Amanda V
Car Mom- Good to see you back! Reading some of the older posts I get sad when somebody puts up a few good posts then disappears. I was kinda hoping to hear more from Anne and a few others. Anyway I hope your poor car and couch endure many more soakings, it sounds pretty fun!

Leanne- That's good that you made it, I wish I had more situations that had a happy ending, but I usually found a way to "mess" that up, hehe.

Stephanie- Another great read. That definitely sounds like something I would be stubborn enough to do but I don't think I've had an accident like that in my own house where I refused to use the bathroom. However at other people's houses is a different story. Did that accident bother you much or did you start to not mind having accident's by then?

As for that last story, it looks like I didn't get the last little bit of my post on here. I was kind of in a rush to make the cut but I just missed :(. Anyway, what it said was I had a suspicion that my cousin did tell my aunt at some point because I felt kind of a weird vibe around her the next little while, but I didn't know if I was being paranoid. Now thinking about it though, it probably is pretty likely that she did spill it and my aunt didn't want to embarrass me by saying anything. I'm afraid to ask my cousin now because I'm kind of hoping she doesn't remember, but I'm always a little extra nice to her just in case.

After leaving my aunt's I didn't have too much trouble getting away with it. It was a little bit of a gamble getting in the car. If I got in the passenger seat my mom might smell what I had done, and if I got in the back she might wonder why I wasn't in the passenger seat since it was just the two of us. I chose the back because surely she wasn't paranoid enough to think I was sitting back there because I had an accident. After that it went by without incident. When we got out of the car I just followed a little ways behind her, then when we got inside I quickly dashed to my room before she could see anything. I took my pants off to see how bad the damage was. My jeans were fine because it was a big solid poop, just a little wet which wasn't a problem to wash. My panties had a light stain with a few bits of poo in them but I decided to salvage them since they were kinda light blue and just barely showed a stain after washing them. I took them both off and hid them in the back of my closet, then waited in my room for a few minutes before sneaking into the bathroom to take a shower. I think my jeans and panties stayed hidden in my closet for a couple days before I was sure I could wash them without my mom seeing them. Not ideal but better than getting caught. My parents weren't too nosey about that kind of thing so if I could manage to get to my room undetected after an accident, I was basically home-free. There a couple times when I got careless and tried to hide my pants and underwear in this back room in the basement. When I went to get them to wash them, they were gone. It was pretty embarrassing and after that I remember my mom trying to drop hints that it's okay to have a little accident once in a while, without just coming out and saying it. She didn't realize it was probably a huge accident and it happened way more than she thought!

Eileen H

Camping Trip For Hell Part 2/Desperate Detention Dump

Just want to wrap up my camping trip story before I divulge the details of a story that happened to me today.

While showering I felt some serious pressure down below. I leapt out of the shower and plopped down on the crapper. My intestines were making a big storm as I felt the turds rush through my body. Several small turds shot out of me, accompanied by some sticky liquid. I pushed as a big rope of shit slid out of me and into the porcelain throne below. The repugnant odor rose from the toilet and smacked me in the face. I fanned my hand in front of my nose to try to get rid of the smell, but I was still subjected to my own stink.

I finally felt empty. I reached behind to flush the toilet, praying it wouldn't clog. Luckily, my shit was so wet and thin it slid right down. I got right back into the shower, which had now gone cold. I didn't care though because I was in desperate need of a wash. I scrubbed by butt and dirty shorts with any form of soap I could get my hands on. The water eventually got too cold so I had to get out. The noxious fumes coming from the toilet were still in effect. I took my wet shorts and panties and stuck them in a plastic bag and put them on the floor. When I came out I saw JM sitting on a chair near the bathroom. She was rocking back and forth a breathing heavily. She leapt up and stepped into the bathroom doorway. She was hit with my stench. My face turned bright red. She said "No worries Eileen. I'm about to drop a stinker that'll make that smell like perfume." I laughed as she went in.

Luckily, I had no more outbursts like that for the rest of the trip. JM and some other teachers all lent me portions of their food to keep me nourished. On all subsequent trips I brought my own food. I learned my lesson real well this time.


This story happened to me today actually. The teachers at my school all have a rotating duty for supervising detentions. Today was my turn. For the past few days I felt very bloated and constipated. Without remembering my detention duty, I brought some laxatives along with school. I planned to take them early on in the day so I could drop a deuce after school in the faculty bathroom. I knew this was a big one and I didn't want to clog my own toilet.

Before I took them I tried one last time to push something out in the bathroom. Nothing except a few farts.I got quite jealous because I could hear YG (the woman from my previous story), having a nice dump. I could hear the juicy log crackle out of her. When the bathroom started to stink like an outhouse on a hot day, I took that as my cue to take the laxatives and leave.

The period before lunch I could feel some rumbling in my bowels and intestines. I perked up because I knew I'd get rid of this incredible mass in my bowels soon enough. The dean of students dropped by to remind me I had detention duty. I couldn't get out of his because last time I skipped. I started to get very, very worried. I'd either have to take this shit after lunch, or hold it for an hour plus.

I didn't quite feel ready for the bathroom at the start of lunch so I decided to try to eat something. I felt so full and bloated I couldn't eat anything though. After lunch, the usual parade of female teachers rushed into the bathroom to drop their big loads. I pushed and pushed, but again all I was able to push out was a few measly farts. The overbearing stench of the bathroom drove me out quick. I dreaded this afternoon.

For the rest of the school day I felt rumblings in my lower parts, but nothing bad enough to go to the bathroom. When the day ended, I went into the detention room, took attendance, and braced myself for the worst.

During detentions I like to get some work done while still trying to keep the peace among the students. About five minutes into detention, I felt a great mass of shit lower into my bowels. I felt a familiar feeling in my ass that told me I needed to shit. Unfortunately, there is no one to bail you put for detention. I sucked the log back in, but it came back out. I clenched my cheeks as the turd started to peek its head through my a-hole.

Sweat soon started to rush down my head and ass. The sweat soon covered almost my whole body in a thin layer. I tried my best to focus but I simply could not. I needed to shit. Bad.

The constant clenching got very tiring. I checked my clock and saw only 15 minutes had passed. I was so tempted to just get up and leave, but sadly that would land me in a world of shit. Ironically, staying in the room would probably also land me in a world of shit. I could feel the tip touch my panties. I knew i was in major trouble. Not to sound redundant, but I needed to take a shit extremely badly.

I shifted positions every minute or so just so I could feel comfortable, or at least try to. The students were during the usual screwing around (obnoxiously clearing their throats, asking me silly questions) but my mind was in such a different place I could not care less. I gave up on trying to work and spent all my energy trying to keep this monster poo inside me for another 30 minutes. I probably wanted to get out worse than the kids.

My poo constantly poked out as I constantly tried to suck it back in. More of this prairie dogging ensued as I watched the seconds tick down, hoping it would reach the end without me having a huge mess in my slacks. I tried to clandestinely stick my hand into my pants to try to separate my aching stomach and the top of my pants. One students asked me to go to the bathroom. I told him no, as a way of venting my anger. The kid complained about how he couldn't make it (I could tell he was lying, don't feel sorry for him). I thought to myself "Hey, join the club pal."

The minutes ticked down like hours as the monster turd inside me seemingly grew and grew. I was in the home stretch with only 5 minutes left. How I managed to not shit my pants this whole time is nothing short of a miracle. With just two minutes left, I let the kids go. I could feel the turd trying to make it's final push for my back door, and I knew it was coming out one way or another. I was the first person out of the door. I did a speed walk to the bathroom, which was thankfully nearby and empty. I went into the first stall, ripped my panties and slacks off, sat my butt down on the stool, and prepared for bliss. 10 pounds of my insides were about to be dumped into the toilet.

A wet, thick, monstrous log slid quickly out of my butt. The thing just kept going and going. I let out a sigh of relief when the thing finally dropped. I felt more coming. I though "How, after that monster log how is there anything left?" Believe me, there was something left. Another ripe, juicy, heavy log slipped out, a lot quicker this time, but still as long if not longer. Both turds created an incredibly pungent stench that almost made me gag. Despite my thoughts, another turd was ready to be released. This one was just as fat and watery as the other. It added to the incredible stink to create something that can best be described as poisonous.

I finally knew I was done. I was eager to look at my creation in the toilet. Three fat, long logs sat all next to each other, all easily over a foot. Staring down into the bowl gave my nose a smack of the rancid odor I'd created. While standing I wiped, but the paper was white. I felt clean back there. I supposed the wet turds just slipped out without making a mess. This was a blessing because I could not stay in that stink filled stall much longer. I flushed, but unsurprisingly it clogged. After I left and got some fresh air I could truly enjoy the feeling of dropping of a few days worth of shit after holding it for an hour. I wiped the remaining sweat off my head and left. The next day that stall was "Out of Order". I snickered to myself and felt an odd sense of pride.

Monday, May 02, 2011

Hi everyone! Well i'm back from my holiday in Cornwall and very good it was too. Been catching up on the Posts and good reading they make too, i'd love to watch you ladies perform from what I read about you and New Guy i appreciate your positive feedback! Well I told you about my very pleasant experience at Porthminster Beach now this post's about the effects, pleasant, on my bowels. I'm a creature of habit having a bm between 9.00 & 11.00 everyday and the motions consisting of usually 2 medium sized firm logs about 6"-8" long (will tell you about my wife's at a later date). I'd been drinking this beer called "Proper Job" which is a highly hopped beer and its effects doubled my bm output considerably, no mess, but a lovely feeling of being clear and empty so from now on my name for that brew is "Proper Jobbie". Keep up the good work fellow Ploppers and Posters. Bye for now.


Gassy, Sexy Co-Worker

Hey all, Dan here!

I'd like to (as per usual) start my post off with some shout-outs, responses and end with few questions...

Hermes: enjoy reading your stories but would love to read one about YOU using the bathroom!

Leanne: enjoyed your stories. Do you find being active has an effect on your bathroom habits? Crazy that you pooped 5 times close to Easter!!
Thanks for doing the survey!

Abbie: Wow those are some large laods you drop! then agian, it's every 3 days. I go every day and a lot comes out considering. Maybe it's from all the brads & fibres I eat?
Looking forward to more of your posts, potentially about (or from) Amy.

Upstate Dave: you've been posting here quite a while! You've got so many stories! Do keep 'em coming...

Stephanie: I've often been busy with something that I miss a meal, or put off a toilet trip. Sometimes the longer you wait, the better & it feels and more comes out.

Now for my quick story! In one of my earlier posts I mentioned my attractive new co-worker who eats healthy & often. Well recently at work, I'm not sure if she had stomach issues, ate too much, or what not, but she was rubbing her stomach a few times, and grimacing / groaning throughout the day. Once, I could have sworn i heard her fart. She sat up straight, yet arched her back slightly and I heard a 5 second, barely audible rumble-zipper come out of her shapely round behind followed by a 'mhmph' sounding sigh / groan. Nothing really 'concrete' but a definite tease.

Now a few questions before I say goodbye, that are slightly related to my survey:


- Have you noticed if certain things you eat / drink 'change' your farts?

- Do you eat certain things knowing you'll fart up a storm later?

- Do you enjoy farting? (either the relief it brings or other means)


- Are you noisy when you poop? (grunt, sigh, fart, your poop lands loudly, your poop 'crackles',....)

- Do you enjoy pooping? (same as farting question)


- Are you shy about farting and / or pooping, or do you embrace it?? Fairly open ended, feel free to tell why or why not, in which company, and if the opposite sex is a contributing factor.

That's it for now...have a good week, will post around the middle of it.

P.S: you think the Kate Middleton's bowels were acting up recently? Just think of what she went through / IS going through!

Leslie Leanne

Message for Shelly

Hi, Shelly.

I must say I really did enjoy reading the latest story about your elder cousin Becky. She sounds like a real winner of a lady. I have an aunt named Becky as well, and she's quite a looker herself for a lady in her mid 60s. She even has a more feminine figure than I do.

After reading your story, I wished that I could have also been there with you and her. You see, I'm very bi-curious and like both men and women. I may end up paying for my sexual preferences in the long run, but I must admit I just can't help being the way I am today.

It sounds like you and Becky did the right thing to get rid of your big 'creations', if you will, by throwing them away in a dumpster. I don't believe ANY toilet, despite how powerful their flushes might be, would be able to handle a load like the one poor Becky had produced that day. I can imagine for her it might have felt like having a baby! Anyway, too bad we aren't allowed to post hi-res photos of our bowel movements, because I would then want to download and save pics of big loads and the people who can deliver them so gracefully. But then, I suppose we all perhaps need our privacy in that regard.

Anyway, I wish I could have been born to develop a big yet shapely butt like Becky has. I'm shaped like a carrot, unfortunately, and have more boobs than I do a bottom. This stinks, because I don't attract men all that easily, let alone other women. And lately, I am also not able to push out such massive bowel movements as I once was able to during my years as a teenager and young woman. I am 40 now, and have a serious case of IBS - according to my family doctor. He's been helping me out, though, by providing me with suitable medications and whatnot.

Okay, sweetie, that's enough about me. I'd like to know more about you and your cousin Becky. Just how wide in the hips are the two of you at this time? From what you have described about Becky, it sounds as if she has hips that measure 22 inches across or wider. I have seen more than my share of great looking ladies who have small waists but massive hips and bottoms - and yet, they still look just fabulous!

I'll admit I wish I could afford to have both hip and buttock implants installed down in my 40-year-old midsection, but it looks like I never will considering they are not covered by medical insurance plans from any provider. Having wider hips and rounder bottom would make me look and feel oh, so much more sexy and girlie - 100 times more than I do at the present time. Big, curvy girls seem to be very popular where I am living these days, and it makes me feel a bit left out.

Before I go, I still have yet to report on anything good enough to post here lately. But I will say that my IBS has gotten so unbearable that I often find myself using my handheld bath and shower hose to flush my intestines out. I will do it either before or after my evening baths, and most of the time these tap-water enemas are effective at removing the excess waste and that feeling of being too heavy. I'm thankful my medications are helping to curve my appetite, so that I don't feel too heavy, bloated, and lethargic. Until I finally got started on my IBS medication, Sertraline, I felt that way for almost a decade. Not now, thank God, but I still can't seem to produce a good-sized log to brag about here online. Perhaps someday, I will be able to again. Besides, I want to be like, or more like, your beloved cousin Becky.

Okay, Shelly and everyone else, it's now time for me to turn in for the night. It is also almost midnight where I am, and my head has become too heavy to control gracefully. Everyone take care, keep up the good stories as usual, and I hope to post again later on. Luv ya.

Hugs, Caresses, & Kisses,

Leslie Leanne

Herb T.

Poo-Poo Payback

Hello everyone - Herb here. Forgive any typos as I'm typing this on an iPhone. The wife and I are on vacation visiting some of her family in the philipines. We're staying in a hotel in Manila. Well I had to take a serious dump this morning after eating breakfast in the lobby of the hotel - we had some pastries and coffee. When we got back to the room, I took the complimentary newspaper that was on our doorstep into the bathroom and sat down on the toilet. I was naked, because I planned to take a shower right after. I was reading an article on the Pacquaio/Mosley fight and just relaxed my bottom. After a few minutes of sitting there, the poo dropped into the toilet. Right then, my wife came into the bathroom to brush her teeth. She commented that it stunk, and I told her that it stunk because I was taking a dump. She complained further and I told her- what do you expect? Well I wiped and flushed and got in the shower. Well wifey is ready to leave, so I'll continue this later.

Upstate Dave

First Company Outing Part 1

First a couple of replies before my post. Also I have a question to ask too. Car Mom great to see you are back. Liked your post with your friend siting on the backs of the front car seats and peeing together.
End Stall Fun Babysiting can be a chore. As far as Calab the 4 year old boy you have been correct in the way you so far have handled him.
Shelly I enjoyed your post too with Butt Stretching Becky.

Now my question. What makes the female make a hissing sound when a girl pees? I know it doesn't happen with ebery pee but it sure happens most of the time. It doesn't seem to matter if your going hard or not. Age has nothing to do with it either. Same with position. Anyone really know why?

Now let me gey on with my post. I was single and the irst summer when I was working for a local company and was a computer operator I went to the companies picnic. Where it was held wa in one of our local large parks. It couldn't have been a nicer day for it too. Bright and sunny and mid seventies with no humidity at all.

I droveout to the park and got there about 11am. I parked my car and walked over to the one picnic area where our company was having the picnic. I met up with my boss and his family. Pul, his wife Rose, Steven his son, andhis duaghter Marcie. It seemed that all of us in the dadta processing department sat together while the outer office people grouped together too.

It was oriantated so thatevents were for all ages being together. Like a baseball game,playing frisbie, badmitten, and useing the swimmingpool which was close by. So there was plenty of activities for everyone to do which we did do. After playing softball some of the food was done so I sat with Puals family and ate with them.

I was siting at the end of the tabloe with Marcie siting beside me. Marcie was very out going for a 8 year old. She had warmed right upto me even the first time Pual had her and Steven at work and I had met them both for the first time. So as we ate we chatted. After we finished eating I needed to go to the store for cigarettes and moreice for the coolers.

I invited Marcie if she wanted to go for a ride and asked Steven too. Marcie said she would like to go while Steven told me no. So Marcie and I walkedout to my car which I had my Mustabg convertible and we got in and we took off for the store. Boy did Marcie ever so enjoy the ride in my car. It was the first time she had ridenin a convertible.

We were gone about twenty minutes toatl time going to the store,in the store, and the ride back. When we got back we didn't see Pul, Rosie, or Steven. I asked a few other people if they knew wher Pual and his family had gone to. No one knew. So I cheefully said to Marcie; Lookls like your'e with me kid! Marcie laughed hard and said back to me; I guess I am!

Well then do you wantto go and see if we can find them Marcie? Sure why not!she said back to me. Sowe tookk off to hike over to the swimming pool first. That would take a good 15 minutes to do. On the hike over to the swiming poolMarcie was lettinggo with some loud long farts whic some of them were quite stinky. Marcie would laugh and giggle and say that she really stunk! I laughed.

We arrived at the swimingpoll and Pual, his wife, and Steven were not there. So I and Marcie started heading back to the icnic area. Now inthis park there are many treails to hike on. So I had asked Marcie ifshe wanted to take a different path back to the picnic area. Marcie was all for it sowe took a different path on our hike back.

The new wayback would turn out to be a much longer way and would take us much longer to get back to the picnic area. Marcie still was cuting some stinky farts as we hiked along this new trail. Then out of te blue Marcie told me she had to pee real bad! I think I have to s**t too! Marcie said to me.

First thing I said backto her was; Marcie! I was surprised that shehad shit instead of poop or something else. Marcie giggled hard for she knew why I had said Marcie and the way I had said it to her. Marcie first giggled hard.Then she said tome; Dave you were surprised to her me say shit! Oh don't worry I've known about that for a long time!

Then I asked Marcie if she could make it back to the picnic area and go there in the bathrooms. I got another surprise from her. No I can't! I'll just go somewhere here outside! Seeing I was surprised again this time Marcie didn't giggle but she laughed fairly hard. After she did stop herlaughing Marcie went and toldme that she had peed and shitoutside mant yimes befor! Even at home I've done it! Marcie also told me.

Then Marcie toldme where she had gone at home outside. U've been lucky that my mom and dad never had known Marcie had also told me. She finishedby saying to me giggling and saying to me; I like going outside! I know Steven doies it too! That didn't surprise me at all. But I didn't ask her if she had seen her brother go or him seeing her go.

So I said now toMarcie; Well since you have to go and arn't going to able to make it back thenyou can go which I'll wait for you here Marcie. Now I got one more surprise form her. Oh no you don't have too! I don't want to walk into the woods by myslef! Not at all! Please you have to come with me! The way that Marcie now talked she was scared to go by herself. So I said I would. Good! she said tome with the scared sounding toine in her vouce now was gone.

So we left the trail and vut into the woods. The woods weren't all that thick so walking in the woods was not all that dificult forus to do. After goingt about 50 feetMarcie stopped walking. Where she had stoppedwas in a bunch of mixed pine trees and bushes with a small clear spot.

Now Marcie was wearing a blouse and a pair of shorts. I first stood there and befor Marcie did anything I told her that I was there with her but I would turn away so she could go. I got surprised again! Marcie told me she didn't care at all if I lookled while she went. Besides I'll have someone to talk to while I go! she said to me.

So I said back to her; Are you sure Marcie? She giggled hard and shook her head yes. Then I toldher I was going to sit down then which I did. I also lit up a smoke. Whilke I did this Marcie pulled downher shorts, and yankled down her white panties right down wit her panties and shorts at her ankles.

Marcie squated in not that low of a squat. Marcie started rightoff pissing very hard with a powerfull piss stream. It hissed loudly, hit the dirt real hard makeing a big splash oiff of the dirt. Marcie also let out a loud braping sounding fart as she pissed. Thern after pissingmaybe about ten seconds or so Marcie started to shitas she pissed which her stream didn't slow at all.

I knewMarcie hadstarted to shit for shelet out a lonjg phfffiting sounding fart immeadiatly following that fart I heard loud crakleing and a saw a brown fat very fat! shit appear under her! I was again surprised the size ofher shit! I said tomarcie right then; Doesn'that hury Marcie!? Marcie looked back at me with a slight gigfgle and told me no. Then she said to me; Is it that big? I shook my head yes.

Then after Marcie had stopped her short giggle she went onand said to me; I do take some big ones when I go. I'll have to look at this one when I'm done! By this time Marcies shit was a good seven eight inches long andit was I would have to say a soda can in isze as far as being that fat around! Then her shit broke falling to the ground with a loud thud.

Now her shit laying on the ground Marcie was now pissing all over her shit which softhend the sound of her piss splashing but made thesplashing cover more of a area then it had been. But it went more off to the sides then front to back. So her splashing piss didn't copme close to her shorts,panties, socks, and sneakers.

Now the remaining part of her shit got longer and it was well in sight. I saw where it had broken it was very jagged looking.It still crackled loudly. It got longer gooing four,then five, then reached six inches long again and got longer. Now as I watched Marcies piss stream started to die off. Its hissing got less and her stream thinned down.

I saw her shit after it got a goodten inches long suddenly fall to the ground just missing her other shit. So it made a good second thud when it hit the ground. Then marcies piss stream briefly goy real hard again but oly for a short tiome. Then it died right out compl;etely comming to a driping stop.

Now Marcie sprabg right up out of her squat shehad been in. She turned around and took a good look down at her shit that was laying there on the ground. Marcie let out a short hard laugh asshe looked at her shit. Then she turned back around and said to me; See I did take a good shit!!!

Then Marcie reached right over and tore off from one of the young maple trees that was ther a big bunch of leaves from one of its branches. She stuffedthem into her ass andused the leaves to wipe her ass! She only gave her ass one wipe with the leaves. Then she reached right down pulled up her whiye panties and shorts together. Marcie never bothered wiping off her vagina.

Marcie now told e she was ready to go so I got up off the ground and we walked back out to the trail. As we walked I said to her; I was sure surprised that you used leaves to wipe yourslef with Marcie. She giggled and said back to me; That was the only thing around to use! So why not! When we ger back I will go in the bat6hroom and do a correct wipe! I let outa short laugh and Marcie let out a giggle too. We did get back to the picnic area about 15 minutes later and Marcie did head right for the bathrooms and Pual, was back so Marcie took her bathingsuite with her to change into whileshe was going to the bathroom. To be continuied.


Can it just be me?

Most people wont pay attention to this post but what the heck.

I have visited this forum from time to time for the past five years and couldn't help but wonder how most people visiting this forum experience it.My conclusion is that most visitors here have a psychological disorder or a 'fetish' called coprophelia(some mild others maybe extreme,luckily Im mild because some of the things on the inernet are just totally disturbing and inhuman).Most people would just simply deny it but why would a totally normal person be interested in something that society finds disgusting and gross(with good reason I might add) and other people are interested and aroused by it?It just doesn't make sense.In fact with most people if you just gently touch the subject or joke about it, they already take offense by saying its gross or an overshare.

Ordinary people would think a bunch of freaks visit a forum like this one but actually were just normal people.No one around me even suspects that I have a fetish. I'm just tired of having this fetish and wish there was some way to get rid of it. I dont want to be aroused by something seen as disgusting by society because it sucks to be the only person in your life who is stuck with it except for forums and sites full of random people you will never even meet.

Very few people are lucky enough to actually meet someone with this same fetish.There is no way to surpress this fetish because its not something you can avoid or just forget about.Everyone does it.I didn't conciously choose to be like this.Did God make me this way?Was I born with it?Did I become like this through experience as a child?a Psychiatrist may have extensively studied human behaviour but they are still only people like any other and they would also just find it repulsive whilst only trying to act proffesional.I honestly don't see how you can talk about this to anyone without being judged and rejected.I was even shocked when one of my good friends admitted he was homosexual and thats fairly common,but because of my situation it was easy to comprehend his own.The only ones who truly understand how it feels are those who suffer from it.

Anybody else out there with the same problem?


2 near misses

I was shelf filling at work when I really had to poo, so I finished the cage I was working with & made my way to the staff toilet. On the way a teenage girl of about 14 or 15 asked me where the customer toilets were. When I told her we didn't have any she grabbed her bum & turned as red as a beetroot. She was obviously about to mess herself big time so I reluctantly let her use the staff toilet. She thanked me as I led her upstairs to the toilet & as soon as we got there she shot into the cubicle & shut the door. I waited outside while she blasted the toilet with some explosive diarrhoea. Hearing all this made me want to go even more & by the time the girl came out I was dying to go. She had a very relieved smile on her face & thanked me again. I went in after her to find the toilet surprisingly clean but it stank in there. I thought about leaving it for a while to let the smell clear but I was desperate so I just went in anyway. I sat down & pushed out a hard lumpy poo that hurt a little as I strained to get it out. It fell into the waster with a loud plop splashing my bum & immediately another another one emerged. This one was huge & much wider than the first. It took a lot of effort & stretched my anus wide open as it bumped its way out. It hurt a lot too & it took a full ten minutes to get it out. It made a big splash when it fell into the water soaking my bum. There was more to come but this time it was softer & very long. It touched the water without breaking off & started to bend when it met the rest of the poo in the water. It felt like I was passing a rope & by the time I was done there was so much poo there was hardly any water in the bottom of the toilet. After wiping a lot I flushed the toilet but it filled right up to the rim & wouldn't drain down. I left it while I washed my hands & while I was drying them I heard a gurgling sound as the toilet suddenly drained down. Phew! I went back to work feeling empty & relieved.

Double Trouble.

Hope you are all OK.

New Guy- I did not hang around in the museum after all that, and was more interested in getting to the hotel so I could run this "breaking news" past you all.Two new pooping experiences such as this in one week must be a record..

I was invited to a house warming party in the summer of 2008, and I have a story relating to it.

One of my work colleaugues had invited some of his friends - myself included - to his house a few miles from work.It was a hot August afternoon, and we had arranged a barbecue for a select gathering (ie no riff-raff)

Much to my surprise, I found when I got there that "Mr X" had invited Carrie and Suzi, the two Admin Clerks.Carrie was a petite blonde and looked like a younger version of Cameron Diaz, Suzi looked like a smaller version of Megan Fox. Each of them on their own could cause mayhem, but the two combined together always meant trouble of some kind. There was never anything vindictive or unpleasant about them, but they were always very cheeky and up for a laugh. They also had a lot of rogueish charm, and had no difficulty in calming down the many irate managers they annoyed.More interestingly,they were also both enthusiastic "power-dumpers"

Carrie and Suzi were both wearing identical white tops, white trainers and short red skirts.Rather more alarmingly they were already both rather drunk... Now if you ever come across this pair, run, run for your life!

Mr X, Carrie,Suzi and me played badminton for while - Carrie farted whilst playing with a raspy BRAAAAPP! which caused us all some amusement.Not to be outdone, Suzi let rip with a loud BRRRUUUMP!.After that we kept on playing until Carrie knocked all of the shuttlecocks over the fence, to be prompted gathered up by the neighbour's bad-tempered and hungry Rottweiler.So much for that...

I needed a pee so I went inside.As I climbed the stairs I heard giggling approaching as I got to the top, Carrie shouted out "Oi Hermes, can me and Suzi go on the loo first, we're really desparate!"

I let them through and both Carrie and Suzi went in and shut the door. I heard everything from outside. I heard Carrie ask to go first as she "only needed a wee". I heard her rapidly pull up her skirt and the snicker of her pants coming down and a muffled clunk as she sat down on the toilet.

Immediately after she was seated, I heard her do a massive wee which went on for twenty seconds.

This was suddenly and unexpectedly followed by a raspy BRAPPP as Carrie farted, and then a rapid and loud PLOP-PLOP as Carrie did two poos on the toilet.Carrie laughed out loud to Suzi and said "I don't know where them two plops came from, oh hang on I've got a massive fart in there somewhere"

BRUUUUUUMMPP!PLOP-PLOP-PLOP!PLOP!KERSPLONKKK!came from the toilet as Carrie farted, did four poos, then a very heavy sounding poo.Carrie giggled as she said "Yay!Splashback!I've finished! and she giggled again as she started wiping her bottom.

I heard Carrie pull up her pants and hitch her skirt back down. The toilet flushed, followed by the sound of Suzi hitching her skirt up and pulling her pants down.

There was suddenly a massive crash from the toilet and hysterical giggling from both of the girls.

"Suze you cretin!" Carrie said to Suzi "how can you fall off a loo?"

"Hurry and help me up!"said Suzi, who sounded distinctly uncomfortable.

I heard her sit down on the toilet, immediately followed by BRAPP_BRUUUMMP_THLWOCK_KERSPLUUUUNK!

Suzi said "I got splashback too Carrie, oh hang on I can feel a really massive poo coming" There was a BRAAPP-BRUMMP-THWOOCK_KERSPLOOOOOOOOOONK!from the toilet as Suzi farted and did a heavy sounding poo.

There was about a minute of the twosome talking to each other whilst Suzi sat on the toilet before there was a BRRAAP_PLOP_PLOP_PLOP_PLOP_BRUUUUUUMMMP! as Suzi farted, plopped loudly four times and farted again, before she started wiping.

Suzi adjusted her pants and skirt and washed her hands, and the pair came out giggling and laughing.

"Cheers Hermes, thanks for letting us go first, we were both busting for a poo!All yours mate!"

They ran off back down the stairs giggling loudly, off to cause further mayhem, leaving the upper floor blissfully quiet.

We all had a very pleasant remainder of the evening with Carrie and Suzi taking charge of the barbecue and to everyone's surprise, making a rather a good job of it. I left before it ended, although I did hear rumours of Carrie and Suzi playing strip poker towards the end, although this was never confirmed...

Bye for now, take care

Hermes xx

Colonel Booger


Many years ago when I first started running for fitness, I had this niave thought that drinking a canful of Lucozade Sport before a run would be helpful, by giving me quick energy.

But what actually happened was that the up-and-down running motion shook the liquid in my guts, forcing the carbondioxide out of solution. And you know what happens when a champagne bottle is shook... the cork blows off. Well I didn't end up with a cork in my pants. No, what I caught in my pants was a thick deposit of diarroah.

I half ran / half waddled back home, taking off my pants before I went in the house. I hung them on a tree in the garden. They stayed there until my dad removed them a couple of months later. Rain had done nothing to wash out the skidmarks.


For SquatSpotter

Sometimes I would pee in an empty soda bottle.Amd one time when I was little we would be at the Drive-in and I would pee in a empty soda cup,and I dumped it out and some got on the car.

Hello im 18 y . o and got a story to tell
Last nite a girlfriend staid in my house, her name was Christine
She had to poop and when she sat down she farts farts and kept dropping 6 inchers like crazy. plop plop. The stink covered my house
Well . girls do shit

End Stall Em

Sibling Sitting Experience--Part 1

A couple of weekends ago, I had another of what my Dad calls "gold mine" experiences: an opportunity to house-sit two children from Friday afternoon to Sunday evening. He said I especially lucked out on on this job because it paid me $175. I've sat for these two children (Shannon, 8, and Caleb, 4,) several times when their mom has been out on a date or had a school conflict. The school conflicts are often study groups at her colege where she's studying to be a CPA and two weekends ago she and several classmates went to a nearby city for the weekend where there was a review course being offered for what she says is a very tough test that she must pass to get her license. Several of her friends have failed and I've tried to keep Marianne's spirits up as the test approaches in two months.

I had to walk from my high school to Shannon and Caleb's grade school to pick them up. When I got there I already knew the procedure that I had to go through in showing my student ID, having it scanned into the computer and I was asked a test question before the kids could be released to me. Because she's older, I've babysat for Shannon quite a few more times. Actually my first job was with her back when I was 10. She's very respectful and mature for her age, but she's also very, very shy. Caleb, on the other hand is very energetic and can become actually annoying because he always wants to be the center of attention. Like all the time! Before we left their school, I reminded them we had a six-block walk to their apartment and Shannon she had to wee. Caleb snickered and said something disrespectful about a flood coming, to which Shannon took offense. So we walked all the way through the main hall of the school to where the restrooms were. Shannon went around the wall into the bathroom and while there was no door into the bathroom, I had to watch Caleb cause he walked as close to the entry as he could and it looked like he might try to barge in on her. I was getting a drink at the fountain when he came to me at the fountain and tugged on my jeans and tried to pull me into the entryway. I knew what he was up to: he wanted me to hear Shannon's pee stream which was admittedly loud. Then we heard the flush, followed by the sink being used, and Shannon came out somewhat red-faced because Caleb made some sort of face and hand gesture which I guessed was related to peeing.

We walked to their apartment in about a half hour. Shannon had the key on her belt and I also had a spare. It's a very small apartment, but all they can afford. I don't particularly like staying there because I have to sleep on the sofa, which is right across the hallway from the bedroom Shannon and her mom share. Caleb sleeps in a much smaller room right off the kitchen. Anyone using the bathroom pretty much wakes up the whole small apartment.

Marianne had left me a $50 bill, plus a signed blank check in case of an emergency. Mom was going to bring my packed clothing bag by on her way home from work and we weren't about to walk down to the mall food court for dinner until Mom arrived, so Shannon and Caleb watched TV. Since they were occupied, I got to thinking it was a good time for me to go in an pee, since I hadn't sat down since lunchtime at school. I had been seated about five seconds and my stream hadn't started yet, when Caleb came running in and ordered me up and off the stool because he was going to "expand" (I knew he meant "explode"). I stepped aside and briefly sat on the bathtub while I watched him try to pee and he couldn't. There was no need for him to fake it! I told him he wasn't to interrupt me or his sister again when we were in the bathroom. Later Shannon thanked me for correcting him because she said his rudeness has gotten out of hand, but that his mom tries to avoid trouble by just ignoring it.

After my Mom came and dropped off my overnight bag, Shannon, Caleb and I took our six block walk to the mall food court. Although they said they were tired of walking a couple of times, they made it and I was hopeful that they had walked off some of their energy. That wasn't the case with Caleb, who as soon as he saw the large mall restroom sign, said he had to poo. I wasn't sure to believe him or not. I asked Shannon for advice and she said he occasionally has crapped his pants in public places because their mother doesn't always believe him when he says she has to go. So we took him into the bathroom.

This was a large ladies room of about 12 or 13 stalls. I didn't notice any legs in the end one and the door was ajar, so we ducked in there. I latched the door behind us, noticed the seat was down, so I turned Caleb around, told him to drop his sweats and to get up on the stool and get to work. He had that look on his face that I just knew meant that he wasn't going to make it that easy for me. He asked me to pick him up and place him on the stool. He reluctantly took his black sweats and underwear down, placed the very back of his butt cheeks against the black seat, and tried to fake not being able to slide himself onto the seat. I made him, with a little more impatience in my voice, stand on his tip-toes and then slide straight back over the front of the seat.

He started to pucker up his face and make noises to "pow, pow, pow" and similar sounds like he was dropping the big one. I told him to staighten up, sit quietly and within five minutes he should have something to show me. Again, I saw that smirk on his face like he was playing me for a fool. I so hate it. Then he started to complain about his butt hurting, and he took his hands, placed them on the side of his thighs on the seat and then half stood up and with a pained look on his face, placed his hands behind his butt and then under it like he was going to drop the big one. I heard Shannon tell me twice that there were people waiting and I warned him that I needed to see something happen. Just at that point there was a heavy thud from the cubicle just to the right of ours. A lady, apparently weighing quite a bit, had just seated herself and this was followed by a torrential deluge that seemed to last for more than two minutes, time, by the way that Caleb seemed very fascinated about. He leaned over to me and said "She's weeing like a cow" and that's all he could say before I cut him off, order him up and off the stool, and out of the bathroom. A voice from the stall then asked "How old is the child?" I told her 4 and she said "That figures." Caleb asked me what that meant as I pulled him through the doorway and I shooed him and Shannon in front of me and out into the food court.

I'll conclude my story with my next posting.

Car Mom

I'm Here!

To everyone who was worried about me: Thank you SO much for thinking about me and missing me! I'm fine actually, and I do have more stories to share, but for some reason the last couple posts I made never got posted so I just gave up. I don't know why, they weren't much different than anything else I ever posted! So I don't know if I'll post again or not, maybe if enough people still want to hear from me I will! Anyway, everyone is fine, Kaylee and Laura and all our other friends! Thank you for being concerned about me!

Bye for now, The last post that IDs as you (yes we can tell people apart) was on 3-31 or 4-1 and should have been on page 2012. It looks like your post and an unrelated post posts were supposed to be on that page but got deleted with everything around them prior to posting. Everything else, was either spam, part 899 of 34981 of some massive multivolume epic (Faq item 2.13 multiple posts and multipart posts are a disaster), mean manifestos, (Faq item 2.8.1) and even more spam as 75-90% of everything is spam from Russia, China and Eastern Europe nowdays.


Butt Stretching Becky At It Again

Like in my previous post, I'm really close to a couple of members, and my older cousin Becky is definitely one of them. She tells me that she gets the same thrill from pooping that I get, having your anus stretching out to let out a thick, long poop that inches slowly out and empties you out until you feel completely relieved and empty. Here's another story about her, which happened less than a year ago.

My apartment roommate was gone for a week and she was around the area, so I invited her over for a few days. She gladly agreed, and during the first day, right when she came over, she ran into the bathroom without closing the door. I walked in to see Becky, pants down, red faced, and bearing down with her . She was already plopping away and stinking up the bathroom, but nonetheless, trying to withstand her odor, I get behind her, getting a view of her big ass taking out the trash. She moaned as her butthole stretched to let out a thick one. It broke off after a good eight inches, and then she proceeded to push out the rest of the five inches. This dump was pretty different from her usual thick, unbroken logs, being pretty broken up. Nonetheless, there were plenty of turds of all different sizes. She tore off a few squares and wiped a few times, even sticking it in view of me to make sure her butthole was free of poop. I told her "You're clean.", then she flushed her great load down the drain. Afterward, she told me that she really had to go during the last few minutes of driving, and that she was sorry it wasn't more interesting.

Things only got better during her stay. The next morning, I felt a nice urge to poop and woke her up to let her know. I wanted to give her a show for what she gave me last night, so I grabbed some old newspaper, laid a few layers down, pulled down my sleep underwear and spread my ass in good view for Becky. I peed a little bit, only to form a tiny puddle, and then it began. My anus stretched open to let out a good size log. Right there, Becky just had to say "Hey, what's with the corn?" I blushed but just kept letting it out. It plopped on the paper at a good thirteen inches. Then a smaller one at five inches followed, and I was done. Becky was nice enough to walk to the bathroom to grab me the roll of toilet paper, then she asked if she could do the honors of wiping. I said ""Of course", then she gave it a few passes until it looked clean. I made sure it was completely clean by hopping in the shower afterward, while Becky wrapped up my poop and tossed it in the dumpster outside the apartment complex.

Becky didn't have to poop that same day, but she did eat quite a lot to build it up for the following day's evening. We were watching some movies and eating some popcorn and Becky constantly kept farting. She then told me it was time to "release the kraken". I was excited to see what else she had to offer, so as she inched out of her shorts and thong to reveal her fantastic ass once again, I broke out the camcorder on my digital camera to her request. She laid out the paper and squatted over while spreading her butt apart. Once again, her anus stretched to an incredible size as I was shooting this, and an absolutely ridiculously thick log inched its way out. It was about three inches wide, and as she sweated, clenched and heaved this thing out, it got up to a foot before she really had to push. She had to catch her breath for a bit before resuming, and when she did, it was coming out faster until reaching a good 25 inches and slamming right on the paper. It was ripe as hell, but to my surprise, she told me she had another one. She sure did, as another log, about two inches thick, slid out and thudded when it neared ten inches. She was so exhausted that after pooping, she had to kneel as I went to grab the toilet paper. I wiped her soiled asshole a few times (while still recording) and then let her crawl off the paper as I stopped recording, wrapped up her product and went to the dumpster to toss it out (no toilet would take THAT). When I got back, she was sprawled out on the fold out couch, ready to rest before heading back the next day (and also because she got a really good cleaning).

We said our goodbyes and afterward, I plugged the camera card into my computer and watched the video I took of Becky. It still amazes me how she does it; not even I can compare.

P.S. I'm really liking a lot of these stories. Hopefully the future will open up to girls being far more open about pooping, because there is no situation that can even match it.

Car Mom
To everyone who enjoys my posts, including new guy and Amanda V: thank you SO much!

To the person who asked about men and boys: so far no boy has ever used my car, although it wouldn't bother me if one did. Pee is pee, especially if its just a kid. So far all of Kaylee's friends have been girls, so the need for a boy to pee in my car hasn't come up yet. I suppose boys usually just go outside or wherever they want anyway. As far as a man is concerned, for some reason I probably wouldn't allow it. I don't really have any male friends, at least not any that I'm close enough with that I'd be comfortable letting them pee in my car. But I am ok with women doing it now, and that's only been in the last few months, so you never know. Glad you like my posts!

Fruit: welcome! It looks like you might be the kind of person who would like what I post. It looks like you have a strong desire to pee in different places. If I was your mom I'm sure I would allow you to pee in your computer chair once in a while.

Laura was finally over again! I missed her SO much! She called me today and told me she had a hard day at work and wondered if she could come over and have a pee. Of course I said "yes!" So she came over and I asked her what she wanted to do. She said "I got another idea." I asked what it was and she said "I'll show you." So we went out to my car because she said it was a car idea. Then Laura got in the car and she reclined the front passenger seat all the way forward. My car is a 4-door so that means the front seats don't go really far forward, but she did it as far as it would go. Then she smiled at me and she said "I was thinking maybe we could get like this." She then sat herself against the back of the front seat, like she was straddling it. "I was thinking we could get like this on the seat and then pee into it like this." Then she smiled again. Up to this point I or anyone else had never actually peed on or into any of the front seats. But I thought about it and I figured it would be ok since it was the backs of the seats and our pee wouldn't go all the way through to the fronts. And besides that, I could tell that Laura really wanted to do it. After a few more seconds she said "I just figured it would be a fun idea for us." She put her hand on the seat. "Our pee would just go here on the back and then run down the back and go on the floor. I just figured it would be fun for us to do." I could tell she really wanted to do it. So I just said "well I don't see why not." Then she smiled and she giggled excitedly. "Thank you SO much, Megan!" Then she got back up and pulled down her pants and her underwear and took them all the way off. I did the same. Then she mounted herself back onto the back of the seat again. I did the same with the driver seat. It did feel good to be in that position actually. Laura later said that it was a lot like when she was on the armrest of my couch. Anyway we were all in position. Laura looked at me and smiled. Then she said "thank you so much for doing this with me. I wanted to do this so bad." Then she said "I'm gonna start going now." I said "ok me too" and then I began to feel my pee getting ready to come. Then I heard Laura sigh. After that I heard a little hissing sound as Laura's pee began to go into the back of the seat. Laura was peeing. She let out a deep sigh. Then I too began to pee. It felt good. It was warm as it came out of me and went into the back of the seat. I continued to have my pee. I also watched as Laura continued to have her pee. I saw a wet spot appearing from underneath her and spreading down the back of the seat, soaking the cloth as it made its way down to the floor of the car. Eventually it got there, and it began to patter onto the carpet. A few seconds later mine did too. Then I heard as Laura let a long bubbly fart as she continued to pee. Soon I smelled it. I couldn't believe she was right next to me, relieving herself by peeing into my seat and letting farts right there by me. I felt so close to her. I was so glad we were doing this. Then, a few seconds later our pees came to a stop. We both farted, and then we were done. Laura looked at me and smiled. Then she said "thank you SO much for letting me do that, and for doing it with me." I said "well thank YOU for getting the idea to do it." She said "well I'm glad I got it. And I'm SO glad we did it. It felt so good. Thank you SO much, Megan." Then after that she put her hand on the wet spot in the seat. Then she smiled. "I can still feel the warmth." I felt mine. "Me too." Laura giggled and then she said "freshly made by me." I giggled too. Then she continued "thank you so much for letting me make some pee in your seat, and for making some with me. I needed that so much." So that's it. I'm SO glad Laura came over today!

Car Mom :)

new guy

daily dump

I just took a dump in a park bathroom about 15 minutes ago it was about 3 inches long and about 1 inch to an inch and a half and it was light brown and stunk bad like a diarrhea smell or rotten eggs.


To: Sasha

Wow that had to be one hell of a dookey, i mean a big bowl of red beans whoo i mean girl. Oh yeah what about your friend Maria how bad did she have to dookey and what else do you like to eat.



Did you ever see Cat pooping


babysitter pee

Hi, I'm nicole, I'm a 22 year old babysitter

I babysit two kids, Jordan(7) and Sarah(5).

One day I took them out to see a movie. We all had large sodas and we were all very desperate to use the toilet. Jordan and Sarah said they wanted to use the toilet, I did too so we went to the toilets. I didn't want to leave any of the children alone so I took them both to the ladies. I found a stall and we went in and I locked the door. Jordan went first, he pulled down his pants and under pants and pulled out his penis. He must have peed for like 40 seconds! Sarah then pulled up her skirt and yanked her panties down, she started peeing right away. All this pee watching and hearing made me grab my pussy. She wiped, flushed and got off the toilet. I told them to turn around when I was about to pee. They did so. I pulled down my jeans and panties and sat down. Nothing came out for 5 seconds. "Ohhh yes" I said as I started pissing. Just then Jordan turned around and was watching me pee! "Turn around Jordan!" I yelled. "Can I touch your fanny?" Asked Jordan. "NO!!!" I screamed at the top of my voice. I stopped peeing and took him home right away. It was the last time I saw that little perv.

Hi again, everyone. Thank you to everyone who enjoyed my first story. For those of you that asked questions, I'll do my best to answer them.

D. Anderson: I don't think there is anything in particular that Cathryn eats to make her poop smell so bad. She does love Mexican food, but her smell is always very strong no matter what she eats. My theory is that Cat is so stinky because she does have quite a large appetite (especially for a girl who is on the thin side) and she seems to only poop every other day most of the time. I think her dumps are probably pretty big, and big poops are more likely to come out of the water, and I know from personal experience that makes things more stinky (though for me, it doesn't happen very often). Also, Cat usually farts a lot when she poops, and that definitely adds to the stink.

MachoMan: Cathryn does have a very distinct odor. In fact, one time back in college I walked into a random bathroom on campus and I was hit right in the face with a stench that I immediately recognized as Cat's poop. Sure enough, I saw her shoes were visible in one of the stalls. I'm not sure how to describe the smell though. It is kind of like rotten eggs, and it is also a very thick, "warm" type of stench. Was your babysitter a large girl? Like I said above, Cat is on the thin side but is also tall, about 5'10" and 150 lbs. That is part of why I was so surprised that she could be so stinky. Like Tom said in one of his posts, you usually think that fat people would stink more, but stereotypes aren't always true and people like Cat certainly prove it!!

Anyways, I don't have time to post another story right now but I will try to soon. If there is anything in particular people want to know about feel free to ask!



Holding a Full Bladder

This is my first post. I ran across this forum accidently. I have had bladder problems since I was 7 years old. The problem is I can't go when anyone is around. I have a bashful bladder. When I was in grade school up to second grade I could hold my pee and let go anywhere. Friends and I liked to go in the woods. After we played for 3 or 4 hours, we all needed to piss. We used to stand in a circle and pee a storm. One friend used to hold his pee all day. He always did the longest piss, sometimes a minute and a half. There was nothing sexual about our play. But I did tell them that we were all circumcised. My older brother told me about that was. He told me that we were both cut. It is an American custom he told me.

I was invited to play the piano with other kids my age in the local radio station. My mother took me there. We had to drive about an hour. Then we spent another hour we were told what we were going to do, We were interviewed and played. The program was a half hour long. When it was all over I had to pee really bad. I found the men's room and went to one of 3 urinals. I was just beginning to pee, when this very tall young man came in and stood in the middle urinal. He kept looking at me. It freaked me out. I froze up and stopped peeing even though I was still full of urine. I ran out. My mother had some shopping to do. I was in pain but didn't tell her my bladder was bursting. Two hours later we arrived home. I went into the bathroom after locking the door. I pissed for about 2 minutes I was so full. I never forgot what happened, but for the time being I was able to pee OK in school, with my friends, and in other bathrooms.

I will tell you more about my full bladder and what happened when I went to a new school--middle school for 7, 8, 9 grades. I will tell you soon how I came to become pee shy when I was 13.

the nanny

good luck hiding an accident from children...

hello all...

I posted here about 10 years ago, frankly I'm surprised/fascinated that this site is still going in full swing in largely the same format!

Anyway, i can't find my old post and can't even begin to imagine what page to start looking on, and what makes it especially difficult is that i don't believe i used a name, much like i will not use my name this time. Anyway, I'm a 31 yo female, and my post 10 years ago was about an embarrassing incident where i had too much to drink at a college party and i wound up badly wetting and messing myself at the party. well, my partying ways really tempered after that, and especially after finishing college. I never found anything I like to do besides, well, babysitting. i babysat all through high school and most of college and I love the kids so much that I just decided after college to become a professional nanny. I don't really think its appropriate to discuss any bathroom incidents regarding the children so I wouldn't even worry about asking me to share those, however I do have a very embarrassing story about what i did last week...

The family I currently work for is relatively wealthy, and both parents are fairly young (about my age actually) and work in the pharmaceutical industry and work very hard. they have 3 children aged 17 months, 3 years and 4 years. It's a pretty tough assignment to work with 3 such young children but I've been doing this long enough that I can handle it. I generally just stay in their home in the day time during the 5 day work week and leave in the evening when one of them returns home. so the days can be very long. Obviously i have a biological need for bathroom breaks, and I am able to take a couple of pee breaks throughout the day when the kids are napping. I've never actually had an issue where I was in urgent need of a BM while working, but last week that situation arose for the first time, and it wasn't pretty...

It was about 11 o clock in the morning when i began to have a pretty uneasy feeling in my bowels. I ignored it and carried on, and at about 1pm i knew that it was getting to be a pretty pressing need to relieve myself and i began to get anxious about putting the kids down for a nap so i could quickly use the toilet then go back to keep an eye on them. it is VERY difficult in that sense to be alone with 3 such young children, because you absolutely CANNOT leave children that age along, they require constant supervision as kids are very curious and will do all sorts of things. i also cannot take all 3 of them into the bathroom with me when i'm going poop! so it's a delicate situation to have to go so badly when watching them... i decided to get them down for a nap, because at least if all of them are sound asleep i would have enough confidence to quickly run to the toilet for enough relief that i could hold the rest in for when i went home. i got them all down for nap time and it was just in the nick of time, because i was really desperate to poop at that point and it was taking a lot of energy to keep anything from coming out in my pants. i turned and got about two steps out of the bedroom when the baby started crying very hard. my heart absolutely dropped, and i just stood frozen in the hallway with my mind in a whirlwind, because i had to accept that i was either going to ignore an infant in distress, or i was going to poop my pants. what was i going to do? i'm a professional nanny. i went back into the bedroom to comfort the baby, and as i held her i couldn't control it anymore and i filled my underwear with a creamy, lumpy poop that came out fast and quietly. it was such a relief to go but i had a weird tingly sensation on the left side of my head and down my neck, and i broke out in a sweat. i felt my face burn hot with embarrassment... i couldn't believe i had just pooped my pants. i had no clue what to do. i had to finish calming the baby down and getting her to fall asleep, and when i did i just stood there in complete helplessness and disbelief, with a major squishy load in my pants. it felt like it was well contained in my gray cotton panties because i had fairly snug fitting black workout pants on that seemed to hold the contents of my underwear in place. thankfully i didn't have jeans on or anything that would allow the mess to slip out of my underwear and go down my legs like my college accident. the fact that my pants were black helped the situation too because there would not be a visible stain... the problems were the smell and the fact that there was a visible bulge on my butt. i waddled gingerly over to the baby's changing station so i could gather up some wipes and hopefully get enough time in the bathroom to clean myself up. but as luck would have it, both of the toddlers were awake...they were already up and about again after a very brief nap, and they were excited about something and i couldn't get them to calm down and continue their nap. so i had to just try and keep up with 2 playful toddlers with a load in my pants, and it was not easy, not to mention very uncomfortable. only the 4 year old is potty trained, and he was of course the one who eventually became wise to the fact that i had, as he put it "did poopies," and shared the information with his 3 year old sister. he had all kinds of other things to say about it, which i feel too embarrassed to write in text... basically, he found it very amusing that a grownup "did poopies" in her pants. my main concern at that point was really hammering home the point that what i did was the wrong thing so as not to ruin the progress he's made with potty training, and to not encourage the 3 year old that pooping her pants is ok because grownups do it.

so the rest of the day was, as you can imagine, pretty terrible. especially having to change the two younger ones while not being able to change myself. around 5pm i knew either of the parents would be arriving home within the hour, and i really didn't want them to know what i'd done to myself. i should've known it was a futile effort with the two toddlers, but i let myself believe them when they promised not to tell. i actually prayed perfume on my butt and then tied my sweatshirt around my waist to hide the bulge, and spritzed a bit of air freshener throughout the house. the father arrived home first...despite the measures i'd taken to mask the odor of my accident, the mess was still in my pants, so the smell was still noticeable...not long after he came in did he say "someone needs a change!" in a sing-song parent way like you would say to your young children. but as soon as he looked at the 3 year old to check and see if it was her, she threw her promise to me straight out the window and pointed at me saying "she change!" he checked her anyway then moved on to check on the baby, apparently not having taken into account what the 3 year old told him... when he noticed the baby was clean too, he looked at his 4 year old son with concern, and then out of no where, it hit him what his daughter had told him. he looked at me with confusion, and i couldn't hold back the tears, i was so humiliated! he had no idea how to react and just kind of stood there quietly trying not to look at me. i should have just let it go and got the hell out of there, but i felt the need to justify myself, and in a blubbering sobbing incoherent monologue i explained to him why i had pooped my pants in front of his kids. he was still pretty shocked and mumbled something like "hey, it happens i guess...i'm sorry" and then just asked me out of polite concern if i was ok or if i needed anything. i just got my things together and left, despite how badly i wanted to take a minute to go in their bathroom and FINALLY clean myself up.

the next morning, going there was absolutely dreadful, i had no idea what they would think of me or say to me, or if i was still even allowed to care for their children. the mother was very cold and stand-offish to me, which was upsetting, but the father was as friendly as ever trying to act like nothing happened and make me feel better. the mother left for work first, and he explained that she was only concerned about it setting a bad example for the kids, but he understood it was an accident and i obviously didn't mean to do it, and he told me if it was up to me if I ever wanted to have an assistant so i could take a break...

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