My Twin Sister Pooping!

Hey everyone! It's Alyssa again,. I'm sorry I didn't write my 2nd story until now! I got busy. Here it is:
When my twin sister Kathryn and I were about 16 we went camping with our parents in the summer. We got up early and ate breakfast (chocolate chip waffles) and finished packing our stuff.
Right before we were getting ready to leave Kathryn farted loudly and whispered to me (we are best friends) that she had to poop and piss and to come with her.
We walked into the bathroom together and closed (and locked) the door behind us and she told me "I want you to watch me poop!" "Uhh why?" I asked with a giggle. "For the hell of it!" she answered and shrugged "Okay" I said with a laugh. We'd seen eachother poop and pee many times.
She turns the fan on and came back to the toilet, undid her belt and button on her shorts, pull them down followed by her thong then she sat down on the toilet.
Right away she began peeing. I saw a strong applejuice colored (sorry lol) stream of pee being released from my sister's vagina. It went strong for about 8 seconds then it slowed right down, dribbled and then stopped. Then she let out one of thoughs silent but deadly farts and said with a smile "get ready! I'm starting to poop!" "I'm ready!" I responded with a giggle "I want you to describe my poop to me as it comes out k Aly?" she asked me "K. Now focus on pooping Kate." I answered with a laugh. "Okay okay!" she responded sounding annoyed.
When I looked at her asshole I saw a big turtle head tip sticking out of her. But I couldn't tell what color it was yet. "I can see it! I see it's turtle head tip sticking out!" I said with excitement "Really!? What color is it!?" she responded with a big smile "I can't tell yet. Maybe if you push a little I'll be able to" I said "Okay." she nodded.
So she took a breath and gave a somewhat big push and a little grunt and I saw the turtle head tip grow into a light brown 2 inch long 2 inch wide log "there we go! It's light brown, about 2 inches long, 2 inches wide and very smooth looking!" I informed her "It FEELS very smooth!" she announced "Alright now focus on pooping cause we kinda gotta hurry up." I told her (she loses focus easy) "Okay" she responded.
Then she took another breath, grunted and gave a big push. As soon as she pushed the log started growing and got wider! It got to be about 5 inches long and about 3 inches wide and stretched her asshole a lot. When I told her this she got a big smile on her face, lifted up her ass and looked at her poop! "Ohmygosh! No wonder my ass is numb!" she said laughing. I didn't say anything, I just laughed.
Then Kathryn gave another big push and her log grew about 3 inches making the entire log about 8 inches so far! Then when she gave another small push we both heard a loud PLOP! "Wait what? It's still there!" said Kathryn sounding (and looking) confused. Then
when she lifted up her ass we both saw a 4 inch turd sticking out of her ass and the rest in the toilet. "That explains it!" she said. So she sat back down, held on tight to the toilet seat and gave a big push and I saw the broken half slide a little then I heard a PLOP! Meaning it fell out of her asshole and into the toilet "That felt sooo good!" said Kathryn with a very relaxed sound in her voice.
Then we both heard a loud crackle. When Kathryn lifted up her ass I saw a fat turd sticking half way out of her ass. "I see a turd! It's about 2 inches wide, has a roundish tip, is dark brown, kind smooth looking and cracked!" I announced.
She smiled then gave a HUGE push and I saw (and she felt) that turd FLY out of her asshole and into the toilet and right away followed by 3 more turds and 1 little chunk of poop. She peed a tiny bit, wiped took care of everything else then flushed. It took 2 flushes but it all went down good.
Then left we left the bathroom and turned the fan off.


A Crappy Memory

Hi, I'm Maggie. I'm 24 years old, long brown hair, brown eyes, tan skin. i found this site tonight after recently having an experience that was reminiscent of a defining event from my childhood. First I'll tell you about that...

I was in 6th grade. I was 12. It was the beginning of the year and i was brand new to junior high. It was SO different than what i was used to, a small elementary school where you spent basically the entire day in one classroom, which had bathrooms attached. Now i was in an enormous building where you had to rush from room to room and the bathrooms were multi stall mad houses with girls from all grades rushing to get in and out and to class. It was very, very intense. My elementary school did NOTHING to prepare kids for that kind of school life. I was used to being in one place with a single person bathroom available at all times right there. so i found this new bathroom situation quite difficult to adapt to. For instance i had to learn very quickly how to hold my bladder longer. All the years of being able to step into the little girls room at the first sign of an urge were gone. Now i needed to wait til between classes, hope there was a bathroom on the way to my next class, and pray there would be an open stall when i got there. See, there wasn't enough time between classes to go out of your way to find a bathroom, it had to be on the way. And if you had to wait for a stall, forget it. No time. So careful bathroom planning was imperative. I built up my bladder control fairly quickly, and despite a few extremely desperate situations early in the year where i was practically in tears over how badly i needed to pee, i managed to avoid wetting myself. Then, something terrible happened.

I had a really tough spot in my day where for 3 straight classes there was no bathroom on the way from one class to the next. I had to make absolutely sure i hit the little girl's room before that stretch of classes each day. But one particular day i had a huge dilemma- i felt the unmistakable build up down below of an impending need to go poop. I felt anxious the second i realized i had to go. It was my first time having to go poop at school the whole year, and i didn't know what to do about it. The breaks between class were too short as it is to do that between, but i wasn't even gonna be passing a bathroom for 3 periods... i was in deep trouble.

So, to get to the point.... i didn't make it through 3 classes. I didn't make it through 2, for that matter. Halfway through the 2nd class in that agonizing stretch, my incredible need to poop got the better of me, and before i knew it i was sitting right smack in the middle of social studies class...pooping in my underwear. It came out slowly and quietly, and it felt fairly solid. It was a warm, clay like substance that just pushed its way out, flattening in my flowered yellow panties and knee length jean shorts between my butt and my desk chair. In an instant i felt my face burn hot with redness, and my vision blurred as tears welled up in my eyes. My ears even began ringing from the shock. I had no idea what to do besides just sit there with a big warm squishy poop bulge in my shorts. The teacher carried on with the lecture, oblivious to my humiliating ordeal, but soon others would become aware. After about a minute (that felt like 20 minutes) of sitting with a mess in my shorts, a boy mumbled "ugh what smells???" I felt my face burn hotter, and i had to look around as everyone else looked at eachother with looks of disgust and confusion, as we all tried to identify the culprit. Kids said things like "who farted?" And a few giggled, as the teacher raised her voice to try and regain order. Well my face must've been a dead giveaway, because that's when the girl sitting one seat ahead of me and one row to my right stared right in my face and just said "Maggie, did you poop your pants?"....i wanted to die. I felt 2 inches tall. I don't even know what i said, i just remember bursting into tears and sobbing my way out of the room. To add insult to injury, i had NO idea where the nurse's office was, so i wandered aimlessly around the hallways of my enormous junior high school with a poop bulge in the back of my shorts, crying my eyes out for like 10 minutes before a 9th grade teacher (whom i would have for english class eventually) escorted me to the nurse. Of course i had to call and have my mom leave work to come get me... and the nurse made me take off my dirty underwear in the bathroom and clean myself up, and then i had to wait in the nurse's waiting room wearing a paper gown with my soiled shorts and undies in a plastic bag. My mom was as devastated as me... so anyway, that moment will forever live with me. Pooping your pants at school at age 12...not many comparable traumatic social experiences, especially for a girl. As I'm sure you can imagine, i was pretty much identified by classmates who didn't know me very well as "that girl that pooped her pants in social studies in 6th grade" for the rest of my schooling years.

I'm 24 now as i mentioned previously. And well, i had a bit of an incident this past Thursday night that brought the memories of that fateful day when i was 12 rushing right back, vividly. Yep, you guessed it. Pooped my pants again. This time it was far less dramatic however. In fact, i was alone, so it wound up not being a very big deal... just a very strange thing to experience as an adult and had me feeling kind of shameful and confused for a few hours, but mostly just made me think about my 6th grade accident a lot. There isn't much to it, i just needed to go really bad, i was driving in heavy traffic, and eventually i pooped my panties pretty bad in the car...i just couldn't hold it. It was somewhat loose and moist but not diarrhea. Just bad enough to really spread around and mess up my panties and jeans pretty good. I felt more annoyed than anything..because i mean there was nothing i could've done about it. The only alternative was getting out and pooping on the road with lots of cars around, so i pretty much had to go in my pants. It definitely wasn't as bad as what happened when i was 12. But it still sucks to poop in your pants as an adult, that's for sure! Cleanup was a pain, i had white underwear on of they're no good anymore.

So that's my story. I hope you enjoyed reading it because it took a lot for me to decide to tell it. And writing it out, it occurred to me. I pooped myself obviously as a baby. Then i pooped myself aged 12...and now again aged 24. So, I'll be back when I'm 36 to tell you how and why i pooped my pants THEN, lol.

Gopi (Just Jerika's friend)

Responses to several requests

My best friend Just Jerika has written about some of the places we've visited and things we've done together. We've been friends since my parents moved to the U.S. from India a few years ago. We are in many of the same classes at school and we do a lot together, but I'm not the writer she is. However, I have responses to several recent postings.

To confused:

Jerika and I share bathrooms a lot. This is both at our homes and when we're in public places. Your question is what is it like to have two girls in the bathroom together at places like Starbucks. She's written about some of these situations, but basically we pee or sometimes crap (she craps more in public than me; I guess my Mom taught me to regulate myself better so I go before I leave home) together. In one-toilet bathrooms like at gas stations sometimes we fake argue over who gets to use the toilet first. That's because it takes her longer than me because she's so awkward sitting on the toilet because of her small size, her feet don't touch the floor. As for me, I just line the seat (unlike her), sit myself down, and I'm done in less than 2 minutes. Also, by putting the paper down, I make sure I have wiping paper before I seat myself. Jerika has written about several times when she has crapped and found there is no toilet paper on the holder. Sometimes we will also warm up if we've been sledding or use paper towels to wipe the sweat off us if we've been biking. Once we stayed in a park toilet building for a few minutes to lose some grade school boys who were throwing snow balls at us.

To Kalee:

I like your survey. Here are my answers.

1) Would a 5-minute daily no questions asked pass help you? No. I don't have to use the bathroom at school every day. Most of my teachers are pretty nice. I rarely have to crap because I do that at home before I leave for school. I mostly do my pees at lunch or on breaks between classes.
2) What if hourly custodial cleanings of bathrooms were done and posted such as in hotels & business bathrooms. It wouldn't matter to me because my body never touches the seat and I use my foot to flush. Sometimes the sinks are clogged and wet, or the water is left running. The bathroom checks might help with that.
3) Would cameras outside the entrance to the bathroom pointed only on the entryway to see who is entering and at what time deter vandalism?
They might. But cameras of any type creep me out. Having teachers or principals watch me walk toward a bathroom entrance and what time I enter and exit is a privacy matter with me.
4) Should faculty be forced to use the student bathrooms? Some of them already do. I don't have any problem with it. A couple of weeks ago I was peeing and a toilet a few doors down was overflowing. Somebody took a huge crap and then didn't flush it before using a huge amount of toilet paper. The teacher called the problem into the janitors phone while she was in her stall.
5) Would the tissue protectors for the toilet seats be a solution to students not wanting to use school bathrooms? It would be easier for us to pull off one sheet and place it down rather than pulling off the toilet paper individually and then lining it over the seat. However, I know that a lot of my friends, including Jerika, don't think anything about seating themselves right down on the toilet seat.

to Laurel:

I think a lot of us just don't like how packed the bathrooms are especially before school and at lunch. With me, the biggest issue is that no matter what stall I go into, it hasn't been flushed.

to Connor:

I agree with you. I don't like to sit down on the gross seats either.


Ladies in the Porta Potties

I went to the professional golf tournament on Sunday in Florida. I was following the final group and on the last half of the day, these players fell out of contention to win, so the crowd dispersed and started following the leaders, who were playing a few groups ahead. I stayed with the last group. I was standing next to one fairway by some bushes and trees. I heard two women's voices approaching. As they got closer, one of them said, "I've got to use the bathroom big time." The other one said, "Me, too." They had not seen me because of the bushes. I kind of got excited because I knew there was a group of several porta potties just ahead of them about 100 yards. They walked by and I saw that they were two young women in their 20's and VERY hot. One was in skin tight white shorts and looked awesome in them. The other had on a short golf skirt and looked equally great. I stepped back a bit so they would pass by me without seeing me. I then fell behind them about 25 yards and walked toward the porta potties which are unisex at these events. They got to the potties and the one in the shorts took the end one and the girl in the skirt took the third one. I figured the second one was either occupied or she skipped it on purpose. I went to the potty area and saw the red tags only on the two they'd taken so no one else was there. So I went in the unit between them, pretty excited to perhaps hear something from these outstanding looking ladies. I could hear some rustling around from both of them. There are vent screens around the top of the units and they're butted together. So sound travels just like being in a stall next to someone in a public restroom. It got quiet as they both apparently sat down. After a few seconds I heard a BRRRRRRRPPPPPTTTZT from the first potty, the one with the girl in the white shorts. Just after her fart, the girl in the skirt sighed loudly and then a long fart started, and about halfway through her fart, she started crapping. She was making the distinct sound of gas/crap coming out of her together. From the other side I heard plop, plop, plop, plop, at least 4 or 5 large sounding logs hitting the water. Both got quiet for a minute or so, then the plopping girl did another pretty loud fart and plopped another 3 or 4 times. I heard the girl on the other side splatter some more crap with gas. It sounded like she might have been sick to her stomach. They both started peeing pretty strongly, and then wiping. The one in the shorts only wiped 3 times. The one in the skirt wiped at least 6 times. Then I heard rustling and they went out. I heard one of them say, "Man, my stomach was cramping" as they walked away. I waited a minute or so and went out. I saw them walking toward the green. I have to say this was an unexpected pleasure at the tournament.


At the park

Yesterday was a beautiful day. After an errand I stopped at a local park to walk around and see some of the games going on. After a bit I had to pee, so I stopped at the big porta-potty near the ball field. Looking into the tank, I saw an assortment of excellent poops, including some lumpy very dark pieces and a lighter-colored long thick turd at least 8 or 9 inches long. A hefty, healthy poop--it made me wonder who the donor was! Anyone here with an interesting sighting at a porta-potty?


Middle School Days

Now for a story about something that happened about 9 years back. I was 12 years old and in the 7th grade, and during this time, having to poop during school had to be one of the biggest nightmares any girl could have. It could have been that the bathrooms were poorly kept up and that the stalls were about to give in and collapse, but it was one of the worst things that anybody would have to do.

It was during my lunch time one day that I really had an urgent need to go. I couldn't risk holding it for the last few periods, so I went into the bathroom and entered a stall. The thing just screamed bad news, with a lock that didn't work on the door. This meant that I would have to make sure that the door doesn't open. I pulled down my pants and my white underwear and took a seat on the cold seat. I started to open up and was dropping some decent size turds, only to hear footsteps. I was the only one in the bathroom, and because I was making quite a stench, I knew that the door opening would be bad news. To my luck, I was pushing out a harder turd out of my butt when all of the sudden, a girl pushes the door open. There I was, on the throne, with a knobbly piece of poop hanging out of my butt, and she was just struck, like she couldn't move. I screamed at her to shut the door and stop looking, but she had absolutely no intention to. I was so embarrassed that I screamed until I cried. It was then that she shut the door and said "Sorry." I was red in the face from all of the humiliation, and I quickly finished my dump up as much as I could. I wiped, flushed, washed up and removed and reapplied the smeared makeup on my face. I couldn't believe what happened, and I only feared that the girl would tell all her friends that I was taking a big dump in the school toilets. Lucky enough, she managed to keep quiet about it, as she did share the same English class with me. She apologized about it and then I told her that I was sorry for screaming at her for that. We realized that something like that wasn't something to make a fuss about, despite the fact that we still cherished our privacy nonetheless.

Now another story from around that certain time period, except a few months later. I played volleyball on the school's team, which meant staying after a few hours when school would end. After practice one day, I felt the need to take a big dump in the locker room before getting a ride home. From what I remember, I didn't go the day before, so I had to go soon. The locker room toilets had doorless stalls for some weird reason, but were cornered away from view of the showers and lockers. Anyways, I went into the furthest stall, pulled down my ridiculously tight volleyball shorts and underwear, and sat down. After a gush of pee, my anus started to dome out and expel the remains of cafeteria food and home cooking, giving me a long (like over a foot), thick long that still amazes me to this day. While I was cranking that out, another girl by the name of Anna (not to be confused with my best friend Ann) walked over to use the toilet by me. She managed to catch a glimpse of me (which didn't get me mad) before pulling down her clothes and taking a seat right next to my stall. At this time, my long one was all out of me, and I was dropping much smaller pieces of poop into the toilet. Anna was seated next to me, but it seemed that she was too embarrassed to go with me right next to her, but when I started plopping, I heard a kerplunk over at her side. Seemed that she stored up a good poop in her rectum as well. I heard a few more of them (I was finished but listened in), and when she let out a small tinkle, I tore off some toilet paper to wipe. I stood up and readjusted as Anna wiped and did the same, and I flushed down my mess as she did too. We met up at the sinks, greeted each other and talked about how we actually pooped in those doorless stalls. It seemed to be a similar situation between us where we had to go or risk messing ourselves, and ever since that, since we both pooped after volleyball practice, we did it together quite often, maybe even with somebody else having to join us. It got us over our toilet shyness, especially for me, who can easily poop outdoors if I wanted to.

It's too bad that I rarely talked to Anna by the time we were in high school. Maybe we can catch up again...


What a Gaaasss!!

Yesterday I had a gas attack. I was releasing "silent but deadly" stinkers all afternoon. I have 6 dogs and make 2 trips with 3 dogs each. After supper I walked the dogs. While walking the first trip the gas turned to a need to poo. I held it until I returned and thought it best to visit the loo before taking the second trip. Feeling greatly relieved, I set out to walk the second group. Only minutes into the walk I again passed silent gas. The release felt great but not finished. As I walked I decided to release again. I relaxed and the release began. After about 4 second the pressure eased and I pushed to get all the gas out. After only 3 seconds of minimal pushing, chocolate pudding ejected into my string bikini underpants.

My name is Sediqua. I am 15 in 10th grade weigh 80lbs.and I am 63 inches tall. I am into peeing. I can pee like none other.This afternoon, I went into a skyscraper because I had to urinate. I found the ladies room, took a stall, wiped the seat with a tissue cover. There were six stalls 3+3 facing each other. I was not relly concerned with the other females. I was wearing these flowered capri slacks. After I closed the door, I undid the zipper and snap, lowered the red and yellow slacks to my knees with my pink Jockey panties. I squirted out 2x. Then, I let it gurgle out of my young pussy for 30 seconds into the white bowl. It felt real good. Sitting with my butt tight on the seat gave the pee a good deep sound. I reached for the toilet roll, took a medium wad and wiped my young developing pussy from between my thin thighs. I threw the wet crumpled wad into the bowl, stood up, with my pants still half-undid. I did not flush. I was proud of what I did, for some reason. I left the stall, fixed my pants, washed my hands and went to a bookstore. I am reading your horror stories about school bathrooms. No one bothers me too much about going to the bathroom at school. Like many of you, I go to an city school, which I hate. It serves the purpose. It is an all-girls school. So, I am with my own sex. I wear a simple black skirt and a white shirt with black socks, stockings, panty hose or tights. I like that uniform. I pee-first thing in the morning when I wake up. Then, I pee again at school at about 8:15AM, then often during the day. I sit on the bowl with my skirt up and my panties at or below my knees. I wear any color panty that I can get. I like everything from white to black. I will tell you more later.

Wendy: My mother never stopped me from using a public toilet. When I broke wind, she would order me to go because she knew what was coming. See my earlier posts.
Mr Clogs: I heard about that accident in the Lincoln Tunnel. That motorcyclist should pay for everyone's delays, including damages for not being able to use a toilet. I hope that bus drivers with lavatory buses were kind in allowing others stranded on the roadway.
Jas: That is called abuse of alcohol. You will ruin your stomach and your liver.
Amylee: I had an incident in my HS girls gym toilet. They did not see me when I was moving my bowels. Girls like them do not last long. I am glad that they were tossed out. I would suggest something nasty that you could have done, but this is a forum for all decent people. That principal was a good guy who handled it right. There was a girl older than me in 3rd grade. I was in first and she had to evacuate her bowels in the mid-afternoon. The girls bathroom was a gathering place. Her bowels sounded like yours in this incident, but we were not cruel to her. We all were friends. HS's 1st is always the roughest. It smoothes out by May. I used to make #2 after class because we were in a top floor of an elementary school where we tutored the younger ones. So, I would either use the top floor or I would take the 4th or 3rd floor girls toilet. I was a pudgy little runt. So, I blended in, but I was always alone in the grammar school girls toilet. I was afraid to make during regular sessions.
Hope: I would love to hear from you. I have been away from this forum for years myself.
Abbie: When I was in college, if I had to go, I did not hold back. I would leave class. As I grew in HS, if I had to go during class, I did. But, that was in 10th grade.
Shelly: Nothing like a good A.M. bowel movement.
Laurel: What needs to be done about school bathrooms? All school bathrooms should be clean, stocked with paper towels and toilet paper, high lather soap and hot running water, sanitary napkins for developing girls, stalls with doors for privacy. In my time, public schools and some Catholic schools had no doors on boys toilets. The boys were different, then. Today, boys are cruel to each other. Give them dignity to use the toilet in private whether for bodily functions or to seek release, if you know what I mean. Same goes for girls.


Bill's Unfortunate Accident

Today, there happened be very beautiful weather, so Bill and I decided to eat out, go shopping, and then head to the beach. I noticed that Bill seemed kind of uncomfortable all day, but I didn't really think anything about it. As Bill and I were standing in the water watching the sunset while he was holding me close to him, I suddenly heard a faint gurgling sound. Bill whispered desperately, "Oh, no! Not here!" and I was assaulted with the foul stench of poop. I looked behind me and discovered that dark brown, liquid poop was running down Bill's legs and floating in the ocean. Bill buried his face in my neck and started sobbing quietly. He said tearfully, "I'm sorry. I've been having terrible diarrhea all week, but I didn't say anything because I was too embarrassed."
I gave Bill a comforting hug, and told him that there was no need to feel embarrassed. I grabbed his clothes, some wet wipes, and a plastic bag and led him to the restroom to help him clean up.
Bill carefully stepped out of his heavily soiled swimming trunks and sat on the toilet. He started to push and grunt as I carefully picked up his swimming trunks and placed them in the plastic bag. Bill then let out even more liquid poop with farts in between while moaning in relief. This went on for about 5 minutes. I have to admit that I think that he looks really sexy while he's on the toilet, but I haven't told him that. After he finished, he stood up so that I could wipe him clean. We both got dressed, and had to flush the toilet several times. Before we got inside the car, Bill turned to me and smiled, and said, "Thank you for not making fun of me."
I said, "No problem." and gave Bill another hug followed by a peck on the lips. We stopped by the pharmacy on the way home to pick up some Pepto-Bismol. I'm currently at Bill's house. Bill's diarrhea is now gone and we're about to watch a movie together. Well, that's all for now.


Jerika: Sometimes, I sit with my legs together, come to think or it. I leave a slight opening so that I could look. I noticed that while I was making ready for school when I took my piss or passed water, as we say. It was before I left the house. I lifted my green uniform skirt, let down my light green panty to my knees and sat on the toilet. I held my legs together and I peed for about 20 seconds, wiped my pussycat and flushed. I grabbed my books and walked out to get the bus to school. Sometimes, I walk. This morning about 9:30AM, I excused myself from a speech and drama class to to do bump-bump. I found the girls room. This is an old school with wooden toilet stalls and doors that swing out. I found a stall, pulled the door in as I slid down my skirt and my panty to my knees, sat on the bowl and let out these thick huge brown pieces. They crackled out and splashed down in the bowl, with a fart after the last piece. It was 3 of them-6 inches long. Plus, I urinated after. I sat with toilet paper in my hands under my chin. I looked between my legs and I was proud of what I did. I felt sexy sitting on the toilet with my clothes half-off my body. The feeling was so satisfying. I took the toilet paper and cleaned myself good. I was fixing my skirt before I flushed. Then, I returned to class. I have more like this, if not at school, then at home. Tonight, I was at my laptop when I felt the urge to pass water. I went to the toilet at home, I stood up and hovered over the bowl, my uniform skirt and panty were at my ankles and with my legs apart and I urinated for about 10 seconds. I wiped my cat, pulled up my uniform skirt and panty and flushed the toilet. I just let the uniform hang any old way because I was at home. Then I returned to my room to finish this post. I am in a girls school. We are pretty good with each other. I look out for the younger ones.

For you Randi: I have been wearing lime green nylon or silk panties in recent days.
Wendy: When I have to go, no one stops me. It helps to have 3 bathrooms in the house.


Posture While Sitting on Toilet

Just Jerika: Chels is an idiot. I pee with my knees together most of the time. Sometimes, my legs are open, depending on what I am wearing. Serves her right with a detention.
Francesca: I am in college. I have my favorite toilets. They are in certain academic buildings and the gym and swimming pool lockerooms. We have new buildings which I like because they have plenty of light and air. Each has a handicapped stall, along with regular stalls. The library is nice also. But, when the urge hits me, I am going wherever. As long as I have a clean place where I can drop my drawers, I am happy. I might stay on in this college, unless I can trade up to a more modern school. The cleaner the better.
To Abbie and all the guys and girls: Don't be afraid to let it all out. Holding your bowels just makes it harder.
Here in this lousy city where I live, I could not spend too much time in the bathroom at school. I was lucky to pee and get out. I could count the few times that I had a bowel movement. I had a running stomach in third grade and that was an emergency. I will tell about that another time.

Last year I was on winter break in February. So, one cold morning I went to the main library to read and study. I went to the womens room to pee before anything. I saw this tall girl with her head above the stall and it was Keesha. She recognized me and we spoke softly. We were the only two in the bathroom upstairs away from everyone. We did not want to let one. She and I took stalls, pulled off our jackets, let down our pants and panties to our ankles. She was wearing a printed beige red and blue Hanes bikini panty. I was wearing a Hanes red full-cut brief panty and navy panty hose. As soon as she sat, her bowels gushed out. I squirted pee 3-4x, then it was continuous for 20 secs. I was finished. So, since we had the place to ourselves. I kept her company and we talked. I was hunched over the bowl with my legs together. She said that she had no trouble using the women's room. She was still passing herself off as a girl. Legally she was not. She said that this was going on with her since she was 13. She knew that she was different and she had her own desires. Then, her bowels released another wave. I said to her, "You got diarreah." She said, "My stomach is always loose. I always go at school in the morning, but I have to use the boys room. I wear boys regular briefs or boxers Otherwise, I wear girls drawers" Then, she released another deep gurgling wave and a loud fart to go with it. She said "I got gas girl." Then she let out another one. She said, "I like this toilet. It is away from everyone. No one has to know who I am. I come in here with my romance novels and read." I reached for paper to wipe my cat. I spread my legs wide to clean myself of the pee that splashed on my legs. She was still evacuating another wave and she peed. After awhile, we had enough. She took paper and wiped herself with vigor. She opened her legs even more, then pulled up her pants and undies and flushed. When we came out of the stalls were still stuffing our shirts into our pants and briefs. It was funny to see a johnson bulging under a panty. We washed our hands and left the toilet. We took a table and read talked quietly until later.

Sunday morning, I made ready for church. I got up about 7:30AM went to the bathroom. Before I bathed, I had to move my bowels. I pulled down my white long johns and white panty to my ankles and proceeded to release my bowels. I sat on the bowl and let out a long creamy chocolate movement. It sputtered and I farted. As I sat, I felt a pee coming on. I squirted it out: squirt, squirt, squirt, then fliiiissshhhh. I sat for awhile and farted again. My mom and dad looked in on me. I told them that I was ok and I was making ready for church after I #2 and shower. I stinked up the bathroom good. I felt another fart coming. So, I curled my toes inward, pushed hard on my stomach muscles and let it buzz out. I had so much gas in me. I sat for about 20 minutes. When I was finished, I reached for the toilet paper and wiped myself good from the front bet. my legs. I wiped my pussy and the pee under my legs. Then, I wiped my behind good. It was messy. I dug the paper bet. my split so that the paper would be clean. I stood up looked in the bowl and I flushed. I took a bath and dried off. Then, I had to pee again. So, I sat on the bowl-no white bra or panty yet-naked. I squirted out another piss, then wiped my cat and under my legs. I dropped the paper between my legs into the bowl of yellow water and flushed. I reached for a nice simple Hanes white regular cut brief panty hanging dry on the shower hook and sat on the bowl and slipped it on with a clean white Maidenform bra. I stood up and adjusted my waistband and leg openings. I felt fresh.I put on my deodorant, panty hose, skirt and shirt. Later at church in the afternoon, I had to make #2. I went to the women's room, took a stall, closed the door, lifted my woolen maroon skirt above my waist, pulled down my black panty hose and white Hanes panty to my ankles and sat on the bowl. I let out three soft brown bananas, a wet sloppy fart to top it off and I peed. I sat on the bowl. I was in no hurry. As I sat another woman took the next stall. I heard her lift her skirt and slip, unsnap her royal blue VS garter panty, let it down to her ankles and her bowels released chunks and crackles. I let out another fart. She let out a wet fart and said, "Oh, good." I could sense her relief because I felt the wind come out of me. We stayed quiet until we were finished. We were wiping ourselves, with leg spread action. I stood up and pulled up my pantyhose and panty bending my knees. I flushed the bowl and came out. The other woman did the same thing and came out adjusting her garter panty and black half slip under her gray skirt. We spoke although we did not know each other. She said that it was relief to move her bowels and I said that I agreed. She was about 38 years old. She had a nice stack on her. I could imagine her in her lingerie undies alone.

One Sunday at church, pastor was preaching and I do not like to walk out at that time, but I was busting for a #2. I could not hold it back any longer. I was 14. Holding my stomach, I excused myself to my parents and walked downstairs to the parish hall womens room. I took a stall, closed the door, put paper on the seat, pulled up my light blue skirt, tucked it under the hem and pulled down my JCP light blue printed cotton panty to my ankles. I opened my legs at the knees. Chunks splashed out of my stomach. They were painful but they came out with ease. "Chunk, chunk, chunk and splashes," I stinked up the bathroom good. As I sat, I broke out a deep buzzing wind, "byuuuuuuuuuuh!" My mom came down bacause I was gone long and she wanted to see if I was alright. She called for me and asked if I put paper on the seat.. I said yes and she saw me through the space in the partition. She said, "Girl, you have no shame stinking up the Lord's house." I told her, "I ain't the only one." She asked how much longer. I told her that my bowels punch no time clock, at which point I broke wind and dropped two more chunks. She went back to her pew. I sat awhile longer. I broke some more buzzing wind. I reached for paper and I wiped under me good. Mom told me to wipe good and how to so that my undies would be clean. I stood up, bent down and pulled up my panty tight to my kitten. I looked in the toilet and I saw these meatball and sausage chunks from Saturday night dinner floating with my used toilet paper and I flushed and returned to the pastor still preaching.

High School Girl

Questions from Kalee

I read Kalee's post and she asks some poignant questions. I'd like to give my input on the matter, if I may.

"1) Would a five-minute no-questions asked pass daily help?"

I think that this would be a step in the right direction, although I couldn't have a full satisfying dump, plus wiping and washing, in just five minutes.

"2) What if hourly custodial cleanings of bathrooms were done and posted such as in hotel and business bathrooms?"

Maybe this issue is more relevant in other high schools, but the bathrooms in my school are always kept plenty clean, so extra cleaning duties really wouldn't make any difference.

"3) Would cameras outside the entrance to the bathroom pointed only on the entryway, who's entering and the times deter vandalism and misuse?"

This is really a touchy subject. The potential benefit here is great; Security officials would be able to ID the students behind vandalism. However, any benefit is greatly outweighed by the fact that going to the bathroom is a private matter. Students are already embarrassed about having to go to the bathroom at all, without there being a record of when they go and how long they take. So, ultimately, I have to say this would be a spectacularly bad idea.

"4) Should faculty be forced to use the student bathrooms?"

Oh absolutely yes. If teachers, principals, and whatnot had to use the same bathrooms as students, I think vandalism problems would decrease. Think about it: Would you write graffiti on a bathroom, knowing there's a good chance that a staff member could come in at any moment?

"5) Would the tissue-protectors for the toilet seats be a solution to students not wanting to use school bathrooms?"

This one, I just don't feel it would really make any difference. Most schools, mine included, already offer seat covers anyway.

On a more personal note, I'm worried about my friend which I talked about in my previous post. She absolutely refuses to use the bathrooms to take a dump, and instead chooses to hold it until she gets home, or goes in her pants. In the two years I've known her, she's never pooped her pants at school or on the bus, but I still feel bad for her.

And I really don't know how to relate to her. When I need to go at school, I go as soon as is possible and I sit right down and empty my bowels, without concern. But, I fear it's only a matter of time until she can't hold it and has a public accident. And that would be way worse for her than any embarrassment she'd feel from just going.

Is there some way I can help her overcome this obstacle? Or is it something she just has to get over on her own? What about after high school, when she gets a job. What happens then, if she's still too embarrassed to go to the bathroom when she needs to? I'm sorry about going off on a tangent here, but I really want to be able to help my friend and I just don't know how.


Did the intresting poop! (late!)

Hey it's Alyanna! I'm really sorry I didn't update sooner! I got busy. But I did my intresting poop the other day! I lifted up the toilet seat, pressed record and filmed myself shitting!

It was great! It made a lot of loud plops, big splashes, I could hear it crackling and with the recording I could see the poop coming out of me! It wasn't the most comfortable thing ever but I watched the video of it on my phone it was an awesome rush and looked fantastic! And it felt good on my asshole being so high up!

I got to watch myself shit out 4 logs, 3 turds, 5 little nugget type things, a very skinny log and a little bit of spray poop. It was so much fun to watch!

I'm gonna challenge everyone to somehow record themselves pooping. And I mean film the entire shit itself (and by that I mean no matter how big or whatever) coming out of your asshole and maybe catch a shot of it landing in the toilet! Then when your finished watch the film. Then come on here and talk about it!

Good luck & happy pooping! :)


what happened in 2002

short story;in 02 i was in middle school in the 6th grade and the was a new student one that you have the backstory if you can call it that, one day about 2 months later we had a math test and not surprisingly the teacher wouldnt let her leave,i didnt see anything because i was concentrating,but long story short she pissed herself and left the room crying and her parents took her home.sidenote:according to informaton i later gathered from her a week later she also said the incident left one of her socks yellow for the rest of the day.and since the building was constructed in the early 90s it had that thin purple industral carpet that permanently kept all stains.and her stain was still there until the replaced the carpet in 2008.


New girl to the site.

Hi guys and gals!

I discovered this site by accident but I think it's great. I'm a 18 year old female university student from the UK. I`m 6ft tall, blonde and slim.

I've never been shy about going to the loo, even to poop, and I don't mind if other girls see me.

It's too late for me to post a story right now, but will do tomorrow.


End Stall Em

Kalee's survey

1. Would a 5-minute no-questions-asked pass daily help? Yes, for some students. It might cut down on the sarcasm used by some teachers.

2. What if hourly custodial cleanings were done and posted like in hotels and businesses? That would be a big help with overflowing toilets and it would cut down on the stench that becomes bad by 10 a.m.
Right now at my school, you have to puke or drop a log on a toilet seat before a custodian is sent in. It might cut down on some of the wet seats also.

3. Would cameras outside the entry-way and pointed only at the entrance deter vandalism? Definitely, especially if there was a clock on the film. But that would make a lot more work for administrators and teachers to do in keeping up watching the film.

4. Should faculty be forced to use student bathrooms? Some already do because its so close to their classrooms. I think they would resent it however if they were going to crap. I don't think my history teacher would want to be sitting and crapping in a stall with students walking in and seeing him to it. I've heard from some of the boys that it has already happened.

5. Would the toilet seat tissues be a solution for students not wanting to use the bathroom at schoool? I don't think so. They take too much time. They're awkward to use. And then there's still the privacy and smell issues. I don't know if some of the teachers would use them or not.


Poop holding

To tbonz:
I'm glad you like my stories. I love your's too & can't wait to see how you get on with your poop holding. I'm holding my poo right now & I'm busting to go. I haven't been for 3 days & I took a laxative last night to get things moving & its working. I'm almost pooing myself & if I don't go to the toilet soon there will be a big mess in my panties. Have you ever done it in your pants before? I'd love to know. The the thought of all that hot mess in your pants is so hot.
Oh god. I'm so desperate. I nearly lost it there. I realy have to go so bad. I can feel it pressing on my anus, trying to force it open & the pressure is increasing fast. I realy should be going to the toilet now but I love this feeling so much. Oh god. Oh no. I can't hold it. I'm going to.....

Let you know in my next post. Wendy


Can't go

Constipation sucks! Nothing has come out in five days.


That Doctor was wrong! My Dad is a retired GP. He would never say that! He used to deliver babies. That is wrong with healthcare.


new guy

comments & stuff

To: Alyanna I look forward to all your stories and I hope there will be alot of them thanks.

To: Alyssa great pooping story and I look forward to your next one thanks.

To: Lucy that sounded like a nasty dump but I bet you felt alot better after you were done and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Anny great story and I hope you fell better and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Wendy & Kirsty another great buddy dumping story and you pooping on Wendy and great story about the big dump yout took after not going for a week I bet it felt great after all that time and great story about that desperate dump you took at home it sounds like you just made it and at east you didnt have an accident and as always I look forward to your guys next post thanks.

Well thats all for now and I just to say we need some of the old posters to return like the queen of this site Carmalita I bet there are alot of people to have her come back and we would all welcome her back with open arms so in other words Carmalita if your still reading this site please start posting again I know its been a few years but this site needs its queen to return and I know im not only one thanks.

Sincerly new guy

PS. I love this site

Sunday, March 20, 2011


Poop at Friend's House

Anyway, just to contribute I'll give a good ol poop story. I'm 14, and one time I was hanging out with my friend (at her house) and I had the urge to poop pretty bad. There wasn't a toilet nearby, and we're pretty comfortable with this sort of stuff, so I just pooped :D! She was shocked at first but then we had some laughs. I had eaten at her house the night before, so when I pulled my panties back to show her, she wasn't surprised to see a ton of corn and tomato in my BM. It smelled pretty bad, and she pushed me and I fell flat on my butt, squishing it all in XP


Planning an intresting poop!

I've never done any intresting poops. I've never pooped in buckets or anything like that. But soon my mom and her bf will be gone out to dinner till late. And here's what I'm gonna do:
I'm gonna lift the toilet seat up, go into a squat and poop into the toilet while not sitting and with the seat up AND I'm gonna record it with my phone!
I'll let you all know how it goes after! I hope the mods publish these stories!
Wish me luck! :)


College Dude

New Experience

So it's been a really long time since I posted something here, but I've still managed to follow on a pretty regular basis. There have been a lot of good stories lately. Anyway, for my story. So being in college, my diet consists of a pretty regular set of foods... either cheap stuff or things that are relatively simple to cook. With that comes a pretty regular time frame in which I need to unload, usually once every day or every couple of days. Well recently my university had Spring Break, and just before that all my professors manage to schedule their tests just before break. I ended up getting a lot of fast food during that time so I didn't waste time cooking when I could be studying. By the time I made it home for break, though, I noticed that I seemed to be somewhat constipated. I knew that I needed to go but I just couldn't make myself go when I wanted to. I was now going three to four days without going, and when I did crap it was often all hard and knobby. Needless to say, it wasn't exactly a pleasant experience, and by the time I got back from break I decided I needed something to try to get things moving faster. So one night before I went to bed I ended up drinking a large cup of water that I loaded with fiber powder. It was stuff that I had tried before and liked, so this time I took a little bit extra. Sure enough, the next morning I felt the back door knocking, though I had to work through it (I drive buses for the university as a job while I'm not in class). By the time I got home, I really had to go, but I was kinda worried that it was going to be so large that I would clog the toilet. As I walked into my bathroom, an idea hit me. I still don't know why I wanted to do this, but I decided that I was going to try and crap in the small trash can in our bathroom. I put a fresh grocery bag in, so I wouldn't have to deal with the trash in it, and I figured that since my roommates were in class I would have the opportunity to clean up appropriately afterward. So I went in the bathroom, closed the door, pulled down my pants and boxers, and squatted over the trash can. I was surprised to find that my butt pretty much fit perfectly into the trash can, so I was able to lightly rest on it for support. Despite my need to go, I felt weird at first. It was almost like my body knew that something was different... this was the first time I hadn't gone in some sort of a toilet for as long as I can remember. But after a minute or two my body couldn't resist the urge to push, and so I held my breath and gave a hard push. I felt things stretch open and a turd slooooolwy start to poke through. I could tell it was like the past couple: all hard and knobby. A mid-sized piece broke off and then a much larger piece emerged. It was actually weird because it was at first all hard and knobby too, then all the sudden it was really soft and smooth and pushed out a lot quicker. I knew it was large, but I still felt a little more in me and pushed a couple small pieces out and I felt done. I looked in the trash can and was surprised, one by the size but also by the small streak of blood from stretching so much (probably in combination with recent craps too). I then wasn't really sure what to do with it. I could either take it out to the dumpster across the street, or I could try to flush it down the toilet. I tried the latter, since our toilet seems to be pretty strong at not getting clogged, however to my horror it did clog. A couple more flushes though and it managed to go down. I then took the bag that had a little residue on it, tied it up and threw it in the outside trash can to be taken out later. I felt so much better the rest of the day, emptier than I had felt in 10 days or so, and then just a little while ago I had one of my regular poop sessions, so I'm hoping things are back to normal.

Overall, it was definitely a unique experience, and one that looking back on I feel like I enjoyed. I'm trying to think of other places I might be able to go in later on in the future. Any suggestions would be appreciated! Also, if anyone has any similar stories I'd love to hear them. I know I've read a lot of interesting ones on here in the past, but new ones are awesome too.

Story Teller
I can recall one instance where a phone call came into play. When we were in a public restroom my not shy aunt had put her purse on the counter outside the stalls. Me and one of my cousins had already gone so we were just standing there waiting. Then my aunts cell phone started ringing and she asked if someone could bring it in for her.I looked at my cousin but she shook her head so I grabbed it and pushed open the stall door open. My aunt thanked me and grabbed the cell phone out her purse. I turned around to walk back out but she stopped me and told me to wait a minute for her to finish the call. So I just stood there in the doorway while she talked to the person on the other end of the line. Then someone else came into the bathroom and since the stall door was still open my aunt pulled me inside with her and closed the door. She finished the call a few moments later and put the cellphone back in her purse and told me to put it back out on the counter. I was just about to turn eight when that happened and that was the last time I actually saw my aunt on the toilet.

I found this site while searching around for somewhere I could post this anonymously. I didn't want to bring it up with friends because it makes it seem like I pay attention to some things way too much. Truth is I pay attention to everything too much...

I was at Starbucks today, and I saw something very strange indeed. Two girls were at a table, not really talking. Then, they both went into the bathroom together, and two minutes later, came out together. They acted like this was normal. I should point out that there are not bathrooms with many stalls. These are rooms where you walk in, there is a toilet and a sink. What do girls do when they go to THAT kind of bathroom together? Do they talk? Do makeup? Pee? If they pee, the question is, are girls generally that comfortable with being seen on the toilet in front of their friends? ...


holding it now

Wendy and others,
I'm holding it as I write this, and it feels sooooo good. Lots of pressure on my anus and prostate. Going to try and hold it for as long as I can. The relief will be wonderful. Would like to hear how it feels when you're holding it Wendy.


Buddy pooping with my boyfriend and a 2nd story

I've been a browser on this site for a while but I haven't had a story of my own until now!

1st Story: My parents weren't home and my twin sister Kathryn was at her friends for a sleepover in other words I was home completely alone. Yay! So I called my boyfriend Chris and told him to come over cuz I was home alone and he said he'd be over in a few minutes (he only lives about 5 minutes away) I said ok and hung up the phone. After I hung up the phone I started getting stomach cramps and farted a little bit and knew I was gonna need to poop sometime tonight but I just ignored it.

After a few mins I saw Chris coming up the drive way. But I was still cramping a little but kept ignoring it cuz it wasn't that bad. Then Chris came into the house and I greeted him with a hug and a kiss and shut the door behind us, went and sat on the couch and talked a little.
All of a sudden Chris leans over and kisses me. We began kissing.
As we are all comfortable making out I accidently farted and my stomach started hurting
and I had to stop kissing for a min and hold my stomach. "Are you okay?" Chris asked (he's seen me poop and pee many times and I've seen him too) "Yeah I just have a belly ache but I'll be fine." I responded "How come ur belly hurts babe?" he asked "I've had to
poop for a while." then I hear (and smell) BRAAAAAAAAAFFFFFFFTTTTTTTTHHHHH!
Chris farted! "I guess I gotta poop too! And I think I gotta pee too!" he kind giggled. "Who
said we gotta take turns?" which ment we were gotta buddy poop! I find that hot!

So we walked to the bathroom, went in and locked the door behind us (I farted again), turned the fan on (just incase lol) then Chris took his jeans and his boxers too and decided to take his shirt off too. Then I took my skirt and undies off completely.
Then Chris sat on the toilet with his legs spread apart and sitting back far enough for me
to have room to poop and pee but made it so I could see. He said he should probably
pee before I sit, to make it easier (and less messy!) I agreed that this would make things easier.

So Chris pushed his penis into the toilet and right away began peeing. I saw a strong
light yellow stream of pee come out of his penis. It hissed loudly and slowed down,
speeded up and slowed down again, this went on for about 15 secs. Then it slowed
right down then stopped. Then he said it was safe for me to sit down. So I did just that, I
sat down right of Chris's lap and made it so my asshole and vagina were over the bowl
and everything would land in the toilet and I also made is so Chris could see my poop and pee. I held onto Chris so I wouldn't fall off or anything and I made myself comfortable.

I instantly began to release a thin dark yellow stream of somewhat hissing pee from my vagina into the toilet. It went strong for about 6 secs then dripped a little. Then I let out an little pppffffttt fart. Then I felt my asshole start to open a little. "I guess I'm pooping first." I said to Chris with a giggle. "Why do you think that?" he asked with a smile. "Cuz I can feel my asshole opening." I answered laughing a little. "Oh ok well go ahead a poop I can wait baby." he said in a sweet voice. "Are you sure?" I asked feeling a little shy "Positive!" he answered "K" I said quietly.

So as I felt my asshole stretch open more I held onto Chris's sholders, took a deep breath and gave a small push and felt a wide, kinda hard log start to make it's way outta my asshole and according to Chris it had a turtle head and was a light brown color and cracked and was maybe around 2 inches wide.

I could hear it crackling a little as I grunted and gave a small push but nothing
happened. I started getting a sensation in my lower stomach area (ya know?) so I knew I needed to do a bigger push. So I took a breath, shut my eyes tight and gave a big push and I could feel (and Chris could see) the log grow to be about 3 inches long and then it stopped. I took another breath then gave another big push and breathed and pushed again and I felt it slide out of me a little more growing 4 inches making it a total of 7 inches long!

Half of it broke off and fell into the water making the water splash both Chris and myself (which made Chris giggle.. And then he farted again). But now I still had the rest of it hanging outta my asshole. I gave one huge(!!) push and felt the broken half grow about 3inches then plop into the toilet and felt my asshole close. But not for long as 7 little turds splashed into the water. I peed a little then stopped. I was done.

Now I looked at poor Chris who was sitting there patiently trying to wait for me to finish and said "Your turn love :)" "Finally!!" whispered Chris.

He spread his legs a little closer together as he held onto me, took a deep breath and gave a big push and when he bent forward, sticking out of his adorable asshole, was an about 5inch long, 2 (almost 3) inch wide, dark brown and chunky poop. It had a round tip and it even curled a little!

As his poop was very slowly moving in his asshole , little chunks of it kept falling off into the water but the poop itself was still there. So he gave one big push, grunted a LOT and even moaned and threw F bombs etc. Finally the stubborn poop grew to be a chunky foot long then PLOPed into the toilet. Then he pushed out 2 little nuggets. And then he rested.
All of a sudden as I'm still sitting on his lap (I pooped one more turd) he says "Ohjeez
here comes another one..." he sat forward a
little, breathes a little, tightens his legs and gives a monster push and when I took a peek, sure enough there was already half of a smooth, tan, fat log sticking out of his asshole. It had to be 5inches long 3inches wide. It was moving faster then the first one.

It broke 3 times then the rest of that log fell outta his asshole into the toilet. I heard a plop ploop plip! And when I looked there were 3 new big pieces of poop in the water. But
he STILL wasn't done! He rested, grunted a little, moaned a little and gave a small push and right away I heard a loud crackling sound coming from his ass. When he sat forward I saw a fat somewhat smooth looking medium brown and a little cracked turd starting to poke outta his asshole. It had a pointy tip. "Do you usually poop this much?" I asked him curiously. He took a breath and said "I poop everyday and every other day it's like this. But never THIS much!" "Wow.." I responded.

Then he went back to work. He gave a big push and grunted a lot (he tightened his entire face lol) and as he did the turd started moving a little faster and grew about 3 inches and was about 2 inches wide. Then it stopped. He breathed pretty fast and heavy (like he had been running 3 miles) then gave a sorta big push and I heard the turd crackle even more which ment it was moving again. When I looked, I saw the turd sticking about 5inches outta his asshole.

Then I heard, said and felt a loud PLOOP! As the turd slipped outta his asshole into the toilet and the poop filled water splashed us both on the thighs. He pooped out 3 more about 4 inch long turds then he pooped out 3 nuggets and 4 round poops and a tiny bit
of mushy/watery poop poured outta his ass into the toilet.

Then his asshole shut and he was finally done pooping. "Thankgod" he said with relief.
He put his penis into the toilet and peed a little more.

When he was done peeing and pooping I felt another turd coming! "Wow! I guess I have more poop!" I said in shock. "Go ahead and poop more babe lol." Chris said.

So I tightened my legs together and leaned forward and gave a big push and Chris said he could see a skinny, very smooth and about 4inches long 2inches wide and tan colored turtle head turd slide halfway outta fast my asshole then stop. I gave another push and grunted and he saw it fall out of my ass into the toilet.

Then he said (and I felt) another little turd that was about 1 1/2 inches wide
start poking out. I gave a big push and felt 3 turds fly outta my asshole into the toilet! Then we were both finished. We cleaned ourselves up, it took 4 wipes for him and 6 (3 for my ass and 3 for my vagina) for me.

Then I got off his lap, pulled up my skirt and undies up and he stood up and pulled his boxers and jeans up and did his belt up. Then we flushed the toilet. My toilet is great for letting things go down. So it took 2 flushes but everything went down good. We washed up and sprayed febreeze then left the bathroom.

Then his mom called and told him to come home. So I have him a kiss and he left.

The End. I have another story but I'll post it in another post.


Post-surgery dump

Last year, I had to undergo surgery to remove my appendix. It's a routine operation and I got to go home after 24 hours, and the doctor gave me a week's dose of pain killers to help take the edge off. One of the side-effects of that medication is that it may cause constipation. It was hard for me to tell, since I sometimes go three days without a dump anyway, but once it had been five days, I called my doctor. He told me to take an over the counter laxative. So, I went to the nearest pharmacy and I bought it.

I went home and took the laxative, and at first it didn't really seem to work. Then, after about thirty minutes, a huge urge just hit me from nowhere and I had to go right that instant. I literally ran to the bathroom, yanked down my pants and unleashed a torrent of mostly liquid crap. Prraat Pff Prrrrttt Braaap Ohh Sploshplipspliplipspliplip a virtual symphony of all manners of farts and rapid bursts of small turds resounded in my bathroom. I still really had to go, but after that initial burst I rushed over to turn on the fan, but then I had to quickly sit back down for round two.

Splunksplopplipsplipplipplipplipsploshsploop many small turds raced out. Brrrrrraaaaarrrt Prrrarrt Pff Pff Pff Pff Shloop Plopplopplopplipsplipsplipsploop. I flushed after this point, mostly because of the smell. Even with the fan, it was rank in the bathroom. Oooh Sploop Splop Pfffraat Braap Brrrrtt Plunksplupplipplipsplipploop. I felt like I was completely empty after that performance and so I wiped and flushed. But my butt was a total mess and so I wiped as best I could and I went to lay down and have drink some water. I left the bathroom fan on to see if it would help dissipate the smell some. It didn't.

Unfortunately, I got only a little rest as a churning of my guts informed me that I was due back for another session on the toilet. It wasn't nearly as urgent this time, but I went to the toilet anyway. Once I was seated on the toilet, nothing came for a while. Then a very soft but solid turd shot out. Splish Sploonk Shloop Floomp Shplonk Ploop Splop Splash Flump Floomp Sploop Sploosh. I was just glad to be having solid turds again. Prrrrrrrrttttrrrrrrtt a long fart followed by some more turds. Plunk Ploomp Shloop Ploop. I peered between my legs and saw a large pile of my turds. Braaaaap Pfff Pff Prrrt Sploosh. With that last turd, I again felt like empty. I flushed first this time to make sure I didn't clog the toilet, then wiped and flushed the paper separately.

I went back to bed after that and when I awoke next it was morning. I took the remaining days of the pain killers, although I didn't get constipated again, thank god. I had a normal dump without the aid of a laxative the evening of the day I had taken the last pill, just two days.


wifes noisy pee

several weeks ago i had two doctors appointments in one day and i had just returned from working out and had to get a shower before leaving as i couldn't go sweaty.

my wife came into our bathroom and announced she could not wait to pee.she normally wants me out before she pees but she sat down and let it go. must say she is a noisy tinkle. this went on for about two minutes and she took a wad of toilet paper and asked me not to look as she wiped between her legs. This was absolutely not sexual.

My first appointment was a prostate check done by the doctors PA that was female. this is the first time this was done by her and must say that she was much more gentle than the doctor. i will ask for her next time.


Interesting questions from Laurel's story

As usual, I found Laurel's story very interesting. Holding pee or poop for much of the school day can't be very pleasant and surely isn't good for your system. Hence, these questions:

1) Would a five-minute no-questions asked pass daily help?

2) What if hourly custodial cleanings of bathrooms were done and posted such as in hotel and business bathrooms?

3) Would cameras outside the entrance to the bathroom pointed only on the entryway, who's entering and the times deter vandalism and misuse?

4) Should faculty be forced to use the student bathrooms?

5) Would the tissue-protectors for the toilet seats be a solution to students not wanting to use school bathrooms?


Much-needed poo

I've been feeling nauseous for the past couple of days so I've been drinking lots of water (both hot and cold) and still taking my laxative called Lax-A-Day (polyethylene glycol). Trust me, it takes a couple of days but this stuff cleans you out really well without giving you diarrhea or cramps.

Finally a few minutes ago I had a strong urge to poop so I ran to my room first, grabbed a book then went to the bathroom. It didn't take much effort for all that shit to come out. It didn't hurt either. It came out really easily and stunk up the bathroom pretty bad. Only took about a minute to get it out.

When I stood up to wipe (really messy wiping job by the way), I saw what I did. There were 2 medium sized logs right next to each other, a curled turd on top(think what cartoon animal poop looks like) and a couple little pieces too. It took about half a roll of toilet paper to get myself clean. And when I flushed it left skidmarks in the toilet.

I feel a little better but my stomach is still bothering me so hopefully after my coffee and drinking some more water the rest will come out. Let me say though that I really needed that! I was kind of struggling over the last few days to even produce anything.

new guy

comments & stuff

To: Jen great peeing story and that doctor should be used to stuff like that and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Michael great story about your girlfriend pooping her pants and you helping and comforting her she lucky to have you and please share anymore stories you might have thanks.

To: Firecracker Girl great story about hearing that woman pooping and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Story Teller great story about hearing that woman pooping in the bathroom and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Amylee as always another great story form the ladies room and that one lady cloging and a question im not sure I have asked it or not have you told any of your friends or your boss leigh about this site im sure she would love it and everybody would welcome her with open arms and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Shelly as always another great pooping story and if toilets could talk they would probaly say to some people not you again or great its you or something like that its just something I think would be funny and as always I look forward to your next post.

To: Hermes great story about hearing those 2 girls Anya and Tasha both pooping it sounds like you got a good show and a memory that last forever and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Lucy great peeing story and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Amanda V as always another great story about you pooping and at least your friend didnt make fun of you though she was weirded and thats how you know you have a true friend and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Car Mom I know your daugther is to young to read some of the stuff on here but does she help you when posting a story?

Well thats all for now and at some point when I have enough time I will make a list of all the different movies, tv shows and books that have female pooping scenes or bathroom scenes in them that I know of.

Sincerly new guy

PS. I love this site

new guy

lady farts

I just heard a lady fart she was in a wheelchair and I think she was reaching for something and while she was doing that she let a loud fart.

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