Eileen H

Camping Trip From Hell Part 1

I got my start in teaching at a public grammar school about 15 years back. Man, saying that makes me feel real old. I taught 7th and 8th grade English and was one of the 7th grade homeroom teachers. Anyway, at this grammar school there is a yearly field trip for the 8th graders to the local wilderness camping center. I went for all of the 7 years I taught at that school, and it was a blast every time, except one (we'll get to that). It was a three day excursion (three days, two nights).

This story was my first year on the trip as a chaperone. Newer teachers are always "volunteered" by older ones because they don't want to deal with the hassle anymore. On the first trip I was with some teachers and parents I had already become friendly with. They had all been on the trip a few times so they knew the ropes and were glad to help me. They had neglected to tell me one major lesson that I would soon learn the hard way.

I noticed my colleagues had all brought food for the three days. When I asked them about it, one teacher (we'll call her JM) told me the food there would give me "the runs real bad." I jokingly told her not to worry because I had an "iron stomach." As she laughed I secretly panicked. The last time I had diarrhea was in high school (we'll save that story for next time). I tried to calm myself by telling myself she was probably exaggerating, or maybe she just had a weak stomach. We arrived too late for lunch, but too early for dinner, so I was left with this fear for a few hours.

We got our own section of the mess hall, which was actually pretty nice. Wooden tables and chairs for everyone, and our own food selection. When one of the camp's counselors was giving a speech to the students I was eying the food. They were serving mac n cheese, hamburgers and cheeseburgers, microwavable pizza, and a bunch of other stuff. I got a plate of mac n cheese and went back to the teachers table. I was one of the few people with the camps food. I got some worried look from the other teachers as I ate. The food tasted fine. I didn't immediately feel any affects, so I thought I was fine.

The cabin I was staying at was divided by female students and female teachers/chaperones. There were about 20 students divided into their different rooms, and 3 chaperones. We had two rooms. The eldest teacher had her own room, while JM and I had to share a room, with separate beds thankfully.

I felt some rumblings and gurgling in my stomach. I knew my dinner had made its way through my digestive system and was on its way to come out in the most violent way possible. I thought about going to the toilet, but I was too tired. I went to be thinking "Man, it would suck if I shit the bed."

I woke up and wasn't covered in liquid shit so I considered that a victory. JM came out of the bathroom and gave me a funny look. When I asked her about it she said "You didn't hear?" I asked her what she was talking about. She told me I was farting all night. Loud and smelly. My face turned red, but she promised to keep it a secret, as long as I buy some frebreeze or at least open the window. I went to open the window. I definitely smelled something. The door and window were closed all night, so the stink was still in effect.

At breakfast, JM gave me a granola bar. It was very generous of her, but I needed more for the big hike ahead and I didn't want to ask anyone for food. I got some scrambled eggs and bacon. When I finished I could feel the breakfast getting added to the party in my lower regions. Before we left for the hike I went to the bathroom to try to clear some of this out. While the other women were all having big morning dumps, I couldn't push out anything. I knew it was coming, I just had to wait.

The girls and my fellow chaperones all prepped for the big hike. The camp counselors made it into a race of sorts. While all the girls and chaperones were excited, I had far more pressing issues. When we left I could feel a sudden surge of pressure to my bowels. It was too late to rush back to the bathroom. I just had to stick with it.

Constantly clenching my cheeks added some more physical activity to this already strenuous exercise. I was the first one to break a sweat, about 5 minutes in. I was sweating all over by 10 minutes. My asshole felt moist and greasy. I knew the shit was at the back door, I just needed a spot to let it out. My stomach gurgled as my butt grew sore from the constant clenching. I used my hand to hold them together as I struggled to walk. JM glanced at me and knew my situation was bad. She asked if we could take a break. The counselor said there was a rest stop up ahead. I breathed a sigh of relief. I just needed to make it through these few last minutes. I was going to explode on that toilet.

When we got to the stop I nearly cried with relief. I asked the counselor where the bathroom was. She pointed me to a wooden outhouse. It was better than nothing. There was already a line. Two students were in front of me, and several more came in back of me. Even on the outside I started to smell the stench of the outhouse. It was bad, but not as bad as my need to take a slippery shit.I kept my cheeks clench as relief sat just a few feet away. The three girls were all in there awhile. I guess the food was taking its toll on them too. When the last one came out, I overcome with joy. I rushed in and undid my belt and zipper. I slid them down as I laid my butt on the wooden seat.

The smell outside may have been bad, but in the outhouse it was on a whole other level. An outhouse on a hot day is the last place you want to be. The stink was a mix of poo and pee. Man it was terrible.

Hot, runny shit immediately rush out of me. I wiped the sweat of my forehead as more vile liquid came out. Big ropes of shit came out too. I felt like someone was pulling a rope from inside me out of my asshole. Like I was unloading everything inside me. Sheer bliss until I heard a knock on the door. I snapped out of my dream-like state as I pushed more stuff out. I call it stuff because it wasn't quite shit, but wasn't quite liquid. A mixture of both that wrought hell on my asshole, and stunk up that outhouse even more. I prayed for a fan, a match, or even just a window to open. Sadly, I was stuck with the stench for a few more minutes.

After some more of this turd/liquid combo shot out of me, I felt empty. I reached for the toilet paper, but it was empty. I heard another knock. Without thinking a pulled my shorts up. I heard a squishing on my panties. I immediately felt disgusting. I came out and saw the girl who was knocking. I told her to get to the back of the line for being such a rude bitch (I didn't call her a bitch, but she totally was one). The line had grown significantly, and we left before everyone got to go. I felt the leftover shit mush around my butt. Some people call this "mud butt" or "swamp ass." Whatever it was, I had it bad.

Thankfully, no more bathroom trips were needed on the rest of the hike. When we got back to the cabin I rushed into the bathroom. I peeled off my panties and shorts and surveyed the damage. Mud butt is definitely an apt description of what it looked like back there. The shorts and panties stunk pretty bad. I started the shower and washed back there. I didn't know what to do with the shorts and panties. I decided to just toss them on the ground of the shower to get clean. I had no better ideas.

This story is a lot longer than I remember. I will split this up into parts, so stay tuned for more.

To be continued...

Magnesia Maggie

My Spring Break Story

Last week on my spring break I was allowed to travel alone 1,559 miles to visit my grandparents. My parents paid one half of my airline ticket and I was required to earn the other half which I did from babysitting.

As I've told you about in my previous posts, I don't really have a problem peeing away from home in public places, because I'm only seated on the stool for two minutes or less and Mom taught me years ago to sit as close on the front of the seat as possible because that way me pee stream hits the front of the bowl and doesn't make the noise it would otherwise in splashing into the water. However, crapping in a public bathroom, especially when it's very crowded and under pressure like at schools or at concerts, is really tough. I could sit for 10 or 15 minutes without getting even half of my crap out. To add to my frustration, Mom, based on the advice of my doctor, has begun insisting hat I talk Milk of Magnesia in the morning if I've gone a couple of days without a BM. That so sucks for the situation at school, she knows it, but she's hopeful I can produce at home in the morning before I leave for school; often that's not the case. So I end up with what my best friend Gretchen calls my "laxative load" at school.

Mom gave me Milk of Magnesia for my purse as I was packing and she dropped me off at the airport at 5 a.m. She had a need to get in a couple of hours at the office before the others got there, so she left me alone which was fine. I got a cup of coffee and after about a half hour, after I had drank about 3/4 of it, I was starting to feel activity in my lower gut. This was so strange because right after waking up at 4 a.m. I had used the bathroom and only was able to pee. So I got to thinking about what it is about coffee that helps my bowels as I finished off the rest of it. After checking in and getting rid of my luggage, I headed into the nearest bathroom. One one side of the room there were about 15 stalls and immediately on the other side there was another 15. I looked to my left, found an open door, and immediately went in. I closed the door, being more careful to latch it than sometimes I am at school, laid my carry-on bag on the floor in front of me, and I felt amazingly confident that I was going to be able to take a productive crap.

I ripped my jeans and red underwear down to just above my knees and carefully placed my butt on the seat. I'm conservative about how much of myself I show, because of the peekers that see piss me off at school so I my underwear up a little higher. I don't think I was seated for even 30 seconds before the head started to slide out and I rocked forward, giving it a moderate push. It felt so good coming out so easily and in full form because often I'm risking a massive mess at school due to the laxative I take. I was also surprised and amused by something I had not seen before. A colorful car rental ad on the partition of my cubicle on the left and one the right subscription information for a national business journal, a newspaper I guess. A lot less crude than what I'm exposed to at my high school.

It only took me 10 seconds of pushing to get my crap out. There was no gas or other noise. I stood and partially turned around to see the stool. I was amazed. One long log curled in about three snake-like circles. Soft, but not mushy. No pain to my rectum. No blood for excessive pushing. Before I took the chance to cover it with toilet paper, I reached in my left jeans pocket and took out my phone. Opened it and zeroed in for two close-up pictures. I was so proud. Then I re-seated myself, admired the differences between the two shots I took, while pissing a little onto the crap. Then, while still seated, I cleaned myself. It took me about five wipes. One piece hit the front of the bowl and fell onto the floor between my legs. A carefully reached down to pick it up without soiling my hand and deposited it into the bowl between my legs. Then I took another piece of paper off and wiped about a half inch of smear that had been left on the floor.

I stood, took about three or four more seconds to admire the bowl I docorated, and reluctantly reached down and flushed it. Then I pulled up my underwear and jeans. I was in such a good mood because I had been so successful (and without a laxative) and probably only been in the cubicle for 5 or 6 minutes at best. What's more I had tuned out the activity in the other cubicles that was now getting more noisy.

I grabbed my bag, and opened the door. There was an older lady there waiting for the stall. She threw me a real cold icy stare and said something about me taking too much time. I started to say that I was sorry, but she brushed around me and I stopped to think F*** Y** B****!

As I started walking around the wall and into the other side of the room where the sinks were, my mood was broken and I got to thinking that she was probably the hover pisser-type that I hate because they splash and don't wipe the seat off afterwards. Then I flipped open my phone and took another look at the pictures to reassure myself that I had done something right and I started to cry a little. I washed my hands then went out into the terminal to wait for my boarding announcement. Several times during my boring wait, I opened my phone and reassured myself of what I had done.

I took four other craps just about as good on the rest of my week-long trip. I took pictures of each. They're part of my history, I guess.

Upstate Dave

School Field Trip Part 1

I'm sure many here have taken field trips when you were in grade school. Some of you here have posted about them. I like you took field trips too. Some were inside while others were outdoors. T^his trip was a outdoors one. It was for science which we were going to look for local birds, insects, flowers, and other plants. This trip was when I was in third grade.

Now the day came which was a Friday and we boarded using two busses for the trip. We had three teachers with all of us kids. Mr.& Mrs Retzlaff (gym teachers who were husband and wife)As for the science teacher that was Mr. Thorton. Now all of us were given insructions before the busses would leave. Stay together,pick a buddy, and if a situation came up see opne of the teachers.

The busses pulled out and we were on our way. My buddy was the blonde that lived across from me who was Diane. She picked me for I was a good friend and I wa good in science. It was fine with me. So we sat together in the bus. The ride on the bus was a half hours time. I remember that we were at a large farm where there were fields and woods.

We took a hike going through three different fields first. This with our large group took another twenty minutes. Then we stopped. We then started looking around and we gathered up smaples of plants, and flowers. We all had a list offlowers and plants to get. So Diane and I went looking together and we managed to find what was on the list. By thetime everyone was done another hour had passed.

Now we had to do the birds and insects part. Insects we could collect but birds we had to see them only. This would be the longer part to do. Finding the insects on the list turned out not to be all that bad. In a hafl hours time Diane and I had everyone on the list taken care of. All we had left was the list of birds.

This si where Diane would be the better person for this for her eyesight was much better then mine for looking at a distance. So she and I headed to where this field met the woods and there were plenty of tall bushes along the edgeof the woods and field. As we4 walkked toigether now heading towardsthe edge of the field Diane told me she had to piss and shit and she had to go right now!

There was no way Diane could head back to see Mrs. Retzlaff tell her she had to go to the bathroom and have her take her somewhere to go. We both did look to see if we could sot her but she wasn't in sight. With our lookingaround we did see other kids off in the distance which none of them were all that close to us.

Diane and I both ducked into the bushes we had now reached. After pushing our way through one bush we came out on its other side and there was space betweenit and a old stone wall. This was fine as fae as Diane was concerned. Diane was wearing a white short sleeve top and a pair of blue shorts. Diane in a instatnt had her blue shorts pulled down and slipped them over her sneakers! Then she slipped her white panties down and did the same with them removing them completely too!

Diane sqauted down in a medium squat. Diane started to piss sending out a hard loud hissing yellow stream of piss from her vagina. As Diane pissed hard she told me the reason why she had taken her panties off. I may need them to wipe with after I shit. I hope that I don't have to. Diane pissed hard for I would have to say close to twenty seconds.

Then her piss stream slacked right off but didn't stop completely. Diane let out a loud blating sounding fart. Then she started to shit right after farting. I saw her shit emerge under her which it was a smooth looking brown shit that was moving very quickly. It didn't take long at6 all for her shit to be close to eight nine inches long and then it fell into the high weeds making a dull thump.

A second or two later I saw a second shit apear under Diane. This one like the first shit was smooth and close to being the same color brown. It was'nt as big around as her fisrt shit too. But it was moving as quickly as her first shit. This shit reached about six inches in length and it shot hard down into the high weeds and following right after this shit Diane released severla four five inchers in a row. Then she was done.

Diane stood up. I'm going to need my panties to wipe myslef. I feel pretty shity back there as Diane reached around with hern white panties in her hand. She gave her ass one quick wipe lookled at herpanties and did a second wipe after turning the panties over. Diane wound up wipeing her ass twice more and had me take a look after her fourth wipe to make sure she had got all of her shit off from her.

We need to hide my panties Diane said to me now as she stood there without putting her blue shorts back on yet. I got the place to hide them right away. I turned and I took off from the stone wall a large rock and Diane smiled said to me; Good idea! She tossed her panties where I had lifeted the rock up and I let the rock go and they were hidden.

Now Diane put back on her blue shorts. She told me she was ready to do the birds now. I told her wait a minute Diane. All right if I piss befor we do? Diane laughed and told me to go ahead. So I yanked down my zipper and I pulled out my penis. I was faced to the stone wall and I sent out from my penis a strong stream of piss at the stone wall.

My piss hit several small rocks wetting them and makeintg a big splash which my splashing piss wetted more of the piled up stones. Diane was smiling as she watch me piss on the rocks of the stone wall. My stream was sightly yellow in color. I took a good long piss too. I did finish it off by doing three good spurts and then I was done. Now Diane and I walked out from this spot and moved to a different spot and started to do the bird list. To be continuied.

Diane and I were finished with everything that was listed on our list paper. So we started back to find Mr Thorten and turn our papers in. What also had been planned was lunch which there were sandwhiches and drinks waiting for any one that wanted them. As Diane were walking back to find Mr Horton we heard both Mr. and Mrs Retzlaff blow thier whistles which was for everyone that it was time to return for lunch.

Diane and I did find Mr. Thorten handed our papers in to him. He told both Diane and I both he had another list made up for a extra grade. Dianer and I both took that list from him. Then we walked over where we could get sandwhiches and drinks which were pints of mik or orange juice. Diane and I bothchose oj. We then sat in one of the busses and ate our lunch. Then when we finished we left the bus picked up two more pint cartons of oj and our extra garde lists and we headed off together.

This second list was a mix of plants,insects, and birds. Some pof the plants would be easy to find while others would not. It was the same with the birds and insects. She and I headed where we knw that some of the plants and insects would most likely be. That was a pond with a small swampy area with the pond. So that is where we went first. On the way we came across a wild strawberry patch which was on the list so we picked a few and put them in our container.

We reached the small pond and swamp. Here Diane and I got two items on the list right off. Cattails forthat was in the plants and tadpoles was the other. Then as we were there at the pond and swamp area we rechecked the list for any other items which could be found here. There was three more. Dragonflies,lillypads, and frogs. So Diane and I had seen lillypads way over in the swampy area so we had to work our way over to where we had seen them.

There was heavy brush we had to go through so that slowed us up. We did mange after some time to get where we needed to be as far as geting lillypads. Diane had no problem getting hers for she had worn shorts. I had worn jeans. Diane did say to me that she would get me a lillypad but I told herthat I'll get one for myslef. Ill jst take of my sneaks and socks along with my jeans. I have to piss anyway Diane. Diane let out a hard giggle and she told me she had to piss too. I'll wade out with you.

Now where we waded out wa where there was thick reeds and the large bushes. So we did have plenty of cover to keep us from sight. I first opened the slit in my white briefs and pulled my penis out to piss. I aimed it at a big bunch of reeds that were a few feet away from me. I started to piss which my stream went over right into the reeds and wouldn't you know some dragon flies flew out from them along with several bullfrogs jumped out of them too makeing splashes in the water as they jumped in.

Both Diane and I laughed pretty hard. Then afetr we had stopped our laughing Diane said to me; Dave do you think yopu pissed on one of the frogs or dragonflies? I answered Dianes question saying to her; I might have. I took a pretty good piss too. I did have my piss stream ease of slowly whichit came back almost all the way back to me. I didn't need to do any finishing off spurts so I just slipp[ed my poenis back inside my briefs and now stood there to watch Diane take her piss.

Diane slipped her blue shorts down to her knees. She just barely bent her knees soshe was only hadthe slighyest of a squat. It took Diane afew seconds to start pissing. When she did start her stream wasn't all that hard. Her stream was thin, twisted, and straight down makeing a soft splash in the water. As the seconds ticked by her stream did strengthen with the eahd of her stream widened, the wtist got longer, her stream started to hiss, and splashed much more in the water.

Then Diane with piss went the oppisite way with her stream thining down. The head of her stream narrowing, the twist thining down along with it getting shorter, and its hissing and splashing getting softer. Then its hissing stopped befir her stream became a dribble along with two dribbling stream off her asscheeks. Then she did stop and let her piss drip until it stopped dripping.

Diane reached into one of the pockets in her blue shorts and took out a napkin. She used it to wipe her crotch,asscheeks, and last her vagina. Then she pulled up her blue shorts. Bow we were done and we waded out ofthe water. I put back on my jeans,socks and sneakers. We then left the pond and swamp area and headed over back into the field areas and manged to find the thgree last remaining items on the extra list. We then walked back over found Mr. Thorten and yurned in our extraq garde lists. Then Diane and I boarded one of the busses and sat and waited for about 15 minutes which was the remaining time left,

The Retzlaffs blew thier whistles and soon eveyone was back and in the busses and we headed back to the school. All of us talked about the field trip on the way back. Everyone seemed to haver a great time. Diane and I sure did! Once back at school we had a twent minute wait and schook was over. Diane and I walked hone together. The End


Studied Too Hard, Held it Too Long

Amanda V - Great story about your accident at the park while watching your cousin. I'm shocked she kept your secret! I don't know many kids that young who would have. Sounds like you got very lucky. How did you deal with the jeans and panties afterwards to keep your mother from finding out with the laundry, etc?

My next accident is one of the stupidest I've ever had because of the circumstances. It was right at the end of my junior year of high school and I had a big final paper due for one of my classes. It was a Sunday night and the paper was due the next day. I had been scrambling to work on it all weekend because I had mostly put it off and procrastinated for the previous few weeks since getting the assignment and now I was having to work my butt off to finish it in time since it was going to be a very big part of our grade.

As a result I was ignoring my body and my need to go to the bathroom. I remember it was late at night, like around 11 pm, and my family had already gone to bed and I was the only one still up, in my room at my computer at my desk, typing away, a pile of books and notes around me. I was just wearing panties, short grey sweat shorts, and a baggy t-shirt.

I don't know how long I had been holding it, but it must have been many hours. I don't honestly remember if I had been to the bathroom since around lunch time 12 hours earlier. Either way, it was now starting to get really bad, but I was getting close to finishing and I was tired and angry at myself for putting it off and I just wanted to finish the stupid thing and go to bed so I just kept ignoring my growing need for the bathroom and kept working. I had my legs crossed, foot shaking, butt muscles clenched - whatever I could to hold it and keep working.

I knew I should have just taken a few minutes, gotten up, gone to the bathroom, done my business, and come back to finish, but I'm stubborn like that and didn't want to stop while I was on a roll. For some reason the desperate desire to relieve myself and impending deadline combined to help me get more done - why stop that?

I kept working even though I was on the verge of an accident and I knew it. My bladder and anus were on the edge of collapsing but still I held on and kept typing.

Suddenly I felt my bladder spasm and a jet of pee dampened my crotch. I thrust my left hand down and pressed hard and squeezed my thighs together harder and stopped the flow, right hand still typing. I sat like that, typing slowly one handed, almost done with the paper - only a few paragraphs left to meet the requirement! - holding on, eyes starting to water.

But then another spasm and more pee, I could feel it on my fingertips and looking down I could see dark grey fabric around my fingers in contrast to the light grey around it. Just a few more minutes! Only a few more minutes!

My body had other ideas, of course. It didn't have a few more minutes. It didn't have seconds. I felt my anus open suddenly and unlike during the previous few hours I couldn't close it back. I felt the poop begin to push out, my abdominal muscles contracting to help it along and I couldn't stop it. I felt it hit my panties against my chair. I had stopped typing, focusing only on trying to prevent what was now unpreventable. My lower body muscles just wouldn't respond. The chair stopped the initial momentum of the poop for a second, but my body wanted it out and involuntarily I pushed harder and it began to move again, squishing into a pile between my butt cheeks and expanding backwards up my butt crack because of how I was sitting, bent slightly forward. It slowly continued, crackling loudly and expanding slowly as my body kept pushing against my will, the poop spreading slowly, warm, and sticky, spreading out under my cheeks. I gave up and managed to push myself up off of the chair about a foot using my arms and with less resistance now the rest of the log almost shot out of me, rapidly pushing my panties and sweats down and out and quickly forming a giant pile underneath me. A second, smaller log followed, softer than the first, along with some gas.

Then the flood came and while I hovered there over my seat pee began cascading down my legs and some straight down, pouring onto the chair and running off joining the puddle at my feet on my carpet. I could only watch it flow, the whole front of my shorts turning dark grey, the back getting equally as soaked from the feel of it.

Soon enough it was over and I just squatted there over my chair for a minute collecting myself, not quite believing what had just happened. How could a 17 year old completely wet and mess herself sitting in her own room only feet away from a toilet!? And yet there I was.

I saved my paper on the computer, stood up the rest of the way, feeling the heavy mound of poop shift as I did, and then carefully waddled, bow legged, to my bathroom on the other side of my room. After taking off my baggy shirt to keep it out of the way I carefully lowered my shorts and panties together. The pile of poop was huge. I carefully dumped it into the toilet in pieces and wiped my sticky butt as best I could with toilet paper, but knew that wasn't going to get the job done. I turned on the shower, took the soiled panties and shorts into the tub with me, and cleaned myself off and rinsed the clothes as best I could. Even after scrubbing with soap in the shower I could tell there was a pretty obvious stain in the panties. I finished, got out, dried off, and put on fresh panties in my room, hiding the now soaking wet shorts and panties in my closet to dry. I finished the paper only a few minutes later, saved it, printed it, and happily went to bed after midnight.

On the plus side, I did get an A on the paper. I didn't tell my teacher how much trouble I went through to finish it. ;-)


Althea- Sorry to hear about the 10 year old boy you visited in the hospital. I hope he going to be ok. I would have also wanted company if iwas sick like that.


Hi. Been great reading all the recent Posts but i'm trying to locate an old post and wonder if anyone out there recalls it and refer me to a page number? It concerns a guy who goes to his friends house to, I beleive to fix an old drier or something but the friend has to go out and he eventualy looks under the bathroom door and spies the friends wife taking a dump! Many thanks. Bye for now.

new guy

comments & stuff

To: Sasha first welcome to the site and great story about that big poop you took after eatting all those red beans it sounds like you almost didnt make it to the toilet and I bet you learned never do that again unless your prepared and I look forward to more of your stories thanks.

To: Amanda V great story about you pooping your pants it might be a good idea next time to tell your cousin you need to go to the bathroom and if you have to make her come with you that way you dont have an accident but first you should talk to her and make sure she understands
your not being mean but you just need to go to the bathroom I hope that make since and as always I look forward to your next post.

To: Lucy great story about seeing your cousins poop in the toilet I bet she secretly wanteed you to see it and great story about seeing her pooping later on as well and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Ciara great story it your stomach might have disagreed with something you ate or it was just its way of cleaning itself out or one of many other different reasons but at least you didnt have an accident at or on the way to school which would have been very embarrassing and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: whistler another great story about that receptionest pooping and I bet your right about her not being poop shy because as you said she carrying a magazine into the bathroom everybody knows what shes gonna do in there and have you thought about bringing it in conversation maybe she might become open with you about her bathroom habits just something to think about and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Half Dump Denise great story about that woman Mable it sounds you might have some more stories about her later on and if you do please post them and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Macho Man you should post some of those stroies they soumd pretty interesting thanks.

To: Leanne as always another great set of pooping stories involving women and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Wendy & Kirsty, Kirsty it sounds like you jkust made it without having an accident and it might be a good idea to try to poop even if you dont feel like it because you never know and as always I look forward to your guys next posts thanks.

To: Hermes as always another great story about seeing and/or hearing a woman pooping it sounds like that red head was desperate did she make it to the bathroom after opening the door on the blonde who was pooping and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

Well thats all for now

Sincerly new guy

PS. I love this site

Hi everyone. This will be my last post before I go back to uni tomorrow.

I've been really gassy today for some reason- not sure why! I've been farting regularly all day, every few minutes or so and earlier I had to take a sudden poo. I had no urge and suddenly I had to go badly so I hurried to the loo and it all came out in one go- two big logs and a smaller one that all came out as one. It felt great!

Amanda- I really liked your story about your accident in the park. I'm sorry you didn't make it though! Your story reminds me of an incident when I was much younger, 8 or 9, when I went to the park with a friend and almost had an accident of my own.
I went to the park one weekend with my friend, Emily. It wasn't far from her house and so I went round to hers to play all day and we decided to go to the park after lunch. But I had to poo and was embarrassed to go at her house so I held it. After we'd been at the park for an hour or so I was in urgent need of both a wee and a poo. I didn't want to draw attention to my need so I just carried on playing and hoped that Emily would decide to go home soon. Eventually it started to rain so we decided to go back to her house. I was desperate as we walked back and getting wet from the rain made me need a wee even more. When we got back I took off my shoes and coat and Emily said, 'I'm going to the loo then we can carry on playing.' I didn't want to say that I was desperate and could I please go first, so I said ok and Emily went into her toilet. From her room I could hear her going. She sat down and had a wee and then I heard two plops. She flushed and washed her hands and came back out. I had to go so I said, 'I need the loo too,' and popped into the bathroom behind her. I didn't want her to know I was pooing and luckily the toilet had a really long and loud flush cycle so I quickly dropped my trousers and knickers and sat. Immediately I started gushing wee into the toilet and my first log started to come right out. I had to let out a long fart too. The bathroom didn't smell before even after Emily's poo but after my first log and fart it certainly did! I moaned and gave another push and out came another turd. I heard Emily run downstairs so I tried to get the rest of my poo done before she came back. I pushed out some soft poo but then I heard her coming back up a couple of minutes later. She walked up to the bathroom door. I realised too late I hadn't locked it and she opened it.
'Oh!' she said when she saw me still sitting on the toilet. 'Sorry, I didn't realise you were still in here!' She must have smelled my poo because she said, 'Are you doing a number two?'
I was really embarrassed so I just said, 'Yes, sorry.' She said, 'Why are you sorry? Everyone does it. I just had a poo too.' Even though I already knew that, it actually made me feel a lot less embarrassed that she would tell me that. Ever since then I've been a lot more open about pooing in public toilets or at friends houses, so I suppose I have Emily to thank for that! She said sorry again for bursting in and asked if I wanted something to drink. I said yes and she went downstairs again, so I finished my poo in peace with two more logs coming out. Then we carried on playing and I felt much better about it all!

Well, I'll be unable to post once I'm back at uni because of our stupid internet connection, so I'll see you all in June when I come home again! Bye for now everyone!

Just a guy

Leanne - great stories about your adventure week. Sounds like Charlotte was a really good friend to stay with you despite the smell for such a lengthy period. Tell us how it goes with trying to hold your dump. I have to admit I could never compete with 5 hours and 40 minutes. If I have an urge to go & its solid like most of my dumps, I tend to lose the urge after an hour or 2, thus disqualifying me. I must admit when I don't go and need to, I do let off some smelly gas (although quietly) in that first hour or two, which can be embarrassing. I've said in the past I usually go twice a day and rarely miss a day & when I do miss a day, its often because I held back a dump when I had an urge. In fact, my next dump after holding back, tends to be rather hard at first, which is also unusual for me. If I have a stronger urge, often meaning a softer or even a mushy dump, then I can't hold it very long - maybe 20 -30 minutes at tops.

Meghan - Welcome. That was a great story about your friend, Cat. I'm looking forward to hearing more stories about her.

Whistler/Sports fan - talk about being in the right place at the right time. Thanks for sharing your stories.

Lucy - two interesting stories. I'm not shy about pooping, but unlike your cousin, I could never go right in front of someone.

Friday, April 29, 2011

How often do u go for a pee?
How long do u take to have a pee?
How often do u poop?
Ever had someone watch u go to the toilet?

Hi again!

Abbie- Sounds like a close call at school! Glad you made it to the toilet ok.

Emma- Great story about your outdoor poo! I was inspired by your effort to see how long you could hold your poo and yesterday I decided to try for myself.

Well, I had some cereal for breakfast and a burger and chips for lunch, and at 2 o'clock I started to need a poo. I had the house to myself all day so I decided to hold it. It was only a slight need until about 4 o'clock and then it became a bit stronger. At 6 o'clock I had my dinner- shepards pie, and after I ate it I started to need a poo a lot more.
By 8 o'clock I was pretty desperate so I stripped down to my underwear in case I had an accident. I had already beaten Emma's record, which I was pleased about, and had completely eclipsed my previous best, but like Emma I wanted to see exactly how long I could go. The next hour passed slowly and by 9 o'clock I was in urgent need of the toilet. I crossed my bare legs and squeezed my bum as tight as I could. It didn't help that much and by 9:20 I realised I had to go or it would be too late. I went to the bathroom and took off my pink knickers and sat quickly on the toilet. It felt really good as my big log began to slide from my now relaxed bum. A big splash followed and then came another smaller log. Two more came out quickly and then a couple of small pieces. A few farts were mixed in too. A final turd came out and I was done after holding it in for 7 hours and 20 minutes! I really can't believe I held it that long because I've never come close before. Normally after two or so hours I'm completely bursting for a poo, but maybe it all came down to the mental attitude; I expected to have to hold my poo and that was my plan all along, so maybe that meant I was able to restrain the urge for a few hours before it became strong. Who knows!

Will post again tomorrow. Bye everyone!


Hey again everyone! Here are my answers to Tyrone's fart survey:

Age: 20
Body Type: A bit bigger than average but not by much!
Race: Caucasian

1. Do you Like farting? Yes!
2. About how many times a day do you fart? Ooh, I've never really counted but I suppose about 2-3 times an hour normally so that's almost a hundred in a day!
3. Are your farts stinky? Sometimes they#re really bad but other times they don't smell at all
4. What kind of farts do you rip? They usually make a bit of noise and occasionally a lot.
5. Are you comfortable farting around others? If so who? Only around my friends!
6. Where are you comfortable farting? At home
7. Have you ever farted at a place, where you shouldn't had? In an exam once, but I don't think anyone knew it was me!
8. Do you have a reputation of being the person that farts alot? No
9. Do you think you can fart better then most boys? If I put my mind to it I don't see why not!
10. Have you ever farted at Someone? Nope
11. Do you try to push out farts for relif or humour around friends? Not on purpose no!
12. Do you enjoy farting underwater to see bubbles? Yes actually! On the rare occasion I take a bath instead of a shower I usually do it
13. Do you know if you fart while you sleep? not sure but it wouldn't surprise me!
14. Do you know someone who rips huge farts? Not particularly big
15. Have you ever had an accident because farting? Not directly but once I had to poo and also fart and I couldn't hold the fart and that led to an accident!
16. Have you ever stunk out a room or a car? Yes! My own car normally and sometimes the living room at our house at uni!
17. Do you like the smell of your own farts? Quite often yes!
18. Do you fart in public? Yes I do because I don't like holding farts for a long time
19. Should all girls be open about farting? I think so! Everyone does it so why not?
20. Any stories you would like to share?

Well, since I mentioned my accident in question 15 I suppose I'd better tell that one! I haven't had a huge number of accidents since I was young, but I've had a fair few.
This one happened, as a lot of them did, at school. I was 15 at the time and I had to poo in the lesson before lunchtime. I really wanted to go then, but I had badminton practice so I didn't have time. By the end of lunch I had a strong need but the toilet in the sports hall were disgusting and there was no way I would use it. I was going to go on the way back to my form room, but our practice overran and again I didn't have time. We had an assembly in the hall during which I became quite desperate but then we had to go straight to our next lesson, chemistry. All through the lesson I was bursting, and then once again the lesson overran so I had to time to go before I had to be in my final lesson for the day, biology. We had a test so I couldn't really ask to go, and by the end of the lesson I was really close to losing it. When the bell rang we left the class and I headed straight for the nearest toilets. But I really had to fart and as I walked along I couldn't stop it coming out. It was a wet fart and, naturally enough, it opened the floodgates. Once I pushed slightly to let the fart out I couldn't clench my bum fast enough to stop my poo sliding out into my knickers. I was mortified and really worried since I was only wearing a skirt. More poo just came out and there was nothing I could do and suddenly my knickers were full of it. I rushed to the loos, which luckily had completely enclosed cubicles, and to my relief there were some vacant cubicles so I took one. I locked it and put my bag and jacket up on the hook and then I took off my skirt and put it on the hook too. It had remained clean but my yellow knickers were ruined and poo was smeared on my bum and thighs. I still had to go and as I took my knickers off a lot of the poo in them fell on the floor. I squatted in front of the toilet and let out the rest of my load into the bowl. Then I used up all of the remaining paper picking up my poo from the floor and cleaning myself off. I now had no knickers and a skirt on. I waited until it was quiet outside and then left and gave my hands a thorough wash. I made it home without my skirt being blown up by the wind or anything and put on a fresh pair of knickers. I was very annoyed with myself and with the fact that all my lessons overran so I couldn't go to the loo!

Will try to post again soon before I go back to uni at the weekend. Bye!

You ever took a bet with any of your friends on who can eat the most bowls of red beans. Not the best idea but it does lead to interesting results. Well lets get one thing out of the way. I like to eat...a lot which is odd because it has yet to effect my physical appearance at all. I wouldn't consider myself to be drop dead gorgeous but i and most people would consider me 'cute' as to speak. I'm a 16 year old African American girl of light complexion and I'm petite in size( 5'2 to be precise/ not saying my weight) and I'm not fat at all but sometimes i consider my tushy to be a little too big. Some of my friends make me the 'butt' of most booty related jokes. But I'm getting a little ahead of myself, this is story about my little food battle with one of friends.

It was about a few weeks ago when i threw a sleep over at my house with a few of my friends from school over to watch a marathon of Jersey Shore. My mama and dad were going out that night and my older brother was with his friends and probably wouldn't be coming back till tomorrow morning. My mama made red beans and rice along with potato salad the previous night so we had left over food in the fridge encase we got hungry. We all sat around the living room in our pajamas (Well if you consider what I wear pajamas which is weird because i like to wear a t shirt and short shorts because they are comfortable) During one of the commercials the 6 of us (Maria, Stacie, Danesha, Raquel, Ebony, and myself) agreed that we were kinda hungry and decided to go whip something up to eat. This turn of events led to my down fall and the night one of the most embarrassing moments of my life so far.

While we were all eating in the living room waiting for the commercials to end, Maria cracked a joke on how fast and how much i eat compared to everyone else and how that was probably the reason why my (cough) tushy was so big. I shot her a glare as everyone laughed. I then laughed and said "Well i know i can beat ya'll at an eating contest anyway especially you Maria." The other girls started to playfully 'oohhh' as i said this. Maria got a smug look on her face when i said this and smirked. "Alright then, i smell a challenge, how bout we see which one of us can eat the most bowls of red beans. I have terrible choice of words. Note to readers: Even though i like red beans and even though they give most people gas, there is one thing about me that makes me different than most people. I produce more waste and gas than most people. I'm also lactose intolerant which also led to many other embarrassing situations to tell but that's for another time.

Well I can never turn down a challenge so there I was. Me and Maria sitting across from each other, bowl to bowl, at the kitchen table.

"On your mark, get set.....GO!"

We both started eating like crazy. It was completely unladylike and rather brutal. We were already pretty full from our first meal to begin with so Maria finished by her 3rd bowl and I finished by my 5th.(Mama made a lot of beans). I felt really full but i couldn't help but feel happy that i won. Maria looked tired and sluggish and there was still beans all over her face. It was a funny sight.

After a while when we went back to watching the Jersey shore marathon, I started to feel a little..weird. My stomach hurt like hell and I could feel myself break out into cold sweat. All my friends didn't really notice my problem so i felt a little relieved but then the pressure started to build then as quickly as it disappeared.

Later that night we were all upstairs in my room laughing and listening to the radio. When a crunk song came on my friends went crazy. They started to dance like there was no tomorrow, and i couldn't help but laugh as they started shaking they asses to the beat. I decided to join them as i yanked my shorts up and started to wobble to the music. Bad idea, this caused the contents in my stomach to churn and out of nowhere a fart loud enough to be heard over the music creeped out of my booty hole.

Everybody paused, looked at me, then at my white pajama short short clad bottom. I quickly clasped my hand over my ass as more gas threatened to come. They all laughed and i felt so embarrassed until another mysterious fart came from across the room. "Excuse me, My ass burped" It was Maria who farted and a loud one at that. "stupid beans got to me." She then started to laugh and everyone else followed suit and then we all started laughing until Maria got another idea. PHHHHHHHRRRRRTTTT! "Beat that Sasha!" I was confused for a second then i smirked GGGGRRRRRRRRRRRTTTTT!

Soon enough we broke out into a big fart contest with all the girls competing known was as loud or as stank as Maria's and mine. Maria lifted her let out a long high pitched blast and we all laughed at the pitch. " Give up you cant beat that one Sasha" I wasn't gonna lose to her after all i had a lot more gas to let loose and my tushy was pretty big so scientifically it should amplify more sound right. I grinned at my smartness, maybe i was a little too smart.

I bent over in front of the group pulled my pajama bottoms down some so that they could see my half of my crack cruelly giving them a full view of my tushy. Then I pushed as hard as I could. I pushed until my booty hole hurt but there wasn't anymore gas oddly. I felt disappointed until a sharp pain appeared out of nowhere followed by a low pitched moan coming from my booty hole. It was the lowest fart I ever heard and i was kinda scared. I looked back and from behind my view of my ass I could see my friends with shocked expressions, then it happened. PHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHRRRRRRRRRRRRT!FFFFRRRRRRRRRT!

I couldn't stop it at all, it hurt like hell. "I got to go to the bathroom!" I shouted as i ran towards the door way. PPPPHHHHHHHRRRRRT! More wet farts started to creep out as i tucked my hand inside of my shorts and my panties to push my hand against the dangerous hole to keep whatever was trying to get out in. I ran down stairs at the speed of light as i could feel more escaping with no resistance.

I reached the only bathroom in the house, hit the switch, slammed the door and planted my ass on the toilet and then it all expelled. PPPPPHPHHHHHRT![HHHHHRRRRTT! It all statrted splattering out and the burning sensation made it all the more worse. I screamed and moaned as it all splattered out of my booty hole like chunky diarrhea. Then the mother load came, a big monster of a dookey pushed against my booty hole and it felt to big to get out I strained and strained and moaned and moaned until i can feel my asshole stretch and it hurt like hell. This was the first time I ever screamed 'help' during a dookey. I heard a knock at he bathroom door and I can hear all the girls outside in the hallway. I felt so embarrassed but it was over powered by this power dookey that wanted to leave my ass.

"Its gonna be okay Sasha!" I can hear them comforting me but it just made things worse. The dookey was making its way out, stretching my ass big time. Then I heard a loud thud and a splash...It was finally over. I sighed in relief. as I wiped my crack. I didn't bother to flush because i didn't want to see what my ass could create so i washed my hands, sprayed a lot of air freshener and opened the door.. When I opened the door i expected nothing but laughter but i was crowded with hugs from the other girls. They all cheered me up and my embarrassment was replaced with happiness. Then Maria laughed and said while pointed to the bathroom " Only Sasha booty could do that" We all laughed and went back upstairs. We all started talkin about projects and guys all the while I still had a little uncontrollable farts from here and there and they smelt less worse than before. But something was odd.

I forgot one thing, I forgot to clean out the plates and bowls that were still in the living room and on the table and at the moment of realization, i could hear the front door open and minutes later i could hear my mama yell my name.

I walked down stairs and there was my mama in all here angry glory with a leather belt in one hand and and the other hand pointing a finger at the mess that was around. I started to stutter as i clinched my tushy while farting out of nervousness and fear. My dad just stepped back outside as he didn't want to to see the scene before him. My mama yanked my shorts down and started whipping my ass in the living room at that moment. I looked back to the stair way to see my friends looking hiding and watching the scene with silent giggles. Wack! Wack! Wack! I couldn't help but cry. Not only did my booty hurt from that massive dookey but also from the mama spanking my ass with no remorse.

To this day i cant throw anymore sleepovers with friends and my booty is still the butt of many jokes between my friends.

Does anyone know what makes it so that you can't hold you're poop for very log? I can only go five to ten minutes before I NEED to find a bathroom. And, since I'm a bit poop why, it can get pretty embarrassing. Anyone know how to make it so I can wait longer? I have a good diet and I poop healthily, I just can't hold it :/

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