music show dump

hey everyone! just had another experience recently and i felt like sharing.

Yesterday i had to do some filming for a music show for my old high school i graduated from. my old media arts teacher asked if i could film a music event that was taking place at the elementary school since i was her best cinematographer. i said i would be delighted to do so. there were bands playing from all of the schools, including the one i went to. i have to admit it was great, some of the students had real talent. near the end of the show my stomach started bothering me since i got the flu, and not long after i needed to use the loo. people just started leaving and i just entered the bathroom. i took the last stall (i like privacy, and i could tell this was going to be nasty) and i closed the door. since its an elementary school everything was so small. i took a moment analyzing it, then i farted, and it was real nasty and wet. i took my satchel off, and put my tripod and camera down on the floor and pretty much took my jeans off in a panic. i dropped my jeans and thong to just below my knees, sat on the small loo, and let out a torrent of wet farts and diarrhea into the pan. i could feel alot of chunks flying out as well, and the smell was just out of this world, if anyone else was in the bathroom they would have probably been gassed out. there were also a bunch of decently sized turds coming out, i passed them easily though. after i was done i wiped and saw a skid mark on the inside of my thong, so i thought i would just take it off later when i got home. i then flushed the loo and left. later when i got home i took my thong off and changed into my pink panties. kylie wanted to see the footage i had so i uploaded it to my computer. then at one part you could see a toilet and i just sat down on it and had the most horrendous diarrhea. my face went red because right then i knew i forgot to turn the camera off, so i unintentionally filmed myself shitting. my face was just beet red from embarrassment, but kylie said it was ok, she was very reassuring. after that, she was very energetic in bed with me! like seeing that set a mood for her which i loved. thats all for now, ill post again soon!

This one's about my cousin this time when I was 7 and she was 13. Even at that early age I found her attractive. Her hair was in a page boy style & facially looked like Una Stubbs, she was wearing a pink cotton skirt and white blouse, white ankle socks and buckled shoes. Our parents had gone out for a drink just across the road and trusted her to look after me. We played tag & hiding seek. When the game was over she took my hand & said if I promised not to tell I could watch her go to the toilet, I promised, and we went upstairs to the loo which was in a large room, the pan being some 2' from the wall. She lifted her skirt high & I could see her belly button, pulled her dark pink panties to her knees sat down & peed. We were talking when she told me to shush & with a fixed stare leant forward with her arms folded on her knees. I walked round to the side and there was a gap between her bum and the back of the seat. After what seemed to be an age a walnut sized with a resounding plop splashing both her bum & my face which made us both laugh and she said served me right for standing there. She was plopping out turds like this every 20 secs or so until she finished with a trumpeting fart about 10 mins later! As i remember there was a strong but not unpleasant odour and I was somewhat excited. Would she have done this with a lad her owm age I wonder? She's 65 now and I wonder if she remembers this event after all these years, I do as if it was yesterday! New Guy, thanks for your comments. Bye for now.


That fitting room story sounds pretty interesting - please share! There are a few fitting room stories on this site, but not enough. I've always been curious about how often that happens.


My Almost Pee-Free Day--Part 1

Last week I had a very strange day. I had my normal amount of food and drink, full day of classes and activities with the usual stresses, followed by three hours of work at the airport, and despite all the pain and fear of bursting my bladder, when I sat down to pee I wasn't able to do even 25% of what I normally piss.

The only thing different is that I have been more than normally run-down. The night before I was at Connor's house doing homework for our three AP classes and I used the bathroom once. My last full pee for quite a few hours! His parents won't let his friends stay past 10 p.m., so as usual at about 10, I packed up and went out to my car. I about three blocks down the street to a 24/7 store because I was low on gas and wanted to get some coffee since I had another three hours to stay up working on a paper. Once inside, I asked for the restroom key, the attendant opened it for me, and I closed the door just about the time my bowels were ready to explode. I pulled my jeans and white underwear down and quickly seated myself on the seat. I know I put about 5 pounds the past few months, but I couldn't believe how small and uncomfortable the seat was. This toilet was smaller than some of the home toilets I used. I admit my mistake, but out of my fatigue and the immediacy of my bowels, I hadn't latched the door to the stall. My crap was going to be large, and it was just starting to emerge thanks to some more aggressive-than-usual pushing on my part, when the stall door is thrown open against my knees and a young boy about 4 comes running in with his sweats partially down and one hand in his crotch.

I grabbed the door and pushed him back. I admit it was pretty hard. He fell over and started to cry. At that point, his mother came in, initially started yelling at him, and while she was picking him up off the floor and trying to calm him, she noticed his grey sweats were wet and that he was peeing himself. Since I had latched my door, she pounded on it and asked me to hurry up and with some swearing--I don't remember all the words--but she said he needed the toilet worse than me. I did partially feel sorry for him, especially since it was a single-stall bathroom. So I stood up off the stool, with my underwear and jeans still below my knees, I hobbled to the door, and outside, while she slammed the door against the wall and shoved her son into the stall. She ripped his sweats the rest of the way down, along with his underwear, and I heard her complain about the sight and smell of what I had left in the bowl. I heard her lift the seat, and direct the boy's (his name was Adam) remaining urine into the bowl. So I was left standing outside the stall for about 4 or 5 minutes. I knew I had more to release and of course I had to clean myself so I had to stand and wait.

Adam continued to cry, worse I think because she really laid into him. She said he was never going to make it in kindergarten in the fall because he has to not wait until the last minute. Some of that I think is valid, but he's only 4! Then she opened the door and started yelling directly at me again. She said I was to blame for his accident and that I directly had caused it when I closed the door on him. I tried to tell her I was sorry about not having the door closed, but she just cut me off with some more swearing--all of this in front of Adam. She grabbed him by his left hand and literally dragged him from the bathroom, still crying. I was pretty shaken up when I dropped the seat and sat to continue my crap. I took out my phone and called Connor. He wanted to come and comfort me but I told him I would be OK, because I knew he would have to give his parents an excuse and I didn't want them to know a couple of the dumb things I had done.

I was shaking so bad that I knew I wasn't going to be able to resume my crap. I was right.

I'll finish up my story next time.


29 hours held (and counting)

So I've been holding it for almost 30 hours now and its getting harder and harder to hold it in when I get a cramp or it starts pushing against my hole.
Question: When you have to poo do you like striping everything off?
PS I'm glad I found this site


Oh well

So at 7:11 this morning (37 hrs:41min) I woke to my alarm going off and immefeatly felt the dump I'd been holding try to escape. I got up and walked to the bathroom to get ready for classas soon as I stood up it made its frist attempt to get out. by the time I got to the bathroom (only 20ft from my room) I was having cramps that could stun a horse. I turned on the water in the shower and got undressed. I couldn't hold it any longer as I could feel a turd start to peak out. I went over to the toilet and put one foot on the seat a pushed out 2 small rock like turds, one was the size of a golf ball the other was smaller then a ping pong ball. I no longer felt like I had to go so I showered got out dried and looked one more time at my "rocks" before flushing. I defenatly am not empty and will keep fighting it for longer.
What was worse was I worked a ten hour day yesterday and was having cramps on and off and almost crapped my pants. I now have some sympathey for the ladies when they have their periods.

Upstate Dave

Walking While Peeing

Several times while in a hurry to get back home and needing to piss I would not stop walking. I would just unzip my pants get my penis out and still walking would piss. It took me awhile for me to do this for As a young kid I was told if a male did piss while walking you would get a hernia or suffer a rupture! So I was always afraid to do it!

The first time I did this was one night heading home and I was walking up my own road. I was between 11 12 years old. I was passing by the neighbors houses which both were summer peoples houses. No one was home in both places for summer was over and they had gone back to the city. (both families from NYC) I had to piss so badly too!

I slowed my pace pulled my zipper down on y jeans reached in and pulled my pens out. I immeadiatly started pissing hard. I didn't care about the streetlights and I knew that where I was it was safe to piss without being seen. Oh what great releif felt as I slowly walked and pissed! I didn;t have my penis aimed right down at the road while I walked and pissed.

I held it at a slight upward angle instead. This way my piss stream did have a upward arc that wasn't all that high but it did go outward in front of me a ways. Our road was paved which always when it was dry had a grey color to it. Well when ever the road was wet it would look black. Well my piss made a thin black line on the road as I walked along and pissed.

Like a had saidd I really had to go and my piss as I walked was a real long one. I had walked far enough so that was was aproaching some of my other neighbors houses which they were home. Here I was lucky too. The one neighbor I knew would not be up. He always went to bed early. The house next to his was just Dianne and herfather lived there. Dianne and I were good friends anyway and she had seen me piss befor and I her. So if she saw me pissing ooutside now it wouldn't had mattered.

I was approaching Diannes house now and I was nearing the end of my piss. So I stopped walking. I finished my piss there makeing a smallish wet spot in the road. I made too that my bladder was completly empty by giving a push whih I let out a good spurt of piss to finish off with. Then I slipped my penis back inside my jenas and zipped them up. Then I hurried up got home and went right inisde and went upstairs to my bedroom and went to sleep. Upstate Dave


Always blocking my toilet

When I was younger, I had a regular routine where I would have a crap in the morning and then another at school after eating lunch. This routine continued well into my adulthood up until about a month ago. I'm not certain exactly what changed, but now I only have to crap one time every day in the morning. I'd be fine with this, except that it means I have very large motions each time, I think the same amount of both my daily motions before, except in one sitting now.

The first couple times, I wasn't aware how much I was producing and so I completely stopped up my toilet. I had a plunger, but it was still inconvenient and embarrassing to have to unclog the toilet every time I had a crap. I flush in the middle of my motions now, and so I don't block the toilet every time anymore. But I still don't like to go on vacations or trips for fear I'll have a large crap in a hotel toilet and not have a plunger.

Is there any solution to my problem? Any medicines or remedies to reduce the size of a bowel movement? Or maybe to get me back to going two times a day again? I'd give anything to not have to worry about blocking my toilet every day...

Hey everyone, here's the final part of my ski trip story.

On Thursday I had another big breakfast and then we hit the slopes. We had lunch quite early- a hot dog and fries from one of the cafes up on the mountain. We- Lauren, Abbie, myself and two other girls, Claire and Holly, all peed in the cafe toilets before we left.
At about 2 o'clock I felt the first stirrings of movement in my bowels. I knew what was coming but I didn't know how soon it would arrive. Quite soon after my need became pressing. I could tell it was going to be a messy poo and it was an urgent one already. We were still skiing an hour later but I knew for sure I wouldn't make it until the end of the day. I had to go before we left the slopes. When we reached the end of the run we were on I said to the other girls, 'I need the loo, does anyone else want to go?' Claire said she did, so the others said they would do the same run again and meet us where we were in a bit. Claire and I headed down to the cafe where we had eaten. As we skied down she said that she needed a poo badly. I said I did too and that was why I had to take a break. We reached the cafe and I was really bursting by now. We put our skis in the rack and headed for the toilets. 'Ooh, I really have to go,' I told Claire as we trudged through the snow. We entered the loos. There were 10 cubicles and most were occupied, but three at the end were empty. We took adjacent cubicles. Then came the eternal struggle- getting my ski gear out of the way! Lots of buckles to undo, zips to lower and clothes to get out of the way. This took a while and I could hear Claire doing likewise. She seemed to be in a hurry, and so was I. I finally lowered my trousers and knickers and sat. Immediately a load of poo came out with a big splash. I grunted softly with relief. Claire sat down next to me. Quickly she let out two logs. I pushed out some more mushy poo and then a soft log came out. After a couple more small bits I was done and felt much better! Claire unloaded four more logs while I was pooing. It had been a fairly close call! I had another, much smaller poo that night in my room.

I didn't poo at all on Friday, which surprised me a lot. On Saturday we headed for home. We stopped a couple of times and the second time when we went to the toilets, Holly said to me and Claire, 'I have to poo but I really don't want to do it here!' It was a standard set of French motorway toilets- dirty, squat toilets with no doors on most of them! We went in and the ones with doors were already taken. Holly had to use a doorless one because she couldn't wait. I had to as well for a strong need for a wee. A couple of people walked past while I was squatting there weeing and it was pretty embarrassing. When I was done I went to the sinks and walked past Holly who was still going. I could smell her poo and I think she was pushing out a log when I walked by!

On the ferry some of us had some dinner. Immediately after I had to take a big poo. I said I was going to the toilets (I guess I should call them the heads since we were on a ship!) and Abbie said she would come too because she was feeling quite seasick. We took two of the four cubicles. I sat down while Abbie knelt infront of her toilet. While I had my pre-poo wee she explained that she always gets seasick and that she had pills to take on the way out but not on the way back! My first log was a big one and quite hard to push out. It took a while and some grunting. Abbie asked if I was going for a poo and I said yes. She said 'I hope it doesn't smell or I'll be sick!' Of course it did smell when the first log came out with a big splash. Another came out quite quickly and easily and then I farted loudly. Abbie moaned and then I heard her throwing up. Two more logs finished off my poo, and the smell combined with the smell and sound of Abbie throwing up (smelling vomit always makes me feel ill) made me feel like throwing up too. I quickly flushed and went to the sinks and had a couple of handfuls of water to drink. I felt a lot better then. I knocked on Abbie's door and asked if she wanted me to wait for her. She said yes please, so I waited by the sinks for a few minutes until she came out. She felt much better, she said, and she didn't need to be sick again on the return trip.

All in all, it was a very memorable school trip! One of my favourites.

Will post again soon. Bye!

Public conveniences

Those of you who like me are from the UK will know that there are a lot of cuts coming down from the Government. A lot of these are to local council budgets, so they are cutting back on services. The town I live in has recently announced that all but a very few public toilets will be shutting. Firstly I wondered if this will really save money. I mean, sure, it costs money to build and equip a set of toilets, but on a day-to-day basis they only need cleaning. I wonder if this will mean more crossed legs?

I gotta say thanks to whoever made this site. It really allows one to freely share their stories.
1st a few questions for y'all:
When you deuce do like the lights on or off?
When you're home alone do you leave the door open? What about when not? When everyone is asleep?
Do you sit down, squat or something else?
Those who are Christians do you thing that its wrong to enjoy going to the bathroom?

So two things today:
1st I've decided to try and hold it in as long as I can then take a nice big dump. Its been 6 hours now and its been on and off major urges. I almost had to leave the young adults' college church group I was at to let it out about 2 hours in.

The other comes right after the service ended and its more just a funny mishap. as my friend and I were walking to the church cafe I went to dump my cup of water out and then throw away the cup. Not wanting to spill it on my coat (my hands were very full) I dumped the water down the drinking fountain that was in between the men's and women's room then I attempted to toss the cup into the men's room trash can. I missed and went in to pick it up well still talking to my friend. She followed me in, without my knowing, I turned around and almost ran into her. She then started apologizing to the guy that was taking a leak at one of the urinals, that I hadn't noticed. We then walk out and she tells me that she sometimes uses the other guy's room, near the cafe, when shes feeling to lazy to walk to the other ladies' room which is a ways down the hall. I would kinda like to walk in there one day and see her using the toilet.

Upstate Dave

Mailman Makes Fox TV News

Yesterday I was watching our local Fox tv station late night news. They had one story about another federal goverment employee that got the mail service in trouble. The mailman was at a neighbors house which a neighbor noticed this mailman seemed to be over in the yard to long. So he kept a eye on him thinking maybe he had a lot of mail to deliver at his neighbors house.

Well that is not what it turned out to be at all! For the mailman had no mail with him. He had already dropped it off. As the neghbor watched the mailman he walked over to where the neighbor kept his trash bins. There the mailman suddenly dropped his uniform trousers and squated still in plain view from the watching neighbor! The mailman took a big poop there in the neighbors yard!

Now just befor the mailman did his pooping the neighbor who was watching him had his cell phone and took pictures of the pooping mailman. Along with takeing photos of the mailmans evidence! Well he called the local post office complained about this mailmans deed and also called the local Fox tv station which they sent a news crew over to do a news segment with a interview with the neighbor that had seen the pooping mailman.

Well tge post office suspended the mailman without pay to start off with and also sent befor the news crew got there and cleaned up the mailmans "junk mail" he had left in the yard. You can find this new story on the net. Parts of the reporters audio was pretty humoriuos too.

Leslie Leanne

Reply to Astrid's Advice

Hello, Astrid.

And thank you oh, so very much for your advice. It is very much appreciated.

Believe it, or not, but I have been seeing doctors regularly about my bowel condition - for the last 6 years. And since early on in 2008, I have changed doctors as well. My previous MD always had me waiting WAY TOO LONG just to be seen by him. It was not uncommon for me to spend at least 2 or 3 hours - 1-1/2 to 2 in the lobby, and an additional hour in the examination room - before I finally was seen by him. Because of this, my parents and I have both switched to a more personable doctor.

My current doctor expresses genuine concerns about my health, unlike my last doctor. However, my last MD sent me to Ft. Smith in February 2007 for my first colonoscopy procedure. Well, that doctor found nothing wrong, and just recommended I change my diet - which includes avoiding gluten-based products. Well that hasn't worked either, unfortunately. Besides, I love patty melt sandwiches on marbled rye bread. I prefer them over cheeseburgers nowadays.

Anyway, since then, I have had a second colonoscopy in the fall of last year, done by a local surgeon. He found nothing also. I felt very frustrated afterwards, because I was feeling constant pain in my belly, and it was so bloated that many people thought I was easily 7 months pregnant. I had to tell them I wasn't, unfortunately, but had I been pregnant it would've certainly made me feel better about how I looked.

Like I said before, my current doctor has me on strong prescription medication called Sertraline, for treating IBS. Once I began taking it regularly, not only did I start feeling better after a few days, but also my appetite has decreased and my belly has slimmed down quite a bit in size. I now no longer look like I'm pregnant, though I really did enjoy the extra attention I received from the public and my peers. Since being on the Sertraline, I initially lost 11 pounds - from 203 down to 192, but it has since gone from 190 to 195.

Now as far as my appearance goes, I appreciate what you said about your two female friends being built the way they are, and still being able to find decent men in their lives. And I admit, I like both men and women. I have a male acquaintance from overseas in Europe who has a more feminine figure than I do. This individual goes by the nickname Megarump, because he's apparently proud of his backside. I chatted with him online the other day (Monday, April 18), and learned that his hips span 25 inches wide his weight is currently at 265 pounds - most of it being concentrated in his midsection! I certainly found this to be fascinating, to say the least, considering he is a guy and not a lady like I am. Megarump also keeps his body free of hair on a 24/7 basis, unlike most men, because he likes the feeling of being smooth all over. He also told me he wants his own bosoms - big ones, like I have - since he would enjoy having them squeezed. Well, I can't blame him there, and I wish I had a more 'feminine' midsection like he has.

Anyway, I hope to one day get to meet Megarump in person, because he says he enjoys traveling. I can't afford to travel at this time, due to being out of work, so he would have to come here first. And the gasoline prices around here are a total nightmare!! I'm thankful not to be still at my last employer, because that would involve driving 40 miles round trip each day. Anyway, I plan to keep in touch with my new acquaintance Megarump for quite some time to come, in hopes that one day he and I will meet each other in person. He sounds like he would be an exciting individual to share life with. Too bad he doesn't live here in the USA, huh?

By the way, I hope I'll continue to lose more weight in my midsection, although I would prefer to have a more shapely bottom and waistline like my friend Megarump. But like you said, I need to be comfortable in my own skin. And as that Olay slogan says, "Love the skin you're in." Well, I love my skin very much, just not the body it is wrapped around.

Okay, Astrid, that's all for this time around. Thanks again for your kind advice. And one day, perhaps my life will change for the better. Until then, you take care and stay in touch. Love ya.

Warm & Loving Regards,
Leslie Leanne


For Amanda V

Amanda V - "Stephanie- Surprisingly that's something I can say has never happened to me. At least not a full fledged accident."

At least not a full fledged accident? So have you had small accidents from laughing too hard?

I have had a few. That last story is the only time I can remember laughing until I fully wet myself. Usually it is a small squirt or two, maybe more, but rarely enough to be visible on my pants or at least little enough that I can hide it.

I remember it happening once my senior year of high school at lunch. We were almost done with lunch and I was sitting with my friends like always. We started joking about something and laughing and suddenly I felt my pelvic muscles spasm and a big squirt of pee came out. The crotch of my panties turned hot and wet immediately and before I could regain control a second large squirt escaped and that one made the wet feeling expand some and I could feel it a little on my butt and upper thighs. I clamped everything shut and jumped up and ran to the bathroom which was thankfully nearby. I hurried into an open stall, locked the door, unzipped, sat, and let go and emptied my bladder into the toilet. MEanwhile I surveyed the damage and found the crotch of my panties was very wet from side to side across the crotch and for about three inches front to back. My jeans had a wet spot about the size of a baseball in the crotch, too, but they were dark blue jeans so it wasn't really visible and I could keep my legs closed just in case and nobody would be able to see. I patted everything dry as best I could with toilet paper. After washing my hands while nobody else was looking I turned my back to the mirrors and stood on my tip-toes to check and couldn't see the wet spot from behind while standing up or bending forward slightly, only if I bent forward more and even then the jeans were so dark you could only tell if you knew. I hurried back out to the table and one of my friends gave me a hard time, saying something like, "Laugh so hard you almost pissed yourself?" I smiled and said, "Almost!" Little did she know! I spent the next hour or two with first warm and wet and then clammy and cold wetness on my crotch but by later in the day had completely dried.


Slow-Shittin' Sammi

Caryl Marie's questions

1. Would I be happier if I had a penis and could use a urinal?
Yes, at times when the school bathrooms are jam packed and sometimes when I'm at concerts. Although I'm too young to drink, the worst concert situations are when beer is served.

2. Would it be easier?
Sure--probably. I'm not that well coordinated and could see myself getting ###### with at the urinal by those waiting behind me because I was having trying to get my zipper back on track. In a stall, I would seat myself and probably buy myself more time. However, I've also been ###### with sitting for shit at school because I'm in the stall too long.

3. Would it be cleaner?
At the urinals, I would worry about splash back onto my penis and the front of my slacks, especially if they were a light color. I would not want to let my penis hang into the bowl and into/onto the water. It would be easier to flush, with the flusher right in front of me. But, I know there have been postings from girls/women who want toilet paper between them and the public toilet seats they are sitting on. While that's not an issue with me, they may prefer peeing in the urinal.

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