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Stinking Up The Library Bathroom

Last week I took my son Gavin (4 years old) to the town library for a kid's program. It was only an hour so I decided I'd just wait there and do some reading. I love the library at my town. It's so quiet and small. So, I dropped Gavin off at his class and browsed the shelves. I'd been feeling some pressure in my lower regions all morning, and they were returning once again. This time they were far more powerful, and I had nothing better to do, so I went to the bathroom.

The bathroom is a tiny, single room one. It requires a key. I went to the librarian and asked for the key. She said someone else was in the bathroom. I wasn't so desperate that I wanted to wait, so I went back to the shelves. The bathroom is oddly located I should say. It is right by the entrance of the library. A big glass door and two full sized windows leave you open to view if you were waiting out.

I grabbed a book and went to sit down at one of the big chairs they have. As I was skimming the book I felt a rush of pressure to my lower regions. It was very sudden, but the feeling was familiar. I needed to take a dump, and fast. I calmly walked to the librarian desk, trying my best to keep my cool and mask my utter desperation. The bathroom was still in use, but this time I decided to wait outside. I began touching cloth as the turd poked out of my butt. I stood with my ass against the wall as I clenched hard. This monster kept coming in and out like a prairie dog.

I stood, trying to appear casual, as my insides were trying to get out, for about 5 minutes. The pressure inside my bowels was growing exponentially. I shifted weight from foot to foot, and tried to change positions. I tried to fan myself, but it wasn't working. The only thing that would work was me getting my butt on the old porcelain princess!

Finally, after what felt like an eternity, an overweight woman came out of the bathroom. She breathed a sigh of relief. She looked at me, then turned red and avoided eye contact. Seconds later I found out why. The stench she created wafted out of the bathroom. I asked her for the key and she gave it to me. I could see the teacher of the kid's program out of the corner of my eye. She called my name. As I stood in the doorway of the bathroom, gazing at that toilet I so desperately needed, she rushed up to me.

Apparently, some of the kids needed the bathroom desperately. Kids are so dramatic about that stuff. She pleaded with me to let them go. I told her ok, but I get to go after. She said absolutely and thanked me greatly. She also asked if I could supervise the rest of the kids. She was clearly very reluctant to ask, but she was also desperately in need. She looked like she needed the toilet herself. I gave her the key and promised to watch the kids.

I sat on the teacher little wooden stool as I read from a picture book. I made several errors as my mind was elsewhere. I could feel sweat coming form my head and butt as I clenched my cheeks and sat forcefully on the stool. Words cannot express how badly I needed to drop this one off. I was turtleheading beyond belief.

After 15 minutes, which honestly felt like 15 hours, the teacher returned with the kids. She gave me the key and thanked me. I ran past her and rushed to the bathroom. I probably looked silly but I could not care less. There was one thing I cared about at that moment: taking a shit.

The sight of the toilet was like a gift from God. I undid my slacks and dropped my pants and panties all the way down to my knees as I sat. A big, think, juicy log immediately shot out of my backside. My shoulders dropped as I breathed a sigh of relief. My stomach could relax for the first time in almost an hour. Another mammoth turd crept slowly out from my butt. The stink I was creating was simply unreal. Almost unbearable for me and I was the one creating it! It got even worse when I started to pass some gas after the second log dropped. I spread my legs and got a glimpse of what I created. The two logs sat parallel to each other, both about 10 to 12 inches. Looking down into the bowl gave me a fat whiff of the ripe smell I'd created. It was not pleasant believe me.

On the back of the toilet was a can of frebreeze. Unfortunately it was empty. I had to bear the stench I'd created until I felt empty, which meant a few more turds had to come out. 4 small pieces shot out it rapid succession. I finally felt done and got up to get a good look of my creations before I wiped. the 4 turds were only about 4 or 5 inches, but they still were stinky! After 6 wipes I was still seeing brown, but there was no more paper. I was clean enough to pull up my pants and panties and get out of this stink dungeon.

Getting out was a major relief. It was the first time I smelled fresh air in about 10 minutes. Luckily no one was waiting so I was able to get off scott free. Gavin finished his class and I took him back home. I finished the wiping job and promised to never stay there again. I realized I had accidentally taken one of the library books so I cursed myself because I had to go back. There was an "Out of Order" sign on the bathroom. The librarian gave me a dirty look. Couldn't tell if that was the bathroom or the book.


Stephanie visits

We had a visit from an old school friend called Stephanie today & she desperately needed to use the toilet. Here's the story.....
Stephanie had just arrived in town & after travelling all day she was tired & had a very desperate need to get to a toilet. She hadn't peed all day & with a full bladder was about to wet her tiny red panties. Stephanie also had to poo very badly & she hadn't been for 3 days so it was getting very urgent. She couldn't find a toilet anywhere & soon began was beginning to leak some pee into her panties. Her poo was pushing on her anus & she had to clench hard to keep it in. Stephanie came to a bridge over a stream & seeing all that water flowing under her was making it really hard to control her bladder. She tried to ignore the water but the sound of it was too much for her. Stephanie now had a yellow stream of her own running down her legs & onto the road. She was so embarrassed but it felt so good to empty her full bladder. The only problem was Stephanie needed to poo so badly her poo began to push past her clenched anus & before she could stop it she'd done about 3 inches in her little red panties. By the time Stephanie got to our house she stank of poo & as soon as I opened the front door she asked to use the toilet. By the smell of her I thought it was was too late but within seconds I could hear her dropping some pretty big turds into the toilet. She gave a sigh of relief & flushed the toilet but she didn't come down just yet. I heard more plops & another sigh & then some more plops. By the time Stephanie flushed again she'd been in the bathroom for half an hour. Stephanie came down with a very relieved look on her face & when she sat down in her short dress I could see she had no panties on & that's when she told the story above.

Desperate to poop - looking forward to hear how your poop desperation turned out the other day - hopefully you found the time to relieve yourself before having to go out.


First ever bedwetting accident at 30 yo

Two nights ago, I had my first bedwetting accident in 30 years (that I can remember, at least). I didn't know what I'd done until I'd been awake for a little while already. It wasn't a huge quantity, but enough to soak through my underwear, shorts, lower sheet, the holes in the old plastic matress cover, and leave a large dinner-plate sized patch on the matress itself.

I don't know what caused it exactly, but I know I'd drunk a fair amount of soft drink the afternoon before, I was very stressed before going to bed, and I do remember dreaming, but can't remember any details.


Trip into town

Hi, Abbie here with a new story, which I'll get to in a sec.
Leanne- loved the conclusion to your ski trip story, I've never been skiing but it must be hard to get all those clothes off if you're desperate for the loo!
Anyway, this story is from yesterday when Lucy and I went into town to meet Amy and Lauren (the girls we ended up sharing a room with when we attended an exam revision course last week). We were going to go shopping together and then the plan was for them to come back to Lucy's for a sleepover, as she had the house to herself for the evening. As we got on the bus I knew I was going to have to go for a poo before too long, I thought back over the previous few days and realised I hadn't emptied my bowels for at least a couple of days. Its hard to get into a good routine in the holidays, my parents have had some time off work recently and loads of my sisters friends have been coming in and out of the house, so it hasn't exactly been easy to get the peace and quiet I need to go for a poo. Lucy and I met up with Amy and Lauren about half ten, we went off to do some shopping first with my need growing steadily stronger. I was hoping I could hold on till we got back to Lucy's house, I don't normally mind using public loos for a poo but was worryed that I would have a really hard time what with my recent constipation, and I would be embarased at the thought of everyone else having finished and waiting for me. A couple of hours later we decided to go for lunch, we went to the food court and I had KFC and chips. By then I knew I would have to try and go to the loo as soon as possible as I was having to clench my bum to stop my poo from coming out. I was wearing tight denim shorts and could feel I had a massive wedgie, so I knew that even if my poo just poked out a bit I'd end up with stains in my knickers, not ideal given the sleepover later on. Luckily at that moment Amy said "I need the loo, does anyone else want to come?" so we all headed off to the ladies. I had noticed Lauren shifting round and rubbing her belly so I hoped I wasn't the only one who wanted a poo. As it happened when we got in to the loos Lauren and I ended up in cubicles next to each other, it was really busy in there and judging by the smell and noises lots of other people were pooing as well, so at least I wouldn't be alone. I had noticed that a girl about 12 or 13 had gone into the cubicle to my right while Lauren was on my left. I tugged my shorts and yellow pants down with an effort as they were both really tight and started to push, as I did so I looked down to inspect my pants for stains, luckily they were clean apart from a slight skidmark. I looked towards Laurens cubicle and saw her pink shorts and pale green pants round her ankles, I could hear her having a loud wee then all went quiet. The girl the other side was definitely pooing, I could hear heavy breathing then some loud plops soon after. Just then I heard a fart from Laurens cubicle and then some runny poo squirting into the bowl. All this time I was pushing as hard and as quietly as I could. As Lauren started to wipe I realised I didn't have much longer, so I gave a massive push with an equally loud grunt, luckily this was enough to get the first turd to start moving out and it was a really short fat log so it didn't take long for it to splash down into the toilet. Just then I heard Lauren pulling up her pants and shorts and then flushing. I could feel more logs up inside me but I knew I could try again later back at Lucy's house, so I took some loo paper and wiped my bum before pulling my pants and shorts back up and coming out to join my friends. Its getting late now so I'll save the rest of the story (what happened when we got back to Lucy's) for later. Thanks for reading this, will post again soon, bye for now!!

new guy

comments & stuff

To: Stac great story and that lady should not yelled at you it wasnt your fault her son wet his pants you were there first and a her complaing about the smell what did expect its a bathroom and you were using it and you werent done yet but at least you kept your cool and yell back at her and maybe she needs to learn to be respectful of others because it might be her thats is getting yelled at next time and your write its not your fault she should have been with him and as always I look forward to your next post.

To: Caraoline great story about your giants poops I bet if your toilet or any other toilet youve used could talk they would say "oh no not her again" or "great somebody get the plunger ready" and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Leanne great story about you and your friend Claire pooping together and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Amylee as always another great story and as I and other people have said Leigh should not other peoples comments get to her because its none of there business how much noise someone else makes in a bathroom and now you know why she does it and as ive said before she should not be ashamed or embarrassed everybody is different some people make little or no noise and others are very loud and as I said above they should let other people tell them how much noise should make in the bathroom and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Dan yeah I bet she has some pretty good sized dumps and if you ever get to hear her please post about it thanks.

To: Kelsie first welcome to the site and I bet you felt better after that big dump and does your girlfriend know about this site and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Lucy great buddy dumping story with your friend Diane and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: PrincessOfAJvile great story about the different places youve peed and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Regan first welcome to the site and great accidnet story and I hope you post more great stories thanks.

To: Dan survey answers
1. about 6 times it depends on how much I drink
2. it depends in the morning it dark and later on clear or yellow
1. depends on where im at
2. all different types but I like loud ones the best
3. it depends on where im at and who im with
4. yes
1. when ever I have to
2. it depends 3-10 minutes
3. chunks, logs, soft globs and diarrhea sometimes
4. it depends
5. it depends sometimes hard sometimes soft
6. somtimes but not that often

To: Car Mom havent heard from in awhile I hope your okay and please post some more stories thanks.

Well thats all for now

Sincerly new guy

PS. I love this site


Answers to Dan's survey

I'm a male/33/England


1) How often in a day do you pee?
I'd say anything from 7-12 times.

2) What color / shade is it?
Clear/lightish yellow


3) How often do you fart?
Again 5-7 times a day, if I have a stomachache then much more...

4) What type of farts do you do? Do you have a preference?
Loud smelly ones/SBD's/squeakers...My preference are SBD's as mine are deadly and so smelly :)

5) Are you shy about farting?
Nope, absolutely not!

6) Do you fart on the toilet?
Yes, when I'm having a poo.


7) How often do you poop?
About twice a day (once in the morning before work and then again in the evening).

8) How long does it usually take you?
Usually about 20 or so mins as I like as much time as possible.

9) What types of poop do you do? (chunks, logs, pebbles...)
thick brown logs which take forever to drop out my bum & can really smell, big smelly chunks which make really loud plops!

10) Does a lot come out?
Yes, if I'm taking a big poo then yes a lot does come out and it be explosive and very noisy as well as very smelly at times.

11) What texture are your loads? (soft, liquid, mushy, fir, rock solid..)
I'd say soft and sometimes mushy.

12) When you poop do you require effort?
Sometimes yes that's why I always take as time on the loo as I need to let it all come out...

Thank you for your survey it was really good to answer it :).


Hi everybody!

To Abbie- I really enjoyed your two posts about your revision trip and your buddy dump with your friend Lucy.

To Leanne- Enjoyed your recent stories especially your ski trip memories! When you and Michaela went shopping on the last day of term I didn't know you both pooed together!

To Lucy- You asked how long we could hold our poo. You might remember last week I said I would try and see how long I could hold my poo in sometime. Well, today I decided to do it and see how long I could keep in a big poo. There were a couple of reasons for this- I only had to go once yesterday, in the afternoon and not again in the evening like I usually do, and I had eaten a big dinner of cornish pasty, potatoes and vegetables last night. Also on Thursday evenings my parents go out to a dance class they teach, and today my brother was at a friends house for a sleepover.
Today, despite having toast for breakfast and then two big chicken sandwiches and chips for lunch, I didn't get the first feelings down below until 3:20 in the afternoon. I decided to be vaguely scientific about it and time exactly how long I could last. I felt the first slight urge at exactly 3:20 so I set my mental stopwatch running.

The longest I have ever really held a poo in is about two or two and a half hours when I've been in class or lectures or the cinema etc, and that's how long I waited last week in the shops, so I set my target as doubling that time. It might seem ambitious but I was confident i could do it because by 5 o'clock I still only had a small need to go. Even at six o'clock I was doing fine. I had some pasta for dinner and then some ice cream. At half past when my parents left I had a much stronger urge since my dinner added a lot of pressure, but I managed to go for a wee without making it any stronger. I passed the time watching telly and at about half past seven I started to become quite desperate. I had already beaten my target so I could have gone then but I felt I could still hold it so I carried on watching tv. Another 45 minutes passed and by 8:20, five hours after my first urge, I was bursting. I knew I should probably just go but I wanted to wait until I couldn't wait anymore to get an accurate picture of exactly how long I could hold it. Time ticked by agonisingly slowly and I was squirming and holding my bum by 8:45. I really wanted to reach 9 o'clock so I focused on the tv and tried to keep my mind off it. Finally it came. I was really pleased but I was soooo desperate to go. I was worried that when I stood up I might lose control, but I had to go and I couldn't hold it any longer so I risked it. I was ok until I started walking and then I felt the head of my poo pushing out of me. I clenched my bum tight and forced it back in while I dashed upstairs to the loo. I hurried in and stripped off before I sat down since I was intending to have a shower after. I checked the clock before I sat- it was 21:04, so I had held my poo in for a grand total of 5 hours and 44 minutes! I knew it would be a big one as, esentially, I had three poos-worth to unload because I hadn't been at all today and only once yesterday. I sat and relaxed. My first huge log moved rapidly out and made a big splash and I let out a big sigh. There was a wonderful feeling of release and I was pleased I'd held it for so long because it was a big one and I'd eaten a lot. I might try holding again one day when I've eaten less and see if I can last longer!
Once my first log was out there was another big and soft one, then two smaller ones. Then I let out a couple of wet farts and a bit of wet poo shot out of me as well. Another fart, another two logs and a final couple of tiny bits of poo, and I was done. It hadn't taken that long- only 7 minutes, which surprised me.

On Tuesday I said I would take my cousin, Tom, who is 7, out for the day since his parents were both at work. He enjoys coming out with me and I like taking him places. Last year I took him to the zoo (it's a safari park really but it's the same thing really), among other places, which I posted about. I phoned him up at the weekend and asked where he wanted to go. He immediately said, 'can we go to the zoo?' I said sure, so we went there on Tuesday. His Dad pays for our trips so it was basically free for me again! When we got there we drove through the park, past the monkeys that jump all over your car and so on. We had lunch- I had a big lasagne and chips, and then a big slice of cake. Tom had the kids box meal thing and then the same dessert as me. We went to see the park ranger show, went on the boat cruise, visited the meerkats and Tom went on the kids play area. By now I had to poo strongly. Tom kept saying he wanted to go in the maze. I said ok and we went in. After twenty minutes or so I knew that was a bad idea. I should have gone to the loo first- my poo was knocking hard on my back door. We'd both been for a wee when we arrived but we hadn't been since. I was hoping Tom would need to go soon too. A while later we reached the centre of the maze. We climbed up the pagoda thing and my heart fell as I saw how big the maze was. I had no idea of the way out, and neither, I found, did Tom when we started back. He was just enjoying the maze for what it was, like I used to when I was younger and not in urgent need of a poo! It took us a long time to escape the maze and by then I badly needed to have a number two. Tom wanted to do something else but I told him no, I really have to use the loo. He said he did need to go as well, so we went to the nearest toilets. Like I did last year I told him to go first while I waited outside. He only had to wee so he was out within a couple of minutes. I said that I would probably be a while and I gave him some money to buy an ice cream with, telling him to meet me back here by the toilets. I hurried inside after making sure he'd got to the kiosk ok, and found all the cubicles in use. There was no queue, though, so I stood and waited for someone to finish so I could do my urgent business. Shortly enough someone came out and I dashed in, locking the door and dropping my shorts and panties. I sat and quickly pushed out two medium-sized logs that really wanted out. Another one came soon after and then a final one a minute later. It was a relieving poo and we had a good day out!

Will post again soon. Bye!

Upstate Dave

Slow Night At Work part1

I used to work for Montgomery Wardin their large old store here back in the early 1980s. I worked onlylate one night a week which was good. After the holidays christmas and New Years the Tuesday nights were real lonely for me. Hardly anyone would be buying paint or other items in the paint department. So the time ever dragged so slowly.

I tried everything that I could think of toi keep myslef busy on these slow nights. But you can just run out of things to do. I was sure glad that my boss tuaght me how to do some of the departmenhts paperwork and this one Tuesday night I was doing some of it. I did have a mother duaghter stop in the department this night. But ther mom only had her duaghter sit down in the back at the wallpaper desk and handed her duaghter a couple of the books to look at while the mom went off to do some other shopping.

I knew all of the wallpaper books and what was in them. I came out and pulled down several books which had mostlky children style wallpaper patterns in them. Here look in these ones. You'll have a lot more fun if you do. The girl thanked me. She opened up one and I went back to mypaperwork.

I heard the girl say cool,I like that one!, or she would giggle or laugh at times too as she looked in the book.I soon finished up the paperwork that I had been working on. So I put it back on my bosses desk and then I sat down with the girl and I flipped some pages to some wallpaper that I thought she would like. She did and she and I passed time looking in a second book now.

Well her mom did come back and saw me with her duaghter. She came over to us. She asked if I could stay with her duaghter a little while longer. I told her I didn't mind. Her duaghter said that she was having a lot of fun with me looking in the wallpaper books I had picked out. The mom again took off leaving us at the table.

While we went on looking in the books I had asked the girl if she was thirsty. She told me she was so I went over to the soda machine in the snackbar and got two sodas. I came back and we drank the cans of soda as we looked in the book. Twenty more minutes passed by. The duaghter said to me she really had to go pee now.

I tokld her where the bathrooms were which were quite a ways away. She asked me if there were some closer. I told her there wasn't. Oh I have to go so bad! the duaghter said to me now. I won't make it that far! I'll piss may pants if I try! I was sort of surprised that she said piss instead of pee. But she was now in a desperate state now.

Then she asked me; Is there anywhere else I can go?!!! She got up off from the wooden chair she had been siting on. Now just by the end of the wallpaper table was the door to my bosses small office area and some shelves we kept some of our small items stocked on. The duaghter leaned in through the door way and I saw her look to the right and then to the left. Then she stepped through the doorway into my bosses office area.

I now got up and walked into my bosses office area. Customers and the public really wen't allowed in these areas. I was going to tell the duaghter she shouldn't ber back there. Well I was just a little to late. The duaghter had her pants and panties already pulled all the way down! She was in a high squat overr my bosses metal round wastepaper basket and she was pissing in it real hard!

Well to late for me to do anything about it now. So I just let her go. One good thing that there was a plastic liner in the wastepaper basket so it would be easy for me to dispose of. The duaghter took a very long piss too. Finally her piss stream slowed stopped but did some driping and then ther driping piss came to a stop.

My boss had a shelf over his small desk which there was a box of tissues kept there. She used a tissue and wiped with it.

As she did her asscheeks the duaghter let out a giggle and said; My ass got a little wet too with pee. Then she dropped the tissue into the wastepaper basket. Then as she bent over to pull up her panties and pants she said; I'm done and I feel a whole lot better! She finished pullintg up her panties andd pants and walked back outside my bosses office area and sat back down at the wallpaper table. I went back outside and sat down with her. We went back looking at the wallpaper books.

I wish to place on record my thanks for this site. I know its a clichè but yes I did think I was the only one who had these sentiments. To you Mr Moderator and to ALL contributors a heartfelt thanks to you all. The standard of input is remarkable and the young people who contribute here show a maturity beyond their years! Reading thru these Posts have awoken many memories that had laid dormant for many years; as New Guy says "ps I love this site" and I echo his sentiments! Ladies just love your descriptions and guys your descriptions of your experiences with the females in your lives....well what can I say. Happy plopping each and all! Bye for now.

Herb T.

Things That Piss Me Off in Public Restrooms

Hello everyone - Herb here. I've done a few posts recently - I am a married white male, work as an accountant, aged mid-thirties, BTW. I thought I'd compile my own list of 16 things that piss me off (no pun intended) in public restrooms, along with some basic etiquette tips. I use public restrooms probably about as frequently as everyone else. There are two lists I will compile - 1) restroom features that piss me off, and 2) people in restrooms that piss me off. So here it is, and in no particular order of importance:

Restroom features that piss me off:
1) Restrooms where the door leads directly into the restroom, with no wall or other way of blocking what is inside. In most restrooms, the door faces a wall, where you have to turn 90 degrees to get to the sinks and so forth. But some restrooms have a door that goes right in and anyone walking by can see what is going on - the urinals, stalls, etc. My old office's men's room was like this. What genius designed these layouts? Architects be warned!

2) Those giant toilet paper rolls - you know, the kind that is in a large circular dispenser and the rolls are like two feet in diameter? These are usually found in high traffic locations. The toilet paper is always very cheap and thin. Make sure you grab a huge handful too, especially during a messy bowel movement, or you are likely to get shit on your hands. Also, I hope you don't need to wipe more than a couple of times, or your anus will be very sore.

3) Auto flush toilets - I won't go into further detail, other than that they're very annoying.

4) Uncomfortable toilet seats - the kind that makes your butt sore after sitting more than a couple of minutes. It's kind of hard to describe different types of toilet seats without photographs, but the best kind is the one where the back of the seat is a little lower than the front part of the seat. The seat is basically contoured to the shape of your butt. I'm no medical professional, but I'd venture to say that the uncomfortable type of seat can contribute to hemorrhoids, because they stretch your ass-hole. I think evil employers prefer these seats because it forces employees to hurry up and finish going to the bathroom, therefore increasing workplace productivity.

5) Electric blow dryers - WTF man? - paper towels are the way to go.

6) Wobbly toilet seats - a wobbly toilet seat is not hard to repair. Take a damn crescent wrench and tighten the bolts under the seat. It takes a few minutes max. It's amazing that some property management companies (among other types of establishments) will just leave a toilet seat loose for years. ????in' fix it already.

7) Motion detection sinks - call me old fashioned, but I don't mind turning on the water. From my experience, the water keeps shutting every 4-5 seconds and I have to waive my hands back and forth repeatedly to get it to turn back on for 4-5 seconds, etc. Very annoying.

8) Toilets with a super powerful flush. I realize valve-style commercial toilets have a more powerful flush to begin with. But some are so ultra powerful, that after each flush, the toilet seat gets sprayed with water. Although toilet seats have been proven to not be a huge harborer of germs, toilet bowls certainly are. Toilet bowls are one of the filthiest things on planet Earth. That's why I always wipe down the seat before using a public toilet. Seat covers can't hurt either, but I'm not a big fan of them because they always stick to my ass when I stand up.

OK - now for the other list - People who piss me off in public restrooms:
1) People who vandalize/make graffiti - this is usually encountered in fast food restaurants and your Wal-Marts. I'm sure it's even worse in ghetto areas. I've even seen gang/tagger signs carved into toilet seats. I'm sure it's mostly teenagers doing this. I was a teenager once too, but I never got the urge to carve something into a toilet seat. What is wrong with the youth of America? In my opinion, the US should impose caning (like Singapore or Malaysia) for vandalism.

2) People who piss on the seat. Sure, there are people who do it intentionally and think it's funny. Shit man, I've even done it a few times when I was drunk. Obviously kids like to mess around too. What I'm referring to is in office restrooms - usually where there is one urinal and two stalls. Someone is at the urinal, another person comes in, and pisses in a stall - without putting the seat up. If you're concerned about germs, tear off some toilet paper to touch the toilet seat. There is no excuse for someone in a professional office to piss on the seat. Put the ????in' seat up for Christ sake.

3) Geniuses who comment on the smells and noises in the restroom. Hello - it's a bathroom - people are either going #1 or #2. There will occasionally be some disgusting things going on in there. Deal with it.

4) People who like to whistle - I assume this is more on the men's side. I don't know how to whistle, but some people sure do. And from the time they enter the restroom to the time they leave, they whistle the whole time. Nothing like taking a shit and having to listen to a guy whistle while using the urinal. Thanks buddy for enhancing my bathroom experience.

5) People who pull on the stall door several times when you're taking a shit. Does it take a brain surgeon to make the assumption that when the stall door is locked, that someone is in there? True story - I was taking a dump in a restroom and using the handicapped stall. Someone came in and pulled the stall door back in forth for about 10 seconds. He then asked "is anyone in there?" I replied "yes" and he left the restroom. What a dumbass. Please guys - pull the door once - if it's locked, find another stall or go away.

6) People who don't know how to flush. I won't go into graphic details, but if the toilet doesn't flush completely the first time, don't be afraid to flush again. Today, in fact, I encountered a stall where the previous user left a toilet seat cover halfway in the toilet, halfway still on the seat. Is it that much more difficult to flush the seat cover down? Please exercise some basic courtesy and etiquette.

7) People who linger - do your business, complete your transaction (or whatever your favorite euphemism is), and leave. At least us men don't have to worry about putting on makeup, but standing there brushing your teeth for 5 minutes, or rinsing out your tupperware at the restroom sinks. Maybe I'm being selfish, but I prefer to come out of the stall when no one is in the restroom.

8) People who are overly noisy - breathing hard and straining hard. I'm not knocking people with legitimate medical issues, and I realize that people occasionally have explosive diarrhea. But please - try to find a less traveled restroom - whether it be another floor or something. This is more geared towards the people who breathe real loud while urinating. I've been sitting on the toilet several times where it sounded like the guy pissing is breathing through a gas mask. I was almost tempted to ask... "Are you OK buddy?"

OK - long enough post already. I hope at least a few people enjoyed it. If so, please post about things I've missed - things that piss you off about public restrooms. Herb T. Out!


Spring Break (The Final Chapter)

Well, tonight is our last night here at Disneyworld and I had a great time with my friends. We have everything packed and we're going to go see the fireworks and go to the Magic Kingdom castle before we go home tomorrow. I would like to share something that happened earlier when we were packing:
The guys, Heather, and I went to Epcot once again to explore all the pavilions and returned to the hotel at around 4 pm to pack. As I was putting all the toiletries in one of my bags, I bent over to pick something up and suddenly let out a loud fart and some diarrhea in the process. I quickly asked Heather to pass me another pair of underwear and jeans. Before I got the chance to take off my soiled pants, more mushy diarrhea exploded out of me and into my pants and underwear. I whispered, "Oh, no. Not now!"
I finally sat on the toilet and even more diarrhea splattered into the bowl. Heather came into the restroom to hand me my clean pair of clothes,and said, "Wow, it stinks in here! Are you feeling alright?"
"Not really," I replied as I continue to let out more diarrhea. By the time I was done, my bum was sore and I had almost filled up the entire bowl. I wiped myself, and had to flush the toilet several times to get all the mess down. I surveyed the damage done to my jeans and underwear, and judging by the amount of diarrhea smeared on them, I knew there was no saving them, so I wrapped them in plastic and threw them away. I then put on the clean clothes and exited the restroom to continue packing. Now, we're currently waiting for Georg to finish his business in the restroom so that we can go out and enjoy our last night in Disneyworld.

The End

Saturday, April 23, 2011


Bad decision

I dropped Wendy off at work this morning with a big need to poo. I had to get some shopping today & petrol but didn't bother to do the sensible thing & go home first. I just went straight to the supermarket instead. On the way I began to wish I had gone home first as my need to poo was getting much worse. I parked the car & thought about going in the customer toilets but I convinced myself I could wait untill I got home. I went to get a trolley & put my token in the slot to release it but the thing wouldn't budge. I had no &#163;1 coins on me, only my debit card so I had to buy a newspaper from the kiosk so I could get cashback & then get some change from customer services. By now I was desperate & on my way to get a trolley I felt a sharp pain in my bowels. I knew I'd left it too long but still insisted on doing the shopping instead of going to the toilets. I slowly made my way around the isles filling my trolley with this ever increasing need to empty my aching bowels. I felt so bloated & uncomfortable but I made it to the bottom of my shopping list & went to the checkout. While I loaded the shopping onto the belt I felt another sharp pain & almost loaded my knickers as well! As my shopping was being scanned I packed the shopping into the bags & loaded then into the trolley. Some of the bags were heavy & as I lifted them into the trolley I felt an intense pain behind my anus. I came very close to messing myself. I had to clench really hard to keep control & just about managed it. I paid for the shopping & took the trolley to the car without losing it. Loading those heavy bags into the boot was a risky task & I prepared myself by clenching really hard before lifting them out of the trolley & into my boot. I nearly lost control during the operation but some how kept it in. After taking the trolley back & got in the car & looked at the petrol gauge to see the needle was in the red & the light was on so I couldn't risk filling up later so I drove to the filling station to fill up. I had to clench the whole time while I filled the the tank & began to wonder he I'd ever get home. Once the tank was full I went to pay for my fuel & in the shop I felt another pain behind my anus. I needed to go so badly I had to clench hard even held my bum to avoid having an accident in the shop. Once I'd paid I waddled back to my car making it very obvious I needed to poo very badly. I got in & sat down. It really hurt as I sat in the drivers seat & I left the petrol station like a racing driver. I made the short drive home & parked the car. By now I really was more than desperate so I left the shopping in the car & went straight indoors & up to the bathroom. I just made it & as soon as I sat down I began to release a huge load of soft poo into the toilet. It hurt at first but once the widest poo was out it got easier. I pood my brains out & it felt so so good. I filled the toilet untill most of the water was gone. I wiped a lot & flushed the toilet expecting it to block but it all went down leaving some big skid marks below the water. My knickers were stained a lot but they were washable. I washed my hands & exited feeling quite empty but so relieved. I think if I'd had to wait another few minutes I would have had a very big & messy accident in my underwear & that would be super embarrassing.

I seem to recall reading a story about a group of girls, from a while back, but I can't for the life of me find it.

In the story, the girls wear diapers over their panties and wet themselves. Afterwards, one of the girls says she is constipated, so they remove her diapers and panties, give her another pair of panties, lie her down, and start rubbing her stomach until she soils herself.

Please can someone tell me where this story is?

Thanks x

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