Hot, Hot Woman In The Restroom

I went to a plant nursery today to shop around for my yard. It's a large facility made from an old warehouse with the plants outside and pottery inside. I was browsing around and saw a couple, probably early 30's also looking around. She was a gorgeous woman. She was about 5'10" tall, with long blonde hair. She was dressed nicely and had on some extremely tight fitting black stretch type pants. Her legs and butt looked absolutely fantastic. I thought to myself that seeing her was worth the trip to the nursery. Then my luck got even better. After staring at her for a while, I decided to go into the pottery area to look around. There were maybe two people in this building. They were at the other end of the building from me. Then in came the hot woman and her BF or husband. It was very quiet and I overheard her say, "There's the restroom. I'll be right back." I glanced over in that direction and saw her go into a door and close it. I was next to the wall of the room she went into. I could hear her heels clicking on the floor and looked up and saw that the restroom had a vent window that opened at a slant about 9 or 10 feet off the ground! So my interest now became the pottery on the shelves just under the window. It was quiet for a moment then I heard her start to pee a torrent into the toilet. About halfway through her pee, she farted, BAAAAAAAPPPPPPTTTT, pretty loudly. She finished peeing and I didn't hear anything else. She was in there about 3 or 4 minutes more and then I heard her unrolling toilet paper. The dispenser was pretty noisy when she pulled the paper. She pulled it 4 times, so I took that to mean she'd taken a dump. She flushed and in a minute came out and went out to the yard where her BF or husband was. I looked around and didn't see anyone so I went to the door and saw that it was a unisex restroom. I went in and closed the door. It was stinky from poop, and the toilet had 3 or 4 skid marks in it. I went back out into the yard. She was looking around. At one point I was near her and she smiled and said hi. I said hello back and thought, wow, what a day!


Desperate while shopping

I haven't posted for ages & thought it about time I shared one of my experiences with you all. It happened yesterday & I'd been unable to poo all week. I was at work & felt a pain in my stomach during the afternoon. At first I thought it was just wind so I went to the toilet to let it out but it wasn't wind! I pulled my jeans down & white cotton pants & sat down. Then I relaxed & let loose a huge load of semi solid poo, destroying the toilet completely. It went on for a full thirty seconds & stank up the toilet. I still felt some more inside me so I gave a push & another big load came out like a rope. When it broke off, I looked between my legs to see what I'd produced & the toilet was half full of poo. I still needed to go quite badly but was afraid I'd clog the toilet if I did any more so I wiped & flushed before leaving. I returned to work feeling a little better but not 100%. In fact I was still busting for a poo & it was getting worse. By home time I was desperate to go. I was amazed at how much poo I had inside me & I went straight to the toilet to finish what I'd started. The only problem was the water was up to the rim from my previous production & I had to wait untill I got home. I started to walk along the road but it soon became clear I was too desperate to hold it & had to find a bush to relieve myself. There were open fields around me & nowhere to hide right now but I knew there was a lay by with some tall bushes by the side so I quickly made my way there. When I got to the lay by, a car was parked with the drivers door wide open. I though it was a bit odd but I was about to poo myself so I headed straight into the bushes. There was a young woman there & she had her jeans around her knees & was about to pull her knickers down when she saw me. She went bright red & hurriedly tried to pull her jeans up but only managed to get them all in a tangle. I was just as embarrassed as she was especially as I was about to poo myself. The woman looked panic stricken & without warning she let her jeans slip down to her thighs as a big lump formed in the back of her knickers. She looked at me & tried to act like nothing was wrong & pulled her jeans up squashing her poo all over her bum. I was about to go in my knickers by now so I knew just how she felt. She ran back to the lay by & couldn't see her so I quickly pulled my jeans & knickers down & squatted over the grass. I had a very relieving poo & wiped with some leaves before pulling everything back up & leaving. When I got back to the lay by the car was still there & the woman was sitting with her bum raised up on her hands. I knew she was loading her pants & it was all because of me walking in on her. I watched untill she drove off & knew she would have to be sitting in a big pile of her own excrement as she drove home.

I went out shopping this morning with a big urge to poo. Well actually I'd been needing to go since I got up but decided to wait untill I got home from the shops as the relief would be so much more enjoyable by then. I went to a couple of supermarkets to get all the bargains & by the time I had everything loaded into the car I was getting really desperate. I loved the feeling but was worried I wouldn't make it home so I decided to leave the shopping in the car & use the customer toilets before I went home. I had to walk very carefully, taking small steps to avoid having an accident & I must have looked very odd to anyone who saw me. Unfortunately the toilets were being refurbished & were closed so I had to wait untill I got home anyway. I was close to shitting myself by now & in desperation I asked at customer services if I could use the staff toilet as it was an emergency. At first I was told they didn't allowe the public to use their staff toilet but under the circumstances they could make exeption. I was shown the way through the back of the store into a warehouse area & up some stairs to the staff rest room. There was only one toilet & staff waiting to use it. I was really really desperate by now & within an inch of loading my knickers. It was so bad I had to hold my bum with both hands to keep it in. The wait seemed to last forever & when the last person came out it was like I'd won the lottery. My problem was not over though because that person was a real jobsworth & told me to leave the staff area as the store didn't allow non staff members outside the shopping area. I was devastated & had to leave with a biological need to get to a toilet. As I walked away my bowels opened & with no control I totaly loaded my knickers with a huge mushy poo. It made a big mess in my jeans & began to slip down my leg as I left the store. I went back to my car & had to sit down in my my own mess for the drive home.

I was in class when this happened to me. I was thirteen years old & I hadn't had a poo for two weeks. I felt this huge mass moving in my intestines & knew it was time I had to get to the toilet. I asked the teacher if I could leave the room but he said I could wait untill break time. I could feel it pushing on my bum hole & it was hard work keeping it in. By the time the bell for break went I was about to fill my knickers & as soon as I stood up it happened. I totaly filled them right in class in front of everyone. I managed to stop before anything fell on the floor but I'd only done about a quarter of it so I was still desperate to go. I went straight to the toilets to clean myself up but with only fifteen minutes I couldn't finish my poo. I went back to class without my knickers & somehow made it through double maths untill lunch time. The wait was an eternaty I by as room as the bell went I was about to do it on the floor. It gave me an idea. Rather than in to the toilet & risk blocking it, I went the woods with some toilet roll. Once I found a good spot I lifted my skirt up & just went on the ground. It was a fantastic relief & pood & pood for ages. After not going for two weeks I had a huge steaming pile under me & I felt so much better for that & empty. The wiping was easy as it was quite firm & I had a pee on top of my pile before soothing my skirt down & leaving the scene of the crime.

Has anyone held their poo just because they enjoy the desperate urge to go? What's the longest you've held it?
Have you ever done it in your pants?
How was the relief when you finaly went?
Have you ever watched someone do it in their pants?
Have you ever done it in public or at least outside?

Just a guy

Amylee, another great story. You shouldn't get embarassed by passing gas, even when loud. Its just a part of taking a dump. There are some dumps that I've had that I can't move my bowels, until I fart once or twice and these tend to be loud. There are other times when I'm gassy throughout. I would say both of these are probably in the minority, but it happens and can be expected from time to time.

Eileen H, I'm glad you made it through the detention period. Your posts are very interesting. From your other story, it was funny hearing the other lady say she was going to make the smell you left behind seem like perfume after you complained about how bad the smell was. I guess she really had to go bad.

Louise, welcome back. I thought you left for good. Interesting post, hope you will have more to share.

hey Gemma

i think i found the story you're talking about. it's on page 1207 under the name mattpee



You are speaking my language buddy. I am a white male in mid thirties. I totally agreed with your "annoying things in public restrooms" post. I would like to add a few. Noisy kids. I hate it when I am settled in for a good shit and some young kids come in and start playing with the water, the hand dryers, etc. More than once I have spoken up and told them to behave. I also hate people that seem insistent on using the stall that I am in, when there are others open with no issues. and the worst is the guys that come in and stand there--in the restroom--waiting for a stall to open up. Have some guy respect, go wait outside and come back when you see someone exit the restroom. I'm considerate enough to use a restroom with multiple stalls, because I know I am going to be parked for a while--so please respect me and give me some space.

As a guy that almost always dumps in public restrooms, I too have a pretty good list of where the good clean quiet ones are. I don't think you have to worry too much about them being "on to you" at the DBL tree or any other public restroom. At nice places in good areas, they don't usually track the restrooms. They just have housekeeping poke their head in every now and then to make sure it's clean. It also helps that you dress well. They are not going to risk pissing off a well dressed business man that might end up spending some money there. They just don't want bums or other undesirables spending the day on one of their toilets. I know first hand that in many places it's kind of an unwritten policy for them to send an employee in every now and then just to check the feet--looking for khakis and slacks and dress shoes and if that's what they see then they leave.

I work in an office as well that is not conducive to good dumps. There is a mall next to my office with several department stores that are very slow during the week and are great places to take a good lunch or after work dump. I have been going to them for years and never once have I been questioned or noticed anyone checking things out. I usually go at lunch with a magazine and sit there for about 30 mins after I eat. I also usually go have a nice long one after work---for about an hour. I have noticed a few other regulars--seems that I am not the only business man that uses these restrooms everyday as opposed to going at their offices. Kind of cool to know there is kind of an underground public poop group going on.

For me taking a dump is a great way to spend some time. The reason I go after work is because I can sit there for an hour and wait for traffic to die down. Why spend an hour sitting on the freeway in traffic when I can be relaxing on a nice quiet toilet catching up on the news? And when the wife drags me to the mall with the kids? See you in a few hours honey. you know where I'll be!

Alan in Amsterdam
Francesca: You remind me that I read somewhere that the reason ladies in olde England wore those big dresses with hoops in them like you see on the Jane Austen films, was so that they could go to the toilet any time, anywhere, and nobody would know they were doing it.
Mind you, the last Jane Austen film I saw was about jane herself, and in one scene she was holding a blanket to screen her niece from prying eyes while she had a pee or a poo in the grass.

Louise: Thanks for your tale. I always enjoy reading about ladies having to wee and poo outdoors. The other girl in your story was a bit silly, pulling her pants up when the poo was already on its way out. Couldn't she tell that you were about to do the same thing? Mind you, I was once almost caught in the act, I heard someone coming and quickly used a leaf to pull the poo out of my bum, pulling my trousers up just in time. It was a dog, followed some seconds later by its owner.

new guy Brandon: Sorry, I didn't mean to make you reveal your name. I should have added that after that episode with the bedpan, my sister and I decided that in future she would poo in the pan and I would empty it, but that was only when we were alone in the house otherwise our parents would be annoyed. Mind you, when we were better organised and it wasn't an emergency, I didn't get to see much, she sat on the bedpan but covered herself with a blanket or if she was wearing a long skirt she would pull it up at the back and I would see her bum but nothing else. She never asked me to leave the room and she didn't mind me watching, in fact it was a bit of a game we had, I would try and peek and she would stop me in some way.

Last year we went on holiday to the Ardennes, a hilly woody part of Belgium. We were staying in a small village. One day I went for a walk in the countryside on my own, because my wife had a migraine. When I am in the countryside for some reason I start looking for places to poo. If I had had an English breakfast - egg, bacon, beans etc - I would have had to go fairly soon, but the continental breakfasts tend to have the opposite effect. I came to one place, where I could step over a ditch and into some bushes, close to the road but with good warning of anybody coming. Cars would go by too fast to see anything. I pulled down my trousers and pants and squatted, but no action apart from a good stream of pee and a fart. So I carried on, thinking that the walking would move things along.
A while later the road went into some trees. There were plenty of bushes, quite thick and tangled. I had to push my way through but eventually I reached a place where somebody would be able to see me if they were particularly looking, but not otherwise. Again, I squatted, and again, nothing. I wanted to do this but it wasn't happening.
Some while later I tried a third time, in a quite risky position near the road with not much cover. Again, nothing.
So a bit of a non-story then. Except that when I got back to the hotel I discovered that I had lost my house keys. The only way that could happen was, they fell out of my trouser pocket when I squatted for a non-poo.
So the next day I had to retrace my steps, because otherwise we'd have a problem when we got back home. Fortunately my wife was still not up to walking, if she had come with me she would have wondered how I came to lose my keys in the middle of a bunch of bushes, what was I doing there? Eventually I found them, in the third place where I had tried to poo. That was good. the bonus was that as I was walking back, keys in zipped-up pocket, I felt a presence in my bum. Getting all excited at the possibility of, at last, having my outdoor poo, I looked for somewhere to go, but it was all rather exposed. However, I could certainly see anybody coming for quite a way. I stood still for a moment and pushed - not too much! - until I could feel that it was ready to be released, then I took down my trousers and pants and squatted in the middle of the road. The poo which was a bit of a curly-wurly, came out quite quickly, followed by a long pee. I wiped - I always take tissue with me because I always take the opportunity for an outdoor poo - and left the poo there as a sign that that was where I found my keys.
I have pood outdoors in England, Wales, Germany, Holland, Belgium and Switzerland. (It's probably a hanging offence in neat, sweet Switzerland).

Thanks for your stories everyone


Bathroom Conversations (Part 2)

A couple of nights ago, I stayed over at the twins' house. I was in the restroom getting ready for bed when I suddenly had a huge urge to poop. I quickly sat on the toilet and let out three golf ball sized turds. As I was pushing out the fourth turd, Bill suddenly rushed in while holding his stomach, and exclaimed, "Ohhhh, could you please hurry? I have to go really, really badly!"
I said that I was almost done and proceeded to push out two more logs while Bill and I started a conversation about the school restrooms. I wiped myself and got off the toilet so that Bill could sit down and do his business. As soon as he sat down, he immediately let out a fart followed by soft poo. We talked about how the school restrooms were not sanitary and I said that I don't want anyone to hear me poo in the school restroom or any public restroom. Bill responded while he was straining, "Well,--UHH!--you just have to--OHHH!-do what you have to do and--ARGHHH!--not care if anyone hears you!"
At the end of his sentence, he let out another gargantuan turd with a loud PLOP! At that moment, Tom came into the restroom to brush his teeth. He said, "Hey guys! What are you conversing about?"
"Ciara was just telling me that she doesn't like using public restrooms," Bill responded as he strained out yet another turd.
"Why?" Tom asked me.
"I don't want anyone to hear me or smell me pooping," I responded while I felt my face turn red.
"You pooped in a school restroom a few days ago," Tom pointed out.
"I know, but it was still kind of embarrassing to have that other girl hear me poop," I replied.
"Who cares about that? Everyone shits, even girls. It's nothing to be embarrassed about," Tom said comfortingly. We suddenly heard Bill strain really loudly, then let out two more turds followed by a sigh of relief. Bill added while panting a little, "Tom's right. You don't ever have to be embarrassed about pooping in a public restroom."
I thought to myself, 'Maybe I should work on my poo shyness a little more.' Once Bill cleaned up, he got up so that Tom could take care of his business, then we all went to the living room to watch some TV before we headed to bed.

The End

Brandon T (aka new guy)

comments & stuff

First I have change my name and use first name and the first letter of my last because ive been here awhile and I figure I should start using first name but I might use new guy every once and awhile just because well enough about that.

To: Francessca maybe that girl might have been sick and was in a hurry and very desprate and couldnt sit on the toilet fast enough so she used the garbage can or she did it to show off who knows some people do wierd things for weird reasons and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Anny first im glad your back and great story it sounds like you had a pretty nasty time but at least your husband was there to help you out and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: John as always another great story about seeing your mom pooping and as always I look forward to anymore stories about her and/or any other girl and/or woman youve seen thanks.

To: Nicki I bet you wont do that again unless your prepared and please share any other stories you may have thanks.

To: JustJerika as always another great and I look forward to your next one thanks.

To: Stepahnie great peeing story and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Dan great story about your girlfriend and I look to more stories about her thanks.

To: Louise first welcome back I missed reading your stories and great story about seeing that woman poop her pants and pooping there as well I bet if she knew that you had to do the same she probaly wouldve stayed and pooped on the ground and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Meagan From Calgary great accident story at least your sister was there to help you get cleaned up and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

Here a story about aunt having to go to the bathroom about 9 or 10 years ago me and my mom and sister and grandma were visiting my aunt in the hospital she had just given birth and while we were visiting she said she had to go to the bathroom and we were asked to leave the room and we waied outside for awhile but eventualy we left im not sure if she to pee or poop im think poop because it was taking awhile.

Well thats all for now

Sincerly Brandon T aka (new guy)

PS I love this site

First off, I want to say to Car Mom that I am so glad you are back. I agree with stealth pisser that you are definitely one of my faves on here. I am not that into pooping stories either.
That being said, here is my story for today.
Like I have written before, I have a favorite stall at the university I attend. After class yesterday, I really had to pee. I had drank a ton of iced tea before class and I was dying. The bathroom with my fave stall is farther than some other bathrooms and I contemplated just using one near by, but I kept walking toward the library anyway (where that bathroom is located.) I had to stop every few minutes to cross my legs because I felt as though I was going to piss myself any minute. I finally make it to the bathroom and as soon as I walk in, the strong odor of poop hit me. All three stalls were taken and I hoped that the girl in my favorite stall would be out first. I could see her feet under the door. As I wrote before, this is a handicap stall, so it is much bigger and has its own sink across from the toilet. I assumed she was washing her hands, but the water never turned on and she kept shuffling back and forth. I was getting pretty desperate at this point and had to stop myself from doing a pee pee dance right there. She finally exited and I saw she was a very pretty, slim asian girl wearing a tight black dress and heels. Much too fancy for school. I hurried in and the smell of poop became a million times stronger. It smelled sickly sweet. As I walked over to the toilet, I noticed there was poop all in the trash can next to the toilet. She has pooped in the trash can, and on the floor a bit, instead of the toilet. It was very mushy and light brown in color. I was horrified and nauseated and left the stall and bathroom without peeing. I looked outside for the girl, but did not see her. Why would she crap in the trash can and not the toilet? I tried to make my way to another bathroom, but suddenly a squirt of pee shot out into my panties. I knew I would not make it to the bathroom and suddenly had an idea. I was wearing a long skirt, so i crouched down in the grass and pretended to be trying my shoe. As I did so, I let my pee go into the grass below me. It made a quiet hissing and splashing noise, but no one seemed to notice what I was doing. You could not see anything under the skirt. I finished my pee and stood up. The bottom of my skirt was a bit wet and obviously my panties were soaked, but other than that there was no visible damage. I looked at the ground and saw I left a huge puddle. I walked off before anyone could notice and when I came to the next bathroom, I went in and took my panties off and threw them away. I think tomorrow I am going to wear a long skirt again and no panties and try to pee standing up without anyone noticing. I will have to drink a lot to get really desperate first or else I do not think I would be able to go. i will let you guys know how it goes.


Shower peeing

To AJ,

good name for now, I too like to pee into the shower and being male i just let it go, I have no problem emptying my bladder and it does not waste any water as I have to take a shower anyway.

Also two days ago we were in a home improvement store and the urge hit me that i needed a poop. I told my wife I was going to the restroom and took the middle stall, pulled my shorts and underwear down and barely had to push to get several big logs out. i had gone a little that morning but felt constipated. I am diabetic so i do not go every day, but go almost every second day. this day it was twice in one day. after the large poop I had to wipe several times to get good and clean.

Uncle harry, where are you I love your stories.

Upstate Dave

Shower Pees

AJ your post on takeing a pee in the shower was good. You were quite detailed in your account of what happened when you tried it. Keep trying for it will become easier for you to do.

Now over the years I knew many girls when I was single that I either was told by them that they pissed in the showeer while takeing a shower and this was not only at home but in school showers too. Also I saw many when showering with them they would pee.

The first girl that I knew that did and first told me she did was Ruth. She didn't have a shower at home but loved takeing showers instead of a bath. So she would always shower aft6er gym class in school and shetold me she even peed many times while showering! As our relationship grew she knew we had a shower in our upstairs bathroom and asked me if she could take one when she was over ay my house one day. I told her she could.

Then right after I had said she could I half kidded her askig her if I could join her. Ruth laughed and said come on! So we did take a shower together. While in the shower she peed and I peed too! We stayed in so long we used up the hot water too.

The next time would be when I had moved and was on my own. One of the nieghbors duaghters had become a good friend. She first told me that she too peed while takeinhgt a shower along with peeing in the sink too! Her reason was that all the water went down into the sewers so why not just take a pee! She even did it several times in my shower and kitchen sink several times befor she moved away. Last my wife pees in the shower also.

Just Jerika

Easter trip with my parents

After school tonight I was at the gas station/store across the street from our campus. It's great that it has opened under a new renter and for the last several days I've been holding my craps from like about noon until after school when I can get over there. For some reason I was a little more constipated this afternoon and as I sat (Gopi wasn't there because she had to go out of town with her parents for a funeral today) bored, I got to thinking about what happened to me last weekend on Easter Sunday.

My parents woke me up at 4:30 a.m. because we had at least a three-hour drive to where my grandparents (Mom's side) live. It's right off the interstate so it's not hard to get to. We go down there about three or four times a year, but since it was Easter, my mother wanted us to be there for the 8 a.m. church service which was held outdoors with the sunrise in the background. Neither my dad or I like getting up that early and when I was complaining he whispered to me that Mom was really hurrying him along and that he was going to have to postpone the most important thing each morning: his shit! I think the message was that I shouldn't complain because he was having to make a compromise, too. Mom made us some coffee to take in the car and we got out of our house and garage pretty fast.

It was pitch dark for the first two and a half hours of the drive. Since there were so few cars on the interstate (actually there were a lot more large trucks than I expected) we were able to make pretty good time. About an hour after finishing my coffee, my bladder started to get sore. It wasn't going to be an emergency, but I told Dad that eventually I would need to stop and pee. He said he felt his shit coming on, to which Mom corrected him on his language and faked like she was grossed out, but I knew she was just putting on an act. We saw a sign for a rest stop in 20 miles and decided that's where we would stop. Mom stayed in the car and was listening to the CD she and Dad had in. As we walked from the parking lot up to the small brick building in the fog, Dad told me not to take too long. I know he doesn't want to upset Mom, but since he was going to crap, I figured it would take him longer than me. Of course, I would be wrong.

It was a five-stall bathroom. A stall in the middle without a door was not in use but the two doored stalls on each side of it were. I was pretty quiet and as I stood by the sink assessing the situation, I heard my Dad latch his door and quickly I heard the toilet seat drop. Those sounds worried me because I didn't know how long I would have to wait and there was like no movement of legs from any of the four stalls. So I decided to speed things up and give up my modesty: I quickly went to the open stall, unbuttoned my black levi slacks, dropped my underwear and seated myself on the toilet. I didn't intend to be seated that long and like many of the other toilets I use, it was higher than my legs could reach the floor so I was uncomfortable. to make the situation worse, I heard a dripping and draining near me that I couldn't figure out what was happening. With no door, I didn't feel at ease just sitting there too long, and this noise started to spook me. Before my urine stream started, I slipped down off the seat and tried to re-position myself so I could be more comfortable. I glanced at the floor and my left shoe helped me identify the problem.

The floor, from the other sides of the room sloped down into my stall and between my feet was a drain, about a 1/4 inch below the cement floor that was literally gurgling when the first of the toilets was flushed and as I re-seated myself, there was more noise and the water level came right up to the drain cover. I started to worry that it was going to overflow right under me. Luckily it didn't. However, this made it harder for me to get my pee flow going. A second lady flushed and walked by me--taking two or three glances at me as I sat there--and then walking over to the sink. I started to get frustrated because I couldn't get my pee started and just then another lady entered, towing a little girl about 5 on her side. The girl stood, pointed at me, and her mother shoved her away telling her that I would be there a while and there was another toilet that she could use. I didn't know how to take that remark, but I pulled my legs together so I would be more modest when others glanced in on me.

Then a girl about my age came in, and without directly looking anywhere, shouted out that "If there's a Jerika in here, you're Dad says he's going to leave you!" and I knew what that meant. It was time to pull up my underwear and levis and get back to the car. I was later really in pain and didn't get to pee until we finally got to grandmas. Even then I was hurried because she was out and waiting in our car to get to the service on time. Luckily I had no trouble in using her toilet and we made it to the service just as the pastor was walking in.

I've never been able to pee or crap under pressure in public and I doubt I'm ever going to be able to.

Anna: why don't you go to the bathroom before you go on a walk so you don't have to go during your walk?


For Amanda V

Amanda V -

"Stephanie- Another great read. That definitely sounds like something I would be stubborn enough to do but I don't think I've had an accident like that in my own house where I refused to use the bathroom. However at other people's houses is a different story. Did that accident bother you much or did you start to not mind having accident's by then?"

The accident itself that time didn't honestly really bother me. It was more annoying than anything because I wanted to finish the paper. Nobody else was around to catch me so it wasn't embarrassing like a public accident, and it isn't like I didn't know it was a risk I was willingly taking by putting off the bathroom to finish the paper. I just couldn't finish the paper fast enough, lost control, and had an accident. So that one really didn't bother me much from the accident itself. Besides, by that point I was almost getting used to having accidents, haha.

"There a couple times when I got careless and tried to hide my pants and underwear in this back room in the basement. When I went to get them to wash them, they were gone. It was pretty embarrassing and after that I remember my mom trying to drop hints that it's okay to have a little accident once in a while, without just coming out and saying it. She didn't realize it was probably a huge accident and it happened way more than she thought!"

I'd love to hear more about how your mom reacted, what did she say when dropping hints? How often did she find out about your accidents? How often did you have accidents for that matter? Where they mostly small or medium or full on accidents?

Another story for me that took place not long after the last one where I had the accident working on that research paper. This is where the whole experience of having an accident started to change for me...

Like the last one it was caused by my own laziness and stubbornness and happened at home. I had been at school all day and finally got home and was tired and just wanted to flop on the couch and watch TV until my boyfriend got off work and could come over later that afternoon. I found a movie instead and watched that. I had to pee but didn't want to stop watching the movie. After all, I'm at home, I'm only 20 feet from a bathroom in the hallway, and I'm 17 years old - no cause for worry, right (I obviously have a short memory, haha). So I lay there watching the movie, growing more and more desperate, to the point of having a hand pushing on my crotch and my legs squeezed together and feet shaking to help hold it. Finally I was to the point where my eyes were starting to water and my "back teeth were floating". I paused the movie with my free hand and sat up. I stood up, but as soon as I did I felt a squirt escape and dampen the crotch of my panties - just a small squirt. I squeezed harder, crossed my legs, bent forward, sucked in my breath, and got myself back under control for a few second. I started hurrying to the bathroom in the hallway, taking baby shuffle steps so I could keep my thighs squeezed together and my fingers pushing against my pee hole.

I turned the corner, could see the toilet through the open bathroom door right in front of me. As soon as my feet reached the bathroom tile, however, my body must have said "Bathroom! Yay!" because right then I had a spasm and a large squirt of pee escaped past my fingers into my panties. I tried to bend forward and start to unzip my jeans while still shuffling forward and trying to hold it all at the same time. I couldn't get the zipper with just one hand so I had to let go of my crotch. As soon as I did another long spurt came out. I fumbled with the button and zipper for a few seconds, too frantic to do it right and my fingers kept slipping off. Meanwhile it seemed like every second I was losing another spurt of pee. My crotch was hot and wet, there were drips running down the inside of my thighs, and I could see wetness slowly expanding on the front and legs of my jeans. I started kind of dancing in place, finally got the button undone on my jeans, but then lost what last little control I had and felt a stream of pee, not just a spurt, but I was full on peeing. I stopped moving and stood there and watched the wetness rapidly spread across the front of my jeans and down my legs. I couldn't stop it. I was right next to the toilet, standing in the bathroom, and I was totally pissing my pants.

It felt amazing to let go. The relief was exquisite. And, I had to admit to myself, there was something in the feeling of the warmth and wetness spreading in my pants that also felt kind of nice. I relaxed and stopped fighting it and just went with it and found I actually enjoyed the sensation of wetting myself. I finished peeing and just stood there for a minute. I turned around a few times, checking myself out in the mirror, looking at the wetness on my jeans, taking in the image and the feeling, feet splashing slightly in the puddle at my feet. My heart was racing - but not from embarrassment this time, it was from excitement. I had just peed my pants! I was 17 and had just completely peed myself and it felt good! It was naughty! I couldn't help but laugh out loud. It was crazy. I just stood there in my soaked pants for a couple of minutes laughing and looking at myself in the mirror, repeating out loud, "You just pissed your pants."

Finally I snapped out of my almost trance and realized the reality. I had just pissed my pants. Suddenly I felt ashamed that I had enjoyed it for those few minutes. My face turned hot and red. Not embarrassed from the accident, but embarrassed because part of me had enjoyed it and now it felt wrong, all wrong. I stripped off the soaked jeans and panties, grabbed an old towel to wipe off the floor, and hopped into the shower, rinsing the peed jeans and panties in there with me as I washed off my lower body. My mind kept alternating between shame, shock, laughter, excitement, confusion, etc. I just couldn't process it all right then.

I got out of the shower, dried off, and took the clothes and wet towel to the laundry, tossed them into the wash, and hurried to my room. I had just gotten into my room when I heard the side door open and my mom yell, "Steph, you home?" My heart skipped a beat realizing I had just missed her catching me in the bathroom in pissed pants, and then again when I realized my bedroom door was open and I was standing there in just a shirt, lol. I jumped over and yelled, "Yeah, just a minute!" and shut my bedroom door. I threw on new panties and shorts and came back out, heart pounding, trying to act normal. Mom noticed the washer was running and asked, I told her I was just washing some things. I must have been flustered because she looked at me funny and asked if I was ok. I said yes and went back to the couch to finish my movie.

But 30 minutes later when the washer finished my mom went into the laundry room and before I could jump up and get to her she was saying, "I'll just toss these in the dryer for you." I jumped off the couch and was starting to say, "No, it's ok, I'll get them!" but before I could reach her she had opened the washer lid and pulled out the contents. Then she realized it was just a towel, a pair of my jeans, and a pair of my panties - nothing else. She looked from the clothes to me and I could see the light bulb almost go off over her head. She said, "Um, Steph? Did you..." She trailed off. My face was burning hot and I'm sure was beet red. I stammered, "I'm sorry. I really had to go when I got home and my zipper was stuck and..." She tossed the clothes into the dryer and shut the door and turned and hugged me, "It's ok, sweetie. Accidents happen. A little more often with some people than others, but..." I let her hug me for a second before apologizing again, my heart pounding the whole time. She didn't need to know the whole truth...



Out of town Exgirlfriend

Hey all,

Dan from NYC here. Hope the week is going well and everything's coming out o.k.

As mentioned previously, I've never had the fortune of being in the bathroom with a woman as she is using it. Nevertheless, I've heard a few things go on in there, and even the odd blast of gas (on and off the toilet) from time to time.

I will share with you, over the next few postings, my experience with a long-distance, out of town ex-girlfriend of mine. We met through mutual friends, however she lives in another city.

Her name was Melanie, and she was about my height, had wavy, curly-ish blonde hair, B cup breasts, and a nice curvy behind.

One of the first few times we met, she stayed at my appartment for a few days (I think it was 4 days at the most.) I thought 'I wonder how open she'll be about her body and its functions...'

Once when we were watching a moving on the couch, she did a ppfffffft (pssssst..) silent hiss, airy type fart, which went for a good three seconds. This resulted in a few chuckles from both of us, and her blushing slightly. Of course, to make her feel more 'at ease' I wasn't shy with my gas, and when I went to the bathroom, would purposefully leave the door a crack, and not have the fan on, and make a few sounds on purpose. Also, when I showered, I left the door open halfway.

Each time she went into the bathroom, I got a rush in wondering what she might do, what I might hear. So I crept towards the bathroom door (but not too close in case the floor should squeak). On the first visit, the best / most I heard was her peeing, followed by an echoey dry quick fart into the toilet. Shortly afterwards she was finished.

Turns out she was a bit shy the first few visits about her bathroom habits, but was fairly open in regards to discussing bathroom matters. She actually informed me shortly she got home that her stomach was a bit sore from not being able to poop (she usually goes once a day every day and is reg.), and that as soon as she got home it 'let loose' and made her feel lighter. She also said that it wasn't all in one go, but gradual.

I've got a few more tales to post in the future. Sadly things did not work out with her. Long distance is a gamble.

That's it for now!

- Dan


Bus toilet

In junior high school I went on a class trip to Washington DC for a week. On the way home, during the four hour bus ride back to my town, I started having extremely bad stomach pains and knew it was only a matter of time before I would have no choice but take a shit. I really did not want to use the toilet on the bus with fifty or so of my classmates sitting right outside, but when a wet fart escaped and I came close to shitting my pants, I finally swallowed my pride and made my way to the back of the bus.

While I was walking back another wet fart escaped, this one resulted in a glob of shit coming out (i.e. I "sharted"). I managed to clench my butt cheeks together and "catch" it, but I also put my hand to my ass without thinking about it, resulting in everyone realizing that I was going to be taking a dump once inside the lavatory. I heard a lot of giggling and hooting, kept to a low volume so as not to piss off the chaperone, and felt my face turn red ad the embarrassment crept in.

So, I make it to the lavatory, close and lock the door, yank my pants and underwear down, sit on the toilet and have a really painful and loud case of diarrhea. I took the opportunity to check my underpants and was glad to see I had managed to not soil them with my previous loss of control.

When that was finally over, I went to wipe my ass and saw that there was no toilet paper. Also no tissues or paper towels. I already had shit squashed in my ass crack before I had even sat down, but after shitting I had a huge mess down there. I was not about to ask anyone to get some TP for me, so I made the decision to just forgo wiping. I pulled up my underwear and jeans, flushed, washed my hands and exited the lavatory. Of course, the atrocious smell I had caused in there exited with me and those sitting close by were kind enough to wave their hands in front of their faces and comment on what a stinkfest I had created.

I went back to my seat and sat down, trying my best to not fidget at the slimy, itchy sensation between my butt cheeks. Two hours later, we got to the parking lot where our parents were scheduled to pick us up. I just wanted to go home and wipe my ass, which was starting to feel like it had been dipped in battery acid, but my Dad said he was taking me and my family out to lunch. We got to the restaurant and I immediately excused my self to go to the restroom and wipe my ass. When I entered a stall and pulled down my pants, the seat of my underpants looked like a brown Rorschach test. I removed my pants and underwear, wiped my ass (which was sore as hell) then put my pants back on and free-balled it through lunch.

Overall, the school trip was fun up until my shitting misadventure.

Saturday, May 07, 2011

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