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Update - I finally pooped out the 5-Hour Energy!

I thought I would update y'all. The last time I wrote to you was seven hours after drinking the 5-Hour Energy Drink. It's been roughly 13 hours since I wrote that post and FINALLY that junk is out of my system!

I didn't sleep at all last night. My stomach was lurching and I felt nauseous and dizzy. I got out of bed about an hour ago and finally felt like something might happen. I waited for my fiance to wake up and go to the gym - I wanted to do this in peace.

I had to go very badly, which I was relieved about. I was stressing that I was beyond constipated and that I was going to have to go to the doctor, but things started moving. I sat on the toilet and a torrent of poo came out. At first, it came out in pieces. Maybe ten decent-sized pieces. Then this gigantic log slid out, it was the size of my forearm. I am not exaggerating. It was THICK. Probably around five or six inches thick and a foot long.

I feel like the entire contents of my stomach are now gone. I feel relieved, but very weak. I need to make sure to hydrate myself.

It took three flushes to get my load down the bowl. I knew it would clog, so I broke it up into pieces with the toilet brush. It was HUGE.

I WILL NEVER DRINK 5-HOUR ENERGY AGAIN. I'm feeling it's side effects almost 24 hours later! It felt really good to get all that poo out, I'm always constipated so it's nice feeling that EVERYTHING is out of my intestines for once. But the sick feeling and the dizziness was not worth it. I'm glad it appears to be done! I'll write again if I end up with round two, but I really feel as though I have nothing left in my stomach. It's almost like I got a thorough cleanse.

Thanks for reading this horrible adventure, I really needed to vent about it! Has anybody else's bowels reacted badly to energy drinks?


Gonna record myself pooping!

Hey everyone it's Alyanna again! Well I've got a strong urge to shit again and I'm going to record it again! I'll let you all know how it goes when I'm done! Wish me luck!



to Frantic Francine

I liked your story about the new student from the parish school. Parish, (Catholic), schools now are VERY expensive. At the time that I attended a Catholic school, the tuition was low, so I think it was fairly easy for most parents to get enough money to pay the tuition.

There was one student at my grade school who also worked as a janitor at the school. Whenever anyone threw up in class, the boy was called out of his class to do the clean-up. The boy must have worked as a janitor at the school because his parents couldn't afford the tuition.

Amanda V

Next Time

Stephanie- Great story, definitely sounds like something I would do. Be stubborn at put it off until later. As for trying it myself I think I'm a ways from that right now but I do kind of want to experience that feeling again. Unfortunately that would mean having a real accident in a bad place which might get me in a little trouble. I don't know if doing it in the safety of my own place would really give me that feeling but I guess I could try some time.

Anne- I hope you made it through your big poo okay, lol. Hope you post again.

I've been trying to remember all the accidents I had and it's kind of surprising, even a little embarrassing how many I actually had. I'm working on a few but I'm pretty busy so I'll have to get them up next time. I'll try and start from earlier accidents but they're a little harder to remember.


Burning Diarrhea

Not really a story here this time, but pretty recently, in the hustle and bustle of work, school and my weird diet, I'd get bouts of diarrhea that would just scream urgent and that I had to drop everything and rush to the toilet. Usually these waves will interrupt at certain times within a period, and the first wave will consist of the majority of the gunk that's inside. Another trip will mean that there's still smaller chunks of poop inside me, but the water will become lighter, almost a yellowish-brown. What's worse is that it's so forceful that my anus stings afterward, and when you don't know when you're cleaned out, it becomes quite a problem. It's not an indicator of sickness or anything like that, but it's definitely not a pleasant sensation.

However, I did have a really nice after school dump not too long ago. It felt more solid, and after I got into my apartment, I was able to pull down my jeans and underwear and relax. I opened up and let out two good eight inchers that stretched my butt good and plopped a few smaller pieces on top. Way more pleasant than pissing out of my ass. It only took one good wipe and then I could carry on with studying and the rest of my day in general.

Freshman Freddy

Pep Band Pooping

I told you in my couple of earlier stories about my problem. I'm a 9th grader who has had a lot of difficulty in going to the bathroom at school. This is true of both peeing and crapping. It's not like I don't try, I just get hassled a lot because of my physical size which is small for my age and my lack of experience in bathrooms as large as we have at my high school. However, I'm getting average grades and I enjoy playing in the band and a smaller group we put together that's called Pep Band. But the bathroom situation has gotten worse.

This morning I had my best Sunday crap in several weeks. I was first up, went into the bathroom, and I filled the bowl. It felt so good. However, that wasn't the case on Friday. I felt the need to crap come on just before lunch, but I ignored it. I don't like to crap at school because sometimes I get hassled by the older guys about being a FSF (frequent shitting freshman)and some other things that can't be said here. Part of it's my own doing I know because since October I've given up using the urinals. Since then I now go into the stalls and sit down to pee and a couple of the seniors have called me a "*** girly girl" and some other things, but they were worse on me when I would be standing at the urinal and they would point out my small c**k and how awkward I was in unzipping my jeans to get the process started.

My plan Friday evening was to take my crap right after school since there would be less guys in the bathroom and I had about 30 minutes to kill until the bus left with our Pep Band for the playoff game. It would be about an hour drive to the school gym and the winner would represent our part of the state at the state tournament. There was nobody in the hallway and I started to get my confidence up. I had been loaded for about four hours and was looking forward to getting relief. I saw the familar doorway and was surprised to see the door closed because it's almost always open. When I pushed my weight into it, I found out why. It was locked. The weight of my bookbag shifted as I fell against the door and at that point a senior walked around the corner with a girl who laughed quite hard when he told me I'd have to hold it. Then he made an immortal gesture that his girlfriend even slapped him for and called him "gross." I went around the corner where I knew there was a second entrance to the bathroom. It too was locked.

I went down to the band room, got my instrument and music from my locker, and was one of the last students to get on the bus. On the bus I could my anus expanding. I was just hopeful that rush hour traffic wouldn't slow us up much and that we would get to the game with plenty of time for me to use the bathroom. The trip wasn't bad until we got to the athletic arena. The driver misjudged the driveway in the dark and the back wheel of the bus, right above where I was seated, caught the curb, almost throwing several of us our of our seats. It sure wasn't what I needed at that time. Our director has a rule that the back seats exit first which was fine with me since I wanted to get to the bathroom as soon as I could. I ran around the guys pulling the drums and was the second person through the Team Entrance. Down the hall I could easily spot the Gentlemen sign handing from the ceiling and I picked up my pace. I felt relieved already when I noticed there was no door to navigate, only a large opening to a well lit room.

There was a block wall. On the right side were the stalls and urninals and on the left were the sinks. I took the right turn and was surprised to see a room with one large cattle-like trough on one side that could probably satisfy a hundred guys at once and a row of about 30 or 40 stalls immediately opposite the trough. I quickly noticed one drawback: not one of the stalls had a door. The first three stalls were occupied, guys sitting crapping away, boxers and jeans at floor level. One could obviously see what I was looking for as I stopped near each stall. He said welcome to "the largest shithouse in the state without toilet paper." I'm shy in such situations and and continued walking. Many of the bowls were full of crap and several had pee splashed all over the seat. About three stalls from the end, I came to one that had the seat up and a clean bowl. I laid my instrument case and music down, took my right hand and dropped the seat. While there were several splashes of pee over the seat, I knew I didn't have any more time and I needed to sit and relieve myself. I dropped my jeans and yellow boxers (what a terrible choice for the mess I knew they would be taking) and sat my butt down on only the frontmost part of the seat. I didn't want to sit in any more of the urine than I had to. Although I was very uncomfortable, and being very careful not to allow my penis to touch the front of the bowl, my crapc came out in one 18-inch piece, followed almost immediately by a second log that was even larger. Both were wider than my usual daily deposit. One had a litle bit of blood on it.

I imediately stood up, flushed with my foot, and pulled my yellow boxers and jeans up. I felt so dirty. Not only from sitting directly on a seat with urine on it, but from the smelly and soft deposit that I knew was between my butt cheeks. I went on the other side, washed my hands, and then went into the arena to find the Pep Band. At half time, we got like a 5 minute break and Josie, who sits next to me and is a junior, said she was going to the bathroom. She said she knew it was going to suck and to wish her luck. I did. Just as she came back and was about to tell me about her experience, our director started our second half set.

When I got home, I found two skidmarks that were pretty bad in my underwear. I showered and spent more time on my back area. I didn't want to put the boxers in the hamper where Mom would find them. I put them under my bed and on Saturday morning, when she and Dad were out, I went down and washed them.

More from me

Abbie, all your stories are great, keep it up!

Now a couple more stories from me.

Firstly when I was in high school, some of us had gone to a concert afterwards. Anyway it was late at night and again we had to catch a bus. Me and one other girl Laura were the only ones getting the 44 so we were waiting on our own for it in town. As the bus approached Laura joked "I hope the bus has a loo!". Of course it didn't. It turned out she hadn't gone since the end of school (by now about 6 hours earlier) and was bursting. We talked about all sorts to try and get her mind off it, anyway a while later we were walking home to our houses (which were nearby) she stopped and said "Quick! I need to go else I'll wet myself!". We went into some bushes and she tried to undo her trousers... but the belt was too tight! She was stamping her feet, fidgeting and whimpering whilst trying to get the belt undone. She looked at me desperately - "Help, pleeease!". I came accross and undid her belt and button, then she pulled her trousers and knickers down in one fell swoop and squatted. She was weeing for probably over two minutes before she finished, took a deep breath, and pulled her trousers up. On the rest of the walk she said she often had problems with her belt being too tight when she needed a wee - have any other girls here had this??

This is a more recent story, at work I was sitting near a pretty brunette one day who had been on a call for ages. She was jiggling her legs around and crossing them tightly, I guessed she had to wee. Anyway she ended up being on the phone for over half an hour. She finished on the phone and started to hobble cross legged towards the loos, which were just a room at the back of the office partitioned into one male and one female cubicle. I headed in that direction as I had to go myself. She like lots of girls these days was wearing leggings with very visible blue lacey pants. She hobbled into the cubicle, slammed the door shut, then I heard a quiet whimper and the sound of underwear being pulled down in a hurry, a thud as she parked herself on the loo then a loud fierce hissing as she relieved herself. She was a long time, still in there when I returned from the loo. When she came back she looked very relieved!

Cya all


A Very Interesting Conversation

Yesterday morning, I was about to head to the twins' restroom (I had spent Friday night at their house) when I heard a very interesting conversation behind the closed restroom door. Here is how it went:
Bill: So, we still have to read two more chapters of that book and-UGHHHHHHH!
Tom(with concern): Bill, are you alright!?
Bill(with a strain in his voice): This-UGHHHHH!-turd won't-Oh, shit!-come out!
Tom: Do you need any help?
Bill: Yes, please! Oh, shit!
Tom: OK. I want you to squat over the toilet and push while I spread your buttcheeks.
Tom: OK, I'm going to reach in there and get it for you!
Bill: No, Tom, don't-OWWWWW!
Tom(encouragingly): It's halfway out. Come on, Bill. Grab my hand and push a little bit harder.
Bill(panting a little): Thanks, Tom. I think that's all.
Tom: No problem. Are you sure you're done?
Bill: Yeah, I'm sure.
Tom: OK, stand up so that I can wipe you.
Bill: Aw, you are SO sweet!
*Tom chuckles*
Tom: Don't flush yet. I have to make a deposit.
Bill: OK. Want me to stay in here with you?
Tom: Yes, please! Grrr. Now I'M having trouble.
*Both twins laugh*
Bill(with slight amusement): Do you need any help?
Tom(with a slight strain in his voice): Yes-nnnh!-please!
The conversation ended here as I finally walked away from the restroom. About 15 minutes later, the twins came out of the restroom looking happier and relieved. Tom patted his stomach and said, "Oh, what a relief. I needed that dump."
Bill replied with a, "Me, too," and we all got ready to go out for the day.

The End


Re: Sediqua

Hi Sediqua. I enjoyed reading your first two stories. Hope you have more to come :)

To C.M.

Excellent story you should definitely do it again I think.


Super Market Accident

While I was at work the other day I got a text messgae from my boyfriend that said "Baby I was at Pathmark and I farted and a nugget of poo came out. It rolled down my leg and onto the floor. I had to come home and wash off and wash the jeans and underpants"
I had to wait until work was over to call and find out how it all went down. Turned out he didn't even realize he shit until it started to roll down his leg. I was surprised (as he was) that it even came out of his underwear because he wears boxer briefs. Of course I needed mroe details so he explained that it rolled out onto the floor and then he kicked it under one of those large wooden bins that the potatoes are in. He then paid for the groceries he had then went home.

A few stories I want to share wth you guys.

A few weeks ago a friend and I paid the bar a visit. After all the drinking, we got into the car with a much more sober friend. After about ten minutes of driving, I knew the alcoholwwas coming back up, I also felt an uncomfortable gurgle come from my stomach. I motioned for her to stop whereupon I hopped out of the car. I made a run for it, and started throwing up. It was pretty gross, but I felt better.

Next, I remembered the grumble in my stomach and felt a hot wave of nausea run ober me. It was a mixture of im-goin-to-throw-up and somthing is coming down under. It was dark, so I thought «why not?» I got into a squat position and pushed. A slightly chunky substance was coming out with some urine, but nothing seemed to smell. I ignored it and walked back to my friends car a plopped in.

The eyed me curiously, making me wonder what was wrong. Then it hit me, never pulled down my pants, in addition to that was wearing pretty much no underwear, and it had been dripping. Somehow I never realized it, and probably stained the car seat.

I stepped out the car and stripped off the pants. The ride home was awkward.

Life gets interesting when your older. I went seven days without a bowel movement last week. Then, I hadto go really bad, I grabed several magazines and went into the bathroom. I put my tall, semi hourglass body in the toilet, spreading my cheeks as I sat down. After about 10 minutes and a major pee, I thought I was havin a very long and fat BM. It felt soooo good and then, kerplunk - it was a big ball. I had five of them and they were the size of a golf ball. Then major pressure hit me. My rectum felt ike it was going to explode! My anus kept dialating and it felt like I was giving birth. It was one of those times when you uncontrolably start going "Oh, Oh ohhh". My log was massive, about 15 inches and just shy of 2 inches wide. I had to lift up so it could finish comming out. I ended up sitting there for another 10 minutes just so I could let everything close back up.

Gopi (Just Jerika's friend)

Would girls rather have a penis and use a urinal?

Frantic Francine's posting is of interest to me. I don't like sitting directly down on public toilet seats either. But it's hard when we've only got a couple of minutes to use the toilet at school and we have to think fast or we lose our opportunity to use the bathroom for another class period. That's so gross, Francine, that your brother at home craps and doesn't flush. Yes, there's crap floating in many of the stools at my school too. Sitting there, dropping more crap onto it, and getting splashed back is really gross. I've used the brown (sometimes they're white)hand towels before to wipe with when there's been no toilet paper. I just tear them up into smaller pieces.

Caryl Marie's questions are good ones. Using a urinal is not as easy as it looks. Me, Jerika and our friend Travis were riding our bikes one hot night last summer and we stopped in the bathroom when Travis had to pee. Jerika told him he pees like once an hour. He got defensive and invited us in to watch him. The urinal he used was gross. The bowl was a little higher than his penis and he had to shoot his pee up and forward so that his penis--which he called his 'prized possession'--wouldn't get wet on/in the bowl. I'm pretty modest, but I remember Jerika telling him that standing in the open with his penis out would be really creepy, especially in a large public bathroom. He said at places like municipal stadium 30 or 40 guys might stand next to none another and "take a leak" (his word) at the same time. What about the eyes of the others on your 'prized possession'?

Me and Jerika reasoned that the guys still have to sit to crap and be careful to wipe like us girls. Of course, a lot don't do it and many of the restrooms have doorless talls. I'll give the guys that. As far as human flesh screeching as it moves on a toilet seat, I don't think it has anything to do whether its male or female.

I hope Frantic Francine keeps us up to date on what she and Caryl Marie are up to. What they are talking about in her study hall sure beats the boredom of mine.


Worst… Day… EVER!

Hi everyone. My name is Victoria. I am 22 years old and I am new to this website. I am 5 foot 5, slim and have long dark brown hair and strong blue eyes.

Something happened to me last Thursday, March 31st, that I cannot stop thinking about. For the second time in my life, I pooped my pants. This time it happened at work. Actually, I started going in my pants a little bit on my way to work, but the majority of the damage was done once I got there. Here's what happened…

I am a university student and I work part time for a benefits company. I live with my parents still and I take the C-Train to school which is not far from our house. I have an early morning class on Thursdays from 7:30 to 9:00. From there, I jump back on the C-Train and head to work for a 10am to 4pm shift. The C-Train station near my work is still about a 20 minute walk from the station to the office. The morning rush had ended, so I was able to get a seat on the C-Train. I did not use the washroom when I left the university and as the train was pulling into the station near my work, I could feel some rumblings in my stomach. I wish I had of used the washroom at the university because there wasn't one at the station I got off on, nor were there any that I could access on my walk to the office since none of the restaurants were open that early in the morning.

Anyway, as I was walking, the need to move my bowels became quite apparent. I had to stop at a few red lights before I could cross the street and as I waited for the light to turn, I had to keep my butt cheeks clenched as tightly as I possibly could. About halfway to the office, a really sharp cramp hit me and I could feel some diarrhea leak out and into my white bikini panties. The irony behind this is that I was also wearing dark brown dress pants. Anyway when the diarrhea leaked out, my heart started to pound, a ringing started in my ears and my eyes teared up a bit. I quickened my pace and was saying to myself quietly, over and over again, "Oh god, oh god, please no… Pleeeaaase no!" I remembered that there was a Starbucks on the other side of the street, about a block and a half from the office, right beside a big high school. Rather than wait for a light, I waited until there was no traffic and ran across the road. My plan was to run into Starbucks and use their ladies room at the back of their store. When I got there however, I could not even get inside the place. It was crawling with high school students and some people from the nearby offices. The line up was out the door and no one would let me by. I was too embarrassed to explain my dilemma, so I just left and went to the street corner to wait for the light to change so I could cross the street.

I still had another block to walk and as I was walking, I could feel a rush of diarrhea that wanted out. A little bit more did slip out, but I was able to keep the rest from filling my panties completely. I knew that my panties were stained because I could feel the wetness from the mess in between my butt cheeks as I walked. I got the elevators and luckily one was there with its doors open waiting for me. I got in, hit the fourth floor button and waited until it reached the fourth floor.

The office is just outside the elevator doors, but the washrooms are on the opposite side to the elevators and the office. I had no time to spare for the sake of not completely pooping my pants, so I made a beeline to the ladies room on the opposite side of the floor. A little more diarrhea slipped out as I was punching in the security code to the ladies room. When I got there, all three stalls were taken and there were two other ladies waiting in line. I dashed out of the ladies room and went down the hallway to the stairs to use the ladies room on the third floor. When I got to the bottom of the stairs, I had to stop and hunch over the railing slightly to not completely fill my panties.

I got into the hallway on the third floor, walked gingerly down to the ladies room, punched the security code, which was the same as on the fourth floor, and walked in. To my utter dismay, one toilet was closed for service and the other two were occupied. I waited for a few moments and heard one woman shuffle around in her stall. I said to them both, "Excuse me, but are either one of you going to be much longer? I'm having a bit of an emergency." The lady who was shuffling around said, "Yeah, I am going to be a bit." The other said, "I just got in here, sorry. Why don't you try the fourth floor?" I could also hear that this lady was on her period because I could hear her change changed her maxi pad. I said "Okay, thanks. I'll try that." So I left.

I walked, gingerly still, to the stair well and by now I was leaking diarrhea really badly. I got up just a few steps when my bowels betrayed me and I started going uncontrollably in my white bikini panties. Everything went pretty much silent as the diarrhea spread out over my butt cheeks, up my back and into the crotch of my panties. After a few moments, the door to the third floor opened and that snapped me out of my daze. I walked carefully back up to the fourth floor. I peeked in the ladies room again, and all three stalls were still taken with one woman still waiting. I left and went around to the office.

My plan was to tell them that I wasn't feeling well and that I had to go home, but as soon as I got there, the one sales rep, Megan, said, "Vicki! It's so good to see you! It's been so busy! We have a lot for you to do today!" Instead of saying that I needed to go home, I said, "Okay, no problem", and went to my desk. I'm not sure why I did that, but I did not want the work to pile up on my desk either. Plus I knew that they needed my help.

Before I sat down in my chair, I took off my coat and placed it over the back of my chair. I was also wearing a tie up sweater that day, so I took it off and wrapped it around my waist. Sitting down was the worst part because when I sat, the mess in my panties spread everywhere. It felt like I was swimming in diarrhea. I could even smell the mess in my pants. It was awful.

I was quietly working away and about 30 minutes after I got there, Megan and this guy Scott, who works in the office as well, came over to my desk and asked if I wanted to go for coffee. I said "No". As they were leaving, Megan said, "Hey, are you okay? You've been really quiet today." I said, "I'm fine. Just not feeling the greatest." She said, "Okay" and they left.

When they were out of the office, I went back to the ladies room and finally found it empty. I went into the stall closest to the wall and took off my sweater. It was clean, but my dark brown dress pants were stained through the bum and crotch area. I undid them and carefully pulled them down. Then I pulled down my panties. They were a disaster. I started crying right then. I sat on the toilet and I could feel some of the diarrhea that was on me, drip into the toilet. I grabbed a handful of toilet paper and tried cleaning out my panties as much as I could. It was not use really. The mess had gone completely through them. My once white bikini panties were now stained brown all the way up the back to the waist band, all over the bum area and into the crotch and front of them. I was a mess and my panties were a disaster area. I cleaned up as best as I could and pulled everything back up when I was done. That was a gross feeling in itself. It did not even occur to me to throw away my panties.

I got back to the office and back to my desk. I sent a text to my older sister Stephanie and asked her what she was doing. She replied by saying that she was on location and a commercial shoot. She is in advertising. Basically, she could not help me. I did not bother to tell her my problem.

I then called my mom and left her a message on her cell phone. At around 2pm, she called me back and I asked her if she could pick me up at 4. She said that she could which was really good.

The rest of the day was okay, although I continued to have diarrhea through out the afternoon. At one point, a rush of diarrhea came out of nowhere and I pooped in my panties again. It didn't really matter considering the state my panties were in. Megan and Scott were the only ones in the office that day and they would stop to talk to me every now and again.

Finally at 4pm, my mom came and picked me up. I met her outside the office building and got in her car. She said, "Hi sweetie. How was your day?" As soon as she said that, I started crying really hard. She said, "Oh sweetie, what is it?" I said to her, "I'm really sick." She asked, "What happened?" I said, "I pooped my pants this morning and I have been sitting in it all day." She said, "Oh Vick, I'm so sorry… I will help you get cleaned up at home." We drove the rest of the way in silence. The only noise being made was of me crying and sniffling.

We got in the house and my mom followed me upstairs to my bathroom. She turned on the shower to let it warm up. I pulled down my dress pants and put them in the sink. She saw the state of my panties and the mess that was spread all over the back of my legs, my thighs and mid back. She softly said, "Oh sweetie. I am so sorry." I was still crying and she gave me a gentle hug, careful not to get any of my mess on herself. I jumped in the shower in just my white bra and panties. When I was in the shower, I lowered my panties and handed them to my mom. I took off my bra and handed it to her as well.

I must have showered for at least 30 minutes, right until I used up all the hot water. By the time I was done in the shower, my mom had cleaned out my panties for me. They still have a noticeable stain in them, so I don't think that I will be wearing them any time soon. My mom said that I should keep them in case I am sick at a later time. She also suggested that I could wear them during my periods.

My dad still wasn't home when I was done cleaning up, so I helped my mom with dinner. We were quiet for a bit and then I said to her, "Thanks for your help today." She said, "Oh sweetie, don't worry about it. Do you know what made you sick?" I said, "No. I have been trying to figure it out, but I just don't know." She said, "Oh well. Don't worry about it. Accidents happen. Remember when you were 17?" I said, "Yeah. Don't remind me!"

Anyway, I am so glad that I found this website. Last Thursday was one of the most embarrassing days of my life. I don't think that anyone noticed. If they did, they were nice enough not to say anything. I have an afternoon shift from noon to 4pm tomorrow, Tuesday, and I am a little nervous about it. What if they did notice and are too embarrassed to say anything? Should I say something, or just let it go?

I hope that my post has not been too long. As I have hinted at in this post, I did have an accident when I was 17 and in grade 12. That was a bad day too. I had diarrhea so bad and it went everywhere. My whole school found out. I have to go now, but I will be back to share that story if anyone is interested.


Monday, April 04, 2011

(brake markes in toilet)
It does not matter (the sex) who. It depends if the person was sitting to close up to the front of the bowl or too close the back of the toilet seat.
Fruit: Do not hold your bowels. You will regret it. I was an example of it when I was a girl. I got constipated, sick with stomach viruses. I had to live off enemas and laxatives to get me right. I gave up on all those things when I was a young woman in my 20's and I a better for it. You are holding toxins that must be expelled at the first opportunity. Take advantage of it. I felt awkward at college, same way I did in HS and grammar school but I overcame it. Drink lots of water always. You will be regular and detoxified continuously. Do not worry about the smell of your bowel movements. Lots of meat will cause the smell. Eat lots of vegetables, fruits, nuts, grains and drink water and you will have less bad odor. Noisy bowel movements: we all have them. In HS and college, I had them.
Anny: You had a virus. Let it all come out of you. Drink hot tea with lemon, as well as lots of liquids to clean you out. Do not take in any solids.

From Derek
Jeni: 1) do u rub your stomachs when u poo? How and why do u do it? does it help? Not at all, no need for it.

2) do u sit on tip toes when u poo? Why do u do it and does it help? Only when I am squeezing out. It gives me leverage.

3 ) do u make straining and grunting sounds when u poo? what are they like? Rarely, when I am making hard ones or I have a running stomach which is rare.
Riley: I have to move my bowels during school. It is the most uncomfortable feeling. I cannot hold it for too long. I am in a real old building. I can see where the stall doors used to be. We cannot hang around the bathrooms too much. Sometimes, I am with other boys my age and younger. The teachers do not bother us, as long as we do not cause trouble or harm each other. Since we are boys, we have erections, even in kindergarten and first grade. I've had them and I have seen other boys, as well. I sometimes make #2 before I leave the house. This school is small. So, kids from grades 1-8 share the same bathrooms. Some of us will hang around and keep each other company. There are plenty of stalls. So, we can talk to each other. One morning about 10 AM, a boy in first grade came racing into the bathroom. I was at a urinal with my my pants and underwear down taking a piss. He was breathing real hard. He undid his gray uniform pants, pulled down his underoos briefs to his thighs, sat on the toilet. His little behind sank into the seat. He drew forward so that he would not slip. There were numerous plops and splashes. I was finished peeing. I fixed my pants. I went over to the boy and he was crying. He said that his stomach hurt. I told him to sit there and it would be alright. Then, there were more plops and splashes from this little guy's stomach. He stinked the bathroom good. He sat for awhile and he stopped crying. He said that he felt better. He held down his penis, so that he could pee, a little. I gave him paper to clean up and I saw to it that he washed his hands with hot water and soap and I walked him to his class. I noticed that when he fixed his pants his penis was jutting outward and he had to stuff it in his underwear. We became friends. I was in 4th grade. When I was younger in first grade, I had to move my bowels. I was not going to have an accident. I went to the boys room with a second grade boy. I took a stall, undid my pants and light blue briefs to my ankles, sat on the bowl. I pushed out 3 large logs, six inches long and .5 inches wide. Did they hurt. I held down my penis because the strain of the bowel movement made it erect. The second grade boy took his piss in the next toilet, then he said, "I have to make doo-doo, now." He undid his pants, let down his briefs to his ankles. All I heard was this long crackling noise. We started talking to each other. Then, we reached for paper to clean ourselves. We fixed ourselves, washed our hands and went to class. I will tell you more about he and I in later posts. Now, you know what it is like when I use the toilet at school.

Happy Camper

After Dinner

A few months ago I went on a winter retreat and naturally it was snowing. There were several cabins, and I was sharing mine with a friend, a cabin leader, and several other girls I didn't know so well. They were all labeled, and with my luck I got Cabin 12, furthest away from everything. There was one unisex bathroom next to Cabin 1. If I wanted to use the bathroom it would be a twenty minute walk in the snow. It wasn't much of a problem because we were rarely in our cabins. If we wanted to go to the bathroom at night, however, we had to ask our cabin leader to head out for a twenty minute walk in the snow a night to the bathroom! I didn't think it'd be a problem, since I rarely ever used the bathroom at night.

That evening we all met in the cafeteria/mess hall/whatever you want to call it and ate some type of unidentifiable meat that looked like ground beef in a puddle of oil. It didn't look great, but it tasted pretty good, and plus, I was starving. I ate a bowl or two, and giggled at the way my stomach was reacting. I thought nothing more of it, and while everyone else started to get up and take of their business (bathroom, showers, etc). Being too lazy, I ignored the urge, and sat with a few friends while my stomach started to cramp up (right usage?). I thought nothing more of it, and eventually we all returned to our cabins.

Now, still ignoring my bowel/stomach's pleas, I continued to eat with some of the other girls. It was light food-candy and chips-but every time I stuffed it down my throat there was a moan of plea coming from stomach. Eventually we all went to sleep, and it didn't take me very long to fall asleep with the others.

Eventually, I woke up, and I tried to ignore the pain, but I knew it was going to win out if I didn't do anything. I started to hunch over, and tighten my hold. I knew for a fact that I wasn't going to make it to the bathroom, and I would just fall down in the snow and fill my underwear. I felt my eyes start to water, so I had to make a quick decision- escape to the bathroom alone, while embarrassing myself at the same time, or quietly crawl outside and release the load onto the snow. I made my decision, which was sadly the second choice. I quietly crawled out, making a few squeaks, but no one woke up, thank god. I didn't have a flash light but the cabin porch had a lantern hanging from the top of the roof (???), but it was terribly dim. I tried finding some trees or bushes to hide my 'treasure' from the others when they woke up the next day, but I realized I wasn't wearing any shoes, so walking on the snow was going to be a big no-no. I thought about going back in, but I didn't want to risk it, and plus, it was already freezing. I went to the edge of the patio, held my breath, and hoped no one would realize it was me.

I dropped my pants and lightly farted, a stream of pee followed the fart. I decided to take my pants off entirely to avoid any mess that would come with it, and squeezed. The first one that came out was soft, mushy, and smelt worse than the meat we ate during dinner. The second was more stable, and seemed endlessly long. I made a few more turds, not as big, but bigger than normal. When I finished, I realized I didn't have any toilet paper, so I ignored the dirtiness of it all and pulled up my pants. Before I went back in, I looked at my load and started to push it into the snow, but I didn't have anything to push it with so I ignored it and went back inside.

Next morning, I was one of the first to wake up, but no one had went outside yet. A few girls joked about hearing a bear outside, I forced a laugh, but avoided all the other jokes they were making. When we all woke up, we headed for the bathrooms to clean up, but not before someone pointed towards my poop/pee shrine. They all shrieked and gasp, and I joined in to making more believable. I suggested it was the bear, to see if they were all stupid enough to believe it, but they all knew it was human poop, and they all knew it was one of us. The worst thing is, overnight, the poop froze somewhat, and it looked kind of glossy and icy.

Eventually, on the way home, I told my friend from the cabin it was me who left them a surprise during the night. She was disgusted at first, and soon after we laughed about it.

Natalie X

Almost didn't make it!

Today i was suffering from the fullest stomach ever, so bloated! I had half a chicken for lunch and it was damn spicy. I knew that i would regret it in the next 6 hours if not sooner the way it was shifting around. The whole time i was sitting at home working on my pc my stomach had a familiar feeling of a bad future (basically a huge dump lol). I tried to keep myself cool, tried to stay focused on working when i noticed i was sweating and holding in a lot of farts. Passing them silently as girls do i tried to keep my dignity. It was getting worse though, much worse. A few moments later i felt violent shifts in my insides having trouble digesting this monster slowly, this was gonna be one hell of a bad turn out i thought. I felt much gurgling in my stomach again, my forehead was sweating and an uncontrollable fart came out, it was wet, very wet. With that feeling i decided to use the bathroom, standing up made me realise how bad the situation was, it wont be a good turn out if i opened my legs. I was making my was slowly towards the bowl of relief, while barley walking i was rubbing my legs together, hand up my crack and moaning under my breath, i really really needed a shit! My stomach was moaning and gurgling as i was waddleling. Blast my sister was in the shower! I was waiting at the door moaning and farting constantly, felt moist around my butt. I was a little worried, my stomach made one last gurgle and all of the waste was now pushing againt my asshole. Felt so unstable, one movement and flarrpp (i would poo my pants) I didn't dare fart. My sister came out, i was holding my stomach and my butt. Sat my butt on the toilet and it started spewing out liquid farts with rapid sessions of gloopy poo. I was decafitating at a serious rate, i shifted my legs up and down when mushy bits of poo came flying out my behind. Gurgling countinued as more and more mushy shit exited me as i moaned loud, then a wet fart pooed out more but slowed and quieted down. It was silent and i was moaning oooo ow ow ow oh god oh god oooo. Another fart came out that started quiet then gradually got louder and louder til it reached a point when my butt exploded out with poo again! A torrent of liquid poos and farts came out rapidly once more. To top off my big dump that made the water brown and the bowl filled what looks like wet bits of mud, i pushed out easily 3 firm logs that came out with 5 farts, they were wet too and i think more mushy poo came out with them too. A grumble and loud gurgle came from my stomach, shifted right down fast and pressure built up then bang! An explosion of my seriously messy 'mud' went everywhere, so loud too. Made me groan F**K while holding my belly. I just sat that as more torrents came out. Then i waited 5 minutes sitting there farting the whole time. I whiped, the amount of poo on my arse was unbelievable, such a messy clean up and i couldnt help flatuance still! Came back to my pc to write what just happened! Scared of whats next... :|

Natalie X

Small Town Girl

Feeling sick - I need to vent!

Ahhhh, you guys, I feel SO GROSS. Earlier today I made the mistake of drinking that 5-hour energy drink. After an hour, I was jittery and shaking and a mess. Now, seven hours later, my stomach is rumbling something fierce. It is SO LOUD and nonstop. I feel very nauseous.

I keep running to the bathroom because I keep feeling like I'm going to have diarrhea, but each time I sit down, nothing comes out. I just want it out of my body already! I'd say every ten minutes for the past hour I keep sitting on the toilet, feeling like something is finally going to happen. But no. A little bit of gas comes out and that's it. A couple of times I have produced a tiny ball of poo about the size of a walnut, but nothing more.

This is so aggravating. I wish you could hear my stomach right now, you would swear by hearing it that I'm ill and having diarrhea. I just want it to stop!! I've been playing with the idea of taking Peptobismal, but the thought of putting more chemicals into my stomach is not appealing to me right now.

I've tried drinking water, Gatorade, eating crackers, eating toast. Nothing will stop this nausea or my grinding stomach.

I will never have 5-Hour Energy again!! My body hates it, apparently. I thought my stomach would be better by now, I thought it would be out of my system by now. :(

Migraine Loverer

Normal poop

I finally had a normal poop!! My doctor gave me this white pill to give me good bacteria.
To Crystal: I hope you felt alot better after that big poop.It's a good thing your mom ws there to help you push it out. I hope you keep posting.
Migraine Loverer

new guy

comments & stuff

To: Slow-Shittin'Sammi as always another great story and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Kate, The Soccer Mom as always another great story it sounds like you and your daugther both had a pretty nasty time with that diarrhea and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Who ever wrote abut the girl peeing her pant while asleep at the library great story and please share any other stories you may have thanks.

To: Abbie as always another great pooping story and I bet your sisters friend was very suprised but at least you didnt have a serious accident and were able to hold your poop in and only have a little pee come out and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Stephanie great accident story at least it all stayed in you suit and didnt go every where and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Upstate as always another great story about seeing one female friends go to the bathroom and that one girl really having to poop and as I have said before you are one very lucky guy to have so many female friends who will let you watch them go to the bathroom and again I want your the king of this site and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

Well thats all for now.

Sincerly new guy

PS. I love this site

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