My first accident

Hi everyone. I am still not over the accident I had on March 31st that I posted about on page 2013. I mean, I keep reliving it and how it felt to lose control of my bowels in my pants. There was that moment early on when I knew I needed to get to a toilet. Then, a few moments later, the feeling of starting to go in my panties. I felt so hopeless. I have been trying to block it out of my mind because when I think of what happened, I start to cry. I just felt so helpless and embarrassed but luckily last week at work was actually okay. Neither Megan nor Scott said anything about it, so I'm not sure if they knew what happened to me or not.

But now I am so paranoid that it will happen again. I talked to my mom about it and she said that it would be a good idea to carry extra panties with me in my purse when I am out. I thought that was a really good idea so I started doing that. I really hope that I don't have another accident, but if I do poop my pants again, at least I will be able to change my panties.

I see that some people posted about wanting to hear about the accident I had when I was 17 and in my last year of high school. Here it goes…

It was about five years ago in 2006 and it also happened in March. It was a Wednesday and I remember that I was wearing pink bikini panties and rather tight fitting jeans. As I was eating breakfast that morning, I could tell that something wasn't quite right. I wasn't feeling sick exactly, just a little off. I took the bus to school this particular day because I was running late and the bus ride is only about 10 minutes as opposed to a 40 minute walk from my home.

Anyway, each of our semesters had four classes. By March we were in our second semester and the last of my high school career. I was feeling okay during my first class. In my second class, we had to do group presentations and I did mine with my good friend Kim. Each group had 15 minutes for their presentations and we were the second last group to go before lunch. During the presentations, I started feeling really bad. As the group before us was doing their presentation, I felt like I was going to be sick. Like, diarrhea sick. When they finished, the teacher called Kim and I up for our presentation. I went over to her desk told her that I wasn't feeling well and if we could do our presentation the next day. She said no and then went on a diatribe of how we, especially women, need to be prepared to do things even when we were not "feeling well". She said something like, "Young lady, the work place is a tough one, especially for women. You need to be at your best no matter what time of the month it is and no matter how you are feeling." She obviously thought that I wasn't feeling well because of my period. She couldn't have been more wrong.

So, we started our presentation. About five minutes in, I was talking and the cramps got really bad. I was trying to keep my butt cheeks clenched as tightly as I could, but as I was talking, I felt a wet fart slip out and into my panties. It was really wet and I could feel it soaking into my panties. When I was done talking, Kim finished her part of our presentation. As she was talking, another wave of diarrhea rushed through me and I could not hold it back. It came out really fast and I could feel it spread over my butt cheeks, up my back a bit and into my crotch. I discreetly put my left hand around my bum to feel the damage. Luckily there wasn't much of a bulge, but I knew that I would have a major clean up to do during lunch. There were not busses during our lunch hour and I did not have enough time to go home, clean up, change and get back for my afternoon classes.

When we were done our presentation, I asked our teacher if I could go to the bathroom. She said "No" because we all had to watch each other's presentations since we would be tested on them later. When I sat down, I placed my left leg under my bum to keep the mess from spreading everywhere and to keep it from leaking through my jeans.

When our class ended, and I went directly to the closest girl's bathroom, keeping my backpack over my bum the entire way. I had to wait a few minutes for a stall to open up as the girl's bathroom was packed with girls going pee and doing their make up. A stall finally opened up and I went in, closed the door and hung my backpack on the coat hanger on the door.

I undid my jeans and saw that they had a slight wet stain at the back end of the crotch area, but that was it. I then carefully lowered my panties and they were a disaster. I sat down and started crying quietly. I grabbed a bunch of toilet paper and tried cleaning out my panties as much as I could. I cleaned myself up as well, but I had used almost all of the toilet paper in the stall. I pulled my panties back up, which was a gross, wet, clammy feeling. There were still quite a few girls in the bathroom and I did not want to have to throw them away, or put them in the maxi pad bin. The next girl in would most likely have found them and would have know that they were mine. I pulled my jeans up and wiped my hands as clean as I could with the remaining toilet paper in the stall. I then washed my hands quite thoroughly and left. I had been in there for about 25 minutes, but no one in the bathroom said anything.

I met up with Kim in the cafeteria and she asked me where I had been. I told her that I had been in the girl's bathroom. She asked me if I was feeling okay and I lied and told her yes. I had a few bites of my lunch, but I wasn't too hungry, so I did not eat all that much.

I had a test in my first afternoon class and I still wasn't feeling well. During the test, I started feeling sick again and I almost pooped my pants for the second time as I was writing it. The class and test ended and I made a bee line to the girl's bathroom again. My class was on the opposite side of the school this time and I had to walk in front of the main office where most of the students go by in between classes. I was right in front of the main office when the worst attack of diarrhea hit me. I started going uncontrollably in my pants in front of everyone. It was really wet and there was a lot of it. The mess spread all around my panties and down my legs. I reached around to touch my bum and it was really wet. I had gone so much that the mess leaked through my panties and jeans almost immediately. Everyone walking stopped to watch me as I pooped my pants in the middle of the school. People were staring with horrified looks on their faces. Others started chuckling and saying things like, "Look at that baby!" and, "She needs diapers!" It was so mortifying. My friend Kim quickly came over and wrapped her sweater around my waist and took me to the main office so I could call my mom to pick me up. I was crying the entire time.

The office administrator called my mom at work, but my mom was out of her office in meetings. My heart sank. Kim asked if there was anyone else who I could call. I did not want to call my dad because I did not want him to see me like this. So I tried calling my older sister Stephanie who was in her second year of University. I tried her at home and she wasn't there. I then tried her on her cell phone and luckily she answered. I was crying so hard that I could barely tell her what happened. Kim took the phone and talked to her and told her that I was really sick and needed to be picked up and taken home.

Kim waited for me at the front doors of our school and neither of us said much of anything. Right as Stephanie was pulling up, I had another cramp and started pooping my pants for a third time. Kim walked me out to Stephanie's car. Steph was that I was crying and came out to ask what was wrong. In between sobs, I said that I was sick and had pooped my pants really badly. She looked at me in horror and it looked like she had seen a ghost. She gave me a fabric shopping bag to sit on to keep her car seat clean.

As we were driving, Stephanie called our mom at work. She was back at the office and Steph told mom that she had to pick me up from school because I was sick. Steph asked mom if she could leave work early. Mom said she could and was home shortly after we got there.

When we got home, I had to go again for the fourth time in my pants. Cleaning up was a massive chore. I cried the entire time. Stephanie brought up a garbage bag so I could throw away my panties, jeans and socks. Some of the mess had gotten on my shirt, but I thought I would be able to get it clean.

I really wanted to stay home the next day, but my mom made me go. I had another big test to write anyway. I was so nervous and embarrassed when I got there. People were looking at me and whispering to each other and talking about my accident. When I got to my locker, some jerk had taped a diaper to it with a note that said, "Try these next time." I was so embarrassed. I was the talk of the school for the rest of the year. I would say something in class and someone would whisper things like, "She's gonna blow!" It was horrible. At least it happened in my last year of high school and not in my first year.

So, there you have it… My first accident from when I was 17 years old. Since this message board is confidential, I will also admit to everyone that there have been a few times when I have had diarrhea during my period and have actually gone on my pad a few times. But, I have not had any accidents as bad as my one from when I was 17, or my most recent one at age 22 on March 31st, 2011.

I really hope that this doesn't happen to me again!

By the way, is this also the place to share period related accidents? I have read some of the older posts where mention is made to having diarrhea on a maxi pad, but no real mention of a pad leaking, or one's period starting early and catching them off guard with no supplies. The reason I ask is because it's happened to me on occasion.

Thank you,

new guy

comments & stuff

To: Stevie great accident story and it sounds like the softness of your poop took you by surprise thats the thing with our bodies you can never tell what your poops gonna be soft, hard, in between or liquidy but thats the people take that like to have accidents and an anoyance to those who dont and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Gopi it sounds like your body isnt comfortable pooping any where besides your house or Jerikas it might be something you evently get over it or not it all depends on your body and as always I look to you and Jerikas posts thanks.

To: Stephanie great story about your almost accident and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Whizzer my answers to your survey

1. tall ones on the wall or ones that I can reach with me being about 5 feet tall

2. yes if the urinals are full and im very desperate and about to pee my pants or if the urinal to high up or if its not working

3. dosent matter I go to what ever one I feel like

4. I dont wear anything that zips up because I dont want risk having an accident while trying to get a zipper down

5. somtimes one hand to better aim but usaualy no hands

6. pull it up and over and then pee

7. at home sometimes

8. most of the time but some urinals keep on flushing and dont stop so I dont usualy flush unless there is someone else in there

9. yes but usualy just a quick rinse unless I have something important to do

10. it depends on the type the ones that flush when walk away I like but the ones where you have to hold your hand in front of the sensor are anoying because if your hand is not in the right place it wont flush

To: Wendy & Kirsty, Kirsty great "accident" story I bet if Wendy was there shae would have joined in to and great story about your desperate dump it sounds you just made with seconnds to spare and I know that would have been a real mess to clean up from the description of your poop and Wendy great story about your accident and as always I lok forward to your guys next post thanks.

To: Shelly another great poop story and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Kim first welcome to the site and great story about the big dump you took I bet you felt alot better after that and please post more great stories thanks.

To: JaneDoe first welcome to the site and great story about you peeing your pants and please share any other stories you may have thanks.

To: Ciara great story about you pooping at school and hearing that other girl poop as well and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

Well thats all for now

Sincerly new guy

PS. I love this site


Finally pooped

I finally pooped. I've been constipated for a week despite all the water I've been drinking and the Raisin Bran, fruit, vegetables, etc that I've eaten. Nothing had moved. So finally last night I got sick of waiting and went to the grocery store and bought prune juice. I drank a mug of warm prune juice after dinner and drank lots of warm water afterwards. Nothing except gas came out so I went to sleep.

When I got up I had a bowl of Raisin Bran with 2 tablespoons of ground flax seed (doctor's orders) and had another mug of warm prune juice. This seemed to get things moving finally so I went to the bathroom. This big poop came out without much pain. It must have been about a foot long.

The second time I needed to poop it was diarrhea. I guess the log was kind of like the champagne cork and the diarrhea came out after it. I'm starting to feel better finally.


Poop at School

Riley: One part of the building is stalless. It is a very small school. I've had erections spying on the girls in the classroom toilet when I was in kindergarten. There are three floors. Then, I had them watching other boys using the toilet when I got to first grade. I do make crackling noises, sometimes followed by an explosive wave. They are loud. Do not to hold your bowels. My father says "better to bear the shame, than to bear the pain." Just let down your pants to your thighs and keep your legs together. Stuff your johnson down with your hand. I learned that from watching other boys and when I was toilet-trained.

Small Town Girl, leave those 5 hr. energy drinks alone. They are loaded with bad chemicals
that are literally poison.

Victoria, you could have not had this incident worse, if you planned it. You sound like you are in Edmonton or Calgary, AB, because you use the terms university and C-train. I was a freshman in college. Thank God, there were always toilets because we had a large old law school and there were dept. stores nearby which I knew each. I rarely used the dept. store toilets. My heart goes out to you. If you were with me, I would have brought you to my house to clean up and have given you new underwear.

Lisa to Frantic Francine
That was immoral and illegal to use that boy as a custodian. In elementary school, we had to sweep and vacuum the classroom everyday, but we were not custodians.

Kid, I would have gone in the woods along with all the rest of them.

Half Dump Denise to Freshman Freddy: I would not sit in someone else's pee. I always cleaned the seat before I sat down. See my earliest posts about my schools' toilets.


Advice for Gopi's situation


Are you going into crap at places like school and the mall because Jerika is with you and she has to? You are a different person and your bodily functions might operate on a different timetable.

What I'm thinking might help you is to wait longer before you go in to sit. Be certain that the feeling in your gut is more than just gas and then perhaps an hour or so later, if the feeling is increasing, then go in and sit down. There's a better chance at that point that you will be able to fully empty your bowels.

Also, I don't know that you've told us why you place the toilet paper over the seat before you sit yourself down. Does that give you a comfort equal to that which you have at your house or when you are at Jerika's?

Joe Stool

Ladies enjoying their own smell

Hey ladies. I won't ask these question of the guys, because most guys will openly admit that they sometimes enjoy the smell of their own poop and farts. Girls, here goes: When was the last time you farted and enjoyed the smell? Do you discretely go out of the way to smell your own poop and farts? When was the last time you pooped and enjoyed the smell? What other general characteristics do farts and poop have when they are the kind that have this appealing smell?

Now for both the guys and girls. When was the last time you overheard a woman pooping in an accidental voyeur type of situation? Could you describe any sounds, smells, etc? Any grunts?

Thanks so much - happy movements to all


My next accident

After my previous two accidents I posted when I was 13 and 15 I managed to stay accident free for about a year. I had a few close calls, I'm sure, but my panties stayed dry and poop-stainless. :)

That came to an end just before I turned 17. I was over at a friend's house one Saturday because we were going to a Christmas party together and were going to hang out, do our hair and makeup for each other, then go to the party. I had been at her place for a while and we had started to get ready for the party. I was wearing a tank top and jeans while we worked on hair and makeup. It was perfectly normal, just talking and joking and sometimes laughing and just helping each other get pretty.

That changed when I accidentally twitched my hand while helping my friend with her eye liner and wound up putting a black line from the corner of her eye almost to her ear. I said, "Oops!"

She jumped and said, "What oops? No oops!"

Then she looked in the mirror and shrieked and we both started laughing. And laughing some more. Soon I was bent double, gasping for air, my stomach muscles clamped tight from laughing so hard. Neither of us could speak, only laugh.

And then suddenly, without any prior warning that I needed to go, I felt my crotch go wet and warm and I looked down, still laughing, and watched a dark stain spread across the front of my jeans and down my legs. But I couldn't stop laughing and because I couldn't stop laughing I couldn't stop peeing. I just stood there, legs shoulder width apart, slightly bent at the knee, squatting just slightly, looking back and forth between the rapidly expanding wetness on my jeans and my friend, who had covered her mouth in shock but also couldn't stop laughing. And so we just stood there laughing like idiots while I completely emptied my bladder into my jeans and onto her carpet. By the time I was finished I was soaked and there were two wet spots on her carpet where my feet were located.

My friend finally managed an, "Oh my God! Stephanie!" We were both still laughing, but under control now, and able to at least put together coherent sentences.

I responded, "I'm so sorry! It just started and I couldn't stop it!"

It was then that there was a knock at her bedroom door, that then swung open, and her mother stuck her head into the room, asking, "Everything ok, girls? Sounds like something awfully funny was..." She stopped as she noticed the back of my completely soaked jeans. I turned around and started to cover the front of my jeans with my hands, then realized it would be stupid since the wetness covered so much of them and said, "I'm so sorry, Mrs. X. I just started laughing and couldn't stop. I'll clean the carpet, I swear."

Her mom just laughed and stepped inside and shut the door behind her (my friend had a brother to keep out) and said, "Don't worry about it, hun. It happens. Why don't you get cleaned up and don't worry about the carpet. It isn't the first time I've needed to clean pee out of the carpet in this house."

My friend grabbed my arm and pulled me to the door, opened it, checked that the coast was clear, then we jumped out into the hallway and ran down to the bathroom she shared with her brother just down the hall, into the bathroom, and slammed the door behind us.

I could see myself in the full mirror and was amazed at how wet my jeans were. I had no idea I needed to go so bad.

My friend jumped past me, pushing her pants down as she did, and dropped herself onto the toilet and began peeing, "Sorry, all that laughing made me have to pee, too!"

I said, "No problem. At least you didn't pee your pants."

She said, "Well, not that much anyway." She pulled her panties up slightly and showed the crotch where there was an small but obvious wet spot about the size of a quarter on her pale blue panties. She laughed, and so did I.

I said, "Mind if I wash off in the shower?"

She said, "No, go ahead. I'll get you something new to wear." She finished peeing, flushed, washed her hands, and ducked out of the room.

I peeled off my soggy jeans and panties and my tank top and hopped in the shower to wash and rinse my lower body without getting my upper body wet and having to redo any of the hair or makeup, and thankfully succeeded. My friend ducked back in just as I was finishing up with a clean pair of her sweat pants and clean panties, since I didn't have any spares of my own. Her mom also took my jeans and panties and washed them for me while we finished getting dressed and went to the party so they would be dry and clean when we got back afterwards.

It was a little embarrassing, but not much, since it was just my friend and her mom that knew or found out. They were both super nice about it, though, so that helped me not feel as bad, and since it happened from laughing too hard I think that maybe helped as well.


Leslie Leanne

Message for Kim

Hello again, everyone.

Kim, honey, I just got done with reading your post about your situation, and as I have felt for another poster here - Small Town Girl - my heart cannot help but melt for what you are going through.

You say your typical BMs can be massive when you haven't gone for three or four days at a time. Well, I am curious as to know just how big they are in diameter. You describe them as being massive, but I would like to know just how big around and how long they usually are.

Like you, I am also in my 40s. I turned 40 in late January, and I'm just enjoying life the best that I can. However, I wish I could say that my bowel movements are as big as they were back when I was a teen in the mid 1980s. Over the years, I have somehow developed the habit of not producing a healthy looking BM whenever I go. If they're solid, they usually come out in small pebbles or slightly larger balls. But most of the time, since I drink plenty of liquids during the daytime, I usually have diarrhea or semi-solid stools. I find this disturbing and somewhat heartbreaking, because I once really enjoyed it when I had a large BM that left me feeling totally cleaned out. I wish those days would return, but it looks like they won't for a while.

Okay, that's enough about me. I would like to know more about you - specifically how you well you are built for a woman that weighs 260lb. I currently weigh 195, and six feet tall, but I am not very shapely. I'm built like a carrot from the chest down. My breasts are large, though - size 40E, and they make me appear top-heavy. My bottom is not shaped like it should be, though. It's flat, and looks more like a man's bottom. In fact, my chest is wider than my hips are. That's a major bummer, because this isn't what usually attracts the men. Men prefer women to have a pleasing shape, whether they are large in size or not.

Anyway, would you describe yourself as being physically attractive - such as facial features, dimensions, and whatnot? I wish I could show you photos of me, but I can't afford my own camera at this time. And since I am also bi-curious, I often find myself attracted to women as much as I am attracted to certain men. From what you describe, it also sounds as if you are single like I am, despite you are living with what sounds like a roommate.

By the way, even though people who post here are allowed to include their email address, I would be a bit cautious about that. You see, once a message is posted on this forum, it is permanent unless the moderator is asked to remove it from view. I surely wouldn't want for you to get harassed by other posters and lurkers on this web page. I know I wouldn't appreciate that, because it would be a violation of my privacy and dignity as a lady. Bear this in mind, if you will.

It's now getting very close to my bedtime, and I'm sitting here at my terminal and wearing two of my long, pink, nylon nightgowns. By the way, what color is the nightgown you mentioned in your last post? Is it pink like mine, or some other color? I'd like to know, if you don't mind. And let me tell you, my nightgowns and matching stockings keep me very comfortable at night, which makes for pleasant dreams.

Okay, girls and ladies, that is all for tonight. I'm ready to turn in, since I just finished off a Seagram's peach fuzzy navel wine cooler to help me relax before bed. Everybody take care - especially you, Kim and Small Town Girl - and I will be back again soon.

Hugs, Caresses, & Kisses,
Leslie Leanne


Toilet shy girl

I had to get some shopping on my way home from work tonight & in the supermarket there was a girl of about 11 or 12 walking around with her dad. She was wearing pink pyjamas with little teddy bears on & yellow slippers which looked a bit odd. She looked worried & walked stiffly as if she was trying not to poo herself. Her dad asked her if she needed to go to the toilet but she said "No". I knew she was lying & so did her dad but for some reason she wouldn't admit it. I carried on with my shopping & when I'd got everything I went to the checkout to pay. I saw the girl & her dad at one of the checkouts & out of curiousity I went to the same one. The girl was now hopping up & down but she still refused to admit she needed the toilet. Her dad told her to go to the toilet now but she insisted she didn't need to go. Whenever she thought no one was looking she held her bum & It was more than obvious she'd been holding on for a long time & must be close to doing it in her knickers. When they paid for their shopping the girls dad tried to get her to go to the toilet again but she still denied needing to go. He then warmed her if she had an accident she would be in big trouble.
When I paid for my shopping I took my trolley to my car & noticed the girl was crying & her dad was telling her off for not using the toilet. As I got closer I could smell poo & saw the bulge in the back of has pyjamas. She had a big wet patch between her legs by the look on her face she seamed to be pushing some more poo into her knickers while the wet patch grew even bigger. Must have been really desperate to have such big accident in public & I really can't work out why she didn't want to use the toilet.

Intense relief at work

I was driving to work this morning with a very desperate need of the toilet. I'd been feeling a slight urge to poo at home while I was getting ready for work but I ignored it thinking I'd be ok untill I got to work but I was wrong. The urge turned to extreme desperation about half way to work. By the time I got to the car park & found a parking space I was nearly pooing my knickers. I ran into the building holding my bum & just made it to the toilet in time. As soon as I got into the cubicle I pulled my leggings & knickers down to my knees & sat on the toilet with a thump. As soon as my bum touched the toilet seat I just relaxed & released a huge load of semi solid poo. It lasted non stop for thirty seconds & the relief was one of the most intensely pleasureabale moments of my life. I can't even begin to describe how good it felt. All I know was if I'd waited any longer it would have been a very big mess in my knickers instead of in the toilet. I peed a lot too which further enhanced my relief. The wiping took some time & after flushing & washing my hands I still had a few minutes untill I had to start work.


Anonimity in Posts to this forum

Hello Everyone

Hope you are all OK

Interesting issue Stevie raised with the names of regular posters. For obvious reasons "Hermes" is my alter-ego name used just for this forum.Hermes in Greek mythology as well as being the messenger of the Gods had the keys to the kingdom of Hell and a a result regularly crossed what would be acceptable boundaries to some.

In real life in Greater London, I'm regarded as a saint in whose mouth "butter would never melt" by my friends and work colleagues - and with the exception of the occassional fellow pooping enthusiasts who were "in on the act at the time" - if my peers ever found out it was me who posted all those (true) stories,then I would be in serious trouble!I suspect that maybe other regular posters might feel the same. ...

Bye for now, a longer post next time hopefully.

Take care and please keep all those interesting posts coming!

Hermes x

Pants Pooper Mx

The day I pooped my pants at Mexico City Central Park

Hi everybody, I have followed this site for several years and now I want to be an active participant in it.
I'm a guy from Mexico City, I am 30 years old, white, 5 feet 6 inches (1.75 meters), 176 pounds (80 kg), brown hair.
I will tell you the story of one day when I had some diarrhea, I thought it already had taken off and went out to the street. Wandering in the central park of Mexico City I felt the need of cut a fart, and I wanted to let it out as I usually do pushing hard. Then I felt how my briefs filled with stinking hot diarrhea. I walked slowly into a store to go to the bathroom and clean up my mess. I take a long time there and spend a lot of toilet paper, I took off my underwear and I put it in a plastic bag inside my backpack to take it home and wash it later. I finally went from there, thickness no one has noticed what happened to me...

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Been reading this site about a month now. Like many guys been interested in listening/watching women from about the age of 4. Earliest recollection relates to watching my mother. We were on a coach journey from London to the West Country & several comfort breaks were scheduled en route (pre motorway days). Seen her wee at a couple of earlier breaks, pulled panties to one side and squat. This time she lifted up her skirt and said to me "ooi I think I want to do a #2". She pulled her white panties down to her knees & hovered over the bowl, seat was up, did her wee and waited, another dribble of wee then plop another few seconds elapsed then about 6 plops in rapid succession then silence. A bout a minute or so elapsed then "rapid machine gun fire" again and a final little wee and finished, wiped and pulled up her panties. Before flushed I peeked in the bowl and saw a combo of sinkers and floaters about the size of conkers (fruit? of the horse chestnut tree). This was back in the mid 50s when she was her late 20s/early 30s , she's in her mid 80s now. Tony (Scotland) we're of the same era. Several other stories to relate another time. Bye for now!


Genuine least it started that way.

It was Saturday morning. I normally wake up either 6:00 or 6:30 but sleep in on weekends. I woke up around 7:00 with a full bladder. I remained in bed and held my pee. Around 8:15 I finally got up, pulled on my jeans and tee shirt, went downstairs and sat down in the easy chair. I continued to hold. The pressure ran in cycles, intense for a few minutes then eased for about 20 minutes then intense for a few minutes then eased again. Around 9:30 my father announced he was taking a shower before going to town. About this time I also realized I needed a poo. My last poo was early Wednesday morning.

I stayed in the easy chair clenching both pee and poo. At one point my bum muscles tired. Normally remaining seated would prevent the poo from expelling so I relaxed. At that moment I learned my poo was much softer than usual. Poo started to escape into my underpants. I clenched and stopped flow of poo. I stayed in my chair sitting in my pooed pants until my dad finished showering.

When he got out of the bathroom he came in the room where I was sitting and asked for stamps. I told him they were in the car. Walking as normal as possible, I went to the car. At the car I walked around to the other side so the car provided privacy. I knew my underwear was soiled but I wanted to check my jeans. The poo had worked through the underwear and marked the inside of my jeans but the outside of the jeans were still unmarked. I pulled the jeans back up, grabbed the stamps, took them into the house, handed them to my father, and returned to the easy chair. I remained in that chair until my father left the house around 10:30.

After my father departed, I was home alone. The underpants and jeans were already ruined so I decided to keep them on and finish my business. I got up from the easy chair and decided to take the dogs for a walk. I exited the house and as the dogs did their business in the woods, I finished my business in my pants. After I finished walking the dogs, I went to the shower and cleaned myself so I could go to town.

Just a quick question. Some people here withdraw names, either theirs, the ones in their stories or both. While I have no problem with this, as everyone is anonymous in this site, I noticed that 95% of them are first time posters, in fact I think the only regular who does it is Hermes, also, of these 95%, only 1% of them post another story. Why is it like this?


I don't produce enough crap

Some of you guys might be able to help me.

My friend Jerika has always been able to crap normally large amounts at school and when we're out in public like riding our bikes, visiting at the mall, and places like that. She's also crapped in some pretty strange places and she's written about that.

However, I don't have that ability. For the first time this semester, I'm having to crap at school. I get a stall, place toilet tissue on the seat, seat myself and after about 10 minutes I might have dropped only one or two small pieces. Then a half hour or hour later after school at Jerika's house I have my normal-size crap. The same type of thing happened to us Saturday at the mall. I dropped a 2-incher, but an hour later before I had dinner with Jerika's family, I half filled the bowl. Jerika was concerned that I might have stopped up the bowl, but it went down so her parents aren't upset. Sunday afternoon at the movies, Jerika and I used adjacent stalls. Her log was like 9 inches or 10 inches. Mine wasn't even an inch long. Then we went to my house to do homework and I did my more usual bowl filler.

Why can't I do a normal crap away from home?

Amanda V - thanks for the story about your accident at the mall. Sounds like something that could have happened to me. In fact, once it did almost happen to me but I was able to make it to the bathroom just in time to avoid a complete accident. I had been at the mall with my mom and was too shy to ask to go. I was around 12 years old, I think. We shopped and shopped and shopped and my need to go kept getting worse and worse and worse. I had to pee and poop really bad like you. It was to the point I had to hold myself front and back and stop and cross my legs whenever my mom stopped to look at something. I also tried to hide behind clothes racks. Finally we passed a bathroom and I jumped at the chance and ran inside to go. As I got into the bathroom I did leak a little and wet the crotch of my panties a good bit, but I made it into the stall and got them down before the rest came out. The seat of my panties had a nickel sized hershey mark on them and the crotch had an egg sized wet spot, but I was wearing a skirt and nothing showed. I wiped my panties dry with toilet paper as best I could and hurried back out, spending the next while feeling cold wetness on my crotch while my panties dried as we walked around the rest of the mall.

I can't wait to hear more of your stories. I'll try to post more of mine soon, too.


Leslie Leanne

Reply to Small Town Girl & Julie

Hi, Ladies.

Small Town Girl, I really appreciate your reply to my concerns for you. However, I have a new question to share with you.

On average, how big are your bowel movements usually? Like I said, mine aren't all that big these days - at least not compared to when I was still a teenager back in the mid '80s. But I have managed to produce some monsters over the years, albeit they were few and far between. My biggest ever was 14 inches long and two inches wide. I was also 14 years old at the time (1985) when this happened. I'm 40 now, and my normal BMs have gradually reduced in size. I suppose my anatomy and metabolism have something to do with this.

I now have another question. If your forearms are 5 to 6 inches in diameter, does this mean you are a woman of great size? Large women seem to be more popular than ever these days. Anyway, you mentioned that your last major bowel movement was as big around as your forearm, and indicated it was about 5 or 6 inches around. Well, that's enormous and physically impossible for a lady like me to 'deliver'. Like I said, that would feel like giving birth to either a football or a new baby. My anus is not that large and it doesn't stretch all that well anymore.

How about you, Julie? How big are your bowel movements? And do you always produce big ones, or is it every once in a while? And how well are you built? Are you built well enough to handle these monstrous BMs you tend to have? I certainly would love to hear a detailed description, if you don't mind.

I also have a question for AmyLee. Where have you been lately, honey? I haven't heard a word from you in over a week, and I really do enjoy reading your stories. How's Leigh, and the rest of the bunch at your office? Are you still able to produce those obviously gigantic turds you have described before? Please let me know and give us some more detailed descriptions of them. I'd like that.

And AmyLee, I have to admit I was quite impressed after I read your post about being in the ladies room that one day during a business meeting, where you ended up producing the biggest load of all the girls in the bathroom - you know, the one you said shocked you by the amount that was in the toilet you used that day. You must have felt at least 10 to 15 pounds lighter after that ordeal, huh? And let me tell you - there's nothing like the feeling of being cleaned out.

Before I go, i have some comments for Shelly. Like AmyLee, I haven't heard much from you since that one post you put up about your friends Erica and Becky, entitled Family Stories. I would have loved to have been there to witness Becky's 'delivery' of that monstrous turd, which measured 3 inches wide and over three feet long. And even though I'm a lady myself, I am also a bit bi-curious and would find Becky to be very attractive since she has a big and shapely body. I really wish I was built like that, but God didn't plan it that way for me unfortunately. But anyway, sweetie, keep in touch because we all enjoy reading your posts, as well as everyone else's stories. Talk to you later.

Okay, ladies, that's all for this time around. Keep the posts coming, and I hope to be seeing replies to my posts as well. Take good care, and happy pooping to all.

Warm & Loving Regards,

Leslie Leanne


whizzer's peeing survey

1 type of urinal

i prefer the half high urinal
2. do you ever go into a stall to pee into a toilet, why?

Somtimes in public, i have a hard time starting pee so nobody looking its easier to start pee.

3 how do you select the urinal you will use?

i take the end one for more privacy

4. do you have trouble unzipping your jeans and getting penis out?

Not usually

5. do you hold it with one hand or two when you piss?

Its so small I dont need to hold it.

6. What do you do when you're wearing sweats and there's no zipper hole to open for your penis?

I lower sweats just enough to pee

7. do you wipe extra urine off your penis? if at home I use toilet paper to wipe end of penis

8. do your flush the urinal?

9. do you wash hands after peeing?


10. how efficient are the auto-flush features?

Most of the time they work fine

new kid
I'm in Middle School, I'm a boy and one of my best friends is a girl (pretty exellent body), she was on painkillers for an injury she has and she kept complaining about her stomach. I asked her what the problem was and she said it wouldn't let her do something. As a girl of course she wasn't willing to say "poop" for fear of being completely discusting. But I filled in the blank, "So you haven't crapped" and she's like "not in a whole week" and showed me a box of stool softner. It was kind of discusting but kinda cute I can't explain it. Then the next day her brother informed us all about how his sister took 10 shits today. A little too much information, girls poop too I guess.


Naughty "accident"

Wendy is at work right now & I'm sitting with yesterday's paper under my bum. I'm dying for a poo & can't wait much longer. I can feel my poo pressing on my anus right now but I'm just going to sit here & hold it untill I have an "accident".....
I've been clenching for half an hour now & the pressure is growing. It hurts to keep clenching. My anus is opening & I cant stop the poo coming out. It's spreading out over my bum & feels all hot & sticky. I'm still dying to go. I just hope the paper under me can contain the rest. I'm pushing quite hard now & the poo is coming out. The paper is getting really messy & I hope Wendy has read it! I'm nearly done now. Just pushing the last bit out. The smell is great & what a mess I've made. The relief is indescribable & well worth the mess. Now for the clean up. I'm peeling the newspaper off my bum. Everything is in the bin & now I have to clean myself up. I'm in the shower & my bum is covered in poo. I'm washing it off using lots of soap & water. It's taking a while but it coming clean. Now I'm clean & I'm getting dry & dressing myself.

Hi y'all. Been a lurker for the pass months, took a liking to Ciara's posts, those were awesome :)

I'm 19, male, live with my boyfriend( yeah we're boys). Got a few stories to tell, hope you enjoy.

Yesterday my boyfriend Jason and I had buffet lunch after work. We were driving back to our flat when Jason said he had a stomachache. I suggested that we stop at a cafe' so he could sit on the toilet, so he said ok. While walking, Jason kept clenching his stomach and telling me it wasn't going to be the normal poop. By that time, I had to poop too. We went into the cafe' bathrooms (just one big one with a toilet and a sink). I had to go too, so Jason told me to sit down first, then he'll sit between my legs, so we did. He was still feeling sick and said he couldn't go. I asked him whether i could his rub his ????, he agreed. It worked cos he sudden;y farted and let out watery diarrhea. I started my poop too, just made some small farts and then dropped a log or two. I kept rubbing Jason's ????, till he said he was all cleared up. We were kinda amazzed at out product then we found there wasn't any Tp. I wanted to go out and get some, but Jason said we'll just use the hand-towel. After wiping and stuff we left, after hearing the waitress scream at the hand towel smeared with poop.

Happy pooping everyone

Haven't posted much in a while, but gotta enjoy the outside world in order to share it with you. Overall, bathroom habits have been nothing special, just a few pees and a good poop at least once a day.

I've been doing some working out as of late, and that only helped to get things gong. After a good hour of working out, right when I was about to take a shower, a strong urge to evacuate was needed to be taken care of, so I walked over to the locker room toilets in just my towels, locked the door, took off my towel, and sat. A nice, clear hydrated pee shot out of me for a good 20 seconds, and then I let out a loud fart that just had to have echoed throughout the locker room. A thick, juicy log followed to come out, stretching my anus out thick and breaking off two times. After that last piece plopped out, I let out another thick fart that wasn't as loud, and proceeded to wipe. It was fairly dry this time, maybe because the poop was fairly dry. I looked inside the toilet in between my legs to see what I let out. Three logs, about six to eight inches each, ripe in stench and dark brown. I stood up and let the automatic flush toilet take care of the rest as I walked out naked right to the shower.

Sometimes I just do not like automatically flushing toilets. Sure, they may be more sanitary than pressing the lever, but if you have to shit in public and you're curious about a certain medical condition, how can you check to make sure your colon is in good health? Of course, there's the classic method of eating whole kernels of corn and seeing how long it transits through the body, but then there are polyps and other types of diseases that can affect the bowel movements, and it's better to look at your poop to make sure it's coming out well (no matter how disgusting it may sound) than to have it magically "disappear". Just my two cents, but most of my pooping will take place at my apartment anyways.


Desperate with only one toilet

We only have one toilet at work & usually it's almost impossible to get in there first time round. This morning I got up late & didn't have time to have a poo at home so I had to wait untill I got to work. By the time I got to work I was busting to go but of course there was some one in there. I decided to make a coffee & try again later but before I knew it, it was time to start work. I left it for half an hour before trying again by which time I was getting quite desperate. It was still occupied though so I had to hold it even longer. By break time I really had to go so I tried to get into the toilet again. You guessed it some one was in there again. I made another coffee & took my break before returning to work dying for a poo. I worked for about an hour before I got too desperate to wait any longer & tried to get in the toilet for a fourth time. Again it was occupied so I had to wait in agony untill lunch time. By then I was about to poo myself & could hardly move. I slowly made my way to the toilet & got there just in time to find it was occupied again. I had to hold my bum & clench with all my strength while listening to Angelica dropping several big turds. The sound effects didn't help my desperate situation especialy when she gave a sigh of relief. I could feel my poo trying to force its way past my anus & it hurt to keep clenching for so long. Finaly Angelica flushed the toilet & came out so I rushed in after her. The smell of her huge dump hit me full on & I ripped my jeans & knickers down before sitting on a nice warm seat. The moment I was seated I relaxed & let my bowels force out a huge & very relieving load of soft mushy poo. I pood my brains out & the relief was so so good. I don't even want to think about what could have happened if I'd waited any longer. I was just glad I finaly made it to the toilet without having an embarrassing & messy accident.

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