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Ok so I have been reading posts from here for a long time now but never posted anything. Well, today I decided to just join in and post my bowel habits. First a little about myself: I am 44yrs old, brown hair, green eyes and last time I checked was about 260pds. Yes I am a very big woman so as you can imagine I have difficulties on the toilet. I like to hear others on the toilet and sometimes just reading a good poop story will help me go. I get constipated often and somedays I go 4 and 5 times. Today I pooped for the first time in 3 days. I have been a little constipated. This is how a typical BM goes for me. When I got up this morning I could feel the rumbling going on and I knew it was only a matter of time. So, I fixed myself some pancakes and eggs and had some coffee. My friend was up and had to go to work soon so we sat at the table talking and drinking coffee. The longer I sat there the more my stomach started to cramp until I knew i had to make my way to the toilet soon. So, I got up and told my friend I had to go and poop and would talk to her later. She ask me how long I would be cause she had to get in there to do her hair. I told her to give me about ten minutes. When I got to the bathroom, I pulled my nightgown up and my underware down, put my hands on my knees and slowly made my way onto the toilet. As soon as I bent over to sit down I farted a loud fart. That felt kind of good. I started to pee but it quickly tapered off and a few turds shot out. I sat there for a couple of minutes feeling like I needed to explode but nothing was coming out. My friend came to the door and I told her she could come in. She came in and did her hair while i sat there pushing gently. After about 20 minutes still there was not a lot coming out. Only a few round turds plopped out. So I got up, wiped, flushed and said goodbye to my friend. I did some things around the house and then sat down and had a donut and another cup of coffee. I walked around the house to get things moving and sure enough around 11am I had to poop bad. I went into the bathroom and sat down on the toilet. Moved my butt around to get it comfortable and started to fart. I had to poop so bad I couldn't even pee. As I farted poop started to come out. There were about 5 fat balls that came out. I sat there for a few minutes and then a cramp hit me. I had to start pushing. I leaned forward as much as I could and grabbed my butt cheeks and started pushing and grunting. It hurt bad. Each time I would push and grunt I could feel a massive turd coming out. I had to stop and rest several times and then start pushing again. Finally 1 hour and 5 minutes later I pooped out a toilet full. I feel so much better than what I did. I don't feel empty, which on days like this that I haven't went for 3 or 4 days I will have to go 5 or 6 times. I will probably end up going back to the toilet in about 2 hours but I feel better than I did. SO, that is a pretty typical BM for me. Feel free to ask me any questions and correspond with me. If you would like to correspond privately I will give my e-mail address and be more than happy to talk. Have a great day everyone and I am going to go walk for a little while to get things moving again.

Shane you said that you suffer from constipation alot. What do you usually do about it? I suffer with it alot too. I'd love to hear some of your constipated stories

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To: June first welcome to the site and great accident story it soudnds like you know now that accidents can happen anywhere and to anyone because when your body says its time to go it means its time to go espicaly if you have diarrhea because diarrhea dosent wait and please post more stories thanks.

To: Ella great story about you using the stall with the broken door because to do that then to have an accident that couldve been avoided and also hearing that other girl take a nasty dump she must have been in a real hurry if she didnt flush or wash her hands and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Just A City Guy firtst welcome to the site and great story about your girlfriend pooping and you getting to see her do it and I bet youll have lots of stories for this site and if you do please post them thanks.

To: Leanne great story at least you made it to a toilet and didnt have an accident and fire alarms can be very anoying especialy if your taking a very nasty dump like if you have diarrhea you usualy cant get off the toilet but if its a real fire you would probaly have to pull your pants or whatever your wearing up or if its absolute emergency you might have to get up without pulling them up and hurry up otuside while poop is coming ou of you and that would be beyond embarrassing but in that case it would be better to be embarrassed then to get burned I hope that made since so basicly if its a drill you can probaly stay in the bathroom and probaly get in trouble but a fire you have to leave no matter what and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Shane first welcome to the site and great story I bet you must have eatten or drank something that made you poop green or its your bodies way of getting rid of something bad and please post more stories thanks.

To: Ben great story about seeing your friend Stephanies poop I bet that memory will stay with you forever and please post more stories like that thanks.

To: Amanda V great accidnet story and at least you mom was able to help you get cleaned up and as always I look forward to you next post thanks.

To: Desperate To Poop as always another great desperation story and it sounds like you just made it and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Wendy & Kirsty Wendy I bet that woman was very happy and grateful to give you that and have thought about asking your boss if it might be a good idea to install a customer bathroom that this dosent keep happening and great story about you holding your poop for that long while stuck in a lift and im bet your glad it wasnt diarrhea or a soft one other wise you would probaly had to do it on the floor or in your pants and as always I look forward to your guys stories thanks.

To: Alan In Amsterdam first welcome back and great story about hearing your sister peeing and pooping in that bucket and as always please share more great stories lke that thanks.

To: Leese first welcome to the site and are you a guy or a girl and please contiue to post more out door pooping stiories thanks.

A question to everyone mainly the girls and women dont you hate when you get that feeling in your stomach like your gonna have diarrhea but when you go its just a normal poop I know I do thats happened to me a few different times like I get the feeling and im like great im gonna have diarrhea but then it turns out too be a normal poop.

Well thats all for now

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PS. I love this site

End Stall Em

Response to Laurel


Thank you for complimenting my writing. What I remember from my five minutes on the floor that it was very dirty. I had a light blue colored skirt on and I was sure it was picking up the dust on the floor. Due to the pain between my legs, I leaned back under the window and laid my head onto the heat register. I started sneezing and when I looked closely in its cracks, I could see so much dust that I was certain the register hadn't been cleaned for like sometimes. Until I started to pee onto the floor, I kept my composure pretty well, and in doing so, thought about how I was dirtying up one of my favorite blue skirts. But it didn't matter because the urine started to slowly run out of me and I could see that it was running out from under me on two sides of my skirt. At both points it was starting to waterlog the skirt and I was worried about staining.

Instictively, I tried to keep my legs moving because that cut down the pain quite a bit. I also wanted to stand up, but I knew that exposing the urine under me would just draw more attention to my plight. So I had no choice but to just sit and rotate my legs the best I could. After five minutes when the drill ended, I got my hopes up falsely, because they were dashed when a girl stayed behind in the bathroom and gingerly placed herself on the stool. She was so slow and methodical about it--something that pissed me off because I wanted her out of there faster than her classmates had just left. The fact that she took ten minutes to piss enraged me because I had already envisioned myself replacing her on the stool. I swear, she was the slowest pisser I had ever seen. But she kept to her word that day because business was slow and was able to survive so much dysfuction and uncertainty.

I prefer the white toilet seats in the new wing of our building. The black ones just show too much use, especially during heavy passing periods.


Soccer Mom ... Thanks!


Thanks once again for sharing another great story about you and your daughter! Now I know your daughters are older ... not babies but with all the accidents they have had do they ever express and interest in wearing diapers or pull-ups full time? I mean it's not just a little squirt of pee or a wet fart it is a full on, fill your panties up accident.

And to make matters worse it is a wet diarrhea accident and she had to sit in it all day. She's lucky nobody saw it soaking through her pants. I mean I KNOW wearing diapers to school isn't cool at their age but neither is pooping your pants and having everyone see.

Are either of your daughters bedwetters or pants wetters? It seems like they are WAY more prone to fill their pants than to wet them.

BTW, how about you? Have you ever seriously considered diapers? THANKS FOR SHARING WITH US!!! Hope you will continue to tell us about your daughters accidents and your as well!!!




REcently, I have been travelling for work. One evening, after a particularly stressful day of meetings, I decide to stop into a pub on the way between the office and hotel. I had some documents to review, so while I sat there, I drank two pints of beer and a couple of glasses of water. I finished up and left the restaurant. It was so nice outside, that I decided to walk around town. I was enjoying the walk so much, and it was just what I needed to destres. But before I realized it, darkness had started to fall and I was further from my hotel than I realized.

I also had another problem. I had to pee. I started trying to think about it, and I realized it had been about ten hours since I had last peed. Thinking about that didnt help, and neither did the impending darkness. I started trying to find a place to pee, but I wasn't in a plave with restrooms. It was mostly an office area, and everything was closed. I had to pee so badly, that I had a big heavy ache in my bladder.

To make matters worse, I did not even know exactly where I was. I decided to stop trying to find a place to pee, and to work on just trying on finding my hotel. I cut through an ally, and realized I wad not in a very safe neighborhood. Having that thought made my heart rush a bit, and a jet of urine shot out uncontrollably. I stopped it pretty quickly, but not before feeling pee run down my thigh, almost to my knee.

Thankfully, I made it back to the hotel without peeing anymore in my pants, but I still had to take the hotel to the 19th floor to get to my room. I don't know why I didn't just use the toilet in the lobby - in retrospect that is what I should have done. But instead I took the slow ride up. The elevator ride was agony, as about five people got off on floors before me. I was trying not to act like I had to pee, but it was impossible. I knew I was seconds away from peeing.

Finally the elevator got to my floor I literally sprinted to my room and pulled out the key card, but pee had slowly begun to seep out. It was the strangest feeling. A slow trickle was seeping out despite my best efforts to keep it in. I felt my face flush, and my heart was pounding. I opened the door and dropped my pants. Pee was still coming, faster now, and I could hear the drips hitting the denim.

I aparently was not thinking straight. instead of running to the toilet like I should have done, I sat down on a fabric.covered stool. I guess I was still just trying to stop the pee from coming, and I thought sitting down would make it stop. After about five seconds it did. But not before making a substantial wet stain on the cloth.

I sat there, my heart still pounding, surveying the damage. My pants were fairly wet, and I had rivulets of pee down the inside of both legs down into my socks. I had two very clear sensations: the heaviness of a bladder still dwollen with a day's worth of pee and the warm, wet feeling of the wet cloth beneath me. I also knew as soon as I stood up, I was going to lose control and leave a pee trail on my was avross my hotel room. Since the fabric covered stool was already pee stained, I just stayed seated and stopped trying to hold. The pee flooded out of me. at first, I felt it spread warm and wet around my butt as it soaked into the cushion. But I was just peeing too much, and it started to flow over the sides. I started panicking, but my tired bladder had other ideas. It kept pouring out the pee until it was completely empty.

I had to pee three more times that night, but thankfully it all made it sagely into the toilet. And the fabric dried without a stain.


Pooping in a School Restroom

Hello, everyone!This is probably my second story that doesn't involve the twins, Georg, or Gustav. Hope everyone enjoys it!
Today, I actually mustered up the courage to poop in a school restroom. We were reviewing for the AP Government exam when I had the sudden urge to poo. I thought that I could hold it in until I got home (as I usually do), but then I felt the tip of my poop about to touch my underwear, and I knew that I wouldn't be able to hold it any longer, so I asked my teacher for a pass to the restroom. She gave me one, and as soon as I got into the restroom, I ran into the nearest stall, yanked down my jeans, and sat on the toilet. I only had to push a little bit before two medium-sized logs fell into the bowl with a splash. As I was about to push out the third log, I heard someone come into the restroom and into the stall next to me. I was terrified because I didn't feel comfortable finishing up my dump while they were there, but then the girl let out a loud fart and started to strain, so that made me feel a little better. I let out my third turd while the girl next to me was grunting loudly. After a few minutes, there was a loud splash and a moan of relief from her. I let out three more turds while the other girl made about six more plops. We both started wiping and flushed the toilet at the same time. As soon as she and I came out, I recognized her as one of my classmates from another class. We said hello to each other and washed our hands, then went back to our classes feeling a million times better.

The End


Big accident & no one knew

I remember when I was 12 I hadn't pood in 5 days & during the last last morning lesson before lunch I started to get realy desperate. I was too embarrassed to ask to leave the room & decided I could wait untill lunch time. Well I was wrong because 15 minutes later I felt the most intense urge to go. I clenched my anus & managed to keep control but I knew it would only get worse. I knew I wouldn't make it untill lunch time but couldn't face having to ask to leave the room so I stupidly tried to hold it. It hurt to keep clenching for so long & I was getting tired. I felt the poo pressing hard on my anus, trying to force it open but somehow I managed to ignore the pain & kept clenching for all I was worth. The teacher saw the strained look on my face & asked If I was alright & I said I was fine. She knew I wasn't & said if I needed the toilet I could go but I didn't want anyone to know I was having a poo so I said I was fine. What a fool I was. By the time the lunchtime bell went I was so pleased I'd made it but I still had to get to the toilet without anyone knowing. I went to the farthest one I could think where hopefully no one would be around & that was the sports department. It was quite a walk & not an easy one as I was so close to pooing myself but by clenching hard & taking small steps I got there. The only problem was the door to the toilets wouldn't open. I guessed they were locked to prevent vandalsm. I was out of options & started to panic. With no place to go I tried to hold it by pressing my bum against the door but it didn't work. I felt my anus open against my will & clenched as hard as I could but the pressure was too great & a little soft poo slipped out between my bum cheeks. I pressed my bum hard against the door to prevent my accident getting worse & it swung open. I fell backwards landing on my bum squishing my poo all over my bum & as I stood up I lost all control. I ran into the nearest cubicle but it was too late. I made a huge mess in my panties & still needed to go. I ran to the showers & took off my clothes but my panties were stuck to my bum. I liked the feeling so I left then on & pushed the rest of my smelly load into my panties. I then peeled them off my bum & threw them in the bin before showering myself clean. Then I got dried & dressed & left the place without anyone knowing what had happened. After lunch I went back to class feeling very relieved. The funny thing is my teacher still thought I needed the toilet & have me a small errand to do. She told me no one would know if I went to the toilet before I got back to class.

I got out of the shower and got dried when i needed to poop. My clothes were in my bedroom so i just got on the toilet naked. I directed my penis downwards into the bowl, then started to strain. I involuntarily began to urinate while pushing for the poo. My bare toes curled as the first piece of poop splashed into the bowl. I kept pushing, now going into the tip-toes position. I put my hands on either side of my stomach and pushed inwards, I find this makes pooping easier. I felt a second piece come out and heard it splash into the bowl, then I strained just a bit more and a third and final piece of poo came out of me and splashed into the water. I relaxed, feeling satisfied. I looked into the bowl. There were 3 pieces, they looked soft with no cracks on them.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

I always wondered how people could have a home accident- I mean your bathrooms are there for your using! But, today, I realized how one would occur.

I was typing away a COT essay for history on the different Russian communist leaders when I felt a pang in my lower abdomen. It pushed, and persisted, but I ignored it because I was on a roll. I was almost finished with the my third paragraph, when the pang expanded, and I had to cross my legs to get into a comfortable position again. After finishing my last body paragraph, I was literally hunched over. It was stupid of me for waiting so long, but I just wanted the essay off of my back. Hunched over with my clenched butt cheeks I finished the last paragraph, and pushed my chair back. I was at home with my older brother, and we had three bathrooms. One downstairs, one that we shared upstairs, and my parent's. It had always been a favorite of mine to use my parents when I had the chance because the toilet was wide enough for me to 'sit back and relax'. At that point, I never thought that I could suffer from an accident. I carefully walked over to the downstairs bathroom to see that my brother was occupying it. I didn't want to wait for him so I inched myself upstairs. I decided to use my bathroom because it was closer, and carefully crawled up the stairs.

At home, I'm usually wearing shorts and a T-shirt if the weather permits, and today it was warm enough. I don't wear underwear when I'm at home, because I don't like the feeling, and usually, I don't flash anyone anyways. My bathroom is adjacent to my room, and usually, I leave my text books outside my room, near the door. As I reached the top of the stairs, I was literally holding my butt which was threatening to explode. I concentrated on the walk to the bathroom and forgot about any obstacles that blocked the way. I decided to make a mad dash to the door, and tripped on my books. As I did, I fell sideways as I tried to save myself with my arms, to no avail. As I hit the floor with a loud thud, my bladder erupted, covering the carpet. I kicked my books out of the way as I was pissing myself. Before I could get up to get to the bathroom, the turds went flying out- literally. I was in shock, so I didn't move as the first one slid out. It was huge (compared to what I usually have)- probably 9 inches and two inches thick. I realized what happened and stood up. Big accident, the turd didn't have an underwear envelope to protect it from falling out, so it landed on the floor with a soft thud. Luckily, it was hard enough that it didn't break off or smear around. I knew the others were coming out in succession so I ran to the bathroom and laid my butt cheeks on the cold porcelain. A small trickle of pee left and was followed by a parade of shit.

It smelled terrible, and I was farting with each one as it plopped on the floor. My brother from downstairs heard the thud of my falling and ran upstairs to see if I was okay. To his disgust, he saw the wet pee stain and the giant turd swimming on the floor and peered into the bathroom to see my shooting the logs out. He laughed and pointed and laughed and pointed some more. I was embarrassed, but I didn't care at that point. I was just relieved to get the rest out of my system. He had left by then for me to clean it up, and as I finished the shit I looked inside the toilet to see what I did. There had been at least four six-inch turds above the water and what seemed like thousands (well, more like six) free flying nuggets that ranged from 2 inches to 4 inches. Who knew I had it in me? I flushed away, and went to clean up my mess. My brother didn't mention it again, but I knew he wanted to laugh.

I posted a few days ago about my beach poo from the prior summer. Regardless, I took a morning shit this morning in my dorm bathroom. I had skipped my daily poop for three days because I just didn't have to go. Usually, this resulted in a giant pile.

Anyway, this morning as I woke up, I felt my stomach pushing. I threw on a shirt (I usually just sleep with a pair of underwear) that reached mid-thigh. I went into the bathroom to find two out of three stalls occupied. The last one had a broken door that opened mid-way, but no one had bothered to report it or try to get it fixed. The pressure on my stomach grew heavier, and the other girls were also taking their time. I decided not to give a shit, and used it anyway. I lowered my underwear, and pulled my shirt up to avoid any messes. I lightly grunted, and almost instantly did a relatively large turd come out. By this time, one of the girls in the stall went out and I could see that she gave me a sympathetic look in the mirror. The other girl was still in her stall, and I could tell by the smell and sound that she was struggling with a big one. I sat back and let out an equally big one as I heard the girl next stall grunt, breathing heavily. For some reason, my turds had started to dry up, as I pushed the last one out, which was noticeably smaller (when I looked). As I started to wipe, the girl in the other stall ran out of the bathroom without flushing or washing her hands, and before I could get a good look at her. I finished with my wiping, and pulled my underwear up. I inspected my pile which was okay, and flushed it away. I got out, and went to see what the other girl left. I found a nearly destroyed toilet with several (five or six) six-inch floating turds and wet poo smeared all around the inside of the bowl. I left, washed my hands, and walked out the bathroom.

just a city guy

a few college stories of my gf

Back when I was in college i had a gf that was your typical girl next door cutie; blonde, blue eyes, natural beauty, the whole package. That and she was also extremely bathroom shy. It was to the point that when we first started dating I would be told to wait outside her room while she went and also she had to have the faucet running full blast to "mask" any noises regardless if she was peeing or pooping. This behavior got me really curious as to what was happening behind closed doors. Now mind you I have seen what a girl can do, when I was younger my sister, as small as she was, had the uncanny ability to lay some massive logs that clogged the family toilet. I'm talking about thick foot long master pieces that would take a lot of effort to unclog but I had never seen what a pretty girl would be capable of doing.

As we started getting more comfortable she was soon able to pee while I was in the bathroom with her but pooping was still a no-go. I've always been comfortable taking care of business in front of my significant others, whether it was number 1 or 2, I had no problem doing that in front of her and she wouldn't mind either but for her it was like an unthinkable thing.

So the first incident happened one night when we were at a party and as it goes we got pretty drunk and came back to her dorm for some intimate times. When the clothes came off I noticed an unmistakable smell of poop and at first I panicked and thought maybe I had an accident but I checked and it was definitely not me, in any case we were pretty drunk and I was getting lucky so I ignored it and moved along. The next morning when I woke up I had to pee so I got off the bed and noticed her panties laying on the floor next to the bed and on the crutch area there was an unmistakable brown stain so I leaned over a bit and sure enough that's where the smell was coming from and I thought wow so girls do have accidents. I never spoke to her about it as I knew that would devastate her. I'm sure she must have known but the incident was never brought as if it never happened.

Another occasion happened one morning when we were in bed, she was the kind of girl that would always wait until she couldn't hold it any longer before she used the toilet. I had noticed the previous night when i put my arm around her mid belly area that it was a bit bulgy and felt really full but didn't think much about it. That next morning she got up early and went straight to the toilet which was close to the bed. I pretended to be asleep so she didn't have the faucet running on full blast and it was then that I heard her sit down and first a gush of pee followed by a fast series of splashes, plop, plop, plop, plop. She must've relieved 2 or 3 days of poop. Finally she flushed, washed her hands, and came back to bed.

This curiosity had me really wondering what her poop would be like so little by little I started bringing up the subject, and of course I was always shut down. Eventually one day we were watching a scary movie cuddling on the couch and when the movie finished she told me she had to use the bathroom but she was scared and told me to come with her. I figured she only had to pee but she told me "I have to poop". I don't know what finally did it but she took my hand and we went to the bathroom, she unbuckled, dropped her jeans and panties down, sat on the toilet while I sat on the tub next to it and held my hand. To make it more comfortable I started making some casual conversation to help her relax and make her feel as if it wasn't a big deal, she then started peeing, then a brief pause followed by some crackling and then a few plops. She then wiped herself and got up while pulling her panties and jeans up. She told me not to look but I couldn't help it so i took a quick glance and there it was, mostly covered with toilet paper but I had finally witnessed the deed. Sounds odd now but it felt like a victory. Since then she became more open about it and there were other incidents that I may post later.

One memorable one was when we went to dinner and came back to her place, I really had to pee and as soon as we got in I asked if I could use her bathroom and she gave me this surprised look and told me "uhh can you hold it?, the toilet is not really functional right now.." but i really had to go so i asked "what's wrong with it?, I can take a look and see if i can fix it". She said "no don't look it's really nasty" but i said "don't worry nothing can surprise me.." she reluctantly agreed and I went in. When I lifted the toilet seat my eyes widened, there it was a huge thick monster about 2-3 inches thick and about 5-6 inches sticking out from the hole lodged in the toilet, i tried flushing but the log wouldn't even budge. There was a plunger next to the toilet so she obviously had tried herself. I asked her if she had tried Drano and she pointed to an empty bottle laying next to the sink. I thought "my god, this is a beast!". Eventually I resorted to a makeshift stick made off a paper towel rolling tube. I poked it but it wouldn't break so i put some pressure on the tub to stick it and then pull, finally the monster log gave in and dislodged, as i pulled the tube up, out comes this log which ended up being about a foot long of thick solid poop. I put it on a plastic bag along with the tube, tied it up and tossed it on the trash and finally peed. On hindsight i could've just peed on top of it but for some reason that seemed like it would've made more of a mess, in fact all the drano and flushing attempts had cleared the toiled water and it was just the log stuck.

Anyways those are some of my stories, since then I dated other girls that were not nearly as poo shy but my curiosity had since been satisfied although I still enjoy reading stories about it. I may post some later, cheers.

Hi again everyone.

End Stall Em's story reminds me of a similar experience that happened to me at school. I was in Year 8 (so I was 13) at the time. In my art class I felt a really strong urge for a poo. I was soon desperate and knew I wouldn't make it to the end of class, so I asked the teacher if I could go. She said yes and gave me the toilet pass. I left and made my way to the loos. At this time the new toilets with fully enclosed stalls had not been completed in the building I was in; the girls toilets were in a room rather than just off the corridor, although the room had no door and neither did any of the 5 cubicles! I went in because I had to go. I walked along the cubicles. There was a girl in one who had her trousers down to her knees. There was a smell of poo in the air. I was just about to enter the last cubicle to relieve my aching bowels when the fire alarm went off! It startled me and I almost lost control there and then. Now what should I do? When there is a fire drill we all had to go and line up in our form groups outside on the tennis courts- if you were late you got detention, but lining up and having the teachers take all your names and check the school is empty would take up to 20 minutes. I didn't know if I could hold it that long, but I knew I would be on the loo for a while. Just then my decision was made for me when a teacher poked her head into the bathroom and told me I had to leave. I followed her and the other girl came after she had wiped and flushed. I was bursting but I had no choice but to go and stand on the tennis courts while the teachers took our names. I tried not to let it show how much I needed the loo by now but I stood with my bum clenched tightly and I kept bouncing around. By the time we were sent back to class my poo was poking out. It usually took around ten minutes after the end of a fire drill for everyone to get back to their classes because everyone went to different places depending on what form group they were in, so I had some time to poo. I quickly headed for the toilets in the other block that had doors. Most of them were occupied when I got there but there were two or three free so I took one and got seated as fast as I could. A big log immediately slid from my bum with a big splash. I sighed quietly in relief. I made it! Another two big logs came out in quick succession. I quickly wiped and flushed, washed my hands, and made it back to class without anyone suspecting anything!

I'll try and post again soon. Night everyone!

Jenn and Leslie Leanne:

I can't believe that I'm not the only woman here who produces enormous bowel movements! I had some pretty large ones in the 'hall of fame' category. I'll share soon. In the meantime, what about you? Any experiences?


Mr. Clogs

Firecracker Guy's survey and stuff

1. Do you prefer the trough-like urinal, half-high urinal mounted on the wall, or the full-size urinal with the drain built into the floor?

Half high wall mounted urinals

2. Do you ever go into a stall to pee into a toilet? Why?
Sometimes, if the bathroom as 1 urinal and someone is occupying it.

3. How do you select the urinal you will use?
Yes, I don't like to take a urinal next to someone who's using it.

4. Do you ever have trouble unzipping your jeans and getting your penis out? Not unless your jeans are too tight. Me I don't have that problem.

5. Do you hold it with one or two hands when you piss?

One hand.

6. What do you do when you're wearing sweats and there's no zipper hole to open for your penis? I just slid them down enough with my undies to pull out my penis out.

7. How do you drain/wipe extra urine off your penis? Nope.

8. Do you flush the urinal? Yes

9. Do you wash your hands after peeing? Of course yes. With soap and water!

10. How efficient are the auto-flush features? On rare occasions I find them not working. They usually work for me when I use them.

Here's my little survey for ya'll to respond. So here goes.

In the middle of the night when you need to use the bathroom and too lazy to walk to the bathroom, do you keep some kind of container by your bedside to go to the bathroom in?

Yes, I keep 2 plastic 32 oz cups by my bedside to pee in, and those coffee containers for me if I have to take a dump in the middle of the night.

Jaded Jarrod

Connor's peeing survey

1. Do you prefer the trough-type urinal, half-high urinal mounted on the wall, or the full size urinal with the drain built into the floor?

I like the full size one the best. Because it's built into the floor, you really can't miss it. I can stand closer to it and not have to worry about my **** falling too low that it touches the water. Since I'm closer to the urinal itself, my body is almost touching it as I stand. There's less opportunity for others to see the size of my ****.

2. Do you ever go into a stall to pee into a toilet? Why?

When I'm at a concert or event at the city auditorium. The bathrooms are huge. They have this large trough-like urinal that Connor writes about. I've seen so many wandering eyes when I'm standing there. Also, this one time this father brings his daughter who's like 6 or 7 in. She got quite a few looks in as he was waiting for a stall and preparing it for her us use.

3. How do you select the urinal you will use?

If I'm not ready to wet my pants, I might wait for a two or three urinals to open. Then I'll take the end one so that I get more privacy. Sometimes, I will go directly into a stall.

4. Do you have trouble unzipping your jeans and getting your penis out?
Yes. A couple times when I was in grade school, I dressed so fast because my ride was waiting that I put my underwear on backwards. I was fumbling around and the first time even peed a little into my underwar and jeans while the other boys in the line started to get upset with me.

5. Do you hold it with one or two hands when you piss?

I use two most of the time.

6. What do you do when you're wearing sweats and there's no zipper hold to open for your penis?

My Mom buys me sweats thinking I'll like them. I do. But I don't wear them out in public.

7. How do you drain/wipe extra urine off your penis?
I don't have that problem. Luckily!

8. Do you flush the urinal? Outside of school. Yes. At school, if the guys behind me in line are causing me trouble, I just turn around and leave. It serves them right. Let them flush. Once at the mall, this older boy who had been picking on me at school, was giving me some kind of countdown when I opened the stall door to pee. He was so obnoxious. Instead of raising the seat, I left it down and sprayed as if my **** was a garden hose. Then I ran out before he could see the condition of the seat. Whether he sat down and took his shit or not I don't know.

9. Do you wash your hands after peeing. Sometmes.

10. How efficient are the auto-flush features? I don't think about them too much.

Hey guys, I have to tell you about my trip to the toilet earlier today! First of all, I'm new here. I'm 14, I'm a female, about 95lbs and exactly 5 feet tall. I'm skinny. I'm straight, not gay or anything. I really like constipation storied, especially since I suffer from that a lot.

So here's my story. Today at school (I'm in 8th grade) we had a celebration thing. There was a lot of food there, and I ate quite a lot of it. Near the end of the day, I felt really sick and almost puked. Luckily I didn't and I made it home alright. But when I got home, I felt like I needed to take a pretty good sized dump. I sat on the toilet and let out about 3 soft logs with almost no struggle. When I stood up to wipe I looked into the toilet, and my poop was green!! All of the logs were green, except for the end of the last one, it was light brown! The smell was pretty bad. I still didn't feel well, but I felt empty so I relaxed and took it easy for the rest of the day. Well, just a few minutes ago, I had to pee and while I was peeing, I felt the need to poop again. It felt like it was gonna be loud and I didn't want to make any noise because my sister was in the next room. I forced out a very small turd and It was still green! I still don't feel very good and I'm going to try to poop here in a few minutes. I'll post the results, along with a bunch of other experiences, later.


stephanie pooping

I am 15, 6'2, with brown hair. my cousin is the same age but has blonde hair and is 5'10. yesterday, my cousin had to take a dump. (she was visiting from Boston i don't live with her).
my desk is right next to the bathroom door. since she wanted to talk to someone while she was pooping, she left the door open and talked to me while i did my homework. she sat down and pulled her pants all the way down to her ankles. her butt was hanging over the toilet seat a little bit, but the toilet seat is small. she is not fat. after 5 minutes of just talking, she said her poop was very long and almost out. it finally dropped in the toilet and soon after the stink came into my room. she said sorry for the smell.Stephanie started another long she said was the same size. then some loud farts and diarrhea. after one last log she was done with her dump. she wiped and looked down into the toilet. then she asked me to come. i almost said no because it stunk so bad in there. the whole bowl was filled with poop. there were lots of long logs that wrapped around and the lots of mushy poop. it took 3 flushes to get it all down, but there were still poop marks all around the bowl. she said she was sorry again for the smell and all the marks. i ended up closing the door because of it. since it was thanksgiving weekend, all of the girls had had a contest the Friday after thanksgiving to see who had the biggest poop. if they saw Stephanie's poop, it would of won but my aunt ended up winning. although hers was big, Stephanie's was bigger. also, my aunts poop stunk a lot more.

Down the local park

I was down at the local park today. In one corner there's a small cafe selling drinks, ice-cream etc, it's been really hot this weekend so they've been really busy. Anyway people have been out drinking lots and of course that means they need the loo. Mid afternoon and I headed to their loos, which I hadn't been to before. At the back there's a door leading to a dark passage, which then goes down a flight of steps to a basement, where there's another passage before two cubicles, one a gents and the other a ladies. However, the ladies had an "OUT OF ORDER" notice over with the gents having a "Unisex" notice over the sign. Nobody else was around so I headed for the cubicle, when I heard running behind me. A very pretty girl was there with long brown hair and a pretty flowery dress. She was fidgeting a lot and said "please, can I go first? I'm bursting for the loo!". I said yes, and she sighed "thank you so much!" and hobbled in, slamming the door behind her. I heard the sound of knickers coming down (dark pink, as I saw under the high partition) and her plonking herself on the loo. Then there was a long silence! After about a minute I said "hey, are you ok?" worrying that something had happened. She replied "yeah, I'm fine, sorry for taking so long, I can't get going... it's annoying, I'd been holding it in for ages and was absolutely bursting, but I get here and don't want to go!". We chatted for a bit, then I heard a hissing noise which turned into a heavy torrent. After she'd finished she sighed, said "I feel better for that" flushed then came out. She thanked me for letting me go first, "a gentleman!" then we went our separate ways.

the deerslayer

hunting buddy's bad morning

last year (2010), during the 1st shotgun deer season one of my hunting buddies was sitting in one of my treestands for his moring hunt. he was hoping to get the big buck he saw the day before. things were going slow when suddenly he felt a sharp cramp. he climbed down from the stand as qucik as he could and ran over to a tree. then he released a load of diarreha. luckily he had some toilet paper with him. after cleaning up he grabbed his gun and started climbing back up the stand. as soon as he started climbing he felt more coming so he jumped back down and went back behind the tree. this happened 2-3 more times. he said every time he tried to climb back up it hit him again. after all that he ran out of toilet paper and had to sacrifice his camo gloves and socks. by then his hunt was pretty well ruined. he felt so bad he just grabbed his gun and left. he said it smelled so bad there no deer in its right mind would come around. to make things even worse he never did get that buck and didn't even see a single deer.

Amanda V

A Really Embarrassing One

Anne- Welcome back, can't wait to hear more.

Stephanie- I loved the story. Another one I can really relate to. Looks like I finally have some time off this week so I can put some time into a couple stories. But I'll have to do this one kinda quick.

This happened when I just turned 11. First of all I have a sister that is 4 years younger than me and a brother that is 3 years older. I was with my mom and sister, who was 7, at West Edmonton Mall. I was old enough that I could've gone off alone but I'd never walked around alone there before so it seemed like a giant maze at the time. I had to go pee and poop for the whole 3 hour car ride to get there and I was trying to hint to my mom that I needed to go, but I guess she thought I was old enough to go myself and would just say something like, "I think there's one around here somewhere," then go on doing whatever she was doing. I must not have gone for a long time because I remember my lower stomach hurt like I had a lot in me. I was too stubborn and/or shy to ask if she would show me one so I tried to wait until we ran across a bathroom. I was starting to really have to squirm to hold it so I would go and find somewhere a little more private and still keep my mom and sister in view. My sister kept following me though so I told her to go wait with mom. In the next few minutes it started quickly getting worse and before I knew it I could barely even take a step I had to go so bad. I really wanted to ask my mom to help me find a bathroom now but I was too embarrassed to be seen like that. I slowly and carefully walked around this big department store to see if I could find a bathroom. I was really scared because I kept having to stop to hold it and every time I did it was harder to hold on. I don't know how long I walked around that store but it felt like hours. Finally I stopped again to wait for the cramp to pass but it never got to the point where I could walk again. It started to let up a little, but before I felt safe to walk it started coming back and I knew I was going to have an accident. I stood there frozen through another cramp but when the next one hit I couldn't hold both ends. I knew I couldn't hold my poop much longer anyway so I decided to really focus on my pee. I still tried to hold my poop but I just couldn't. It was a big solid poo that came out slowly at first, then once the first big log was out the rest came out a little quicker with a loud squashing and crackling noise. It was really hard to hold my pee while there was a disaster going on right behind me. When I was done I was just in shock, I couldn't believe what I'd just done in the middle of a mall far away from home. I was still standing in the same spot trying to figure out what to do. I just wanted to be home and in my own bathroom but I had to find a way to get out of this. I could feel the bulge in my jeans was huge because of probably 3 or more days worth of poop in my panties. At the same time it didn't smell too strongly because it was solid but enough for anyone to notice if they got near me. Finally I started walking very carefully still trying to find the bathroom but I didn't want to go around people so I just lingered around these clothing racks near the back of the store, away from most of the people.

After a while I saw my mom and sister walking nearby. I didn't know what else to do so I decided to keep doing what I was doing before. I followed her around hoping we ran across a bathroom so I could pee and clean up my accident. This time I was really careful to stay facing them and keep my distance. Again my sister wanted to follow me around and I told her again to go walk with mom. I felt kind of bad because I didn't say it too nicely but I had other things to worry about. After maybe half an hour my mom said we should go over and pick up my dad and brother who were at some motorcycle shop or something a few blocks away. I was happy to be leaving the mall but by then I had to pee really bad and I still had a huge load in my pants. I followed her out to the car and waited outside until she turned on the car so I could roll down the windows before I even got in. I did NOT want to sit down but I didn't have a choice. My sister was already sitting in the back and I couldn't keep my butt off the seat without drawing attention so I slowly sat down in it, wincing the whole time. Once I was in my seat I just tried not to move at all and pray I somehow got out of this. I was so nervous because I could smell my accident and I was just waiting for somebody else to. Luckily we started moving and the wind blowing through the window got rid of the smell for the time being. After a few minutes of extreme discomfort we got to the motorcycle shop. I said I wanted to wait in the car while she was in there. I was actually thinking I could dump the poop in this little gap between the building and this shed thing that was nearby because it wasn't a very busy area. Then at least I could get rid of most of the smell. Unfortunately my sister wanted to stay too. I was cursing her under my breath as I continued sitting there trying to figure out what to do. After a while she actually said, "Something smells," But by then I wasn't worried about that because I was already starting to lose the battle against my pee as I felt a few drops come out. Soon it became hopeless and I could feel it start to come out and I couldn't stop it. I didn't want to get the seat wet but I knew my sister would freak out if I got out and left her there. So I sat and tried as hard as I could to stop it but no matter what I did it started coming out faster and faster until finally I let go and totally flooded my pants. It made a pretty loud hissing sound but my sister was off in her own world and didn't notice. When I was finished my second accident I felt so miserable and degraded as I sat there waiting for it to be discovered. After my parents and brother came back we went back over to the mall to eat. My brother also made a comment about the smell as he got in the car but nobody said anything. When we got to the restaurant I didn't want to get out of the car. I was finally discovered when my mom got close to me to ask what was wrong and she found the source of the smell. She was mad at me but not too mad. My brother started to make fun of me a little but my dad took him and my sister into the mall. I waited in the car crying while my mom went and got some new jeans and underwear for me. When she got back I didn't want to leave the car but she didn't want me to mess it up so we went into a single bathroom in one of those corridors off the mall. I just wanted to be alone b ut she came in with me to make sure I got cleaned up. It was so embarrassing to peel my clothes off and have her see the huge mess I made. Even though it was one big solid blob, sitting in it, then peeing kind of complicated things. It took a lot of toilet paper and flushing before I could finally put my new clothes on. Then I just wanted to throw my old clothes out to get rid of any evidence but my mom wouldn't let me throw out "perfectly good clothes". After that my mom was still kind of mad that we had to go through all that because I wouldn't use the bathroom in the first place, but she didn't punish me or anything because I was pretty obviously humiliated already. Although on the way back when we stopped at a gas station and I had to pee just a little. Normally I would've just tried to hold it the rest of the way but she didn't give me a choice, she told me to go to the bathroom. I was so happy to be home that night and I just stayed in my room by myself for a long time.

After going through several embarrassing experiences like that I don't know why I never learned my lesson. Even to this day I still try and hold it until I get to my own bathroom but I'm much better at judging how long I can wait. I had to type this kinda fast before I'm away for a couple days so I hope it's alright.

Small Town Girl

Replying to Leslie Leanne

Thanks so much for your reply. You're right, it felt like ages before I had to go to the bathroom again after that 5 Hour Energy drink fiasco! I didn't go for four days after that, and it was only a little bit, not a normal sized pile. I feel so cleaned out!

Princess Of AJville
I've never had to sleep at a hospital, so I don't know what this is like. You say you wet the bed several times, but it was protected. How was it protected? Plastic sheet?
Were you just wearing a hospital gown, or did you have panties and pants on?


Desperate to poop

lovely walk followed by desperation

I had a lovely walk today in the sun at one of our nature reserves. It was a very lovely walk and took approx 2.5-3 hrs taking in lovely views of the river and wildlife. Alas there were no toilet stops on the way it was difficult to really be 'out of sight' for an outdoor visit.

Having paid my entry fee, I went for a pee beforehand and felt a little gassy but couldn't drop much despite trying. I set off an enjoyed my walk stopping a few times and enjoying a sandwich half way around. During the middle of the walk my gassiness grew and an 'urge' to poop started to develop. As I continued my walk my need growly grew. I did quite a few sbd's at points. Initially it didn't spoil the walk and I actually savoured the thought of getting to a toilet. Near the end though the need had intensified quite a lot. By the time I got back to reception and the toilets I was definitely in need of relief and savoured the toilet.

When I got in though both cubicles were taken and one lady was waiting. She was in her 30's and had a backpack on. I smiled and said gorgeous day, she agreed and we began talking about the walk. It was evident the two ladies in the cubicles were pooping. One because your could hear soft moans and sloppy poop. The other due to the smell eminating.

As we continued to wait and talk about the walk I commented on there being no toilets along the way and how my need had come on part way through. She said me too and that walking always gets her bowels moving. I commented so you need number 2 as well, to which she replied yes.

five minutes passed and I was now pretty desperate to get a poop out and couldn't stop myself from doing a small poo poo dance. The other lady noticed and said oh I gotta go pretty bad too hope they finish soon.

A few minutes later and the quiet stall flushed and opened up. It was one of the park attendents in her 40's I think. My friend said she'd try and be as quick as possible but I said that's very thoughtful but don't rush it.

I heard her go in and she quickly got herself seated and let off a fart. hearing her go and the other lady still dispensing made my need even worse and another 2 ladies had now entered. Finally 3 mins later the other lady a young 20 yr old finally exited looking relieved but still a bit distressed. I hurried in and sat on the warm toilet seat and immediately without having too push much a poop started sliding out very quickly. Before I could say abracabdabra an 8"er had slid out and in the toilet with immense relief. I still had more to go though and another one came out slowly. Hearing the other lady still going was quite erotic along with my poop coming out and I couldn't resist doing something else at the same time.

All in all I was in for ten mins having a good clearout. The lady next door finished after and was replaced by a few ladies just peeing.

Happy Pooping

I heard her go in and she quickly got herself seated and let off a fart. hearing her go and the other lady still dispensing made my need even worse and another 2 ladies had now entered. Finally 3 mins later the other lady a young 20 yr old finally exited looking relieved but still a bit distressed. I hurried in and sat on the warm toilet seat and immediately without having too push much a poop started sliding out very quickly. Before I could say abracabdabra an 8"er had slid out and in the toilet with immense relief. I still had more to go though and another one came out slowly.
All in all I was in for ten mins having a good clearout. The lady next door finished after and was replaced by a few ladies just peeing.

new guy

comments & stuff

To: Luke great story about your girlfiend Elly pooping and peeing I have gotten sick from at least 2 different times that I can remember the first one happened at a wendy's resteraunt I was sitting there eatting when I had to poop it felt like a normal feeling but when I sat on the toilet diarrhea shot out of me it was a mustard yellow color and im not sure what caused it I dont think it was the wendy's food but I cant be sure and the second time happened after a field trip to omsi "oregon museum of science and institute" I think thats what it stands for while I was there I had some french fries and something about them I dont know what but I got diarrhea the next day and luckily it happened on the weekend because I would hate to have diarrhea at school and both times it only lasted a little while and as always Iook forward to your next post thanks.

To: Clay great story about seeing your friend Keanna pooping on the toilet I bet thats gonna be a memory that lasts forever and please share any other stories about her or any other woman and/or girl youve seen pooping thanks.

To: Astrid great story about you and your going to the bathroom in your car and you were a true to her and she even offerd to help you clean up and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Ella first welcome to site and great story about you pooping and peeing at the beach and please share anymore stories you may have thanks.

To: < Jenn first welcome to the site and I hope you post some stories thanks.

To: P>End Stall Em first welcome back and great story it sounds like you were having a pretty bad day but it could have been worse at least that one was nice enough and understood your situation and help you out and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Jens great stories about seeing your girlfriend going to the bathroom and as always I look forward to your next post thank.

To: Leanne first welcome back and great story about you and your friend Michalea pooping together and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Princess Of AJvile first welcome back and I have read all your old stories all great by the way and also great story about peeing and pooping at the hospital man MRSA thats bad but atleast your better now Ive never pooped in a bedpan but I did pee in a plastic urinal jug one time I was in the hospital for an opperation and I dont know I would be comfortable using a bedpan and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Mike G great story abou seeing your step sister having a nasty dump in the bathroom I bet that memory will be with you forever and please anymore stories about her or any other girl and/or woman youve seen pooping thanks.

To: Wendy & Kirsty, Kirsty great story about your friend Rachel's desperate poop it sounds like she just avoided having an accident and great story about your desperate dump and Wendy great story about the big dump you took outside I bet you felt 10 pounds lighter after that and as always I look forward to your guys next post thanks.

To: Ciara great story as you can see thats happened to me before (see first post) and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: who ever wrote about there partial accident at least it wasnt to bad from the way you describe the poop.

To: Fruit great story I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Anne great story about you pooping your swimsuit and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

Well thats all for now sorry about the long post but I had alot to say.

Sincerly new guy

PS. I love this site

Princess Of AJville

Let's Flush The Trained Seal Philosophy!!!

I'm very shocked and outraged at the strictness at some schools I'm reading about here when it comes to bathroom breaks.

While I know that there will be students who will take advantage of this time to get out of class, most students who have to use the restroom during class are simply that: students who have to use the restroom.

I went to a small, personal school--and even the largest school (our consolidated high school that opened when I started my junior year in 1969) was personal in how students were treated by faculty and staff--so I never had any problem when it came to getting out of class when nature called.

However, I had a friend about five years younger who moved out of our school district when she was around twelve, and she started junior high a year later. She told me that she had to stay home when she was on her heavier days of monthly periods because she was in danger of getting the board if she had too many tardies racked up against her, and there was no way she could change her bad in the five minutes between class. Therefore, she missed a day or two every month to avoid the possibility of getting in trouble. Now, that really says a lot about the priorities of the education system there.

I recently finished a book called Uncle Tom's Classroom, and this kind of rule-making was brought up in it. This seems to be one of many aspects of an educational system that would like to condition a large portion of their students to become obedient little worker bees so that, instead of going to college, they can do the work for a lifetime that would otherwise be done temporarily as a stage of employment.

It's time for students, their parents, and any teachers who don't see this as quite right to take steps to make it illegal to keep a student from going to the restroom.

Any thoughts on this?


Desperate woman's gratitude

I was at the customer services desk at work today when a young woman came up to me to ask where the toilets were. She looked really desperate & I hated having to tell her the store doesn't have any customer toilets. She begged me to let her use the staff toilets as she was about to have an accident. It was totaly against the rules but I couldn't let her mess her panties in public so I led her to the staff toilet & waited for her to come out. She rushed in & closed the door & within a couple of seconds I could hear her having some explosive diarrhoea into the the toilet. She gave a sigh of relief & peed for ages. When she came out she kept thanking me over & over again & stuffed something into my hand. We can't accept gifts from the public & we don't have any pockets it our uniforms to keep anything. I quickly put it inside my underwear as that was the only place I could think of to hide it. I went back to work & forgot all about it untill I got home from work & went to the toilet to have a pee. When I pulled my panties down I noticed the gift. It was a &#163;50 note! That woman was so gratefull for me saving her from messing her pants she'd paid me all that money. That must be by far the most expensive pay toilet on the planet.


Questions/comments for End Stall Em

Em, you write some of the best, most descriptive stories. Although I'm about 25 years older than you and in the financial services industry, I do recognize that you are a great writer. Have you considered taking jounalism in your high school; the school newspaper and annual would be great vehicles for you to further express yourself creatively. Many great writers such as Willa Cather (my sophomore paper in college), got their start and initial training in journalism.

Now the points I want to make:

1) Your Mom's right. You will look back on these experiences with much more humor and amusement than you can at this point. Imagine the stories you can share with your best friends when your class get together for reunions. 2) Like you, I, too, would hurry into a stall and only after I was seated and averting an emergency, discover the door had been removed. 3) I prefer warm seats to this day. 4) What went through your mind as you sat in pain those five minutes on the floor trying to hold the soon-to-be puddle in? Then there's that other girl who takes the seat, keeping you down for another ten minutes. How did you keep your composure just sitting on the floor in pain? I would have been petrified and in tears. 5) What you experienced on the cool, black seat was of special interest to me because often when I'm using the bathrooms in parks during the summer I'm leaving sweat from my thighs on the seats. Do you prefer white or black seats? 6) What was the final punishment you were given. Most of us are hoping it was very light, if any.

jimmy bobby
After not pooping for 2 days I just took a MASSIVE dump at my church. Let me tell you, I feel like I lost a lot of weight lol

Alan in Amsterdam
Alyanna: Post it to YouTube please!

Jenn: Hi, do you like wierd!? I was intrigued by your comment about your colon capacity. You only go every four days, but when you go are they really massive? (Not enough information, see!)

Dave G's recollection of a childhood incident with his step-sister reminded me of one of my own. There were a few actually, this is the one that came to mind.
When we were kids (me about twelve, she ten) our folks had a caravan where we would go for holidays. This was a long time ago and caravans then weren't as smart as now. There were no showers, and no toilets. It was primitive, but there was a bucket which we used to pee in at night. The rule was, pee but no poo. If you wanted to poo you got up and walked over to the toilets block.
My sister and I slept together when we were in the caravan, in a 'room' created by a curtain, and my grandparents also were in that 'room'. My parents slept the other end of the caravan, also separated by a curtain, and the bucket was in the middle. I remember once my sister waking me up, climbing over me and going to the bucket. I listened and I heard her wee splashing. Then it stopped, she farted and I heard a couple of plops. Then she came back and climbed over me again and I could smell her bum. I gave her some tissue that was under my pillow and she wiped. The next morning there was hell to play because somebody had pood in the bucket. It was like police interrogation after a murder, my sister or me were obviously the prime suspects but we continued to plead our complete innocence. They also missed the biggest clue, the dirty tissue, because my sister slipped it inside her knickers when she got dressed.

Peeing Preferences Survey

1. Do you prefer a trough-like urinal, half high urinal, or the full-size urinal with the with the drain built into the floor.
The half-high ones are best.

2. Do you ever go into a stall to pee into a toilet? Why?
If the urinals are all in use, and also I do sometimes go in and sit down to pee because I have developed a problem where my pee is a bit uncontrollable and I often piss on the floor by mistake. At home I sit on the toilet for a pee for this reason.

3. How you do select the urinal you will use?
Preferably the one at the end, or not right next to somebody else.

4. Do you have trouble unzipping your jeans and getting your penis out?
Sometimes I have trouble because I find out I've put my boxers on back to front!

5. Do you hold it with one or two hands when you're peeing?
It's not that big! Sometimes, I lean forward against the wall and just let it hang.

6. What do you do when you're wearing sweats and there's no zipper hole to open for your penis?
Pull them down a bit at the front, or go into a cubicle and pull them right down.

7. How do you drain/wipe extra urine off your penis?
I usually shake a couple of times. In a WC I also dab it with TP. Still I end up dribbling when I've got it back into my pants. The onset of old age I guess.

8. Do you flush the urinal?

9. Do you wash your hands after peeing?
Not always. When I'm working in the bar I have to make a show of being hygienic so wash them and make sure the hand-drier is still blowing when I return to the bar, so everyone knows I've washed my hands.

10. How efficient are the auto-flush features?
The ones I've encountered have been efficient.


Stuck in lift

I once had to hold my poo for 3 hours while stuck in the lift. My bowels felt like they would explode & the other girl in the lift looked to be just as desperate. She was holding her bum with both hands & dancing around the lift. I told her I was close to doing it in my pants & seconds later the girl let go of her bum & had the messiest diarrhoea running down both legs. She peed herself too & that made of relax my clenching & I began to do a huge solid poo in my pants. I had to pee as well so I just let it all out on the floor. By the engineer got us out the lift stank of our poo & we just ran out of there.

I realized the other day that I really enjoy relieving myself outside. It's not because I have some dirty poop fetish, but I guess because I prefer squatting over a nice patch of grass than on a cold porcelain chair. Like some previous posters, I have the luck of having a pretty big backyard, however, I do have neigbors on either sides of my house, so when I do go I have to find a secluded area. I prefer keeping this habit a secret, I guess. I usually wait until my parents are either at work or out before I take my time outside.

When the coast is clear, I have two desired places to do my business. By the time you reach the furthest end of my backyard it is secluded enough from neighbors to go anywhere in the grass, but I prefer using a tiny area blocked off by some bushes. There's a large enough area between the bushes and the fenced of area between my backyard and the wilderness. The second place where I spend most of my time shitting is in a small deserted shed. I'll usually go in a bucket and empty it elsewhere, but even so, it doesn't feel 'au natural' enough for me.

Usually, i'll go around five, as that's the time I feel my bowels start to move. I don't do this everyday, but probably four times a week. I used the special area between the bushes just a few days ago, probably Monday. It was a pretty warm day, maybe around ninety degrees, so I stripped of my pants and underwear, letting them hang off some branches ad leaves, feeling the cool air run across my arse. Upon feeling that, I started peeing, getting part of my feet wet. I spread my legs apart and sarted to push. I gruned a few times, releasing some dry seven inchers, around the normal size. A smaller turd fell out, and about two nuggets followed suit. I pulled out some TP I had brought with me and wiped. Before puttin my pants on, I threw the turds into a depleted hole that was half filled with older logs.

The most outrageous outside pooing I've done was probably from a tree.Also around the same area my family grew a nectorine tree that was big enough to climb on. I decided to experiment that day, and hoisted myself up onto the first branch, a good eight or nine feet above ground. I pulled my skirt and panties to my ankles and peed. It sprayed everywhere, but following that, I heard a grumble in my stomach and pushed. It wasn't very comfortable, and I had to strain more to get my turds flying down. However, today was an extra busy day, causing for at least four six-inched turds to fall. As the fell, they stayed in contact and didn't break off.

I also have a few buddy dumps to share on another day!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

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