Stinky Girls

Hi everyone. My name is Meghan and I'm a 23 year old female who has been reading this site for about six months now. A little while ago, Tom posted asking about girls that can stink up the bathroom badly. I thought that would be a good opportunity for me to make my first post, as one of my best friends for the last five years, Cathryn, is definitely what you would call a "stinky girl."

I first met Cathryn (or Cat, as I usually call her), because she lived down the hall from me in my freshman dorm. We started talking on the first day of orientation and became friends pretty much immediately. But it wasn't until about a week after classes started that I was first exposed to Cat's bathroom stink. One morning I had woken up early, before most others on our floor, and went to the bathroom to take a shower. This particular bathroom (which was one of two women's bathrooms on the co-ed floor) had three shower stalls and two toilet stalls. Both the showers and toilets were on the same side of the wall. I took my morning pee and hopped into the shower; the bathroom was empty at this point.

But it wasn't long before that changed. I heard the bathroom door open, and someone entered one of the toilet stalls and closed the door. I didn't hear anything else right away - if there was peeing it was drowned out by the sound of the shower - but then I did hear a long, loud, airy fart. A few seconds later I heard another fart, this one even louder, followed by a crackling sound that was barely audible over the shower. I didn't hear anything more for about a minute, and then it hit me - my shower stall was invaded with a VERY strong poop smell. The arrival of the odor was followed by a string of zipper-sounding farts, and a couple of loud plops. I'm not someone who is easily grossed out by bathroom odors, but the smell was really beginning to get to me. It was so strong that it was like someone was pooping right in the shower with me. I was really hoping for a courtesy flush or some sign that the then-unknown popper was finishing up, but instead I only heard more assorted farts and plops. I decided I was going to have to skip the rest of my shower routine because I just couldn't put up with the stink anymore.

While drying myself off and trying hard to breathe through my mouth, I decided that I had to find out who was responsible for cutting my shower short. On my way to the door, I checked the feet under the stall door - and was amazed to find that the culprit was none other than my friend Cathryn. I instantly recognized her athletic shorts and flip-flops. I only had known her for a few weeks at that point, but I never would have guessed she could stink up bathroom so badly.

Anyways, that was the first time that I was exposed to Cat's stinkiness but it definitely was not the last. We lived together every year of college and now live in the same city and hang out all the time, so I have plenty of stories about her. If anyone has any questions for me, I would be happy to answer them. I'd also be curious to hear from other people who have friends like Cathryn.



Girls Night Out

Well, I had quite the adventure last weekend. Lauren, Ann and I decided to have a girls night out for the heck of it, since we finally had some time off to ourselves, so this meant taking the bus downtown and getting some drinks. Needless to say, after a few, we got a bit tipsy and Ann and I felt like we could take a piss. When we were at the bar we felt the sensation at the time, we checked out the bathroom, only to see how completely revolting it was. The toilet was plugged up, there was scraps of toilet paper and piss everywhere, and the thing smelt like they hid a rotting animal carcass in there for days. There was absolutely no way we were going to use that thing, so we decided to hold it in until our next stop. We paid the bill, left and walked a couple of blocks until Ann really started to need to piss. There was no sight of a public restroom nearby, so she decided to sneak behind a dark alley way and do it there. We followed her to keep her guard from anyone else, so while Lauren and I stood in front of her, she pulled down her pants and thong and squatted to let out a strong stream for a good minute. When she was done, she just slipped her pants back on without any regards to any piss still lingering. I didn't need to pee that bad, so we continued on to a small 24 hour diner for some coffee.

When we arrived at the diner, I really had to pee, so right after I ordered my first cup, I hit up the restroom. Luckily, because I wasn't as desperate as Ann, I had a good stall to cover me up as I pulled down my pants and underwear and pissed a good torrent. It lasted about 30 seconds, then I tore off some paper and wiped my crotch. I redressed and joined back for a good coffee and some talk with the girls.

After about 15 minutes there, we decided to call it a night, in our sobering states slightly perked up on coffee. When we hopped back on the bus, I noticed that Lauren started to fidget around. She told us that she really had to go bad from all that coffee and that she hoped to hold it for the next 20 minutes without messing herself. Well, she barely held it in, and after getting right off the bus, we helped her up to our apartment (Lauren was staying there for the night, she didn't want to head back to the rented house that night due to drama). Right after we opened the door, she headed right into the bathroom, ripped down her pants and thong, sat down and erupted right out of her ass. She closed the door this time because it was best for her to keep her privacy in this situation. I heard constant farting and plopping, which could only mean to her wrecking that poor toilet. After she was finished, I was going to brush my teeth, only to find the bathroom reeking with some skids on the toilet. The fan was already on and I couldn't stand to go in there for about 10 minutes!

Not to say that my morning poop was any better. I woke up feeling a bit groggy with a heavy feeling in my gut, and when I pulled my pajama bottoms down, I only did a small tinkle before my anus started to work out a thick, long log. It broke off at about 15 inches, and then a much smaller piece at about 3 inches followed. It left off a ripe odor, so I flicked the fan on before wiping. Because my poop was thick, I only needed one wipe before I flushed it all down. After washing up, I sat down on the couch and flipped through the TV while the other girls slept for a bit longer.

new guy

woman poops at library

this might be a repeat I posted it yesterday but it didnt show up it still might so yesterday I was reading a magazine when a woman enterd the ladies room and then I heard a bunch of farting as ive said before the walls arent soundproof and she came back out it only took her 5 minutes so it wasnt diarrhea probaly just a really gassy poop.

Sometime late in the summer of last year, I'm not sure exactly when, I was riding my bike through the park. As I was riding, I began to get an urge to poo. I rode over to the bathrooms, propped my bike up by the side of the building and went into the ladies' bathroom.

There were three toilets, all of which were available, so I took the one closest to me. I pulled down my pants and panties and I sat down, prepared for a big poo, as I hadn't been in over a week. My butt stretched open around a big dry poo. I pushed it out with some effort. It was soon replaced with another poo of the same caliber. This one required effort, but I think less than the first. Over the next few minutes, I passed several large around poos. When I felt like I was done, I stood up to look at my poos. I saw no water in the toilet, only my big poos. I pushed the flusher even though I knew it wouldn't work. It didn't, but I had another problem. I felt more ready to come out and this toilet was already packed full of my poos.

I moved over to the next stall and sat down to pass the rest of my poos. I again did quite a few large poos. And then once I felt empty once more I looked. Not nearly as bad as the toilet before, but there was definitely a large amount of poo. I tried to flush and it shifted my poos but didn't complete a flush. I flushed a second time and nothing more happened. Thankfully, I was really finished that time and I began to wipe.

I felt really relieved to not have all that poo inside me anymore, but also bad for the poor guy who had to clean and unclog those toilets.


To Herb T.

To Herb T: It would not be convenient to use restrooms on other floors of our building. They're for the other tenants of the building. And I do poo in front of my husband, and he does in front of me. We've done so since we first married, even on our honeymoon.

Just a guy

A lot of interesting stories

Eileen H, both of your stories were really good. I couldn't help but think, some days you just can't win. You waited over 3 hours to use the restroom because it stunk, and then when you returned your friend returned and had a stinky dump. I'm surprised she decided not to go the first time as it sounded like she was in a hurry then. As for the other story, great description of how difficult it was to hold in. I felt bad for you as it sounded as if you were having a difficult enough time before the teacher came with the kids and then you had to wait 15 more minutes. Well I'm glad you got in there in time for what sounded like a very relieving dump.

Jenn, great story. Sounded like a terrible dump, but after Taco Bell, Thai and a greasy breakfast, not surprising. Sorry, it ended up being embarassing for you.

Wendy, good story about your friend Stephanie--sounded like she really had to go.

Kirsty, also enjoyed your story. For some reason, I've always enjoyed the desperation story, but I do enjoy a happy ending - making it to the toilet.


Big accident in class

I had my first accident when I was 12. It happened in class & I'd been feeling a little off colour all morning. During afternoon lessons I felt a sudden & very urgent need to use the toilet but was too embarrassed to ask to to leave the soon so I held it. I could feel a huge amount of pressure in my bowels & knew I wouldn't make it untill home time so I swallowed my pride & put my hand up to ask for permission to leave the soon. Unfortunately we had a very strict teacher & he wouldn't let me leave the room. I knew I was about to poo myself so I begged him to let me go but he still refused. I sat rigidly in my seat, praying I'd make it untill home time but after ten minutes of agony my bowels had a biological need to be emptied & there was absolutely nothing I could do to prevent it. I just relaxed & flooded my knickers untill they couldn't contain any more of the smelly liquid. It then started to rise up my back & out the of the legs of my knickers. It really stank & by the time the teacher realised I was having an accident It was cascading onto the floor & forming a puddle under my chair. It was very embarrassing but such a huge relief I didn't even try to stop it. The teacher sent me to the school nurse & she cleaned me up & found me some shorts from lost property to go home in. My mum had to collect me from school together with my soiled clothes that had been put in a plastic bag.


Not allowed to poo 4

As I've mentioned before as a teenager, I often used to hold my poo for several days at a time & it usually resulted in constipation which I had to take laxatives for before I could empty my bowels. That wasn't the only problem because my mum wouldn't let me go in our own toilet as I kept blocking it with my enormous poos. Well once when I was 15 I'd held my poo for 7 days & was feeling very bloated so I took a laxative to get things moving. I was getting ready for school & my mum saw me with the laxative & warmed me I would have to find somewhere other than our bathroom to do my business because she didn't want the toilet getting blocked again. To avoid this problem I planned to go in the woods on my way home from school. When I got to school I went to the toilets to try & go but it was on use. All I could get out was a couple of nuggets. I have up & took a toilet roll & put it in my bag for later. I then went off to class. l as the day went on I began to feel the effects of the laxative but instead of going to the toilet at lunch time I decided to hold it untill home time in case I blocked the school toilets. I took my lunch break & went to back to afternoon classes. By about 2:00 I really had to go & I still had an hour & a half to wait untill home time. I had to clench hard against the rising pressure in my bowels & by the time the 3:30 bell went I was close to doing it in my pants. It hurt to keep clenching & by the time I got to the woods I was so glad I'd made it in time. There was one problem though. A 12" high fence had been put up around the woods. There was no way I could scale it in my situation & I was out of options. I had a major stomach ache & there was only one way to relieve the pain. I really did not want to mess my pants in public so I kept clenching as hard as I could & took my chances with my mum letting me use the toilet when I got home. The walk to my house was the longest ever & very painfull. As soon as I got in my mum knew by the expression on my face I needed to go very very badly. Of course she wouldn't allow me to use the toilet & to teach me a lesson for holding it so long she made me stand in the bath while I did it in my pants. I started off by peeing through my pants & while it ran down my legs I felt a hot sticky sensation between my buttocks. I felt so ashamed of myself but the intense relief was so good I kept going untill my pants couldn't hold any more poo. It started to come out past the leg elastic & fell into the bath while I pushed more & more soft poo out. After a couple of minutes I was done but what a mess. I had to clean the whole lot up on my own while my mum watched & afterwards I took a long hot shower to clean myself properly.

I've mentioned a few times about how much I love a really good poo. When I was younger I used to hold on for days at a time & got a big thrill from being desperate to go. I still love the relief when I finaly get to relieve mysel but it's not the same as when used to wait a few days. One of the most memorable times was when I was 19. I'd been holding my poo for a week before I thought it was about time I emptied my bowels. I loved that full feeling of being desperate to go but knew I had to get rid of all that poo that I'd been keeping inside me for a whole 7 days. I went to the toilet & spent an hour straining without success so I took a laxative. I decided to go to a boot fair while it took effect, which I walked to. It was only a mile away & I thought I'd be ok untill I got home. Unfortunately the laxative worked quicker than expected. I spent about an hour looking round at all the junk that was for sale, when I realised I really had to go. There were no toilets anywhere & I was almost pooing my pants. I had to clench hard to avoid having an accident & I knew I couldn't hold it much longer. I loved the desperate situation I was in, although I really didn't want to do it in my pants in public. I thought it wise to walk home quickly before it happened but since when has wisdom been fun?! I knew it was taking a big risk but I decided to look at the whole of the boot fair before allowing myself to walk home. I knew there was a real possibility that I might poo my pants in front of a lot of people but that added to the exitement. I had the most desperate urge to relieve my urgent need but continued to trawl through the stuff on sale with with my anus clenched hard. I could only walk slowly & stiffly & it must have been pretty obvious I needed the toilet realy badly. By the time I got to the last stall I nearly had a stool in my pants. LOL. I started to make my way home when I felt a sharp pain in my stomach. My anus started to open but I managed to clench a little harder & held it in. The pain wouldn't let up & the pressure in my bowels wouldn't let up either. I walked slowly & very stiffly with my legs close together & I must have looked pretty odd to anyone passing by. It took half an hour just to get half way home & I felt the pain getting worse from all the clenching. I had to stop walking while I tried to keep control but it was hopeless. There were a lot of people around so I couldn't hide my situation. Then everything seemed to go into slow motion, no pun intended. I felt my anus open & it was too painfull to clench any more so I just relaxed. I felt a hot stickyness between my bum cheeks as a started to poo myself. Without thinking & with a few people staring at me I moved my legs apart & bent my knees. The whole thing was a blur & I thought I was dreaming. While it was happening, I felt no embarrassment. Just the most intense relief imaginable. The pain took a minute to subside as my bowels emptied about half their contents into my pants. It was then I came to my senses & realised the reality of what I'd just done. I was so mortified I wanted the ground to open up & swallow me. I felt a lot better for it though but still needed to go quite badly. I ran off in shame unable to believe that I was a 19 woman & I'd just pood myself in front of a lot of people. I got home with a huge load in my pants & once in the privacy of my own bathroom I could clean myself up. However I still had a lot more poo to get out of my system but I held it untill I'd got myself clean & changed into some fresh clothes. I then took a toilet roll & went to the woods to finish what I'd started. I was still busting for a poo but not exactly desperate so the short walk to the woods was no problem. I found myself a nice secluded spot where I felt sure no one would see me & pulled my track quite bottoms down & then my pants. I squatted & without pushing I began to release another big load of soft mushy poo onto the dirt bellow me. I peed a lot & felt so relieved after not going for a whole week. I wiped myself & pulled my clothes up before going home feeling about 10 pounds lighter.


Massive Easter Dinner Load

Hey all,

Want to thank those who took my survey. In case it gets 'buried', it's on page 2022.

- Caroline: I've never clogged a toilet with my poop (yet). My guess is your turds are enormous, tons come out, or you use a lot of toilet paper.

- Kristy: enjoyed your story and glad you're feeling 'loads' better :P

- I <3 Poo & new guy glad you enjoyed the survey! :)

- Abbie enjoyed your story (what was posted) and look forward to reading the rest.

- Natalie X: wow, you are gassy. Looking forward to more posts! Thanks for posting your results, by the by.

Time for my post!

Easter dinner was a large event with many people. Was hosted at my best friends place. He & I knew each other since we were about 10. It was me, him, his brother, his wife, his sister, and his wife's sister. The ladies are very nice (in terms of traits and phyiscal attributes), sadly none of them needed the bathroom during the evening.
We served ham, potatoes, vegetables, bread, and dessert. We all ate around 6, and by about 10 ish, I was farting up a storm. Long, buzzing, drawn out farts that didn't stink.

10:45 rolled around, and I felt the need to take an urgent dump. I took the seat, and blasted out a 5 second long echo fart. Another few seconds and a continiuous log crept out of me at a rapid pace. Coming out it made no sounds, aside from a 'THOONK!', signalling the end. I stood and inspected: about 10 inches long, 1.5 - 2 thick, light brown & smooth. It took many wipes because it was a soft load. The first 3 were smeared on the tp. When I flushed, it was a if the load 'blew up'. There were a few skid marks and left over pieces. I felt so relived and wanted to be a tad risque, so I didn't flush a second time. Such a bad boy.


fart suvery

Hi everybody, i made a quick Suvery about Farting specialy for our female members.

Body Type:

1. Do you Like farting?
2. About how many times a day do you fart?
3. Are your farts stinky?
4. What kind of farts do you rip? (wet, loud, silent, etc.)
5. Are you comfortable farting around others? If so who?
6. Where are you comfortable farting?
7. Have you ever farted at a place, where you shouldn't had?
8. Do you have a reputation of being the person that farts alot?
9. Do you think you can fart better then most boys?
10. Have you ever farted at Someone?
11. Do you try to push out farts for relif or humour around friends?
12. Do you enjoy farting underwater to see bubbles?
13. Do you know if you fart while you sleep?
14. Do you know someone who rips huge farts?
15. Have you ever had an accident because farting?
16. Have you ever stunk out a room or a car?
17. Do you like the smell of your own farts?
18. Do you fart in public?
19. Should all girls be open about farting?
20. Any stories you would like to share?


To: Trekkie

Hi Trekkie, yes I am still here. Thank you for your kind words and yes, Max is the best big brother a girl could have. I quit posting for two reasons; one- havent had any recent stories and two- I did not think anyone cared to read my stories. But since you asked I will post more for you. Just have to go back and see what childhood stories I have already written about.

Herb T.

Wife's Dump

Hello everyone - Herb T. here - I hope everyone is having a good Easter Sunday. The wife and I went to church at 5, after eating lunch at her brother's house and playing a little poker. I lost, but fortunately, it was only $2 haha. When we showed up at church, they were closed. It was almost like deja vu, because the same thing happened last year - I guess most Catholic churches have different schedules on special days - Easter, Christmas, etc. Oh well - we prayed in front of a statue out front and went home. I'm not super religious, but she is. She'd commented as we were headed to church that she had to go poo. She said the same thing as we were head home, so I assumed that she had to go pretty bad. She pooed in the morning too, which is unusual, because she usually only goes once a day.

When we got home, I wanted to linger around the bathroom and bother her, but our dogs were going crazy and I had to take them out. Bummer, but oh well. As soon as we got in the house, she headed right up to the master bathroom, and I was stuck with walking the dogs. Luckily, both dogs went potty pretty quick, so we high tailed it back to the house. I went right upstairs into the bedroom. There is a door that separates the toilet from the rest of the bathroom area, but we usually just keep the door open. Sure enough, she was sitting there on the toilet and it stunk - bad. Our Yorkie jumped up on the bed, and I pretended that I was getting something out from under the bathroom counter. She said that her logs were long, but she'd already flushed them down. I went over to the toilet and gave her a few playful slaps on the butt and told her that it really stunk. I asked her how long her logs were, and she said there were two logs - one about 7 inches, and one that was 8 inches. That is a pretty big dump for a woman of her size, unless she was exaggerating. I left her alone in the bathroom to wipe her bottom and went back downstairs and played a little XBOX 360. I enjoy watching her on the toilet and seeing her logs in the toilet, when she lets me. However, I don't want her thinking I'm a weirdo, so I give her privacy most of the time. But this time in particular, I don't think she has stunk up the bathroom that bad in a while.

I don't know why I enjoy seeing sexy women using the toilet. I know it's not mainstream or anything like that. I'm just glad my wife is open to us keeping the bathroom door open. I don't think she has the same interests I do, when it comes to these topics, but she's not totally opposed either. Anyhow, I hope she is in the mood tonight, because I certainly am. Herb T. out - Happy Easter again.


Nearly shit my pants

I posted a story awhile back about a great shit I had in the men's room at work. I was at a friend's birthday party last night. It was fun. We went out to dinner. I ate a sandwich, duck fries, and chickpea fries. The dinner was good. I had a few beers. The place we went to has hundreds of beers. We went for coffee for desserts and a dive bar to wrap up the evening. I'm walking home and I get this massive, massive urge to shit. A few times I had to stop and hold my ass so I wouldn't shit myself. Finally I get to my apartment building, run up the stairs, rush into my apartment. I didn't even take off my sneakers, I ran to the bathroom. I had a fecal monster that was furious. I almost shit myself in the bathroom. I rip my jeans and boxer briefs down to my ankles, sit my hairy ass on the crapper, and blast out a torrent of shit. It was solid, it was liquid, it was diarrhea, it was a freakin mess! I checked my bbs and there was no shit in them, what a relief. I thought for sure I had shit my pants. Finished my shit, flushed it down, had some water and Immodium and crashed.

Dans survey responses

How many times a day do you pee?
I've never really counted, but probably around 3 to 5. I normally hold it for almost all day during school, because i don't get lots of time in between classes, and I like to only ask to leave class when I had to poop.
What shade/color is your pee?
Light, translucent yellow most of the time.
How often do you fart?
Normally only right before lunch when my stomach is getting ready, and when I have to poop.
What type of farts do you do? Are you shy about
I do silent, airy farts and I'm not too shy because
nobody can hear them.
Do you fart while on the toilet? Not usually, only
before, sometimes once while I'm sitting down
How long does it take you?
Normally I'm done by the time my butt hits the seat,
but if I have to struggle then about 5 min.
What type of poops do you do?
I do large, firm logs, normally with cracks and lumps, about 1 or 2.
Do you poop a lot?
What texture are your loads?
Firm, crazily, lumpy
Do you have to struggle?
Not usually, but sometimes they'll be sharp or wide and I have to hold my buttcheeks open and push as hard as I can

How often do you poop?
1-2 times a day, more if I'm sick.


Hot Doctor in the Restroom

I went to the podiatrist the other day. My podiatrist is a young woman doctor, very good looking, and tall, with dark hair, great legs, and wonderful looking butt. I've been to see her a couple of times over the past couple of years. I was surprised at how young she was, but she's got all kinds of degrees and is known to be a good podiatrist. Anyway, a nurse called me from the waiting room and led me to the room to see the doctor. As we approached the room, the young doctor came from the other direction. She smiled and said hello, and said she'd be with me in a few minutes. She then turned into a restroom. The nurse led me to the examining room that was right next to the restroom and told me to sit down and the doctor would be in shortly. I sat down and I could hear some noise from the restroom next door. I was very quiet and I could distinctly hear some rustling of clothes then quiet as the doctor apparently sat down on the toilet. I heard her begin to pee profusely. It was very audible. As her pee was winding down to a trickle, I heard a BAAAAARRPPPTTT fart. Then it was quiet and I heard heavy plop, plop, plop, plop, plop. About 5 plops, then a brief quiet spell, then another short burst fart, BAARPT, then two more heavy sounding plops. I heard toilet paper being unrolled, and she wiped about 4 times. She flushed, I heard her washing her hands, then the door opening. Immediately she knocked on my door and came in and said hello, and asked how she could help me. It was all I could do to concentrate on my foot ailment as I'd just heard this hot doctor taking a noisy dump right next door. I was a bit surprised she didn't realize someone could hear through the walls, but I could. The best doctor visit I've ever had!


First Post

Hey. I've been a visitor to this site for ageees but this is my first post. My favourite stories are about girls with stomach aches so if anybody knows any good stories about that previously posted please let me know. Now here's my story:
Me and my two best friends Chloe and Katy were staying in Chloe's one night. We were all lying in bed when Katy done the loudest fart, we all laughed then thought nothing of it. Ten minutes later Katy groaned and said "Guys I feel really sick. I think I ate too much earlier and now I have a really bad stomach." We asked if there was anything we could do but she said she'd feel okay soon. Throughout the night I kept my eye on Katy who kept groaning and wincing. At about midnight she rolled up her top and rubbed her sore belly with her hand, after doing this for about ten minutes she let out another massive bottom burp. Katy had been doing smaller farts all night and Chloe said "For God's sake Katy, stop the farting." But Katy yelled "Shut up Chloe it's helping my ????." So Chloe suggested that Katy took a trip to the bathroom. Katy said no as we had never been for a number 2 in eachother's houses before. Shortly after this we went to sleep but in the middle of the night I awoke to see Katy walking towards the bathroom rubbing her belly furiously. Chloe woke too and after Katy had been gone for ten minutes I asked Chloe if we should go and check on her. Chloe said Katy would be embarrassed but I was worries about my friend so got up and knocked on thr bathroom door. "Is everything okay in there Katy?" I asked, "Yeah I'm sure I'll be fine, I just have a bad belly that's all." Said Katy. Then I heard an echoing trumping noise and a splash of runny sounding poop. "Do you need any help with anything?" I asked, "No, just go back to bed I'll be done soon." She moaned. As I was walking back I heard five quick plops and more runnier stuff escaping Katy's stomach. Ten and two flushes later Katy came back in. "How are you feeling now?" Asked Chloe. But you could already see the relief on Katy's face "You have no idea how much better I feel." Katy laughed, "I should have gone to the toilet ages ago." We were all glad Katy was okay, she must have ate something that didn't agree with her poor stomach.

DJ Ben

Hippie Sue's toilet adventures

Some my parents' friends who are Irish had a St Patrick's day party on 17th March and they invited me as their DJ, because my specialty is 1960s and 1970s music. They also invited all their friends and neighbours and their large house was packed full. There was plenty of Guinness and wine and most of the guests were in their 40s, 50s or 60s but they certainly knew how to party. One lady called Sue asked me to play some music by Simon and Garfunkel from the classic 1960s film 'The Graduate'. I think that Mrs Robinson in the film had given her some ideas as she asked me to dance with her. That's why I call myself Ben, after Ben, The Graduate in the film. It's about 20 years since I was a graduate and Sue is old enough to be my mother. During a slow dance, Sue held me close then half way through the dance she whispered something that Mrs Robinson never said in the film, "Excuse me Ben, I must go and sit on the toilet".

I had noticed that women who have raised children often seem to be more open about toilet matters. I thought I would try and see if Sue was like this. When Sue got back, she apologised for leaving suddenly in the middle of a dance. I had seen her drinking Guinness and I asked her if it has the same effect on her as it has on me. She asked me how it affects me and I whispered, "It gives me 'the runs' if I drink too much." Sue said that she had only drunk two cans but she has a sensitive stomach. "It makes me wee a lot and it makes my bowels loose", she whispered. Sue knew that I knew about computers and she said that she had a problem with her PC. Sue invited me round to her house the following Saturday to have dinner and help her with her PC.

I went round to Sue's house, set up her PC then we had dinner with a bottle of wine between us. I plugged my MP3 player into her stereo and played some of her favourite 1960s music tracks. Then we settled down on the sofa and Sue snuggled up close to me. Then I heard some noises from Sue's stomach and she said "Excuse me, I need to run to the toilet". When she got back, I stroked her stomach and whispered, "Are your bowels loose?" She asked me if I really wanted to know about her bowels and I said that I would like to know all the details. She said that her bowels were quite loose tonight but that was normal for her. She was recently diagnosed with Diverticulosis so she has to eat a high fibre diet so that everything slips through her digestive system easily. She said that she eats a large bowl of bran cereal with prunes or dried apricots and an apple for breakfast. Then her lunch includes another apple and she drinks three sachets of fibre supplement drink before going to bed. That keeps her bowels regular and she usually has to do a poo three times a day. She said that her poo is very soft and the urge to poo often comes on suddenly. She said that she can't hold it for long so she needs to get to a toilet quickly. Then Sue stroked my stomach and asked, "How about you, how are your bowels?" I said that I had the opposite problem and I was constipated. Sue said that compared to other countries she had visited, most British and American people seemed to be quite inhibited about talking about their bowels but she was pleased that I wasn't shy about such things.

Sue said that the music reminded her of happy times in 1969 when she was 18. Sue and her boyfriend Chris went overland to India with another couple, Ian and Debbie. This was a classic 'hippie trail' route at the time but they were lucky because instead of hitch-hiking, Chris's parents had a small VW Microbus camper van. They had recently bought a new one so they let Chris have the old one. The four of them travelled to India with Chris and Ian sharing the driving. Chris was a keen photographer and he had a good camera. He also had his own dark room at home for film processing so he could take the sort of photos that he wouldn't want to send away for processing. Then a few years ago he scanned all his 35mm colour slides onto the PC. Sue showed me some of these photos. They were so good that they looked like they had been taken yesterday with a digital camera so it was a strange experience seeing Sue as she was 42 years ago. Sue showed me a picture of the van. She had painted flowers all along the sides and she named it 'Daisy 1'. She also showed me a picture of herself sunbathing by the van in some remote place and she wasn't wearing any clothes. Sue said "My titties have sagged a bit since then." Sue showed me another photo of her squatting with her shorts and panties round her knees and a wet patch in the sand underneath her. "Chris snapped me while I was having a wee in the desert", she said "but my bum has got a bit bigger since then."

Before leaving home, Sue's mother gave Sue some packs of laxative pills, some anti-diarrhea pills, a large pack of toilet rolls and a potty 'for emergencies'. Chris, Ian and Debbie thought the potty was very funny but it came in useful. I asked Sue to tell me some toilet stories from the trip. The van had a side awning which was a tent that could be attached to the side. One couple slept in the awning and the other couple slept in the van. It was pretty cramped for four people and there wasn't much privacy so they soon lost their inhibitions about undressing and washing in the van and nocturnal activities.

To keep costs down, they camped in the van by the side of the road most nights and in Europe they only stopped at a camp site every few days, to make use of the showers and washing facilities. Once they got outside Europe, there were few proper camp sites. I asked Sue whether the van had a toilet compartment and she said it didn't so when they weren't at a camp site, they went to the toilet in the bushes, if there were any. Sue said that she didn't mind weeing outdoors but at the start of the trip, she had never done a poo outdoors and she was a bit shy about it. She used to hold her poo until they stopped at a camp site with proper toilets. Not surprisingly she became constipated so as soon as they got to a camp site with toilets, she took a good dose of the laxative pills that her mother had given her. She said that the pills usually took 6 - 12 hours to work then it felt like a kick inside her stomach and she had to make a quick dash to the camp site toilet. One day, the laxative pills hadn't worked by the time they left the camp site. About an hour later, Sue felt the familiar kick inside her stomach and she told Chris that he needed to stop the van NOW. Sue jumped out but there was no cover so she squatted down by the side of the van and did an urgent poo onto the ground in full view of the passing traffic. After that, when they weren't on a camp site, Sue used to go off with Debbie or Chris to find a place to do their morning poo outdoors. They used a garden trowel to dig a hole in the ground, then they took turns to poo into the hole before burying it.

They drove across Europe to Istanbul then they continued through Turkey, Iran, Afghanistan and Pakistan. Things were very different in those days. Some of the mountain roads were rough, twisting and winding and Sue used to suffer from travel sickness. Sometimes she would sit in the back of the van clutching her potty and being sick into it. Sue said that she has a sensitive stomach and after they left Europe, she had diarrhea for most of the trip. When they were driving on the open road with no bushes, they would stop that van so that Sue could get out and squat by the side of the van for a poo. I asked her what happened when there were people around. She said that she did it in her potty in the back of the van. She said that when she had diarrhea she used a lot of toilet paper and their stock were getting low so Chris told her to use less. She said that the only way to use less was if he wiped her bum for her so that he could see exactly what needed wiping. She said he used to do that and she rather enjoyed it. Having diarrhea flushed Sue's contraceptive pills through her digestive system and Sue became pregnant. Her parents paid for her air fare to fly home from Delhi.

Sue and Chris got married and they were happy together. Their son Mike was born in 1970 which made him a year older than me. Mike had a successful career in banking in the City of London and then his bank offered him a transfer to their New York office so he emigrated, taking his wife and children with him. Chris was 7 years older than Sue and sadly he died last year. Sue started to cry and she said had been very lonely since then. She hugged me and said how much she had enjoyed our evening together and it was so nice to be able to talk about her bowels with a new friend.

I told Sue how much I had enjoyed the evening. I said that since my mother died a few years ago, I had no-one to turn to for advice. Sue said that she was happy to give me advice and I said it wasn't the sort of thing that I would have ever told my mother. We snuggled up together on the sofa and she invited me to tell "Auntie Sue" all about it. I said it was something that I wanted to do with my girl friend but she refused and because of that, she was now my ex-girlfriend. I told Sue that she might be shocked but she said that she was very broad minded and asked me what it was. I said that I wanted to watch my girlfriend doing her poo and I wanted to wipe her bum for her afterwards. Sue said she wasn't shy about going to the toilet with a close friend so if we became very close friends then we could do a poo together.

I had seen a camper van parked outside Sue's house and Sue said it was called 'Daisy 3'. She and Chris used to spend all their vacations in 'Daisy 3' and its predecessors 'Daisy 2' and 'Daisy 1'. They loved the freedom to go as they pleased but in England, just about every place to stop other than a proper camp site has signs saying 'No overnight parking'. Sue loved the Highlands of Scotland, which are more remote and there are some places to pull off the road and park overnight where no-one will bother you. 'Daisy 3' was nearly 20 years old now and she had quite a thirst for gasoline. With gas in Britain currently costing the equivalent of about US$8.40 per US gallon Sue worked out that for a 1400 mile round trip, the gas would cost about US$700. It would be nice if two or three people could share the cost and share the driving. She said is would also be nice if I could go with them and be their mechanic in case they had any problems with the van. I asked who the third person would be and Sue said that she would invite her friend Debbie who was on the overland trip to India in 1969. "You'll probably get on well with Debbie", Sue said, "She's even crazier than I am and even more open about her toilet habits".

I said that I would love to go to Scotland for a week in the camper van with Sue and Debbie. Then Sue and I hugged each other, we kissed goodnight and I went home. The next day, Sue phoned me to say that Debbie did want to join the trip and that they planned to leave London on 29th April, the day of the Royal Wedding, as it was a public holiday and they weren't too interested in watching the wedding on TV.

I'll let you know how the trip went after we come back.

Firecracker Girl

My response to Stac's two-part story

I think Stac gives us all a good reminder when using public toilet stalls: latch the door and then test it. It's not unusual for rude people--especially children--to try and jiggle a lock. Just last week I had an obnoxious boy, who might have been a year younger than Adam, get down on his hands and knees and look in on me before reporting up to his mom that "It's a lady." Lucky for me, I heard his mom telling him never to get down on the floor and look under the stall door. He laughed as she corrected him and I could hear her get progressively more stern with him.

Adam's mother never should have let him enter the bathroom alone, even if she was four or five seconds behind him. There was no excuse whatever for her swearing. Shoving the boy backwards with the door to the point where he fell over, was probably a little too rough for his age, but Stac would have no way of knowing that. I, too, like to shit in peace. Before shoving the door shut, I think I would have called out to his mother for help, but I don't know if Stac immediately knew that she was in the room.

It's sad that a situation like this keeps Stac from crapping, and even a day later, taking her normal pees. The nightmares and bedwetting are symptoms of deeper emotional issues, probably from the previous harassment and bullying that Stac alluded to.

In a larger sense, I think Adam should have used the mens bathroom. Like the ladies, it was probably single stall and not only would he not have had the occupied stall situation, but it would have given him greater confidence for the future when he's in school and his mom is not available to even partially supervise.

Overall, Stac was only guilty of one thing: being in the right place at the wrong time.

So I haven't had time to get on this weekend due to Easter keeping me busy and as such I haven't gone to go look at what I left outside in the daylight yet. Maybe I will today. As for pooping I've taken 2 dumps in quite a rush and didn't even think to peek in at them but they both came out quick and painless. Neither were of epic proportions.I have been taking leaks a lot lately b/c of all the caffeine I've needed to keep going I accompany the high caffeine drinks with vitamin water and Gatorade so that I flush some of the bad stuff out fast. Friday I was I Detroit seating up for a Good Friday event and peed 12 time in 16 hours. I peed in all the urinals in the lower level bathroom at once just cause I wanted. Saturday I peed maybe 6-7 times in a 10 hour work day. I did two antifreeze yellow/green pees outside behind the dumpster. Once b/c someone was in the bathroom the other when I was taking out the trash. I don't remember which day it was but one time when I went I went outside for distance and went over 15ft. Sunday I was down to 6 times all day. That's all for now I have to leak bad.

Hi there! Here are my answers to Dan's survey;

1) How often in a day do you pee? 5 or 6 times normally

2) What color / shade is it? If I've drunk lots it's clear, if I haven't drunk enough it's yellow


3) How often do you fart? Quite a lot actually! Lots when I have to poo usually and once or twice an hour maybe if I dont

4) What type of farts do you do? Do you have a preference? Normally just...well, normal farts, I don't really know how to describe them!

5) Are you shy about farting? Yes, usually unless I'm with my friends

6) Do you fart on the toilet? Usually whenever I poo I will fart a few times, and sometimes when I pee as well


7) How often do you poop? Twice a day

8) How long does it usually take you? Usually between 5 and 10 minutes

9) What types of poop do you do? Most of the time just normal logs and pieces of poo, but fairly often it will be a bit mushy or runny

10) Does a lot come out? Usually big loads for me!

11) What texture are your loads? ALmost always soft, sometimes mushy but hardly ever hard

12) When you poop do you require effort? Not really, I dont have to strain but sometimes when its a big load I do have to push quite hard

Now for my story. Leanne, I read your last story about pooing in the park with your friend and I decided to poo outside in my local park too! Yesterday (Saturday) I had to poo quite early in the afternoon but it looked like rain so I held it in for a bit. By the time the skies cleared I had to go pretty badly, so I walked to the park. There weren't that many people there because it had looked like rain, so I went in and off the path into a patch of woods. There I found a spot where I couldn't be seen from the path but could still look out at the path, at roughly the same spot I was when I tried pooing outside last year. I dropped my jeans and panties to my knees and bent down so my bum was sticking out and my thighs were at an almost 90 degree angle to my shins, since I didn't fancy properly squatting. I weed a bit first and then my turd began to slide out of my bum. It crackled quietly as it came out and flopped onto the ground. My next log was a bit harder and bigger so I gave a good push and it came halfway out. But then I heard crackling that wasn't coming from my bum! Someone else was coming in to the woods! I froze. I looked and I could see someone coming into the trees. It was a woman, about 30-35, who was in jogging gear. She looked around but didn't see me and so she dropped her trousers and knickers and squatted down facing away from me. Here I was with a big log sticking out of my bum and someone else not far away going to the loo as well! I didn't want to make a noise in case she heard me, but my poo was working its way out. The woman started to pee which I could hear, and then my poo broke off and fell to the ground. Luckily she didn't hear anything and after her wee she got up and carried on running. I pushed out my final log and a little piece of poo and wiped with some toilet paper I had brought with me. Then I pulled up my panties and jeans and snuck out of the trees and went back home with nobody any the wiser!

Will post again soon. Bye!

Hi everyone. I dont think the 1st story of my wife's sister got through. About 5yrs ago I used to work lateshifts and it wasn't unusual to wake up at midday. This particular saturday got up had a waz and ran the bath, the taps were slow. Went downstairs and had a mug of tea with my wife and chatted awhile. She was going grocery shopping and would be an hour or so. Back upstairs to turn off the hot tap and back down to make my breakfast. There was a ring at the door & it was my wife's sister an attractive woman in her early 50s. She was wearing charcoal grey hipster trousers and a wine coloured roll neck sweater, as an aside she's quite refined local tennis, bridge & golf scene. Made her a coffee & sandwich and chatted while she waited for my wife. I was about to excuse myself to take my bath when she blushed and said she needed the loo and hurried upstairs. Earlier that week i'd rerouted some central heating pipes so the ceiling tiles in the kitchen were removed and not yet replaced & this was under the loo so one could see the underside of the bathroom floorboards & of course hear everything. I heard her pull down her trousers & panties and let out a thunderous fart as she sat down followed by 5secs of loose motion she plaintively said oh no then gushing pee. All was silent for a minute or two then a fusilade of farts & plops. Copious amounts of TP was pulled then a flush washing of hands then downstairs. Couple of mins later went to take my bath and reaching the bathroom was greeted with a strong sulpherous smell which I found quiet arousing. I lifted the toilet lid and felt the still warm seat but the icing on the cake were small ragged turds floating along with a sheet of her TP showing her skidmarks. I didnt flush til after my bath for I wanted to "savour" every moment! Hi to everyone. Bye for now

Yet more restaurant experiences
Hello all! Hope you are all OK.
Dan - thankyou for your comments, although I'd rather remain as anonymous old Hermes for the
forseeable future. I find this forum is a healthy way of getting things off my chest without
anyone getting hurt, putting anyone in trouble, or winding up my friends who (generally) would not understand my interest.
Most of my experiences I have posted about happened as a result of being in the right (or
wrong)place at the same time.This post is no exception.
I had an interesting experience yesterday, whilst on my way home from a trip to the country.
I stopped off a one of the many chain restaurants in a city I visited about halfway along the
I was served by an attractive but rather bad-tempered waitress. She had black hair, an hourglass
figure and wore grey trousers and a white top.
I wasn't sure what the problem, although I suspect I found out. I paid for my meal and walked to
the back of the restaurant.
At the back, there was a male ensuite toilet alongise two female toilets. As I walked to the
toilet, the waitress's shift must have ended as another waitress arrived and I saw the
black-haired waitress walked in front of me and go into the toilet alongside the male toilet.
As seems to frequently be the case, the walls were paper-thin and I heard everthing.
I heard her wip her pants and trousers down with a swish and snicker and a gentle clump as she
sat down. There was a gentle tinkling as she peed for some time.
There was a brief period of quiet followed by a BOOOOWEEEEE noise as she farted on the toilet.
The was followed by a BOOOWEEEFRAAPPKERSPLUUUUUUUUUUUUNK!as she farted and pooped what sounded
like a cannon ball!
There was another brief period of quiet followed by a gentle soft sounding FLOOP-FLOOOP_FLOOP as
three soft poos came out.
There was then another BOOOWEEEE as she farted on the toilet and then a BRRRRRAAAAPPPPFLOOMP as
she farted and did a another soft poo.I then heard her wipe as I left the toilet and went back
into the restaurant, I left a tip and left.
Bye for now.Take care and please keep those posts coming.
Hermes x

Leslie Leanne

Response to Ella's Story

Hi, Ella.

Sorry to hear about your ordeal at the clothing store. I would have felt embarrassed about that as well. However, when you've gotta go, you've gotta go.

I admit, though, instead of holding it like you did, whenever I feel the urge to have a bowel movement I immediately go see about reliving myself as soon as possible. That way, I can avoid accidents like that one you had. When the urge to go hits, it is advisable not to ignore it and hold it for too long. Keep this in mind, if you will.

Thankfully, in my lifetime, I have been able to avoid most bathroom-related accidents. However, I distinctively recall a time from the early 1980s, at age 11, when I was at a dental checkup appointment. I was lying in one of those reclining chairs, with tooth polish all over the inside of my mouth, when I felt the urge to pee. Unfortunately, there was no way I could alert a nurse to my situation, and so I held it for as long as I could. When the dental assistant finally came back in, I told her I really needed to go pee. And as she helped me out of the chair, my pee suddenly released on its own and I completely soaked the blue jeans I had on. I was so embarrassed I started crying. Until that day, I never thought I could release that much urine at one time. There must have been enough to fill an entire iced tea glass!! For a then 11-year-old girl, I must have had one huge bladder. I'm thankful that both the nurse and my mom were sympathetic, but I still had to lie in the dental chair until after the nurse was finished with me and got approval from the dentist himself.

The 17 mile ride home was not fun, either, because I had no clean change of clothes to put on. My mom didn't even think to make a quick errand out to the local Wal-Mart store and get me a new and clean pair of jeans to change into. Anyway, I am thankful my pee didn't stink up the inside of our jeep on the way home, because otherwise my father would've had something to say about it - and let me tell you, back then he was extremely temperamental. I was often afraid of him, but he soon mellowed out in his later years and we're now much closer.

The only other times I have had accidents were when I felt like I was in need to simply release a fart, but it came out as diarrhea instead. This would usually happen at night, while I was in bed asleep or trying to fall asleep. I recall one accident that was so bad, at age 24, I ended up having to change my sheets at about 2 in the morning. NOT FUN!! And the smell was absolutely horrendous! I then had to take a quick rinse-off shower to clean myself up afterwards. I am so thankful I didn't wake either one of my parents or my younger brother. But then, if I had, they would've understood my plight. And I wasn't even sick or having my period at that time, either. Just one of those feminine things that happen every once in a while, I suppose.

I wish I had some new reports to share with everyone today, but I have not had anything major for a while - just small bits and pieces and/or diarrhea, and NOT even a single full-sized, long, fat turd to report. Like I said, my big turds are a thing of the past, unfortunately. I admit I am so envious of some of you ladies who often report having huge BMs that tend to measure 3 inches or more in thickness and more than two feet in length. Any of you ladies or guys capable of doing this must have very high metabolism, something I haven't had in quite some time.

Okay, everybody, that's all from me for a while. Keep the good stories coming, because I really do enjoy reading them. Anyway, take care and happy pooping/peeing to all.

Warm & Loving Regards,
Leslie Leanne


Sleepover at my friend's

Hi everyone, Abbie here with the second part to my last story, about me, Lucy, Amy and Lauren having a sleepover round Lucy's house. I'll get to it in a minute.
Leanne- loved your story about your outdoor poo, the last time I had one was a while back when I went hiking with some friends.
Emma- thanks for your comments, I enjoyed your story about holding your poo. My trouble is that I can hold it for ages, especially when I first feel I need a poo. Quite often I put off going because I don't have time, I'm at school or I know I won't get any peace at home with people coming in and out of the house, usually what happens then is that my need goes away, sometimes for as much as a couple of days. I then get a much stronger urge which I can only put off for a few hours. The problem is by then I often struggle to push my poo out as its got really hard, apparantly the longer your poo stays inside you the more water gets absorbed from it so it gets harder and drier.
Anyway, back to my story about what happened when we got home from our shopping trip. It seemed like it was going to be an evening of embarasing incedents, luckily something happened to each one of us so it could have been worse (and typically, what happened to me involved using the loo!). The first thing happened to Lauren on the way home, she unzipped her bag to find some sunblock- we were waiting for the bus in the sun and it was a really warm day- and she somehow managed to pull a pair of knickers out of her bag at the same time and drop them on the pavement! Luckily I don't think anyone but us noticed as we were standing in a huddle, but she still went really red. As we were waiting I could feel that I still had more turds inside me which wanted out, even though I'd already been for a poo in the shopping centre toilets I knew I'd have to go again when we got back to Lucy's. I noticed Amy squirming a bit and guessed she wanted a poo as well. The second embarasing thing happened to Lucy when we got back home, she showed us up to her room and then blushed as there was a big pile of white bras and rather grim looking flowery knickers on her bed, her mum had obviously sorted the washing before going out and left them there for Lucy to put away, which she did at top speed! At that point Amy said she needed the toilet, so Lucy showed her the bathroom and we went back to her room. We were all chatting so I didn't get to hear much apart from a few plops when there was a pause in the conversation, after about 5 minutes Amy was back looking releaved. We then had tea and about an hour after that decided to get ready for bed so we could watch a film. As I got undressed I realised I'd have to go for a poo as soon as I was in my nightie as I was getting more and more desperate by the second. Everyone else was undressing round me, it was obviously now Amy's turn for something embarasing to happen because as she pulled her shorts down her pants came down with them, what was worse she was only wearing her bra so she had no top to pull down over herself! It only took a second for her to pull her pants back up but by then we were all laughing. At that moment I excused myself to use the toilet, once in the bathroom I lifted my nightie, pulled down my yellow pants and then sat. I had a wee and then started to push out my turd. With each push I could feel it come out a tiny bit, everyone was downstairs laughing and giggling so I pushed really hard and gave out some loud grunts. I relaxed for a moment and luckily the turd stayed where it was, it was out too far to get sucked back up which was good. I started to strain again and after another five minutes of hard pushing the turd started to slide out on its own, I moaned with releaf as it continued to slide, getting longer and longer and finally splashed down into the toilet. Straight away I could feel another turd poking out, this one needed a couple of minutes of more gentle pushing before it too slid down into the bowl. I finished with a few final pieces and a spurt of wee before reaching for the loo paper. Horrified, I saw that the roll was empty. Luckily at that moment I heard footsteps on the landing. "Lucy?" I shouted.
"No, its Lauren" I heard a voice reply.
"Er... can you come in here a sec, its OK, I haven't locked the door."
Lauren slowly poked her head round the door and looked embarased to see me sitting on the loo with my pants round my thighs.
"Could you ask Lucy to fetch me some more toilet paper?" I asked as naturally as I could.
"Err... yeah... sure" replied Lauren, closing the door. The next thing I knew Lucy came in and passed me some loo roll. I wiped my bum, pulled up my pants and let down my nightie, before going back to watch the film.
Hope you enjoyed this, will post again soon. Bye for now!!

Monday, April 25, 2011

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