My First Time

Hello everyone I just turned 21 in October I have long blond hair and blue eyes and I have been with my current boyfriend since I was 18. He is 10 years older then me and my older brothers best friend, that is how we meant. He told me as soon as I turned 18 we would go out and we did, been together ever since. I can tell you it didn't take us long to consummate things almost right away. I had a bit of a tuff time with him at first because he is 6ft 5ins tall and I am 4ft 8ins, yes I am very petite. That includes everything, I didn't have many curves either. But that is enough back story.
Our first big party that we went to was a Halloween party, we picked out costumes. He went as a football player and I dressed up as a little girl, pink dress and pigtails. Since it was cold out I wore leggings over my panties lacy ankle socks and black mary janes. I had dressed like this before at other Halloween parties when I was in high school and it always worked well for me since I am so small. When we got to the party I was a big hit with everyone, I got so many compliments. My boyfriend was very proud of me and I won first prize for best costume! I had done some drinking before, but I went a little over board at the party and when we were ready to leave, I felt like I was going to pass out. The last thing I remember before waking the next morning was my boyfriend picking me up and carrying me to the car.
The next morning when I woke up I was in his bed as usual no big deal and I still had my leggings on and my camisole (I didn't wear a bra I don't need one) I was bursting to go pee! I got up fast and when my legging covered feet hit the floor I could feel my stomach go haywire, I had got up way to fast. My head started spinning, I crouched down to the floor and covered my eyes to try and stop my head from spinning. When I did that I put so much pressure on my bladder that I started peeing in my panties and my leggings, I just couldn't help it. That wasn't the only thing that happened. I felt pressure on my ass hole and it opened up and a flood of very loose poop started filling my panties, I uncovered my eyes and looked down and saw all of this brown stain all over my crotch! I couldn't stop peeing and it was getting all over his carpet, all I could do was stay that way and cry. When my boyfriend heard me he came into the room, I looked up at him and told him how sorry I was but he just got down beside me and held me. That was what I really needed too. I tried to stand up, but he just told me to go ahead and finish up what I had started since everything would have to be cleaned anyway. I put one arm around his huge neck and steadied myself and went ahead and finished my peeing, I thought about trying stop my pooping but I couldn't it was like my bowels were just in a flushing mode and I just kept filling my panties until I was done. After a few minutes of no activities in my crotch, he asked me if I thought I was done for now and I told him I thought I was. He helped me up and when I stood, I could feel my panties hang in my leggings like a big balloon. The leggings were tight enough to keep everything inside while he walked me to the bathroom. He lifted me up and stood me in the bath tub while he took my leggings and panties off, I took my cami off and he turned on the shower so I could clean up while he took my dirty clothes away. I wasn't in the shower long before I had to get out and sit on the toilet and let loose again with another load. Before I was done, he came back in the bathroom and kept a close eye on me. I was impressed that my smell didn't bother him a bit, when I got done he helped me back in the shower. After that I felt a lot better, not well by any means but better. He helped me out of the bath tub and dried me off and gave me one of tee shirts to wear that fit me like a long night gown. He helped me back to the bedroom and told me the best thing for a hang over was more rest. I got back into bed and went right to sleep. I woke up about 3 hours later and he had already cleaned the carpet and the room was smelling good again. I got up and went to the bathroom and sat down on the toilet for a bit of a pee, he came in while I was still sitting and asked me how I felt. I told him I was really hungry! He laughed and said that's a good sign, he fixed me some toast to eat and I got that down without any problems. While he was in the kitchen with me I noticed that he was very, well let us just say ready! When I was done eating we went to the living room and I tool good care of him, the whole time we were in-gaged I couldn't help but think that he might have liked seeing me in such a desperate situation. After we were done and I got cleaned up I came back and sat down with him on the sofa. I had to ask because I was so wanting to know, but I didn't just want to be blunt. So I just talked about it and how I felt when I was making BM in my panties. I didn't even have to ask or say any more when I saw his reaction! He did like it! We went right to the bedroom and got into bed, later I asked him if he would like for me to do that again sometime. When he smiled at me I knew. I smiled back and then told him that I would do it again but next time I didn't want to feel so sick. The next time, well it took me a long time to do it because I wanted to surprise him and I had to figure out how to go about it so it would look like a accident. I will tell you about it in my next post. We were so happy to find this site so we could share it with others who also enjoy this kind of thing!

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To: Eileen first welcome to the site and great story about you and those other teachers pooping in the bathroom together and later on being desperate but at least you may it and didnt have an accident and please post more great stories thanks.

To: Leanne as always another great pooping story and great story about your friend Megan almost not making it and sounds she was lucky that stall opened up other wise she would have had a messy accident from the way you described her poop and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Victoria another great story your teacher should have let you go and you shouldve told the it was an absolute emergency sure it would be embarrassing but not as much as having an acccident or you couldve just left the room sure you might get in trouble but thats better then having an accident and at least your friend and your sister were able to help you out and those kids in school should realize that it can happen to them sometime and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Anny it sounds like you feel alot better now and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Stephanie great peeing story and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Wendy and Kirsty, Kirsty great story about seeing that desperate girl and about your desperate poop and as always I look forward to your guys next posts thanks.

To: Hermes I look forward to more of your stories about women pooping thanks.

To: John great story about seeing and hearing your mom pooping and please share any other stories like that you have thanks.

Well thats all for now

Sincerly new guy

PS. I love this site

I posted here a few weeks ago under the name of newbie about a few times I have gone outside. I have continued this in the house I am looking after. I do it outside now every chance I can, still havent worked up the nerve to do it in the day time though.

I have taken some inspiration from Alyanna and recorded myself having a poo last night. I put a plastic bag down on the bathroom floor, turned the camara on and did it. When i watched it back it was cool watching your bumhole start to open and a nice long log fall out. It was soon followed by a second smaller one.

I never thought of myself as a grunter but when I watched it back i was amazed to hear i let out a small grunt just as each log was forcing its way out of my bum. Everyone should do it, its quite fun to record and watch back. The logs were firm enough for me to pick up with toilet paper and put in the toilet.


Foot and a half long!

I finally pooped out pretty much everything yesterday! I'd been constipated and unable to get rid of everything in my body but yesterday I had a cup of coffee shortly after getting up and that was all my body needed to push everything out. It was a huge load, a big log about a foot and a half long! I was worried that it was going to clog the toilet but it was so big it broke in half and it went down in one flush. Wow!


Responses to Vincene, Kalee and others

to Vincene:

You ask if sitting with the toilet paper under me gives me comfort in a bathroom away from home. My answer is yes. It was what I was taught to do at a very young age, even before my family moved to the States.

to Kalee:

I understand what you're saying. My higher level of hygiene may serve no useful purpose but both of my parents modeled it carefully as I was growing up. An example was when I started school the first time, Mom showed me how to paper the seat and even had me practice at home and when we were out. When I was like 3 or 4 and out alone with Dad, he would first wipe the seat off and then paper it for me. A couple of times I almost peed on myself while I waited.

You have to realize that personal sanitation is very big to my parents. I've seen Mom wrap her hand in a mitt of toilet paper to lower a seat and latch a stall door and she uses her foot to flush with.

I just want to learn to be more productive when using a public bathroom.

Sunday, April 17, 2011


Spring Break (Part 2)

The guys, Heather, and I finally arrived at Disneyworld about 2 hours ago. We are staying at Disney's All Star Music Resort in the family suite (since there are six of us.) I'm currently in one restroom on the toilet taking a huge shit while Tom is in the other restroom doing the same thing as the others were getting ready to go out. UHHHHHHHHH! I just dropped a tennis ball-sized turd. I hear Tom grunting in the other restroom and then 4 plops. As I'm pushing out a second turd, I hear flushing from the other restroom and Tom go out and someone else go in.
I hear jeans being yanked down and someone slam down on the toilet. I immediately hear soft poop splashing into the toilet and Georg let out a sigh of relief. I finally push out the second log, followed by a third log and a fart. I feel nice and empty, so I wipe myself, then look into the toilet to see three gigantic logs. As I flush the toilet, I hear Georg exclaim, "Whew, that's much better!" I wash my hands as Georg wipes himself and flushes the toilet. I put on my makeup and exit the restroom while everyone else is waiting for me. We all head out to Epcot to have some fun.

To be continued...


Embarrassing Party Pee

it was mid summer and there was a party at my house lots of people and i really had to pee there was a line for the bath room and it was dark so i decided to go out side and find a place to tinkle the darkest and most secluded spot in our yard and away from the guests there was were we kept our dog tied up so i made sure no one was looking and slipped off i went to the back side of his dog house and hiked up my skirt and removed my panties and laid them on the roof of his dog house so i wouldn't accidentally pee on them so i'm squatting and he comes around and starts lapping up my pee then it happened he turned his snout from the puddle forming around my feet and started licking the pee as it came out his tongue sliding all over my vagina
my first instinct was to push him away. i didn't stand up because i knew i would piss all down my legs the harder i tried to push him back the hard he pushed in to lick me after a few minutes i didn'y even realize i had finished peeing i grabbed my panties and headed back around the house to the party i have never been so embarrassed but at least i didn't need tp lol

Herb T.

Annoying Public Restroom Dump

Hello everyone - I haven't posted in a while, mainly because I haven't had anything interesting to post. Yesterday I had an interesting, but annoying dump in a public restroom that I thought I would share. One of my wife's college friends was getting married yesterday (Saturday), and we booked a hotel for Friday and Saturday. The wedding was about 50 miles from our house, and we figured it would be better to get a hotel, rather than risk driving home after the reception. We stayed at a Marriot Courtyard and stayed Friday and Saturday night. We checked in late Friday, since we both had to work on Friday. On Saturday, we decided to tour a couple of wineries (Southern California), since we had some time to kill. We ate breakfast in the lobby area of the hotel, since it was included with the price of our hotel room. We planned to go wine touring after finishing breakfast. I was reading a complimentary USA Today newspaper while eating, and realized that I needed to go poo before we left the hotel. I told my wife that I needed to go up to our room to use the bathroom before we left. She told me to just use the bathroom in the lobby, because she thought I'd mess around in the room and we'd never end up leaving. I told her that I had to go #2, and I preferred to use the bathroom in our room, and she insisted that I just use the lobby restroom. I told her again that I'd just go up to the room for a minute, and she again insisted that I just use the lobby restroom. "That's what the bathroom is for," she told me. I told her - "well you pooed in the room this morning, so why can't I?" She said "well I had to poo when I was getting ready - you could have pooed in the room too while you were getting ready." Finally, I just said "Fine - I'll use the lobby restroom." Women, I tell you.

I took the newspaper with me - the business section, since I'd be doing a little business of my own. I walked down a short hallway, and found the restrooms, and entered the men's room. It was a small restroom - one sink, one urinal, and one stall. As luck would have it, there was one guy at the urinal, and another guy washing his hands. The stall was open, so I entered the stall. I guess there was little doubt what I was about to do, being that I was entering the stall carrying a newspaper. I latched the door and tore off some toilet paper and wiped down the seat. There was plenty of toilet paper and it was high quality. The position of the toilet was a little awkward, becuase it faced out into the restroom, but I suppose the stall door provided adequate privacy. There were toilet seat covers, but I didn't need one, becuase the toilet seat was sparking clean. I then lowered my shorts and boxers down to my ankles and sat down on the toilet. The toilet seat was the comfortable rounded contoured style seat. When I can, I like to just relax my buttocks and let the poo-poo drop out of my bottom naturally, with no pushing or straining. This was one of those times. I opened the newspaper and began reading an article on interest rates and the Fed (interesting stuff). The guy who was using the urinal finished washing his hands and left, so I was finally all alone in the restroom. Peace and quiet at last.

Well about 5 minutes after sitting down, a log began to emerge from my buttocks and dropped into the toilet. Just as the log was spashing into the toilet, a man and his son came into the restroom. The boy had to use the urinal and the dad was standing behind him. The boy said "Some is going poo-poo dad." I suppose the smell began to permeate into the bathroom. I let out a small fart and turned the page of the newspaper. I was finished with my dump, but decided to finish the article I was reading before I wiped. The boy said again, "someone is going poo-poo," and the dad said "Yes he is." Great - I thought, I'm trying to take a nice relaxing dump, and I have to listen to this kid's keen observations. Can't I just take a dump in peace? I guess it was my fault for using a public restroom. Right when I thought it couldn't get any more annoying, there was a knock on the door, with a Hispanic lady's voice saying "Housekeeping." The dad said "Just a minute." Well the father and son left the restroom and the cleaning lady wheeled a janitorial cart into the restroom. I guess she didn't realize someone was still in there. I think she saw me through the crack in the stall door, and she quickly said "Sorry," and left the restroom.

I was done with my article, so I wiped about 5 times and left the stall to wash my hands. It was a nice solid one piece turd, by the way, and was about 12 inches long. I took the newspaper with me because I wanted to check a few stock prices, and the cleaning lady was standing outside the restroom. She said "sorry" again, and I said "no problem." It was a little embarrassing, becuase she was a young attractive gal, and she knew that I just pooed. Oh well I thought - I'll never see her again. But seriously, all in all, I should have just pooed in my hotel room. That's the last time I listen to my wife!

Hey to everyone once again.

I thought I'd post about a story from a few years ago when I went on a school skiing trip, which had lots of toilet incidents to report on! I was 16 and we went to Switzerland to a lovely resort for 5 days. We arrived Sunday night and headed home early on the next Saturday morning. There weren't that many of us- maybe 25 plus a few teachers. We left very early in the morning- about 5 I think. Our coach was a big one (far too big for our limited numbers so people sat spread out- there was noone in the seats in front of, behind or across the aisle from me) but it had no toilet. We stopped on the way down to Dover and I had a wee. When we arrived at Dover I had to take a small poo in the terminal, just a couple of very small logs. Then after we crossed the Channel we had a very long drive across France and most of Switzerland. We stopped twice and I weed both times in the nasty French motorway toilets. My friend Lauren (who some of you might remember from a previous post about our camping trip together) did likewise- we both said how glad we were we didn't need to poo! We were sat together I knew she hadn't been since we left home and I was interested to see how long it would be before she had to do a number 2. We'd both eaten in Burger King for lunch and we both had big packed lunches our mums had made that we decided to leave until dinner time. We made one last stop near the Swiss border and we both peed again.
Then we ate our sandwiches, crisps, sausage rolls, chocolate bars, apples etc. Not to mention that we'd been snacking on sweets and crisps during the whole journey! The sun went down (it was a February half term trip) and we carried on into the night. After a while I noticed that Lauren looked a bit uncomfortable. A while after that she nudged me and said, 'I hope it's not much further because I need to poo!' I laughed because I didn't need to poo or pee. Well, not yet. Within an hour I felt pressure in my ???? and a little later the unmistakable feeling of a poo lining up to come out. I must have groaned or something because Lauren asked me what was wrong. I told her I needed a dump as well and she laughed and said 'at least we're even now!'
We kept driving and we couldn't ask how long it would be because we were in the middle of the half-full coach and the teachers were all clustered at the front. Lauren kept rubbing her ???? and she complained that she had to go quite strongly now. Another hour passed and we kept droning on through the Swiss countryside. By now I felt like I had to go fairly soon, but we kept driving. By now my need was pretty urgent. Lauren looked quite uncomfortable. She told me she was desperate to go. Finally we started cimbing a twisting mountain road that led up to the resort. This took another half hour and by the time we reached the top I really had to poo badly. The coach pulled up at the youth hostel place we were staying at and we all got off and grabbed our cases as the driver unloaded them. I noticed a couple of the other boys and girls on the trip looked like they had to use a toilet too. We went in and lined up to get our room keys. I was sharing a room with Lauren; most other people were in rooms of 4 or 6, there were only a couple of doubles allocated to us. It was very late in the evening, about 10, so the teachers said we would all meet up again at breakfast the next morning and everyone went their separate ways to their rooms that were all over the hostel. Lauren led the way to our room. 'Oh,I'm bursting for a poo!' she said as we climbed the stairs (our room was on the 2nd floor). I told her I was as well, which by now was nothing less than the truth. Since we got off the coach my urge had become massively more pressing and I was clenching my bum to keep the poo in. I was expecting, what with it being a hostel, that everyone had to share toilets on each floor, and indeed as we found our room I could see the men's toilets and showers at the end of the corridor. But when Lauren opened the door and turned the light on, I found that we had our own en-suite wet-room with shower and toilet! It was pretty small, with the toilet just behind the door to the left, but at least we wouldn't have to go down the corridor every time we had to do anything in the bathroom. But this presented its own dilemma- who got to use the loo first? We were both desperate and Lauren was ahead of me. I shut the door and locked it behind us and we lugged our bags into the corner. Lauren only now noticed the en suite and she exclaimed in surprise, 'wow, we've got our own bathroom!' We were both pleased at this unexpected blessing. We both looked at the bathroom, then at each other, and there was an awkward pause. 'So who's going first?' Lauren asked. I knew she'd been holding her urgent poo in for longer than me, and also that she hadn't been at all today, but on the other hand I knew from experience that she takes a while to poo normally and I didn't know if I could actually hold on much longer. But, in a moment of gallantry, I said 'you go first.' Lauren replied with 'thanks, I don't know if I could have held on while you went!' I told her I was in a similar situation and she promised to be as fast as she could. She hurried into the bathroom and locked the door. Through the thin door I heard her drop her jeans and knickers and quickly sit. Immediately there was a loud, wet fart and what sounded like a torrent of poo gushed out of her! She gave a loud groan of relief as she unloaded into the bowl. There were three more loud rapid plops. I sat on one of the beds to help keep my poo in. A couple of minutes later there was another splash, and then two more. By now my poo was trying to force its way out. A minute or two later Lauren flushed and came out. I rushed past her into the loo and locked the door. 'Sorry I took so long!' she called as I wrenched down my jeans and knickers and sat. The room already smelled very strongly of Lauren's poo, and I quickly added to that when three pieces of poo rapidly shot out of me. I moaned in relief. 'Sounds like you needed that!' Lauren joked. 'No more than you did,' I replied as I pushed out another, bigger log. This was followed by some mushy soft poo and a couple more logs and I was done. There was a small brown stain in my knickers but all in all not much damage! I was surprised and I wiped, flushed and rejoined Lauren. Needless to say we both felt much much better after emptying our bowels!
I will try and post about part 2 of the trip tomorrow if I get a chance. Bye for now everyone!


Spring Break (Part 3)

So, nothing really interesting happened today, but I would like to share something that happened yesterday when we were at Magic Kingdom:
The guys, Heather, and I first went to Epcot to check out the park and pig out on German cuisine at the Germany Pavilion. Then, we went to Magic Kingdom to ride some rides. As we were about to climb aboard Space Mountain, I noticed that Gustav looked rather uncomfortable. I asked him what was wrong and he replied that he had to go to the restroom really, really badly. I asked him if he wanted me to accompany him to the restroom, and he replied, "No, I think I can hold it until the ride is over."
Once everyone was seated, off to Space Mountain we went. As we were purged into the pitch black darkness, I was suddenly assaulted with a foul stench of poop and pee. The others started gagging and exclaiming, "EWWW!!! What the hell is that smell!?"
Gustav, who was sitting right in front of me, said sheepishly, "Sorry for the smell, guys."
Once we got off the ride, I noticed that the front of Gustav's pants was soaked and the back of them was smeared in diarrhea and some of it was running down Gustav's legs. Gustav turned a deep shade of red and said ashamedly, "I'm sorry. I thought that I could hold it. I guess I was wrong about that."
We told him not to worry about it, and we headed back to the hotel so that Gustav could get cleaned up. As he was taking a shower, I had a huge urge to pee, so I went to the other restroom to take care of business. Once Gustav was clean, Bill headed to the restroom to take a quick dump and we all headed back to Magic Kingdom to ride more rides. Now, if everyone would excuse me, I have to take a really huge shit. My stomach is hurting like crazy!

To be continued...


Introduction and a Brief Story

Hello all!

I've been a lurker on this site for awhile, and I've been apprehensive about writing something up. It's a little embarrassing, and I'm not sure if my stories can stack up against others. Well, here goes nothing:

I'm an English teacher at an all male Catholic high school. Without girls, the boys can be quite gross sometimes. They aren't afraid to cut the cheese in the middle of a lecture, and are often quite proud of the stench they have wrought. I started bringing Febreze because the smell can be quite bad at times.

Besides this, I love teaching and a love the kids. The one downside of teacher is the bathroom situation. Other teachers can sympathize with me on this. Sometimes I don't get to go to the bathroom until lunch. Kids, that's why teachers don't let you use the bathroom. They're just jealous ;)

Most days it's not too bad. I get a break in the afternoon most days, which nicely coincides with my need to take a dump. The faculty bathroom is usually nice and empty, so I get to crap in peace. However, there is one day on my schedule that is a killer. I get a break in the morning, and that's it. Unless another teacher bails me out, I'm stuck in that classroom. This story was about one of those days from hell. This took place fairly recently. Maybe a week or so ago.

I usually drink a lot of coffee, which of course brings out the worst in me in the bathroom. This particular day I was going heavy with the coffee because I was up late the night prior grading tests. I like to be energetic for my students so they stay interested. My the time i had my break I could definitely feel something going on down there, and took a trip to the bathroom. A few other teachers were in there too. I took the stall next to another English teacher that I am friendly with because I enjoy talking with her, even on the pot.

While talking, she was ripping some serious stinkers. I heard a few plops drop in the toilet. She said it was the food she ate yesterday at lunch. I remember I got the same thing she did. It was a school lunch. A few seconds later, one of the Guidance counselors rushed in and took the stall next to me (there are four stalls). She was breathing heavily as she quickly ripped her pants and panties off and started pooping. She's young, so I overhear a lot of the boys making comments about her. I'd like to see them make those comments after seeing her here!

She said it was something she ate, and she apologized in advance for any smell she caused. I don't know if the apology was enough to cover the smell. It was terrible to say the least. My fellow english teacher finished up and said "I'll be back" a la Arnie in the Terminator. The counselor was still farting up a storm next to me. I was unable to push anything out, and the bell rang, so it was back to class for me. I hoped I wouldn't end up like my two colleagues.

I had two back to back hour long periods, one with the seniors and one with the sophomores. The seniors are a rowdy bunch, but I still enjoy the time with them. About fifteen minutes into class I felt some serious pressure in my stomach and guts. I usually like to stand and walk around during lectures, but I sat my butt firmly on the seat because I knew what was coming. The rest of the fifteen minutes in my lecture felt like fifteen years. I probably should mention I hadn't had a crap in 4 days, so there was definitely a big one brewing in my bowels. I began to sweat as I clenched my cheeks.

The rest of the period was a project the students are working on in groups. I didn't care about the noise they were making, I just needed to get to the bathroom and release this monster!

We have walkie talkies for communicating with other teachers. I was tempted to use that for a distress signal, but they are supposed to be used strictly for emergencies. Just as I stared wistfully at the walkie talkie, the dean of students came into our class to get a student. He talked to him in the hallway for a minute or so. When he left, I knew this was my chance. I went up to him and asked for a replacement for just a few minutes (it'd be more than a few minutes). He said he'd see what he could do, which basically meant sit here and shit your pants. I couldn't imagine the embarrassment.

I emailed a few fellow female teacher hoping for a release, but got no immediate help. One teacher said she might be able to help me next period, but no promises. I kicked myself for not asking another teacher beforehand if they could come.

I sat at my computer trying to get work done, but I was too distracted. I needed to drop one ASAP! I answered a few questions, firmly planted at my chair, but my mind was elsewhere. The bell rang like a message from God, as I got up, and made my way to the door. I was almost running, but I still needed to keep this turd inside me. The hallways were busy as usual, but I was able to force my way though to the faculty bathrooms. The trip there was not easy, but I made it.

All but one of the stalls was in use. Hallelujah! I scurried into the open stall, and was greeted with a nice fat dump staring me in the face. I was far too desperate to care about the stink of the stall, or any of the other ones. I fumbled with my zipper and panties but got them down, sat my big butt down on the stall, and relaxed for the first time in an hour.

Big juicy farts escaped my butt immediately. I had passed some gas in the hallway, but these were on a whole other level. Even the other teachers taking shits as well were disgusted. I didn't care. I pushed and the long log snaked out of me very quickly. When it dropped I released a big sigh of relief. It may not have been the whole thing, but I needed to get back to class. I wiped and rushed back into the classroom, feeling much better. I finished the job at home. I was disappointed I couldn't get a good look at my creation, but it definitely felt over 1 foot. There were 3 more turds, all about 5-6 inches. I felt much lighter afterwards!

That's all for now. I may post more.


Shane you said that you suffer from constipation alot. What do you usually do about it? I suffer with it alot too. I'd love to hear some of your constipated stories


Desperate with only one toilet

We only have one toilet at work & usually it's almost impossible to get in there first time round. This morning I got up late & didn't have time to have a poo at home so I had to wait untill I got to work. By the time I got to work I was busting to go but of course there was some one in there. I decided to make a coffee & try again later but before I knew it, it was time to start work. I left it for half an hour before trying again by which time I was getting quite desperate. It was still occupied though so I had to hold it even longer. By break time I really had to go so I tried to get into the toilet again. You guessed it some one was in there again. I made another coffee & took my break before returning to work dying for a poo. I worked for about an hour before I got too desperate to wait any longer & tried to get in the toilet for a fourth time. Again it was occupied so I had to wait in agony untill lunch time. By then I was about to poo myself & could hardly move. I slowly made my way to the toilet & got there just in time to find it was occupied again. I had to hold my bum & clench with all my strength while listening to Angelica dropping several big turds. The sound effects didn't help my desperate situation especialy when she gave a sigh of relief. I could feel my poo trying to force its way past my anus & it hurt to keep clenching for so long. Finaly Angelica flushed the toilet & came out so I rushed in after her. The smell of her huge dump hit me full on & I ripped my jeans & knickers down before sitting on a nice warm seat. The moment I was seated I relaxed & let my bowels force out a huge & very relieving load of soft mushy poo. I pood my brains out & the relief was so so good. I don't even want to think about what could have happened if I'd waited any longer. I was just glad I finaly made it to the toilet without having an embarrassing & messy accident.

Hi again to everyone. I have another story from today for you.

I went into town to do some shopping today. As I looked around I got the urge to poo quite strongly. I made my way to the toilets. There were 5 cubicles- the two in the middle were occupied. I went in one of the others and came right back out- it was blocked up completely. I tried another- no good, the seat was completely covered in someone's piss. I tried a third- the seat was down and for some reason there was bright red blood all over the floor, so I left it well alone. So i had to wait! I stood by the sinks and listened to the two women in the cubicles tinkle, plop and grunt as they relieved themselves.
I had to to fairly badly now. A young girl who looked about 12 or 13 came in to the toilets behind me. She was in a school uniform and she joined the queue for the loo after checking some of the other cubicles. Time passed and one of the women finished and came out. She was an attractive woman in her late 20s and I went in after her. The cubicle smelled of poo and when I parked myself down the seat was nice and warm from its previous occupant. I had my wee first and then started to poo. A small log came out quickly and easily. The other woman flushed and left and the school girl replaced her. I heard her lift her skirt and saw her lower her white knickers to her knees as she sat. I pushed out two more soft logs and the girl started to wee. This went on for about 30 seconds and then I heard two quick plops. I let off another log and then some mushy poo started to come out. The girl farted and there was another loud plop. Someone entered the stall to my left but quickly left again. Then I heard more footsteps as I finished my poo and started wiping. I left to see that the cleaner had arrived and was getting rid of some of the mess. There were a couple of women queuing and one of them took my cubicle.

Strange how all but two of the toilets were in no condition to be used!

Upstate Dave

Just Some More Responses

Some responses first:

There was a post form a unnamed person which was about the lack of posts by the regulers here. There are many of us here that do regular posting. Yes there are many times there are new people here in a big bunch all at the same time. That happens with how many are in the que and the moderaters review the posts then the day they are put on the site.

Gopi it could be that you are just uncofortible using another toilet not the one that yu use where you live. I read oter posters here haveing the same problem. So you are not alone. I wouldn't worry about it.

Jane Doe real good post you had wth your accident story in your hotel room. Very descriptively written.

Urinal Survey:

1. Style of urinal doesn't matter to me. Full or half I use them both
2. I'll use a stall toilet to piss in if there is no availible urinal to use.
3. I just take any one that is notin use and use it. Location does not matter.
4. I have no problem unzipping.
5. I hold my penis with one hand only.
6. I lower te front of my seats down enough so that my penis is out and I can hold it.
7. No I don't wipe my penis. mI'm old school I'll shake it once or twice. That always does the trick.
8. Always flush; Yes I do
9. I always wash after I'm finished.
10 The auto flushers are kind of neat.Some are real quick others do have a short time befor it does flush.

Hello again everyone! Another post for you all today.

I went to the cinema today with my friend from school, Megan. Before we went in we went to Burger King for lunch. We shared a big tub of popcorn while we watched the film, and I had a big Pepsi as well. About halfway through I started to need a wee. I noticed that Meg looked a bit uncomfortable. As the film reached its climax I really started to need a wee badly since I didn't want to miss the end. I was shifting around in my seat a lot and I crossed my legs. Meg was doing the same. When the film finished everyone started leaving. We were near the front so it took us a while to get out. Meg looked in urgent need of a toilet. She said to me as we walked out that she was really desperate to poo. I said I really needed a wee too and we headed for the toilets. Although there were twelve cubicles they were all taken since two films had finished at about the same time. There was a queue, too- six people ahead of us. Meg shot me an anxious look. I let Meg go in front of me because she was really desperate.
Almost immediately two toilets opened up and the two women at the front of the queue went in. Most people were only having a quick wee although a couple were pooing, so the line moved quite fast. Meg was now at the front of the queue. A toilet opened up and she dashed in. I heard Meg quickly sit down and then her poo violently exploded out of her! She must have been really close to pooing herself because I then heard six very rapid plops and another wet sounding fart. Another cubicle became free so I hurried in and emptied my aching bladder. I peed for well over a minute, which for me is a long time! When I came out Meg was still in the loo, so I washed my hands and waited outside for her. She came out five minutes later looking very relieved! She told me she most certainly was and that she'd held her poo in through almost the whole film because she didn't want to miss any of it!

I have lots more stories that involve Meg- I might post some more soon.

Princess Of AJville

To Gemma

You wrote:

Princess Of AJville
I've never had to sleep at a hospital, so I don't know what this is like. You say you wet the bed several times, but it was protected. How was it protected? Plastic sheet?
Were you just wearing a hospital gown, or did you have panties and pants on?


I'm pretty sure that a plastic sheet must have fit into the picture somewhere in order to protect the mattress. Of course, there was a normal sheet over that.

Since I wasn't exactly at my best at the time, I can't give you all of the details about the bed, but I'm pretty sure that I had some kind of pad under me, as the hospital actually has pads like this that they sell to the public cheap. The pads (washable, reusable, and made of soft cloth) are generally quilted on the topside with some kind of protective material used for the underside.

I remember that they used to have a more primitive (and disposable) form of these pads 25 years or more ago, as I used to help make them. At the time, they were called bed chucks or cancer pads. The reason for the latter name was that these were used for people with cancer who were too weak to even get onto a bedpan, so the pads were placed under them and removed when they became soiled.

We had something at our church one day each week called women's work day, and this was our project.

The first part of the day, we would make these pads, followed by a pitch-in lunch and devotional.

Each pad had a center made from several sheets of old newspapers. This was covered on both sides by a soft, crinkly cardboard. We would then take material used for making bedsheets and pillowcases to be placed as a top and bottom layer (where they were like bread and the newspaper and cardboard layers were the contents of a sandwich) and would hand-stitch them together.

While I was lying in bed, I wore one of those open-backed hospital gowns and no panties.

When I was able to get up and walk around more, I'd put on a robe but would remove it when I returned to bed.

I was discouraged from wearing panties at that time because my skin was so compromised that it needed to heal or I would end up with a worse infection than I already had.

Speaking of which, I've got to go pee, so I'll sign off for now...

i was just walking in the local field with my dog when, i found a big fat poo wrapped/rolled in a sheet of kitchen roll. Now i'm kinda wondering who would do that. A man surely wouldn't bother going to the trouble of pooping onto it and then rolling it up, but then would a girl poop in an open field and then just leave the wrapped up poop laying there? Any thoughts anyone?


Advice to Gopi


I can sure see why you are frustrated. Although not everyone has to do it everyday, crapping away from home is important, perhaps more importantly when you're away at college, working and traveling.

Some rambling thoughts:
1) Could it be the size of the bathroom? Mall and school bathrooms are pretty large? What if you were to use a one-staller like in a gas station or a small coin-operated laundry?

2) Could it be the size of the toilet and seat? If you are relatively small for your age, the large institutional public toilet with the big black seat could be a little intimidating. Have you ever noticed that the toilets I referred to in Number 1 above are much closer in size and appearance to what most of us have at home? I've found that the smaller the toilet, the better the chance the seat will be white.

3) Could it be noise from the others around? Could it be them peeking in on you? There are some really obnoxious people out there who are anything but courteous.

I don't know if you have any other inhabitions about crapping in public? If I remember correctly, your stories about peeing when you're out with Jerika have been amusing and haven't mentioned any problems.

One final thought: You might want to drop that toilet paper-covering-the-seat idea. I don't think it serves any useful purpose and other contributors to the board have seemed to corroborate that.

Good luck, Gopi!

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