Wondering - I used to have all sorts of accidents as a teenager. Pee stains, skid marks and messing my pants happened almost every week. Very little was usually said, except possibly something to the effect of 'if it's a genuine accident I dont mind but if your're being lazy then you should be more careful'. Many kids at school were at least as bad as me - I'd also be very interested to hear of other people's experiences.

my story starts at a party when i was 18 years old. It was a very hot summer's day and it was a pool party. Some of the cutest and most popular girls in school were there... WE were all very hot and were drinking a ton of water and soft drinks... Well, we had all gotten out of the pool and were laying around telling stories... Someone was telling a very very funny story and naturally i had to go to the bathroom really bad! I said i had to go really bad and everyone just laughed...well the kid said something extremely funny and i lost it! i let my hot pee go out all over my shorts! It instantly darkened my shorts and ran down my legs...i was frozen in fear. Soon one of the very cute girls saw and started motioning and laughing...! I ran for the bathroom and quickly changed throwing away my soiled undies...well...later that night...everyone kept teasing me about it and someone found my undies and was passing it around all the girls! i was wanting to go now. Just as we reached the entrance the poo started to poke out. I tried to hold on but as I went through the turnstyle the poo started coming out. At first it was just one little bit in my briefs, but then the rest just shot out and I had done a lot in my shorts and it was difficult to walk properly. I told my dad and we found some toilets. He cleaned me up but we had to flush my underpants and we had no spares so I had to wear just my shorts all day. We were just getting on to one of the rides and some others were getting off. There was one boy a little younger than me. He was wearing his grey school shorts and he had a damp patch on the front of his shorts where he had done a little wet. I don't know if it was the ride or waiting to get on but he didnt seem to notice or care. The last place we went in was the ghost house and it was dark and scarry. When I went in I wanted to go pee cause I had drunk a coke but there was not time. Just as we were going out I opened the wrong door and there was this skeleton coming towards me. I shut the door and rushed out but it was too late I didn't want to go pee pee any more I had done it all in my pants, down my legs wet my socks and filled my trainers. It was the end of the day and I had to go home like that. I got some strange looks before I got into the car.

Bridget, in response to your earlier post about the awkwardness of relieving oneself outdoors, I will say that you can find some pretty private places to "do your business". Squatting in the woods while camping, for example, is a case where you won't be seen if you're careful to go into a densely wooded area. There are generally enough woods at most campgrounds and hiking areas in which to find a secluded area. I personally prefer this, since the restrooms at most campgrounds aren't so clean.

Does anyone have experiences about diarrhea on bus,train or in school(male)? Thanks a lot!

On Trevor's recommendation, I watched the Drop Dead Show on Uk Channel 4. It was actually quite a good program, but it was not as sensational as Trevor implied. There was a consultant bowel surgeon who explained that in England the cure rate for bowel cancer is only half what it is in the States, because men are too shy to go to the doctor with complaints about blood when shitting. We did have a good short incident in which people were asked what they called their number 2, and there were 3 large photographs of men's stools, sent in by 3 volunteers. The bowel surgeon commented on the healthy or otherwise appearance of the various turds. (Floaters are good -it means you have a lot of fiber in your diet). Then the three male volunteers were invited to enter three specially set up stalls in the studio and invited to take a crap. The prize was a sum of money (1000 pounds, reducing with time) for the first man to pass a motion. It happened, a couple of minutes before the (! edited) end of the program, and the lady presenter duly entered the stall to inspect the turds. BUT you never at any stage saw the men with their pants down, nor the winner's turds, so I was a bit disappointed.
Curiously, there was a much better program the previous day on the same channel called "Designs on Your Loo", in which two top designers were invited by a firm of sanitaryware manufacturers to design a brand new toilet. In the end, the manufacturer turned down all their radical and very sensible design suggestions in favor of essentially cosmetic changes. The designers visited Japan, very much the home of advanced toilet design (Young, are you reading this?), and came up with a lot of new suggestions, like a raised curved area at the back of the bowl, to prevent the splashing when men pee into the toilet, flushing via the seat, so that there is no flush rim to gather dirt, a foot-operated flush mechanism (which they have in some trains), and a non-stick coating to prevent shit adhering to the glaze. All these ideas were turned down by the manufacturers, because they said they involved too much time and money spent on development. In Japan, they have toilets that warm the seat, spray your arse-hole with soapy water, deodorize, and even play sounds to cover up the noises that most of us here love to make and listen to. Apparently 40% of Japanese suffer from hemerrhoids, hence the need for washing the anus.

FingerMouse (optional)
Did anyone here see The Drop Dead Show on channel 4 last night, wasnt it great!!!!

Well, I watched the channel 4 programme. Actually it was an off-beat health quiz, fronted by a rather aggressive, "laddish" woman, who seemed to like humiliating the audience. The "poo" section was certainly ground breaking television. There was a "poo doctor" who was an expert in diseases of that part of the body, and then they showed three toilet bowls containing poos that members of the audience had done. I think the guys concerned had taken the photos at home and then sent them in as a response to some vague promise of telling your fortune from your faeces... hmmm! I have to say they looked rather puny samples - if I had done a poo like that I would be expecting more to come. Then the three guys had to go into a cubicle each to see who is first to do a poo, and so win some money. Well, you never know, it might catch on - perhaps someone could come up with a name for the latest game showAt the end each member of the audience had a score, which was supposed to predict their life expectancy, we were able to score at home as well, and I made 93 the same as the woman in the studio that came top. My husband only made 76. I understand the quiz is on the channel 4 web site.

Gary, I love your stories and can identify. How are things for you now? Do you still get constipated? If so, what do you do for it? Jeff A. I like you stories a lot. Looking forward to some of the male stories. Craig, where are you. I am ready for another one of your great stories. Didn't dump today, maybe tormorrow. Hello to everyone.

We were watching a horror video tonight with the lights out and it was realk scarry. Dad was in the kitchen working and we were both sitting on the sofa. When he had finished he crept into the living room and we did not see or hear him with the film. Just as the monster was creeping up in the film dad grabbed hold of both our shoulders and we both shot out of our seats with fright. I felt something as I stood up and looked down at my shorts. I was peeing in them and they were all getting soaked. The pee ran down my legs wet my socks and filled my slippers. I could not stop it I was so scared. Then I looked at Simon my brother and he had done the same. Dad was almost falling over laughing at us and thought it was a big joke. We did not mind the joke really but I'll find a way of getting my own back on dad somehow.

To Wondering. My younger brother Jamie (11) and I have lots of accidents in our pants when we are coming home from school and when we are out playing. We live with our dad and when we poo or pee ourselves we just tell him and he changes or cleans us up. We wear diapers for school and when we go out on trips so that when we wet our shorts stay dry and no one knows. The pee stays warm and it feels real good. It is no big deal having an accident everyone has pooed or pissed themselves sometime - not just as babies.

BMG- I like the idea of transparent toilets. It would be great to see through the toilet and have a clear view of the bottom, seeing the turds falling into the water and gradually piling up. While many have associated looking at one's turds as a source of pleasure, I agree that it's also important to make the inspection for health reasons. I have never really considered that. I like the idea of a health program being turned into a game show although a serious documentary showing someone pooping would also be very exciting. I just wish it played where I am. Philippe, it's true that upon seeing yourself on tape it can make you judgmental or unnaproving of what you see but at the same time, it must be exciting to experiment with looking at yourself in a completely different situation. Since you are also Canadian, I'm surprised that you found some pooping tapes. I wonder if there would be any here in my city. Jeff A, very intersting story you told, although the pooper in question is female, it was still very arousing to read.

To BMG and others: The big day's arrived. I'll watch the Drop Dead Show tonight and then answer all your questions. This programme caused a scandal last week by showing someone die and I expect that this week's programme showing people poop will also be featured in many UK papers tomorrow. The decision to show males rather than females was presumably to reduce the likelihood of causing offense(?) Funny old world isn't it?

Does any male have experiences of diarrhea when you,your brothers or your male friends are playing sports?

Friday, July 03, 1998

Drew, I saw in one of your postings that you enjoy going to the library at a University to take a shit. It is one of my pleasures as well. However, someof my last few trips were dull since it is summer session. Hardly anyone goes to the library right now. When I was in college and when I visited after I graduated, I always liked going into a dorm to take a dump preferably on a floor with very few people I knew but yet, potential for a good audiance. ----- Being unemployed right now, I have had thoughts of making a trip back to Indiana to go to some old places like UE, Butler, Earlham but they are also in Summer session as well. Go visit some places, see a few friends and dump in a few places as well. I was going to do a trip like that back in Apr/May but couldn't do it.

When I took my girlfriends clothes back today she took me upstairs to get my clothes that had been washed after the baby had peed on them yesterday. She asked me if I had washed them and I said "no!" "Good!" she said "I will put them on tomorrow when I come round to play." She asked if she could put my shorts and briefs on before she gave them back and I said yes. We played a game of cards and then she said " I think I need to go pee." I said she had to wait till we finished the next game. When we had finished playing I saw that she had done a little pee in my shorts. She said "Sorry!" but I did not mind and she took them off and gave me them back. She put her other clothes back on that she was wearing when I came and I let her take off my shorts and undies so that I could put on the clothes that had been washed for me and the ones that she had just peed in. It felt really great as I felt the cold damp patch next to me. I put on my shorts and we finished playing. By the time it was time to go home they had dried so no one knew I was wearing her wet.

I recently joined some friends camping out next to a lake. They have a 9 year old girl. We spent quite a bit of time there and everyone was peeing every 3-4 hours. The girl was complaining that it was hard to go by just squatting down, so I taught her to go standing up. (we are used to going in front of each other; when she was younger, I wiped her bottom occassionally). When she realized that whe can shoot a yellow stream a couple of feet out in front of her she became excited about it and drank a LOT of water and soda just so she could practice. She fired a near perfect stream by the end of the day except for a slight dribble at the end which wound up on her shorts but she didn't care. When we returned home, she still wanted to piss like a boy so she used my bathroom, and it worked out fine, with the ending dribbles going into the bowl.

Cindy! I hope the irony of your post is not lost on you... ten years from now, wherever this forum is, we can expect to read a post like this: "Once, when I was ten, I had this cute babysitter, and one night..." :)

your name (optional)Graham
Gary, with Japanese squat toilets you face the wall (as in the picture). When using the French style squatting toilets you have your back to the wall.

Have you ever think about transparent toilet? Toilet usually made from viterous china or metal (Like Moira use in prison cell). Viterous china or metal are never heard being transparent. But Glass is really transparent. It mould be interesting so you can really see how the turds dropped into the water. It just thinking, not some kind of fetish. to Trevor: Did they make "Drop Dead Show" for female contestant? It would more be interesting to most male to see it.

Jill: Yes the Drop Dead Show is a health programme. They wanted to get a message across about how you can look for early warning signs of diseases - but decided that young people wouldn't watch a boring serious documentary. So they dressed it up as a game show where people race to poo quicker than each other, to get a young audience. Having said that, the message remains serious: by examining your poo (consistency, colour, and whether it floats) you can discover whetehr your diet is healthy enough.

Jeff A.
Awhile back when I was posting as "Pooper-Snooper", I talked a couple of times about my girlfriend Kyra. There are a few more great stories about her, but this one is probably my favorite. We were coming back from the coast one time, and stopped at a gas station because she said that if we did'nt she was going to "crap her pants". She was terrified of being walked in on, and wanted me to go in with her. I stood against the door, blocking it for her, as she slid her shorts and undies down and squatted on the toilet. The toilet was against the wall and I had a great profile view of her as she sat leaning forward with her elbows on her knees, and hands clasped together in front of her. There were no paper toilet seat covers (I call them "ass gaskets"), so she sat more forward, with her round shapely fanny resting about 3" above the seat trying to make as little contact as possible. She had brown curly hair, and looked like an angel sitting there relieving herself. She grunted sof! tly, and then I heard the familiar pooping sounds that we all make, and watched this enormous brown turd slowy, very slowly wiggling its way out of her butt. After it was about halfway out, she grunted, and puffed hard, and looked up at me redfaced, and said in a strained voice "I got a turd stuck." She kept pushing and pushing and it slowly came out, but took about a minute to do it. When it finally fell there was an enormous splash since she was elevated a little. I watched (in a crazed state) as another one slowly began. (I guess she really had to go!). All the while she was pooping, (which took about 10 minutes altogether,) she was yakking away at me. I just watched and listened as she was releasing many more medium sized ones at random. She would grunt in between sentences, which followed with a delicate "plop". The restroom was filling up with her poopy odor, which was normal. She was so pretty, and shapely that this was a highly erotic thing to be able to witness. Plus! , she was very tomboyish too, and would comment on her turds every now and then which really was the whipped cream on the sundae! Occassionally she would grunt harder and say "Uh-Oh, here comes a big one." or "Did that come out of me?" things like that. Anyway, when she was finished, she stood up to wipe, and I looked into the bowl to see for myself "what came out of her", and it was pretty well filled up. The smell was horrible, and at the bottom of the pile, was a huge log that curled around. I knew that this pile was'nt going to flush down, and she panicked when it did'nt. Somebody knocked on the door wanting to use the bathroom, and she was starting to cry, I could see her lip quivering. I said, "It's ok, don't worry about a thing." I took my pants down and sat over her load and said "Go outside and tell them that your boyfriend is in there, and he'S gonna be awhile." So she did. We had a good laugh about it on the way home, but I was horribly distracted on the 2 hour driv! e, as I could only think about her sitting on that toilet just casually plopping away as she was talking to me. Drew: I'm glad you liked the restroom story. You're right, it did sound like Craig's Texas rest stop story, only his was much more exciting. Mine was kind of boring in comparison. As for myself, Im very lucky. I get equally turned by men or women pooping. I have some more male stories that I'll tell another time. There was a shower room in a gym that had military style partitions that were tile, and only came abot 3 feet from the floor. If the moderators of this site are interested, I am an illustrator, and I could do a nice picture for the magazine cover. Tastefully done of course, and following the boundaries of acceptability from past pics.

To Bridget, I am reacting to your comments about taping yourself with a camera while sitting on the toilet..Well, you know, there are some things that one hates about oneself, like for example hearing the sound of one's voice through a tape recorder or aspects of one's body. But I can assure you that you will probably delight in watching yourself poop as a spectator, first because you have never seen yourself under this angle, and also because it is exciting. I used to do it a couple of years ago and watching the self-made tapes was always a thrill, as my sessions cover the whole array of poop consistence and musical symphonies. The problem I ran into was where to safely store the tapes when I got married. So, I destroyed them, much to my subsequent regret because it briefly occurred to me that since you live in Canada (so do I), the tapes would not have been subject to customs inspection (always an apprehension...) if you wanted to have them. I would only encourage you to tape yourself. Actually, in a New York City sex-shop, I was able to buy 2 tapes of a girl who did exactly what you had in mind and I watch them every time my wife is not around. I also bought a Japanese mage tape of a girl who, in one scene, squats for eight minutes (I clocked her) and released asuch a "mountain" of material that she has to lift her bum slightly to keep it from messing up with the poop. Incredible. To Dave: I loved your story about the German girl. When you joined her into her cubicle, didn't you have any concerns about being spottedor about somebody seeing a double pair of feet under the door ?

Hi. This is my first post and I just want to start by saying how appreciative I am of this forum. It's great to find out that there are so many others out there with the same fascination that I have. I'm not into anything extreme, I just like watching and listening. The first time this happened was when I was about 9 and was at my grandparent's house with my friend Liz (8). We were in the garden with my grandfather pulling weeds and she announced that she had to pee right away, as in she couldn't make it back to the house. My grandfather, always a practical man, immediately pulled her shorts off and picked her up so that he was cradling her in his arms. He told her to go ahead and she did. I had never seen a girl urinate before and I just stared in awe. She saw me staring and started giggling, but didn't protest. A year or so later, she was over at my house one day hanging out. She said she had to use the bathroom (#2 this time), but seemed hesitant about leaving my! room. I asked her if I could come along and she said sure. We went into the bathroom where she removed her pants and suddenly squatted over the toilet. She began her business and I was just shocked that I was watching her and that she was letting me. I could barely breathe. She started giggling again which caused my mother in the next room to call out and ask us what we were doing in the bathroom. She quickly sat down on the seat to finish and I left the bathroom with my heart beating in my throat. Little did I know that these incidents would still be with me over twenty years later.

Wednesday, July 01, 1998

Hi all, I just thought an incident that happened on Saturday would be interesting for the readers of this site. This is true, and I promise you not made up or exaggerated. I was babysitting for a couple who lives two houses away from me so they could go for an evening out at a works party. They have two boys ages 8 and 10, and they have always seemed very well behaved and quiet, and I have never minded babysitting them in the past. They had been watching television quietly all evening, and at 10 'o'clock they had a drink and went to bed. About half an hour later I was flicking through the channels to see what was on television and then decided I needed a quick pee. I went into the bathroom and didn't bother to lock the door for a 30-second visit, and besides, there wasn't a sound from the boy's bedroom. I pulled my trousers and underwear down just far enough to go, and sit on the seat to pee. At that time I couldn't remember the last time I had pooped, so I just squeezed a little to find out if anything was getting near, and it became obvious to me that it was. I then slipped my trousers and underwear down to me ankles (the bathroom had a new carpet), and lifted my pullover up clear of the seat and got myself comfortable for a few minutes stay. I totally and genuinely forgot I hadn't locked the door, and at the time if I had realised that I would have got up and locked it. I passed a small piece first quite easily, and then started to push a large piece that felt quite tight and was only slow moving. I heard the door handle rattle, and I didn't take evasive 'cover up' action because I had forgotten the door wasn't locked. The next thing was to see the oldest boy standing there looking at me, I didn't know who was more shocked out of him or me. I pulled my pullover down at the front and over my lap as an immediate solution to my privacy, I don't think I reacted quickly enough but it was late and I was getting tired. He told me he needed to wee badly; it wasn't convenient for me to get of the seat at that time so I told him to just wee in the sink. He pulled his pyjama bottoms down at the front and started peeing, I could see him glancing at the seat so I continued to hold my pullover down with one hand, and with the other pulled my trousers and underwear up to the front of the seat. I could feel something leaving me and tried not to fidget or do anything to let it drop and make a sound. Sometimes you have no control, so I edged forward on the seat to let it drop onto the front of the bowl and not directly into the water, I think I got away with it, as I couldn't hear anything. When he had finished, he pulled his pyjamas up and said goodnight and left. I must say this situation seems an exciting thought when you read about it happening to somebody else, but I found it slightly embarrassing at the time in front of a 10-year-old.

A girlfriend of mine asked me the other day if it's possible for women to pee standing up? Or use a urinal and get the stream forward like a man? If so, how far forward? Does anyone know? Any comments would be appreciated. This forum is very intertaining. I haven't read much of the comments, but the ones I have read are very interesting.

I was at my friends house yesterday and we were playing with the baby. She is three years old and was not wearing a diaper cause they were trying to toilet train her. She was sitting on my lap and I was starting to tickle her and she was starting to laff. Just then she started to go wee wee and she did it all over my shorts. It went all warm and wet and everyone laughed. I did not mind but could not go home with wet pants. Sarah took me upstairs and gave me some of her clothes whilst mine got washed and dried. She was wearing a short dress and took off her knickers and said that I had better wear those. She put a clean pair on and I got into the white shortsshe had given me to wear home. I said I hope I dont have any more accidents and she said not to worry cause she once wet herself in the car on the way home wearing those pants ad they were old ones so it did not matter. As it was time to go home I did a little pee in her knickers and it showed on the front of the shorts and she whispered in my ear that I was a naughty little girl and gave me a little squeeze as she smiled at me. On the way home I had to go pee pee real bad so I found a tree to go behind and pulled the zip down, but it was difficult because it was the wrong way round. I reached in and pulled my pee pee over the top of the elastic and did my wee against the tree. I had to finish quick because somebody was coming and I put it away and did up the zip. As I walked off I felt the last little bit of pee leak out, but did not care. I had not been caught. How do girls manage with zips the wrong way round. It is really hard! I cant wait to take her clothes back tomorrow. Simon.

To Trevor: I just looked at the Guardian TV guide and it describes the "Drop Dead Show" as a "comedy health quiz". Well I suppose I might watch; but I am not particularly turned on by the idea of guys taking a dump.
I did an outdoor one last weekend. It was a bit damp underfoot, but Sunday afternoon the weather wasn't too bad so I was out walking with my husband. He kept guard while I did my stuff although I think he might have sneaked a look while I was busy. He had a good look after I had finished, and told me I should be proud of such an achievement. I was!

Did anyone watch any of the Glastonbury TV coverage. There was a feature where one guy was too squeamish to use the loo. The camera was following him around and although he was desparate to "go", he just couldn't bring himself to do it! At one point the camera went inside one of the loos and looked down, and we got to see a pile of poo. You could almost smell it!

Hey guys, I have just revisited this site after a few months away. I'm facsinated by the japanese girl in the photo using the "squat" toilet. I've seen photos of them, and even used one once - but which way do you face? When I used it, I faced the other way, with my back to the wall. The jobbies just dropped down the hole. i guess if the girl was having a pee, and her stream projected forward, then the buffeR at the front would collect it. Love to have your thoughts, and any info on this and the techniques. Maybe girls do it in the reverse direction to boys, or maybe they reverse directions for jobbies and pees, or maybe I just got it wrong??? Gary (form Oz)

Hi Diskputers I'm older than 18...but I can tell you what I did when I was a kid and was constipated. From your previous posts I remember you saying that you were constipated early in life. So was I. And I'm not talking about just a couple or three days either. When I was little I would often go for nearly two weeks without a bowel movement. Seven...eight...nine days were commonplace...Once it got beyond that though; I'd get sick...vomiting, the whole bit. Mom had to give me two or three enemas to get me cleaned out. But what that did; and it's probably the same with you...all those years of being so full has stretched our intestines and colon to the point where we can accumulate such a large volume of waste that it's too big to pass through the anus without pain. When I was your age I would often feel an urge and go sit on the toilet. But, as the movement neared my anus I would start to feel just how large and hard it was. I would anticipate the incredible pain that was awaiting me, and suck the thing back up for a while. I knew I had to continue though...and would gradually allow things to progress. Often I would use a finger to break off some "marbles" in an effort to make the thing smaller. Eventually the turd would exit me...often streaked with blood. It felt like razors were slicing at my anus as it passed. It would be so large that it could never flush: I kept a knife hidden in the bathroom for that purpose. I'll write more if you want...As for me I would like you to tell me more about your experiences. Gary

Trevor, you're making me really envious by talking about the program that will air in the UK. I wish I lived there. Here in Canada, I can't imagine they would ever show programs like that. Since me and many others from this site won't get to watch it, I hope you will post again to tell us what happened on the show with many details.

Hi, everyone. I just stumbled across this site recently and have decided to overcome my general shyness long enough to post. Actually, I was prompted to write because I've noticed recently at least a couple of guys who have talked about being interested in the bathroom habits of the opposite sex since they were children. Well, I'm in the same boat. My first experience with seeing a girl my age, and to whom I was not related (like some of you, I've never been interested in my family's functions) came when I was five or six years old--not even in kindergarten--and it's still one of my most vivid childhood memories. At that time, I was the only male child who lived on my street, but there were five or six females, so all of my early childhood playmates were girls. One day, one of these girls had come over to play at my house. As we were playing, she said something like "I'll be back in a minute," and left the room. I didn't think anything of it, and after two or three minutes decided to go get a drink from the kitchen, which required me to walk past the bathroom. Still not realizing where my companion had gone, it didn't seem unusual to see the bathroom door wide open...until I passed by. And there she sat, her jeans around her ankles and her feet dangling above the floor. For a moment, I literally couldn't move--though I had never thought about it, I was suddenly watching a girl poop, and it was the most incredible feeling. Finally she got mad and told me to stop watching, so I had to leave her alone. In all, she was on the toilet for nearly ten minutes. In retrospect, this seems like a long time for a small girl, but I'm positive I've not exaggerated the memory with time. Strangely, the exact same scenario happened with a different (slightly older) girl from my neighborhood just a couple of weeks later, though I don't remember it as well (i.e. whether she was peeing or pooping, and how long it took). But, after those two eventS, I was hooked for life. As I got several new neighbors, things got a bit more interesting, including my introduction to being watched as well as watching. But, I don't want my first post to be too long, so I'll save them for another day.

Bridget, Same here, I'm not interested if someone in my family takes a dump. I only find it exiting with girls on the toilet, guys is a real turnoff for me. My highest wish is to join a nice looking girl when she needs to do #2.

Jeff A, wonderful story about the park restroom. It reminded me of Craig's Texas restroom story. What U.S state were you in at the time? I literally dream about being in a similar situation, crapping in an open stall toilet with another guy on the next toilet. I took a really big dump tonight. I thought it was too good to do at home without an audience, so I drove to the university and headed for the library. I was getting pretty desperate to go, but wanted to make sure another guy was in there taking a shit. I sat down at a study desk and waited until I saw a guy go in the washroom. I then went in and luckily he had gone into one of the two stalls. I entered my stall, ripped down my shorts and briefs, sat down and let loose. I thought I was going to unload a massive log accompanied by a few farts. What I actually did was a huge pile of soft shit which came out of my ass making a soft crackling sound and then a 'splat' as it hit the water. It all came out in one wave, followed about thirty seconds later by one tremendous fart. The shit was piled up in the toilet way above the water line, so there was quite a smell. Surprisingly, it was a relatively clean shit as I only needed to wipe myself a few times. I think this was because it had virtually shot out of my ass at a high speed. The guy in the other stall was dropping a fair number of what sounded like small, soft turds into the toilet. After I flushed, a massive thick skid mark remained in the toilet which I decided to leave for the next occupant to witness. I left feeling very satisfied and about ten pounds lighter!

I haven't posted recently cos I've been to GLASTONBURY - pooping heaven! Basically, there are a few portaloos, but the main toilets are permanant (as the festival is held in the same place each year). They are blocks of outdoor cubicles, with non-locking doors, and each "hole" in each cubicle goes into a big cesspit (so you can see everyone elses poop drop in).
Here is a poor ASCII-Art diagram....

|        |         |        |      |
|        |         |        |      |
|        |         |        |      |
|        |         |        |      |
| Door   |         |        |      |
|        |         |        |      |
|        |         |        |      |
| ||  || |         |        |      |
||_|  |_||         |        |      |
Anyway, I saw this girl about my age running to the toilets with a roll of toilet paper, so I followed her and went into the stall next to her. If I sat right on my cubicle's seat I could see into the cesspit. I saw her piss into the cesspit, and then I heard her groan as she strained. Then to my surprise, she started talking to me, and I could see a long thick poop edge from her side. Her voice sounded really forced, so I guess she was quite constipated. I said I would have to go now, and she said, oh no, come in here, I haven't finished talking. How could I refuse the offer? I went into her stall, and she was there sitting on the seat, her elbows on her knees, holding the roll of toilet paper. She was from Germany and she said "I am, er, how you say it, er, constipated." She was talking to me and at one point visibly shaking with the effort. She held onto the sides of the cubicle and strained as a massive load of diareoah shot out of her arse. She kept on straining until a massive load of poop fell into the pit. At the end of it she was sweating, and panting out of breath. Needless to say, I was very turned on by all of this, but lost her when I was watching Space on the main stage....

Tuesday, June 30, 1998

I was reminded of an incident that happened to me over 20 years ago by a post that I read here... I was at a family reunion at the local park, when I suddenly felt the urge that my bowels needed emptying...I went walking over to the park's restrooms and in the process I got a real painful cramp which almost brought tears to my eyes...I went into the restroom, found a stall not in use, pulled down my pants, and sat down. I relaxed a little bit, expecting the turd to start its exit from my body, but nothing happened. So, I started to push, but again, nothing happened except that it really started to hurt. Wondering why the turd wasn't coming out, I grabbed some toilet paper, and put my finger up my anal opening and at that point I then realized what was going on...I felt this turd that was like a cork in a bottle, in that it felt like it was bigger than what could pass through my anal sphincter when at full dilation, plus it felt very hard, so I knew I was going to have trouble. After straining for what seemed like an eternity, along with a finger up my butt, I was finally able to pass the turd by wiggling it out...Once I got it out, I got up and took a look at it...It was about 2 1/2 inches in diameter and about 3 inches long, and one of the biggest turds, diameter wise, that I have ever passed...The rest of the dump was uneventful, as I sat down and passed the rest of it without a problem...Which just reminded me of another story that I will share at another time...

UK TV ALERT: Apologies to those in other countries, but UK people will want to know about a TV programme this Thursday (2nd) at 9 o'clock on terrestial Channel 4. Entitled "The Drop Dead Show" it will feature 3 guys sitting on the toilet and it will actually show the poo they produce. If you want to find out why, watch the programme ...

Jeff A, I'm glad you enjoyed my post about using the mirror. Perhaps next time, I should videotape myself like you have done. I figure it's the next best thing to watching someone else taking a shit, which I would prefer much more. Gerald, yes, I do get a buzz out of seeing turds that a guy has produced or listening to him doing them. Even just imagining it has a tremendous effect on me. Although, I can't imagine ever being interested by my father taking a shit. I don't know but I've never really stopped to think about members of my own family taking a shit and have never really wanted to listen to them or see what they have done. Does anyone else feel this way? Phillippe, it is unfortunate that the voyeur sites don't include guys on the toilet. maybe then, would I ever consider paying to have access to those sites. Some Guy, I have seen the movie "Dumb And Dumber" but the scene where Jeff Daniels is expelling a massive amount od diarrhea left me quite indifferent. Like most of the people here, I am more interested by the more solid and harder turds which require a lot of straining and effort. I have never seen "Friday" though. Maybe I should check it out.

To all the teenagers who have or ever had accidents. How do you explain the accidents to parents???? I think my parents would have killed me if I ever had an accident in my pants.

Monday, June 29, 1998

Gary, thanks for your comments on my post. I only helped my brother with an enema on a couple of occasions. First of all to even share the bathroom and see each other undressed and on the toilet was a pretty extreme thing considering our upbringing. In the beginning we mainly just talked to each other while trying to go. Just kept encouraging each other. After awhile I think he began to relax with the idea. I enjoyed it and would tend to be a bit of an exhibitionist at times. I was less shy about it than him. Of course I had been listening at the door before hand so I was kind of prepared. He was about 16 at the time and had suffered a prolonged bout of constipation that no amount of encouragement would help. He had seen me get the enema and had seen the quickness of its action. He was starting to get into the stomach cramps stage and was really miserable. I told him that it would be fast and that it was no big deal. He was very shy about it though so I didn't push. Finally the day came when he had eaten a huge lunch and his system rebelled with major gas and stomach cramps and he was ready do what needed to be done. Luckily it was an afternoon ( summer) when the house was empty and we had some privacy. I filled the syringe and used some vaseline to prepare it. He was really miserable but at the same time kind of resistant. He was suddenly very shy but eventually got into the proper position and I administerd the enema. I used some soapy water and filled the syringe twice. He wanted to sit on the toilet immediately but I talked him into waiting as long as possible. When he finally did go it was with a lot of straining in the beginning, with the water coming out along with his turds. He had to work hard to get it out and the bathroom really smelled. He was grateful though because almost immediately he felt better. He had about three waves of shitting before he felt emptied out and it got easier as he went. He cleaned himself up while I cleaned the syringe, being careful to put it back exactly where it had been hidden away. There was alway this air of secrecy about this whole subject. I am so happy to have found this site so that I can share and enjoy the shares of others. I agree with you Gary in that I think that there are a lot of children and teens who have problems in this area and the parents don't know. I used to be a teacher and enjoyed the posts regarding the teacher-student positions. I'll share some of my experiences there someday. Enough for now! Good by and Thank All for being here!

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