Anon - To this day I still feel bad about my fitting room episode. It definitely wasn't on purpose, just in case any of you guys wondered.

Around a year ago, I was at casually shopping with a friend. I'll leave my friend nameless, but as we made it around the shopping plaza, I felt a slight pang down under. It didn't seem to persist, so I ignored it. We made it into a fairly large clothing store. As we picked out different articles of clothing, I knew my body was telling me that I had to go to the bathroom. I ignored it, because I didn't really have the motivation to wander around until I found a bathroom. My friend excused herself to the fitting room first, but I continued to look around for more clothing. As every minute passed by, the dull prick in my lower abdomen turned into a full-fledged cramp. I decided to hold it, because at that point it didn't seem impossible. Plus, I realized I couldn't have ditched my friend while she was in the changing room (I could've called/texted her, but the girl never brings her phone anywhere). I had a pile of clothing waiting in my arms anyway, so I decided to go in a more vacant area of the changing area, mostly because I don't like seeing everyone's feet around me as I change.

The fitting rooms turned out to be those that had a full door, and was nearly impossible to see what anyone was doing inside. I found a room quickly, and started to strip naked. I changed into a few shirts and skirts (maybe not, I don't really remember, I just like saying shirts and skirts n__n). Distinctly, however, I remember trying on a pair of skinny jeans that was a bit too big. By this time, I needed to relieve my bladder as well. It wasn't an urgent need, not as much as my bowel problems, at least. As I pulled the jeans off, I somehow slipped and tripped on my shoes. I landed on my back, and before I could I get up, I started to pee myself. I was mortified. Terrified. Disgusted. All of the well known synonyms. I felt terrible. I've relieved myself several times outside, but it always felt like the natural thing to do. Anyway, mid-stream, I pulled my underwear off to my knees, and just peed the rest out. The floor was carpeted, so it seemed to absorb well. I didn't get any on the pair of jeans I tried on, and all of the clothing was on the seat area, so nothing was affected- just my pride and underwear.

The one thing about me, however, is that if I start peeing it's almost immediate that I start pooping (if I really need to go, that is). I could've pulled my pants on and ran out, mess up my underwear even more, but that just seemed even more humiliating. I decided to forgo all hope of holding, as I started to feel one of the logs poke out. I pushed the clothing off onto the floor (a dry area), and squatted on the seat. A few drops of pee dripped out, but almost immediately a log began to drop. It didn't smell bad, but it was pretty thick. As I was letting them out, a sales clerk knocked on the door and cheerfully asked "How's it going? Do you need any help?", I freaked. I told her that I was perfectly okay, and that if I did need any help I would ask her later. Just as I finished my sentence, the second one came out, landing directly on top as the other one. It was slightly slimmer, but equally long. I let out a smaller turd, and quickly pulled my underwear and pants on. I didn't care much for the residue in my crack. I also didn't know how to handle the situation, as I just took a gigantic dump in a dressing room. I felt sympathy for the person that would have to clean it up, so I dropped twenty dollars next to the pile as a guilt thing.

I ran out the store with the clothing in my hand, and avoided all eye contact with everyone else.

Feral Girl

Made a mess

so, okay, was going to post this Friday before last, but computer ate it as i was finishing typing it. :/ so I'm retyped it from memory and finally got around to finishing it and posting. anyway! J ended up sleeping over Friday before last cuz it was Spring Break. we spent most of the week out with friends, got to go out on the lake on a pontoon boat and ski later and stuff which was fun, but didn't manage to go outside there other than a quick pee i had behind the bathrooms, lol.

friends had gone inside, were taking up all of the stalls, so i snuck around behind it, pulled my bathing suit's shorts down, and peed real quick on the ground. felt good. none of them never asked when i went after i'd mentioned needing to go earlier, lol. i think J knew i did though, she will now. :p

and J told me she's read all my posts on here and knows what i've done, so yeah... tried to get her to make the post the first time instead but she says i have a gift for it, so, whatever!

so it was Friday, we were having the sleepover then cuz my parents were going to be out of town all night to go to a wedding for one of my dad's friends. right as J got here at lunch she told me she had to pee bad, but my parents hadn't left yet, so she had to use the toilet like a normal person, lol. then we ate lunch and both started drinking lots of sweet tea.

around 2pm i really needed to pee. we'd been watching videos on my computer since lunch. so J got the urinal like last time out of her bag and gave it to me. i pulled my shorts and undies down and stood with my legs apart and pushed it up against my y'know. it actually fits really well, i mean my vase fits well, but lol, this is like a *seal*. let go and peed nice and slow into it, felt good. didn't fill it but a little less than a quarter of the wy and J tells me I need to drink more water cuz my pee was yellow. :-P like i'm not drinking tea with her right now.

by 4pm i usually have to poo bad, and i did sort of, but i've been constipated the last few days. it's been nice and warm, i've even managed to get outside to go a time or two, but it's always just a little bit of poo that comes out.

we went to this website and i started writing the post the first time, and J wanted to read some posts. ended up back at my old one. she claims she's not as obsessed with me being bushy as i claimed. but she's still obsessed (she'll yell at me for saying that still, but she isn't here right now!) cuz she started talking about it again since i'd shaved my legs earlier in the week cuz we were going to hang out with friends, but hadn't since and had like, stubble on them.

we decided to see who would have to go first after that, tho i knew it'd be me. i wanted to go outside cuz it's nice and warm out, but our neighbor has been out at the edge between our properties clearing brush and i could still see him out there from my window. so i told J I was gonna use the bucket and she told me no, we're going on the bathroom floor cuz she'd read that post too. >:( so i told her i didn't want to clean up any messes, so she was gonna have to clean up mine *and* hers. she said she'd do it after a bit of thinking.

so about 6:30pm we ate dinner, and after that i still had the sorta need-to-poo feeling, so i decided i was going to try again. i told J i needed to really poo now, but didn't mention the constipation, and she said "about time" and that she needed to too. so we did like i did before and went into the bathroom. i stripped down buck nekkid and J sat on the toilet reading a magazine while i stood up at the counter playing my DS to wait for another wave of needing to go to hit me cuz it'd died right when we got in the bathroom. i did keep pooting and J would giggle when i did.

it was kind of cold in the bathroom, so i was almost shivering, i think from the cold...or maybe anticipation. i don't know, i think J being there made me *need* to go, cuz i suddenly got hit with a need to *really* go like get it *all* out. so i turned my DS off and put it down and stood there with my legs together clenching my butt with my hands on the counter. J asked me if i was finally going to stop wasting her time and go already. i said something rude to her but i don't remember what. :-P i had to go so bad suddenly, though, my stomach cramped and i sort of put my feet apart and clenched my hands on the edge of the counter. i didn't have to pee bad at all, and could actually hold it for once.

i kind of hunched forward and whined cuz it hurt and J noticed and got up. just as she did i pushed hard and felt my poo sliding inside my. i could feel my bootyhole open *really* wide as a huge piece started to slide out really slowly. i kept having to stop to breathe from it and it *hurt* coming out. J said something like, "Wow, that's *huge!*" and it finally moved really fast suddenly and slid the rest of the way out and fell on the floor with a thud. it was really hard and dark looking and looked really bad, but it didn't smell at all. must've been what was stopping me up. :/ i stepped back and looked at it and it *had* to be two inches thick and a foot long. J asked if she could take a picture of it and i told her there was no way she was doing that. >:( J asked me if i was done and i said no cuz my stomach was still cramping. i paced around a little bit and it finally got worked up into feeling like i really, really needed to go, so i stopped and squatted by the counter with one hand on it while the other held my stomach as i started going again. this time my poo was mushy and light brown and it just kept coming. it left a *huge* pile not counting the big ugly piece i got out first, and the mushy stuff smelled pretty bad.

I finally finished and J shouted "holy shit!" over how much i went. the last poo i did was really soft and squishy like yogurt or something. the other pieces were really hard. :/ J wasn't happy, but, she was the one that wanted to do this, lol. i opened the lid of the toilet and grabbed some TP and wiped myself good then J got some and picked up the hard pieces then the soft really carefully and dumped it all in the toilet. toilet almost didn't flush from all of the TP in it.

J washed her hands like, three times after she scrubbed the tile with more TP and a little windex so it was nice and clean. probably a good idea!

i asked J how bad she had to go and she said pretty bad. we went back to my room i think about 7pm and i sat nekkid at my computer and wrote that part of the post. J asked me if i was gonna get dressed, i asked her why i should, she shrugged and said "whatever." :-P i just like being naked, it feels really good, i don't see what's wrong with that.

we didn't stay in my room long before J stripped down to her bra for some reason and we went back to the bathroom so she could go. she told me she beat me on holding her poo and demanded to know why i hadn't peed yet. i told her i had to, but not *that* bad yet, she said it wasn't fair since i'd peed after her earlier, but, tough. :-P

i sat on the toilet playing my DS some more while J sat on the floor indian style with her cellphone. after a bit she let out a really wet sounding fart and i laughed and asked her if she'd left a mark on the floor. she slid over a bit and she had! i could *see* it on the white tile!

after that i put my DS away cuz she said "okay, barely holding it now." i sat down in front of the tub so i could lean back against it and watched J. she put her cellphone on the counter and was sort of stretching out now, sitting with her butt and crotch flat on the floor with her legs straight out in front of her. she was *really* focused on holding it, lol. i thought of something, and wondered if i could like, see her y'know move when she was holding it, like you can feel when you clench it? so i leaned forward really low looking at her cat, and she asked me what the hell i was doing. i said i wanted to see if it was moving.

for some reason that was *really* funny to her and she laughed suddenly and i *did* see it twitch just before a huge stream of pee shot out and splattered on the floor. Without thinking about it i just yelled, "No, don't pee here!" and J i think panicked cause she knew she couldn't stop. I'm not sure how she did it, but she like, leaned forward, tried to get a foot under her to stand up, and was like, halfway standing up, but she'd stepped in her pee, and i could see a little more running down her thigh as she slipped and busted her butt hard. as she fell she sort of rolled onto her back, and pee went *every*where cuz she totally lost control and it was just coming out hard. it hit the side of the tub even! and nearly got on me too. i had gotten to my feet and asked her if she was okay while she was still peeing, making a *huge* puddle on the floor.

J said she was and sort of tilted to get the side of her butt that hit the floor off of it. she pooted again and said "Don't do that!" at me, and i did feel bad for making her slip and fall. i went over to her and grabbed her hands to help lift her to her feet,but as i pulled her up she let another poot slip out, it sounded really long and wet, so she said "wait, don't."

i let go and she laid back on her back, then lifted her legs up and put her hands behind her knees to keep them up. i saw as her bootyhole opened and big piece of light brown poo slid out hit the floor then slid a bit further out as the rest came out. i laughed 'cause i could hear it splash in her puddle of pee! it broke off suddenly and she pooted again before a few stringy pieces came out and piled up right at her hole. she said, "Okay, i'm done," and i laughed again and said, "You did all of this for *that* little bit!" and she told me she was sorry she didn't take dumps like a horse like I did.

J took her bra off and hopped in the shower and washed off the bit of poo that she'd gotten on her butt getting up and all the pee all over her legs, then i carefully put a bath mat down next to the puddle of her pee and she stepped out on it and dried off quickly. she started cleaning up by getting her poo with TP and tossing it in the toilet, then i went and got the mop and bucket and stuff for her to mop the pee up with. she told me to go ahead and go if i had to on the floor. i told her i was going to, but i smiled and said i wasn't going to pee until she'd finished mopping and everything, since she was cleaning it all up.

she told me there was no way she was cleaning the entire floor *twice* and i was going to go *now*. I really *did* have to go, and almost wet myself (can you wet yourself when you're naked? lol, peed on the floor, i guess) when she fell and everything, but she was the one that promised she'd clean it up! i told her there was no way she could *make* me go, and started to open the door when she leapt at me and shove dit shut, then grabbed me and pulled me away from it as she told me she *could* make me go.

i realized just as she grabbed me what she was going to do, and she kept one arm around me as she started tickling me with the other hand. i screamed in surprise and started laughing and before i could even tell her to stop i lost it and felt my fee run down my leg. i just reflexively stuck my hands between my legs and ended up peeing all over them. J was laughing really loud now as i reached and grabbed at her and managed to rub one of my hands on her making her scream and jump back, trying to get back into the bathtub. i followed her, pee still streaming down my legs and stopped by the tub, standing in her puddle and adding to it. i spread my legs apart and watched it fall straight down instead of running down my legs and started laughing again too until it stopped.

after we both rinsed off and dried off quickly J finally had to mop the floor good and everything. she swore she was never doing this again, so i guess that's the last time we'll go on my bathroom floor. :-P it's pretty funny now how big of a mess we made right next to the toilet, lol.

To the person that posted about cutting the budget for public restrooms. I live in the US and our Government has not done that.


Dan Boy

Between Two Sisters!

I can't believe I never mentioned this before but it just came back to me recently. About 2 years ago I went to a Cirque show downtown with a group of friends and one of my friends brought his two younger sisters. One of them was 21 at the time and the other was 17. Both of them are pretty good looking. The older one (let's call her Kris) is a blond, tall, and has a large butt in proportion with the rest of her body. It is a very prominent feature on her. The younger sister (let's call her Sally) is the better looking of the two (both are nice looking though). She's a brunette, a little shorter than Kris, and has the same butt as her sister. Actually, my friend has the large butt too, so I guess it runs in their family...

We all made a nice evening out of it and went to eat at an italian place before hand, got some coffee, and then headed over to the show. The show is like a traditional circus in that they have a large "tent" structure, and they move around from town to town, though there is a dress code and it is considered a formal event. They also trailer along mobile toilets and a washroom type structure. The toilets were weird for me when I saw them. It was like you took the whole inside of a bathroom in a building, and moved it outside. There were stalls and rel toilets with partitions, but it was sitting up on a platform and completely open to the outdoors. Then there was another platform next to it with sinks and mirrors and running water, again completely outside. The whole thing was also unisex, no separation at all of men and women.

I needed to pee so I headed over to the toilets and got in line, along with Kris and Sally immediately behind me, and one or two others from our group. Kris and Sally were giggling to each other about something, though I didn't know what at the time. As I was in line, I started to get nervous because I felt a pretty urgent crap coming on. Most likely from the heavy dinner and coffee. I didn't want to do this at all in those toilets since everyone outside would clearly be able to see my feet under the door and possibly even hear me. But as I got closer the need just kept growing.

Finally I was next up as a stall second from the end opened up. My original plan was to just piss and hold my crap till during the show when there would be less people outside. But as I walked up to my stall the two on either side of it opened up next. I couldn't believe my luck! Kris and Sally were going to be right next to me! Pooping between two hot girls was all I could think about. Going around girls has always excited me, even if they don't crap.

So I changed my mind and decided to take a crap between Kris and Sally, hoping to at least hear one of them fart or something as well. They hurried over and we ended up closing our 3 stalls at about the same time. Kris was on my right and Sally on my left. Both of them were wearing very tight slacks and some shorter heels for walking around. I said, "what the hell" to myself and pulled my slacks down and sat on the toilet, not caring at all about the crowd outside who could see my feet.

Kris and Sally lowered their pants and sat down as well. Though they didn't lower their underwear enough to be seen. All 3 of us started to piss and I was surprised how well I could hear both of them with the noise of the city outside. Sally finished first, then me, then Kris, and I was seriously praying that both of them had to take a dump. I was incredibly excited and shaking a little bit. We all just kinda sat there for about 30 seconds, not doing anything. Finally I heard Kris exhale really slowly, and I clearly heard a turd crackling out of her. It was almost silent but it sounded LONG! Sally quietly mumbled something I didn't catch, and let out a bassy fart that immediately stunk over to my stall. I realized I was holding my breath and crap, and finally let go myself. I did a short fart and two turds slowly snaked out.

While I was doing this, Kris was on her third, and final, log. After it was out she ripped a zipper fart that echoed in the stall and started giggling again. Sally farted 3 more times before some really mushy crap started flowing out of her ass. Just a constant splat sound for a minute. Then some more mush came out with some gas at the same time. She blew that stall out really bad! We all started wiping, Kris was done first and left, I was done next and left, and Sally took twice as long as either of us and met us over at the sinks.

None of us said anything right there, but we gave each other amused looks. Just as we left the bathroom area, Kris turned to me and Sally and said, "How 'bout that italian food!? Whew!" and held her nose. We all burst out laughing and Sally said it was the coffee that upset her stomach. We talked about it for a few minutes till we got in the tent.

Unfortunately, I dont really see those two anymore, and never again had any kind of bathroom related experience or even conversation with them. Hope to have another story at some point! Talk to yall later.

Alan in Amsterdam
Everybody's gone, the bar is empty. So I just had a big poo outside between some parked cars. I had to struggle a bit. I thought I was desperate but when I got there it involved something of a strain and PUSH.


My Almost Pee-Free Day--Part 2

The little boy, Adam, and his angry mom left and he was still crying. I was pretty shaken up too, not only by what had happened, but by how nasty the mom was. I had done a dumb thing by not latching the stall door and he had been too aggressive in coming in at me. I seated myself back on the toilet, looked in front of me and saw about 3 inches of splashes of urine, knowing where they came from. I knew I had more crap to let out, but I was so upset I was still shaking. I would have liked to have had a cigarette, but although I'm a very occasional user, I'm trying to quit altogether. I stood up, staining my panties with my legs spread widely, turned around and was dismayed by the small amount of stool in the bowl. Looking at it floating in Adam's piss didn't help the situation. I used to sheets of toilet paper for wiping and I leaned over quickly to flush the evidence away. As I was at te sink washing my hands, Connor called me back (it had been 10 minutes) to see how I was doing and I kind of lied to him because the more I thought of it, the more upset I would get. And I still had the AP U.S. History paper to write.

I walked to the fountain area, pulled off a 12-ounce cup, filled it with black coffee, and walked back to the counter. I tried to keep my composure when I asked the attendant if I had paid for my gas (I had) and after he told me my coffee was 76 cents, he told me the lady sure was mad when she left and that she had talked to him about filing a police report against me. She thought I had assaulted Adam because I was too rough on him. As I started to cry again, he said he could see both sides and luckily she had out-of-state plates on her car. He said she probably wouldn't want to waste her time with it. He offered me a Kleenex, when I started to cry again and told me to get my composure before getting into my car.

It was only a short drive home and luckily, my family was asleep--as usual, my Dad was asleep in front of the flat screen, which I turned off for him before I went upstairs to my room. I drank my coffee as I booted my computer and started my paper on Franklin Roosevelt and socialism. Despite the coffee, at about 1 p.m. I started to drift away. I was writing one sentence for the third time when I decided to save my work and take an hour-long cat nap on my bed. I fumbled with my alarm, finally setting it for 2:30 a.m. and immediately drifted off. The alarm woke me up with a nightmare related to what happened and my underwear and jeans were moist. It was so moist under my crotch that it had penetrated my sheet. I took both off and walked across the hallway to the bathroom. I was quiet because I didn't want to wake anyone up or alarm my parents who think I'm pushing myself too hard and that I'm in too many activities and working my airport job too much. I seated myself but was unable to contribute anything to bowl. I started crying again. I was so frustrated.

I walked back into my room and without putting on any clothing under waist level, I seated myself and resumed my paper. I finished it in about another hour. I knew I wouldn't probably have time to proof it in the morning, so I printed it off and shut down my computer. I went back to the bathroom, grabbed a towel to place over the place that was wet on my sheet, and placed myself back on the bed. It was almost 4 a.m. and I set my alarm so I would get about two hours of sleep in. Despite the coffee, I drifted off immediately. I woke up at 6 a.m. to another bad dream. I was on the toilet at school--probably middle school--and some mean boys were bullying me because I was a noisy shitter. A couple of them were standing on the stools on the side of my stall and yelling "Pop 'em out Stac!" while others were chanting "Who let the dogs out?" Again, I was in tears and this brought back some memories of how I had difficulty in grade school, especially, with others taunting me. I was a few pounds overweight then and not that coordinated, so I guess I made myself a target. However, things have gotten a lot better in highs school, I'm in multiple activities, and an officer in our student council.

I quickly found another pair of slacks to wear and a nice top. I was really scrambling because I knew I had to be at school and in the cafeteria by 6:30 a.m. because our student council was hosting a reception for the 10 student teachers assigned to our building. I was one of the first students into the building and I was starting to feel like I needed to pee. I sat down once in the first bathroom I passed. Nothing! An hour after the reception. Again, nothing! Between each of my first 4 classes. Again, nothing! At lunch, after a lot of encouagement from Connor, I tried again and when I couldn't get my stream going and others were irrated at how long I was taking on the stool, I gave up despite the fact that my bladder was starting to burn. Finally, after school I went to the closest bathroom and my bladder was about the burst. Although it was painful and I was crying, I drained myself for about 5 minutes--so long that Connor opened the door, called in and asked if I was OK. A half hour later when I got to the airport, I had another long wee.

I'm feeling better, but I get so frustrated with myself and some of the mistakes I make.


2 Poops, a Pizza and a trip to the mountains

Hi Its me again just thought i would come back and post another story of a Poop I had last summer.

So it was sometime last September and I awoke early that morning with the sudden urge to Poop. I am usually a frequent morning pooper so this was nothing out of the ordinary. I went in to the bathroom pulled down my panties and sat on the toilet with my usual potty posture, (back straight, legs together and my elbows resting at the side) I was only wearing a T-shirt that my boyfriend bought me so it was quite relaxing. Anyway A few minutes after setting down on the pot I let out big fart which echoed the bathroom it was a few seconds later when the first Log dropped into the bowl, PLOP. I continued setting on the pot for few more minutes when two more silent farts ring out from my anus, PFFFFT, PFFT. the farts were shortly after followed by three more PLOPS, I finished the trip with a nice powerful pee I wiped my butt five times and stood up and admired my load. There were four medium sized logs about 6 inches long and 1 inch in diameter. I flushed down my masterpiece and proceeded to hop in the shower so me and mom could leave for our one day trip to the mountains.

The trip to the mountains was very fun and exciting me and mom made several small stops in shops that were in the near by towns, Before making our 2 hr drive back to the city me and mom stopped at beau Jo's pizza for a nice mother daughter dinner. The Pizza was good it was a three cheese lrg of which i ate more than half. Before leaving the pizza place me and mom stopped by the restroom for a quick pee since we knew we had a long drive ahead of us.

As the drive was approaching its last 15 minutes I felt a Familiar pain in my stomach I knew it was the pizza. As i tried hard to keep the poo in mom looked over sensing uncomfortable motions and asked what was wrong, I responded with " I really really need to go to the pot." Mom said "There is a McDonald's up ahead pull in and go" I told her "you know how i feel about public toilets when i have to go Number 2 I will just wait til we get home" Mom shook her head and said "okay".

Finally we arrived home and I made a mad dash to the Pot for some much needed relief. As Soon as i pulled my pants down and hit the bowl a large 8 inch log made its way out of me and with a PLOP landed in the bowl. I sat for few minutes trying to relax, 3 minutes passed when I began to tinkle. 2 Farts echoed from me as the Pee finished up. PFFFT, PFFFTT followed by 3 minutes of non stop Plops and Crackles. I was so embarrassed as I knew mom could hear everything in the small apartment. I sat for a few more minutes when mom came bursting into the restroom asking me where i had left the car keys. This was sooo embarrassing for me, Yeah mom has seen me on the pot before when i was peeing but I never allowed her in when I was Dropping off the Kiddies at the pool. I lean over and Shouted " there over here on the sink " mom walked over and grabbed the keys, but instead of leaving she sat down on the tub and started having a conversation with me about my boyfriend. I was done pooing by then and with everything showing, I politely asked mom if she could leave so i could finish wiping. She obliged, I sprayed some air freshener pulled up my panties washed my hands and was on my way. All in All it was a good day with some good ole fashioned pooing.

stealth pisser

Car Mom is the best!

Car mom, I just found this website, and read about a hundred pages, and your posts are the best! It's really great reading about you, your daughter, and your friends and her friends, plus new friends, all peeing in your car. The best thing is, you're bringing your girl up with such an enlightened view about pee and peeing. What a nice mother/daughter bond. So many people are horrified by pee and can't stand to touch it or smell it! Keep those posts coming, please.
Have you ever considered peeing in the front seats? The car is already full of pee, some more won't hurt. If the front seat is wet, and you have to go somewhere with dry pants, just put down a sheet of plastic. Then on your way home, sit right on the seat and pee while driving. You could wear a skirt, pull it up from the back, and pee, or just wet your pants if you like.
Going in the front seats would mean that it would be possible for 5 people to pee at once! The kids might think that's cool. Also with plastic sheets available, you needn't care about the seats drying out between pees. You could all pee every day, or as much as possible, in your sweet car.
Anyway, I love your stories. We all have to pee every day, so why not make it into something fun? You have a great attitude and I admire you and your circle of pee lovers a lot!


53 hours/prank

So I held it for 53 hours before just about crapping in my pants.
I'd been home from work for bout 1 hour and had got all comfy in PJs, I was feeling a little pressure but nothing major. I went to my room sat down and turned on the TV I then realized that I had left some stuff in my car, so I got up and felt an immediate urge to poo but I fought it. I then thought "its dark, why not do it?" I grabbed my coat keys and throw some shoes on and walked to the front door. I then ran to my car grabbed my stuff and thought of way to do the deed. Feeling it would be most funny to do it on the sewer cover in the ditch next to my brother's bf's car. I ran over there and just as I was gonna pull my pants down a truck sped past me. I then walked over to the grate pulled my pants to my knees squatted and pushed out one 8in turd that was hard and lumpy at the tip and soft and mushy at the end. And boy it smelled. However it broke when it hit the metal. I then pushed my penis between my legs and peed straight into the sewer. The water was almost 20ft below so the splash sound as my pee hit the water echoed. It sounded really cool though. I then pulled my pants up and went back inside. Not even 5 min later, my brother and Paul(his bf) went out to have a smoke. I don't know if they smelled it or not. And even though my window is close to where Paul's car is I couldn't over hear them talking. Oh well. I still feel more in me but we'll see. Next time I feel it I'm just gonna let it out.

Uppstate Dave

I really enjoyed your post. I never seen a mailman do that! We don't have trash cans in our neighborhood, we put out recycling bins once a week.


Hi everyone!

I have an interesting story for you that happened today, involving my friend Megan. It was such a lovely day so we decided to go to the big local country park and go boating on the lake, walk through the woods etc. It's a huge park with loads of open ground, footpaths, wooded areas and plenty of brush and shrubbery in between. I went to her house and we made up a picnic to take. We put loads of stuff in and brought it with us in our backpacks. I hadn't been to this park for a few years, so Megan drove us to one of the car parks. We went and hired a swan boat and paddled round the big lake for a while and then had our picnic. We found a spot where quite a few other families and couples were having picnics and sat down. We had big sandwiches with cheese and chicken, a big bag of kettle chips to share, pork pies, sausage rolls, salad, and then yogurts, apples and cakes and biscuits for pudding. We ate it all! Then we set off for a nice long walk through the park. About twenty minutes in all the food and the exercise got my bowels moving. I didn't know how long we would be walking but I was having a lot of fun so I decided to hold it until we came across some public toilets rather than deliberately heading for them. We walked for another hour and in that time we passed some toilets but they were overrun with kids and families so I just kept going. By now I had a strong urge so I told myself at the next toilets we passed I would stop. Megan was leading so I assumed she'd need to wee or poo at some point and would head for the loos. I was right, and in another twenty minutes we arrived at some toilets. 'Just going to stop for a bit, I need the loo,' Meg said. I told her I had to go as well so we headed for the toilets. But, alas, they were locked tight! 'Oh no!' Meg said. 'Oh great,' I said. 'Where are the nearest toilets?' She mentioned the ones we had passed, but they were over an hour's walk away and she said she thought there were some closer near another car park if we cut across some of the open ground. I couldn't think of any others so I said, 'ok, I don't know if I could make it back to the other ones.' Meg led the way and since I knew she needed the loo as well I didn't feel so annoyed at the loos being closed. We walked through the woods for a bit and came out the other side where the path led through an area with lots of foliage, bushes and ferns and the like. By now I really had to do my business. I guessed Meg did too because she started walking faster and she looked a bit uncomfortable, as, I guess, did I. We walked for another fifteen minutes and then I started to get cramps and my need became really bad. I said to Meg, 'How much further is it?' She said probably another half hour's walk. 'That long?' I replied. 'Well let's hurry.' Fifteen more minutes passed and there was still no sign of toilets. 'Maybe we should have gone back to the other ones,' Meg said. 'These seem to be further than I thought.' I was inclined to agree. After another fifteen minutes I was almost at my limit. I was considering telling Meg that I couldn't make it when she decided the issue for me.
'Ohh, I'm so desperate!' She exclaimed. 'I can't wait anymore, I'm going to have to go now!' I said I couldn't wait either, so we decided to go outside. But we were in the open ground now.
'Over there!' I said, spotting a thicket of bushes off to one side. We walked as fast as we could to them. 'Ohhh, I'm about to poo myself!' I said, trying to get Meg to disclose whether she had to go no.1 or no.2. 'Me too!' she replied- so now I knew. We reached the bushes and found a clear patch inside them shielded from prying eyes. Meg quickly put down her backpack and began to undo her belt. I put my pack on the ground as well and wrenched down my shorts and black panties. I realised I should probably have looked for a place to squat first, so I looked around with my panties around my knees for somewhere to take care of my urgent business. Meg had undone her belt and she was doing a poo dance as she undid her jeans and dropped them and her white panties and squatted. I sidled over to a patch of grass with nothing prickly in it and I adjusted my shorts and panties and squatted.
We both squatted at about the same time, facing each other, but Meg was the first to go. She immediately farted and out shot a big wet log. I could see her bum, her pussy and her thighs from where I squatted and I knew she had a similar view of me. I got going immediately with a big squirt of hot mushy poo that sputtered from me. We both moaned in relief. I felt so much better already, and I felt turned on from watching Meg go and knowing she was watching me go. I pushed out a log and Meg pushed out two more. Another soft log and some more wet mushy stuff came out next, and Meg got rid of two more bits of poo. We both weed a bit as well. I had some more runny stuff and then a final log, while Meg pushed out two more logs. Then we were both done. I said it had been a close call, and Meg said she couldn't agree more! We both had tissues in our bags so we wiped and got dressed again and carried on with our walk back to the car feeling much relieved!

Will post again soon- hope you liked my story! Bye!


First Poop of the Long Weekend...

On the Thursday before Good Friday, some people at work had an 'Easter Party', sort of like the typical 'Christmas Party' but not as big or extravagant.

It was also a BBQ, since it's warmed up a bit lately. I gorged myself on sausages, potatoes, & bread; washed down with a beer or two.

In the evening shortly after I'd gotten home, my stomach hurt a bit. Not painful or anything, but a minor pinch / twist. About 15 min after that, I knew I had to shit.

I lowered everything down to my knees as I sat down. Shortly after, a small tight fart squeaked out of me. A slight push to get things started yielded an almost SBD type whisper. When it ended, my butt crackled open and the first turd plopped loudly. Of course that wasn't all. I pushed some more and about 3-4 more plopped out all together and noisily. It sounded as if it was a log, but composed of nuggets and they fell out at once. One final push gave a 'mini' log. Feeling I was done I began to wipe. Not too messy - light borwn, and only three wipes needed.
The turds themselves were about 4 nuggets the size of golf balls (without the shape), and the mini log was cracked and slightly lumpy, and broken off at the ends. There wasn't a 'stink' but a minor bm odor. I flushed and everything went down, leaving a few marks and a couple 'crumbs'.

I'll write more on or by Easter Monday. Hope others have massive and relieving long weekend bathroom trips this weekend.

Happy Easter all!


Natalie X

Dans survey response and more


1) How often in a day do you pee? Usually about 5 times i think

2) What color / shade is it? I'd say amber lol


3) How often do you fart? A lot, depends on my diet but averagely around 3-5 times an hour (when im not sleeping) discludes action on the toilet

4) What type of farts do you do? Do you have a preference? Usually soft and soggy but can be quite loud, i wish they were dryer and quieter lol

5) Are you shy about farting? Depends who im with, im ok with most people except boys and strangers

6) Do you fart on the toilet? YES. A LOT. Wayyy too much then a normal person would, im a gassy girl


7) How often do you poop? Daily, sometimes twice if i eat a lot

8) How long does it usually take you? Not very long as its often a fast movement, i'd say a couple of minutes depends how much i have to go

9) What types of poop do you do? (chunks, logs, pebbles...) Fast chunks with excessive farting lol or sometimes when i feel heavy, i take huge logs. Im always desperate for them

10) Does a lot come out? Usually quite a bit yes

11) What texture are your loads? (soft, liquid, mushy, fir, rock solid..) Very mushy normally, requires lots of wiping after

12) When you poop do you require effort? No almost never unless its a big log, but mostly its a fast bowel movement

Tonights trip to the toilet
I was laying in bed reading when i felt an air bubble sink into my butt, i lifted slightly off my bed and farted bubbly into my red panties. It was a clear sign i needed the bathroom, i got up and farted again. I then put my left hand on my crack walking to the bathroom, sat on the loo and kerboom! Out of now where my supposebly cute butt exploaded, farts and mush exited from my behind like crazy and soo loud. I then squeezed my knees and a loud wet squelch bursted out followed by diarrhea type shit. Very unexpectable dump session.

Natalie X


Probably most embarrassing incident so far


Posted a couple days back and said I'd post some sort of story. So once again, this is something I don't plan on admitting or recounting to anyone but its a good and unknown. I was on a spring break road trip back in 2003 while in college with 2 guys, one of which I had a thing for.

I related in my first post, I don't poop very often - once every 3-4 days is pretty normal. On this particular trip, we left on Saturday and were coming back the next Saturday. I pooped on Friday and then not again for almost the whole rest of the trip. Part of it was food - the guys and I didn't eat really well, not much in the way of fruits/vegetables, and part because I was embarrassed to defile our hotel bathroom or to use a sketchy rest stop bathroom.

It wasn't really obvious right away either, i was having fun, its not really something you think about... I think I realized things were at a standstill at some point on Thursday. I was hoping that I could hold off until late Saturday when we were getting back. Unfortunately, three meals of Taco Bell Thursday lunch followed by some 5 star Thai Thursday night (I normally really love really spicy stuff, but this was a place I had never eaten before) and some kind of greasy breakfast/brunch food (at sort of a generic Dennysish place) on Friday afternoon.

By later Friday afternoon, things were getting to near critical mass. It wasn't a question of if I could wait until Saturday night, it was more could wait until we got to the hotel without making an emergency stop. In retrospect, I probably should have gone at lunch, but the urge wasn't that bad at that point. I don't know, it came in crampy waves; first the pressure sort of doubled and about 20 minutes from the hotel, it redoubled. I discreetly unbuttoned my pants, laid back in the seat,and just sweated and clenched.

I was hoping that I could dash into the bathroom at the hotel lobby but it was karmically occupied. As we were checking in, I grabbed the room key, and tried to get to the room to the glorious bathroom as fast as possible without doing an obvious potty waddle/dance in front of the two guys. I opened the door cleanly with the room key, burst into the bathroom, locked the door and quickly swung my ass over the toilet.

It was the most violent shit I've ever had; my lower intestines and stomach just churned and cramped... I exhaled very deeply as a whole nasty mass just blasted out of me for a good 15-20 seconds accompanied by horrendously resonant farts. A lot of people here get a little too descriptive visually; I'm not into that, I had no desire to look at what I did. If I hadn't been in such a panic, I should have flushed at some point, but I didn't until I was done.

I remember that I reached back and flushed while still seated. There had to have been so much shit accumulated in the toilet that I really feared a clog but thankfully it was once of those industrial strength flushing mechanisms. The toilet contents emptied down into the sewers and I thought I was safe, but as I stood up I became aware of the massive amount of stench and stink emanating from the toilet.

I turned on the fan and tried to sneak out into the room leaving the door open for as little time as I could. Unfortunately, there was nothing clandestine I could do that at that point. Having close to 10 lbs. of diarrhea occupy a hotel room bathroom, even for a short time, is something that can't be hidden or easily disguised. As I exited the bathroom, my two traveling companions were somewhat stunned and a little disgusted that the whole room, not just the bathroom (granted, it wasn't very big room) smelled like a outhouse on a hot day.

I mumbled a quiet "sorry, lunch upset my stomach" apology but both guys rightfully declared the room had to be temporarily abandoned: the windows were opened and the broken sewer line smell dispersed by the time we got back. The whole incident got dubbed "poostorm 02". So that's the closest I've come to an accident and the most trouble my mega capacity colon has gotten me into. Maybe some more next time, but I don't have anything close to as dramatic as that that I can recall.



Whistler great story

What a brilliant experience that must have been.
Lying on your stomach, with a great view, and a really attractive women heads to the toilet holding a magazine, takes all of 10 minutes then heads back past you! Leaves nothing to the imagination.

Any more tales from anyone like that. Ladies reading on the toilet.
I am suprised that Amyleigh has not informed us yet of any of her workmates being "readers"

the deerslayer

funny story about hunting buddy B's niece

one time hunter B was getting ready to go bow hunting for deer. his 3 year old niece and her friend wanted to go along too. B said no way. then the two girls started crying and throwing a fit. finally he got tired of hearing it so he told them they could go along to shut them up. he loaded up his stuff in his truck and they left. he had to drive pretty close to their stop because the two girls couldn't walk very far. they got to B's ground blind and got settled in. the girls brought some snacks and juice boxes and finished it alll off 30 min. into the hunt. it wasn't too much longer before they both had to pee. B told them to go outside the ground blind and gave them some tp. the girls both squatted against the blind's walls and started going. right in midstream the ground blind's walls collapsed from their weight and it fell down. the girls went with it and B was still inside. when they fell the girls wet all over their pants. then the girls started crying again. B decided his hunt was pretty well ruined so he packed everything up and they left. needless to say B didn't get a deer on that hunt.

by the way if anyone doesn't know what a ground blind is its basicly a camo tent. i enjoyed reading all the new stories and hope i'll have a change to post next week.

Herb T.

A Few Suggestions for Amylee

Hi Amylee - I thought your most recent post about Leigh and IBS was interesting. You also mentioned once that you almost died laughing when a co-worker joked about Leigh's grunting. While I can certainly sympathize with her, given that she has a medical condition, I thought it was hilarious about someone writing in her yearbook about her blasting herself off the toilet with her farting shits. Can you actually picture someone flying into the air, powered by their own gas and feces? Pretty funny. Anyhow, you should suggest that she see a doctor. If the last time she saw a doctor about her IBS was when she was 6, I'm pretty sure the medical community has made some significant strides as far as IBS treatment goes. Just a suggestion. Also, it's certainly possible to strain and push things out without grunting audibly. You may want to suggest that she just try exhaling from her mouth, almost like when you're lifting weights. Breathe out when lifting, breathe in when lowering the weight. Although that may be somewhat of an awkward topic of conversation to have with your boss.

One suggestion for you - if you work in a big multi-floor building, you may want to use the restrooms on another floor. If you need to go #2 while at work, just say you left your cell-phone in your car and that you're going to get it. Then, take the elevator a couple of floors down (or up, or even take the stairwell if you feel like getting some exercise), and use another floor's restrooms. Although I'm pretty sure most people already know of this "strategy," it's something I used to do when I had a summer internship for a large accounting firm. Accountants are pretty funny when it comes to shitting - and it seems like the more seniority they have, the less they hold back when they have to shit. I had a partner training me on audit testing procedures one time, and all of a sudden, he said "I'll be back in a minute - I have to take a serious shit." I cracked up after he left his office to go to the restrooms. But enough of that. Again, just a suggestion if you're embarrassed about going poo in front of your co-workers. In fact, I'll bet you that some of your other co-workers use the restrooms on other floors, or that people from other floors use the restroom on your floor.

Another question for Amylee - you've mentioned that you are married. Do you ever poo in front of your husband, or do you always lock the door when you go? Does he ever go in front of you? I'm just curious. When my wife and I started dating (back in the late 90's), I would frequently stay at her apartment for the weekend, since her roommates all left to go home every weekend. We would both lock the door when going #2. But about 9 months into our relationship, we eventually started leaving the door open. I'll post more about this later, but I was just curious as to what you and your husband's bathroom policy is. Don't feel like you have to answer if you don't feel comfortable doing so. Adios!

Eileen H

Bathroom Stink Caused Me To Wait Almost 3 Hours

This is Eileen from last week. I decided to change my name to stick out a bit.

My new story takes place at school. It was during my second year at the high school I still teach at. I've been teaching there for 10 years just for reference.

I'd been holding a pee for about 30 minutes. It wasn't so bad, but it was uncomfortable. It was in the morning and homeroom was next, so I could duck out to the bathroom and not worry too much. I began shaking my leg as I am prone to do when I need to pee.

When the bell rang I scurried off the bathroom, They are usually very busy during homeroom, so I rushed to try to get an open stall. Luckily there was one (out of four) open stall. There was a very distinct smell happening in there. Quite bad I must say. When I paused the pull out my waistband to release some pressure on my bladder, one of the Italian teachers (we'll call here YG) rushed up behind me hugging her stomach. She said, "Oh, Eileen, were you about to use that?" (referring to the open stall) in a very distraught voice. She was very clearly desperate, so I said "Yes, but you look like you need it more than I do" Her face perked up as she thanked me and rushed into the stall. She seemed like she would be awhile, but I decided to wait and see if anyone else would finish. I did need to go.

I peered at the bottom part of the stall and saw YG hastily pull down her panties and lift up her dress. Her legs reclined as she let out a big, long, ripply, wet fart. The spanish teacher next to her scoffed with disgust. I couldn't see YG's face but imagine it was red. I admit it was pretty bad, but hey, you gotta go you gotta go!

The smell emanating from YG's stall was repulsive. The stink in the bathroom was already bad, and she only added to it. I suppose everyone was having a morning poo. I could not bear it anymore. I was not that desperate to bear that stench, so I left. I saw my english teacher buddy Janet rush up. She was panting, and I could see some sweat dripping down her face. She clearly needed a poo. I told her she would regret going in there, She thought I was joking and smiled at. Literally one whiff of the bathroom was all she needed to know I wasn't. She said she'd wait.

My next break was lunch, about 2 hours later. The wait was pure torture. The need was on and off, but when it was on it was almost painful. I can't imagine how bad it must've been for Janet, because she told me she didn't go until lunch either. I considered going to the bathroom during periods, but I unfortunately never got the chance to sneak out. When the lunch bell rang I practically jumped up with glee. The waistband on my slacks were painfully tight. I kept on adjusting them hoping the would loosen up, but it was never up.

I rushed off to the bathroom once again. The smell was still there, but not nearly as bad. It was empty. I ran into the first stall, and undid my slacks. The release was bliss, and the relief of peeing was even better. The stream out of my lady bit was so furious it almost hurt. Janet rushed in and took the stall next to me. Like I said, we like to chat. She let out a nice juicy fart, and a big "Oh!" as she began. My stream was very loud, but I could still hear a big log crackle out. She let out some grunts as I heard the thing drop. Man did it stink! Almost as bad as YG. Almost.

My pee lasted for about 80-90 seconds. Surprisingly that was not the longest I have peed, but it may have been the longest I have held a pee. Almost 3 hours. Even though I finished I stayed in the stall to keep Janet company. The smell was bad, but I didn't care.

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