Four girls, one bathroom

Today I had my friends Becky, Lisa, and Rose over to my house for lunch, and we were just hanging out after. It's almost as if we were all waiting for someone else to have to go, because when Lisa said she needed to go to the bathroom, we all chimed in "Yeah, me too", and then I remembered I only had one bathroom. Oops.

We discussed and decided to let Lisa use the toilet since she had to poop, Rose and I would pee in the bathtub and Becky could pee in the sink. We all went into my bathroom and pulled down our pants/skirts and panties and took our positions. Rose was the first one to start peeing and her stream sounded weird as it hit the bathtub. Then Becky and I began to pee at about the same time. Lisa started her stream well after we had all began and hers came out in spurts at first but became a full stream later on. Becky was actually the first to finish and she hopped down, wiped once, put the paper in the trash can. I finished up next and Rose and Lisa were pissing strong streams still. I also wiped once and tossed the paper in the trash can.

For a while, I thought neither of them would ever stop peeing, but then Rose's stream started to weaken although she kept going. Lisa stopped and began peeing in spurts again shortly after and then Rose finally ended her pee. They wiped and Rose put her paper in the trash can, but Lisa dropped her paper in the toilet. We waited and talked for a while to give Lisa time to finish her poop. There weren't many noticeable noises, aside from a few farts. When she said she was done, she stood up and let us all look. I was just amazed at what I saw, a huge log, probably an inch and a half thick, and it must have been two feet long, it started to go in the drain, but then it curled back around and over half way around the toilet bowl.

Becky said, "Damn, how long you been holding that one in?" and Lisa told her, "I hadn't been in nearly five days, it felt so good to go" and then she sat back down to wipe. She wiped quite a few times, not sure exactly how many, and then she flushed. I thought for sure my toilet wouldn't handle that, but to my surprise a second flush took care of her monster. There were still streak marks all over my toilet, but it at least went down.

I walked in on my two friends having a very awkward conversation. I am a guy and they are both girls. I walked into the basement and I heard one say, "Ew I took the worst poop in school today". The other said "Oh my god I went in school too!" I was shocked that this was what they talked about. The one said "I had the worst stomachache in chemistry and decided to try to go, and I literally exploded with diarea. Like I think every other girl in the bathroom ran for the hills it smelled so bad, and it was like pure liquid." The other said "Oh thats terrible! I had to go so bad in math and I had the longest turd you can imagine! It seriously like wrapped around the bowl twice and smelled so bad because it was out of the water. AND it took a million wipes." I was going to just walk away and leave when they noticed me. The first girl was saying "Aw! I hope I don't have the slushy kind again- oh my god..." when she saw me. The turned bright red and I just said "Same..." and walked away. They can't even look me in the eye now.

Just a quick story from when I was 14. I went to a sleepaway camp that I had been going to every summer. The bathroom at the camp was not very sanitary, it was just one single stall which had of those pit toilets, like the toilet had no bottom and everything went into a big hole. It smelled like sweat and poop, probably because it wasn't ever cleaned. No kid wanted to use this bathroom, so a spot in the woods was sort of a spot where most kids would go to do their business. The spot was so much better than the bathroom stall. If you pooped you just buried it so there was no smell and it wouldn't attract flies, and it was so much closer to the bunks. And people usually respected and waited until you were done if they came while you were there, unless it was a real emergency. There are so many stories, but here's one where someone had a real emergency. I went early in the morning for a poop, at like 6 a.m. when the sun was just coming up. I dug a spot with a rock behind the log (there was a fallen tree where you could sit to go) and started. It was a nice poop, until I heard someone running towards the spot full speed. I froze in fear thinking a counselor was going to yell at me. But I saw a kid my age sprinting towards the log. He was bending to sit and pulled down his pants, and I saw a river of liquid diarrhea shooting out. ANd it had already started in his shorts, because it was coming out when he pulled them down. He sat and brought his hands to his face as he sobbed his eyes out. I was just staring and trying to finish, as his turd sludge poured out. I thought it couldn't get any worse, but then he started bailing it out of his underwear with his hands! At this point he is covered in poop and crying like a baby. To be nice I threw him my toilet paper roll and got the hell out of there.


Big relief when I got to work

When I got to work this morning I had to poo & pee really bad. I had about half an hour before it was time to start work so I went to the toilet for a very relieving poo. I was close to pooing & wetting my panties & the sight of that beautifull white porcelain toilet was heavenly. I quickly pulled down my work trousers & panties before sitting on the toilet with a thump. The second my bum touched the seat my bowels exploded into the toilet while my full bladder emptied. The intense relief was like an orgasm & after a small push I was done. I wiped & flushed before exiting & washing my hands. I still had about 10 minutes before I had to start work & it was nice not having to rush my poo & pee.

We both loved reading about your poo holding & would love to know how long you've been holding it. We'd also like to know if you made it to the toilet or not. Have you ever been out somewhere & had to relieve yourself behind a bush or building?


Latest stories

Hi everyone, sorry I haven't managed to post in ages, I've been really busy lately and haven't managed to find the time.
Jasmin K- I enjoyed reading your last post and I agree with you, I found it a lot easier to go for a poo when I was at primary school. The loos were a lot more pleasant and like you say there weren't any girls hanging around in or outside the toilets. I was a bit like that girl you mentioned at your school who had a poo every morning, only I used to go almost every lunchtime instead. Certaintly back then it never occured to me to hold it in, and although I've always tended to do quite big and hard poos I was never on the loo for longer than ten minutes because I was going every other day at least, if not every day. Judging by the farts plops and grunts I heard when I was on the toilet a lot of other girls were happy to go for a poo at school as well, in fact several girls in my class followed exactly the same routine as me which was to use the toilet right at the start of lunch break and quite often I could hear them having a poo. When I started at secondary school with gross loos and girls hanging round I quickly learned to hold it in and thats when I started to get constipated, fortunately things are better now as some decent toilets have opened which are clean, secure and no-one hangs around there. Trouble is, they are starting to get popular especially with girls who have to poo, so you can end up waiting a while to use them.
Anyway, back to my latest story, today I got to lunchtime and realised I would really struggle to hold my poo in until I got home, so I went off to the toilets. The queue at the decent ones was really long so I went off to the science block toilets instead, they're OK but theres only 2 cubicles and the partitions are really high off the ground, so it can be a bit embarasing if you walk in at the same time as someone else. Today was not my lucky day, I met another girl at the door who was coming from the opposite direction so we had no choice but to go in together, however she was a couple of years younger than me and looked really nice and shy so it could have been worse. We took a cubicle each and I lifted my skirt and pulled down my black tights and white knickers before settling myself on the seat. I looked next door and could see the other girl's black trousers and pink flowery knickers at her ankles. We both started to wee and then after we were done all went quiet. I was hoping the girl would wipe and flush, but she obviously wanted a poo as well as she continued to sit. I was feeling a bit awkward but thought I'd better get it over with, so I started to push and let out a few squeaky farts. Next door I could hear some tense breathing and realised she was pushing too. After a few minutes of us both pushing a loud fart rang out from her cubicle and then a volley of plops, followed by more wet sounding farts and then the sound of some mushy poo being released. Shortly after I made some loud plops too as the other girl was wiping which hopefully made her feel better, I then started to wipe my bum. I pulled up my pants amd tights and flushed , just as I unlocked the cubicle the other girl flushed and came out. She looked a bit red and wouldn't make eye contact with me, so we both washed our hands and went our seperate ways. Thanks for reading this, will post again soon, bye for now!!


Been Busy!

Hey all, me again. Sorry for the delay between posts, and for my keyboard and all.

Just had an amazing post-dinner crap. Was on the PC, and for awhile felt a loading begging to released, but I held off. As a result, I had many of those small pre-poop farts come along. Finally, I decided I'd waited long enough and headed into the bathroom. I lowered my pants & briefs to my ankles and spread my legs slightly. A slight push yielded a single, smooth log that slithered out of me for a good 3-5 seconds silently. Feeling relieved and that there wasn't anything else, I stood to inspect & wipe, which asn't too messy.

Shelly: keep those posts (and huge turds) coming!!

Alyssa: enjoyed the post bout you & your twin.

Alyanna: loved your post! and most likely the video too!

Everyone, I enjoy reading. Keep the female poo stories coming, especially the noisy toilet ones haha.

To Car Mom

Has anyone ever gone in the front seat of your car?

Have you ever had more than three people go at once?


Too Althea

I Think I'll quiet Vodka then.


Usual bathroom break at university.

It was around ten in the morning and I had finished my first lecture. I visited the bathroom as usual and took an empty stall. Once the door was locked I pulled down my white thong from under my skirt and took a seat.

A few seconds later I started to pee. It felt wonderful! I peed for 20 seconds and then I felt myself opening up. A quiet fart slipped out followed by my poop. It was about a ft long and an inch wide. I peed for another 15 seconds before wiping, flusing and washing.


new guy

comments & stuff

To: Alyssa great story about watching your twin sister Kathryn pooping it sounds like it was a pretty good dump and maybe you tell her about this site and maybe she might post here as well and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Maggie first welcome to the site and great accident stories and please share any other stories you may have thanks.

To: Gopi (Justjerika's friend) Welcome to site its nice to see she convinced to join us on here and I hope you'll have lots of stories to tell like she does thanks.

To: Whistler great story about hearing those girls in the porta-poties it sounds like one girl was really desperate and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Shelly great story it sounds like that girl didnt mean to do that and at least she didnt say anything and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Stevie great story that sounded like a nasty dump and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Sediqua first welcome to the site and great peeing story and pleae pot more stories thanks.

To: Timee great story about hearing that girl having diarrhea and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Alyanna great story about video taping your poop ive being doing that recently using my psp camera so I can see the poop come out first I set my psp on something and then I put some toilet paper on the floor and then I poop on it and then I watch the video I only do that when I know its not going to be a nasty one and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Lea first welcome to the site and great pants pooping story and please share anymore stories you may have thanks.

Well thats all for now

Sincerly new guy

PS. I love this site

Jaded Jarrod

My answers to Kalee's questions

1. Would a 5-minute no questions asked pass daily help? Yes. It could be located on the end of the blackboard or dry erase board. My science teacher is a lady who sometimes will give you the third degree about going to the bathroom. This one kid, who had a lot of attitude, refused to answer her question about how the productivity of him and his lab partner (me) would be impacted by his leaving during our experiment. Then he got disrespectful when she told him he couldn't leave the room, picked up her Dr. Pepper can from her desk, and asked her if he could pee into it. She sent him to the office and I lost my lab partner for a week. Part of the class thought it was hilarious; the other part thinks he's a jerk.

2. What if hourly custodial cleanings of bathrooms were done and posted such as in hotels or business bathrooms? The main thing the janitors would have to do is regularly wipe a lot of piss off the toilet seats and unclog toilet stools. I've seen toilet bowls with the dumps of five or six guys stacked on top of one another. When a lot of the guys are desperate and afraid of getting a tardy, they will seat themselves and add onto the pile. I know it's gross, but some will sit right on someone else's urine, too. And I've seen more than one guy with his johnson over the front of the dirty bowl instead of it being tucked in. Then sometimes there are puddles of piss in front of the toilet.

3. Would cameras outside the entrance to the bathroom pointed only at the entryway for catch who's entering and the times deter vandalism and misuse? It would probably work. Our school has several of them and there's been a letter to parents that two of them have been dismounted and stolen off the ceiling holders.

4. Should faculty be forced to use student bathrooms? I'm not against it, but if teachers are going to crap, won't they just take up another stall and force us to wait and possibly be tardy to our next class? One of our math teachers regularly craps in the restroom next to my 3rd hour class. There are no stall doors in that bathroom and he just sits there, with his hand on his johnson pointing it into the bowl, and showing off his polka-dotted boxers. If he knows your name, he'll even greet you when you walk into the bathroom.

5. Would tissue protectors for the toilet seats be a solution to students not wanting to use school bathrooms? I would use them and some other guys would too. Right now we put toilet paper over the seat before we sit on it.




I'm Jonathan and I'm new to this site as a poster. I've been reading from it periodically for awhile. I'm interested in pooping. In fact I just pooped my pants. My nose is stuffy so I can tell you it smells, but I can't give a great description, a little fruity. The first part was light brown and solid then a looser darker bit came out with some colored bits because I ate beets last night, and is causing some problems as being loosing it is spreading and moving around more. I don't know why but whenever I poop my pants my legs shake.

Going to some child experiences. Most of my poop memories are of other people. Most importantly I had an important female friend at age 8 or 9 who pooped her pants several times. I don't remember if it was accidental or not. After that we both had some family issues and started growing up and it didn't happen. I do remember once when I was older, probably 13 or 14 she came over to my house. She came up to a room with her sister where I was with my sister and I had farted and pooped my pants a little bit. She had smelt it and said "Who pooped there pants?" I don't remember if I admitted it or not. Also one time we had a new years party and I was 11 or 12 and I had diarrhea. I, my sister and some friends were in the basement and I ran into the bathroom and didn't make it. I had to tell my sister to get my mother.

Some of have had some neat experiences. Alyssa your lucky to have so many poop friendly people in your life, I especially hope one day I can meet a girl whose game enough to "buddy dump" with me.

Right now I have one question and then I'm done.

to Lea: I am confused about your story. Were you outside or is it a big house with few bathrooms? or did you just have to go that bad?

Rag Muffin Reanna

Kalee's survey

1--Would a 5-minute no questions asked daily pass help?

Yes. It's not as bad for me to ask because I'm a debater and, like my parents remind me, I'm a natural talker. But my friend, who's not on the debate team, needed to change her tampon and was asked a series of piercing questions by her study hall teacher about why she wanted to sign out. She was so embarrassed by telling the teacher her problem and then bursting out crying. Too bad also that a couple of immature freshman boys were sitting behind them and burst out laughing.

2--What if hourly custodial cleanings of bathrooms were done and posted such as in hotel and business bathrooms?

With the number of bathrooms in our school and the huge size of each, I think additional janitors would have to be hired. It would be a great idea because I don't like dropping my crap into a bowl that's clogged with the craps of 3 or 4 others. It's gross and sometimes causes my stomach to churn. I just pull my panties down, set myself and try to get it over as fast as possible. Then there's usually someone else who races in and sits after I leave. By the way, there's been a couple of times when there has been a bottle or McDonald's cup floating in the bowl. I've had to angle my stream (because its so strong)away and slid forward on the seat so that I don't get a splashback on my backside.

3--Would cameras outside the entrance to the bathroom pointed only on the entryway, by taking pictures of who's entering and the times, deter vandalism? Yes. However, our debate team has studied privacy issues and we know that schools can get a lot of negative public relations from students who lie about what the cameras do and where they are pointed.

4--Should the faculty be forced to use the student bathrooms?
Some already do. It's closer to where they are and some are on potty patrol. That's what they call their disciplinary assignment of walking through a bathroom or two on their hour off from class. Some go into each stall, flush, check for toilet paper, etc. and call in problems; other do a lot less. A couple are mean and will peek in and yell out "2 minutes" or some other asinine thing to those who have just seated themselves to crap.

5--Would the tissue protectors for the toilet seats be a solution to students not wanting to use school bathrooms?
Yes, a few germaphobes might use them but many of us wouldn't. They are just too much of a hassle and while I've been using the bathroom--sometimes as early as 10 a.m.--I've heard users complain to one another that the seat papers are already out. I've seen a couple of girls go from stall to stall trying to find one. Also, last month one of our debate teams didn't do well and when the awards ceremony got over at an out-of-town school, she ran into the bathroom, into a stall and sat on pouted. That school had those seat tissues and when the team captain and I went in to talk to her, the captain grabbed one of the tissues and put it around her neck like a ribbon with a medal. She thought it was so kind of us that she snapped out of her pout, apologized, and came to the auditorium and joined the rest of the team. Our captain took a picture of her with the protector on and we're thinking of displaying that picture at our team's banquet next month.


Reply to Jen

I'm very surprised at your experience. Even though I'm male let me tell you what I was told by a female friend.

I drove this woman to work for about ten years. She is married with two children. Once, perhaps when she was pregnant with her second child, she had an appointment to her ObGyn and was told to fill her bladder.

She got to the office on time and was quite full but the doctor was falling behind in his appointments. By the time she was taken into an exam room she was quite exceptionally uncomfortable with a very full bladder. When the doctor came in and felt her stomach he told her that she was TOO full and needed to urinate about a cup of urine. She was given a cup and everyone left the exam room.

When I was told this story, this was the time that I couldn't believe what I was hearing. What person with a punishingly full bladder could begin to relieve that pressure and then after urinating a cup, cut off the flow? I certainly could not.

Well, my friend did just that. She began to urinate and when the cup was filled she cut it off. The exam went on as scheduled.

Your doctor should have given you the same opportunity.

I am new to this website. I think it is relay good to have a place you can discuss your bowel movements etc. freely. So I am going to tell about a b.m problem and solution I had not too long ago. I was constipated for several weeks. I think I know what caused it. I was taking a new arthritis medication that said one of the side effects was constipation. Most of the time prior to this constipation problem I had a regular b.m. first thing in the morning. I would get the urge to pee and shit. I couple of large chunks would slide out easily and I would be done. Then I started this new medicine and things changed. Now I was going sometimes every other day or every third day. The B.M. was very hard and I really had to push hard to get it out. This sometimes was a slow process maybe 20 to 30 minutes. Sometimes one of the chunks would seam to get stuck only part of the way out which, of course, required a lot more toilet paper to clean up. I have a job that would not allow me to take a 30 minute dump so if I got an urge while at work I would try to hold it until after I got off work. This, I understand, probably made my constipation to get worse. Anyway after several weeks I decided something had to be done. I had had a colonososcopy a few months earlier and used a product called Mag Citrate as a colon cleaner. It had worked very well. So I googled it and found that it could be an effective laxative. One Saturday when I knew I would have plenty of time at home I bought a bottle and took it with 2 glasses of water instead of the one the label had suggested. The results could start occurring in 30 minutes to 3 or 4 hours. For me it was a little more than 3 hours when I got my first urge that things were about to start happening. First it felt like a was going to have a real loose stool. But only a small amount in spurts oozed out in the first minute or so. Then I got the urge to really push and several very large chunks easily slid out. I could not see how many or how large they were because they disappeared in the brown mixture in the bowl. This was followed immediately by liquid, probably over a cup came flowing out freely. And that was it. No cramps, no ex tented runs, no feeling sick or anything. I went back to my regular schedule, a dump first thing in the morning. Mag Citrate was a sucess. It did exactly what it said it would do, made water in the lower intestine thereby loosing all that crap that had been building up in there that had made my life miserable. thus it could flow out easily. I would use this product again in the future if I have a similar problem.I wonder if any one else has a story about Mag Citrate that they would want to share. This cite is really great as you can tell it like it really is.

Hi I am a 58 year old woman who since taking medication for thyroid problems have encountered side effects that affect my bowels. When I have a bowel movement i only go once or twice a week. It either comes out with force, or as a long snake, when I go after my poop comes out I get a load of air rushing into my back passage, which I then release in a session of powerful explosive farts. As I go infrequently, due to the sheer size and girth of my turds, I now have to poop in public toilets which have a stronger flush. They still more often than not always clog. One of biggest and most embarassing times was in a famous department store in London. I farted on the toilet so loud the toilet alerted the stores security guards.


Planned becomes accident becomes embarrassing

I've been a lurker here for a long time. I'm currently 20 years old, in college, and ever since I had a few accidents in my early teens I kind of liked the feeling and ever since then I sometimes will go in my pants or panties on purpose for fun. I don't to do it as often now that I'm in college since I have a roommate and classes and all that, so when I do get a chance they are even more important.

Well, this weekend my roommate was going out of town to go back home and visit her parents. I knew that would give me time for some fun on my own. So starting Friday I began holding it when I felt the urge to poo. I would carefully pee when necessary all day Saturday and Sunday but I would do my best to hold in the poop. By Sunday afternoon I was feeling quite full and desperate and was constantly aware that I had a large BM waiting to escape. I love holding it as long as I can, even if I plan to go in the toilet. Just holding it feels amazing, so I hold it almost all the time anyway, but this weekend having the room to myself I was definitely going to let it go in my panties on purpose for even more fun. My roommate wasn't due to get back until really late, around 11 pm, so I had plenty of time to draw it out.

So Sunday I struggle a little to hold it in most of the day and almost lost it after lunch while peeing. After that I spent time studying and then in the afternoon I had a shift working in the university library. I was deliberately wearing a pair of pink bikini panties because I knew they would hold the poop well but would also show a little stain when I checked the mirror while watching it come out in my dorm room later that evening. Over that I wore a denim skirt, kind of tight fitting, that stops mid-thigh - the kind that if you bend over too far the wrong way will expose your panties. (I'm a little bit of a closet exhibitionist, too.)

I spent my shift at the library refiling books on the shelves and stuff. The whole time I really, really had to poop badly. It was to the point where I was farting regularly and frequently had to stand with my legs crossed and muscles clenched to hold it. I kept glancing at the clock and was beginning to worry that I wouldn't be able to hold it until my shift ended and that I'd have to run to the library bathroom and go in the toilet instead, but I had been looking forward to doing it in my panties ever since I found out my roommate would be gone for the weekend and I wasn't going to give up without a fight. So I kept holding, squeezing, leg crossing, and a few times when I was hidden from all view even pressing my fingers against my anus to keep anything from coming out, though in doing so I could feel it touch my panties and I knew it left some Hershey marks - no worries since I planned on them getting much more stained soon.

I barely, and I do mean barely, managed to make it to the end of my library shift at 8pm without either having an accident or running to the bathroom. I grabbed my bag and hurried outside and towards my dorm. The entire time the poop was trying to come out and it was almost impossible for me to walk fast and hold it at the same time. The faster I would walk the harder it was to hold in the poop, but the slower I walked the longer it would take me to get back to the privacy of my dorm room and I was seriously concerned about not being able to hold it that long. My heart was racing, my body was in a cold sweat, and my nerves were on edge. I was seriously close to having a genuine accident.

I made it to my dorm building, through the crowded lobby, trying to walk normal and sound normal when replying to a couple of "hello's" from friends. I made it to the elevator and thankfully got an empty one all to myself. I got inside, pressed the button for the 7th floor, and repeatedly pushed the close door button - as though that ever helps it close faster! I was bouncing from foot to foot, begging under my breath "please let me hold it, please let me hold it" and squeezing my butt cheeks together. As soon as the door finally closed I grabbed my butt and crotch with both hands and held tight, legs crossed as tight as I could, trying to breath normally but my body not responding. I pushed the 7th floor button again repeatedly, begging it to go faster. But around the 4th floor I felt it. My body one second was fighting and the next second the feeling just washed over me and I knew I just couldn't hold it any longer.

I gasped and stopped shaking and even though I was still trying with my brain to hold it my body stopped trying and in an instant my abdominal muscles contracted and forced my body to push. I couldn't do anything to stop it. Time stood still and I could only stand there, legs slightly apart, body bent forward slightly by the cramp. My butt opened and the giant turd very quickly began sliding down, pressed against my panties, pushed them down, and began to spread into a ball. Soon it was running out of room and my body gave a harder push to make more space and it spread and filled in my panties more and I couldn't stop pushing until the entire poop - which felt like multiple feet of it exiting me - lay hot and creamy in my panties. It felt like a ten pound, hot, creamy grapefruit lay nestled between my legs. It was by far the biggest poop I had ever done in my panties. And it was completely on accident. I had been so looking forward to the sensation of it coming out, enjoying it slowly, and now it was over and in an instant because I misjudged my timing and had an honest to goodness accident.

It is funny that I can do it on purpose and enjoy it, but standing there in the elevator having a true accident I was mortified. Doing this in private is one thing, but here I was more or less still in public. Someone could be waiting to get on the elevator and see me! My heart was racing and pounding, my entire body felt almost numb.

The elevator came to a stop and the door opened. I had my eyes closed and waited. I opened them and thankfully nobody was there. I peeked out of the doors. To the left way down the hall some people were hanging out. To the right, the direction of my room, it was empty. I sighed in relief, stepped out of the elevator, and tried to walk as normally as possible but the mound of poop was so big I couldn't help but walk slightly bow-legged like I just got off of a horse (or loaded my panties with a giant poop!)

Thank God my roommate wouldn't be back until a few hours later. I got my room, inserted the key, turned the knob, and opened the door. I dropped my bag by my bed, made straight for my dresser. I grabbed clean panties and sweatpants and a t-shirt and stacked them on the bed. I pulled off my shirt and unzipped my skirt and very carefully lowered it to the floor and stepped out of it, kicking off my sandals. It was then that our room toilet flushed and my heart skipped a beat. I turned and there on my roommates bed, that should be empty, was her suitcase and other bags. She was back! Oh, God!

The bathroom door opened and out came Mindy, clueless, and started talking to me. I started to reply but could only mumble something incoherent. I was standing there in my bra and panties - no big deal, we'd been roommates for two years and had seen each other naked all the time - but tonight was different. In the past my panties had not been full of poop. My skin flushed red, I felt almost sick.

I was facing her so she couldn't see the bulge in my panties from where she was standing.

Mindy asked, "Are you ok? Is something wrong?"

I tried to answer, "I... I..."

She said, "What is it?" and stepped closer, planning to comfort me. When she was next to me I could tell from her expression and a wrinkle of her nose that she could smell something not right. "Steph?" she started to ask.

My eyes started to water a little and I tried to move to the side away from her, towards the bathroom, and I mumbled, "I'm sorry. I was... I tried... I didn't know you'd be..."

Mindy looked thoroughly confused but was starting to piece things together from my reaction and the smell and the pile of clean clothes next to me. "Steph? Are you ok? Did something happen?"

I decided I only had one hope at this point. I said, "I'm sorry. This is so embarrassing. I was trying to get back to the bathroom from the library, but... I couldn't hold it and..."

Mindy's expression changed to one of shock. "Oh!" she exclaimed, "Oh, God! Oh! I'm sorry!"

I shook my head and said, "It's ok. Not your fault. It just happened. God, this is so embarrassing!"

Mindy said, "No, it's ok! It happens sometimes..." and she tried to smile to comfort me.

I said, "Yeah, well it isn't supposed to happen to 20 year old college students who aren't drunk!"

She smiled and said, "Well, that's kind of true. It's ok though. I won't tell anyone."

I said, "Thank you." Then I gingerly reached out and grabbed my pile of clean clothes. "If you don't mind I'm going to take a shower now..."

Mindy said, "Oh, yeah... absolutely. If you need anything let me know."

I held up the clean panties and said, "I think these are all I need right now," and smiled to let her know I was ok.

I turned and started waddling towards the bathroom, fully exposing my bulging panties to Mindy, who gasped a little when she saw, "Oh!"

I looked over my shoulder and said, "Yeah, it wasn't just a little accident."

I got into the bathroom, locked the door, and stood looking in the mirror. My skin was still a little red all over. I turned so my butt could be visible and looked. The bulge was huge, but there was only a few small brown stains visible on the pink fabric of the panties. They hung down at least 3 or 4 inches and the mound of poop was so big that it had pulled the edge of the panties down away from my skin about a half inch or inch and I could see the mounded poop inside when I turned just right. I stood there, now admiring the bulge, and even though the experience had not gone as planned, standing there finally alone in the bathroom, the deed already done, I was able to garner at least some enjoyment from it even if it had not gone exactly as planned.

I lingered for a moment, admiring the bulge from multiple angles, before finally lowering them down, dumping the poop into the toilet, wiping myself and the panties as clean as I could. I then jumped into the shower to clean up, relax, and release the pent up frustration of the day.

I was slightly embarrassed again to go back out into the room. Mindy asked if I felt better and I said yes. We ignored the elephant in the room for a few minutes while she studied and I brushed my hair. But finally she admitted to me that I wasn't the only one to have an accident ever and told me about one of hers. We talked for a while, sharing past experiences, and perhaps it was a bonding experience that brought us closer together.


Holly - New girl to the site

Hi Holly
Welcome to the site. I hope you can post some nice posts about you going to the loo. Especially peeing stories and stories where other girls have seen you going to the loo
Waiting in anticipation
Kind regards


Tuesday, March 22, 2011

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