Held it as long as I could

I didn't have to work today, so I just stayed home to enjoy my day off. Shortly after eating lunch I felt an urge to take a dump. Normally, I'd go when I first feel the need or shorty thereafter, but today I decided to just hold it until I couldn't anymore. Just like Wendy and Kirsty post about here, I too love the feeling I get when I'm totally bursting to pee or poo and then the relief of going.

I didn't even really have to hold it for a while, just ignore the small signs my body was sending me. I made it about an hour before I really was squirming and it was getting hard to hold it anymore. But I didn't want to give in and go just yet. I clenched my buttcheeks shut and held on for a while longer. I took off my jeans to relieve a little pressure and that helped. But I had to go so bad and yet I was feeling so amazing right then. I think it had been close to 90 more minutes when I felt I might lose it any minute.

I took off my panties and went to the bathroom and sat on the toilet. I continued to clench and hold my turds inside, but I wanted to be on the toilet when it got to be too much. Five minutes later and my anus opened and a turd was almost poking out. I managed to clench and hold it for a little longer. A very short time later my anus opened again and once more I fought it and still held on. The third time was the charm for the turd, as I just couldn't hold it anymore after that.

My feeling of desperation turned to pure relief in that moment, as the turd wormed out of my anus. It came fairly quickly and grew to what felt like a foot long before it broke off. Another turd followed with little delay, a little slower than the first one, and it came out eight or nine inches. Finally, a third turd slowly came out but broke off at only four inches. Once I was done, I wiped thoroughly and flushed my dump down.

I think I'll try it again next week on my day off, and I hope I can make it three hours. What about all of you? What's the longest you've ever held back a dump for?

Upstate Dave

Concealed Peeing

Kirsty here is a short post that when I was younger a girl that could conceal that she could pee almost anywhere when she was outside even when other people were around. Barbie most of the time would be wearing a dress or skirt. It was rare for her to wear jeans.

Now too Barbie would not have panties on which was the other part of being able to pee concealed when she would take a pee without being seen. Now when a girl is wearing a skirt or dress when you sit down you do have the dress or skirt under you. If Barbie sat and was going to pee she had her skirt or dress around her but not under her. Thus she could pee.

If she was siting on the ground she had her dress or skirt the same way and could go. Other times she would kneel on the ground with her legs apart and pee that way! Barbie to also conceal that she was peeing would pee slowly so that there was no sound of a hiss to give her away along with no splash either. Since she and I were so close there were many times Barbie woud do a concelaed pee and after tell me she had done it.

My wife and I a number of years back in the early 1980s took a second honeymoon trip which took us up into Canada as part of our second honeymoon. As far as part of the trip we either camped in a tent or stayed in hotels. We camped when we were going to visit different places in Quebec.

We stayed in a big park north of Quebec. It was early June at the time so the weather was warm durring the day and the nights cool but not cold. We were to stay for three nights and visit in Quebec for four days. We got a very nice campsite on a small island in a large creek which there was a foot bridge over the creek out to the island to the campsite.

We had arrived just befor noon so we ate right after geting the tent setup and everything else done. We didn't plan to go down to Quebec today. We would go tomorrow. So we did drive up to the lake which were the beach was and the creek was from the lake that we wre camped by.

After spending the afternoon at the beach we drove back down to our campsite. Made up a great supper and relaxed till it became dark. Now we turned in with both of us peeing befor turning in. Inside the tent we both got undressed and got into the sleepingbags. Soon we both were sound asleep. We both slept soundly all through the night.

Even though we both had peed befor turning in my wife had drank quite a lot befor turning in too. Now durring the night it had warmed up instead of being a cool night. So I woke up early a little bit past sunrise my wife had the sleepingbag open and was laying there naked but still asleep.

Now she was dreaming for she was moaning with her hands traveling over her body. Then suddenly her hands stoped moving and as I looked at her now out from her vagina came a hard stream of piss which arced right through the air going right out the screening of the tents door! Going well past the front of the tent and came down in a big patch of dirt near the picnic table!

The distance that her piss stream had went from inside the tent to where it came down had to be over six feet! There was no hissing with her hard piss. At least not at first. There was only the splashing of her piss landing on the dirt outside the tent. I sat there looking at her vagina and then outside the tent watching her piss stream in almost its entire legth it was going.

This piss had to last between 30 to 45 seconds. It did hiss in its last ten seconds or so. What was sort of odd was her stream stopped cleanly too. Then after she had stopped my wife closed her legs back yp turned over on her side covering back up with the sleepingbag and had not woken up doing all this sleeping! I would wake her up later and tell her what she had done while we ate breakfast. She just sat there laughing but she did believe she had done it. Upstate Dave

Hi again! Further to the story of my wife's sister as I was laying in the bath wondering what her posh bridge club friends would make of her lavatorial exploits or was this just a one-off! Anyways when I got back downstairs my wife had come back from shopping and we all chatted for an hour or so then I said I had to go to work. Wife's sis said its on her way back so she'd take me, that was fine by me. When we got in the car I decided to be inquisitive as to her bm not expecting her to be candid in anyway. I said "are you ok? I was a bit concerned the way you rushed to the loo". She told me that she'd been out for a meal the prevlous night and tried going in the morning and couldnt. So I said so you'd thought you'd release your WMDs on our poor unsuspecting toilet and she laughed saying she was embarrased by the smell. I said dont worry it shows you're just like the rest of us. Ever since we've both been relaxed with each others company and my wife's even commented on how her big sis has now lightened up. Wonder whats happened to Susan, Steph, Alex et al? Be good to hear from them again! Bye for now.

Luna Lovegood

I seem to have a lot of diarreah around my period, so my doctor has but me on the pill to try and control this, but I was wondering if there was anything you knew that would reduce the risk of diarreah?

(To Ciara: I love your stories, but have you heard of a band called 'Tokio hotel' - EXACTLY the same names as your friends (Bill and Tom (and Bill's girlfriend Heather) the twins, Gustav and Georg)! Strange!)

Last week I recounted the story of seeing my mother take a poo for the first time. As I was growing up I became more aware of her lavatorial habits. It was always "I must spend a penny" if she needed a wee or "duty calls" for a poo! Duty calls was always my cue to go and listen outside the toilet door and become aroused. I always heard the rustle of the skirt and underware as she made the necessary arrangements to perform which was fairly consistant. Upon sitting down she would always do a delicate ahem or two then after 10 to 15 seconds start to pee. Always a minute or so silence then another small pee then plop! There would then be a series of plops each one accompanied by a quiet mmm. Then there would be silence for a couple of minutes and she'd quietly say to herself "ooh I think there's more" then the hiss of another pee and a sequence of up to a dozen little plops. TP time and my cue to make a quick, quiet exit. When she reappears she says, and still does to this day "Ahh the relief of Mafeking". Bye for now.


Shy pooper

When I I was 14, I went on a field trip with my class to study the local countryside. We were told to use the toilet before we left school as there would not be any toilets where we were going. I needed to poo quite badly as I hadn't been for three days but only peed as I was too shy to poo with all the other girls around me. I'd We all got on the coach to take up to some woodland country park that was a few miles away from the school & fourty minutes later we arrived in the car park. We all got off the coach & started exploring the woods around us. After about three hours a few girls complained they needed to pee so the teacher let then pee behind the trees. I needed to pee as well so I joined them only I needed to poo really badly as well. I couldn't do that here so I just peed & tried to my poo in. The trouble was I was squatting & my anus was being forced open & I felt a hard knobly turd emerging. I tried to clench against it but my bowels had other ideas & it continued to advance. It was a big one & I had to push hard to get it to come out. All the other girly had finished peeing leaving me still pooing. Everyone knew what I was doing & it was so embarrassing. However I had to empty my bowels & I decided to finish it, so I continued to push untill a huge turd dropped with a thud. There was more to come so I pushed again. Not as hard as before as it was softer & almost came out on its own. It coiled up around the first load & piled up on top of it. By the time I was done I had a huge pile under me & it was a huge relief. Everyone knew I'd done a really big poo by now but I seam to have lost my poo shyness after that.

Rag Muffin Reanna

Thoughts for Frantic Francine & Caryl Marie

Me and Tank, my debate partner, have been really busy with school and working to qualify for a national debate tournament this summer. When we're working very late at night at school, in my room or at Tank's house, we sometimes take breaks and get caught up with the last few posts here.

Yesterday, Tank came across Frantic Francine's post on Page 2012 where her friend Caryl Marie asks her rhetorically (I'm assuming) three questions: a) would I be happier if I had a penis and could use a urinal?; b) would it be easier?; c) would it be cleaner?

First, I'll go:

a) Sure, the urinal would be faster than the large lines in many of the girls' bathrooms, especially the ones at my school. And it may be just my luck, but it seems that I spend a lot of time waiting for the crappers to get off the stools and out of the stalls. However, I like the privacy of the stall. Not all of the stalls have doors, but at least there are the partitions.
b) I don't think so. I think I would be freaked out by others watching me. A couple of times at school I've gone in with Tank and I've noticed that the urinals have nothing that separate them from one another. And there was at least 20 or 25 of them right close to another. I need my space.
c) Cleaner? Touching your organ? Then the flusher? Would there be a splash-back? Tank says that happens sometimes when the auto-flush goes off and he hasn't tucked his organ back in.

Note: Tank, because of his large physical size and previously being a victim of bullying, when he's at school, will often go into a stall and pee.

new guy

comments & stuff

To: Wendy & Kirsty, Kirsty your idea sounds like the perfect way for woman or girl to go to the bathroom without anyone noticing except maybe the sounds but that cant be helped sometimes and its also easy if you are very desperate and great story about your accident in school and I would have to agree but also disagree with that idea because there would be the people who abuse it just to get out of class but thats the risk because its better for a student who is beyond desperate to go instead of waiting for the bathroom pass to come back or the teacher to write one so in short in would all depend on trust and also great story about the accident you had while riding your bike and Wendy great story about you pooping behind that van and also having an accident in front of Kirsty when you were younger and also that girl have an accident but then alowing her to go into the staff bathroom to get cleaned up and sorry about such a long response but you guys had lots of great stories which is a good thing and as always I look forward to your guys next post thanks.

To: Paul From Germany sorry to hear you broke up with Claudia but it sounds like you found someone who likes outdoor pooping and maybe overtime will be open about her other pooping habits and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Emma great pooping story and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Whistlr great story about hearing that woman talking a her poop and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Braidy great story that bathroom sounds pretty interesting especialy for people who like all the atetion but not so good for the ones that are shy and/or want there privacy but if your desperate any bathroom will do and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Kelly great story it sounds you were lucky it wasnt diarrhea or very soft because you wouldnt have been able to hold it and probaly would have to get up to use the bathroom or have an accident and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Amylee glad to hear from you again and you and your boss Leigh and your friend Ann all pooping at the same and Leigh being her usual self and it sounds like Ann just made it and it sounds like your starting to get over your poop shyness and a repeat question have you told leah about this site yet I be she would like it and probaly have lots of good stories to tell and as always I look forwrd to your next post thanks.

To: Ciara great story about seeing your friend Heather having explosive diarrhea and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Hermes as always another great story aout hearing a woman poop and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Mike G great story about seeing your friend Christina pooping in the bathroom I bet you might get to see that more and if you do please post about it thanks.

To: Abbie great story about you and all those other girls pooping in front of each other and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Rachel great story about you pooping and peeing your pants in front of your boyfriend it sounds like he liked what he saw and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Anny I bet you felt better after getting that beast out and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Nikki great peeing story and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Leanne great story about you and your friend Lauren pooping together and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

A quick pee story one time I swiming in my friends pool when I had to pee I dint want to get out and pee so I just peed in the pool and later on at home I sat in my chair to watch TV still were my wet clothes which were almost dry so I figured it wouldnt matter if my chair got a little wet but later on I noticed my chair started to smell like pee and when I learned that even if your pants are soaking wet from water you pee is some how stronger and dosent get rinsed out.

Well thats all for now sorry about the long post I had alot to say.

Sincerly new guy

PS. I love this site

Hi everyone!

Abbie- It's good to be posting again! I enjoyed your last story and I'm looking forward to more! I'll post as often as I can before I go back to uni at the start of May.

Here's part 2 of my school ski trip story.

The morning after we arrived I woke up quite early. I could hear birds chirping and it was just starting to get light. I had a full bladder but it was too early to get up so I rolled over and tried to go back to sleep. I woke up again when our alarm went off. We got up, yawning and stretching. I went for a shower and a hissing wee that lasted for almost a minute. Lauren had a wee of her own after and we went for breakfast- a big buffet, bread rolls, cereal, fruit etc. We loaded up and then we all went to get our skis. After we got the cable car to the slopes the teachers said we could go wherever we liked and to meet at the same place in the afternoon. Lauren and I skied off with our friends Abbie, who is quite short and has black hair, and Jade, who is as tall as me and has blonde hair. After a few runs we went for lunch at a cafe up in the mountains- we skied up to it and left our skis in the racks. Before we did anything else we all went for a wee and then found a table. We all had rosti- a big, big plate of rosti with cheese and bacon. It was delicious, and so was the apple cake we had for pudding! I was full afterwards. Abbie went to the toilet again before we started skiing again. A few hours later I started to get a rumbling in my stomach and soon enough I had to go. There were a couple of hours until we would all regroup and go down again and I doubted I could wait that long. But I couldn't pluck up the courage to tell the others that I had to poo because we were all having so much fun skiing. My urge wasn't strong so I waited. After we went down to the hostel I forgot all about my urge and then we went straight for dinner in a nearby restaurant. I had a pork schnitzel and chips, and after I ate it I suddenly had to go badly. We were still waiting for dessert, but then Jade said to me, 'I'm just going to the toilet.' I told her I had to go too and we both went to the ladies. There were three cubicles and we took adjacent ones. I heard Jade drop her trousers and sit and I did the same. She let off a crackling fart and said, 'oh!' We were alone in the toilets and she said to me, 'I've been waiting for this all day!' Quickly I heard a plop from her cubicle. She explained she'd needed to poo since early afternoon, like me, but hadn't had time to go either, and that eating her dinner had pushed her into desperation mode. I let go with two logs and then another bigger one. Jade pushed out three more logs that made loud plops. We both had big loads and there were intermittent plops for the next few minutes. When we were done we headed back to the table and found dessert had not yet come.
When we got back to our rooms that evening to get ready for bed, Lauren dashed into the loo. She said that she had needed a poo since the first bite of her dinner but she didn't really want to go in the restaurant. She let off a stinky fart first and then a big log followed by a longer fart. I joked about the smell as she dropped a bunch of pieces. Then she was done.

On Tuesday and Wednesday I just had a normal poo in our room in the evening, but on Thursday I had a more interesting experience, which I will leave until tomorrow because I have a cold and I want to go to bed! Goodnight everyone!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Spring Break (Part 4)

So, I noticed that my first three spring break stories didn't post in exact chronological order. Oh, well. Here's another story:
Today, the guys, Heather, and I are going to Disney's Animal Kingdom. This morning, I woke up with a huge urge to poo. I quickly rushed to a toilet, yanked down my pajamas and sat on the toilet. I let out a few farts before three massive turds ripped out of me. As I was pushing out the fourth turd, I heard Heather running frantically to the other restroom, saying, "Gotta go, gotta go!"
I then heard her desperately yank down her pajamas, and as soon as she sat on the toilet, soft poo splashed into the toilet. Heather moaned in relief. I soon pushed out my fourth log while Heather made about three more plops. We both cleaned ourselves up and hopped in the shower. As I was showering, I heard Bill rush into the restroom, yank down his pajamas, and sit on the toilet, breathing heavily. I couldn't hear any plopping sounds since I was showering, but I could tell by the foul stench of poop in the air that Bill was doing some BIG business. When I got out of the shower, Bill was still on the toilet straining out massive turds. I peeked into the other restroom and saw that Georg was now doing the same thing. They both finished up and got dressed. We are now ready to go and we're still waiting on Tom and Gustav to finish doing their business. Tom and Gustav just came out of the restrooms, and we're now about to go to Disney's Animal Kingdom.

To be continued...


Relieving myself in public

I've discovered a great way to relieve myself in public without anyone knowing what I'm doing. As long as it's fairly dark I've found it's easy to it away with it. I wear a long skirt without any knickers on & find a low wall & sit on it with my bum hanging over the edge. I can poo & pee over the edge of the wall & no one has a clue whats going on. The first time I did it was last night when I'd been out drinking with Wendy. I was dying to pee & with nowhere to go I was about to wet myself. I saw a garden wall in a secluded street & with Wendy standing in front of me I took my knickers off & put them in my bag. I sat on the wall as described & peed for England. It was a fantastic relief & Wendy loved watching me.

Upstate Dave

Strange Places or Items Used When Peeing

I was just wondering what anyone here has used or gone when they have needed to pee. Thre has bben some pretty strange places or items used that have been posted about. If you don't mind telling about your instances I would like to hear about them.

I myslef have used glasses,cups,bottles, flower pots (big and small). Also a old potbelly stove which was outside. Several sinks, a hole in a floor where a toilet used to be in a abandoned old building that used to be a bar. Out of a tree which I had done many times. Old outhouses which when I was younger there were still some around where I lived at the time. More then a half dozen at least that I remember. Oh one more place I just though of. Junk cars while in a car junkyard. Upstate Dave

Paul from Germany

The Cottage

Sorry, I haven't posted much in a while. My private life has turned out to be very interesting lately. I split up with Claudia shortly after the road trip I've posted. In the end we had too many misunderstandings. Meanwhile I have dated another girl called Milena. She is 22 years old, 170 cm tall and weighs 52 kg. Her father was from Nigeria and her mother is from Germany, so her skin colour is brown. She is studiying architecture at university. Milena is a really nice girl and I'm happy to be together with her.

Her toilet habits however are very different. She only goes to the bathroom to pee when we are together. Never has she pooped while we were in her flat or in my flat. So she is a bit bathroom shy considered with Claudia who defecated virtually everywhere. But this weekend we had to visit an old cottage Milena's mother had inherited from an old aunt that had died. Milena asked me to come with her and have a look at the house and the property. She hadn't seen the cottage before so we didn't know its condition. But we looking forward to this all week because Milena's mother had told her that the cottage was near a beautiful lake in the countryside. It meant just the two of us alone! We packed our suitcases and I put the lawnmover and the chainsaw into the trailer to work in the garden. Moreover I loaded some bottles of beer for the evenings and some sodas.

We started on Friday afternoon after I had finished my work for the week. Milena and I drove on for about 2 hours on this rather cold but sunny day. We lost our way once but surprisingly came back on the right road a bit later. The road leading to the cottage was a dirt road that went through some dense woods. It suddenly stopped and we had to walk to the cottage on a partly overgrown path. Then we saw it: It was an old wooden cottage probably built back in the 50s. The paint had vanished and the windows were very old and dirty but otherwise it seemed intact. On the front side, separated from the house by the path and and a grassy area was the beautiful small lake. In that grassy area bushes and trees had grown so you couldn't see much of the lake from the house. On the house's back side was a big overgrown garden. Behind it the woods began.
What a romantic place!

We went into the cottage and inspected it. Everything was dusty as it hadn't been used for more than a decade. There was an old power generator that still worked! The cottage had two rooms, a living room and a kitchen. Surprisingly there was no bathroom at all! When we went into the garden we saw an old wooden outhouse on the far end that had collapsed! Now Milena was shocked as we were to stay all weekend, but I convinced her that we couldn't drive off as we had to take care of the garden. I walked back to the car to take our drinks and the chainsaw for cutting the trees and the bushes that had grown. Milena was staying in the cottage. On the way back to the cottage I stopped and peed on a tree. Milena was in the meantime cleaning the house. A bit later we decided that she should drive to the next village to get something to eat while I would start to take care of the garden. About 45 minutes she came back with some Greek take-aways she had bought from a Greek restaurant in the village. It was delicious!

When we had finished MIlena told me that she had to go "outdoors". I saw her vanishing behind the bushes in the grassy area towards the lake. A minute later she came back. I supposed she had peed there. We had a nice evening with campfire and beer We sleeped in our sleeping bags The next morning I woke up early while Milena was still asleep. I went out to get some breakfast. When I reached our car I felt a pressure in my bowels. So I took the toilet paper from the trunk and went behind the tree I had peed onto the day before. After pulling down my pants I squatted and did two long medium brown turds and a shorter one. The pile was steaming in the cold morning air. I urinated, wiped and drove to the baker's to buy our breakfast.

When I came back to the cottage Milena had just got up. She went down to the lake to wash. The lake's water seemed to be perfectly clean. I assumed that she did her morning pee there. She was so happy that I had brought her the breakfast. However, having finished eating, she seemed to be uncomfortable: I asked her what was up, but she answered: " Nothing!" We decided that Milena would mow the garden while I would cut most of the trees and bushes on the property. At eleven o' clock I drove to the village and bought us something to eat. We had steaks, and from minute to minute, Milena got more and more uncomfortable. I assumed that she needed to go to the bathroom, but I didn't mention this as she is bathroom shy. However I told her that I was going for a pee. "Paul, I don't know how to say, but I need to use the bathroom!" Now it was clear to me that she needed to poop. "OK, that's not a problem! I'll bring you some toilet paper" I told her. "But where can I go? I' ve never done it outdoors!"
"We'll find a spot where nobody sees you and you can do it in peace" I said. I had cut the trees sourrounding the lake in order to have a nice view from the house. But a bit away, on public property, there were still some dense bushes. There was a row directly in front of the lake and another one behind the path. So nobody could see a person squatting between those two rows of bushes. We headed there. When we arrived Milena said " Let's do this! Paul, please look that nobody is coming! And don't watch me going!" She was unzipping and unbuckling her pants and completely undressed her pants and pink panties. She handed them to me. "It's easier for me this way" she said.

I turned round and looked into the house's direction while Milena was squatting. She farted twice, barely audible. Meanwhile; I was waiting, but I didn't hear anything else. About two minutes later Milena said: " Paul, I can't do it here. I need to use a proper bathroom!" I turned round and went to her. Milena was squatting in a cramped low position. She stood up and I hugged her and held her hand. "Milena, it's not a problem. Everyone needs to poop sometimes, and it's really not difficult. It's much cleaner here than in a public restroom!" I showed her the half-high position Claudia always used (although I didn't tell her that.) We chatted a bit and then she said that she would try it again as the pressure was now unbearable. I turned round again and heard her farting in my back, this time much louder. A few seconds later I heard a crackling sound. I turned round a little bit. Milena was squatting now in the half high position, her face looking down. A turd was emerging from her back. She was straining, and the turd got longer and longer. Then with a loud thud it fell into the short grass. Milena was concentrating so hard that she didn't see me watching her. She pushed again and another turd appeared. Quickly it fell down onto her first turd, the pile now clearly visible in the grass. Her anus opened again, and a third turd emerged. I turned round so that she didn't see me looking. By now, there was a rather strong smell in the air. I heard a loud thud and Milena exclaimed: " Done!!!" I turned round and looked at her. She was still squatting naked from the waist down and started emptying her bladder. "So, now, was it a problem?" I asked her. "No, she replied. It was fairly easy!" She wiped her front once and her back six or seven times and left the used paper next to her big pile. Milena had done three big medium brown turds. Only the beginning of the first turd was dark brown and a bit knobby, but the rest had fairly the same colour. I handed her her clothes and she dressed. We went back to work. On Sunday just before we broke camp she had to go again. She went to the same spot and squatted next to her first pile. This time she pooped two turds and some small nuggets. Milena didn't have any problems and only pulled down her pants before going.She didn't undress them this time. I would say that she's an outdoor pooper now.

Next weekend, if the weather is nice, we will paint the cottage.

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