First off, I want to say to Car Mom that I am so glad you are back. I agree with stealth pisser that you are definitely one of my faves on here. I am not that into pooping stories either.
That being said, here is my story for today.
Like I have written before, I have a favorite stall at the university I attend. After class yesterday, I really had to pee. I had drank a ton of iced tea before class and I was dying. The bathroom with my fave stall is farther than some other bathrooms and I contemplated just using one near by, but I kept walking toward the library anyway (where that bathroom is located.) I had to stop every few minutes to cross my legs because I felt as though I was going to piss myself any minute. I finally make it to the bathroom and as soon as I walk in, the strong odor of poop hit me. All three stalls were taken and I hoped that the girl in my favorite stall would be out first. I could see her feet under the door. As I wrote before, this is a handicap stall, so it is much bigger and has its own sink across from the toilet. I assumed she was washing her hands, but the water never turned on and she kept shuffling back and forth. I was getting pretty desperate at this point and had to stop myself from doing a pee pee dance right there. She finally exited and I saw she was a very pretty, slim asian girl wearing a tight black dress and heels. Much too fancy for school. I hurried in and the smell of poop became a million times stronger. It smelled sickly sweet. As I walked over to the toilet, I noticed there was poop all in the trash can next to the toilet. She has pooped in the trash can, and on the floor a bit, instead of the toilet. It was very mushy and light brown in color. I was horrified and nauseated and left the stall and bathroom without peeing. I looked outside for the girl, but did not see her. Why would she crap in the trash can and not the toilet? I tried to make my way to another bathroom, but suddenly a squirt of pee shot out into my panties. I knew I would not make it to the bathroom and suddenly had an idea. I was wearing a long skirt, so i crouched down in the grass and pretended to be trying my shoe. As I did so, I let my pee go into the grass below me. It made a quiet hissing and splashing noise, but no one seemed to notice what I was doing. You could not see anything under the skirt. I finished my pee and stood up. The bottom of my skirt was a bit wet and obviously my panties were soaked, but other than that there was no visible damage. I looked at the ground and saw I left a huge puddle. I walked off before anyone could notice and when I came to the next bathroom, I went in and took my panties off and threw them away. I think tomorrow I am going to wear a long skirt again and no panties and try to pee standing up without anyone noticing. I will have to drink a lot to get really desperate first or else I do not think I would be able to go. i will let you guys know how it goes.


Experience with Citromag and fecal impaction

I haven't posted here for a while because I had nothing to say but I had been constipated for two weeks despite trying everything to relieve it so I finally went to the doctor yesterday (Tuesday). She asked me about the laxative I was taking which is called polyethylene glycol which doesn't work so well for me anymore. She prescribed something called Lactulose Syrup to take once a day every day and she suggested I try either PicoLax or Magnesium Citrate which should be only used to clear out your bowels before a colonoscopy. She said we should try clearing out all the old poop so that everything else will move. My case was pretty bad if she suggested I drink that. I went home and took a nap after my doctor's appointment until my husband called me to let me know he was back in the area and could I meet him at Shoppers. We picked up the medicine at Shoppers and went back home and after dinner I drank the Citromag. I was nervous about it because last time I tried it all it did was give me a massive stomach ache but it didn't help. I drank a lot of water with it and decided to nap again.

The first time I needed to poop I had a pretty bad stomach ache and only a little bit of mushy crap came out. Went back to the couch for a while and oh my gosh, the stomach pain was awful! I kept needing to burp and I told my husband if this is what child birth feels like, I never want to do it! I went back to the toilet and rubbed my stomach. You should have heard the massive farts that came out! A bunch of watery diarrhea started coming out, big time! My husband came in to the bathroom, surprised that my butt was making that much noise. He'd never heard me fart so loud. And it seemed wave after wave of shit was coming out.

It took a turn for the worse though. I started to feel really sick to my stomach and my face was burning. I was nervous that I was going to have a seizure on the toilet because usually I get an aura like a hot face, bad smell, etc. My husband was a big help though. He got me a cold towel for my face while I was still shitting and I was moaning that I felt really sick and horrible. I ended up vomiting all over the floor (and poor hubby) during all this. Now thinking about it now I think I had fecal impaction. The good news is that I'm now cleaned out and not feeling so sick anymore. Let's hope this never happens again!

A guy

Drive-In Theater

The most embarrassing toilet related thing I've experienced was when I was ten or eleven. I don't remember what age I was exactly, but I remember the event vividly. My family was at the drive-in. This was the late 70s. During the intermission I had to take a shit, so I ran to the restrooms. I went in the Men's Room and it was tiny. I think there were two urinals, a sink and one toilet, which had a partition between it and the urinals but no door! Also, it was the first thing you saw when you entered the restroom, so anyone waiting for their turn at the urinal had an unobstructed view of whomever was on the toilet. If I could have held it I would have, but I was desperate. I just remember sitting there pooping and trying to pretend there weren't a dozen guys standing directly in front of me. At least there was toilet paper.

Alan in Amsterdam
Amy: What a great story. I always am on the lookout for such viewings as you were treated to, and then to go yourself in the same spot as the other girl, what fun! I wish I had been in my car in the lay-by behind!

stealth pisser: I would be interested in more detail about you pissing on the floor of a restaurant. I work in a bar and would like to know the signs to look out for!

AJ: glad you finally got to realise your desire to pee in the shower, and glad you've moved from lurking to posting. I hope you continue to have fun in the shower (and maybe other places).

Outdoor Lady: This is what happens when they start charging for public toilets! Let us know if you spot any ladies using the free public convenience.

Wendy: I love to hear about you and Kirsty enjoying yourselves together in the toilet, this was a particularly good one. I am so glad that you two have got together.

Alexander: It's a relief isn't it to find that you're not the only one? You only need to think about the issues arising from childhood potty training to see how things can develop. There is an innate visceral pleasure in pooing. It's increased when you hold it in. Whenever I have a poo outside, which I try to do, I feel in some way like a child again, because I used to do that as a child without any sexual excitement involved. When we were little my sister and I used to watch each other poo and pee, out of curiosity not sexual desire, but when you get older it turns into that. Children don't find it disgusting, they even eat it, maybe the problem is with societal norms. Have you read Freud's analysis of 'Little Hans'? Hans' mum used to take him into the toilet with her when she had a poo (which he called 'lumpf'). He ended up in Freud's notebooks but not because she had a fetish. If you want to try and fix yourself, you're best seeing an analyst but they're a bit expensive. Just accept yourself, you're not hurting anyone. You can use this forum to express yourself openly, which is often helpful.

Thanks everybody for your stories and confessions!

Hi everyone! This is another story about my mother doing a bm, its funny but reading these Posts rolls back the mists of time. By way of background we had an outside toilet with a wooden door which warped outwards from the latch down leaving a gap some1.5" wide at the bottom. The walls were whitewashed twice a year and it was lit by a 100watt bulb. Some of you may recall that for an impending bm she would announce "duty calls" but a variation of this would be "do you need to use the toilet" as a prelude to one of her "epics". Her normal bm would take 10-15 mins but the "epics" would sometimes be in excess of 30mins. Always about 5mins asking if anyone wanted to use the loo it would be "ooh duty calls". This particular one was going to be spectacular for me as it was late evening, my father was at work so i could go and listen and not only listen but watch to as it was pitch dark outside with the bright toilet light inside. I crouched quietly down to see her lift her skirt and pull down her white panties to her knees and as she sat I glimpsed her dark brown bush. After a minute she began to pee followed by her usual "ahem". She leant forward placing her head in her hands and seemed hypnotised. Five mins later she brought her feet back and started to strain saying to herself ooh it hurts, ooh ooh then the tiniest of plops then she clasped her hands together and she strained again. Then without warning she knocked on the wall so i waited a suitable time pretended to arrive outside the door and asked what she wanted. She said be a love and get me the vaseline. I did opened the door and handed it to her she said to wait whilst she took some on her finger and handed the tin back to me. I closed the door and resumed my position. She got up faced the toilet and inserted the vaseline into her rectum and once again resumed her seating position. Then after a few mins the plaintive ooh its sore oh it hurts began. Then! PLOP! followed by more in rapid sequence a pee and a squeaky fart and again several more bullets and you the look on her face was one of utter releif! She carried on dropping these small turds at varying intervals for the next 10mins. She breathed a sigh of relief, uhhh got up and looked in the bowl. Satisfied she sat back down rolled of the tp and began the ritual of cleaning which took about 8 wipes plus one for the front. I went back indoors. She flushed came in and washed her hands "Talk about the relief of Mafeking, I thought I was never going to stop. Must get some liquid paraffin". Bye for now.



I drank 12 beers last night and it wasn't up kinda to me. I had to turn around on my trip to work. I barely made up the stairs. I barely got my pants down and Shit shot out my ass like a double barrel shotgun!

Just Jerika

Easter trip with my parents

After school tonight I was at the gas station/store across the street from our campus. It's great that it has opened under a new renter and for the last several days I've been holding my craps from like about noon until after school when I can get over there. For some reason I was a little more constipated this afternoon and as I sat (Gopi wasn't there because she had to go out of town with her parents for a funeral today) bored, I got to thinking about what happened to me last weekend on Easter Sunday.

My parents woke me up at 4:30 a.m. because we had at least a three-hour drive to where my grandparents (Mom's side) live. It's right off the interstate so it's not hard to get to. We go down there about three or four times a year, but since it was Easter, my mother wanted us to be there for the 8 a.m. church service which was held outdoors with the sunrise in the background. Neither my dad or I like getting up that early and when I was complaining he whispered to me that Mom was really hurrying him along and that he was going to have to postpone the most important thing each morning: his shit! I think the message was that I shouldn't complain because he was having to make a compromise, too. Mom made us some coffee to take in the car and we got out of our house and garage pretty fast.

It was pitch dark for the first two and a half hours of the drive. Since there were so few cars on the interstate (actually there were a lot more large trucks than I expected) we were able to make pretty good time. About an hour after finishing my coffee, my bladder started to get sore. It wasn't going to be an emergency, but I told Dad that eventually I would need to stop and pee. He said he felt his shit coming on, to which Mom corrected him on his language and faked like she was grossed out, but I knew she was just putting on an act. We saw a sign for a rest stop in 20 miles and decided that's where we would stop. Mom stayed in the car and was listening to the CD she and Dad had in. As we walked from the parking lot up to the small brick building in the fog, Dad told me not to take too long. I know he doesn't want to upset Mom, but since he was going to crap, I figured it would take him longer than me. Of course, I would be wrong.

It was a five-stall bathroom. A stall in the middle without a door was not in use but the two doored stalls on each side of it were. I was pretty quiet and as I stood by the sink assessing the situation, I heard my Dad latch his door and quickly I heard the toilet seat drop. Those sounds worried me because I didn't know how long I would have to wait and there was like no movement of legs from any of the four stalls. So I decided to speed things up and give up my modesty: I quickly went to the open stall, unbuttoned my black levi slacks, dropped my underwear and seated myself on the toilet. I didn't intend to be seated that long and like many of the other toilets I use, it was higher than my legs could reach the floor so I was uncomfortable. to make the situation worse, I heard a dripping and draining near me that I couldn't figure out what was happening. With no door, I didn't feel at ease just sitting there too long, and this noise started to spook me. Before my urine stream started, I slipped down off the seat and tried to re-position myself so I could be more comfortable. I glanced at the floor and my left shoe helped me identify the problem.

The floor, from the other sides of the room sloped down into my stall and between my feet was a drain, about a 1/4 inch below the cement floor that was literally gurgling when the first of the toilets was flushed and as I re-seated myself, there was more noise and the water level came right up to the drain cover. I started to worry that it was going to overflow right under me. Luckily it didn't. However, this made it harder for me to get my pee flow going. A second lady flushed and walked by me--taking two or three glances at me as I sat there--and then walking over to the sink. I started to get frustrated because I couldn't get my pee started and just then another lady entered, towing a little girl about 5 on her side. The girl stood, pointed at me, and her mother shoved her away telling her that I would be there a while and there was another toilet that she could use. I didn't know how to take that remark, but I pulled my legs together so I would be more modest when others glanced in on me.

Then a girl about my age came in, and without directly looking anywhere, shouted out that "If there's a Jerika in here, you're Dad says he's going to leave you!" and I knew what that meant. It was time to pull up my underwear and levis and get back to the car. I was later really in pain and didn't get to pee until we finally got to grandmas. Even then I was hurried because she was out and waiting in our car to get to the service on time. Luckily I had no trouble in using her toilet and we made it to the service just as the pastor was walking in.

I've never been able to pee or crap under pressure in public and I doubt I'm ever going to be able to.


Shower peeing

To AJ,

good name for now, I too like to pee into the shower and being male i just let it go, I have no problem emptying my bladder and it does not waste any water as I have to take a shower anyway.

Also two days ago we were in a home improvement store and the urge hit me that i needed a poop. I told my wife I was going to the restroom and took the middle stall, pulled my shorts and underwear down and barely had to push to get several big logs out. i had gone a little that morning but felt constipated. I am diabetic so i do not go every day, but go almost every second day. this day it was twice in one day. after the large poop I had to wipe several times to get good and clean.

Uncle harry, where are you I love your stories.


For Amanda V

Amanda V -

"Stephanie- Another great read. That definitely sounds like something I would be stubborn enough to do but I don't think I've had an accident like that in my own house where I refused to use the bathroom. However at other people's houses is a different story. Did that accident bother you much or did you start to not mind having accident's by then?"

The accident itself that time didn't honestly really bother me. It was more annoying than anything because I wanted to finish the paper. Nobody else was around to catch me so it wasn't embarrassing like a public accident, and it isn't like I didn't know it was a risk I was willingly taking by putting off the bathroom to finish the paper. I just couldn't finish the paper fast enough, lost control, and had an accident. So that one really didn't bother me much from the accident itself. Besides, by that point I was almost getting used to having accidents, haha.

"There a couple times when I got careless and tried to hide my pants and underwear in this back room in the basement. When I went to get them to wash them, they were gone. It was pretty embarrassing and after that I remember my mom trying to drop hints that it's okay to have a little accident once in a while, without just coming out and saying it. She didn't realize it was probably a huge accident and it happened way more than she thought!"

I'd love to hear more about how your mom reacted, what did she say when dropping hints? How often did she find out about your accidents? How often did you have accidents for that matter? Where they mostly small or medium or full on accidents?

Another story for me that took place not long after the last one where I had the accident working on that research paper. This is where the whole experience of having an accident started to change for me...

Like the last one it was caused by my own laziness and stubbornness and happened at home. I had been at school all day and finally got home and was tired and just wanted to flop on the couch and watch TV until my boyfriend got off work and could come over later that afternoon. I found a movie instead and watched that. I had to pee but didn't want to stop watching the movie. After all, I'm at home, I'm only 20 feet from a bathroom in the hallway, and I'm 17 years old - no cause for worry, right (I obviously have a short memory, haha). So I lay there watching the movie, growing more and more desperate, to the point of having a hand pushing on my crotch and my legs squeezed together and feet shaking to help hold it. Finally I was to the point where my eyes were starting to water and my "back teeth were floating". I paused the movie with my free hand and sat up. I stood up, but as soon as I did I felt a squirt escape and dampen the crotch of my panties - just a small squirt. I squeezed harder, crossed my legs, bent forward, sucked in my breath, and got myself back under control for a few second. I started hurrying to the bathroom in the hallway, taking baby shuffle steps so I could keep my thighs squeezed together and my fingers pushing against my pee hole.

I turned the corner, could see the toilet through the open bathroom door right in front of me. As soon as my feet reached the bathroom tile, however, my body must have said "Bathroom! Yay!" because right then I had a spasm and a large squirt of pee escaped past my fingers into my panties. I tried to bend forward and start to unzip my jeans while still shuffling forward and trying to hold it all at the same time. I couldn't get the zipper with just one hand so I had to let go of my crotch. As soon as I did another long spurt came out. I fumbled with the button and zipper for a few seconds, too frantic to do it right and my fingers kept slipping off. Meanwhile it seemed like every second I was losing another spurt of pee. My crotch was hot and wet, there were drips running down the inside of my thighs, and I could see wetness slowly expanding on the front and legs of my jeans. I started kind of dancing in place, finally got the button undone on my jeans, but then lost what last little control I had and felt a stream of pee, not just a spurt, but I was full on peeing. I stopped moving and stood there and watched the wetness rapidly spread across the front of my jeans and down my legs. I couldn't stop it. I was right next to the toilet, standing in the bathroom, and I was totally pissing my pants.

It felt amazing to let go. The relief was exquisite. And, I had to admit to myself, there was something in the feeling of the warmth and wetness spreading in my pants that also felt kind of nice. I relaxed and stopped fighting it and just went with it and found I actually enjoyed the sensation of wetting myself. I finished peeing and just stood there for a minute. I turned around a few times, checking myself out in the mirror, looking at the wetness on my jeans, taking in the image and the feeling, feet splashing slightly in the puddle at my feet. My heart was racing - but not from embarrassment this time, it was from excitement. I had just peed my pants! I was 17 and had just completely peed myself and it felt good! It was naughty! I couldn't help but laugh out loud. It was crazy. I just stood there in my soaked pants for a couple of minutes laughing and looking at myself in the mirror, repeating out loud, "You just pissed your pants."

Finally I snapped out of my almost trance and realized the reality. I had just pissed my pants. Suddenly I felt ashamed that I had enjoyed it for those few minutes. My face turned hot and red. Not embarrassed from the accident, but embarrassed because part of me had enjoyed it and now it felt wrong, all wrong. I stripped off the soaked jeans and panties, grabbed an old towel to wipe off the floor, and hopped into the shower, rinsing the peed jeans and panties in there with me as I washed off my lower body. My mind kept alternating between shame, shock, laughter, excitement, confusion, etc. I just couldn't process it all right then.

I got out of the shower, dried off, and took the clothes and wet towel to the laundry, tossed them into the wash, and hurried to my room. I had just gotten into my room when I heard the side door open and my mom yell, "Steph, you home?" My heart skipped a beat realizing I had just missed her catching me in the bathroom in pissed pants, and then again when I realized my bedroom door was open and I was standing there in just a shirt, lol. I jumped over and yelled, "Yeah, just a minute!" and shut my bedroom door. I threw on new panties and shorts and came back out, heart pounding, trying to act normal. Mom noticed the washer was running and asked, I told her I was just washing some things. I must have been flustered because she looked at me funny and asked if I was ok. I said yes and went back to the couch to finish my movie.

But 30 minutes later when the washer finished my mom went into the laundry room and before I could jump up and get to her she was saying, "I'll just toss these in the dryer for you." I jumped off the couch and was starting to say, "No, it's ok, I'll get them!" but before I could reach her she had opened the washer lid and pulled out the contents. Then she realized it was just a towel, a pair of my jeans, and a pair of my panties - nothing else. She looked from the clothes to me and I could see the light bulb almost go off over her head. She said, "Um, Steph? Did you..." She trailed off. My face was burning hot and I'm sure was beet red. I stammered, "I'm sorry. I really had to go when I got home and my zipper was stuck and..." She tossed the clothes into the dryer and shut the door and turned and hugged me, "It's ok, sweetie. Accidents happen. A little more often with some people than others, but..." I let her hug me for a second before apologizing again, my heart pounding the whole time. She didn't need to know the whole truth...


Upstate Dave

Shower Pees

AJ your post on takeing a pee in the shower was good. You were quite detailed in your account of what happened when you tried it. Keep trying for it will become easier for you to do.

Now over the years I knew many girls when I was single that I either was told by them that they pissed in the showeer while takeing a shower and this was not only at home but in school showers too. Also I saw many when showering with them they would pee.

The first girl that I knew that did and first told me she did was Ruth. She didn't have a shower at home but loved takeing showers instead of a bath. So she would always shower aft6er gym class in school and shetold me she even peed many times while showering! As our relationship grew she knew we had a shower in our upstairs bathroom and asked me if she could take one when she was over ay my house one day. I told her she could.

Then right after I had said she could I half kidded her askig her if I could join her. Ruth laughed and said come on! So we did take a shower together. While in the shower she peed and I peed too! We stayed in so long we used up the hot water too.

The next time would be when I had moved and was on my own. One of the nieghbors duaghters had become a good friend. She first told me that she too peed while takeinhgt a shower along with peeing in the sink too! Her reason was that all the water went down into the sewers so why not just take a pee! She even did it several times in my shower and kitchen sink several times befor she moved away. Last my wife pees in the shower also.


Out of town Exgirlfriend

Hey all,

Dan from NYC here. Hope the week is going well and everything's coming out o.k.

As mentioned previously, I've never had the fortune of being in the bathroom with a woman as she is using it. Nevertheless, I've heard a few things go on in there, and even the odd blast of gas (on and off the toilet) from time to time.

I will share with you, over the next few postings, my experience with a long-distance, out of town ex-girlfriend of mine. We met through mutual friends, however she lives in another city.

Her name was Melanie, and she was about my height, had wavy, curly-ish blonde hair, B cup breasts, and a nice curvy behind.

One of the first few times we met, she stayed at my appartment for a few days (I think it was 4 days at the most.) I thought 'I wonder how open she'll be about her body and its functions...'

Once when we were watching a moving on the couch, she did a ppfffffft (pssssst..) silent hiss, airy type fart, which went for a good three seconds. This resulted in a few chuckles from both of us, and her blushing slightly. Of course, to make her feel more 'at ease' I wasn't shy with my gas, and when I went to the bathroom, would purposefully leave the door a crack, and not have the fan on, and make a few sounds on purpose. Also, when I showered, I left the door open halfway.

Each time she went into the bathroom, I got a rush in wondering what she might do, what I might hear. So I crept towards the bathroom door (but not too close in case the floor should squeak). On the first visit, the best / most I heard was her peeing, followed by an echoey dry quick fart into the toilet. Shortly afterwards she was finished.

Turns out she was a bit shy the first few visits about her bathroom habits, but was fairly open in regards to discussing bathroom matters. She actually informed me shortly she got home that her stomach was a bit sore from not being able to poop (she usually goes once a day every day and is reg.), and that as soon as she got home it 'let loose' and made her feel lighter. She also said that it wasn't all in one go, but gradual.

I've got a few more tales to post in the future. Sadly things did not work out with her. Long distance is a gamble.

That's it for now!

- Dan


Bus toilet

In junior high school I went on a class trip to Washington DC for a week. On the way home, during the four hour bus ride back to my town, I started having extremely bad stomach pains and knew it was only a matter of time before I would have no choice but take a shit. I really did not want to use the toilet on the bus with fifty or so of my classmates sitting right outside, but when a wet fart escaped and I came close to shitting my pants, I finally swallowed my pride and made my way to the back of the bus.

While I was walking back another wet fart escaped, this one resulted in a glob of shit coming out (i.e. I "sharted"). I managed to clench my butt cheeks together and "catch" it, but I also put my hand to my ass without thinking about it, resulting in everyone realizing that I was going to be taking a dump once inside the lavatory. I heard a lot of giggling and hooting, kept to a low volume so as not to piss off the chaperone, and felt my face turn red ad the embarrassment crept in.

So, I make it to the lavatory, close and lock the door, yank my pants and underwear down, sit on the toilet and have a really painful and loud case of diarrhea. I took the opportunity to check my underpants and was glad to see I had managed to not soil them with my previous loss of control.

When that was finally over, I went to wipe my ass and saw that there was no toilet paper. Also no tissues or paper towels. I already had shit squashed in my ass crack before I had even sat down, but after shitting I had a huge mess down there. I was not about to ask anyone to get some TP for me, so I made the decision to just forgo wiping. I pulled up my underwear and jeans, flushed, washed my hands and exited the lavatory. Of course, the atrocious smell I had caused in there exited with me and those sitting close by were kind enough to wave their hands in front of their faces and comment on what a stinkfest I had created.

I went back to my seat and sat down, trying my best to not fidget at the slimy, itchy sensation between my butt cheeks. Two hours later, we got to the parking lot where our parents were scheduled to pick us up. I just wanted to go home and wipe my ass, which was starting to feel like it had been dipped in battery acid, but my Dad said he was taking me and my family out to lunch. We got to the restaurant and I immediately excused my self to go to the restroom and wipe my ass. When I entered a stall and pulled down my pants, the seat of my underpants looked like a brown Rorschach test. I removed my pants and underwear, wiped my ass (which was sore as hell) then put my pants back on and free-balled it through lunch.

Overall, the school trip was fun up until my shitting misadventure.

brother in law

harmless joke leads to fun confession

my brother is getting married and last week my family and his fiance's family had dinner together. it wasn't a big formal to-do, we just decided to do it. my brother's fiance is 25 and works at toys r us. well she got to the dinner a bit late. when she came in she complained that she was late because she was getting ready to leave work when he boss made her "fill diapers." By this, of course, she meant she had to re-stock the diaper section. My dad, sharp as he is, immediately cracked the joke "wait those things come pre-filled? for lazy babies i guess..." Everyone shared a good laugh and she seemed a tad embarrassed about her phrasing leading to him creating the image of her physically putting on all the diapers and pooping in them, but she thought it was funny. then in an interesting turn of events, the joke actually prompted her mom to make the comment "hey it's not as if you don't have experience in that line of work!" and her family as well as my brother all laughed, but the comment went over the heads of the rest of my family. we all looked on inquisitively as my brother prodded his fiance to fill us in on the story. finally, she confessed that only a few months ago, the two of them along with her family had traveled upstate for a family function, and that she was "dying to go to the bathroom" the entire drive, and then when they got to her relative's house, her uncle went into the bathroom before she could get in, which resulted in her standing outside the bathroom and pooping her pants in front of my brother and her whole family.


Replying to AJ's Peeing in the Shower

Hi AJ. I read your story and thought it was interesting. It must have been an ordeal to have held it as long as you did. Congrats on your mission. Please do post more stories soon :)


to Alexander

I don't have coprophilia, which is a poop fetish. I have a pee fetish. I don't think my fetish is disgusting and I don't want to get over it.


to Alexander

I wanted to add that I just like reading about certain aspects of peeing. There are some things about a "pee fetish" that I've read about, which I find gross.

Outdoor Lady

The nose is running and the pee is flowing

Yes, it is a bad bad cold with extreme coughing. I have been having fits of coughing and peeing rivers with each cough. I had to purchase a bag of adult diapers as I try to recover from this. I cough at night even lying down and the pee flows out. If I was not wearing an adult diaper I would pee in the bed. I sit on the couch and pee with each cough. I am so tired and sometimes I just pee in the adult diapers than go to the bathroom. I purchased extra absorbency. So much pee is coming out due to the coughing that I have very few full bladders during this illness - I am peeing so much.


Three big poops

I haven't posted for ages & thought it about time I shared one of my experiences with you all. It happened yesterday & I'd been unable to poo all week. I was at work & felt a pain in my stomach during the afternoon. At first I thought it was just wind so I went to the toilet to let it out but it wasn't wind! I pulled my jeans down & white cotton pants & sat down. Then I relaxed & let loose a huge load of semi solid poo, destroying the toilet completely. It went on for a full thirty seconds & stank up the toilet. I still felt some more inside me so I gave a push & another big load came out like a rope. When it broke off, I looked between my legs to see what I'd produced & the toilet was half full of poo. I still needed to go quite badly but was afraid I'd clog the toilet if I did any more so I wiped & flushed before leaving. I returned to work feeling a little better but not 100%. In fact I was still busting for a poo & it was getting worse. By home time I was desperate to go. I was amazed at how much poo I had inside me & I went straight to the toilet to finish what I'd started. The only problem was the water was up to the rim from my previous production & I had to wait untill I got home. I started to walk along the road but it soon became clear I was too desperate to hold it & had to find a bush to relieve myself. There were open fields around me & nowhere to hide right now but I knew there was a lay by with some tall bushes by the side so I quickly made my way there. When I got to the lay by, a car was parked with the drivers door wide open. I though it was a bit odd but I was about to poo myself so I headed straight into the bushes. There was a young woman there & she had her jeans around her knees & was about to pull her knickers down when she saw me. She went bright red & hurriedly tried to pull her jeans up but only managed to get them all in a tangle. I was just as embarrassed as she was especially as I was about to poo myself. The woman looked panic stricken & without warning she let her jeans slip down to her thighs as a big lump formed in the back of her knickers. She looked at me & tried to act like nothing was wrong & pulled her jeans up squashing her poo all over her bum. I was about to go in my knickers by now so I knew just how she felt. She ran back to the lay by & couldn't see her so I quickly pulled my jeans & knickers down & squatted over the grass. I had a very relieving poo & wiped with some leaves before pulling everything back up & leaving. When I got back to the lay by the car was still there & the woman was sitting with her bum raised up on her hands. I knew she was loading her pants & it was all because of me walking in on her. I watched untill she drove off & knew she would have to be sitting in a big pile of her own excrement as she drove home.


Bathroom Conversations (Part 1)

Hello, everyone! I know that I haven't written anything in a few days, but school has been kicking my ass lately. Anyway, here's the story:
Yesterday, I went over to the twins' house so that we could study for an AP exam. At around 5pm, Bill decided to go to the nearest Pizza Hut to pick up dinner for all of us. A few minutes after he left, I suddenly felt intense pressure in my anus and knew that I was going to have to do some BIG business. I told Tom that I was going to the restroom and I would be right back. Tom said that he would come with me since he also had to go to the restroom. As we headed to the restroom, Tom said that he had to make a deposit. I admitted to him that I needed to do the same thing.
I pulled down my jeans and sat on the toilet while Tom and I continued our conversation on interest groups. I felt the first two monster logs slide out me rather easily with two loud plops. I started to push out a third log; instead, I let out a loud, buzzing fart. Tom and I cracked up as I finally pushed out the third and final log. As I was wiping, Tom placed a hand on his stomach, and said quietly, "Are you almost done? I really have to go."
I replied, "I'm done now," and stood up so that Tom could take his place on the porcelain throne and I could sit on the edge of the bathtub. Tom pulled down his jeans and sat down, while leaning forward with his elbows on his knees and his hands clasped together. Tom said with a strain in his voice, "So far we've done the true or false and the multiple choice questions. We still need to finish the FRQs. UGHHHHHHH!"
Tom suddenly let out a loud grunt at the end of his sentence and I could tell that he was pushing really hard. I asked, "Are you feeling alright?"
"Can you look back there and let me know if you see anything?" Tom responded breathlessly as he leaned forward a little more while slightly lifting his butt off his seat. I complied and peeked at his butt to see if he was making any progress. I discovered that the head of the giant turd was slowly but surely moving out of him. I said, "I definitely see something! It's moving really slowly, though."
"UHHH! So this is what childbirth feels like!" Tom said teasingly. I chuckled and decided to take it upon myself to play 'doctor.' I said encouragingly, "Come on, Tom! It's almost out! I want you push really hard while I count to ten. Come on, you can do it!"
I didn't think that Tom would actually comply with that command, but as grabbed his hand and said, "Ready? PUSH!" he actually started pushing as hard as he could. By the time I reached ten, his face was red and shiny with sweat. I said, "You're almost there, Tom! All you need is one more push!"
Tom then drew in a deep breath, then gave the biggest push that I've ever seen while making straining noises. After a few more seconds, the tennis ball-sized turd finally came out with a loud splash.
"It's a boy!" I exclaimed jokingly. Tom and I both laughed, then Tom suddenly stopped laughing and said quietly, "Here comes a twin."
The second turd apparently came out with more ease, for Tom didn't strain this time. Tom remained on the toilet to catch his breath, while I went to help Bill, who had arrived a few moments later with the food. I said teasingly, "Guess what, Bill? Tom is a new mommy to twins!"
"DADDY!I'm a new DADDY to twins!" Tom yelled from the restroom. Bill just rolled his eyes playfully and he and I headed to the kitchen to serve the food. Tom came out of the restroom a moment later so that he could eat.

Megan from Calgary

My Accidents, Part 10

Before I start my story, I have one comment for Victoria: Hey girl, your two posts were both great. Don't worry sweetie, we have all been there! Please continue to share your stories with everyone on this message board. Also, all of us women have had an accident with their period, no matter what type of protection they use. I have bled through my pad and clothes on many occasions. And sometimes, your period just starts earlier than you expect it to. Take a look at my last post on page 2011 for example!

Now onto my post…

Hi everyone! It's been a while since my last post on page 2011. My post on that page was about an accident I had in January of 2010 when my boyfriend (now fiancé) and I went skiing with my good friend Inga and her fiancé Matt. I had diarrhea on the Saturday of our weekend and went in my pants a few times. Inga took me back to our hotel and helped me get cleaned up.

I was actually accident free for the rest of 2010. In fact, my most recent accident happened since my last post on page 2011, in April of this year (2011). Since I had gone over a year from my last accident, I had stopped carrying an extra pair of underwear in my purse. I always kept a supply of maxi pads for my periods, but that was it.

My older sister Melanie and I were hanging out one Saturday afternoon in April, before we got all of the snow. We went out for lunch and then decided to walk around for a bit in a park not far from Melanie's place.

During our walk, I started to get an uneasy feeling in my stomach. After a few minutes, this uneasy feeling moved down to my bowels. I knew that I needed a toilet right away. With none in sight in the park, I said to Melanie that I needed to get back to her place to use her toilet. She said "Okay, no problem", and we headed back to her place. I quickened our pace as I was about to lose everything in my white bikini underwear and jeans. About half way back to Mel's place, a sharp cramp hit me and a rush of diarrhea filled my underwear instantly as we were walking. I stumbled into her when it happened. She said, "Oh, are you okay"? I said, "No. I'm sick. I just... Oh god…" Another wave of diarrhea rushed into my underwear, filling up the back and crotch of them. The mess also started leaking out of my underwear and down my legs. I started crying as I usually do when this happens to me. Melanie looked at me with a look of shock and horror. She said, "Did you just… Like… Go?" Sobbing I said, "Yes… Everywhere… I couldn't control it… I just… Had to go… Like, really badly, really instantly." She walked around to see my bum area and gasped. She said the mess was leaking through my jeans around the bum and down my legs. Since it was really nice out, I took off the sweater I was wearing and tied it around my waist to hide the damage from other people out walking.

We finally got back to her place, I went to her guest bathroom to shower and get cleaned up. I washed out my white bikini underwear and jeans. Mel took my jeans and underwear and put them in her washing machine. She gave me a pair of her bikini underwear and a pair of yoga pants to wear while my clothes were in the wash.

So, that's it. I have now posted all of the 10 accidents I have had in my pre-teen, teen and adult lifetime. I hope that I don't have any more, or if I do, that they are not too frequent. But, if I do have another accident, I will be sure to post it here. By the way, I have started carrying an extra pair of underwear in my purse again, just in case.

I just wanted to thank everyone for reading all of my posts and for all of your kind comments. This is a great website and it really helps to know that you are not alone when you have any kind of accident!

Take care everyone!

Megan from Calgary


to Alexander

I totally get what you mean. I actually told my partner about it and thankfully, he totally accepts me for it and even indulges it, though it does nothing for him. he didn't freak out. but he has his own "weird" fetishes as well, so he kind of gets it.

Anna: why don't you go to the bathroom before you go on a walk so you don't have to go during your walk?

new guy

comments & stuff

To: AJ first welcome to the site im glad you decided to join us all and great story about peeing in the shower because as the saying goes why waste water and I look forward to your next post if you decide to post anymore which I hope you do thanks.

To: Amy first welcome to the site im gald your cousin convinced you to start posting here and great story about seeing that girl pee and poop outside and them you pooping on top of her poop after she was gone and I hope you decide to post more stories thanks.

To: Amylee as always another great story about hearing other women pooping and it sounds like the three of you had a pretty good dump and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Alan In Amsterdam first ive thought about changing my name but I havent come up an interesting one and the reason I picked new guy it was the only one I could think of at the moment but since ive been here for awhile I tell you my first name its Brandon I might start using it or at least adding it in with new guy and also great story about your sisters bedpan shes lucky to have you for a brother and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Wendy & Kirsty Wendy great story about you half buddy dump with Kirsty and great desperation stories it sounds like that girl was gald you let use the bathroom and your 2 close calls at least you made it and if had anaccident I know Kirsty would help you get cleaned up and well your friend Louise start posting again she had some pretty good stories and as always I look forward to your guys next posts thanks.

To: End Stall Em great story and I know some little kids can very anoying and heres a good idea to all parents if your in a bathroom or some other public place please dont let your kids run around and be noisy because it annoys others because if your in a bathroom on the toilet you dont some little kid peeking in or trying to open your stall so to put it simple parents please keep your young children with you and I know im not the only one who thinks this I know Jas does and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Cougar I hope you get over your constipation soon and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Amanda V great story about you pooping your pants and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Eileen H great story about that nasty dump you took at home and great story about you pooping during dention and also hearing your friend pooping aswell and great camping story its sounds like you had a pretty nasty time and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Upstate Dave as always another great story about seeing a woman going to the bathroom and I know ive said this before but you are a very lucky guy and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Hermes great story about hearing those 2 women Carrie and Sue taking nasty craps and thus adding another great memory and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Lucky Boy great story about your girlfriend if you have anymore about her please share them thanks.

To: Car Mom first im glad your back and as always another great peeing story and I have a therory why some post dont show up I think it has something to do with the space time contium which for some reason sucks up random post and sends them to another dimention just having some fun but I really think its because there was something on them that wasnt alowed or there could many different reasons and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Shelly great story about your friend Becky taking a giant dump I bet she felt better after that and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Nicole great peeing story and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Dana first welcome to the site and great peeing story and I hope you post some more thanks.

To: The Nanny great story about you pooping your pants and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Magneisa Maggie as always another great story it sounds like you had took a pretty good dump and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Stephanie great accident story I bet you learned you shouldnt hold it for so long that way you wont risk having an accident and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Leanne as always another great pooping story and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Emma great accident story and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

Well thats all for now

Sincerly new guy aka Brandon

PS. I love this site


Post Title (optional)To Alylee

I enjoy your stories like never before. Keep posting !
It looks like you are building a fan club here !

Wednesday, May 04, 2011


Royal Farts defenitions

King Fart:Loud and Smelly
Queen Fart:Silent and Smelly.
Prince Fart:Loud but weak.
Princess Fart:Silent and weak.

stealth pisser

Car Mom, glad you're back

I'm so glad you're back because I can't wait to read more stories about you, Kaylee, and your friends enjoying warm pee in your car and couch! Basically I check this site hoping to find you, because your posts are the best, and I don't really get into most of the pooping adventures. (But I do like yours that you told.)

That's great that you have "christened" the front seats, or at least the backs of them. It sounds like Laura has some imagination. I've just got to go out and examine the interior of a Neon so I can picture you more accurately!

I like to pee here, there, and everywhere (outside my house and car!). Today I peed on the floor of a restaurant and under the sink of a restroom. I'm not really into wetting but like reading about it. I wish I could have shared peeing games with my kids like you. My fantasy would be to raise kids with peeing permitted freely in lots of places in the house, within reason. I would have some cheap couches and chairs designated as peeing spots and simply replace them if they got too smelly.

I wish you all the luck and success in the world. You go, girl!


peeing in the shower

I've lurked here for a while, and now I finally have something to post about!
I'm a 17 year old girl, and I'll call myself AJ for now.

I've always wanted to try peeing in the shower. It's the perfect situation: you can pee yourself and not have to worry about any mess. Today, I had the perfect opportunity.

My family and I were driving home. The drive was about 3 hours, and by the end, I had to pee pretty bad. That's when I decided that I wouldn't directly go to the bathroom when we got home. Instead, I'd hop in the shower and go there. I helped unload the luggage in our car, and by then, the urge to go got stronger.

I went upstairs and went to the bathroom, taking my time to undress while I could feel my bladder begging for release. The sound of the shower water going on didn't make my situation any better. I was squirming while I waited for it to warm up. I had to cross my legs tight and bend over slightly just so that I wouldn't wet myself right there.

Finally, I got into the shower. The warm water splashing over me only made my need stronger, and I was still squirming in desperation. I had trouble letting my stream go while standing, so I crouched in the corner of my shower and made my muscles relax. Suddenly, a spurt of pee shot out. It felt so good after holding it for such a long time. It dribbled out slowly, and soon stopped... But I was still dying to pee. I just couldn't relax enough.

I stood up and moved to a different area of my shower (I have a pretty large shower), and crouched and tried again. More pee came out, and I could see my stream splash below me. The pressure in my bladder was slowly getting less, but I still wasn't done. I stood up, continued showering, and tried again. I stood still and relaxed until more pee trickled out between my legs. It really felt amazing to let it all go.

I finished my shower and sat on the toilet, and relieved the rest of my bladder. Surprisingly, there was a lot left. The pee flowed out of me, and my once full bladder was finally emptied.

I hope that I'll have more stories to share soon!


Outdoor poo story

Heya, I'm Amy, I'm 17 and at college in the UK. My cousin Abbie has told me about this site and I think it's really great! I'll try to post something every time I visit her. It could be a bit tricky to post from home as we only have one computer with an internet connection and it's in the main room of the house, and I'm not sure if the rest of my family will share my interest!
Well, I'd better get started on my first story, which is actually from a couple of week ago. I've only just passed my driving test, and have really been enjoying the freedom of driving myself around. On that particular day I had been needing the toilet (both sorts) during the last couple of classes that afternoon, but decided I could hold it till I got home. I was driving home taking a short cut down a country lane when my mobile rang, so I pulled over into a layby to answer it. It was a friend I hadn't spoken to in a while, so I settled back into my car seat for a long chat. I was looking ahead of me and slightly off to the left, into a thicket of trees, when I suddenly saw a girl who looked to be aged about 13 or 14 walking along. There was a main road the other side of the trees, and when I saw she was wearing school uniform I realised she must be on the way home from school. I was beginning to wonder what she was doing in there when suddenly my question was answered. She stopped walking and put her bag down, and then started to lift her grey skirt. I realised this must be an emergency toilet stop- she was obviously too desperate to make it home but hadn't wanted to use the loo at school, which I can have sympathy with, given the state of the toilets at my college. She had her back to me and so couldn't see the car, I didn't really mean to watch her but I knew that if I started the engine to drive off she would realise I was there. Plus my friend was still chatting away, oblivious to what was going on at my end. As her skirt rose up I saw her underwear, pale blue cotton knickers with yellow and pink spots. She bunched her skirt up around her waist and held on to it with one hand while she drew her knickers down with the other, they were quite tight so it took her a while to get them down. She then squatted and almost immediately a strong jet of wee whooshed down into the grass. It carried on for ages, I was amazed she'd managed to hold it so long. As the stream died away I guessed that would be it, but she stayed where she was. I could just about make out her bum cheeks tensing then relaxing and then I knew she was going to have a poo as well. For a few minutes nothing happened, she just carried on pushing. I felt sorry for her, as I know what it's like to have trouble pooing- quite often I only go every three or four days and then it's a major effort to get it to come out. Just as I thought she would give up I saw the tip of a poo coming really slowly out of her bum- it looked like it was going to be a huge one. I could see her whole body tense as she was straining to pass this monster. Very gradually more and more of the poo came out, it was so thick it was stretching her bumhole really wide. After a bit longer I saw it starting to move faster, as the biggest part was out. When it got to about 8 inches long it dropped onto the grass and a second piece started to come out straight away. This one came out much faster than the first, after a couple of minutes it had dropped out too. My friend had just got off the phone but now I was totally focused on what was going on just a few feet in front of me, plus my own need for the loo was getting steadily more urgent. The girl was still straining, suddenly she shot a few small balls out and did a dribble more wee. She must have finished as she stood up, eased her knickers back up over her bum and then let her skirt down. She walked over to her bag, picked it up and then made her way back to the main road, totally unaware that my car had been just behind her the whole time. I shifted in my seat and decided that I would have a load in my pants by the time I got home, so I waited until I was sure that the girl had got far enough away until I got out of my car. I made my way over towards her massive pile and stood a little way away from it. I lifted my blue skirt, slid my red knickers down and squatted. I started to wee after a few seconds and sighed with relief. As the stream died away I started to push- I could feel a big poo up inside me which I wanted out. Just like the girl I had been watching, I didn't get anywhere for a few minutes apart from letting out a few loud farts. I thought back over the previous week and realised it was four days since I'd last been for a poo. Normally I would have given up, but encouraged by her success I carried on pushing. I was rewarded a few seconds later by the feeling of the end of the poo making its way out of my bumhole. I caught my breath at how massive the poo felt! I screwed up my toes in my shoes, gritted my teeth and strained for as long and as hard as I could. Each time I did this I could feel the poo move out ever so slightly. I was making lots of panting and grunting noises but I didn't care, by now I just wanted my poo out. After about ten minutes the first piece finally dropped, but I knew there was more to come. Another five minutes later two more pieces had come out and I finally felt empty. I looked around for something to wipe with but there was nothing- in any case, my poo had been so hard and dry there probably wasn't much to wipe, I reasoned. I stood up and pulled my knickers back up, I didn't pull them up too far as I didn't want to get skidmarks. I let my skirt down and walked slowly back to my car, feeling much better after that enormous poo!
Hope you enjoyed my story, thanks for reading, Amy.


Holiday Inn Ladies' Room

I went shopping on Sunday morning and on the way I felt the need to poo coming on. I hadn't pooed since Friday so I wasn't surprised. Being bashful about pooing in public, I wished the urge had hit me before I left home. I don't mind pooing in front of my husband, but don't like to go in public. My workplace restroom is one where most women openly do their business, noisy if necessary and don't seem to think much about it (see my earlier posts). Anyway, I was driving down the street and saw a Holiday Inn hotel, so I decided to stop there to use the restroom. I went in the lobby and down the hallway. As I approached the ladies' room, I saw two women come out of a meeting room and walk toward me. They went into the restroom a few steps in front of me. The restroom had only 3 stalls, two regular and the end one was handicapped. To describe the women, one looked to be about 30 and the other maybe a few years younger. Both were dressed in heels and skirts that hit them above the knees. Both were very attractive women. The older one went into the first stall and the younger one in the handicapped one. That left me the middle one between them. The restroom was very clean and absolutely silent - no background music or fans running. I unbuttoned and unzipped my jeans and pulled them down and sat down. My urge was pretty strong now and my stomach made a groaning sound, which told me I was going to be gassy. I hoped these ladies would pee and leave quickly in case I was noisy. I decided to hold my poo to see if they were only peeing. A minute went by. Then another, then another. I then realized all three of us seemed to be waiting. After another minute the woman in the first stall did a PFFFFFTTTTT quiet type fart and I heard a crackling sound for a few seconds then a distinct plop. Then from the handicapped stall I heard a crackling, but looser sounding poo coming from the younger lady. At this point, I could hold it no longer and pushed slightly and a soft crackling wet poo started out of me. My poo plopped noisily into the water, and then it was quiet again. My stomach groaned again and I got a huge urge to pass gas. I slowly relaxed my butt and a very loud BUUUUUPPPPTT fart erupted from me. I was very embarrassed. But as soon as I did it, the lady in stall #1 let out a loud fart interrupted by poo as she passed another long crackling log. The girl in the handicapped stall also started another wet sounding poo, which seemed to get more liquid as she went and at the end, a loud splattering fart came out of her. Once we all started pooing, there was no hesitation. I passed another long crackling poo, and started to pee. The lady in the first stall began peeing as well. Then the lady in the handicapped stall began unrolling toilet paper. I wiped and so did both of the other ladies, and all of us needed to wipe several times each. I pulled up my jeans, saw that I'd pooed a huge amount, and flushed. I opened my door just as the handicapped stall flushed and when I reached the sink, the first stall flushed. Both ladies joined me at the sinks, smiled, and said hello, and washed their hands. I dried my hands and left the restroom. I saw a marquee board on the way out that there was a ladies' prayer group meeting there that Sunday morning. I guessed they were part of that group. Anyway, we all had good BMs on this day. I hated to poo in public, but it went OK, and these ladies had to go too, so I guess it all worked out.

Car Mom

Glad you're back! Have you had to let any strangers use your car again?

Outdoor Lady

The infamous parking lot

On Friday evening a young lady and a young man walked down the street and the young lady waitedon the sidewalk while her beau went into the parking lot to pee behind the cars and facing the wall near the dumpster. Then he ran to her on the sidewalk and they continued perhaps to the local pub. On Saturday there was even more peeing outside as a car with 2 young men entered the parking lot and both got out to pee. One went behind the dumpster and the other faced the wall. They gave each other privacy and then both got back into the car backed it into the street and drove away. About an hour later an older gentleman 50 or 60 drove into the parking lot and waited for his friend. He got out of the car and went to the back of it and peed into the gravel parking lot. His friend drove in and parked his car and boat and the peer joined him with a fishing rod. Both middle aged gentlemen were going fishing. I wonder, did they pee off the side of the boat when needed? I feel that I am doing peeing surveillance since that parking lot gets used very often for those caught short. It is right across from my apartment so I see the action. Due to the objects in the parking lot, a discreet pee is possible without flashing to the world which makes it civilized. I told some of my friends about this and we had a good laugh. We also said that sometimes we have peed like this when needed.

Alan in Amsterdam

Experience with sister's bedpan

Hi there
new guy - how long you gonna be new guy? - liked my story about my sister pooing in the bucket in the caravan, which reminded me of another time.

This time was when we were older. I had left school and was out of work, so was about 17 or 18, so my sister, Dianne, was 15 or 16. She was a passenger in a car crash and broke both her legs. After a couple of weeks in hospital she came home with plaster on both legs. One leg had plaster over the knee so she couldn't bend it at all, the other was below the knee but still quite difficult to bend at the knee. The house we lived in only had one toilet which was upstairs. It was very difficult for her to get up and down the stairs, so when she was downstairs and needed to pee she used a bedpan which the Red Cross had provided. As I was in the house with her it was my job to take it upstairs and empty it. (Though sometimes I just poured it onto the garden). For a poo, she had to struggle upstairs. This she did by sitting on the stairs and pushing herself up from step to step with her arms. It took her quite a time to get from the ground floor to the top of the stairs.
One day she was on her way to have a poo, but she had left it a bit late. I was standing a few steps below her in case she fell. I could see the anxiety in her face and suddenly she said "I'm not going to make it. Quick, get the pan".
I told her to hang on to the rail so she didn't fall, then I went and got the bedpan. "Hurry up" she said.
Hanging onto the railing with one hand, she rolled over a bit on her right side and pulled her skirt up, then she slid her knickers down but I had to help her with that, it wasn't so easy with just one hand.
I pulled her knickers down as far as I could. Then it was still quite difficult to get the bedpan in between her legs because she was sort of on her side and one of her legs was fully plastered and not very maneuverable. But her poo was already showing itself, just the tip, and she was holding it in. So I got the bedpan under her as best I could - this was when they had the old bedpans like toilet seats, not the cardboard hats they use nowadays. I couldn't get it flat so it was a good job she didn't wee too much. "Okay" I said. Then she reached round and held her bum open and let go. The poo slid out, about four or five inches then she squeezed and it broke off, then some more, another five inches or so, then one more small ball. I managed to hold the pan so everything went inside, but then some reflex pee spurted out from her and went over the stair carpet.
She said she was finished but could I get her some toilet paper. I took the bedpan up and emptied it down the toilet then left it there because I would have to wash it out. I took some toilet paper down and she wiped herself, giving it back to me when it was all dirty. Then I pulled her knickers back up and straightened her dress before escorting her downstairs again.
I went back up to clean the bedpan, their were a few skid marks on it. To be honest, I cleaned it by peeing in it, aiming particularly at the poo marks, then rinsed it out in the sink.
I have to admit, I did enjoy my time as my sister's nurse!

Cheerio for now, and have a nice day.


Half Buddy dump

I'd been a little bit constipated today & was sitting on the toilet when Kirsty came into the bathroom saying she really had to go. I asked her how desperate she was & Kirsty smiled as she replied, "Desperate enough to poo myself!"
I told her I'd like that & she took off her jeans to reveal her full cut Yellow panties. I slid myself to the back of the toilet seat & moved my legs apart so Kirsty could sit between them. I kissed the back of her neck while Kirsty kept telling me she couldn't wait to do this & was about do it in her knickers. It was so hot to hear this & I felt her bum. Seconds later Kirsty let out a long fart which I felt vibrating against my hand. It was soon followed by a flood of pee that she did right through those yellow panties & all over my hand. I loved the hot wetness of Kirstys pee pouring through my fingers. She farted again I knew what was coming next! Kirsty began to push & I felt her poo in my hand. It was all soft & squishy & Kirsty kept going for ages. By the time she was done her bum was covered with poo & she got up & let me wipe her bum as best I could before getting in the shower to clean up properly. I'd forgotten all about my constipation untill now so I didn't bother trying to go any more. Instead we went to bed & not to sleep!


That's very interesting about your friend. To answer your question about my babysitter, she was a young, thin girl. She was about 16 years old and probably average height and pretty skinny. What is surprising to me looking back is that she would stink up part of the house every time she pooped. Not just some of the time, all of the time. It sounds a lot like Cathryn. I think there are some people who do that regardless of what they eat.

Did Cathryn ever acknowledge her the fact that she stunk up the bathroom (i.e. warned you that she was going to poop) or did she keep it to herself? Did others around her say anything about it?

End Stall Em

Sibling Sitting Experience--Part 2

This is the conclusion of my story of my most recent babysitting experience--actually house-sitting since I was with Shannon, 8, and her brother Caleb, 4, for pretty much the whole weekend since their mother was out of town.

The food court was very busy since it was a Friday evening. We all selected a hamburger type meal and I told Shannon and Caleb if they ate the whole meal, I would allow them to go to the ice cream window. The problem was that we were in line for about 10 minutes, and although it was moving, it was very slow. Caleb's short attention span was very evident. He would see kids with balloons and wanted to know where he could get one. He demanded to know what we were going to do on Saturday and Sunday and I told him I had left the list on the counter at home. Actually, I hadn't but I didn't want to have another argument with him, especially since there were so many people around. Right after we ordered, Shannon, in her usual rather shy way, said she had to pee. I started looking around for the closest restroom and saw a sign directing us just across the food court. Shannon motioned me over to the side and motioned for me to lean down and she whispered to me that she could go in on her own because she knew Caleb would probably act up. She said she was starting to hurt pretty badly.

Once we got our orders and found a table, I was starting to think of how I wanted to handle the situation. If we just left our food it would be cleared away and someone else would take our places. I couldn't leave Caleb alone, but I certainly didn't look forward to bring him into the bathroom again. Then Shannon looked at me and said "Please...." and I know I had to act immediately. With all the molesters and what nots around, I didn't want her going in alone, especially since the place was so busy. Immediately I heard a noise behind us and there was a boy I recognized from my high school busing tables. I started telling him the problem, and he immediately got on his radio and called security. The cop came almost immediately and he would watch Caleb while Shannon and I went into the bathroom. He could see I was frustrated and tried to make a little humor by saying that he couldn't guarantee all my fries would be there when I got back.

Shannon and I walked as fast as we could to the bathroom because we knew the guard had other things to do. We actually got separated in the crowd, but I could see ahead Shannon actually entering the entry to the bathroom. While the place was busy and there were women--some with children--waiting for about the 20 stalls. I started scanning the crowd and couldn't find Shannon. Then I started walking down the line of stalls looking for her white and red-striped shoes under the stall doors. I was getting a little worried until I got the final and end stall and saw he seated on the big stool with her jeans and underwear resting at about mid-leg level. She had a good deal of privacy and I asked her why she hadn't closed the door and she motioned to me. There were silver hinges on the partition but no door. She was sitting with her knees together, sitting over all but the very back of the toilet, but I felt too far back. I figured she was doing it for comfort, because I could see her feet were were off the floor and she had her arms folded, which showed frustration.

One girl who looked like she was college age came rushing back toward us. She already had her jeans unbuttoned and swore when she turned toward the stall and saw me and Shannon in there. That made Shannon, who is very shy, even more frustrated. She started to cry a little and I pulled off some toilet paper for her to dry her face with. I told her I didn't think she was as comfortable as she could be and that was why she wasn't able to get her pee started. I asked her how the toilet differed from the ones at school (it's much higher and larger in total size) so I took her hands and pulled her up to the very front to the point that her feet were flat on the floor. She said that felt better and within a couple of minutes her stream started. She started to get up and I told her to stay seated for another couple of minutes. She pointed out a girl about 12 who was standing right behind me waiting for the stall, but I told Shannon to be sure she emptied herself. Sure enough, she had about another 15 seconds to contribute.

When Shannon was washing her hands, I could still see how shy she was about using public bathrooms with with others around. She was still embarrassed by how long it took, but I tried to get her to think of how fortunate she was that we didn't have Caleb in there. She agreed with that. When we got back to the food court, our food was not hot, but still warm and Caleb had already finished his. I thanked the guard nicely and he said he had limited himself to just five of my fries. He did ask for a swig of my drink, and when I went to hand it to him, he just said it was a joke. If he wasn't a good 10 to 15 years older than me, I would have thought he was hitting on me. (My friend Allison thinks he was!).

On Saturday, we went to the movies. Shannon crapped at about 1 p.m. before we left the apartment and was happy to do it because she doesn't like using public bathrooms. However, Sunday at the civic auditorium we went to a show called Marvels of Magic with hundreds of children there. Caleb started farting in the lobby when we entered and when I had to take Shannon in to pee, he too said he had to go. We ended up using three stalls right next to one another. Shannon took the first and was able to get her pee going a little faster, I had the middle one and peed and Caleb largely played around in the one to the left of me. Finally, I heard a couple more farts, his obnoxious laugh, and then a couple of splashes into the bowl. Since I got done and flushed first, I went over, knocked on his door to check up on him, and when he stood up to show me the bowl, I was impressed by the two moist pieces he had left. I told him to reseat himself and be sure before we left. I had to stop him twice from unrolling most of the toilet paper and then getting it caught up. Then he asked me a really personal question: how much I use when I wipe. It flustered me a little and I decided not to answer it. I told him we had to get going and I had heard Shannon flush so I knew she was done. He got down off the stool and went to open the door before he had flushed, wiped or even pulled his clothing up.

I had to spend some time wiping him since I knew he wasn't really focused on it. Getting him to bend over for me and stand still was no easy task. He farted once more for me and I told him there would be no more of that. Then I made him lean down and push the flusher. He started to play around with it and make it look like his hand slipped off it a couple of times, but he could see that I wasn't amused. Finally, he used both hands on it and was successful. I high-fived him and complimented him.

When we were at the sinks and Shannon was there too he started making his cheap comments about what he calls "SS" (Shannon's stink). I didn't even try to tell him that Shannon only peed. As she was reaching for a towel, she flashed me an eye-signal about his immaturity.

My paycheck of $175 on Sunday made it all worthwhile, however. I gave Caleb a much better report than I should have, but I know his mother has a lot more important things on her mind right now. And Shannon's so shy and sweet to be with.



I had five golf ball size pellets just now and it took 30 minuts


Ladies, how does it make you feel....

I am sure that every lady who reads this blog is aware that there are men, perhaps quite a few of them, who get a big "charge" out of smelling the aroma you leave behind after you have finished defecating. Speaking for myself, I would love to have the privilege of inhaling Meghan's friend, Cat's bathroom odor or the luck of spending a few minutes in Amylee's work toilets after ten women just finished their morning bowel movements. My question is; how does it make YOU feel? How would YOU react if you knew that a man was going into a bathroom you just used in order to smell what you left behind? Please let me know. I have thought of a few possible reactions:
1) Disgusting! That is my shit for heaven's sakes.
2) Don't care. After I shit it out, I am not interested in what happens to it.
3) Lol. That is funny!
4) Angry! How dare you??
5) Interesting...
6) Other. Please explain.
I appreciate any responses I might get and thanks in advance for your time. As for me, I have lost my job at the bookstore. It is primarily a college bookstore and now that the kids are headed home, they are cutting back significantly on staff. Oh well, I still have lots and lost of enjoyable memories...

Hi everyone! As I said in my last post, my cousin Amy is staying round my house at the moment. I've plucked up the courage to tell her about this site and she says she'll post in a minute after I've finished.
Leanne- great story about holding your poo, sorry you won't be able to post for a while.
Emma- sorry to hear you ended up pooing your knickers at school. I've come close a few times but so far I've never actually had a flow blown accident. I have ended up wearing a skirt without any knickers on underneath though, it happened last year when I lent my knickers to one of my friends who'd managed to poo hers- she had a PE lesson later that day so she couldn't really get away without having any underwear on!
Nothing much has happened lately, Amy arrived on Friday night but so far neither of us has needed a poo. I did have a massive wee and let some farts out just before starting to write this though! Amy says she wants to post now so I'll end here and hopefully have some good stories soon. Bye for now, Abbie.

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