While me and my girlfriend were driving back to our dorms near the end of winter break, she started to fidget uneasily. We had been in the car for the last two to three hours, and before that taken a small rest stop at a small cafe. We bought some food, ate, and I used the bathroom. I asked her if she had to go, and she shook her head. We left, and had been driving for the few hours. At this point, the traffic intensified, moving a feet per minute, as it seemed. As she started to fidget, I asked her what was wrong. Elly (her name) replied, "Nothing, I just need to use the bathroom. I can hold, how much longer until we're getting there?" I told her that it was going to take a few more hours, but if the traffic lightened up we could stop at a gas station. She nodded, and we stayed silent for a few minutes. She then looked at me, and said "I really, really, really have to go," with eyes pleading. She couldn't get out of the car and find a bush, so we improvised. I found some dirty gym towels, and laid them on her seat. Elly took off her shorts, and sat down on the towels and released her pee stream, letting out a loud hissing sound. The towel was soon wet, but she told that hadn't been the real problem. The 'problem' was that the cafe food had disagreed with her stomach, and if she wasn't about to go right now, then it would just leak out anyway. To my pleasure, she stood up, and squatted over the towel, and started to push. She didn't need to because it came out quicker than her urine. The pile grew quickly, but it wasn't all that large. It was a little wet, and stunk pretty bad.

I have a close friend that I`ve known for quite sometime. She`s around my age (seventeen), and her name`s Keanna. Keanna`s short, maybe around five foot two, and weighs around ninety-five pounds. I could go into detail describing myself, but the story has nothing to do with me.

For as long as I`ve known, we`ve been close friends. We`ve seen each other naked as children, played together, and alway for some reason unexplained we always used the bathroom together. It started out as a fear of both of ours of going without our mothers, but evolved into some not talked about buddy dump system. It`s never been some erotic poop fetish of goin in strange places, just some normal toilet trips. Neither of us have ever been shy with each other about our habits or body so sitting next to each other while the other person ues the toilet has always been normal. But for some reason unknown, i`ve never viewed her as the sisterly type.

The last time we shared the bathroom was a few weeks ago. While doing some homework on her bed, Keanna complained about some thai food that disagreed with her stomach. She said she wanted to use the bathroom because she supposedly had been waiting since we had gotten to her house. Sometimes I decline this 'invitation' but today I decide to see what`s been keeping from focusing on econ homework. We walk into her bathroom which has the standard sink, toilet, and bathtub. She struggles a bit with her jeans but finally peels them off and lowers them to her knees. She lets out a hissing stream of pee, and instead of talking like we usually do, she seems too entrenched with getting rid of the residue in her bowels.

I hear her grunt a little, which doesn`t seem to do much until I see her grab her stomach. She seems pained, but I can hear and smell the turds coming out. She lets out several loud farts and grunts again. I hear some more plops, until she pushes one more time. I hear a groan of satisfaction as she fingers for some toilet paper. Keanna finds none and forgets that I`m there. She hops off the toilet, revealing her pretty dirty butt as she hobbles for some toilet paper in the cabinet. I take the opportunity to glance at what she left in the toilet to find an explosion of tricolored browns sprayed everywhere. There`s three five inch turds in the middle and before I can turn my head away she plops back down and wipes around seven times, releasing one last stream of pee. She flushes and the toilet gurgles, but listens in the end.


Bucket seats

One month ago, March 7th to be exact, we here in New England were subject to an incredible snowstorm. The forecast was for a foot of snow. This isn't a problem in this
location- the road crews are set up for that amount of snow, but you would want to have great tires and an AWD car if possible if the storm was concurring with your commute.
In anticipation of bad roads, my co-worker "Mandi" had called me on the night before. Ditzy as she is, she waited till I was to bed before she called to ask for a ride the
next day. She will occasionally do this when weather problems arise, as her car isn't well geared for bad road conditions. She lives the next town down from the city that I
live in, toward our work. We don't often carpool because I have errands after work and she likes to go to the gym right after work (what she says, but I suspect she's a bar
fly). Still, she will backtrack to give me a ride if I need one. It's about 8 kilometers. Picking her up on a good day would add 10 minutes to my commute. I take a secondary
highway to her place then get on the interstate, whereas the interstate is accessible nearby my house if I don't have passengers to pick up, and it takes me within .2 K of my job.
When I awoke on the Monday morning of 3/7, the foot of snow we were expecting had fallen, and I thought maybe more. It was difficult to tell, as the snow was being delivered
to us sideways and was drifting.
I was determined to get to work that morning. At that time, I figured the storm, based on the forecast, would have to peter out soon. I headed out at 7:00 Am, the time that
the storm was supposed to have passed us. As I headed to pick up Mandi, I didn't notice any letup with the snowfall. My defroster (on high ) was barely able to keep up with
the windshield, and the road (still a state highway) to pick up Mandi was horrible.
25 minutes later I arrived at Mandi's place. It was still snowing heavily. She hopped in my car and then we drove to a convenience store located near the interstate
entrance where she wanted to get coffee. She got a large latte and I got a small (she was buying but that's all my stomach can take). We then got on the interstate, which
I was happy to see, not in too bad shape. Apparently snow plowing had been done not long before.
Mandi is an attractive young lady, in her early 30's, with a bubbly personality. She does tend to be a chatterbox. On this trip, I was trying to tune her out without
seeming rude, as my focus was needed for driving. The snow hadn't let up at all. The visibility was bad and the road surface which didn't initially seem so bad was
getting worse.
About 10 minutes into our trip, we noticed that the traffic was slowing. As we proceeded, it came almost to a standstill. One could have walked faster than the rate that we
were going. I assumed that there must have been an accident ahead of us. I politely shushed Mandi and turned up the local radio station. At that point they were busy
reporting school closings one by one which I thought was stupid because by that time it was clear that every school in the state would be closed that day. Soon after, we
could see the flashing lights of emergency vehicles coming from both directions. Some of them passed us in the breakdown lane.
About a half hour later, and with us having made little progress (the entire commute would only be a half hour on a good day) the radio station finally reported that the
section of interstate that we were on was closed due to several accidents. Traffic was being diverted ahead of us, but not very quickly. We were still proceeding at a snails pace. The snow was still coming down hard- it was apparent that we would be getting much more than expected.
Yet another half hour or so went by and we'd still not made much progress. At that point I noticed that the normally talkative Mandi was unusually quiet. I glanced at her
and noticed that she didn't look well. I said "you OK hon?" to which she replied "I think I'm going to be sick" I then suggested that she open her window a bit for fresh air.
She then whimpered "It's not just that but I also... well you know..." I did know. At that point my bladder was in extreme need of relief.
A few years prior to that day, when I was experiencing digestive problems, I had had vinyl seat covers installed over the fabric seats of my car, in anticipation of the worst
that could have happened. It never actually happened, at least to the point that the seats would have been ruined.
About an hour and a half into our trip, and still not close to our destination I told Mandi that the second we could get off the interstate we were turning around. At that
point we'd have been late for work at best, and even if we made it there in one piece, there would still be the matter of the commute home after work. It was still snowing heavily. I then informed Mandi- who was by then squirming and making little sobbing noises that she was welcome to just let loose in the seat if she needed to, as it wouldn't
be a problem to clean up, and no other relief was going to be available soon. She quietly said "Oh I couldn't". I, being distracted from my driving by her fidgeting as well as
the pressure in myself, replied "let me demonstrate". I then let a torrent of urine exit, which I could hear hissing loudly even over the car's radio. I then farted, also
loudly, which bubbled into the puddle that I was by then seated in. Mandi looked a bit shocked but said nothing and maintained her dignity for a few more miles.
Close to 2 hours into the trip, Mandi was apparently ready to burst. I noticed her left hand over her mouth while she was opening the window with her right. She then threw
up. When she was done and the window was back up, I had to open my window because of the smell of vomit that she'd gotten on her hand. Organic odors don't usually bother me much
but vomit is hard to take.
Mandi, fortunately, had some tissues in her purse and some sort of hand cream or something which she managed to clean up with. At that point, I was pretty sure that she also
had urinated, though she didn't announce it. As the vomit smell dissipated, another odor took it's place. It soon became evident that she was having a bowel movement. Between
sobs and kind of grunting noises, Mandi was apologizing and offering to clean my car when we got her home. Not just the seat but the outside which she'd sprayed with vomit. I
told her not to worry about it.
By the time we got turned around, got Mandi home and got home myself, more than 4 hours had gone by. We ended up getting 28 inches of snow that day.

new guy

girl poops at library

About an hour ago I saw a girl go into the ladies room and she was in there for about 5 minutes I didnt hear anything but when she came out I could smell a slight poop smell kind of earthy which probaly means it was a good healthy dump.

I'm a relatively lazy person, but I'm won't piss myself if I'm too lazy to get off the computer. I'm a young nineteen year old with a slim enough body, and average height. I have slightly wavy red hair that reaches the bottom of my collarbones, just to give you some background information.

Last summer, I went home to visit the 'rents and some high school friends. We live close enough to the beach for my drive out by myself and return by lunch, alone. So that morning I headed for the beach, and found some beach clothing (which really just consists of shorts and a nice tank top, underneath I wore a simple black two piece). I decided I wanted to take a nice morning hike around when the air was still cool, and there was few people around. I arrive at around eight, and there were some early surfers and beach enthusiasts. It's a pretty small beach with only one bathroom near the parking lot. After finding some easy parking, I hopped out and started for a nice hike. After an hour of sea-gazing and endless walking, I realized I was probably two or three miles (estimate) away from my car, which meant two to three miles away from the bathroom. I had skipped my morning potty and headed out the house before I could have even grabbed a granola bar. My stomach started to quietly growl to me, not sure if it was from the hunger or the fact that I had a full bowel waiting to be emptied, probably.

It wasn't that bad, but I decided to play rebellious and walk a little more. I didn't make it far, probably just ten minutes worth of walking before I decided to take a little breather, and just find a nice rock to sit on. There weren't many people near me, and if they were they were far into the ocean, and far away from me. I realized that the previous growling had evolved into an annoying 'I have to go' cramp. I contemplated walking back to the parking lot, but I knew how my body operated- once it cried for help, there was no going back. Plus, it was pretty far away, and I didn't want to leave yet. I thought about just going behind my rock, but it just didn't 'safe' enough for me. I also remembered that previous posters on this site cleverly just went into the sand and threw some sand back in after they finished, and I decided to go in that direction.

I took out a beach towel, and stripped out of my outer clothing. I dug a big enough hole with my hands after throwing some drinking water into it. Next, I peeled off my bikini bottom just as it reached my knees. I sat on my pile, feeling the discomfort of the sand, and covered the area up with my towel, feeling pretty smart about my disguise. I let out a nice stream of pee, listening to it hissing as it hit the already wet sand. I never realized that my hole could have collapsed, and I as forgot to ponder that thought, my hole collapsed as I had started to push. I jumped a little, and pulled up my bikini bottom, covering my sand-covered ass. I re-dug the hole, using my own pee, drinking water, and sand as the mold. It was bigger and my fingernails felt even dirtier. I pulled off the bikini bottom again, put the towel on, and sat (well, more squatting, but you get the point), and pushed. A slimy six inch turd fell into the hole, covering about a quarter of it. I grunted a second time, and an equal-sized turd dropped in. I pushed a few more times, and about three or four smaller turds fell in, each around 3-4 inches. This was pretty normal, not gonna lie.

When I pulled my bikini bottom up, I inspected the hole which was filled with decent-sized poop and bits and bits of sand. My butt was feeling pretty gritty as I had forgotten to bring toilet paper, and although some of you might enjoy using the beach as your medium of pooping, I can't say I agree with you.




Hey all,

This forum is pretty weird, but also extremely anonymous, and as such, I'll share a bit something that's not appropriate for conversation, even with my friends. The best way to word it is that I've been fortunate (I guess) to have a very high "colonic capacity." Its somewhat separate from being chronically constipated in that as long as I eat a fairly high fiber diet, there's no childbirth like straining or difficulty involved.

The upside of this is that I only have to 'go' on average a little less then twice a week (every 4 days or so). Which is nice as far as buying less tp and generally avoiding public restrooms. The downside is that when I was younger and ate worse, i had some battles with constipation and the consequences of having the runs can range from severe embarrassment to downright catastrophic (Ive never had an accident, but I've definitely come close and ended up going with less than ideal circumstances). So that's me, I may post a story or two at some point, but this is enough information for now.

P>End Stall Em

Girl Interrupted

Back last year when I was a freshman I wrote on Page 1789 about a day in the fall when I got really frustrated about having to use the bathrooms at school everyday. Getting interrupted by such things as waiting for a toilet to open, no toilet paper to wipe with, the tardy bell going off just after I sit down and start pissing--these were all things that really frustrated me. Mom was sympathetic with me and said most high school students go through this. And that helped me put things into perspective, especially since I go to one of the largest schools in the state.

Now, as a sophomore, I had another one of those experiences earlier this week. It was partially my fault, I know, because I should have peed before leaving home for my 30 minute walk to school. I was on my computer finishing some homework, and oh well, I just didn't get done. When I arrived on campus, about 20 minutes before first hour, I lugged my bookbag that was starting to hurt my back, up the stairs to the building and knew my bladder's need was becoming more urgent. I walked into the first restroom. I walked into the first restroom and it was jam packed. Dozens of girls at the sinks, doors closed on each of the 15 stalls and legs showing, and a crowd that only allowed me to stand and weight. Because of my back pain, I leaned up against the wall and was encouraged by 4 or 5 stall doors opening, but others quickly bolted in. I was particularly amused by this one girl in blue jeans, she looked like a freshman, who slithered in front of a couple of others who were busy talking, and got the open stall. She was two stalls in and we could hear a big Ahhhh! when her jeans and panties dropped and immediately at that moment, one of the largest dumps I've ever heard hit the water. There was a big eruption of gas, and more noise of logs in succession hitting the water. The movement of her feet indicated she was already standing up and I could hear the toilet paper being spun. I had my hopes up and path to the stall picked out, but she opened the door, called out a friend's name and this girl left from the sinks and immediately ran in and slammed the door so hard that several of the partitions rattled.

It had been probably 10 minutes when the end stall, just to my right opened. One very large girl came out cussing to somebody on her cell phone. I seized the opportunity by walking up, blocking the door while I took off my back pack and threw it against the wall. Luckily, I had a shirt on instead of the pant suit I had worn for a special program the day before and which was very tight to get off, so within a couple of seconds I dropped my panties to knee level, hiked my skirt to the best of my ability and was seated. By butt was quite comfortable on the warm seat, but my stream was a little later in getting started. I was hoping in my excitement and frustration and despression of the past few minutes that I had misjudged the time and that I had a few more minutes, but the ugly two-minute buzzer went off. It was one of those think-fast moments: did I want to stay down and finish my pee or did I want to take the first hour tardy and probably be assigned detention time. (I've previously written about serving detention time). I decided to get off the stool, hold my pain, and make a run for it. I was late to first hour, but only by about two seconds so I don't think my teacher recorded it.

After a few directions, she started the class by giving us ten minutes review time for our quiz. At that time, I went up, asked permission to use the bathroom quickly, but she hesitated and said she didn't think that was wise. I moved in closer to her, told her about what happened before school in a very low voice, and although she shook her head and said she didn't think it was a good use of classtime, she let me go. On the basement floor, the restroom is way down at the other end. It was about a four minute walk, but I hurried because the pain in my bladder had to be taken care of. I rounded the wall into the bathroom which is one of the larger ones in the school, eyed the end stall, closest to me and went in. I quickly pulled down my panties, hiked my skirt and placed myself on the seat. Then I went to close the door and made the brilliant discovery that there was none. I didn't worry that much because I've used doorless stalls occasionally (out of dire need) and there would be very little traffic since it was 1st hour. Just as my first few drops were hitting the water, three beeps came over the intercom and one of the administrators announced an immediate tornado drill. Everyone had to follow the school's safety plan!

I continued to sit because in last year's drill, our class just stayed in our classroom. We also do the same during intruder drills. Then I heard several students in the hall and an adult voice ordering the boys into the guys bathroom next door and the girls into the bathroom I was in. Two teachers and about 20 or 25 girls came in and I heard a male voice next door telling the boys to quietly sit against the wall
and yelling at a couple of them about messing around. The girls, at the direction of the teachers, sread out and sat against the wall, a couple of them looking over at me and snickering. I felt lucky that I had selected to wear the skirt, but I was still in pain and only able to produce a few trickles into the bowl. Then a teacher comes to the entry of my stall and tells me to get up and and take a seat against the opposite wall. I almost started crying out of frustration and embarrassment, but I went down to the far wall nd seated myself away from the others and next to one very dusty heat register. I was moving around a lot because of the pain and got up onto my knees because of a cramp.

At that point, pee started to stream. A hot flow started to gush down my inner legs and I immediately knew what was happening. My hope was that I could contain the puddle under me and conceal it with my skirt. I was able to cut off the stream a couple of times and was willing to take the pain, knowing that the drill would end and that I could get back on the toilet and finish up. After about five minutes, our principal came on the intercom and announced the drill being over. It seemed like a very slow evacuation because the other girls didn't want to go back to class. One even got permission from her teacher to use the bathroom as the class walked out. She took one of the middle stalls and while she was peeing (for what seemed like 10 minutes) I remained seated on the floor trying to figure out what I was going to do. Luckily, the girl exited without going to the sinks because she probably would have seen me there and known what happened because my urine was now running out from under me in a couple of directions.

As soon a she left, I got up, walked into the first stall. I closed the door, and while standing, pulled off my very wet panties, tossing them into the corner of the stall. Then I took off my skirt and hung it over the stall door. I placed myself on a seat that was cooler than the last one, and within a minute, was able to get my stream started. It went for about a minute and a half. I started pulling off sheets of toilet paper and wiping down my inner legs. I stood up and did additional wiping. In doing so, I noticed that my thighs were wet enough to leave moisture on the inner front of the black seat, so I wiped that off. I leaned back and flushed. As the flush cycle worked, I walked to the trash can deposited my drenched underwear. I called my Mom at work, told her what happened, and she said I should go back to class and that she would bring clean underwear up to the office for me.

I went back to class, found that my teacher had already entered an "extreme tardy" on the computer attendance program, and tried to concentrate on the quiz that I had missed and now had to take. At end of the hour, I got called to the office and in a large yellow business document envelope, was another pair of underwear. I immediately waited the passing period out, went into the nearest bathroom, and put my dry underwear on. While I was in the stall, I seated myself on the toilet because I felt that I may be able to crap. Unfortunately, I couldn't. So I went back across the hall to the office, asked the lady behind the desk for an excused pass to class (I started to quietly tell her my story, but she touched my hand and said "Don't worry, Honey". She wrote "special circumstances" on my pass. That way I'll probably only be assigned one Saturday School.

My girlfriend seldom shares her bathroom habits with me, and when she does it's out of pure desperation or by accident. She's cute, thin, Korean, and has (dyed) brown hair that reaches her chest.

When we first started going out, I was driving to her apartment. We were only sophomores in college, and met in an organic chem. class. I was a foreign exchange student from Norway, who had a funny (and cute, supposedly) accent. As I reached her apartment, she sent me a sudden text, and said she was in the bathroom and that I was to let myself in and just wait for her in the living room. I took this chance to let myself in and quietly walk to her bathroom. I was hoping for some groans, but I got far more than I asked for. The door was opened at around four inches, and I casually craned my neck to see her on the toilet, bent-over and pushing. She grunted and pushed. She bent over some more, and held her knees. Quickly, I heard a few plops fall into the toilet as she stands up, with her hind side to my direction and takes a few pieces of toilet paper. She wipes and throws it into her toilet, and I take this moment to quietly stalk to her couch, where I'm casually pretending to wait.

The second time was a bit different. We were in my bed, from the night before. I'm a light sleeper so the tiniest of sounds could wake me up. She gets out of my bed, and quietly walks over to the bathroom, which is directly 8 to 10 feet away from my bed (the perks of a small apartment). She doesn't bother closing the door because she thinks I'm still asleep. She's only in her bra and underwear, so she pulls down her underwear and sits on the toilet. She grunts, and I can hear a stream of pee flow towards the toilet. She starts to push and groan, and after about five minutes, I finally hear a rather loud plop, and she stands up. She wipes and returns into bed with me, without flushing, because she thinks that she can do that as I wake up.

The last time I saw her go was an act of sheer desperation. After a night of drinking, we were driving along a street with nicely lit street lamps. She looks at me, and clamps onto my sleeves, whereupon she turns a pale sickly color, covers her mouth, and meekly tells me to stop the car. I stop, and she runs out there, heading towards a bush, but not quite making it there as she doubles over and falls on her knees. I can hear her dry-heave, and I run towards her and holds her hair as she retches a few time. She's sobbing and hiccuping, and leans against my chest when she finishes. She cranes her head towards my ear and tells me she has to use the bathroom. I tell her to just go, because it'll take nearly twenty minutes to get back to her place. She agrees, and we start back to the car, before she grips her stomach and tells me that she can't wait, and has to go right now. She's clearly adamant about it, so I tell her to go behind a bush or tree, that way no one can see her. From the yellowish tint of the street lamps, she blushing heavily, and she finally agrees.

She's wearing an oversized sweater that covers the skirts she's wearing. Walking over to the bush, I see her bend over behind it, making her small stature disappear. I grab a few napkins, just in case, and brings them over to her. She blushes even more, but instead of shooing me away, she holds onto my wrist and doesn't let go. She takes the bottom of her sweatshirt and bites onto it as she pulls off her skirt and underwear to avoid any messes. She then tells me to close my eyes, and I pretend to do so. Squatting, she's still holding on to my hand, and so every time she pushes I feel her grip tighten. Every time that happens, I sneak a peek, until I just altogether open my eyes. She doesn't seem to care anymore and starts to pee first. It makes a stream upwards, and wets my shoes, but I ignore it, and she doesn't realize it. Eventually, she starts pushing and grunting, making light growls in her stomach as some wet poo leaves her system. The pile is large enough, and eventually it dries out. I don't get to see much, but I can see between her legs as a fairly hard and dry one pops out. After a minute or two of groaning, it eventually falls on top of the other, and I hand her the tissues. She gratefully takes them, and wipes, leaving them on top of her pile. Fishing for her panties and underwear, and she finds them to her left and puts them on quickly, avoiding me for the rest of the ride home. Every time I start a conversation, she moves her head to the ride, and avoids my gaze.

Eventually, we do get to her house, and she whispers a meek apology and thanks, but to be honest, I think I should be the one thanking her. If anymore comes, I'll write another story. By the way, I'm keeping her name a secret for now.

Message for Small Town Girl (I Sympathize for You)


I have been reading about your recent situation involving that 5-hour energy drink you recently consumed, and I cannot help but sympathize with you. Was it painful? It would have been for me. You must have an amazing anus, as well as a good-sized physique if you say your arms are six inches around. Well, my build is average for a lady - not too big, but not too small either.

It has been a while since I last read about a fellow human being having a BM that big around. For me, pushing out a load that big would have felt like giving birth to a full-size football. OUCH!! The largest I have ever had was about two inches wide and 14 inches long - and that was back when I was still a teenager in the mid 1980s. Anyway, I hope you have been recovering okay, but I reckon it will be a while before you have your next BM - and hopefully not six inches wide. Those kind of bowel movements I had just as soon do without!

I have to admit it has been a while since I last had an extra large BM myself. Unfortunately, back in 2005 I started having symptoms of IBS. Since then, my bowel habits have never been the same. Well, I had a few good BMs between 2006 and 2007, since I was taking the Wal-Mart equivalent of Metamucil at the time, but IBS has completely changed the way I have a bowel movement. What a bummer, huh?

Back in February, my family doctor put me on some strong medication for treating IBS - something called Sertraline, and it has worked pretty well. It has not only helped to prevent my stomach from bloating all the time, but also it reduced my appetite by 60% - in addition to the loss of 11 pounds in two weeks. I went from weighing 203 down to 192. I currently weigh 190. But I'm also six feet tall, so weight is not too much of a problem for me. Anyway, when I told my doctor about my progress at the follow-up appointment, he was very pleased and said for me to remain on it for some time to come.

When I first began taking my Sertraline doses, it made me feel a bit drowsy and weary. I figured that it was working to heal the soreness inside my GI tract. It also turned my stools green temporarily. Well, after about 4 days, I was feeling 80% better, and my ???? has started to flatten. It still sticks out a little, but nothing like before (thank God).

Prior to getting on the Sertraline, my belly stuck out so far that it looked as if I was about a month or so away from giving birth. I am thankful this was not the case. I can't afford to have a baby at this time, with the economy being like it is, and the fact I am out of work as well. My folks have been helping to take care of me until I get back out on my own again.

Okay, sweetie, that's all for now. I am glad you've got that awful stuff out of your system. Your experience has prompted me to avoid buying that drink as well. But then, my favorite energy drink has always been sweet iced tea with lemon (Lipton Cold Brew). Anyway, you take care for now, continue to recover gracefully, and I look forward to reading more of your posts down the road.

Warm Regards,

(Leslie Leanne)

Hi everyone!! Long time no see- I'm back home from uni for Easter so I can FINALLY post again! Plenty of stories to tell so I'll get started.

Abbie- Sorry to hear you had trouble pooing in school in your last post, but at least things seem to have improved for you overall! Looking forward to your next post and hope your next poo is easier for you!

Well, yesterday (Wednesday) was the last day of my semester at uni, so my housemate Michaela and I went out shopping all day (nothing else to do!) at the big shopping centre just outside of town. I had been out the night before for a few (well, more than a few!) drinks with some of my friends and so I knew I'd be taking a big poo at some point before mid-afternoon. We spent all morning shopping and then got some lunch- KFC, fried chicken, chips and all the sides. Naturally enough soon after we finished eating I felt a strong pressure down below. Within a few minutes the urge was at the point where I had to find a toilet within half an hour or so. We looked in a couple of shops before I told Michaela that I had to use the loo. She said 'me too,' so we made our way to the ladies.
They weren't too busy so we took adjacent cubicles. I lowered my white shorts and pink panties, and under the wall I could see Michaela lower her jean shorts and black panties to her ankles too. Then I heard her fart quite loudly before she had even sat down! As she sat down beside me I started my wee. My poo started to come out almost immediately and a log splashed into the toilet. I pushed out another log that crackled as it came out and also made a loud plop. Michaela then started to poo as well, with two quick plops and then a third. My next piece was surprisingly stubborn and I had to push a lot to get it out. I pressed my knees together and moved my feet apart as this helps me push harder when I need to, and it worked. After another three small and silent pieces I was done. Michaela had two more plops and then she was done too. An enjoyable poo as it was my first 'buddy dump' with Michaela- the first of many hopefully!

Will post again soon- I'm tired now! Goodnight everyone!

Outdoor lady

Parking Lot Peers

In the past week I saw 2 young men peeing outside. 1 drove his car into a parking lot next to a car repair shop and went to the wall, opened his belt and peed by the wall. He walked back to his car with his belt still undone and did it up then entered the car and drove away - he was a well dressed young man 20s to early 30s. The 2nd one walked with a group of 2 youngish (30s) women and stopped to enter a parking lot next to the warehouse and stood near the corner of the parking lot behind the metal staircase and peed. The ladies patiently waited for him giving him modesty. Then he ran to join them and the 3 walked on. Both parking lots are across the street from my home. Both peers were well dressed. I have peed in parking lots waiting for the bus, on my way home from a place, etc.

Princess Of AJville

Hospital Pees & Poops

I've posted here some as AJ :-) Loves Russell ;-) but it has been awhile. I still love Russell but have pretty much decided that saying "I do!" to him would be one step towards saying "I divorce thee!" Therefore, I decided to choose a new handle. Hope you like it.

Since it's been such a long while since my last post (even though I've gotten back to dropping in to read whenever I had time and was in the mood), we have a lot of catching up to do, and I think that the first thing I'm going to share are bathroom experiences in the hospital.

One reason that I didn't make it over here as often for awhile was that I was sick to the point of exhaustion. It turns out the reason why was that I wasn't just dealing with a major case of edema and that I would feel better once I got enough proper stretch-out time (which I was having trouble doing because my legs were so heavy to lift) but I was, instead, dealing with a more permanent condition called lymphedema--and, on top of that, I had gotten a MRSA infection due to open wounds.

I believe that I finally made it to the hospital in the nick of time before a hearse instead of an ambulance would be needed to pick me up.

I have no insurance (quit paying for it when the price just kept going up and up and up), but, thankfully, there was a foundation that ended up taking care of almost all of my expenses.

Everybody was very nice to me at the hospital, and the food was really ????, too.

As I'm a big woman and hold lots of fluid, I first didn't press the call-button everytime I needed to pee. I just let it out on the bed, which was protected. However, the nurses and CNAs told me to press the call button everytime I needed to pee and/or had wet the bed because that was their job, and my skin was very compromised at that time and shouldn't remain pickled in pee for very long.

Of course, when I had to poop, I always called for help. At first, I used a bedpan, but I was soon able to get in and out of bed assisted to use a bedside commode--which, before long, was placed quite a distance away from the bedside in order for me to build up my ability to walk again.

I noticed that I would make a little "Boop!" sound when I pooped (though I'm usually a quiet pooper) and that it all came out at once.

So, I asked if there were any sort of laxative in what I was being given through the IV, and I was told that, while I wasn't, some of what was going into me might have a kind of laxative effect.

It was also found that I had a pretty bad case of anemia, so I was started on some iron pills to build me back up. This made my poop turn black.

I was too weak to wipe myself, so I had to stand up, bend slightly forward, and hold on to a walker that was being held onto by one nurse/CNA while the other one wiped me.

I wondered what I was producing, so I looked at it, and it always seemed to be this kind of greenish-black blob that looked like a very wet cow pattie.

One time, after I was settled back in bed, Mary (an orderly who had graduated with me in high school), went over to the commode to remove the bedpan from it and flush it.

However, the bedpan accidentally slipped from her hand, fell to the floor pan-side-down, and made a mess. She was about to clean it up when one of the doctors came in to see me, so she grabbed up a bunch of linens to cover it up while I was telling her not to worry about it, as I was sure that most doctors had seen poop before.

No matter, she got it--and kept it--covered until the doctor had left.

Back when Mary, our other friends, and I were sitting around the lunchroom table at school talking about boys, music, etc. (We graduated in 1971), I never would have imagined that she would be emptying my bedpan someday.

I went to take my first MRI a few days later. It was an open MRI, and I didn't find it to be such a dreadful thing as some people had talked about its being. Only two major problems. One was that I had been having muscle spasms, and had at least one while I was getting moved to the table, but it soon settled down. Another was that I had to pee while I was lying there and ended up not being able to hold it. I apologized and was told that this was okay.

When I was feeling like sitting up longer, I sat on the bedside commode and watched the country music awards. The nurse and CNA who had been assisting me were watching it too, and we were talking about our favorite songs, recording artists, etc.

At some point, I made the comment that, if somebody had told me a few months earlier that I would soon be taking a crap in front of a man and woman whom I'd just met while discussing country music, I would have thought he/she was crazy or being silly.

My final hospital poop didn't come out looking like a blob. Instead, it came out all black and wrapping itself around itself. I made the comment to the CNA that all it needed was a tongue and a couple of eyes to look like a snake!

All hospital stays must come to an end, and mine did. I had hoped to transition to a nursing home for awhile to finish recovering, but I found out that I was very capable of taking care of myself once I got home.

I had left home barely able to stand up unassisted, and it wasn't too long after arriving home that I was able to put my walker in a handy spot for those times when I might need it but was still able to get around on my own.

That was a great feeling!!!

At first, I had to lift my legs up (to get in bed) using a sheet placed under each one (bottom of foot), which I would steer with my arms and hands to get in and out of bed, but I soon didn't need to do that, either.

I now use a walker when I'm out of the house (just in case), but walk around unassisted at home.

My lymphedema is also well-managed.

It was wonderful to have a diagnosis, know what I was dealing with, and be able to know what to do.

I'm still not back to where I was several years ago, but I'm definitely better than I was when I left for the hospital and even after arriving back home.

Mike G.

Step sister

Hello, people! Got a childhood memory I thought I'd share. I must have been around 14 years old when this happened. The story took place on a warm summer's day. I was lying in our bathtub, cooling off from the heat. Suddenly, there was a knock on the door. My step sister (our parents are married, no biological relationship between us) opened the door and asked me if she could come in to use the bathroom. I said of course she could.

My step sister is around 16 years older than me. We're quite close, albeit being step siblings. Back then, she used to have long, pitch-black hair, which she always had in a pony tail. This day, she was wearing blue jeans shorts and a white sleeveless shirt. "I must have had something that didn't agree with my stomach", she said and clutched it. We had had a barbecue the previous day. "I really hope you don't mind", she added. "Don't worry", I told her, "do what you have to do".

She then proceeded to unbuckle her belt, unzip her pants and drop them to her ankles as she sat down on the toilet. She leaned forward and clasped her hands together. We were talking as she peed loudly. After a few seconds, her stream stopped and she was silent. "Here we go...", she mumbled in a strained voice. She started pushing very hard and her face went red as a tomato. The crackling sound of a huge turd emerging from her could be heard. The bathroom was quite small, and the toilet was right next to the toilet.

"Uhhh, here it cooomes", she said in the same strained voice. Right after that, there was a big *fladoomp* coming from the bowl. "Pheeew!" she sighed in relief and gazed up to the ceiling with a face of gratitude. Her turd had barely dropped until the bathroom started smelling like something died. "Whew, you stink!" I told her and held my nose teasingly. "Oh yeah?" she said mockingly, and started to wave the smell in my direction while laughing. I was laughing, too.

This was followed by a series of runny, mushy poop. I could surely tell her stomach wasn't well. Not least did the scent indicate this. My step sis had picked up a magazine that my step mother kept in the bathroom (women in that family seemed to like reading while crapping!) and was browsing through the pages. "Come and look at this", she suddenly told me and pointed at something in the magazine. I moved over to her, and when I was right next to her in the bathtub she dropped a gigantic turd. Then she laughed like there was no tomorrow.

She kept sitting on the potty for a very long time, now and then reading the magazine, now and then talking to me, all while dropping a lot of turds. After what seemed like forever she looked at her watch and told me that she had been crapping for almost 50 minutes. She wiped five times, pulled her pants up and flushed. Amazingly, she hadn't clogged the toilet. By now it was smelling horribly in there. She said "You better open a window", smiled and left.

This was quite an experience. Until then, I had no idea a woman could take such long and smelly dumps. But I guess you learn something new every day.

I really like reading stories from guys who get to watch women doing a number two. Please post your stories!




Rachels desperate poo

I once picked my friend Rachel up from work. I was a bit late & she was standing in the car park with a desperate strained look on her face. She got in the car & said, "You'll have to drive fast as I'm desperate for the loo." I asked her, "Why didn't you go at work?" Rachel replied, "I couldn't do that." I asked, "Why not?" Rachel replied, "Because it's a number two." I asked, "How long have you been holding it?" Rachel replied hesitantly, "Er a day or so." I guessed it was actually much longer than that & questioned her further by asking, "A day or so? How long has it been since you last went?" Rachel replied, "Well er a day or two. Maybe four." I said, "Four days? You've been holding it four days? No wonder you're desperate!" Rachel added, "The laxatives probaly don't help right now!" I was speechless. I couldn't believe Rachel had been holding her poo four days & had taken laxative. I had to ask her, "Can you hold it untill you get home?" Rachel replied, "I'm not sure. I have to go so bad." I offered to pull over somewhere to let her relieve herself but she replied, "No way! I'm not taking a crap by the side of the road where everyone can see me." I told her, "Well it's better than doing it in your knickers." Rachel said, "I'll take my chances if it's all the same. Any way I'm not a baby. I can wait." We continued to drive through the traffic & it wasn't long before Rachel was doubled over. She was clearly in trouble & kept muttering, "Oh no. Please not here." I said to her, "Look Rachel. If you really have to go that bad I'm pulling over & you can do it in the bushes." Rachel said, "No way. I know I can hold it." I knew what would happen so I stopped by some large bushes & ordered Rachel out of the car before it was too late. Rachel said, "I can hold it. I can hold it." But I knew she couldn't & while she argued I smelt poo. Rachel got out of the car like a bullet & ran into the bushes holding her bum. I could see her in the bushes pulling down her trousers & knickers down & as soon as she bent her knees a huge load of soft steaming poo shot out of her bum & all over the grass. When she came back to the car she looked very relieved & said, "Ok maybe I couldn't wait!"

I just saw Wendys post before she sent it & it reminded me of the time I had to poo really badly while I was in class once. I was 15 at the time & I hadn't been since the morning before. At first it wasn't too bad so I ignored the urge. After about 15 minutes things got more urgent & I knew it was diarrhoea. I put my hand up to ask for permission to leave the room but was told to wait untill after school in an hours time. I felt a gurgling sensation in my bowels & knew I wouldn't make it that long. I clenched really hard for what seamed forever & as soon as the bell went I jumped out of my seat & started running towards the toilets. I heard my teachers voice bellowing, "Kirsty (name not disclosed). We don't run in school. We walk!" I had to slow down even though I was about to totaly shit myself. By the time I reached to toilets I'd leaked a little bit in my knickers, but that was the least of my problems as the toilets were all locked for the night to stop the vandals. I was out of options & started to panic as a squirt of diarrhoea shot into my allready soiled knickers. I clenched harder than ever before but the pressure was too great & it just kept flowing. I knew the battle was over so I conceded defeat & relaxed letting my bowels push thier entire contents into my underwear. It was the worse poop accident of my life & I had to walk home with poo all over my legs & bum. About half way home I had another attack & another big load went all down my legs. By the time I got home I had to go again & couldn't even make it up the stairs before I flooded my knickers for the third time. I felt really ill & had to crawl up to the bathroom. The cleanup was the hardest thing I've ever had to do. I was weak & just wanted to crawl up & go to sleep. It took an hour to get all the poo off my body & after getting dried I just went to bed.

Last week I was running late for work & didn't have time to have a poo even though I was desperate. I thought I could hold it untill I got to work but as I drove the pressure in my bowels kept growing. By the time I got to work I was close to filling my knickers & had to run across the car park holding my bum. The poo was trying its hardest to force my anus open but I kept it tightly clenched & just made it to the building. My boss was waiting impatiently by the door & I got told me off for being late. I couldn't be seen to be taking liberties so I couldn't got to the toilet right now & had to hold it & start work immediately. I sat at my workstation for a few minutes in agony. I was right at the point of pooing myself but the boss was watching me so I had to hold it. I'd never been so desperate & wished he would just go away & leave me alone. The pain of holding it so long was unbearable & all that clenching was hard work. I really had to go but but with the boss standing there I felt too sacred to leave my workstation. Soon my anus began to open against my will & I clenched hard against the enormous pressure but it was hopeless. The poo kept moving, defying my efforts to keep it in. I had no choice but to jump up & run to the toilet holding my bum. By the time I got to the toilet I had about four inches of poo in my knickers & the toilet was occupied. I had to wait outside for an agonising 10 minutes while Nikki was having a huge poo of her own. She came out with a very relieved smile on her face. I ran in after her to find a huge turd floating in the water with some smaller pieces sitting in the bottom of the pan. I was too desperate to care about Nikki's mess & pulled my jeans & knickers down in one operation, sat on a very warm seat & let go, releasing a load of small, soft poos in rapid succession. The relief was beyond words but my knickers were ruined. I had to flush them down the loo when I was done & went back to work "Commando" style.

new guy

comments & stuff

To who ever wrote about the toilet paper thief one of my aunts did that once and I dont why people would do that toilet paper dosent cost that much well that might be one reasons because they figure its not gonna cost the place much to replace the roll but i'd hate to be the person who uses that bathroom and discovers no toilet paper especialy after they have a nasty dump and to asnwer your question yes because it my not cost them much at first but if shes been doing it a long time it adds up and please share anyother stories you may have thanks.

To: Tom Tit great story about seeing that woman going to the bathroom outside and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Stephanie great story about your accident at least your friend and that counselor were nice enough to help you get cleaned up and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Wendy & Kirsty first im glad to hear from you guys again and great story about Wendy pooping her pants and then you guys having buddy dump later on and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Abbie as always another great story about hearing other giels and women going to the bathroom and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

Heres something thats off topic on youtube there this video of these twins there about 1 or so and there in the kitchen talking to each other and its posible there talking about wo pooped there diaper I know this is off topic but I figured it would interesting to share

Well thats all for now.

Sincerly new guy

PS. I love this site


Being Sick Is No Fun

Two days ago, I ate a mushroom and Swiss burger and fries at McDonald's. At around midnight, however, I suffered dire consequences. I woke up feeling extremely nauseous and rushed to the restroom. As soon as I leaned my head over the toilet, I started throwing up my lunch and dinner, and the vomit splattered into the toilet. To my horror, I also let out mushy diarrhea in the process. It was dark brown and liquidy and some of it leaked from my pajamas onto the floor. After I finished throwing up, I carefully took off my heavily soiled pajamas and sat on the toilet so that I could let out more diarrhea. I had almost filled up the entire toilet bowl after I was done. I cleaned up the mess and rinsed some of the diarrhea off of my pajamas at the sink before placing them in the washing machine. I then showered and changed into some clean pajamas, then went back to bed. The next day, I ended up soiling the newer pajamas with diarrhea and my mom let me stay home from school. I spent the rest of the day puking and having explosive diarrhea until my mom could get to a store to buy more Pepto-Bismol. NOT a fun day!

Just had a partial accident.

I was at home reading this site and had been putting off going to the bathroom as it is sore and painful when I wipe due to a recent surgery. Suddenly I feel soft poop making its way out and make a mad dash for my toilet. By the time to get there I had almost pudding like poop in my panties. Fortuntely I was pretty well padded in my pants due to post surgical dainage and bleeding and it being my peroid and while healing not to use a tampon. So it was all on a couple of the pads and into my vaginal area.

Finished the job in the toilet and the cleean up was fairly quick but now my butt is sore and painful.


Tell your story.

Yes Victoria, we are interested in hearing about your grade 12 accident. Tell us how the accident happened, how you felt as it was happening, how many people saw this accident. Tell us everything. How did the classmates treat you the rest of the year? Are you still friends with anyone that witnessed your worst moment?


My last mega poo

The last time I deliberately held my poo was about two years ago when I blocked Kirstys toilet which she was not happy about! After that she wouldn't let me poo in her toilet unless I started going more regularly. Well that caused me a big problem one night when I'd held it for a week & really had to go. I tried to hold it untill the morning so I could go in the woods but I got so desperate during the night I couldn't hold it. Kirsty refused to let me use her toilet in case I blocked it & made me wait untill the morning. By then I was within an inch of pooing myself & it hurt to keep holding it in. I got dressed while Kirsty went to the toilet & to make me feel even more desperate I could hear her pooing. I heard every plop & splash which made me mad. When she came out she grabbed some toilet rolls & we made the short walk to the woods. As soon as we got there I felt my anus open against my will. I was in pain from the enormous pressure in my bowels but I had to keep it in long enough to find a secluded spot to relieve myself. We found a large clump of trees & hid ourselve behind them & I lowered my leggings & panties very quickly before squatting. I relaxed & peed for ages while an enormous turd emerged from my anus. I had to push just a little to get it to move & boy did I have to go. About a foot long log fell to the ground as the next one came out. That was another foot long turd & as soon as it hit the ground another one emerged. It was much softer than the first two & even longer at eighteen inches long. It coiled up around the first two logs making a huge pile underneath me. It was a super relieving to get a whole weeks poo out it one go & my bum was sore afterwards. After wiping a lot I pulled my clothes back up & we left the scene.

I once held my poo for 3 days. I was 12 & on holiday. I was walking along the beach with the most urgent need to poo so I told my mum I was going to the toilets nearby. She said ok but don't wander off. When I into to the toilets the que was right outside the door & I was too desperate to wait so I decided to find somewhere else to go. I went round to the mens toilets & there wasn't a que so I ran to the nearest cubicle without looking at the boys at the urinals & locked myself in the nearest cubicle. I pulled my swimming costume off & sat down with a thump. I relaxed & released the biggest most relieving poo of my life. It felt so good & a bit naughty doing it in the mens toilet. I wiped myself & quickly exited before anyone saw me. My mum was waiting by the ladies & was surprised to see me emerging from the other side of the toilet block. I told her how much better I felt we carried on with our walk.


Okay, so I have a post about my pooping at college today.

I went to the toilet at break, initially I would just go for a pee, but I had to poo kind of bad, I could feel it. I usually just ignore this and do okay, but I went to go to the loo and I just started to push.

Luckily it was noisy and everything because it was break, and I was done in about 2 minutes. It was weird though because I felt like I was really desperate, but it took a bit of pushing to get anything out.

Anyway, I stood up to wipe and looked into the bowl, and there were like...slices of poop haha, it was really wierd.

Anyway, hope to see some good stories over easter

Fruit xx




Hey guys! So I was at my public pool the other day(indoors)and I had to poop. I wear one piece swimsuits all the time so my diapers aren't obvious. I was out of diapers so I was just wearing a swimsuit. I got out of the pool and headed to the bathroom. I got in line and started to wait. I was getting desperate so I slowly squatted down and let it go in my swimsuit. I then smashed the load on a wall to even it out. I got changed later. I HATE HAVING NO DIAPERS!!!!!!!!!

P.s. Sorry I haven't written in a while, I was on vacation! Tell you about that and my big poop later

to freshman freddy

don't be afraid to use the bathroom in school just because of your size. I'm small for my age too I'm 20 and I'm 5 foot 1 inch. so please don't be afraid to go pee or poop in the bathroom of your high school.

ker Guy

Peeing Preferences Habits Survey

1. Do you prefer the trough-like urinal, half-high urinal mounted on the wall, or the full-size urinal with the drain built into the floor?

At my business, we have the half-high wall mounted. That's what we had in most of the buildings when I was in college. The full-size floor ones were what I used in public school. I think the wall-mounted ones are nicer and they seem easier to keep clean.

2. Do you ever go into a stall to pee into a toilet? Why?

When I'm at games at the city sports complex or state fair, I will go into a stall and use the toilet. I just hate those long, trough-like urinals. However, I remember a few years ago when I was in college one of my frat brothers and I had quite a bit to drink and in the bar trough, he swore as he peed that he saw goldfish floating by. In actuality, they were cigarette butts.

3. How do you select the urinal you will use?

When there's an ample number of urinals open, I'll take the one farthest away from the other users. That's especially true of little children because I've seen a few of them get a little careless and their father isn't always in there with them.

4. Do you ever have trouble unzipping your jeans and getting your penis out? The zippers on a couple of my suits are problematic. My father-in-law says as I get older I'm going to have to be more adept with the zipper or that I'm going to be having accidents.

5. Do you hold it with one or two hands when you piss?

One hand.

6. What do you do when you're wearing sweats and there's no zipper hole to open for your penis?

I go into a stall and drop 'em to my knees.

7. How do you drain/wipe extra urine off your penis?

For the past 15 years or so, I simply wait a few seconds to make sure my stream is completely stopped. A few times in junior high, however, I started to tuck it back in too soon and ended up drenching my legs. Once I had light blue slacks on and the pee streak was obvious and a couple of girls even snickered a few minutes later when I had to walk to the front of the class to collect a paper from the teacher.

8. Do you flush the urinal?

Always. I'm pretty well disciplined on that.

9. Do you wash your hands after peeing?

Yes. Especially since I married Firecracker Girl. She's very clean about herself and has leaned on me to do likewise. Occasionally, at home she will catch me in a lapse, but not often.

10. How efficient are the auto-flush features?

If they are in good repair, they work quite well in saving water. When the public tampers with them, that's when the problems start to happen.

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