Upstate Dave: I've gone in several places. I've gone in my car once just for convenience sake! I've also peed in a bottle a few times during finals while studying. It's a lot easier than to leave my room in search for a cold bathroom stall! My roomates have never cared much for my bathroom habits lol. I've also peed in a fitting room, it wasn't on purpose but I knew I didn't have a chance. I actually took a quiet shit as well, but that's a different story. The strangest I've peed, however, was the car cubbie, or whatever you call it. The little thing that keeps your car information in front of the passenger seat Anyways, I was with a guy friend and we were stuck in traffic. I had to release a load and pee a bit and after telling him he opened it and dropped everything out. I was a bit skeptical but he didnt want his seat ruined.


Naughty public poo

I've always wanted to be able to poo in public without anyone knowing what I was doing & Kirsty came up with the perfect solution with that wall. I held my poo all day untill it was dark & so did Kirsty. We were busting to go & we walked for about a mile before we found good spot by some shops. There were lots of people using the shops but no one really noticed the wall around the car park as there were some small bushes around the wall. We'd come out without any underwear on to save time & lifted our skirts up before sitting on the wall with our bums hanging over the edge. We peed at first & then Kirsty farted & started to drop several turds onto the earth behind her. I started to push but then some boys came walking past us. I was sure they would see what was going on but they just carried on thier way. I pushed again & large turd dropped onto the dirt. Then a couple of girls walked past & one of them looked directly at us. I was mortified but she carried on walking as my second turd fell to the ground. Then a bus pulled up right next to us but no one noticed I was taking a huge dump as they could only see us from the front & had no idea what was going on behind us. It felt so hot to be able to have a son in public with on one knowing. When we were done we stood up & walked home feeling very naughty.


Spring Break (Part 5)

To: Luna Lovegood no, I've never heard of them, but you're right. That IS a strange coincidence.

So, nothing really interesting happened while we were at Disney's Animal Kingdom, but I would like to share something that happened when we went to Disney's Typhoon Lagoon:
Yesterday, the guys, Heather, and I went to Disney's Typhoon Lagoon to ride some rides and relax in the pool. As we were getting ready to slide down the Humunga Kowabunga, I noticed that Bill looked slightly uncomfortable. Since there were three slides next to one another, Georg, Gustav, and Heather went first and they disappeared from our sights within seconds. Then, Bill, Tom, and I went down the 5-story slides. As we were walking to the pool, Bill suddenly started walking faster toward the restroom while holding his bum with both hands. We asked him what was wrong, but Bill didn't respond and kept walking. When we were almost near the restroom, Bill suddenly exclaimed, "Oh, no, not here!"
Dark brown diarrhea suddenly started running down Bill's legs. Tom and I quickly ran over to the now sobbing Bill and surrounded him so that no one else could see his accident. We told the others to go to the pool without us while we took Bill back to the hotel to get him cleaned up.
Once we got back to the hotel room, Bill carefully took off his soiled swimming trunks and sat on the toilet to let out more diarrhea, still crying. Bill sobbed, "Why does this always happen to me?"
Tom went into the restroom to comfort his twin while I grabbed an extra pair of swimming trunks for Bill. When I returned to the restroom, Tom was kneeling in front of his twin, hugging him and whispering soothing words in his ear. I gave Bill the clean swimming trunks and took the soiled ones to a laundry facility while Bill hopped in the shower. When I got back to the room, Bill came out of the restroom a few minutes later, looking relieved and slightly ashamed. He said quietly, "I'm sorry. I must have ate something today that didn't agree with my stomach."
We told him not to worry about it, and Bill took some Pepto-Bismol before we headed back to the pool where the others were waiting for us. Now, if you all would excuse me, I have to finish taking this huge shit. The guys, Heather, and I are going to Disneyworld's Hollywood Studios today.

To be continued...


For soccer Mom

I posted this once before,and I'll do it again.One sunday in 87 a few hours after church,It started to storm.My mom likes to go to town when it storms.So I was 7 and my brother was 4 at the time.We was going through town and the radio in the car was playing.We smelled something like poop.We thought it was my brother.On that song the music was going beeewww bewww,We thought it was him farting.When we got back home,it turns out he didn't do nothing,just gas mabey.
A year later I mentioned that to my mom about the song going beeeww beww.She said it might been him grunting.


Shower time

Today on my way home from class I started feeling a little something knocking at the back door. Being only 30 min from home I thought why not hold it and just do it before work. Bout 15min in I had to also pee but figured why stop when I'm on the highway. When I got home, I ran to the bathroom holding it all in. As the door shut I started to feel a warmth on my stomach that started to run down my balls then my legs. I was able to stop the pee and get the shower turned on, seeing as I now needed one. I completely forgot that I had to dump too I just needed to shower and get changed for work. I got in the shower and finished peeing. I decided that since I hadn't showered before class that I would just wash everything. As the warm water hit me, I could feel the urge to poop come back. I figured I could hold it till after I was done but wouldn't you know it, that the moment I started washing my hair my bowels said that it was time to empty. Being trapped in the shower by shampoo meant I was to either run blind to the toilet or let it all out in the shower..Not wanting to hurt myself running I let it all out well I washed out the soap. When all was done I had to clean up 3 logs in a pile each about 6 inches long 2 inches around and getting softer towards the top of the pile. What was worse was that a few smaller logs fell onto the drain. Those I just pushed down the drain. I finished showering, using soapy hands to wipe. I cleaned out the shower, got dressed and then left for work feeling lighter.

To Upstate Dave: I know this girl who used to pee in one of those old metal milk jugs. She went in it so many times that when she finally was caught it was 2/3 full.

Since I don't see the story about Natalie I'll re-post it later


Holding poo

Hi everyone, as promised the next part to my story about what happened after the revision course that Lucy and I went on last week.
Leanne- great story about your ski trip, it sounded like a miracle that you and Lauren didn't poo your knickers. It was good of you to let her go first, not sure I would have been that generous!
As I said in my last post, Lucy ended up holding in her poo for the whole course, at the time I didn't really notice, it was only after we'd got back bome that I found out. I had gone back to Lucy's house with her so we could spend the rest of the afternoon together, her parents were at work and her sister was out so we had the house to ourselves. I had noticed on the way home that Lucy was looking a bit uncomfortable and guessed she wanted a poo, more or less as soon as we got to her house she said "I'm bursting for a poo, I haven't been for about five days, so it'll probably take me ages." We went upstairs to her room and dumped our bags. "You can come in with me if you want so we can keep on chatting, it'll help to take my mind off it" she said, so I followed her into the bathroom and sat cross-leged on the floor. Lucy walked over to the toilet, unzipped her blue denim skirt and pulled it down to her ankles together with her orange flowery knickers. She sat on the toilet and started to wee, it went on for a while before slowing to a trickle and then stopping. She then farted loudly a few times as we chatted about the course and our roommates Amy and Lauren, we'd taken their contact details so hoepfully we'd be able to keep in touch with them and meet up as we all got on really well. Lucy was clearly struggling to push her poo out, she was going red and finding it difficult to keep talking normally as she was having to strain quite hard.
"Sorry about this Abbie" she panted, "Its just I haven't been for a poo for about five days, I wanted to go on the course but I really couldn't face using that bathroom so I held it and now I'm constipated."
"Don't worry" I said, "I know how you feel, I got constipated the last week of school before the holidays, and its not much better now." Lucy continued to push and started to grunt, I was still talking but she could now only nod or shake her head and come out with a few words here and there. As I was sitting there on the bathroom floor I realised I would need to have a poo before long, I had a heavy feeling in my belly and could feel a turd waiting to come out. Suddenly Lucy gave a big sigh and said "This is really frustrating, for ages I could only push the tip out and then it got sucked back up my bum, but now I've pushed more of it out its got really thick and I can't get it to move at all."
"Try holding your bum cheeks apart" I suggested, "Thats what I usually do when it gets stuck like that."
Lucy reached round and pulled her bum cheeks apart, pushing her knees together and pushing as hard as she could.
"Is it working?" I asked and she nodded, by now she was bright red in the face and looking really hot and bothered. Suddenly there was a huge splash as her turd dropped and a moan of releaf from Lucy. She then pushed a few more logs out but they were a lot easier to pass. After she was done she took some toilet paper and wiped her bum, before pulling up her knickers and skirt and flushing. We went back to Lucy's room and watched some telly, after about an hour my need was getting stronger so I said "I need a poo now, you might as well come as I doubt it'll be much easier than yours so I'll probably be a while." This time it was Lucy's turn to sit on the floor as I lifted my dress, pulled down my pink knickers and sat. I had a wee and farted a few times, and then started to push out my poo, as I thought I was also finding it hard. "I've got the same problem as you just had" I panted, "I can push out the tip but it goes back in when I stop straining." I pushed for as long and hard as I could manage and finally managed to push a few inches of the first turd out of my bum, not before making some really loud grunts and no doubt going red in the face. Just as Lucy had done, I then had to reach round and pull my bumcheeks apart and then eventually I got the turd to drop. I finished with a couple more pieces which came out a lot easier, then wiped my bum. I quickly pulled up my knickers and let down my dress before flushing and washing my hands. As we came out of the bathroom Lucy's sister Laura came in through the front door holding herself, she dashed up the stairs without even noticing us, by now walking in to Lucy's room. I caught a glimpse of her pulling her shorts and knickers down with one hand and closing the bathroom door with the other before hearing a strong jet of wee fizzing down into the bowl and a sigh of releaf, she had obviously been absolutely bursting! I went home shortly afterwards feeling a lot happier after emptying my bowels.
Will try to post again soon, bye for now.

Alice T.

to Rachel

I loved your story, Rachel! Please do post what happened the next time - I'm looking forward to it. :)


Hi again! Further to the story of my wife's sister as I was laying in the bath wondering what her posh bridge club friends would make of her lavatorial exploits or was this just a one-off! Anyways when I got back downstairs my wife had come back from shopping and we all chatted for an hour or so then I said I had to go to work. Wife's sis said its on her way back so she'd take me, that was fine by me. When we got in the car I decided to be inquisitive as to her bm not expecting her to be candid in anyway. I said "are you ok? I was a bit concerned the way you rushed to the loo". She told me that she'd been out for a meal the prevlous night and tried going in the morning and couldnt. So I said so you'd thought you'd release your WMDs on our poor unsuspecting toilet and she laughed saying she was embarrased by the smell. I said dont worry it shows you're just like the rest of us. Ever since we've both been relaxed with each others company and my wife's even commented on how her big sis has now lightened up. Wonder whats happened to Susan, Steph, Alex et al? Be good to hear from them again! Bye for now.

Herb T.

Tax Day

Hello fellow dumpers - happy tax day... I hope most of you are getting refunds and not owing, like me. I'd like to go to the local IRS office and take a dump in their restroom - if they had tank-style toilets, I'd definitely do an "upper decker." Speaking of upper deckers, there is a hilarious scene on one of the Ultimate Fighter episodes where a guy on one team takes an upper decker in the toilet of the other team. Well, the team finds out about it, and a fight nearly breaks out between both teams. Like all reality shows, though, it makes me wonder if some of that shit (no pun intended) is scripted.

Amylee - I enjoyed reading your post about your performance review. I hope you got a nice raise. Since you all had to go to the restroom at the same time, you should have suggested that the performance review be continued in the restroom. It would be funny to picture Leigh and Ann discussing your strengths and weaknesses in between farts and plops. Then you could drop some turds and comment on how you enjoy working for your organization. Just kidding, but was it awkward to go back to the review right after all three of you dropped the kids off at the pool?

My wife was taking a dump today as I was leaving for work, and our dog jumped off the bed and was sitting right next to the toilet. There is a door that separates the toilet from the rest of the bathroom area, but we have a magazine rack in front of the door, so we normally just poo with the door open. She was sitting there reading her Lucky magazine (although you can't really read Lucky because it's just a bunch of pictures, but oh well) and it stunk really bad. She always courtesy flushes immediately, but it still stunk bad. I suppose our dog didn't mind (Yorkshire terrier), but I sure did. She wanted me to give her a kiss as I was leaving, but I just couldn't - it stunk too bad. Adios for now amigos.


First time in a doorless stall

I vividly remember the first time I ever took a dump in a stall with no door. When I was a kid I had bad IBS. It's better now, but until I was well into my teens, I pretty much perpetually had diarrhea. This sucked in elementary school, but at least the boys rooms had stalls. However, my very first day of Junior High, I had to rush to the boys room right after my first class to take a shit.

I ran in and was dismayed to see that the stalls had no doors and there were at least a half dozen other boys in there. There were three stalls, two of which were occupied by guys peeing. I knew I couldn't hold it so I just went into the free stall, pushed my pants and underwear down just far enough and sat down. My bowels erupted like a fire hose accompanied by a huge fart. This was, of course, reacted to with chuckles from the other guys. As I shat my guts out, I stared at the sink just outside the stall. A guy came over to it and washed his hands. He couldn't resist a quick glimpse at me, but that was it. At that point I figured there was some unwritten code that is simply was not cool to invade a guy's privacy while he was on the toilet. Having a laugh at all the farting and plopping apparently was okay.

So, I finish shitting finally and that's when I discovered the toilet paper dispenser was empty. Despite my extreme embarrassment, I finally said, "Can someone check if there's any toilet paper in the other stalls?" I heard a guy say, "Just a sec." He checked both stalls. "No, man, they're all empty." I heard another guy say, "That sucks."

So, after braving my first wet crap in a doorless stall, I got to spend my next class with a shit smeared ass. I ran into a different bathroom after that class and was finally able to wipe my ass.

After that, shitting at school get easier and easier. Good thing, too, because in high school, the toilets had no stalls at all! Just a partition separating them from the rest of the room.


Desperate at the supermarket

I was out shopping this morning when I felt a sharp pain in my bowels. I knew it was an early warning sign that I was about to need the toilet. I carried on with my shopping while my bowels did somersaults. By the time I'd done my shopping I was getting desperate & while I packed my car I felt some wind. I daren't let it out in case I followed through & had to clench hard to keep hold it in. Once the car was loaded I went straight back to the store to use the customer toilets. By the time I got there I was about to lose control & just my luck there was a que! I was really really desperate & was running out of options. I walked out & tried the disabled toilet but that was too was occupied. I only had to wait a couple of minutes but it seamed forever. When the woman came out I rushed inside holding my bum. The second I got my jeans & knickers down I sat on the toilet & relaxed. My bowels erupted into the toilet for about 20 seconds & when it stopped I still had some more to come out so I gave a little push & got the rest out in about 10 seconds. It was a huge relief & after a lot of wiping I flushed the toilet & washed my hands before exiting the toilet feeling so much better.

Oh I finally got relief for my pooh. builder took half hour measuring up as soon as he went I dashed in and pinched a loaf off. I had to hurry to meat my friend so couldn't stay on long and despite the relief of getting the turtle head out I still felt the need for more.

I had to pinch it off and hurry out to meet my friend though. We had a lovely meal but I had to excuse myself between the main and the desert as I was bursting for another pooh. It was a small restaurant and I had wait a couple of minutes to get into a toilet. Oh the relief. The lady next to me was weeing and I was on my own for a few minutes after that until a lady came in with stilleto's on and starting her own poop.

I stayed in there for five minutes but I still feel there's more may have to go soon for round 3

Just a Guy

A lot of good stories lately.

Eileen - Welcome. In my opinion, your post definitely stacked up. There have been several interesting post by teachers on this site, but I only recall one regular poster - Laura (Teacher) and she's no longer posting, so I hope you share some more experiences. In my job, I can usually go whenever I need to, unless I'm in a meeting, but obviously, it doesn't happen that often that I get the urge to go during one.

Leanne & Emma - I'm glad you're able to post while on break. Both of you ladies tell some very good stories. Its too bad you can't post more frequently.

Amylee - Another great story. I felt sorry for Ann though, as the only time I really get embarassed is if I make a stink and someone knows that it was me (oh well, it happens to all of us). I wonder if she tried to hurry out since the three of you were having a meeting and thought she could sit through the rest of it, or if she really felt done & just had to make a return visit (I hate those). Well, I'm glad she excused herself from the rest of the meeting, so she could take her time relieving herself and not rush back.

Wife's "viral infection"

I'm 44 my wife is 41 and we have been married over 20 years and until today she has never either peed or pooped her pants but today she did both.
For the last 4 days she has had diahrea(sic)and everything she ate was just running out of her.So today her Doctor sent her to the hospital for blood,urine and some other testing to find out what it might be.The Doctor thought it might be a viral infection but she still ordered my wife to have the tests.
Once we were done at the hospital and driving the 20 minutes back home my wife got another cramp and as hard as she tried to hold it she loudly farted once and let loose peeing and a bad case of runny poop in the sweat pants she was wearing not once but twice.
Then as we pulled onto our street and just 4 houses away again she let loose with more gurgling and then another squishy load in her pants.
I helped her out of the car an into the house where I followed her waddling into the bathroom,she stepped into the showeran I helped her remove all her clothes including a very messy pair what were once light blue panty briefs.She finished showering as I just gathered up an threw out all her shit covered clothes.I would love to tell her how excited I was by what she had done but the way she still feels I'll just keep it to myself.

Charles J.


one for the mailman

To: new guy. Glad you liked my post. After all was done, Mandi and I joked about quite a bit. The cleanup wasn't too bad at all!

To: Eileen: You mentioned Catholic schools. I was around when the teachers were nuns. They had their "habits" on, which for you non- catholics is NUN WEAR so I
think they just went any time they had to (some of them stunk pretty badly in the name of Jesus) but heaven forbid any of us 9 year old children could use the toilets
unless it was recess time. My Grandmother was alive and taking care of us after school. She was appalled by the condition of my clothes when I got home. The back of my
dresses would be filthy because they made us sit on the floor, and my panties would be horribly stained from having been turtleheaded against for hours. Any child who
lost control and totally soiled herself (or himself) would be beaten with a stick and stuck in a closet until their parents came to pick them up. Usually after school.
The sticks they used were technically rulers. These were totally differently than anything issued to students. They were never in my recollection used to measure or
even underline anything. Some sadistic manufacturer had figured a way to sell a beating stick for kids by simply adding ruler lines to it.
Some strictness is left in the Catholic school systems. That's what you're experiencing. It seems to be limited to the staff. I have 2 acquaintances that were Catholic
school teachers. One was actually a nun. It's a largely Catholic community that I live in. I was told that corporal punishment in the Catholic schools was disallowed
sometime in the 70's, coinciding with the policy of the priests not being allowed to bugger little boys anymore.

To: Leslie -Leanne,
I am almost your age. I have experienced what you described, having had normal BMs for much of my youth then turning middle age and having chronic diarrhea. There is
almost always a cause. It took me 5 years to fix my deal, and it was both difficult and frustrating. You should try abstaining from dairy first, then if that doesn't work try going without gluten for a while-at least 6 weeks for much relief to show if that's your problem. If neither works you need to see a doctor.
Most importantly, you need to feel more comfortable with your own body. We don't have much control over our genetic stuff we're born with. You say you're 6 feet tall.
I am jealous. Being short sucks. As far as your shape goes, you can work out if it makes you feel more confidant, but over the years I have become convinced that no
matter what your body looks like, there's a guy out there for you, or a gal if you prefer. I had two female friends in the last year who became single, and not to be
judgmental but both looked like toads. It didn't take long for either of them to find new boyfriends, and both are still with the men they found.


A good ole fashioned POO

High my name is brandy I am 24 yrs old, I have short brown hair, Green eyes, and am a medium build. I have a story from a few weeks back that I have been meaning to share.

So it was about 2:15 in the morning and I had just gotten done hanging out with the ladies having a few drinks. I was driving home and felt the sudden urge to empty my bowels, the drive home was agony as I struggled to hold the poop in. When i got home i noticed my mom was heading to the bathroom, I yelled to get her attention, "Mom could I please go before you I don't feel to well?" She Said "ok, but hurry" she was in desperate need for a poo as well. When i got to the bathroom I pulled my pants down to just above my knees, I have a big butt so it always hangs off the side of the bowl. Anyway as I sat down no more than 10 seconds passed and the pee began to flow, by this time my stomach was making noises i was sure mom could hear outside the room. After the pee there was a 25 second silence which was followed by the biggest wettest sounding fart which echoed the bathroom, I chuckled as the diaherra began to flow out from my anus. The pooing lasted for five minutes after which i let out one last fart, sprayed some air freshener wiped and exited the bathroom. Mom was in the hallway when I exited the bathroom asking if i felt okay after clearly hearing all that went on. i said "yeah and sorry about the smell" my mo chuckled and proceeded into the bathroom for her poo. A few minutes later i received a text from mom direct from the pot saying how unbearable the smell was. Guess next time I wont eat taco bell before drinking.

This one relates to my wife's sister. About 5 years ago I was working a lateshift. I'd got up at about mid-day and went for a wee and filled the bath, as the bath was filling came downstairs a nd had a mug of tea with my wife. We finished our tea and she went shopping I went back upstairs and turned the hot tap off. Went back downstairs and fixed myself some scrambled eggs. There was a ring at the door and it was my wife's sister I said my wife was shopping and would be about an hour, she said fine and would wait. We went to the kitchen made her a coffee and sandwich and just general chit chat whiled away the time. Now the wife's sister is a very attractive women in her mid 50s and quite refined, local tennis, bridge and golf club scene! I was about to excuse myself to take my bath when she suddenly blushed and said must go to the loo! Now a few days earlier i'd removed part of the kitchen ceiling to rearrange some central heating pipes and this was just under where the toilet pan was so you could see the underside of the bathroom floorboards. Anyway I could hear her pull down her charcoal grey slacks and her panties (btw she always wears Sloggies as does my wife) and heared her sit down. Almost a once there was a thunderous fart followed by a tremendous bowel movent of 5 seconds duration immediately followed by a gushing wee. I heard her sigh "oh no" to herself then it went momentarily quiet then another series of farts plops and splashes. After 5 mins or so I could hear copious amounts of TP being pulled. She flushed washed her hands and returned downstairs. Said now had to take my bath now and she looked a little sheepish, well the sulphourous smell on entering the bathroom! In a funny way arousing then lifting the lid and touching the still warm seat wow but, the icing on the cake, lol, were two small ragged looking turds floating there and a sheet of TP with her skidmarks and skidmarks in the bowl. Didnt flush til I finished my bath, wanted to "savour" every moment. Bye for now.

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