Car Mom

Just realized I haven't seen you post anything for a while and was curious how things where going? Have you not had anymore encounters or just no time to post? Also I believe in your last post I read something abuot one of the moms bringing a friend to join how did that go?

toilet paper thief

Saturday I was at my church for a women's conference thing when this woman who also attends entered the building although it turned out to be for a different reason. I hear her mutter "Gonna need a trashbag" as I head for the ladies room. While I'm in the stall peeing I hear paper rustling and step out to see taht this other woman had taken the paper wrappers off the two spare rolls setting on the sink and have put then in a small trashbag she took out of the kitchen closet.

I know she has someone who makes sure her bills get paid and gives her money for necessities like toilet paper. But she's too cheap to apprently go buy her own.

Didn't want a fight as she can be vindictive so never said anything but should I say something to church staff? I doubt this is the first time she's stolen the toilet paper.


My Neato Trip To The Toilet

My name is Brandon and this is my neato trip to the Toilet. it occurred on February 4, 1998. I had gone to Taco Bell,and after eating a big burrito, my digestive tract started to rumble with a distinct sound. i went into the restroom and sat my bare anus down on one of the toilets. the rumble inside me grew louder as i waited for the waste to come out. suddenly i accidentally farted so hard that the echo from it blasted in the toilet. then an enormous poop came out of my butt and landed with a plop in the toilet. i felt so relived that i remained seated on the potty, and focused on my butt-hole just as a second earth-shattering stinker and poop came out. I wiped my buttocks with toilet paper after i took my fart/dump, and then just like a wild animal on a rampage i could barely wait to fart and poop again. The End.


Peeing preferences and habits survey

Me and Stac went to the movies Saturday night. The theater had gone broke, closed for six months and now is opening under a new management team. To get people to come back, they had all concessions for a buck and reduced prices for admission that brought lots of people in. For example, the line to pee was about 10 minutes, unheard of for a place such as the movies. There were 9 urinals and 3 toilet stalls, although one of the urinals was all taped up because it was broken. So when I got back into the movie, Stac thought I had been shitting since I'd been gone so long, and she couldn't believe what I described. Therefore, during the remainder of the boring movie, I came up with this survey. Hope you guys enjoy it.

1. Do you prefer a trough-like urinal, half high urinal, or the full-size urinal with the with the drain built into the floor.

A=Almost all the ones I use are the half-high ones. That's probably why I prefer them.

2. Do you ever go into a stall to pee into a toilet? Why?

A=Sometimes if I'm really bursting and there's a line for the urinals. Also, at school sometimes there's not enough time to wait. Once last month I lifted the seat, peed and then started to feel that I could crap. I lowered the seat, put some paper down, and then seated myself. My crap was petty decent and I didn't need to miss any of my AP Economics class the next hour.

3. How you do select the urinal you will use?
A= I mostly look for whatever is open. However, I look in the bowl first to make sure it's not obstructed. Once in junior high, I didn't look. I ended up peeing onto a partially collapsed McDonald's cup and a lot of it got thrown back on me. A couple of the boys standing nearby thought it was the funniest thing. I had tan shorts on and ended up going to the nurse rather than back to class until my shorts dried off.

4. Do you have trouble unzipping your jeans and getting your penis out?
A= Not usually.

5. Do you hold it with one or two hands when you're peeing?
A= One hand, my right.

6. What do you do when you're wearing sweats and there's no zipper hole to open for your penis?
A= In such a situation, I'll go into a toilet stall, because I need more privacy when I pull them down.

7. How do you drain/wipe extra urine off your penis?
A= I usually flick it a couple of times with my right hand. What I don't do is what I've seen some really young boys do and that is rubbing it up against the side of the urinal.

8. Do you flush the urinal?
A= Most of the time. That's when there's not the auto-flush systems that a few times have been activated wrongly and drenched my penis. One time, at an interstate rest area, a few years ago I even had to go into a stall and dry it off with toilet paper. It scared me but my Dad was there to comfort me.

9. Do you wash your hands after peeing?
A=Almost most of the time in public placed; at school, only when there's not a long line at the sinks.

10. How efficient are the auto-flush features?
A=They get vandalized a lot in public places. When Stac babysits, she sometimes covers the sensor by taking a post-it slip from a pad in her purse and putting it over the sensor. It works great and the child can sit without being scared.


Gonna record myself pooping!

Hey everyone it's Alyanna again! Well I've got a strong urge to shit again and I'm going to record it again! I'll let you all know how it goes when I'm done! Wish me luck!


Tom Tit

A strange experience

I had a weird experience on Saturday. I had pulled into a layby to have my tea. I got everything out of the boot of the car and had started on my cola drink when I felt the urge to dump and felt that I had better go before I started to eat. I grabbed some tissues as I thought the toilets would be locked at that time of day, and they were so I made my way into the adjacent trees.
I found a large tree and went behind it, quickly dropped my shorts and straight away a large fat turd started to emerge. As this was coming out, I looked up and saw a lady about mid forties and not unattractive, appear from behind another large tree about 10 feet in front of me. She was sideways on to me, bent over pulling up her white panties so had obviously had the same idea as me.
I exclaimed "Oh my god" as she appeared, and she looked at me squatting there with a large log hanging from my bum hole. She came around the other side of the tree and began to walk in my direction going back towards the car park and of course I apologised not realising she was behind the other tree. She said that that was OK and that she too had been caught short and to my surprise, instead of walking on by, she stopped in front of me and started to chat about the problems of finding a toilet whilst out on the road.
Whilst she was talking, my turd dropped and although I hadn't finished, I stood up and wiped myself as discretly as possible, luckily it was a firm log so not much mess on the paper.
So the weird thing was, I was standing there with my shorts around my ankles displaying everything while she was standing there chatting as though it was the most normal thing in the world.
She seemed reluctant to go and carried on talking and I had the feeling that she wanted to do or say something but wasn't sure whether to or not. I pulled up my shorts and put everything away so she finished the conversation and made her way back towards the cars.
Perhaps the outcome would have been different if I had had an erection. I guess I will never know.


Poop at School

@Derek: Your school sounds like mine-really old and have no stall doors either. I need to poop during school a lot and can hold it some days until I get home but most days I can't hold it anymore. I am relived to know that other kids get erections too when pooping. I did not get them in kindergarten and first grade like the kids in your school. Mine started in 5th grade and I get them while going most of the time. The other kids make fun of the fat on my stomach and legs and also my erection if I have one. Sometimes there are other kids who can't hold it either. Our bathrooms have 3 stalls. When I do have to poop it is usually in the late morning. Do you make crackling noises when you poop?

my wife sends me videos of her pooping all the time on my phone very sexxy. she has ibs constipation all the time the videos are almost always 10 to 15 mins lots of straning and groaning she is so constipated sometimes i have to pull it out with a glove.

Mr. Clogs

Interesting finds at the junk store and sightings

Hello All, Mr. Clogs is back with some interesting finds and sightings within a past 2 days. I'll be brief here so here goes. I took the day off from work and decided to go and do some shopping to "de-stress". I went to the junk store and I've seen an 8 track player and decided to purchase it. I went over to the clothing department, I needed another black shirt, I grabbed it for 2.99. I went back to where they keep the electronics over. I noticed there was one of those plastic pitcher with looked like apple juice, then I said to myself nope it was urine! I was dark in color almost brown in color. I guess they couldn't hold it much longer and decided to use it as a toilet. I find it disgusting but when you gotta go you just have to.

Today I had to turn around and go home. I made a u-turn in a parking lot at a shopping center. I turned my truck around to get out the parking lot. I noticed a man in the parking lot fiddling with himself I guess he needed a quick piss so he was looking around to make sure no one was watching. Soon as I drove off, I see him reached into his pants and pull his penis out to pee. I unfortunately had to witness that, but when you gotta go, you have to go.

Enjoy and have a great day.

Mr. Clogs


My second accident (and a story from a friend)

Last time I told about my first accident after I was "too old" for it to happen, when I pooped my bikini after a swim party when I was 13. This is the story of my next accident.

It was a couple of years later. I was 15 by then. It was summer and I was at a week long church youth camp. It was all 14-17 year old girls and guys, mostly girls, from all over the place. Our group was not huge, but even so I didn't know many of them well. I saw them at church but went to a different school so I wasn't close with any of them. This camp was out in the country in the mountains, pretty rustic. We had showers and plumbing in the cabins, but there were 20+ people per cabin to share them and once you left the cabins there was nothing but nature.

On the third or fourth day we were going for a long hike and Bible study day. We were woken up really early, before sunrise, to get a head start before it got too hot. I peed before getting dressed, ate a quick breakfast with everyone, and then we met up with the larger group for the hike. There were about 50 kids total and a half dozen counselors - mostly college kids. We all had water bottles, some of the guys were carrying packs that had food and others had more water for the return trip. Since it was summer and hot I was wearing a t-shirt and short, kind of tight kahki shorts with normal white bikini panties underneath.

So we started hiking. And hiking. The sun came up and it started to get hot so we were all encouraged to drink our water. And we kept hiking. We'd stop every once in a while to talk about some tree or flower or something, but mostly we hiked. After a while all the water was making me need to pee, but I also had not moved my bowels for a couple of days, being shy about being in the cabins with a bunch of girls I didn't really know, and before long the urge to poop was growing as well. We finally stopped at lunch time in a nice shady area by a creek and little waterfall that had logs to sit on. We ate lunch then had a Bible study. The whole time my need for the bathroom was growing worse. Most of the guys had no problem going off a ways behind trees, and some of the girls did, too, and I probably would have if I only needed to pee, but I didn't... so I held it and tried not to let it show.

As the study wore on my need grew worse just sitting there on the log and I was starting to worry I'd soon have a log in my panties, which made me let out a short giggle, which drew some unapproving stares. Finally we finished and started hiking back again. Being up and moving helped for a while, but before too long the need to both pee and poop badly returned and started getting even worse. I squatted down to re-tie my shoe - though really I was squeezing my crotch and butt muscles for all they were worth to avoid an accident - and let most of the group pass me so that by the time I stood back up to rejoin I was one of the last people in the group. I felt more comfortable at the rear with fewer people around. One girl from my cabin I had just met named Sarah was there and she started talking to me a little. I tried to act normal and respond. And we hiked. And hiked.

Nobody else was stopping for a bathroom break and I didn't want to be the only one, no matter how badly I needed to go. My bladder felt so huge and compressed by my waist band and my bowels were more than full and wanting relief. I was hot and sweaty and gross from the sun and getting tired. I think it all combined to make me less able to hold it. I was soon so desperate that I knew deep down I would never make it back to the camp which was still quite a hike farther away. But still I was too scared to say anything.

"Are you ok, Steph?" suddenly asked Sarah next to me as we walked along at the rear of the group.

"Huh?" I replied. I must have been lost in a daze of concern about the decreasing likihood of making it back to camp with clean panties and shorts.

"Are you ok?" she repeated. Then she inched a little closer and leaned in to whisper, "Do you need the bathroom?"

I then realized I had been walking for some time with my right hand pressed firmly between my legs, fingers pushing against my crotch.

"Oh, God," I blurted softly, "I'm sorry. I didn't mean to..." and I let my hand go and tried to act normal.

Sarah whispered, "Just ask the counselor to let us stop for a while and go out behind a tree."

"No, I'm ok. Thanks." I replied. We carried on walking, me desperately wanting to grab myself again but forcing my hands to stay at my sides. But the desperation kept growing worse. After another 15 minutes or so I knew I was almost out of time and could barely hold it.

Suddenly I stepped wrong over a branch and slipped a litte. I kept my balance and didn't fall, but as I slipped I felt a sudden warm wetness in the crotch of my panties. My hand instinctively shot to my crotch and pressed hard. I stopped the flow and could feel no wetness on my fingers on my shorts. It must have only been enough to dampen my panties.

Sarah asked if I was ok. I said, "Yeah. I'm fine."

Her eyes darted down to my hand in my crotch and back up again. "Are you sure? Would it help if I asked to go?"

I pulled my hand away and kept walking. "No, really. I'm ok." I lied.

She said, "It's nothing to be ashamed of. Everybody does it," and she smiled. I thought, "Everybody pees their pants at 15 years old?" but didn't say it out loud.

We carried on walking, getting closer to camp. Sarah got distracted talking with the counselor about the college she was in. That left me alone at the very back in peace.

But that peace was short lived. It wasn't more than a few minutes longer before my tired, hot, exhausted body reached a point of no return. I was walking, disctreetly holding my crotch tightly, trying to squeeze my butt cheeks and walk at the same time, when I felt my pelvic muscles begin to quiver and lose their grip. I started to panic a little and a cold sweat broke out in addition to the hot sweat from the sun and humidity. My bladder spasmed and a large squirt of pee shot out into my panties and the wetness spread over my crotch and I could feel it with my fingers on my shorts. I slowed down walking, my mind spinning, mumbling under my breath, "No, no, no, no, no". Another spasm and my bladder pushed stronger and a flow of pee began soaking into my shorts and panties, I stopped it briefly, but only for a second, and then that was it. I stopped walking, kept my hand over my crotch, and flooded my shorts. My whole body felt numb and tingly. Pee was running down my legs into my shoes and socks, soaking into the fabric of my panties and shorts, spreading up my crotch and butt.

And then I felt my anus open and out pushed a few days worth of poop. It hit my damp panties and began to spread slightly, then push them down and out, but resistance from my shorts forced me to spread my legs and squat slightly and push. It was then I realized that Sarah had turned back to check on me and had stopped and was staring at me a few yards ahead as pee poured down my legs and poop rapidly filled my panties. I stared into her eyes and she back into mine while I finished, the last of the poop escaping to join the rest in what felt like a giant, hot, sticky mound in my panties. Her mouth was slightly open like she wanted to speak but was too shocked. I can still close my eyes today years later and see her as clearly as that moment.

I started to say, "Sarah, I tried..." but then the female counselor she had been talking to realized Sarah had stopped and turned and she too saw me. She covered her mouth to keep from saying anything too loud, then hurried back to me, took my elbow and started me walking again. Tears welled up in my eyes and I began to quietly sob. She said, "It's ok. It's ok." Sarah joined us on my other side. She too tried to comfort me.

Sarah said, "It's ok. Everyone pees their pants sometimes. I have."

The counselor, who I found out was named Jessica, said, "Sure. So have I. So have some of my friends. Even in college."

I sniffed and wiped some tears from my eyes and weakly said, "But I didn't just..." I didn't finish the sentence. But I guess it was about that moment they noticed the smell and realized the full extent of my accident.

Jessica said, "Oh. Oh, God. I'm sorry. Are you sick? Was it something from lunch?"

I shook my head and said between sniffles, "No. I just couldn't hold it."

Jessica and Sarah were a little at a loss for words now that they realized I had also pooped myself and not just wet my shorts. But they stayed with me, lagging behind the rest of the group.

As we finally neared the camp, Jessica said to Sarah, "Run ahead and tell the next counselor that Stephanie isn't feeling well and I'm taking her back to the cabins instead of the hall." Sarah nodded and squeezed my arm and smiled before running ahead.

Jessica, meanwhile, took me off to a side trail away from the rest of the group on a more direct route to the cabins. She talked to me and tried to take my mind off of my accident, asking me about life and such. But I couldn't ignore the clammy, wet fabric chaffing my thighs or the giant load of poop that was squishing between my cheeks with each step, making walking normal impossible so that I had to waddle bowlegged.

Sarah soon came running back up to us, panting, saying that she wanted to come with me and help since she was in my cabin. So the three of us continued finally back to the cabin. Luckily nobody else was there so it was just the three of us. They waited while I grabbed clean clothes from my bag and Sarah started the water in the shower to get it warm. I thanked them for their help and stepped into the bathroom. I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirrors and the front of my shorts were soaked, as was the back, and there was still a very obvious bulge under my butt. My face was red from crying. In short, I was a mess.

I stepped into a stall and carefully took off my shorts, which had some poop on the inside of the legs near the crotch. My panties were a little harder to get down. I dumped the poop into the toilet with a loud splash and tried to wipe them out some, but mostly the poop just smeared. I wiped off my butt and thighs as best I could though I was still pretty messy. I flushed the toilet and peeked back out the door. Sarah and Jessica were waiting for me. I didn't want to come out. Sarah said, "It's ok. We love you and are here to help you." She came up and took my hand and pulled me out of the stall, naked from the waist down with poop still smeared on my inner thighs and butt. She told me the shower was ready and I'd feel better. Suddenly I didn't feel so ashamed to be naked in front of them. I removed my shirt and bra and Sarah took them from me. Jessica told me to put my soiled clothes in a bag she handed me and she would get them washed in the laundry facility for the counselors. I did so and thanked them, still sniffling a little, standing there naked and dirty before Sarah gently urged me into the shower.

I stood under the water for a few minutes not doing anything else but standing there. Another wave of shame hit me and I began sobbing again for a few moments before recoving and beginning to wash myself. I could see brown in the water at my feet from the poop being washed away. I finally finished, feeling much better, and shut off the water. Sarah was waiting with a clean towel for me that I took and wrapped around myself. She handed me another for my hair. We then went into our room and sat on our beds and talked. Jessica had already taken my shorts and panties to go wash them.

Sarah told me a story to help me feel a little better. She said, "This is my most embarrassing story, but maybe it will help you feel better. I sing in the choir at school. My freshman year we had a concert. I was so nervous I forgot to go to the bathroom before we started. Then we got out there and were singing and I had to pee sooo bad. But I was in the middle of all these choir people and couldn't leave or move or do anything. Finally I couldn't hold it any more and in the middle of a song I started peeing myself. Luckily we wear long black dresses so nobody could see anything, but I could feel it, and I just stood there not singing while I totally peed down my legs into my shoes and everyhing. After the concert was over I snuck back and there was a wet puddle on the riser where I had been standing!"

We both laughed and it did help me feel better. I told her about my other accident at the pool party. Sarah had never pooped herself after she was little so she had no other stories for me to feel better. But I got dressed into clean clothes and Sarah and I went up to the dining hall for dinner and soon found ourselves inseperable the rest of the week and even wrote each other a little afterwards. Jessica found me later that night with a bag and whispered to me, "The shorts are fine, but the panties are still a little stained. Sorry I couldn't do better." Sure enough, the shorts were fine, but the white panties still showed an obvious, large, pale brown area in the seat and crotch. I hid them the rest of the trip and threw them away before we returned home.


Half Dump Denise

to Freshman Freddy

I'm sorry to hear of your bed experience the night of the band performance. There was a typo in your story about the senior boy making an "immoral" gesture to you in front of his girlfriend who even thought he was too gross. Something my mom taught me years ago is that a person can be older than you, but still be a lot more immature. So that's what I think about that boy.

I think your friend Josie is right. School bathrooms are going to suck. I can understand why you feel dirty sitting in someone else's pee and knowingly pulling up your yellow boxers and ruining them because there was no toilet paper and you couldn't wipe. It's all part of growing up and being forced to use school bathrooms at a place where so many students don't care about the lack of privacy and what they leave behind. I've read many of the back posts and it seems like there's a lot of guys not wanting to piss or crap at school. A lot of us girls feel the same way, but we sit down and try and make the best of it. I agree that it's not always possible to avoid the urine previous users leave on the seat or the shit-filled bowl they refuse to flush. In the last couple of years of high school, I've had to throw away a couple of pieces of underwear, rather than let my mom see how badly they were soiled.


5 hour energy

To Small town girl, I have seen the advertisements for 5 hour energy and my local drug store has this crap on the counter where you check out. I am diabetic and would never try anything like this, as you have found out this stuff is dangerous!!!!!!!!

As for me i have had loose bowels for several days and the only thing I can attribute this to is some barbecue that i had on Monday from a local BBQ restaurant. This is the only thing I can think of that i ate that I normally don't eat.

Several weeks ago i posted when I had two doctors appts in same day and had just come back from working out and was sweaty. Jumped in the shower. About that time my wife came into and had to take her morning piss. I had never heard her as she is very private about toilet functions and discovered that she is a very noisy tinkler. She asked me not to look as she wiped her hairy private parts.

As for the loose stools my BM's normally are very solid so this is unusual for me.

TO Upstate Dave I loved your story about the girl with gold panties on page 1900. Cannon imagine not pooping for several days like the girl had to.


Desperate in car

When I picked Wendy up from work last night she said she was dying for a poo & couldn't wait to get home. She'd been holding it all day & by the look of her I knew she was close to losing it. As we drove home we hit traffic & Wendy was sweating & complained it hurt to keep clenching. I told her if she had to go that badly she should just in in her knickers & clean up when we get home. Wendy looked shocked but then smiled as she lifted her bum off the car seat & began to fill is knickers. Her work trousers swelled outwards they filled up & Wendy have a huge sigh of relief. Then there was the problem of sitting down afterwards. Wendy had a lot of poo in her knickers & she had to in it all. She gingerly lowered herself into the pile & let it squish up all over her bum. When we got home I needed to poo myself & as soon as Wendy cleaned up we buddy dumped together. It was wonderfull especialy as Wendy still had to poo some more. We filled the toilet together & when we were done we showered together & went to bed early if you know what I mean.



Hi Abbie here again with my latest update, will get to it in a sec.
Anonymus poster- Thanks for your kind comments, I enjoyed your stories too and look forward to any more you might have.
Today during first lesson I started to feel uncomfortable and by breaktime I realised I wanted a poo quite badly. After a few weeks of being really strict with myself and trying to open my bowels every day even if I didn't feel the need I've let it slip a bit lately, as a result I've started to get constipated again which isn't good. Over the weekend I just didn't get chance to go for a poo as we had relatives staying and the bathroom was always busy, I didn't really feel like I needed to go anyway so I just forgot about it. Yesterday although I could feel a slight need I didn't have any time at all at school to use the loo and then I put off going when I got home as we've got decorators in at the moment and I didn't really fancy the idea of sitting on the toilet trying to have a poo with them practically outside the bathroom door. Anyway, back to today, I knew I wouldn't have time to go to the loo at break so I thought I'd try to get to the decent toilets right at the start of lunch before the queue got too big. Its certainly less relaxing using those loos than it used to be before everyone discovered them, but at least you know you won't be the only one who has to open their bowels- I would say at least three quarters of girls who use those toilets need a poo, of course the only trouble with that is that you end up queuing for ages which can be a real pain if you haven't got much time. I got there quite soon after the bell rang and there were still three girls in front of me when I arrived waiting for a free cubicle as they were all taken. Five minutes later I'd got to the front of the queue, practically everyone was having a poo as far as I could tell, there were loads of plops, farts and other noises which could be heard in between the hand dryers going on and off. Two cubicles next to each other were free at the same time, so me and another girl went in and locked the door. I quickly lifted my skirt and pulled my red, blue and yellow stripy pants down before sitting on the loo. I started to wee as I was quite desperate for that as well, as I did so I started to push out my poo. Next door I could hear a moan as the girl let her wee go, it hissed down into the loo really loudly, she must have been totally bursting! Shortly after I heard plop, plop, plop from her cubicle, I couldn't believe she had managed to have her poo so fast. I had just managed to push the tip of mine out while she wiped and flushed. Another girl came in and locked the door, as I looked over to her cubicle I suddenly saw her skirt, tights and thong appear at her ankles. I was trying to stay quiet but was having to strain really hard to keep my poo moving, so I ended up letting out some grunts. My neighbour obviously just needed a wee as she was soon flushing and leaving, straight after she had gone she was replaced by someone else and I heard the door being locked again. Again I saw my new neighbour's trousers and pants down on the floor shortly after she'd entered the cubicle, I guessed she was a younger girl as her pants were pink and flowery. After a while I heard her start to grunt too and realised she must also be trying to poo. I was still having to push really hard, my poo had got stuck so I had to reach round and pull my bum cheeks apart. I stopped pushing and realised it was far enough out not to get sucked back up, so I tried to catch my breath and relax for a while. I pushed my hair out of my eyes and wiped my forehead, I knew I was red in the face and wasn't looking forward to coming out looking like that. I took a deep breath, gave a massive push and managed to get my poo moving again, it made a massive splash a short time later and after I'd pushed a few more pieces out I wiped my bum and flushed. I quickly pulled up my pants and lowered my skirt before coming out of my cubicle and washing my hands. I looked at myself in the mirror and luckily I wasn't too red. Hope you enjoyed this story, will post again soon. Bye for now!


More for Amanda V.

"Stephanie- Great story, definitely sounds like something I would do. Be stubborn at put it off until later. As for trying it myself I think I'm a ways from that right now but I do kind of want to experience that feeling again. Unfortunately that would mean having a real accident in a bad place which might get me in a little trouble. I don't know if doing it in the safety of my own place would really give me that feeling but I guess I could try some time."

Do you have a big park or something nearby? Maybe a skirt long enough to hide things, some old panties you don't care about, then take a walk... and keep walking. I do this sometimes until I can't hold it as a way to force myself into having more of an accident instead of on purpose, even though it is planned. There are rarely any people nearby and nobody can tell since the skirt hides it, but the naughty feeling of being around other people is there just the same. If not, doing it in the privacy of your own place alone is a decent substitute minues the public part or the final desperation.


new guy

comments & stuff

To: Small Town Girl great story I bet wont be trying anyother types of energy drinks anytime soon and man what a big dump you took and I bet it hurt but I bet your were glad when it was over and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Alyanna good luck with recording your next poop and here are some ideas of places you could poop in
1. A tupperware how ever you spell it conatiner with a lid
2. A ziploc bag
3. A flower pot

and I bet the people on here there have lots of great ideas im sure of it and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: More From Me great story about that desperate girl peeing and please share more stories thanks.

To: Cougar first welcome to the site and "DAMN" I bet you felt better after getting that beast out and please share any other stories you may have thanks.

To: Victoria first welcome to the site and great story it sounds like you just made it to the bathroom without a major accident but only have it full and you then have to find another one but ended having an accident but at least no one about it or if they did they didnt make a big deal out of it and at least later on your mom was able to help get cleaned up and please post more stories thanks.

To: Ciarra please post more about you not that the ones about the twins arent good but it would be nice to some more of your stories thanks.

To: Happy camper great story and I look forward to your next one thanks.

To: Natalie X as always another great story man that sounded like a very nasty dump but at least you made it to a toilet and didnt have an accident because that would have been a real mess to clean up and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Frantic Francine great story abot you and your new friend pooping in the bathroom tgether and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Timee as always another great pooping and peeing story and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Upstae Dave as always another great story abot seeing your female freinds go to the bathroom and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Wendy & Kirsty I hope you guys are okay havent heard from you in awhile please post some more stories we miss you thanks.

Well thats all for now.

Sincerly new guy

PS. I love this site

Wednesday, April 06, 2011

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