Leigh Opens Up

Well, I had an interesting experience with Leigh on Saturday. I learned some personal background about her on this day, although it was from an incident that happened I felt badly about. Last week, Leigh and I had been talking about a big sale that was taking place the upcoming weekend at several stores in a local mall. I mentioned I would be going to look at some shoes (my weakness). Leigh said she was interested in going too, and asked if I wanted to go with her. Although she's my boss, she's very nice and friendly and I like her, even though I'm amazed at her noisy restroom habits. So I agreed to go. She picked me up on Saturday morning. We went to the mall, which was pretty crowded. Around 10:30 I needed to pee and mentioned to Leigh that I needed to find a ladies' room. She said she did too. I wondered if she was going to have one of her loud grunting BMs. We made our way to the mall restroom. It was pretty crowded, but not overflowing with women. There were about 12 stalls, with 6 on each side of the room facing each other. I went into a stall on the right side and Leigh went into one on the left. There was no one beside me, but Leigh went into a stall between two other women. I settled in to pee, and I heard Leigh go "Uhhh." Obviously she was pooing. She grunted "Uhhh" again and I heard a loud fart, I presume from her. I finished peeing and flushed, and opened my stall door just as both women on either side of Leigh came out. They looked to be in their early 20s. Leigh grunted "Uhhh" again, and I heard a loud fart and poo literally blow out of her. Both of the ladies who'd been beside her looked back at the stall and then at each other and smiled. I then realized they were together shopping. They didn't know I was with the grunting woman in the stall next to them. The restroom was empty of everyone except Leigh, these two women, and me at this point. We were washing our hands when Leigh did another "Uhhh" and farted pretty loudly. One of the women said to the other loud enough for Leigh to hear, "I can't believe anyone would sit in a public restroom grunting like that." The other lady said, "Me either." The first lady said, "Let's get out of here before she explodes the toilet." They left. I said, "Leigh, they're gone and no one else is here. Are you OK?" She said, "Yes, I'll be out in a minute" but I thought I heard a bit of a sob in her voice like she was crying. I said, "You want me to wait outside?" She said, "No, I'm coming out now." I heard her wipe about 5 times, flush and she came out of the stall. She was upset. There were tears in her eyes and she came to the sink. I said, "Leigh, you're upset." She said, "Oh, those women hurt my feelings." I said, "To heck with them." She washed her hands and said, "I'll share something with you." Just then a woman came into the restroom, and Leigh said, "Let's go outside." We went into the mall and found a place to sit down. I said, "Are you OK? Those women were rude." Frankly I didn't know what else to say. I know many of us at the office have thought the exact same thing as what that woman said, but of course never would say anything. Leigh said, "Look, I know I'm noisy in the restroom. All my life I've had a problem with it. My mom took me to the doctor when I was about 6 years old because of it. And I didn't really like going at school and everyone hearing me. The doctor said I had a form of IBS but that I didn't need medication unless it got very serious, which it hadn't. It was just embarrassing but my mom sat me down and told me that when I had to go, ignore everyone and go and don't worry about who hears me. The doctor also had said not to try to hold it in or I'd develop problems being able to hold it later on. So I just block everything out and use the bathroom. I rarely need to go that urgently, but when I do go, I get cramps and it just makes me grunt. It just seems to happen. I don't realize I'm doing it so loudly, but I guess I am." I said, "Well if you can't help it, then just do what you have to do." She said she got a reputation in high school. They called her poop girl. She said in her senior year someone got her yearbook and didn't sign their name, but wrote, "To Leigh - most likely to launch herself off the toilet with her farting shits." She said she didn't see this in her yearbook until her dad, who was looking through it, saw it and showed it to her and her mom. She said it humiliated her. She said she took a marker and blacked out the writing. She said she went on a date with a guy in high school and believe it or not, he asked her, "Is the rumor true you can fart like an elephant when you poop?" She said she had him take her home immediately. Then she said, "I'm sorry if I'm gross when I use the bathroom. I'll guess I'll try to not grunt loudly from now on, but I still can't help it that I make a lot of noise when I go." I said, "Leigh we all make noise when we go sometimes. I do, too. And I'm poo shy." Leigh looked at me and said, "Poo shy? Really? Why?" I said, "I don't know, it just embarrasses me to go #2 in a public place or at work." Leigh said, "I got over that in grade school. I had to go twice a day almost every day in school. So I learned not to worry about it. So you're embarrassed to go #2 in public. I remember when you first came to work at the company. I believe we went #2 next to one another one day." I said, "Yeah, my first day. It was embarrassing." Leigh said, "Oh, I'm sorry to hear that. I didn't think anything about it." Leigh calmed down from being upset, and we went back to shopping. While I know more background on her restroom habits now, it still surprises me she grunts out loud like that when she goes #2.


The Return of Daniel

Hey all,

Sorry about my hiatus - things were getting busy at work, and we also moved up a floor in the building.

For those who don't remember, my name is Dan, I'm about 5'9" and live in New York City. I have an interest in women farting and pooping, though I've never witnessed a woman on the toilet dropping a load. I wouldn't say 'no' to the opportunity though.

I pee about 3-4 times a day, and poop at least once, sometimes twice daily. Each time the turds themselves are different, but I'm fairly regular.

A quick story, and then some shutouts.

As mentioned, we've moved up a floor in my office building. I've also gotten a new neighbour to the desk on my left. She's blonde, about my height, curvy and doe eyed. I find her really attractive.
Throughout the day, I noticed she eats constantly. Not a lot, but often. She had a banana, apple, some wheat crackers and cereal amongst others. Also, she took a couple bathroom trips throughout the day (the washrooms are close to where we sit), and on the computer time, I noticed that she's gone for about 2-4 minutes each time. Given with what she eats, and the duration of her trips, I can only imagine what's going on in there....

I enjoy reading everyone's stories (especially the descriptive ones), with Abbie, Shelly, AmyLee & Hermes amongst my fav posters.

Hermes, I look forward to reading of your posts. I can understand you wish to remain 'hidden' but if you're willing to post, I'd like to know more about you, as I've only seen two posts so far.

Bye for now, will post soon & more often!


To Hope, if you're still here: I've certainly enjoyed your stories very much and hope to hear more from you. And Max sounds like a really awesome big bro. I also like to hear about people being comforting and understanding when someone has an accident.


To New Guy

To New Guy: No, I haven't mentioned this site to Leigh and won't. She's my boss and I would be concerned that if she saw my posts she'd be upset with me.

to Astrid


I attended Catholic schools for nine years. There never was any corporal punishment. We also never sat on the floor. There was a huge number of students in each class. There wouldn't have been any room to sit on the floor.

There was something off about the fourth grade teacher. She was sadistic, seemed to have repressed rage, but she never hit anyone: her abuse was emotional.

Once in eighth grade a boy was shaking his legs, so the teacher looked at him and pointed to the door of the classroom. He then left class to go to the bathroom.

We were only allowed three minutes between each class at the Catholic high school. We had to walk single file, keep to the right, and no talking was allowed while we walked to class. I don't know why the rules between class were so strict: what kind of trouble did they expect middle class girls could get into?

Once during class at that Catholic high school, my nose started bleeding. I told the teacher, and she let me leave class and go to the bathroom. A girl from the class then came into the bathroom with a box of kleenex. I thought that was considerate of the teacher.

Upstate Dave


Ella thanks for responding to my asking about weird places or items used that a person peed. The place in the car that you took a pee in is a glove box over here.

Wendy you and Kirsty takeing a good poo in publc at your wall spot was fun to read. I enjoy your dareing posts a lot. I hope you will do more.

Jas thatnks for your mention of the girl that peed in the old milk jug. Being a country boy I know those milk jugs could hold a lot!

Lucy the longest I've ever held a poop was for 2 hours only. But in this case it was a long two hours. I knew it was going to be very loose type movement. Those have to be the worst to hold back then a good solid poop.

Its been14 hours since I first started holding it. I was able to sleep through the night w/o crapping myself. We'll see how much longer I can go. I'm helping a friend move for a couple hours then I work noon till 8. Will keep updatong y'all


new poster

hi everyone! im a new poster here, i just stumble across the website and thought it was an interesting place. to describe myself im 19, average height and i live in england.

now, recently my girlfriend and i, and ya, i said girlfriend, not boyfriend, we were out and had a bite to eat at a fast food restaurant and as we were dricing home i had to take the worst shit ever. we were still a couple of miles from home and traffic was jammed badly at this time of day. i told kylie to pull up to some pace where i could go, so when we got the chance we stopped at the park. i was so desperate when i got out of the car, i felt like i had a time bomb inside me and it was about to go off. i looked desperately around for a sign for the restrooms. luckily i found a sign that directed me to the park toilets. since it was night it was completely vacant in the bathroom, and thank god, i didnt want anyone around to hear or witness the mess i was about to make in the loo. i ran over to the first stall and didnt even bother closing the door since it was just my girlfriend there with me. i dropped my yoga pants and thong to the floor and thudded my bum onto the cold seat. i made it just in time, with maybe a second to spare because i shit an enormous pile into the loo. i looked between my legs and saw a mountain of shit piling up beneath me. most of it was soft but some was diarrhea, i think it was because i ate too much dairy products that day. i shit so much that i was afraid i was going to start shitting my insides out. after i was done i wiped and stood up to look at the damage. kylie was amazed at the size of my bm, but she just wanted to know if i was ok. after i said i was i asked to hurry home just in case i had to go again. she obliged and we didnt even flush, it felt naughty knowing some unfortunate sod would come and see the abomination i left in the loo. ill be sure to post soon when i get the chance, as soon as something comes up!


Memorable buddy dump with a friend

Today I have a story from 2004, involving a friend named Diane. She has since moved to France to advance her career, but we used to be very close. On many occasions, we would buddy dump together by sharing a stall in public, or just at one of our houses. But there was one time I remember more than any other experience.

We were out shopping at the mall together. While we were browsing in a clothing store, I began to feel a slight need to poo, and I was hoping Diane might have to as well so we could do a buddy dump. I didn't say anything as my need wasn't too bad, and I waited for her to tell me she had to go. Later on, in the car ride home, Diane told me she felt a big crap brewing for when we got to my house. I got excited and told her that I also needed to take a dump. Getting home didn't take too long at all and we took what we had bought inside.

Diane brought up who would use the toilet first and I asked her if I could go first as my need was actually quite bad at that moment. She said it was fine and then we headed to the bathroom. I unbuckled my belt and pulled down my jeans and panties and sat on the toilet. I scooted forward so Diane could see each turd as it came out of my anus.

I had been sitting for a few seconds when I felt my anus open up and a soft small turd eased out. I let out another turd about the same size as before. There was another turd after that, a thick one that came out and it was a long one. It did break off after a while, and then I felt like there was only a bit left in me, so I waited for it to come. My anus domed open for a skinny turd which was just a short one and I was done.

I looked at my dump and saw a good sized load then I wiped several times and flushed. I pulled up my jeans and panties as Diane was lowering hers. She sat on the toilet and also scooted forward so that I could watch her go. I saw her anus open and close a few times then she farted loudly. A turd eased out of her and it grew to a medium length before snapping off. Another one followed, darker brown but roughly the same length and thickness. Then a shorter, skinnier turd shot out of her. After that a really long turd emerged from her anus. She stood up and squatted to make it easier for her to pass a large turd. It was fairly short and then there was another large turd even shorter than before.

At that point, she got up to look at her production. I thought she was done, but she asked me how I'd enjoyed round one. I guess I should mention something about Diane. She suffers from pretty bad constipation. She eats a high fiber diet and even takes some fiber supplements to help her go. Usually she can crap two or three times a week, but every once in a while she has an "episode" and gets bunged up anyway. On that day she said she hadn't been in about six days.

She flushed so as not to completely destroy my toilet and sat back down to resume her crap. She started off with another long turd followed by a shorter but still pretty long one. Then a big turd emerged from her anus and it slowly came out. It broke off and she kept pushing out another turd which snapped off. After a bit, there was a skinny but really long turd, even longer than any she'd done before. I didn't even think she could possibly have any more crap in her body, but she did. Her finale was a fat turd she really struggled to push out.

Diane stood up so we could look at round two and it was quite a lot of turds. She wiped just three times and flushed her huge crap down. Each of her sessions was a larger crap that what I had done, so she definitely got a good clean out.

new guy

comments & stuff

To: Ella great story about you peeing in the car and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Wendy & Kirsty great story about your guys outdoor poop and I bet somebody probaly knew what you were doing but didnt care and Wendy great story about you pooping with those other girls in that bathroom when you were younger and as always I look forward to your guys next post thanks.

To: Abbie great story abouut you and your friend Lucy pooping together it sounds like she had a pretty big dump and I bet she felt better after that and I bet you did as well and it sounds like her sister just made it in time without peeing her pants and please share anymore stories about her and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Charles J. I hope your is feeling better at least you were there to help and please share anymore stories you may have thanks.

To: Brandy first welcome to th site and great story I bet you wont eat taco bell anymore and I bet your moms gonna be happy about that and please post anymore great stories thanks.

To: John great story about seeing your sister in law pooping I bet thats a memory that will last forever and please share anymore stories like that thanks.

To: Lucy great pooping story and good luck with holding your poop again and please to post more great stories thanks.

To: Upstate dave as always another great story about seeing one of you female friends going to the bathroom and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Leanne as always another great story about you and your friends going to the bathroom together and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Ciara as always another great story it sounds like you and your friends had a pretty rough time especialy your friend Heather and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

Another quick story from the library this one time I was looking at magazines when I heard the elevator doors open and a couple a woman rushed by me into the ladies room and then I heard her have explosive diarrhea and from the sound of it she just made it and as ive said the walls of the bathroom arent tat thick or very sound proof so anyone out the bathroom can hear whats going on inside.

Well thats all for now

Sincerly new guy

PS. I love this site

Herb T.

Another Annoying Public Restroom Dump (What Are the Odds???)

Hello fellow log droppers... I hope everyone is enjoying 4/20. I used to enjoy this day to the fullest back when I was in college... not so much anymore. Has anyone ever heard of taking a dump "AC Slater style?" It's something I heard of the other day and I thought it was pretty funny. Basically, you sit on the toilet backwards and face the toilet tank, and rest your arms on the tank. I guess on 'Saved by the Bell,' AC Slater would always turn the chair around backwards and sit with his legs straddling the back of the chair. Has anyone ever taken an "AC Slater style" dump? I haven't, and it doesn't seem very comfortable. Call me old fashioned, but I prefer to take dumps in the standard seated position.

Anyway, as per the title of my post, I had another annoying dump in a public restroom today. I just posted about a similar experience a few days ago - with the maid barging into the restroom while I was going poo. What are the odds that it would happen less than a week later. Before I go into detail, a little background information... (also, see my first post on page 1841). I work in a small two story office and the only restrooms are two single-person restrooms downstairs. I have no problem going pee at work, but poo is another story. There are three attractive ladies who sit downstairs, right next to the restrooms who would definitely know if someone is pooing. Plus, the acoustics in the restrooms aren't great and even with the fan running, you can somewhat hear noises from the restrooms. For example, on occasion, I have been walking towards the men's room right after a woman has entered the women's room, and I've heard them taking out a toilet seat cover. Basically, I don't want any of the women at my office to think I take dumps at work. Call me a shameful shitter, or whatever other term you'd like to use, but what can I say. Therefore, when I do have to take a dump during the workday, I usually go on my lunch break in one of about 25 public restrooms near my office. I'm glad I work in a densely populated area, where there are plenty of clean public restrooms I can use. The best public restrooms, in my opinion, are hotel lobbies, and office buildings (multi-tenant buildings with suites). These places are cleaner and use higher quality supplies than retail or other establishments.

OK, so today around 10am or so, I got the urge to go poo. I usually leave for lunch around 11:30am, so holding it for another 1.5 hours was no problem. I was doing some bank covenant calculations - liquidity ratios, debt to TNW, debt service coverage, for all you number crunchers out there. 11:30 rolled around, and I took off - I decided I'd use the Double Tree hotel lobby restroom today. The restrooms there are pretty nice - always clean, high quality toilet paper, speakers that play music and help to drown out any noises emitted during the use of the toilet, etc. They even have mouthwash at the sinks. It's about 3 miles or so from my office, and it takes me about 8-10 minutes to get there. I always park in the back and enter through the back door, which is unlocked during the day time.

When I entered, there is a hallway that leads to the restrooms that passes by two meeting rooms. I think it's one big room that can be split into two. As I passed the rooms, I could see that both were in use, and people were eating at tables in one of the rooms, and it appeared to be some type of business seminar in the other. I prefer it when the Doubletree is not hosting meetings, because it usually equates to more people using the restroom. But oh well - I guess my urge to poo overrode the humiliation of taking a dump in a public restroom. As I approached the men's room, a guy about 30 feet in front of me was also going to the restroom. I hate entering the restroom at the same time as someone else, then going into a stall. I may as well just put a large sign on my head that says "I'm going to take a shit." Oh well again, because I had to take a shit, LOL.

The guy actually held the door for me, and there are double doors that lead into the restroom. Interesting layout of the restroom here - you walk in and there are three sinks directly in front of you. To the right are urinals, on both sides of the wall, and three stalls on the right. There was a guy washing his hands when me and the other gentleman went in. The guy who just went in only had to pee, so he approached the urinals, while I walked over to the stalls. There are three stalls, so I took the middle one. I know from using this particular restroom previously, that the toilet seat in the middle stall is different than the first stall and the handicapped stall - it is more rounded and more comfortable on your buttocks. I wiped down the seat and noticed some poo stains in the toilet bowl. Since someone had probably pooed in there recently, I decided to use a toilet seat cover for precautionary purposes. Who knows whose bare bottom was on the seat previously?? I wished I had a newspaper or magazine, but I didn't. I also forgot my phone in the car (I could have sent a few texts or surfed the net), so I was just forced to sit there and daydream until the logs(s) emerged from my buttocks and dropped into the toilet.

The two previous users left the restroom, so I was finally alone. Not for long though, as one or two people came into pee. I was alone again a few minutes later, and the poo-poo finally dropped into the toilet. I was a little disappointed, because I thought it was going to be a pretty big dump, but it was just one small log. Any of you ever get that - the urge to shit is so strong, but once you finish, it's just one small piece? WTF man? OK - so I waited for another minute after the log dropped to make sure there weren't any residual logs, and THE ANNOYING PART - a knock on the door, with a Hispanic lady's voice saying "Hello," who was obviously the maid/cleaning lady. I just sat there on the toilet without saying anything, but she said "Hello" again, so I also said "Hello." She said "Sorry," and left the restroom. I heard the outer door close and began to wipe. Not more than 30 seconds later, a Hispanic male came in and said "Hello - Housekeeping." I could hear him walking around checking a couple of things and his walkie talkie was going off. He was probably with the maintenance staff. It sounded like he was propping the inner-door, and he said "Hello" again. I heard the Hispanic lady's voice too and they were talking in Spanish. It's been a long time since the old high school Spanish class days, and I didn't know what they were saying, but the lady giggled. ??? So I finished wiping and waited a minute for them to leave. Another guy came in to pee, so I tucked my shirt back in while he was peeing and waited for him to leave. I was finally able to flush, then went to wash my hands. I was afraid that the maintenance man and the cleaning lady would be waiting right outside the restroom, but luckily, they weren't. I went back down the hall and left through the rear of the building, then went to eat lunch at a non-nutritious fast food restaurant.

It makes me wonder if the staff of this hotel is on to me. I go there about once a week or so to take a dump on my lunch break. Maybe I'm just paranoid, but it's got me thinking. I think I'll won't go back there for a month or two, just to be safe. However, there is a lot of traffic going in and out of the hotel and with the meetings, I don't think I draw a lot of attention to myself - I'm always wearing standard-style business slacks and a polo shirt. Does anyone have an opinion here? I don't think this constitutes trespassing, although I'm not an attorney. Are there any laws against taking a dump in a hotel restroom lobby? I think with all the budget crises across the nation, they would not use taxpayer money to prosecute a thing like this. Anyhow, sorry for the long post, but I would really value any input. Thanks!


My Diaper Leaked

I'm 26 and have been wetting the bed pretty consistently for almost four years now. The doctors say it's a stress thing. Well, this morning I woke up and realized I was laying in wet sheets. I hate this feeling. I mean, nothing is more depressing then peeing so much that not even my diaper can accommodate my mess. After noticing that I leaked, I felt a sudden urge to pee. Usually when I wake up and have to go, it's like this and I have very little time to get myself to the bathroom. I typically just go in my diaper again because there's no sense in getting up if I'm gonna lose control anyway. Well this time I had no choice, my diaper was very full and I probably would have destroyed my mattress if I didn't make an attempt at getting to the bathroom. So, I sprung out of bed and dashed to the bathroom down the hall. When I got there, I had some trouble trying to get my diaper off. I was in a real hurry and getting kind of nervous. Well, sure enough, I totally lost it before I could undo my diaper. I only voided about a third of my bladder but it was too much for the diaper and pee was all over the bathroom floor. This is exactly why I wear only a diaper to bed and no pajamas. I can't waste time trying to get them off in addition to having to untape my diaper. I did at least manage to finally get the diaper off and finish in the toilet. I was so worried with all of the commotion I was making that I would have jarred my parents awake from their sleep. I don't think they know about my wetting and I want to keep it that way. I wish this would stop. :( The worst part is I haven't been able to sustain a relationship with a girl because they always think I'm wicked gross for wearing diapers at my age. I wish I could find a sympathetic girl who was mature enough to not care about my bed wetting.

Desperate to poop

desp to poop at the moment

Oh I'm desperate to poop at the moment, I was holding the poop all the way back from the shops as it developed on the way back and I had to rush back as I meeting someone to give me a quote for some work

It's going to be a big one and as I said I've got someone measuring up for some work at the moment so I don't really want to go in just yet. I can feel a bit of a turtle head and I'm having to clench quite badly.

I've got to go out later on as well and on quite a tight schedule so might have to pinch of half a pooh and do the rest later

a Pooh Dilema

Princess Of AJville

Unordinary Pees For Upstate Dave

When I was three or four years old, I decided that there was no need to go all the way to the bathroom when I was in the living room and had to pee, so I would pull down my panties and squat over a register that was located behind a chair and next to the sofa. When the furnace was blowing, it felt especially nice.

Back in the summer of 1989, my right trick-knee became dislocated while I was getting more comfortable when sleeping in the car at a rest part on my way home from vacation. Because my kneecap was out of place for over an hour, recovery time took considerably longer than usual. When I first got home, it took forever to get from Point A to Point B--such as when I woke up with a full bladder and needed to get from the bedroom to the bathroom with the width of the living room between the two rooms, so I would call for my mom (who was caring for me at the time), and she would bring in a plastic garbage bag. I'd straddle over it and let the pee flow copiously!

When Senator Robert Kennedy was assassinated back in 1968 (I was 15 1/2 at the time), my folks and I had already planned to take a trip along the East Coast (everything from New England to Washington D.C. to a little farther south to spots in Virginia such as Williamsburg and Virginia Beach), so we decided that the first place we would go would be to pay our respects by being part of the crowd lining the road in Arlington National Cemetery where the funeral procession to lay him to rest would be passing by. As it turned out, it took longer for the Kennedy Family to get back to Washington, D.C. than anticipated, so we were actually waiting for several hours. After awhile, I had to pee and wondered where the nearest restroom was. We had been visiting with several nice nuns, and they said that there was a construction site nearby that probably had portable toilets for their crew, so my mom and I headed that way. I went to the nearest potty, and it smelled so awful that I had to hold my breath the whole time that I was peeing. My mom made the remark that our nun friends were lucky, as they were wearing those traditional long habits and could probably take pees while standing in place and nobody would be the wiser!

When I was three or four years older, we were visiting relatives in Kentucky, and several of us went out on The Barren River in a small motorboat. I eventually had to pee, and there was a coffee can in the boat, so I peed into it, and, then, one of the grown-ups put it into the river to sail along. We were leaving in the next day or so, so somebody made the remark that, by the time we crossed over the Ohio River back into Indiana, my can of pee would be floating along, so my folks and I should all look for it as we crossed over the K.I. Bridge. We did, and my mom said that she saw it floating by. I didn't see it for myself, but I believed her--at the time!

Hi everyone my name is Regan and I am 17 years old. I have been reading this site for a few years now, but never had anything interesting to post. That is, until yesterday. Yesterday was the orientation at the college I plan to attend. My mom and I went along with a bunch of kids from my high school and other high schools throughout the country. We had to sit through an informational lecture first and then we were to go on a tour. Normally, there is a break between the lecture and the tour, but our speaker ran over and we were behind schedule. That only allowed for a five minute break in between. I had to use the bathroom, but I knew I would be longer than five minutes and did not want to be left behind. I had to poop as well as pee. I figured I could hold it until the tour was over. So we split into groups and off we went. There were probably 20 kids and their parents in my group. I knew about half of them from my school, but not well. We started walking and my need to use the bathroom increased. Every time we stopped to look at something I would squeeze my legs and butt cheeks together. I live in Arizona and it is hot outside, so I was drinking a lot of water too, which was a mistake. Halfway through the tour, a squirt of pee shot out into my panties. I was able to stop it, but knew I couldn't make it much longer. I raised mt hand and asked the tour guide where the restrooms were. He said that they were not near the part of the building we were at and I would have to wait until the tour ended so I did not get lost. We continued on and I was really desperate. I was lagging behind the group and had to stop every few minutes to cross my legs and clench my cheeks. My mom told me to stop being a baby and that this was college. She told me to hold it and come on. We neared the end of the tour and I could see the building we started in. I felt so relieved. All of a sudden, my hole opened and poop started pushing its way out. I could not stop it. I was mortified. I just stood there while mushy poop made its way into my panties. Im sure I had a huge bulge in the pack of my denim shirts. At least it isn't pee, I thought. Maybe no one will notice. As soon as I thought that though, my bladder spasamed and pee started coming out. It ran down my legs and puddled and the concrete below. I couldn't stop it and more poop made its way out. This was liquid and also pooled out the legs of my shorts. I was so embarrassed. Here I was at college, restrooms in sight, and I had completely messed my pants. My mom started yelling at me and the tour guide just looked at me in shock. Some of the kids laughed and some looked really sorry for me. I just stood there, red faced when a girl stepped forward. She was in my class and I knew her name was Larson, but I did not know her well. "Stop laughing," she told the group." It happens to everyone. See?" I stood there wide eyed while Larson spread her legs apart and a huge wet patch appeared on her jeans. "I have had to pee since this morning" she announced. The tour guide cleared his throat and told us all we better continue on the tour. I asked Larson why she did that. She told me everyone had accidents and it was not fair I was being laughed at and yelled at by my mother. She said she also really had to pee and enjoyed peeing her pants. She told me all sorts of other stories about peeing her self. Some were accidents, some were not. Since my mom was so mad at me, Larson gave me a ride home. I went in the house and cleaned up. Poop was stuck to me and my panties were ruined. I no longer felt embarrassed. In fact, I was happy it happened because now I have a new friend.


A survey

If anyone's interested, I've made a survey! It's for anyone to take of course, though hopefully there will be some female responses


1) How often in a day do you pee?

2) What color / shade is it?


3) How often do you fart?

4) What type of farts do you do? Do you have a preference?

5) Are you shy about farting?

6) Do you fart on the toilet?


7) How often do you poop?

8) How long does it usually take you?

9) What types of poop do you do? (chunks, logs, pebbles...)

10) Does a lot come out?

11) What texture are your loads? (soft, liquid, mushy, fir, rock solid..)

12) When you poop do you require effort?

looking forward to seeing replies.

That's all for now,


Thursday, April 21, 2011

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