to the bathroom issues of different genders

Francesca - I loved your story, it was a great idea and I'd love to try it sometime! I think it would be brilliant to try it in a long skirt and no underwear but if it was busy I'd probably crouch down so there is less noise.

Enjoying your stories as always, would be great to hear more about peeing.



My exs desparation

One day i was out with my ex Kirsty not her real name and she needed a wee. She got so desparate waiting for the taxi i thought she was going to wet herself there and then but she didn't. We made it back to her house as soon as she got out the taxi she was undoing her belt and undoing her jeans. She made it in time I went in the bathroom with her, she pulled down her jeans and underwear to her knees sat on the toilet and she peed for about 6 minutes non stop.

Has anyone else ever peed for 5 or 6 minutes.

Abbie: Hows the poos lately


Another toilet visit at university.

I had just finished another lecture at university and needed the toilet. I had peed this morning before leaving the house but didn't have time to poo. It has been 3 hours since then and now both needs were starting to come knocking on my door.

The nearest toilets are at the other side of campus (silly I know!) so I made my way there as quickly as possible. I managed to get half way there when the need to go suddenly increased. I walked as fast as I could, hoping I would be able to make it in time.

As I rounded the corner I saw the ladies and rushed in, nearly knocking down the cleaner as she left. I quickly appologised and ran in. The place was empty both because of the cleaner but also because there was quite a few lectures taking place at the time, I still took the end stall, so I would have a little privacy if somebody decided to come in.

I locked the door behind me and was greeted by a perfectly clean toilet, seat and lid down, fresh toilet roll. It was perfect. I quickly lifted the lid before turning around and reaching up my skirt and pulling my pink thong down to my knees, I bunched up the skirt around my waist and sat down. Within seconds the soft tinkle of my wee echoed throughout the room. It felt amazing, I think I peed for around 30 seconds when it suddenly stopped, I knew my bladder wasn't empty so I figured I was about to relieve my other need.

I stayed sat on the toilet for a few minutes expecting something to happen but no pee, no poo...nothing! I gave a little push and could feel something happening in my guts so I pushed again. It was good but not enough. I put my hands together on my lap and pushed as hard as I could.
I farted loudly and I felt my hole opening, the tip was finally coming out.

I leaned forward and pushed again. More farts slipped out followed my my poo, I continued to push until I head the satisfying splash as it landed in the bowl. I could feel more coming so I sat normally again and relaxed. My second poo was slowly sliding out without any effort on my part and I had started to wee again. I peed for another 45 seconds or so which felt brilliant before stopping. I was finally done. I wiped my front once and it took 4 wipes for my back. I pulled up my thong, smoothed out my skirt and flushed before washing my hands.

Just before I left I sprayed abit of perfume around so the next person didn't have to suffer. I hope you enjoyed my story, I know I'm not the best writer but I do try!


DJ Ben

Toilet bonding with Sue and Debbie

To New Guy. I am pleased that you liked my story about Sue on Page 2026. We're back from our trip to Scotland so here is the next part.

It started after I was the DJ at a rather strange party in March, where I met a rather strange lady called Sue. Although Sue is old enough to be my mother, we got on rather well. When I asked her about her toilet habits, she was happy to tell me all the details. Sue was a teacher but she had just retired at age 60, after being widowed last year.

Sue also has a rather strange friend called Debbie. They were both 'hippie chicks' in the 'swinging sixties' and in 1969, they travelled overland to India together in a VW camper van called 'Daisy 1' with their boyfriends. Sue still has a camper van called 'Daisy 3' that she and her late husband Chris used to drive. It could sleep three adults or four at a squeeze. Sue loved the freedom to go as you please and we had planned a trip to Scotland for a week in the van with Sue, Debbie and myself. The three of us would share the driving, the cooking and the cost of gas for the van. I also agreed to be their mechanic in case of any problems with the old van and their DJ to provide their favourite 1960s and 1970s music for the trip. There was a camping toilet in the van and we shared that too.


On the day of the Royal Wedding, Sue, Debbie and I met at Sue's house for breakfast. Sue and Debbie both ate a bowl of bran cereal and an apple. After breakfast, Sue mixed some sachets of powder with water and Sue and Debbie both drank a large glass of it. I asked Sue what it was and she said that it was a fibre supplement drink. Sue said that she suffers from Diverticulosis and Debbie suffers from haemorrhoids, so they both need to keep their bowels regular as constipation can be painful for them. I asked how regular and Sue said two or three times a day. I asked Sue if she has to run to the toilet and she said that her poo is normally rather soft and the urge may come on suddenly. Debbie said, "Me too." Sue said that her pelvic floor muscles are a bit weak after childbirth and when her poo is soft, she has difficulty holding it in. I asked her if it ever slips out before she gets to the toilet and she said that she wears a pad inside her panties at the back, just in case. Debbie said that they both like to travel in Sue's van, because they always have a toilet available when they need it.

Sue said that she needed to go upstairs and sit on the toilet before leaving. When she came back, Debbie went upstairs. After Debbie came back, Sue said, "How about you Ben, did you sit on the toilet this morning?" I said that I didn't. Sue said that we had a 10 hour drive today and she told me to be a good boy and go and sit on the toilet before we leave. I went upstairs to the toilet and clicked the door shut. Then I quietly opened the door again and I could hear what Debbie and Sue were saying downstairs. Debbie said, "He's rather sweet, I hope he'll bond with us." Then sue said, "He's 40, he's an only child and he was very close to his mother but she passed away last year and he misses her a lot. Then he split up with his girlfriend recently. He wanted to watch her pooing and wipe her bum afterwards so she ended the relationship." Debbie said, "Fancy that, she lived with him and shared a bed with him but she wouldn't go to the toilet with him! He should be good at bonding with us! Have you been intimate with him yet?" Sue said, "I'm very fond of him but in a maternal sort of way and I'm not sure if he's interested in doing that sort of thing with me. He really likes me to talk about my bowels and he wants to watch me doing a poo. I told him that we can do that together some time if we become really close friends." Then Debbie said, "He's been sitting on the toilet for a long time, maybe he's constipated." Then I flushed the toilet and came downstairs. Sue asked me, "Did you open your bowels, Ben?" I said that I didn't. Sue said that I must keep my bowels regular.

Sue and Debbie loaded their mountain bikes onto the rack at the back of the van and Sue lent me the bike that used to belong to Chris. The van had a small toilet compartment and inside was a portable toilet with a toilet seat on three legs with a bag hanging underneath. Sue explained that she was trying out a waterless portable toilet system instead of the chemical toilet that she used in the past. It uses special waste bags containing something that is delicately named 'poo powder'. Sue nicknamed these 'poo bags'. The powder turns liquid waste into a gel, encapsulates solid waste and neutralises odours. Each waste bag also comes complete with toilet paper, hand sanitiser and a strong disposal bag with zip closure. Sue explained that each bag holds 32 ounces so if we used them for all our peeing and pooing, we could each fill one bag in a day. That would be quite expensive as each bag costs about US$3 in the US but the equivalent of US$5 in the UK. She said that if we use them for pooing only, then one bag should last the three of us for at least a day. Sue explained the toilet rules. We should always use public toilets or camp site toilets if available but if not then we should:

1. For a #1 alone, always do it outside the van in the bushes unless you have to get up for a wee in the night.
2. For #2, always do it in the portable toilet in the van, not in the bushes but if it's a new bag, try to do some #1 at the same time to activate the 'poo powder'.

Sue explained that the 'poo bags' can also be used on their own outdoors so we should each carry a fresh bag in our backpack in case we need to do #2 outdoors when we are away from the van.

Debbie and Sue were wearing T-shirts printed with 'DISCC 1969' and a map of an overland route from London to India. Sue explained that DISCC was the Debbie, Ian, Sue and Chris Club that they had formed in 1969 and they even printed their own T-shirts. Sue's late husband Chris was and always would be "El Presidente" of DISCC but Debbie was "Deputy Presidente" and she was running the club in Chris's absence. Then a few years ago, Debbie got divorced from her husband Ian, leaving DISCC with only two members, Debbie and Sue. There was just one DISCC T-shirt left that had never been worn and they said that they would be honoured if I would join DISCC and wear it but DISCC are a very close group of friends so I would need to do some very close bonding.

Debbie explained that it was the sort of bonding that they did when the four of them drove overland to India in a small VW camper van. She said that they soon lost their inhibitions about nudity, going to the toilet and what they did in bed. Debbie said that I needed to complete 10 stages of bonding, scoring 10% for each stage:

1, go swimming or sunbathing together in the nude.
2, do a group wee together outdoors.
3. throw up.
4, eat a large portion of Debbie's special curry.
5, have diarrhea.
6, watch another member doing a poo.
7, wipe another member's bum.
8, do a poo in front of another member.
9, let another member wipe your bum.
10, go to bed with another member.

I liked the sound of some stages but not others. I could tell they were retired teachers and I asked what the 'pass mark' was. Debbie said it was 90% for me but Chris had managed to score 110% by scoring 20% on Stage 10!

We set off from London and the three of us shared the driving. By the time we reached the Highlands of Scotland, it was dark. We didn't stop on an official camp site because we hadn't booked a space and they were all full for the busy bank holiday weekend. Sue knew a secluded spot in a forest where we could park for the night and no-one would bother us. It had been a long day so we closed the drapes and went to bed.


When I got up the next morning, Debbie and Sue were already up and dressed. They said they were waiting for me to to go outside with them for a group wee-wee. We went into the bushes, I stood and did a wee while Sue and Debbie took their shorts and panties down and squatted for a wee. After breakfast, Debbie went into the toilet compartment and closed the door. Sue and Debbie hadn't stopped talking since we left London and the toilet in the van had no sound proofing, so they continued chatting while Debbie was sitting on the portable toilet. Debbie made a "PLOOOOOOP" noise and she said, "My bowels are really loose today." When she had finished, Sue went in and I heard her doing a soft poo. She said, "That fibre supplement works wonders, my poo slips out a treat". When Sue had finished in the toilet, she said, "It's your turn now Ben. Debbie and I have filled the first 'poo bag' so I put a fresh bag in for you." I went and sat on the portable toilet and tried to poo but without success. Then afterwards, Sue went in to check the bag but it was empty. She said, "You're a naughty boy Ben, you haven't done a poo today and you didn't do one yesterday."

After breakfast, Sue and Debbie grabbed their towels and told me to pick up mine. "Come on, we're going swimming!" they said. I said that I hadn't brought my swimming trunks and they said they hadn't either. Sue led the way through the forest and after about 10 minutes, we reached a lochan or small lake completely surrounded by dense forestry plantation. Then they stripped off and told me to do the same. I dipped a toe in the water but it was cold. "Come on in, don't be a wimp!" Debbie called as they swam to the other side of the lochan. When we got back to the van, Debbie ticked stages #1 and #2 on the bonding checklist.

Then they unloaded the mountain bikes from the rack on the van and we cycled off on forest trails. Sue was in the lead and I couldn't keep up with them so they had to keep waiting for me. We got back to the van in late afternoon and as soon as we got inside, Debbie went and sat on the portable toilet and made some runny poo noises. She said, "All this exercise really gets my bowels moving."


The next morning, Debbie and Sue used the toilet then Sue fitted a new bag and told me I must go and do a poo in it and she would check afterwards. I sat on the toilet seat and made some grunting noises but I said that I couldn't do a poo. Sue said, "Ben, you haven't done a poo since Thursday. We'll make sure you do a poo today." That day we drove to the port of Oban on the West Coast of Scotland and we took a boat trip that included Fingal's Cave, a seal colony and the Corryvreckan Whirlpool. The sea was a bit rough but it didn't bother Sue and Debbie as they were used to long drives on bumpy roads going to India. At lunch time. Sue got out the packed lunches but I said that I wasn't hungry. Then I whispered to Sue, "I think I'm going to be sick!" She took me by the hand and rushed me out onto the deck for some fresh air. I leaned over the side of the boat and I was sick. Sue supported my forehead with her hand while I was sick again.

After the boat trip, Sue drove to another secluded spot in the forest, near where some beavers live. European Beavers have been extinct in Scotland for about 300 years but a few have been re-introduced recently and Debbie really wanted to see a beaver. We took turns at cooking and that evening it was Debbie's turn. She said that she would cook her special curry recipe with wholegrain rice, which is high in fibre so it would help to keep our bowels regular. Debbie cooked enough curry and rice for four people and Sue said that I should eat a double portion because I brought up my breakfast on the boat and I didn't eat any lunch. I don't normally eat curry so I found it very hot but I managed to eat it all.

After supper, the three of us went hiking in the forest. We saw a beaver dam and some trees felled by beavers but no beavers. Debbie said that they were more active around dawn and dusk so she would wait until sunset and look for beavers and would meet us back at the van later, to allow us some time alone together for 'bonding'. Sue and I stopped at a viewpoint where we sat on a seat and watched the sun setting over the Isle of Mull. We hugged each other and I told Sue that that there was something I had to tell her. I said, "Sue, I love you." Sue was delighted and she held me tightly and said that she loved me too. We hugged and kissed like young lovers.

Sue said that when they were in India, Debbie discovered that some curry herbs and spices have a laxative effect and a portion of 'Debbie's Special' curry was a good laxative. I asked her what two portions would do for me and she said it should cure my constipation. Then Sue said that it was starting to have a laxative effect on her. I hugged her tightly and a few minutes later, she whispered, "I really must go behind a bush, I can't hold my poo any longer!" We stood up and started walking into the forest, then Sue whispered, "It's starting to slip out onto my panty pad!" We found a fallen log, then Sue got her 'poo bag' out of her backpack. She slipped her shorts and panties down a little way and sat on the fallen log with her bum overhanging. I asked if I could hold the bag underneath her bum. I watched as Sue did a long soft poo that hung down nearly one foot long before it broke off and fell into the bag. "That's better", she said. Then she handed me the toilet paper and I wiped her bum tenderly and put the toilet paper into the 'poo bag' with her soiled panty pad. Sue said that she felt like King Henry VIII of England in the 16th Century who had a servant known as the 'Groom of the Stool' to wipe the royal bum.

Then I did a pee onto the ground but it went upwards. Sue giggled and said, "I can guess what you want to do when we get back to the van." Sue put the used 'poo bag' into the disposal bag, zipped it up and I carried it back to the van.

When we got back to the van, we zipped our sleeping bags together, got undressed and snuggled up together in the double sleeping bag. We were getting on quite well when I had to stop. I got out of the sleeping bag and went and sat on the portable toilet in the van, without closing the door. I let rip and squirted diarrhea into the bag. Sue came into the toilet compartment and said "There's a good boy Ben, you've opened your bowels at last." I tore off some toilet paper ready to wipe myself then Sue said, "Shall I do that for you?" She took the pad of toilet paper, wiped me at the back and it felt nice.

We got back into the sleeping bag but 5 minutes later, I had to go to the toilet again. I felt like I needed to sit there for a long time until it was all out. Then I heard Debbie come back to the van. "Where's Ben?" she asked. Sue said, "He's on the toilet. A double portion of your special curry was a bit too much for his delicate stomach and he can't stop pooing."

Then Debbie said, "Hurry up Ben, I'm bursting for a poo!" I came out of the toilet with nothing on and Debbie went in. "Come and look at this Sue!" she exclaimed. "That was a new 'poo bag' this morning and Ben has filled it up in one sitting!" Sue went to inspect and she said, "Ben, you must have been really full of poo. Even Debbie and I can't do that much poo between us in a day."

Sue said that we had bonded about 92% and Debbie said that was good enough. She welcomed me as a member of DISCC and presented me with the spare DISCC t-shirt to wear when I put some clothes on. Then I went back and sat on the toilet. I said that I would try to sleep there, to make sure I didn't have a poo accident in bed in the night.

Danny A

Huge One

I've just had the biggest shit i've everrrrrrr had and i have some HUUUUUUUGE ones. I was holding it in my bedroom for a while because i love the feeling but after a while enough is enough and its time to push it out. I sat down on the toilet and pushed imediately, i could tell it was going to be HUGE and i would have to work hard to push it out. I grabbed my cheeks and spread wide as i could and pushed harddddd, i could feel the shit forcing my hole wider and wider as it came started to come out more and more. After a good few pushes the monster shit was out and the feeling was amazing. Any girls like watching people shit on here...?

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