Mr. Clogs

Used a empy beer can as a urinal, LOL!

Last night which was Friday, I finished up my beer and was bored out of mind. I need to have some fun from the ordinary, I was getting ready for bed I and needed to pee. So I grabbed the empty beer can which once contained 24 ounces of beer in it and put my penis somewhat into the mouth opening of the can and peed into it. I was peeing a powerful light yellow stream into the can making a nice tinkling sound in the can. I filled the can about half way with my warm pee. I dumped the pee filled beer can into the toilet and went back bed. During the nigh time, I needed to pee again, so I was half asleep and I used the same can I had peed in before. I aimed my penis into the mouth of the can I peed into the can. I missed and got some pee on the floor :(, I got the aim right and continued peeing into the can. I was urinating for about a minute and had to stop the flow because the once 24 oz can was getting full! So I finished up and dumped the pee filled can into the toilet.

Eileen: Thanks for your post, yes us boys can be crude at times but we be gentleman when we want ;). I liked your post about you and the other English teacher having a to use the bathroom next to each other in the other stall. Keep the posts coming.

Well got to go and take a dump. Take care everybody and have a good weekend.

Mr. Clogs

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Fart Question

Hey guys!
I was wondering as a college student that's female, what are your attitudes about farting around your roommate? I can only do it when I'm sleeping but never when I'm awake. I had a close encounter the other night when I was half asleep and half awake and I had to fart. I pushed it out thinking it was going to be a quiet one but it ended up being noticeably loud. I was shocked and embarrassed so I played it off like I was sleeping and I just farted without knowing. She hasn't said anything to me about it. My roommate farts only in her sleep too and not around me. Actually, the only person that I fart around is my friend Michael because he farts around me too. Anyways, just wanting to know your guys' experiences farting in college or most importantly around a roommate.


Hot Receptionist in the Restroom

I saw something interesting while getting physical therapy for my back the other day. The PT room has men's and women's restrooms next to each other on one wall, and in the corner further down is a separate room with a staff restroom. I was on a table right in front of this room where the staff restroom is, on my stomach with a heating pad going on my back for 15 minutes. I had my head on a pillow so I was looking forward. I could see into the room and the restroom door was open with the toilet in view. About 2 minutes into the heat treatment, the VERY hot reception lady came walking by right in front of me with a magazine in her hand. She smiled at me and went into the room and into the staff restroom. This lady is very attractive. I'd noticed her the first day I was there. She has a great build, especially from behind and a very pretty face and smile. I'd say she is around 30 years old. She closed the restroom door. My treatment was on a timer and I saw that I had 12 minutes to go. The woman stayed in the restroom for 10 minutes. I could not hear anything, I wasn't that close. I did hear her flush the toilet since it was one of those pressure swooshing flusher types. One of the female physical therapists went into the room and to the restroom door just as the lady opened it and stepped out. The therapist stepped in the door, then backed away and said quietly, but I could still hear, "Whew, Karen!" The hot lady stopped and said, "I'm sorry!" The therapist said, "I'll let it air out and come back in a few minutes" and they both giggled. They left the restroom door open. The receptionist came out of the room and passed by me again with her magazine heading toward her desk. The therapist went back into the therapy room. Just about the time my heating treatment ended I began to smell a definite whiff of poop. Obviously this hot lady had to take a big stinky dump. My therapist came over and took off the heating pad and dismissed me for the day. I went to the front where "Karen" the hot stinky dumping receptionist was sitting. She confirmed my next appointment and said goodbye. I have to admit this was my best therapy session to date. I hope next time Karen has the urge to poop again!

why are girls who aren't embarassed to pee in front of someone, are embarassed to wipe in front of someone after they finish peeing?

Hey everyone! I've finally got around to posting again after getting back from uni so I'll start with a quick story.

I went shopping today. I hadn't been for a poo the day before at all so when I started feeling the need I knew it would be a big one. I was feeling a bit adventurous so I decided to hold it for as long as I could. I started to feel the need at about a quarter to 12, and at 1 o clock I got some lunch. By about half past and after lunch I was desperate. I walked to the toilets and went in. I picked a cubicle and quickly dropped my jeans and panties and sat. A big log soon started to push its way out of my hole. It was soft and easy to pass but it was pretty long and it made a big plop when it landed! It felt really good pushing it out. Another two smaller logs followed and then a couple of smaller pieces. After I had emptied my bowels I sat for a couple of minutes and relaxed. My poo didn't smell too bad for a change! So it turned out I held it for about 2 hours- I might try, at some point, to hold it longer. I didn't want to wait any more because I was in public, so I might try and see how long I can really hold it when I'm at home. I'll let you know how I get on- bye for now!


Charity Shitting

Two months ago our university's athletic director e-mailed myself and my teammate Shelby and asked us to come to his office. For some reason, Shelby thought we might be in some sort of trouble even though we get very good grades and don't drink or do drugs and stuff like that. We made our appointment, were there on time and found there was good news. He had selected the two of us to represent our school in a fund-raiser charity game that was being played by representatives of schools from across our part of the state. The opponents were to be radio and television personalities from various media outlets. Money raised is given to a statewide charity. Shelby and I agreed to do it, even though participation in such public relations projects is called for in our scholarships. We actually thought it would be a lot of fun and give us a good workout. He gave Shelby the school's credit card to reimburse us for our gas for the three hour drive down and back.

I drove down and Shelby drove back. We both pissed before we left campus, but we had to stop about an hour into the trip because Shelby had been drinking lots of pop and processing it was straining her bladder. I took advantage of the rest stop too because it wasn't that busy and I don't like squatting against trees and weeds on the side of the road. We got to the arena about an hour before the game. It was a mid-sized city, but not that difficult to find. I told Shelby the first thing I had to do before changing was to take a crap. It had been three days since I last went. A couple of exams and one long (30 page) research paper had stressed me out.

Once we got to the block of the arena, both Shelby and I could see it was a historic building. We parked in the public parking garage, grabbed our clothing bags, and walked across the street to the arena. There was an elderly man at the doorway taking tickets and since we were among the first players to arrive, he took great interest in us. He wanted conversation and I don't think he see young people that much anymore. He asked about where we were from, our majors, some rather personal questions like whether we have boyfriends and whether they are as tall as us (the answer is yes; Shelby's 6-1", I'm 6-3"). Shelby continued talking to him while I excused myself to use the bathroom. I could see this was a very old building (a cornerstone display said it was erected during the New Deal) and the lighting was pretty dim as I tried to find a bathroom sign. Finally, I saw a wooden door and I opened it. This was a first for me: immediately into the room, I had to step up over two steps to get to the main floor which included only three toilet booths that were so different.

Each of the three partitions were of a type of marble-concrete and they were only half as high as the normal metal ones. The partitions went all the way to the floor. The doors were only half-high like I've seen in some dressing rooms in stores. I went into the first stall, and went to unbuckle my jeans and my elbows were hitting the sides of the very tiny stall. I looked at the stool, which was about as old as the building and was almost circular and which had no cutout over the front of the black seat. It looked like it was as small or smaller than the ones we often have at homes. I dropped my jeans and thong, again trying not to scrape my elbows the partitions, and gingerly seated myself. Each of my thighs easily hung off the sides of the seat and anyone entering could see me at chest level and above. The same was true from the front. I felt so uncomfortable in multiple ways. It didn't help that the seat was also loose and sliding a little to the right.

I was able to pee a little while I waited for my crap to come. I was obviously full, but my discomfort didn't help the situation. After about five minutes, Shelby came in, called my name, but immediately saw me, uttered a couple of swear words, and said she couldn't believe the conditions. I told her the building was about 80 years old and she took on a sarcastic tone with "You think!" Gesturing to the two open stalls and hitting and hurting my hand on the marble, I told her she could join me. She said something about she was hoping she wouldn't have to and that she was going to change. She did that in the stall next to me. Just like me, she probably bruised herself in the space that was so badly confining. After another five minutes or so, I got up off the stool and decided to change too. I was just too uncomfortable to crap.

The game started on time and our team allowed the opponents to catch up with us a couple of time just to make it intersting for the crowd. We ended up winning by two baskets and it was back to the badly outdated bathroom. Now the room was packed, Shelby and I waited in the que, and we had to take more questions from those waiting. The fans were really nice, but this 8-year-old girl who was just ahead of me kept telling me about some snow-peeing she had done with her friend during a storm. As for me, though, I was just worried about emptying my bowels under very uncomfortable circumstances. Finally, this girl got her pee flo going and quickly exited without flushing. I wasn't about to say anything. I changed back into my street clothing, with about six or seven others easily watching me because of the inadequate privacy. I blushed when I let out a blast of gas and immediately dropped my jeans and thong and "seated" myself for what again was a very awkward sit. I could feel the head sliding out and I went to slide my knees, which unfortunately were already against and pushing at the partition. I felt some pretty good pain and tried standing a bit and pushing. That helped as the crap started sliding at a faster rate, although I was just exposing more of myself. By going into a partial squat, I gave a very painful push and what I once heard my grandfather refer to the the "Giant Grogan" dropped instantly with such speed that it completely splashed my bottom and also some of the seat. I felt bad because I hadn't flushed the other girl's urine, I didn't want to sit back down and I felt relieved that I had finally gotten it out. It took we three wipes to clean myself, probably one more than usual because of the splash that had hit me square-on.

I was almost on my knees when I reached back and pushed the flusher down. Nothing happened. Second time. Nothing happened. With others waiting and the embarrassment ready to greet me, I took my right foot and applied it with great precision to the flusher. The flush activated, although my two-inch wide crap that was probably just under two-feet long, stuck in the hole. I apologized to the middle aged lady who took over for me. She said she just had to pee and was glad it wasn't flooding over.

Both Shelby and I got a letter from the sponsor of the game saying that we raised $7,500 for the community charity. We feel good about that, but our rememberances of the facilities are not that positive.


So close to an accident

This was a long time ago, back when I was only 15 years old, but here's a story of my almost accident. I was having a sleepover at my best friend's house and we had lots of fun. Her mother instructed us to go to the bathroom before bed, so we both peed. I thought I might have to go poop, but I didn't have to go, and then we went to bed.

Unfortunately the need to go poop did return shortly after my friend had fallen asleep. I was too embarassed to wake my friend up and tell her I needed to go poop. Looking back, I realize that I knew where the bathroom was and I could have gotten up and just gone by myself. I don't really know why, but I didn't do that. So I decided I would try and hold it and go to sleep. But I was wide awake, the urge to go poop combined with the fear I would completely poop my panties if I did sleep.

I'm not certain how long I stayed lying my bed in agony but I guess at some point I must have drifted off to sleep, because the next thing I remember was waking up and miraculously I didn't poop my panties during the night. The real problem was that my need to go poop was worse than ever, but I lucked out because my friend was already awake, so I left the room and went straight to the bathroom. I sat on the toilet not one second too soon and began to go poop. I filled the toilet with two days worth of poop and I felt so much better after I was done.

Well, anyway, that's my story. It may not be much, but I wanted to tell it to somebody.


Leigh, Ann, and I in the Ladies' Room At Work

I had another restroom visit with my boss Leigh and our HR manager, Ann this past week. I've posted about them before. For those who have not read my earlier posts about them, both are pretty women in their early 30's. Ann looks a lot like Jenny McCarthy. She is a "polite pooer" who isn't shy in the restroom but doesn't call a lot of attention to herself either. She's a very sweet woman. And as I previously posted, Leigh is noted for her "award winning" rear end, having won three consecutive Better Bottoms contests about 5 or 6 years ago at a local bar that had this contest annually. I understand about 50 women enter this contest each year and Leigh winning 3 years in a row tells you how well she's built back there. Gossip has it that she retired from the Better Bottoms contest as an undefeated champion, having won it all three times she entered. I was told this was in her younger college days. All we girls envy her superior backside. And she's now settled into being quite a good boss, an absolute sweetheart, although a noisy restroom user. It amuses several of us how much the men leer at her butt, and while we understand their interest, they don't know just how noisy she is when she has a BM. Plus she is a grunter when she poos. This week it was time for my annual work performance appraisal. Leigh leads the meeting with employees who report to her, and Ann as HR manager sits in. The meetings last about an hour. It started at 2 o'clock. About halfway through the meeting which was going very well, I got a strong urge to poo, which came more intense as time went by. I had noticed Ann moving in her chair a couple of times, and once put her hand on her lower stomach and looked down at the floor like she was having a stomach cramp. About 2:35 p.m., I realized I needed to go too badly to wait. I'm poo shy, but I really needed to go. So I said, "I'm sorry, but I need to use the restroom. Could we take a break?" Ann said, "Good idea. I need to go, too." Leigh said, "Sure. Actually, I do too." I thought, "Oh, no. I didn't want this to be a group thing." I could just see me sitting there pooing while they were there, and then having to go back to the meeting with them. There wasn't a way out so I went with them to the ladies' room. We went in and the last 3 of the 6 stalls were taken. Leigh went into stall 3 and Ann into stall 1, leaving me in stall 2, right between them. I started pulling down my slacks. Three almost simultaneous flushes came from the other stalls and ladies all came out of them and to the sinks. They washed up quickly and left. Now it was very quiet, but not for long. Leigh had taken some time to sit down. I think she was wiping off the toilet seat before she sat down. Now she sat and began to grunt with her customary "Uhhh". She grunted three times and then a crackling poo sound started from her. Ann had been quiet. I got the impression she was thinking maybe we'd pee and leave. But Leigh had started a noisy BM. So at that point I heard her softly fart followed by a wet sounding poo that went for about 6 or 7 seconds. I pushed and passed a quiet PFFFFTT fart followed by a somewhat dry poo that emerged slowly. It dropped into the toilet with a noisy plop sound. Here we all three sat at a break from our meeting pooing next to one another. Being shy about this and knowing we were returning to the meeting together, I was a bit embarrassed. Leigh farted pretty loudly, followed by an "Uhhh". Ann started another long wet crackly sounding poo. It went on for another 5 seconds or so then a splattering fart that sounded like she had some very loose poo with it came out. She whispered, "Oh" like she didn't want that to happen. Just after this I began to smell poo very strongly. I assumed it was from Ann since it sounded like she almost had diarrhea. I pushed out another solid poo, again dropping loudly into the water. Leigh plopped poo again, splashing into the toilet with another "Uhhh" at the end. She literally grunts every time she passes gas or poo. I was done and peed and began to wipe. I heard Leigh pulling toilet paper as well. As I was pulling up my slacks I heard Ann start a slow spewing, splattering poo with gas. It sounded to me like she really needed to go. That explained her fidgeting in the meeting a short while ago. I flushed and so did Leigh, and we both made our way to the sinks. As I was drying my hands, Ann passed a fart. I've been in the restroom several times when Ann was having a BM and this was the loudest I'd ever heard from her. She started spewing more loose watery sounding poo. She definitely had to go badly. Leigh said, "You alright, Ann?" Ann said, "Yeah, I'm OK." Leigh said, "We'll see you back in the meeting." Leigh and I went back to the meeting room. We small talked for about 4 or 5 minutes then Ann came back. Ann said, "I'm sorry. I've got a stomach ache. I must have eaten something that didn't agree with me." Leigh said, "No problem. It happens to all of us sometimes." We continued with my performance appraisal. About 5 minutes later I heard a distinct groaning sound from Ann's stomach and she immediately said, "Oh, I'm sorry, I'm going to have to go back to the ladies' room. You two finish without me." So she left. I felt badly for her. My stomach has made that sound before and anyone who can hear it knows it's gas moving in your system. I hope Ann got all of it out of her system and got to feeling better.

Upstate dave, thanks for the reply but that the point of the question. My question was why the majority of all those who keep names a secret are first-time postera, and why do they rarely post again.


to Eileen


I'm surprised that you couldn't just leave the boys on their own for a few minutes. When I was a student at a Catholic grade school, the students were always left unsupervised whenever the teacher left the classroom.


Spring Break (Part 1)

Hello, everyone! The twins, Georg, Gustav, my new friend Heather, and I left a few hours ago to go to Disneyworld for spring break. I'm sitting in Tom's Escalade right now, writing this story that just happened a few minutes ago. Before I start, I would like to give a brief description about Heather. She's German and has blue-grey eyes, long brown hair, pale skin, several tattoos and piercings, and a nice, curvy body. Anyway, here's the story:
So, we were driving through South Carolina, singing and having a good time, when Heather started squirming beside me. I asked her what was wrong, and Heather whispered to me with panic, "I have to go really badly!"
I told her that we were almost at a rest stop and that she could use the restroom there, but Heather shook her head vigorously and exclaimed in a whisper, "I don't have to pee! I think I might have a diarrhea attack. I don't know how much longer I can hold it!"
I replied with a quiet, "Ohhhhhhh!" and asked Tom to pull over so that Heather could go behind a tree. Tom said, "We're almost near the rest stop. Can't she wait?"
"No, I can't wait!" Heather responded desperately. Then, Heather suddenly let out a loud, stinky fart. Tom quickly pulled over and rolled down the windows. I grabbed some wet wipes and led Heather out of the car and behind a large oak tree. Heather yanked down her jeans and squatted. Mushy, explosive diarrhea immediately ripped out of her. Heather sighed in relief. Hearing her go made me had to pee really badly, so seeing as there was no one else around, I decided to use the tree as a restroom for today. I pulled down my underwear and squatted, and a long stream of piss came out of me. I peed for a good 1 and a half minutes. Once I felt empty, I grabbed a wet wipe and wiped myself, and gave Heather some so that she could wipe her butt. We pulled up our jeans and went back to the car to continue our trip. I'll have more stories for you all once we get to Disneyworld.

To be continued...


Hall pass objections

I think it's totaly wrong to have to ask for a hall pass in order to in to the toilet during lessons. If you have to go you have to go & being refused permission when you're really desperate is not just humiliating but a health issue as well. When I was at school I'd often see girls holding on for dear life & end up losing control in class. I'm sure some teachers got a thrill from it. I remember once when I was 16, there was a bug going round the school. We had a male teacher for history who had a reputation for being very strict. Everyone was scared of him & if anyone dared to ask he would never give a hall pass to in to the toilet. I had a bad case of the runs & so did my friend Emma. I knew there was no chance of getting a pass as it was the last lesson of the day but it was a double lesson so we faced a 2 hour wait. Emma was fidgeting franticaly in her seat & was clearly in trouble. I was really desperate too & when Emma put her hand up to ask for a pass I felt sure she had no chance. At first Mr Brown refused but when Emma got up holding her bum he realised how desperate she was & let her leave the room. He didn't even bother with the hall pass. I was very suprised at this & tried my luck by asking myself. He refused point blank because he thought I was just copying Emma. I was nearly pooing myself at this point but not being as brave as Emma I accepted his refusal. Then I felt my bowels rumbling & knew I had just seconds to get to the toilet before it was too late. I put my hand up again but Mr Brown took no notice of me. I felt a large volume of liquid moving down to my colon & a hot spurt of diarrhoea shot into my knickers. I just got up & ran towards the door but Mr Brown stopped me & ordered me back to my desk. Then he smelled my poo & changed his mind. He still made me wait while he wrote the hall pass. When I finaly made it to the toilets, all 6 cubicles were taken & one girl was sitting on a sink having diarrhoea. Another girl who couldn't wait was holding her bum with both hands but it wasn't helping much because it was running down her legs. Eventally one of the doorse opened & I rushed in without a second to spare. The smell was overpowering & the girl before me had missed the toilet & got diarrhoea all over the back of the seat. I was so desperate I had no choice but to use it. I lifted my skirt up & lowered my panties to my knees & hovered over the seat not wanting to touch it. I relaxed & let loose a torrent of watery diarrhoea into the toilet. It was the most relieving experience I ever had & it was all over in two minutes. I flushed & washed my hands in the only sink that didn't have anyone relieving themselves on it! I went back to class & half an hour later we all got sent home because they were closing the school due to a suspected e coli outbreak.


Big relief behind a van

I was walking home from work last night with a desperate need to poo. It had been so busy at work I didn't have time to go to the toilet before I left & thought I could make it home but I underestimated my need & knew I had to find somewhere to relieve myself before it was too late. There were no bushes to hide in but it was dark so I thought I night be able to go behind a van or something & not be seen. As luck would have it I found a large box van in an unlit area so I got behind it & slid my work trousers down to my knees together with my panties. With my back resting against the roller shutter I relaxed & started to pee & a couple of seconds later I was pooing my brains out all over to step at the back of the van. It was huge & very relieving but I had nothing to wipe with & had to pull my clothes up & walk home with a dirty bum. It felt sticky between my buttocks & by the time I got home my panties had stuck to my anus a bit. I went straight to the bathroom to clean up & when I pulled my panties down to inspect the damage they were a reall mess. I had a huge skid mark right across the back & crotch. I wiped for ages & began to wonder if I would have been better off just shitting myself anyway. I had to take a shower to get clean properly & threw my panties down the toilet as they were beyond saving.

Has anyone has read Ruby's story on page 1855 entitled Not allowed to poo? I love going back to that story & suggested to Kirsty that we re-enact it.
She thought it would be a great idea, so I held my poo for 5 days & took a laxative to make myself go. I was soon desperate & I when I told Kirsty she said, "Well you know I can't let you go to the toilet untill the morning." My need was killing me & I told Kirsty, "I know but I have to go so bad." Kirsty replied, "Well you'll have to hold it." Kirsty went to bed early & By 11:00pm I was tired so I went to bed feeling very very desperate. There was a towel spread out over the sheet in case I had an accident & morning my bowels were ready to burst & I tried to get out of bed & run to the bathroom but Kirsty grabbed me & held me down on the bed. I told her to let me go before I pood myself but she said, "That's the idea." I got very exited at the prospect of what was about to happen but it felt dirty & tried to hold it. Kirsty put pressure on my stomach which really made me have to go. I couldn't hold it & let my bowels pump my huge load into my panties. With 5 days of poo to get out my underwear couldn't contain it all & a lot of it got on the towel. It was such a relief but what a mess. I'd some all over my bum. Up my back & all over the towel. The clean up was huge but it was a lot of fun making the mess!

So yea whatever I'm new. I posted (hope to have posted) the one about my friend Natalie(yes the same who dumped in the woods). I found this site by sheer randomness but like it.
I'm just wondering now where most of y'all are from.
I'm from The States I may have that Southern twang but I'm a Northern country boy
I got another story:
So, me being old enough to drink, I tend to favor Jack Daniels & Coke hence the name, and a good ol' cold brew. One night I went out to a local bar with a friend from high school. We opened a tab and started hammerin' down drinks, I had one beer and at least 5 yea, ya guessed it Jack and Cokes he had 7+ $1 beers. Long story short for that night we both were wrecked. Got home bout 1:30am The next mornin' I woke up still drunk around 11am, and feelin' the urge to poo, I got up and walked to the can. Soon as my butt hit the sit, a nice long series of turds came out, smooth as fresh churned butter after 10 min of sittin' there I wiped 3 times and was thrilled to see a mountain of poo risin' out of the water. I'd pooped the day before and had only eaten a sandwich at lunch and a basket of fries at the bar so I was thinking I wasn't that filled up.
I'd drank Jack&Coke before and had nice dumps the next mornin' but this one took the cake. I love Jack & Coke not just for the taste but the fact that its a great colon cleanser.
If any of ya ladies(20s&30s) wanna chat hit me up.


Another restaurant experience

Hello again!

Hope you all are well.

I was in my favourite restaurant last night and on the table in front of us was a group of guys and a young woman.

She had long red hair and was a wearing a striped blouse, a short black skirt and white trainers.

I needed a pee but before I left the room, the woman left as she needed to go too before her group left to go on somewhere else. She had had a lot to drink and was also clearly desparate for a poop, because as she climbed the long staircase to the toilets- she was twenty foot in front of me at this point - she let rip with a massive fart with a loud BROOOO-OOIIINNNKK!.I assume she thought I wasn't behind her...

She quickened her pace after that and went in the toilet - I went in the toilet alongside. I heard her pull up her skirt with a rustle and the snicker of her pants as she pulled them down.

There was a BROOINKK-PLOP! as she started pooping the instant she sat down on the toilet.Shortly afterward I heard a BROIIIIINK-BRAPPP_PLOOOOOP! as she farted twice and did a heavier sounding poo. She then did a massive pee which went on for ages.

There was a short space of quiet and then a sudden, rapid BRAAPPP-CRACKLE-PLOP-PLIP-PLOP_PLOP_PLOP_PLIP! This was followed a loud and heavy sounding PLOOOP-SPLASH, followed by a PLOP_PLIP-SPLUT_BROOINK!There was then the rattle of the toilet paper holder and she wiped, adjusted her pants and skirt, and flushed.

Needless to say by the time I got back downstairs she had left.

Bye for now, take care, and please keep those posts coming!

Hermes xx


Another accident at work

I saw another girl at work today who'd messed her pants. She was about 14 & was with her mum. The girl was bright red & the mum came up to me & asked if there was a toilet her daughter could use as it was an emergency. It was against the rules but I led the girl up to our staff toilet so she could clean up. I continued with my work & 20 minutes later the girl & her mum came over & thanked me for letting her use our staff toilet. The girl never spoke but was still bright red. I guess she was too embarrassed about what had happened.

Amanda V
Stephanie- Surprisingly that's something I can say has never happened to me. At least not a full fledged accident. I was actually thinking about this the other day because I was reading a website with jokes and funny pictures and stuff and I started laughing harder and harder until I could actually feel my muscles down there give out and I was laughing too hard to care. I must've gone to the bathroom right before because I'm sure if anything was in there, it would've come out. Anyway that's great that it didn't get awkward or anything. I don't think I could've handled it as well as you did, at least not at that age. Thanks or putting the time into your stories. I'm hoping to soon since work is supposed to be slowing a bit.

Victoria- I really felt for you reading your story. I know how terrifying that feeling is when you know you're about to have an accident and then actually having an accident around people. You just want to be alone in the safety of your own bathroom but you're stuck there and have to deal with it. I remember after having an accident like that I would finally get home, but I didn't feel much better because I just sit there and worry what people thought of me, if they would laugh at me when I saw them again. I would think of the worst case scenario in my head and get myself really anxious. Luckily when I finally did see those people again, it wouldn't be nearly as bad as I thought. It might take a little time for the trauma to wear off but I'm sure you'll get over it. Especially if you survived an accident in highschool, that would be the worst!

I'm sure I've seen a few period related stories on here. I know it's given me some problems but most of my accidents are just my own stubbornness.

I have a couple stories that were pretty memorable for me so I don't really want to rush them like that last one. They're coming along slowly but surely so hopefully soon!

Mike G
Hello again, guys!
Thought I'd share another story that happened to me recently. I do a lot of volunteer work on a local shelter for homeless pets, and the person running the place is a middle aged woman (let's call her Christina). She's a very nice person, and you can tell that she was once a very attractive young lady. She's still looking quite nice, actually.

Anyhow, about a week ago, she and I were working late in the shelter, just the two of us. Normally we are around five people at a time, but the others had gone home for the day, and we were cleaning up the place.

We were doing our things, talking in the meantime, mainly about the animals, how they were doing etc. Suddenly she clutched her stomach and looked a bit tensed. I asked her if she was alright, and she said "Yes, but I think I need to visit the ladies' room." What she said next almost made me faint. "Would you mind tagging along to keep me company?" she asked. I know that Christina is a very warm and social person, especially since her husband passed away six months ago.

I of course said I'd absolutely join her if she wanted to. She smiled and told me to tag along. We went through a corridor to where the bathrooms are located. In this place, there's a female and a male bathroom right next to each other. She of course went into the first, and held the door for me to come in. Although we were alone, I closed and locked it behind us. This bathroom is quite a big one; it has one toilet right opposite of the door, and a sink next to it. I was standing by the wall next to the door as Christina walked over to the toilet. "Why don't you sit down, dear," she said, "this might be a while". I knew what was about to come, in other words, and my heart was racing.

I sat down on the (clean) floor with my back against the wall, while Christina dropped her jeans to her ankles and her underwear to right above her knees. Though she doesn't have the body of a young and fit woman anymore, she still looks good in my opinion. She has some pounds, but she's not the least overweight.

So Christina sat there, leaning forward with her elbows on her knees. We kept talking while she was just sitting there, without anything happening quite yet. Our discussion mainly revolved around the animals and our organization in general; what we should aim for etc. I felt a very nice atmosphere in there with her. I've always liked her, for as long as I've known her. I'm 19 years old, and I must have known her for at least seven years.

She started pissing a bit, but only for a few seconds. Then there was silence again. She laid her hand on her stomach again, looking uncomfortable. "Are you sure you're fine?" I asked. "Yes, I just feel a bit uneasy in there," she said pointing to her belly. The next moment, she started pushing heavily, and her face went quite red. I could her the crackling sound of a turd slowly emerging from her. The bathroom had started to smell after a while. She stopped and breathed out heavily. "Darn, I think it got stuck," she said sounding disappointed. Again she pushed, holding her hands on both sides of the toilet seat, her legs trembling from the effort. The turd emerged a little bit further, judged by the once more occurring crackling noises.

"Aw, Mike, this is so frustrating!" she said, sounding almost as though she was in agony. I felt really sorry for her, so I went over to her, knelt beside her and put my hand on her shoulder. "Come on, Christina, you can do it," I said. "I feel really messed up in my stomach," she said. "It's barely moving." "Let me help you," I heard myself saying, and I lay my hand on her belly and started massaging and rubbing it. "Ohh, yes!" she said. "It feels so good, please go on!" I did. "I can feel things starting to loosen up in there," she said and smiled after about two minutes of belly rubbing. "I, too, have felt things loosening up in there," I said. She started pushing like hell again, and now I heard how the turd was coming out more rapidly. With it came a very foul stench, but I didn't mind.

"Aaaahh!" she exclaimed, as her turd hit the water with a loud splash. She spread her legs a bit and looked between them. "Oh dear!" she said, "that's enormous! Look!" I looked in the bowl, and it sure was big! In the bowl was a dark brown turd, about a foot long. I thought I could see some corn in it, too.

I moved back to my position by the wall as she leaned forward again. Now she was dropping many turds constantly. Our talking was accompanied by several splashes and sploshes. After having made sure she got them all out, she told me to come and look in the bowl again. I did, and it was quite a mess in there! A turd massacre, you could call it. She wiped at least six times from behind and one in the front. After that she flushed, pulled her pants back up and washed her hands. We left the bathroom still talking, and my pants probably indicated that I had been enjoying the show, if you know what I mean.

We said bye for the day, and that we'll meet soon again. I sure hope I might witness another show like that the next time!

Upstate Dave

Sleeping Accident

Well yesterday was a long day for me. I woke up earlier then I normall do. Well I ate breakfast suasage, eggs, and toast. Then now that spring has arrived here in upstate New York my wife and I did some yard clean up work for a couple of hours later in the morning.

Since I'm a diabetic wih the yard work I felt my surgar level droping so I had some mixed fruit cocktail. That took care of my low surgar level. The rest of the day was fine. I stayed up last night watching ome tv and talked to a friend on the phone till 11:30pm. Then went to sleep.

I woke up at 2:30 am needing to piss and shit which I did with takeing a normal shit. Then went right back to bed and fell right back to sleep. I woke up between 5:30 and 6:00 am which I was leting out some several farts in a row. But my boxers felt very heavy! I knew with them feeling this way I had shit in them in my sleep!

Without wakeing my wife up I sscrambled out of bed straight to the bathroom I went. I carefull slid my jeans down and took them right off. Then I slid my boxers down only part way and looked inisde of them. Sure enough there was not real soft shit iin them but whith my laying on my back my own weight smushed my shit around inside of them and all over my asscheeks.

I slipped my bixers off took off my tshirt and straight into the shower and got cleaned up. In my haste I didn't grab from the bedroom any clothes to change into. But I was luck for my wife left a bathrobe hanging in the bathroom. I put it on which it barely covered me where I needed to be covered. I went and got myslef a change of clothes and changed.

I should have known as far as eating that fruit cocktail. I had forgoten that it would make me loose. Oh well. So far this morning I've not had any more loose shit. I hope that I stay this way. Time will tell. But I do have a pair of boxers and jeans to throw in the wash now. Upstate Dave

the deerslayer

another funny story about my hunting buddy

this happened probly 5 years ago to the same person i wrote about earlier. in this story i'll call him D. we all came back in to the hunting cabin after hunting that morning. one of the other hunters said he shot a 6 point buck. so after we finished breakfast, which was sausage gravy and biscuits, we went over to get the deer. while we were in the truck i noticed D was squirming around alot in the seat. when we got over to the deer D ran out of the truck and ran behind a tree. me and my other hunting buddy, who i'll call B, loaded up the deer while D was behind the tree. " that feels much better, " he said when he came back out. none of us knew it at the time but when D pulled down his camo overalls and pants, he accidently shit on one of his overall shoulder straps. " damn that gravy was violent," he said as we got back in the truck. as soon as we took off, the smell hit us. " Oh Shit," said B as he rolled down the windows. " did you bring some of that with you D," B said. " oh dammit," D said when he finally found it. B carried on about the smell the whole way back while i just sat there trying not to breath it in. " if you think you two shit heads have it bad try having it right under your nose, " D angrily said to us. when we got back to the cabin D threw his overalls in the washer and started yelling at the guy who made the breakfast. none of the other hunters had any side effects from it though.

p.s. forgot to mention im a new poster here. have been reading stories here for awhile and finally decided to post some of my own. hope others have enjoyed reading them.


RI Bedwetter

I'm a 26 year old guy from Cranston, RI. I still wet my bed a few times a week I wear diapers basically every night to keep my sheets dry and sleep better. I only started having accidents a few years ago. I never wet my bed before then. It's kinda strange and definitely EMBARRASSING!! Nobody knows about my problem, not even friends. Although, I think my parents have an idea. Sometimes, I only wet a couple of nights during the week and other times every night for a few weeks straight. When I first started wetting, I was terrified. I'd never done this before and didn't understand why it was happening to me. For a couple of weeks, I just washed my sheets and scrubbed my mattress down and Febreezed my room like hell!. When I realized this problem was real and not going away any time soon, I went to a local medical supply store to buy some adult diapers. You could tell the guy in the store felt so bad for me when he found out I was buying them for myself. But at least now I have a reliable place to get some protection and my bed stays dry for the most part! I was wondering if there is anybody from Rhode Island or close by that I can talk to? Also, I'd really like to meet girls who have a similar problem or who are understanding of my situation.


Latest update

Hi everyone, Abbie here again. Sorry its been ages since my last post, I've been really busy and haven't had much free time.
Leanne- its good that you're able to post again and I've been enjoying your stories. The one from when you were at school and about to go for a poo when the fire alarm went off sounded like a nightmare! It was lucky you were able to hold it until after the drill was over without pooing your pants. Hope to hear some more stories from you soon.
Anyway, back to my story. I've been away on an Easter revision course over the last few days with Lucy, my friend who I've mentioned in a lot of my previous posts. We thought it would be a good idea what with our exams coming up and fortunately both our parents didn't mind paying for us to go. The two of us were supposed to be sharing a room, which is absolutely fine as I feel totally relaxed around Lucy. However, when we arrived we were told that there had been a mistake and that we were going to have to share with two more girls (who we'd never met before!) in a 4 bed room. I was already pretty desperate for a poo, as it was about the time in the afternoon that I usually use the toilet. Probably because of that I started on my usual panic, that these girls would be some sort of fashion addicts and would definately be in to more trendy clothes than Lucy or me, which could start to get really embarasing when undressing for bed. Luckily when we met them they seemed really nice and not that trendy, which was just as well when we saw the room- there was an ensuite bathroom with no door, just an almost see-through shower curtain type thing dividing it from the main room!! The two girls we were sharing with were called Amy and Lauren and we started chatting as we had about an hour before the revision classes started. I was sitting on my bed squirming a bit, my need for a poo was getting worse but I really didn't want to be the first to use the toilet in the room as I knew that everyone would hear what I was doing. I then noticed Amy jiggling about a bit too, she suddenly said "I need the loo a sec" before blushing red and walking off towards the toilet. The rest of us carried on talking, but it was as if Amy was in the room with us- I heard her pull down her trousers and knickers and then a few dribbles of wee before a loud fart and some plops could be heard. There was then silence for a few minutes before a few final plops and then I heard the loo paper being ripped and her wiping her bum. A few minutes after I went off to use the loo, I pulled down my blue jeans and red pants and sat on the toilet. I had a wee and then started to push but nothing would come, I was embarased to push hard and end up grunting so I just wiped and pulled up my pants and jeans, but I still felt like I needed a poo. I figured I might be more relaxed by the evening and might be able to have a poo before going to bed. After tea we were all in the dorm and at about half ten Lauren suggested that it might be be a good idea for us to get ready for bed. Any worries I had about undressing in front of Amy and Lauren were soon no longer an issue, as they took their jeans off I saw they were both wearing white cotton knickers, pretty much the same style as what Lucy and I were wearing. I said "I just need the loo a minute" and went off to the toilet. By now I was so desperate I didn't care who heard me, I lifted my nightie, pulled down my pants and sat on the loo. I started to push and let out a few hissing farts, then I felt my turd starting to poke out of my bum. I pushed as hard as I could without grunting and managed to work the turd about half way out, I then had to push really really hard and gave out a couple of grunts before my first log dropped with a splash. I then pushed out a few more logs, all with embarassingly loud plops, before I was done. I quickly wiped my bum and then pulled up my pants and let down my nightie. Luckily I think the others had been laughing so much they hadn't noticed my poo. Lucy ended up holding her poo in for the whole course, but that is another story and I'll tell it next time. Thanks for reading this, hope you enjoyed it, bye for now, Abbie.

To Joe Stool
Just today I was at my fiance's house and we'd just gotten back from a pinewood derby race. When we first pulled into her drive she said she had to pee, I said "me too". we got inside and she went straight to the bathroom, me being the gentleman I didn't make a scene bout it. Well after waiting several minutes and hearing her just pee, she came out, little to my knowing having stunk up the bathroom as well. I have to blame it on the sloppy Joes (no joke) we'd had for dinner(lunch for y'all who use that).


Cycling accident

I went on a cycling trip with my friend Emma when I was 12. I hadn't pood for 3 days & we were about 4 miles from home when I felt a sharp pain in my bowels. I knew I needed a toilet urgently. We were on a long country road with no bushes or trees to hide behind & I was embarrassed to mention my urgent need. I really had to go & the longer I waited the more I had to go. My stomach was churning & I knew it was going to be really messy if I didn't get to a toilet soon. Of course there were no toilets anywhere & with a very desperate urgency with my upset stomach I was in serious trouble. I tried my best to hold it in but the pain was unbearable & so was the pressure in my bowels. I kept my bum pressed hard into my saddle to try to keep the smelly liquid in but my bowels wanted it out of my system & it leaked out into my knickers quickly making them wet. I had no control apart from my bum being pressed into my saddle & the back pressure hurt so much I had to stand up on the peddles of my bike. All of a sudden my bowels erupted filling my knickers like balloon. They couldn't contain much of it & I had diarrhoea running down my legs & all over my bike. I couldn't stop it & I stopped & got off my bike & squatted in the road. I continued to have more diarrhoea through my knickers & shorts & flooded the road. I was so embarrassed but the intense relief was seriously good. I had no way to clean up & we turned our bikes around & went home. On our way back we went across a bridge over a stream so I got off my bike & wheeled it down the path to the waters edge. I went into the water & washed myself in the stream & then I washed my bike as well. I made a good job of the clean up & got back on my bike to ride home. It was a hot sunny day & half an hour later we were home. By then I was dry & only Emma knew about my accident. She never mentioned what happened to any one else. I had a shower & put some fresh clothes on before I felt a light pain in my stomach again so I sat on the toilet expecting to have some more diarrhoea but it was just wind.

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