Amanda V

Really big poo

Stephanie- I'm sure there have been a lot of times where I've let out just a few drops, but only a couple times where it was enough to make a significant wet patch. They didn't even cross my mind until now. I guess I never thought they were a big deal because I was alone and I was laughing too hard to care. If I did it in front of a friend like you did it probably would've been more memorable. I seemed to have more of a problem with poop accidents because I would always hold it for days at a time. It was inconvenient and I hated doing it in a bathroom other than my own, but I also liked the feeling of holding it for some reason, and still kinda do. As long as I'm in the privacy of my own home with nobody around.

This had to be right before or after I turned 13. I was at my Aunt's house, not far from my own. I kind of got dragged into this because my mom wanted me to look after my cousin who was 3 at the time. Being myself, I had to go to the bathroom pretty bad at both ends before I left but I didn't even think to do it. When we got to my Aunt's house I had to go even worse but because I wasn't at home I really didn't want to go, especially #2. Not long after getting there my cousin dragged me into her room wanting me to play with her. I didn't mind it too much because I could just stand there squirming and pretend to be interested in whatever was the rage for 3 year olds at the time. She wasn't old enough to recognize that I had to go to the bathroom yet unless I really made it noticeable. Normally I liked to play with her mostly because I knew she enjoyed it, but this time I just tried to count the minutes until I could go home. I remember I actually had a couple cramps where it was kind of an emergency and I was still too stubborn to go. After a while she mentioned something about us going to the park. She said her mom told her I would take her. I wasn't too happy about this but she seemed so excited I couldn't say no. Plus my mom would probably get mad if I refused. As my cousin was getting ready, my aunt made her use the bathroom before leaving. Now that the attention was on the bathroom I definitely wouldn't go, not that I would've anyway.

So off we went to the park which was about 3 blocks away and as soon as I got there and stopped walking I felt a big cramp hit me and I knew I was in for a long battle. She wanted me to do everything with her but I just slowly walked around trying to stay close as she climbed up rope ladders and went down slides. There were some other people there so I tried to stay as hidden from them as I could because I really didn't want to be there. After fighting off another big cramp I suggested that we go back because now all of a sudden I wanted to be on that toilet more than anything. Of course she said she didn't want to because we just got there, and she was probably right but it felt like hours to me. I was stuck because I wasn't going to yell at her or anything and I obviously couldn't leave her so I just concentrated really hard on holding everything in. I was hoping for the cramps to go away like they eventually do when I hold my poop for days at a time but I guess I reached my limit or something because it was only getting worse. The cramps were coming harder and more frequent and I was at the point of begging my cousin to come home. I told her we'd stay twice as long next time, or go for ice cream or anything until finally she started playing the "one more time" game. The second time she said it I knew I was in really big trouble. I was standing there with tears in my eyes, holding with everything I could. My butt was actually quivering as I squeezed as hard as I could until suddenly it just stopped squeezing. My jaw dropped open as my butt would no longer respond. I was in a total panic because I was now defenseless. I felt this huge thing inside me start to move and there was nothing I could do. I kept trying to hold it back but I couldn't do anything. So as I stood there in horror, a massive poo started slowly pushing out past my defenseless cheeks and I knew I was going to poop my pants. I quickly looked around and underneath the slide I was near there was a little shelter for kids to get out of the wind and rain. It was dark and hidden from most of the playground so I waddled in there and with my stomach already heaving uncontrollably; I squatted down and let it happen. I must've been holding it for a long time because I remember it hurt just to come out. I pushed really hard to try and get it out until finally the wide part passed and the rest slowly pushed into a huge mountain in my jeans. Then, in mid-poop I heard my cousin. "Hey what are you doing?" she called, now that I wasn't watching her. "Nothing," I said, trying to sound calm while still panicking. I was praying for her not to come in as she climbed down off the high equipment and sure enough walked right in on me just as I was finishing the first huge log of poop. "What are you doing?" She asked again. I looked up at her terrified. "Um…" was all I could say as my mind started racing. One of the millions of scenarios that ran through my head in about 2 seconds was I could find a place to clean up before going back to my Aunt's but I knew my cousin would notice my accident for sure, especially if she was going to stand there and watch me do it because I could feel more coming, so I confessed. "…pooping my pants. Don't tell anyone okay?" She just stood and stared at me. "You're pooping your pants? I thought big girls didn't poo their pants." She said, sounding shocked. " Sometimes, but only in secret okay, so don't tell anyone." It was one of the most uncomfortable experiences of my life to try to explain and negotiate with a little kid while filling my panties. I'd already started going again while talking to her and since she knew what I was doing, there was no point in being subtle. Unfortunately I couldn't help but start peeing my pants too as I was pushing and I just couldn't hold it back. Of course she noticed it right away and asked me if I was peeing my pants. After saying yes and again asking her not to tell anyone I just waited there wondering if this accident would ever be over. When I was finally done I just stayed there looking down at myself. "You can play a while longer," I told her in a kind of grim voice, hoping to get some alone time. Finally she did leave and went on playing, calling to me every once in a while like having this big load in my pants shouldn't affect me at all. I stayed in there for a while trying to think of what to do. I couldn't believe how poop there was. I wish I could remember how long I'd been holding it but it must've been like a week or something. There were some other kids playing nearby and I didn't want them to come in to my hiding place and start asking me questions so I quickly snuck out and waddled toward a tree that was on the other side of the playground equipment from the parents that were there. I just stood and waited, hoping for the wind to dry my soaked butt as much as possible before my cousin played herself out. Luckily she went on for a while before running up to me. "You don't want to play?" she asked. She knew about my accident anyway so I thought I'd use it. "I feel kind of bad after having an accident. You want to go home?" I asked. "Okay," she finally said. I did my best to walk normally as we walked around the park to stay out of sight of people, and down the street toward my aunt's place. I was really nervous but I had a plan. About a block from my aunt's there was a stretch of road with fairly thick bushes along the side. There was a little part that kind of went in and from there you could barely see down the street but if a car drove right by or came down the street facing it I would be in trouble. I was going to go in there and dump out this huge pile of poop and see if I could get away with it. When we got there I wanted my cousin to wait right at the sidewalk where I could see her but just to the side of the entrance so she couldn't see what I was doing. I didn't want to tell her what I was doing but she still wouldn't leave. I actually did eventually try telling her the truth but it didn't work. I remember the only way I could get her to finally leave me alone was to actually tell her I was going to poop my pants again and needed some privacy. Once I was alone I tried to quickly and carefully take everything down without making more of a mess. I couldn't believe how big it was. Luckily it was one giant solid blob like it usually is when I hold it forever. I just pushed up on the bottom of my panties and it popped out and hit the ground with a thud. There was a big but light stain on my panties and I knew my butt wasn't exactly squeaky clean but I quickly pulled everything up with a cringe, kicked some leaves on top of the poo, and calmly walked out of the trees. My cousin asked me if I had another accident but I just played it off and said "kinda". I quickly moved on to the next part of my plan which was to kill a little time and hope the breeze dried the seat of my jeans off before going back to my aunt's. I told my cousin I lost my bracelet and we should go back to the park and look for it. So we started walking back but right before getting to the park I kneeled down and pretended to pick up the bracelet which I of course had all along. I didn't want to take too long because we were supposed to be back a while earlier. It wasn't until we were almost back that my cousin noticed the giant bulge on my butt was gone. I just quickly told her I cleaned it up, then stressed very hard that it was a secret. She said okay but I was still expecting her to shout it to the world as soon as we walked in the door. Luckily she didn't but I was still really nervous because I didn't know how much of a smell I was giving off, and my butt was still pretty wet, although I was so thankful I had dark blue jeans on. When we came in my mom and aunt were sitting at the table talking. My aunt said "Hey, there you are." then asked me if my cousin just wouldn't leave. "Kinda, I just lost track of time I guess," I said, trying not to keep a conversation going. My mom told me we were leaving soon so I just quickly walked past without anyone seeing anything and into my cousins room hoping for my pants to dry out a little more. A few minutes later I heard my mom call so I said bye to my cousin, and quickly walked toward the door. Luckily my aunt was focused on talking to my mom so I slipped past and stood at the door until we left. I just walked slightly behind my mom and I guess there wasn't enough smell to notice in the car and I miraculously made it home without being discovered.

It wasn't until probably the next day when I was over the relief of not getting caught that I started to feel embarrassed. It's supposed to be the little kid that has the accident at the park because she can't be bothered to use the bathroom, not the 12/13 year old looking after her, but I was still happy I didn't get caught because when I first had the accident I was fully expecting to have to shamefully walk into my aunt's place with my pants wet and full of poop. The only mention of it I ever heard was a few weeks later when I was at the same park with my cousin. I went into that same little shelter because it started to rain and my cousin came in and asked if I was going to poop my pants. I don't know if my cousin ever told my aunt or anybody.

Meghan - excellent first story about your friend, Cat. I'm interested in hearing more of your stories about her.


Easter stories

First off, I'd like to extend a "Happy Easter" to everyone here. I have two stories to share, one happened today and the other some years ago, but it's still an Easter-related story.

My first story may require a bit of explanation beforehand. I only ever see my mother's cousin on holidays. This year, she took a few days off of work to come early and spend the entire weekend with us, and only just left a few hours ago. It was nice to spend time with her and get to know her better, but the real shining moment of her visit, at least for me, was when she had to "use the toilet". She was gone for many minutes, so I knew she had pooped.

About an hour later, I felt a need to pee, so I excused myself to the bathroom. I entered and smelled a pretty strong poop smell, far stronger than I expected an hour after she had pooped. I lifted the toilet lid and got my answer, my mother's cousin had not flushed after she pooped. And it was a large amount too, similar to my dumps when I don't go for three days. I didn't see very much paper, so I figured it must have been a fairly clean poop. I peed for about forty five seconds and then I flushed, thankful that the toilet didn't clog. How embarrassing would that have been, to get blamed because someone else didn't flush?

The second story is one from when I was still living with my parents. I think I was only 12 or 13 at the time. My aunt, uncle, and two cousins came to dinner, as they do every year. After dinner, the adults went to the living room to talk. One of my cousins asked if he could play outside, and so that left just us girls to go to my room. My cousin was two years older than me, but we still had a lot in common. At some point, my cousin said she had to go to the bathroom.

She went into the bathroom, but left the door wide open. I figured she just had to pee and so we kept talking as she peed. But then I heard a splash and knew she was pooping. I asked her "Are you taking a dump?" and she replied "Yeah, why?". I told her "I just never heard anyone so open about pooping. All the girls at school are so secretive." and her response was "I know, but what's the big deal? We all shit, even girls, so I don't try to hide it"

At that point I asked if I could come into the bathroom with her and she said of course. We kept talking as she was dropping lots of turds. When she was done, she stood up to wipe, and I could see her dump. She had produced several turds, but they were all only a few inches long and not very thick at all. She wiped a total of seven times and flushed. My aunt and uncle came up not too long after that to tell her it was time to go home.

That experience with my cousin was actually the first time I'd seen anyone else take a dump, my parents excluded. In fact, I was one of the shy girls I mentioned and this incident helped me become the person I am today. I went from embarrassed to go in public, especially at school, to able to go anywhere I was when I felt the need.


Big After-Easter Poo

For those of you who are probably wondering where parts 2 and 3 of my spring break stories are, they're both on page 2018.

On Easter Sunday, my family and I pigged out on my grandmother's cooking as we do every year. We ate everything, from baked chicken and ham, collard greens, potato salad, and I ate a ton of deviled and hard boiled eggs. The following morning, I suffered the consequences.
I woke up on Monday morning with a huge urge to poo and quickly rushed to the toilet. As soon as I sat on the toilet, turd after turd started ripping out of me. I spent a good 5-10 minutes on the toilet, then cleaned up the mess and went to my room to get ready for school. As I was getting dressed, I felt another urge to poo and rushed back to the toilet. This time, the poo that I let out was slightly more liquidy and I spent about 20 minutes on the loo. I decided to take a Pepto-Bismol, thinking that it would help, but this time it didn't. As I was about to head off to school, I suddenly felt as if I were going to shit myself at any moment. I rushed back inside the house and to the toilet to let out mushy, stinky diarrhea. I spent 30 more minutes on the toilet and decided not to go to school that day. My stomach stopped acting up later that evening, but I still can't figure out what caused it to act up in the first place. Maybe it was all those eggs I ate the day before...


Double Double Toilet Trouble

When I was Fifteen I got to be around my Friend Dan a lot more,And once before that I never did see or hear that he had to take a poo.But first when we where Eight or Nine,we goof off in the school restroom.He got in one stall to hide from me.The stall door was stuck.He started to panic.He was just opening it the wrong way.He didn't notice that there was two turds floating around in there where the previouse person didn't flush.

Then years later when I started visiting him more,he would crap at least 3 times a day.One night in the summer of 95,we all had Chinnese food and at the resturaunt I went in the bathroom to pee,It was a single bathroom.And for a prank I got the rolls of toilet paper and put it in the trash can and cloesd the lid.He Dan had the urge and went in the bathroom and a second later he came out of there and said there was no more toiletpaper.So we was going back to his house and he told his dad to hurry.Before we got to his house,Dan said.Jas don't you be going and telling anyone about this.(opps).A year and a half later I was at his house and he asked his dad for something.And his dad opened the bathroom door wide enought where I can see him.And Dan goes.Will you stop opening the door all the way!

Ella -

Tell us some stories about peeing into a bottle in your room, what kind of bottle it was, etc.



Anyone heard from Car Mom

Has anyone heard from Car Mom Lately? I haven't seen any posts from her in about a month and was just curious. Hope nothing happened to her. Car Mom if you read this let us know you are still around even if you can't grace us with a story please.

Natural Nick

first post

What a great website! Guess I never realized other people also share my reluctance to use a toilet when there's a perfectly acceptable bush or building to go around behind. Although I'm an adult, now, I was much like Feral Girl when I was growing up. I was always peeing or pooping somewhere there was an old, unused brick barbecue pit way out in our yard behind some bushes (we lived on an acre or so at that time). It had a chimney big enough I could climb down in it, although it was kind of a tight fit. I would take off all my clothes and pee right there in the chimney. If it was summer, I'd take off my shoes, too, so I ended up standing in the puddle of my own pee. It did get pretty smelly in there during the hot months, so I couldn't use it every day. Thanks to all of you for the interesting posts!


Hot receptionist in the restroom again

It happened again! I was on the same table at my physical therapy session this morning (see my earlier post). I had an early appointment so it was only me and one other man getting treatment. My therapist put me on my stomach and put a heating and electrical impulse pad on my back for 15 minutes on the table right in front of the staff restroom. About 5 minutes into my treatment, the same hot receptionist that went by me the other day with a magazine did the same thing. She went by me with what looked like one of those newspaper magazines like Parade or something. She walked by me, went into the staff only room, then into the staff restroom. She closed the door. It was very quiet today since it was early and they had not turned on the television sets yet. I tried to hear but didn't notice anything right off. About two minutes after she went in I heard the toilet flush. But she didn't come out. Then I heard what I think was her letting out a fart. It was hard to tell since I wasn't close enough to the door, but it did sound like a loud fart. Another 5 minutes went by (I could tell by the timer on my therapy pad how long she was in there). She flushed again. With about one minute to go on my treatment, she flushed a third time. A minute or so later she came out with her magazine and passed by me, smiled and said hello. I'm surprised she's so open about going to the restroom with reading material. It's obvious to anyone who would see her that she's going to take a dump. I'm enjoying it though!

Half Dump Denise

Bingo with Mable

Since I was on spring break last week, I took my grandpa up on his offer for me to help him at his senior citizens bingo game. It's at municipal auditorium and there was a larger turnout than usual there, probably because spring's here and the weather's better. I wrote about my reponsibilities there last year (page 1898) and the fact that I get paid $10 for picking up scoresheets from like 400 players, delivering prizes to their tables, etc. Then there is this very feeble old lady, Mable, who must be about 90 because she remembers meeting President Woodrow Wilson. She has difficulty walking, and even with her cane, will stumble because she's so hunched over with back problems. Anyway, she and I have become special friends because I volunteer to take her into the bathroom during breaks.

During the first 15-minute break, Mable raised her hand to get me over to her table. She pointed to her ear and that means she wants me to lean down because there's something she wants to tell me. I did and in her very cracking voice, she told me she had to use the "powder room." I just find it so cute to hear such terms; it's so crude in the hallways of my high school when the hallways are jammed and I hear students say they are going to "shit their pants" and such things. The lady next to us heard what Mable said to Mable, "I thought you said prunes were being rationed at your home and that the cook was mean?". "Oh, shush yourself up," Mable told the lady, as I was standing her up and putting her cane in her hand. Mable pointed to the lady's coffee mug and said "You shouldn't drink that much coffee here because what goes in, must come out." Then the lady told Mable to get out of there before she crapped her pants because her laundry isn't picked up by the office and done until the following Monday. I just find such jabs so amusing and these are such really nice old ladies.

It takes me about five minutes to walk Mable to the bathrooms because the floors are a slick concrete and her cane sometimes slips a bit on the floor. We got to the bathroom which was about half full. There were probably about 12 stalls. I noticed the first stall had toilet paper and in my mind I saved that for myself since I knew I could probably crap while I waited for Mable. The second stall was vacant, too, so I swung the door all the way open, saw that the seat had been raised, so I quickly reached around Mable and dropped it, and I started to take Mable's cane out of her hand when she stopped me. She pointed to the toilet paper roll which was probably about 3/4 used and said there probably wasn't enough for me to place over the seat. She requires me to place toilet paper liner on both sides, across the back and front of the seat before she seats herself. I see it as kind of strange because me and my friends don't, but she lists a lot of diseases--many of which I have never heard of before--that she's afraid of getting from the toilet seat. So I took Mable down one more stall where the seat was down and there was a lot more toilet paper. It almost looked like she was starting to cry a little when I told her it was no problem. I do know that Mable get embarrassed by not being able to walk and go to the bathroom on her own.

I quickly prepared the seat for Mable, helped her get her sweats and underwear down, and helped seat her. I pointed next door to the stall she had rejected and told her I would use that one. Many of the times she goes to the bathroom at bingo, it's to pee, but before I had seated myself next door, I could hear her fart about three or four times. Then it was followed by a spash into the bowl. I latched my door, quickly pulled down my panties and jeans, and placed my butt on the seat. The seat seemed a little bigger to me, so I slid myself up to the front more to be more comfortable. I had to push a bit but my first log came out rather fast. It was followed by a much smaller second one and I had a feeling that I was going to be in another half-dump situation. When I'm away from home, I have a really tough time taking a full crap, even though in this case, I knew I had missed a couple of days, despite the fact that I would think being away from school I could have gone daily. I asked Mable how she was doing and she said there was "more to come." I told her I was in the same situation. I thought to myself that we had probably been gone for at least 20 minutes and I asked her if she minded missing the next game or two. She said it was no problem because others at the table will play her cards. I asked her what happens if they were to win in such a situation, she said she would share the prize with them. I just love her humor.

Then I saw her move her legs a bit and immediately there was a splash into her bowl. She said, "Ahhh, that feels good!" and I told her it sure sounded good. About five minutes later I got that feeling that my biggest log was about to exit. I was right; it turned out to be my longest and widest. I slid back on the toilet to see my prize, but it wasn't within my view. I stood, turned around and was very surpised to find I had almost filled the bowl. I wanted to tell Mable how happy I was but didn't want to have her feel I would gross her out. I asked Mable how she was doing since she was sitting in total silence and there was no movement of her legs. She said to give her another five minutes. I cleaned myself, flushed, and went out to wash my hands. While walking to the sinks, I recognized that Mable and I were the only ones left in the bathroom and that we had probably been in there about a half hour or more. Then I heard her pee stream start; it lasted about 45 seconds at which time I heard "Ok Honey" and I knew she was done.

When she opened the door for me, she was already wiping herself from the seated position. I saw her complete at least six wipes before I asked her if she was ready to be lifted up. Since she will sometimes stamble a little bit forward and that scares me, I decided when I lifted her, to wrap my left arm around her, and while I seated myself on the toilet momentarily to flush for her, I didn't have to worry about her falling. When we got back to the hall, we found we had missed two full games. The announcer asked those who had won to stand and I walked around with my box of prizes. One man, who is about the age of my grandfather whom I dearly love, quickly spotted the yellow top on a bottle of prunes. He held it up for the others at his table, who cheered him on.

When I went to managers office to get out my bike so I could ride home, the manager had $15 for me instead of the usual $10. He said Mable had left a $5 tip for me. I like so love that lady.

Kid, I would have gone in the woods along with all the rest of them.

Gopi and Jerika: You will give yourself time. I was like you when I was your age. When I was in 8th-10th grade, sometimes I wanted to move my bowels at church or a movie and could not. I was very apprehensive of making #2 at school. I could urinate, but I was afraid of the smell, noise and the mess. See my earliest posts. I had to in 9th grade. Then, in 10th grade I could not take it any longer in girls gym. There was one toilet occupied by an older girl. I waited for her to vacate after she had an explosive bowel movement and she gave my courage. She came out of the stall, pulling up her black gym shorts and white full-cut panties. After that, I evacuated my bowels daily in HS and had fun doing it. In fact, that girl and I would meet up in that girls gym toilet everyday. That girl could shit loud and big. See my earliest posts.

Victoria: Get help, if you need it. Otherwise, your mind will be trained and you will be incontinent and in diapers. I've seen it in healthy adults who later went downhill. You went to school with some cruel people. I was a teacher. I never denied my girls or boys the right to use the toilet. When I was in HS, my teachers never denied us.

Leanne: I would have loved to be with you and Meg at that theater. Movies is one of the best places with toilets.

I was 18 and I had to visit a sick little 10 year old boy from the block who was in the hospital. He was cute and like a kid brother to me. He was sore and aching and going to the toilet was a constant effort for him as he recovered from a coma and brain surgery. He had meningitis. Before he went to the hospital, his father told me that the kid had unbelievable diarreah and was vomiting for many days. The boy asked me to walk him to the bathroom. I did. He was in his white BVD's, only and wanted to not use the bedpan. It was summer. He was so sore that it took a long time to walk him. I got him to the toilet. He pulled down his briefs to his knees and sat on the bowl. He was fine. He took care of himself. He just wanted company. He clutched his stomach and let his bowels loose. He was full of liquids and no solid food. His bowels evacuated brown water that looked like rusty water from a faucet. It gushed out for over a minute. He held down his penis and urinated. I sat outside the door until he was finished. I felt sorry for him. I knew what that was like when I was his age and sick. I used to think that I was going to die. He kept saying with his head in his hands, "I want to go home. Please, I can't take it anymore. Everythng is coming out of me loose. My stomach has been loose for weeks." When he was finished, he took paper and wiped himself good. He pulled up his white briefs and flushed the toilet. He and I washed our hands good and I took him back to his bed and tucked him in. I was an only child. So, I was like an older sister to him and many others like him. Plus, I was like a kid sis to his father, who was 10 years older than I.

Eileen: When I taught in an exclusive private school, the girls broke terrfic wind. Some came from very prominent families. There was a girl studying in the library. She was in 7th grade. It was the first week of school and I was new to the job. She was sitting next to me. She thought that she would "get away with it." She was wrong. I could hear the pressure building up in her and then she broke a low fart. She did not stink the place. She was so shy and embarassed. She smiled and apologized. She told me who was the worst at school.

Lead Picker, farting while snoring is called "snarting."

Responses to Vincene, Kalee and others
In HS and in college, I used to cover the seat. I have since returned to doing so. I was in a dept. store bathroom Friday night that was infested with roaches. I refused to use the toilet. I either use paper, covers or I wipe the seat. I carry rubbing alcohol in my purse and apply it with a paper towel to the seat. I used to use my foot to flush the bowl. I use Gopi's methods.

new guy

comments & stuff

To: Meghan first welcome to the site and great story about your friend Cathryn and her very stinky poop and I bet youll have lots of stories about her and you and when you do be sure to post them here thanks.

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To: Hope I loved all your stories and looking to anymore you have thanks.

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To: Stac as I said before it wasnt your fault and she shouldve been watching her son better and maybe next time thats what she will do and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Brandy another great pooping story and it might be a good to try to use public toilet to poop in that way you dont have an accident I know it can be emabrrassing but its more embarrassing to have an accident when it could have been avoided and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Leanne great story about you and your friend Megan pooping together and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Jenn great pooping story and I bet felt better after that nasty dump but at least you made it to a toilet in time and didnt have an accident and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Eileen H another great story and it sounds like your friend was a pretty nasty dump but i bet she felt better afterwards and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

Here are a couple stories one time I was at my counsins house and when her mom my aunt hurried in the front door and said blank I really have to piss I cant what all she said and another time another came to ny house to use the bathroom because she didnt want to wait in line for the porta poties at the festival that was happening across the street so she peed in out bathroom and I wont get to see them do that anymore because one moved away and the other died a few moths ago and I didnt see them that much but those are some memories I can remember about them and also post about here.

Well that all for now and sorry to any body I didnt repsond to your stories were also great but this post is getting pretty long so I just end it here.

Sincerly new guy

PS I love this site

Wednesday, April 27, 2011


I loved your story about your friend, Cathryn. She reminds me of a babysitter that I had growing up who had a horrible poop smell that seemed to invade other areas of the house when she would go to the bathroom. It didn't matter if the door was closed, her poop could be smelled 15 feet away from the bathroom. It was a very distinct odor too, almost like rotten eggs. Did Cathryn's poop smell have any particular odor (like rotten eggs) or was it a generic poop smell? Any other interesting poop stories?

Keep up the great posts!


meghan stinky girls

What does your friend Cathryn eat to make here poop stink that bad.

Hi everyone! First I want to post my responses to Dan's survey:

1. Usually about 6 or 7 times I suppose
2. Usually yellow unless I've really drunk a lot
1. Quite a bit especially if I need a poo
2. I normally do quite loud ones
3. Normally unless I'm on the loo or with my friends!
4. Yes, usually
1. Almost always twice a day
2. At least 5 minutes, up to 15 sometimes
3. It's normally soft and quite often runny or mushy
4. Normally I have pretty big loads
5. Usually my poo is soft or mushy
6. Only very occasionally when my poo is hard or when it's a big load

I had to poo 5 times today! After a big Easter dinner yesterday I got a strong urge this afternoon so I went and pushed out three very soft logs and a bit of mushy poo. Then a while later I had to go again but I couldn't get anything out except a tiny piece. An hour later I had to go again and got rid of some runny poo and a couple of small bits, and an hour after I needed to go again to get rid of another couple of small bits. Then after dinner I needed to go again to push out two more logs. I don't know why it was split up like that because after my first poo I knew I had a lot more to come but I couldn't get anything else out. It was pretty annoying!

Emma- I was inspired by your post to see how long I can hold a poo in. I will try it soon and let you know how I get on! See if I can beat 5 hours 40 minutes!
Pretty much the longest I've ever held one in was on my ski trip, and that was about 3 hours. Another time I held it for a similar length of time was coming back from another school trip, this time to the London natural history museum in Year 12 (I was 17). It's normally a two-hour drive to London from the school and on the way down we stop at the services and I went for a wee. I had sandwiches for lunch and in the museum I suddenly got some bad cramps and felt like I was going to need the loo soon. I excused myself and went to the toilets but all I could produce were some very loud farts. On the way back we got caught up in a big traffic jam after there was an accident ahead of us. Very soon after we left London I started to need a poo. When we joined the jam I had been needing it for an hour. After a while of sitting there seeing fire engines and ambulances whiz by I was pretty desperate. No loo on board, of course (school was too cheap for that!) so I had to hold it. I was really bursting by the time we started up again an hour later. My friend Charlotte told me she really had to pee and I said I needed a poo badly. When we got to the services I had been holding it for almost three hours and Charlotte and I dashed to the loos. I quickly sat and farted loudly and out came a splattering of wet poo and two rapid logs. I moaned with relief and Charlotte started a loud, hissing wee. I gave another push and out came another log, with another coming later along with some more runny stuff. Charlotte had a really long wee and then waited for me by the sinks. I was on the loo for almost ten minutes and I felt much better for it!

Since we're on school trips I might as well tell the story of my second 'adventure week.' I posted ages ago about the week I went on when I was in Year 6 where our room had a toilet just off from it with no door or any kind of privacy. Well, in Year 8 my senior school organised a similar week to a similar adventure camp place, which was in Yorkshire somewhere and the details of which I remember very clearly since it was great fun!
Just before we arrived I started to need my first number 2 of the week. I hadn't been the day before, Sunday, maybe because I was nervous. Soon it was a definite urge and I knew it would be a big, big load. We had to sit through the welcome talk and the man showing us round the camp. I had a big load inside me but I wasn't in urgent need of a toilet yet. The man showed us the main building where the food was served and the entertainment was, some of the activities we'd be doing, and where the toilet and shower blocks were which I made sure to note! Then we took a big circuitous route looking at some of the other things and were then shown our cabins. I feared a repeat of my last adventure week, but the cabins were only 4 person cabins and they had a sink but no bathroom. In my cabin were myself, Charlotte, and our friends Jagvir and Ruth. Over the week I was to have toilet experiences with them all!
After we were shown to our cabins we were told to meet up in the yard (for want of a better term) and then we were led back up to the main building for dinner. I had chicken kievs with potato wedges and then ice cream because, despite my need for a poo (which was there but not strong yet), I was hungry. Afterwards there was another talk in the main room and then we were told to go and get settled in for lights out at 10. We made our way back to our cabin. After eating my poo had started to move and by now I was quite desperate. I hadn't had a chance to wee since we stopped at the motorway services on the way up, either, so I badly needed to do that as well. At the cabin I unpacked a few of my things and then my urge became really bad. I knew I had to go, so I said, 'does anyone know the way to the loos?' I think this broke the ice a bit, since Ruth said, 'I hope so, I need to go too.' Although none of us were shy about our toilet habits amongst ourselves, nobody wanted to be the first to say they had to go. So, it turned out, did Jagvir and Charlotte. We all left the cabin and then realised that, although we knew where the loos were, we didn't know how to get to them because we hadn't taken a direct route between them and our cabin. Ruth led the way and all the while I was getting more desperate. We found them and it was a fair distance away. We all went in together and took four of the 20 or so cubicles all in a line. I was second from the left, Jagvir was on my left and Charlotte on my right with Ruth beyond her. I heard the rustling of trousers and knickers being pulled down and I did the same. As soon as we sat down we all started powerful wees. It was a very relieving wee for me and for the others I imagine! As we weed I heard a fart from my right but I didn't know who. When I finished weeing my poo was pushing hard to come out and my first log was poking out. Jagvir was still weeing but Ruth and Charlotte had stopped. I had to poo but I didn't want to if nobody else was! I decided to wait and see if anyone else wanted a poo. As it turned out, we all did! I heard another fart from my right and then a plop from Charlotte. Once I heard that I let my poo go. Two quick splashes from me were followed by one from Ruth and then two from Jagvir on my left. Charlotte pushed out another as did I. Jagvir then had some runny poo and I pushed out another log. This went on for a while, with a chorus of plops and farts as we emptied our bowels together! Ruth finished first and waited for us by the sinks. I came out next after a satisfying poo. Jagvir was next leaving Charlotte to come out last. We headed back to the cabin. Later that night we all came out again for a group wee before bed.

It's getting late so I'll post more of the story tomorrow. Bye everyone!

Hi everyone! Currently on holiday in Cornwall, a wonderful county in the far South West of England. Yesterday, Easter Monday, I was at Porthminster Beach, St Ives and after several beers I had a strong urge to have a leak so I went to "Public Conveniences". These consisted of 6 unisex cubicals (stalls) which needless to say were all occupied but I was the one waiting so I waited centraly outside. Anyway within less than half a minute two cubicals at either end vacated almost simultaneously the respective occupants being an elderly gentleman the other an attractive dark blonde woman of about 40 in very short denim shorts, hiking boots, white t-shirt and denim waistcoat and sporting a most gorgeous sun tan (to those outside the UK we do sometimes get spells of fine weather, lol). Guess what cubical I chose? Yep, right! As I entered there was a subtle fecal feminine odour, which was probably as intoxicating as my earlier beers and I lifted the still warm seat and undid my fly. Well the thought of this fine woman and the attendant aromas was so arousing that a quick leak took somewhat longer than anticipated! Keep up the good work fellow posters! Bye for now.


First day back at school after hols

Response to Dan's survey

1) How often in a day do you pee? Usually about four times.

2) What color / shade is it? Light yellow.


3) How often do you fart? Maybe four or five times a day.

4) What type of farts do you do? Do you have a preference? I normally do quite short but loudish ones.

5) Are you shy about farting? Yes unless I'm on my own or with a really good friend- in public I'll hold them in.

6) Do you fart on the toilet? Yes, nearly always even if I'm just having a wee.


7) How often do you poop? at the moment every three days or so.

8) How long does it usually take you? at least 15-20 mins, sometimes longer.

9) What types of poop do you do? (chunks, logs, pebbles...) logs.

10) Does a lot come out? yes, quite a lot.

11) What texture are your loads? (soft, liquid, mushy, fir, rock solid..) usually hard and solid.

12) When you poop do you require effort? Yes, I nearly always have to strain and push hard to get my poo out.
Emma- thanks for sharing your story about your outdoor poo, I bet you were glad that woman didn't see you with your pants down and a log sticking out of your bum!
Anyway, a quick story from today. I last had a poo on Thursday evening round Lucy's house, I was so busy over the weekend getting ready to go back to school that I never got chance to use the loo even though I knew I should have tried to empty my bowels over the weekend. Typically I was sitting in my lessons this morning and a sudden urge for a poo hit me out of nowhere, I knew I wouldn't have time to go on the toilet at breaktime so I clenched my bum and sucked it back up. About ten minutes before the lunch bell went I knew I couldn't hang on much longer, the muscles in my bottom were aching as I'd been clenching them so tightly and I could feel the first log starting to poke out of my bum. We were let out more or less on time and I headed for the loos but even though I rushed straight there the queue was still out of the door. I stood waiting and trying not to look like I was totally bursting, which was easier said than done as by now my poo was starting to touch my pants. Luckily I had my back to the wall so I was able to reach round behind myself and pull my pants down a bit to try to stop them from getting dirty. A lot of the other girls must have needed a poo as well as they were spending a while in their cubicle once they got one so the queue didn't really move that fast, which was making it even worse. After what seemed like an age a cubicle was free, I dashed in, locked the door and quickly lifted my skirt and dropped my red and blue striped pants before plonking myself down on the loo. I checked my pants for stains but luckily there was only a very slight mark. I started to push and let out a few spurts of wee, I could feel my bumhole stretching really wide as an enormous log started to make its way out. It felt so good to be getting rid of it that I moaned quietly, fortunately just at that moment my neighbour made two loud plops so I don't think anyone heard. I looked down at the other side and saw that the girl there had her skirt and purple pants at her ankles, she was obviously trying to poo as well as I could hear some heavy breathing and grunting in between doors banging and toilets flushing. I pushed hardest when a toilet flushed or the hand drier went on, that way I could grunt without worrying so much about being heard. Another five minutes went by and the toilets got quieter and quieter, by now I was convinced it was just me and my next door neighbour. Without any more banging doors, flushing loos or hand driers turning on I was doing my best to hide the fact I was straining, I took a deep breath, pushed for as long as I could and did my best to let my breath out quietly but couldn't help panting a bit. The log was moving out a fraction each time, another couple of minutes later I couldn't help giving a gasp as I suddenly felt it start to move faster, the widest part was through and I knew it would soon be dropping. Just then I heard a plop from next door, literally five seconds later my log dropped with a huge plop as well. It took another few minutes to push out my next log, again my neighbour plopped within a few seconds of me! I started to wipe my bottom and seconds later I heard her doing the same, I knew we were probably going to come out of the toilet at the same time. Ater I'd finished wiping I flushed, pulled up my pants and let down my skirt. As I guessed, we came out of our cubicles within seconds of each other and washed our hands, I didn't know the other girl as she was a few years younger than me but she didn't seem too embarased as she smiled at me as we went back out into the corridor. I felt loads better after that poo, I managed to concentrate on my afternoon lessons without worrying about when I was going to be able to use the toilet. My cousin Amy is coming to stay this weekend, like me she's quite interested in toilet experiences so hopefully I can persuade her to post some of her stories while she's round my house, she's certaintly told me a few!
Thanks for reading, bye for now!!


Messy morning poo

I woke up this morning with a lot of wind & a big urge to pee so I went to the bathroom & released a long & very relieving pee. I felt a pain in my bowels but no real urge to poo so I wiped quickly & got dressed. I went downstairs to make a cup of tea & while I was stiring the tea bag I felt a sudden urge to poo really badly. I let out a small fart but had to cut it off quickly when I felt some poo emerge. I ran back to the bathroom & ripped my clothes down fast & sat on the toilet. I had to push a bit but as soon as it started to come out it sped up & I destroyed the toilet with a huge mushy load. I felt a whole lot better after that & I wiped & flushed the toilet, but it didn't all go away so I closed the lid & had to go back a few minutes later to flush again.

Hi again, here's the rest of my adventure week story.

The next day, Tuesday, was a lovely sunny day. We had a full English breakfast in the main building and then made up packed lunches for the day. We did lots of activities- all the usual stuff, mountain biking, rock climbing, ziplines and the like. We ate our lunches and then did some more activities. When we finished for the day Jagvir and Charlotte needed to use the toilet so they went off while Ruth and I went to the main building where there was a little shop to buy crisps and sweets for the night when we were going to have a sort of sleepover-type thing in our cabin. Then I went for a wee and Ruth came too. After dinner they showed a film in the main room and then we went back to our cabins for lights out.
On Wednesday we had another big breakfast and made packed lunches and then we drove out to a nearby lake where we made a raft and then did some kayaking. After we ate and were kayaking I started to need a poo. When we got back we had a while before dinner so I said I had to use the toilet and Ruth said she would come too as she needed to go. We sat on the loo in adjacent cubicles and I pushed out two decent logs. Ruth let go with one and then went silent for a while. Then there was a huge splash and a sigh of relief as she passed the rest of her poo. She told me as we walked back that she felt like she had more poo to come, and I told her I did too since I only passed 2 logs from 2 days worth of poo. That night when I went for a wee I tried again to poo but nothing came out.
On Thursday after another breakfast we did some more mountain biking and then set off on an orienteering course. I paired up with Jagvir. On the way we ate our sandwiches and then carried on following the course. Suddenly I had a strong urge for a poo. It came on suddenly and it was a strong urge. I knew it would be a big one since I now had almost three days' worth of poo to clear out. A log rapidly moved its way down towards my hole and although it wasn't a desperate urge I knew I'd need a toilet stop soon. Jagvir worked out how far we had to go and looked annoyed with the answer- about an hour's walk. She told me she needed the loo and I said so did I. We could have just gone in the woods but we had nothing to wipe with and I really didn't want to because I didn't know if Jagvir had to poo or not. After about an hour we got back to the centre and we headed right for the loos. As we approached Jagvir said she must have eaten something that disagreed with her. I told her I'd been holding my poo for a couple of days and now really had to go. We went in and sat down next to each other. Under the cubicle wall I could see Jagvir's trousers and white knickers. She moaned quietly and then blasted out a load of runny poo that smelled really bad! I quickly pushed out a rapid series of four logs that didn't exactly smell nice either. I asked her if she was ok and she said she felt much better now she was on a toilet! After another load of runny stuff from Jagvir I pushed out another log and then farted loudly. Jagvir farted amoment later and dropped a log. A group of girls came out and commented loudly on the smell! Jagvir let go with another two plops and then a spattering of more runny stuff. I pushed out two more logs, then farted again, and then dropped a final piece of poo. Ten minutes after we had entered we left again, and Jagvir said she felt fine after her poo.
On Friday, our last full day, we did plenty more activities and ate quite a lot. For dinner we had chili in the main building. I didn't have to poo all day until late that evening. Charlotte had been off to poo earlier and had taken ages. It was after lights out but we were all sitting up chatting and playing silly games. I noticed Charlotte seemed a bit uncomfortable, and then suddenly so was I. I cramped up badly and really needed a poo suddenly. It felt like a loose one and very soon it was a badly urgent need. We weren't meant to leave our cabins after lights out but I knew I wouldn't make it through the next half hour let alone the night. I was desperate and I had to go now, so I said, 'I'm just going to the loo,' and got up to put my wellies and coat on (it had been raining earlier). Charlotte got up too and said she had to go as well, so we pulled on our coats over our pyjamas and went for the toilets. As we walked I was straining to hold it in. I felt really bad and I was sweating. I had such bad cramps and I was really bursting for a poo. I moaned as we walked and Charlotte asked if I was alright. I said, 'I feel really ill, I think I'm going to have diarrhea.' She hugged me as we walked along. 'Ooh no, you too? I had it earlier,' she said. 'Now I need to poo again but I don't think it's diarrhea this time.' I told her we needed to hurry because I was losing my battle. We reached the loos and went in to adjacent cubicles. I quickly locked mine and dropped my pyjama trousers and sat. I exploded into the toilet immediately and I couldn't help but moan in pain and relief. A big load of liquid poo jetted out and sprayed the toilet. I immediately felt a lot better but I still had diarrhea. More wet runny stuff came out and I heard Charlotte peeing and then dropping a couple of logs. She flushed and then came and knocked on my door. I let her in and she gave me a big hug and said she knew how I felt. I felt sorry for her and Jagvir having to go through this too. Charlotte knelt down and held my hands, despite the horrendous smell, while I pooed my brains out for twenty minutes. I really appreciated her help and I still love her for it! When I was finally done after one final spurt of runny poo and a couple of mushy logs, the toilet was full of my poo. I flushed it and I wasn't sure it would go down, but it did. Then I wiped which took a lot of paper, and we headed back. I had a couple of immodium tablets that my Mum had made sure I packed, and then I was absolutely fine for the rest of the night and the next day, and so were Charlotte and Jagvir, so I guess it was just a short term thing.

Will post again soon, bye everyone!

Tom Tit
To Mike G - I have never commented on anyone else's post before but I was so intrigued by your post Mike that I thought that I would on this occasion as it is so unusual for a woman to invite someone of the opposite sex into the toilet unless they have been intimate. Judging from your post, I assume that this is not the case but I suspect that you have probably had fantasies of being seduced by her. I am sure that most young men have similar fantasies, I know that I did.
I wonder why you were so privileged to get this invitation, had you given any indication to her in the past of your interest in these matters?
Perhaps you could let me know, when she dropped her jeans and underwear, did you get to see her private parts? If so was it by accident, or did she deliberately show herself to you? or perhaps you got a good look when you looked into the bowl.
Did she notice do you think that you enjoyed the show? Did you catch her looking at you?
I do hope that you will get an invitation in the future. If so have you thought about saying that you need to go too and giving her a show?
If so perhaps things will lead on from there.


Experiences "Up North"

Hope you are all OK.

Museums are always interesting places as you can rely on learning something new.I was on a tour of some of the cities in the north of the UK this week as I had taken the whole week off, and earlier today I learned rather more about one of the area's inhabitants than I bargained for...

On arrival at the town museum ,I peed in the single ensuite disabled toilet,and noticed that I could hear everything going on.The museum was around half an hour from closing time. Apart from a young blonde woman, a red-haired older woman, and two old couples, there was no-one else around.The toilet lock did not work on the unusually large outward-opening door, so I was going to report it later on. I thought nothing more of it as I was more interested in going round the museum,and near the toilet was a particularly interesting display.

I was absorbed in the display, when I noticed the sound of someone running very fast.It was the blonde woman.This twenty-something blonde, was the spitting image of Elisha Cuthbert (sp?) and was wearing a short denim skirt and a yellow top, and white trainers. She wasn't just running, she was sprinting along, and I wondered where on earth she was going until she streaked into the nearby toilet, and slammed the door hard.

I heard everything from outside, by the display. I heard her rapidly pull up her skirt and the snicker of her pants coming down and a muffled clunk as she quickly sat down on the toilet.

Immediately after she was seated, I heard a little UHH as she strained, followed by a SPLEEEE_EEEE_EEEEE-as she did a wet squelchy fart.She then rapidly pooped out what sounded like a hard pebble-like poo,which made a PLOP-PLIP noise, ending with a noisy SSPLLAAAAANKK as a wet fart explosively blasted out under high pressure,then followed by a gentle little UHH as she quietly but noticeably grunted again.She then did a little pee.

There was about a minute of quiet, when I heard her open her handbag and take out her mobile/cellphone and I heard it switch on and I heard the clicking of her texting furiously. I thought she had finished, but there was suddenly a noisy SSSSPPLANKKK! followed by a PLOP-PLIP-UHH as she farted, pooed and grunted.

At this point the red-haired woman ran up to the toilet, I quickly shouted "Stop, don't go in there, there's someone using it!" She unwisely ignored me and she yanked the large unlocked door open...

For an embarassing few seconds (which seemed a lot longer at the time) we both got a clear view of the blonde girl facing us head on, sitting on the toilet. What did not help matters was that the red-haired woman froze in shock and could not react momentarily.(or such was my theory at the time..)

The pooping blonde had her skirt hitched round her waist, her red pants were around her thighs, and were stretched right out by her splayed out legs.She had her head down and was so totally absorbed in her texting that she simply did not notice the opened door.

The blonde obliviously continued to text, until she noticed the wide open toilet door and went ballistic and shouted at the woman to "remove herself fom the scene" (she put it a lot ruder than this) This snapped the red-haired woman "out of it", and she profusely apologised through the now-closed door.I realised that the blonde had not noticed me as I was at a different angle to the red-haired woman when the door was open, and that on looking up, the pooping blonde would only have noticed the woman immediately in front of her.

A young woman's voice with a strong Northern Lancashire/Staffordshire/Cheshire/Manc?) accent
(imagine Daphne from Frasier) came from the toilet "Yeah, whatever, now can I please get on with taking this crap?"

I was keen to avoid a recurrence of the situation, so I stood not too far from the toilet as she finished.I know what you're all thinking guys, but in this instance I was genuinely doing it for all the right reasons, as the two old couples were still in the next room of the
museum. Nevertheless I could not avoid hearing the "conclusion to the story".

There was another period of quiet followed by an UHH-SSPLANNKK_PLIP_PLIP_PLOP-PLOP as she strained,did a violent wet fart and pooped two small poos and two larger poos in quick

This was followed a minute later by a SPLANNK-PLOP-PLIP-UHH!I thought she must have finished by now as there was a minute's quiet, but then there was a

SPPLLLLLAAAAAANK!PLOP-PLIPSPLAAAAANKPLOP_PLIP_SPLEEEEEE_EEE_EEE!as she finished with an explosive noisy wet fart, a poo, instantly followed by another explosive wet fart then a poo and finally a long and very squelchy wet fart.

I heard her mobile switch off and she put it back in her handbag. She wiped three times and pulled her pants up, and sprayed deodorant, and then the room deodorant.She washed her hands and I heard the hand-drier. The door opened and I think she must have thought no-one was around, because as she came out into the gloom of the rather dark museum room, she still had her skirt hitched round her waist, which she slowly hitched down as she walked - distractly it seemed -
into the now deserted museum.

At that moment, I thought it wise to leave the scene..

Bye for now, take care

Hermes x

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